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Fuck Your Disorder (how to love yourself no matter what)

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Fuck your disorder! You are not crazy, or hysterical. You have emotions. I can help you deal with them. Hi! I'm Amanda. I am a Certified Life Coach and I know a few things about feeling different from everybody else. I used to constantly battle with my brain and feel frustrated and upset that I couldn’t get my life to where it needed to be so that I could finally feel stable and ok. Until I finally realized that what I really needed was love and self-worth. Let me teach you how to change your life for the better. It's all right here. Click here to find out more:
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209. How To Handle Rejection

Rejection hurts.  This is a fact.  It can be hard to know what to do when you are feeling rejected. What we tend to do is simply try and get rid of the feeling, but what we don't realize is that this makes the feeling of rejection persist and grow.  In today's episode I am going to show you how to handle rejection in a way that allows you to go out in the world not fearing rejection.  You don't need people to stop saying no to you to be able to create the things you WANT in your life.  You need to learn how to be the boss of rejection.  Listen in to find out more.Book a free Strategy Call with Amanda:  BOOK HERE
5/16/202416 minutes, 19 seconds
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208. Improving Your Life With The 24 Hour Rule

As humans we tend to be pretty impulsive, and that's because we are driven by emotion.  The stronger the emotion, the more impulsive and reactive we will be.  Since neurodivergent people have troubles processing and since we are more sensitive to emotion, we will often do and say things using emotional fuel that is not great at creating results that we actually want.This is why I implement the 24 hour rule.  The 24 rule is a way of allowing an urge and allowing an emotion in your body, while not choosing to take any action.  This is not always easy, but it is always a benefit.  When we implement this in our day to day life, our relationships improve, our careers improve, our self-talk improves, and our LIFE improves.Take a listen to see how this might benefit your life and possibly create some pretty amazing results moving forward.  It can be easier than you think.Ready to take this work to the next level?  The next step is to book a Free Strategy Session with Amanda.  You can book that HERE:
5/9/202421 minutes, 5 seconds
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207. No Complaining. No Defending. With Maggie Reyes

When you are inside of a relationship that is not creating the kind of experience that you want to have, it is natural to want to complain.  And when somebody tells you that YOU are doing something that they don't want or that they don't like, it is totally natural to want to defend yourself.  But just because it's natural doesn't mean it's the best thing for us.  And just because it's natural does not mean it's the best thing for the quality of relationship that we want to build.I invited my former Life Coach, friend and colleague to be a guest on the podcast today and share a concept that she teaches called: No complaining.  No defending.  In today's episode, Maggie Reyes (Marriage Coach and Double Master Certified Life Coach) comes on to explain how applying this concept can create a major shift in ANY relationship (including the one you have with yourself)Did you know you can book a free strategy session with me?  Find out more and BOOK HEREMore About MaggieMaggie Reyes is a Master Certified Life Coach and Modern Marriage Mentor who specializes in helping driven, ambitious women create their best marriages, without waiting for their partners to change or adding more work to their lives.She is the creator of The Marriage MBA Program, a 6 month mentorship in creating a successful marriage using principles from positive psychology, cognitive science and simple coaching tools that you can learn today and apply tomorrow.Maggie is the author of the best selling Questions for Couples Journal  which has over 3,000 4 star ratings on Amazon. And she is the host of the The Marriage Life Coach Podcast which is consistently ranked among the top 2 percent podcasts out of over 2 million podcasts tracked by ListenNotes. When she isn’t teaching or coaching she loves obsessing over Formula 1 Racing, Bridgerton, reading fan fiction, sexy romance novels and watching superhero movies and Mexican Rom Coms with her hubby.  If you want to learn how to stop doing the things that poison the love in a relationship and start doing the things that make love stronger, you can find the tools to create your best marriage at
5/2/202447 minutes, 18 seconds
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206. What to do when shit get's hard (Addressing the increasing complexity of life)

Sometimes life get's hard and shit get's real.  Welcome to a raw and unfiltered episode where we dive deep into the complexities of navigating life when everything feels overwhelming. In this episode, we explore what to do when challenges pile up, responsibilities seem endless, and emotions run high. Join us as we uncover the strategies to handle life's real struggles with grace and resilience.If you are ready to talk about this, let's get on a free Strategy Session!  You can book that here:
4/25/202430 minutes, 45 seconds
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205. What To Do When Your Nervous System Regulation Isn't Working

It can be really disheartening when the things you do to help yourself when emotions get high suddenly seem to stop working.  It can be tempting to believe in these moments that something is wrong, that there is specifically something wrong with YOU.  But that's not the truth.  The truth is that nervous system regulation is not a set it and forget it game.  We are humans and not robots, we need to really look at how to approach ourselves by looking at where we are at right now.  Familiar routines sometimes are the worst ways to regulate yourself, and that's why I recorded this episode for you today.  Nervous System regulation is all about hacking your brain.  Sometimes the most regulating things we can do are HARD.  And above all, we need to remember that we are always layering our tools for maximum results.  So if you are struggling with enjoying the things that have always regulated you in the past, or if nervous system regulation has not been something you've really ever thought about, this is your episode.And if you want to book that Strategy Session, go HERE
4/18/202418 minutes, 1 second
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204. The Illusion of the Easy Button

In a world that often touts quick fixes and instant solutions, the concept of an "easy button" can be alluring. We are constantly bombarded with messages that promise a simple answer to life's complexities, whether it's through a new course, a magic program, or a revolutionary coaching technique. But what if the key to real growth and transformation lies not in pressing an easy button, but in embracing the journey of self-discovery and personal development? The latest episode of the podcast delves deep into this very notion, challenging the prevalent narrative that there is a one-size-fits-all solution to navigating life's challenges. As always, if you want Amanda's help in figuring out how to implement this, you should consider booking a free Strategy Session.  You can book that here: Strategy Session
4/11/202424 minutes, 22 seconds
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203. Busyness Addiction

I guarantee you could ask 5 people in a row how they are doing, and all 5 of them would tell you that they are busy.  Being busy has become a familiar refrain among the modern world, and the truth is, it needs to stop.  If you are feeling anxious and depleted and like you are on your last nerve, busyness addiction is playing a much bigger part in this problem than what you might realize.   Too many women are jumping from task to task with a to-do list that is a mile long and and a mile wide.  You might think that the way through this is to get it all done, and I am here to tell you that you are dead wrong.  Let's dive into today's episode where I am going to break this all down for you and show you a real way out of breaking free of busyness addiction.  It's easier than what you might think.If you are ready to give up busyness addiction, you need to register for my free class: How To Get Out Of Survival Mode and Create a Fuck Yes Life.  Register Here
4/4/202412 minutes, 32 seconds
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202. Resentment Cancer

Resentment cancer.  Here's what you know, resentment is always cancer.  Always.  It hardens you from the hurt, it protects you from the pain, but the long game when it comes to resentment is one of loneliness, bitterness and despair.   Resentment protects us, but it also blocks us.  It keeps us from the things that we desperately want in the world because we decide that the world sucks, we decide people (or maybe just a gender) sucks and we decide that hope isn't worth it.  It takes courage to open back up to the world.  It takes strength to open ourselves up to get hurt again.  Resentment tells us the lie of "we don't need that shit", because the truth is, we actually DO need that shit.  We need love, and acceptance, and romance and desire.  We need connection and joy and fulfillment and fun.Today's episode is going to walk you through why you want to learn how to let go of resentment and what to tap into instead.  My friend, you are capable of far more than you know.  Listen in, let's talk about it.If you love this episode, make sure to join us in the Self-Love Club: A free Facebook community that dives deeper into all of these topics.  JOIN HERE
3/28/202416 minutes, 30 seconds
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201. Difficult Relationships

