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The American tech company Apple has revolutionized the market several times. Whether with his pioneering operating system, his iPhone, iPad or the iTunes store. The world has always loved the innovations from California and has bought these products en masse. More than 15 years ago, Apple first established the podcast function in iTunes. A lot of time has passed since then. The podcasts have conquered the world and continue to enjoy tremendous attention. Now Apple is preparing to dare to innovate again. After all, Apple has long ceased to be the sole ruler of the podcast market. Spotify has grown into a serious competitor. Therefore, Apple is now planning to introduce a payment function for podcasts. That could cause a stir. After all, Apple was partly responsible for the boom. The name podcast itself initially came from the iPod mp3 player. The iTunes store popularized the shows. Today, almost 20 years later, everything is different. There are now countless podcast publishers. Streaming services, in particular, invest a lot of money to bind listeners to their service and then sell them subscriptions. Spotify, for example, buys formats exclusively. The Swedish company is said to have invested billions of euros in podcasts to date. That also includes company takeovers such as those of Gimlet, Anchor and Megaphone. Producers Can Now Ask For Money So Apple has become one of many providers in the meantime. So far, the group has not tried to turn its offer into face value. That could change now. Apple CEO Tim Cook last presented a new function at the spring keynote. The podcast app has a unique feature with the latest iOS 14.5 operating system. That should enable the producers of podcasts to offer paid content on the platform in the future. To do this, however, they have to participate in the new Apple Podcasters Program. However, that only costs $ 20 a year. After that, they can ask for money for their podcasts. You determine the price yourself. Apple then deducts the amount from the listener monthly or annually. Apple collects a commission for this. The group already uses this system with the Apple ID in the App Store and Apple TV, and Apple Music. You can share the podcast with your own family. Up to six people can take part. At the same time, Apple will provide its customers with an analysis function. That is how to podcast producers can measure the success of their shows. Producers Can Now Ask For Money But the $ 20 annual fee is not enough for the producers. If rumours are true, the group will receive a commission of 30 per cent of sales in the first year of use. This fee should then be only 15 per cent in the second year. That is nothing new; Apple also charges similarly high commissions in other areas of its business model. Exclusivity is not required, but it makes perfect sense. After all, a podcast listener expects an added value. That could be due to the abandonment of advertising and the addition of exclusive content.
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Podcasts are among the big winners of digitization. At first glance, this format of entertainment seems like from another time, but the success of the past proves it right. As the programs of radio, the podcasters entertain their audience with exciting stories or lectures. The film star Orson Welles demonstrated what this could do more than 80 years ago. At that time he set to music the famous novel War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells and moved the plot to what was the USA at that time. The broadcast on Halloween night caused a lot of panic for citizens. This gave an insight that cleverly constructed radio plays might be a program of news. The aliens did not invade New York at that time, but the radio showed its power once again. Great stories can still captivate the listeners today. The countless podcasts on a wide variety of topics are good proves. Unlike on the radio, these are always available, and listeners can choose the most interesting topics individually at any time. The fascination of the medium has also motivated numerous large players to enter the business on a large scale. Spotify, which grew up by streaming music, has long recognized as the trend, and this platform has a strategy to make podcasts even more popular. Reports, Analyzes, And Backgrounds Although striking images are increasingly replacing the written or spoken word, you can observe the opposite trend in podcasts. If you believe in the research made by the polling institute Edison Research, almost 150 million Americans have heard a podcast at least once in their life. This trend is spreading to other continents also. The technological development gave an opportunity to provide their own podcasts to many people. You will find countless reports, analyzes, and background information that you overhear in the daily noise of the media. So, if you are interested in a specific topic, you can easily choose a  podcast and learn a lot. They are both up-to-date and timeless. You can hear them when you have the time and desire to do so. The topics cover all areas of life. It has never been so easy to enter the world of podcasters as it is now. Anyone who has something to say to the world can do it without much effort, knowledge, or equipment. Reports, Analyzes, And Backgrounds This form of learning is most successful in South Korea. More than 58% of the population listen to a podcast at least once a month there. Spain, Sweden, and the USA are following the trend. The audio files needed a longer start-up time to be successful. The first podcasts came out in 2004. Apple also recognized this trend in a good time with its iTunes Store and launched the first of them in 2005. For a long time, only a few people were interested in podcasts, but now the trend has boomed. Now the influence of podcasts has become enormous and there is an advantage for business also. After all, 40% of listeners state that they were inspired by a podcast to buy a specific product.
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Starting your own podcast channel or show has two sides oftasks. The first holds a slew of tech savvy requirements while the second has aflair for creative input and style. Most people who tune in are unaware of thebehind the scenes action leaving them to look at the personality of the hostand content delivered. These are the dynamics that persuade the audience to continuelistening or switch channels altogether. Once you ensure a higher quality oftechnical elements, the rest is up to you as the presenter.  It is exciting to begin a new podcastadventure. There is the hopes of high visibility, a successful show and aseamless transition throughout the process. Aside from the how you will moveyour podcast forward, there is also the who, what and when of the scenario. Podcast How It is the first step for any starting podcaster to considerhow exactly they plan to broadcasttheir show. There are endless options in the internet ocean to choose from. Thisis where some hosts prefer to hire a pro to add to the team. They will takecare of the multitude of technological to dos giving you time to focus on theshow. Podcast What The more complex item in your plan is the official “what” ofyour podcast. Successful shows will fall under one umbrella of subject matter. Itbecomes the draw and special of the hour with a focused topic. Picking a genreis a personal choice and should be something you have knowledge in, experiencewith and a genuine interest towards the core of the podcast. This will lead youto what style you will contribute through the duration. Fun and friendly orengaging and conscientious are a good place to start your contemplation. Podcast Who Podcast Who With the theme on hand and sketched out, there is thequestion of who will do the show with you. Some podcast hosts are solo speakersand others have a whole panel of regulars. Guests, interviews or simply adynamic duet of talent have all been proven to have a positive following. Thisdecision will be included in how your program is formatted and designed.Consistency is important, however changing up the itinerary here or there cankeep the dialogue fresh and revolving. You have the potential for adaptabilitywith guest speakers on occasion and a planned panel of experts for the audienceto look forward to. Podcast When Demographics and knowing your audience will statistically beyour guiding light. Depending on the chosen genre your show will depict, thereis a specific time slot that will prove beneficial. A good example is if yourshow revolves around parenting toddler aged children, a late night schedule willnot apply to most of your listeners. Selecting age groups and lifestyles willdetermine what time of day alongside which advertising and topic routes will bethe best to take. The answers to these questions is a good start to yourpodcast plan of action. Becoming a known name and voice on the circuit willtake time and attention to detail. Your personal touch will shine behind themic as your show grows each listening week.
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Politics today have become a whirlwind of events to discuss.A few decades ago, reputable news channels and stations were dedicated tobringing the truth to the people. Lately, it is difficult to discern politicaltricks from journalistic truths. Without this outlet, it has been left up tothe masses to put the pieces together as if they were working with a 5,000piece puzzle. The world is interconnected having an impact on one another moreso than ever before. What happens next will have effects on a global scale. The political climate is a seasoned melody of severeopinions and ideals. The left versus the right and vice versa has caused one ofthe most volatile periods in recent history. Reminiscent of past times andgrievances, we have a population of humans divided. Social topics have become amainstream agenda with no end in sight. How does one stay informed without thepersuasion of the media? The answer is simple… Podcasts are a key informer whooffer insightful perspectives of what is really happening around us. KCRW’S Left, Right and Center As you can tell from the title, this podcast is balanced inview allowing everyone to take a stand and make mention of their points. Wellrounded and fair, you can expect a visit weekly from each side of the politicalline to discuss the matters at hand. Debunking the media and getting to thebottom of the truth is both informative and casual. Weekly adjustments fromwhat was heard, seen and said can be viewed as the tie breaker among politicalenthusiasts. Crooked Media Even though this Podcast leans to the liberal side of life,they have recently began integrating a conservative point of view to the mix.Their objective is to save the world with topics covering Foreign Policies andaffairs. Growing concerns for the welfare of several countries have inspiredthe need to understand more of how politics work on a global scale. Informationconcerning activist groups, direct effects to cultures globally and Securitycrisis coverage are a few additions that will keep you listening in. Dan Carlin’s Common Sense Dan Carlin’s Common Sense Its finally here! A healthy dose of common sense and realityall rolled up into one tidy Podcast. Without the politically correct notion ofother shows, DanCarlin  takes us through the processof politics, the results and what is fact versus fiction. Seeing the demise ofhard fact news on the political side has prompted him to offer a close look atwhat is happening in real time. He may seem abrasively harsh with a no nonsenseattitude, yet he is also the friend you would want to have lunch with. Hisapproach to political workings will win you over in a matter of minutes. Keeping in tune with political times has never been moreimperative than the current generation. In an everchanging world, knowing thetruth behind the scenes of media will determine our actions or decisions.Podcasts are our way to stay connected with the happenings that are sure toaffect our future.
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The world of Food is full of bright flavors and a sunnyarray of ingredients. It is a connection between cultures that brings familiesand friends together. In earlier decades, food shows were introduced to inspireaudiences with a flair for style and a plethora of personality in the kitchen. Asthe years went on and food processors continued to whir, the topic of greateats took center stage. You can explore global tastes and treats with thesimple push of a button. The growth of technology has made food concepts, ideasand information accessible to anyone at anytime of the day. Podcasts haveincreasingly became the popular way to keep in touch with our interestsbringing our foodie status to the next level. Food Lovers Unite There are a few ways we express our love for Food. Somecultivate their culinary skills for friends and family or as a career choice. Othersprefer to enjoy delightful meals, snacks and noshes through the day. FoodPodcasts take varied approaches to accommodate a buffet of interesting topics. For the Chef Within–If you are looking for some home grown inspiration, “The Kitchen Counter” isperfect for novices and experts alike. They cover the ins and outs of recipes,must have utensils and hold kitchen savvy conversations with lively guests.“Recipe for the Day” offers a new recipe to try that is typically easy tofollow with encore results. Joining this recipe community gives us a funchallenge in the kitchen. A Healthy Voyage–Eating healthy is a priority in many households. “Fed and Fit” is more than asimple salad suggestion. This Food Podcast features delicious ways to stay ontrack while addressing thoughts about smart lifestyles, fitness regimens andthe art of consciousness. “Dr. Bonds Life Changing Wellness” as climbed theranks on Podcast charts. The Dr. gives us vital information in a personable,fun and friendly way that’s easy to follow. His methods help to transform ourlives while building a healthy foundation. Dr. Bonds Life Changing Wellness Food For Fun–A well rounded view of Food is sure to include a few chuckles. Episodes fromPodcasts such as “Burnt Toast”, “SpilledMilk” and “Sporkful” are versed in the matters of the Food heart. Ahumorous yet insightful look at the world of Food has endless possibilities.Hosts and guests will ponder topics that are intriguing and colors outside ofthe lines. The theme is to think outside of the box giving these shows afavorite status in the podcast library. Smart Food- If you are curious about Food trends and history,you will set your clock to join “A Taste of the Past”. For centuries, foodcultures have developed their own methods and flavors. Dining with ancientcivilizations and historic ideals show us the adventurous side of the Foods welove. From fire pit cooking to old world processes, we have come a long way inthe kitchen. Smart Food Podcasts are the perfect way to find your niche. Chefs andfoodies come together for a long list of opportunities. Listen in and staytuned as your favorites become a part of your cooking day.
