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English, Arts, 1 season, 59 episodes, 1 day, 13 hours, 48 minutes
GENERAL ADMISSION is an arts podcast from Chicago. Don Hall and Tyler Greene are your hosts. EVERYONE'S INVITED...but there are NO REFUNDS.
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Ep 63: Alison Flowers & Exoneree Diaries

Alison Flowers is an award-winning investigative journalist who focuses on social justice and criminal justice. She's has written a book called Exoneree Diaries, which chronicles the stories of four exonerated individuals. We talk to her about that book, as well as the art of journalism, the difficulties of gaining the trust of her subjects, the challenges of the work and much more.
8/3/201640 minutes, 11 seconds
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Ep 62: Eric Nuzum

This is an interview that may surprise people close to Eric, or who've been reading the buzz around Audible's place in the audio space. You'll hear us delve into some audio nerd stuff, but this conversation is more about leadership, risk, worship, addiction and Iggy Pop. For those who don't know, Eric Nuzum is the Senior VP of Original Content Development at Audible. He's the boss man behind the new 'Channels' feature of Audible, which is sort of like a combination of HBO (highly curated programming) and Netflix's recommendation feature. They know what you like from your listening habits, makes shows around that data and humans are happy around the globe. There's art in audio, people, and we're here to tell you the who/what/where/why/how of it with our guest, rockstar executive Eric Nuzum.
7/17/201640 minutes, 44 seconds
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Ep 61: Cleveland Dean & Bruno Surdo on Visual Art

This week, the guys invite Cleveland Dean & Bruno Surdo to the show to talk about "visual art," a categorization often hard to categorize. The two artists come from different backgrounds and create very different work, so we thought it would be interesting to put them in the same room for a half hour. Also, Tyler doesn't understand why busts cost $90,000, Don complains about Hamilton...again and we announce our summer tour!
6/20/201651 minutes, 14 seconds
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Ep 60: Beyonce & Erin Kilmurray

Erin Kilmurray is the bad-ass director and choreographer behind Chicago's own The Fly Honey Show, produced by The Inconvenience. The show "collects a carefully curated main ensemble of dancers, musicians, actors, and performance artists and supports them in empowering their individuality through self expression." She's committed to promoting body and sex positivity through a feminine perspective. She's also committed to gathering a bunch of people around a really cool idea and making that shit happen. The guys also debrief Tyler's Beyonce concert experience and get insight from Erin on the spectacle of that show vs. what she does.
6/2/201643 minutes, 19 seconds
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Ep 59: Theatre on Film

Is seeing theatre on a screen the same as going to the theatre? Most of us agree that it's not, but it's just not that simple. Tyler and Don went to see National Theatre Live's production of Hangment at Chicago's historic Music Box Theatre. They also talked to Drew Blau, Founder and Executive Director of the Chicago Film Archive of Performance, which recently announced an exciting partnership with the Chicago Public Library where you can go watch a number of Chicago theatre productions at the library. Let's dig in deep on a very specific arty topic, shall we?!
5/19/201635 minutes, 39 seconds
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Ep 58: Taylor Mac

It’s all Taylor Mac this week! At any given Mac show there's singing, customs changes on stage (bare ass included), audience participation, as well as a high possibility of a make-out session. All of this is intentional-- it's smart, political, and funny. Tyler and Don talk with Mac about failure, theater in America, Drag queens in rural Tennessee, and what life's like offstage. Taylor who prefers the pronoun Judy is traveling the county work-shopping segments of A 24-hour Decade of Popular Music. The full 24-hour performance takes place this fall in New York. Mac is clear that the performance is not about pleasing the audience, but rather making them think, feel discomfort and be entertained. For Judy, it’s a good night if you’re bored one minute and moved to tears the next.
4/27/201645 minutes, 43 seconds
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Ep 57: Henry Rollins & Joe Shanahan

