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English, Comedy, 1 season, 85 episodes, 3 days, 18 hours, 25 minutes
Gallery95 is the beginning of our journey to connect with the various artists, musicians, creatives, or just straight up: the homies. Ranging topics from art, music, pop culture, fashion, politics, and everything else in between. Support this podcast:
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EP 86: Another Gallery 95 Podcast Episode (4/20 Edition)

4/25/20221 hour, 49 minutes, 40 seconds
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EP 85: The Quality Crew

Easy listen with Kev, Jha, and Nick. Sit back and start the week off with a quality bang.
3/7/202258 minutes, 30 seconds
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EP 84: Life of Stony Sparker ft. Lexo

New Monday, new episode! This week the G95 gang is joined by the very talented, Lexo aka Stony Sparker. The discussions ranged from sneaker culture, Lexo's upbringing in Miami, his journey through photography, and much more.  Be sure to tune in every monday at 9am EST for new episodes. Hosted by: Kev (@kev_ery) Jha (@overtimejha) Jazz (@smoovejazz_) and Dontae (@dontae.r) Joined by: Nick (@nickyyy.g) and Lewis (@lew_haz) Special Guest: Lexo (@thestylistick)
2/7/20222 hours, 9 seconds
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EP 83: Late Night Parlay

Yerrrrr! We're back (a little late) but we're back with a new episode and our friends Nick and Phuong join Kev, Jha, and Jazz for some small talk on the sports betting rampage that has taken over most of our lives. Shared stories about past work experiences and facing death. Things got a little spicy when the topic of relationships and monogamy/polygamy came out. Sit back, roll up, and enjoy EP 83!  Special guests: Nick (@nickyyy.g_) and Phuong (@callherphoenixx) Hosted by: Kev (@kev_ery), Jha (@overtimejha), and Jazz (@smoovejazz_) Be sure to follow @gallery95podcast on Instagram to stay up to date with everything Gallery 95 related!  
1/31/20221 hour, 35 minutes, 34 seconds
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EP 82: Red Lights

This week Kev is joined by his new co-hosts, Overtime Jha and Smoove Jazz! We started at the Gunna album and we ended up at a red light.  IG: @kev_ery @overtimejha @smoovejazz_ TikTok: @overtimejha @smoovejazzeats
1/11/20221 hour, 25 minutes, 24 seconds
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EP 81: Finish Your Route

After a very long hiatus, the podcast has returned in a new setting with tons of new guests to come! This week Kevin sat with a Harlem native, Jhaire. The conversation touches base on basketball culture in NYC, being African-American in the US, and even a touched bit on sneaker culture. Follow, comment, and subscribe to stay up to date with everything Gallery 95 related.  Host: Kevin Acevedo (@kev_ery) Guest: Jha (@overtimejha) 
11/29/20211 hour, 13 minutes, 23 seconds
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EP 80: Consistency Tings

Short and sweet this week. Countdown to 100 EPISODES begins now!
6/28/202139 minutes
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EP 79: Summery

After (another) long hiatus, WE BACK BABY!
6/21/202142 minutes, 22 seconds
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EP: 78 Farting Is Funny...Sometimes

Another Monday filled with your podcast needs provided by the G95 team. Enjoy, be sure to comment, share, and subscribe so you never miss anything Gallery 95 related. 
4/26/202151 minutes, 25 seconds
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EP 77: Building w/ The Real Dezaster

Hello, goodmorning to the audience members of the G95Pod listenership! We're back on a beautiful Monday to kick off your weeks and we are joined by the lovely Dez Davila. We spoke on COVID, graduation/work flow, and SNEAKERS! So roll up, pour some tea, and join the conversation with us.
4/5/20211 hour, 14 minutes, 52 seconds
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EP 76: Where Is V?

