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Generation Crypto is focused on how brands and marketers are exploring and building in the Web3 ecosystem to experiment in and potentially transform their businesses. Each week, our hosts Avery Akkineni of Vayner 3 and Sam Ewen from CoinDesk, will dive into how Fortune 500 brands and new start-ups alike are coming to the blockchain and utilizing new technologies, the creator economy and rewriting fandom/ownership to generate attention, gain customers and create value for their bottom line and those of their communities.
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Merging Digital and Physical Through AR Gaming With Niantic CMO Mike Quigley

Mike Quigley, chief marketing officer of Niantic, discusses the company's history of developing location-based augmented reality games, including Pokemon GO.Today's episode is sponsored by&nbsp;Chainalysis.Listen to this week’s episode where we discuss how Niantic encourages people to explore and bring joy to their lives through the use of AR. We talk about tools for developers, partnerships with brands and his thoughts on the future of AR and generative AI.Links mentioned from the podcast:&nbsp;Sports Illustrated Published Articles by Fake, AI-Generated Writers<a href="
04/12/202342 minutes 46 seconds
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AI and Unlocking Creativity With Chris Duffey, Strategic Development Lead of Adobe

This week, Avery and Sam unpack the OpenAI drama, then chat with Chris Duffey of Adobe on AI's impact on creativity and his view on Web3.Today's episode is sponsored by&nbsp;Chainalysis.In this episode, Avery and Sam interview Chris Duffey, who leads strategic development for Adobe’s Emerging Solutions. We discuss how Adobe is incorporating generative AI into their suite of creative tools including Photoshop, and Duffey's vision for bringing these emerging technologies to brands, creators and 3D worlds.Links mentioned from the podcast:&nbsp;Sam Altman to Return as OpenAI
27/11/202342 minutes 8 seconds
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Inside Gods Unchained and the Evolution of Web3 Gaming With Daniel Paez of Immutable

On this episode of "Gen C," we dive into the current gaming landscape with Daniel Paez, vice president and executive producer of the Immutable digital trading card game Gods Unchained.Today's episode is sponsored by&nbsp;Chainalysis.This week, Avery and Sam interview Daniel Paez, the VP and Executive Producer of Gods Unchained, a successful digital trading card game from Immutable. Daniel shares insights from his experience in traditional gaming at places like Blizzard and discusses the state of Web3 gaming today, including how to build sustainable games and a potentially hot take on why ownership matters less to gamers than we think.Links mentioned from the podcast:&nbsp;<a href="
20/11/202346 minutes 3 seconds
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Crenshaw to Crypto With DeShone Kizer of One of None and Jorge Peniche of The Marathon Clothing

DeShone Kizer and Jorge Peniche join this episode of “Gen C” to discuss their origin stories and how the two brands are collaborating around rapper Nipsey Hussle’s legacy.Today's episode is sponsored by&nbsp;Chainalysis.DeShone Kizer shares how he made the shift in his career from an NFL quarterback to founder of an authentication platform for limited editions called One of None. We discuss the collaboration between Kizer and Jorge Peniche, creative director of Nipsey Hussle’s clothing brand, The Marathon Clothing, and about bringing to life a new NFT project bridging physical Marathon gear and digital collectibles.Links mentioned from the podcast:&nbsp;<a href="" rel="noope
14/11/202351 minutes 33 seconds
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Web3 and the Playbook to Rebuild Trust With Marc Mathieu, Co-Founder of the Web3 Studio at Salesforce

In this episode of “Gen C”, we are re-airing our conversation with Marc Mathieu, the co-founder of the Web3 Studio at Salesforce and was previously CMO at Samsung Americas. He has held senior marketing positions with Unilever, Coca-Cola, among others. His unique and provocative approach to a Web3 strategy is a must listen for all marketers.Today's episode is sponsored by&nbsp;Chainalysis.The Web3 Studio at Salesforce is focused on bringing hundreds of thousands of brands large and small into the Web3 universe. As the largest SAAS company in the world, unlike Nike or Starbucks, Salesforce is not focused on the end consumer, but on the business layer that lies in between. Avery and Sam sit down with Marc to discuss his career, why he is so passionate
06/11/202335 minutes 51 seconds
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From VR to AI, Mattel’s Vision for the Future of Play

This week, Ron Friedman, VP of Mattel Future Lab, joins us to share how Mattel is bringing iconic toy brands into the digital future through a human-centered approach to innovation.Today's episode is sponsored by&nbsp;Chainalysis.Ron Friedman of Mattel Future Lab shares his perspective on the importance of brand authenticity, mainstream accessibility and leveraging Web3 tech to reimagine play. He shares Mattel's vision for pioneering the future while staying true to their mission of connecting people. We talk about iconic brands like Hot Wheels and Barbie and how the brand is continuously looking to evolve these beloved entities.Links mentioned from the podcast:&nbsp;<a href="
30/10/202344 minutes 34 seconds
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Decentralizing Museums With Tom McLeod of Arkive

In this episode of “Gen C,” Tom McLeod, co-founder of Arkive, discusses the company’s goal of making art more accessible through decentralization and community.Today's episode is sponsored by&nbsp;Chainalysis.Tom McLeod, co-founder of Arkive, joins Gen C to discuss his background shifting from music and tech to arts and culture and how his company, Arkive is democratizing art collecting and patronage. Tune in to learn about Tom’s takes on emerging tech, collective ownership and disrupting the traditional museum model.Links mentioned from the podcast:&nbsp;Universal Music sues A
23/10/202341 minutes 21 seconds
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Restaurants, Loyalty and Getting $FLY With Ben Leventhal, Founder and CEO of Blackbird Labs