"Scar tissue is stronger than regular tissue. Realize the strength, move on." - Henry Rollins General Admission is back with a new season! We've got so much planned for you guys so get those headphone ready, subscribe and share. For our first official episode back Don sits down with singer and storytelling powerhouse Henry Rollins and Chicago rock venue legend Joe Shanahan. Shanahan is the owner of Metro, a venue anchored within the Chicago music scene. In this episode you'll hear a discussion surrounding the relationship between bands and the venues that house them. Henry talks how his band needed venues like The Metro in order to make enough money for a Denny's Grand Slam breakfast and gas to make it to the next gig. Places like the Metro also need the bands and musicians so they can keep the lights on. It's a symbiotic relationship. This interview is part of an ongoing series of intimate conversation to be held at the Metro and sponsored by Dark Matter Coffee and Shure.
4/15/201643 minutes, 47 seconds
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Ep 56: The Star Wars Special

NOTE: THERE ARE SPOILERS CONTAINED IN THIS EPISODE. We're baaaaaaaaack! New, full episodes are coming in March, but we couldn't let that time go by without saying SOMETHING about Star Wars. Don Hall is a self-proclaimed Star Wars geek. Tyler Greene has never seen the films. (Well, he thinks he's seen Episode 1 but, unsurprisingly, he can't remember it). In this episode, we get to experience the films for the first time with Tyler and hear the guys' review of Episode 7: The Force Awakens.
1/2/201628 minutes, 41 seconds
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The "Goodbye WBEZ" / "Free Agent" Special!

As you may have heard, General Admission is parting ways with WBEZ. The guys will continue the show in some form with a different network in March, but before that time, they wanted to celebrate their time with WBEZ: it's been real, as the kids say. On this episode, you'll be treated to clips from Tyler & Don's favorite interviews, on-locations adventures & a highlight reel of moments where they completely lost their minds. This is an episode for super-fans & people interested in finding out more about the show (READ: "other network" mentioned above!). And for those that are curious why the two are parting ways, Ben Calhoun, WBEZ's Director of Programming, had this to say about the split: “I really appreciate the passion and energy that’s gone into General Admission, and the affection the show’s earned from its audience. But we’ve had to face the reality that the show isn’t sustainable for us. And so we had to make a difficult decision to bring the partnership to a close. That said, as much as ever, we appreciate Tyler and Don – for their charm, talent, and endless enthusiasm for creative communities. They’re terrific. As I always am – I am excited for where they turn their passions next.”
9/11/201558 minutes, 32 seconds
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Ep 54: Musical Theatre & A Special Announcement

This week, the guys talk to Bethany Thomas, a master vocalist from Chicago who performs regularly as a musical theatre performer but also in clubs, bars and backrooms all over town. Stay tuned to the end of the episode for a special announcement about the future of the show. This is an episode about how to prepare a song, what it takes to be a gigging musician and why artists never leave Chicago.
9/3/201539 minutes, 58 seconds
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Ep 53: World Traveling Photographer Gene Pembroke

On this episode, the guys talk to traveling photographer Gene Pembroke. Tyler stumbled across Gene's booth at a local art fair and insisted that he come on the show. They talk about how he gets the money to travel the world and take photos, which takes precedent (photos or travel), and what compels a photographer to snap a shot. This is an episode about photography, traveling, going off the grid, creating, living life and letting life present the photos.
8/28/201533 minutes, 22 seconds
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Ep 52: Art for Social Change

This week, Tyler and Don speak with Collaboraction Theatre's Anthony Moseley about his part in the invention of Crime Scene, a performance project about gun violence in Chicago. The guys also talk about what it's like to have a family as an artist and how mentoring young people works for Anthony. This episode is about changing society with art, responding to unfolding history and balancing family with work.
8/17/201533 minutes, 50 seconds
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Ep 51: How Stand-up & Wrestling Aren't All That Different

