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Changing your mindset to a Kingdom Mindset through the application of God's word into your daily life.
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EP245 - Travel hacking and 2024 updates

Another episodic request from a listener on my travel hacking strategies and some updates in 2024 in how we are doing it.
5/26/202448 minutes, 31 seconds
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EP244 - Things I would have done differently at 30

Answering a listener's question, "What would have you done differently at the age of 30?".  Well this is the complete answer, and you might be surprised by it.
5/19/202453 minutes, 24 seconds
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EP243 - Getting out of dodge - The truth

I received this request for an episode from a listener. ‘First, thanks for doing the show.  I’ve been a loyal listener from back to the start.  I’m from the USA and I am uncomfortable with where things are heading here.  Can you explain your experiences with expatriation since you are now in Mexico?’   Absolutely.  Here’s the full details.
5/12/20241 hour, 21 minutes, 21 seconds
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EP242 - Debt. Good or bad?

If you were to Google search the word ‘Debt’ you would find (in general) that most comments on it put it in a bad light.  Our parents taught us not to go into debt.  But after receiving a request from a listener to talk about debt, I’m going to give you the truth about debt and all the arguments for and against it.
5/5/202450 minutes, 45 seconds
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EP241 - Affordable home security and surveillance

This was a request from one of our Patreon subscribers who asked, ‘Can you talk about home security and camera for home monitoring if you have experience with them’.  So here’s the answer to how I approach it.  Hope you can get some value out of this.
4/28/20241 hour, 3 minutes, 12 seconds
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EP240 - I'm done

After 5 years of doing this podcast, and other podcasts for my patrons, I’ve decided to stop doing it,  and will be stopping on episode 250.  Why?  Well take a listen and I’ll explain it all.
4/21/202453 minutes, 1 second
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EP239 - The current state of AI

This episode attempts to give a state of the union in regards to AI, where we are, where we are going and the social and freedom impacts of this massive change we are all going to be faced with in the short term.
4/14/202448 minutes, 46 seconds
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EP238 - Civil War

In 2024, at the recent SXSW convention in Austin, Texas, a movie was premiered that will be airing in April, called ‘Civil War’ by Alex Garland.  There’s been a lot of post-apocalyptic movies and TV series released over the past decade, but this one seems to have touched a nerve with the American people.  I want to talk about why in this episode.
4/7/20241 hour, 9 minutes, 49 seconds
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EP237 - The consolidation

Over the past 10 or so years, I’ve been noticing the divide between rich & poor is changing. After the 2008 GFC, the “Occupy Wall Street” movement protested against the 1% owners of the world, at the expense of the 99%, but alas – this didn’t change a thing. In fact it seems to have emboldened the uber rich, and the mission as just accelerated to consolida3on of power & wealth with a handful of players, at the expense of the rest of the world.
3/31/20241 hour, 21 minutes, 4 seconds
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EP236 - How a Mexican built her real estate portfolio from nothing

My wife & I were at a friend’s place in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico a few weeks back, and we were chaJng with a local Mexican lady who has built up a small fortune in real estate. When I asked her how she did it, it was a massive contrast to western methods and yet seemed enNrely logical. Growing up poor with no money, how she did it is amazing and her story brings hope for all of us.
3/24/202444 minutes, 15 seconds
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EP235 - BRICS+

While you are sleeping, there’s a risk to your enIre wealth and you probably never saw it looming. Your media never talked about it, most of those that are at least aware of it dismissed it as silliness or some conspiracy theory. But the risk has grown exponenIally in the past 12 months and now I think we are at Defcon levels of risk on this, and we should be openly talking about BRICS+
3/17/202451 minutes, 16 seconds
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EP234 - The generational differences in attitude to retiring early

Age brings wisdom.  Age also loses flexibility in so many ways.  Things don’t stand still and one must adjust to the universe because it won’t adjust to you.  Having said that, I think that the attitudes to those seeking early retirement vs. those that are retiring because of end of career is very different and they don’t see eye to eye.  Let’s talk about that in this episode.
3/10/202458 minutes, 18 seconds
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EP233 - Handwriting and why it matters

On a recent news story in Arizona, I was amused to see two news anchors (one an older gentleman and one younger lady) talking about a new AI infused technology that created handwriting of a person by using a robot.  Their reactions to this tell a generational story about social life & expectations in the USA, and so I wanted to expand upon this in this episode.
3/3/202455 minutes, 51 seconds
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EP232 - Ozempic

The advancement in technology brings a lot of fear, uncertainty & doubt to us. And recently one such invention appears to be doing this – GLP-1 inhibitors, used for diabetes but discovered to have massive impact on weight. The most common name you will hear is ‘Ozempic’. On this episode, I’m going to delve into this both from a medical & financial angle, and yes…. I’ve been taking Ozempic now for the past 2 months, so I’ll tell you my story with it as well.
2/25/20241 hour, 8 minutes, 27 seconds
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EP231 - A theory on how you clear $34 Trillion of national debt

On January 3rd, the US Federal short term debt showed up at $34 Trillion dollars.  This doesn’t take into consideration of the long term liabilities on the balance sheet of country that go to the promised social security & Medicare payments for seniors.  That would add another $80 Trillion to the tally.  But this simply is the accumulation of decades of losses on the profit & loss statement of the country.  In this episode, I’m going to float a theory on how the USA will clear this debt quickly, but I don’t think you are going to like it…
2/18/202451 minutes, 59 seconds
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EP230 - Let's get real about the lies of retirement funds

In this off script episode, I get real about the lies they tell you about 401Ks, IRAs, Superannuation funds, etc.  I explain what they promised and what was delivered and why it is far from optimal for retirement vs. residential rental real estate properties.
2/11/202439 minutes, 8 seconds
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EP229 -Always choose Open Source

This is a little tale about the dangers of proprietary technology and, when I broke my own rules, it came back to bite me big time. Let this be a warning to you all – your first option should always be to find an open source version of anything you need.
2/4/20241 hour, 6 minutes, 54 seconds
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EP228 - The cheapest way to travel to Mexico

I’ve made about 16 flights between the USA & Mexico in the past 12 months, and I’ve learned where the deals are, even if you are not using frequent flyer miles. On this episode, I’ll let you know what I found and where you can look to find super cheap deals.
1/28/202452 minutes, 28 seconds
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EP227 - Living a Simple Life in a structured world

This episode is a reset moment. Maybe one that is sorely needed. Our attention is all over the place these days, and yet we forget the simplest things that leads to true peace. As an embracement of the principles of a Simple Life, I give you something to think about – how you can survive in our journey through life, and to realize the wrong path that most of us are on.
1/21/20241 hour, 18 minutes, 47 seconds
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EP226 - Why are students not coming to the USA to study?

A good friend of mine who works in the community college world in Arizona sent me an article that he found on why international students won’t come to the USA to study.  I spent the next 30 minutes or so explaining the entire reasons, and I thought you might be interested in the whole story.  Here we go…
1/14/202454 minutes, 59 seconds
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EP225 - How early retirees are penalized in society (Part 2 of 2)

The episode continues from 224.  More of the things you need to consider as part of an early retirement strategy.
1/7/20241 hour, 1 minute, 36 seconds
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EP224 - How early retirees are penalized in society (Part 1 of 2)

Everyone who slaves over a 50 hour a week job, sacrificing time from the family, the stress of meeting other people’s expectations, living paycheck to paycheck, dreams of exiting the rat race.  The hope of early retirement drives them to save more, work harder now, and one day they can tell their boss, “Take this job & shove it”.   But few understand the reality of what it looks & feels like after that event, and how it is easy to become a non-person in early retirement.
12/31/202344 minutes, 52 seconds
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EP223 - Know thy value, Bob Cratchit!

I am recording this episode at the end of the calendar year of 2023. It is at these times, when workers often get some break for the holidays, that their employers will praise them for their annual contribution – and often with some paltry “Christmas bonus” that typically is best portrayed in Charles Dickens “The Christmas Carol” with Ebeneezer Scrooge not rewarding Bob Cratchit with some hopeful bonus for a year of toil. And yet if only Bob Cratchit recognized his contribution and talents, and had the courage to ask for what he was really worth…
12/24/202353 minutes, 22 seconds
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EP222 - Oh NO! They closed the US border!

Recently the state of Arizona had one of its border checkpoints in Lukeville closed by the US Federal Government.  This was in response to an unexpected surge of inbound travelers and asylum seekers coming into the USA.  The immigration challenges that we hear about on the Nightly news are far from the real story here, so I wanted to delve into the real story of what is going on and how it affects those of us attempting to be unconstrained.
12/17/202359 minutes, 40 seconds
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EP221 - The economics of art

As many of you know, I had a career in the early 90s as a recording engineer in Hollywood.  I left that to make money to feed my family, as I didn’t want to put them through the ‘hit & miss’ nature of that industry.  After 25 years back in the tech space, I didn’t agree with where it was going, and in my mid 50s left it to return to my recording work.  The result was the building of a massive private recording studio in central Mexico.  I wanted to talk through the business case for this and why we need some serious ‘out of the box’ thinking when it comes to funding art in all forms for the future.
12/10/20231 hour, 16 minutes, 21 seconds
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EP220 - Where the AI danger really lies

I’ve recorded a number of episodes on the perils of AI a few months back. As we march towards this innevitable chapter of our evolution, I realize that most of my issues with it is not because the technology is bad. It is the very limited few that will wield it like a weapon against us. So in what I think will be a thought provoking episode, I’m going to look int to the humans behind all of this and dig deeper as to what we have allowed our species to become.
12/3/202342 minutes, 24 seconds
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EP219 - The most wonderful time of the year?

