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Future of KYC Compliance

English, Finance, 2 seasons, 23 episodes, 10 hours, 23 minutes
The world of KYC and AML compliance is changing fast. Regulators are cracking down, new laws are being passed, and criminals are getting more and more savvy every day. The Future of KYC Compliance podcast is dedicated to helping compliance professionals succeed by getting ahead of the curve and preparing themselves and their organizations for the trends and technologies that will shape the future.
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EP 23 - ECOMMBX’s Gregory Dellas: How to Cultivate a Culture of Compliance Within Your Organization   In today’s episode of the Future of KYC Compliance, Ian is joined by Gregory Dellas, Chief Compliance and Innovation Officer at ECOMMBX. Gregory highlights the importance of staying current with regulatory changes, being one step ahead of criminals, and properly utilizing technology in the  fight against financial crime.   Gregory, founder and Chair of the ACAMS Cyprus Chapter, is a certified CAMS and GCI certified trainer, a Fellow of the International Compliance Association and a long-standing member of the Anti-Money Laundering Professionals Forum. He shares how these organizations enabled him to  join forces with fellow anti-financial crime professionals to achieve efficient and effective KYC and AML compliance.   Topics discussed: What drew Gregory  to a career in AML and  fighting financial crime The reasons why organizations fail to implement successful AML programs AML and financial crime related risks Gregory has seen emerge in the recent years  The common reporting mistakes that are now starting to occur because of the shift in  the way we  engage  with clients  Trends Gregory has seen AML professionals have used to try and remove data error points The primary challenges  faced by  frontline compliance teams and institutions The importance of having the right culture within an institution in KYC compliance Advantages of joining AML organizations Key pillars that underpin an effective AML compliance program  Gregory’s advice  for professionals to win the battle against financial crime
12/14/202224 minutes, 48 seconds
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EP 22 - Revolut’s Nelson Yiannakou: The importance of data sharing in AML and financial crime prevention

In this episode of the Future of KYC Compliance, Ian joins Nelson Yiannakou, Regional Money Laundering Reporting Officer ( APAC ) at Revolut, as he shares his views on the current state of AML obligations and compliance in Australia. We touch on some of the bigger financial crime monitoring challenges faced by regulators today, and Nelson gives us a fresh perspective on the importance of having a sound AML environment and a robust financial crime prevention system. Topics discussed: Nelson’s three-decade long career in financial risk management and financial crime prevention A brief intro to Revolut and the services it offers Financial crime challenges Revolut has faced globally Nelson’s view on the state of AML obligations and compliance in Australia today The importance of investing in financial crime prevention capabilities and technologies Why financial crime syndicates always seem to be one step ahead of regulators Specific challenges faced by digital-only fintech companies What excites Nelson most with his work in financial crime risk management Nelson’s advice for KYC and AML professionals to ensure their success in the field
11/16/202225 minutes, 50 seconds
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EP 21 - Dow Jones Joel Lange: Trends Shaping Risk Management and Financial Crime Compliance

In today’s episode of the Future of KYC Compliance, Ian is joined by Joel Lange, General Manager of Risk and Compliance at Dow Jones.  Topics Discussed:  What drew Joel into the world of financial crime prevention The scope of Joel’s work with Dow Jone’s risk and compliance management Key AML and financial crime risks we have today The shift from KYC to KYB Primary trends in risk management and financial crime compliance Main challenges financial organizations  face in mitigating risks How to maintain a successful AML program The importance of continuing education and training for organizations to effectively navigate the compliance sector on a global scale Common regulatory compliance mistakes made by organizations Joel’s tips and advice to ensure full AML compliance
9/8/202226 minutes, 25 seconds