Reflecting with our main shorty Veronika!
3/1/202151 minutes, 25 seconds
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EP 75: Kim Ripped Her Pants Out of Love

The gang is joined by Izzy Fletcher on Valentine's Day night for some lovely bochinche. 
2/15/20211 hour, 6 minutes, 59 seconds
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EP 74: Snowmageddon 2021

New week with some new topics and some interesting takes on the past week's events. Kim and Kev did a live recording earlier this morning and broke down some of the recent weekends events too. Sit back and enjoy EP 74!
2/8/202158 minutes, 58 seconds
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EP 73: Plus One Bilal

This week was a real treat because we sat down with Jersey, Bilal. Long overdue pod that does not disappoint. We spoke with Mr. Plus One himself about his creative endeavors, some conspiracy theories, and more. You know the vibes! Like, comment, and subscribe to keep up with everything Gallery 95 related.  
1/25/20211 hour, 11 minutes, 8 seconds
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EP 72: Random Life Thoughts

New week, new episode. Calm vibes. Roll up and sip some tea, Happy Monday!
1/18/202156 minutes, 44 seconds
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EP 71: Thugs In D.C.

Yerrrrrr! Merry New Year! WE'RE BACK! Kim and Kev come into the new year hot with some of the biggest headlines of the almost wouldn't believe that it has only been 11 days. Sit back and enjoy the beginning of the week with some G95 love. Hit GALLERY95STUDIO.COM to email us about coming on the show. Comment, share, become a supporter, and subscribe.
1/11/20211 hour, 2 minutes, 32 seconds
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EP 70: Kim The Island Ting

Kim is back from her birthday getaway!
11/23/202053 minutes, 22 seconds
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EP 69: Welcome Joe

This week's we discuss the results of last week's Presidential Election where we, the people, voted in Joe Biden as the new President elect of The United States of America. Whole bunch of updates happening today for the Gallery 95 team with a new addition to our family, a site update featuring more than 10 new photographers, and more. 
11/11/202055 minutes, 37 seconds
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EP 68: Big Election Energy

This week we kicked with one of our past co-hosts, Cristian De Leon. With the election coming tomorrow we spoke about the presidential candidates, the climate of the potential outcomes, and more. Be sure to vote if you're registered and enjoy this week's episode.  
11/2/202050 minutes, 16 seconds
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EP 67: Brotha G

This week we sat down with Co-founder and Co-owner of Gallery 95 Studios, Christian Geigel. He told us about his perspective on Covid-19 in NYC, who he plans on voting for, and more. Hit the the notifications button so you never miss an update and to comment, share, and subscribe to us on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Anchor.
10/27/202047 minutes, 9 seconds
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EP 66: Welcome Back

After a long hiatus, Kev and Kim have returned to the mics to bring just in time to see the leaves change colors. This episode was more a life update and recap of the past two months. From Breonna Taylor's case to the election, this pod has a little bit of everything for everybody. Sit back, enjoy your Monday morning, and take care of yourself! Share, like, and comment. Don't forget to follow us @gallery95podcast on Instagram for any updates. 
10/19/20201 hour, 2 minutes, 1 second
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EP 65: The Spotify Episode

Spotify sponsor us and let us hold a dollar real quick. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEV!
8/24/20201 hour, 24 minutes, 45 seconds
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EP 64: Take 2

Technical difficulties led to a rerecord of episode 64. Enjoy!
8/3/20201 hour, 47 seconds
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EP 63: WTW ft. Kim and Izzy

This week's episode has a bit of a twist to it, Kevin goes on a solo mission and sits down Kim and Izzy. They just launched a new pod called Woah...That's Wow! Kev dives into into their pod life, tips and tricks they've learned along the way, and more.
7/27/20201 hour, 5 minutes, 20 seconds
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EP 62: For The Woo

Simply, do it for The Woo. 
7/13/20201 hour, 28 minutes, 6 seconds
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EP 61: Black Lives STILL Matter

For this next episode we continue to shed light on the injustices that still continue to plague the US. With all of our timelines and newsfeeds going back to "normal" we have to continue spreading awareness, educating, and supporting our friends and family during this pivotal time in our history. 
6/29/20201 hour, 20 minutes, 21 seconds
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EP 60: Black Lives Matter