The song ‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year’ might hold up well for a warm feeling as the temperatures drop, but it was co-opted by the retail industry in a way to control the mind of the masses into mass consumption. Retailers make more money in this season than at anytime in the year, and the constrained are enslaved in debt from being guilted into buying stuff for other people. Let’s go through a few tricks you can use to survive this period without having to be Uncle Scrooge to get through it.
11/26/202359 minutes, 13 seconds
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EP218 - How much do you really need to retire? (Part 2)

The second half of the answer to the question "How much do you really need to retire?" after my shock of hearing the personal financial industry stating $4 million.  As someone who has been living financially free for quite some time, I can tell you that this is a total lie and I'll explain the truth of what really is required.
11/13/20231 hour, 3 minutes, 1 second
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EP217 - How much do you really need to retire? (Part 1)

I came across this study on Seeking Alpha recently.  It found that younger millennials — those around age 30 — would likely need at least $3.6 million saved up to enjoy a comfortable retirement. To be on the safe side, it might be wise to round that up to an even $4 million. This assumes that you want to retire no later than age 62 and have not yet saved anything except emergency cash.  How the hell can anyone do that?  Well in this episode, I’ll prove why this traditional mindset is just plain wrong, and how you really can do this with 1/10th of the savings that these so called experts are saying.
10/29/202346 minutes, 24 seconds
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EP216 - The US constrained healthcare system

I’ve had a lot of first hand experience in the USA at trying to get to simply see a doctor, and I’ve never seen it this bad before.  When I hear recent news that the billionaires are inserting themselves into the tech AI space for healthcare research, and all these unicorn & rainbow stories we hear about how AI will change the game for healthcare research and curing viruses, it seems so disengenuous when the average US person can’t get to see a doctor in a timely basis, or even afford to.  Let’s get the truth of this failed healthcare system in the USA and why it affects your safety and your very life expectancy in your attempt to be unconstrained.
10/22/20231 hour, 8 minutes, 18 seconds
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EP215 - Government

I have tried to avoid any topic on politics because it just divides people. This episode has little to do with politics, however. But I would like to have an open, honest and frank discussion about government – particularly the US government, what I thought it was, what I discovered it was, and where I see this whole thing going.
10/15/202355 minutes, 46 seconds
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EP214 - How I make 9.5% interest on an at-call bank account

This is a discovery that I came across while hanging out with other expats here in Mexico where I am as I record this. But few people in the USA or other western countries seem to understand this opportunity. So let’s talk about it.
10/8/202359 minutes, 16 seconds
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EP213 - Building our dream home in Mexico (Part 2 of 2)

This is the 2nd episode in an update on what it's like to build a dream home in Mexico and my experiences so far.
10/1/20231 hour, 6 minutes, 18 seconds
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EP212 - Building our dream home in Mexico (Part 1 of 2)

If you have been listening to me for any length of time, you know that I’m currently developing a large property in central Mexico.  Well in this episode I’ll do an update on where I’m at, what I’ve learned so far in the process and the trials & tribulations of doing what most people would fear to do, but to keep an eye on the epic results you can achieve if you are careful.
9/24/20231 hour, 3 minutes, 31 seconds
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EP211 - Dividend stocks for fun and profit

After selling our rental real estate, we were left with few forms of smart income.  I began searching for alternatives.  I realized that for the next few years, much of my time would be spent outside of the USA, so I needed something that didn’t require me to be physically present to manage them, but paid me a tidy sum each month.  This led me to dividend stocks, and so far I am very happy with the results.
9/17/20231 hour, 30 seconds
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EP210 - The Global Citizen

In 2008, at the height of the global financial crisis in the US, I was heavily exposed to real estate debt due to some deals that had been done in the prior year, and ran the risk of being entirely wiped out. If it wasn’t for having assets in another country and sold them to fund the underwater position I found myself in, I would never have survived it. In this episode, I want to fast forward to 2023 and explain why you MUST have an international diversification strategy for your assets if you wish to mitigate the risk of an adverse event in your country.
9/10/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 9 seconds
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EP209 - The housing problem

Central planners are at it again. The fear of a ‘housing crisis’ has empowered government to create government housing by proxy. By using building regulations as a weapon, AZ government has created a trajectory towards 1970s style ghetto housing reminiscent of the low income apartments of Brooklyn. This model seems to be a reflection of the California model, which didn’t work either. Is this what we want in America and how is this happening?
9/3/20231 hour, 8 minutes, 32 seconds
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EP208 - Handling the upcoming stress of 2024

8/27/20231 hour, 24 minutes, 25 seconds
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EP207 - This is why we are all broke

You work hard, you earn money, but you are broke.  Why?  In this episode I’m going to put out there a theory in the western world why people are broke, and it isn’t the reasons the media and society will tell you. It is not rampant inflation.  It is not that you are not paid enough.  It is actually far simpler – it is about the decisions you make, and the fight to control your mind.
8/20/202355 minutes, 42 seconds
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EP206 - AI & Capitalism

What happens with capitalism when AI takes over the economy? I’ve been giving this some thought, but to be honest I don’t have a conclusion yet. I cannot see an upside to this, and despite all the WOW factor that AI seems to have in the social construct, I don’t think anyone has really thought through the impact on capitalism & economics yet. Let’s give it a shot in this episode…
8/13/202345 minutes, 25 seconds
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EP205 - The elephant in the room

I just was reading the recent paper produced by the WEF entitled ‘Pathways to the regulation of crypto-assets – a Global Approach’ and it is frightening. Those that frequent Davos each year seem are throwing more and more resources in crafting a future for all of us, and it is a future that no-one other than the ruling elite would want.
8/6/20231 hour, 59 seconds
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EP204 - My current investment radar (Part 3)

In this third and last part of my series on what's on my investment radar, we are going to talk about energy and what I’m doing in terms of investment strategy regarding it for the next 3, 5 and 10 years.
7/30/20231 hour, 5 minutes, 28 seconds
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EP203 - My current investment radar (Part 2)

In this 2nd part of a 3 part series, I'm unveiling my investment strategy regarding AI.  No, not my philosophical position, but my investing position.  Yes, there is a difference.  Enjoy.
7/23/20231 hour, 19 minutes, 12 seconds
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EP202 - My current investment radar (Part 1)

If you are looking for financial advice, that’s not what I do.  But I do share with people what I’m doing from a holistic position on my own investments, and this episode will cover some major strategic shifts I’m doing in light of new technologies and changing macro dynamics.  So settle back and relax and I’ll share what I’m looking down the barrel at.
7/16/202354 minutes, 10 seconds
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EP201 - Winning the war against distractions

I was having lunch with my accountant and the subject of how different life felt outside the USA than within came up. I told him that after I had returned from a few weeks in Mexico, I found that I wasn’t getting anywhere near as much productive work done in the USA. And the one reason – distractions.
7/9/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 2 seconds
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EP200 - A tribute to Gary Collins

The temptation when a podcast gets to 200 episodes is to celebrate how we got this far.  But when I did that, I realized that my success with this podcast came because of those who came before me, had faith in my work and befriended me.  Gary Collins was one such person, and with his passing last year, I was shocked to see how his work was being lost to Internet fade.  So in this episode, I'm joined by my friend Remso Martinez, who also was a good friend of Gary, and we look back at the message of The Simple Life and how it touched and affected all of us.
7/2/20231 hour, 15 minutes, 37 seconds
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EP199 - The definition of value

I was recently interviewed on another podcast in which the subject of why they thought Bitcoin was a poor store of value. I argued that Bitcoin is a perfect store of value – the question really comes down to what you are actually valuing it in. Where most of us choose our local currency as the basis of value and our wealth, I’m here to tell you that this is why most of society is dead broke. Let’s discuss.
6/25/20231 hour, 4 minutes, 31 seconds
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EP198 - Make money renting out your home for film shoots

Once in a while, you bump into someone that is doing something unusual and creative and seems to understand the concept of Smart Income, as we teach it. Today I’m going to introduce you to one such person - Josh Lawlor, founder of The Film Shoot Rental Roadmap, and he’s going to explain how you can make big bucks by renting out access to your home or other real estate for film and video shoots.
6/18/20231 hour, 25 seconds
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EP197 - FedNow

While your attention was being distracted towards the war in Ukraine, Debt ceiling negotiations, and even inflationary challenges, the central planners have been at work crafting the ultimate set of handcuffs the world has ever seen – FedNow. And in July 2023, this weaponized freedom grabber will go into full effect. In this episode, we will look at this new tool, how it works and why you should run away from it.
6/11/20231 hour, 6 minutes, 19 seconds
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EP196 - The government does NOT have your back

Sometimes I get people asking me, “Myles, why is it that you left Australia where the government provide free healthcare, education, and a social security for the US where you have to work for it all, pay 12x more? And then you take that to the next level and are building in Mexico where the government provide almost nothing?”. There’s a simple answer to this. If you live on the principle that you will be 100% responsible for you and your family, then you can choose where and how you want to live. But for those that have just given up on personal responsibility on the premise that their government will take care of you, this is your wake up call. Because they WON’T!
6/4/20231 hour, 20 minutes, 20 seconds
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EP195 - Are you leaving money on the table? (Part 2 of 2)

In this episode, I continue on the previous summation of income lost and costs overspent for those that are literally ‘Leaving money on the table’.  This is the 2nd of a 2 part series, and this one has a ton of things you should be considering in order to fight inflation and live an unconstrained life
5/28/20231 hour, 12 minutes, 8 seconds
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EP194 - Are you leaving money on the table? (Part 1 of 2)

Things are tough out there, and family budgets are tight. Yet so many people are missing out on income and over paying on expenses. In this episode, I want to do a quick audit of personal finances and show some shocking discoveries of lost money that could have been reclaimed. Let’s see if this information helps you get through the tough money times.
5/21/20231 hour, 24 minutes, 10 seconds
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EP193 - The rise of the AI surveillance state

The rapid advancement of AI will create opportunities for early adopters. Even by the time you listen to this podcast, those opportunities have probably already been acquired, since only those with enormous capital reserves can afford the data centers to own the robots. But what will be left will be a perfectly laid out design document of totalitarian control from the George Orwell playbook. In this episode, I’m going to talk about my fears of the AI empowered future and how governments may be the early adopters.
5/14/202344 minutes, 31 seconds
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EP192 - Free university degrees for out of the box thinkers

Let’s face it – the world needs more creative and out of the box thinkers. These ‘disruptors’ change the future – look at people like Elon Musk as an example. Despite Elon’s businesses and residence being in the USA, Elon is not from here, yet he has a cult like following in the USA. The reality is that we immigrants see the world as a huge playground rather than limiting ourselves to one country. So why is it that so many parents (and students) limit their education to only one country? In this episode we will explore how any student can get a free bachelors degree that will be respected and propel them forward like Elon Musk, by using the very creative and out of the box thinking that is the very essence of what employers and society is screaming out for in these challenging times.
5/7/20231 hour, 1 minute, 43 seconds
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EP191 - Retired early with $3 million, back to work 10 years later

