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English, Religion, 1 seasons, 137 episodes, 2 days 11 hours 26 minutes
A podcast for kingdom-minded women in business. Be inspired by listening to stories from women leading in business and leading in faith. Learn how these women use their faith to build their business, build and income and have a massive impact. Girl Power Alliance is "Where Women Grow"
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Episode 147 - The Biggest Blessing

Girl Power Alliance Founder & CEO Michelle Schaffer opens up and shares what has been her biggest blessing since Founding her company.Listen and hear what the Lord has spoken to her regarding 2024.
08/12/202326 minutes 44 seconds
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Episode 146 - Post Traumatic Growth

Girl Power Alliance Founder & CEO Michelle Schaffer shares PTG - post traumatic growth and how you can have it too.STAY IN THE KNOW! Join our GPA Community Today: US ON SOCIAL:Facebook:
17/11/202322 minutes 44 seconds
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ep 145 -

Power Couple Empowers Couples
11/08/202338 minutes 50 seconds
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Episode 144 - Mastering Your Morning

Girl Power Alliance Guest: Gail RootI am a daughter of the King, wife to my hubby for 30 years, momma to our three sons, lover of travel, adventure, entrepreneurship and all things Kingdom!I was blessed to spend over 25 years leading teams in both Direct Sales and Network Marketing, then God called me to retire so that I can exclusively focus on coaching His Daughter’s to THRIVE inside this industry.As a believer, I want you to know God called you to your business! Stop letting the enemy tell you this is your “little side hustle" or "little hobby” – its actually your ministry in the marketplace!My passion is equipping leaders to get positioned for the MASSIVE INCOME & IMPACT God is calling them to… Learn to walk in their true identity as a Daughter of the King, honoring the call on their life to yoke WITH God and watch Him accomplish amazing things in YOUR life for the Kingdom!STAY IN THE KNOW! Join our
21/07/202332 minutes 15 seconds
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Episode 143 - Radiant Speaker Academy

We are sure you have heard about Radiant Speaker Academy and if you haven't this will give you all that you need to know about the Newest Program to Girl Power Alliance. With Round 1 complete we are starting Round 2, July 18th, 2023 and we want YOU to be a part of it!Listen to what the Trainers of this program found out and how they are committed to rising up new Speakers to leave a lasting impact and have the confidence to give a KIM10 (Kingdom-Impact Message in 10 minutes)If you are not already a Member become one today and take part!STAY IN THE KNOW! Join our GPA Community Today: US ON SOCIAL:Facebook: <a href="https://instag
07/07/202337 minutes 5 seconds
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Episode 142 - What's In A Name

Listen in to this Episode with CEO Michelle Schaffer as she talks to you about the name of GPA and how she is committed to changing the narrative in Network Marketing and Girl Power Alliance!Girl Power Alliance is a community of women who are Kingdom-Driven and want to empower, encourage, and equip each other with the tools to experience growth in both their faith and personal life.STAY IN THE KNOW! Join our GPA Community Today: US ON SOCIAL:Facebook: <a href="" style
30/06/202326 minutes 47 seconds
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Episode 141 - How do you Deal with Opposition in your Assignment

Girl Power Alliance is a community of women who are Kingdom-Driven and want to empower, encourage, and equip each other with the tools to experience growth in both their faith and personal life.Girl Power Alliance Guest: A. Margot BlairA. Margot Blair is an international Christian author, speaker, and personal development consultant. Over the last decade, she has served as a consultant and mentor for women leaders in the marketplace, corporate, ministry, and at home.A. Margot has worked as a Strategic Consultant and Executive Coach with companies including Comerica Bank, The Obama Foundation, Black Enterprise, Grand Canyon University's Honors College, and employees of LinkedIn, Dallas Mavericks, ADP, Toyota, Prudential, and more. She is a former Forbes Business Coach and contributor. A. Margot is known for teaching, equipping, and developing women at the intersection of faith and business. A. Margot is also the Creator of Seaso
16/06/202339 minutes 56 seconds
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Episode 140 - You were made to Search the Deep

Girl Power Alliance is a community of women who are Kingdom-Driven and want to empower, encourage, and equip each other with the tools to experience growth in both their faith and personal life.Girl Power Alliance Guest: Tanya TenicaA business will challenge all that you are and your beliefs, yet you choose to become. Call Tanya Tenica crazy, but this is what has kept her going as a business-performance mentor who midwives and activates dually anointed entrepreneurs and ministry leaders for 20 years strong. She has used all she has learned in business and life, to include being a jack of all trades (or multi -gifted), to mentor those just as hungry as her to learn, do, and teach with an intention to transform the marketplace.As an international best-selling author, Voted top 30 coaches to look out for in 2022 in the NYC Journal, speaker, TV host, and with her hybrid mentorship Network (IAM Network), she strives to eliminate stress and cookie
02/06/202350 minutes 44 seconds
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Episode 139 - Pressure Cooker Trap for High Achievers

Girl Power Alliance is a community of women who are Kingdom-Driven and want to empower, encourage, and equip each other with the tools to experience growth in both their faith and personal life.Girl Power Alliance Guest: Jennifer BlossomDr. Jennifer Blossom is a board-certified occupational therapist and peak performance trainer helping high-achievers and high-achieving organizations merge the power of neuroscience and leadership skills to stay mentally sharp and emotionally resilient while advancing personal + professional goals.She's the creator of NEURO 5X, a globally recognized training program building emotionally resilient individuals and organizations from the inside, out. Neuro 5x was created for high achievers craving internal peace while on the journey of external success. She's the host of the top-rated iTunes podcast, The Dr. Jennifer Blossom Show- with over 700k downloads, and is a nationally sought after speaker
19/05/202330 minutes 6 seconds
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Episode 138 - Your Best Yes

Girl Power Alliance is a community of women who are Kingdom-Driven and want to empower, encourage, and equip each other with the tools to experience growth in both their faith and personal life.Girl Power Alliance Guest: Shelia GoodSheila Good, with over 20 years experience, known as Bossladybizcoach is a Pastor, Certified Elite Speaker, writer, entrepreneur, family law mediator, business consultant and is an expert in tapping into the power of the Holy Spirit; unlocking the Superpowers of Influencers to equip them to prosper in life and business. Her life’s passion is to help aspiring Christian leaders to download the blueprint of truth found in Romans 12:3, Joshua 1:8 and Job 22:28; helping them make the leap from Egypt mindset to the promised land so that they can lead others into a life full of purpose. STAY IN THE KNOW! Join our GPA Community Today: US ON SOCIAL:
05/05/202337 minutes 58 seconds
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Episode 137 - The Girl Power Alliance Story

CEO &amp; Founder Michelle Schaffer takes you deeper into the Girl Power Alliance story and how we became not just a Membership Platform but a Personal &amp; Professional Membership with a Compensation Plan attached making GPA the first to pioneer something different, because we are doing a new thing!
21/04/202332 minutes 36 seconds
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Episode 135 - The Unexpected Fruit of Openly Sharing your Faith

Girl Power Alliance is a community of women who are Kingdom-Driven and want to empower, encourage, and equip each other with the tools to experience growth in both their faith and personal life.Girl Power Alliance Guest: Alex EdwardsFirst and foremost, I'm a follower of Jesus &amp; my success is truly a blessing from God. I thank God for every signed contract, the connections made, &amp; aspect of my business. I pray for patience and guidance every day.I'm an expert Squarespace website designer helping other mompreneurs and Christian business owners with beautiful &amp; functional websites that tell their brand story &amp; save time! I am a mama of two little ones who keep me on my toes &amp; are the sole reason for me pursuing entrepreneurship! I've been a working-from-home mama full-time since May 2021 - love every minute of it (the challenges DEFINITELY outweigh a soul-sucking 9-5) I've worked in corporate customer service, finance &amp;
14/04/202324 minutes 58 seconds
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Episode 134 | Touchpoints of Supernatural Power

Girl Power Alliance is a community of women who are Kingdom-Driven and want to empower, encourage, and equip each other with the tools to experience growth in both their faith and personal life.Girl Power Alliance Guest: Monica BurnettMonica Perez Burnett is a visionary entrepreneur, business mentor, and founder of Mon Ministries, a faith-based organization dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs to align their businesses with Kingdom principles. With over 30 years of experience and a successful track record as an entrepreneur, Monica is a sought-after speaker and mentor. In addition to her ministry, Monica is also the proud owner of Mon Christian Gifts, a thriving retail store located in the most established mall in Raleigh, NC. A loving wife and mother of eight, including two sets of twins, Monica is fluent in Spanish and embraces technology and its endless possibilities to reach those seeking truth. She currently resides in North Carolina with her family
24/03/202351 minutes 49 seconds
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Episode 133 - We aren't the labels others put on us

Girl Power Alliance is a community of women who are Kingdom-Driven and want to empower, encourage, and equip each other with the tools to experience growth in both their faith and personal life.Girl Power Alliance Guest: Tabitha MorrowTabitha Morrow is the founder of Ten27 Living. An emerging community with a vision to help women step fully into their authority in marketplace ministry, believing that with God, all things are possible. She seeks to help women heal from past attacks of the enemy and utilize their God-given strengths to Show up for the Kingdom through leadership in their homes, businesses, and community. In 2019, Tabitha left the corporate sales industry to pursue a career in direct sales. With a background and degree in teaching and after several years of success in the sales industry, she felt God leading her to mentor other women to know how to show up for God in their business and life. The mix of her own battles with the e
03/03/202338 minutes 37 seconds
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Episode 132 - The Power of Being Feminine

Girl Power Alliance Guest: Allyson ChavezAllyson Chavez is a Success Coach for professional women and a renowned keynote speaker on balancing feminine and masculine energy, mindset, prosperity, and success strategies. She teaches that, while challenge is a necessary part of your success journey, the struggle isn’t! Her mission is to end the struggle and bring joy to the lives of millions of women around the globe.With an emphasis on the power of feminine energy, Allyson leads women out of burnout and frustration to a life of ease and flow, where they achieve their goals without hustle or grind, heal and enhance their relationships, and live healthy, wealthy and fulfilled lives. Allyson's work, including her 5 Step Success Model for God-centered Women, and her bestselling book The Prosperity Approach, have been featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, and countless television, newspaper, and magazine outlets.Connect with Allyson:allysonc
17/02/202336 minutes 9 seconds
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Episode 131 - How to Honor God with your Wealth

Girl Power Alliance is a community of women who are Kingdom-Driven and want to empower, encourage, and equip each other with the tools to experience growth in both their faith and personal life.Girl Power Alliance Guest: Charissa QuadeCharissa Quade, a Biblical Money Mindset Coach and Speaker from Multiply Your Legacy. She empowers Ambitious Christian Female Entrepreneurs to overcome beliefs that making money is bad, wealth is evil and sales are slimy, equipping them to partner with the word of God to make the world a better place through their business. By leveraging what the Bible actually says about money and business, Charissa is on a mission to teach 100,000 Ambitious Christian Female Entrepreneurs the powerful steps for overcoming the battlefield in their minds, so they can confidently serve multitudes of grateful clients and multiply their legacy in ways that reflect God's generosity.Connect with Charissa:<a href
03/02/202337 minutes 24 seconds
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Episode 130 - Pursue the Impossible

Girl Power Alliance is a community of women who are Kingdom-Driven and want to empower, encourage, and equip each other with the tools to experience growth in both their faith and personal life.Girl Power Alliance Guest" Judy WeberJudy Weber is a Women’s Business Strategist &amp; Scaling Expert, the Founder &amp; Host of the globally-ranked Joyful Scaling Podcast and is the President &amp; Founder of Judy Weber Co., a boutique consultancy for women in business. Christian female CEOs scale their business to multi 6 and 7 figures with simplicity, using the proven Joyful Scaling Method.™A former corporate &amp; trial attorney as well as C suite executive (General Counsel &amp; HR Director), Judy is a genius at showing entrepreneurs how to up-level their mindset, step fully into their CEO role and strategically transform their current business model into a freedom-based legacy business, without compromising their values.She is a sought-af
20/01/202337 minutes 24 seconds
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Episode 129 - Beauty...what does God say?

