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English, Hobbies, 1 season, 10 episodes
Sci/Fantasy sports. Mordor vs. The Empire. Vulcan battles Alderaan. And FSL Tonight brings you all the action.
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FSL Tonight -2016 Championship

A mysterious return tilts the scale to decides our champion. And two teams get elevated and both are on the move. New cities for the FSL and the home fans! MP3
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Championship Game Odds

It’s come down to this after a long season 2 teams remain. Can’t wait to see what happens next. As Always, Bet Early…Bet Often Mitula
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FSL Tonight – 2016 Semifinals

Solo-less Senators take out lone Kylo and the Guardians officially close the asylum as the Quill turns a All-Galaxy performance. MP3
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Playoff Lines

The playoffs are here and we’re ready to see who wins this season. I could ramble on about relegation and the teams I like, but I’ll just let the lines speak for themselves As always…Bet Early and Bet Often Mitzula
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FSL Tonight Week 10 – Solo Effort

Han Solo’s out indefinitely after he recklessly gets in the way of Kylo Ren during the Starkiller’s rout and two rivals run out of space and time, relegated to history. MP3 VOTE in the Elevation poll!
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Week 10 Lines

The final week of the regular season is upon us, I’d like to apologize on behalf of the entire crew at Shecky Green’s for not having lines last week. Shecky decided that we all should have the entire week of … Continue reading →
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FSL Tonight Week 9 – A Ren Too Far?

The relegation picture sharpens but is not resolved. Plus why the league must take action against Starkiller. MP3
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FSL Tonight Week 8 – Parity Maybe!

Starkiller may not actually be the best team in the league. has there ever been a better example of parity than the 2016 FSL season? MP3
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FSL Tonight All-Star Week 2016

The West plays to win under Davros supervision. But the fans cause the controversy voting in an all-Coruscant starting lineup for the East. Should the fans be allowed to vote at all? MP3
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All Star Game & Week 8 Lines

Hot off the presses it’s your All Star Game and Week 8 Lines. While the rosters are not yet finalized for this year’s All Star squads, we here at Shecky Greene’s Intergalactic Sportsbook & Cantina feel pretty confident in our … Continue reading →