In this episode, we review the results of one of the early pioneers of the FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) movement, and his journey from early retirement at the age of 34 in 2012 through to back to work to put his kids through college 10 years later.  This is from an article in Fortune Magazine.
4/30/202348 minutes, 7 seconds
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EP190 - Adjusting to living alongside AI

On March 15th, 2023, the world changed forever. The release of GPT4 expanded the capability of AI to the point where a software bot could pass the bar exam and get a law degree, could get a degree in Biology at university, could understand images & sound as well as text, and even exhibited signs of AGI – Artificial General Intelligence, where it became self-aware. Let’s talk about how this will change all of our lives and what opportunities present.
4/23/202343 minutes, 48 seconds
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EP189 - Maintaining a healthy contrarian mindset

If you currently or wish to embrace the idea of doing the polar opposite of everyone else, you will be ridiculed, ostracized and even in some cases made an outcast of the social norms. Dealing with this can be the biggest challenge of anyone seeking extraordinary results in life. In this episode we will talk about the psychology of being a contrarian and how to maintain and thrive in an alternative world.
4/16/202355 minutes, 42 seconds
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EP188 - There is no progress without risk

As I record this, the news headlines are about failing banks and managing inflation. Generally those that feed us with the information about what is happening in the world are negligent at telling the true story about risks & rewards. In this episode I want to bring some sanity to the discussion and challenge much of the fear mongering with a reality check – there is no progress without risk.
4/9/202342 minutes, 7 seconds
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EP187 - Freedom of speech & thought - Our Matrix Server

For about a year now, we’ve had a thing we offer for free to people called our Matrix Server. Other than just a quick announcement about it, I have not gone into details on the why and how of this, but more the importance of having a decentralized and uncensored means of our community communicating. That’s all about to change now. Let’s talk about it.
4/2/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 9 seconds
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EP186 - When AI rules the world

We are entering a world where you are a data point and they are creating a ruleset in which you must live. AI puts the human flaws of dominance and fear on steroids, and oversight will be years behind implementation. The warning of Orwell’s Big Brother have not been taken seriously, so now what do you do? In this episode, we’ll explore the current state of AI and where this is going, and why it is probably the greatest threat to anyone questing to be unconstrained.
3/26/202332 minutes, 2 seconds
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EP185 - Does your home make you money?

Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad stated, ‘ Your house is not an asset. Rather it is a liability.’ Whereas I agree with this statement, as a contrarian I have to see this more of a challenge rather than statement of fact. In this episode I want to explore how you can make your home an asset rather than a liability. Cheap Crypto Miner: Music income: Stock photography income: Dividend Bull YouTube channel: Sure Dividend champions list:
3/19/202341 minutes, 57 seconds
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EP184A - Everything's a Ponzi Scheme

I am recording this episode at a time when the banking stocks are crashing, people panicking that their deposits may be gone without their control, inflation continues to reveal its truth and there seems to be no upside in the economy today. Why? It is because EVERYTHING is a Ponzi scheme.
3/15/202348 minutes, 47 seconds
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EP184 - The biggest mistake most people make in hard times

It is no secret that the western world is going through economic hard times right now.  It might not feel that way if you look at the stock markets, but the average family is dealing with company lay-offs and wage reductions, while costs are souring due to economic mismanagement by central planners.  As a result, the average person has to find a way to do more with less.  But few are well trained in this, and most will make what can often be considered fatal mistakes in how they attempt to remedy this situation.   Referenced video:  
3/12/202336 minutes, 36 seconds
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EP183 - The Renter's Bill of Wrongs

On January 25th 2023, the world of smart income took a big hit in the form of the Biden Administration’s ‘Blueprint for a Renters Bill of Rights’. This bill, which would likely be an executive order by the president, attempts to address the rental housing affordability crisis as they would see it, reduce homelessness and other progressive ideals. But the unintended consequences of such a bill would destroy freedom, reduce housing affordability, penalize independent rental property ownership , eliminate the biggest part of smart income for financial sustainability, and constrain all of us to the world of predictable worker slaves until the day we die.  
3/5/202357 minutes, 12 seconds
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EP182 - Having a job is extremely dangerous to your health

Today I want to talk to you about the extreme danger of having a job. Or even thinking that Jobs are a good thing. Because it seems that the wizards of hypnosis and social manipulation - the governments and bankers - are at it again, lying and championing their success based on jobs. So ask yourself this - if you had the perfect life, would it include the crappy job you are forced to spend 75% of your waking life going to each day?
2/26/202355 minutes, 18 seconds
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EP181 - Finding freedom in tightly coupled systems

In the world of computer software, we design code based on what we call ‘tight’ or ‘loose’ coupling. Tightly coupled systems make assumptions about what they connect to – that they are stable and predictable. Loosely coupled systems better account for flexibility and change. However when I look at the world today, I see the 21st century is the result of humans building ONLY tightly coupled systems. In this episode, I’m going to deep dive what this means and why it leads to this boom & bust world that we are all being subjected to.
2/19/202345 minutes, 18 seconds
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EP180 - Tipping

On a recent trip to Las Vegas, a friend of mine & I commented on the state of tipping. As someone who came from a country where tipping is not customary or expected, it was a culture shock to an immigrant in the USA. However there are pros & cons for tipping, so in this episode I want to deep dive the culture of tipping and how to protect yourself from vultures, yet incentivize the individual.
2/12/20231 hour, 23 seconds
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EP179 - Travel hacking in 2023

I do a lot of traveling, and with at least one international flight per month and peppering in the odd domestic route, there’s a lot I’ve learned with decades of international travel experience. In this episode, I’m going to give you my current tips & tricks to make your traveling super cheap or free in 2023.
2/5/20231 hour, 16 minutes, 17 seconds
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EP178 - How not to be pwned

The press loves to have a field day when some service we rely on gets hacked. In this episode, I’m going to tell you how to have a smaller attack footprint – that is how to not be a target in this digital world, how we got to this point and what we can do going forward.
1/29/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 29 seconds
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EP177 - Technology - A cautionary tale

For as long as I have been alive, technology has shaped our world.  In fact, it created my wealth since I bought the first commercially available personal computer in 1977 – I turned it into a career.  But after over 40 years of being a part of that world, there’s something going on in the road forward now that is unusual, scary and you need to know about this if you intend to be a part of that industry, or someone that is punting on massive returns in that sector.
1/22/202354 minutes, 46 seconds
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EP176 - Spending NO money in 10 days

In this episode, I’m going to take you on a little journey with me – an experiment that I’ve just undertaken successfully, to spend NO money in 10 days.  All during the most spend-heavy time of the year – the December Christmas period.  Why?  Because I wanted to prove just how insane society in the USA has gotten regarding consumption and why this will ultimately lead to a horrible ending.
1/15/20231 hour, 5 minutes, 20 seconds
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EP175 - Understanding cashflow vs. investing

The biggest misconception that most people chasing financial independence is that it is all about investing. They do everything to save as much money and invest it. Yet 90% of those doing this are not experts in investing. They just put the money in the hands of counterparties to invest for them and hope & pray. Then get back to earning money to put more money in those investments. In this episode we are going to explain the weaknesses in this approach and why it won’t help you unless you know what you are doing.
1/8/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 29 seconds
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EP174 - Getting busy in 2023

Rather than the typical predictions of 2023, or new years resolutions, I've recorded this podcast to talk about action.  What I'm doing in 2023, and why.  Enjoy.
1/1/20231 hour, 35 minutes, 39 seconds
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EP173 - Last minute tax saving tips for 2022

Tis the season to be grabbing all those last minute tax saving deductions you can, and in this episode that's what we are talking about.  So buckle in and take some notes, because you don't have much time left.
12/25/202253 minutes, 55 seconds
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EP172 - What they don’t tell you about maintaining multiple residencies & passports

There are dozens of advocates on the Internet, YouTube, Podcasts, etc. that tell you to get second or third residencies, multiple passports, etc. But few will ever disclose the level of effort to maintain these things. In this episode, I’m going to tell you my own challenges with these things over time, and what is required as a US person to be compliant and yet have the freedom of movement to be unconstrained.
12/18/202257 minutes, 14 seconds
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EP171 - In the spirit of...

I came to a realization recently that most of the reasons you are broke, hopeless, and can’t get out of the rut we find ourselves in, is because we make decisions based on the spirit of something, but then we come face to face with the reality of implementation. So let’s talk about that.
12/11/202246 minutes, 51 seconds
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EP170 - Healthcare strategies

I haven't done an episode on Health insurance and healthcare for a while, but realized that with more indepth knowledge and information on Mexico options - not just for surgeries but general and emergency healthcare, I need to update what I'm doing with my health strategies, why and how you might also be able to benefit with this knowledge.
12/4/20221 hour, 18 minutes, 10 seconds
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EP169 - Predictions for The New Normal

In this episode, I will make some predictions for the short and medium term future and how we got to this place, and where the unconstrained can go to avoid losing their power and sovereignty for the future.
11/27/20221 hour, 26 minutes, 15 seconds
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EP168 - The latest on Mexican immigration, with Ernie Baca

It has been a while since I did a show on Mexican immigration, but so much has changed, which I have personally been affected by.  So on this episode, I'm joined with my friend Ernie Baca to talk about what has changed in regards to Mexican immigration, changes in financial solvency requirements, getting appointments, the airports, etc. 
11/20/20221 hour, 21 minutes, 26 seconds
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RIP Gary Collins

A tribute.
11/13/202231 minutes, 40 seconds
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EP167 - Real Estate & Land (You'll own nothing & be happy)

I’ve always been an advocate of making sure your physiological needs are in your control.  But we live in a world where housing has become a reality TV show, rather than something that is critical to our survival.  In this final episode of the series, ‘You will own nothing and be happy’ we are going to talk about shelter and where you live.
11/12/202238 minutes, 13 seconds
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EP166 - Money (You'll own nothing and be happy)

The world is rapidly shifting away from currency towards electronic payments. In fact, in some countries they have basically outlawed the very legal tender they were previously issuing. In this episode we discuss why this is all happening, and why – when it comes to money – You’ll own none and be happy, according to your central planners
11/6/202240 minutes, 42 seconds
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EP165 - Technology - You'll own nothing & be happy

In our ongoing series of ''You'll own nothing & be happy'', this one is about technology. The truth that the industry probably doesn't want you to know about, and how you can reclaim your power and have it all for free.
10/30/202256 minutes, 46 seconds
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EP164 - You'll own nothing and be happy

