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Girlboss Radio is back with a brand new season, a new host and a renewed mission to help women achieve success on their own terms. Meet our new host, Avery Francis! Francis is a veteran HR thought leader who specializes in implementing diversity, equity and inclusion practices in as many workplaces as possible through her consultancy, Bloom. Francis has been featured in Forbes and named a Top 40 Woman in Tech by Betakit. Her ethos? Work should work for all of us. The new, 14-episode season of the podcast features weekly chats with inspiring executives, founders and A-listers including filmmaker Domee Shi, mega-influencer Matilda Djerf, Knix founder Joanna Griffiths, and viral truth-teller Drew Afualo, among others.
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How "Polite Society" Flipped the Script on the Action Flick

This episode is brought to you by Focus Features. We're doing something different with this week's episode. Today, Avery has two separate chats with two women involved with our new fave film, Polite Society. First up is the film's director, Nida Manzoor, who talks about the power of women's rage, why we need to center girls as the stars of action films and how she handled years and years of rejection before finally get the green light to direct her dream project. The second half of the episode is a conversation with one of the film's leads, Ritu Arya. Ritu and Avery talk about Lena, the character Ritu portrays in the film, how it's ok not to have everything figured out and how an actor actually memorizes their lines (it's not what you think!). And, seriously, Polite Society is a must-see. This highly anticipated movie from Focus Features follows Ria Khan, a Pakistani-British high schooler slash martial artist-in-training who plans a wedding heist to save her older sister, Lena, from
25/04/202333 minutes 49 seconds
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Should I Go Freelance? A How-To with Puno, Founder of ilovecreatives

We can't believe it's already the season finale of Girlboss Radio! It only seemed fitting that we end this season with our very own, Puno the Founder of ilovecreatives, hosting an intimate solo episode.  This week, Puno is sharing her journey that started as a freelancer and led to being a full-fledged founder. She is letting us in on the world of freelancing and is answering the most commonly asked questions that even seasoned freelancers have. We hope you enjoy the final episode and we'll see you next season!  Special thanks to our sponsor!  Gusto is an easy, online payroll and benefits service built for modern small businesses. Head to and get three months free when you run your first payroll.
17/08/202156 minutes 10 seconds
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The Future of Content Creators and How to Evolve with Rachel Nguyen

What does it take to become a content creator? This week, Puno chats with Rachel Nguyen, Fashion Blogger & Youtuber. Rachel discusses how she got her start in content creation and continues to find success through her evolution. She is sharing a ton of tips and the future she sees for content creators.  Follow Rachel’s journey on Instagram @thatschic and give her YouTube channel a watch at Special thanks to our sponsors! When your business is ready to make that next hire, find the right person with LinkedIn Jobs. Just visit to post a job for free. Terms and conditions apply. With HelloFresh, you get fresh, pre-measured ingredients and mouthwatering seasonal recipes delivered right to your door. Go to and enter code GIRLBOSS12 for 12 free meals, including free shipping! Gusto is an easy, online payroll and benefits service built for modern small businesses. Head to and get three months free whe
10/08/20211 hour 3 minutes 12 seconds
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How to Change Work Culture from the Inside with Flo’s Chief People Officer Ann Roberts

Who makes sure the employee ecosystem at a company is thriving? This week, Puno chats with Ann Roberts, the Chief People Officer at Flo. Ann discusses where she sees the role of CPO going and what it means to work in modern-day HR. She's also sharing tips on what it takes to create great company culture.  Plus, she's giving us all the details on the women-centered app Flo.  Follow Flo’s Instagram @flotracker for support at every stage of your reproductive journey. Also, a special thank you to Flo for sponsoring this episode! 
03/08/20211 hour 12 minutes 12 seconds
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How to Take Your Social Media Skills Pro with Taylor Loren

Do you have what it takes to be a social media marketer?  This week, Puno chats with Taylor Loren, a Social Strategist and Course Creator, formerly the Head of Marketing at Girlboss and Director of Content at Later Media. Taylor discusses how she found her voice as a social media maven and leveraged that into a flourishing career. She is giving us the deets on what it takes to build brand powerhouses through social media and how you too can take your social media skills pro.  Social media marketers are here to stay, so let's jump on this bandwagon, shall we?   Follow Taylor’s journey on Instagram @taylorloren and peep her website for her killer social media course offerings. Thanks to our sponsors!  Nuun Energy is the perfect sidekick for workdays, weekends, and anytime you need a boost on the go. Visit and get 20% off Nuun Energy with code GIRLBOSS. Are you looking for an easier way to onboard and manage remote employees? Are you doing it all at your compan
27/07/20211 hour 26 minutes 7 seconds
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What's an E-commerce Marketer & How to Become One with Ceilidh MacLeod

E-commerce marketing is what again?  This week, Puno chats with Ceilidh MacLeod, a digital consultant and Co-Founder of OEM. Ceilidh discusses her career as an e-commerce marketing queen, which has included companies like and The Hundreds. She let us in on all the secrets on what it takes to work in digital marketing and kill it.  So pull up your notes app because the future is here, and it’s digital girl bosses.  Follow Ceilidh’s journey on Instagram @ceilidhmacleod and give her amazing company a visit at  Thanks to our sponsors! Hairstory has created a line of hair products that will leave your hair clean, shiny, and healthier than before. Check out and use promo code GIRLBOSS to get 15% off your first purchase.  Calling all small business owners! Are you doing it all at your company? Find out how Justworks can help you by going to today.  ShipStation funnels all your orders into one simple interface that you can manage from anywher
20/07/20211 hour 11 minutes 48 seconds
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Pivoting Your Business Towards Sustainability with Mara Hoffman

What do you do when you feel like your business practices aren’t eco-friendly?  This week, Puno chats with Mara Hoffman, fashion designer and CEO of Mara Hoffman, a leader in sustainable fashion. Mara discusses her start in the fashion industry and how she pivoted to put sustainability first. Mara is giving us all the tips when it comes to being more intentional to business and how to nurture yourself along the way.  Follow Mara’s journey on Instagram @marahoffman and give her amazing company a visit at Special thanks to our sponsors!  Try FreshBooks free for 30 days, no credit card required! Go to and enter GIRLBOSS in the “how did you hear about us” section. Gusto is an easy, online payroll and benefits service built for modern small businesses. Head to and get three months free when you run your first payroll.  Hairstory has created a line of hair products that will leave your hair clean, shiny, and healthier than before. C
13/07/20211 hour 10 minutes 35 seconds
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Creating Partnerships That Matter with TED's Lisa Choi Owens

You're unhappy and want to make a shift in your career, but you don't know where to start. Can you leave your current job and pivot?  This week, Puno chats with Lisa Choi Owens, the Chief Revenue Officer and Director of Growth at TED. Lisa discusses her start on Wall Street and how her expansive career in for-profit companies ultimately led to her pivot to non-profit work at TED.  Lisa sheds light on the lack of representation in a business-led space and how to find that confidence when you are the minority. Should you get your MBA? How do you navigate networking? Lisa answers all these questions and more in this week's episode. Thank you to our sponsor!  Gusto is an easy, online payroll and benefits service built for modern small businesses. In other words, a people platform — one place to pay and take care of your hardworking team. Head to and get three months free when you run your first payroll.
06/07/20211 hour 11 minutes 34 seconds
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Behind the Beauty Brand That Only Has Two Products With April Gargiulo of Vintner's Daughter

It’s better to work fast, and having more means better, right? These are the values of most American businesses, but is that really what defines a good business or product? This week, Puno chats with April Garguilo, the founder of the amazingly successful company Vintner’s Daughter, a luxury plant-based skincare brand. April takes us through her slow growth approach and how it has given her a quality product and impact. April is also challenging the idea that more is better, with only two products on Vintner's Daughter's roster. She proves that dedication to the customer and the product is second to none. Follow April and her amazing two-product skincare company Vintner’s Daughter’s on Instagram @april_gargiulo @vintnersdaughter Thank you to our sponsors!  Hairstory has created a line of hair products that will leave your hair clean, shiny, and healthier than before, so you can leave your other shampoo behind. Check out and use promo code GIRLBOSS to get 15% off your fir
29/06/202154 minutes 31 seconds
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Building Brands from Disney to West Elm to Nike with Trelawny Davis

Let's be honest, can a founder even achieve an impactful brand without a team behind them? This week, Puno chats with Trelawny Davis, who's making a name for herself as an iconic branding and marketing storyteller. She's letting us in on all the secrets for what it takes to make a brand thrive from a profit standpoint AND be impactful. Who wouldn't want the 411 on what it takes to be a top marketer from an expert? And Trelawny's LinkedIn page has her expertise written all over it. Working on campaigns for Disney, West Elm, Parachute, and most recently on Nike's global brand team, Trelawny walks us through how her time at these companies has pushed her to become the kind of marketer who influences culture. Girlboss has become synonymous with founders, but employees are so crucial in creating and executing the brand vision and reaching new audiences, so we're all here for Trelawny to break that mold. Follow Trelawny's journey on Instagram @trelawnydavis Thank you to our sponsors!  ShipSt
22/06/202154 minutes 22 seconds
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Redefining Accessibility in Design With Disabilities Advocate Emily Ackerman

Have you ever been frustrated with how the world works? Then when you try to change it, you realize how big the problem is. Some of us would be overwhelmed by this thought, unlike our superhero guest. This week, Puno chats with Emily Ackerman, an engineering grad student and disabilities rights advocate bringing awareness to accessibility.  Emily’s viral tweet about a potentially life-threatening encounter with an autonomous delivery robot at the University of Pittsburgh, which was blocking a curb cut designed for people with disabilities like herself, is bringing attention to the issue.  This episode sheds light on how people overlook disabilities in the design process. Emily gives us helpful tips on how to combat this issue not just in design but in life. Emily also touches on this episode about her COVID research, academic journey, and being in STEM.  Emily's powerful message will have you asking yourself, how can I contribute to breaking down systematic and institutional barriers a
15/06/202148 minutes 45 seconds
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Breaking Down VC Funding with Brightland’s Aishwarya Iyer

So, you have a genius idea for a new business: but how, exactly, are you going to pay for it all? We’ve talked a lot about bootstrapping this season on Girlboss Radio, but this week, Puno dives into the world of venture capital with Aishwarya Iyer, the founder and CEO of Brightland. How you fund your business affects how you build your business - and how long you have to make it happen.  Before anybody can give you any advice about what type of funding you should look into, you need to know the answers to these three questions: What are you building? How much is it going to cost? How much control do you want? Tune in for Aishwarya’s unique perspective on venture capital after a decade in the industry. Discover Brightland’s nourishing olive oils and follow them on Instagram at @wearebrightland Thank you to our sponsors:  Explore Vitruvi’s all-natural, 100% pure essential oils and gorgeous diffusers at and use code GIRLBOSS20 to get 20% off your next p
08/06/202149 minutes 58 seconds
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How to Be Consistent When Building Your Brand with Elsa Majimbo

19-year-old Internet sensation Elsa Majimbo (@majimb.o) chats with Puno about how she launched her career as a creator and gained over 2 million followers during quarantine. In this episode, get a behind-the-scenes look at running a viral Instagram account and working on brand campaigns with the likes of Valentino, Fenty, and Mac Cosmetics.  Thank you to our sponsors: Try FreshBooks free for 30 days, no credit card required! Go to and enter GIRLBOSS in the “how did you hear about us” section, and get more time back to build the business you love. Plan your Instagram content & get your first month of Planoly free with code “girlboss” (all lowercase): Squarespace Create a beautiful, on-brand website for your business with Squarespace! Head to for a free trial, and when you’re ready to launch, use the offer code GIRLBOSS to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain!  
01/06/202142 minutes 41 seconds
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What an Astrology App Looks Like From the Inside with Chani Nicholas & Sonya Passi

Learn how to transform your life and your business using astrology with the founders of Chani, the popular astrology app for self-discovery, mindfulness, and healing.  This week on Girlboss Radio, Puno chats with Chani Nicholas and Sonya Passi about how they built their app (and how they used astrology to launch it!).  Chani and Sonya share powerful messages about how to create a small business that aligns with your values, from hiring survivors of gender-based violence to develop the app, to providing comprehensive employee benefits including unlimited menstrual leave.  Download the Chani App for iPhone or follow Chani and Sonya on Instagram at @chaninicholas and @sonyapassi  Thanks to our sponsors: Planoly Plan your Instagram & get your first month of Planoly free with code “girlboss” (all lowercase): Squarespace Create a beautiful, on-brand website for your business with Squarespace! Head to for a free trial, and when you’re ready
25/05/20211 hour 20 minutes 32 seconds
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Job Hunting: How To Get Through 70+ Interviews With Andrea Dalzell

Looking for your dream job? Sometimes it takes a LOT of work -- especially if you’re having to overcome unconscious bias from hiring managers. This week, Puno chats with Andrea Dalzell, who was the first registered nurse in New York to use a wheelchair. Andrea shares great tips on how to advocate for yourself and how to deal with rejection, all while remaining confident in your career path and your abilities. Curious about the world of “professional resume writers” and whether it’s worth it to hire one? Tune in for tips on crafting the perfect cover, tailoring your resume, and nailing your interviews! And this episode isn’t just for those looking for job - hiring managers can learn a lot too, considering that 40% of hiring decisions are influenced by unconscious bias.  Special thanks to our presenting sponsor Vitruvi! Visit and use code GIRLBOSS20 to get 20% off your next purchase.
18/05/202148 minutes 27 seconds
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Unpacking #Girlboss Feminism with Hari Nef

Yup, we’re going there. In this episode, Puno chats with Hari Nef, an actress, model, and writer who isn’t a huge fan of the term “girl boss.” Puno and Hari discuss the rise of #Girlboss feminism in the wake of Trumpism and the Women’s March back in 2017, and whether or not that ideology is still relevant today. Hari Nef was the the first openly transgender woman signed to IMG Models, starred in the Emmy-winning television series Transparent, and is currently working on writing her own television series, which you’ll hear all about in this episode!  Tune in for a spicy episode: in the words of Hari, “I actually took a poll on my finsta, ‘should I go on the Girilboss podcast?’ And the two options were ‘go on and be spicy’ or ‘die cool.’ And most people voted to go on and be spicy, so I'm here and I'm going to be spicy.” Thanks to our sponsors: Explore Vitruvi’s all-natural, 100% pure essential oils and gorgeous diffusers at and use code GIRLBOSS20 to get 20% o
11/05/20211 hour 8 minutes 33 seconds
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How to Launch a Product as a Solopreneur with Laundry Day

So you have a great product idea and want to bring it to life - but how do you actually make that happen? This week, Puno chats with Victoria Ashley, the founder of Laundry Day, a cool cannabis-adjacent brand of artisanal smokeware. Victoria shares every step of her journey from concept to designing your product, finding a manufacturer, and bringing your product to market through influencer marketing -- all as a one woman show! Together Puno and Victoria share tips on how to create a brand identity on your own, draft an email to get your mentors’ attention, influencer gifting, and so much more. Follow Laundry Day on Instagram, Victoria at @_heyitsvic, and Puno at @punodostres! Thank you to our sponsors: Plan your Instagram & get your first month of Planoly free with code “girlboss” (all lowercase): Build your dream course and save $99 with our exclusive offer for 30 days free of Thinkific Pro: Create a beautiful
04/05/202154 minutes 32 seconds
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How To Use Digital Strategy for Activism With Sara Mora

In 2020, millions of people responded to a widespread call to action to organize against racial injustice and systemic oppression. Social media was quickly utilized as a powerful tool for sharing essential resources, cultivating productive conversations, and growing activist movements at large.  Our guest this week is Sara Mora, an organizer who has dedicated her entire career to driving momentum online. Using a multi-pronged approach to advocate for immigration reform, Sara owns her multiple professional titles: a digital strategist, storyteller, poet, and activist. From meeting with world leaders to amplifying the messages of immigrant-led organizations, Sara is unwavering in her commitment to supporting her undocumented community. Sara Mora Website: Instagram: PopulationMIC: Instagram: - Squarespace empowers millions of dreamers, makers, and doers by providin
27/04/202134 minutes 12 seconds
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How to Create a Vision for Your Business With Sincerely Tommy’s Kai Avent-deLeon

So, what does it take to open a small retail business? It’s no easy feat. If you ask Kai Avant-DeLeon—the owner of Sincerely, Tommy, a Brooklyn-based concept store and coffee bar focused on emerging womenswear, lifestyle, and community—she’ll tell you it takes trusting yourself and truly manifesting your vision. And when it comes to tips on hiring for your small business, it’s all about finding people who share your vision put together a well-thought-out resume, and cover letter that shows they’re truly invested in your company (and no, that doesn’t mean simply DM-ing an Instagram profile). Kai says, “You also want to hire people who take themselves as seriously as you do.” She’s also adamant that one of the most important things about being a business owner is prioritizing self-care with simple—yet extraordinarily effective—things, like carving out time for yourself, meditating, journaling, and escaping the hustle of the city, which are a true recipe for success. Try Thinkific free f
20/04/202144 minutes 38 seconds
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Keeping a Business Above Water for 40+ Years With Isabelle Cossart

Running a small business isn’t easy -- just ask Isabelle Cossart, an entrepreneur who navigated her tourism business through many unexpected events, from Hurricane Katrina which devastated New Orleans, to 9/11 which halted travel throughout the USA, and more recently COVID-19, which has affected the entire world. This podcast is sponsored by BetterHelp and Girlboss Radio listeners get 10% off their first month at The world runs on WiFi, and small businesses are no exception. Visit and use code GIRLBOSS10 at Checkout to save 10%. Did you enjoy this episode of Girlboss Radio? Comment and let us know what you think on our Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook.  Don’t forget to share your love for the Girlboss Radio podcast by leaving a rating or review on Apple, Spotify, Podyssey or wherever you get your podcasts.
13/04/202137 minutes 6 seconds
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How TikTok Marketing Grew Wasi Clothing During the Pandemic With Vanessa Acosta

This week on Girlboss Radio, Puno talks business and TikTok marketing with our guest Vanessa Acosta, the one-woman show behind sustainable, ethical clothing brand Wasi, whose designs are made with textiles personally sourced from South America and handmade from scratch in LA.  Acosta is a Bolivian-American businesswoman who quite literally does it all for her business: she’s a graphic designer, fashion designer, photographer, and marketer. If that’s not the definition of a solopreneur—and girl boss—we’re not sure what is. In this episode, you’ll hear about Acosta’s journey of starting her own business after losing her job in fashion due to the pandemic, what it’s really like running an ethical and sustainable clothing brand, and how TikTok for your small business can be a major tool for growth (she single-handedly tripled her sales in 2020, and attributes it to her TikTok marketing). Puno and Acosta talk about the challenges of becoming an entrepreneur as an immigrant, feeling like f
06/04/202155 minutes 37 seconds
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When a ‘Normal’ Period Isn’t Normal: Dr. Soyini Hawkins on Fibroids and Endometriosis

This week on Girlboss Radio, Puno talks about fibroids and endometriosis with our guest Dr. Soyini Hawkins—a gynecologist and surgeon specializing in the minimally invasive surgical management of fibroids and endometriosis. She’s also a women’s health activist, empowering women to be better advocates for their own health. Did you know that around 80 percent of women suffer from fibroids or endometriosis? That means if you sat down in a room with 10 of your girlfriends, eight of them could have it. So why aren’t we talking about it more openly and regularly? Dr. Hawkins is pioneering the conversation. She talks about everything from how she became a gynecologist and surgeon, being diagnosed herself with endometriosis and fibroids, having intense invasive surgery that put her out for eight weeks (then bounced back and gave birth to two children) and how her personal experience with the conditions inspired her to specialize in the field. New beginnings mean new opportunities to grow your
30/03/20211 hour 1 minute 16 seconds
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Nabela Noor on Representation: From Influencer to Business Owner

Puno talks to content creator, activist, and entrepreneur - Nabela Noor about building a platform on YouTube, TikTok, and Instragram driven by self-love and inclusion. Learn how Nabela’s brand is smashing beauty standards, uplifting marginalized voices, and celebrating moments of peace. We promised you resources on Cyberbullying. To learn more about laws related to cyberbullying and other resources to help you navigate these kinds of issues visit . This podcast is sponsored by BetterHelp and Girlboss Radio listeners get 10% off their first month at   Usual Wines are wines designed for the modern drinker. get your first bottle on us with the code GIRLBOSS.    A course on Thinkific can help you reach millions of people worldwide. To help get you on the right track, we want to give you the complete step-by-step guide on how to create and sell an online course, go to:  Sign up
23/03/202151 minutes 16 seconds
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Raffi on Advocacy, Getting Recruited by the White House, and Owning Her Identity

In June of 2015, the hashtag #LoveWins flooded social media in celebration of a landmark Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide. That evening, the White House lit up in rainbow colors to celebrate this critical step forward in our nation’s long struggle for equality. And while the struggle is far from over, in that summer of 2015, it felt like anything was possible.  On today’s episode of Girlboss Radio, we hear from someone else who broke barriers in the summer of 2015 when she became the first openly transgender person to serve as a White House staff member.  Raffi Freedman-Gurspan is one of those rare, truly courageous people—someone who comes from a long line of activists and who’s been an advocate for equality since joining the high school cheerleading team.  She’s paved paths for others to follow, and in this episode, we hear how her advocacy will continue to shape our future. This podcast is sponsored by BetterHelp and Girlboss Radio listeners get 10% o
16/03/202155 minutes 12 seconds
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Sophia Amoruso is Passing the Torch

Sophia Amoruso returns to the Girlboss Radio podcast—but this time as a guest.  The founder and former CEO of Girlboss left in 2020 just after the pandemic hit. After all, what’s left for an events company when the whole world stops traveling? Today, Sophia is busy building her new business—one that’s fully online and 100% bootstrapped. Girlboss, meanwhile, has new owners, a new mission, and a new podcast host. It only seems fitting that the new Girlboss Radio host, Puno, would make her debut in an interview with Sophia.   Usual Wines are wines designed for the modern drinker, get your first bottle on us with the code GIRLBOSS. Visit Redoux, is a line of sophisticated scents and vegan skincare for the modern nostalgic to keep you in touch with what’s important; use the code GIRLBOSS at check out for 10% off your first purchase. Visit New beginnings means new opportunities to grow your business. To make things better, your first job
08/03/202138 minutes 18 seconds
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Sasheer Zamata on the Power of Creating Your Own Content

