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get the F**K out of the closet

English, Arts, 1 seasons, 7 episodes, 5 hours 27 minutes
You know what's hot? Coming out. Tiktok's gay gossip girl Kales_0 is joined by her co-host Mel to talk coming out, celesbian drama, and the unhinged truth of being LGBTQ. Watch the video on youtube and check out our socials
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Ep7 - HoHoHoliGAYs

Episode 7 includes: lesbian drama, millennial roasting, wenclair, obvi taylor swift, and why we think Candace Owens is projecting. Not including: anything that has to do with christmas. XoXo, Teasus. Follow our socials: Kales_0
14/12/202253 minutes 26 seconds
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Episode 5 is anything and everything you want GAYLOR. Okay yes we do debrief the drama (but this was before Dallas got involved so don't get too excited) The bad, the ugly, the new, and the hopeful future of our community with Taylor as Queen. XoXo, Teasus. Follow our socials: Kales_0
21/09/20221 hour 7 minutes 19 seconds
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EP4 - Becky's STILL Hot

Much awaited Ep4 - Becky's STILL Hot has arrived. Join Kales and Mel as they dive into the leztopia drama updates and discuss a double date gone wrong. Let's talk gaslighting, emotional cheating, what it would be like to have a famous person steal your girl, and play 3 quick rounds of FMK. Like/Comment/Subscribe so we can keep the lights on in the closet. Find our socials on my insta or tiktok: kales_0
23/08/202244 minutes 13 seconds
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Ep3.5 - the BECKY effect

SPECIAL EDITION EPISODE 3.5 BC THE LESBIANS ARE NOT OKAY RIGHT NOW. Kales and Mel breakdown the recent lesbian power couple break ups: Sedona & Rylee, Alissa & Sam, JoJo & Ky, and Avery & Soph. Check our regular programing and follow our socials linked on my insta: Kales_0 for everything woman loving woman. 
06/08/202230 minutes 26 seconds
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Ep3 - Father, Son, and Ruth the Lesbian

Come out of the closet with us. On the third episode, Kales and Mel talk (as always) both JoJo/Kylie and Fletcher/Becky gay tea, Mel tells us how she avoided the rapture, and we find out that Jesus' great great great grandma might have been a lesbian. Rate us 5 stars & follow our socials. Link in my insta bio - @kales_0
03/08/202246 minutes 37 seconds
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Let's come out of the closet together... On episode two, Kales and Mel delve into JoJo/Ky Drama and tell stories of FORCED coming outs, where Kales gets kicked out of her sorority and Mel discovers her secret power: womanizing. Lastly, did you know the green powerpuff girl is gay?
13/07/202247 minutes 35 seconds
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EP1 - Ceviche

Let's come out of the closet together... On episode one, Kales and Mel tell stories of coming out to strangers, delve into gaylor, and introduce our first recurring segment... Real or Just a Far Fetched QUEERY? Where Mel attempts to out none other than three of America's first ladies. 
22/06/202238 minutes 6 seconds