On this episode, Tyler and Don talk with the amazing stand-up comic Adam Burke and wrestling royalty Colt Cabana. Our hosts get the guys to open up about the similarities and differences between their chosen paths and what it takes to be a performer in careers full of risk and great potential. This is an episode about intersections, the journey to find where you fit, and the passion for your craft.
8/8/201535 minutes, 59 seconds
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Ep 50: The Moth founder George Dawes Green

On this episode, Tyler & Don talk to George Dawes Green, the founder of the storytelling organization The Moth. Years ago, George told stories with his friends on a porch in Georgia where moths would flock in and out of the porch light. That image was the inspiration for a storytelling organization that George started in New York later in life. He's no longer "in charge" in the traditional sense, but he travels the world as an ambassador for the organization and helps shape new programs like the most recent high school StorySLAM program. This is an episode about stories, the art of the raconteur, Georgia, Wanda Bullard, entrepreneurship and the best way to sustain something that you start. Oh, and this is our season finale. Do us a favor...share the show with your friends and get them to subscribe!
7/2/201537 minutes, 32 seconds
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Ep 49: Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk

On this episode, Tyler and Don take a roadtrip to Naperville, Illinois to witness an author reading with FIGHT CLUB master Chuck Palahniuk. But what's an author reading have to do with art or, especially, performance?! In Chuck's world, author readings aren't your normal "corner of a back room in a bookstore" affair. For him, they're much more palpable with beach balls, bags of candy and 1st Edition leather-bound versions of his books. The guys got the chance talk to Chuck in his hotel room before the reading about Fight Club 2, as well as his new collection of short stories and the impending musical version of Fight Club currently being workshopped by David Fincher & Trent consultation with Julie Taymor! This is an episode about novels, author readings, violent love stories, the Marriot, Dan Brown's Holy Grail and more!
6/26/201535 minutes, 33 seconds
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Ep 48: WrestleMania, Superfans & Mr. T's Daughter

This week, Tyler takes a trip down memory lane and introduces the nuances of professional wrestling to Don. He brings along Wrestling Superfan Jeff Trainor to help him along the way. The three watching WrestleMania III (1986), followed by WrestleMania XXXI (2015) and then debrief live at PodSlam 2015, General Admission's very first live podcast taping. At the end of the taping, Don and Tyler welcome guest Erica Nicole Clark, daughter of actor & legendary WWF superstar Mr. T. This is an episode about wrestling, childhood, the art of sport, the Hulk Hogan you never knew, ladder matches and so much more.
6/17/201545 minutes, 23 seconds
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Ep 47: Cultural Organizer Jane Saks

Jane Saks uses art to make social change. She's a cultural producer, activist and organizer who has been raIsin' hell since she can remember. Jane started a new production company called Project& and she joins us to talk about that, plus growing up in Chicago, her career at Columbia College and much, much more. This is an episode about art, activism, politics, coming out, queer narratives, Sweet Tea, photography and changing the world.
6/9/201542 minutes, 54 seconds
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Ep 46: Mortal Kombat's Shaun Kimmerick

We welcome the Executive Producer of Netherrealm Studios, Shaun Himmerick, to the show this week. He's the man behind organizing the Mortal Kombat franchise, as well as Injustice and other games for the Chicago studio. We find out what it's like to be the final filter for these games before they get the approval to release, an important (but oftentimes unexplored) part of the artistic process. This is an episode about fighting games, the intersection of business & art, evolution, how to win and, of course, fatalities.
6/2/201534 minutes, 27 seconds
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Ep 45: Summer Blockbusters w/ Filmspotting

Summer blockbusters are upon us! On this episode, the hosts of WBEZ's popular film podcast Filmspotting join Don & Tyler to talk about the summer blockbuster genre and then all four share their individual "Top 3 Summer Blockbusters of All Time." Yes, it is THAT epic. This is an episode about summer, Tom Cruise, popcorn flicks, sharks, Disney and more!
5/26/201538 minutes, 21 seconds
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Ep 44: Dan Savage

