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Gas Street Church Weekly Message

English, Religion, 1 season, 139 episodes
The weekly message from Gas Street, we are a church with a vision to be ‘Light for the City’. Lead pastors Tim and Rachel Hughes.
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Transfer Window

Ali Herbert shares a message on Colossians 1.
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Death Defeated

Tim Hughes shares an Easter message on how God is the only one who can satisfy us.
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The King Who Comes Close

Becky Drake shares on how God comes close to us.
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Nick Drake shares a message on generosity unpacking Psalm 24.
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One Foot In

Rachel Hughes shares how we can step fully into the church.
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Tim Hughes shares how stepping into the fullness of God will cost us.
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Not Me, Lord

Mike Darbandi shares on some of the problems we might face when evangelising with others and how to overcome them.
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Clare Jackson shares on how prophecy can lead to transformation.
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Jesus Wept

Tebo Mpanza shares on how Jesus is with us in our pain.
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Interview With Gary Grant

Rachel Hughes interviews Gary Grant, founder of the Entertainer Toy Store on his faith.
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Let Your Light Shine

Rachel Hughes talks on letting our lights shine in our lives.
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Kingdom In The City

Nick Drake launches our new talk series Kingdom In The City.
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The Staff, The Stone and The Squad

Reuben Williams shares on how we can best posture ourselves for our prayer life.
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More Lord

James Leavy shares a Christmas message.
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Christmas For Everyone

James Leavy shares a Christmas message.
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Jesus, Light In The Darkness

Amy Tan shares on advent and the arrival of Jesus.
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Two Stars

Rachel Hughes shares a Christmas message.
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Temple On The Move

Tim Hughes shares on how we can bring share the hope of Jesus wherever we go.
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Table Talk

Nick Drake shares on how we encounter God as we take communion together.
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Take It To The Temple

Ali Herbert shares on bringing all aspects of our life to the temple.
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The Hope of His Glory

Tebo Mpanza shares on bringing our lives to the altar so we can be filled.
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Let This Holy Temple Glow

Tim Hughes unpacks our desire to see our church become a place of encounter and where people are filled with God.
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Treasure: The Choice, The Investment & The Reward

Tim Hughes teaches from Matthew 6 on how we can worship God through our giving.
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The Reset

Guest Speaker Jo Saxton shares a message on how God has given us authority.
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Kingdom In The City

Our city needs what God has placed in your hands! James Brumwell unpacks what it looks like for God's Kingdom to be established in our city.
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Presence In The Church

We believe the starting point for all significant works of God is prayer. Tim Hughes unpacks where we feel God is leading us in the days ahead.
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Stories Of Old: David

Tim Hughes continues our series 'Stories Of Old' and explores the story of David & Goliath.
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Stories Of Old: Rahab

James continues our series by unpacking the story of Rahab.
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Stories Of Old: Jonah

Tim Bateman continues our series by exploring the story of Jonah.
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Stories Of Old: Abraham

Mike Darbandi continues our series by exploring the life of Abraham.
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Stories Of Old: Adam

Nick Drake launches our new series on the Old Testament called 'Stories of Old'. This week we explore the story of Adam.
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Justice, Mission & Me

Hannah Miller interviews Hope Plumb from Elayos UK, Joe Liley from Just Love UK and Olivia Barker White from Kids Club Kampala.
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God’s Heart For Justice

James Leavy continues our series on 'Justice, Mission & Me' with a message on seeking God's heart for justice.
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Loving Others Is Loving God

Esther Rai, Head of Love Your Neighbour speaks on how we can actively pursue justice and mission in our community.
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Strong & Courageous

A message from some of our Gas Street Academy on living a life of bold faith.
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Tim Hughes explores what it means to hunger for more of the Holy Spirit in our everyday lives.
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Receive The Holy Spirit

Tebo Mpanza continues our series on 'When The Spirit Comes'.
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The Spirit Guides And Speaks

Ali Herbert continues our series on 'When The Spirit Comes'.
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Sunday with Shane Claiborne

Shane Claiborne is a best-selling author, renowned activist, sought-after speaker, and self-proclaimed “recovering sinner.” Shane writes and speaks around the world about peacemaking, social justice & Jesus, and is the author of several books including "The Irresistible Revolution," "Jesus for President," and his newest book "Beating Guns." He is the visionary leader of The Simple Way in Philadelphia and co-director of Red Letter Christians in the US, alongside Tony Campolo.
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A Vision For Creativity