The concept of ownership and property rights has been a core part of our history, our laws and our freedom. Most people believe they have the right to own title to things and protect those things our homes, our businesses, our financial assets, etc. But we are moving towards a world of You own nothing and be happy and this is being pushed upon us both aggressively through the WEF, but also covertly through the idea of the subscription model. In this episode, we are going to unveil the pure evil of this movement and what you can do to fight back and regain your control.
10/23/202235 minutes, 41 seconds
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EP163 - Recession

In this episode I talk about the recession we find ourselves in, how similar and different it will be to past recessions, how to transition to it, how to prepare for it, and what opportunities it will present to contrarians and those seeking to be unconstrained.
10/16/20221 hour, 25 minutes, 41 seconds
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EP162 - Human psychology and markets

As we move to a bear market and what some would call a recession, it is important to understand that markets are just collections of humans and their perception of value. Understanding that human mindset and how we deal with the changing times is important in positioning for growth in your asset investing.
10/9/20221 hour, 7 minutes, 5 seconds
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EP161 - Balanced Frugality

Weve probably all seen and be entertained by TV shows on Extreme Frugality those people who do insane things to save money, dumpster diving, etc. They are obsessed with not spending money. On this episode I want to talk about balanced frugality. How you can do amazing things to save money, yet not be some oddball that others laugh at as you quest towards being unconstrained.
10/2/202249 minutes, 15 seconds
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EP160 - Shadow Inflation

As I record this, the Fed Reserve is on the cusp of more interest rate increases in an attempt to curb inflation. But this is one big game of illusion, shadow economics and making numbers look the way you want to present them, rather than fixing the problems of the world population.
9/25/202227 minutes, 34 seconds
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EP159 - Like a duck (in the crosshairs)

When you travel, you meet a lot of interesting people. If you are not from around their parts, they let their guard down and tell you what is really going on. These simple conversations are important to bring us back to reality and compare the contrarian lifestyle with the traditional. Oh, and there will be stories about ducks!
9/18/202233 minutes, 27 seconds
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EP158 - De-Globalization

Since the 1990s, when China entered the World Trade Organization, there has been a euphoric move towards outsourcing to cheaper countries for manufacture and labor services. Although this brings down pricing, and helps curb inflation rise, it means the emerging market countries benefit while the client countries reduce expenses, but adjust their labor force accordingly. In this episode I want to explore the current and future trends of de-globalization, when countries retreat to their own borders and what both causes this, and what impact it has for all of us going forward.
9/10/202255 minutes, 14 seconds
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EP157 - The story of Starlink and Rural Australia

Government & their best intentions can destroy the hope and future of a country. Whether it is from corruption, or just poor management, putting all of your faith & trust in central planners never seems to work out. In this episode, I tell the story of exactly that - government taking away the future from a country with so much promise and trying to sell it as a victory for the average Joe.
9/4/202259 minutes, 31 seconds
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EP156 - Adjusting to a recession mindset

All over the world, the dreaded ''R'' word is being thrown about. For many people, they never remembered what a recession was like. For some, particularly here in Australia where they had a bull market economy for the past 30 years, memories of recessions may either be faint or non-existent depending on age. In this episode I'm going to tell you how to survive (and thrive) in a recession and what you need to do to adjust your mindset.
8/26/20221 hour, 1 minute, 17 seconds
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EP155 - Australia and Sustainability

Having landed in Australia after being away for 3 years, I report on what I discovered and also what I acknowledge about life and our future. I talk about strategy in how to overcome the challenges of our world based on what I've seen others successfully doing.
8/21/202250 minutes, 41 seconds
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EP154 - How to pay off debt

Most of this seems obvious when you look at it in the rear view mirror, but there were times in my life where debt took over my world. Rather than retreating into a fetal position in the corner, I made hard decisions and it kept me from being destroyed by it. In this episode, Im going to go through the methodology that I used to remove debt from my life and become unconstrained.
8/14/20221 hour, 7 minutes, 39 seconds
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EP153 - The Tall Poppy Syndrome

It is rare, but from time to time I get asked about this phenomenon. It happens in many countries, particularly those that have a more socialized culture and politic, but it is the #1 reason why the individual is constrained and the country's potential is curtailed.
8/6/202250 minutes, 33 seconds
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EP152 - Structuring your life like a business

I wanted to share with you how my family does this, because although I've been telling you to run your life like a business for a while, I never explained how to structure it to your advantage - both to handle the impact of income changes, but also to protect yourself against predators.
7/30/202238 minutes, 28 seconds
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EP151 - So you want to start a small business

I discovered a TV series on the Reality TV network called Self Employed, which has the description Entrepreneur Jonathan Morris travels the country to share the inspirational stories and new challenges of small business owners and their journeys to building their dream jobs.. In this episode, Im going to get real with you about small businesses - why they succeed and fail and why a TV series sends a dangerous message to those looking to break free and become unconstrained.
7/24/20221 hour, 10 minutes, 31 seconds
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EP150 - The Anarchist

Here's my review, thoughts, musings, etc. about the new HBO TV Documentary series ''The Anarchists'' that just came out. Considering that the Unconstrained share so much in common here with Anarcho-Capitalists, I thought I'd chime in with my perspective on this phenomenon.
7/16/20221 hour, 17 minutes, 13 seconds
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EP149 - Alternative investing with Chris Odegard

Chris Odegard is the guy behind and the author of the book ''Get off Your A$$ and Manage Your Money: Why You Need Alternative Investments''. On this episode, we are discussing alternative investments including ATM machines and other interesting ideas you may not have had.
7/10/202238 minutes, 5 seconds
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EP148 - When the central planners get things wrong

Life is complicated. Surely, you cant be expected to manage your own life, right? You deserve the benefits of just showing up where every child wins a prize. And why not? Your central planners have got your back and know what is good for you. These are cynical statements, if you didnt know that already. But in this episode lets just illuminate why putting your faith & trust in counterparties to have your back doesnt work out well particularly when they are the US Federal Reserve.
7/3/202234 minutes, 51 seconds
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EP147 - Chatting with Jerry

Being unconstrained has always been about active pursuit of freedom. Freedom from financial obligations, having the right to speak freely, freedom from overt surveillance and privacy, and freedom to travel. Anyone who achieves all of these things is a hero. And on todays episode I am going to introduce you to one of my heroes. A humble regular guy who did, what most people who dont enjoy those freedoms I have explained, what some could call a radical thing and left the country of his birth to find his utopia. You will see how I relate to Jerrys story in so many ways, but more important I think it validates why pursuing a life of being unconstrained is so important to all of us.
6/26/20221 hour, 1 minute, 56 seconds
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EP145 - What they don't tell you about retirement

Whether you are in your 50s and looking at when you want to pull the trigger & retire, or if you are in your 30s and think you can retire early, you need to hear this episode. Im going to tell you that it isnt rainbows & unicorns out there and most have no plan for how this period of their life will play out.
6/19/20221 hour, 15 minutes, 29 seconds
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EP145 - Wealth creation is an art, not a science

In this episode, I explore why most new entrants to becoming financially free fail - misunderstanding the basics of humans vs. science, and what is needed to understand and be responsible in betting against the herd to gain wealth.
6/12/202246 minutes, 14 seconds
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EP144 - Contrarian Guide to Planet Earth

In this episode I explore the freedom of movement - travel, and how to find wealth in opportunities on our planet. I discuss how having a domestic only view excludes all the gems that exist outside of your homeland and explore the concept of ''You can never be a wise man in your home town''.
6/5/202234 minutes, 12 seconds
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EP143 - Retire early is dead

The concept of retirement assumes a finite end of work. When one is older, they may not be able to work due to age, but for those capable and younger, the idea of retiring early assumes you are not doing what you love to begin with. In this episode, I react to many that are defending the idea of retiring early in a world of high inflation, low stock market returns, etc. rather than addressing whether the entire strategy is flawed to begin with. And I offer an alternative.
5/29/20221 hour, 10 minutes, 50 seconds
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EP142 - The Church of Retirement

In this episode I will take the long held social position and faith-based retirement planning industry and blow it out of the water - whether it be for someone looking to retire in their 60s or someone looking to retire a lot earlier.
5/22/20221 hour, 17 minutes, 8 seconds
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EP141 - Pay off your damn home mortgage

In this unscripted episode, I talk about my own personal experiences since the age of 26 in buying my own home, the numerous homes (and mortgages) I've had, and how I eventually paid off the home mortgage. I talk about the differences between investment property and your principal residence, and how many view this unrealistically.
5/15/202258 minutes, 35 seconds
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EP140 - Society is infected by an insecurity virus

For the past couple of years, weve been dealing with a biological virus that has turned people into fearful victims, and given tacit permission to evil to prevail in governance. But for far longer than that, weve been dealing with a very different plague the plague of insecurity. In this episode Im going to deep dive this plague, and how this is turning out.
5/8/202234 minutes, 35 seconds
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EP139 - 10 Years of Bitcoin

In this episode, I spend the first half talking about how I stumbled into Bitcoin and left the space after getting 1,800x my original investment. In the second half, I talk about what Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies have become and where I see this all heading.
5/1/20221 hour, 17 minutes, 21 seconds
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EP138 - Changing the debt mindset

Throughout the western world, we have generations that have been raised on the idea of getting things that they want with other peoples money. Understandable since earning & savings hasnt been wise for a very long time due to low interest returns. But things are about to change, and I fear that western society will be faced with a shocking scenario it is not prepared for. In this episode we will talk about the debt mindset and what you need to do to shake it, and be unconstrained.
4/24/20221 hour, 34 minutes, 54 seconds
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EP137 - Speculating vs Investing

I would hope that in todays world, the general rule of thumb is that it is better to invest than to speculate. I think Warren Buffet really underscored this principle, but I see all around me people not understanding the difference and even those that do, seem to follow the herd into the world of speculation when they should be investing. So in this episode, we will deep dive the different approaches to help you become unconstrained.
4/17/202257 minutes, 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP136 - The cerebral society - A warning

Over the past 100 years, weve seen the western world go through massive change, but one such change that is rarely discussed is towards an increased focus on the mind. In this episode, I invite you to join me on exploring the concept of the cerebral society a world in which you explore the dimensions of thought, and often at the peril of physical reality.
4/10/202238 minutes, 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP135 - Demographics & how to predict the future