Nobody understands restaurants like Ben Leventhal. From starting Eater and Resy to his new venture, Blackbird, Ben discusses bringing restaurants on-chain and building loyalty.Today's episode is sponsored by Chainalysis.In this episode of the podcast, Avery and Sam chop it up with Ben Leventhal from Blackbird Labs. Ben has been a successful entrepreneur having started Eater, acquired by Vox, and Resy, acquired by Amex, and is now using NFTs and loyalty rewards on-chain to connect restaurants with their best customers with his new venture, Blackbird Labs.Links mentioned from the podcast:&nbsp;Wearable Life Moment Tech
16/10/202337 minutes 58 seconds
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Sponsored Episode: Regulation and Crypto’s Brand Problem With Jason Somensatto, Head of North America Public Policy, Chainalysis

Jason Somensatto, who leads North America public policy for Chainalysis, discusses regulation, global perspectives and how brands should approach crypto.In this sponsored bonus episode of the podcast, Sam sits down with Chainalysis’ Jason Somensatto to discuss how the current regulatory landscape can be challenging for those looking to build, including in the Global South. We also discuss Jason’s ‘Best Customers vs. Bad Actors’ framework when it comes to risk and data.Links mentioned from the podcast:&nbsp;ChainalysisJason Somensatto on LinkedInFollow us on Twitter:&nbsp;Sam Ewen,&nbsp;<a href="" rel="noopene
12/10/202333 minutes 49 seconds
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Exercising the Innovation Muscle With Julia Klim, VP Strategic Partnerships, BD at Equinox

Julia Klim of Equinox speaks with Avery and Sam on her role and how the lifestyle brand has been on top of fitness and culture trends for decades.In this episode of the podcast, Avery and Sam sit down with Julia Klim, VP Strategic Partnerships and BD at Equinox. Julia discusses how Equinox has evolved its brand over the years and has used innovation and creative partnerships to connect with consumers. Julia also discusses the role of Web3, gamification and alternate realities in the fitness and lifestyle journey.Links mentioned from the podcast:&nbsp;Tom Hanks is an AI brand character and is not happy about itThe Moma and Saatchi Gallery Continue to NFT<a href="h
09/10/202342 minutes 41 seconds
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Three-Part Strategies for Growing International Brands with with Jess Chin, CMO of The Algorand Foundation

Jess Chin shares lessons learned from her time at Nike, Apple ad Meta and how she’s now applying big brand thinking in her role as the Chief Marketing Officer at The Algorand Foundation.In this episode of the podcast, Avery and Sam sit down with Jess Chin, CMO of Algorand Foundation. Jess shares her experiences working at major brands like Apple, Nike, and Meta/WhatsApp before making the jump into the blockchain space at Algorand. She discusses lessons learned from working at these iconic brands, including the importance of being obsessed with product market fit, understanding the consumer and developing products that solve real needs.Links mentioned from the podcast:&nbsp;On Day 146, Screenwriters Reach Deal With Studios to End Their Strike<a href="
02/10/202357 minutes 26 seconds
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Innovation at the Core of Marketing with Alyson Griffin, Head of Marketing at State Farm

Alyson Griffin joins us on the podcast to discuss her experience transitioning from tech marketing roles at Intel and HP to leading marketing for State Farm. In her time at State Farm, Alyson has introduced the brand to Web3 initiatives like bringing Jake to the Metaverse and the State Farm jingle, “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there”. In this episode, we touch on the importance of innovation being at the core of their marketing strategy, the power of earned media, and the benefits of taking risks as a brand.Links mentioned from the podcast:&nbsp;HeyGen AI Video GeneratorCrossmint and Mastercard doing more together for retailers and customers&nbsp;<a href="" rel="noop
25/09/202345 minutes 54 seconds
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Driving Social Impact Through Emerging Technologies: A Conversation With Laurie Keith, VP of The Ad Council

We're thrilled to introduce our latest guest, Laurie Keith, VP of Emerging Media and Technology at Ad Council. Laurie joins us to delve into their collaborative efforts with a diverse range of companies spanning various industries and technologies, all aimed at crafting impactful social campaigns.The Ad Council is a nonpartisan nonprofit that works with brands, creative agencies and media companies via pro bono or donated media bringing awareness to topics like mental health and diversity and inclusion. The Ad Council is responsible for some of the most iconic campaigns like Smokey Bear and McGruff the Crime Dog.&nbsp;Don't miss this week's episode, where you'll discover how they're igniting action on vital issues using technology, the Metaverse, and Web3.Links mentioned from the podcast:&nbsp;<a href="" rel="noopener norefe
18/09/202348 minutes 35 seconds
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Dressing the Digital World With Derek Edwards, Nick Gonzalez and Megan Kaspar

This week, we celebrate the beginning of Fashion Month taking place in New York before moving on to London, Milan and Paris. This conversation was previously recorded at Consensus this past year in Austin, TX.Derek Edwards of Collab+Currency, Nick Gonzalez of UNXD and Megan Kaspar of Red DAO join Toby Bochan on the Consensus stage to discuss the rise of digital fashion, luxury brands entering Web3, the importance of provenance and community building and predictions for the evolution of digital fashion.Links mentioned from the podcast:&nbsp;Toby’s TwitterDerek’s TwitterNick’s Twitter<a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" ta
11/09/202328 minutes 58 seconds
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How Real Estate Is Embracing Web3 With Julie Allen, SVP of Digital and Creative at Howard Hughes