Difficult relationships are just that ... difficult.  The truth is, we all have difficult relationships.  Even when we decide to stop contact with somebody, we still have a relationship with them, because the truth is, all a relationship is, is your thoughts about another person.  I know it can seem like the only way to improve a relationship with somebody is for them to change, but I am here to tell you that is not necessarily the case.  We have a lot more power than we think we do when it comes to relationships.  Take a listen if you want to change a difficult relationship in your life.  I'm going to teach you a whole new way.If you want support, don't forget you can join us in the Self Love Club free Facebook group.  Join Here
3/21/202425 minutes, 29 seconds
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200. Being Annoying

My son was told by a friend that somebody on his basketball team found him annoying.  My response was that, first of all, that was his teammates problem.  Because the truth is, being annoyed is a feeling and that means it's created by what we think.  We can't control what somebody else thinks, and therefore we cannot control how somebody else feels.Feedback like "you are annoying" can be tough to navigate as a neurodivergent woman.  We have heard before and we have heard it a lot, but that doesn't make it true.  We need to change the way we think about being "annoying" because it creates emotions like shame.  Shame does not serve us, it does not help us and it will never improve us.So instead, we need to give the people in our lives back their own feelings, and instead learn how to navigate our own.Join me in today's episode where I am going to show you exactly how to do this.And don't forget you can join my free Self Love Club Facebook Group HEREAnd you can book a free Strategy Session HERE
3/14/202418 minutes, 40 seconds
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199. Outward Verbal Processing: Navigating Neurodivergent Behavior Shame

I spent a lot of years of my life (over 40) being ashamed of being an outward verbal processor.  It's a pretty common neurodivergent trait that can oftentimes end up with other people treating you poorly.  Here's the thing, even thought a lot of people really don't get it, there ARE a lot of people that DO get it.  Today's episode breaks down what life looks like as a verbal processor, how to get of the shame spiral, and how to help yourself process better so that this doesn't happen for you as much.More than anything, what you need to know is that there are lots of people in this world that will not only not be bothered by this quality, but that will appreciate it and totally get it.  You are not alone.if you want some help with this, book a free Strategy Session.  I can help you work through this.BOOK HERE
3/7/202420 minutes, 23 seconds
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198. Creating A New Self-Concept

Step into a world of self-discovery and empowerment with me on today's podcast! Join me as we unravel the layers of your self-concept, exploring what truly shapes your beliefs about yourself and how they impact every aspect of your life. In this episode, I'll guide you through thought-provoking questions and practical strategies to challenge your existing self-concept and pave the way for personal growth and fulfillment. You'll hear insightful anecdotes and coaching tips that will inspire you to embrace your worth and potential. Discover how to break free from limiting beliefs, nurture a positive self-concept, and align your thoughts with your deepest desires. Plus, I'll share how you can take the next step towards transforming your life through personalized coaching sessions. Don't miss out on this transformative journey towards a more empowered and authentic version of yourself. Tune in now and embark on the path to self-discovery and self-love. See you there! You can book a free 1:1 Strategy Session with Amanda here:
2/29/202423 minutes, 30 seconds
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197. Burn Your Lists

If you tell me that you are neurodivergent, I would bet money that you have a lot of lists.  You probably think that those lists are what is keeping you from drowning in forgetting all the things you are supposed to be doing.  But I am going to tell you something that might rock your world: The lists are making things so much worse.  Lists are a way of confirming all of the things you "have to" do in the world.  But have you ever stopped to think about what you might WANT to do?  Probably not, because you are being buried alive by what you "have to" do.  Today's podcast breaks this all down and shows you how you probably want to redefine what you "have to" do in the world.  Take a listen, and if you want my help, book a strategy call.  I can help you.Book a strategy session:
2/22/202416 minutes, 12 seconds
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196. Desperation, Hopelessness, Failure & Winning

What do desperation, hopelessness, failure & winning have to do with each other?  Everything.  They have everything to do with each other.
2/15/202424 minutes, 33 seconds
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195. What To Do About Anxiety

Anxiety.  We all feel it.  It has been labelled as a problem emotion.  It has been labeled as a disordered emotion.  But what if I told you that it's actually an emotion we feel when we are terrified of feeling emotion?  Today I am going to share what anxiety REALLY is.  I am also going to help you break it down into bite size pieces so that you can finally start addressing anxiety in an empowered way.  We don't need to get rid of anxiety, but we do need to learn how to handle it.  This episode is going to show you how to do that.If you are ready to be in charge of your anxiety, this would be the perfect time to book a free Strategy Session: BOOK HERE
2/8/202424 minutes, 54 seconds
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194. Sensory Processor Overload

Neurodivergent women struggle with sensory processor overload.  But that doesn't mean we have to change or be different to stop overloading.  However we do want to make the overload our responsibility.  Today's episode shares how we can begin with understanding how to give more time and energy to our sensory processor (aka our brain) so that we can create a life we enjoy living (every single day) without shutting down and burning out.When we are aware of our sensory load, we can be aware of when the sensory load is going to increase.  When we have an understanding of this, we can begin implementing proactive nervous system regulation, emotional awareness & allowing and productive thinking.  This keeps us in charge of our sensory processor and ensures that it doesn't burn out (no matter what might be happening)Listen in and be sure to share your thoughts over on Instagram: as always, I would be so happy to see you on a Strategy Session and help you put a real and doable plan in place:
2/1/202421 minutes, 48 seconds
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193. Stop Being Nice - Using Big Bitch Energy To Improve Your Life

As young girls, we are socialized to be "nice".  In fact, we spent a vast amount of time focusing on how to stand up for ourselves and ask for what we want, but at the same time we try to do it in such a way that we don't come off as being  bitch.  The truth is, most of us (unwittingly) end up choosing to be unhappy and dissatisfied, rather than appear as "bitchy" in a hard situation.  If you want to start finally feeling satisfied with your life you are going to need to let go of needing to be "nice".  In today's episode, I break down why being nice is sabotaging your ultimate happiness and I show you how to start tapping into Big Bitch energy instead.  If you want to change the direction of your life and start feeling empowered and in emotional control, you are going to want to tune in.  Let's all get a little more bitchy together.You can sign up for a free strategy session with Amanda by clicking here:
1/25/202421 minutes, 1 second
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192. Raise Your Standards To Raise Your Quality Of Life

Are you settling in your life?  Are you trying to get yourself to be ok with what you think you can get because you don't think what you actually want is possible.  If that is what is happening for you, I want you to know that it is super common in neurodivergent people.  In fact, many of us walk on this path for so long, that we stop wanting all together.  Today I want to change that for you.  One of the simplest ways to increase your quality of life is to raise your standards.  This is true of dating, you career and basically every other aspect of your life.  Listen in because I am sharing why you need to change this and how to do it. Register for the Neurodivergent Anti-Resolution: How to Thrive with a Neurodivergent Brain in a Neurotypical World Masterclass:
1/18/202424 minutes, 48 seconds
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191. Quiet & Impactful Change with Tory Reade

Join me as I interview one of my dearest friends and favorite clients: Tory Reade.  In this episode Tory shares the impact and benefit of the quiet but profound change that coaching has brought to her life.  We cover how Tory was interested in coaching right away, and the reasons why I directed her to therapy instead.  We talk about how she determined when she was ready for coaching, and we discuss the parts of coaching that were the hardest.The biggest thing that we cover is Tory's transformation from someone who was plagued by anxiety and self-doubt into a woman who holds emotional maturity and is fully able to handle whatever the world decides to throw at her.  Her journey is one that starts with emerging from an abusive relationship and a damaged spirit and ends with self-love, self-advocacy and the confidence to go after the life she deserves.If you would like to book a free Strategy Call with Amanda, you can book there HERE
1/11/202447 minutes, 38 seconds
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190. The Anti-Resolution