Girl Power Alliance is a community of women who are Kingdom-Driven and want to empower, encourage, and equip each other with the tools to experience growth in both their faith and personal life. Girl Power Alliance Guest: Jessica ShakirJessica Shakir is a Biblical Beauty Coach and Founder of The Beautiful Mind Academy, a global online community of Jesus-loving women renewing their minds with the Word of God and transforming their worlds through spiritual growth and trustworthy sisterhood!Through Soul Care and Spiritual Leadership Coaching Programs, Guest Speaker Masterclasses, and epic In-Person Retreats, Jessica helps women understand and live out Biblical Beauty to the Glory of God!Jessica has worked as a Celebrity Hair + Makeup Artist for 25 years with a clientele that includes Colbie Caillat, Kevin Bacon, Jane Lynch, Rachel Hunter, Grace Park, Daniel Dae Kim, The Backstreet Boys, and Eminem. She’s even more excited to get t
06/01/202341 minutes 28 seconds
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Episode 128 - God Loves You!

Girl Power Alliance is a community of women who are Kingdom-Driven and want to empower, encourage, and equip each other with the tools to experience growth in both their faith and personal life.Girl Power Alliance Guest: Susan FlemingSusan Fleming is the founder and owner of Heaven to Earth LLC and a Business Alignment Therapist who equips established Kingdom CEOs to multiply her Legacy, Impact, Freedom, Energy (LIFE) without burnout!After 5 years practicing traditional therapy she realized that psychology was only a piece of the healing puzzle. Through her own journey she had incorporated the modalities ofpsychology, neuroscience, Kingdom assignment, mentorship, and coaching. God revealed how all of these beautiful pieces fit together, and that became the frameworkfor her signature Multiplier Method. Business was never meant to be toxic to the other areas of life, but we have learned the wrong way to work in business.</
16/12/202240 minutes 24 seconds
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Episode 127 - Just Say YES!

Girl Power Alliance is a community of women who are Kingdom-Driven and want to empower, encourage, and equip each other with the tools to experience growth in both their faith and personal life. Girl Power Alliance Guest: Samantha SemansSamantha Semans is the Founder of Ten10Social. She created her business with the idea of lightening the load of small business owners, coaches, and other entrepreneurs by keeping them doing the things they love without all the overwhelm of juggling social media. Understanding the endless tasks small business owners are faced with, the dedication coaches have to their clients that they pour everything into, the “mental game”, and precious time that social media strategy requires– she wanted to build a business for those that just feel “over it” when it comes to being present online. When she’s not behind her computer putting her heart and soul into the mission of Ten10Social, she can be found vol
02/12/202231 minutes 14 seconds
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Episode 126 - Letting Go of Your Idols

Girl Power Alliance is a community of women who are Kingdom-Driven and want to empower, encourage, and equip each other with the tools to experience growth in both their faith and personal life.Girl Power Alliance Podcast Guest: Chrystal CuellarHi, I'm Chrystal, a Christian Life Coach who helps women break the binge drinking cycle and navigate an alcohol free lifestyle. Alcohol used to be my best friend until it was my worst enemy. For years I used alcohol to celebrate or drown my sorrows. I thought my habits around alcohol were okay since I wasn’t drinking daily. It was okay until God led me to leave the relationship I was in for almost 10 years. At this point I was already trying to moderate, taking breaks, switching from whiskey to wine etc. but the days sober became less and less and for the first time I felt like I was losing control. So I listened to what God was saying and I reached out for Mentorship and support. While this journey h
18/11/202230 minutes 24 seconds
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Episode 125 - Success the World's Way vs God's Way

Girl Power Alliance is a community of women who are Kingdom-Driven and want to empower, encourage, and equip each other with the tools to experience growth in both their faith and personal life. Girl Power Alliance Guest: Stefanie GassStefanie Gass is a CEO, wife, boy mom, coffee lover, and #pjsallday enthusiast!Stef helps women start a podcast and successful online business, God's way.She is the host of a top .5% globally ranked podcast, The Stefanie Gass Show.Stefanie believes that when we partner with God in life and business we experience true miracles in our lives and the lives of others.Connect with Stefanie: stefaniegass.comSTAY IN THE KNOW! Join our GPA Community Today: FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL: Facebook: <a href="" style="color:rgb(17,85,204);background-color:
04/11/202230 minutes 28 seconds
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Episode 124 - Authenticity is Vulnerability

Girl Power Alliance is a community of women who are Kingdom-Driven and want to empower, encourage, and equip each other with the tools to experience growth in both their faith and personal life.Girl Power Alliance Guest: Annika LileAnnika is the founder of Anointed, a small business with the main goal of continuing to spread the Good News of Jesus through Christian products.As a faith based company, we are rooted in the mission of bringing the love and joy of Christ to others! Throughout all that we do, we want to bring encouragement and joy to the world in the midst of the chaos.Connect with Annika:www.anointed.laSTAY IN THE KNOW! Join our GPA Community Today: US ON SOCIAL:Facebook: http://girlpowerallianc
21/10/202233 minutes 29 seconds
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Episode 123 - Courage for the Calling

Girl Power Alliance is a community of women who are Kingdom-Driven and want to empower, encourage, and equip each other with the tools to experience growth in both their faith and personal life.Girl Power Alliance Guest: Chantell CooleyChantell Cooley is Senior Vice President of Columbia Southern Education Group (CSEG), the parent company of Columbia Southern University (CSU). Since 1989, Chantell has been at the forefront of online education, using her interpersonal communication, leadership and management skills to encourage students to achieve their goals through higher education.In 2016, she founded Chantell Cooley Ministries, her personal ministry that aims to motivate and inspire people through the Prophetic and the Gospel of Christ.Chantell is on the Board of Directors of Christian International, based in Santa Rosa, Florida, in the United States; led by Bishop Bill Hamon. In 2021, she partnered with Circuit Riders Minis
07/10/202239 minutes 35 seconds
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Episode 122 - Quantum Shifts

Girl Power Alliance is a community of women who are Kingdom-Driven and want to empower, encourage, and equip each other with the tools to experience growth in both their faith and personal life.Girl Power Alliance Guests: Lemon Price &amp; Aly PorterLemon Price is a corporate marketing dropout turned faith-focused mentor. Lemon climbed the corporate rank and was the Chief Marketing Officer of a FinTech company at just 26. She took that company from the red to 8-figures of sales in just 10 months. She then started her own marketing agency and served clients all across the globe and helped them have six-figure launches. Now, she serves Christian women through marketplace ministry. She teaches courses focused on Apologetics and Theology while still serving Christian entrepreneurs with their marketing efforts. Aly Porter, and I am a wife, mom of 4 and I am also your Christian Connector Concierge! I am an author, podcaster, host of my monthly Chr
23/09/202241 minutes 7 seconds
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Episode 121 | Under The Banner of Jesus

Girl Power Alliance is a community of women who are Kingdom-Driven and want to empower, encourage, and equip each other with the tools to experience growth in both their faith and personal life.Girl Power Alliance Guest: Aly PorterMy name is Aly Porter, and I am a wife, mom of 4 and I am also your Christian Connector Concierge!I am an author, podcaster, host of my monthly Christian Women's networking event and lover of God, my family and my faith.I Connect Christian Women Entrepreneurs with Proven Resources, Tools, People &amp; Opportunities to Enhance their Life, Build their Kingdom Business and Create Millionaire Momentum, all while keeping God as your CEO!Connect with Aly: https://www.askalyporter.comSTAY IN THE KNOW! Join our GPA Community Today:<a href="
02/09/202230 minutes 44 seconds
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Episode 120 | High Speed Transformation

Jessie Harris Bouton is The Millionaire Mompreneur™, a certified life and business mentor, motivational author and speaker, former professional 300+mph world champion race car driver, wife and mom of 5.As the creator and founder of the Millionaire Mompreneur Project, Jessie shamelessly shares how in the beginning of her entrepreneur journey, she cried more tears raising her businesses than her babies which is why when she cracked the code of the Millionaire Mompreneur on her terms leveraging powerful branding, marketing and sales systems in less than part-time hours, she committed herself to helping more motivated women do the same.You can go to to learn more about how you too can ditch the hustle and grind and turn your God-given coaching calling into a career and create a life with more meaning, money and freedom.Girl Power Allia
19/08/202240 minutes 37 seconds
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Episode 119 - The Ugly Part Of Growth

Girl Power Alliance is a community of women who are Kingdom-Driven and want to empower, encourage, and equip each other with the tools to experience growth in both their faith and personal life.Girl Power Alliance Guest: Brandi Del RioBrandi Del Rio knows what it feels like to have those swirling and confusing thoughts that can leave you feeling crippled and helpless with the feeling of never enough. She dealt with them for years and that was part of the reason why she turned to drugs and alcohol in an effort to numb out or change those feelings. She has now been clean for 7 years and had a new mission; to use the Bible's covenant to teach women that it's not about them doing more, but that they can get free right where they're at. She is able to do this through 1-1 coaching, staying on track encouragement calls, interviews, and her signature program For The One Who Believes You can follow Bra
05/08/202247 minutes 51 seconds
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Episode 118 - Another Beautiful Life

Girl Power Alliance is a community of women who are Kingdom-Driven and want to empower, encourage, and equip each other with the tools to experience growth in both their faith and personal life.Girl Power Alliance Guest: Tricia ZodyLosing my husband to suicide in 2017 has been the hardest thing I've faced in my life. It comes with so many questions. The "Why?" and "How in the world?" and "Is this all just a bad dream?" thoughts constantly running through my head.  I spent a lot of time with a therapist. And while that was helpful in getting me past the PTSD and trauma and to a place where I could function normally in the day, I knew I needed something more. As I was studying the cognitive relationship of the brain and the body in efforts to understand the suicide piece, I came across something that changed my life. Neuroplasticity.Neuroplasticity is the brain's ability to wire and re-wire itself based on patterns of thin
22/07/202237 minutes 58 seconds
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Episode 117 - Speaking Her Language

Gail Root is passionate about her call from the Lord to help women in the industry of direct sales and network marketing - so that- not only will they THRIVE as a daughter of the king but be equipped to help other women to do the same!Connect with Gail:<a href=";h=AT2Nc0vI9oR_Br47xQ
08/07/202232 minutes 21 seconds
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Episode 116 - Elevating Your Wisdom & Wealth

Girl Power Alliance is a community of women who are Kingdom-Driven and want to empower, encourage, and equip each other with the tools to experience growth in both their faith and personal life.Girl Power Alliance Guest: Izabella LeveyIzabella Levey is a results-driven, fast-talking, faith-fuelled Money Mentor for established service-based entrepreneurs.Izabella's mission is simple and shines through everything that she does: to elevate the wealth of women entrepreneurs and empower them to reach their ultimate financial freedom &amp; fulfillment.She has a blissful blend of strategy and soul which has collectively supported her clients in generating over $4 MILLION in new revenue in the past 4 years.Izabella's mentorship is said to be similar to having a secret silent partner as she supports her clients behind the scenes so they can shine on the scene.STAY IN THE KNOW! Join our GPA Community Today:https://girlpower
25/06/202227 minutes 44 seconds
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Episode 115 - Boldness Breaks Barriers

Priscilla is a Faith-Based Business Mentor in the profession of network marketing. She has been with the same company for six years and she and her husband have helped over 40 leaders make over six figures. Priscilla is passionate about health, wellness, and holistic healing. She’s on a mission to bring her faith to the marketplace.STAY IN THE KNOW! Join our GPA Community Today: US ON SOCIAL:Facebook:</p
10/06/202236 minutes 35 seconds
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Episode 113 - We don't have a God problem, We have a Faith problem.