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An alternate reality toour own exists in the land of celebrity statuses. When life gets too hectic, wecan always escape for a few minutes in the realms of entertainment news. Thehappenings of Hollywood offer us a sneak peek behind the scenes. Celebritiesare known trend setters with the ability to captivate audiences both on and offthe screen. Entertainment news is full of possibilities for the day. Topicsthat are followed closely include the professional and personal lives of ourfavorites. What they wear or buy along with relationship and career steps havetopped the charts of curiosity since the beginning of fame. Combining ourinquisitive natures with the business of our schedule may direct us away fromtelevision and move us towards podcasts. Podcasting is a popular way to keep upwith the times. Entertainment news is a constantly changing universe. A-listershave elaborate lifestyles and specific social dynamics that keep us tuned in. Areliable source is essential if you are looking for valid information. What kind of Entertainment News do Podcasts Cover? Podcasts are a soup tonuts arrangement. If you can think about it, then you can find it. There is aspectrum of Podcast personalities to explore. A part of finding the right matchis knowing what kind of news they cover. Celebrities rank high in search barratings. It is hard to separate real from fake when it comes to their lives.Page 7 and Hollywood breakdown are a couple of podcasts to start with. Theyreview celebrity stories and newsflashes and help discern the truth from tales. New movies are released throughout theyear. Kermode and Mayos film review can walk you through the ins and outs ofthe big screen. If you are wondering that the previews are the only good partof a movie, the Flop House will let you know. Podcasts Mr. Hollywood is yourguide to a gala of gossip and interviews. If you want to know what was said orwhere they’ve been, this is the podcast for you. Infused humor and commentarymake the time fly when you are listening in. Showbiz would be the same if itwasn’t for the secrets and the conspiracies that surround the stars. Tuninginto Scandal is more than a news flash. The show sheds a spotlight on the stageof plots and plans. When the red carpet rolls out, LittleGold Men have you covered. Full insights are offered regardingtelevision, movies and award speculations. Get a front row seat to the winner’scircle while finding out the who’s who of Hollywood. Podcasts are the new wayto stay informed about your chosen subjects of interest. Entertainment news isboth smart and savvy with a side dish of comedy. Stay tuned to your favoriteslist and you will always have the inside scoop.
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If your interest is piqued hearing aboutthe Mandela Effect or unsolved crimes, you will enjoy Podcasts of legends, lore andMystery. The tales and truths that surround us have yet to be deemed as fact orfiction. The lines of limbo have long been a focus for super sleuths andinquisitive minds. Conspiracy theories are aligned with unsolved mysteries suchas crimes, events and happenings throughout history. Podcast programs andchannels are shedding theoretical light into the gray, letting their audiencesultimately decide. If you are looking for a compelling Podcast to become yournext favorite, delve into the intrigue and prepare to be mystified. Weird World Podcast The world is full of “weird” people, placesand things. This Podcast covers odd trinkets across multiple topics. Facts andtheories surrounding unresolved crimes and stories are the tip of themagnifying glass. The show also turns a corner of bizarre events and telling’s.Exploring the strange to mysterious and everything in between, you willcertainly set your calendars to never miss a show. Alltime Conspiracies There are two sides to every conspiracytheory. Reviewing the dynamics of how it began, and evidentiary support willsupply each side of the fence a basis for their beliefs. Conspiracy theoristsare often referred to as radicals, yet the concepts are thought provoking witha very real possibility of being true. If there is a cover up behind thescenes, there will still always be a trace of hints left creating a trail tofollow. Alltime Conspiracies discusses the facts allowing you to decide what isplausible. Thinking Sideways Podcast Nothing is as it seems and ThinkingSideways takes it to a next level discussion. If it is a reflection ofdifferent with a sighting of strange, this podcast will pick it up. True crimesthat are called on scene might have a mirage of facts versus the reality ofwhat occurred. You will find a diverse group of topics that will leave youwondering what is real and what lies behind the mystery. This particularPodcast starts off a skeptical path which can lead to some great momentsthrough the show. Unsolved Mysteries of The World The enigmatic veil we live under presentsitself in many ways. From UFO’s to the ambiguous anomalies of the regions, thisPodcast takes an interest in it. Conspiracies and fascinating legends fill theshow with marveling perspectives. Myths and paranormal observations includesightings, experiences and proven accounts. From the unanswered questions aboutthe pyramids to a bump in the night, you will find yourself listening inregularly. Crawlspace: True Crime and Mysteries If you find unsolved crimes and mysteriesinteresting, this real-life case Podcast makes it a point to discuss detailsthat are the missing pieces of the puzzle. Past and present crimes are reviewedwith old and cold cases alongside the infamous headlines throughout the years.Today’s news and yesterdays questions make for a captivating program in Podcastland. Enjoy the what ifs and whodunnits by tuningin to the weird, odd and strange. Podcasts make it easy to find your favoriteprograms or shows. Look a little deeper with genuine mysteries while findingyour inner detective.
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Podcasts are an innovative way to staytuned and in touch with your favorite topics. Dedicating time to watch shows orcatch up on reading is difficult when you are balancing schedules. Work, homeand family keep us busy through the day and well into the evening. Podcasts area simple solution with a wide variety of options. Parents especially are on therun everyday of the week. Podcasts can come along for the ride or visit the gymfor a workout making it easy for Parents. From helpful tips to pureentertainment, Podcasts cover an array of interests. Podcasts for Parents are handy to have onhand. Once you find a favored few, you can store, download and save them fornow or later listening. Podcasts have hundreds of items on the agenda. Parentswill enjoy the diversity and simplicity while staying on task. With so manychoices, knowing the top picks will get you started on the road to ParentingPodcasts. As you navigate through the menu, you will soon have a libraryfilled with your own listening preferences. Spawned Mostly for parents of elementary ages, thispodcast is both smart and savvy. You will hear anything from news trends to thequippy tales of Parenting. The hosts Kristen and Liz keep it fresh and up todate. Spawned is described as friendly, informative and a neutral zone forParents from all walks of life. The Modern Dads Podcast A Multi-state Dads group turned into amodern Podcast for Fathers. There are pages of Mom themed discussions that canleave Dads out of the inner circle. News, stories and topics of interest aregeared towards a Fathers role as a Parent. Guest speakers offer interestinginsights of the events in the world while providing valuable aspects ofParenting. Mighty Parenting Raising Teens and young adults in thismodern world is full of complex situations. Mighty Parenting makes it theirgoal to cover a range of Teen topics. The mental, emotional and physicalaspects of Parenting a Son or Daughter between the ages of twelve and twentycan prove tough to sift through. Resources and helpful directions make this amust have on your Podcast list. Mighty Mommy For both Moms and Dads, Mighty Mommy isclever and full of real-life Parenting tips. Putting the fuss aside, you willfind the tricks of the Parenting trade most beneficial. The series is effectiveand entertaining in a sensible way.  Fromeveryday hints to assistance with a defiant teen, this Podcast is a one stopParent shop that will inspire you. Totally Mommy Parenting is a roller coaster of twists andturns. This Podcast explores the humorous side and scenarios that only Parentscan relate to. A great feature to the segment is a question and answer sessionbased on real inquiries they receive. Similar to Parenting, Totally Mommy willmake you smile as there is never a dull moment. Podcasts for Parents will keepyou in the loop while are you on the run. Whether you are looking for updatednews or a good chuckle, Podcasts have you covered every day of the week.  
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Podcasts are considered by many a new form of therapy. We are all trapped in traffic every day, we all have bad days and sometimes we just need a moment to relax and find strength to move on. The story of podcasts starts with the famous interviews and amazing motivational speeches that were easy to reach thanks to the advancement of the internet and technology. Now, we tend to listen to them more and more to relax, find inspiration or learn new things. They are a very easy way to disconnect from the outside world and they can be listened to everywhere.But what are the best podcasts to get inspired daily?We have selected some of the best inspirational podcasts to help you cope with the daily struggles and to help you achieve your goals.The Daily Boost: Best Daily MotivationThis is a very funny podcast that will put a smile on your face even if you were stuck in traffic for the past half an hour. This general podcast is very straightforward, and the author has very funny inspirational stories that he lies sharing with his audience. It is a very good podcast for stress-coping and it is perfect to listen to it on your way to work or whenever you are stressed. You are guaranteed to relax and to have a smile on your face at the end of it.The Accidental CreativeA Great podcast for the person that wants to be inspired to be more successful and hard-working. Each episode of this podcast consists of interviews with actors, businessmen and artists that managed to be successful against all odds. This is the best podcast for when you are feeling down, or you have struggles to find your career path. You will feel inspired by the stories of these people and after listening to it you will find the strength to run that extra mile.The Tony RobbinsThis podcast is perfect for those who want to advance in their careers and are interested to learn more about the business world and economics. This podcast is presented by Tony Robbins, a businessman with a vast experience that is ready to share his thoughts with you. It is a great way to learn about the business world fast and how to avoid some of the mistakes that he had made.Beyond the To-Do listA great podcast if you are struggling to become a better person but you find yourself lazy or unwilling. This podcast will tell you how to change minor things in your life to be more successful and to live a fulfilled life.The Overwhelmed BrainA Great podcast for people who suffer from anxiety and chronic stress. It is perfect to help you cope with the daily stress and to learn some anxiety coping techniques that will help you get through the day better and feeling less tired in the evening.
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There are lots of things you could do with your phone, from communication to other activities that are helpful to your daily life. One of the things you can do with a phone is listening to podcasts. Technology has made it possible to move around with a lot of stuff in your pocket as your phone. You now have your radio, music and video collections all in one pocket.Podcasts have been around even before the invention of smartphones. This mode of communication and information transmittal has been around since almost the start of the internet. However, smartphones have made the use of podcasts more popular. It was feared that the invention of smartphones would make podcasts obsolete. The design of smartphones instead increased the popularity of podcasts. You can now listen to your favorite podcast right from any location. All you need is your phone and your headset with a good internet connection and you’ll be set to go.Unlike the conventional radio, the podcast can be produced anywhere; even in the living room of the host, with no limit to the choice topic at a lesser cost and no regulations from the FCC. The rise of podcast came with an unforeseen democratization programming. There are so many podcasts being uploaded on the web today, covering a wide range of topic comprising history, sports, and even actual crime. Truly whatever your taste is there is a podcast out there for you.As a beginner it may seem scary trying to figure out how to listen to podcasts. Podcasts can be downloaded from the web; they are various apps for both Android and iOS that allows you to download and sort different podcasts episodes.Podcast AppsA well-designed podcasting app will give you two things: a list of various podcasts that you can then choose from as well as make it easy for you to then listen to them. These apps will naturally have neat; comprehendible navigate layout. For example, pocket casts offer tabs where you can find most popular podcasts, featured podcasts, trending podcasts and a search bar that allows you to search for different genres or an idea of what you might like to listen to.Subscribing to A Podcast Using a PodcatcherYou need to have a Podcatcher for you to access podcasts that you would love to have on your list. The Podcatcher helps you organize your options as you save your favorite podcast. You will have the chance to download your favorite episodes and bookmark upcoming events, so that you don’t miss any of your new found favorite podcasts.There are so many things you can do with your smartphone. Listening to your favorite podcasts on the go have never been easier, so get your phone configured today and never miss out on those captivating episodes. Stay up to date with new ideas, new talk shows and so much more now that you are a master of listening to podcasts on your phone.
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Podcasts are great for so many things, they can be entertaining but they can also be very educational and helpful. There are tips on how to stay in shape, how to be a better business man and so much more. One topic that seems to be very popular is how to be a better writer. There are so many great podcast, many of which are written by authors, that can help you in your writing goals. Here are a few of our favorite. Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips This podcast is not like the ones you are familiar with. It does not focus on plot, character development, but on the different parts of grammar or even the English language itself. Each episode is targeted at making learners improve their grammar. Writers may feel they don’t make mistakes in spellings and other common errors in writing, but a look at the podcast will help to find problem areas. Also, written guides come in within the podcast to help improve skills in the English language. Your time shouldn’t be given to writing only, try listening to this podcast, too. You don’t want to keep making the same mistakes in your written or spoken English, do you? I Should Be Writing The podcast is all about the tone and style of writing as well as solving the issue of procrastination. Mur Lafferty, a fantasy author, is the host for this podcast. This fun and exciting podcast begins by telling listeners of the time wasted in watching movies instead of engaging in writing.  Notable guests feature in the program, some of whom are Connie Willis and Neil Gaiman. The podcast comprises more than 300 episodes, and each of them is about 15 minutes long minimum or approximately 1-hour most, especially for episodes discussing difficult topics. You can also get the book version of I Should Be Writing which was released in 2017. If you want a podcast that is meaningful and adds fun to learning, I Should Be Writing is your best choice. Writing Excuses This is one of the most original writing podcast you will ever come across. Seasoned writers such as Brandon Sanderson, Dan Wells, Mary Robinette and talented web cartoonist Howard Tayler all feature in this extraordinary podcast. Writing Excuses has successfully run about 13 seasons of their teaching and educating program so far. You get to learn writing more profoundly and interestingly like never. The listener or learner is encouraged to do some homework at the end of each podcast. This homework comes as a creative exercise you must complete before moving on to the next episode. You will feel that you are undergoing a course on creative writing without having to pay for it.  A great feature in Writing Excuses is the experience you get during conversation time when the different authors share their peculiar opinions. Each of these experienced authors is specialized in various aspects of writing, and what they have to say adds to the depth and richness of the entire podcast.