Welcome to the first podcast episode of 2024! As we dive into this new year, I am beyond excited and filled with clarity about what I have in store for you. This year, my goal is to bring you my absolute best, sharing insights that will truly blow your mind.In today's episode, titled "The Anti-Resolution," I address the common practice of setting New Year's resolutions, something I've grown to dislike – not just for myself but for you too. Why? Because resolutions often focus solely on taking action without considering the underlying intentions, thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.I share a recent coaching experience where we explored the power of feeling emotions in the body, emphasizing the importance of understanding our emotions rather than suppressing them. The key is to move beyond mere willpower, recognizing that true change requires a deep dive into our thoughts and beliefs.As we navigate through the episode, I challenge the conventional approach to resolutions, especially those centered around weight loss, fitness, or eliminating habits. Instead, I encourage you to question why you desire these changes and whether the underlying beliefs align with your true desires.I open up about my own journey, recounting a time when I believed clearing my acne would bring happiness, only to realize that self-acceptance and approval were the true goals. This serves as a reminder that external changes don't guarantee internal fulfillment.The core message of the episode revolves around the concept of an "anti-resolution." I'm not against creating new results in your life; however, I am against mindless action and setting resolutions without understanding why you want them. I urge you to ponder the question: Why do I want this result? And go beyond the superficial answers.I introduce a crucial aspect of the anti-resolution approach – focusing on emotions. What negative emotions are you experiencing, and what positive emotions are you longing for? By identifying and understanding these feelings, you can begin the journey of creating a life you truly desire.To assist you on this journey, I offer a simple exercise: write down the specific negative emotions you want to overcome and explore the corresponding positive emotions you wish to cultivate. This is the starting point for building emotional resilience and creating sustainable change.As a preview to an upcoming masterclass, I invite you to join me on January 16th to delve deeper into the anti-resolution concept. The masterclass will provide a step-by-step guide on how to implement this approach and transform your life in 2024. Visit to sign up and mark your calendar for this empowering session.Thank you for tuning in, and remember to leave a review if you enjoyed this episode. If you're ready to explore personal coaching and develop a customized plan to manage stress and anxiety, book a free consultation at New Year, and I can't wait to share more insights with you in the coming weeks. Until next time, take care and be kind to yourself. Bye for now!
1/4/202431 minutes, 41 seconds
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189 Crimbo Limbo Depression

On today's episode, we are going to be talking about Crimbo Limbo.  The time between Christmas & New Year's that sometimes feels ... gross.I've struggled with this phenomenon throughout my life, and I suspect I'm not alone. This episode delves into the unique challenges neurodivergent individuals face during this time. The mix of high energy celebrations, overindulgence, and socializing followed by a sudden return to routine can leave us feeling disoriented and, at times, depressed.I opted not to take an extensive break over Christmas intentionally, as I've found a balance and routine that keeps me energized. In this episode, I want to share how I've structured my life to navigate Crimbo Limbo successfully and help you do the same.Even if you're familiar with the term, I believe there's value in discussing the shared experience and exploring strategies to cope with it. The holiday season, with its cultural peculiarities, affects us all, and understanding its impact can be a game-changer.I'll share personal insights from my recent experiences, like a Christmas getaway to Sun Peaks, where I observed the familiar highs and lows of the season. The letdown after Christmas day, the sudden drop in stimulation, and the ensuing emotional roller coaster, especially for neurodivergent individuals, can be profound.We'll explore the concept of "resetting" your nervous system during these moments. Whether it's through a high-intensity workout or a coaching session, finding a way to interrupt the stress cycle is crucial. I'll also address common challenges, such as difficulty switching mental gears from high to low energy.Recognizing the truth of the situation is pivotal—acknowledging that these feelings are a natural response to the holiday season's dynamics. Instead of judging ourselves for not immediately embracing relaxation, we'll focus on providing self-support during this transitional period.I'll offer practical tips, including leveraging your senses for comfort, engaging in movement to move emotions through the body, and incorporating small adventures into your routine. Remember, it's about adding supportive elements, not subtracting, during Crimbo Limbo.As we approach the new year, I'm excited to share more insights and strategies to help you navigate the challenges life throws our way. If you resonate with today's episode or need personalized guidance, consider booking a strategy session on my website.Thank you for being part of this community, and I look forward to reconnecting in 2024. If you enjoyed this podcast, please leave a review and share it with others. Your support helps this podcast grow and reaches more women who can benefit from these discussions.Don't forget to follow and download the episodes to stay connected. And if you need help in navigating stress and anxiety, reach out for a free strategy session. Visit to schedule a call and let's work together to create positive changes in your life. Until then, have a fantastic week, and I'll catch you in the new year. Bye for now! 
12/28/202328 minutes, 46 seconds
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188. Stop Racing Through Your Life

Hello, and welcome to the podcast! As I record this on December 20th, 2023, the holiday season is in full swing. I've observed a unique vibe this year in my community, and it seems like many others are feeling it too. It's been an unusual year, marked by a lack of snow, turning our Christmas landscape into what I can only describe as a "not-so-brown Christmas."In today's episode, I reflect on the hustle and bustle leading up to Christmas, the pressure, the added tasks, and the societal expectations that come with the holiday season. Even though my kids are still in school, the anticipation of the upcoming break adds an extra layer to the usual routine. It feels like we're all racing towards Christmas Day, pushing ourselves to the limit.I've been contemplating the purpose behind this rush. Why do we strive for perfection and try to fit everything in? It all boils down to chasing a feeling—the desire to feel better. In the midst of the holiday chaos, our brains tend to be led by stress, anxiety, and panic, making it essential to be intentional about our thoughts and emotions.As I navigate this season, I encourage you to consider what it would be like not to be in a rush, not to be in a hurry. The cultural pressure surrounding Christmas can be overwhelming, but what if we took a step back and questioned the purpose of it all? In this episode, I explore the concept of being the boss of our brains, intentional in our actions, and how it can significantly impact our overall well-being.As we approach the Christmas break and beyond, I share a powerful resource, the "neurodivergent nervous system regulation triad." This triad focuses on pleasure, intense exercise, and connecting with nature, offering a practical approach to regulating our nervous systems and finding calm amidst the chaos.Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, the lessons in this episode are relevant to various life events where we often find ourselves caught in a race towards an elusive happiness. Join me in unraveling the holiday hustle and embracing a more intentional, fulfilling way of living.If you resonate with these insights and feel the need for personalized guidance, consider booking a strategy session with me at Remember, your life is built on the experience of every single day—choose to make each day amazing.Thank you for tuning in, and I wish you a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, whichever you celebrate. Stay tuned for more episodes during the unique period of "Crimbo Limbo" to provide support and encouragement. Until then, take care, and let's boss our brains together!Get the Neurodivergent Nervous System Triad worksheet by clicking here
12/21/202322 minutes, 48 seconds
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187. How Are You Going To Finish?