This week on “Gen C,” we spoke with Julie Allen of Howard Hughes Corporation, a major real estate developer exploring Web3 technologies. We discussed how Howard Hughes is leveraging innovative technologies to bridge digital and physical experiences, from VR tours to NFT scavenger hunts.Julie Allen, SVP of Digital and Creative at real estate company Howard Hughes, joins the podcast this week to discuss how a real estate company is innovating in Web3. Julie shares how she got involved in crypto in 2013 and has since been an advocate for bringing Web3 technology and AI to enhance Howard Hughes' physical spaces and to improve the experience of viewing or buying a home for potential buyers.Links mentioned from the podcast:&nbsp;Cheese-Makers Track Their Parme
04/09/202346 minutes 26 seconds
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Don’t Be An Expert, Be A Student with Sandeep Seth, CMO of Coach

Sandeep Seth, CMO of Coach, started off as an engineer before changing his career to focus on marketing. From P&amp;G to Coach, Sandeep shares lessons learned along the way as well as a deeper dive into his perspective on innovation across Web3, Immersive Worlds and AI.&nbsp;&nbsp;Links mentioned from the podcast:&nbsp;Friendtech heats upYouTube tackles AISandeep's TwitterCoach<
28/08/202346 minutes 41 seconds
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Growing A Web3 Brand With Austin Hurwitz, Head of Business Development and Strategy at Doodles

Avery and Sam speak with Austin Hurwitz from Doodles on recent collaborations, managing a Web3 community and channeling creativity with a Web3 based brand.This week's guest is Austin Hurwitz, head of business development and strategy at Doodles. Austin has worked at Amazon and other brands with a focus on music. Now, he is helping to steer Doodles from a pure play Web3 project to a mainstream brand, including recent collaborations with Adidas and CAMP. We hear what Austin and Doodles are focusing on and how they are doing so far.Links mentioned from the podcast:Adidas and BAPE Launch Tokenized SneakersZynga's First Web3 Game</a
21/08/202347 minutes 34 seconds
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Understanding Web3 Talent and Opportunities With Lesley Silverman of UTA

Avery and Sam sit down with United Talent Agency’s Lesley Silverman to talk about career paths in Web3 and how talent agencies can help.This week's guest is Lesley Silverman, Head of Web3 at United Talent Agency. UTA represents many of the most dynamic artists in the Web3 space as well as many of the top actors, directors and creators in the world. We discuss her journey from lawyer to Web3, how creatives are approaching the space and how supporting artists is more about patronage than financial gain.Links mentioned from the podcast:&nbsp;Grimes says she made more from NFTs than musicOnchain Summer<a href="
14/08/202349 minutes 19 seconds
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From Batman to NFTs: How Warner Bros. Discovery Is Building Web3 Into Franchises

Avery and Sam chat with Josh Hackbarth of Warner Bros. Discovery about how major franchises are superserving their existing fan base and exploring new and engaging opportunities in Web3.Our guest this week is Josh Hackbarth, SVP of franchise, DC Comics, animation and NFT commercial development at Warner Bros. Discovery. Hackbarth sits down with Avery and Sam to discuss developing Web3 initiatives for iconic franchises like Batman and Looney Tunes and how to further engage fans by creating open dialogue through Discord.Links mentioned from the podcast:&nbsp;Ralph Lauren Goes Bigger on Fortnite with island and phygital bootsWith rebrand, Claire’s
07/08/202351 minutes 45 seconds
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Building Communities Online With Sam Schoonover of Coachella

We sat down with Sam Schoonover, innovation lead at Coachella, to discuss Coachella Island, music NFTs and the shift in physical experiences with the rise of social media.Sam joins the podcast to talk about his work with Coachella but also as the founder of Forward, a creative and emerging technology studio. He shares his experiences working with entertainment brands in the consumer innovation and technology space ranging from Universal Pictures to Epic Games.Links mentioned from the podcast:&nbsp;Twitter is being rebranded as XAs Actors Strike For AI Protections, Netflix Lists $900,000 AI Job<a href="
31/07/202349 minutes
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The Next Evolution of Gen C with Avery and Sam

On this episode, we talk about Google Play’s policy update allowing NFTs in their apps, Hollywood’s latest proposal amidst the strikes revealing studios want to own the likeness of background actors in perpetuity and Snoop Dogg’s Web3 music platform, Sound. Most importantly, Avery and Sam talk about the expansion of the pod to include more topics and guests. Gen C is the new generation of the internet. The C stands for Crypto, but it also stands for Creators, the Connected Consumer and Collectibles (both digital and physical with OnChain provenance). It stands for Culture and Characters (the ones we play in games and the companion ones that AI is building alongside us. It stands for Community and Digital Citizenship and the new set of transparent and trustless tools being built to govern them. Welcome to the new Gen C!Links mentioned from the podcast:<a href="
24/07/202338 minutes 56 seconds
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Brand Growth and the Consumer Mindset With Rachel Weiss of L’Oréal BOLD Ventures

On this episode of “Gen C,” we discuss the evolution of the beauty industry with Rachel and how emerging tech, from VR and AR to new social platforms like Threads, has challenged the ways she engages with consumers.This episode is sponsored by&nbsp;Chainalysis.Rachel has spent 16 years at L’Oréal where she’s shifted from marketing to digital strategy and innovation, to her current role as early stage investor at L'Oreal BOLD Ventures. Avery, Sam and Rachel talk about the early days of the beauty industry where products were primarily purchased in stores vs. online, how content creators play a large role in bringing awareness to new product launches and how EQ is at the heart of the human experience and connecting with consumers.Links mentioned
17/07/202349 minutes 47 seconds
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The Edges of Innovation With Seth Goldstein, Founder of Bright Moments

