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Talks with legendary persuaders, marketers and copywriters - these are the Geniuses Of Copywriting.
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Mike Pavlish

Today's guest on the Geniuses Of Copywriting Podcast is Mike Pavlish. Mike is an A-List direct response copywriter of long form sales letters and video sales letters that have sold over $558 million worth of nutritional supplements and health products. His copywriting has been praised by Stefan Georgi, Justin Goff, Chris Haddad, Gary Bencivenga, Bob Bly and other legends. Mike Pavlish’s clients include the  most successful health supplement companies in the world including Agora, Organixx, Healthy Directions, Phytage Labs, Truegenics, Al Sears MD, Relaxium, Revealed Films, Healthy Back Institute, Upwellness, Wholetones, Meaningful Beauty and many smaller entrepreneurs who sell supplements online. To learn more about Mike go to
05/12/202148 minutes 20 seconds
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Todd Brown

The Geniuses Of Copywriting podcast is BACK with one of the best marketers and copywriters I know - marketing legend Todd Brown. Todd is the brains behind some of the smartest campaigns I've seen, and the creator of the E5 method for creating high-converting offers. On this episode: - How Todd went from a job at a health club, to creating killer campaigns for 7, 8 and 9-figure clients - Why marketing and selling are NOT the same thing - and how to create marketing so good, it makes selling superfluous - The origins of the E5 method, it's roots with some of the biggest legends in marketing history, and how Todd refined it into a framework that thousands of smart marketers are implementing and ejoying incredible results Todd also takes us through the entire E5 method overview from start to finish - so if you're struggling to come up with a campaign that works, or if you want to improve your  current results, THIS is the e
28/05/202148 minutes 46 seconds
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Everte Farnell

On this week’s Geniuses Of Copywriting podcast we have Everte Farnell, a persuasionist who’s been quietly making bank for himself and his clients for years. This week we discuss: - Local marketing secrets - like the 5 page sales letter that put $100K PROFIT in Everte’s local business - The ‘Influential Writing’ secret that Everte uses to make his copy 10 to 12 times more powerful - Dan Kennedy stories galore! It wasn’t just because they know each other that copywriting legend Dan Kennedy has praised Everte, written about him in his books, and called him a “highly skilled direct response copywriter”.  He’s a legend of the game and spills his secrets in this episode. Full episode & resources at
16/11/202036 minutes 28 seconds
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Chris Wright

This week on the Geniuses Of Copywriting podcast we have Chris Wright who I specifically went after when I heard he's a master of converting cold traffic... the toughest gig in copywriting! On this episode: - The thrilling story of conquest and triumph behind winning offers like Lift Factor and BioHarmony - Chris's big secret of rising quickly to the top of the copywriting world (And yeah it's something you've heard before.. but have you DONE it?) - Secrets of making copy work on cold traffic - do you have enough proof? Good enough story? Good enough order form? It all adds up... When I first saw the BioHarmony sales letter I thought the writer had to be Stefan Georgi, it was that good. If you haven't heard of Chris before... you will soon enough. Full episode & resources at
12/10/202035 minutes 32 seconds
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Dave Miz

This week on the Geniuses Of Copywriting podcast we have web designer-to-the-gurus (back in the day, purveyor of righteous memes, King Of Online Dating and eCom copywriting genius: Dave Miz. On this episode: Dave's early "pivot" to Warrior Forum web design that landed clients like Armand Morin and Frank Kern How Dave took the only thing he was actually good at - meeting girls - launched it as an info product to a list of 1788, and made $33K in a day The 'Cadence' trap so many copywriters fall into... how to bring the surprise and mystique back into your emails Dave left a 6-figure Wall St job to become an entrepreneur, got busy and has crushed it ever since. He is now the wizard behind the marketing campaigns of his clients and is somebody we can all learn from. Full episode & resources at
29/09/202044 minutes 6 seconds
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Nik Thakorlal

This week on the Geniuses Of Copywriting podcast we have one of the most genius marketers I know, Nik Thakorlal, creator of the amazing LeadsHook quiz platform. On this episode: How Nik went from a career in high finance (zzzzz) to sharing the stage (and the Vodka bars) with Bond Halbert, John Carlton, Trevor ToeCracker Crook and other marketing legends Wisdom and insights collected on what's working online now, after reviewing 3,000 funnels The secret to surveys and quizzes that allow you to do your market research on the fly so you can launch NOW and refine later At ToeCracker's event in Poland Nik was one of the most insightful and informative speakers there, with a depth of knowledge of marketing and copywriting that puts most so-called 'gurus' in the shade. And his powerful LeadsHook software customizes your funnel like regular quiz platforms... but in a far more powerful and unique way that can scale your marketing
01/09/202050 minutes
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Ben Simkin