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Are you searching for the right fitness podcast to help keep you going on the treadmill? Or inspire you to get back into the gym before summer hits? Or maybe you already workout but you want some tips on how to improve your workout and diet. Come on board as we take you through a list of some of the amazing podcasts you should try out when next you hit the gym. The Guardian Guide for Running Having troubles with training for a marathon, here is the right podcast to help prepare for your next race. This 8-week podcast intensive training program will improve your stamina, wellbeing, running skills, and overall wellbeing. Every week you tasked with a new assignment; week three is a blend of two-minute walks and 90-second run recovery. You could start listening right away to know what comes up next! The Main Draw from Caitlin Thompson and Chris Neary The tennis podcast “The Main Draw” hosted by Caitlin Thompson and Chris Neary is a seasonal podcast that releases short episodes weekly, to discuss all the recent happenings in the U.S, Wimbledon, Open, etc. Whether you are tennis fan or not but desire to become inspired to start playing and an all-sports guru, The Main Draw is your right podcast for you! The Nutrition Diva’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Eating Well and Feeling Fabulous In this podcast Monica Reinagel gives ten minutes painless, simple methods to enhance your eating habits with experimented facts from real life situations and answering the frequent question we all have about our meals. Monica makes eating more enjoyable and fun, so you learn to make the best of every meal, and soon enough you will have a healthier eating habit and feel more fabulous! The Daily Boost Ranks top among most popular motivational podcast, since its launch in 2006, the daily Boost has recorded over 20 million downloads. Scott Smith hosts the podcast; he discusses concrete ways for healthier living in just nine minutes daily episodes. Listen to an episode today and be sure to get a charge to becoming motivated and upbeat. Food Heaven Podcast This bi-weekly podcast is for everyone who desires to live a greener life and have better wellbeing. BFFs Wendy and Jess reveal the secrets of healthy foods and daily life, filled with lots of humor and information. If you have a passion for nutrition and food, you could give this podcast a trial. Who knows, you could get to learn something new! Marathon Training Academy The coach Angie Spencer will help you unravel your potentials in making a balance between your marathon training and life. The podcast is one of the few running podcasts available. Angie combines her knowledge and experience as a former nurse and practicing helping you develop your running skills and feel better. Sound Bites If you desire to have a clearer understanding of the science and psychology what you eat, sound bite is the perfect podcast for you!  The podcast is hosted by the famous award-winning nutritionist, Melissa Joy Dobbins. Melissa hosts talks with professionals including researchers, dietitians, authors, academics in addressing a variety of topics including farming, diabetes, healthy diets, weight management and dieting, etc.
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Podcasts are considered by many the new therapy and food for the years form of entertainment. They can be listened to virtually anywhere and they are a very good stress coping technique for many people. If at first, they were consisting of interviews with actors and famous people, now they are much more liberalized, and you can find a podcast with anything. Comedy shows have always been extremely popular since they manage to make us relax and because they put a smile on out faces, no matter how stressed we are. Comedy podcasts are a new trend that doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. But many people wonder which the best comedy podcast for them is. We have listed some of the best comedy podcasts to help you relax and to put a smile on your face even if you are stuck in traffic. Amy Schumer presents: 3 girls, One Keith This is one of the most popular comedy podcasts out there. Amy Schumer is well-known for her brutal honesty and rough stand-up comedy style. All these characteristics and even more are transposed in this hilarious podcast. She likes tackling different subjects in her unique style and you will have a good laugh while listening to it. She is one of the best stand-up comedians today, so you are guaranteed to have a blast while listening to her. The Joe Rogan Experience A pod cast that is a different type of comedy podcast. He is well-known as a very successful comedian and this podcast proves this. He has a very rough and unique comedy style that will suit your taste too. He like tackling all sorts of subjects and he isn’t afraid of making fun of a sensitive subject. He is fun, rough and this podcast is here to prove it. You will enjoy it on your way to work or on a long drive. Shane and friends This is a comedy podcast made by the YouTube start Shane Dawson. He is famous for his quirky and sometimes odd humor. He first started by reviewing other videos on YouTube and he has a unique ability to make the most random subject fun. He is very refreshing, and his comedy skills are amazing. His style is not very shouting, and his podcasts are suitable for a general audience. The Breakfast clubs This is original and diverse comedy podcasts out there. The hosts are truly amazing, and they manage to make every piece of news and information funny so that you have a blast while listening to them. They are fresh and sometimes very straightforward, so you will also get an honest opinion of the daily news. Anna Faris is Unqualified A very fresh and fun comedy podcast that is suitable for anyone. Anna is well-known for her amazing comedy skills and unique jokes. You are guaranteed to have a good laugh and to relieve stress while listening to her.
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Now technology is evolving, an era that presents many opportunities to people with the most straightforward technical ability, opportunities like being able to share their vocal skills through broadcast for the world to hear. Most people have turned out to be international celebrities, from lending their voices to the airwaves, creating fame that attracts more ears than an average podcaster. Here are few notable personalities in the podcast industry: Smodcast-Kevin Smith Smith the epitome of excellence is a high achiever in the industry, more especially when it comes to stuff like comics, and movies which are his area of expertise. Aside from being a podcaster, he is a clerk director, and part of the SModcast Podcast Network. Smith with his friends and colleagues have been working selflessly, today the SModcast Network currently hosts nineteen shows and still counting in the podcasting industry. Under The Skin-Russell Brand The famous podcaster Brand focused on revealing “what is beneath the surface” is a talented comedian who discusses on a variety of topics like showbiz, politics, and many others. With the aid of academic exposure and views of some experienced people, draws general observations of some things that are often not considered significant and neglected. Here’s the Thing: Alec Baldwin Listening to the sandy but the jovial voice of Emmy winner Alec Baldwin could be an educating moment. If you are concerned in what he says and not distracted by the way he says it, you stand to learn lots of things about the NYC; his radio show/podcast is presented by the WNYC studios. Baldwin is known to host various public figures encompassing performers, artists, and many others interviewing and getting to hear their experiences. Pollak’s Chat Show: Kevin Pollak Might not be in A-list. However, Pollak has made a legacy in the acting world to chat for some time, and he is making his fame in the podcast industry. He and his colleagues Samm Levine and his pattern Jaime Fox from the famous movie Freaks and Geeks are conducting in-depth interviews on a variety of topics involving many guests from all walks of life with different opinions and perceptions. Stories with Mohr: Jay Mohr The famous actor/comedian has made a remarkable success with his podcast, likewise many other people on this list, he specializes in sports with a little blend of showbiz and comedy. The unique pattern of his show and his peculiar method of interview, like a meat-and-potatoes podcast, “Mohr Stories” gets right to it, has earned Mohr a good standing in the industry and making a distinct interviewer. I Am Rapaport: Michael Rapaport Michael that featured in “White Famous” and “Beautiful Girls,” has appeared in my other shows, and is earning lots of money today with podcast known as a foul-mouthed podcast where he shares his thoughts on sports, acting, and many other topics. All these individuals have used podcast as a platform to talk and discuss all forms and types of topics that interest everyone.
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Looking for the best way to fire up your business? Try these great podcasts today and experience something different. These podcasts will keep you informed about the latest business trend, inspired by new success stories, and entertained, as you learn something new.  There is so much we can learn from imitating those who have had success in business already. One of the best ways to do that is to listen to them and hear what they have to say about the business and what has worked for them in their experience, and how to improve. The advantages of listening to business podcasts is virtually endless. On top of that, there is an infinite amount of podcasts out there that are beneficial, we have selected a few of the tops ones and put them together for you!  You can find the list below. “Startup” By Gimlet Media Great Sample: The Inventor of Slap Bracelet on How He Made No Money from the 90s Fad. You want to see a different perspective of launching a new company? Try this podcast and listen to an objective breakdown on the struggles of new entrepreneurs looking to break into the already saturated business world. Learn what it takes to make it when you are just starting out and what struggles other entrepreneurs have been going through and how you can make it through. Panoply, “Working” Great Sample: A Professional Santa Spills Trade Secrets; Wear A Real Fursuit, Don’t Workshopping Malls, And Never Say, “HO Ho Ho.” Every installment interview starts with the same series of questions: what’s your name? And what do you do? What follows are the answers from guests, detailing their jobs; they could be politicians, doctors, novelist or even farmers. The variety that this show offers is what makes it a truly unique one to listen to and it adds such value. You will hear the perspective of several different people from all different industries and how they have made their business or trade a success, and tips on how you can do the same with your work and career choices. Above Avalon Great Sample: Apple Is Famous for Its Design! Why Then Are Products Like Apple Watch and Apple Music Is Often Difficult to Find? A giant bite of Apple was a remarkable conference hosted by a seasoned analyst and technology writer Neil Cybart, this show explores all things Cupertino, with some of the general analysis you are likely to come across. This podcast covers all different types of business topics, each one is held in such a way that you are truly captivated and enthralled all through out, leaving you wanting to learn more and more. The next time you are looking for a podcast to listen to, why not try one of these. Not only are they entertaining but they will also provide you with valuable information about various topics in the business and trading world. Tips and tricks that you will no doubt be able to use! What podcasts do you like to listen to? Is there one that has helped you to start a business or to improve your business in anyway? We’d love to know what business podcasts you find to be the best!
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Are you interested in finding out how Podcasts are very popular? Come on board as we take you through the story of podcast popularity. Podcast is one of the youngest listening formats which came into existence about 15-20 years ago and have steadily continued to rise in relevance. The following factors are responsible for its growth so far. Ease of Use Podcast offers a better choice when it comes to ease of use. You don’t have to spend hours watching a video for you to grab the message. All you need do is listen with your ears. You can now listen to podcasts while you drive, work, and take a stroll or even recline in your seat. You don’t have to set out a special time for video streaming; you can now do it on the go. This option has brought the ease which users seeks from their device and has helped the popularity of podcasts over the years. Less Expensive The resources required to produce a podcast is far less compared to the cost of making a great quality video. All that is needed is a high-quality microphone and a little setup time, and you’re ready to create a podcast with less stress and with less equipment involved as well. Also, the average CPM for a whole podcast falls between twenty to forty dollars, compared to web ads which are one to twenty dollars or five to twenty dollars for TV. This presents the podcast as lucrative and preferable option, requiring just a few hours to make within the week, and still returning mind-blowing earnings at the end. Easy to Get Through the Net The presence and mobility of the internet have rapidly increased the access and consumption of podcasts. With the help of mobile devices and internet speed one can easily download new materials very quickly anywhere, and listen to podcasts without much stress; same applies to TV shows or movies, but the only limitation to videos is the portability of large screen size devices. This makes podcast the perfect choice especially for things like commutes and busywork. Early Influencers Thanks to the first influencers, a few years ago podcast saw an explosion in popularity. This opened the floodgates to content producers, presenting a viable opportunity in the world of the podcast with a handful of standouts ideas. Easy Connection to Automobiles This is the one of the major reasons why podcasts rose to relevance in the Automobile industry. The possibilities of linking podcasts to cars provides another avenue for streaming audio from different sources unlike the media options already available today. A lot of car makers are already tapping into this development and podcasts are now available for commuters. These have increased the popularity of podcast amongst motorists all over the world. These reasons made podcasts very popular, however podcasts are only preferred when visual messages are not needed. The ease of use and transmission has made it the best choice for individuals looking out for fast communication.