Seth Goldstein has consistently been at the forefront of technological innovation. From the nascent stages of the Internet to his role as Entrepreneur-in-residence at Flatiron Partners, he has continually pushed the boundaries of what is possible. He is now pushing forward the generative art movement with Bright Moments.This episode is sponsored by&nbsp;Chainalysis.Seth is a serial entrepreneur who has had a large number of successful companies and a few others that may have been launched a bit before their time. With Avery away, Seth and Sam go deep into Seth’s history, how he thinks about innovation and being ahead of the curve and we hear the origin story and current state of his much beloved generative art organization, Bright Moments, and how ove
10/07/20231 hour 2 minutes 27 seconds
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Defining Culture in Web3 With Jeff Carvalho, Co-Founder of Highsnobiety

This week, we sat down with entrepreneur and trend curator, Jeff Carvalho, to get his perspective on how one builds culture and communities and their intersection in Web3. We also explore his journey from pharmacy school to co-founding global fashion media brand, Highsnobiety.This episode is sponsored by Chainalysis.Jeff Carvalho is the co-founder of Highsnobiety, co-founder of Burrata, and host of the “Culture Club” talk show. He shares his perspective on how technology and culture intersect in Web3 and the impact it has on bringing more users to the space. Plus, Avery and Sam discuss a quick recap of the Cannes Lion Festival.Links mentioned from the podcast:&nbsp;<a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" ta
03/07/202348 minutes 48 seconds
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Metaverse Learning, NFTs in the Intelligence Industry and AI Powered JPEGs With CoinDesk’s Cam Thompson

In this episode, special guest host Cam Thompson from CoinDesk and Sam talk about all of the latest stories and deep dive into metaverse learning and how the German Intelligence division is using NFTs to recruit talent.Cam Thompson is CoinDesk’s web3 journalist and is also a host of the “Carpe Consensus” podcast on the CoinDesk Podcast network. Cam and Sam break down the latest stories and trends on what is happening in AI, NFTs and metaverse learning.Links mentioned from the podcast:&nbsp;Brycent Playing the Nike x Fortnite collaborationAlethea AI and ChatGPTGerman
26/06/202338 minutes
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Sponsored Episode: Understanding Brand Safety and Trust In NFTs, Featuring Ian Andrews of Chainalysis and Christoffer Poulsen of Bang & Olufsen

In this special partner episode, we focus on how Chainalysis brings a security mindset to brands operating in the NFT space and we speak with Bang &amp; Olufsen on their recent audio-focused NFT launch.Bang &amp; Olufsen has been in the luxury audio space since 1925 with an eye towards design and high end customer experiences. They turned to Chainalysis to ensure that they were utilizing best practices in their tech stack to not only ensure that they were operating in a safe and secure manner but also that the consumers who were buying their NFTs were not funneling dark money into their purchase. Chainalysis’ Ian Andrews (CMO) and B&amp;O’s Christoffer Poulsen join us to discuss how it all came together in this special sponsor episode.Links mentioned from the podcast:&nbsp;Chainalysis Website<a href="" rel="noopener
22/06/202335 minutes 30 seconds
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Collaborating With Communities, Featuring Shannon Snow of World of Women and Tatiana Lupart of Moët Hennessy

In this episode, we discuss how legacy brands are building and growing in this creator economy and the importance of finding communities that are aligned with their mission.Coming off of a recent collaboration between World of Women and Cloudy Bay Vineyards (LVMH) in Lisbon, Shannon and Tatiana share their insights on ideal brand partnerships, previous executions in Web3 like WoW’s partnership with Nicole Richie’s House of Harlow and the correlation between Web3, socializing and IRL events.Links mentioned from the podcast:&nbsp;Fewocious Announces Adidas CollabGuy Fieri and Sammy Hagar Launch Web3 Tequila Loyalty Program<
20/06/202349 minutes 40 seconds
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Exploring Virtual Worlds With Ashley McCollum of Roblox

On this week’s episode of “Gen C,” we’re joined by Ashley McCollum, head of immersive media solutions at Roblox as they roll out their immersive media platform and to discuss their creator network.Roblox has worked with a number of brands to bring immersive brand experiences into the space, from meditation with Alo Yoga to the Gucci Garden exhibit. Ashley shares her perspective on how activating in the metaverse can bring value to brands, how they are building a new ad platform and how their five million strong creator network is monetizing on the platform.Links mentioned from the podcast:&nbsp;Louis Vuitton To Release $39,000 Physical-Backed NFTs<a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_b
12/06/202355 minutes 29 seconds
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The Music Fandom Ecosystem With Avenged Sevenfold’s Matt Sanders and Ticketmaster’s David Marcus

This week’s episode of “Gen C” features Ticketmaster EVP of Global Music David Marcus and Avenged Sevenfold Lead Singer Matt Sanders to discuss tokenized ticket experiences, deepening fan relationships and building infra for artists.This episode is sponsored by Chainalysis, PayPal and WineChain.Avenged Sevenfold won MTV’s best new artist award in 2006, has released eight studio albums, counts millions of monthly fans on Spotify, has been nominated for Grammy awards and are some of the most forward t
06/06/202357 minutes
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Tokenizing Once in a Lifetime Experiences With Andy Krainak, President of VeeFriends