Hey there, it's Amanda! I'm thrilled to have you join me in this episode where we're shaking things up and challenging the idea that December is the time to throw in the towel. We're diving deep into a conversation about the common mindset that suggests the year is practically over by mid-December. I want to encourage you to finish strong, showing up for your life in a way that aligns with your goals and well-being.As we approach the holiday season, it's so easy to buy into the cultural belief that the last weeks of the year don't matter. But I'm here to passionately advocate for the importance of these weeks and to remind you not to leave the good stuff behind. Let's tackle that "brace for impact" mentality head-on and challenge the notion that January is some magical reset button.Instead of pushing through with force, I want to share a different approach to finishing strong — one that doesn't involve self-hatred, forceful actions, or exhaustive to-do lists. Drawing from my own experiences, we'll explore the unsustainable nature of forcing ourselves and the negative impact it can have on our mental well-being.I invite you to consider an alternative path — making subtle shifts in mindset and embracing the journey of becoming the person you aspire to be. Let's talk about empowerment and the importance of internal empowerment. It's about building confidence, regulating our nervous system, and understanding ourselves on a deeper level.We'll touch on the Holiday Magic Challenge, a 10-day training program designed to provide practical tools for approaching life from a different perspective. Whether you join me live on Facebook or catch the recordings on your podcast app, I promise a transformative experience that goes beyond toxic positivity.This episode is a rallying call to finish the year strong, reject that chaotic mindset, and start the new year with a sense of empowerment. I encourage you to envision a journey of self-discovery and transformation because the person you become is just as important as the goals you achieve.Join me in challenging the status quo and finishing strong. Don't miss out on the opportunity to create a narrative that empowers you to lead your brain, regulate your emotions, and experience a truly satisfying life. Tune in now, and let's finish strong together!There is still time to join the Holiday Magic Challenge.   Register HERE
12/14/202326 minutes, 1 second
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186. Thriving Through The Holidays: A Neurodivergent Woman's Guide To Creating Magic

Today we dive into the magic of the holiday season. As we approach the holidays, I share insights and strategies to help neurodivergent women navigate this time with ease and find the peace they deserve.I'm excited to announce a 10-day challenge where I'll guide you through a transformative process to make this holiday season truly yours. Join the challenge in a Facebook group or access a private audio feed, making it convenient for your unique preferences. Register HEREIn this episode, we address the common struggles neurodivergent women face during the holidays, from overwhelming responsibilities to societal expectations. This challenge goes beyond generic advice, providing actionable tools tailored to your neurodivergent experience.Discover the power of proactive nervous system regulation and how it can create a cushion for the inevitable "funnel of shit" that comes with the holiday season. We explore the importance of setting intentions and prioritizing self-care, with practical examples and troubleshooting for your unique situation.As we venture into the challenge, we'll unravel the myths around boundaries, empowering you to create a safe space for yourself without the need to manipulate others.The holiday season doesn't have to be a sprint with a missing leg. It can be magical, peaceful, and uniquely yours. Join me in this journey starting on Monday at Even if you catch this episode later, don't hesitate to jump into the challenge—it's never too late to prioritize your well-being.Let's redefine holiday magic together. Tune in, take action, and thrive this season. Your magical holiday experience awaits!🌟 Remember, if you find value in this podcast, leave a review and share your thoughts on Instagram @theamandahess. And if you're ready to transform your life, book a free consult at  Here's to creating the holiday magic you deserve! 🌈
12/7/202329 minutes, 20 seconds
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185. How To Rest Your Busy Brain

Join me as we dive deep into the often-overlooked world of rest—specifically, mental and emotional rest. In a culture that glorifies productivity and the ability to push through, we explore the undeniable need for true rest in our lives. Contrary to the societal narrative, I challenge the notion that rest is merely a means to enhance productivity; rather, it is an essential component for our overall well-being.Drawing from personal experiences and coaching insights, we unravel the harmful mindset that associates rest with weakness. I share a transformative moment from my own life when a lack of rest led to a significant breakdown, highlighting the epidemic of sleep deprivation and exhaustion prevalent in our society.As we navigate the modern era inundated with constant stimuli and technological advancements, we discuss the impact of these factors on our ability to rest and recharge—both mentally and emotionally. The episode explores the struggles faced by many, especially women dealing with anxiety and the societal pressure to conform to unrealistic expectations of what rest should look like.We take a closer look at the relentless pace of our daily lives, where we often go from a hundred to zero without providing our brains the necessary transition to wind down. I share practical insights on achieving mental rest by giving our brains new jobs and engaging in high-intensity interval training (HIT). This approach provides a mental reset, allowing for a smoother transition into physical rest.Additionally, we explore the concept of emotional rest, acknowledging the importance of accepting and processing our emotions without judgment. I recount a personal experience from a recent skating competition, emphasizing the significance of allowing ourselves to feel and process emotions, even in challenging moments.Ultimately, the episode delves into the interconnected nature of mental, emotional, and physical rest, highlighting the importance of cultivating a supportive ecosystem for our well-being. Discover actionable steps to incorporate rest into your daily life and empower yourself with the understanding that true rest goes beyond the conventional narratives.Tune in to this episode and embark on a journey toward embracing rest as a vital component of a rich and fulfilling life.Get Amanda's FREE 3 Part Anxiety Audio Course here: a Strategy Session:
11/30/202336 minutes, 1 second
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183. Neurodivergent Brains ARE Different - How To Be The Boss of Your Brain

Today, we dive deep into the concept of being the boss of your brain – a skill crucial for navigating the challenges of neurodivergence. Contrary to common misconceptions, being the boss of your brain doesn't mean eliminating all negative thoughts or self-doubt. Instead, it's about understanding and working with the natural tendencies of our brains.Many of us, especially those who are neurodivergent, experience a unique relationship with our brains. It can feel like a constant battle with overwhelming thoughts and unhealthy coping mechanisms. The truth is, our brains are wired to identify problems and solve them, which can lead to a barrage of thoughts, creating anxiety and stress.In this episode, we explore the idea that some people have naturally still minds, while others, like many neurodivergents, have busy brains that tend to fixate on problems. The key is not to suppress the busyness but to redirect it in a way that promotes peace and productivity.I share insights from my personal experiences and coaching sessions, emphasizing the importance of giving your brain a job – a positive focus or goal. Whether it's aiming for a career milestone, enhancing relationships, or fostering personal growth, understanding the result you desire allows you to guide your brain toward supportive thoughts.Towards the end, I introduce a three-part audio training available at, designed to help you navigate your brain and handle anxiety more effectively. Being the boss of your brain is an ongoing practice, and with the right tools, you can transform your mental and emotional well-being.If you're ready to take charge of your brain and experience a positive shift in your life, don't miss this episode. And remember, you're not alone on this journey – we're in it together!🔗 Resources Mentioned:Join Amanda's Free TrainingBook a Free Mini-Session with AmandaConnect with me on Instagram @TheAmandaHess and share one thing you'll do today to be the boss of your brain. Your journey to empowerment starts now. Until next time, take care and be kind to yourself.✨
11/23/202323 minutes, 50 seconds
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183. Comparison Doesn't Have To Be Awful

Today, amidst the snowfall in Kamloops, we're diving into a captivating discussion about comparison. Join me as we challenge the narrative that comparison is the thief of joy and explore why negative judgment, not comparison itself, is the real culprit. In this episode, we unravel the intricacies of comparison, acknowledging its natural existence in our minds. Instead of pushing it away, we discover the power of getting curious about why we compare and how our judgments play a pivotal role. Drawing on the idea that comparison is as inherent as breathing, we explore why attempting to eliminate it is counterproductive to our self-esteem and confidence. Tune in to learn practical visualization techniques to let go of unproductive beliefs and judgments. Discover how comparison can be a neutral force and how our conscious thought processes can reshape our perceptions. As we navigate through the podcast, we explore body image, self-esteem, and money, emphasizing the importance of setting our own baselines. Ultimately, the goal is to empower you to consciously craft thoughts that elevate your baseline. Let's redefine beauty, success, and fulfillment in a way that supports your unique journey. Join me in this episode to discover the transformative power of embracing curiosity and building a foundation for emotional health, resilience, and joy. 🎙️ Ready to shift your perspective? Hit play and embark on a journey to elevate your baseline for a more fulfilling life. Don't forget to register for my 3 part audio course: HOW TO STOP FEELING SO ANXIOUS WITH YOUR NEURODIVERGENT BRAIN.  You can register HERE
11/16/202332 minutes, 19 seconds
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182. How To Stop Being So Negative