This week, we welcome sex-advice columnist Dan Savage to the show! You might not know it, but Dan's also a playwright, theatre director and coordinator of an dirty movie festival. We talk to Dan about his column, activism and how it has changed over the years, as well as the art of pornography and his new play Miracle, a musical starring Helen drag. We also dig deep into the It Gets Better Project to find out about how a simple web video changed an entire culture. This is an episode about sex, activist, art, pornography and, of course, Helen Keller. PHOTO CREDIT: (2012) LaRae Lobdell.
5/19/201546 minutes, 9 seconds
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Ep 43: Modern Dance Date Night

What is modern dance? This week, Margi Cole, Artistic Director of Chicago's The Dance COLEective, joins us to help Tyler understand a few ways of approaching that question. Then, Tyler and Don venture to The Storefront Theatre in downtown Chicago to see a modern dance piece that Margi created with Choreographer Peter Carpenter, Rituals of Abundance for Lean Times #14: Curious Reinventions. A mouthful, yes, but you might be suprised at how Tyler responds. This is an episode about bodies, movement, artists, audience interaction, backstage hijinx and the way language affects our movement (and vice-versa).
5/12/201537 minutes, 22 seconds
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Ep 42: Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins' career is being Henry Rollins. Perhaps most known as the vocalist in American hardcore punk band Black Flag, Henry is also a widely respected author, solo performer, radio host, voice talent, film actor and now, podcast host. Don Hall calls Henry his hero, saying that if there was a magical way to become someone else, without hesitation, his choice is Rollins. This episode is about hero worship, activism, music, the future of podcasting and how an artist fuels intense rage into their art.
5/4/201540 minutes, 23 seconds
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Ep 41: Risk's Kevin Allison & Chicago's Lily Be

Kevin Allison and Lily Be are storytellers who walk up to the line of what's risky to tell and leap over it, sometimes falling flat on their faces but getting right back up to do it again. In this episode, Kevin talks about his popular podcast RISK! and how it has quite literally changed his life for the better. Lily echos his sentiments and opens up about her journey to becoming one of Chicago's Moth GrandSLAM champions. This is a conversation about the stories we tell, why we tell them and how the process of sharing your narrative can be good for the soul.
4/26/201548 minutes, 8 seconds
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Ep 40: Kate Mulgrew

Kate Mulgrew, star of stage and screen, joins the guys this week to talk about her new memoir Born with Teeth. They talk about her extensive career on television(Star Trek, Orange is the New Black, Ryan's Hope), her life in the theatre and the triumphs and tragedies that have shaped her along the way. (Photo: Kate Mulgrew / Jill Greenberg, Netflix)
4/20/201537 minutes
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ARCHIVES: Burlesque duo Michelle L'Amour & Franky Vivid

You asked and we delivered: unearthed from the General Admission archives is our interview with world-famous burlesque duo, Michlle L'Amour and Franky Vivid. Originally recorded in June of 2013, this episode was Tyler's first interview ever! It's an interesting look into the world of burlesque performance through the eyes of two of it's biggest stars!
4/15/201537 minutes, 17 seconds
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'Spring Break' Highlight Special!

This week, Tyler and Don share some clips from their favorite episodes of the past two years: Physical theatre performer Dean Evans, lesbian performance artist Holly Hughes, Raul Castillo from HBO's Looking and a peek inside the day they spent watching 12 hours of Greek tragedy (and lived to tell about it!). If you're a new listener, this is a great chance to get a taste of the back catalogue so that you can catch up. If you're an avid listener, this is a fun way to see how far we've come. At the end of the episode, the guys give you a chance to pick next week's episode! DEAN EVANS = HOLLY HUGHES = 12 HOURS OF GREEK TRAGEDY = RAUL CASTILLO =
4/7/201514 minutes, 35 seconds
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Ep 39: YouTube star Shane Dawson