Sasheer Zamata is a comedian, actress, and writer. She has not only broken into the entertainment industry—but into the notoriously cut throat world of comedy. You may have seen her flash her comedic style as a cast member on Saturday Night Live. She also made many comedy best-of lists, including Cosmopolitan, 13 Funny Women to Watch, and Timeout New York's top 10 funniest women in NYC.  Sasheer is booked and busy: She's appeared on The Late Night with Stephen Colbert, Netflix's The Last O.G., Hulu's Woke, as well as in films like The Weekend and I Feel Pretty with Amy Schumer. She's also performed at places like Bonnaroo, South by Southwest, New York Comedy Festival, and so many others. Her stand-up special, Pizza Mind, is available on Amazon Prime, and she is one half of the podcast Best Friends, with Nicole Byer, her BFF, and host of Nailed It!.  If that wasn't enough, she also serves as the celebrity ambassador for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and works with the Wome
23/12/202040 minutes 37 seconds
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Aimee Song on Building a Brand Beyond the Instagram Feed

Aimee Song is an influencer, fashion designer, blogger, author, and entrepreneur. Since launching her blog, Song of Style, in 2008, Aimee Song has become an international influencer with over 5 million followers. She is a member of the Forbes 30 under 30, and was featured by The Business of Fashion as one of the 500 people shaping the fashion industry.  Whether she's being snapped on the streets at Paris Fashion Week or sharing her outfit of the day from dreamy locales, you've surely seen her inspiring style all over Instagram. Aimee has partnered with major brands from Chloe, La Mer to Volvo, and is also a bestselling author. Her book, Capture Your Style, was on The New York Times best-seller list with her follow-up, Aimee Song: World of Style published in 2018. Her brand has expanded into what influencers dream of building.  Listen in as Aimee shares tips on building brands that last, and ways to grow a meaningful social media presence. This interview was recorded in front of a live
17/12/202021 minutes 32 seconds
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The Art of Negotiating like a Lawyer with Laura Wasser

Laura Allison Wasser is a highly respected author, entrepreneur, and Family Law expert. Most people know her as the divorce attorney to the stars. For over 20 years, she’s represented A-list celebrities from Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie and Stevie Wonder. Laura is the senior partner at the law firm Wasser, Cooperman, Mandles. She is also the founder and C.E.O. of It’s Over Easy, an accessible online service that makes divorce a hell of a lot less stressful—because, as she says, divorce terrifies everyone. Her mission is to empower couples to reclaim control over their own destinies. She has been named one of the California Daily Journal’s Top 100 Lawyers and Southern California’s Top 50 Women Attorneys every year for the last seven years. Laura is also the author of “How to Divorce Without Destroying Your Family or Bankrupting Yourself” and the host of "All's Fair With Laura Wasser," a podcast on iHeartRadio.  Listen in as Laura shares important advice on how anybody can negotiate l
10/12/202050 minutes 52 seconds
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Rupi Kaur On the Power of Empathy, Honesty, And Storytelling

Rupi Kaur is a poet, artist, and performer. Born in Punjab, India, Rupi immigrated with her parents to Canada at the age of four. At just 28 years old, her work has taken the literary world by storm. While studying in university, Rupi wrote, illustrated and self-published her debut poetry collection, “milk and honey.” In the years since, it has become an international phenomenon and landed as a New York Times #1 bestseller. Its artistic sibling, “the sun and her flowers,” was published in 2017 and debuted as a #1 global bestseller.  Rupi’s words on love, loss, trauma, healing, and femininity continue to inspire and connect readers from all around the world. Recently, she released her widely anticipated third poetry collection, “home body,” a reflective and intimate journey that visits the past, present, and potential of the self. Her books have sold over 8 million copies, and have been translated into over 40 languages. She's toured the world performing, hosted writing workshops, and h
03/12/202051 minutes 25 seconds
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Sallie Krawcheck Shares her Wall Street Career and How she Empowers Women Through Financial Feminism

Sallie Krawcheck is an inspiring female founder, one of the most influential women in business, and a Girlboss Rally speaker. Sallie has worked on Wall Street for most of her career and was regularly called "the most powerful woman on Wall Street.” She eventually became the CEO of Merrill Lynch, Smith Barney, US Trust, the Citi Private Bank, and Sanford C. Bernstein. She was also Chief Financial Officer for Citigroup. Over the course of her impressive career in the finance world, Sallie witnessed widespread sexism and disregard of women's investing needs.  She’s now the CEO and Co-Founder of Ellevest, a digital investment platform built by women for women, and the chair of Ellevate Network, a global network for professional women.  In this episode, learn how Sallie turned a career on Wall Street into a mission to get more money into the hands of women, why not enough women are investing and how we can narrow the gender investing gap by providing women with the right education and tools
25/11/202034 minutes 44 seconds
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Michelle Phan on Her Journey into Entrepreneurship, Surviving Burnout, and Recharging

Michelle Phan is the ultimate female entrepreneur, digital pioneer, and beauty superstar. You may know Michelle as one of YouTube’s original superstars whose channel has received over 1 billion views, making her one of the most watched talents in the digital space.  She has built multiple multi-million dollar businesses including Ipsy, a makeup subscription company, EM Cosmetics, and most recently, Thematic, a marketplace that enables creators to find and use copyright-free songs from real artists in their videos. She has been featured on Forbes' 30 Under 30, Inc’s 30 Under 30 Coolest Entrepreneurs, and Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business.  In this conversation with Neha Gandhi, Michelle shares her journey into entrepreneurship, rebranding herself, surviving burnout, her thoughts on business intuition, and the importance of recharging to gain clarity. This episode was recorded live in front of an audience at the Girlboss Rally in 2019. Sign up for the Girlboss Daily to rec
19/11/202035 minutes 2 seconds
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Elaine Welteroth on Mentorship, Pursuing Multiple Career Dreams & Shaking Up the Magazine Industry

Today, we’re re-airing our most popular Girlboss Radio episode from 2019 with the trailblazing Elaine Welteroth. Elaine has had a meteoric career as the former editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue, New York Times best-selling author,and most recently, is one of the founders of 15 Percent Pledge with Aurora James and Selby Drummond, a non-profit organization urging major retailers to commit 15% of their shelf-space to Black-owned businesses Elaine recently started a new project as the host of the vodcast, Built to Last, in partnership with Amex. This vodcast spotlights valuable insights and lessons from influential Black founders, past and present. Listen in and learn how Elaine broke into the magazine business with tenacity, talent and a desire to shake things up. Through her leadership, she has brought social consciousness into Conde Nast and helped Teen Vogue become the voice of a generation. She broke new grounds to hold the title as the youngest person and second Black editor-in-chief in
11/11/202048 minutes 47 seconds
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Maria Menounos on Work-Life Balance, Resetting Priorities and The Importance of “Being"

Maria Menounos is a long-standing Hollywood veteran. She’s an actress, Emmy Award-winning journalist, best selling author, founder and CEO of Afterbuzz TV, and host of Better Together with Maria Menounos, a daytime talk series and podcast dedicated to transforming lives, and transforming together. Maria always says, "getting better isn’t easy, but it’s a whole lot easier when we do it together."  Maria has worked for some of the biggest shows including Entertainment Tonight and The Today Show. As a journalist, she had sit down interviews with every US president since Bill Clinton.  After being diagnosed with a brain tumor, her perspective on work drastically shifted. Her mission now is to share the lessons she learned with others about protecting both your mental and physical health while balancing an incredibly rewarding career.  This interview with Maria was recorded live in front of an audience at a Girlboss Rally LA 2019 and her message is as important as ever. Listen in and learn
05/11/202030 minutes 10 seconds
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Alyssa Milano on Joe Biden, Activism & Social Media

To celebrate the importance of voting, Girlboss is re-running this May 2019 interview between Neha Gandhi and actress, fearless activist, podcast host, Alyssa Milano. Listen in to hear Alyssa discuss her friendship with presidential candidate Joe Biden, the importance of leveraging social media, being outspoken, and why she continues to leverage her platform for activism. At the time of this episode, Alyssa had not yet endorsed Biden. She did so in March 2020. Sign up for the Girlboss Daily to receive tips on work, life, and how to chase (and reach!) your dreams: Stop stressing over email and use Mailman to shield you from unimportant emails. Minimize interruptions and make your days calmer and more productive. Try Mailman for free for three weeks at If you like it, use the code GIRLBOSS to save 20% on your first year. Follow Alyssa Milano on Twitter at @alyssa milano and on Instagram at @milano_alyssa. Did you enjoy this episode of Gir
29/10/202042 minutes 45 seconds
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The Lies That Women Have Been Told with Bozoma Saint John, CMO of Netflix

Bozoma Saint John is a force of nature and one of the most sought after marketers and speakers on the planet. Her career trajectory has been carved through hard work, determination and unshakeable confidence. Bozoma was recently named Global Chief Marketing Officer at Netflix. Before that, she was the Chief Brand Officer at Ube and the Chief Marketing Officer for Endeavor, a global leader in entertainment, sports and fashion. She’s been on list after list, including Forbes’ Most Influential CMOs list and Black Enterprise’s Most Powerful Women in Business.  This conversation with Bozoma was recorded live in front of an audience at a Girlboss Rally before Boz was at Netflix—but her message is more relevant than ever, which is why we’re excited to share it today. Listen in and learn why Boz thinks women need to celebrate themselves (and their sisters!) more, hiring for diversity, hiring our friends, balancing our personal and professional lives-and how to tackle tough work situations—with
22/10/202033 minutes 4 seconds
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Paris Hilton on Shame, Bullying & Social Media

Today, we're sharing an exclusive conversation between Sophia Amoruso and the iconic Paris Hilton. This episode was recorded live in front of an audience at the Girlboss Rally in Los Angeles in 2019. Paris let's us in on how she deals with internet trolls, why she was a born businesswoman, and shares behind-the-scenes details about her new documentary, This is Paris. Sign up for the Girlboss Daily to receive tips on work, life, and how to chase (and reach!) your dreams: Follow Paris Hilton on social media: @ParisHilton and read the show notes on our blog. Watch This is Paris on YouTube: Meal planning will never be the same again. Visit for 50% off a Pro subscription! Did you enjoy this episode of Girlboss Radio? Comment and let us know what you think on our Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook. You can also email us at [email protected].
15/10/202026 minutes 9 seconds
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How to work your way to the top with Anna Brozek, CEO of Big Cartel

On today's episode, Sophia Amoruso chats with Anna Brozek, the CEO of Big Cartel. Big Cartel is a mission-based business that gives artists and creators a marketplace to sell their goods. Anna’s been with the company for almost 9 years, and in that time she’s gone from community coordinator to operations director, and now, CEO—truly rising through the ranks. Here, Anna shares what qualities allowed her to rise to the top at Big Cartel. She also explains how she’s become a more transparent leader and what artists can do to pivot and market themselves right now. Sign up for the Girlboss Daily to receive tips on work, life, and how to chase (and reach!) your dreams: Have feedback on the show? Email us at [email protected]
27/05/202047 minutes 54 seconds
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How to trust your gut and start over professionally with Gail Becker, founder and CEO of CAULIPOWER

Today’s guest is Gail Becker, the gutsy entrepreneur who left her corporate America job to take on the food industry—something she knew very little about at the time. She takes us through her pitch and funding journey for CAULIPOWER and shares advice on how to trust your gut and build a biz, even in the face of the unknown. Sign up for the Girlboss Daily to receive tips on work, life, and how to chase (and reach!) your dreams: Have feedback on the show? Email us at [email protected]
20/05/202046 minutes 2 seconds
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How to tap into your creativity, with Kelly Wearstler, interior design phenom

In these home-bound times of social distancing and self-quarantine, who better to talk to than an award-winning interior designer like Kelly Wearstler? On this episode of Girlboss Radio, Sophia chats with the design studio founder whose provocative and influential aesthetic has touched everything from high-profile celebrity homes to Instagrammable hotel and retail spaces. The two discuss how to make a small space more quarantine-cozy, why Kelly believes education is critical to succeeding as a designer, and how to be more creative in your leisure time. Kelly also shares her candid take on the millennial design aesthetic that's everywhere these days. Listen wherever you get your podcasts. Sign up for the Girlboss Daily to receive tips on work, life, and how to chase (and reach!) your dreams: Have feedback on the show? Email us at [email protected]
15/04/202049 minutes 14 seconds
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How to safeguard your finances in times of crisis, with Nicole Lapin, finance expert

In times of uncertainty, our mental and physical health isn't the only thing we worry about. Financial well-being is also top of mind, and the real talk is that many of us are super stressed about money right now. That's why this week's episode is centered around how to get your finances in order with finance expert Nicole Lapin. Sophia's conversation with Nicole covers what to do if you've been laid off or furloughed, how to overcome budget challenges as a small business owner, and exactly what to say to bill collectors if you want to lower your monthly payments. The two also share their experiences with therapy and burnout, making this episode a must-listen that'll surely help you navigate the here and now. Sign up for the Girlboss Daily to receive tips on work, life, and how to chase (and reach!) your dreams: Have feedback on the show? Email us at [email protected]
08/04/20201 hour 3 minutes
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How to forge a non-traditional career path, with Viktoria Modesta, bionic pop star

This week, Sophia Amoruso chats with Viktoria Modesta, a bionic pop star, avant-garde performance artist, and creative director whose work in the public sphere continues to challenge the way disabilities and differently-abled people are perceived in today’s world. Tune in to hear her advice for creatives on navigating through tough times like a global pandemic; what, exactly, being a bionic performance artist and pop star entails; and how to carve out a non-traditional career path for yourself. Sign up for the Girlboss Daily to receive tips on work, life, and how to chase (and reach!) your dreams: Have feedback on the show? Email us at [email protected]
01/04/202039 minutes 9 seconds
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The reality of funding your own business, with Christina Stembel, founder and CEO of Farmgirl Flowers

Christina Stembel's origin story for her business, Farmgirl Flowers, is amazing: She launched her floral business with nothing more than a high school degree and $50K in savings. Over the past decade, she's bootstrapped the company to a team of over 200 employees with an annual revenue of over $30M. This week on Girlboss Radio, we hear from Christina on how she taught herself to become an entrepreneur, the benefits and drawbacks of being self-funded, and how she combats the loneliness that comes with being an entrepreneur. Tune in for plenty of wisdom, wherever you listen to podcasts. Sign up for the Girlboss Daily to receive tips on work, life, and how to chase (and reach!) your dreams: Have feedback on the show? Email us at [email protected]
25/03/202051 minutes 30 seconds
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How to refresh your brand, with Olivia Christian, brand strategist

On this week's episode of Girlboss Radio, Sophia chats with Olivia Christian, a brand strategist and Vistaprint brand ambassador who went from working in politics to helping small business owners and side hustlers craft their identity and tell a captivating brand story. Because when you know how to tell people who you are, what you do, and why you do it—well—you’re able to open doors for yourself, your business, and so much more. Tune in to hear how Olivia moves past failure and fear, her tips for networking, and the key elements that go into a winning elevator pitch. Sign up for the Girlboss Daily to receive tips on work, life, and how to chase (and reach!) your dreams: Have feedback on the show? Email us at [email protected]
18/03/202045 minutes 19 seconds
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How to build a lasting brand with Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, co-founder of OPI

Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, widely known as the First Lady of Nails, is the co-founder and creative visionary behind OPI. On this episode of Girlboss Radio, she joins Sophia Amoruso to talk about how she rebranded the professional nail industry in the '80s and '90s (with a lasting impact still felt today), how as a Hungarian-born woman she became the embodiment of the American dream, and what her process is for coming up with those iconic nail polish color names season after season. Sign up for the Girlboss Daily to receive tips on work, life, and how to chase (and reach!) your dreams: Have feedback on the show? Email us at [email protected]
11/03/202054 minutes 20 seconds
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How can we help women advance at work, with Dee Poku-Spalding, of WIE

This week's Girlboss Radio guest has made it her mission to help other women succeed—which makes for an especially poignant conversation ahead of International Women's Day. Tune in to hear Sophia chat with Dee Poku-Spalding, the founder and CEO of WIE Network, a platform for women leaders from around the globe. Hear how Dee went from studying math to marketing big-time Hollywood films and what led her to found a women's empowerment organization. Plus, Dee shares some advice on tricky workplace scenarios from listeners. To learn more about WIE Network, visit: To keep up with Dee on social, follow her at: Sign up for the Girlboss Daily to receive tips on work, life, and how to chase (and reach!) your dreams: Have feedback on the show? Email us at [email protected]
04/03/202047 minutes 15 seconds
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How to make fashion size inclusive, with Alex Waldman of Universal Standard

Episode description: Joining Sophia Amoruso on this week’s episode of Girlboss Radio is Alex Waldman, Co-founder and Creative Director of Universal Standard, the first—and only—brand to offer clothing for *all* women, in one place. Alex is determined to do the work to make the fashion industry more inclusive (and not just talk about it). Through Universal Standard, she’s leading the charge to adjust the fit scale for a realistic representation of all women and all body types. Tune in to hear exactly what it takes to disrupt an industry that shockingly, doesn’t exactly welcome change. To shop Universal Standard, go to Sign up for the Girlboss Daily to receive tips on work, life, and how to chase (and reach!) your dreams: Have feedback on the show? Email us at [email protected]
26/02/202052 minutes 2 seconds
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How to beat the odds—and win, with Morgan DeBaun, founder and CEO of Blavity

As one of the few young, black female founders in Silicon Valley, Morgan DeBaun is in a league of her own. And as the founder and CEO of Blavity, she's grown the media and technology company from a small newsletter to the largest digital media brand for black millennials and Gen Z-ers. Under Morgan’s leadership, Blavity has acquired two other media properties and she’s raised more than $9M in venture funding for the business. But that’s only part of Morgan’s entrepreneurial streak. She’s also launched successful summits, like #AfroTech (which just so happens to be the largest tech conference in Silicon Valley for African Americans)—and, she’s even launched her own skincare line. Achieving all of this, though, wasn’t as easy as it is to list off her accomplishments. Tune in to this week’s episode of Girlboss Radio, where Sophia sits down for an honest and frank conversation with Morgan about the unique challenges female founders face in Silicon Valley and why, from Day One, Morgan was t
19/02/202056 minutes 31 seconds
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A Galentine’s Day Special, with Sophia’s friend, Monika Norwid

For this week’s episode, we’re trying something a little different! When February rolls around, there’s no shortage of Valentine’s Day themed content—and it can be really overwhelming, *especially* if you’re single. But, lest we forget, romantic love isn’t the only kind of love we can celebrate this time of year. Tune in for this special, Galentine’s Day-themed episode where Sophia chats with one of her real-life best friends, Monika Norwid, a writer for Grey Magazine. Join the two for an intimate, free-flowing conversation about all things Valentine’s Day and why celebrating friendship is perfect no matter the time of year. Sign up for the Girlboss Daily to receive tips on work, life, and how to chase (and reach!) your dreams: Have feedback on the show? Email us at [email protected]
12/02/202057 minutes 13 seconds
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How to turn connections into business, with Emma Grede, co-founder and CEO of Good American

After years of working in the fashion industry, Emma Grede felt exhausted by the lack of diversity on runways, in ads, and behind the scenes. When she had the brilliant idea for Good American, a size-inclusive fashion brand, she brought her pitch directly to Khloe Kardashian, who shared in her desire to truly diversify the fashion world and mediascape. In 2016, they launched their brand with a wide array of sizes, and have continued to put their money where their morals are with diverse campaigns. This week on Girlboss Radio, Grede talks about creating the pitch that changed her life, the future of the fashion industry, and scaling a company while keeping her values at the heart of it all. To shop Good American, go to: To keep up with Emma, follow her at: Sign up for the Girlboss Daily to receive tips on work, life, and how to chase (and reach!) your dreams: Have feedback on the show? Email us at
05/02/202056 minutes 12 seconds
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How to ask for what you want—and get it, with Amy Pascal, film producer and business executive

Ah, imposter syndrome. Many of us know it as more than just a buzzword—we know it to be a very real experience of feeling unqualified, unprepared, and unworthy, despite all evidence to the contrary. While nearly 70 percent of all people experience imposter syndrome in their lives according to The Journal of Behavioral Science, it's a hot button issue for women in the workplace in particular, who have more access to male-dominated industries, high-ranking positions, and financial power than ever before. This week, on GirlbossRadio, we hear from business executive and film producer Amy Pascal (she's behind some of your fave female-centric films including Little Women and the 2016 Ghostbusters remake) on how to not feel like a fake when you *are* the real deal. Plus, hear exactly how to ask for more money at any job, how you can elevate other women in your industry, and when you know it's time to walk away. Tune in for plenty of work wisdom, wherever you listen to podcasts. Sign up for t
29/01/202050 minutes 32 seconds
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Life after working in adult film, with Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa is a Lebanese-American social media personality. She’s a sports commentator. She's a content creator. And she also used to work in the adult film industry. Despite only doing it for three months, and since pivoting her career in a very different direction, she’s still one of the top-ranking adult actresses on the internet—even though she doesn’t own the rights to or profit from any of her pornography anymore. Her brief stint in the world of adult film informed so much of where she is today, from her personal life to her professional one. On this week’s episode of Girlboss Radio is an honest, vulnerable conversation with a woman who has faced controversy head-on, and is willing to admit she learned a lot from it. Find out the lessons she's taken with her, some of the most troubling issues she dealt with in the adult film industry, and how she’s charting a new course forward. To keep up with Mia, follow her on Instagram: Sign up for the
22/01/202036 minutes 58 seconds
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Bootstrapping a business from the ground up, with Clare Vivier, founder of Clare V.

