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GetFRENCHY - Daily French Idioms

English, Education, 1 seasons, 4 episodes, 10 minutes
A show for French learners & French lovers, powered by well-crafted stories and practical examples!
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Episode 4 - Tu peux te brosser

"Tu peux te brosser" or "tu peux toujours rêver" means you can keep dreaming or in your wildest dream. It's a useful expression when you try to tell someone to be more realistic or to give up on what they want to do. The example in the episode: "Puis-je emprunter ton ordinateur pour finir mon devoir?" "Umm.. Tu peux te brosser, mais non!"
24/11/20192 minutes 32 seconds
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Episode 3 - Ne pas faire long feu

Two French idioms look similar, but have totally different meanings: 1. Ne pas faire long feu - Things that are ephemeral; lasting a very short time 2. Faire long feu - to miss the original goal; to fail Examples in the episode: 1. Le couple n’a pas fait long feu, moins d’un an après le mariage, il était séparé 2. La joueuse inexpérimentée n'a pas fait long feu contre la championne en titre, en mois d'une heure, tout était joué
09/11/20192 minutes 34 seconds
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Episode 2 - Prendre le taureau par les corns

Prendre le taureau par les corns - to deal with a difficult situation in a determined way instead of bypassing it. In English, we say to take the bull by the horns
26/10/20193 minutes 1 second
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Episode 1 - se faire appeler Arthur

Se faire appeler Arthur - a very handy and colloquial expression in daily French conversations. Other synonyms include se faire réprimander, rappeler à l'ordre, both indicate to be severely scolded or to be called to order
10/06/20192 minutes 24 seconds