Chantal is an inspirational communicator who has found her ability to inspire people to live powerful Kingdom lives take her across the globe. She is a health and wellness consultant, speaker, and Kingdom High-Performance Coach who cares most when people operate from their fullness rather than settling for a cheap version of themselves.
13/05/202239 minutes 59 seconds
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Episode 112 - Discovering the Root of Your Identity

Mandy Emerson is an Instagram coach &amp; strategist helping female entrepreneurs grow their business using Instagram. She, like many others, lost her job due to the pandemic &amp; started to wonder what God might have planned for her next. That May, she took a leap of faith &amp; invested in herself &amp; a dream not fully realized, of earning a full income using social media. She has sinced coached over 50 1:1 clients, hosted Reel workshops, earned 6 figures her first year in business &amp; officially launched the Fierce Social Society Membership with over 140 members since opening in January 2022. Mandy has a big heart &amp; desire to serve other women in entrepreneurship to help them stand in confidence that they are exactly where God has called them to be!
29/04/202238 minutes 7 seconds
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Episode 111 - Success to Significance

Alissa founded her creative life and style blog, Lil’ Bit City, ‘Lil Bit Country, in 2007, providing a glimpse into her life balancing family, business, blogging and faith. By 2010, she began partnering with brands to create content on her blog for her audience. Alissa immediately noticed the “language barrier” between marketers and influencers, and inspiration struck. She launched Pollinate Media group in 2012 to serve as a translator between influencers like herself and brands/marketers. Pollinate Media Group became a leader in the influencer marketing space, known for being a top matchmaker between industry leading brands and top digital influencers and publishers. While helping companies like Cost Plus World Market, Land of Nod, and hundreds of other brands create brand ambassador programs, Alissa’s greatest passion was coaching thousands of women, helping them build their own small business, grow their blogs and expand their social influence.In 2019, God began to shift h
15/04/202234 minutes 49 seconds
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Episode 110 - New Seasons For God

I’m Joy Bartholomew, a divorced mom who wears many hats.  As I'm winding down a 30-year career as a police officer, I've stepped into my next phase being of service by helping women land firmly on their feet after divorce with faith and confidence.  I'm a Christian life coach, yoga teacher and meditation teacher who has passion for finding the peace and calm, along with fun and adventure.  Life is too short to be unhappy, bored or drink bad wine.  I live in Ashton, Md. with 2 teens and 2 dogs.Connect with Joy:Instagram: https://divorce-confidante.comSTAY IN THE KNOW! Join our GPA Community Today: <a href="" style="color:rgb(228,175,
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Episode 109 - This Is Your Sign

Rachel Herrera is a stay-at-home mom with two beautiful kids. She launched her business called “A Sweet Time to Sign” in 2021. She has been Signing since she was 7 years old! As she grew her interests became stronger, and now has a master's degree in Education of Deaf and Hard of Hearing. She is now using the love she has for Sign and Deaf culture and teaching people in hopes that their eyes are open to a new language and a new culture that is active right in their hometown. Connect with Rachel: Instagram: @asweettimetosign &amp;@signlang04Facebook: 
25/03/202225 minutes 20 seconds
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Episode 108 - God Is My Safety Net

Tiffany Phillips CPA is not your typical accountant - focusing only on accounting and taxes. We understand there is a big difference between simply preparing a tax return for compliance and proactively reducing our client's tax liability.Tiffany specializes in helping her business-owner clients reduce their income tax liability by $97k on average by utilizing proven, audit-proof tax reduction strategies. Our goal is to optimize your taxes and help you legally keep more of your money rather than send it off to Uncle Sam each year!Connect with Tiffany: Facebook: 
11/03/202227 minutes 37 seconds
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Episode 107 - For Such A Time As This

Gina DeVee is the founder of Divine Living, a lifestyle and empowerment brand for women globally, author of The Audacity to be Queen (Hachette), accomplished speaker, transformational coach, and podcast host.“Within every woman lives a Queen,” Gina affirms, “And only from the position of Queen can you fulfill your purpose.” In becoming Queen, no longer must women pretend to be anything other than brilliant, capable, and fabulous. The world needs us to own our power, raise our standards, and contribute our talents like never before, and Gina DeVee is here to lead the way.The Audacity to be Queen brings together over 20 years' worth of experience in transforming women’s lives through the deep, spiritual and feminine wisdom of Queenhood. With spectacular flair, beautiful pearls of wisdom and life-changing stories of unexpected triumph, Gina shares the steps, exercises, meditations, prayers, and journal prompts to release all forms of self-doubt and self-sabo
25/02/202237 minutes 34 seconds
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Episode 106 - Teen Mom To Millionaire

Listen to our very own CEO and Founder Michelle Schaffer talk about something she was a little nervous about sharing with the GPA Community but God made it possible and she soon found out that she needed to share her successes, Molly Trotter-Gomez one of the Co-Founders of GPA conducts this interview and it is a MUST listen!!
18/02/202244 minutes 56 seconds
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Episode 105 - Going Through Fire

Jenn May is a woman (and single mom) after God’s own heart. She was saved at the age of 30. She is a testimony that Jesus leaves the 99 to go after the one. Being delivered from addiction, depression, and suicidal tendencies herself she can’t help but spread the good news - that Jesus saves. She has overcome abuse, rape, the shame of 2 abortions, a pill addiction, losing everything, and a deep level of insecurity that comes with rejection. Jenn has a deep passion to help women know who they are in Christ so they can pursue and accomplish all God has planned for them. She is a Faith Influencer, Business Woman, Confidence Coach and has been an Online Marketer for 20 plus years. Her goal is to bring more women who love Jesus into the marketplace. To inspire them to do business and life with God. She coaches women who either want more confidence, healing, and courage and/or a successful brand online by being their authentic selves. 
21/01/202234 minutes 30 seconds
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Episode 104 - Push To Pivot To Purpose

Jen Conrad is a coach, branding strategist, and website designer. She specializes in Shopify and Squarespace. She’s the founder of Conrad Marketing &amp; Design Co, a digital media agency. She teaches her clients to make money online by uncovering their brands and monetizing through shops, websites, blogs, and courses.Jen is married to her high school sweetheart, a Sgt. Maj in the Marines and is the mom to 5 children. 3 of them are biological, 2 were adopted in January 2020 from Western Africa, which means the pandemic got in the way of bringing them home and they’re still fighting for that as a family. She is no stranger to life’s challenges; the COVID-19 pandemic hit right after her children’s adoption and she also lost a network marketing business of 6 and a half years.As a result, she was forced to pivot with her branding business. She realized that she had to find the strength and the power inside her to survive this crisis because her family, her fo
07/01/202223 minutes 54 seconds
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Episode 103 - A New Thing

Join Michelle as she closes us out this year! There are so many new amazing things happening and she will talk all about it! Isaiah 43:18-19  Girl Power Alliance is a community of women who are Kingdom-Driven and want to empower, encourage, and equip each other with the tools to experience growth in both their faith and personal life. STAY IN THE KNOW! Join our GPA Community Today: FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL:Facebook: Instagram: Website: iTunes: https://podc
31/12/202126 minutes 55 seconds
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Episode 102 - Revealing Truth

Join Michelle as she speaks with Maressa Crivella who is one of our Activate Break-Out Speakers! Girl Power Alliance is a community of women who are Kingdom-Driven and want to empower, encourage, and equip each other with the tools to experience growth in both their faith and personal life. STAY IN THE KNOW! Join our GPA Community Today: FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL:Facebook: Instagram: Website: iTunes:
17/12/202137 minutes 38 seconds
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Episode 101 - Clinging To Your Truth

Today I am joined by our newest guest, Business and Mindset coach Johanna Buss. She is a serial entrepreneur, time management guru and productivity queen. She is the mom of three AMAZING children age 6 and under, owns three business, has a full time job and is known for helping boss mamas ditch their excuses, breakthrough their barriers and OWN their journey to creating consistent income while working less and LOVING life more. Johanna is the host of the Stable Mama podcast and runs the Next Level Boss Mama Community where she shares tips on habits, mindsets, routines and productivity that will help you take your life and business to the next level.Connect with Joanna:Facebook: <a href="" style="backg
03/12/202128 minutes 38 seconds
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Episode 100 - 100th Episode

22/11/202130 minutes 58 seconds
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Episode 99 - A Passion For Serving Well

19/11/202128 minutes 45 seconds
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Episode 98 - No Strings Attached

12/11/202128 minutes 26 seconds
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Episode 97 - Dreamers & Action Takers

29/10/202132 minutes 7 seconds
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Episode 96 - Generational Salvationists

15/10/202146 minutes 29 seconds
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Episode 95 - Change Is Coming

01/10/202124 minutes 28 seconds
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Episode 94 - Your Mind Is The Bridge

24/09/202132 minutes
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Episode 93 - Take The Ground

17/09/202135 minutes 19 seconds
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Episode 90 - From Crutches To Stairs

Tamika Thomas is an empowering woman of influence that wears many hats. She has a degree in human services, and is a transparent author, podcaster, life coach, and inspirational speaker. She believes that God has called her to be the bridge over troubled waters helping others connect to her power source. She uses her platform to speak at churches, women empowerment groups, and domestic violence shelters, and schools. She is dedicated to showing others that they too can turn their trials into treasures. Tamika Thomas founded the podcast Tuesday with Tamika that focuses on living a life to inspire and not impress. Through her Self-help book and recently released 21 day gratitude journal, Ebook Becoming H.E.R, and the powerful coaching program RESTORED she partners with her readers and clients, navigating the challenges of life. Tamika prides herself on not only teaching love and light but embodying it. Connect with Tamika: Facebo
27/08/202133 minutes
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Episode 89 - I Am A Difference Maker

Unbounding Potential, Green Bay, WisconsinI spent 20 years of my life learning personal development from Bob Proctor, Les Brown, Jack Canfield, and so many more of the greats, more than 40 of those years were spent studying the bible, I studied the lessons, miracles, and I learned to trust God. I spent my time sharing all of the gifts that I received through my journey with God.Where am I now?I am now a co-author of I AM a Difference Maker creativity book and for the past three years, I have been mentoring youth and children through the Optimist Club.I found in my walk with God that when he gives you an opportunity to do what you want, you go for it. For me I thought, what would that opportunity be? I was blessed enough to be given an opportunity and I chose to make a difference in the lives of youth and children. I decided to help our communities, our nation, and our world.Now, when I look back, I know that I am leaving a legacy for future generat
20/08/202128 minutes 45 seconds
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Episode 88 - Seeking God In All That You Do

