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English, Comedy, 1 seasons, 4 episodes, 1 hour 18 minutes
From the hustle to schooling to feeding to surviving, transportation stress and all that is to say about living in NIGERIA , gist with JEREMY IS THE SHOW FOR YOU !!! Welcome on board , grab a drink , sit tight , you’re in for a smooth ride
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The bring all the pressing matters that happens in Lagos Nigeria , on the streets , on social media and we discuss them here ! Why not join in grab a drink , call and friend and join in for some premium gist
29/09/202326 minutes 40 seconds
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How I started my business while in school that made me millions ft CHARPI S1P5

Gist with jerry Gist with jerry show is a show that brings up people to the show who have passed through different phases in their career , who against all odds have achieved great heights in their different spheres of career choice , transportation , food , football , music , DJ , musician , content creators , singers etc , They are brought on the show to share their Lagos story of their experiences and the expectations that’s they had on achieving their goals ! Aim - the show aims at encouraging people who have like- mind dreams and ambitions to give them the assurance that they are not alone , showing them that people have also passed through which hurdles and also to encourage them when they get To a pause in their career journey Gist with jerry - connecting relatable stories to help people become encouraged to keep pushing in Lagos - the land of possibilities
23/06/202313 minutes 12 seconds
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The fashion space and styling with Victor rad

Don't miss out on the New episode of Gist with Jerry, Victor Adeyemo also known as Victor Rad; is a creative director for Saikl (cycle) a primarily brand based in Lagos. On this episode, it's refreshing to hear him touch topics on the business of fashion, his influences, lifestyle, Nigeria, architecture and many more... You definitely should tune in!
14/04/202322 minutes 33 seconds
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My ordeal with dating Lagos girls

On todays episode of Gist with jerry, We will be having a talk with Olamayowa Emmanuel also known as olahmusic. He is a songwriter singer performance and also a student of the prestigious university Unilag. On taday's topic on dating in Lagos Olahmusic talks to us on how he sees dating in Lagos. You definately should tune in!
03/04/202315 minutes 52 seconds