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There is a podcast for every topic and niche you can think of, from business, politics, health, comedy and many others. The good thing is that most of these podcasts are free and they are packed full of information and advice you need to take your life to the next level. One proof a podcast is that you can listen to it while you are on the go. You can listen to it when you are dressing up to leave for work, while you are jogging or working out in a gym or while driving to and from work. So, even in your ever-busy schedule, you can change your life with the podcast. Most motivational experts are of the view that you can change an aspect of your life that needs change by listening to podcasts in that area for just 3 short months. Let us take a look at the top 5 health podcast you can use today to change your health and your life generally. 1. Earn Your Happy (Lori Harder) Lori Harder started the Bliss Project. She is a 3 times winner of the fitness world championship, a cover model, a fitness expert, a lifestyle business owner, an author and a promoter of the self-love concept. She started the Earn Your Happy some time ago to help people gain control of their healthy life and be happy. Each episode of the ‘Earn your Happy’ podcast is programmed to give you ideas, inspirations, and tools to help you take charge of your life and focus on fitness, health, spirituality and a better career. 2. The Melissa Ambrosini Show Melissa Ambrosini is the author of the bestselling book ‘Mastering Your Mean Girl’. She was named a self-help expert by the Elle Magazine. Her aim is to inspire other women to create an exciting and meaningful life. In each episode of the Mellisa Ambrosini show, she features interviews with purposeful leaders from all around the world. This she does to help listeners change their mindset and take action to change their lives for the better. 3. The Model Health Show The Model Health Show was started by Shawn Stevenson. The show is packed with enlightening, fun, entertaining and health information. Shawn is also a well-known nutritionist and she simplifies the complex health issues for a better understanding of listeners. She touches issues like diet, exercise, sex, chronic fatigue, weight loss, hormones, sleep problems and many other health issues. You can tune in to get information to solve complex health issues. 4. The Mindful Kind Show The Mindful Kind Show is run by Rachael Kable. She provides her listeners with insight stories of people’s journeys to fitness and also share effective health times that listeners can incorporate into their lives. It takes you on a journey from where you are to where you want to be health-wise. 5. The Ultimate Health Podcast This podcast is all about exercise, fitness, and nutrition. It is run by health experts Marni Wasserman and Dr. Jesse Chappus. They teach topics like meditation, spirituality, and fitness.
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We all know about text-based articles, and they are the mediums through which we read a lot of reviews and find out about the latest news. There are also forums like NeoGaF and Reddit where we learn skills, cheat codes, and techniques from our fellow gamers. Videos are also excellent ways to learn and improve the game experience, but Podcast has transformed video game writers and handed them a personality. Podcasts allow us to enjoy and stay updated on the latest video game trends while we go about our daily activities without having to spend a dedicated time. There are a lot of podcasts that are grazing the airways, and it’s quite hard to choose the best. Here are some of the best podcast for video gamers. 8-4 PLAY It would be unfair to create a list of video game podcasts and forget to name 8-4 play as part of them. The podcast dates over a decade, and it still retains its uniqueness as its host Chris Ricciardi and Mark MacDonald who moved to Japan to kick-start a company that deals with translating Japanese games into English to bring them into the western world. It is the best podcast for gamers who are fed up of listening to people talking about the same old games because you will enjoy a lot and probably fall in love with Japanese games. THE GIANT BOMBCAST The Giant Bombcast is widely known as one of the best game podcast. The Giant Bombcast has a fun-filled package with high content and it usually runs longer than a typical podcast with is either good or bad depending on the listener. Every week, there is a three-hour episode released. If you are not the type of person that fancy long podcast or enough to listen to them, you might be scared off. Regardless of the length, it will be great for you to check it out. The podcast has funny hast, and they have superior quality compared to most podcasts. THREE MOVES AHEAD If you a fan of strategy games, Three Moves away is one of your best gaming podcast. The podcast founded in 2009 became part of the Idle Thumbs network years ago. While they have three regular panelists, a lot of high profile guests join in on different episode to talk about both the modern and the classic strategy games. The podcast focuses on strategy, user interfaces, and design elements GAMERS WITH JOBS For adult gamers that have families and careers, the game world might become a bit juvenile sometimes. It is mostly comprised of kids, and it’s quite easy to feel as if you’re a stranger. Every week on a new episode, the host analyses different games including the latest development and issues affecting the industry with a mature tone that is designed for audience that is seasoned gamers. Even if you are the type that plays video games all day, it will be fun to find time to listen to some podcast every week. It will not only entertain you, but the podcast will also give you tips that will improve your gameplay.
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Every day, an average of five people starts their online podcast. There is enough podcast available to scare off a first-time listener and make them overwhelmed about dipping their toes into the large podcast pool. Most listeners are often fond of asking the questions, where do we star? Which show is worth my time? How do I get the best podcast? Each one is different and there is always one out there perfect for you. Here are some of the most excellent podcasts of all time. STATE OF THE RE: UNION Bayard RustinHosted by Al Letson, State of the Re: Union usually takes a journey to a particular American community. On a specific episode titled Bayard Rustin: Who is this man in 2010, he breaks from the regular pattern to introduce listeners to the black, gay, Quaker pacifist Bayard Rustin who educated Martin Luther King on principles of nonviolence and he was the unacknowledged architect of the March on Washington. He had an unusual life usually omitted from histories of civil rights movement, and in this episode, Al Letson weaves together the Letson’s depiction of Rustin’s work with clips from Rustin’s speeches and interviews. WTF WITH MARC MARON WTF WITH MARC MARONMarc Maron’s WTF show is the best podcasts ever. Maron started his parted his podcast has something we can call a professional low point almost out of desperation. When he first started recording WTD, he was sometimes sneaking to the studio of the radio station that just fired, putting something out into the world via this independent medium because he wasn’t quite sure of the next step to take. After this, he continued, and he was bitter about his professional disappointments, and a lot of his conversations were usually with his more successful peers although it wasn’t part of the goal of the podcast. One could quickly detect during the early episodes that Maron was working out some of his resentments, and his frequent intense talks with fellow comics allowed him to know himself better. One of his most memorable episodes is the one titled Louis C.K. when he released the two-part episode as an episode. His interview with Louis C.K is one of the fascinating conversations you may ever hear. He provided genuine insight into the career and mind of one of the world’s great comics as well as different thoughts on friendship, success, failure, and fatherhood. SERIAL Serial is often regarded as the first ever smash hit podcast. It did not grow an audience slowly, it popped up within a day, and then everyone started talking about it. The serial has a lot of episodes, and one of the favorite events that got a lot of attention is “The Alibi”. You’ll meet Adnan Syed, a very young man in jail for the murder of Hae Min Lee his ex-girlfriend. Then you notice that something isn’t right and everything doesn’t add up. Syed says he’s innocent. Although you might want to believe him, it was the beginning of one of the most captivating crime podcasts ever created.
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A podcast is a series of spoken audio episodes usually aimed at a particular genre or theme. Like gaming, cycling or startups. Podcasts are downloadable from the internet and can be listened to on any audio device. You can also subscribe to your favorite podcast on your phone with an app and listen to them whenever you feel like. The term Podcast, coined from iPod and broadcast. Just as well liked as the serial has become, it’s only one out of hundreds of high downloadable shows produced every week. According to a 2014 study carried out by Edison Research, around 39 million Americans listen to podcasts every month and an average of six shows per week. If you’ve not been listening to the podcast, you have been missing and entirely great medium that full of fascinating contents. Something intriguing about the podcast is that almost all of them are entirely at no cost to the listeners. TYPES OF PODCASTS While podcast is mostly audio files much like MP3s, they can technically be videos too. If you are casual listeners, you don’t need to worry about details like these. When it comes to content, they encompass all from comedy to music though they typically most programs sound like radio talk shows. Podcasting has evolved out of the need for background content, and this means there is something that can educate, entertain and inspire you in the background of other boring activities. Most people listen to the podcast in the car, and they are also great for looking to at the gym, on your journey to work or while you are going to mowing your lawn. WHO MAKES THE PODCASTS CB radioAnybody is on the internet, and a computer can freely and easily make and distribute podcasts making it turn into a vibrant and democratic medium. During the beginning of podcasting, there is mainly amateur concern and is internets answer to CB radio. In recent years dozens of major magazines, broadcasters and news organization have rolled out large-scale podcast operation that they own. Podcasts have helped a lot of creatives to become stars. An example is a stand-up comedian Marc Maron who was relatively unknown until his WTF podcast became a success. Every week, he has private discussions with similar comedians in his garage he uses for a studio. HOW TO GET AND LISTEN TO PODCASTS Any type of commuter connected to internet or mobile phone can play podcast files, although most people consider it best and easy to listen to them on mobile devices. Due to its root, it’s most natural to enjoy them most on the move. Listen to the podcast on computers is as comfortable as clicking on file in a web browser and allowing it to play. There are lots of ways to download podcasts on your mobile device, and if you don’t have smartphones or iPod Touch, you can quickly get them through iTunes. You can just move to the podcast section of the iTunes store download, browse and save them on your audio player.
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#Final Les meilleurs partent les premiersÉpisode particulier car il est dédié à la mémoire de notre ami Baptiste aka Asurmen qui restera à jamais l’homme du libre. Accompagné d’amis, de son frère et son père, nous revenons sur la façon dont il a marqué la vie de chacun et rendons hommage à celui sans qui ce podcast n’aurait pas vu le jour.Cet épisode marque également la fin du PodGSM, merci pour nous avoir suivi tout au long de ces années, ce fut un plaisir de partager avec vous ce qui nous passionne au plus haut point et nous espérons vous retrouver dans nos prochaines aventures.
1/30/20171 hour, 22 minutes, 22 seconds
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Salutations à tous, J’ai une très mauvaise nouvelle à vous annoncer je vais donc être direct. Nous avons appris ce lundi la mort de d’un ami cher, Asurmen dit Azu. Pardonnez-moi de ne pas m’étendre sur les détails de cette nouvelle qui nous pèse très lourd ainsi qu’a sa famille a qui nous adressons nos plus sincères condoléances. Podcasteur, poditeur, technicien son et informatique, projectionniste, réparateur, animateur d’ateliers, gamer, libriste, fan de Miyasaki, joueur de figurines, ne sont qu’un échantillon des facettes créatives de sa personnalité. Azu à marqué les gens qui l’ont croisé, par les services rendus auprès de ceux qui comprennent mal l’informatique, les ateliers où les enfants de la vallée ont pu découvrir le rétro gaming, le light painting entre autres, pour avoir profité de sa bière ou son hydromel fait maison, pour avoir jouer avec lui que ça soit sur des jeux indé, des figurines ou du billard. Co-fondateur du Podcast GSM qui n’existerait pas sans son savoir faire à la technique. Si une chose est sûr pour toutes ces raisons et bien d’autres encore, un monde sans Azu sera forcément moins bien, qu’il soit pour nous un fils, un frère, un ami, un collègue, le gars sympa qui rend service ou un podcasteur du sud-ouest, nous avons tous perdu quelqu’un avec qui nous partagions quelques chose. Défenseur d’une certaine idée de la culture et de la liberté des logiciels et matériels, il sera à jamais l’homme du libre. Le podcast GSM va donc prendre un pause afin de pleurer notre ami. Cette pause risque d’être définitive, auquel cas nous vous informerons ici même de la suite de nos aventure le moment venu.
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#57 Les coqs de France ne sont pas des trous du cul à double fond l’épisode de Noël de GSM et voici nos cadeaux, pour commencer quelques vidéos: Qui sera le prochain ? Les pauvres sont-ils vraiment assistés ?Et outre le flux, un rubrique du milieu dédié au Tarbes Geek Festival. Consultez la playlist YouTube. Ainsi que du renouveau de la fiction télévisuelle française Lastman et Dead Landes. Et pour les +1: YT Player (Android) Star-Wars Blu-Ray 3D Mars
12/20/20162 hours, 35 minutes, 53 seconds
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#56 Échecs en séries’est enfin la rentée pour l’équipe du #PodGSM qui vous reviens pour l’hiver pîle poil !! Nous serons ce week-end au Tarbes Geek Festival, en attendant retrouvez notre reportage au Geektaku de Lannemezan Au programme: De lourdes news, Suicide Squad, Mr Robot, Luke Cage et Dr Strange et du +1 as usual: How It Should Have Ended (HISHE) HAMA Humans La folle histoire de Max et Léon Brice 3Et à incessamment sous peut
12/2/20163 hours, 17 minutes, 16 seconds
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#55 Gods Of OvaireWatch mois-ci, on avait pas d’idée pour le titre, ce qui n’empêche pas d’avoir du contenu car nous parlons de la nouvelle IP Blizzard, Overwatch. Ainsi que du film Gods Of Egypt. Petit retour sur le Geetaku de Lannmezan Réparez vos objets avec Spareka et les +1 Pure Data Sample Le Fil d’Actu Pilote Time Traveling Bong
7/1/20162 hours, 24 minutes
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#54 Les aléas du différé ne l’attendiez pas et BAMF! Le retour des héros dans un épisode 54 aux petits oignons. Au programme Captain America: Civil War #LeVraiAvengers2 Le tout servit sur sont lit de news et de +1: 3D Printing Nerd Le secret des Balls Game Of Thrones Deus Ex Silicium
5/18/20163 hours, 12 minutes, 8 seconds
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#53 Batman VS Superman VS Deadpool VS Daredevil VS Predator c’est parti pour un nouvel épisode, encore en retard suite aux incidents survenus à Metropolis récemment, Attaques que nous détaillerons dans notre rubrique du milieu dédié aux super héros sur grand écran avec Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice par Warner et Deadpool par la Fox. Mais nous ne négligeons pas le petit écran grâce au Daredevil de Netflix et Marvel Studio. Et comme nous somment des gens sympa, une dose de +1: Scène coupée Batman vs Superman avec Jimmy Kimmel Chroma, la nouvelle émission de Karim Debbache Arduino et les lecteurs de disquettes Retrouvez GeekSansModeration sur podCloud
4/26/20162 hours, 50 minutes, 55 seconds
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#52 Le réveil de l’atroce