Imagine if you knew next weeks lottery numbers? Would you have to work in that crappy job and deal with that crappy boss any more? Well demographics give you a long term view of where things are going and for those (like me) that pay attention to them, weve enjoyed not working for a very long time.
4/3/20221 hour, 18 minutes, 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP134 - Travel Hacking - How Myles generates miles and travels the world for free

The only time Ive paid for an airline ticket or a hotel room in the past 8 years, is when it was literally cheaper to buy it than to use my points. Otherwise Ive traveled the world for free using travel hacking. In this episode, Ill tell you how Ive done it and how you can to.
3/27/20221 hour, 17 minutes, 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP133 - The Fourth Turning

Much of the chaos that we see surrounding us right now was predicted and fortold. But few took notice. Those that did, already set themselves up for the greatest wealth transfer that will be seen in 100 years. But those that idly sit by watching, are doomed to be victims to it. In this episode, we are going to explain The Fourth Turning, and why this is critical in understanding why things are the way they are right now.
3/20/202245 minutes, 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP132 - The road from analog to digital

In this episode I will deep dive the opportunities and traps of a species changing the underlying protocol of its existence. Real entrepreneurs know you make money when you solve problems and anytime a major social change is underway, problems unveil themselves and opportunities generate wealth. So if you are interested in finding the diamonds in the rough, this is the episode for you.
3/13/20221 hour, 48 minutes, 45 seconds
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EP131 - I built a privacy phone

If there is one thing I think we unilaterally agree on is that George Orwells 1984 was a brilliant work of fiction that has become a playbook by governments & humanity to enslave us. How we could take a warning like that and turn it into a standard operating procedure just shows how we do things against our best interest. So I decided to try and fight back and built my own De-Googled privacy phone, and took it to Mexico to test it out. Lets find out just how well I did.
3/6/202253 minutes, 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

TWIF - 030422 - Special release of "This week in freedom" podcast

I'm doing something different this week - this is the normal ''This Week in Freedom'' podcast that I do for our Patreon supporters. I'm giving you a taste of it - if you like what you hear, please consider becoming a Patron of our efforts over at and you can have this podcast every week.
3/4/20221 hour, 1 minute, 32 seconds
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EP130 - The 5 things I learned about Medical Tourism

I get asked a lot about my experiences in medical tourism. As many of you know, I had major surgery in Guadalajara, Mexico, that saved me about $120K vs. having it in the USA. But it was a massive leap of faith, and if anyone is looking down the barrel at a similar situation, Im hoping what I learned from it might just help you out.
2/27/20221 hour, 22 minutes, 9 seconds
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EP129A - Russia invades Ukraine - What this means for you

In this out of sequence episode, I'm going deep into the importance of Russia's invasion of Ukraine and why this changes everything. Including the risks to you and your family and western reaction to this situation.
2/22/20221 hour, 17 minutes, 40 seconds
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EP129 - Escape to Canada with Brandon Miller

On this episode, I'm joined by Brandon Miller who is an expert in helping people move to Canada. I was surprised to find out that the barriers to entry to Canada that I thought were there change everyday, and Brandon knows of literally 100 different methods that people can use to migrate to Canada if they choose to. Additionally, we talk about Brandon's own experience in living in Asia for many years, what he learned by being an actual nomad himself so that he can completely relate to what his clients want for themselves and their families.
2/20/20221 hour, 24 minutes, 34 seconds
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EP128 - Winning with rising interest rates

As I record this, Goldman Sachs have stated that they expect the US Federal Reserve to raise interest rates 6 times this year. And many speculators are thinking the Fed will try and get to about a 2.5% base interest rate in order to try and reign in inflation. But although we had this only a couple of years ago, this could result in a lot of changes in the economical world that we all live in. In this episode I want to discuss different strategies that you can have to deal with rising interest rates in your own personal finances.
2/13/20221 hour, 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP127 - Time to give up containing COVID

Something noticeable appears to be happening. Countries are starting to get real with COVID, and move from a strategy of containment to a strategy acceptance and learning to live with it. Calls for some countries to accept that past strategies of containment havent worked, and have in fact destroyed individual freedoms, commerce and mental health, are being heard everywhere. No more so than in my home country of Australia. So in this episode I put out the same call for sanity here, and how the future may look for all of us.
2/6/20221 hour, 6 minutes, 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP126 - Surviving Inflation

Your dollar is not worth as much as you think it is. Thats hard to accept and process. But even though Ive been telling you this for years now, it seems more of us are starting to accept it. The question now is How can I learn to live with inflation, and how can I combat it?
1/30/202250 minutes, 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP125 - The Singularity

Since the days of George Orwell in the 1940s, we have been warned of a dystopian future a future of Big Brother, lack of personal freedom and individual sovereignty, but it wasnt until about 25 years ago, that the technologies became available that would give Big Brother the weaponry to entrap humanity at scale. As we launch into a new year, I want this episode to remind us all of the perilous descent to enslavement that we find us on, and what you need to do to remain vigilant and unconstrained.
1/23/202254 minutes, 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP124 - Talking Liberty with Marc Clair

Marc Clair is a leader in the Liberty movement in the USA, having been involved since the early 2000s with Ron Paul and his presidential campaigns, to eventually starting the popular ''Lions of Liberty'' podcast in 2013. Well after almost 9 years, he's still roaring and I was delighted to have him join me on the show to talk Liberty and its relevance to the unconstrained.
1/16/202257 minutes, 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP123 - America from an Immigrant's eyes

As someone who was raised in another country, and came to the USA at the age of 25, I already had the ideology of the country of my birth stamped into my psyche, but I was still at an age where I could carve it into the American experience. But 30 years later, the molding of my past with my American experience has unveiled so many observations that are often unseen by my American friends. So in this episode I wanted to talk about these things, and maybe youll hear something that will be unexpected.
1/9/202247 minutes
Episode Artwork

EP122 - The positive side of forest fires

In this first episode of 2022, I'm going to talk about my experience in my early 20s that helped form much of my world view as to the connection between nature, our planet and our economy. I'm going to do a historical look back at events and how things could have turned out so much differently than what we are dealing with today, and what you may need to do for you and your family as a result.
1/2/202256 minutes, 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP121 - 2021 This year in Freedom

In this annual wrap up for 2021 episode, I look at whether we have progressed to or strayed from being unconstrained in 2021. I review many aspects of freedom - money, thought & expression, travel and health. This episode is full of factual statistics that help you make some real sense of what is going on.
12/26/20211 hour, 24 minutes, 33 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP120 - The 4% rule - A round peg in a square hole

The round peg & the square hole the concept of amassing liquid capital and saving, living frugally, and having a nest egg as some magical method for a life of leisure, quitting the 9-5 workforce and retiring, seems to be the dream sold to all of us by the financial services industry. But it doesnt work in a world of inflation, out of control govt spending and an economy that only survives based on consumption. Yet this is the continual debate on whether this method works, particularly for those in the FIRE community.
12/19/202155 minutes, 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP119 - How Jack bought 12 rental property units in 3 years

Having gone through the adventures of buying rental real estate many decades ago, and now living a free and unconstrained life with no job because of it, I was interested to hear that Im not alone. Today on the show I am joined by Jac k Allweil who, at the age of 32, is well on his way to building his real estate empire, having purchased property creatively and in only 3 years time, he has 12 rental units, with a goal to purchase 100 in 5 years. I think youll enjoy hearing his story.
12/12/202150 minutes, 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP118 - I bought a bull fighting ring in Mexico

I told our Patreon subscribers about this, but it is now far enough along that I thought that it was time to share a personal story of a dream project. Partly because I wanted to invite you, the listeners, along on this journey but also because I want to demonstrate the adventures you can have if you are living an unconstrained life.
12/5/20211 hour, 25 minutes, 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP117 - A frank discussion on energy

Following the COP26 summit in Glasgow, Scotland and it seems, particularly in Europe, that the only discussion on the table is about green energy. Look, I get it. We humans are a messy bunch and weve decided to burn sequestered fuel (fossil fuels) rather than take advantage of other energy sources. But are the solutions being discussed really the answer?
11/28/202144 minutes, 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP116 - Inside the IRS with Anthony Parent

Today on the program I have a special treat for you. I have been trying to get Anthony Parent, the co-founder of IRS Medic law firm on the show. Anthony is an expert attorney on tax law, specifically with helping US persons who are either thinking about expatriation, expats, or those that find themselves accidentally falling foul of the US tax system. But what came out in this episode is an inside baseball view of the IRS, what being an attorney for his clients and dealing with the IRS is like, and just how this affects all of us. I think youll find this episode very special.
11/21/20211 hour, 45 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP115 - Why won't people go back to work?

Often it makes me laugh how the macro economists, government advisors and banking experts pontificate on supply chain disruptions, unemployment rates and other statistical data as they pour over spreadsheets trying to find the reasons why things happen. But the answers are simple for this yet few people are willing to address the truth. Lets talk about this.
11/14/202142 minutes, 1 second
Episode Artwork

EP114 - Being sustainable as a farmer in the 21st century

When people think about farming they typically think about growing food or animals for consumption. Whereas that is an important part of human survival, to be completely self-sufficient and sustainable in the 21st century, it takes more than that. In this episode Im going to delve into different aspects of farming and how you can do this yourself in the quest to regain control and your freedom back.
11/7/20211 hour, 7 minutes, 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP113 - How I got my start in rental real estate

I realize that it takes time to build up wealth, but you gotta start somewhere. Although I had years of business experience before I bought my first rental property, none of that experience actually yielded real wealth. It wasnt until I spoke with another business owner I was friends with, and realized he bought his own commercial building that he operated in, that I realized the building was where the money was. Like McDonalds, it wasnt about the burgers. It was about the real estate. That began my start in rental real estate investing, and it worked out pretty good for me.
10/31/20211 hour, 12 minutes, 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP112 - I'm in debt. HELP!!!