Clare Vivier first got the idea for her handbag business while working as a journalist for French TV. She was looking for functional, but stylish laptop cases and, when she couldn’t find one, she made her own. Many other designs followed in the years after, including chic handbags made with luxury materials in colorful, understated designs. In the decade since that first design, Clare has upgraded her business, Clare V, into a well-respected handbag and accessories line that is stocked in retailers ranging from Net-a-Porter to Nordstrom, along with her flagship store in Silver Lake. Tune in to this episode of Girlboss Radio to hear how Clare bootstrapped the business early on, why she insists on producing products locally and how she knew she found the right business partner. Plus, hear how one encounter with a buyer provided a difficult, but valuable lesson on how to best price your products. To shop Clare’s designs, go to Sign up for the Girlboss Daily to re
15/01/202054 minutes 34 seconds
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Discussing the future of media in 2020 and beyond, with Ashlyn Gentry of Attention Capital

It’s no secret that the media landscape has changed dramatically with the growth of social media apps. (Think: Click bait headlines and inflated viewership that make it harder to decipher what content is actually resonating with audiences). But fear not! At Girlboss, we’re focused on YOU, our loyal community of listeners, readers and fans. Which brings us to why we're so excited about the next chapter of Girlboss. That is, we’ve *officially* been acquired by the media holding company Attention Capital! Sound scary? It’s not—it just means even bigger things are ahead for us. To walk us through what changes are ahead for Girlboss, Sophia talks with Ashlyn Gentry, a founding partner of Attention Capital. Tune in for an honest conversation about the future of media, why brands must pass the “T-shirt test,” and so much more. To learn more about Attention Capital, go to: Sign up for the Girlboss Daily to receive tips on work, life, and how to chase (and reach!)
08/01/202049 minutes 59 seconds
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It’s the holidays! Sophia looks back on 2019

It’s that time of year when the halls are decked...and, well, you know the drill. Don’t worry, though—we’re not playing holiday music in this special. For the last Girlboss Radio episode of 2019, Sophia looks back on all the good stuff that made the year a monumental one. Tune in to hear why it’s been a growth year for Girlboss on all fronts, from the Rally to podcasts. Plus, Sophia takes us through some of her favorite moments from the new season of Girlboss Radio. Get ready for some bite-sized nuggets of wisdom on all things entrepreneurship and leadership, courtesy of some of the incredible women who’ve come on Girlboss Radio. P.S. The pod will be taking a little break for the next few weeks, but you can keep up with us on Instagram, at: And while you’re at it, share your favorite episodes of 2019 with the hashtag #GirlbossRadio and we might just re-share it! Have feedback on the show? Email us at [email protected]
18/12/201931 minutes 3 seconds
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The strategy behind smart marketing, with Melissa Grady, CMO of Cadillac

Marketing isn’t exactly what it used to be 10 years ago (or even five or three years ago). Today, companies big and small are spending big budgets on targeted ads, social media, influencers, and more. But does that mean the fundamentals of marketing no longer apply? On this week’s episode of Girlboss Radio, we get some answers, thanks to Melissa Grady, the CMO of Cadillac. As CMO of Cadillac, Melissa leads strategic marketing around the world for the luxury car dealer. Tune in to hear Sophia chat with Melissa about how Cadillac has continued to find new and ~smarter~ ways to target customers, why she's so excited about Super Cruise and what's next for the automobile company. Plus, hear Melissa’s best advice for managers and team leaders.  To find out more about Cadillac and shop their latest car models, go to Have feedback on the show? Email us at [email protected].
11/12/201935 minutes 10 seconds
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How to walk into a room like a boss, with Saweetie, rapper and businesswoman

On this week’s episode of Girlboss Radio, Sophia sits down to chat with the one and only Saweetie, the NorCal rapper who broke into the Billboard Hot 100 earlier this summer with the hit single, “My Type.” Since breaking into the music scene, Saweetie has gone on to collaborate on a clothing collection with Pretty Little Thing and has expanded her personal brand of Icy Girl into a line of merch and more. Tune in to hear Saweetie talk about why she almost quit the music biz, why she prefers to keep a 9-to-5 schedule while in the studio, and how she deals with the haters online. Plus, she shares her advice for how you can advocate for yourself in the boardroom.To keep up with Saweetie, follow her on IG: To shop the Icy Girl merch, go to: Have feedback on the show? Email us at [email protected]
04/12/201950 minutes 48 seconds
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Why being the underdog can be a good thing, with Rep. Tulsi Gabbard

On this special episode of Girlboss Radio, we’re joined by Hawaii representative and presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard. Gabbard is the U.S. Representative for Hawaii's 2nd congressional district, and the first-ever Samoan-American, as well as Hindu, member of Congress. She has an extensive background in both politics and the military, having served in the Hawaii Army National Guard since 2003 and serving four terms in Congress. Now, she’s a Democratic presidential candidate for the 2020 election. Tune in to this episode to hear Rep. Gabbard chat with Sophia Amoruso about why she decided to enlist in the military, how she got over her introverted tendencies, and what issues she hopes to tackle if elected to the presidency. Plus, hear Gabbard explain how her underdog mentality got her through her first political campaign—and why she thinks it’s a winning strategy moving forward.  To find out more about Rep.Tulsi Gabbard’s campaign, go to: To keep up with th
27/11/201945 minutes 59 seconds
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Lessons on scaling a company and growing a team, with Anastasia Soare of Anastasia Beverly Hills

When Anastasia Soare first stepped foot in Los Angeles, there was something about the reigning beauty trends of the time that baffled her. Everywhere, it seemed, women were over-plucking their eyebrows into skinny and—ahem—not-so-flattering shapes. But Anastasia knew better—and became determined to show women exactly *how* transformative a pair of well-groomed and full eyebrows could be. She began taking her brow-shaping expertise to the Hollywood A-list and eventually worked her way to grooming the brows of the one-and-only Oprah. Very quickly, things took off for her business and today, Anastasia is known as the "Eyebrow Queen" for having birthed an entirely new industry staple around eyebrows. On this week’s episode, Anastasia chats with Sophia about how she first sparked the idea for Anastasia Beverly Hills. Plus, she shares the trick to booking your first client, how you can grow a team and, of course, how to shape the perfect brows. Keep up with all things eyebrows on IG: https:
20/11/201946 minutes 49 seconds
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How to nurture your craft—the smart way, with Amanda Seales, comedian, actress and producer

Amanda Seales has surely lived a thousand career lives—and no doubt put in her 10,000 hours of practice—all in the pursuit of refining her craft as an entertainer. To say it's paid off *might* be an understatement. After years spent working as a host and doing one-woman shows, Amanda has become a multi-hyphenated entertainer (and with a master's degree from Columbia University, no less!). Today, Amanda is a regular on HBO's "Insecure," has guest-starred on "Black-ish," and, earlier this year, released her debut stand up special, I Be Knowin on HBO. Oh, and she also has hundreds of thousands of fans who follow her comedic wit on Instagram and on her podcast, Small Doses with Amanda Seales. In this episode of Girlboss Radio, Sophia and Amanda talk about everything from what it takes to thrive in so many industries to how we can all network in the digital age. Plus, hear her tips for how we can all set healthy boundaries at work and beyond. To keep up with Amanda, follow her on IG at: ht
13/11/201947 minutes
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How to disrupt the beauty industry, with Marcia Kilgore, serial entrepreneur

We all know that starting and running a business is hard. So—when you’ve managed to launch several successful businesses in just a few short years, you know you’ve got the secret formula down pat. In this episode of Girlboss Radio, Sophia talks with Marcia Kilgore, the serial entrepreneur behind companies like Bliss Spa, FitFlop, Foam & Substance, Soaper Duper and, most recently, Beauty Pie. Tune in to hear how Marcia got her start as an entrepreneur after working as a personal trainer, how she negotiated the sale of Bliss Spa, and why she thinks Beauty Pie is her best business endeavor yet. Plus, hear the books she recommends every entrepreneur read. To keep up with Marcia, follow her on IG: To shop Beauty Pie, go to Have feedback on the show? Email us at [email protected]
06/11/201957 minutes 11 seconds
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How to build a loyal community, with OG influencer Lauryn Evarts Bosstick

Lauryn Evarts Bosstick is the founder of one of the most popular blogs around, The Skinny Confidential. Over the last decade, she's parlayed her following and content into a bonafide business with a book, podcast, and products galore—bridging the gap from influencer to entrepreneur. On this episode of Girlboss Radio, Sophia and Lauryn discuss the peaks and pitfalls of entrepreneurship, how to create content that resonates, and what it's like to work alongside your husband.
30/10/201934 minutes 39 seconds
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How to unlock the VC funding world, with Brianne Kimmel, Work Life Ventures founder and angel investor

Ever wonder how to spin a journalism degree into a lucrative venture capital career in the startup space? Brianne Kimmel, founder of Work Life Ventures (a VC fund that invests in forward-thinking startups), is well-suited to answer that question. And she does on this week's episode of Girlboss Radio. Here, Sophia chats with Brianne about her untraditional career path, the power of networking when you’re a business owner, advice she has around working with investors, and how to turn something you're passionate about into your field of expertise.
23/10/201950 minutes 13 seconds
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Girlboss Radio Presents, Mentor Memos - Justine Marjan + Kathleen Riley

For a long time, the beauty industry has largely catered to women as consumers. But, more often than not, the people calling the shots In this episode of Mentor Memos, we hear from two women who’ve carved out careers in the beauty industry as hairstylists to some of the biggest names in entertainment. Justine Marjan is a renowned celebrity hairstylist and a Global Stylist for TRESemmé. Having worked with high-profile clients like Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen, she often fields requests from aspiring hairstylists who want her mentorship. Tune in to hear what ultimately got Justine to say “yes” to having Kathleen Riley as a hairstyling apprentice who has gone on to build her own celebrity client roster. Plus, hear Justine and Kathleen’s advice for how to make a mentor/mentee relationship work for both parties (as well as what not) to do.
18/10/201938 minutes 50 seconds
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Why believing in yourself is so powerful, with Sasheer Zamata, comedian and actress

There are few careers that strike as much fear in our parents' hearts as when we say we want to "work in entertainment." Assuming you have the talent chops, a career in showbiz often comes down to a combination of sheer luck and timing. On this episode of Girlboss Radio, Sophia chats with Sasheer Zamata, who has not just broken into entertainment—but into the notoriously difficult world of comedy. Tune in to hear how Sasheer discovered comedy and standup after college, why she decided to study at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, and how she developed the confidence to start her own projects when no one else would bite. You can also hear Sasheer on her own podcast, "Best Friends with Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata." To keep up with Sasheer, follow her on IG: Have feedback on the show? Email us: [email protected]
16/10/201944 minutes 25 seconds
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Girlboss Radio Presents, Mentor Memos - Christene Barberich & Neha Gandhi

In this episode of Mentor Memos, the new podcast from the Girlboss Radio Network, produced in partnership with TRESemmé, we hear a story that’s highly personal to our host, Neha Gandhi. Before working as the COO of Girlboss, Neha spent six years at Refinery29, where she worked under the leadership of Christene Barberich. Christene is one of Refinery29’s co-founders as well as its current Global EIC. She and Neha met during a pivotal moment when they were each dreaming big about Refinery29, albeit from very different perspectives. Neha was looking for an opportunity to carve our a new editorial perspective in media, while Christene was looking for someone who would be entrusted to carry out the company’s vision. Over the years, the two women formed an intimate mentor and mentee relationship where they discuss everything from management styles to motherhood. Tune in to hear how Christene helped Neha find her voice in the workplace and how you can also find yours.
11/10/201941 minutes 31 seconds
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How to ‘figure it out’ when you don’t know where to start, with Jennifer Meyer, jewelry designer

When your client list reads off like a red carpet event guest list (Think: Meghan Markle, Janelle Monáe, Hailey Bieber, Ashley Graham, and Reese Witherspoon)—you're clearly doing something right. Jennifer Meyer has solved the riddle that is Hollywood, and not just how to catch celebrity interest—but how to keep it. And it’s all thanks to her sleek yet playful jewelry designs that celebs love for their daily life *and* star-studded events. On this episode of Girlboss Radio, Sophia chats with Jennifer about the winding road that led to the launch of Jennifer Meyer Jewelry. Tune in to hear how Jennifer launched her jewelry biz with $7,500, how she found the right jewelry supplier, and how she got her “big break,” thanks to another, very famous “Jennifer” in Hollywood. Plus, Jennifer gets real about what it’s like to live your life and run a business when your love life is in the tabloid press.To shop the Jennifer Meyer jewelry collection, go to: feedback on
09/10/201945 minutes 17 seconds
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Girlboss Radio Presents, Mentor Memos - Cecile Richards & Kersha Deibel

Welcome to the very first episode of Mentor Memos, the new podcast from the Girlboss Radio Network, produced in partnership with TRESemmé. In each episode, Girlboss COO Neha Gandhi chats with a different pair of mentors and mentees about their relationship and the biggest lessons they’ve taught each other. For our first conversation, we hear from the one and only, Cecile Richards, founder of Supermajority and former CEO of Planned Parenthood. While Cecile was at Planned Parenthood, she worked with Kersha Deibel, who soon expressed interest in rising as a leader within the organization. Over time, Cecile began mentoring Kersha and connecting her with other people who could help her advance. Fast forward to today, and Kersha acts as the CEO to Planned Parenthood in Ohio. Cecile continues to watch and stay a part of her mentee’s career by uplifting and providing opportunity whenever possible. Tune in to hear how Kersha first approached Cecile about a mentorship, how the two contribute equ
04/10/201948 minutes 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

The style secrets of Hollywood’s power stars, with Karla Welch, celebrity stylist and creative director

Picking out what clothes Hollywood’s A-listers wear can seem like the stuff of dreams. And—for the most part, it can be.  But, as we learn in this episode of Girlboss Radio, behind every show-stopping moment on the red carpet is a lot of careful calculations and thought-planning. On this episode, Sophia chats with Karla Welch, one of the leading stylists in Hollywood. Karla has worked with many of the women who routinely make the best-dressed list (think: Ruth Negga, Olivia Wilde, Sarah Paulson, Tracee Ellis Ross among others). Her influence in fashion is so big that she’s been named one of the “most powerful stylists” by both the Hollywood Reporter and the New York Times. On this episode, Karla shares what it *really* means to be a stylist and how she’s branched out as a fashion entrepreneur to launch a styling app called Wishi. Plus, she offers tips on how to go about developing your own sense of style while crafting an image you’re proud of. To keep up with Karla, follow her at: htt
02/10/201940 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

Girlboss Radio Presents In Progress, Season 2 - Patty Rodriguez

Patty Rodriguez is not only senior producer of On Air With Ryan Seacrest, but she’s also a serial entrepreneur. On this episode of In Progress, Patty and host Aurora James explore how being raised by immigrant parents in Southeast LA was a huge part of her drive to succeed.
27/09/201957 minutes 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

How a few t-shirts turned into 15 stores, with Anine Bing, fashion brand founder and chief creative officer

Today, the words “Anine Bing” are synonymous with an effortlessly chic aesthetic that women on-the-go gravitate toward—and buy around the world. It’s an impressive feat, but one that’s all the more remarkable considering that the Anine Bing brand has only been on the market for a handful of years. On this episode of Girlboss Radio, Sophia Amoruso chats with Anine Bing, the founder and chief creative officer of her namesake brand, to talk about how the company took off. Tune in to hear how Anine began her career in fashion as a model, then as a style blogger, and now is an industry leader and founder. Anine shares what led to her ‘a-ha!’ moment for the company, why she values self-care more than ever before, and what she looks for when hiring. To keep up with Anine Bing, follow her at: shop the Anine Bing collection, visit: Have feedback on the show? Email us at [email protected]
25/09/201936 minutes 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

Why it’s important to stand up for yourself, with Sophia Bush, actress, activist and entrepreneur

Sophia Bush is no stranger to television. She was cast as Brooke Davis in the popular WB/CW drama series One Tree Hill while still in high school—a role she maintained for more than a decade. Since the show’s finale in 2012, Sophia has gone on to have major film roles in movies like John Tucker Must Die and The Narrows. And, from 2014 to 2017, she starred as Det. Erin Lindsay in the NBC drama series Chicago P.D. before leaving the show due to a challenging work environment (more on that in the show).In this episode of Girlboss Radio, Sophia sits down for an intimate chat with our special guest-host, Aurora James, the founder of Brother Vellies and the host of Season 2 of the podcast In Progress. Tune in to hear Aurora and Sophia’s intimate and sprawling conversation touching on everything from acting to activism and what it takes to stand up for yourself—even when others hope you don’t. The two talk about how Sophia got her start in acting and why activism is so integral to her life. P
20/09/20191 hour 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

Making money as a medium and solopreneurship, with Jessica Lanyadoo, resident Girlboss astrologer

It’s no secret that at Girlboss, we love horoscopes. We publish them monthly on our site, and, if you’re a member of the Girlboss network, you can check yours daily! It's true that in recent years, there’s been an uptick in the popularity of the Zodiac and all things astrology among millennials. But what about the people whose job it is to provide all this astrology-related content? On this episode of Girlboss Radio, Sophia sits down to chat about the business of being a mystic with Girlboss resident astrologer Jessica Lanyadoo. Jessica is a well-known astrologer and psychic medium who has cultivated a fanbase and client roster that spans the globe. Since starting her career with a weekly newspaper horoscope, Jessica has grown her brand and services to include the podcast, Ghost of a Podcast, the TLC digital show, Stargazing, and a new book slated for release next year, Astrology for Real Relationships. Tune in to hear Jessica give Sophia a quick lesson on what it really means to be cl
18/09/201937 minutes 1 second
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Girlboss Radio Presents In Progress, Season 2 - Melanie Elturk

Melanie Elturk started law school at the age of 20. A couple years later, she went on to found the chic hijab and accessory company Haute Hijab. On this week’s episode of In Progress, Melanie takes a deep dive with host Aurora James into her academically rigorous upbringing and how her connection to her family heritage evolved into a huge part of her passion. 
13/09/201946 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

Making life-coaching and other "far-fetched" careers profitable, with Marie Forleo

Today, it’s not uncommon to hear how highly successful entrepreneurs and C-level executives work with a fabulous life coach. But in the 90s, when Marie Forleo was in her early 20s, the practice of having someone “coach” you to be a better *you* was, well, a novel concept that required a lot of explaining. That didn’t stop Marie, though, from carving out a career path as a life coach—even if that meant a lot of bartending and waiting tables to make ends meet while she built her client roster. Now, Marie Forleo has built a thriving business that includes MarieTV, The Marie Forleo Podcast, the online business training program B-School and, a new book, Everything Is Figureoutable. Tune in to hear Marie and Sophia talk about what why it’s important for people to understand their own “risk-averseness.” Plus, find out Marie’s tips for how you can tell the difference between anxiety and a true gut check. **Have questions for Marie Forleo?** You can ask Marie for advice and tips in our next Dig
11/09/201950 minutes 10 seconds
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Girlboss Radio Presents: #LIPSTORIES Season 2 -Jacob Tobia

Presented by the Girlboss Radio Network in partnership with Sephora Collection, #LIPSTORIES is guided by our charismatic and friendly host, Kristina Zias, who is joined by a rotating cast of guests for relaxed, fun, and honest chats about self-image and how we can all be a little more confident. Guests recount their favorite memories—from childhood to today—where they felt beautiful, powerful, or like their best selves. On episode one of #Lipstories, Jacob Tobia is a writer, producer, and author of “Sissy: A Coming-of-Gender Story” who is working to make the beauty industry more inclusive, one Instagram post at a time. Today, Jacob joins host Kristina Zias to talk about how beauty can be a powerful tool for self-expression, as well as a way to celebrate your identity and build confidence. Tune in to hear about the very first time Jacob put on lipstick and how they are using their platform to promote self-confidence at all costs. Follow Jacob and Kristina at:
06/09/201945 minutes 21 seconds
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How to build a billion-dollar company in 5 years, with Huda Kattan of Huda Beauty

Today, it's not unusual to hear how beauty influencers are launching their own product lines and collaborations with makeup brands. But in 2013, when Huda's sisters first approached her with the idea to launch a beauty company...Huda resisted. She didn't think she had it in her to be an entrepreneur—even though she was already making waves as an influencer and content creator. After some persuasion, Huda tested the waters with a small eyelash collection that sold out within a week. Fast-forward to today, and Huda is the CEO and co-founder of Huda Beauty, a business that's now valued at more than $1 billion and has catapulted the beauty mogul to number 37 on the Forbes list of "America's Richest Self-Made Women." Tune in to hear Sophia and Huda chat about Huda Beauty's early days, trusting herself (and her sisters!), and why Huda still relies on her gut—more than anything—when it comes to business decisions. Plus, hear Huda teach Sophia the REAL way to put on lipstick when you're on the
04/09/201943 minutes 30 seconds
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Manifesting a business based on self-love, with Gala Darling

Gala Darling is a speaker, bestselling author, and a manifestation expert. Gala grew up with dreams of becoming a writer. After some time in Australia, she moved to New York City with one suitcase—when she was only 24 years old. During that time, Gala coped with an eating disorder and depression. And to heal from all that, she used radical self love (and a method called, “tapping”, which you will learn all about later. Since then, Gala has been teaching self-love, manifestation and self-empowerment through her writing and coaching. From the conversation, you'll learn what exactly “tapping” is and how you can use it to heal yourself, how to manifest abundance, how we can be our authentic selves and be unapologetic in business!
30/08/201945 minutes 38 seconds
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Turning at-home manicures into big business, with Sarah Gibson Tuttle of Olive & June

When Sarah Gibson Tuttle first got the idea to open her nail salon, she was working a good job as an equity sales trader in New York City. Sfter being disappointed by the nail salon offerings available, Sarah decided to quit her job in finance and launch something she was passionate about, a nail salon called Olive & June. Since she started the company in 2013, Sarah has opened salons in Santa Monica and Pasadena, California, while expanding the company's unique product offerings that make at-home manicures easier to do. (Think: A reusable nail polish cap that makes it easy for you to paint your nails with your non-dominant hand.) Tune in to hear Sophia and Sarah talk about what it was like launching a business while living solely off your savings and why the at-home nail industry has the potential to grow to $10 billion. Plus, you'll hear Sarah's tips for managing a growing team without micromanaging them and how she got her suppliers on board with her innovate product ideas. To shop
28/08/201944 minutes 28 seconds
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Whether your startup has potential or not, with Suzy Ryoo of Q&A

If you have a business idea, chances are at some point you start thinking about how you can best win over potential investors. How can you get them to say 'Yes!' to your big idea? And, more importantly, how can you get them to take out their checkbooks, too? On this week's #GirlbossRadio episode, Sophia Amoruso talks with Suzy Ryoo, who has spent the better part of her career strategically analyzing companies and determining whether or not they’re worth the financial investment. But today, Suzy is also on the other side of the investor/entrepreneur relationship. She’s the co-founder, president, and chief strategy officer of a new entertainment and technology company called Q&A, which she launched less than a year ago with Troy Carter & J. Erving (who just so happen to be some pretty notable music industry veterans). Download the episode to learn what three things Suzy looks for when deciding whether to invest. Plus, you'll hear how she stays grounded and why joining a startup early on
21/08/201954 minutes 56 seconds
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Building a business around sustainability, with Sarah Paiji Yoo of Blueland

One of the most pervasive problems plaguing our world and environment right now is exactly how much plastic we use once and then toss. Not to mention that it often makes its way into the ocean every year. It can feels overwhelming—and there isn’t one solution out there, but with such a massive problem, there are new companies out there whose goal it is to help solve the issue. On this week's Girlboss Radio, Sophia Amoruso chats with Sarah Paiji Yoo, the co-founder and CEO of Blueland, a company that's trying to eliminate single-use plastics in the world of cleaning products. The idea is this: You buy the cleaning bottle once and when you need more cleaning solution, you fill it up with water, drop in a cleaning tablet and then you get a brand new full bottle of solution. Tune in to hear how Sarah and Blueland are part of a new wave of companies focused on merging business and sustainability.  To keep up with Sarah, follow her at: on the show? E
14/08/201946 minutes 21 seconds
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When to walk away from a dream job, with Catt Sadler, entertainment journalist