Marcia has a passion and a zeal for life. As an advocate of personal development, she believes that we were created to operate in our full potential and capacity without apology. Therefore, she has used her decade of banking experience as well as her personal experience of becoming financially free to coach ambitious corporate professional women how to transform their perception of money. This allows them to maximize their finances, unlock their true potential while having peace of mind and a healthy work-life balance. She is the founder of 'A Purpose Life', a business she created based on an encounter she had with God in January 2018, which changed her life and resulted in a mindset shift about her finances. She was born in Barbados, a country that is 166 square miles. The foundation of her heart is in giving back to the community and therefore, through her previous position at her firm, she has collaborated with many local organizations. It is Marcia's
13/08/202135 minutes 16 seconds
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Episode 87 - EGO - Shifting Your Perspective

Join Molly Trotter-Gomez this week as she talks to us about your EGO!Yes, she is talking egos! How to shift your perspective in your life right now!STAY IN THE KNOW! Join our GPA Community Today: FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL:Facebook: Instagram: Website: iTunes:
06/08/202117 minutes 47 seconds
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Episode 86 - Mentoring With God's Direction

Sharissa Sebastian is a certified leadership &amp; executive coach. She has 15+ years of corporate leadership experience in addition to coaching several Fortune 100 leaders and executives at companies like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Bank of America, CNN, Advent Health and The United Nations. She's also a TEDx speaker and speaking coach, a writer for Forbes and the Huffington Post, and a member of Forbes Coaches Council. Her many years of experience include helping leaders draw on their strengths, see their value and be able to bring out the best in themselves and others all while having fun, being fulfilled and not burning out! Connect with Sharissa:Facebook: www.sharissasebastian.comLinkedIn: STAY IN THE KNOW! Join our GPA Community Today: <
30/07/202133 minutes 29 seconds
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Episode 85 - Grief, Faith & Hope

Kristina Risinger is a daughter of God, wife, mother, and multi-passionate entrepreneur. She is a podcast host at Faith Breathed Hope, grief and emotions coach, author, speaker, summit host, and photographer. She and her husband have six children, one which was called to take her place alongside Jesus in Heaven in 2016. Their youngest daughter was diagnosed with Trisomy 18 which is considered incompatible with life and passed away shortly before her first birthday. Kristina’s belief that her daughter’s life and death had a purpose is what compels her to be a better human being and serve other women through their own adversity. She helps others through the grieving process by placing their faith in God to regain identity and purpose for their lives and share their stories as they renew hope. Currently, Kristina is encouraging women in their personal Kingdom walk through her virtual Kingdom Woman Conference Series. She believes that community and fellowship encou
23/07/202126 minutes 32 seconds
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Episode 84 - Tech Savvy For 10x Growth

Kelly started her first business over 15 years ago. Even before the world of online coaching blew up, she was researching, learning, and mastering the technology and skills needed to grow her business and be present for her clients all without spending 24/7 tied to her phone or computer. Now, she empowers others to do the same! When she's not saving a fellow solopreneur from hours of monotonous business tasks, you'll likely find her at home with her husband and furbaby, or singing on stage or in studio! Connect with Kelly: Facebook: Instagram: Website: Pinterest: STAY IN THE KNOW!
16/07/202135 minutes 55 seconds
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Episode 83 - Your Imperfect Journey

Vicky Arsenault is a Jesus-loving, coffee-sipping, football-watching Christian business coach for women with home-based businesses. She believes that women are being called to make an impact in the marketplace by using their God-given gifts to impact the world through their products/services. She teaches women how to S.E.L.L. To Serve in her Mentorship Program and encourage women to overcome fear with faith on her podcast Faithing Your Fears. Connect with Vicky: Facebook: Instagram: Https:// Website: LinkedIn: STAY IN THE KNOW! Join our GPA Community
09/07/202132 minutes 55 seconds
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Episode 82 - Radiant Leadership

Join our very own Founder &amp; CEO Michelle Schaffer as she speaks on being a Radiant Leader and what Radiant Leadership Academy is all about! STAY IN THE KNOW! Join our GPA Community Today: www.girlpoweralliance.comFOLLOW US ON SOCIAL:Facebook:
02/07/202126 minutes 12 seconds
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Episode 80 - Total Reliance

National Speaker and Life &amp; Confidence Coach for Christian Women, Rebekah has been mentoring women and developing leaders professionally for 15 years. She is wildly passionate about how good our God is and uniquely strategic in how she helps women get unstuck and level up in their life, faith and business. In addition, to quickly becoming the go-to woman for gospel-rooted personal and professional development, Rebekah teaches around the country at women's retreats and events. Connect with Rebekah: Facebook: Instagram: Website: STAY IN THE KNOW! Join our GPA Community Today:<
25/06/202141 minutes 31 seconds
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Breaking The Mold For Good

Lexi Bozarth Lexi is the founder of WineCourage: Monthly gatherings around the country for women to be encouraged and encounter Jesus with a glass of wine. Lexi is a wife to Blake and momma to Bear and Blakely. She is passionate about Jesus, Hospitality, Food, and Community. Lexi is the host for “The WineCourage Podcast” and author of the “Be Encouraged. Encounter Jesus.” prayer journal. Lexi’s biggest dream is to own a retreat center/wedding venue where people can experience rest and community while unplugging from the busy world. Connect with Lexi: Instagram: Website: LinkedIn:   STAY IN THE KNOW! Join our GPA Community Today:   FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL: Facebook: <a hr
18/06/202135 minutes 59 seconds
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Divine Appointments Bonus Podcast

Summer Dey is a highly sought-after International Speaker and Success Coach who helps women from around the globe shift FEAR into FAITH. She has spoken to, and motivated, thousands of people on platforms all over the world. She uses her voice and her influence to "set captives free" and "awaken the sleeping lions" and to take back territories for the Kingdom. Summer was born and raised in Southern California with her six brothers. She holds degrees and certifications from three different colleges. Before God called her into speaking &amp; coaching, she spent over 25 years teaching and training children and adults in countless musical theatre productions. She has also run multiple, successful businesses. Summer has always had a heart for those less fortunate than her. A trip to Russia when she was 17, opened her eyes to the extreme poverty that others live in and how blessed she truly is. Since then, she has traveled to other countries and continually seeks to raise awaren
14/06/202140 minutes 13 seconds
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Ministry & Motherhood

I am a Wife &amp; Mama of 4 kids (10 and under), and we are a country-living family in South Carolina. I Pastored for over 10+ years and got into the online business world over 6 years ago. I continue to preach, speak and lead a podcast; alongside my ministry, Ministry + Motherhood, which is on a mission to help other Christian mamas step into the fullness of where God is calling them &amp; positioning them at home, in the marketplace &amp; beyond. There is no time like the present to live out your God-given purpose and make the ministry impact you were destined for! Connect with Lauren: Facebook: Instagram: Website:   FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL: Facebook: Instagram: Website: iTu
11/06/202126 minutes 1 second
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Growing Up Differently

Join Molly and Farras as they talk about growth and growing up differently! STAY IN THE KNOW! Join our GPA Community Today:   FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL: Facebook:   Instagram:   Website:   iTunes:
04/06/202134 minutes 44 seconds
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A Purposeful Niche

LaToya is a wife, woman of God, mother of three amazing young men, Vision Coach, Empowerment Trainer, six-time author, and founder of Chase Great Enterprises. LaToya has creatively organized a community of coaches where she helps Christian Female Startup Coaches start, grow and monetize their coaching business from Start to six-figures in their niche'. While working in her company full-time, LaToya has published several personal development books and organized three volumes of the Coach My Life anthology. She has been honored by her home city Detroit, Michigan with the Spirit of Detroit award, received entrepreneur of the year and has been recognized by business and organizations for her ability to help coaches and entrepreneurs dig deep and build businesses that solve problems. She has been featured on an array of inspirational women blogs, television, radio and podcast shows; she has keynoted conferences, women empowerment events and commencement ceremonies. LaToya is
28/05/202128 minutes 59 seconds
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Money • Lies & Shame

Donovan Brooks is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ &amp; a Certified Kingdom Advisor® for Storyline Financial Planning, a financial advising firm that he founded to serve Christians by providing financial advice through a biblical worldview. He also hosts the Building Stewards podcast where he talks about faith &amp; finance. Ultimately, Donovan desires to see Christians step fully into their calling to become better stewards with their resources and have a larger kingdom impact. Outside of finance, Donovan spends time with his wife &amp; two kids. He also enjoys reading, connecting with friends, and endurance training. Connect with Donovan: Facebook: Instagram: Website: LinkedIn:   STAY IN THE KNOW! Join our GPA Community Today: <a href="https://girlp
21/05/202141 minutes 7 seconds
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Co-Creating With God

Lindsey is a life and business coach, host of The Make Your Passion Pay You Podcast &amp; creator of The Passion To Profit Business Academy™ and Boss Moves™ where she helps women step into the role of confident CEO and build online businesses doing what they love. A former police officer turned passive income creator, coach and CEO, Lindsey Nadler is on a mission to show as many women as possible how to make their passion pay them and confidently chase their dreams. Over the past decade, Lindsey has earned over 7 figures via the direct sales industry, and online marketing, founded and led a non-profit that helped survivors of sex trafficking &amp; created a thriving 6 figure coaching business from scratch. Her drive and passion to empower women to live life by design have shaped her signature, real talk, faith forward, no B.S., perspective of life that allows her to inspire and equip women in search of more for their lives. Connect with Lindsey: Face
14/05/202132 minutes 5 seconds
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Faith Filled Authenticity & Authority

Join our very own Molly Trotter-Gomez as she speaks to you about your Faith-Filled Authority! Molly has lived her life by the word and gives you some great insight into how you can show up for others and how it's ok to be YOU!   STAY IN THE KNOW! Join our GPA Community Today:   FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL: Facebook:   Instagram:   Website:   iTunes: htt
07/05/202119 minutes 56 seconds
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A Mosaic Of Beauty

Leah Mason-Virgin empowers women to achieve the miracles they are asking God for by connecting them into His word, insights, Kingdom principles, and an empowered faith-filled mindset. Leah's years in corporate, non-profits, healthcare, and other industries, in combination with her Faith Community Nursing and Life and Business Coaching certifications, enable her to serve women in all areas of life. Her passion is to empower women so that they cultivate healthy mindsets, habits, relationships, businesses, spirituality, and overall life. Connect with Leah: Facebook: &amp; Instagram: LinkedIn: Website:   STAY IN THE KNOW! Join our GPA Community Today: <a href="
30/04/202131 minutes 30 seconds
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The Supernatural Call

Spiritual Teacher, Motivational Speaker and Certified Life &amp; Relationships Coach. She is an advocate of sisterhood and empowerment but most importantly of God’s unconditional love. Founder of the Healing and Self Love Retreat for women called Can’t Break Me Retreat. A leader and woman on a mission, and that mission is to empower women worldwide to recognize their worth by acknowledging who they are trough God’s eyes. As a highly respected dating expert &amp; coach, she provides advice for women on Self-love, abusive relationships, heartbreak and grief. Dedicated to helping women received Love &amp; Healing and to discover the peace, spiritual connection and purpose they've been seeking. Connect with Kristel: Facebook: Instagram: Website:   STAY IN THE KNOW! Join our GPA Community Today:
23/04/202127 minutes 30 seconds
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The Leap From Employee To Entrepreneur

Annie Hillman is a bookkeeper, entrepreneur, wife, and self-proclaimed numbers nerd. While starting a bookkeeping business was not what she set out to do, God had other plans. She always knew that she wanted a career that allowed for a balance with family time, so after several years in finance and some doors opened, Atlas Bookkeeping Co. was born. Now she’s on a mission to remove the fear that surrounds business finances and help entrepreneurs realize the usefulness their numbers hold. Connect with Annie: Facebook: Instagram: Website:   STAY IN THE KNOW! Join our GPA Community Today:     FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL: Facebook: <a href="https://ww
16/04/202122 minutes 7 seconds
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Plants Prayers & Perspective