I was recently talking with a self-proclaimed personal finance coach, about being interviewed on his podcast. He wanted my input on how people who are in debt can deal with it. The interview didnt happen, because he thought my methods were unusual and wouldnt work for his audience. But it got me thinking who is this audience, and why the hell are they in debt in the first place. Then I realized it is 99% of the people in the USA, and it is no wonder they are in that position.
10/24/20211 hour, 12 minutes, 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP111 - Communism by Proxy

I've been realizing just how statistics dont tell a complete story of the decline of civil liberties, individual freedoms and life quality. For most people who have some memory of the cold war, or are students of 20th century history, it is well accepted that giving up all power and control to the state, in return to get your physical needs met, is a deal with the devil that has continually failed. Yet we seem to have done this without even realizing it. I call this Communism by proxy. Let this episode be a warning about our current world and society.
10/17/202145 minutes, 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP110 - Personal morality & the shackles of a job

At some point in all of our lives, we are faced with challenges of being asked to do something we dont agree with. Organizations are notorious to be populated with individuals of differing levels of ethics & morality, and yet the challenge to protest against doing something you believe to be morally wrong is a deeply personal thing. In this episode we will explore how you can mitigate against the risk of having your personal morality challenged with work.
10/10/202136 minutes, 36 seconds
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EP109 - Run away from early retirement

It is somewhat amusing to read through the countless posts on various forums on Facebook on the early retirement movement. I use the term Movement intentionally because this has become more of a cult that follows a fictional future event. That is not to say that the intentions are bad it is that often the endpoint is flawed.
10/3/202152 minutes, 9 seconds
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EP108 - Run away from early retirement

Having spent a career as a software engineer, I encountered a world of problems in hundreds of different industries. I knew nothing about the industries at all, but what I did know was that a method to gather their needs, analyze them, design something to solve their needs and build to that design worked. We call that a methodology. When I looked outside of the engineering space, I found a few implementations of methodologies in particular, business methodologies used in large organizations. I guess I naturally use methodologies without thinking, but it provides a way to codify something repeatable. In this episode Im going to offer you a methodology that I use, that has helped me become and continue to be unconstrained.
9/26/202152 minutes, 9 seconds
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EP107 - Is Australia becoming a totalitarian state?

In this episode, Im going to address a question I have received numerous times in the past week Is Australia a totalitarian state? It is one of those episodes that I would have preferred not to record, but it is... well... complicated. I hope that people take this information for what it is - Im sure Ill upset some people, and maybe Ill help educate others. But Ill let you be the judge.
9/19/20211 hour, 11 minutes, 57 seconds
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EP106 - How Ernie fought cancer and won in Mexico

What if you decided to take the plunge, quit your job, be unconstrained, buy property in a far away land, and in the process of doing this, you get diagnosed with cancer? Well on todays show Im talking to my friend Ernie Baca, a US expat who lives in San Miguel de Allende, in which exactly this happened. Ernie will tell us how the US medical system failed him, how he took on the battle with cancer in Mexico, and how he won that battle. This is a detailed accounting of the whole ordeal, it will get emotional at times but it is a testimonial to a guy who is a real hero and shows that taking back control of your life is your best path to truly being unconstrained.
9/12/20212 hours, 56 seconds
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EP105 - Your right to healthcare

In this episode, I continue the ''Unconstrained Bill of Rights'' series to healthcare. Why those that don't have it, are seriously constrained and those that think they have coverage, may be right in line for the worst wake up call of their lives.
9/5/202147 minutes, 15 seconds
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EP104 - How insurance can screw up your life

We have all been told and encouraged to buy insurance. Insurance for health, your assets like housing, real estate, your car, etc. In many cases, insurance is mandated. If bad things happen, you better have insurance. But it has created a society of irresponsible and ill-prepared citizens who dont have any idea about personal responsibility and are ill equipped to manage their lives. In this episode Im going to deep dive the concept of insurance and the promises & lies we are told about it.
8/29/202144 minutes, 15 seconds
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EP103 - How we got Mexican residency VISAs for less than $1,000

My wife & I completed the long process of obtaining permanent residency VISAs in Mexico last week, so I decided (after receiving a large number of requests on the details) to cover the entire process for anyone that may wish to do the same.NOTE: Most of the information out there on other podcasts or YouTube channels is either wrong, incomplete and doesn't take into consideration the details of the work required INSIDE your home country (ie. USA) before you come to Mexico. This episode is a complete process from start to finish, so I'm hoping it can be used as a reference material for the future.MX attorney: Magdelana Rios Phone: +52-415-153-3497
8/22/20211 hour, 3 minutes, 47 seconds
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EP102 - Your Right to travel

For those that have never left their home land, they might have a hard time understanding the importance of the right to travel. But for those that are living under some totalitarian regime, have family in a place you cannot visit, or just feel that the walls are closing in on them and need to get out, this right is mission critical.
8/15/202146 minutes, 7 seconds
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EP101 - The right to financial freedom

We kick off a series called ''The Unconstrained Bill of Rights'' in which I introduce a set of guidelines that those seeking to be unconstrained should follow. In this first installment, we talk about your right to financial freedom, but more so what that actually means - it may not be what you think it is.
8/7/202146 minutes, 41 seconds
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EP100 - The state of the union of the unconstrained

Holy cow! 100 episodes already. That went by fast. But although this might be a milestone in our show, I'm not celebrating yet. Because there is so much to do. But in this episode, we'll cover how the show came about, what has happened since episode 1, the ongoing challenges we all face and how we must win this fight for our future.
8/1/202151 minutes, 43 seconds
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EP099 - Safely leaving the workforce

First, let me say this. I hate the word retirement. I think our social mantra of working for 40 years has turned the act of choosing not to be employed to be misunderstood, and the term retirement has become the end game for those enslaved in employment. I dont see it that way, but I have to use a term that people seem to understand. Regardless of your age, the choice to leave the 9-5 world and become your own person again can be scary and threatening, so in this episode I want to explore the process of leaving the workforce safely.
7/25/202155 minutes, 39 seconds
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EP098 - Finding your purpose

I honestly believe that to be unconstrained requires you to succeed in three things - finance, health and purpose. Yet the hardest of these three things is to find purpose in your life. I cant tell you the answer to finding your purpose it is a deeply personal journey we must all face, but I can tell you the real costs of not finding it in this episode.
7/18/202152 minutes, 38 seconds
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EP097 - Let's talk money w/ Mike from

In this episode I am joined by my friend Mike from over at as we discuss how we both came to our conclusions about money, the economy, why things are the way they are and what can be done about it. Enjoy!
7/11/202156 minutes, 26 seconds
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EP096 - The true power of frugality

We have a lot of arguments in todays society. Arguments over politics, ideology, methodology, etc. But the one thing you cant argue is math. And when math tells you the truth of how to live a rich & unconstrained life, you cant ignore it. Better to understand and embrace it. In this episode I will tell you a very simple formula that will increase your power and reduce your stress by doing what the rich know stop spending money you dont have.
7/4/202149 minutes, 27 seconds
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EP095 - All things in balance

For many years, Ive been seeking out the right balance of financial investments that support an unconstrained lifestyle. Something that keeps things in order, and doesnt become a burden to those seeking to achieve or maintain financial sustainability. I think I have it. I want to share what Im doing with you.
6/27/202146 minutes, 41 seconds
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EP094 - The frog and the pot of boiling water

In this special podcast episode, Im recording this from the rooftop of a condo in the beautiful town of San Miguel de Allende, in the heart of Mexico. I came here to explore life outside of the United States, and why so many expats come here, what they find and whether this is a solution to the growing problems in the western world. Today I want to discuss whether staying in the USA is sustainable in the long term and whether coming to a place like this might be worth your consideration.
6/20/202139 minutes, 43 seconds
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EP093 - Be your own bank

In this episode, I sit down with my accountant, Scott Rulon, and we discuss the viability of what is called ''Infinite Banking Concept'' (IBC) and whether it is a solution to regaining control of your money by allowing you to be your own bank.
6/13/202157 minutes, 16 seconds
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EP092 - Your right to privacy

There are so many resources available that explain techniques you can adopt that respect your privacy, however few put in context why this is a mandatory requirement of the unconstrained, and why you MUST begin to change your habits and take back your right to privacy. In this episode we will explore privacy as a factor of being unconstrained and financially free.
6/6/20211 hour, 30 minutes, 8 seconds
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EP091 - Give yourself permission to be unconstrained

Recently I've been seeing the direct contrast of how we live our lives to be unconstrained and our friends who dont. In this episode I want to explore mindset. It is one thing to WANT to be unconstrained, but an entirely different thing to give yourself PERMISSION to do it. And that seems to be the #1 obstacle that most of my friends have.
5/30/20211 hour, 7 minutes, 51 seconds
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EP090 - You don't own things - things own you

The fallacy of The one with the most toys, wins is one of the worst betrayals to be executed on the human being. We are constantly challenged by social mantra to spend more, support the economy, buy that boat or that ATV, get a better car, etc. Yet we all know that this only leads to depression, hurt and a loss of hope. In this episode I want to explore the psychology of consumption and how the small actions of saying No are the secret of having much, much more in life.
5/23/20211 hour, 38 minutes, 52 seconds
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EP089 - Parallel Societies with Paul Rosenberg

In this episode I talk with writer, philosopher & cryptographer Paul Rosenberg about the current state of the western world, history of the fall of empires and how a common theme in most was the existence of parallel societies that often thrived as a result of the collapse of the empire in which they lived. Let's see if we can draw some parallels and advantages to our lives by looking to the recent past.
5/16/20211 hour, 11 minutes, 29 seconds
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EP088 - Straddle the line - Escaping our dystopian system

Theres a fine line between wholesale embracement of a failing system, and the extreme decision to escape it. Much like mainstream thinking vs. conspiracy, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. In this (and the next few episodes) Im going to talk about trying to find balance between two systems the current Western banker backed economic system, and what could become a new and somewhat better system for us all.
5/9/202155 minutes, 53 seconds
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EP087 - Fight back against debt

In a world of bankers who wish to enslave you from the ripe old age of 18 until the day you die, theres a time when we have to say enough is enough. On this episode I sit down with Garrett Charity, attorney at McCarthy Lawyers and we learn the inside baseball of debt negotiation and elimination, and talk about how his firm reduces or even eliminates student loan and credit card debt for their clients.
5/2/202142 minutes, 19 seconds
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EP086 - The difficult discussion about Life Expectancy

At whatever stage one is at in ones life, knowing that we all have an expiration date is a constant consideration in all things that we do. Yet few of us actually see the forest for the trees in our lives, and our planning is often done reluctantly rather than strategically. In this episode Im going to attempt lay out the facts of life expectancy and how the current planning of the financial services industry & government policy needs a serious amount of rework.
4/25/202151 minutes, 25 seconds
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EP085 - Don't be rich