In this week’s episode of “Gen C,” VeeFriends President Andy Krainak comes on the podcast to discuss VeeCon year two, creating with Gary Vaynerchuck and how VeeFriends is activating a very loyal audience with empathy.This episode is sponsored by&nbsp; took a chance 11 years ago by tweeting at Gary V and asking for an internship. Fast-forward and Andy now leads VeeFriends, Gary’s successful Web3 brand NFT, event pass and community. He comes on the pod to discuss the most recent VeeCon conference in Indianapolis that featured everyone from Busta Rhymes to Drew Barrymore and Deepak Chopra. Krainak shares how major brands got involved, which speakers excited the audience most and how the event and community will evolve in time. Avery and Sam also discuss Bitcoin NFTs, Brave Browser’s rece
29/05/202344 minutes 50 seconds
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Building Disruptive Brands from Web2 to Web3 With Kate Rouch, CMO of Coinbase

On this week’s episode of Gen C, Coinbase's Kate Rouch talks about how the brand is looking to not only attract new users but also improve the industry at large through technology and education.Kate was at the forefront of growing the Meta brand, formerly Facebook, and product marketing for eleven years prior to making the jump to Coinbase. She joins the podcast to discuss how working at an innovative and disruptive company like Meta helps to inform her work at Coinbase. She also gives us the insider scoop on how the infamous Super Bowl ad with the bouncing QR code came to be and what the results were. Avery and Sam also discuss AI Girlfriends, Pudgy Penguin toys and Nike’s first .Swoosh drop.Links mentioned from the podcast:CREATOR OF RENTABLE "AI GIRLFRIEND" SAYS IT'S GONE ROGUE&nbsp;<a href="https://twitter.
22/05/202341 minutes 3 seconds
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Bobby Hundreds, Co-Founder of The Hundreds, Thinks It Is Still Early for Web3 and Why We Need to Give It Room to Grow

Avery and Sam sit down with streetwear legend and Web3 entrepreneur Bobby Hundreds on the eve of the release of his new book, "NFTS ARE A SCAM." Bobby discusses his thoughts on how brands should build Web3 projects, his approach to culture and community and how AIR may be the most Web3 movie ever made.This episode is sponsored by&nbsp; the last 20 years, Bobby and Ben Hundreds of The Hundreds have successfully built a global brand through their forward-looking approach to community and creative collaboration. In 2021, they released the Adam Bomb Squad NFT project to tremendous success, and they are credited with being a blueprint for many mainstream brands' entry into the Web3 ecosystem. Bobby Hundreds discusses his approach to culture and crypto with Avery and Sam and talks about his
15/05/20231 hour 10 minutes 14 seconds
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Democratizing Ownership: The Future of Crypto Adoption and Brand Integration, With MoonPay CEO Ivan Soto-Wright

MoonPay’s Ivan Soto-Wright joins Avery and Sam to discuss how MoonPay is helping to onboard brands and consumers into Web3 with simple tools to expand opportunities in a digital future.From the origin story of trying to create a buy crypto button for to today, when over 15 million people have engaged with MoonPay financial services, Ivan Soto-Wright has helped to create one of the more ubiquitous Web3 brands. MoonPay is particularly strong in helping many of the world’s top brands join the ecosystem: Time Magazine, Alo Yoga, FOX, Christie’s and many others use MoonPay to enable entry into Web3. Hear about the state of MoonPay with Ivan and learn how they are leveraging MoonPay globally with a new app launch.Links mentioned from the podcast:&nbsp;LeBron wears RTFKT&nbsp;<a href="
08/05/202347 minutes 29 seconds
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Evaluating the Web3 Music Ecosystem, With Oana Ruxandra of Warner Music Group

This episode is sponsored by&nbsp; live at Consensus 2023 in Austin, Texas, Oana Ruxandra, chief digital officer for Warner Music Group joins Avery and Sam on stage to discuss fandom, non-fungible tokens in music and how artists and music labels are strategizing 360 approaches to help artists’ careers.Oana Ruxandra started her career as a financial portfolio manager before transitioning into the entertainment industry. As chief digital officer for Warner Music Group, she helps artists navigate innovation and the artist/fan engagement cycle. In this conversation, discussed live on stage in Austin at Consensus 2023, Oana sheds light on how Web3 is helping artists engage with fans, building experiences in the metaverse and the precarious landscape of generative artificial intelligenc
01/05/202328 minutes 47 seconds
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Innovating a 114-Year-Old Brand with Ciara Byrne of Condé Nast

This episode is sponsored by&nbsp;;Ciara Byrne, vice president of new business innovation at Condé Nast joins the podcast to discuss the many ways the publishing company has experimented with the metaverse, digital art and digital collectibles through brands including GQ and Vogue. “Gen C” is sponsored by Chainalysis.Ciara Byrne discusses her journey from Google, where she focused primarily on DoubleClick, to Condé Nast’s incubator, where she works to build new business streams, shifting away from traditional advertising models. During her time at Condé, she’s launched multiple metaverse experiences and non-fungible token (NFT) collections celebrating art, fashion and music. Listen as Ciara discusses her approach to Web3, and how strategy and brand authenticity p
24/04/202344 minutes 19 seconds
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Innovation, Security and Snoop Dogg with Ian Rogers of Ledger

This episode is sponsored by;Ian Rogers, chief experience officer for Ledger, joins the podcast to talk about his career in innovation, the importance of security and his long view of the ever-increasing role of digital assets in our lives. Ian Rogers discusses his early career moves at Winamp, Beats, Apple Music, LVMH and having that "aha" moment when he decided to join Ledger as chief experience officer. He shares his thoughts on digital assets, identity, culture and designing hardware and software systems that protect the valuable items in our lives. Sam and Avery also explore Ian’s long-view approach on building out transformational technology products, and why he’s not worried about minor bull and bear moments in crypto. Listen as Ian talks about the import
17/04/202347 minutes 23 seconds
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On Gaming and Brand Building with Ryan Wyatt of Polygon Labs