We return after a long 2 month hiatus and break our silence in the midst of a social war going on in the United States after Minnesota citizen, George Floyd, was wrongfully murdered. This episode is a touchy subject for most but these are the conversations we must continue to have if we want to affect change. We touch base on the details circulating about the riots/protests, how to keep change active in our communities moving forward, and much more. We hope you have been outraged by the lack of accountability that the police and justice system have been held to as much as we are, this ALL of our fights.  #BlackLivesMatter #SayTheirNames #NoJusticeNoPeace
6/3/20201 hour, 8 minutes, 27 seconds
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EP 59: Quaranteena

As the quarantine continues throughout the world, The Gallery continues. Kim and Kevin share their perspective of how to handle the COVID-19 outbreak, how to keep yourself occupied, and much more! 
3/30/202053 minutes, 31 seconds
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EP 58: Ally The Alchemist

This week we sat down with Ally (@allythealchemist) in The Gallery and she broke down her travels, her spirituality, motherhood, and more. This is our fourth and final episode as apart of the "Health is Health" series. 
3/23/20201 hour, 3 minutes, 43 seconds
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EP 57: Heavenly Juices

This week the owners of Heavenly Juices, a local juice company, to wrap up our "Health is Wealth" series. They educated us on their process to making these delicious juices, the importance of health to them, and the long term benefits of living a healthy lifestyle by starting now. 
3/16/202057 minutes, 21 seconds
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EP 56: Valley Prep

Third installment of our "Health is Wealth" series includes the great people from Valley Prep Meal Prep. We sat down with owners Tatiana and John, they shared their healthy eating habits, favorite dishes from the dishes, and some insight on a healthy eating lifestyle. Be sure to listen, share, and subscribe on our pod journey. 
3/9/202052 minutes, 18 seconds
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EP 55: Play For The Long Game

This week’s episode is part 2 of our “Health is Wealth” series and we sat down with @mr_porter1027 to discuss the importance of staying active, playing for the long game, and how he stays focused and dedicated to the fitness lifestyle. You know the good weather right around the corner too, get right with Porter! ✊🏽🐐
3/2/202059 minutes, 26 seconds
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EP 54: Body Image: Fatphobia vs Skinny Shaming

We sat down with two of our very good friends of the Gallery and the stigmas of body image and how important it is to change our perspectives and be proud of how we look. 
2/24/20201 hour, 34 minutes, 31 seconds
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EP 53: CCJ on the Block

This week have we have a lot of Gallery legends stop by and share their time and conversation. We we joined by Cris, Geigel, and Jorge for a casual midweek sit down. 
2/17/202048 minutes, 23 seconds
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EP 52: Valley World

For this week's episode Kev and Kim sat down with local artist, RJ Tha Guru. We discussed a bit of his origin in the music game, his upcoming project SNWDRFTR, and he tells us what he's been bumping recently. Start your week off on the right foot and come kick it with us. 
2/10/202055 minutes, 30 seconds
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EP 51: Yocho Cinco

Happy New year to the Gallery faithful, we're back! After taking the month of January off, Gallery  and Co. are back and joined by the vibrant and talented Yiosselle (@pink_cyndaquil). In this week's episode we discussed the importance of Kobe to our generation, anime/cosplay culture, where we've been at and much more. Also, show Yocho some love, he recently moved to Brooklyn and we couldn't be prouder of our brother. Like, comment, and share with your nearest and dearest.
2/3/20201 hour, 10 minutes, 18 seconds
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I Dare You To Tell The Truth

Merry Christmas from the Gallery 95 family! This week we got spicy with Kim's "So and So" and also played a calm game of Uno Truth. So roll up, drink up, and enjoy the quality time with your family. 
12/26/20191 hour, 22 minutes, 19 seconds
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Bus Driver vs The Valley