Catt Sadler's career as an entertainment journalist was, by many means, a dream job. It allowed her to cover the red carpet and interview many of Hollywood's hottest celebrities. But, in 2017 while working as a co-host at E! News, Catt found out some startling information. Her male coworker was getting paid "twice" her salary at the network. So—she asked for more at the bargaining table. But after the back and forth negotiations, no deal was struck and Catt did what few thought she would: She walked away from the "dream job" at the glamorous network she'd worked at for years. Since her much-publicized departure, Catt has become a vital voice in the conversation surrounding equal pay and the wage gap. On this week's episode of Girlboss Radio, Catt dives into why she decided to walk away and why she's so excited about her new projects—like her own podcast, Naked with Catt Sadler—and why she's not slowing down anytime soon. To keep up with Catt, go to hear Ca
07/08/201945 minutes 13 seconds
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How to cultivate creativity every day, with Piera Gelardi, of Refinery29

On this episode of Girlboss Radio, Piera takes us on her journey from growing up in a small town in Maine to running a major media company in New York. Co-founder and executive creative director of Refinery29, Piera’s colorful influence can be felt everywhere but especially in the dreamlike spectacle that is @29rooms, an interactive exhibition filled with art and experiences that Piera spearheaded. Inspired by everything from children's books to Guggenheim exhibits, Piera walks through the world with eyes and ears open, always ready to find her new creative endeavor. Tune in to hear more about how Piera met her co-founder and forever "work wife" and what adjusting to life as a new mom has been like. Recorded live in front of an audience at the Girlboss Rally in L.A.! To keep up with Piera Gelardi on Instagram, follow her here---> @pieraluisa 
31/07/201953 minutes 39 seconds
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Let's get icky—and talk about our guts, bacteria, and probiotics, with Ara Katz of Seed

Chances are that—in today's wellness-focused industry—you've heard the benefits of probiotics. But what is the science behind it all? On this week's show, Sophia Amoruso speaks to Ara Katz, the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Seed. Seed is a consumer life science company that develops probiotics and is also pioneering the applications of bacteria to improve human and planetary health. Listen to hear Ara discuss how her breastfeeding experience led her to discover the microbiome and inspired a personal mission to explore the importance of microbes and how they can impact the health of our bodies, our children, and our planet. Plus, hear how she transitioned from producing in Hollywood to entrepreneurship with companies like BeachMint. To learn more about Seed, go to keep up with what's new at Seed, follow them at Have feedback on the show? Email us at [email protected]
24/07/201948 minutes 12 seconds
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Selling a vision for sustainable fashion, with Aurora James of Brother Vellies

Thanks to our friends over at TUMI, we’re able to bring you a special, bonus episode of the podcast, recorded live in front of an audience at the Girlboss Rally in L.A.! On this episode of Girlboss Radio, Aurora walks us through how she founded Brother Vellies with just $3,500 dollars in her pocket. The goal, she says, was to introduce traditional African shoes to the rest of the world while adhering to ethical and sustainable fashion practices. Plus, she shares how she maintains a healthy relationship with social media and her thoughts on why brick-and-mortar stores still have a role to play in retail. And—least but not least—some news! Aurora is joining the Girlboss Radio Network as the host for the new season of In Progress, the podcast. We launched In Progress last year with our partners at TUMI and we are so stoked that they’ve decided to help us bring you another season. Tune in to hear what's in store for the new season.  Don't forget to subscribe to In Progress, wherever you ge
19/07/201949 minutes 27 seconds
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The story behind the Naked palette, with Wende Zomnir of Urban Decay

You don't have to be a makeup lover to understand how much of a game changer the NAKED palette from Urban Decay was when it was first released in 2010. Its beautiful assortment of neutral eyeshadow colors with just the right mix of shimmering pigments quickly became a staple in everyone’s makeup kit after it launched. And on this week's episode, we hear from Wende Zomnir, the Chief Creative Officer and a founding partner of Urban Decay Cosmetics. She gave us the low-down on she went from playing in her mother's makeup drawer to building #2 makeup brand in the US. Tune in to learn how she's stayed ahead of the trends, from day one. Keep up with Urban Decay and Wende on Instagram, follow:@urbandecaycosmetics and @udwende
17/07/201953 minutes 27 seconds
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What it takes to run an online boutique, with Lisa Buhler of Lisa Says Gah!

While at Nasty Gal, Sophia Amoruso relied on Lisa Buhler’s eye as a buyer to curate the company’s fashion merchandise. Fast forward to today, and Lisa is still spotting trends, except this time she's doing it for her own online clothing boutique, Lisa Says Gah! On this week’s episode of Girlboss Radio, Lisa and Sophia catch up on old times and what’s changed for the two of them since exiting Nasty Gal. Tune in to hear how Lisa has made sustainability a core, but profitable, part of her business model. The two also dive into what it takes to build a small, but well-functioning team and when you know it's time to let someone go. Plus, you'll hear Sophia and Lisa talk all things fashion, retail, Instagram and trend-spotting. To shop Lisa's boutique, go to: lisasaysgah.comFollow the store on IG: @lisasaysgahFeedback on the show? Email us at: [email protected]
10/07/201935 minutes 32 seconds
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Why you can't teach passion or grit, with Ayesha Curry—chef, author, and TV personality

Ayesha Curry is familiar with living her life in the limelight. Yet along with fame, she deals with scrutiny from fans, tabloids, and—of course—trolls. That hasn’t stopped her, though, from charting her own course in the food industry. Over the years, Ayesha has released a bestselling cookbook, a line of cookware, opened a Michelin-star restaurant, and launched a meal-kit delivery service. Now, she's executive producing and hosting the ABC cooking show Family Food Fight. Getting here hasn’t been without its challenges and missteps, she tells Sophia. Listen to the full episode for a frank conversation Ayesha and Sophia about what it takes to balance work, family, and personal ambition.
26/06/201943 minutes 45 seconds
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How a mirror might transform your health—with Brynn Putnam, Mirror founder

We've got a bonus episode of Girlboss Radio for you this week—straight from Code Conference, the premier technology conference by Recode and Vox Media. It was our first Girlboss Radio episode taped in front of a live audience and we couldn't be happier to have done it with Brynn Putnam, the mastermind behind Mirror, a new fitness technology that's making waves in the industry. Mirror looks exactly like what it sounds like—a mirror—except it transmits workout classes for you to follow along from the comfort of your own home. But that's just the start. Putnam has some big plans for the MIRROR to eventually become the third screen in our lives. In this episode, you'll learn about Putnam's journey from a ballerina to an entrepreneur and what she's learned about wellness, fundraising and business along the way To hear more podcasts from Code, or more shows from the Vox Media Podcast Network, head to To watch interviews from Code, head to To keep up
21/06/201926 minutes 25 seconds
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How women are changing politics, with Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand

We’ve got a special guest this week: NY senator and presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand joins Girlboss Radio for a wide-ranging conversation with Girlboss COO Neha Gandhi. As a presidential candidate, Sen. Gillibrand has some sweeping political reforms on the table. For instance, she’s advocating for publicly funded elections as a way to get big corporate money out of politics, she’s pledged to not appoint judges who would help overturn Roe v. Wade, and she’s introduced a “Family Bill of Rights” to help families raising children. Tune in to hear how growing up in a family of female activists planted the seeds for Gillibrand’s political career, how Hillary Clinton inspired her, and why fundraising for politics—or a business venture—starts with how you frame the ask. To find out more about Sen. Gillibrand's campaign, visit: her on Twitter at: @SenGillibrand Have feedback on the show? Email us at podcasts@girlbos
19/06/201948 minutes 3 seconds
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Is 'niche' the future of—everything? With Gina Bianchini of Mighty Networks

We often think of being “niche” as meaning “small.” But, as we learn on this week’s episode, building niche communities just *might* be the future of all media and businesses. To help us understand how the landscape of social networks and community-building has changed in recent years, Sophia Amoruso chats with Gina Bianchini, founder and CEO of Mighty Networks. Bianchini is an expert on network effects, what it takes to cultivate an audience and, perhaps more importantly, what it means to build a micro-community in 2019. Listen to learn why having a narrow focus is good for organic brand- and audience-building. To learn more about Mighty Networks, go to up with Gina Bianchini, follow her at If you have any questions or feedback on the show, get in touch: [email protected]
12/06/201941 minutes 23 seconds
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Rethinking how we approach fertility with Afton Vechery of Modern Fertility

On this week’s Girlboss Radio, we hear from Afton Vechery, co-founder and CEO of Modern Fertility. It’s a company that’s taken the standard blood tests you would normally get at a fertility clinic and made them available at-home. The goal, she says, is to empower women to have more information about their fertility, so we can all make informed decisions in regard to our own family-planning goals. Listen to hear what science can and can’t tell us about our fertility. Plus, Vechery talks business, sharing her advice on selecting the right co-founder, leveling up on time management, and why having a clear mission will get you through tough times. To learn more about Modern Fertility, visit keep up with Afton, follow her on Twitter: If you have any feedback on the show, email us at: [email protected] 
05/06/201947 minutes 19 seconds
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Introducing Gangster Capitalism: The College Admissions Scandal

Season 1 of the new series, Gangster Capitalism is on the 2019 College Admissions Scandal that is exposing everyone from Hollywood celebrities to CEOs in an unprecedented scam. Award-winning filmmaker and host of the podcast What Really Happened?, Andrew Jenks introduces you to the people involved and the inner workings of this fraud. He also explores the larger debate around higher education in America.  Available wherever you listen to podcasts, just search for “Gangster Capitalism."
04/06/20195 minutes 23 seconds
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Marketing memorable spaces with Maryellis Bunn, of the Museum of Ice Cream

You're probably seen photos of the Museum of Ice Cream, that dessert wonderland with a pool of sprinkles and candy confections that just beg for a photo to be taken. But, hashtags and perfect feed placements aside, what did it take to make it all a reality—and quickly scale it into a recognizable brand and product? On this week's Girlboss Radio, founder of Girlboss, Sophia Amoruso chats with Maryellis Bunn, the woman who first had the vision and tenacity to make the Museum of Ice Cream a reality. In this episode, Sophia and Maryellis talk about why we're all craving more meaningful moments, while dealing with (and appealing to) shortened attention spans. Learn why the MOIC partnered with researchers at Yale to study the psychology of happiness and why a more productive lifestyle is code for figuring out how to better spend our time. Plus, hear why colonizing Mars might just be the next step for her. To find out more about the Museum of Ice Cream, go to:
29/05/201938 minutes 1 second
Episode Artwork

Building a purpose-driven company (and culture) with Shivani Siroya

When Shivani Siroya founded Tala, she had a simple mission: To help overcome the barrier to accessing credit lines that people in developing economies face. Enter Tala, a finance and technology company that provides microloans and other financial services via its mobile app to people in countries like Kenya, Mexico, and the Philippines. And with billions of people around the world without a readily accessible “financial identity,” Tala has quickly grown from a small team of 4 to an international company with more than 500 employees. In this episode, Girlboss COO Neha Gandhi chats with Siroya about how she scaled Tala into an international team who work with a shared sense of purpose. You'll learn why Tala gives out “peer bonuses,” why competition is a good thing, and why a little obsession readies you for success.To learn more about Tala, go to--> Keep up to date with Shivani Siroya on Twitter by following her at -->
22/05/201943 minutes 14 seconds
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Why taking a leap of faith is part of any career journey, with Elaine Welteroth, journalist and author of More Than Enough

Today, Elaine Welteroth is an award-winning journalist, author, and former editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue. But before all of that, Welteroth was just a normal college student searching on Google for tips on how to work in magazines. Eventually, she landed a dream internship at a publication she’d long respected. But—then Welteroth had a choice to make: Say yes to an internship at a publication she'd always wanted to work at, or work elsewhere, but with a woman whose career she'd long admired? She chose the latter, and that was the beginning of her journey in the magazine business. On this episode of Girlboss Radio, Welteroth talks about her new book, More Than Enough, where she chronicles her career in publishing, how she gained the confidence to trust her instincts and why she took take a leap of faith to pursue her own projects. To keep up with Elaine Welteroth on Instagram, follow her here---> @elainewelteroth To pre-order More Than Enough, go here-->
15/05/201951 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Uneasy Marriage Of Social Media & Politics, with Alyssa Milano, host of Sorry Not Sorry

Alyssa Milano has a turbulent love affair with social media. On one hand, she loves being able to see what political and social issues matter most to ordinary people around the globe. On the other hand, she's fully aware that platforms like Twitter are full of dark corners, where political dialogue becomes circular—even toxic. Still, all of it has allowed her to own a brand of activism that's all hers. In this week's episode of Girlboss Radio, Milano chats with Girlboss COO Neha Gandhi about why she thinks we need more dialogue regarding the spectrum of sexual assault and harassment, why "boots on the ground" is her favorite type of activism work, and why she's proud to call former vice president (and current presidential hopeful) Joe Biden a friend. To keep up with Alyssa Milano on Twitter, follow her at: To listen to Sorry Not Sorry, go to:
08/05/201947 minutes 32 seconds
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Building A Business For The IG Generation, with Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton, founder of Chillhouse

Cyndi Ramirez will be the first to tell you that the idea of opening her own spa and manicure location, much less one ready-made for the age of Instagram, never occurred to her. Indeed, it wasn’t until Cyndi was out with her husband and looking for a massage spot (and perhaps even a manicure) that the origins of what would later become Chillhouse, crept into her mind. Today, Ramirez has built Chillhouse into a brand that goes beyond the spa and wellness hub of New York City. Instead, it's a company and brand dedicated to self-care. On this episode, Girlboss founder and CEO Sophia Amoruso chats with Ramirez about how you get your first customers, what it's like to work with PR and how you can scale your brand. To read up on all things Chillhouse and self-care, check out the company blog--> keep up with Cyndi Ramirez, follow her on IG-->
01/05/201936 minutes 57 seconds
Episode Artwork

Finding (& Raising) Our Voices, with Valerie Jarrett, senior advisor to Barack Obama

Valerie Jarrett has known and worked with the Obamas for 28 years and it all began with a job interview with Michelle Obama, then Michelle Robinson. Fast-forward to today, and Jarrett has the distinction of being the longest-serving senior advisor to ANY president in history, after having served as senior advisor to President Obama all eight years while in office. She’s currently a senior advisor to the Obama Foundation and sits on the board of directors for companies like Lyft and the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts and others. And, she recently wrote a book, Finding My Voice: My Journey to the West Wing and the Path Forward, which chronicles her journey from being a quiet girl in segregated Chicago to one of the most visible and influential African-American women of the 21st century. Listen in as Jarrett and Girlboss COO Neha Gandhi discuss what it was like working in the White House, how we can all be more confident, and why being yourself—and owning your voice—is a win for ever
24/04/201944 minutes 45 seconds
Episode Artwork

Turning A Social Media Brand Into A Business, with Rachel Brathen of Yoga Girl

Just a few years ago, Rachel Brathen, a.k.a., “Yoga Girl,” was sharing her experiences with yoga on a growing little platform called Instagram while trying to fill a small class of 30 at a local studio.Today, Brathen has more than 2M followers on Instagram, is a serial entrepreneur, a New York Times best-selling author, and the founder of three different not-for-profits. How did she do it? In this episode, Brathen chats with Sophia about what it’s like to go from being a broke yoga teacher in Latin America to owning multiple international businesses, what living and working in Aruba is like and how we can all manage the ups and downs of social media.For more on all things Yoga Girl, go here--> stay up-to-date on Rachel's life in Aruba, follow her at --> you have any feedback or questions on the show, get in touch with us at: [email protected]
17/04/201933 minutes
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Dealing With the Boys' Club, with Tina Brown of Women in the World

You've probably heard this before: Today's media landscape isn't what it used to be. It's a little less shiny, it’s harder to stay relevant, and it’s much harder to hold people’s attention and really make an impact through all the noise. But, if you've managed to do exactly that, consistently, for many years, across different publications—then you might just be someone by the name of Tina Brown. She led Vanity Fair magazine as its first female editor-in-chief, bringing the magazine back from near extinction and turning it into something glossy that mixed celebrities and glamour with news and politics in a way that nobody had really done before. She’s also the only woman to have ever edited the New Yorker. Most recently, she founded Women in the World—a summit that brings together luminaries from Michelle Obama to Meryl Streep to Oprah Winfrey. In today's episode, Girlboss COO Neha Gandhi chats with Brown about what it was like being the boss at 25, how she dealt with the boy's club of
10/04/201937 minutes 44 seconds
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Choosing Bravery Over Perfection, with Reshma Saujani of Girls Who Code

Reshma Saujani, founder of Girls Who Code, joins host Sophia Amoruso to discuss her new book, Brave, Not Perfect: Fear Less, Fail More, And Live Bolder. In it, Saujani argues that there's a stark, cultural difference in how we are raising boys and girls to approach risk-taking and failure. As in, boys are taught to embrace risk and see failure as inevitable while girls are taught to strive for perfection and to lean toward what they're good at. And it's in that quest for perfection that makes it especially challenging for women to veer from their comfort zone. We come to see failure, Saujani tells Sophia, as a thing to avoid at all costs. The solution? Approach life and your career with a mindset focused on bravery—not perfection. Listen in to hear Saujani recount what it’s like to have your dad deal with trolls online, how we can overcome the pitfalls of living in a success-driven culture, and much more. To find out more about Girls Who Code, go to → Get yo
03/04/201933 minutes 19 seconds
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Taryn Toomey- Founder of The Class by Taryn Toomey

Known for transforming her students with her magical, virtually unexplainable workout, The Class, Taryn is on a deep soul journey to become one with her past and open herself to higher purpose and greater fulfillment. The Class by Taryn Toomey has been lauded as a transcending practice, garnering recognition from news outlets like Fast Company, The Hollywood Reporter, Vogue, The New York Times, and The New Yorker. Taryn has presented her method at the TEDx Conference, Fast Company Innovation Conference, In goop Health Summit, The Wing's Camp No Man's Land, The Capital G Summit, Glamour’s Women of the Year Conference, The Wasatch Leadership Summit, and the The Wanderlust Festival. The Class by Taryn Toomey is currently in New York, Bridgehampton, Los Angeles, Vancouver, and Miami – with plans to expand and bring its magic to major cities around the globe. Ever the alchemist, Taryn has also developed a holistic cleanse program (The Cleanse), wellness retreats (The Retreatment), a handcra
26/12/201845 minutes 14 seconds
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Maria Menounos- Co-Founder & CEO of AfterBuzz TV & Emmy Award-Winning Journalist

Maria Menounos is an Emmy Award Winning Journalist, New York Times Best Selling author, actress and entrepreneur. She started her career at 21 at Channel One News and has worked as a host for some of the biggest entertainment news outlets out there, including Entertainment Tonight, Extra, Access Hollywood, The Today Show and E! News. She also hosted a SiriusXM Show, Conversations with Maria Menounos for three years, which recently shifted into a weekly podcast, which you can hear wherever good podcasts are found.In addition to her broadcasting career, Maria is A New York Times Best-selling author, with her books The EveryGirl’s Guide To Life and The EveryGirl’s Guide To Diet and Fitness. One of her biggest passions is mentorship, which is a flagship of her digital network, Afterbuzz TV, which she is the Co-Founder and CEO of. AfterBuzz TV has been called, “The ESPN of TV Talk” and produces produces up to 200 hours of weekly programming. Today Maria is here to talk about why it’s so imp
19/12/201852 minutes 29 seconds
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Michelle Lee- Editor In Chief of Allure

Michelle Lee is an editor, influencer, thought leader and sought-after public speaker. Michelle started her career in magazines, working at publications such as Parenting Magazine, Glamour Magazine, Paper magazine and more! She was part of the launch teams for Us Weekly and The Daily Front Row, as well as CosmoGIRL, which won Adweek’s Launch of the Year. She has held senior staff positions at Mademoiselle and is the former editor-in-chief of In Touch Weekly and Other career highlights include her roles at Magnified Media as CCO, as SVP of Content and as the CMO at NYLON, where she was in charge of editorial content as well as the ideation and execution of native advertising. These days, she holds the title of editor in chief at Allure. Since assuming the role in 2015, she has been committed to championing diversity and expanding the definition of beauty. She was named Adweek’s 2017 Editor of the Year, while Allure won Adweek’s Magazine of the Year. Her
12/12/201857 minutes 35 seconds
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Poppy Jamie- Co-Founder of Pop & Suki and Founder of Happy Not Perfect

Poppy Jamie is a media personality, mental health activist and entrepreneur. Poppy started her career out as a TV presenter in Britain and moved over to America in 2015 to host snapchat’s first-ever chat show. From there she shifted into entrepreneurship, co-founding accessories brand, Pop+Suki. Her most recent entrepreneurial venture is called, Happy Not Perfect. It is a deeply personal project combining years of scientific research, inspiration from her mother (who is a psychotherapist) and real life experience. It is an app and brand solely dedicated to looking after your mental wellbeing and helping you decrease stress, sleep better and calm your mind. Today she's here to share insight on how to shift career paths, useful tips for breaking social media addiction and the intention and thought process behind Happy Not Perfect.
05/12/201858 minutes 16 seconds
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Angélica Fuentes- Founder of The Angélica Fuentes Foundation

Angélica Fuentes is a Latin American businesswoman and impact investor, who has committed her life to gender equality.  At  the age of 29, Angélica​ was appointed CEO of Grupo Imperial. From there  she went onto head many different energy companies including the Mexican Natural Gas Association and the Business Energy Network of APEC. In addition to her career as a powerful executive, Angélica has equally devoted herself to supporting the cause of women and gender equality. Some of her social justice work includes participation in the World Economic Forum’s Gender Parity Program, and serving on Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s International Council on Women’s Business Leadership. In 2014, she established the Angélica Fuentes Foundation, which is focused on Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality, as one of the most efficient tools for social, economic and environmental development. In addition to her foundation she recently founded a skincare line called, A Complete, a charit
28/11/201845 minutes 34 seconds
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Rebecca Minkoff- Owner & Designer of Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff’s accessible luxury designs have made her an industry leader in handbags, accessories, footwear and apparel. She launched her brand in 2001 with an iconic capsule collection that landed her on The Tonight Show, and became an overnight sensation. In 2005, the “Morning After Bag,” a.k.a. the “M.A.B,” ignited Rebecca’s career as a handbag designer.  In 2009, Rebecca returned to her roots of apparel design, introducing her first ready-to-wear collection.Today, Rebecca Minkoff is a global lifestyle brand that spans ready-to-wear, handbags, accessories, footwear, jewelry and watches. They even have men’s clothing under the label Uri Minkoff, in over 900 stores worldwide. In addition to her design work, Rebecca likes to give back and is a huge proponent of fellow female entrepreneurs. In September 2018, she established the Female Founder Collective, a network of businesses led by women. Their purpose is to bring awareness to, support the expansion of, and invest in female-owne
21/11/201840 minutes 58 seconds
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Girlboss Radio Presents, "Jump Start", Chapter 5

