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English, National/National politics/National assembly, 2 seasons, 49 episodes, 14 hours, 58 minutes
I write about Geopolitics, World Order, Balance of Power, Air and Space, Overthrows, Economics, Transit, and politics. I have created this podcast to discuss the topics by audio for my audience. You can find value information and knowledge here and I strongly suggest you also check my blog at I am Makan Abazari Shahan Shah Iran,
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1/26/20201 minute, 13 seconds
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Industrial Supply Chains

Industrial supply chain is distributed around the globe. Tariffs on China have made it too difficult to operate global industrial supply chain and as the result Global Industrial Supply chain is destroyed and we have manufacturing recession. We also have recession in Italy, Britain, Germany, Brazil, Argentine, Russia, China, and other countries. Sanctions on Iran had also caused great harm to global industrial supply chain. Now that tariffs on China makes manufacturing in China to difficult we need new location for our manufacturing and this new location is Iran and Middle East where we produce our industrial supplies and parts. Location of Middle East next to very important seas and being center of land trade corridor makes it excellent location for building parts of global industrial supply chains.
1/20/202012 minutes, 50 seconds