We live in a time where out of control government spending and tax policy reminds me of growing up in business in the 1980s in Australia when taxes were mega high, interest rates over 20% for a home mortgage and we learned to build a quality life while being poor. Today is much the same, yet we are not seeing things for what they are and we all fall victim to that mistake. In this episode I will explain the social & financial climate we live in, the massive risks and how you can get out of the blast zone of high inflation, high taxation and be unconstrained.
4/18/202157 minutes, 54 seconds
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EP084 - Expense Compartmentalization

A technique I have used for years that has helped me become unconstrained is to compartmentalize my expenses. In this episode I will explain what this means, how to use it to your advantage and the organic ripple effect it has to becoming financially sustainable and unconstrained.
4/11/20211 hour, 3 minutes, 8 seconds
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EP083 - Handling transitions

We all go through transitions during our lives. Whether it is going to college for the first time (either as a student or as the parents of the student), moving out of the house into our first place, moving due to a job, a job loss, marriage, divorce, economic hardship or economic wins, leaving employment, self-employment, retirement, financially free. It is all about transitions. In this episode I want to talk about how to cope through transitions and what often are the side effects and underlying issues at stake.
4/4/202149 minutes, 19 seconds
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EP082 - My biggest failure

Recently I was being interviewed on another podcast where the question came up, ''Myles, what do you think was your biggest failure?''. After contemplation, I've come up with the true answer, what it was, how to fix it, what I did and how to avoid it in the future.
3/28/202149 minutes, 3 seconds
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EP081 - The Simple Life with Gary Collins

Gary Collins from joins me on this episode as we talk about how we can all live a better and more simple life by following his principles of the ''3 legged stool'' of success. Gary's story is amazing and I hope you enjoy his wisdom on this episode.
3/21/20211 hour, 7 minutes, 24 seconds
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EP080 - You can't afford to have a job

When Forbes magazine state that 78% of United States workers are living Pay check to pay check, it should be a wake up call to all of us. What we are doing with our lives and our finances isnt working. Yet the vast majority blindly go back to the regular 9-5, celebrating that they have employment. On todays show Im going to show you just how much money you are probably losing having a job, and maybe it should be a time to rethink what we consider a normal path to success in the 21st century.
3/14/202159 minutes, 7 seconds
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EP078 - Trapped in the system

After spending a career building computer systems in software for organizations all over the globe, and being one of the very early career Systems Analysts, I know a thing or two about systems. But what the world has turned into today is a far cry from the mission of the systems I built back in the early days. In this episode I want to explore when systems, automation, AI, robotics, etc. goes horribly wrong, and how it can hurt rather than helps humanity and what you can do to be unconstrained by them.
3/7/202159 minutes, 5 seconds
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EP078 - No more middle class for you

Words matter. I hear that a lot. But few people realize that removing words from our conversations matter as well. And one term that I think has run its course is middle class. In this episode I want to explore what the middle class is, its hey day, its demise and why it is an impediment to anyone looking to live an unconstrained lifestyle. But also what you should be focusing on to thrive in the future.
2/28/202145 minutes, 20 seconds
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EP077 - Financially free at 27 yrs old - Rachel Richards

This is an inspirational episode. I recently had the opportunity to sit down and interview Rachel Richards. At the age of 27, she became financially free after leaving a short lived career in the financial services industry. Her methodology focuses on cashflow generation and smart income, rather than saving millions and investing. She would have told her clients in the financial advisory industry she was in this, but she was not allowed to. So she left, did it herself and now is a best selling author on her story.If you ever thought you were too young or too old to find financial freedom, Rachel's story will prove you wrong.
2/21/202154 minutes, 39 seconds
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EP076 - Should I buy Bitcoin today?

This week no less than 5 people have called me and asked this question... ''Myles, should I buy Bitcoin?''. Well as someone who bought BTC back in 2011 and held it, it has been very good to me. In this episode I'm going to unravel (for the newbies), what Bitcoin and crypto-currency is, why it is important, but also whether I would buy it today.
2/14/20211 hour, 8 minutes, 40 seconds
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EP075 - Nomadland - A testimonial for Financial Sustainability

In 2020, I started to hear rumors of an upcoming movie about those that choose to live in Vans & RVs in America. I thought it was some documentary. Well I recently had the opportunity to watch Nomadland - the very same movie, after finding out that it had won or been nominated for so many awards, and in this episode Im going to give you both my review, but also how important seeing this movie is, if you want to do all you can to protect your future and your freedom.
2/7/202158 minutes, 42 seconds
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EP074 - So you are thinking of starting a business

In 2020, we saw an unprecedented number of small businesses closing down due to COVID19. As a contrarian, I have to admit that this is an opportunity for those willing to fill that void. And as more of us have had to work from home, shelter in place, etc., more of us have had more time to think freely and with that we probably came up with some brilliant idea that will change the world. So if you are brave enough to want to go once more unto the breach and start a business, Im going to give you my advice having done that a few times in my life.
1/31/20211 hour, 3 minutes, 34 seconds
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EP072 - Legal info for Internationalization with Stewart Patton

Today on the show Im joined by Stewart Patton, attorney at law and the guy behind Stewart is an expert in the world of internationalization, specifically taxation & compliance for US persons. He gave us an hour of his time to do a deep dive on the advantages and obligations that comes with having an international life, from work, residencies, and how (if you do it right), you can minimize your taxes and have all the nomadic experiences all over the world.
1/17/20211 hour, 7 minutes, 16 seconds
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EP071 - Choosing the right path for your freedom

This episode is a great summation as to why you probably lack hope for the future. But rather than dwelling on the negative, Im going to lay out the Why and What you can do to change it. This is an important episode to reset our thinking about our freedom & money in the western world.
1/10/20211 hour, 33 minutes, 27 seconds
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EP070 - Leaving the dark for the light

About this time of year, you are going to hear a lot of New Years Resolutions and many waxing philosophically about the coming year. In this episode, Im going to discuss the various common New Years Resolutions out there, and why they are all going to fail you. But Ill also tell you what you can actually do to succeed in your future as well.
1/3/202154 minutes, 3 seconds
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The 2020 Debrief Episode

I prefer not to do these ''Year in Review'' episodes, but 2020 was a unique chance to test the philosophy of Financial Sustainability against a pandemic. I mean it has been 100 years since the last pandemic, so by putting this together I hope it codifies why Financial Sustainability is probably the most valuable thing that anyone could use to get through a SHTF year such as 2020.
12/27/20201 hour, 43 minutes, 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP069 - The quest to be RICH

The definition of rich differs from one person to the next, but I think that whatever your definition, we can all agree that the quest to obtain wealth is worthy. Anyone who tells you anything to the contrary isnt doing you a service. In this episode I want to explore the concept of rich and break down some false assumptions that people have to help you break free of the shackles of western society and find your path to freedom.
12/20/202050 minutes, 8 seconds
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EP068 - Why I'm bullish on (and love) Mexico

The first time I ever went to Mexico was in 2007. A friend of mine from India suggested it. It was probably some of the best advice I ever received. Since then I have spent a considerable amount of my time in Mexico, and have seen it evolve over that almost 14 year period. But today geopolitics and world affairs now has it poised for exponential growth, and in this episode I will explain how you can take part in it, if you choose to.
12/13/20201 hour, 16 minutes, 45 seconds
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EP067 - The broken college system with Eric Stoddard

It is rare to have a conversation with someone who is uniquely positioned to be an adjunct professor in a university and also a business leader in the private sector - someone who can describe the path that students actually find when coming out of college and looking for a career. Eric Stoddard, one of our Patreon community members, joins me to deep dive the misinformation about tertiary education, career guidance and planning and how what we are doing just isn't working for both the student and also the employers.
12/6/20201 hour, 32 minutes, 46 seconds
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EP066 - The Chapwood Index

If you believe that you are being lied to by the government, Federal Reserve, etc. and that the real cost of living increases you are seeing everyday at the supermarket, your rent, your health insurance premiums, etc. is going WAY up faster than the supposed target inflation rate, then you will want to hear this episode. We unveil the truth as to how you could be losing half of your entire wealth to the devaluation of the $USD in 5-10 years and if that doesn't force you to rethink your retire early strategies, I don't know what will.
11/29/202054 minutes, 57 seconds
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EP065 - Fear is the mind killer

This is an important episode. I lay out the ground work for how anyone can set or change their trajectory towards success, by detaching from the herd and facing their own obstacles - their own fear. I get into the weeds of how fear rules our lives and not to our benefit, and how those that have overcome fear are more likely able to get through any adversary than those living in the groupthink of the masses. You need to hear this episode - start to finish, and I would encourage you to share it around to your kids, friends, family members and work mates.
11/22/20201 hour, 2 minutes, 38 seconds
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EP064 - A false sense of security

In this episode, we talk about the Federal Reserve in the USA, the government and how the system is truly rigged against you. I cover the systemic risk of banking collapse and how a short, sharp, shock event would be a far better outcome than the current long, slow decay of your future and buying power. But as in all things, there is light at the end of the tunnel.....
11/15/20201 hour, 22 minutes, 45 seconds
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EP063 - Interview with George Gammon

I recorded this interview back in August with George Gammon, when he was in Puerto Rico, and I really enjoyed it. You will have the chance to get to know the man who is a legend on YouTube for his Financial Education videos, and his Rebel Capitalist podcast. George is a true free market capitalist and explains just how he made it, what it took and what he does these days.
11/8/20201 hour, 11 minutes, 56 seconds
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EP062 - What exactly is an asset?