Tim Hughes unpacks what it looks like to have a vision for creativity.
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Understanding God’s Power

Danielle Strickland speaks on the power of God. ‘At the end of yourself is the beginning of the Kingdom of God’. 
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You Are Gifted

Nick Drake continues our series on 'When The Spirit Comes' reminding us that spiritual gifts are the outward realities of the hidden work.
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You Are Loved

Rachel Hughes continues our series on 'When The Spirit Comes' with a reminder of our identity, that we are loved.
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Fresh Fire

Ali Herbert, shares a message reminding us that we have an advocate who is always standing with us.
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Children Of The King

Nick Drake shares a message on Palm Sunday.
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Charge It To My Account

Tebo Mpanza shares a message on how nothing can separate us from the love of God.
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New Territory

Senior Pastor, Rachel Hughes continues our series on 'Above & Beyond' and explores where we feel God is leading us.
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With Us

Senior Pastor, Tim Hughes speaks on Exodus 33 and looks back over what God has done in our community over the past 12 months.
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Unprecedented Generosity

Lead Pastor, Tim Hughes begins our new series 'Above and Beyond', with a message on giving as an act of thanksgiving!
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Together Better

Tebo Mpanza encourages us to be a community where our togetherness is our testimony and diversity is our distinctive.
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Not My Way

Mike Darbandi, continues our mini-series 'Better Together' with a message on unity and humility.
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Better Together

Lead pastor, Tim Hughes kick starts our new mini-series with a talk on unity!
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Convinced & Compelled

Rachel Hughes shares on sharing our faith with gentleness, concluding our mini-series!
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Reasons For Hope

Nick Drake, is joined by a panel sharing testimonies around our reasons for hope.
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A Life Of Prayer

Guest speaker James Aladiran delivers a message on what it looks like to be rooted in prayer.
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Evening Session w/ James Aladrian | Powerhouse 23

A message from our powerhouse 24hr prayer gathering held at Gas Street Church.
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Morning Session w/ Richard Gamble | Powerhouse 23

A message from our powerhouse 24hr prayer gathering held at Gas Street Church.
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Evening Session w/ Tim & Rachel Hughes | Powerhouse 23

A message from our powerhouse 24hr prayer gathering held at Gas Street Church.
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Pulpits, Platforms, Stages & The Streets

Tebo shares a message on how we can step into this year with boldness.
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God With Us

Rachel Hughes, Lead Pastor shares a message on God being with us this Christmas!
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The Homecoming

Tebo Mpanza concludes our 'Jesus the Healer' series, sharing from Mark 2 on the healing of the paralysed man!
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Known And Loved

Ali Herbert shares on living in our true identity, being known and loved by God.
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Faith For Healing

Lead pastor, Rachel Hughes shares a message on the ways Jesus can heal!
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You Are Free

Lead Pastor, Tim Hughes shares a message on celebrating and releasing each other into the God-given destiny God has for each of us!
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Isn’t This

Ronia Nyakunika, shares a message on how our identity in Jesus means we're no longer who we used to be!
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Jesus Heals

Nick Drake, kicked off our new series with a message based on Luke 17, where Jesus heals ten men.
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Interview w/ Mark Sayers

An interview w/ Mark Sayers on spiritual renewal and the future of the church
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Interview w/ Nicky & Pippa Gumbel

An interview w/ the Gumbels' where they share their heart and vision for evangelism.
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Love Thy Neighbour

Tebo Mpanza, shares a message reminding us to first consider our relationship with God which drives everything else.
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Out Of The Box

Nick Drake, shares a message at Worship for Everyone, reminding us that there is no age limit on God working through you.
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What The World Needs Now

Tim Hughes, Lead Pastor, unpacks our vision for this next season.
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The Gift Of Repentance

Lead Pastor, Rachel Hughes shares a word about the gift of repentance.
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A Legacy

Lead Pastor, Tim Hughes shares a message at this momentous time in our nation. Reflect with us as we celebrate the life of Queen Elizabeth II and pray for our new King, Charles III.
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The Passion Project

Nick Herbert, reminds us to be people who are passionate about pursuing God!
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God Knows You

Tim Bateman shares a message from the Psalms, allowing God to search us and know us!
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Steadfast Spirit