Sharing stories, impeachment talk, Karol from The Bronx......we had some fun with this one. Enjoy subscribe, like, and share! 
12/23/20191 hour, 11 minutes, 52 seconds
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Brief hiatus is over! The holiday season got us busy and active but we've returned with special guest Armani (@iyubovnik) to talk music, his relationship with 2nd Base Vintage, and everything else in between. Be sure to show love by subscribing, liking, and sharing this podcast. 
12/17/20191 hour, 5 minutes, 33 seconds
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Young Lee

After some technical difficulties for Round 1 with this special guest, we FINALLY linked up with the creator and owner of KNEW, Lee,. To speak on his influences, upcoming projects, and even touched on his background with music and sound. You'll even get to hear him speak on the then upcoming fashion show hosted by Nombre Clothing. Kick off your week correctly with the Gallery Gang.
11/18/20191 hour, 8 minutes, 2 seconds
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Happy Birthday Kim

Surprise episode this Sunday to celebrate Kim's 25th! Kevin sits down with Kim and asks her 25 questions about her transition through womanhood, some of her early 20s experiences, and some things you'll only be able to find out by listening to this episode. So roll up and wish Kim a Happy 25th and enjoy  the show.w
11/18/20191 hour, 2 minutes, 42 seconds
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Kev's An Asshole

Monday morning JUUUUUUUU HEARD! We got Jorge (@offsetrun) joining us this week to talk on life in his twenties, what happened with the co-host spot on the Gallery, and much more. Roll up and get your rice and beans ready for that Gallery 95 goodness. 
11/11/20191 hour, 11 minutes, 5 seconds
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Priscilla w/ The Good Lens

This week the Gallery is joined by longtime friend, Priscilla aka Pkilla! We touched base on her journey through motherhood, her style of photography, and everything else in between. So roll up and sage your place up as we invade your phones for the next hour or so. 
11/4/20191 hour, 9 minutes, 49 seconds
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Latino History

This week Kev and Kim sit down to discuss Netflix originals which includes Latin History For Morons, our relationship with our parents, and driving in the rain. Getting closer to EP 50 so enjoy and show love by giving us a like, sharing this podcast, and subscribing! 
10/28/20191 hour, 18 minutes, 23 seconds
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Running To Utopia

After a week off we return with that heat featuring the good dudes from Running To utopia. If you haven't heard of them you'll be excited to hear what they have to say about creating music, working as a collective, and so much more. 
10/21/20191 hour, 8 minutes, 2 seconds
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Dre In The Evening

This week we sat down with a Allentown artist Black Dre (@therealblackdre) and his manager, Bria (@briabynature). We spoke on his latest project 'Maybe Next Year' and all things music, his sports background,  and he even dropped a freestyle for us in The Gallery for the first time!
10/7/20191 hour, 23 minutes, 59 seconds
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Do You Smell The Musk?

Yerrrrr, mi gente! Newest episode of the Gallery 95 Podcast includes a breakdown of 6ix9ine and the latest on his trial, Elon Musk is doing Elon Musk things, and much more! Be sure to leave comments and share!
9/30/201948 minutes, 46 seconds
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Episode 39/40

On this week's loud and rowdy episode we sat down with the lovely Theresa. We touched on her 305 lifestyle, upcoming projects, and a lot more.
9/23/20191 hour, 21 minutes, 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

California Dreamin'

Welcome back to another episode of the Gallery 95 Podcast and this week we are joined by Kay Loren! For those who don't know she might have one of the best sense of humors we've been around thus far, so be ready to laugh and feel the energy. We spoke on being vegan and the various recipes she has in the tuck, her life endeavors from a creative standpoint, and so much more. You will not be disappointed, we love you Kay and Dan Have a safe trip and enjoy the new coast!
9/16/20191 hour, 16 minutes, 52 seconds
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The Social Tour Post Game Show

Fresh after The Social Tour 2.0 the gang sits down and reflects on the night, the past week of serious growth, and even had some fun on IG live. Twist one up and kick it with us on this gloomy Monday morning.
9/2/20191 hour, 23 minutes, 54 seconds
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Zay in the Morning