In this episode, we'll explore the intricate world of negative thinking and how to break free from its grip. I'm Amanda, and I'm here to guide you on a journey toward a more fulfilled and empowered version of yourself.We'll dive into the complexity of negative thinking and the common desire to replace it with positive thoughts. I'll discuss the various factors that influence our thought patterns, including genetics, upbringing, societal influences, neurodivergence, and relationships.I'll encourage you to shift your focus away from the simplistic notion of positive thinking and instead concentrate on the results you want in your life. It's essential to define your specific goals and take emotional ownership of your feelings.Throughout the episode, I'll walk you through the process of embracing emotional responsibility and expanding your emotional capacity. By taking control of your thoughts and emotions, you can embark on a transformative journey, becoming an empowered version of yourself.Join me in this episode to discover how you can create the results you desire and set off on a path to self-empowerment. If you find the content insightful, please consider leaving a rating and review to support the podcast's growth.Don't forget to connect with me on Instagram: you can still register for my free audio training: HOW TO DEAL WITH ANXIETY WITH YOUR NEURODIVERGENT BRAIN
11/9/202325 minutes, 35 seconds
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181. How To Love Yourself No Matter What Part 2

Self-Love.  It's a much talked about subject that is often massively misunderstood.  If you are neurodivergent, been told you are mentally ill or going through emotional distress, self-love is the number one thing that will take you out of emotional pain.  How to love yourself no matter what was the original title of this podcast.  Today i am bringing it back.  You deserve to love yourself.  It will change everything.  Let's go.I am teaching a free audio training on how to deal with anxiety with a neurodivergent brain:  REGISTER HERELet's be friends on Instagram.  Find me
11/2/202324 minutes, 4 seconds
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180. Part 1: Using Silence To Create Emotional Capacity

n this podcast episode, I'm thrilled to announce a new training program that's dedicated to helping individuals with neurodivergent brains effectively handle and manage anxiety. We understand that this can be especially challenging for those who have experienced trauma or received a mental illness diagnosis. The best part? This training is entirely free. All you need to do is sign up on our waitlist at, and it will be ready for you soon.Now, let's dive into the heart of this episode.First and foremost, let's talk about building emotional capacity. Emotional capacity is an essential aspect of our emotional well-being, and it's something I want to delve into today. It's all about our ability to feel both negative and positive emotions in a manageable way. I know that for those of us who struggle with our emotions, especially the negative ones, it can be a real challenge to experience joy or pleasure. That's why we're going to explore the importance of creating space for our emotions without being overwhelmed.The primary tool we're going to focus on for building emotional capacity is something I like to call "silence." Now, it's important to note that silence doesn't mean absolute absence of sound. It's about finding moments of stillness where you can pay attention to your body, your breath, and your senses. In fact, during this episode, I'll guide you through a brief exercise where we'll take a few moments to focus on our breath.Now, many of us with neurodivergent brains often grapple with the feeling that we're "doing it wrong." Society's expectations and standards can make us feel like we're not measuring up, and that can be paralyzing. What's crucial to remember is that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. You have the power to create a practice that works for you, one that respects your unique needs and strengths.As we wrap up this episode, I want to extend a warm invitation to connect with me on Instagram. My handle has recently changed to "the Amanda Hess." I would love to engage with you, hear your thoughts on the practices we've discussed, and learn about your experiences in implementing them in your life.To sum it up, this episode has provided an introduction to the concept of building emotional capacity, with a specific focus on using silence as a valuable tool. It encourages self-reflection, self-acceptance, and offers insights that are particularly relevant to those with neurodivergent brains. Thanks for joining me, and I look forward to sharing more with you in the future.
10/26/202320 minutes
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179. You Need More Emotional Capacity

Welcome to the "Monday Mindset" podcast, where I delves into the essential topic of emotional capacity. I discusses the significance of emotional capacity and how it impacts those with neurodivergent brains. I explore ways to increase emotional resilience and enhance your ability to handle emotions effectively. Throughout the episode, I introduce five key elements to grow your emotional capacity: silence, senses, nature, cardio, and community. These five facets will be explored in upcoming episodes, providing a holistic approach to empower neurodivergent individuals on their journey to better emotional well-being. I will help you take control of your emotions and ultimately lead a more empowered and fulfilling life. Don't miss this transformative discussion, and stay tuned for more episodes on this crucial subject.Don't forget to get on the waitlist for my FREE Mini Course: how to deal with anxiety with your neurodivergent brain.  Go to to register
10/24/202317 minutes, 6 seconds
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178. Learn To Drink From The Right Well

Today, I really struggled with what I was going to talk about. Not because I didn't have enough ideas, but because I couldn't figure out what idea would be the best idea to talk about today. But I think that I've centered in on something that is worthwhile talking about, and it's something that I bring to my coaching clients all the time.In life, we have a variety of emotional wells we can draw from, each serving a unique purpose. From the well of validation to the well of self-esteem, friendship, career, and more, these emotional wells are essential to our well-being. The challenge often arises when we unknowingly drink from the wrong well, leading to feelings of invalidation, frustration, or unfulfillment.Join me as we explore the analogy of these emotional wells and learn how to become more self-aware, making conscious choices about which well to draw from. Are you drinking from the right well for your current emotional needs? Are you using the right source for the emotions you're experiencing?We'll discuss practical examples and tips for building your emotional ecosystem and seeking the right sources for your needs. Discover how to create validation for yourself while also understanding the value of seeking support from others when necessary.This episode is a guide to help you recognize and navigate your emotional wells, ensuring that you can draw from the right sources to promote your emotional health and overall well-being. By the end, you'll gain the tools and insights to make more conscious, purposeful choices in your life and emotional experiences.So, hit play and let's embark on this journey of self-discovery together. Tune in to gain valuable insights and strategies for living a more conscious, emotionally healthy life.Connect with me on IG @theneurodivergentceo , and don't hesitate to reach out if you need further guidance on building your personal emotional ecosystem. Whether you're looking to strengthen your self-esteem well, relationship well, or any other aspect of your emotional life, I'm here to support you.Remember, you're not alone on this journey. Let's take the first step together. Don't forget that you absolutely can book a free 20 minute mini-coaching session with me HERE
10/19/202325 minutes, 14 seconds
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177. Start Leading With Your Gut

Do you find yourself trapped in a never-ending cycle of overthinking, racing thoughts, and logical decision-making that leads to more frustration than satisfaction? If so, you're not alone. In this episode we take you on a journey to explore the power of leading with your gut and embracing your inner navigator.Many of us have been conditioned to prioritize logic and reasoning when making choices, often neglecting the intuitive signals our gut sends. But what if your gut could be your superpower? What if it could lead you to a life filled with peace, satisfaction, inspiration, and joy?Join me as I share my personal experiences and insights into the transformative impact of following your gut instincts. Learn how to distinguish between fear-driven impulses and genuine calls for change, and discover how to tap into your inner sense of excitement and hope.If you've ever felt stuck in a cycle of analysis paralysis, this episode will show you how leading with your gut can lead to a life that truly lights you up. Say goodbye to endless overthinking and hello to a new way of making decisions that align with your deepest desires.Ready to embark on this journey of self-discovery? Connect with me on Instagram @TheNeurodivergentCEO and share your takeaways from this thought-provoking episode. If you're seeking more personalized guidance, don't hesitate to book a mini coaching session at It's time to transform your life, one gut-led decision at a time. Tune in and start your journey today.
10/16/202316 minutes, 54 seconds
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176. The Art Of Disappointing Other People: How to disappoint somebody & still be the person you want to be (and the reason why you feel a strong urge to people please)