How To Get What You Want: Don’t have a business or idea you want to pitch? Consider how these tips can be used in other areas of your life, i.e. pitching for the job or salary you want.
19/11/20185 minutes 47 seconds
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Sara Wilson- Founder of SW Projects

Sara Wilson is a journalist, entrepreneur and digital strategist. She started her career in Media working for companies such as MTV, People, The Economist, Los Angeles Magazine and The Huffington Post. During her time at The Huffington Post, she managed several sections and pioneered concepts of social-first storytelling at scale. This is what led her to Facebook, where she spent nearly five years running lifestyle partnerships at Facebook and Instagram. During this time, she developed relationships with and helped grow, the brands of many of the most influential food, fashion, home, health, wellness and travel brands in the world. She even built Instagram's game-changing fashion vertical, which created the playbook for how to "win" a certain market on a social platform. These days, Sara is working on her new company, SW Projects. SW Projects crafts content strategies and unique creative ideas for brands and digital publishers. Because Sara has deep experience on both sides of the equa
14/11/201844 minutes 54 seconds
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Girlboss Radio Presents, "Jump Start" Chapter 3

Knowing your audience is the first step to communicating effectively. This episode will  break down how to secure funding by getting to know your VC audience a little better.
12/11/20188 minutes 41 seconds
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Bozoma Saint John- Chief Marketing Officer of Endeavor

Bozoma Saint John is an accomplished marketing and advertising executive. Her first career-shifting role, was as the Head of Music and Entertainment Marketing at Pepsi-Co. During this time, she drove breakthrough consumer engagement by collaborating with tastemakers, like, the one and only, Beyonce. Following Pepsi, Bozoma became the Head of Global Consumer Marketing for Apple Music and iTunes. When she presented at Apple’s Keynote Worldwide Developers Conference, she stole the show. Buzzfeed even called her the, “coolest person to ever go on stage at an Apple event”. After Apple, she went to Uber, where she served as the Chief Brand Officer. In her role at Uber, she was tasked with telling the stories of millions of riders and drivers across 600+ cities. These days, Bozoma is Chief Marketing Officer for Endeavor, a global leader in entertainment, sports and fashion. At Endeavor, she focuses on driving marketing efforts across Endeavor’s global network of companies. She is in the Ameri
07/11/201843 minutes 33 seconds
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Girlboss Radio Presents, "Jump Start" Chapter 1

What makes a good pitch? What makes someone want to invest in you and give you funding for your idea? 
05/11/20186 minutes 37 seconds
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Girlboss Radio Presents, "Jump Start"

Launching November 1, this 6-episode podcast will serve as a crash course in how to knock your next pitch out of the park. You'll learn from Away co-founder Jen Rubio as she delivers must-know advice for all budding business entrepreneurs. 
01/11/201831 seconds
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GB Radio Presents “In Progress,” Chapter 10

Taking the plunge—Daring to change direction: Ready to charge into your new life, head on? Here’s your refresher and personal itinerary for shifting into a life you love. With host, Noor Tagouri and guest Lalah Delia.
01/11/201828 minutes 55 seconds
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Luvvie Ajayi - NY Times Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and Digital Strategist

Luvvie Ajayi is a writer, podcaster, and speaker known for her commitment to gender and racial justice. Her  debut  book, I’M  JUDGING  YOU: The  Do-Better Manual was an instant New York Times best-seller. The 15-year blogging veteran covers all things pop culture at On her new podcast, Rants and Randomness, she shares her most pressing rants, raves and faves, and interviews interesting guests. Luvvie is also a sought-after speaker who has spoken at places like the White House, MAKERS Conference, and SXSW. She has interviewed bosses like Oprah Winfrey, Geena Davis, and Shonda Rhimes. Her greatest passion is using her voice for pop culture critique. Today Luvvie is here to share the best way to resist, tips for setting boundaries, and how to overcome imposter syndrome.
31/10/201841 minutes 49 seconds
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Girlboss Radio Presents “In Progress,” Chapter 9

How to present your best self, while being real: Is it possible to both “sell yourself” and be authentic? Yes, it’s all about your perspective on sharing.
27/10/201826 minutes 16 seconds
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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley - Supermodel & Founder of Rose Inc.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a supermodel, designer, actress and businesswoman. She plays a pivotal role in defining the ongoing evolution of the fashion industry. Rosie has graced the cover of over 100 international magazines and worked with brands such as Versace, Burberry, Jimmy Choo, Ralph Lauren, and Victoria’s Secret. She has been on Forbes Highest Paid Models list two years in a row. She’s also been awarded Glamour UK’s Woman of the Year award, Harper’s Bazaar UK Business Woman Of The Year and holds two ELLE UK Style Awards. Earlier this year, Rosie founded Rose Inc., a daily editorial destination for all things beauty. The website features original photography, insight from top beauty experts, makeup tutorials and interviews. Everything on the site is tried, tested, and approved by Rosie, herself. Today Rosie is here to share how to pivot careers, her top beauty tips and to talk all about her new project, Rose Inc.
24/10/201850 minutes 41 seconds
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Lisa Ryan Howard- SVP & General Manager of Media at The New York Times

Lisa Ryan Howard is an advertising expert with 20 years of strategic media experience in deep print, digital and integrated sales roots.Some of her past job titles include, Senior Vice President of Conde Nast, Publisher of Billboard, business lead of lifestyles at Yahoo, and the vice president of consumer strategy at WebMD.After WebMD, she started working at The New York Times where she initially served as Senior Vice President of advertising. Since then she has transitioned into the role of Senior Vice President and general manager of media at The New York Times. She is one of Advertising Age’s “40 Under 40.” Today she is here to talk about how to know when it’s time to transition to a new job, what, exactly she does in her role at The New York Times and what you need to know about advertising to properly run your business.
17/10/201834 minutes 18 seconds
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Girlboss Radio Presents “In Progress,” Chapter 6

Learn how to juggle relationships in a busy world: You shouldn’t have to say goodbye to your social life in the name of goal-setting. This is your guide to staying connected and nurturing relationships, even when you’re busy. With host Noor Tagouri and guest Luvvie Ajayi.
16/10/201827 minutes 25 seconds
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Anu Duggal- Founding Partner Of Female Founders Fund

Anu Duggal is an entrepreneur, and venture capitalist. Anu began her tech career as a co-founder of, a private sale e-commerce company and later moved onto become the CEO of Doonya, which is a dance fitness and media company. These days, Anu is the Founding Partner of Female Founders Fund, an early-stage fund, investing in technology companies started by women. Female Founders Fund has invested in some of the fastest growing female-led start-ups nationwide including: Eloquii, WayUp, Zola, Primary, Thrive Global, and more. In 2018, Anu was included in Fortune’s “40 Under 40” list. She has been praised for her impact in diversifying venture capital. Additional distinctions include Business Insider’s, “Ultimate List of Female Startup Investors,” and getting named to the “Top 4 Venture Firms Investing in Women”. Today she is here to share how to pitch to VC’s and the secret to getting in touch with investors.
10/10/201832 minutes 37 seconds
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Girlboss Radio Presents “In Progress,” Chapter 3

What nobody tells you about changing careers: Planning to quit your day job on the spot and begin a new adventure? Admirable, but for most people, not realistic. Here’s what you need to know about jumping ship and starting again. Hosted by Noor Tagouri and with guest Cassandra Grey.
08/10/201827 minutes 29 seconds
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Girlboss Radio Presents “In Progress,” Chapter 2

Transitioning to a path that works better for you: So you have a dream, an end goal—now what? Episode two is crash course in the do’s and don’ts of transitioning from the life you have to the life you want, with minimal messiness. Hosted by Noor Tagouri with guest Cassandra Grey
04/10/201821 minutes 43 seconds
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Girlboss Radio Presents “In Progress,” Chapter 1

How to find your purpose and let it inspire you: To get from A to B, you have to have a destination in mind. Our first episode is about discovering your purpose—a north star that  points you in the direction of your dreams. Hosted by Noor Tagouri with Guest, Lalah Delia. 
04/10/201827 minutes 15 seconds
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Sarah Larson Levey- Co-Founder and CEO of Y7 Studio

Sarah Larson Levey is an innovator, entrepreneur, registered yoga instructor, author, and certified Health Coach.Sarah launched Y7 at 26, after working in Fashion for five years. She created it from a personal pain point as she yearned for something other than the traditional yoga practice. Y7 is super unique: their classes combine 60-minutes of intensity, heat and strength, complemented by deep breathing and set to the latest beats. Since launching in 2013, the Y7 brand has expanded to a bicoastal business with ten studios across New York and Los Angeles. Sarah’s accolades include features in Forbes, Vogue, Entrepreneur, Shape, InStyle, Refinery29 and Women’s Health. She was also named an All-Star Entrepreneur of 2018 by Inc. Magazine. Today Sarah is here to share how to enter the fitness and lifestyle industry, the merits to keeping your day job while building a business and how she incorporates self-care into her busy lifestyle.
03/10/201836 minutes 51 seconds
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Marti Noxon- Emmy Nominated Writer & Producer

Marti Noxon is an Emmy Nominated Writer and producer responsible for some of the greatest shows of all time. Over the course of her impressive career, Marti has worked on beloved and critically acclaimed series, such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Mad Men, Grey’s Anatomy, Brothers & Sisters, and Glee. With hundreds of hours of television under her belt, she is one of the most prolific writer-producers in television today. She currently has several television series on the air including the critically acclaimed HBO’s Sharp Objects. Other shows in her repertoire include Bravo’s Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce, AMC’s Dietland, Lifetime’s UnREAL, and Code Black for CBS. Today Marti is here to share tips for how to break into Television writing and producing, how things are changing for women in Hollywood and the importance of creating flawed, complex female characters. 
26/09/201841 minutes 11 seconds
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In Progress: An Imperfect Journey, Navigated

The best and brightest female entrepreneurs, creatives, and founders get really real with host Noor Tagouri when it comes to nurturing self-development and well-being in a bustling, always-on world. Whether it’s identifying a sense of purpose in your day-to-day, finding productivity hacks, taking care of relationships, changing careers, or cultivating a greater sense of self-love, this podcast presented in partnership with TUMI is an unmissable toolkit for the on-the-go individual in search of a happier, more fulfilling life.
19/09/201859 seconds
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Joanne Bradford- Chief Marketing Officer of SoFi

As Chief Marketing Officer, Joanne oversees SoFi’s consumer-facing functions including marketing, business development, partnerships, and member services. She joined SoFi from Pinterest, where she led global commercial and content partnerships, platform adoption and monetization efforts. Bradford has held executive leadership positions at The San Francisco Chronicle, Demand Media, Yahoo!, Microsoft and BusinessWeek. Throughout her career, she’s had significant experience leading product marketing, business development and programming, as well as building global sales and marketing teams. Her most recent venture is, "Get That Raise", a special initiative to equip professionals with the tools and the confidence to know their value in the workplace and ask for greater compensation. Today Joanne is here to share her tips on how to ask for a raise, how to successfully navigate male-dominated industries and her advice on how to build your professional network.​
19/09/201833 minutes 15 seconds
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Kyle Richards- Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Star & Co-Executive Producer of American Woman

Kyle Richards is a reality star, entrepreneur and TV producer. Kyle started her career as a child actor. Over the course of her career she accrued over 100 film and TV credits including roles on ER, Little House on the Prairie and CSI. More recently she has become a fixture on reality television through eight seasons on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, as well as a recent appearance on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice. She is also a successful entrepreneur who runs her own high-end retail boutique, Kyle by Alene Too. She has overseen the boutique’s expansion to three locations – Beverly Hills, Manhattan, and Southampton – with others on the horizon. Her most recent venture is as a co-executive producer of the Paramount Network’s “American Woman,” a dramedy series inspired by her childhood. Today she talks about how Real Housewives changed the course of her career, her new show, American Woman and how to run multiple business at the same time. 
12/09/201832 minutes 43 seconds
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Michelle Phan- Creator of Ipsy, EM Cosmetics & OG Beauty YouTuber

Michelle Phan is a digital pioneer, who trail-blazed the online beauty industry. Michelle’s beauty videos have been viewed more than 1 billion times, making her one of the most watched talents in the digital space.She has been featured on Forbes' 30 Under 30 list in the category of Art and Style, Inc’s 30 Under 30 Coolest Entrepreneurs and Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business. Michelle was a creator and founder of Ipsy. In 2017, Michelle acquired EM Cosmetics from Ipsy. She is also the co-founder of Thematic, a free peer-to-peer marketplace that enables creators to find and use great songs from real artists in their videos. Today Michelle is here to share how to adapt to changing technology as an entrepreneur, the difference between being an "influencer" and a "creator" and what’s next for her now that she is “retired” from youtube. 
05/09/201845 minutes 17 seconds
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Jennifer Fisher- Founder of Jennifer Fisher Jewelry

Jennifer Fisher began her career as a wardrobe stylist, working on feature films, television shows, and commercials.  When her son was born, Jennifer began to look for a piece of fine jewelry, that both spelled his name, and expressed her personal style. She was unable to find anything unique, so she designed a piece for herself.  When friends, family, and even strangers began to request that Jennifer design one for them too, she knew she was onto something. With that, Jennifer Fisher Jewelry was born. Jennifer Fisher Jewelry has established a loyal fan base of top celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Michelle Obama, Naomi Watts, Rihanna, Sarah Jessica Parker and Selena Gomez, just to name a few. Last year, Jennifer even expanded her business into the culinary realm, launching a line of three custom blended sea salts.Today Jennifer is here to share how to properly scale a company, how to partner with influencers and her advice for young designers and entrepreneurs. 
29/08/201840 minutes 30 seconds
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Jen Rubio- Co-founder of Away

Jen Rubio is the co-founder of Away Luggage. Before starting Away, Jen built her career by creating compelling brand narratives for some of the world’s most innovative companies. She started at Johnson and Johnson. After working there for a couple years, she quickly moved onto work for herself as a social media manager, before that was even a real job title. In 2011, Jen joined the early executive team for Warby Parker as Head of Social Media. It was at Warby Parker, that she met her Away co-founder, Steph Korey. In 2015, Jen was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for Marketing and Advertising. Jen eventually left Warby Parker and moved to London to join AllSaints, as Head of Innovation. However, her entrepreneurial spirit took over, and she quickly left that job to launch Away.  Away is a modern travel brand that creates thoughtful luggage and travel accessories, designed to make travel more seamless. Away has rapid growth: starting with less than ten employees and now boasting almo
22/08/201847 minutes 50 seconds
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Ibtihaj Muhammad -USA Olympic Fencer, Author & Entrepreneur

Ibtihaj Muhammad is an American sabre fencer, 2016 Olympic medalist, 5-time Senior World medalist and World Champion in the sport of fencing. In August 2016, she became the first American woman to compete in the Olympics in hijab and is also the first Muslim woman to win an Olympic medal for the United States. In addition to fencing, Ibtihaj is an entrepreneur and author. In 2014, she launched her own clothing company, Louella. This summer she partnered with Mattel to release their first hijabi Barbie doll, modeled in Ibtihaj’s likeness. She also released her memoir, PROUD: My Fight for an Unlikely American Dream, this summer. She was on Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential list, and serves as an important figure in a larger global discussion on equality and the importance of sports.Today Ibtihaj is here to talk about the silver-lining of adversity, how to resist the current administration and how her faith has empowered her as a woman and an athlete. 
15/08/201853 minutes 4 seconds
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Joanna Coles - Chief Content Officer Of Hearst Magazines & Former Editor-in-Chief of Cosmo

Joanna Coles is a journalist, entrepreneur, producer and author. Joanna was born in England and worked in London for many years as a journalist before moving to the United States in 1997. At that time, she worked for The Guardian, and later, forThe Times of London as their New York columnist.  In 2006, she joined Hearst Magazines as the editor-in-chief of Marie Claire. Then, in 2012, she was named editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan, the world’s largest women’s media brand. For now, Joanna is the Chief Content Officer of Hearst Magazines (she recently confirmed her resignation). As CCO, she oversees content and editorial partnerships for 300 magazines, globally. In addition to her impressive journalism career, Joanna also sits on the board of directors of Snap Inc, is the executive producer of ABC Freeform’s,The Bold Type (which is loosely based on her life and career) and she recently became an author with her book, Love Rules: How to Find a Real Relationship in a Digital World. Today Joa
08/08/201859 minutes 42 seconds
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Lizzie Velasquez- Author, Host & Motivational Speaker

Lizzie Velasquez is an author, host and Motivational speaker. Lizzie was born with a rare disease called Neonatal Progeroid Syndrome, which makes it impossible for her to gain weight. When Lizzie was 17 years old, she stumbled upon a youtube video that was titled “World’s Ugliest Woman”. To her shock, the video featured a photo of her face. Lizzie was devastated that someone could be so cruel, however, it was in that moment of absolute despair that she decided to start her public speaking career. Since then she has given speeches all over the world, including her Ted Talk, which has garnered over 17 million views. In addition to public speaking, Lizzie has authored four books, produced a documentary about her life called, A Brave Heart: The Lizzie Velasquez Story and hosted her own show on fullscreen called, Unzipped, where she challenges our society’s beauty standards. Today, Lizzie is here to chat with our editorial director, Jerico Mandybur, all about how to overcome bullying, how t
01/08/201856 minutes 59 seconds
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Angelica Ross- Actress on FX's Pose & Creator of TransTech

Angelica Ross is an actress, entrepreneur and activist. Angelica started her career in the Navy. Six months after joining, she requested and received an "uncharacterized" discharge under the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy, because she was harassed by enlisted men who coerced her into saying she was gay. After leaving The Navy, Angelica began her gender transition.  Angelica then moved to Hollywood, Florida and worked as a model and escort until 2003. After that she started a web development and graphic design business. Angelica launched TransTech Social Enterprises, a nonprofit creative design firm that trains and contracts transgender and other workers. In 2016, Angelica reinvented her career again, and began her professional acting career when she was in the Emmy-nominated webseries, Her Story. These days Angelica portrays the character Candy Abundance in the 2018 Ryan Murphy-produced, FX series Pose. The series is incredibly historic as it features five transgender women of color as
25/07/201856 minutes 41 seconds
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Brooklyn Decker- Co-Founder of Finery & Actress in Netflix's Grace And Frankie

Brooklyn Decker is an actress, entrepreneur and co-founder of Finery. Brooklyn's layered career started as a model when she was just a teenager. She quickly garnered success with publications like Sports Illustrated, Vogue, Elle, GQ, and Glamour. Eight years ago, she transitioned into acting. She has played parts in Ugly Betty, Battlefield, and is currently working Opposite Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, as a series regular on Netflix's hit show, Grace and Frankie. Most recently, Brooklyn has taken on a new role as co-founder of Finery, the world's first automated digital wardrobe platform. Finery was created with the premise of helping women get back some of the time, money and mind-space currently spent on their wardrobes. Finery is growing rapidly and recently raised $5 million in funding! Today Brooklyn is here to talk about how to reinvent your career, the steps to fund your startup and how to confidently navigate and break through a male-dominated business. 
18/07/201845 minutes 14 seconds
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Jameela Jamil-Actress on The Good Place & Creator of “i Weigh”

Jameela Jamil is an actress, journalist, DJ, Model and activist. In 2009, Jameela’s life changed dramatically as she went from an English teacher, to hosting T4, the most popular Youth TV program in the UK. Ever the boundary-breaker, Jameela became the first female presenter to host  BBC Radio 1’s Official Chart Show. After a health scare she had in her late 20s, Jameela decided to completely restart her life: she quit her radio job and moved to the United States. Within a short amount of time, she had come upon a career she never expected: Acting. Jameela can currently be seen starring in Mike Schur’s series for NBC, The Good Place, where she acts opposite Ted Danson and Kristen Bell. Activism is also huge to Jameela. She recently launched a body positivity movement on instagram called “i weigh”. Today, Jameela is here to talk about how to attain positive body image, how to gain the courage to take a major leap and how to manage all your side and front hustles. 
11/07/20181 hour 24 seconds
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Shelley Zalis- Founder of The Girls' Lounge & CEO Of The Female Quotient

Shelley Zalis is a founder, CEO and internationally-renowned thought leader for advancing equality in the workplace.  Shelley changed the game by becoming the first female chief executive of a company, ranked in the research industry’s top Twenty-Five. Today, as CEO of The Female Quotient, Shelley is advancing gender equality across industries with the Girls’ Lounge: a pop-up experience at conferences across the globe, as well as within companies. In addition to being an entrepreneur and thought leader, Shelley is also an admired speaker and skilled moderator who has interviewed influencers such as Katie Couric, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sheryl Sandberg and Arianna Huffington on topics related to equality and leadership. Today she is here to share how the world of business and tech is changing for women, how you can break through the glass ceiling of middle management and how you can help with the fight for equality in your workplace.
04/07/20181 hour 27 seconds
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Hannah Hart- YouTuber, Entrepreneur & New York Times Best-Selling Author

Hannah Hart is an award-winning comedian, TV host, Forbes’ 30 Under 30 recipient and New York Times best-selling author. Hannah is the creator and star of her weekly web series,  “My Drunk Kitchen”, which has amassed millions of views since its first episode in 2011. Hannah has written two New York Times Best Sellers, titled My Drunk Kitchen: A Guide to Eating, Drinking, and Going with Your Gut and Buffering: Unshared Tales Of A Life Fully Loaded. In addition to books and YouTube, she also co-produced and starred in Lionsgate's fall 2016 comedy Dirty 30. Most recently, Hannah has partnered with Cadence13 to produce her self-help podcast, HANNAHlyze THIS and is working with Ellen Digital on an currently untitled, unscripted series where she’ll be giving people love and dating advice. Today she's here to talk about her career trajectory, how you can get into the entertainment business and how to push through creative blocks. 
27/06/201851 minutes 35 seconds
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Shan-Lyn Ma- CEO and Co-Founder of Zola