Stephanie Shaw is the founder of Leigh &amp; Ollie. She took the strategies she implemented to recover from a two-year illness and turned it into a nutrition strategy and online education business where she teaches women how to manage their hormones, have more energy, and slow the aging process for success at home and at work. Stephanie holds two nutrition certifications and a Master of Science in Corporate and Organizational Communication from Northeastern University. Connect with Stephanie: Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: Website:   TAY IN THE KNOW! Join our GPA Community Today:     FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL: <p class
09/04/202122 minutes 7 seconds
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Stepping Into Your Greatness

Girl Power Alliance Host Farras Seay Farras is one of GPAs Co-Founders and Social Media Manager and is talking about her journey into her greatness and how God has been there from the start! Girl Power Alliance is a community of women who are Kingdom-Driven and want to empower, encourage, and equip each other with the tools to experience growth in both their faith and personal life.   TAY IN THE KNOW! Join our GPA Community Today:     FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL: Facebook:   Instagram:   <p class=
01/04/202121 minutes 21 seconds
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Walking Through Broken Relationships

Girl Power Alliance is a community of women who are Kingdom-Driven and want to empower, encourage, and equip each other with the tools to experience growth in both their faith and personal life.   STAY IN THE KNOW! Join our GPA Community Today:   FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL: Facebook: Instagram: Website:   Girl Power Alliance Guest: Rachel O'Connell Rachel is a single mom of two teens, Gabriel (12) &amp; Ashlynn (16). She gets filled up and rejuvenated when coming alongside others to empower them and encourage them to be the best version of themselves, in other words who God created them to be. Rachel's experie
26/03/202129 minutes 17 seconds
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Multi-Cultural Business & The Gospel

Girl Power Alliance is a community of women who are Kingdom-Driven and want to empower, encourage, and equip each other with the tools to experience growth in both their faith and personal life. Girl Power Alliance Guest: Marla Stanley Marla is a wife and homeschool mom of 3 as well as a professional hope dealer. She works as a Biblical Counselor and Mentors to women in the marketplace. She helps Christian women find victory in their everyday life so they can leave a legacy of success and purpose. She is passionate about encouraging, applying the Word of God to unique situations, and showing the way to a life of abundance and joy! Facebook: Instagram: Website:
19/03/202138 minutes
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Training Women In Truth

Girl Power Alliance is a community of women who are Kingdom-Driven and want to empower, encourage, and equip each other with the tools to experience growth in both their faith and personal life.   STAY IN THE KNOW! Join our GPA Community Today:   FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL: Facebook: Instagram: Website:   Girl Power Alliance Guest: Rebecca Dawson I’m a Jesus lover, business owner of Simply Becoming (a virtual mentoring/counseling service for women adolescents-adulthood) . I remind women who they are, uncover lies they are believing about themselves, and remind them of the truth. Heaven knows that it’s the truth that sets us FREE, and it’s complete
12/03/202133 minutes 8 seconds
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Tremendous Transitions

In this episode listen to the entire GPA team share the exciting things God is doing in the company.   Michelle Schaffer Girl Power Alliance Founder Farras Seay Girl Power Alliance Co Founder Molly Trotter-Gomez Girl Power Alliance Co Founder  
05/03/202133 minutes 32 seconds
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A Mother’s True Legacy

Sabrina Morris Episode #60 Sabrina Morris has spent over 10 years as a specialized consultant solving problems for corporate executives. As a consultant she applied her experience as a Strategic Business Analyst, Change Agent, Enterprise Architect (across all aspects of business), Systems architect and Software Designer to impact her effectiveness as a problem solver. In addition, she leveraged the wisdom of her Mother, who was a successful real estate investor and entrepreneur. As a passionate problem solver and writer she helps those who want more than the status quo; those who are looking to make a unique shift in their lives.  People who want and desire a lifestyle transformation. She doesn’t do woo woo.  All kidding aside, She is currently in the final stages of releasing her first book.  Hopefully the book will be complete by this podcast release date. Connect with Sabrina:  Facebook: Instagram:Https://
12/02/20214 seconds
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A New Life’s Vision

Nyota Gordan Episode #59 Nyota Gordon is The Adaptability Coach and Leadership Strategist at Transition365. She helps high achievers to conquer their hard-earned skills to find significance, meaning, and purpose and become adaptive in their personal and professional lives. Nyota is a United States Army retiree with over 22 years of active federal service, her leadership skills were developed and tested during both my combined enlisted and commissioned service. With Nyota, you create a new life's mission that helps you get rid of limiting beliefs and replace them with powerful certainties. You get to use your purpose and compelling vision backed up with a bulletproof strategy to truly thrive on the other side of transitions. You not only become more adaptable, but create work that you love that pays well, a personal life that is fulfilling, and a healthy body that gets excellent sleep at night. Connect with Nyota: Facebook:
05/02/20214 seconds
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Entrusted With Her Finances

Stephanie Sims Episode #58 Stephanie Sims has been married to her husband for over 10 years and has 4 little boys + one on the way and they are foster parents. She is a special education teacher by trade but has stepped away from the classroom to pursue her business, Legacy through Motherhood.   The heartbeat of her business is generational change. She helps women, specifically, moms, become the inflection point in their family.  She speaks on 5 main topics: Faith, Finances, Health, Marriage, and Mindset.  Her favorite topic to talk about is finances.  About 4 years ago her husband and herself had a negative net worth.  Now, they have half a million and are growing.  She loves to help other women figure out their budget’s through 1:1 coaching and also coach on the topic of money mindset through her signature course, “Entrusted: With her Finances.”   Other than that, She loves sand volleyball, a good margarita, napping, and a Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew :) Connect with Stepha
01/02/20214 seconds
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The Master Matchmaker

Tasha Olorunnisomo Episode #56 Tasha Olorunnisomo (Love Coach Tasha)  was born in Dallas, Texas and has lived there all her life. God Blessed her with an Amazing husband from West Africa. She has been a Christian Lover and Relationship Coach for 5 plus years.  God has called her to help Single Christian Ladies Prepare Mentally and Spiritually for their Husband..!  She is also a Life Coach who helps Women Find their True God Given Purpose in Life. She has been in the Education field for 28 years. Which has given her the opportunity to be a Mother Figure to hundreds of children and young adults. Connect with Tasha:
29/01/202125 minutes
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Profitable Impact

Heideli Loubser Episode #55 Heideli Loubser is a copywriter, supportive homeschool coach and mom-blogger at Homeschooler's Life. She comes alive when she can help others turn their business and personal testimonies into profitable content that helps provide for their families while making an impact at the same time.  She is based in Cape Town, South Africa with her family. When not writing, she explores creative pursuits like gardening and painting and the simple joys of living. Connect with Heideli:
25/01/20214 seconds
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God, Grace and Grit

Marnie Viau Episode #55 Over 25 years ago Marnie became very sick and was diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety Disorder and recently Bi-Polar 2 disorder, while practicing yoga and being convicted because of the underlying Hinduism that was hidden throughout, she began to pray and heard God say “sweet girl give this to me, worship me while practicing and that’s just what she did. She was going to combine them together for the Glory of God, and in 1993 Healing Yoga Ministries was Born. She wrote her first yoga class script, knowing nothing about yoga but applying poses with God’s promises. She knew this could provide healing to so many people who struggle with anxiety and depression. Fast forward to 2019 Marnie got her 200hr Christian yoga teacher certificate through Yahweh Yoga, and started taking the steps to make her dream become a reality. She is so passionate about sharing the word of God through her Yoga classes. Marnie is a Single mother to a 13 year old daughter she adopte
18/01/202154 minutes 46 seconds
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God Designed Wellness

Maggie Williams Episode #54 Maggie Williams is a Certified Health and Lifestyle Coach and loves teaching women how to transform their lives through simple daily healthy habits. She's the author of the book, God's Design For Your Health & Wellness, which is a roadmap to living your dreams with excellence and improving your health. This 12-week Bible study is a biblical approach to living an abundant life. She teaches cooking classes, workshops, and does speaking engagements. She also does individual and group coaching. Her online course, 30-Days To Create Your Healthy Living Blueprint, helps women create their personal wellness plan so they have the tools to jumpstart their health. Her business, Coach Maggie 4 Health, is all about equipping women to go from tired, overwhelmed, and hooked on sugar and junk food, to calm, active, and learning to avoid foods that rob your energy. Maggie is a retired school teacher, mother of four adult children, grandmother to 8 beautiful darli
15/01/202127 minutes 33 seconds
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Industrious Moms

Jessica & Anne Episode #53 Jessica and Anne are the founders of Industrious Moms and the podcasters behind the Found in Motherhood podcast.  We’re moms in the trenches just like you. Between the two of us, we have 5 kids… 2 girls, 3 boys, all various ages. Anne and Jess both LOVE being mothers. But, we also love running our online businesses and pursuing passions outside of motherhood as well. We’re here to help you get started in beating the overwhelm as a mom while also helping you to identify and then follow your passion project. Connect with Jessica and Anne:
08/01/202139 minutes 27 seconds
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2021 Your Best Year Yet!

Michelle Schaffer Episode #52 Happy 2021! I wanted to start the year off with some encouragement! 2021 is going to be your Best Year Yet! Michelle Schaffer is a Biblical Leadership Expert and the Founder and CEO of Girl Power Alliance and her drive is powered by Christ. She believes the world is served at the highest levels when women are empowered to pursue their God-given dreams and are bold in their faith. Michelle is a mother of three. She was a teen mom and a single mom for six years. She built a six-figure a year business as a stylist and make-up artist. After more than a decade in that profession, she knew she wanted to both have a bigger impact and create more freedom in her life. That is when she fell in love with the network marketing business model. She became a multiple six-figure earner within her first 9 months in the profession. Michelle has earned multiple seven figures building teams. She is passionate about helping to build women's incomes and their
01/01/202128 minutes 2 seconds
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2020 in Review with the GPA Team

Michelle Schaffer, Farras Seay & Molly Trotter-Gomez Episode #51 As we end the year of 2020, the GPA Team come together to discuss the huge blessings that Girl Power Alliance has brought all of them. Since launching in June of this year, Girl Power Alliance has a lot to be thankful for. From the Launch, New Members, Courses, Coaches, Podcasts and even our first ever Virtual Event 'The Bloom Summit'. We know more than ever God is working in all areas of Girl Power Alliance and the community. Girl Power Alliance was created for ALL women to grow and experience miracle growth! We want to thank you all for such an impactful and inspiring year, we know that 2021 will be be your best year yet! STAY IN THE KNOW! Join the Girl Power Alliance: FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook: Instagram: Website:
28/12/20204 seconds
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A Legacy Of Impact

Laneice McGee Episode #50 Laneice McGee, from Milwaukee, WI, has over 16 years of experience working in the Department of Workforce Development; currently, she serves as the District Director for the Department of Workforce Development in Waukesha, Ozaukee & Washington Counties. She graduated from Fisk University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology, and as a Master’s degree in Human Services from Springfield College. Laneice is the founder of “Future Entrepreneurs Moving Ahead” An establishment that looks to motivate and spur youths to be strong, resource-driven, and goal-oriented entrepreneurs by providing mentorship programs. She is also the co-founder of “Big, Beautiful and Blessed,” an organization that looks to promote positive self-image in young women through modeling, youth workshops and seminars, get fit events, and much more. Laneice feels that is not just about creating a NAME but creating an IMPACT.  Living life to reach others. Connect with Laneice:
18/12/202025 minutes 38 seconds
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Quarantine Quantum Leap