Disappointing other people feels  hard.  Full stop. It's hard.  We don't want to do this as women.  The part we miss thought is that it is also completely necessary.  Women are raised to be people pleasers.  We are raised to believe that it's our damn job to ensure that other people are happy.  Many of us neurodivergent women have experienced significant trauma and people pleasing becomes an involuntary trauma response.That being said, disappointing people is something we need to learn how to do.  It's an art.  It requires a fair amount of discomfort, combined with learning how to lean into our values.  Most women I meet are completely unaware of their personal values, so if this includes you, don't click away.  Today's episode is going to teach you exactly how to create your own personal value system so that you can start disappointing others and stop disappointing yourself.You are going to want to save this one.Book that 20 minute free coaching session with Amanda:
10/12/202322 minutes, 40 seconds
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175. Depressed vs Hopeless

Have you ever felt depressed?  I know I have.  I feel it today.  But what I don't feel is hopeless, which is 100% what I used to equate with depression.  It turns out that feeling depressed and feeling hopeless are 2 different things.  In today's episode I am going to help you explore the difference between feeling depressed and feeling hopeless.  It is a total game changer.  Let's go.Book a free 20 minute coaching session with Amanda here:
10/11/202315 minutes, 38 seconds
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174. How To Tell A Different Story About You

Hey, it's Amanda here, and I'm thrilled to have you join me for today's episode. We're diving deep into the art of rewriting our life stories, and this one's especially for my fellow neurodivergent women.Have you ever noticed how we tend to tell ourselves stories about who we are? Sometimes we label ourselves as "too much" or "too emotional." But here's the thing: these stories are often based on old beliefs formed in childhood, like muscle memory for our minds.In this episode, I want to challenge those narratives. Let's question why we believe these stories and where they really come from. I'll show you how these beliefs shape your interactions with the world and how they can hold you back.But here's the exciting part: you can change the story. I'll guide you through the process of becoming the heroine in your own narrative. It's about having the courage to see your qualities in a new light and embracing them as strengths.We'll also explore the brain's natural tendency to focus on the negative and how to shift that perspective. And remember, being different can be exceptional.To help you get started on this empowering journey, I'm offering free 20-minute coaching sessions. Just head over to to sign up. It's time to take control of your narrative and rewrite your story as the hero you truly are.So, grab your favorite drink, find a cozy spot, and let's dive into this transformative episode together. You've got the power to be the hero of your own story. Let's get started! 🚀
10/5/202327 minutes, 55 seconds
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173. Confronting Fear By Bookending Your Day

In today's episode, we're diving deep into managing fear with a powerful strategy: 'Bookending Your Day.' 💪 Fear is a universal emotion, but we don't have to let it control us. Discover how asking the right questions can help you take control of your thoughts and emotions. Learn to create productive thoughts, embrace courage, and conquer your fears. Plus, I have a special offer for you: free 20-minute coaching sessions! Tune in and let's face those fears together. 💥 #FearManagement #Courage #Coaching"Book your free 20 minute coaching session here:'s be friends on IG:
10/3/202325 minutes, 41 seconds
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172. Why You Shouldn't Do What You Think You're Supposed To

Hey there, welcome to the podcast! Today, I'm diving into something that's been on my mind a lot, and I bet you've thought about it too. You know that feeling when you're absolutely convinced you should be doing something, but you just can't seem to take that first step? It's a struggle many of us face, and it's even more pronounced for those of us who are neurodivergent. We've spent a long time trying to fit into a world that doesn't always understand us. So, we often turn to self-help books, right? I've read my fair share, and they've had their moments, but lately, I've noticed something. It's not about needing more information; it's about something deeper. We become information hoarders, thinking that the next book or course will finally reveal the magic formula to make us do what we want. But let's be real – it's not that simple. I mean, I've struggled with completing things in my life, like not finishing university. Society makes us believe that not having that degree equals failure. And we do this in various aspects of our lives, constantly seeking that one thing that will make us feel confident and comfortable with change. Now, here's the thing: comfort in change is a bit of a unicorn. It's elusive. But it doesn't have to be painful either. There's a middle ground. We often think something's wrong with us when we get scared, shut down, or quit. I've been there myself, and I see it in my clients too. We chase after someone who promises certainty, a step-by-step guide, a shiny object that tells us what to do. But life isn't that predictable. There's a unique level of risk in our pursuits, and it's not the same as someone else's journey. The point is, you're not alone in feeling like a quitter or that you're just not getting it. I've been there, and I'm sure many of you have too. But here's the kicker – it's okay not to be good at everything. It's not about shoulds; it's about finding what truly works for you. Think of life as a dance. You're not on a fixed path; you're dancing. It's about learning what steps work best for you, just like in figure skating. Not everyone can do every move, but that doesn't make you any less of a skater. So, let's ditch the "shoulds" and explore what really makes us tick. It's a journey, not a destination. And I promise you, it's liberating. Join me in a free workshop to dive deeper into this. You don't need to conform to what society says you should do; you can create your unique path to confidence and fulfillment. I hope this episode inspires you to rethink your approach and consider that maybe you shouldn't always follow the traditional route. There's an exciting, authentic journey waiting for you.You can register for the workshop: How To Get Your Sh*t Together With Your Neurodivergent Brain here:
9/28/202322 minutes, 44 seconds
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171. Better Than Perfect

What if there's something better than perfect? And what if being better than perfect is simply being uniquely yourself and giving yourself permission to work with you and work with your brain the way you want to do it.Come explore this topic with me in today's episode and let's explore how we could get your life working better than you ever thought was possible.And if you want to explore this further, make sure to register for my free workshop this Thursday: How To Get Your Sh*t Together With Your Neurodivergent Brain:
9/25/202312 minutes, 9 seconds
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170. Neurodivergent Complaints & Solutions

I was curious about what people were complaining about when it came to neurodivergence.  So I popped the question into Chat GPT and the answer really did inspire this entire episode.  Today I am going to cover the most common hurdles for those of us that experience neurodivergence.  I explain what they are, why we experience them and how we can move through them.  If you want to stop letting neurodivergence stop you from living a f*ck yes life - this episode is for you!Register for the Get Your Sh*t Together With Your Neurodivergent Brain Workshop here:
9/21/202334 minutes, 25 seconds
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169. People Pleasing Isn't Being Nice

People pleasing is something that so many of us women do.  Especially us neurodivergent entrepreneurs and leaders.  It can seem like people pleasing is "nice", but what it actually is, is a trauma response.  It's manipulating another person so that we can feel safe and ok.  It comes from trauma and conditioning.  And it keeps us stuck.Ultimately, people pleasing can be a hard thing to break, but it's something that you are really going to want to get aware of to create the results you want in your life.  Especially if they are different than the results you are creating in your life right now.Listen in to discover why people pleasing isn't nice, and what you need to stop doing it.Register for the Get Your Shit Together with Your Neurodivergent Brain Workshop here: 
9/19/202314 minutes, 57 seconds
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168. How To Get Your Shit Together With Your Neurodivergent Brain

Discover why the quest to "get your sh*t together" might be holding you back in life. Join Amanda Hess in this eye-opening podcast episode as she reveals the pitfalls of this common belief and offers a fresh perspective on self-improvement and self-acceptance. Find out how reducing the pressure on yourself can lead to greater growth and fulfillment. Plus, don't miss her upcoming free workshop where she'll share practical strategies for thriving in your unique way. Tune in now for a dose of insight and inspiration.Register for the Get Your Shit Together with Your Neurodivergent Brain Workshop:
9/14/202323 minutes, 40 seconds
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167. Emotions Are Your Superpower