This week on the Geniuses Of Copywriting podcast, we have Australia's #1 Facebook marketer and world class expert Ben Simkin.  On this week's episode: - How Ben jumped on Facebook ads in 2009 and has generated over $1.45B in sales for his clients solely through FB - FB ad compliance - what you can and can't write in ad copy and how traditional direct response copywriting will get you banned - You'll be amazed at how much data FB has on each user - and how easy it is to use that data in your ads Ben is a VIP top 2% of advertisers in the world and was labeled 'The world's #1 Facebook marketer' by the Huffington Post. He's spent over $30M on FB ads over the past decade, so he knows what converts and what doesn't. Full episode & resources at
17/08/202032 minutes 8 seconds
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Ed Dale

Today on the Geniuses Of Copywriting podcast we have a man who refused to even come on the show until he actually retired from online business - Ed Dale. In this blockbuster episode: - How a younger, more naive Ed went from innocent seminar attendee to hanging out on Gary Halbert's boat & partnering with Frank Kern - The future of copywriting predicted: What kind of copywriters will be around in 5 years and how to survive the coming purge - How copywriting in the internet IS different than 30 years ago (Hint: It's not "Short millennial attention spans" Ed is a legend of the game and a natural persuader with a lifetime of marketing and copywriting experience to offer. This is one not to miss! For more information, visit:
20/07/202059 minutes 49 seconds
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Harlan Kilstein

This week on the Geniuses Of Copywriting podcast we have one of the true legend of copywriting with is - Dr Harlan Kilstein. Harlan is the owner of multiple 7-figure businesses, offers crushing it on cold traffic and huge Facebook groups that pay off in spades - as well as being a genuine A-List copywriter. We discuss: - How Harlan's taught Chris Haddad to write such powerful, devastatingyl effective sales letters - The story behind Harlan's first sales letter - which made an 18yo kid $250K on its first day (And got his paypal account shut down in the process) - Harlan's go-to copy technique - the Therapeutic Metaphor - how to use it and why it's so powerful Harlan's list of clients includes Frank Kern, Rich Schefren, Mindvalley, Ed Dale, Stephen Pierce and many more - plus all the A-List copywriters he's coached to the top of the game. This is a rare insight into the mind of one of the world's top persuaders and successful entrepreneurs.<
02/06/202038 minutes 11 seconds
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Jake Hoffberg

Today on the Geniuses Of Copywriting Podcast: Former Agora heavyweight and financial copywriting genius Jake Hoffman. Here's some of the secrets he drops for anyone interested in financial copy: How to get 'in' with big financial direct response companies who can pay you a fortune and make you a copywriting rock star The YUGE opportunity that exists with financial copywriting in today's market (the big dogs are all STARVED of good copywriters!) How to align your copy with what the market wants - this is something that templates cannot teach you Jake has a ton of winning campaigns under his belt and he's just getting started. If you're interested in writing in the lucrative financial niche, this is the episode to listen to. Full episode &amp; resources at
18/05/202042 minutes 49 seconds
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Sue Rice

On this episode of the Geniuses Of Copywriting podcast, we speak to Sue Rice, who has been called 'The Female David Ogilvy' although I prefer 'Long Haired David Ogilvy' - a natural storyteller and A-list email copywriter with a list of wins a mile long. We discuss: The secret she used to get open rates of around 50% over a sequence of 30 emails for a dental practice How to break through the clutter of advertising messages and your inbox with 6 billion unread emails Storytelling secrets learned from 25 years in the trenches writing emails that sell to more niches than you can poke a stick at Sue is an entertaining storyteller and has more marketing and copywriting knowledge than most other copywriters put together. She could live anywhere - so she chose Paris, France and makes her clients millions from there. Full episode &amp; resources at <a href="" rel="noreferrer nofollow" tar
04/05/202034 minutes 22 seconds
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Bond Halbert

