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English, Education, 1 seasons, 27 episodes, 11 hours 45 minutes
As a leadership coach, Michele’s mission is to support you on your leadership journey whether you lead a team of 500 or are seeking to improve your own self-leadership. Michele’s approach is to guide you in understanding the impact of your choices and actions and help you shift those choices and actions to align with your goals. Michele’s humour and expertise will leave you wanting more. I hope you’re ready to jump in and Get Your Shift Together!
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Imperfection And Regrouping

In this episode, Michele and Jordan dive into the pressures of perfection put on individuals and employees to perform. They speak about focusing on the real question of "how do I think about myself?" vs zoning in on how we believe others view us. Michele gives an incredible analogy on how we should view perfection, showing up, and coping with the "strikeouts".
16/11/202237 minutes 38 seconds
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Harnessing Good Intentions

In this episode, Michele and Jordan dive into the new nuances of today's interactions and the level of stress and anger that seems to be coming through in every interaction. They also speak on the reset needed for many of us, and how the intentionality we hold behind the interactions we are having, defines how the conversations unfold. Reminding each other of the good in the world is a key way we can support those around us.
13/09/202229 minutes 3 seconds
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Working Moms

In this episode, Michele along with Lorelei and Jordan, dive into what it means to be a working mom at this moment in time. And also digging into how organizations and companies, can better support their people in more connective ways.
15/08/202241 minutes 55 seconds
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In this episode, Michele speaks on why transparency in leadership and managing environments is vital to workplace morale and the positive impact it can create for your company.
27/06/202233 minutes 30 seconds
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Leadership In This Environment

In this episode, Jordan and Michele dive into how to be an effective, and engaged leader focusing on the concept of service-based leadership. This is what is highly needed within our workplaces and communities during the ongoing environmental shifts occurring every day. Tune in and let us know what you think with a rate and review!
30/05/202235 minutes 21 seconds
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It’s about you but not ALL about you… navigating the space inbetween

In this episode, Jordan and Michele dive into the back-to-office conundrum and discuss the perspectives of not only those in decision-making roles but those being asked to come back to the office. You won’t want to miss this.
17/03/202233 minutes 56 seconds
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Joy At Work

Being responsible for our mindset, and finding joy through accountability and responsibility. Find out more on the importance of this conversation as Michele talks about vision, work satisfaction, and joy.
25/01/202240 minutes 29 seconds
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Playing big vs. playing small

What does it mean to play big vs. play small? Michele breaks it down in this episode of Get Your Shift Together.
06/09/202131 minutes 28 seconds
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What is radical accountability and why is it important?

Radical accountability is a topic that is very near and dear to Michele. Find out why it’s a very important part of spectacular leadership.
14/07/202129 minutes 47 seconds
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How I found my calling and how you can too

In this episode, Jordan flips the script on Executive and Leadership Coach, Michele Ferrari, and asks her how she got her own message and how she found her calling. You won’t want to miss this.
08/06/202117 minutes 12 seconds
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Who are you meant to be?

Why are we here? How do we know if we are on the right path? How do we create lasting change? Michele answers these questions and more in this episode while sharing her secret sauce for being who you were meant to be.
25/05/202119 minutes 55 seconds
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Part 2: Where do we go from here?

In Part 2 of "Where do we go from here?", Michele and Jordan discuss the leadership that is going to change our world and how we can continue to grow even when we take steps backwards.
10/05/202117 minutes 17 seconds
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A year later: Where do we go from here?

One year after the World Health Organization declared the Coronavirus a global pandemic, Michele Ferrari talks with co-host Jordan Harding about what we, as leaders, are feeling and where we go from here.
26/04/202122 minutes 28 seconds
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Starting Anew In September

If everything wasn't turned upside-down right now, what would you want to create in the last few months of 2020?
02/09/202014 minutes 44 seconds
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One thing all leaders should do

If you want to learn something new, and really challenge yourself (and quite possibly blow your own mind), listen to this podcast.
01/04/202018 minutes 46 seconds
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How to begin your shift

Here are 3 steps to starting your shift and how you can determine if you're headed down the right - or wrong - path.
10/03/202013 minutes 52 seconds
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The danger of leading with fear

The time I was schooled by a 19-year-old boy.
23/01/202010 minutes 34 seconds
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When your opinion is not worth sharing

Is your opinion worth sharing? The answer is, not always. Here are some steps you can take to ensure your opinion is worthy of an audience.
11/11/201918 minutes 31 seconds
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Can we redeem ourselves?

In this day and age, is it possible to redeem ourselves after offending others?
21/09/201924 minutes 43 seconds
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What we can learn from Bianca Andreescu?

Here are 5 things we can learn from 19-year-old Canadian Tennis champion Bianca Andreescu that can help us get our shift together.
08/09/201918 minutes 34 seconds
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One of Michele's favourite words is 'cultivate'

What does it mean to "cultivate" and why is it important?
22/08/201912 minutes 29 seconds
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An intro to Michele Ferrari and self-leadership

Who is Michele Ferrari and why is self-leadership important? Find out in this intro to Get Your Shift Together.
11/02/201912 minutes 32 seconds