Ryan Wyatt, president of Polygon Labs, joins the "Gen C" podcast to discuss his extensive experience in gaming prior to his current role and how he and Polygon Labs are helping bring brands into Web3 through their technology. Ryan Wyatt shares his experience growing the Polygon Labs team, the development and growth team of Polygon, which has worked with big name brands ranging from Starbucks to Immutable. Sam and Avery pick Ryan's brain on how he approaches Web3 from the interoperability of communities, his take on whether wallets are a barrier to bringing people into the space and the digital ownership model.Links mentioned from the podcast:&nbsp;Asprey Buggati Egg CollectionBrit
10/04/202349 minutes 33 seconds
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The Tokenization of Culture, With Neda Whitney of Christie’s

Neda Whitney, SVP, Head of Marketing at Christie’s discusses her career in Marketing, the historic Beeple sale and being the first auction house to exist on chain.On this week’s episode, Neda, Sam and Avery talk about the value of collecting digital art, dispelling the meaning of ‘crypto art’ and building loyalty with audiences through NFTs. Prior to Christie’s, Neda spent 20 years in agencies spanning from luxury PR to digital marketing.Links mentioned from the podcast:&nbsp;Wassies NFT Prices Surge as Crypto Twitter Lore-Themed Hotel Opens in SingaporeUnreal Engine Fortnite (UEFN): The ability to build your own worlds within the Fortn
03/04/202346 minutes 16 seconds
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Augmenting Our Imaginations, With Mickey Friedman of

Mickey Friedman, founder of, a product photography and advertising composition tool that is AI generated, joins the “Gen C” podcast this week to discuss the future of artificial intelligence.Mickey Friedman shares her knowledge of AI, a hot topic for not only those in Web3 but anyone on the internet who has come across ChatGPT, DALL-E or Midjourney. Mickey was at Tesla and Adobe prior to co-founding In this episode, we discuss everything from AI for brand marketing to copyright infringement to whether or not AI is part of Web3.Links mentioned from the podcast:&nbsp;A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie POAPAtlanta Home Tokenized on Ethereum, Net
27/03/202346 minutes 18 seconds
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Web3: The Future of Cultural Evolution with Nick Adler, MNTGE

Nick Adler joins the podcast to talk about his journey into Web3 and how he’s bringing culture to digital wearables through his love of streetwear. From onboarding Snoop Dogg into Web3 to being an early holder of Bored Apes and most recently, founding MNTGE, a Web3 company focused on streetwear, vintage fashion and digital collectibles, Nick shares his long-term version and approach in the space.Links mentioned from the podcast:&nbsp;Meta Will End Support for NFTs on Instagram, FacebookSesame Street to Launch First NFTs With VeVe, Starting With Cookie Monster Digital Collectibles at $60 Each<a href="
20/03/20231 hour 8 minutes 24 seconds
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Breaking Down Web3 Gaming, Wallet as a Service and Tokenization With CoinDesk’s Rosie Perper, Deputy Managing Editor for Web3

Rosie Perper, Web3 journalist for CoinDesk, joins “Gen C” to discuss the latest moves in Web3.Rosie Perper, CoinDesk’s Deputy Managing Editor for Web3 joins Avery and Sam to discuss some of the bigger stories happening in NFTs, Web3 gaming, tokenized social clubs and playlists as well as the latest Vayner research on the Web3 consumer.Links mentioned from the podcast:&nbsp;Coinbase starts Wallet as a ServiceThe Otherside ‘Second Trip’<a href="" rel="noopener noreferre
13/03/202338 minutes 12 seconds
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Interoperable Loyalty With Ty Haney, Co-Founder and CEO of Try Your Best

Ty Haney, the founder of Outdoor Voices, joins Gen C to discuss community loyalty, rewards, Web3 and her new company, Try Your Best.Ty Haney is a serial entrepreneur. She started Outdoor Voices while she was in her early 20s and built the company into an athletic apparel powerhouse through community and social media power. She is now the CEO of Try Your Best, a platform for brands and fans to connect and build Web3 rewards ecosystems. She also discusses Joggy, her alternative energy drink brand and how she is building the brand through tokenized community.Links mentioned from the podcast:&nbsp;Gaming Engine Unity Taps MetaMask, Immutable X and Solana for Web3 Developer Tools<a href="
06/03/202350 minutes 10 seconds
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Bonus Episode: Overpriced JPEGs and Gen C Discuss Events and NFT Ticketing

Avery, Sam and Carly Reilly, the host of Overpriced JPEGs, break down the events and ticketing industry and why NFTs and the blockchain can help rewrite the system. Carly Reilly, the host of Overpriced JPEGs, joins Avery and Sam on a joint episode to discuss how NFTs and the blockchain are changing IRL experiences for attendees. They also introduce Microcosms, CoinDesk’s first NFT Pass for Consensus, VeeCon 2023 and the Overpriced Happy Hour tour. Reilly’s podcast, Overpriced JPEGs, touches on Web3, the metaverse and emerging technology and if NFTs are overpriced JPEGs or technology that will change the world.Links mentioned from the podcast:Carly Reilly's TwitterOverpriced JPEGs’ Twitter<a href="" rel="n
01/03/20231 hour 5 minutes 1 second
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Bringing Mindfulness Into the Metaverse With Angelic Vendette, CMO and Global Head of Marketing of Alo Yoga