épisode 52 Star Wars l’avez Attendu, voici enfin l’épisode dédié à Star Wars 7: Le réveil de la force en compagnie du Kid et de Mass. Nous faisons le point sur le film, ce que l’on en pense, les théories et nos pronostics pour le futur de la saga culte Et comme d’habitude, nos traditionnels +1 Star Wars Despecialized Star Wars chez Delcourt Sherlock: The Abominable Bride Les 8 SalopardsBonne écoute
2/6/20162 hours, 6 minutes, 14 seconds
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#51 L’affrontement des Dissociées

Standard Podcast [ 2:32:23 | 139.51 MB ] Play Now | Download (3191)podPressShowHidePlayer('1', '', 290, 24, 'false', '', 'Standard Podcast', 'GSM'); Un épisode de Noël… Un peu en retard certes Mais un débat houleux viendra satisfaire vos cages à miel: Podcast VS Youtube. Nous parlerons également du film des Suricates, Les Dissociés. Et pour finir, les +1: Shopping List de Noël Le Code de la Force Nolife Star Wars Despecialized
1/16/20162 hours, 32 minutes, 22 seconds
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#50 Retour vers le paradoxe

GSM50 [ 1:03:39 | 87.42 MB ] Play Now | Download (4152)podPressShowHidePlayer('2', '', 290, 24, 'false', '', 'GSM50', 'GSM'); En cette heure attendue depuis le milieu des années 80, l’équipe de GSM vous propose un voyage inattendue. Garantie sans Hobbit mais avec moult surprises. Vous avez tous compris quel sera le sujet de ce soir donc point de tergiversation et afin d’approfondir le sujet, voici quelques +1 temporels. E-penser: Voyage dans le temps BackintoysTV: Hoverboard Mattel Retour vers le futur: Le jeux Plan B – Podcast: Voyage dans le temps
10/21/20151 hour, 3 minutes, 39 seconds
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#49 L’invasion des courgettes racistes