Diana Muneton Episode #49 Diana was born in Medellin, Colombia and moved to the states when she was a baby; New York, to be exact. She lived in Queens until she was about 8 years old when her family moved down to South Florida. South Florida is home. Her little family consists of two beautiful kids, Mikayla and Milan, and herself. She is a full-time teacher at a private Christian elementary school which she absolutely loves.  She loves to work out. Her hobbies include bike riding and skating at the beach. She is literally just enjoying life day-by-day!  Here’s the thing though… She has not always loved and enjoyed her life. It really is nobody’s fault but her own. Her heart has sometimes struggled with comparison and discontentment; jealousy even. All of those have been killers of joy. So when she finally entered a season where she positioned herself to love herself… it changed her life forever. She has learned that it is her responsibility to love her own life. She is i
14/12/202021 minutes 11 seconds
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Become A Living Vessel For God

April Uzzell Episode #48 April Uzzell is a minister, a vessel for God, and a certified Spirit-Led Christian Coach who specializes in helping women to recover from setbacks, regain strength through losses, and to overcome obstacles by moving forward. She is also the host and founder of Real Talk April, Freedom Living Podcast, and CEO of Transitional Recovery Coaching, LLC. Most importantly she is is a mother of 2 daughters, a voice and instrument for God to serve and fulfill her purpose here on earth. Connect with April: Facebook: Instagram: https://freedom_livingpodcast Website:
11/12/202024 minutes 30 seconds
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Special Edition Podcast with Stacy Zant

Fueled By Faith Episode #47 Stacy Zant - #1 International best-seller on Amazon. She is a passionate author, international speaker, recording artist, web designer, award winning non-profit founder of G.O.A.L (, content creator, coach/mentor and host of The Radiant Pearl Living Podcast. She enjoys writing, designing and sharing amazing resources that will make a difference in the lives of others. Her 1st book "Pearls of The Earth" was published at the age of 17 and she has since published “Radiant Pearl in Progress”(To Be re-released in 2020), Co-Author of the book "The Power of Why", designed custom planners "The Radiant Pearl Planner", "The Fearless Creator Planner", written award nominated, multi-media featured, Praise and Worship songs and provide invaluable resources through her Podcast and published content. She streamlines the process to content creation through her Promotional System-The Fearless Creator Method. Lady Stacy invites you to have clear
09/12/20204 seconds
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A Life Of Service

Tamara Williams Episode #046 Tamara Williams, is CEO and founder of Measure of Faith LLC, which provides healthy lifestyle coaching. Tamara loves helping her clients become healthier while ditching extreme workouts, diving into carbs, and devouring desserts.  A native of Sumter, SC, she currently lives in Lakeland, Florida with Winston, her husband of 11 years.  She is an active member of Free Life Chapel where she serves as a Connection Center volunteer and a Lifegroup facilitator.  Tamara practiced Family Law for 12 years at a non-profit law firm, where she served as Executive Director for three years, before transitioning into her current position as General Counsel for JAM Construction and Development.  Tamara is also a licensed Realtor®, Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator, and Trim Healthy Mama Lifestyle Coach.   Tamara enjoys traveling, cooking, and spending time with family and friends.   Her favorite scripture is Romans 8:28: And we know
04/12/202024 minutes 45 seconds
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Guided By Courage

Asha Mankowska Episode #045 Asha Mankowska, MA, JD is an Internationally Renowned Business, Executive & High Performance Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Branding Expert, Bestselling Author and Motivational TEDx Speaker. She is invited multiple times by prestigious universities to be their Keynote Speaker at conferences for top leaders, CEOs, executives and business owners in the USA (frequent Keynote Speaker at Harvard University).  Recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of the Top Business and Career coaches in America. She accepted the honor to be a member of Forbes Magazine Coaches Council and her articles are featured in Forbes Magazine on a regular basis. As a world recognized expert she speaks around the world (London, Madrid, Paris, Dubai, Warsaw, London, Milano, Amsterdam just to mention a few). Asha Works with Movers & Shakers: Leaders, Experts, Entrepreneurs, Executives and CEOs, that are ready to  SCALE, make a SHIFT to be MORE SUCCESSFUL, Influential & Profitable. Con
27/11/20204 seconds
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From New Age To Reborn

BoYee Sevilla Episode #044 BoYee Sevilla is a survivor of 8 years of childhood rape and molestation by her stepfather, a serial pedophile.  God healed her completely from this trauma, and she is now enjoying abundant love from God, family, friends, and husband.  BoYee is known as "The Boundary Coach" and the founder of  She mentors women from all around the world and teaches them how to have Boundaries for Boundless Love to keep loving people in and toxic people out.  A fun fact about BoYee is that she loves to dance; she is God's Ballerina! Connect with BoYee: Facebook: Instagram: Website:
20/11/202025 minutes 20 seconds
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Curating Your Own Community

Giselle Mascarenhas Episode #043 Born and raised on the border of South Texas, Giselle Mascarenhas-Villareal makes her living as an entrepreneur and personal branding coach. After making her debut as a public relations specialist in 2009, she spent many years perfecting her process, building brands for high and low profile clients alike. Founding Indigo PR firm in 2013, Giselle was looking for a more accessible, affordable, and effective way to help people brand themselves.  Over the next 5 years, the vast boom of social media as well as her passion for small business inspired her to modernize her idea of what personal branding could be. With the immense untapped potential that social media presented, BOLD Insta-tute was born. Created for the everyday business person, the focus of BOLD is to teach entrepreneurs late in adopting social media on how to adapt to social media. With a specialty in helping people have the courage to show themselves, Giselle teaches her students that
13/11/202025 minutes 50 seconds
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Social Recharge

Keturah Rosato Episode #42 Keturah Rosato is a Mental Health Practitioner Women's Empowerment Mindset Coach, Faith-Based Motivational Speaker and host of The Social Recharge Podcast. She dedicates specific attention and intention to helping women reimagine and overcome the personal challenges that keep them from excelling in the areas of life, business and relationships that used to hold them back. Keturah believes that a women who I grounded and secure in her uncompromised identity has the power to turn any crisis into a celebration for good. Connect with Keturah: Facebook: Linkedin: Instagram: Website:
06/11/20204 seconds
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Special Edition Podcast with Laurie Herbers

Learning, Listening & Trusting God Episode #41 Laurie Herbers is an Empowerment Coach and Author. Her recent book is Second Chances How I Turned Hate into Love and Found My Purpose. Everything she does is done in love and believes in honoring all life. She is passionate about leading others to truth, their purpose and falling into love with life, every aspect of it. Her number one goal in life is to change the world through a movement of love from the soul.  When she is not working with clients, creating programs, speaking, or writing, she could be out with her daughter enjoying love through nature, reading, or singing along with her favorite songs. Connect with Laurie: Facebook: Linkedin: Instagram: Website
02/11/20204 seconds
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The Long Game of Healing

Kirby Bewley Episode #40 Kirby Bewley is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker from Oklahoma. Although trained as a trauma therapist, she is currently a faculty member for the social work program at the University of Oklahoma. In addition to being a trauma survivor herself, she uses eight years of experience in the field of social work to educate others on how to support those who have experienced mental health struggles. Kirby loves the local church and has served in worship ministry and small group leadership for more than fourteen years. Kirby’s educational background is in social work and she is also passionate about leadership and helping people live into their potential. She speaks about these topics and faithfully blogs at Kirby enjoys spending time with her husband, two daughters, cat, and dog, building community, playing board games, and – in true introvert fashion – curling up with a good book or writing. Connect with Kirby: Website:
30/10/20204 seconds
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Special Edition Podcast with Christie Browning

Personal, Powerful & Transformational Episode #39 Christie Browning is on a mission to encourage, empower, and inspire others to uncover their purposes and live them out with passion. She is a TEDx speaker, an award-winning writer, and a gifted coach. Christie is seen at motivational events all across the US and is sought-after by corporations to provide energizing talks packed with practical and tactical how-tos. You can hear her each week as the host of the Live reVised podcast, found on all popular podcast platforms.  Christie's ‘live revised’ mantra has compelled followers to uncover their purpose, live life with passion, and embrace new opportunities while fighting to be free from past mistakes, failures, and disappointments. Be warned…. Christie will shake you up and leave you motivated to live a bigger, bolder, brighter life.  She is originally from Memphis, Tennessee but calls Indiana home at the moment. She is married with two dogs and two step-children. Conne
26/10/20204 seconds
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Reset & Renew Your Mind

Diana Swillinger Episode #38 Diana Swillinger is a life coach for Christian women, a business coach for solopreneurs, and host of The Renew Your Mind Podcast. Diana became passionate about coaching after spending her life trying to do the right thing like be the best mom/wife/business-person--going to church, looking presentable, and recycling--but she still ended up feeling stuck and miserable. She tried all the things, but the gamechanger was learning practical ways to renew the mind. Now, Diana is on a mission to help other women like her, unstuck their brains, and stop sabotaging themselves by teaching practical tools that will allow you to enjoy life again, step into who God created you to be, and experience hope, peace, and joy like never before.  Connect with Diana: Website: Podcast - 
23/10/202028 minutes 41 seconds
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The Power of Words

Lisa Stewart Episode #37 Lisa Stewart is the Creative Visionary behind Getting Healthy LLC, an international coaching platform to assist people to create health physically, mentally and financially.  Lisa is an entrepreneur at heart. A previous Top Real Estate Broker, she has established / owned multiple real estate companies. She has taken her passion for people and grew that into a seven-figure coaching practice. She follows the sun, spending summers in southern Oregon & winters in Arizona where she hikes year-round. She checked off a bucket list item by hiking the Grand Canyon last year. Lisa will inspire you to live your one life as your best life! She desires to live by example and assist others to a life of freedom! In the midst of a pandemic & quarantine, Lisa felt led to start a new business, TanX N More ~  [Its a Tank Top Thing] with a power quote to wear boldly!!!    Lisa believes the power of words can shape someone’s life and is on a mission to help encour
16/10/20204 seconds
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Revival Over Relevance

Sharryn Ludlow Episode #36 Sharryn Ludlow is a mentor, entrepreneur, speaker, and passionate provocateur for living a full life of purpose and impact. With over 27 years of business, marriage, ministry and leadership, Sharryn mentors and equips purpose focused people into achieving success, God's way.  With biblical frameworks, practical advice, and strategic planning, she has been helping people from around the world live their God-given purpose. Connect with Sharryn: Facebook: Sharryn Ludlow Website:
09/10/202032 minutes 6 seconds
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Finding Your Niche and Finding Freedom

Lauren Wrighton Episode #35 Lauren Wrighton is a podcast strategist who has helped female business owners launch their chart-topping shows since 2017. She now uses her expertise to help freelancers become profitable podcast managers in her course, The Podcast Manager Program. Lauren is a Christ-follower, a wife, and a mom of three girls! Connect with Lauren: Facebook: Lauren Wrighton Instagram: @laurenwrighton Website:
02/10/20204 seconds
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Special Edition Podcast with Tara Eusebi