James unpacks Psalm 139 and reminds us that even when we face storms in our lives, God has something for us in that season!
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I Don't Concern Myself Anymore

Ronia explores Psalm 131 on how we can put our hope in the Lord.
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Mountain Rescue

Ali Herbert explores Psalm 121 on how the Lord watches over us.
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The Lord Is My Sheperd

Tebo Mpanza unpacks Psalm 23 and how we can learn to trust in the Lord.
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Secret Songs, Fear & Faith

Katie Stock shared how we don't want to have to be the strong ones today!
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Soundtrack Of The Soul

Nick Drake kicked off our new Psalms series on Sunday showing us what it looks like for the Psalms to be the soundtrack of our soul.
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Love In Action

Hear from Martha about how we can put Gods love into action in our world
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A God Of Hope

On Sunday we heard 3 amazing messages from Taku Mudere, Becky McKemey & Tendi Mudzvovera on a God of hope.
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Sacred Service

Listen to Becky's message on Sacred Service and what it looks like for us to serve as the body of the church.
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Taste & See

Join us for this GSA Takeover Special as we explore what it looks like to Taste & See that the Lord is good.
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Is This It?

Is This It?
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When The Truth Hurts

When The Truth Hurts
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Attitude Adjustment

We were so blessed to have Leah Chilengwe give our final message from our 'Created For Connection' series on how we can adjust our attitude.
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We Don't Talk Anymore

Listen as Tim gives us 3 amazing steps on how to become more self aware.
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Specks & Logs, Smudges & Sneers

This Sunday Tebo Mpanza spoke on what it looks like to be faithfully self aware
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Are We Really Friends?

This Sunday Michael revealed the 3 points which lead to faith filled, lifegiving friendships
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Created For Connected

They’ll know me by the way you love each other!’ 🌍🤍
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A New World

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Kings, Queens & Royal Things

God is good! 🙌
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Everyday Encounters

We loved hearing on Sunday from Ali Herbert about the everyday encounters of Mary, Martha and Lazarus
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Above & Beyond

What a special Sunday as we wrapped up our Above & Beyond series ✨
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From Generation To Generation

Nick Drake talks on what it looks like for the church to be multi-generational.
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An Unstoppable Movement

On Sunday we heard from Tim Hughes about how God is causing 'An Unstoppable Movement' through church planting.
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Miraculous Growth

How can we see miraculous growth 'above & beyond' in this season?
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Breaking Down The Walls

When God's people call on him walls come crashing down 🧱
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Good Glory

The glory fell when the people of God were living in harmony! 🤝
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Carrying The Presence

God is calling us to walk in step with his Spirit!
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Worship For Everyone

What a Sunday! We loved seeing you at our Worship For Everyone gatherings and the 6PM! So many special moments in God’s presence together 🎈🥳✨
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Surrender In Every Season

It was so good to see you this morning!Rachel Hughes brought such a great word on staying surrendered in every season 🤍
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Wild Worship

This Sunday Nick Drake shared an amazing message on what it looks like for us to live lives of wild worship speaking to us from 1 Kings and the story of Baal.
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What Do You See?

Sunday was special! We heard Nick's amazing talk on Prayer & Prophesy featuring his guest panel. We loved hearing how prayer was releasing faith in our wider community.
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The Battle Of The Mind

On Sunday we heard Tim's phenomenal message on what it looks like for us as Christians to Battle with our mind in our walk with Jesus.
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Waiting Well

We heard an amazing message from Ronia on Sunday all about waiting well on the Lord.
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Together This Christmas

We loved gathering with you to start the Christmas celebrations!If you missed it, you can watch now ‘Carols on Gas Street’ via YouTube!
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Jesus Over Identity

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Jesus Over Death

Let’s draw near to Jesus today! ⚡️We heard such a great message from Tebo Mpanza on ‘Jesus Over Death’, catch up on YouTube if you missed it!
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Truth & Life

We're so grateful for Pete Hughes message on Sunday about Truth & Life. Pete is a gifted communicator and author who is passionate about showing God's love in the heart of London!
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Jesus Over Fear

We had such a good time at our Worship For Everyone gathering on Sunday!
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Jesus Over Sin

Listen to our latest message from this Sunday from Nick Drake on Jesus Over Sin
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Jesus Over Sickness