This week we talk to Shane Dawson, YouTube sensation, movie director and author of the memoir “I Hate Myselfie.” Shane discusses how he handles all the attention—both good and bad— that comes with 13.5 million+ YouTube subscribers, including dealing with media backlash, and being funny without making any apologies.
3/30/201539 minutes, 27 seconds
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Ep 38: Kam Kardashian's Fawzia Mirza

We sat down with the dynamic, creative, hilarious Fawzia Mirza and dug deep. Fawzia (or Kam Kardashian as she's sometimes known) tells us about her past as a lawyer, her current work as a performer across the globe, and what it's like to be a queer woman of Pakistani heritage in the world today.
3/23/201531 minutes, 56 seconds
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Ep 37: The Power of Words

On this week's episode, we try something new! The guys talk to two writer-educators about the power of words, the importance of community and what it takes to be a good educator. Reggie Eldridge writes and teaches for Chicago SLAMWorks and Young Chicago Authors/Louder Than a Bomb, among others. Bobby Biedrzycki works at the Goodman Theatre in their education department, as well as Columbia College, and tells stories for 2nd Story, one of Chicago's original "live lit" storytelling nights.
3/18/201545 minutes
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Ep 36: The Walking Dead's Steven Yeun

We've got an extra special episode for you this week! Tyler went to college with Steven Yeun who you can catch as Glenn on AMC's mega-hit The Walking Dead. The guys talk to Steven about what it was like to go from being just an average Chicago improv dude to one of the biggest stars in television history. Yeun also opens up about what it's like being an Asian-American actor in Hollywood and what he'd like to see change.
3/8/201549 minutes, 13 seconds
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Ep 35: Chewing the Fat on Food & Art

This week, Monica Eng and Louisa Chu from WBEZ's food podcast, Chewing the Fat, join the guys to debate whether or not food can be art. Don, as you might suspect, vehemently disagrees and Louisa, a trained chef and culinary consultant, gives him a run for his money. So does Monica, for that matter. Then, the four share fond food memories.
3/3/201533 minutes, 56 seconds
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Ep 34: Arts Educator Willa Taylor

We sat down with the incomparable Willa Taylor, current Director of Education and Community Engagement at The Goodman Theatre and previous holder of every other job imaginable. Get ready for some stories from her fascinating life as well as a discussion of what's going on at The Goodman, theatre education, and the state of diversity in the arts today.
2/23/201537 minutes, 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

Ep 33: Nerdette on Lists for Art & Oscars

This week, we welcome special guests Tricia Bobeda and Greta Johnsen, co-hosts of WBEZ's Nerdette podcast, a show that sets out to create "a safe space for nerding out about all the things you're watching, reading, listening to and encountering IRL." The guys (and ladies!) talk about lists, listicles and also manage to get in some Oscar chatter.
2/17/201528 minutes, 10 seconds
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Ep 32: Legendary Anchorman Bill Kurtis

New season, new year, new us! Sort of. This week Don & Tyler discuss the Wachowskis, Jupiter Ascending, and seeing Chicago on the silver screen. Then, our interview with celebrated anchorman Bill Kurtis, now the voice of Wait Wait... Don’t Tell Me! Tune in, and get ready for some dulcet tones.
2/9/201544 minutes, 12 seconds
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Season 4 Announcement, plus "Golden" Joe DeCeault speaks!

The guys come at you for a quick mini-episode and discuss the next season of General Admission -- more episodes, more voices and more insanity. Then, for Filmspotting and WBEZ superfans, the elusive (but super fantastic) "Golden" Joe DeCeault hops on the mic to wax poetic about WBEZ Podcasts.
2/3/201514 minutes, 17 seconds
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Episode 31: Tyler Greene

The guys keep up the "meta" theme with Don's interview of Tyler. Mr. Greene had an extra shot of espresso before this one, so strap in: he also gets really nervous when people ask him questions about himself. Season 4 of General Admission is coming in 2 weeks -- listen to this episode and our back catalogue to catch up!
1/19/201548 minutes, 37 seconds
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Episode 30: Don Hall