Yerrrr got a great episode lined up this week with Valley beat maker and artist! We dove into his job life, why he doesn't share his music, and what to expect from him in the future. 
8/26/20191 hour, 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

Happy Birthday Kev

Happy Birthday Kevin! Pop up episode for Kev's G Day alongside Kim, Veronika, and special guest, Tony! We went live on IG, read each other's DMs, and much more. Bottoms up and enjoy today's episode!
8/24/20191 hour, 30 minutes, 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Social Valley Vintage Gallery

You remember that episode when Zack and Cody crossed over with That's So Raven, and Hannah Montana? This is bigger than that! We spoke to 3 separate guests to discuss what makes them who they are, how they got into their line of creative work, and we capped off we sat down panel discussion on the ups and downs about being an entrepreneur. Thank you again to @_thesocialtour_ + @valleyprepmealprep + @2ndbasevintage for letting us in and talking some bochinche with you guys.  
8/19/20191 hour, 26 minutes, 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

Dancing Queen

Long time friend, Ney, pencils us in for her first episode! We talk about the importance of recharging your energy, NYC life, and of course DANCING!
8/12/201953 minutes, 27 seconds
Episode Artwork


This week the gang sat down with local artist, Scott Summers. Usually quiet and in the cut, Scott breaks out to discuss music, love, and so much more! 
8/12/20191 hour, 6 minutes, 21 seconds
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Family Ties

We sat down with 1/2 of Lost Pursuit, Jah, for his sequel on the Gallery. We touched on his most recent release, upcoming events, and much more. Returning guests are always a blast, Southside forever.
8/5/20191 hour, 11 minutes, 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Audition

This week Kim and Kev sit down with returning guest, Veronika. So kick back and enjoy the Monday morning energy. 
7/29/20191 hour, 17 minutes, 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Social Tour

We welcome you to our LONGEST episode yet! This week Kim and Kev sit down with the man behind The Social Tour, Brandon Avery (@averywiththevisuals) and, artist, Catherine Witherspoon (@ms.witherspoon). In this week's episode we find out about his creative background, the start of being social media friendly, The Social Tour's upcoming event on Saturday (7/27), and so much more.....I mean it is 2 hours long!
7/25/20192 hours, 1 minute, 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

Artificially Intelligent?

The latter of our doubleheader is a different approach to some self acknowledgement and kind of like a restart to get back into the groove of things. Kev and Kim also touched base on chips in the brain, not with the chips. New setting for the bochinche, same energy!
7/22/20191 hour, 8 minutes, 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

Monday Morning in LA

Sorry for the hiatus but we are back and we're better! This week we sit down with the OG jumpman, Tony. 
7/22/20191 hour, 9 minutes, 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Kim Show

Kim pulled Kev out of bed to give you this week's's Kim's show.
7/9/20191 hour, 5 minutes, 9 seconds
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Will (steezalot) Power

The homie Will, (@willsteezalot), pulled up to the gallery to discuss music, etiquette, and our hot boy summer. 
7/8/20191 hour, 8 minutes, 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Model, The Photographer, The Veronika

In this episode we spoke with very special guest, Veronika (@veronikamarzz) bout how to love, which side of the lens she prefers, upcoming events and projects, and much more. Good morning, good afternoon, good week, good everything! Like, comment, and share!
7/1/20191 hour, 2 minutes, 14 seconds
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Lord Geebus

In this bonus episode, we sat down with the other half of the Gallery95 Geigel (@j.geigel). We spoke fashion, food, and got an update on his life in New York and upcoming projects.
6/27/201954 minutes, 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Nash Files

This week we sit down with Nash (@nash.beltran) for an open discussion on life in the South, 610roots, and much more. 
6/24/20191 hour, 4 minutes, 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

La Familia

The episode where Kev's mom and brother kick and share their opinions on this week's slate of topics.
6/17/201952 minutes, 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