On Sunday Ali Herbs shared on how Jesus is willing and able to heal us. He is over all sickness!
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Jesus Over Evil

Take hold of your God given authority today!
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Jesus Is Better

This is not about losing your life but FINDING it!
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Jesus Over Everything

You can have confidence that Jesus is over everything in your life!
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We Are Family

'Our view of church matters! It isn’t something we consume, it’s a family we belong to.' Rachel Hughes, Lead Pastor, shares on what it means to a part of the church family.
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Cross Or Calculator: A Motive To Give

'When we understand the depths of God's love, giving is a joy.' Tim Hughes, Lead Pastor, shares on what it means to be a generous people.
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Pour For More

'Start with what you’ve got and look what God can do.' Tim Hughes, Lead Pastor, shares on 2 Kings 4, The Widow’s Olive Oil.
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Cultivating Self-Control

When we understand God's heart for self-control we realise it's not restrictive, it's truly freeing! Tim Muller, Students Pastor, speaks on the fruit of self-control.
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The Faithfulness of God

'Despite our unfaithfulness to Him, He remains faithful to us.' Tim Bateman cotinues our series on the fruit of the Spirit.
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Gentle Giants

'Nothing shows your strength greater than the measure of your gentleness.' Mike Darbandi shares what it looks like to have the fruit of gentleness.
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Goodness: A Higher Standard

Goodness is not something that we have to achieve, it is something to be received. Kookie Chilengwe speaks on how the gift of goodness calls us to a higher standard. 
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Radical Kindness

'Radical kindness is not self-serving, it doesn't seek personal gain. Rather, it endears, exalts, encourages & endures!' Tebo Mpanza shares on living a lifestyle of radical kindness.
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A Posture of Patience

‘The reason for our salvation is God’s patience. He waits for us.’ Ali Herbert explores patience as a gift of the Holy Spirit.
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A Lifestyle of Peace

‘Peace isn’t the absence of tension or conflict – it is the presence of wholeness and completeness.’ Rachel Hughes, Lead Pastor, unpacks what it means to have PEACE as a Fruit of the Spirit, including an interview Tim Hughes & Kookie Chilengwe on how to live with a lifestyle of peace.
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Joy In All Seasons

'If happiness is the shallows, Joy is the deep waters.'. Rachel Hughes, Lead Pastor, unpacks what it means to have JOY as a Fruit of the Spirit.
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Love Breaks The Cycle

We need to be a people distinguished by love. Dr Nick Drake starts a new series exploring the first Fruit of the Holy Spirit — Love.
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I Got More Than I Came For

When we collide with Jesus, there is more than we can dare to imagine. Tebo Mpanza shares on considering what there is to gain when we follow Jesus!
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Here For It — Conversations On Church

We’ve been having big conversations on what our dream and vision for church is. Exploring what needs to change, what we’ve emphasised too much and what the bible says about how we should live as a community. Tim & Rachel Hughes, Dr Nick Drake, Tebo Mpanza & Ali Herbert unpack the most recent Sunday series 'Here For It'. In this podcast, they share their experiences and dig a little deeper into the heart behind the message. 
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A Holy People

When we try and live a holy life by striving, we fall short because we need Jesus. Tim Hughes shares on what it means to be a Holy people.
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The Church of Revival

‘Nothing will enlarge the human heart like seeing and savouring who Jesus is’ - Steve Uppal speaks on revival being a people saturated with God.
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Hospitality: The Family Business

We are called to love the stranger! Hannah Miller shares how the life of Jesus demonstrates a life of hospitality.
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A Sovereign Move of God

Tim Hughes, Lead Pastor, reminds us that God's Spirit is not about feel-good moments, it is about empowering and equipping us to outwork His plans for our lives.
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The Power Of The Imperfect Church

God's greatest desire for us is not perfection, it is connection'. Rachel Hughes, Lead Pastor, reminds us that God loves us too much to leave us the way we are.
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The Power Of A Supernatural Community

'There’s a supernatural dimension to life that we only find in Jesus Christ. ' Dr Nick Drake unpacks what it looks like to live in a supernatural community.
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The Spirit Of A Pioneer

Tebo Mpanza shares on what it means to be a pioneer! Pioneers are confident in God's word. Despite the opposition, despite the push back & resistance - The Gospel message cannot be hindered. It will get out!