It's late but, as promised, Tyler interviewed Don and we're finally sharing it with you. Don's been a professional trumpet player, a music teacher, the manager of a massage school, an arts administrator and now he produces live events for WBEZ and hosts The Moth StorySLAMs in Chicago. He's a veritable Pandora's Box and Tyler holds nothing back in this deep dive into Don's past, present and future.
1/4/201551 minutes, 8 seconds
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Episode 29: Chay Yew and Artistic Evolution

This week, it's the Season 3 finale of General Admission and the guys feature one of their best interviews yet: an in-depth exploration of the ways in which we evolve in the American theatre. Chay Yew, Artistic Director of Victory Gardens Theatre, offers up his own personal perspective and we share your thoughts on the matter too.
12/7/201435 minutes, 13 seconds
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Episode 28: The Moth and Jim Padar

This week, the guys take the edge off and share what you and they are thankful for this year. One of those things is their guest, retired homicide detective turned storyteller, Jim Padar. Jim tells the guys how the national storytelling organization The Moth changed his life and how emails with his son turned into a book.
11/24/201430 minutes, 3 seconds
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Episode 27: WRITE Club

This week, Tyler and Don resurrect their "Date Night" segment wherein they take you out on the town with them for a show. WRITE Club is the focus this time: Chicago's own competitive, literary smackdown. After that, the guys get your thoughts on the best (and worst) kind of storytelling nights.
11/11/201427 minutes, 37 seconds
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Episode 26: Comic Illustrator Jill Thompson

What’s up, nerds? This time we’ve got Jill Thompson, one of the top female comic book artists in the industry. It’s a dazzling and hilarious interview- Jill outlines how she fell in love with the medium, and how she came to work with Marvel, DC, Neil Gaiman, Mick Foley, and more. With that plus the guys talking talkbacks and sharing listener opinions, there’s a little something for everyone.
10/27/201439 minutes, 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 25: Transgender Performance Artist Rebecca Kling

This week we interview transgender performance artist Rebecca Kling on her art, her identity, and how the two come together. Tyler and Don discuss performance art, pushing the envelope, and some dutch performance art with a certain troubled celebrity. Finally, we cap things off with some listener opinions from folks like you.
10/12/201436 minutes
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Episode 24: 12 Hours of Greek Tragedy

Don & Tyler go see The Hypocrites' "All Our Tragic", an epic 12-hour greek tragedy billed as a modern festival of Dionysus. Afterward, they discuss artistic limits and our fans react on social media.
9/28/201431 minutes, 42 seconds
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Episode 23: Starred Up, Ky Dickens & Andrew Edwards

On this week’s episode, Don and Tyler spar on the new film STARRED UP, which Don saw at Facets Multimedia while Tyler was at home being sick. Then, the guys sit down with doc filmmaker Ky Dickens (FISH OUT OF WATER, SOLE SURVIVOR) to talk about the documentary form, her films and what’s on the horizon. Finally, General Admission’s very own composer Andrew Edwards stops by the tell us about his early career, working in a basement now and his latest project, ALEX & ALI.
9/16/201452 minutes, 50 seconds
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Episode 22: Dean Evans, Chicago Dance Crash & Audience Interaction

Can art start a riot? Our guest Dean Evans attempts to do just that, and tells us how and why. Recently named one of the top 50 players in Chicago by Newcity Stage, Dean shares his experience playing his character Honeybuns and so much more. Date Night takes place at Tron: End of Line, from the brilliant minds of Chicago Dance Crash. On Beyond the Mic, we discuss audience participation and get some great responses from social media.
9/3/201456 minutes, 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 21: Raul Castillo, The Jungle & Free Art

