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The Future Smart Parent podcast provides resources for parents and kids who want to be ready for all the ways in which the future is going to be different from today.We will explore this future together, bringing insights from top futurists, resources from smart people working on making our lives better, and most importantly, stories of parents who are parenting a little differently, yet very much intentionally, for a changing world. These stories, insights and resources are all there to provide you with the tools needed to parent in the 2020s, and beyond.
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Bounce: How to Raise Resilient Kids and Teens

Episode Summary: In this episode, Jude talks with Naomi Holdt, author, mom and child psychologist, all about her new book Bounce: How to Raise Resilient Kids and Teens. This book is so important and we encourage you to read it - if nothing else it will remind you, as a parent, that you are not alone. Bounce will help you tackle this messy and beautiful journey of life and parenting in a very human way.Bounce: How to Raise Resilient Kids and Teens is an easy-to-read, effective guide that can make an immediate difference to your parenting approach and your relationship with your children. Based on years of experience as a parent and a parenting expert, it provides accessible information and advice, thought-provoking exercises and proven techniques. It explores issues that impact us all, including:What is resilience?Anxiety and depressionBuilding resilience in our children by working on our own resilienceBoundaries and gentle parentingHelping children through griefParenting the anxious childTips for divorced parentsChildhood depressionHighly sensitive children and resilience.Jude talks about what she found most important when reading the book, and Naomi and Jude both discuss what it looks like to be parenting intentionally in a changing world, breaking generational cycles and how to create that sense of belonging for our kids. The book also reminds parents to have more fun with our kids, while at the same time keeping it real. For anyone who doesn't follow Naomi on social media, please do. She shares so generously and authentically daily. And please do go out and grab a copy of her book: Bounce: How to Raise Resilient Kids and Teens.Connect with Guest:Website: Email: [email protected] Facebook: Instagram: Thank you so much for listening! This episode is brought to you by Future Smart Parent. Please like and subscribe to our community. If you enjoyed the podcast, consider leaving a review and sharing the episode with your network. Join the Future Smart Parent Community:Instagram | Newsletter signup | Facebook Group 
10/25/202337 minutes, 52 seconds
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EFT Tapping for Kids and Parents

Today I got to speak with Rebekah Clark from Happy Marlo. Happy Marlo is an organization dedicated to helping children build skills for dealing with their emotions and being empowered to find their calm space. While these tools and resources are designed specifically for 3 to 11 year olds, the holistic approaches to emotional well-being can, and should, also apply to the parents, guardians and carers of these children. Some of us parents also need to learn some emotional regulation skills and find ways to ease our anxieties and centre ourselves. Happy Marlo is a wonderful resource for parents and kids! In this episode, Jude and Rebekah speak specifically about EFT - Emotion Freedom Technique, aka Tapping. EFT can help children process emotions and take control of their own wellbeing. The positive effects have been so widespread that some schools are starting to introduce it into the curriculum. Benefits include: Helping children recognise, understand and express emotions Significantly reduce stress levels Increased self-esteem and self acceptance Increased happiness, energy and overall sense of wellbeing Reduced perfectionism, fear of failure, or procrastination Improving academic performance or managing learning difficulties Supporting friendship dynamics, anger issues, bullying-related events or self-harm Overcoming fears or phobiasConnect with Rebekah:Website: www.happymarlo.comEmail: [email protected] / [email protected] IG & FB: @happymarlolifeIf you want to read more about the science behind tapping as a calming and healing technique, look at Dr. Peta Stapleton’s book: The Science Behind TappingAnd here are some free Happy Marlo resources for you.Thank you so much for listening! Please like and subscribe to join our community. If you enjoyed the podcast, consider leaving a review and sharing the episode with your network. Join the Future Smart Parent Community:Instagram | Newsletter signup | Facebook Group
6/21/202330 minutes, 27 seconds
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The Changing Gender Landscape

In this episode, I chatted with Christy Herselman from The Chat. We spoke about the changing gender landscape, and what this means for both our children, and for us parents as we all try to navigate and understand this phenomenon that's unfolding so quickly.  We spoke about the massive rise in transgender and nonbinary teens, and touched on how the world got here. I think what I loved the most from this conversation is the way Christy helps us parents think about this topic. She doesn’t come in with all the answers, but rather helps us understand this changing landscape, acknowledging the many complexities on this subject. This conversation was another reminder to me as a parent of the fundamental job we have to just love our children, provide them with the safe space that they need, and to have these sorts of conversations with them. Christy is a speaker, teacher, researcher, author, wife, and mom to 3 kids with a passion to help cultivate deep connections, facilitate healthy dialogue helping raise a generation who are secure in who they are and where they are going.8 years ago Christy founded a movement called The Chat. The heart of THE CHAT is to empower parents, organizations and communities to confidently dialogue around big topics like sexuality, digital healthy and social media in a natural, open manner that creates safe spaces for ongoing conversations.  She also equips tweens and teens to make healthy, future-focused decisions around their sexuality and identity and does workshops at schools, helping children and teens become healthy, wise digital users. Resources mentioned during the conversation: Upcoming Zoom for parents with Christy on Sex & Gender: Understanding the Conversation. 24th November. 5-Part Video Series for schools: The Gender Project: A 5 Part Video Series for schools, to help orientate and prepare South African teens for the Gender Conversation.Book: Irreversible Damage by Abigail ShrierBook: Untangled - Guiding Teenage Girls Through the Seven Transitions into Adulthood by Lisa DamourBook: The Emotional Lives of Teenagers: Raising Connected, Capable and Compassionate Adolescents by Lisa DamourPodcast: Ask Lisa - The Psychology of Parenting. [Podcast] To connect with Christy from The Chat: Website: [email protected]:  thechatdurban Stay in touch with the Future Smart Parent team:Website: www.futuresmartparent.comEmail: [email protected]: /futuresmartparent Instagram: @futuresmartparent <
11/15/202248 minutes, 46 seconds