GSM49 [ 1:41:21 | 139.18 MB ] Play Now | Download (3552)podPressShowHidePlayer('3', '', 290, 24, 'false', '', 'GSM49', 'GSM');Ouverture de la nouvelle saison du désormais fameux Podcast GSM avec un épisode qui rend hommage au racisme, aux courgettes et à Philippe !! Pour la rentrée, on vous gâte avec nos dossiers consacrés aux séries de l’été Mr Robot et Sense 8 ainsi que l’extension du jeu vidéo Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows. Sans oublier nos inénarrables +1: Super Mario Maker Guns, Gore and Canolli Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom PainPas de questions ? alors ROMPEZ !!!
9/23/20151 hour, 41 minutes, 20 seconds
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#48 Battle for the Table

GSM48 [ 1:59:58 | 109.84 MB ] Play Now | Download (3625)podPressShowHidePlayer('4', '', 290, 24, 'false', '', 'GSM48', 'GSM'); Salut à tous, dans ce très tardif dernier épisode de la saison. Un programme chargé car après une overdose de flux, Seven évoque la fin du run de Geoff Johns sur Green Lantern. Azu quand à lui, s’intéresse aux jeux de plateaux: Arcadia Quest et Zombicide. Pour les +1 c’est au choix: Axolotl 9 Mementomori Epic Rap Batlles Of History Pebble Time (+Pebble)
8/9/20151 hour, 59 minutes, 58 seconds
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#47 PodGSM: L’ère du M.C.U.(…et de Buffy)