Welcome to another insightful episode of "Monday Mindset." Today, I dive deep into the intricate world of emotions and unveil how your unique relationship with your feelings can become your superpower. In a world that often defines normalcy in emotions, I challenge you to embrace your individual emotional experiences without judgment.This episode highlights that we all experience emotions differently. Some of us are highly sensitive, while others may not appear emotionally sensitive at all. This episode passionately argues that there's no problem with either approach; it's just our way of navigating the emotional landscape.This episode stresses the importance of recognizing that our emotional experiences fluctuate from day to day; we are not robots. Some days, certain things may deeply affect us, while on others, they won't faze us at all. I share my personal experience of accepting my emotional intensity and I offer guidance on how to handle those overwhelming days.For those who may feel they experience emotions less intensely, I remind you that there will still be moments when we feel empty or numb. Learning to build capacity for all emotional states is essential.In a world that often demands emotional resilience and capacity, this episode encourages us to honor our unique emotional journeys and equip ourselves with the necessary tools to navigate them effectively. Tune in and discover how embracing your emotions can indeed be your superpower. Don't miss out on this empowering episode of "Monday Mindset."Send me an email with the subject line "Emotion" to [email protected] to receive a free audio that will help guide you through he practice of allowing emotion.Or simply come to IG and send me a dm:
9/11/20235 minutes, 51 seconds
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166. How To Know If You Are Overreacting

It's a common question; Did I overreact?  Was my reaction normal?  It can be tempting to source out whether we should have had the reaction that we had. But the truth is that overreacting is up to the person receiving whatever is happening.  It's subjective.  And it's not actually necessary to answer this question.  It's my belief that we are just reacting.  And we don't have to focus on the reaction, instead we want to focus on the result it is creating.  From there, we can start getting curious about all of the things that led us to this result and work on creating new results that serve us better.   No shame or judgement required.Want to book a free strategy session with Amanda?  you can book that HERECome be friends with Amanda on IG:
9/7/202325 minutes, 58 seconds
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165. The September Scaries

Do you get the September Scaries?  You know; when you start freaking out because there are only 4 months left in the year and you start panicking that 2023 wasn't everything that you wanted it to be.  It's like we have this idea that September is "get serious" time and it freaks us right out and sends us straight into panic.  Today's Monday Mindset is all about helping you get out of that fight/flight/freeze/fawn and into a more intentional and positive month for the month to come.Do you want a mentor to help you through this?  Book a strategy call here:'s be friends on Instagram:
9/5/20237 minutes, 7 seconds
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164. Why You Want To Stop Complaining And How To Do It

If you find yourself venting or complaining, you are definitely not alone.  It is very human to want to tell the story of how things are going wrong in your life.  It can also feel like you need to be validated in this.  But I need you to know that it's probably creating more problems than it's actually helping. This episode is going to dig deep into why we complain and what we are searching for when we do it.  Then I am going to show you exactly why you want to stop any time you notice it and exactly how to do that too.Here is the link to my podcast with Maggie Reyes: is the link to the podcast on Responsibility Hoarding: am currently accepting three new clients in my 1:1 Coaching Practice.  Would you like to explore this?  Book a Strategy Session with Amanda here:
8/31/202320 minutes, 18 seconds
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You Are Worthy & Lovable

We are brought up to believe that we need to convince other people of our worth and lovability to believe that we are worthy and lovable.  And it's one of the major things I see women turning themselves inside out trying to create.  The truth is, we are born 100% worthy and 100% lovable.  This is always true.  Listen in to find out more.Come be friends with me on Instagram: out more about me:
8/29/20237 minutes, 59 seconds
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Why Being Certain Doesn't Serve You

Have you ever found yourself needing to protect your position on something that you feel certain about?  I did recently.  I was having a conversation with a good friend and I felt myself starting to "amor up" about this particular topic.  So it was a relief when this friend helped me see why I might not want to be so certain about that.  And it changed my entire outlook and decreased my anxiety 100%.  When we feel threatened, we crave safety.  One way we do this is through certainty.  Certainty is a version of "armoring up" that might be creating emotional problems that you don't really need.  Listen in to find out more.Book a free Strategy Session with Amanda:'s be friends on IG:
8/24/202326 minutes, 4 seconds
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Emotional Fuel

As human beings, we are emotional creatures.  As neurodivergent human beings, we feel emotion more strongly.  So we definitely want to be noticing what emotions are fueling our actions and thus our lives.  We can take back control when we decide to focus on changing our emotional fuel.  Take a listen and tell me what you think.Come find me on IG and send me a dm with your thoughts:
8/21/20239 minutes, 13 seconds
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Being Brave Enough To Decide You Matter

it turns out that in order to really enact impactful self-care, you are going to need to decide you matter.  In fact, you are going to need to decide you matter the most.  If that sounds daunting that's because it's the opposite of what we are taught.  In today's episode I am going show you why self-care is important, how what you have been taught so far is all wrong, and how to do it in a way that actually helps you.If you want some help putting this in action, I am inviting you to my FREE Workshop on Friday, August 18 at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern.  The Neurodivergent Self-Love MethodREGISTER HEREDiscover the power of transforming your emotional well-being through a unique approach to self-care with Amanda Hess, a certified life and success coach. Are you tired of feeling emotionally overwhelmed and out of control? Amanda's proven method will guide you toward feeling fulfilled and ready to tackle life's challenges.🔥 What You'll Learn:Shift from emotional chaos to inner peace.Rethink self-care and its profound impact.Build emotional capacity for resilience.Prioritize yourself without guilt.🗓️ Workshop Details: Date: [Friday, August 18th] Time: [10:00 AM Pacific Time] Location: Online💡 Why Attend? Discover a new perspective on self-care and unlock emotional freedom. Be part of an empowering workshop designed to help you lead a more fulfilling life. This isn't just about actions, it's about changing how you perceive and value yourself.🎁 BONUS: Can't make it live? No worries! We'll provide a replay so you won't miss out.🚀 Reserve Your Spot Today: CLICK HERE to register for this transformative workshop. It's time to prioritize your emotional well-being and embark on a journey to emotional empowerment.Don't miss this chance to be a part of a community focused on redefining self-care and unlocking emotional fulfillment. See you there! 👋  
8/17/202321 minutes, 20 seconds
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Giving Up The Habit Of Perfection

Welcome to your Monday Mindset.  I posted this on a Tuesday.  This is far from perfect for a Monday Mindset and that is why this is perfect.  Giving up perfection is one of the ways I have transformed my ability to create results in my life and it is what I coach my clients through as well.  Listen in to hear more about today's Monday Mindset: Giving Up The Habit Of PerfectionRegister for my Free Workshop: The Neurodivergent Self-Love Method
8/15/20237 minutes, 28 seconds
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Health, Compassion & Neurodivergence with Alexandra Stone

