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English, Religion, 1 seasons, 38 episodes, 22 hours 27 minutes
Welcome to Gen Talk! A podcast geared towards having transparent conversations with transparent people.
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In this podcast Ronald and Eli talk about decisions and what are the best way in making them.
09/03/202231 minutes 8 seconds
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Where should a church gather?

What and where is the best way for a church to gather? In this episode, Ronald and Eli compare and discuss the different ways for a church to gather and which ones we should pursue as a church.
03/02/202235 minutes 50 seconds
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What is the Church and is it relevant?

There is no question that churches have been deeply impacted by the pandemic, but now it begs to ask if the Church is still alive, moving, and relevant to our lives. In this episode Ronald and Eli explain what a biblical Church and the roles that each member of the body have.
26/01/202233 minutes 11 seconds
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We're back!

In this episode the gang catches up on what has happened over the summer and what the New Calvary is going to look like in the Fall.
13/09/202130 minutes 45 seconds
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What is hell?

In this episode the crew talk about hell, some common misconceptions that some may have about it and what the bible has to say about it.
21/06/202132 minutes 14 seconds
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Are tattoos a sin?

Jacque, Frank, and Eli talk about tattoos and whether or not it’s a good idea to get one.
07/06/202131 minutes 42 seconds
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What will heaven be like?

02/06/202134 minutes 45 seconds
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What is God's will for your life?

How can you know God's will for you life? Frank and Eli tackle this question with their own experiences and where they are today.
24/05/202133 minutes 23 seconds
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Can Christians drink?

In this episode, Jacque, Frank, and special guest Josh Rainha tackle the question on Christians and drinking. 
17/05/202134 minutes 20 seconds
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Frequently asked Christian Questions

14/04/202134 minutes 43 seconds
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Suicide: How do we respond? How does God see it?

15/03/202144 minutes 50 seconds
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Mask or no mask?

07/03/202143 minutes 44 seconds
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Catching Up

01/03/202134 minutes 33 seconds
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15/02/202137 minutes 5 seconds
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Dating: How the heck do we do it?

08/02/202142 minutes 38 seconds
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Singleness: Blessing or Curse?

01/02/202134 minutes 8 seconds
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25/01/202134 minutes 1 second
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2020 Recap

28/12/202032 minutes 22 seconds
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Mental Health: Anxiety and Depression

21/12/202037 minutes 34 seconds
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Covid Weddings

15/12/202029 minutes 18 seconds
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What is conflict and how do we handle it?

16/11/202045 minutes 42 seconds
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Life After College: Finances

09/11/202039 minutes 16 seconds
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Life After College: Friendships

Jacque, Frank and Eli talk about their friendship circles and relationships after college.
02/11/202032 minutes 59 seconds
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Life after College: Career expectations

Frank, Jacq, and Eli start a new series on life after college.
28/10/202035 minutes 53 seconds
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Why should Christians vote?

Chad joins the team and expresses the importance of Christians voting.
26/10/202042 minutes 28 seconds
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Our reactions to Ravi Zacharias allegations

12/10/202034 minutes 12 seconds
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05/10/202033 minutes 28 seconds
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Self care. Is it biblical?

28/09/202038 minutes
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How has social media affected our generations today?

21/09/202033 minutes 47 seconds
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How have your friends shaped your life?

16/09/202038 minutes 54 seconds
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Goodbye Marcus Pt. 2

07/09/202036 minutes 48 seconds
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Goodbye Marcus Pt. 1

31/08/202039 minutes
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Happy birthday Frank and Jacque!

25/08/202033 minutes 30 seconds
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In this episode Jacque, Frank, and Eli share their experiences with mission trips and what to expect whenever you do go on one.
17/08/202034 minutes 1 second
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College Years

In this episode, Frank and Eli take a stroll down memory lane and talk about their college years. 
10/08/202029 minutes 56 seconds
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Church Kids

In this episode the crew talks about their church upbringings and how that has affected them today.
03/08/202033 minutes 11 seconds