GSM47 [ 1:14:57 | 102.93 MB ] Play Now | Download (4168)podPressShowHidePlayer('5', '', 290, 24, 'false', '', 'GSM47', 'GSM'); Bienvenue dans ce nouvel épisode dédié au Marvel Cinematic Universe. Au programme, le traditionnel Flux, mais également du cinéma, avec Avengers 2: L’ère d’Ultron et de la série avec l’adaptation de Daredevil. Et des bas-fonds de Hell’s Kitchen, nous sortirons nos +1 Du Foot de geeks Star Wars: Tie Fighter Shovel Knight Projection Avenger’s 2 à Luz-St-Sauveur
5/12/20151 hour, 14 minutes, 57 seconds
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#46 Arduino and the Blind Forest

GSM46 [ 1:33:31 | 128.43 MB ] Play Now | Download (4255)podPressShowHidePlayer('6', '', 290, 24, 'false', '', 'GSM46', 'GSM'); Le nouvel épisode de ce mois d’avril, vous fera découvrir un monde fantastique avec Ori and the Blind Forest, vous découvrirez aussi le retour d’expérience d’AZU avec un Arduino !
4/30/20151 hour, 33 minutes, 31 seconds
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#45 Geeksman: Podcast Service

GSM45 [ 1:50:38 | 151.92 MB ] Play Now | Download (3559)podPressShowHidePlayer('7', '', 290, 24, 'false', '', 'GSM45', 'GSM'); Ce mois-ci nous revenons sur le dernier film de Matthew Vaughn : Kingsman. Le tout est accompagné de son flux et de ses traditionnels +1: Pneuma, Breath of Life New Retro Arcade La Théorie des BALLS ( avec J’ai jamais su dire NON et Breaking Balls )Bonne écoute à tous et si vous aimez (ou pas), n’hésitez pas à lâcher un petit com ^^
3/18/20151 hour, 50 minutes, 37 seconds
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#44 La Troisième bière mondiale