Angelic Vendette discusses the importance of brand authenticity and how a mission that is centered around mindfulness and wellness can enter either immersive worlds or the NFT space authentically while staying true to core brand values.CMO and Global Head of Marketing of Alo Yoga, Angelic Vendette joins the podcast to share insights on how Alo Yoga built one of the most successful experiences on Roblox and are expanding in digital collectibles. Vendette discusses the intentionality of the brand whether it's in the Metaverse or at NYFW with the announcement of their Aspen collection, the brand’s first premium line that includes both physical and digital rewards.Links mentioned from the podcast:&nbsp;GQ Magazine to Launch Its First NFT Collection Linked to Real-World Rewards<
27/02/202337 minutes 48 seconds
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How Ownership Changes the Experience With Adam Brotman and Andy Sack, Co-Founders and Co-CEOs of Forum

Adam Brotman and Andy Sack of Forum3 discuss how they help brands build Web3-powered loyalty programs, most notably for Starbucks Odyssey.Adam Brotman and Andy Sack talk about their journey into Web3, one that includes the actor and entrepreneur, Brock Pierce. Together they’ve created Forum3, a strategic advisory company for Web3 initiatives, and have worked with some of the largest brands entering the space. From Starbucks to The New York Times, Forum3 educates brands on the ethos of the ownership economy and the value Web3 brings in developing deeper relationships with consumers.Links mentioned from the podcast:&nbsp;Gabe Leydon’s Limit Break has $200M to make a new kind of blockchain game<a href="" rel="noopener nor
21/02/202347 minutes 12 seconds
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Web3 Has Purpose Built in, With Global VP of Adidas /// Studio Erika Wykes-Sneyd

Erika Wykes-Sneyd joins “Gen C” this week and discusses how her passion for Web3 resulted in her creating the Adidas /// Studio dedicated fully to Web3 initiatives.As a seasoned marketer, Erika’s career prior to Adidas includes Playstation, Google, Uber and Paypal where she was at the forefront of launching brands and initiatives that have had a large impact in culture. Her current role at Adidas was one that she championed herself to create by showcasing the value of Adidas having a Web3 strategy. Since she joined, Adidas has executed successful launches such as ‘Into the Metaverse’ and collaborations with Bored Ape Yacht Club, Prada, GMoney and others.Links mentioned from the podcast:&nbsp;Reddit Super Bowl tweetFollow us on Twitter:&nbsp;<a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" targ
13/02/202342 minutes 49 seconds
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10 Episodes In – Recap and Current State of the Market

Avery and Sam look back on the past ten episodes of the podcast and share their observations and perspectives on hot and emerging topics for brands, creators and consumers.This week on “Gen C,” Avery and Sam discuss a number of topics that have been top of mind both in the news and generally in the Web3 space. From NFT tickets and collectibles to AI and its impact on creators and brands, tune in to hear hot takes and alpha from our co-hosts as we celebrate and reflect on ten episodes of “Gen C.” Links mentioned from the podcast:&nbsp;Rolling Loud NFT PassAI Drake songAI Seinfeld<a href="
06/02/202338 minutes 54 seconds
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Where Business Value Meets Cultural Value With Sophie Kelly, SVP of Whiskies at Diageo North America

Hear how Sophie’s curiosity for Web3 allowed her to tap into a new market of consumers and connect with them in ways that are more collaborative and iterative than in Web2.Sophie Kelly, SVP of Whiskies at Diageo North America joins us this week on the podcast to share her experience spanning from media to advertising and digital agencies and her current role on the client side at Diageo. She shares insights on how to approach marketing to a Web3 audience and the importance of creating incremental value as a brand to its target consumers. Plus, Avery and Sam discuss Doodles 2 on Flow and the polarizing Porsche NFT drop in the weekly round up.Links mentioned from the podcast:&nbsp;Doodles Releases Eagerly Awaited New NFT Project Doodles 2 on Flow<a href="https://www.coind
30/01/202342 minutes 16 seconds
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Being Ahead of the Curve With Co-Founder of BFF and Club CPG, Jaime Schmidt

Jaime Schmidt, Co-Founder of BFF and Club CPG joins the podcast to share her journey as a serial entrepreneur. From founding Schmidt’s Naturals to Club CPG to BFF, Jaime drops insight on how creating products and brands for niche interest groups has proven successful and that it doesn’t need to be a one-size-fits-all.Jaime Schmidt has had great success across multiple endeavors and is recently known for co-founding BFF, whose mission is to educate women and non-binary people and onboard them into the world of Web3. She joins the podcast this week to share how she’s successfully launched brands in the Web2 and Web3 space and discusses how patience and timing are key in allowing communities to grow and extract the most value from their Web3 experiences.Links mentioned from the podcast:&nbsp;<a href=";mc_eid=09d41285ed" rel="noopener nore
23/01/202340 minutes 56 seconds
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Web3 and the Playbook to Rebuild Trust With Marc Mathieu, Co-Founder of the Web3 Studio at Salesforce

Marc Mathieu not only is the Co-Founder of the Web3 Studio at Salesforce but previously was CMO at Samsung Americas. He has held senior marketing positions with Unilever, Coca-Cola, among others. His unique and provocative approach to a Web3 strategy should be a must listen for all marketers.The Web3 Studio at Salesforce is focused on bringing hundreds of thousands of brands large and small into the Web3 universe. As the largest SAAS company in the world, unlike Nike or Starbucks, Salesforce is not focused on the end consumer, but on the business layer that lies in between. Avery and Sam sit down with Marc to discuss his career, why he is so passionate about Web3 and Salesforce’s role in it. They also dive into key lessons from Marc’s career that affect his perspective on the new internet.Links mentioned from the podcast:&nbsp;<a href="
16/01/202345 minutes 22 seconds
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Bringing Web3 to 3 Billion People, With Spencer Gordon, Group Vice President, Consumer Connections at Anheuser-Busch