Today's episode of the Geniuses Of Copywriting podcast is very special as we have with us copywriting royalty, Bond Halbert. Aside from his famous father Gary, Bond is an amazing copywriter creating huge winners for himself and his clients. On this episode we discuss: - How Gary Halbert was able to write record breaking winners in multiple unrelated niches, a near impossible feat for any mere mortal writer - The four books you must read to become a great copywriter - and yes, one of them is the first book ever written on the subject of copy editing - The Halbert Copywriting Method Part III - The true path to copywriting greatness - what books to read, courses to buy, how to research, everything you need to know - Is hand copy of ads &amp; sales letters still relevant? Listen to what this copywriting student did that wowed his mentor - Gary's highest earning proteges all swear by the same technique - A little-known and even less-used strategy newbie copyw
13/04/20201 hour 45 minutes 30 seconds
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Mike Morgan

Today on the Geniuses Of Copywriting podcast we have underground copywriter and Agora control beater - Million Dollar Mike Morgan.&nbsp; In this episode: - How Mike turned a failed launch into a $100k payday with 1 email - Mike's habit of writing 7-figure promos for his clients on their first project - How any good writer can work with Agora and leverage their huge credibility Mike has testimonials and endorsements from John Carlton, David Deutsch, David Garfinkel, Mark Joyner, Michel Fortin, Pauline Longdon and many other big names in the industry. Mike doesn't seek the limelight - he is a working copywriter, so make sure you absorb every word of wisdom he drops in this episode. Full transcript available in the Facebook group here:
30/03/202028 minutes 58 seconds
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Jason Henderson

This is a BIG week on the Geniuses Of Copywriting podcast as we hear from Big Jason Henderson on his journey to the top of the copywriting world. Here's a small sample of the gold nuggets he drops: - Deliverability secrets learned from sending over 1 Billion emails - How Big Jason makes sure his emails land in your inbox every time - The #1 thing you must know if you're starting out building a list - and it's not your subject line - The 'Star Wars Episode IV' storytelling secret that is the key to writing emails that get opened, get read, get clicks, and get sales Jason has been writing since 1996, generated over $750 million just from emails, and has written copy for the likes of Mindvalley, Caleb O'Dowd and John Carlton.&nbsp; Find out more about him at or follow him on Facebook for copywriting tips. Full transcript availabl
16/03/202034 minutes 40 seconds
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Joel Erway

Today on the Geniuses Of Copywriting podcast we have webinar guru Joel Erway, who's one of the biggest names in webinar marketing and copywriting. On this week's show: - Joel's unique 'mini webinar' model that takes many clients to 6 or 7 figures a month without writing a long-ass webinar - The one crucial thing Joel does within the first 5-10 minutes of a webinar (And it's NOT telling his story or showing testimonials) - Joel's 'Tesla' business model that exposes the flawed idea that you gotta sell a low priced book, then a tripwire, and so on Joel's known as 'The Webinar Guy' thanks to these outrageous results and his awesome podcast 'Sold With Webinars', but he does webinars in such a different way from everybody else, you'll be amazed at the results. Joel's site is at and his podcast is at, both highly
02/03/202044 minutes 38 seconds
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Carl Galletti

This week on the Geniuses Of Copywriting podcast we welcome a true legend of the game - Carl Galletti. One of the OG gurus I learnt from when I started writing copy in 2003. On today's episode we discuss: - The copywriting principles to be found in classics from people like Hopkins, Webb, Ogilvy, that modern books simply can't match - How a productivity secret (and an editing technique) from Jerry Seinfeld can transform your copywriting career - How to learn different modes of writing - copy, fiction etc - and what to study in order to master each one (This will seem super simple to many but you might kick yourself when you realize you're not doing it already) Carl is a long time coach who's mentored may of today's best copywriters all the way to the top, and the breakthroughs he shares in this episode are well worth taking notes on. Carl's links: copyc
10/02/20201 hour 16 minutes 56 seconds
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Chris Haddad

This week's episode of the Geniuses Of Copywriting podcast has another very special guest: World class copywriter Chris Haddad. Chris has been at the top of the copy game for many years, and is now becoming even more famous for a women's dating offer that's doing hundreds of sales a day on cold traffic. On this episode we discuss: - Chris's rollercoaster ride through winning campaigns, health challenges and becoming one of the world's top copywriters - How Chris came up with the all-powerful opening line of his winning offer that taps right into the heart of the reader - And how Chris wrote a sales letter that makes ZERO benefit promises in the first 5 or 10 minutes - the complete opposite of 'conventional wisdom' in copywriting but the proof is in the cash stacking up in Chris's bank account Chris Haddad is a master emotional storyteller and a copywriter who's putting his own offers out there and making big profits. You would need deep pockets to
27/01/202046 minutes 34 seconds
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Drayton Bird