GSM44 [ 1:57:50 | 267.65 MB ] Play Now | Download (3420)podPressShowHidePlayer('8', '', 290, 24, 'false', '', 'GSM44', 'GSM'); Ce mois-ci, un format un peu inédit car en plus du traditionnel flux, Azu rend hommage au podcast francophone en commencent par nos amis d’outre atlantique amateurs de houblon, j’ai nommé 3 Bières avec 3 sujets fous: Nintendo Vs Sega Marvel Vs DC Consoles Vs PCSans oublier nos traditionnels +1 ( ou +2 ; ) Windows 10 Icecast Whiplash Les Nouveaux Héros Saturday Night Live 40
2/20/20153 hours, 14 minutes, 53 seconds
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#43 La Bataille des 3 glandus

GSM43 [ 1:03:49 | 251.47 MB ] Play Now | Download (3902)podPressShowHidePlayer('9', '', 290, 24, 'false', '', 'GSM43', 'GSM'); Nouvel épisode des GSM avec au menu: des nains, des barbes, et des instants colgate avec Le Hobbit : La Bataille Des Cinq Armées, ainsi que le CronusMAX. Les +1 : Podcloud Roman Le Visiteur du Futur Deck Battle Arena CronusMAX
1/31/20151 hour, 49 minutes, 52 seconds
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#42 Le guide du podcasteur galactique

GSM42 [ 2:03:47 | 283.32 MB ] Play Now | Download (3512)podPressShowHidePlayer('10', '', 290, 24, 'false', '', 'GSM42', 'GSM'); Nouvel épisode qui va vous emporter aux confins de l’univers à la recherche de la grande question, au programme nous vous parlerons d’Interstellar dernier film en date de Christopher Nolan, puis nous partirons dans l’univers de Star Wars en compagnie de notre invité Mr Mass ! +1 : beaucoup trop pour être listés par une feignasse. Et bien sûr toute l’équipe des GSM vous souhaite une bonne et heureuse fête de nouvel an et vous donne rendez-vous l’année prochaine pour de nouvelles aventures. Et attention de ne pas abuser des bonnes choses.
12/31/20142 hours, 3 minutes, 47 seconds
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#41 GSMT Geekage Spicy Mutant Trouducul

GSM41 [ 2:23:00 | 327.32 MB ] Play Now | Download (3996)podPressShowHidePlayer('10', '', 290, 24, 'false', '', 'GSM41', 'GSM');Un nouvel épisode enfin dans les BACS avec au menu: Les Tortues Ninjas sauce Michael Bay ainsi que Sunset Overdrive. Les +1 : Gdemu Popcorntime Lilyhammer
11/14/20142 hours, 23 minutes
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#40 En Festival comme ma b… Feat. Bioman Jaune

GSM40 [ 2:32:19 | 348.64 MB ] Play Now | Download (3522)podPressShowHidePlayer('10', '', 290, 24, 'false', '', 'GSM40', 'GSM'); Nouvel épisode très show puisque en compagnie du fameux Bioman Jaune rédacteur sur le blog Bioman_Jaune, on fait le tour des SOUTH WEST CONFERENCE: PAGS, AnimAsia et James Games Expo On vous touche un petit mot sur Blacklist et Bates Motel, et les +1 LinuxMint Makey Makey MAN AT ARMS Triple Phase
10/20/20142 hours, 32 minutes, 19 seconds
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#38 RealStone, quand les robots jouent aux cartes

GSM38 [ 1:38:13 | 224.82 MB ] Play Now | Download (3555)podPressShowHidePlayer('10', '', 290, 24, 'false', '', 'GSM38', 'GSM'); Aujourd’hui on s’arrête sur la révolution numérique du TCG, Hearthstone ainsi que sur la deuxième saison de Real Humans. Accrochez vos oreilles !!! Pour les +1: JXD S7800 Powergirl HearthStone FR Strategy Le -1: JV n°10H
9/3/20141 hour, 38 minutes, 13 seconds
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[Bonux] l’épisode sans fin

Bonux [ 55:38 | 127.35 MB ] Play Now | Download (3179)podPressShowHidePlayer('10', '', 290, 24, 'false', '', 'Bonux', 'GSM');Suite à de petits soucis de production et surtout par volonté de coller à l’actualité, voici (enfin…) notre épisode sur l’E3 sans l’E3. A écouter si vous n’avez pas suivi (LOL !!) Sinon cela vous fera un nouveau point de vue complètement dispensable. ;p
8/4/201455 minutes, 38 seconds
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#37 Be Yourself & Fuck Juan Luis

GSM37 [ 1:51:48 | 255.9 MB ] Play Now | Download (2843)podPressShowHidePlayer('10', '', 290, 24, 'false', '', 'GSM37', 'GSM');Pour cet été nous vous proposons un invité « Rafraîchissant » en la personne de Juan Luis Doggy. Cinéaste amateur et provocateur Tarbais avec lequel je vous propose une plongée dans son univers glauque, dérangeant, pervers et complètement « Freak » à retrouver sur sa chaîne Vimeo. Comme d’habitude retrouvez les +1: Batwoman Joueur du Grenier Pebble HearthstoneEt surtout je vous invite à voter pour nous aux Podradio Podcasts Awards dans la catégorie Culture
8/3/20141 hour, 51 minutes, 48 seconds
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#36 Liberté d’expression capillaire

GSM36 [ 1:40:37 | 230.3 MB ] Play Now | Download (3512)podPressShowHidePlayer('10', '', 290, 24, 'false', '', 'GSM36', 'GSM'); Au programme de cet épisode, AnthonyStark nous parlera de Snowpiercer, Le Transperceneige et Asurmen souhaitera l’anniversaire de la légendaire console portable GameBoy. Les +1 : Rick Grimes vs Walter White. Epic Rap Battles of History Le Cacao Qui Tue podCloud Brooklyn Nine-NineUn grand merci à Randall Flagg pour son magnifique dessin de notre barbu, que vous pourrez retrouver sur son site
5/18/20141 hour, 40 minutes, 37 seconds
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#35 Oculiste Rift

GSM35 [ 1:48:01 | 247.24 MB ] Play Now | Download (3146)podPressShowHidePlayer('10', '', 290, 24, 'false', '', 'GSM35', 'GSM'); Au programme de cet épisode, des news, mais surtout des dossiers, avec le comics Supergirl dans sa version NEW 52, la série déjanté Brooklyn Nine-Nine et l’extension Advanced Edition du jeu super addictif FTL : Faster Than Light. Les +1 : Invincible Towerfall Plan BLe +0,5 : How I Met Your Mother+ Les liens supplémentaires : 23 jeux cultes des 90’s pour jouer depuis votre navigateur
4/21/20141 hour, 48 minutes, 1 second
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#34 le Blu-ray est un animal marin !

GSM34 [ 1:33:21 | 213.66 MB ] Play Now | Download (4734)podPressShowHidePlayer('10', '', 290, 24, 'false', '', 'GSM34', 'GSM'); Au programme de cet épisode, AnthonyStark nous parlera du film Pompéi et Asurmen nous fera tester un jeu indé du nom de Nidhogg. Les +1 : Kulturbreakdown #46 : Netflix Bundlestars Robocop+ Les liens supplémentaires : Clipping Magic SlowmoVideo DavidRevoy : My hardware and software for Digital Painting
3/13/20141 hour, 33 minutes, 20 seconds
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#33 Cet épisode représente 1800 pots de Nutella !

GSM33 [ 1:12:12 | 165.24 MB ] Play Now | Download (3615)podPressShowHidePlayer('10', '', 290, 24, 'false', '', 'GSM33', 'GSM'); Au programme de cet épisode, un verre de lait, du jus d’orange et deux tartines de bonnes humeurs à consommé sans modération ! Les +1 (sans huile de palme) : IRL Freepod n°1 Brooklyn Nine-Nine Dark Souls Prepare to Die
2/12/20141 hour, 12 minutes, 11 seconds