This week the guys discuss the future of technology at live events and remember Robin Williams. We also have an amazing interview with the beautiful AND talented Raul Castillo on everything from his start in theatre to his current role on "Looking". Then, the guys go to Oracle Productions' version of "The Jungle" and opinions abound when we ask whether or not art should be free.
8/17/201450 minutes, 2 seconds
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ARCHIVES: Kendra Miller

We dig into the archives for our interview with Kendra Miller, Artistic Director of Walkabout Theater Company and one of the hardest working people we know. We talked to Kendra about the “multi-hyphenate” freelance hustle facing so many artists today, and how artistic collaboration in this city is not dissimilar from dating, which Don says makes Steppenwolf and Second City the OK Cupid and of the theatre world. Kendra also gives an answer to Don’s “What the f*** IS an artistic director?” question that is so damn good he blushes.
8/12/201427 minutes, 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

ARCHIVES: Stuart Hall

We delve into the archives for a stellar interview with Stuart Hall, street artist and anti-war activist. The trio discuss civil disobedience, street cred, anonymity, and the impermanence of street art. Bonus: Wanna stick it to the man? We have some quick tips on the best glue for making your street art last. Finally, we wrap it up with listener opinions from our social media pages.
8/3/201430 minutes, 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 20: Caroline Neff, Men Should Weep and the Storefront Scene

This week we zero in on a Chicago mainstay: storefront theatre. We dig deep with storefront veteran Caroline Neff about her experience with Steep Theatre Company and beyond. On Date Night, Tyler and Don head to the Griffin Theatre to see ”Men Should Weep” with special guests Bea Bosco and Dana Jerman, and our listeners chime in on Beyond the Mic.
7/20/201447 minutes, 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 19: Malcolm London, Windy City Rollers and Art/Sport

Controversial as always, Don and Tyler butt heads over the shutdown of a production of ”Oleanna” and whether or not theatre is meant to reach out and touch you, literally. Award-winning poet Malcolm London discusses being a poet, educator, and activist, all at the tender age of 21. Then it’s time for another steamy Date Night, this time at the roller derby with the Windy City Rollers. Art and sport collide on Beyond the Mic, and our listeners sound off.
7/7/201456 minutes, 8 seconds
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Episode 18: Doug Peck & Rob Lindley, Carrie: The Musical and Musical Theatre Horror Stories

In the wake of the Tony Awards, Don and Tyler hash out the Sound Design category debacle and the controversy around YouTube’s new subscription. They interview Chicago musical theater royalty Doug Peck and Robert Lindley on political activism, marriage equality, how to survive in the world of musical theatre, and how Joni Mitchell first brought the pair together. Then, Don and Tyler go on very scary journey to see Carrie: The Musical and share the best listener-provided theater horror stories. Finally, The Moth contributor and Neo-Futurist Malic White drops in with a truly terrifying story and recommends that everyone to see the latest “Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind.”
6/23/201456 minutes, 53 seconds
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Episode 17: Susan Messing, "American Mixtape" and Amy Dickinson

In HEADLINES, Don and Tyler bring in special guest Tricia Bobeda of Nerdette to talk Orange is the New Black, LaVerne Cox, the “gay mafia”, and Louis CK. Then, they interview improv legend Susan Messing on Chicago’s improv scene, including her experiences with Second City, The Annoyance, and iO. DATE NIGHT takes place at Second City’s American Mixtape with special guest Xavier Jordan. On BEYOND THE MIC we feature Amy Dickinson, a panelist on Wait Wait... Don’t Tell Me! and author of the Ask Amy advice column. She talks about the Art Institute of Chicago, particularly Gustave Caillebotte’s Paris Street; Rainy Day and a current exhibition on Josef Koudelka titled “Nationally Doubtful”. "
6/9/20141 hour, 7 minutes, 13 seconds
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Episode 16: WBEZ, Holly Hughes and 'That's All She Wrote'