Do you ever find yourself getting frustrated because you can't seem to commit to your fitness or nutrition regime and simply believe it's because you just don't have the mental fortitude to complete it?  Well today I have the Women's Body Coach, Alexandra Stone on the podcast and she and I didn't pull any punches.  I think it might surprise you to learn that you don't need more motivation or discipline, but instead need to figure out how to approach yourself through the lease of compassion.  Listen in to find out how you can use this for your neurodivergent brain.  I think you will find that it changes everything.Connect with Amanda: out more about how to work with Amanda: amandahess.caALEXANDRA STONE FOUNDER OF WBCAlex has been in the fitness industry for over a decade and in the online coaching space for 5. Trained in multiple movement modalities, personal training, yoga, Pilates and barre, movement is a true passion along with nutrition and self development. Alex has trained with some of the best people in the world, competed in body building competitions, been to long silent meditation retreats, countless hours doing yoga, Pilates, barre and personal training courses. Her thirst and curiosity for learning is life long, her highest value is health and biggest passion is to help other women optimize their health and fitness using a 360 compassionate approach to actualizing potential. This is what gives her purpose and meaning, it’s why she is here.Alex’s super powers are in her compassion, passion, empathy and versatility; she will stay with you when the going gets tough through all sorts of life’s challenges offering an array of fantastic tools to support and guide you. Certified Trainings: Yoga 300hours, Pilates Reformer and Mat 1 and 2, Barre certified, ISSA personal training and sports nutrition and NASM Sports Nutrition. Layne Norton Nutrition. Certified EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Coach and accredited training provider in EMDR (Eye Movement, Desensitization and Reprocessing). Book a free consultation: high protein meal prep planner: IG @womansbodycoach  Podcast IG: @buddhaandthebodycoach
8/10/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 20 seconds
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The Power Of Coaching and Friendship With Alaina Larsen

Coaching and friendship.  It's a powerful mixture and can change your entire life.  Today I have my dear friend, colleague and coach on the podcast to talk about the power of coaching.Alaina is a Unity and Personal Fulfillment Coach. She is a published author. She's a songwriter. She is a filmmaker. She is an incredible human being.  I also consider her to be one of my closest friends.Find out more about Alaina here: https://alainalarsen.comFind Amanda here:
8/3/202347 minutes, 13 seconds
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Monday Mindset: Don't Drop The Dream

Too often we are told that we need to be "realistic".  So we listen to them.  And we drop our dream and aim for something "more realistic".   Today's Monday Mindset is going to help you not let go of your dreams - so that you don't let go of your dream life.  You ready?Book a free strategy call: amandahess.caLet's be friends on IG:
7/31/202310 minutes, 38 seconds
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You Need To Build A Foundation Before You Move On

We are in too much of a hurry to move on.  We are in too much of a hurry to "get over it".  if you have experienced trauma, the first thing that needs to happen is building the base.  Without it there is no moving in.  Listen in, I'm going to tell you exactly how I help clients move through this.  It's a simple process and it always works.Book a Free Strategy Session with me here:
7/27/202321 minutes, 17 seconds
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Monday Mindset #2

Mindset is everything.  Join me as I share one of my weekly affirmations and help you apply it to your life.  Updated every Monday!Friend me on IG:
7/24/20234 minutes, 18 seconds
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Stop Being A Chameleon

As a neurodivergent woman, I can guarantee that you have become an expert at being a chameleon.  What nobody told you was that doing this would ruin your experience of yourself and your life as you got older.  In order to love your life as a neurodivergent woman, it's imperative that you unlearn this "skill".  Today I am going to help you get started.Find out more about my 6 week coaching program: www.theneurodivergentceo.comReach out to me on Instagram:
7/20/202324 minutes, 29 seconds
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Monday Mantra #1

Let me take you into the depths of my own brain and show you exactly the affirmations and mantras I am creating to create a fulfilling and joy filled life as a neurodivergent CEO.I don't believe in random mantras or affirmations.  But I do believe in the mindful practice of creating mantras and affirmations that allow you to tap into the very essence of what you are trying to create in your life.I'd love for you to have a listen and try one on. Come on over to IG and let me know if one resonates for you.Come find me on IG:
7/17/20235 minutes, 56 seconds
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Increasing Your Emotional Capacity

Summer brings sunshine and flip flops and BBQ's.  But it also brings sensory overload, overwhelm, family dysfunction and a deregulated nervous system.  I teach my clients about emotional capacity and today I am teaching it right here on the podcast.   If you want to experience less stress and anxiety and instead feel free and relaxed this summer, take a listen.Check out the Best Summer Ever Coaching Program: theneurodivergentceo.comQuestions?  Come dm me on IG: @theneurodivergentceo
7/13/202329 minutes, 46 seconds
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How Treating Your Life Like A Garden Can Change Your Life

Sometimes the best way to explain a new way to approach your life is to dive into a really good analogy.  Today I am sharing what how gardening is a lot like the life you are living and showing you exactly how to use this as your advantage in your life.  Tune in to find out how.Sign up for The Best Summer Ever As A Neurodivergent Badass:
6/29/202338 minutes, 14 seconds
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Divorcing Your Thoughts

Specialized Topic Modules: Offer specialized modules or sessions within your coaching program that address specific topics relevant to neurodivergent women. These may include executive functioning, self-advocacy, sensory processing, social skills, stress management, or relationships.
6/22/202319 minutes, 51 seconds
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What It Means To Be A Neurodivergent CEO

If you identify as being neurodivergent, or you believe you might be, there are few key things that I am going to teach you that you probably haven't been taught before.  The most important thing to understand is that there is no such think as normal.You have been raised to think otherwise, but it's hurting you and not helping you to identify with being "not normal"You are unique.  Therefor however you are is normal for you.  When you begin understanding this universal truth, you can really start enjoying your life.Listen in, I break it all down.Come follow me on Instagram: a free Strategy Session:
6/15/202328 minutes, 17 seconds
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"Unlocking Your Potential: Embracing Risks to Create a Life You Love as a Neurodivergent Leader"

To transform your life, embracing risks becomes imperative. Join us in this episode as we delve into the essence of risks, their significance, and effective strategies to navigate them. Discover how building your risk tolerance can empower you as a neurodivergent leader, propelling you towards extraordinary success.Be sure to come be friends with me on Instagram: to work with me?  Book a Strategy Session to find out more:
6/8/202331 minutes, 1 second
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Deciding What You Want To Believe About You

A lot of the things we believe about ourselves are things that we have been told and things that we have been taught.  Our beliefs about ourselves are powerful, and many of us remain unaware of the beliefs we carry and how they affect us.  If you are a neurodivergent leader, I would be willing to bet that you have some beliefs right now that you probably want to look at asap.  In today's episode we dive straight into discovering our beliefs and the path to changing them.Book a strategy call with Amanda:
6/1/202333 minutes, 11 seconds
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Re-Invention Part 3: Letting Go

Embarking on a journey of personal reinvention requires the courage to let go of the person we once were. In this thought-provoking podcast, we delve into the transformative power of shedding relationships that no longer serve us and bidding farewell to environments that fail to align with our aspirations. However, the process of reinvention necessitates more than just relinquishing external factors; it demands releasing the outdated version of ourselves that once sustained us. Join us as we explore practical strategies and insights that will empower you to navigate this profound metamorphosis and unlock the potential for authentic growth and fulfillment. Tune in and discover how you can embark on a remarkable journey of self-reinvention today.Book a Strategy Session: be friends on IG:
5/25/202327 minutes, 7 seconds
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Re-Invention Part 2

This week we are talking about WHO you are becoming.  Too often we become bogged down on WHAT we are doing and WHAT worked before.  I'm walking you through a completely different process.  I am going to help you lean into WHO you want to be and how to use that to create the results you want in your life.Follow me on IG: a Free Strategy Session:
5/18/202330 minutes, 21 seconds
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Re-Invention Part 1

How did I go from sad, depressed and anxious with a BPD diagnosis to a strong, independent, kick ass woman?  Re-invention.  I decided to reinvent myself and I haven't looked back since.  I have helped so many other women do this exact same reinvention and today I am going to teach it to you.  This is a 3 part series on re-invention and I can't wait to share it with you.  Buckle up, change is in the air.Find out more about the Re-Invented Membership:  
5/11/202330 minutes, 39 seconds