With billions of customers around the globe, Anheuser-Busch (AB) produces some of the most popular products in the world. In this episode, Spencer Gordon joins us to discuss how AB entered the Web3 space and how Anheuser-Busch is utilizing its heritage brands to deepen customer relationships and create unique connections through collectibles, communities and experiences.Spencer Gordon, group vice president, consumer connections at Anheuser-Busch sits down with Avery and Sam to discuss AB’s long-term approach and Web3 strategy with legacy brands including Budweiser and Bud Light. Hear Spencer’s take on how to create longstanding value directly to consumers through targeted tactics that ladder up to a brand’s core strategy.Links mentioned from the podcast:&nbsp;The NFL and Bud Light An
09/01/202347 minutes 14 seconds
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The Accessibility Layer of Web3 With Fonz, Founder and CEO of TokenProof

Hear how TokenProof is making Web3 safer while bringing utility, identity and access points to brands and NFT communities for live events around the world. This week’s guest is Fonz, Founder and CEO of TokenProof. Hear how TokenProof started and why the growing platform is the chosen method of ticketing and wallet identification for events from NFTNYC to Art Basel to brand activations large and small.Links mentioned from the podcast:&nbsp;Christie’s Sales Are DownChatGPTDall-eMidjourney<a href="https://tokenproof
27/12/202238 minutes 16 seconds
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Bridging the Physical to the Digital With Kate Brady, Head of Next Gen DTC Connections & Innovation of PepsiCo

For big corporations like PepsiCo, we talk about the challenges of bringing their heritage brands into the space. This week’s guest is Kate Brady, Head of Next Gen DTC Connections and Innovation of PepsiCo. Brady has helped bring highly beloved brands including Cheetos, Gatorade and Pepsi into the metaverse and Web3. She discusses the mindset needed to bring Web3 innovation to a large, cross-functional organization.Links mentioned from the podcast:&nbsp;The Pepsi Mic Drop WebsitePepsi Mic Drop NFT CollectionThe Pepsi Black, Zero Sugar NFT Collection<a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer
19/12/202245 minutes 10 seconds
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The Fandom of Digital Collectibles, With Matt Kalish, president of DraftKings North America

Matt Kalish joins the podcast this week to talk about how bullish he is on Web3 and NFTs, going so far as to updating his LinkedIn picture to a BAYC PFP. In this episode, we touch on brands entering the World Cup conversation with their own digital collectibles, and a potential hot take on how Apple is missing the mark when it comes to the blockchain. Matt Kalish, president of DraftKings North America, joins the podcast to share insights on how DraftKings meets its consumers where they are through fantasy sports and digital collectibles. A key takeaway being that audience market fit is as important as product market fit.&nbsp;Links mentioned from the podcast:&nbsp;Web3 Is Heading to the World Cup<a href="
12/12/202247 minutes 34 seconds
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Wen Web3 IRL?

This week, we’re on the road in Miami to discuss trends we’re seeing at Miami Art Week and dropping some alpha on how brands can effectively reach the crypto and Web3 audience with IRL events and activations.At Miami Art Week, we saw people being brought together to celebrate art and culture with even more traditional brands leaning into Web3. Avery and Sam break down their on-the-ground observations, from Oscar Mayer to Prada, on creative activations and how it’s more clear than ever that brands both in Web2 and Web3 are vying for the same audience, especially at large cultural events.Links mentioned from the podcast:&nbsp;TIME President Keith Grossman Joins Crypto Payments Startup MoonPay<a href="
05/12/202237 minutes 32 seconds
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The Inevitability of Web3 With CMO of Vista, Ricky Engelberg

After ushering Nike into the digital era, CMO Ricky Engelberg discusses how he’s helping both businesses and creators understand the importance of community, innovation and brand management in his current role at Vista.On this week’s podcast, Sam and Avery touch on the latest news in Web3, from JPMorgan registering a trademark for cryptocurrency wallets to Coachella’s lifetime NFTs stuck on FTX. This week’s guest, Ricky Engelberg talks about how to make onboarding people into Web3 easier, including not using the word phygital.Links mentioned from the podcast:Vayner Web3 Trend ReportRicky's TwitterVista's Twitter<a href="h
28/11/202243 minutes 21 seconds
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Doubling Down With Magdalena Kala

Consumer investor and founder of the consumer Web3 fund, Double Down, Magdalena “Mags” Kala joins Sam and Avery as the first guest of the "Gen C" podcast.After spending years at Bain and as a consultant, Mags has a unique perspective on the power of consumer Web3 opportunities. Listen as she shares insights on what it means to be a consumer-centric investor and how she thinks about consumer psychology.Links mentioned from the podcast:&nbsp;[Article] A Tale of Two Narratives: Money Crypto vs. Tech CryptoDouble Down websiteMags' Twitter<a href="" rel="noopene
21/11/202253 minutes 17 seconds
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TRAILER: Gen C is Generation Crypto

Generation Crypto is focused on how brands and marketers are exploring and building in the Web3 ecosystem to experiment in and potentially transform their businesses. Each week, our hosts Avery Akkineni of Vayner 3 and Sam Ewen from CoinDesk, will dive into how Fortune 500 brands and new start-ups alike are coming to the blockchain and utilizing new technologies, the creator economy and rewriting fandom/ownership to generate attention, gain customers and create value for their bottom line and those of their communities.-This trailer was edited &amp; produced by&nbsp;Adrian Blust and Jonas Huck with original music by&nbsp;Doc Blust, Channel Tres &amp; omgkirby.See Privacy Policy at <a href="" r
10/11/20221 minute 11 seconds