When They Hear us

This week the gang visits the ins and outs of the confusing dating culture, the unspoken truth about the hispanic community, and we break down the Netflix original, When They See Us. trust us, you don't want to miss out on this weeks episode.
6/10/20191 hour, 17 minutes, 6 seconds
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"Season 2 Premiere"

After a brief hiatus the gang reappears for a new season, in a new location, ready to talk to the shit. Tune in and follow us on IG (@gallery95podcasts) to keep up with new episodes and bonus content. Also be sure to subscribe, comment, and share!
6/3/20191 hour, 6 minutes, 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

That 4/20 Show

Kick back and light up to this bonus episode as we prepare for the 2nd season of the Gallery 95 Podcast. Happy (belated) 4/20!
5/6/201949 minutes, 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

Winter Is Here

This week on our Season 1 finale, I sat down with Cris (@cde_leonn) and Edgar (@WhoEC_) to breakdown our thoughts from the past seasons and take a brief look into the final season. Be sure to catch up on previous episodes and don't forget to subscribe, like, and share!
4/14/201941 minutes, 53 seconds
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Kim's Kitchen

Link up with my soul sister, Kim (@sailingsoulll_), for a round 2 of her episode after I accidentally deleted the first one....smh. This week we talk to Kodak wildin out, Cardi B double standard, quick tips for restaurant etiquette, and much more. Tune in to this week's for some news moving forward and what to look forward. Like, comment, subscribe, and share this podcast! 
4/11/20191 hour, 13 minutes, 27 seconds
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Saint Wavey

We sit down this week with Michael Kohlmann (@_mk.ultra) to discuss the end of an era and the birth of a new idea. We also dive into the culture, state of fashion, and a sneak peak into his mind for future projects. Like, Comment, Subscribe! 
4/8/201944 minutes, 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

Curly Tops

From the stash box to the air waves this episode has a bunch of curl cream using fuckers. 
4/3/201942 minutes, 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

Lars on the Mic

This week's episode pertains to a sniper in the streets. First time guest Lars on the Lens kicks at the Bodega 95 Studio for some creative discussion and where the state of creativity is at. New listener or loyal follower, you do not want to miss this one. 
4/1/201934 minutes, 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

Air Max Day, Sorta

Tune in for the very first Thursday episode, as I kick it with my special guest.....ME! I'll explain how that happened, a little perspective on Air Max Day, and a good story or two to make you feel good inside.
3/28/201932 minutes, 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

Sneakery Thoughts

Sat down with my guy Tony Hamane (IG: jumpman3391) to discuss the state of sneakers, growing up with the culture, and took a trip down memory lane. We also personal with Tony and asked him his top 5.....tune in to hear what he had say on this week's episode. 
3/25/201936 minutes, 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

Biggest Fan

This week I sit down with a music aficionado as we celebrate the women in our lives, talk inspiration, sexuality, and what's it like being a young man in a ever so changing world. So if you love a good bit and good banter, this is the show for you. 
3/18/201950 minutes, 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

Bodega Champ!

In this episode with sit down with the lovely, KimKooks, and get to her know as a chef. We're joined this week some great creatives and even beeter friends as we sit down at the Brown Table for a nice brunch in the Gallery95 Bodega.
3/11/201944 minutes, 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

Lost On The South

We link up with Jah on a for a good talk about life, fashion, music, growing up on the southside, and more!
3/4/201930 minutes, 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

Brotherly Love

We're brothers were happy and we're singing and we're colored...
3/2/201934 minutes, 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

Solo Mission

Come kick it with me as I pick 50 questions out of a box and get personal.
2/25/201948 minutes, 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

New Yorker

Geigel and Cris talking bonchinche like some stoop kids.
2/18/201928 minutes, 54 seconds
Episode Artwork


OG DavidABeats joins us to catch up on life and other things.
2/11/201940 minutes, 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

It's The Henny

Music, growing up, and a splash of that hen dog!
1/11/20191 hour, 22 minutes, 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

Rice and Beans

Kicking off the new year with my guy Jorge aka DJ Rice and Beans.
1/3/201931 minutes, 6 seconds