Don and Tyler return to the fold with HEADLINES, where they discuss CNN’s docu-series Chicagoland and Disney’s Frozen. Then, they talk with Holly Hughes, a performance artist and teacher. She talks about her decade long fight with the government over her performance art. She also talks about what makes something performance art and the difficulty of moving from the Midwest to New York. Then, it’s time for another DATE NIGHT! Don and Tyler check out That’s All She Wrote, a night of live lit. Finally, we wrap up with BEYOND THE MIC, featuring Kristen Kaza, a local events producer. She shares two of her favorite movies representing same-sex couples: Blue is the Warmest Color and Pariah. Have suggestions for Headlines? Email us at [email protected]. Or maybe you have an idea for Don and Tyler’s next Date Night? Leave us a message at 708-949-6574. And don’t forget to check us out on Facebook!
5/26/201456 minutes, 18 seconds
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New to General Admission? Need something to get you hyped up for Season 3? Never fear – we’re revisiting some of the best of General Admission with the ARCHIVES. In the last mini-episode before our WBEZ launch extravaganza, Don and Tyler look back at their chat with JC Brooks, the frontman of JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound. (You might have already heard their soul-infused cover of Wilco's I Am Trying To Break Your Heart.) Discussion subjects include what it's like to be on the edge of professional success for years, the line between JC Brooks the performer and JC Brooks the person, and why the band's songwriting has grown less political and more personal. You can check out more of JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound on their website. They'll also be performing on Friday, May 30 at the Do Division Street Fest.
5/24/201429 minutes, 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

ARCHIVES: Backroom Shakespeare Project

New to General Admission? Need something to get you hyped up for Season 3? Never fear – we’re revisiting some of the best of General Admission with the ARCHIVES. Today's episode features a conversation with Kelley Ristow and Samuel Taylor of The Backroom Shakespeare Project, an adventurous production of Shakespeare with no director, no auditions, and only one rehearsal. Confused on how that works? Kelley and Samuel can help you out there.
5/24/201420 minutes, 37 seconds
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ARCHIVES: "Date Night" @ Lyric Opera

New to General Admission? Need something to get you hyped up for Season 3? Never fear – we’re revisiting some of the best of General Admission with the ARCHIVES. This mini-episode gives you a taste of Date Night, a segment in which Don and Tyler go see a show and discuss it over dinner. But this one – in which the two go see Madame Butterfly at the Lyric Opera – shakes up the usual Date Night routine. For one thing, Don dumps Tyler for dinner to go to an arm-wrestling competition. Then there’s Tyler’s check-in about past experiences with opera…from his bathtub. And last but not least, Don opens up and reveals the part of Madame Butterfly that made him cry.
5/23/201416 minutes, 8 seconds
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New to General Admission? Need something to get you hyped up for Season 3? Never fear – we’re revisiting some of the best of General Admission with the ARCHIVES. In this peek into the archives, Tyler looks back on one of his all-time favorite interviews. It’s with Psalm One, a Chicago rap artist, educator, and poet. She talks with Tyler about how her background in chemistry influences her writing process, the line between rap and poetry, and how she believes words really can change a life. If you want more info about Psalm One, you can find her on Facebook and Twitter.
5/22/201424 minutes, 7 seconds
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A Special Announcement!

Tyler and Don have a special announcement for you. You may have also noticed that the episodes from Season 1 and Season 2 are missing from iTunes, SoundCloud and our website. The boys explain why.
5/20/20144 minutes, 34 seconds
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ARCHIVES: J.W. Basilo and SLAM Poetry

New to General Admission? Need something to get you hyped up for Season 3? Never fear – we’re revisiting some of the best of General Admission with the ARCHIVES. This mini-episode revisits Don’s conversation with poet, performer and teacher J.W. Basilo. Along with Marc Smith, he’s also one of the hosts of the Uptown Poetry Slam at the Green Mill. The two hash out what slam poetry actually is, why there’s such a huge cultural divide in Chicago slams, and why political material finds its way into the art form.
5/20/201423 minutes, 2 seconds