The App That Blesses Lives Episode #034 Girl Power Alliance Guest: Tara Eusebi Tara Eusebi is the Founder and Chief Blesser of Bless. In 2018 she stepped away from a successful career in corporate America to pursue her passion for helping others and fulfill her God-given assignment. The testimony she has to share about this journey has inspired and encouraged others to discover their passion and go after all that God has for them. Connect with Tara: Facebook: Tara R Eusebi Instagram: @taraeusebi Download the Bless app today! Available on Apple and Android!
28/09/202031 minutes 1 second
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Strong Like A Girl

Shelly Strong Episode #033 Girl Power Alliance Guest: Shelley Strong Shelley Strong is a breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed in the summer of 2019 at 29 years old. The diagnosis was a shock because she had dedicated her life to health and fitness. She found the lump herself but because of her age, good health, and lack of family history of cancer, doctors did not offer her an immediate biopsy. She had to be her own advocate and fight for surgery, which thankfully she got 2 months later. Her treatment consisted of 16 rounds of chemo, 20 radiation sessions, and 3 surgeries. She is happy to say that as of August 2020, she is celebrating 6 months of remission/NED (no evidence of disease.) Since her diagnosis, she has dedicated her Instagram platform to spread awareness about breast cancer and have openly shared her story to give others hope.  Connect with Shelley: Instagram: @shellbell_strong
25/09/202029 minutes 56 seconds
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Special Edition Podcast with Theresa Fackler

Faith & Fitness Episode #032 Girl Power Alliance Guest: Theresa Fackler Theresa Fackler has been in the fitness industry for 12 years now as an instructor, coach, personal trainer, and now, with my amazing husband, a gym owner. I have a love for boxing fitness and also for helping others find what fitness looks like for them any age, any stage of life. Spending many years in a traditional corporate gym as an instructor in various programs I saw so many people who felt like they didn't fit in, people who physically just could not always do what most people can, and those who were intimidated or too shy to even try at times. This tore at my heart as God loves us all and wants us all to thrive and have strong, healthy bodies. I longed for a place that everyone would feel included and be given the opportunity to participate no matter what their physical challenges may be. She believes that God put this desire in her heart to have a place for people to come and feel a
21/09/202027 minutes 22 seconds
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Awakening Your Purpose

Brandee Thunberg Episode #031 Girl Power Alliance Guest: Brandee Thurnberg Brandee Thunberg is a High-Performance Lifestyle Expert who was born and raised in NJ and moved to Florida after college to marry the man of her dreams. She is the proud Mom of two amazing boys. When she is not writing, speaking, or coaching about health and wellness, she can be found enjoying nature or volunteering at several local charities in her hometown. She has a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, two coaching certifications, and is in the process of becoming an Internationally Certified Health Coach. She has been trained by greats at the forefront of the health and wellness industry, such as Joel Fuhrman, Mark Hyman, Gabriella Bernstein, Ariana Huffington, Joshua Rosenthal, and Dr. Sears. She is so passionate that she has written a course and is soon to be the bestselling author of the book The Keys to a High-Performance Lifestyle: Your 5-Week Catalyst to an Even Healthier More Successful
18/09/20204 seconds
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Special Edition Podcast with Farras Seay

Pouring Love Into It Farras Seay - Content and Beyond Episode #30 Farras Seay is the definition of a strong warrior. From her early stages in life until now she has endured many of life’s challenges and has persevered through it all. From an only child to having 3 brothers, recently married and having a child, she could not have overcome any of this without God. She was approached at a young age and was asked if she knew Jesus, not sure of what that meant she carried a children’s bible with her for many years. Little did she know that Jesus was going to be her shoulder throughout her journey to come. Knowing she has God by her side, Farras has gone from overly loud and too darn proud, to loyal and humble and beyond grateful. Farras has worked in customer service for over 15 years, she recently started her own business, Content and Beyond in July and became part of the Girl Power Alliance Family. T hough her story is long, her strength is mighty, and always knows tha
14/09/20204 seconds
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Krystle Clear Vision

Krystle Bell Saulsberry Episode #29 Krystle Bell Saulsberry is a pageant consultant, financial coach, author, content creator, and speaker. Krystle is the Owner and Founder of Krystle Clear Pageantry. Krystle Clear Pageantry is a web-based platform designed to coach and educates women and girls on how to have a winning mindset, make a good presentation, and develop self- confidence. Krystle Clear Pageantry offers one on one coaching, workshops, books, courses, and content creation. Connect with Krystle: Facebook: Krystle Bell Saulsberry Instagram: @iamkrystlebell and @krystleclearpageantry Website:
11/09/20204 seconds
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Building an 8 Figure Empire with God

Girl Power Alliance Guest: Shanda Sumpter   Shanda Sumpter is a dynamic speaker, trainer, and renowned business coach. She's a wife and mom with plenty of time for family, self-development, and rest. Yet, there was a time when she only had $500 to her name. It was either time to find the right mentor or move back home to her parents in Canada. So, she hired the right mentor and got to work. Today, she is the Queen Visionary of HeartCore Business-giving entrepreneurs the systems they need to transform their financial lives, and the world. All through the same step by step systems, she is using daily to grow to nearly 8 figures in revenue.   Connect with Shanda: Facebook: Shanda Sumpter Instagram: @shandasumpter Website:
04/09/20204 seconds
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Vision Works

Girl Power Alliance Guest: Meet Lauren and Liz - Co-Founders of Visionworks New York   The mission of this company is to help women deepen their faith and live a more purposeful life. Lauren and Liz use vision boards as a tool to assist clients in setting intentions, changing their thoughts, perspectives, and mastering the art of visualization. Lauren is a single mother of two beautiful children, an interior designer and the owner of LBD Design Co. Liz a special education teacher and is also a single mother of two. Both women are devout members of the church and it was through the grace of God they were able to recover from years of trauma filled marriages, miscarriages, and divorces. These ladies have rebuilt their life around the love of their faith and found the recipe to living a life centered around God.   Connect with Lauren and Liz: Instagram: @visionworksny
28/08/202031 minutes 10 seconds
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Special Edition Podcast with Lana Vawser

Girl Power Alliance Guest: Lana Vawser   Lana Vawser grew up in the Sutherland Shire, in NSW, Australia. She began her relationship with Christ in 1996, soon after which she started to understand and grow in her prophetic gifting both to individuals and the greater body of Christ. Since then she has ministered in various roles in local churches while posting prophetic messages through email lists or online. From 2014 Lana has been featured regularly on The Elijah List, The Australian Prophetic Council, and occasionally in Charisma Magazine. Lana Vawser has the heart to encourage the body of Christ and individuals in their walks with Jesus; deeper intimacy with Him; and learning to hear His voice. Lana operates in the prophetic and loves to share the heart of God with others. In 2009, Lana wrote her first book titled “Desperately Deep – Developing Deep Devotion and Dialogue with Jesus” and her second in October 2018, “The Prophetic Voice of God”. In 2020 she releas
24/08/20204 seconds
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Following The Call

Girl Power Alliance Guest: Riantha Naidoo   Riantha Naidoo is a qualified Chartered Accountant and Life and Wellness Coach. An only child, she was born in South Africa and relocated to Auckland, New Zealand with her parents at the age of thirteen. Having completed her Bachelor of Commerce degree, majoring in Accounting and Commercial Law at the University of Auckland and having qualified as a Chartered Accountant, whilst working at PwC for nearly four years, Riantha moved back to South Africa to be with her Partner. The world citizen that she is, Riantha, her Partner, and their Westie dog now lives in Melbourne, Australia. Riantha may be in the Finance sector by profession, but also owns her own coaching company for women, called Ri-flection. She believes in the power of coaching and mentorship to unlock all potential and her hope is that every woman realizes that she is powerful beyond her wildest imaginations. She wants to help women on their journeys toward
21/08/202030 minutes 29 seconds
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Special Edition Podcast with Amy Sever

Girl Power Alliance Guest: Amy Sever   Amy Sever was originally a Sports Massage Therapist, in 2000 Amy became involved in the fitness industry, and in just two years won 1 st Place in the North American Nova Championship and 2nd in the World Galaxy Competition. With that same focus, she stepped into the industry of Network Marketing, and in only three years achieved multi-millionaire status. She and her husband Steve built teams that turned into large networks of people for over 20 years. From the beginning, Amy has focused on ministry as the foundation for everything she does, including weaving her vast Biblical knowledge into how she nurtures and builds teams of people. In 2012, she authored her book, “The Three Rs – Renewing the Spirit, Restoring the Soul, and Reconstructing the Body” - a powerful book that has helped thousands of women find freedom with every aspect of their lives ( In March of this year (2020), Amy Sever turned the focus of
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Where Are You God? Finding Faith In Darkness

Girl Power Alliance Guest: Lindsay Leiviska   Lindsay Leiviska is a Christian wife, mom of three, and an educator with her Master's Degree in Teaching. She has been working with children for over 20+ years and homeschooling her own for more than 10. In 2013, Lindsay and her husband adopted a newborn boy. The story of his adoption and his transition into their family that radically transformed Lindsay as a mom and educator. Lindsay is the founder of A Heart For All Students, an organization with the mission to empower children who think and process the world differently by equipping the moms who raise them.   Connect with Lindsay: Facebook: Lindsay Leiviska Instagram: @aheartforallstudents Website:
14/08/20204 seconds
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GPA Featured Coach Special Edition Podcast

Girl Power Alliance Guest: Brandie Barclay Brandie Barclay is a dynamic Speaker, Author of the upcoming book “PowerSoul”, Founder of The PowerSoul Experience, and Certified Life Coach. She is also Girl Power Alliance's First Featured Coach!! After two decades, listening to the mind, body, and soul struggles of women, raising two incredible daughters, and cultivating a happy twenty-year marriage, Brandie uses her gifts to lift up others as an Inner-Strength Coach. Her mission is for women to see themselves as God sees them and live in the joy, peace, and power that brings.   Connect with Brandie: Facebook: Brandie Barclay Instagram: @brandiebarclay Website:
10/08/20204 seconds
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Sisters Building a Victorious Sisterhood

Girl Power Alliance Guest: Natalie Lawson   Natalie Lawson-Mindset and Network Marketing Strategist Coach Natalie has a successful background within the network marketing industry and in the education world. She has a background in elementary education and leadership. Natalie loves helping women learn how to use social media to work for them and their network marketing business. She has worked alongside some incredible online marketing coaches and will be teaching you organic and automated ways to grow your business online, have fully-engaged social media communities, and build a strong mindset that allows you to attract the right customers and teammates to you and have consistent success.   Connect with Natalie: Facebook: Natalie Lawson &amp; Instagram: @natalie_m_lawson   Brandie Thomas-Mindset and Business Strategist Coach Brandie has a successful bac
07/08/20204 seconds
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3 Principals To Building A Healthy Team

Girl Power Alliance Guest: Courtney Underwood   With over 18 years of experience in human resources and leadership development, Courtney Underwood understands the unique challenges that companies face when hiring and managing their talent. As an HR Alignment Strategist, she helps her clients understand the importance of an effective team and how it impacts the growth and profitability of their business. With over 18 years of experience in human resources and leadership development, Courtney Underwood understands the unique challenges that companies face when hiring and managing their talent. As an HR Alignment Strategist, she helps her clients understand the importance of an effective team and how it impacts the growth and profitability of their business. Her favorite quote? "You cannot dominate the marketplace without first mastering the workplace."   Connect with Courtney Underwood Facebook: Courtney Underwood Instagram: @kas
31/07/20204 seconds
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Space Of Grace