Shan-Lyn Ma is the CEO and Co-Founder of Zola. Shan-Lyn started her career at Yahoo!, which was a company she had dreamed of working at all her life. In 2008 she moved onto Gilt, where she started as a product manager and eventually became Senior Director of Product. She also Founded and was the GM of Gilt Taste, the food & wine division. In 2012 Shan went to Chloe + Isabel, but quickly realized that it was time for her to start her own company.  Her company, Zola, launched in 2013 and quickly became the country’s fastest growing wedding registry. Today Zola carries 60,000 gifts from more than 600 different brands and it has been used by over 500,000 couples. On top of all this, Shan is an angel investor in about 15 companies including several female-founded companies. Today Shan is here to talk about her journey to becoming an entrepreneur, how to pitch to Venture Capitalists and the right way to transition your career.
20/06/201850 minutes 23 seconds
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Nikki And Brie Bella- WWE Wrestlers, Stars of Total Bellas & Entrepreneurs

Nikki and Brie Bella, also known as the Bella Twins, are Entrepreneurs, Influencers, WWE Stars and reality stars. There are very few women  who have impacted the WWE universe in the way The Bella Twins have. Each of them have respectively earned a Divas title during their time in the WWE between 2011 and 2012. More recently, they participated in the first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble: a monumental event in WWE History that forever changed the lives and careers of women in wrestling. Outside of the ring, Nikki & Brie have thrived as the stars of the hit E! reality show Total Divas, and now on their own family show, Total Bellas. They have also solidified themselves as entrepreneurs with their Birdiebee apparel line, and their wine line, Belle Radici. Today they are here to talk about what they learned from being part of one of the most tightly-run brands on Earth, how they balance personal lives with business and their tips for fellow entrepreneurs. 
13/06/201856 minutes 26 seconds
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Tamara Mellon, Founder Of Jimmy Choo and Tamara Mellon

Tamara Mellon is an entrepreneur, author, founder, and designer, best known for co-founding Jimmy Choo and founding her own brand, Tamara Mellon. At Jimmy Choo, she built one of the most recognizable luxury brands in the world—transforming what she saw as a gap in the accessories market into a multi-million dollar opportunity and cultural phenomenon. Since leaving the iconic brand, Tamara has written a memoir, In My Shoes, and launched a new business.Today, she runs her luxury shoe brand in a decidedly untraditional way, selling directly to consumers and skipping the fancy department stores. Today she’s talking to Sophia about brand-building, bankruptcy, starting over, and of course, that unforgettable Sex and the City moment that made Jimmy Choo a household name. 
06/06/201846 minutes 55 seconds
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Arlan Hamilton- Founder & Managing Partner of Backstage Capital

Arlan Hamilton is the founder and managing partner of Backstage Capital, a venture fund that dedicated to minimizing funding disparities in tech by investing in high-potential female, minority and LGBTQ founders. Arlan built her fund from the ground up, without the connections or experience most others VCs boast—and while she was homeless. Since 2015, Backstage has invested nearly $5M into over 100 startups led by underestimated founders. And in early May of 2018, Backstage announced that it had raised an additional $36M fund, which Arlan calls her “It’s About Damn Time Fund.” She’s using it to write $1M checks to 36 Black female founders. Today, she’s explaining her path, giving honest advice for career changers, and sharing exactly how you can fund your company.
30/05/201851 minutes 48 seconds
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Rebecca Jarvis- Emmy Award Winning Journalist & Host of No Limits With Rebecca Jarvis

Rebecca Jarvis is an Emmy-award winning journalist, ABC News’ Chief Business, Technology & Economics Correspondent; and the host and creator of ABC’s podcast featuring game changing women, No Limits with Rebecca Jarvis. Rebecca began her journalism career writing for Crain's Chicago Business and Business 2.0.  She has since worked for nearly every prestigious broadcast news organization including, ABC, CBS, CNBC and NBC. She has conducted news-making interviews with the biggest names in business and technology, including Warren Buffett, Richard Branson, Sheryl Sandberg, Jessica Alba, Bill and Melinda Gates, and Apple CEO, Tim Cook. Today, Rebecca is here to talk about women in business, why it’s so important to ask thoughtful questions, how to effectively make career transitions and, her podcast, No Limits with Rebecca Jarvis.​
23/05/201853 minutes 58 seconds
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Introducing "Jen Gotch is OK...Sometimes"

 "Jen Gotch is OK...Sometimes" is the newest podcast to hit the Girlboss Radio network, hosted by founder and chief creative officer (turned mental health advocate and cult Instagrammer), Jen Gotch. Subscribe and get an all-access pass to Jen Gotch's beautiful brain. Jen Gotch is OK...Sometimes launches May 29th wherever good podcasts are found. "Jen Gotch is OK...Sometimes" the newest podcast from Girlboss Radio network, hosted by founder and chief creative officer (turned mental health advocate and cult Instagrammer), Jen Gotch, launches May 29th.
22/05/20184 minutes 13 seconds
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More Live from Girlboss Rally LA 2018: Overcoming the Odds w/ Secret Deodorant

On this 2nd edition special episode, you'll hear inspirational stories and advice from more remarkable women who spoke at the recent Girlboss Rally in L.A., like fashion entrepreneur Jen Gotch, venture capitalist Sarah Kunst, Beautycon CEO Moj Mahdara, divorce attorney to the stars Laura Wasser and Female Quotient CEO Shelley Zalis.
18/05/201822 minutes 2 seconds
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Aimee Song- Influencer, Fashion Blogger & Creator of Song of Style

Aimee Song is a fashion blogger, New York Times Best Selling Author and Instagram influencer. Since launching her blog, Song of Style, in 2008, Aimee Song has grown from a micro blogger into a member of the Forbes 30 under 30, and, an international influencer who even has her own Barbie doll. She is also an entrepreneur: growing her own shirt company with her sister called, Two Songs, and working on interior design projects. Additionally, she is a key philanthropist for Charity Water, a non-profit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing countries. Today she is here to share her advice on how to break into the fashion space, become an influencer and create powerful relationships with brands.
16/05/201853 minutes 43 seconds
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Live from Girlboss Rally LA 2018: Overcoming the Odds w/ Secret Deodorant

On this special episode of Girlboss Radio, we're speaking to some of the remarkable thought leaders and game-changing women who spoke at the recent Girlboss Rally in LA. Soak up some of the magic and inspiration of the rally at home, with Girlboss editors and guests like actor Jameela Jamil, speaker and advocate Lizzie Velasquez, Arlan Hamilton of Backstage Capital, poet Aija Mayrock and more. Presented in partnership with Secret. 
11/05/201828 minutes 42 seconds
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Patty McCord- Company Culture Expert, Author and Former Chief Talent Officer of Netflix

Patty McCord is best known for serving as Chief Talent Officer of Netflix from 1998-2012. During her time at Netflix she collaborated with other managers over the course of ten years to write a deck on company culture that has been shared over 15 million times on Slideshare and that Sheryl Sandberg has called, “the most important document ever to come out of the Valley”.Patty's book, Powerful: Building a Culture of Freedom and Responsibility, was published in January of 2018 and shares many of the principles on which the Netflix culture was built and offers a practical guide to create a similar culture for your business. In addition to writing and media appearances Patty also coaches and advises a small group of companies and entrepreneurs on culture and leadership.Today Patty is here to talk about how to be a great leader, an invaluable employee, and, create a high-performing company culture.
09/05/201859 minutes 23 seconds
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Rachel Bloom- Actress/Producer- Crazy Ex Girlfriend & Most Likely To Murder

Rachel Bloom is a Golden Globe and Critics' Choice Award winning actress, writer and producer, best known for creating and starring in the series, Crazy Ex Girlfriend on The CW Network. Rachel attended NYU, Tisch School of the Arts for theatre and graduated in 2009. She first caught attention of the industry in 2010, when she released a comedic music video, tiled, "F*ck Me, Ray Bradbury", which went viral and was nominated for a Hugo Award. She went onto work as a tv writer in Los Angeles where she continued to make comedic music videos and eventually caught the eye of Rachel's now Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Co-Creator, Aline Brosh McKenna. She has also written music for the popular CW shows, The Flash & Supergirl with Oscar Award Winning Musical duo, Pasek and Paul.  Today Rachel is here to talk about her latest film, Most Likely To Murder, how deal with internet trolls and her advice for fellow female creators out there..​
02/05/201851 minutes 54 seconds
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Emily Chang- Emmy-Award Winning Journalist & Author of Brotopia

Emily Chang is an Emmy-Award Winning Journalist, tech guru, LinkedIn influencer and author. As a journalist, Emily has worked for some of the most prestigious news institutions, including CNN and BloombergTV. She has also interviewed some of tech's biggest names, such as Twitter Co-Founder, Evan Williams, LinkedIn Co-founder and Executive Chairman Reid Hoffman, Melinda Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg and many more. Today she joins us to talk about her new book, Brotopia: Breaking Up The Boys’ Club of Silicon Valley. Emily will share where women in tech stand today and how we can increase their station by exposing and ending the inherently sexist practices that currently plague Silicon Valley.  
25/04/201855 minutes 45 seconds
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Jen Atkin- Celebrity Hairstylist & Founder of OUAI

Jen Atkin is a celebrity hairstylist and entrepreneur who has been called “The Most Influential hairstylist in the World.” by The New York Times. Her first big break was styling Sofia Vergara’s hair. From there, she has gone onto become one of the biggest names in the hair industry, working with stars such as as Kim Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and many more. Jen is also an impressive entrepreneur and has leveraged her expertise, massive social following and star power into building many successful businesses. Including, her hair product brand OUAI the digital magazine for stylists,, a hair accessories line, an extensions line, and her global education resource for stylists called, Mane University. Today she joins us to share her tips for how to succeed in the beauty business, what she’s learned from working with her ultra-successful clients and some amazing insider info on how to make your hair look effortlessly flawless everyday!​
18/04/201842 minutes 52 seconds
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#LIPSTORIES - Available April 12th & April 26th

On each episode of #LIPSTORIES influential female founders, creators and thought leaders take listeners through some of their most notable, inspiring, funny stories from their everyday lives—while they’re out traveling the world, crushing it at work, or even just hanging out with friends. Presented by Girlboss Radio in partnership with Sephora Collection.
11/04/201857 seconds
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Donna Carpenter- CEO & Co-Owner of Burton Snowboards​​

Donna Carpenter has been working at Burton for the past 35 years and has held just about every job from dipping snowboards in polyurethane and answering the customer service line, to CEO. She has been instrumental in the company’s growth, expanding Burton’s business to Europe in the 1980s. In more recent years, Donna has shifted from President to CEO, worked to make Burton an employer of choice for women and amped up the company's sustainability and philanthropy efforts. Today she joins us to talk about how she became CEO, her dedication to women in the workplace and how she is spreading the word about sustainability in an effort to help the environment. 
11/04/201841 minutes 13 seconds
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Andy McNicol- Partner at William Morris Endeavor

Andy has been a literary agent at WME, the largest literary agency in the country for eighteen years. She has been behind multiple New York Times best-selling authors, representing a wide variety of clients, such as Chrissy Teigen, Karlie Kloss, Tory Burch, Alicia Silverstone and our host, Sophia Amoruso. Andy is the reason that Girlboss was published.  Today,  Andy joins us to share the perils of perfectionism and how to embrace mistakes, how to figure out what your story is and how to best tell it, and, the way to find, and later, become a mentor. 
04/04/201852 minutes 59 seconds
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Aminatou Sow- digital strategist, a writer, a podcast host and the co-founder of Tech LadyMafia.

Aminatou Sow is a multi-hyphenate to say the least, but for anyone who's ever listened to Call Your Girlfriend—the podcast she hosts with Ann Friedman—she's also someone you might consider, well, a friend. Made in partnership with Sephora Collection in celebration of #LIPSTORIES, Amina 
29/03/201850 minutes 13 seconds
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Sarah Robb O’Hagan-Author, CEO at Flywheel Sports

Sarah Robb O’Hagan is  a high-energy combination of disruptive business leader, fitness fanatic, and cheerleading mom.  As Chief Executive Officer of the fastest growing indoor cycling company, Flywheel Sports, she is currently innovating the business through digital content and services. She’s also the author of Extreme You: Step up. Stand out. kick Ass. Repeat.  Today, Sarah joins us to talk about business innovation, inspiring human performance and bouncing back from major fails. 
28/03/201852 minutes 5 seconds
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Katie Couric- award-winning journalist, documentary filmmaker and New York Times best-selling author

After 15 years as co-anchor of NBC’s TODAY Show, In 2006, Katie Couric made history when she left to join CBS television as the first woman at the helm of an evening newscast.  She went on to host a network daytime talk show, serve as Global News Anchor for Yahoo News, and in 2015 she launched Katie Couric Media.
21/03/201847 minutes 59 seconds
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Nicole Quinn- Investing partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners

Nicole Quinn is helping lead the charge for investing in women-run businesses, and on this week's episode of Girlboss Radio, she's sharing all her insider tips. Including, her advice on how to build a meaningful network.
14/03/201850 minutes 12 seconds
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Tina Amini- Games expert, player and editorial manager of games at IGN

On this special International Women’s Day addition of Girlboss Radio presented in partnership with Google Play, Sophia speaks with a woman helping change the game when it comes to representation, programming and beyond. Tina Amini has been playing games and reporting on the gaming industry for over eight years. And as the new editorial manager of games IGN, she’s directly involved in re-shaping the conversation about what it means to be a girl, and a gamer.
08/03/201828 minutes 37 seconds
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Miranda Kerr- Model, Founder, Owner & Managing Director of KORA Organics.

After two decades in the fashion spotlight, Miranda has successfully made the transition and evolution to entrepreneur and business woman, building her own company Kora Organics. Today, she’ll talk to us about beauty secrets and we’ll bond over a shared appreciation of rose quartz. 
07/03/201849 minutes 45 seconds
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Tess Holliday- Model, activist, author

On this episode, We’re joined by Tess Holliday. Tess is a voice for all women who have been cast aside and disrespected for failing to fit into societal standards. At 5’5 and a size 22, she is rocking the modeling world. On social media, she’s using her voice to spread messages of body positivity everywhere.  Today she’ll talk about her career, her memoir and about the women in her life that inspired her to believe in herself even when her dreams seemed out of reach. 
28/02/201854 minutes 49 seconds
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Laura Wasser- Attorney, Author and Founder of It's Over Easy

Laura Wasser is a highly respected divorce attorney who has represented clients like Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie and Stevie Wonder.  In 2017, she launched It’s Over Easy, a digital divorce platform that guides couples through the many different points of the divorce process without a super hefty price tag. Today, Laura joins us to talk about her new company and she’ll share some of her best advice for how to help you protect yourself and (your hard earned funds) from a visit to her office in the first place. 
21/02/201846 minutes 48 seconds
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Priya Malani: Entrepreneur and founder of Stash Wealth

Today's guest, Priya Malani, has designed a financial planning strategy for millennials—an entire generation that’s still largely ignored by traditional financial institutions. Today we’ll talk to Priya about how she’s working to disrupt the financial planning industry and we’ll get her best advice on saving for essentials without sacrificing the things we dream vacations.  
14/02/201849 minutes 25 seconds
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Karley Sciortino- Founder of and author of Slutever

Karley Sciortino,  is the founder of Slutever, a website that explores sexuality through both humor and intellect. Karley explores all manner of between-the-sheets topics on her  blog, as well as in a monthly Vogue column called “Breathless”.  She’s also the creator and host of a documentary series on Viceland and she recently released her debut book titled Slutlever: Dispatches from a Sexually Autonomous Woman in a Post-Shame World.   Today, she’ll talk to us about sexuality, relationships, and the work she’s doing to promote a shame-free world.
07/02/201854 minutes 15 seconds
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Sarah Jessica Parker: Actress, producer, entrepreneur

Today, Sophia speaks to the inimitable SJP about her latest project, HBO’s hit series, Divorce. The pair reflect on what made Sex and the City such a lasting phenomenon, and of course, SJP speaks about her involvement with the #TimesUp movement.
31/01/201857 minutes 15 seconds
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Lilly Singh: YouTube’s Superwoman, blogger, comedian, author, actress and sometimes rapper.

Lilly Singh also known as the YouTube sensation behind "Superwoman." The comedian, rapper, author, actress, and motivational speaker has over 13 million video subscribers and over 1 billion video views. She joins us today to talk about how she went from battling depression, to being the highest grossing female YouTube star. 
24/01/201856 minutes 35 seconds
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Rupi Kaur- Poet, Artist and Performer

Rupi Kaur is a poet, artist, and performer whose ability to thoughtfully observe and connect women through her words has inspired readers around the world. At just 25, with over 2.1 million followers on Instagram, she has taken the world by storm and has become the voice of a generation. Her books, the recently released the sun and her flowers, and her debut book, milk and honey, are international best sellers with milk and honey selling over 2.5 million copies and and landing as a #1 New York Times Bestseller.
17/01/20181 hour 1 minute 59 seconds
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Dr. Lauren Hazzouri- clinical psychologist and founder of

Meet Dr. Lauren Hazzouri. Dr Lauren is offering women a new approach to mental healthcare. Her treatment program, "The Practice" is an online and in-person, community based program that is infused with art, music, dance and Dr. Lauren's ability to speak candidly regarding the ever-present issues plaguing young girls and women in our society. Ge ready-- this episode is a workout for your spirit, a pep rally for your soul and an introduction to one of the coolest docs we know.
10/01/201853 minutes 48 seconds
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Self Service is Coming - Sunday 1/14

Beginning Sunday, January 14th, GB Editorial Director Jerico Mandybur brings you a weekly deep dive into the world of spiritual, social and physical Self Care.
07/01/20182 minutes 40 seconds
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Kate Berlant, stand-up comedian and writer

Kate Berlant is an actor, stand-up comedian and writer who was profiled by The New York Times as a “magnetic improvisational comic” at the forefront of experimental comedy.   Today, she’ll join us to talk about her career as a woman in comedy and she’ll teach us a few improv strategies that might help you nail your next big interview or boardroom presentation. 
03/01/201853 minutes 18 seconds
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Arian Simone- CEO of Arian Simone Enterprises

Imagine losing your job, running out of money, living in your car and going days without a meal. Well, that’s what happened to our guest Arian Simone. Instead of letting it crush her, she leaned on her faith, her ingenuity and positive vibes to help her find her way to her dream career. Now, she’s the CEO of Arian Simone Enterprises. On this episode, she’ll share her story and tell us what she learned about being fearless. 
27/12/201752 minutes 29 seconds
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Amber Venz Box, President & Co-Founder at rewardStyle &

A few short years ago, Amber started a fashion blog. Now, she’s running a fashion tech company that has disrupted the industry and provided thousands of “influencers” lucrative jobs blogging and posting on social media about what they love... fashion.  Today, she’ll talk to us about innovation and creating successful brands in the digital space.
20/12/201758 minutes 7 seconds
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Gabby Bernstein- Motivational speaker, New York Times Best-selling Author

Gabby Bernstein is an ambition oracle for every girlboss. For over a decade, she has traveled the world guiding and motivating women to join her on a journey to bring balance and contentment into everyday life. Gabby’s philosophies are rooted in her own life experiences. Experiences that led her to hit rock bottom at just 25 years old after she became addicted to work, addicted to alcohol and addicted to drugs. After changing her own path and embracing spiritual, holistic, and metaphysical practices, she now leads a successful motivational speaking business and she is the author of several successful books. Oprah Winfrey called Gabby “a thought leader for the next generation." Her latest book, Judgement detox: Release the beliefs hold you back from living a better life, will be released in early January.
13/12/201756 minutes 26 seconds
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Lisa Price, Founder of Carol's Daughter

In her tiny kitchen in Brooklyn, armed with just $100 in cash, Lisa Price transformed a hobby of mixing up fragrances in her home into the multi-million dollar beauty empire we know today as Carol’s Daughter. She began by selling her homemade beauty products at flea markets, but before long, celebrities—like Will Smith, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Jay-Z, and Mary J. Blige—became loyal customers and investors. But the road that led her here was filled with tough lessons, big risks, and even bankruptcy. Today, Lisa walks us through that journey and shows us how she transformed her side hustle into a full-time, multi million dollar gig. 
06/12/20171 hour 2 minutes 14 seconds
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Morra Aarons-Mele: Founder of Women Online & Author "Hiding in The Bathroom"

Morra Aarons-Mele quit 10 jobs before the age of 30. She found herself feeling depressed, crying in ladies rooms, and uncertain of where she fit in the workforce. As an introvert and self described “hermit”, Morra eventually came to the realization that for some, success might mean “leaning out” instead of “leaning in.” Today, she's an entrepreneur, author and host of the podcast “Hiding in the Bathroom.” As the founder of digital marketing agency, Women Online, and has launched award winning campaigns for the U.N., Hillary Clinton, and President Barack Obama, to name a few. She's here with Sophia to talk about finding success on her own terms—and open up about anxiety, the ever-increasing social pressure to keep moving up, and her new book, Hiding in the Bathroom: An Introvert's Roadmap to Getting Out There (When You'd Rather Stay Home).
29/11/20171 hour 5 minutes 7 seconds
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Kristen Bellstrom, Deputy Digital Editor, Fortune Magazine

Today, Sophia sits down with a sharp, incisive editor who is committed to reporting on and celebrating powerful women. The voice behind Fortune's daily newsletter, "Broadsheet," Kristen spends her days mining for stories that are shaping our lives across a range of different industries. As part of the team that selects Fortune's annual Most Powerful Women list, she has a lot of ideas about what it means to have and keep "power." Listen along for a thoughtful deep dive into what power means for women in today's world. 
22/11/201751 minutes 7 seconds
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Brother Vellies Founder - Aurora James

Born in Toronto and based in Brooklyn, Aurora James dreamed up the idea for her crush-worthy shoe brand, Brother Vellies, while backpacking through Africa. She travels the globe designing, creating and sustaining artisanal jobs in Africa by employing cooperatives of women who specialize in shoemaking with natural materials. Through her work she’s learned a thing or two about collaboration, tradition, and personal development... and she’ll share that with us today. 
15/11/201754 minutes 4 seconds
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Leandra Medine Cohen, author and founder of Man Repeller

On today’s episode of Girlboss Radio, Sophia sits down with Leandra Medine Cohen, the hilarious mastermind behind Man Repeller, a community and content hub she affectionately refers to as a nudist community. What follows is an some of the most poignant, powerful advice you could get—about going with your gut, rebelling against singular definitions, life as an "influencer," and probably plotting world domination. It's ours for the taking, right? 
08/11/201751 minutes 57 seconds
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Gretchen Carlson, anchor, journalist, author