This week on the Geniuses Of Copywriting podcast we hear from yet another copywriting great: Drayton Bird. This man has forgotten more about copywriting than most of us have ever learned. On this wild ride, we discuss: How Drayton got trained by the copywriter the Don Draper character was based on The weird things Drayton has done to make money, including selling fake paintings in Australia while living under a false name How Drayton's copywriting skills allowed him to travel the world with various women and then sold his agency to David Ogilvy David Ogilvy said that nobody knows more about direct marketing than Drayton Bird, and after sharing the stage in Europe and this podcast episode, there's no doubt it's true. Drayton's book is on Amazon or you can go to and <a href="" rel="noreferrer n
13/01/202053 minutes 44 seconds
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Brian Kurtz

The Geniuses Of Copywriting Podcast is back with a vengeance in 2020 - and we've got none other than direct marketing legend Brian Kurtz on the show today, dropping gold nuggets like: The surprisingly simple way Boardroom made a Billion dollars, $39 at a time How Brian landed a bona fide legend of marketing - Gene Schwartz - as a mentor The legendary lineup of rockstar copywriters Brian &amp; his team assembled, and the incredible results they were able to bring in over the years If you've never heard of Brian Kurtz, go back to copywriting preschool. Boardroom and all the legends you'll hear about on this episode literally pioneered many of the direct response strategies we rely on today. Get Brian's amazing book at, and subscribe to his list now at Full transcript available in the Facebook group here:
06/01/202047 minutes 21 seconds
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Caleb O'Dowd

This week on the Geniuses Of Copywriting podcast, our special guest is Gary Halbert protege and one of the best marketers around, Caleb O'Dowd. In this episode, we discuss: - The 'Edison Principle' of how Caleb literally tormented Gary into taking him on as an apprentice - The surprisingly simple thing he learned from Gary that has made him millions of dollars over the last few years - Caleb's KLT strategy that virtually guarantees higher conversion rates and big $$$ in any campaign it's used on Caleb is such an incredible persuader he filled a bunch of seats at Trevor Crook's Poland event where I shared the stage with Caleb, his presentation was FIRE and he held nothing back on this show. Resources &amp; transcript through
21/10/201943 minutes 41 seconds
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Justin Brooke

Today on the Geniuses Of Copywriting podcast we have founder of AdSkills and marketing genius Justin Brooke, revealing his secrets of using Youtube ads to fill webinars: - Why Youtube gives you more BUYER traffic than others like Facebook - How Justin has scaled offers up to $65,000 a DAY in Google ad spend - How to create a Youtube ad that converts - without breaking the bank Discover how Justin does everything differently from the competition and beats them all because of it. FB is great - but go to Google and especially Youtube when you want BUYERS. Full transcript and resources available in the Facebook group here:
08/10/201937 minutes 28 seconds
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John Carlton

This week we have a very special episode of the Geniuses Of Copywriting Podcast, with none other than copywriting legend John Carlton, a man who needs no introduction to most copywriters. On this episode, John reveals: - His amazing story of becoming a copywriter, inventing industry standards like the HotSeat, and how to become a real professional - John's 'E+C+E' formula for becoming an A-List copywriter, demanding huge fees and becoming an industry celebrity - How to develop Empathy - the secret ingredient to copywriting success that nobody ever talks about I had the honor of speaking at a recent event in Europe with John, and the insights he shared on stage (and afterwards over beers) were just as powerful as what he's shared on the show today. To absorb more of John's copywriting genius go to Full transcript of this episode is ava
23/09/201940 minutes 12 seconds
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Michel Fortin

In this episode of the Geniuses Of Copywriting podcast, we talk to world class copywriter Michel Fortin, one of the 'OGs' of internet marketing and creator of many big $$$ campaigns. In this episode: - The subtle positioning change Michel used to go from a struggling copywriter to building an agency with 22 junior copywriters - The story behind the John Reese $1M-in-a-day sales letter that opened the door to $1M days - Michel's proven Q.U.E.S.T. formula for writing million dollar winners time after time Michel is one of he copywriting experts I've studied for the past 15 years and is responsible for some of the biggest breakthroughs in online marketing. To connect with Michel go to
16/09/201955 minutes 16 seconds
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Travis Sago