Girl Power Alliance Guest: Brya Potter   Brya is an imperfect believer, who loves Jesus and has been called to love, help, encourage, and teach others. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology with a minor in Psychology from Saint John Fisher College and a Masters of Science degree in School Counseling from Roberts Wesleyan College. She is currently studying Educational Leadership at Canisius College to pursue administration in the field of education. She has been blessed to be an NYS Certified School Counselor, speaker, writer, blogger, worship leader, life coach, business and brand strategist, and business owner. In addition, she is the CEO of Brya Potter Ministries, Founder of Space of Grace Podcast, COO of BTP Accountability Partners, a member of Black Christian Influencers (BCI), Co-laborer in Christ for the Princess Party, worship leader at The Father's House Church and Voices of Victory Gospel Choir, and whatever else God decides to put along her path
24/07/20204 seconds
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Unity Is The Healing Balm

Girl Power Alliance Guest: Kai A. Pineda   Kai A. Pineda is a pastor, author, speaker, and worship leader whose been singing and recording music since the age of 15. Born in Northern California, Kai began her music career recording demos for producers such as Preston Glass, Skyler Jett, and others. After years of singing background and growing as a writer, Kai relocated to New York in 1997. Becoming one of the only female staff writers and singers for Character Music at the time, she saw a need for women engineers. Kai studied engineering under Troy Taylor and began recording projects in-house working with well-known artists in the industry. After a few years with Character Music, Kai decided to form her own production company writing for independent artists and recording her first EP in 1999. Later that same year, Kai toured singing Gospel Music in Germany and accepted the call to preach, starting bible college the following year. She graduated with honors and
17/07/20204 seconds
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Bringing Jesus To Major Media

Girl Power Alliance Guest: Wendy M. Jean Wendy is a small business marketing and branding strategist and project manager with an emphasis on crisis management for over 10 years. She is currently a consultant for faith-based, corporate, and small businesses providing insightful strategies for unique visionaries and organizations demonstrating faith and excellence in the workplace. She launched grit grace tv a faith-based online streaming service in 2020 and has contributed to various publications. She resides in the beautiful walking city of Maplewood, New Jersey with her husband Charles and daughter Isabelle. Wendy is motivated and enthusiastic about God moving in film and television.   Connect with Wendy: Facebook:
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Black Women Faith & A Voice of Hope

Girl Power Alliance Guests:Kristin Arilus, Whittney Kilgore, Kiara Cross, and Nikki Bradley talk about Black Women and their Voice of Hope this week on the Girl Power Alliance Podcast. Kristin is the founder of Monetized Mama and Co-Founder of Girl Power Alliance, she helps mom entrepreneurs simplify and automate their service-based business. She can help you peer into the future of what your business could be if it could run itself, then strategically sort through the clutter and find the best system to get there. Many people know what they need but struggle with the details of how to put it all together. Kristin is your systems guru to help you save time and monetize yourself quicker than you ever imagined. Once Kristin is armed with your destination, she takes action, gets you results, learns from it, then uses that information to take the next step. Basically, she does the heavy lifting for you. Here is her email: [email protected] Facebook Page: ht
03/07/202049 minutes 32 seconds
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Rising From the Ashes of Trauma To A Thriving Life of Abundance

Girl Power Alliance Guest: Catherine Schiffer   Catherine is not just a survivor but a thriver! Her life started in 1968 and in those formative years she was raised by a sexual predator and a mother with severe mental illness. Her young life was filled with daily sexual emotional physical and spiritual abuse. Her journey from there brought her face to face with countless obstacles and stuck in a cycle of self-abuse for many years. Through her teens and into her 30’s she battled drug abuse alcohol abuse 2 failed marriages and many dysfunctional relationships in between. She raised 4 kids along this journey and they had to grow up really fast with her. As she approached her 40’s something shifted and she knew it was time to change or die. She surrendered her life to Jesus and that’s when her life took on entirely new and profound meaning. She walked through the doors of recovery and began the daunting journey of undoing all the wreckage in her life. Now at 51, she c
26/06/202040 minutes 31 seconds
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Faith First And Your Body Will Follow

Girl Power Alliance Guest: Priscilla Daniels   She loves the Lord, her family, and our community. Priscilla competed in her first bodybuilding competition at the age of 16, was a National Figure Competition Champion, and has been in this industry for over 25 yrs. She’s been an athlete her entire life, which started as an Olympic level gymnast at the age of 7. Priscilla is a United States Military Veteran, serving in the US and Japan as a Health and Wellness Department Coordinator in the US Navy She has lived in CA for almost 20 yrs. (But still has a little New Jersey accent) She’s a wife and Mom to 4 kids, 22, 18,16, 11 She owns a popular faith-based fitness studio called P3 Fitness here in Temecula, CA.   Connect with Priscilla Daniels: Website: Instagram: p3_fitness
19/06/202020 minutes 47 seconds
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How Brokeness Started A Revolution

Girl Power Alliance Guest: Suzanne Carpenter   Suzanne Carpenter is an approachable, sincere, fun-loving, and passionate leader who loves to see personal improvement and transformation in those she teaches. Through her successful 10-year nutrition career, Suzanne saw a gap in the industry and a trend in society. Americans are more confused and overwhelmed than ever when it comes to actually losing weight and keeping it off. She created a virtual nutrition education company called CarpenterOne80 whose mission is to provide affordable and simple programs that can clear up food confusion so that people can win at losing weight. Suzanne is a Certified Nutritional Consultant, the CEO and Founder of CarpenterOne80, as well as the creator of SOS (Suz On Your Shoulder), Babysit My Plate, and The Food Peace University, three different virtual bite-sized nutrition courses. They were designed to teach you what you need to know to create sustainable results.
12/06/202027 minutes 56 seconds
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Taking Women From Overwhelmed To Overcomer

Girl Power Alliance Guest: Dr. Anita Lee   Dr. Anita C. Lee is a wife, mother of 3, wellness coach, physical therapist, entrepreneur, mentor, and speaker. Using her life experience and physical therapy know-how, she has crafted step-by-step solutions for modern-day Mamas to create sustainable, holistic, lifestyle changes. Dr. Anita is the creator of “Enjoying Your Wellness: The 90 Day Private Coaching Experience” where she helps mothers refocus on their goals so that they can become satisfied with their weight, maintain energy, become more alert, pass on healthy habits to their children, and honor God by honoring their bodies. Connect with Anita Lee: Website: Business FB page: Instagram account: Email: [email protected]
05/06/202029 minutes 48 seconds
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Finding Jesus, Abundance & Peace Through Self-Discovery

Girl Power Alliance Guest: Jackie Coban   Jackie is an Enneagram and Life coach in the greater NYC area, working with individuals and companies to create sustainability and reach goals through self-awareness and emotional intelligence. She is the CEO and founder of Table for 9 Coaching, host of the Table For 9 Podcast, and mom-friend of the group. Jackie loves digging the “goal-d” out of everyone and all things Abraham Lincoln. Connect with Jackie Coban: Website: Instagram: @tablefor9coaching Facebook: Jackie Coban
29/05/202030 minutes 26 seconds
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Inspiring People Beyond Instagram

Girl Power Alliance Guest: Ashley Casey   Ashley Casey is an Instagram expert and social media influencer who has worked remotely from her phone for 7 years. Starting out her career in network marketing, Ashley grew a massive organization of over 23,000 people and became a top leader and industry millionaire. As she is no longer in the network marketing space, it became the catalyst to where she stands today. Ashley has built her own online social media business into a thriving 7-figure income. Learning the ins and outs of what it takes to succeed online, and combined with her boundless energy and her commitment to educate and advise her many clients, Ashley co-founded iSocial Marketing and recently launched her first online course, Social Savvy: How to Master Instagram for Business, empowering other women to follow her lead. Connect with Ashley Casey: Website: Facebook – @Ashley Casey Instagram @Ashley Ca
22/05/202040 minutes 9 seconds
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When Tragedy Creates Alignment

Girl Power Alliance Guest: Ann-Marie Murzin   Ann-Marie Murzin is an attorney who had a life-changing near-death experience. After this starling wake-call, she shifted away from litigation to help clients protect their families through estate planning. She is a lawyer who practices from a place of love who believes in God and knows that Heaven is real. Ann-Marie also offers financial coaching as an integral piece of planning to project your family towards the growth and prosperity you desire to care for your loved ones. Connect with Ann-Marie Murzin: Website: Facebook: Estate Planning That Reflects Your Love @MurzinLaw
15/05/202029 minutes 43 seconds
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Making The Choice To Align Your Values

Girl Power Alliance Guest: Molly Trotter   Since the age of 14, Molly Trotter knew she wanted to be on television. Spotlight, adrenaline rush and not know what stories would come up next. For 5 years that was her life. It wasn’t how she envisioned it as a child because of the “politics“ that would be involved internally. About two years into the industry she knew it wasn’t for her because of the dangers they put her through, the amount of work they required of her and not actually living life at all because she was a slave to somebody else’s wants. In that time Molly was blessed to cover some g great stories and have new experiences, including a few ESPN tournaments. In the end, almost 5 years in the industry she was fired for a transformation photo she posted of herself to inspire others. Molly realized this was a huge eye-opener and a huge relief at the same time that now she could be free to do whatever she wanted. One year before Molly left the news industry s
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Why Your Work Is Kingdom Work

Girl Power Alliance Guest: Chrissie Kenaston   Chrissie Kenaston is a copywriter for online coaches and course creators. She loves using her God-given skill of writing to help others build a connection with ideal clients and grow their businesses! She’s a military spouse and mom of three who currently lives in the Florida Panhandle. Chrissie also serves on the board of a nonprofit that helps foster children and their families with any of their physical and spiritual needs. You can find her hanging out with her family or relaxing on the beach in her free time. Connect with Chrissie Kenaston: Website – Facebook – @ Copy With Chrissie Instagram -@ copywithchrissie
01/05/202028 minutes 2 seconds
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Laying A Foundation That Counts

Girl Power Alliance Guest: Whittney Kilgore   Whittney Kilgore is a Personal Growth and Mindset Coach for teen girls and women. She is the mother of an 11-year-old son and has been married for 8 years. She studied Applied Behavioral Science and decided to use her knowledge to help women shift unwanted mental and emotional behavior through coaching. She has a passion for helping them identify and change unproductive mindsets, habits, and decision-making skills. As an active duty Soldier in the US Army, Whittney uses her free time to coach women online and in person. She is determined to help women gain confidence in their God-given abilities while walking in their purpose. Connect with Whittney Kilgore: Website – Facebook – @Coach Whittney K Instagram – @coachwhittneyk
24/04/202029 minutes 23 seconds
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Are You Waiting For God, Or Is He Waiting For You?

Girl Power Alliance Guest: Brittany Morgan   Brittany is a copywriting veteran, mommy of two boys, and preacher’s kid since childhood. A born storyteller, she lives for the lightbulb moment when women entrepreneurs realize that genius hides in their own everyday stories When she’s not (poorly) attempting to practice peaceful parenting, Brittany is Content Creator in Chief at BHM Content Agency. BHM is home to a network of expert copywriters, all freelancing mamas! Brittany also shares all things strategy, humor, and faith in her free community: Content that Connects Connect with Brittany Morgan: Website: Instagram: @brittany.h.morgan Facebook: @brittany.h.morgan
17/04/202042 minutes 17 seconds
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The GPA Team – Meet The Founder Michelle Schaffer

She was a teen mom turned millionaire. She is a two-time published author and the host of the Souled Out Entrepreneur Podcast. She is a serial entrepreneur and she loves Jesus.
07/04/202032 minutes 5 seconds