Last July, Gretchen Carlson came forward with her experience of being sexually harassed at FOX News by then-CEO, the late Roger Ailes. Her story is one that's all too familiar for many women. Most recently, we’ve seen it in the spate of “me too” stories that have come out following the allegations of assault, harassment, and abuse against Harvey Weinstein—and so many other men in positions of power. Today, Carlson joins us to discuss her new book Be Fierce (which surfaces similar stories from women in all walks of life across the country), speak frankly about Donald Trump, and walk you through what you should do if you are being harassed in the workplace. 
01/11/201755 minutes 12 seconds
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Jen Gotch, co-founder and chief creative officer of

Jen Gotch is a creative powerhouse who loves yard sales and unicorns. After a long (and winding) journey trying her hand at a slew of not-so-great jobs that led her to where she is today, she’s now the chief creative officer and fearless leader of On today’s episode, Jen talks about tapping into her creative power and finding the strength push through her bad days. 
25/10/201756 minutes 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

Garance Doré: Writer, Photographer, and Illustrator

On this episode of Girlboss Radio, we're joined by Garance Doré, founder of Atelier Doré. She and Sophia go to a wide-open, vulnerable place about what it's like to work in fashion—and why Fashion Week doesn't feel worth it anymore. They have a frank discussion about fertility, PTSD after IVF, therapy, burnout, and finding purpose. Ahead, a moving conversation that will make you think. 
18/10/201755 minutes 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

Jennifer Rudolph Walsh, head of WME's Worldwide Books, Speakers & Conference Division + Founder of "Together Live"

Jennifer Rudolph Walsh is a wife, mother and superstar publisher who sits on the Board of Directors at famed talent agency WME. By day, she does all that and works with some of the most famous writers in the world—like Oprah Winfrey, Sue Monk Kidd, and Arianna Huffington—but in her spare time, she's building a pretty impressive side hustle called Together Live. She's passionate about helping women become architects of change in their own lives, and on this episode, she goes deep on how she found her own purpose, and changed her life to fit it. Plus, she's got some essential, actionable advice every aspiring author should hear.​
11/10/201756 minutes 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

Whitney Cummings: Comedian, Actress, Writer and more

Whitney Cummings joins Sophia to discuss her latest bookI'm Fine and Other Lies; a memoir about being diagnosed as co-dependent, . Along the way, she blends hilarious anecdotes with thought provoking commentary on feminism, sex and body dysmorphia. 
04/10/201749 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

Janet Mock, writer, TV host and advocate

A true fire-starter, Janet Mock uses her voice to dismantle stereotypes, push women to discover their power, and debunk assumptions about gender. Janet’s latest book, Surpassing Certainty: What My Twenties Taught Me, is an homage to her 20s. On this episode of Girlboss Radio, Sophia and Janet explore identity, culture, and the experience of growing up a trans woman of color. For every twenty-something who has ever felt like a tiny fish in a big pond, this one will feel powerful and personal. 
27/09/201752 minutes 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

Sarah Kunst, founder and CEO of ProDay

Sophia is joined by millennial founder Sarah Kunst, to deep-dive into the world of a sports media and lifestyle CEO. Sarah gets candid about her time working in venture capital, her ideas about money and power, and the experiences that ultimately drove her to speak to the New York Times about being sexually harassed by an angel investor in Silicon Valley. Sarah offers thoughtful advice to founders, women raising funding for a business, and women who might be experiencing harassment themselves.
20/09/201755 minutes 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

Kate Ryder, founder and CEO of Maven

On this episode of Girlboss Radio, Sophia welcomes Kate Ryder, founder and CEO of Maven. Maven is working to turn healthcare on its head—redefining medical care for the digital age. Because women make approximately 80 percent of the health care decisions in their families. They take the lead role in choosing health plans, scheduling doctor’s appointments and making sure that their families are getting the care they need. And yet, they are underserved and often overlooked—especially in telemedicine. Enter Kate and her company Maven, a digital clinic for women that connects patients directly with healthcare practitioners, anywhere, on demand. Here's how and why she built it. And how she transitioned from journalist to VC to founder.   
13/09/201742 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

Kelly Mullens Brown, President, Ryan Seacrest Enterprises

Kindness counts in business—just ask Kelly Mullens Brown, a woman who’s involved in...pretty much everything at Ryan Seacrest Enterprises.On this episode, Mullens Brown gives us a look inside Ryan Seacrest's complex and rapidly growing portfolio of media, tech, and entertainment businesses. She also gets honest about her battle with cancer, why a tough childhood only made her stronger, and how women should support other women in the workplace. 
06/09/201745 minutes 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

Gwyneth Paltrow, founder and CEO of goop

Gwyneth Paltrow, founder and CEO of goop, joins Sophia for a candid conversation about the path that led her from acting to entrepreneurship and also addresses the controversy facing the brand that she built.  Plus, a quick preview of what’s coming up on with Editorial Director Jerico Mandybur.
30/08/201751 minutes 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Return of Girlboss Radio with Guest Roxane Gay

Sophia Amoruso’s Girlboss Radio is back with a vengeance. In the first new episode, you’ll get a quick preview of what’s on with editorial director Jerico Mandybur—plus, a conversation with one of the most prolific writers of our time, Roxane Gay. Covering everything from Gay’s latest work, Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body, fatphobia, to writing and the meaning of “success,” get ready for a warm and stimulating conservation—the first of many.
23/08/201749 minutes 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

Amel Monsur, Executive Creative Director Vice Media

Amel Monsur is the Executive Creative Director at VICE, the world's leading youth media brand and content creation studio. At VICE, Amel has led project and content development across i-D & Noisey, VICE's fashion cultural and music channels, as well a variety of branded campaigns that live off-channel. Amel's background is at the intersection of fashion, music and news, and she previously served as the Creative Director for Prince -- yes Prince! On the podcast, Amel discusses her early days working for Target, what it's like to be a creative working for a superior creative like Prince, and why creating content with a purpose is important these days.
21/12/201652 minutes 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

Danielle Weisberg & Carly Zakin, Co-founders theSkimm

This week, we have not one, but two guests on Girlboss Radio - Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg, the Co-founders of theSkimm! TheSkimm started a daily newsletter, giving its readers all the news and info to start the day. It's since grown into an 'audience company' that has a circulation of over 4 million active readers including fans such as Oprah and Hoda Kotb. Carly and Danielle met studying abroad together in college and several years later they both found themselves working at NBC News. They became fast friends, roommates, and eventually co-founders. On the podcast, the Sophia, Carly, and Danielle discuss how the co-founders met, how Danielle and Carly engage with their Skimmbassadors, and how they've learned to manage their growing team over the years.
14/12/201650 minutes 21 seconds
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Tracey Cunningham, Celebrity Hair Colorist & Owner Méche

You many not know Tracey, but you definitely know her work. She’s colored the famous locks of Jennifer Lopez, Lily Aldridge, Khloe Kardashian, and our very own Sophia Amoruso. She got her start working for none other than Bette Midler who put her through beauty school! Afterwards Tracey quickly rose through the ranks at the best salons in LA - Art Luna, Sally Hershberger, Byron & Tracey among others. In 2012, she and stylist Neil Weisberg teamed up to combine the best of styling and coloring in the business with Méche. On the podcast, Tracey reminisces about styling Bette's hair while combing through cookbooks, how she knew she could be a great colorist, and how beauty regimens like coloring might fix short-term problems but maybe not the longterm ones in your life.
24/11/201652 minutes 46 seconds
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Alyssa Mastromonaco, COO Vice Media

From her early days bagging groceries, Alyssa Mastromonaco realized she had a gift for logistics. That gift led her all the way to the White House where she served as President Obama’s Deputy Chief of Staff. If you wanted to talk to President Obama, you had to go through Alyssa first. She left politics in 2014, and now works as the Chief Operating Officer of Vice Media. On this week’s episode, Sophia and Alyssa discuss Alyssa’s early days interning for Bernie Sanders, what good leadership means, and Alyssa’s hilarious misadventures in Buckingham Palace and on Marine One.
17/11/201643 minutes 32 seconds
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Alli Webb, Founder Drybar

Alli Webb's career has had numerous incarnations. She’s worked in public relations and she’s been a professional hairstylist. But it wasn’t until 2008, when Alli really found her passion. She started a side business called Straight-at-Home, which provided in-home blowouts on a referral basis in LA. When her business and popularity quickly outgrew her one-woman show, she expanded and opened a brick and mortar called Drybar. Drybar is based on the simple concept of focusing on one thing and being the best at it: blowouts. They now have 67 locations across the country. And her new book, Good Hair for All, tells you how you can achieve a great blowout at home. On the podcast Sophia and Alli talk about Alli's early days working at salons, leaving and returning to the workforce to found Drybar, and the inherent trust of working with family.
10/11/201640 minutes 54 seconds
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Anne Fulenwider, Editor-in-Chief Marie Claire

Anne Fulenwider is a tour de force in the publishing world. After graduating from Harvard University, she moved to New York and learned the ins and outs of journalism under the tutelage of George Plimpton at The Paris Review. And she continued to work alongside the greats including Graydon Carter at Vanity Fair and Joanna Coles at Marie Claire. In 2011, Anne left Marie Claire to become the Editor-in-Chief of Brides where she completely rebranded the magazine to expand its reader base, but she couldn’t stay away from Marie Claire for long. She returned to the magazine as their Editor-in-Chief where she continues to push the brand to speak to today’s modern woman with its in depth reporting, fashion guides, and entertaining and informative features. On the episode Anne tells us how she puts together a magazine every month, how simply raising your hand can get you the job your want, and why networking is useful even if the word itself can feel disingenuous. 
03/11/201649 minutes 48 seconds
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Brit Morin, Founder & CEO Brit + Co

Before Brit Morin could light that creative spark in all of us, she had to find that creativity within herself. After working for Google for four years, she left her stellar job working under Marissa Mayer to start her own company. But first, she decided to give herself a 6-month break. And those six months were, as Brit describes it, some of the most transformative months of her life. She enrolled in classes at a creative space for makers, and she abandoned the laptop screen for laser cutters, 3D printers, and clay. That experience ultimately inspired her to found Brit + Co, a new media and commerce company that enables creativity through inspirational content, online classes and do-it-yourself kits. The company now has partnerships with brands such as Target, and Brit is a regular DIY and lifestyle contributor to the Today show. On the podcast, Brit discusses her six month sabbatical after Google, how leadership roles can become political, and why everyone is a creative.
27/10/201652 minutes 45 seconds
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Anne-Marie Slaughter, President & CEO New America

When Dr. Anne-Marie Slaughter was asked to serve as the first female Director of Policy Planning for the U.S. State Department, it was her dream come true. She left her tenured position at Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs and commuted weekly from Princeton to Washington D.C. to work under then Secretary of State and current presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. But between the grueling hours, a rigid work schedule, and raising two teenage sons back in New Jersey, Anne-Marie was struggling. As much as this was a dream job, she knew her family needed her at home. She ultimately left the State Department after two years to return to a full workload at Princeton.  Anne-Marie wrote about the difficulty of women achieving work-life balance in her widely read 2012 Atlantic article “Why Women Still Can’t Have it All”, which became one of the magazine’s most read articles in its history. She continued this conversation with her book Unfinished Business: Wome
20/10/201658 minutes 25 seconds
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Jessica Bennett, New York Times Contributing Writer & Author Feminist Fight Club

Journalist Jessica Bennett and her friends were all creatives striving for professional success in New York City. But some subtle (and not so subtle) bouts of sexism in the workplace were getting in the way of their hustle. So they sought refuge by creating a feminist fight club - a group of New York women in creative fields who meet once a month to share advice, vent, and support each other through their careers. Jessica’s penned her difficult workplace experiences, hilarious tips, and other useful advice for women in the workplace in her new book Feminist Fight Club. Jessica is an award-winning journalist and critic who writes on gender issues, sexuality and culture. She is a feature writer and columnist at The New York Times and her work has also appeared in Newsweek, where she began her career as a staff writer. On the podcast, Jessica discusses her early days as a crime beat reporter, who a bropropriator is, and why women should support other women.
13/10/201655 minutes 4 seconds
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Yesi Ortiz, Radio Host Power 106

Yesi Ortiz has been called 'The Voice of LA' and man, does she know how to use that voice. Her dream was to work at Los Angeles' Power 106 radio station, and after enrolling in broadcasting school, she worked at all costs to make her dream come true -- that meant commuting from Long Beach to Las Vegas, taking a radio job in Mexico, and fighting big egos along the way. In 2006, through sheer talent and drive, Yesi realized her goal, and she's now Power 106's midday host. But what makes Yesi even more of a Girlboss is what she's accomplished outside of work. Off the air, Yesi is a single mother to her six children. She adopted them from their biological mother, Yesi’s sister, when she was just 25 years old. On the podcast, Yesi discusses developing a work ethic at her uncle's supermarket, how she suddenly became a single mother to her six children, and how work can be a haven.
06/10/201643 minutes 6 seconds
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Yuna, Musician

Musician Yuna was already an accomplished singer and songwriter in her home country of Malaysia when she moved to Los Angeles six years ago. She always had her sights set on making it in the music world in the United States, which meant having to restart her career from scratch. Yuna worked hard, stayed true to her values, and lived by her mantra 'undersell and overperform.' Now, she's selling out venues around the world and collaborating with greats like Pharrell and Usher. On the podcast, Sophia and Yuna talk about forgoing career expectations, the subjectivity of sexiness, and her newest album Chapters.
29/09/201646 minutes 49 seconds
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Grace Bonney, Founder Design*Sponge

When Grace Bonney moved to Williamsburg in 2003, she noticed a DIY design culture in Brooklyn that wasn't being covered in design magazines. So she covered it herself with Design*Sponge, a blog which originally highlighted the creative design aesthetic we now know as Brooklyn chic. Since its founding in 2004, Design*Sponge has transformed into an expansive lifestyle website, which The New York Times called the “Martha Stewart Living for the Millennials.” On the podcast Sophia and Grace discuss finding your crowd, managing employees remotely, and Grace's new book In the Company of Women.
22/09/201646 minutes 17 seconds
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Geena Rocero, Model & Transgender Activist

Model and Transgender activist Geena Rocero understands the power of speaking your truth and taking control of your narrative. At 17 years old, Geena immigrated from the Philippines to the U.S. to pursue a modeling career. Over the next 12 years, she modeled for brands like Target, Rimmel, Cover Girl, Marriott Hotels and Macy’s, but she didn’t feel like the people around her knew her full story. So when Geena turned 30, she courageously ‘came out’ at her TED talk as trans to bring more visibility to the transgender community. Since then, Geena co-founded GenderProud, an advocacy and media production company that produces media to elevate justice and equality for the transgender community. On the podcast, Geena discusses her first job as a transgender beauty queen, seeing the 'F' on her driver's license for the first time, and the challenges facing the transgender workforce today.
15/09/201645 minutes 34 seconds
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Melissa Biggs-Bradley, Founder & CEO Indagare

If life is all about the journey, then Melissa Biggs Bradley is doing things right. The founder and CEO of the boutique travel agency and website Indagare has traveled to over 100 countries, six continents, and can rattle off hotel recommendations at the drop of a hat. Prior to Indagare, Melissa worked at Town & Country magazine for 12 years and launched Town & Country Travel which was nominated for a National Magazine Award for General Excellence by the American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME). On the podcast, Melissa recounts her long childhood plane rides to Australia, gives us some trips for traveling on the cheap, and tells us about her incredible #girlbossmoment.
08/09/201645 minutes 4 seconds
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Cassandra Grey, Founder and CEO Violet Grey

Hollywood glamour can seem unattainable, but Cassandra Grey puts that glitz within reach with Violet Grey. The luxury beauty company curates the top makeup products in one space. Every product on their website and in their gorgeous Melrose store is rigorously vetted by their prestigious Violet Code, a group of magazine editors, makeup artists and designers who rank their favorite brands. Sophia and Cassandra discuss Cassandra's hippie days in Asheville, North Carolina, the challenges of merging content and commerce, and the brilliant marketing strategies of Beanie Babies.
01/09/201637 minutes 21 seconds
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Girlboss Radio Talks Love, Friendships and Finances

Money can be one of the hardest things to discuss with friends. That's exactly why Sophia talks to her good friend Alexi Wasser on this week's special episode of Girlboss Radio. The two of them tackle some of our biggest questions when it comes to finances. They go deep about finances when it comes to feminism and relationships, and they even open up about their own money struggles with each other.  This episode of Girlboss Radio is in partnership with Prudential. Prudential solves investment, insurance and retirement challenges, helping individuals, organizations and communities reach their goals. Sophia is teaming up with Prudential and their 4.01K Race for Retirement, which is on September 17th at the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles.
29/08/201626 minutes 4 seconds
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Tyler Haney, Founder and CEO Outdoor Voices

Tyler Haney has always been #DoingThings. The founder and CEO of Outdoor Voices was always an athlete, but the neon, black, and mesh apparel on the market, along with its competitive mentality, stopped resonating with her. Tyler realized what inspired her to stay active was completely different; she enjoyed a balanced, fun, and freeing approach to exercise. So she created Outdoor Voices, an active lifestyle brand that believes in freeing fitness from performance, and embracing activity with ease, humor, and delight. On this week’s episode Tyler tells Sophia about building a makeshift office from a bunkbed, traveling with her dad to a textile and mill convention in Utah, and the importance of building communities through activity.
25/08/201634 minutes 1 second
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Finance & the City with Farnoosh Torabi

City living ain't cheap. Rent is high, happy hours add up, and many of us have tons of student loans. How can we even begin to save when we're already in so much debt? On this week's special episode of Girlboss Radio in partnership with Prudential, we brought in an expert who has lived twenty-something city struggles. Farnoosh Torabi is the host of the CNBC show Follow the Leader, her award-winning So Money podcast, and the Finance columnist for O Magazine. Sophia and Farnoosh talk about getting out of $30,000 of debt, the beauty of 401Ks and how anyone can save. 
22/08/201631 minutes 3 seconds
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Roya Rastegar, Director of Programming Los Angeles Film Festival

Sometimes our careers take us places we never thought they could. That's certainly true for Roya Rastegar, who began her career on Wall Street and realized shortly after, she needed a radical change. She applied and was accepted into UC Santa Cruz's PhD program where she studied the history of consciousness under civil rights activist and famed academic Angela Davis. From there she used her studies to curate independent films and now works as the Director of Programming at the Los Angeles Film Festival. On this week's podcast, Sophia and Roya talk about the anxieties and joys of being an outsider, how to make small and large changes in your life, and why representation on and off screen is essential.
18/08/201651 minutes 47 seconds
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Girlboss Radio: What We Learned From Our Parents

So many of us adopt our financial habits from our parents. Did they teach us how to save? Or are we saving because they didn't at all? And where are they now when it comes to retirement? Many baby boomers refuse to retire - either it's not an option or they can't see themselves leaving the workforce. We wanted to hear from someone who's on the other end of things -- who's lived a full life filled with financial ups and downs. Someone who can dispense wise words about saving and maybe how she'd do things differently. So on this special episode of Girlboss Radio, Sophia invites the original momboss to the podcast: her mother Dena.  This episode of Girlboss Radio is in partnership with Prudential. Prudential solves investment, insurance and retirement challenges, helping individuals, organizations and communities reach their goals. Sophia is teaming up with Prudential and their 4.01K Race for Retirement, which is on September 17th at the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles. You can register for the
15/08/201628 minutes 33 seconds
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Jessica Williams, Comedian and Former The Daily Show correspondent

A very dope queen joins us on this week's podcast: Jessica Williams. At 22 years old, Jessica became the youngest correspondent and first on The Daily Show, and her hilarious and insightful segments on gender and race made her a necessary voice on the show. Since leaving the The Daily Show earlier this summer, Jessica has been busy co-hosting her podcast 2 Dope Queens with Phoebe Robinson and creating her own sitcom for Comedy Central. On the episode, Sophia and Jessica discuss auditioning for Jon Stewart, the pressure of being the first in any field, and bathroom tips.
11/08/201643 minutes 5 seconds
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Suzy Batiz, Founder & CEO Poo~Pourri

Suzy Batiz is the queen of the crapper. Fed up with the lack of natural bathroom odor solutions, Suzy combined her knowledge of essential oils and entrepreneurial passion and formulated Poo~Pourri as the first natural, truly effective solution to a universal problem: poop happens, and it stinks! Since 2007, 17 million bottles of Poo-Pourri have sold and annual sales now top $30 million. On this week's episode, Suzy discusses how her childhood fostered a maker mentality, how she survived two bankruptcies, and the viral video that put Poo~Pourri on the map.
04/08/201634 minutes 48 seconds
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Sara Christensen, Angel Investor & Advisor

Sara Christensen has experienced all sides of the business world. In 2000, she predicted the rise of the juice craze when she co-founded Liquiteria, the first micro pressed juicery in New York City. After starting a successful brand herself, Sara wanted to help others grow their businesses, so she became an angel investor and venture capitalist. Most recently Sara served as the Managing Director of The Raptor Group, where she invested in companies like Uber, Airbnb, Snapchat, Spotify and more. On this week's episode, Sophia and Sara discuss walking away from Liquiteria, why investing in female-founded companies is important, and Sara's tips for pitching venture capitalists.
28/07/201649 minutes 13 seconds
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Julie Greenbaum, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer Fuck Cancer

At just 19-years old, Julie created Fuck Cancer with the goal of creating an organization to honor her mother’s legacy who lost her battle with ovarian cancer. Starting as a 350-person party in Montreal, Fuck Cancer events quickly tripled in size, eventually spiraling into numerous events across North America as outlet for young people to connect and unite in the fight against cancer. Now Fuck Cancer has evolved into a movement dedicated to the prevention, early detection and communication of cancer. On the episode, Sophia and Julie discuss merging with the other Canada-based Fuck Cancer organization, competing with causes for funding, and carrying on her mother’s ongoing legacy.
21/07/201641 minutes 15 seconds
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Alyssa Mastromonaco, COO Vice Media & Former Deputy Chief of Staff to Obama

From her early days bagging groceries, Alyssa Mastromonaco realized she had a gift for logistics. That gift led her all the way to the White House where she served as President Obama’s Deputy Chief of Staff. If you wanted to talk to President Obama, you had to go through Alyssa first. She left politics in 2014, and now works as the Chief Operating Officer of Vice Media. On this week’s episode, Sophia and Alyssa discuss Alyssa’s early days interning for Bernie Sanders, what good leadership means, and Alyssa’s hilarious misadventures in Buckingham Palace and on Marine One.
14/07/201643 minutes 48 seconds
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Claire Wineland, Founder Claire's Place Foundation

At 19 years old, Claire Wineland is by far our youngest guest on Girlboss Radio, but she may be the wisest. Claire has been living with Cystic Fibrosis her entire life and is the founder of Claire's Place Foundation, which provides grants to families affected by CF, offering both emotional and financial support. Claire’s unique inspirational model for people living with this disease has led her to be a TEDx Speaker and receive multiple awards including FoxTeen Choice Awards 2015, Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes, and winner of Los Angeles Business Journal’s “Small Nonprofit of the Year." On the episode, Sophia and Claire discuss Claire's positive outlook on life, starting an organization from a hospital bed, and Claire's whimsical funeral plans.
07/07/201648 minutes 21 seconds
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Payal Kadakia, Co-founder and CEO ClassPass

Payal Kadakia is an artist in the C-suite and on the dance floor. As the Co-Founder and CEO of ClassPass, the membership program for fitness classes across gyms and studios, Payal has raised $84 million in venture capital and expanded the app services to 34 cities in four countries. She's also a professional dancer and the founder of the classical Indian and folk dance group, Sa, which has performed in such renowned spaces as Lincoln Center, Alvin Ailey, and more. On this week's episode Sophia and Payal discuss how creativity and business and inform one another, how to fail fast, and getting stuck in the 'I love my work' game.
30/06/201648 minutes 35 seconds
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GloZell Green, Youtube Star and Author

GloZell Green is a Youtube sensation who has well over 8 million subscribers across platforms and has reached up to 48 million views for a single video. She’s interviewed the likes of President Obama and Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton all while wearing her signature green lipstick. Her new book Is You Okay? traces her journey from pursuing theater in Florida to her first Youtube upload in 2008, and much more. On the podcast, Sophia and GloZell discuss GloZell's early days blogging about The Tonight Show, being recognized at a CostCo, and why she's bringing reading back.
23/06/201654 minutes 26 seconds
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Melissa Ben-Ishay, Founder and Chief Product Officer Baked by Melissa

As Beyonce tells us, if life gives you lemons, make lemonade...or cupcakes. That's exactly what Melissa Ben-Ishay did when she was fired from her advertising job in 2008. She went home, baked 250 cupcakes, and began Baked by Melissa. Melissa's bite sized cupcake empire boasts 14 locations in the New York area and ships nationally. On the episode, Sophia and Melissa discuss the pros and cons of a family business, how Melissa grew her business out of her tiny Murray Hill apartment, and what 'Baked' by Melissa really means.
16/06/201647 minutes 5 seconds
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Kathryn Minshew, Co-founder & CEO The Muse

Kathryn Minshew co-founded the wildly popular career development platform, The Muse. The website, which now garners six million users a month, is completely built from the user's perspective with behind-the-scenes looks at job opportunities, original career advice from experts, and access to career coaches to get personalized and private career help. Kathryn was named Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2011 and 2012. And she and her co-founders were on Inc. Magazine’s 2012 list of 15 Women to Watch in Tech. On this week's episode, Kathryn and Sophia talk about saving money to start your own business, the grueling days of pitching to investors, and what an ideal job candidate looks like.
09/06/201648 minutes 33 seconds
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Emily Weiss, Founder & CEO Glossier Inc.