Today on the Geniuses Of Copywriting podcast, world class copywriter &amp; marketer Travis Sago joins us to share his amazing persuasion techniques that top marketers like Frank Kern, Justin Brooke and others use to sell a TON of stuff online. We discuss on this call: How Travis sends out an offer on NOTEPAD - no fancy ass sales letters, no complicated funnels - just a freakin NOTEPAD and closes up to 60% Travis's Hell Island story that makes it easy to create high converting marketing campaigns all day long How copywriters can do revenue share deals that are super easy to set up, appealing to partners and insanely profitable Travis is a true Genius Of Copywriting who has pioneered many of the high converting persuasion techniques that I and many other top copywriters use to make millions online. To learn more about what Travis is doing, I highly recommend going to <a href="" rel="norefe
10/09/201959 minutes 36 seconds
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Kevin Rogers

On this week's episode of the Geniuses Of Copywriting podcast, comedian turned copywriter Kevin Rogers shares his secrets of training some of the best copywriters out there. Revealed on this call: How Kevin created the amazing copy community that is Copy Chief Kevin's secrets of writing emails which break all the traditional rules of copywriting, but still convert like gangbusters How to make learning to write copy... fun! Kevin is one of the smartest, funniest copywriting trainers out there and this short training was one of the most entertaining and insightful we've done so far. To learn more about what Kevin's doing go to or
19/08/201933 minutes 36 seconds
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Dan Ferrari

This episode of the Geniuses Of Copywriting podcast features Dan Ferrari, a world class copywriter who's mastered the art of writing high converting copy - in a systemized, reliable way. Revealed in this episode: - The simple way Dan expanded from being a mere freelance copywriter to owning a successful agency with clients like Agora Financial - Dan's criteria for hiring copywriters and building a copy team so he gets top quality results at a great price - The 'breakthrough' copywriters have when going to the next level, and how to recognize when your writer is about to have that breakthrough If you've ever wanted to systemize your writing, grow a team of copywriters and transition from freelancer to agency owner, this is for you. To learn more from Dan, go to and join his list there.
10/08/201941 minutes 32 seconds
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Omar Michael

In this episode of the Geniuses Of Copywriting podcast, we hear from Omar Michael, senior copywriter at Mindvalley and the brains behind many of their biggest campaigns. You'll discover: - The secret to growing an 8-figure company with a unique combination of direct response copy and powerful branding - How Omar increased the conversions of an offer by 30% by breaking all the direct response rules copywriters normally live by - How Mindvalley has built a loyal group of raving fans by talking politics, standing up to corporate giants, and providing unforgettable experiences After starting as a pure direct response company, Mindvalley leveraged Omar's genius to become the biggest name in personal development. Get the full transcript and resources at
29/07/201928 minutes 7 seconds
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Matt Bacak

This week's Geniuses Of Copywriting podcast guest is none other than email marketing guru Matt Bacak, creator of the EPC institute, email platform, and a master of split testing and short email copy. We talk about: - How to create campaigns that attract BUYERS, rather than just openers &amp; clickers - A secret 'credit card hack' Matt uses to predict which customers are going to spend the most money with him - How Matt gets a 58% completion rate on his courses - and 80% of graduates giving him unsolicited testimonials Matt has performed over 8,000 split tests - data is his religion. Full transcript &amp; resources at
22/07/201955 minutes 34 seconds
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Joey Percia

This week on the Geniuses of Copywriting podcast, we hear from kickass copywriter Joey Percia who's doing things a lot differently (and more profitably) than most copywriters: How Joey works in 'partnerships' with clients which are easier to close than 5-figure fee deals, but often end up making him a ton more money Doing profitable deals with clients who aren't planning on running a bunch of paid traffic to your copy The #1 underestimated YUGE opportunity for any copywriter to come in and start making big money for their clients Full resources &amp; transcript available at&nbsp;
17/06/201938 minutes 29 seconds
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Kim Krause Schwalm

Today on Geniuses Of Copywriting we speak to Kim Krause Schwalm, one of the youngest-looking 20-year veterans of direct response, who's responsible for a ton of controls and winners at companies like Boardroom, Agora Financial and even National Geographic.You'll discover: The story of growing her division at Philips Publishing to $30M in revenue in the 90's using direct response copy How she wrote a winner 6-page mailer that sold a TON of $400 air purifiers with a powerful story Back end sales: The secret strategy of all successful businesses Kim is a world class copywriter &amp; marketing strategist with experience working with some of the biggest names and companies in direct response.&nbsp;
04/06/201943 minutes 26 seconds
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Kyle Milligan