Emily Weiss is your go-to lady for all things beauty related. In 2010 she started Into the Gloss, a website dedicated to beauty that explores the routines of inspiring women. Emily and her editors sit on the bathroom floors of everyone from Jenna Lyons to the #Girlboss herself, Sophia Amoruso, to talk products, career, and what beauty means to women today. In 2014, Emily expanded her beauty business with Glossier, a modern beauty products brand made by editors who 'get' what works and are inspired by what girls want in real life. On the episode, Sophia and Emily discuss when it's time to strike it on your own, how to present yourself to investors, and what beauty means today.
02/06/201648 minutes 20 seconds
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Whitney Wolfe, Founder & CEO Bumble

Whitney Wolfe always makes the first move in her life. The Founder and CEO of Bumble created a dating app that turns social norms on its head where the woman must initiate the conversation. If she doesn't send a message in the next 24 hours, the connection disappears forever. Whitney's also a co-Founder of Tinder and served as their Vice President of Marketing. She left the job after filing a heavily reported sexual harassment lawsuit against the company, which she’s since settled. On the episode Sophia and Whitney discuss making female friends in the 21st century, the detrimental effects of bullying, and what's next for Bumble.
26/05/201645 minutes 23 seconds
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Rachel Shechtman, Founder & CEO, Story

Rachel Shechtman comes from a long line of retailers in her family. But when she joined the family business, she did it her way with Story. Story is a retail space that has the point of view of a magazine, changes like a gallery, and sells things like a store. It's an incredibly inventive space that merges the worlds of commerce, content, and community. Rachel has been named Crain's NY 40 Under 40 List for 2015, Fortune's 40 Under 40 List for 2013, and on Fast Company's Most Creative People in Business. On the episode, Sophia and Rachel discuss Rachel's serendipitous first job at the Barefoot Contessa, creating a 2.0 community space with Story, and how to make yourself an adjective. 
19/05/201652 minutes 27 seconds
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Beth Comstock, Vice Chair, GE

Beth Comstock is literally reinventing the lightbulb. As the Vice Chair of General Electric, Beth runs everything from business innovation to lighting, sales, marketing and more at the 130 year old company. Previously Beth worked as GE’s Chief Marketing Officer and held positions at NBCUniversal as the President of Integrated Media. There she led the company’s digital efforts, namely co-founding Beth’s been named one of the “World’s 100 Most Powerful Women” by Forbes and listed in Fortune’s Most Powerful Women.
12/05/201650 minutes
Episode Artwork

Miki Agrawal, Co-founder & CEO, THINX

For social entrepreneur Miki Agrawal, no business idea is taboo. She's capitalizing on everything that happens behind the bathroom door - starting with periods. As the Co-founder and CEO of THINX, Miki has developed and patented period-proof underwear that not only works, but is also fashionable. And for each pair of underwear purchased, the company will donate money toward the cost of one set of reusable pads for a Ugandan girl through Afripads. Miki's also launching ICON, underwear for women who experience incontinence and TUSHY, bidets that attach to your toilet to create an eco-friendly and hygienic bathroom experience. Prior to conquering the toilet, Miki founded Wild, the gluten free pizza restaurants located in Manhattan and Williamsburg. On the episode, Sophia and Miki discuss Miki's hilarious pitching method to investors, how a three-legged race with her twin sister led to the idea of THINX, and Miki's pants-dropping #Girlbossmoment.
05/05/201652 minutes 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

Jenne Lombardo, Co-founder MADE Fashion Week, Founder & CEO The Terminal Presents

Whether its fashion or business, Jenne Lombardo knows what's in and out of style. As the Co-founder of MADE Fashion Week, Jenne turned the fashion industry on its head by forgoing the established designers at its shows and supporting upstart designers like Proenza Schouler, Alexander Wang, and Joseph Altuzzara. She's also the Founder and CEO of The Terminal Presents, which resuscitates brands like Keds, W Hotels, and Playboy to cater to a modern, millennial audience. On the podcast, Sophia and Jenne discuss Jenne's early years in New York, collaborating with Lady Gaga at MAC, and working for the original Mr. Big.
28/04/201646 minutes 33 seconds
Episode Artwork

Ai-jen Poo, Director National Domestic Workers Alliance

If there was ever a woman to make the world a better place, Ai-jen Poo seems to fit the bill. As the Director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance, Ai-jen has worked tirelessly throughout her career on behalf of domestic workers in the U.S., informing them about their rights and providing them legal protections. In 2010 she helped pass the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights, historic legislation that extended basic labor protections to over 200,000 domestic workers in New York state. Ai-jen was a 2014 recipient of the prestigious MacArthur “Genius” Award for all of her efforts, and in 2012 Time magazine named her one of the 100 most influential people in the world.
21/04/201653 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

Jenn Hyman, Co-founder & CEO Rent the Runway

Jenn Hyman spotted a trend. She saw companies like Netflix and Spotify putting our music and movies in the cloud and realized our closets were next. So in 2009, she and co-founder Jennifer Fleiss founded Rent the Runway, an online service that provides designer dress and accessory rentals. The company now boasts well over five million subscribers, and Jenn has been named Fortune Magazine’s “Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs” and Fast Company’s “Most Influential Women in Technology.” On the episode Jenn and Sophia discuss what it means to be 'sweet' in the workplace, meeting with Diane von Furstenberg, and never taking 'no' for an answer.
14/04/201647 minutes 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

Alexa von Tobel, Founder & CEO, LearnVest

Alexa von Tobel is proud to say she's a business school drop-out. She left Harvard Business School to launch LearnVest - a financial planning advice website that helps you get smart with your money. And being a drop-out paid off. Since launching LearnVest in 2009, the company has raised well over $75 million and last year was acquired by Northwestern Mutual. On the episode, Sophia and Alexa discuss their similar career trajectories, starting LearnVest in sweatpants, and Alexa's awesome power brunch answer.
07/04/201643 minutes 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

Julia Landauer, NASCAR Racer

NASCAR Racer Julia Landauer literally lives life in the fast lane. At 14, she became the first and youngest female champion to win the legendary Skip Barber Racing Series. After graduating from Stanford University with a degree in Science, Technology and Society, Julia returned to the track for her first full season with NASCAR and was undoubtedly successful. She was the first woman to win a NASCAR track championship at the Motor Mile Speedway in Virginia. On the episode, Sophia and Julia talk STEM education, self-advocacy, and speeding tickets.
31/03/201635 minutes 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

Alexi Wasser, Actor-Writer-Comedian

Alexi Wasser is the ultimate multi-hyphenate. She's an actor, writer, comedian, and podcaster, but all of her work carries that distinct Alexi Wasser touch. It's funny, vulnerable, and brutally honest. Her blog, , is Alexi's raw take on sex, love and dating. Alexi's new podcast, Love Alexi, gets personal about all things relationships, life, and more with her guests. On #GirlbossRadio, Sophia and Alexi discuss hustling your brand, putting in 10,000 hours, and crashing Will Smith's wedding.
24/03/201642 minutes 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

Hannah Bronfman, DJ & Founder of

Hannah Bronfman cannot be labeled. By day she runs her website, a health and beauty website, and by night, Hannah's a corporate DJ, playing at some of the chicest events in New York. Hannah's currently part of Adidas' new Sport 16 campaign, and she recently unveiled her new fashion and beauty web series, Hannahgram, with Popsugar. On the episode, Sophia and Hannah discuss Hannah's early dive bar DJ days at Bard College, creating a sticky brand like HBFit, and how to tighten and lift that butt.
17/03/201647 minutes 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

Sallie Krawcheck, Co-founder & CEO Ellevest, Former CEO Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

Sallie Krawcheck knows how to take the bull by the horns. After all, she worked on Wall Street for most of her career starting as a research analyst at Salomon Brothers. She eventually became the CEO of Smith Barney, Citi Bank Wealth Management, and Merrill Lynch Wealth Management. Over the course of her impressive career in the finance world, Sallie witnessed rampant sexism and an overall disregard of women's investing needs. Now as the co-Founder and CEO of Ellevest, a digital investment platform by and for women, she's addressing these needs and what Sallie calls, the 'gender investing gap'. On the episode, Sophia and Sallie discuss Sallie's crazy first week at Salomon Brothers, her world record, and why women should invest.
10/03/201648 minutes 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

Rachel Weiss, L'Oreal VP of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Rachel Weiss is a trailblazer in the beauty world. As L’Oreal’s VP of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, she is responsible for all of L’Oreal USA’s digital marketing and innovation strategy. She singlehandedly put L'Oreal at the forefront of tech when she founded L'Oreal's Women in Digital program, which mentors women working in digital roles that address the needs of the beauty industry. On this week's episode, Sophia and Rachel discuss Rachel's childhood one-woman band, surviving the internet bubble burst, and championing women in technology.
03/03/201647 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

Christine Day, CEO Luvo & Former CEO Lululemon

Christine Day is a perennial disrupter. Whether she's changing the way we work and consume coffee, as she did during her 20 year tenure at Starbucks, or making athletic wear beautiful and accessible for women at Lululemon, Christine understands where a market is underserved. Now she’s the CEO of Luvo, a company aiming to bring healthy and affordable foods to the frozen food aisle. On the episode, Sophia and Christine discuss Christine's first day at Starbucks, crying at the office, and working as CEO of Lululemon.
25/02/201650 minutes 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

Petra Cortright, Artist

Petra Cortright is an artist for the digital age. She is renowned for her webcam self-portrait videos, which she uploads onto Youtube. Her work has gained serious recognition in the art world and has been featured in The New Museum, Rhizome, and the Venice Biennale. For the past two years Petra's collaborated with Stella McCartney on a series of video projects for her eponymous fashion line. On the podcast, Sophia and Petra discuss Petra's early competitive soccer days, collaborating with Stella, and loving internet trolls. This episode of #GirlbossRadio is brought to you by Freshbooks. If you believe that living your best life includes being your own boss, then you've got to try FreshBooks. Go to for your free 30-day trial. And by Club W. Club W is a revolutionary new wine club that sends you wine directly to your door. Go to to get 50% off your next order.
18/02/201642 minutes 9 seconds
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Amanda Bacon, Founder and Owner, Moon Juice

Amanda Bacon grabs headlines, not only for her one-of-a-kind juices, but also for the celebrity clients who love what she makes. The founder and owner of the Los Angeles-based juice bar, Moon Juice, Amanda sees juice not just as nourishment, but as a tonic for improved beauty, balance, and overall well-being. Amanda shares her unconventional story of rising to the top, beginning with a job that isn’t usually equated with CEOs. This episode of #GirlbossRadio is brought to you by Freshbooks. If you believe that living your best life includes being your own boss, then you've got to try FreshBooks. Go to for your free 30-day trial. And Squarespace. Start building your website today at Enter offer code GIRLBOSS at checkout to get 10% off! Squarespace — Build it Beautiful.
11/02/201642 minutes 41 seconds
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Moj Mahdara, CEO Beautycon

Moj Mahdara is always on the forefront of all things digital. Her current project? Beautycon Media. Beautycon is the global community of content creators, celebrities, fans and brands that come together to celebrate all things fashion, beauty, and style of the Gen Z and Millennial lifestyle. Prior Beautycon, Moj started two other digital agencies, MMA and Made with Elastic. On this episode, Sophia and Moj discuss Moj's college radio station days, creating brilliant brand partnerships, and how today's Beautycon girls embody the Riot grrrl movement.    This episode of #GirlbossRadio is brought to you by Freshbooks. If you believe that living your best life includes being your own boss, then you've got to try FreshBooks. Go to for your free 30-day trial. And Squarespace. Start building your website today at Enter offer code GIRLBOSS at checkout to get 10% off! Squarespace — Build it Beautiful.
04/02/201640 minutes 53 seconds
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Jessica Koslow, Chef and Owner Sqirl

Jessica Koslow has the food world talking. Her restaurant Sqirl's inventive take on breakfast and lunch has customers lining up for her signature rice bowls and jams. The New York Times food columnist Mark Bittman calls her dishes "downright revolutionary". But Jessica's career hasn't been a straight path to the kitchen. On this episode, Sophia and Jessica discuss Jessica's competitive ice skating days, sending a cold e-mail to #girlboss and chef Anne Quatrano, and the exciting future of Sqirl.   This episode of #GirlbossRadio is brought to you by Club W. Club W is a revolutionary new wine club that sends you wine directly to your door. Go to to get 50% off your next order. And Squarespace. Start building your website today at Enter offer code GIRLBOSS at checkout to get 10% off! Squarespace — Build it Beautiful.
28/01/201630 minutes 26 seconds
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Gregg Renfrew, CEO Beautycounter

Gregg Renfrew is a serial entrepreneur. She was the CEO of the Wedding List, an online bridal registry company, which she sold to Martha Stewart Omnimedia in 2001. She's also consulted high end brands like Bergdorf Goodman and Intermix. In 2013, she launched her latest company, Beautycounter, a cosmetics line that creates safe, healthy and fashion forward beauty products. On the podcast, Sophia and Gregg discuss Gregg's early days at Xerox, her unexpected foray into politics, and Beautycounter's mission to better the world.   Today’s show is brought to you by Freshbooks. If you believe that living your best life includes being your own boss, then you’ve got to try FreshBooks. Go to for your free 30-day trial. Today's show is also brought to you by MeUndies. MeUndies makes the world’s most comfortable underwear that come in tons of styles. Head to to get free shipping and 20% off your first order.
21/01/201642 minutes 15 seconds
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Christene Barberich, Global Editor-in-Chief & Co-Founder, Refinery29

Christene Barberich is a media force. As the Co-Founder and Global Editor-in-Chief of Refinery29, Christene has grown the company from a niche website about New York boutique designers into a lifestyle brand that's expanding globally. Before founding at Refinery29, Christene held positions at The Daily, Gourmet Magazine, and The New Yorker. On this episode, Sophia and Christene discuss their parallel career trajectories, brand identity, and the late David Bowie. This episode is brought to you by Squarespace. When you decide to sign up for Squarespace, make sure to use the offer code GIRLBOSS to get 10 percent off your first purchase. This episode is also brought to you by FreshBooks. If you believe that living your best life includes being your own boss, then you've got to try FreshBooks. Go to for your free 30-day trial.
14/01/201648 minutes 7 seconds
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Courtney Love, Musician & Actress

Courtney Love is outspoken, unapologetic, and fierce. Her band Hole was nominated for multiple Grammys and their albums Live Through This and Celebrity Skin went platinum. She's also a Golden Globe nominated actress. Courtney's iconic style has influenced the likes of Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent, and now, Nasty Gal. The two discussed working with Andy Warhol, the price of fame, and their new Courtney Love x Nasty Gal collaboration.  Today's show is brought to you by Club W. Don't ever come home to a wine-free house again. Go to for 50 percent off your first over. Today's show is also brought to you by FreshBooks. FreshBooks makes creating and sending invoices, organizing your expenses, and tracking your hours the easiest part of your day. Go to for your free 30-day trial.
07/01/201656 minutes 20 seconds
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#GirbossRadio Sophia and Liz Holiday Special

On this festive mini episode of #GirlbossRadio Sophia and Liz talk about  nose hair trimmers (among other things) and their #Girlbossmoment of the year!
24/12/20158 minutes 5 seconds
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Bethany Cosentino, Singer & Songwriter, Best Coast

Bethany Cosentino is the epitome of California cool. She's the front woman and songwriter for the hit band Best Coast, which released its acclaimed album California Nights in May.  The band will be hitting the road with Wavves and Cherry Glazerr for their Summer is Forever II tour in February. On this episode, Sophia and Bethany discuss Bethany's karaoke days in Pasadena, touring with Best Coast, and Little Caesars' pizza ads.
17/12/201549 minutes 45 seconds
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Sarah Wilkinson, Vice President of Design, Nasty Gal

Sarah Wilkinson is Nasty Gal's VP of Design. She grew up in the UK, went to art school, and worked at ASOS for six years as its Head of Womenswear Design. On the episode, Sophia and Sarah celebrate Sarah's three year anniversary at Nasty Gal, swoon over living in Florence, and discuss bobblehats -- lots and lots of bobble hats.
10/12/201550 minutes 18 seconds
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Sloane Crosley, Author

Sloane Crosley is a #Girlboss literary darling. She's the author of two personal essay collections, I Was Told There'd Be Cake and How Did You Get This Number. She’s written for The New York Times, New York Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal, and her work has been a finalist for the Thurber Prize of American Humor. She's recently released her first novel, The Clasp, a story about three friends and their madcap adventure to recover a lost, historic necklace.
03/12/201553 minutes 5 seconds
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Liz Goldwyn - Author, Director

Liz Goldwyn is a jack of all trades and a master of all them. Her career ranges from working at Planned Parenthood at age 13, contributing to The New York Times Magazine, and curating Sotheby's fashion department. She is out with her second book, Sporting Guide, which delves into the world of prostitution in 19th century Los Angeles. Sophia and Liz discuss her book, sexuality, buttermilk beauty routines and more.
25/11/201532 minutes 53 seconds
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Kay Cannon - Screenwriter, Pitch Perfect & Pitch Perfect 2

Kay Cannon is one of the funniest women working in Hollywood today. As a staff writer for 30 Rock and the screenwriter for both Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2, Kay has made kept us laughing in the theaters and in our homes. Sophia and Kay discuss working as a lady in comedy, having Tina Fey as a mentor, and the glory days at Macaroni Grill.
19/11/201548 minutes 53 seconds
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Sheree Waterson, CEO Nasty Gal

This week, Sophia talks to a personal mentor: Sheree Waterson. Over the past 25 years, Sheree has conquered the retail world - starting as a holiday gift wrapper at Joseph Magnin Co. to rising to the CEO of Nasty Gal. Sheree talks candidly about her successes and challenges at Lululemon, shares her leadership tips, and gives us an inside look at scaling the magic of Nasty Gal.
12/11/201531 minutes 39 seconds
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Madeline Poole, Nail Artist, Author, Global Color Ambassador at Sally Hansen

Madeline Poole is a nail artist queen. She’s painted the famous nails of Miley Cyrus and Stella McCartney. Her tutorials have been featured on,, Refinery29, and IntoTheGloss. She’s the Global Color Ambassador for Sally Hansen, and she's the author ofNails, Nails, Nail!: 25 DIY Creative Nail Art Projects. This episode of #girlboss radio is sponsored by Get a free audiobook of your choice at
05/11/201553 minutes 5 seconds
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Grace Helbig, YouTube Personality, Comedian, Author

Grace Helbig is the digital #Girlboss of our dreams. Her hit Youtube channel It's Grace has over 2.5 million subscribers. She hosts the popular podcast Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig, and she's The New York Times bestselling author of Grace’s Guide: The Art of Pretending to Be a Grown-Up. Grace opens up about being a introvert on the web, her controversy with E!, and working as the CEO of her multifaceted brand.  
29/10/201522 minutes 56 seconds
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Charlize Theron, Actress, Producer, Activist, Mother.

For our first episode, Sophia talks to the ultimate #Girlboss: Charlize Theron. You might know Charlize as an Academy Award winning actress who dazzles us playing strong, complex women on screen. But she's a #Girlboss in every way off screen too. Theron is a U.N. Messenger of Peace, the founder of the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project, and a mother of two. We talk to the actress about her career trajectory, the Hollywood gender pay gap, the importance of girlfriends in your life, and much more.
22/10/201524 minutes 49 seconds
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Introducing #girlboss radio

On each episode, Nasty Gal founder and author of #Girlboss Sophia Amoruso interviews world-class girlbosses who have made their mark in creative, cultural, and business ventures to extract solid advice from the lessons they've learned along the way. Expect hilarious co-hosts and conversations you won't hear anywhere else. On this podcast Sophia hopes to humanize the known, champion the unknown, and, well, laugh a little about the absurdity that is life. Are you ready? 
17/09/20151 minute 3 seconds