Kyle Milligan is a rising star at Agora Financial, and in 2018 his copy brought in over $7.1 Million and 51,000 new customers. He's even teaching other copywriters about 'The Language Of Copywriting' and how he writes winner after winner.&nbsp;
28/05/201922 minutes 19 seconds
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Angie Colee

On this week's Geniuses Of Copywriting podcast we hear from Angie Colee, who you want to listen to if you're a copywriter looking to land better, higher paid gigs: How Angie landed big fish copy clients like Jeff Walker and Kevin Rogers Her secrets of building relationships with big-name gurus and get them to give YOU money instead of the other way around! Once you get in with the gurus - how do STAY there? Angie and I have mastered the art of getting paid by experts for years at a time If you've ever wanted to work with a better class of client - why not make it somebody who will also open doors and make you well known in the process? Go to for full transcript &amp; resources
20/05/201945 minutes 51 seconds
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Justin Goff

This week on Geniuses Of Copywriting, we got an amazing copywriter &amp; funnel optimization expert on the show - Justin Goff. On today's episode: - How Justin went from zero to $23M in 2 years, doing 700+ sales a day, before cashing out big time - Why online marketing is a LOT more complicated than just writing a VSL and running traffic to it, especially in the new compliant FB ads world - Where your #1 Leverage spot is in your funnel - and even if it IS what you think it is... Justin has perfected a method of creating HUGE funnels by optimizing this one data point And tons more. Go to for a full transcript &amp; resources
13/05/201942 minutes 53 seconds
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Lori Haller

This week's Geniuses Of Copywriting episode is a very special one, as we talk to Lori Haller who combines beautiful design with copywriting that sells in a way nobody else can.&nbsp;
29/04/201945 minutes 4 seconds
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Jeff J Hunter

Jeff J Hunter has cracked the code on Social Media Copywriting, and in today's episode he spills the beans on his scientific research into what works and what doesn't. &nbsp;&nbsp; You'll discover: &nbsp; - Jeff's CLEAR Social Media copywriting formula&nbsp; - How to get someone to pay you $1,000 a month purely from FB posts&nbsp; - The secrets of getting REAL engagement - not just 'likes' but genuine interaction and SALES &nbsp; Full transcript and resources at &nbsp;
22/04/201932 minutes 59 seconds
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Jimmy Parent

Today on the Geniuses Of Copywriting podcast: Discover the copywriting secrets of Agora top gun Jimmy Parent: &nbsp; The emotional hot buttons that trigger purchases&nbsp; How to go beyond the old 'features-to-benefits pitch &amp; discover why people REALLY buy&nbsp; How to sell to IDENTITIES and make your pitch 10x more powerful &nbsp; Full transcript &amp; resources at
15/04/201936 minutes 13 seconds
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Stefan Georgi

On this episode of the Geniuses Of Copywriting podcast - one of the best copywriters around Stefan Georgi joins us for a very special episode. &nbsp; If you haven't heard of him - go look at the top health offer VSLs on ClickBank - most of them are his amazing work. &nbsp; On today's show: - Stefan pulls back the curtain on his ENTIRE sales letter formula - How to write SUPER FAST copy that still CONVERTS - Secrets of wallet-crushing copy revealed &nbsp; For the full transcript &amp; resources go to
01/04/201958 minutes 51 seconds
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Chris Laub

Today on the Geniuses of Copywriting podcast: Underground copywriter &amp; high ticket consultant Chris Laub &nbsp;reveals how he launched an online agency with direct mail, building relationships and social media copywriting. &nbsp; Full transcript &amp; resources at
25/03/201930 minutes 5 seconds
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Trevor Crook

On today's episode of the Geniuses Of Copywriting podcast, we talk to Trevor 'ToeCracker' Crook about copywriting seminars, networking for copywriters and how to get clients without pitching from stage. &nbsp; Full transcript &amp; resources at &nbsp;
18/03/201935 minutes 21 seconds
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James Schramko

In today's episode, creator of Super Fast Business - James Schramko, guru to the gurus and one of the world's top marketers, reveals his secrets to building an amazing business. &nbsp; Full transcript &amp; resources at;
11/03/201934 minutes 37 seconds