This question came up recently in a chat I was having with one of our Patreon supporters. It spoke loudly on the importance of understanding exactly what an Asset is, and how you should consider balancing your portfolio of true Assets and not fictional assets as you might have been told in the past.
11/1/20201 hour, 14 minutes, 1 second
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EP061 - Linux & Open Source are your friends

We rely on technology more and more, and yet it is one of those most expensive and shortest lifetime investments we can make. In this episode, Im going to explain how you can save mega-bucks by changing how you think about technology, and specifically how you can use the Linux operating system and open source software to get advantages most never see. And I promise I wont get technical and geeky either.
10/25/20201 hour, 24 minutes, 8 seconds
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EP060 - Entropy

The enemy to owning and deploying assets to generate rent or dividend yield is the eventual destruction of the asset itself. Per the second law of thermodynamics (Entropy) eventually everything turns to dust. Having a solid strategy for handling long term asset management is critical to Smart Income. In this episode, Myles gives you all the details on how to think about entropy in regards to your assets.
10/18/20201 hour, 26 minutes, 30 seconds
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EP059 - The 4 Quarters of Life with Lynette Zang

There are many thought leaders in the world that I respect, but rarely do we get the chance to sit down with them and seek their wisdom on topics that they rarely talk about. Well in today's show, we break that norm as I sit down with Lynette Zang, Chief Market Analyst at ITM Trading, and we talk a little about money, but a lot about life and her wisdom for living a rich one.
10/11/202054 minutes, 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP058 - DeFi - The incredible new tool for Financial Sustainability

If you haven't heard of DeFi yet, you will. This is the next leap forward in Fintech and extends on the brilliance of Bitcoin & Crypto currency. Whereas Bitcoin reinvented the concept of money back in 2009, DeFi reinvents the concept of Financial Services.In this episode I will show you how to generate Smart income using DeFi, giving you the double whammy of capital appreciation and cashflow dividends using crypto currency investing.
10/4/202059 minutes, 31 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP057 - Trump's Tax Returns

I'm releasing this out of sequence - this is a quick episode I put together after fuming over the recent New York Times release of Trump's tax returns. But this is more about out of control government spending, Federal Reserve money printing to infinity, and how all of this together represents ''taxes''. I'll give you my actual position in regards to Trump - it isn't positive, BTW. But I'll also give you my position in regards to government policies on unbridled spending and why you are being kept constrained because of it.
9/28/202048 minutes, 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP057 - Joshua Sheats Interview

In this episode, I sit down with my friend Joshua Sheats of the Radical Personal Finance podcast, and we talk about life, the universe & everything. I pose the question, ''If you received $1 million dollars, what would you do with it?''. You might be surprised by his answer.
9/27/20201 hour, 19 minutes, 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP056 - Secrets to succeeding in rental real estate

Myles gives you a ton of information in this episode from his 20+ years of experience in successful landlording. Rental real estate is a key part of any smart income portfolio and it is hard to be financially sustainable without it. Know the tricks of the professionals which are laid out here for you to digest. Whether you are a landlord, thinking of becoming one, or just wanting to know what life looks like as a landlord, this show is for you.
9/20/20201 hour, 14 minutes, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP055 - The forest and the trees

In this episode I get down into the weeds of why people can't find peace in the western world, what it takes to break free of the hypnosis and find your inner success. I will tell you exactly what the problem is, and it prepares us to embark on a future journey of discovery of where the opportunities lay and how we can uncover them.
9/13/20201 hour, 5 minutes, 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP054 - The power of youth & naivety

This is one of those ''if I could talk to my 20 year old self'' episodes, but this cuts to the very core of how NOT to end up constrained, burdened and without your freedoms. I would encourage anyone who is in their 20s or parents that have kids in their teenage years or 20s to take a listen. It isn't a hard listen - I'm not going to lecture anyone. I'm just going to explain to you how it is - how the world will be for you, and what you can do early on to protect yourself from your potential future.
9/6/202054 minutes, 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP053 - Bitclub Network - When a deal is too good to be true

In this week's episode, I'm going to talk about the Bitclub Network. This was one of the many scams that hit the Bitcoin community back in around 2015 and how it took what I believe to be a very good business model, a cooperation based system and ability to pool resources to mine and help keep the Bitcoin protocol safe, and turned that into a MLM scam, and now three of the four founders are in jail in New Jersey, and the fourth one was scooped up on an Interpol warrant in Indonesia.
8/30/20201 hour, 3 minutes, 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP052 - The college experience

In this episode, I acknowledge that when I explain my position regarding kids going to college, 4 out of 5 people immediately disagree. I then explain that once I have given the full argument for my position, the number drops to 1 or 2 out of 5. Therefore I think the problem might be the messaging, so in this episode I go into detail about what I think students (and parents) should consider before making the assumption that their kid has to go to college, and all the peripheral issues associated.
8/23/202050 minutes, 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP051 - Introducing "This week in freedom"

In this episode we are introducing our new sister podcast, ''This week in Freedom''. This will only be available to our Patreon supporters, but here's a free episode to give you a taste of the quality and timeliness of this information.
8/16/20201 hour, 34 minutes, 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP050 - How a minimum wage worker can make a $1 million and be financially sustainable

Yes, it is true. You don't have to earn some six figure salary to generate wealth and become financially sustainable. In our 50th episode, I will show you how it is done. I did it, and when I did it the interest rates were nowhere near as low as they are now. So what's your excuse?
8/9/20201 hour, 28 minutes, 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP049 - How to lose half of your entire net worth in 10 years

In this episode we talk about inflation and how those that are not keeping an eye on the looming threat could become a victim to it. Inflation is a cancer that erodes wealth in its path and the government numbers that are used to calculate base interest rates are just plain wrong. We will look at alternative inflation calculations that are more consistent with your normal experiences of shopping for groceries, fuel, health insurance, etc. and why you need to factor in these numbers in your projection calculations.
8/2/202057 minutes, 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP048 - Get out of dodge -6- Jonathan Lockwood

This is the final episode in this mini-series ''Get out of Dodge''. In this episode, I sit down with my friend Jonathan Lockwood and we talk about his journey out of the USA and into San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Jonathan's journey involves leaving his religion and the turmoil that came with that, effectively driving him out of his home country in search of finding his truth.
7/26/202048 minutes, 57 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP047 - Get out of dodge -5- Andrew Henderson

The legendary Nomad Capitalist, Andrew Henderson, joins Myles on this episode to talk about going where you are treated best. Andrew tells his story, and why he decided to expatriate from the USA, along with renouncing his US Citizenship, what that was like, how it worked out and if he has any regrets. We discuss how you can move either your physical self overseas, or your financial wealth, or both. The choice is yours but having an expert to discuss strategies is an incredible opportunity, so sit down, lean in and start to learn with Andrew Henderson.
7/19/202056 minutes, 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP046 - Get out of Dodge -4- James Guzman

We continue our journey down the path of expatriation, finding opportunities outside of your native land and looking at those who have done it. In this episode, Myles talks with his friend James Guzman from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico on his journey, why he chose to leave the USA in search of his future outside and what he discovered almost 10 years later. Enjoy!
7/12/202054 minutes, 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP045 - Get out of dodge -3- Travis Luther

Author Travis Luther has just released a new book ''The Fun side of the Wall'' and it is all about those that wish to retire in Mexico. In this episode, I do a deep dive with Travis as we talk about the reasons that people do this, what they go in search for, what they find and whether they stay. Enjoy!
7/5/202046 minutes, 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP044 - Get out of dodge -2- Mikkel Thorup

This is my first ''fireside chat'' with Mikkel Thorup on the subject of internationalization, expatriation, living a free life and escaping the clutches of western society. Mikkel is the best selling author of ''Expat Secrets'' available on Amazon, the host of the popular ''Expat Money Show'' and the guy behind the recent Offshore Escape summit.In this episode we sit down and talk about Mikkel's amazing story, how he has traveled to over 100 countries and spent the past 20 years living and traveling the world, thriving and raising his family along the way.
6/28/20201 hour, 1 minute, 17 seconds
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EP043 - Get out of dodge - Part 1

I am introducing a series of five (5) interviews on how to prepare your life and your finances for internationalization. Being able to have a ''bug out'' strategy should the USA go through a possible financial collapse, social uprising, civil war or other potential catastrophic situation is critical in 2020. We will be describing how other countries have been down this road before, and introduce our upcoming interviews with thought leaders in this space.
6/21/202057 minutes, 36 seconds
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EP042 - Debt is not a currency

The one rule that I think everyone agrees to - whether you are Suzie Orman or a FIRE advocate, is that you CANNOT retire with any debt. When we use the term debt we are referring to personal debt - Im not talking about holding debt for income producing assets like real estate. But with this generally accepted rule, why is it that everyone is being hypnotized to think of debt as a currency?
6/14/20201 hour, 23 minutes, 8 seconds
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EP041 - Why we work

I've questioned this for all of my working life. What drives us to work? What is the real reason why we do what we do? And in this episode not only do I explore why, but I also explain the dangers of not working, how retirees run the risk of psychological issues, depression regardless of when they retire and what must be understood in order to successfully transition from wage slave to financially independent and survive mentally.
6/7/202051 minutes, 9 seconds
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EP040A - Riots & Emergency Edition

This is an out of cycle podcast recorded June 1st 2020. In this episode I cover the recent riots, martial law, lock downs and all things that threaten your freedom and being unconstrained.
6/1/20201 hour
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EP040 - Going to Mexico for surgery

Last year, I had a total shoulder replacement surgery done in Guadalajara, Mexico. It was a major success. I was quoted $125,000 for the surgery in the USA, and got it done for a total cost of $9,000 in Mexico.On this episode, I am interviewed on the Evan Brand podcast on the whole experience. Evan is a medical practitioner and wanted to know about the whole experience. Enjoy.
5/31/202058 minutes, 12 seconds
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EP039 - I lost my job... Should I retire now?

Since many companies have decided to either close entirely or cut back as a result of the pandemic, those that have been on the path to FIRE are looking at whether they should exit work now, often earlier than planned, since the economic outlook is bleak.I'm going to give you my take on this and my suggestions. We'll do a deep dive on the economy and what the real decisions have to be in this episode.
5/24/20201 hour, 2 minutes, 41 seconds
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EP038 - The Frugal Millionaire, Part 5 - Healthcare

In this final episode in the Frugal Millionaire mini-series we cover how to be healthy and extend your life without destroying your finances.
5/17/20201 hour, 2 minutes, 52 seconds
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EP037 - The Frugal Millionaire, Part 4 - Technology

In this episode Myles covers how to save a ton of money with technology, but more importantly how to avoid being shackled by it. We discuss costs, obsolescence and most important, your privacy & freedom.
5/10/20201 hour, 15 minutes, 11 seconds
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EP036 - The Frugal Millionaire - Part 3 - Cars

Cars are the most expensive technological purchase that most of us will make. Yet saving money with them seems to be something we fail at more than succeed. In this episode we will revisit general best practices at frugal car ownership and you might be surprised at the recommendations.
5/3/20201 hour, 19 minutes, 53 seconds
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EP035 - The Frugal Millionaire Part 2 - The Home

We continue on with the theme of frugality. In this episode, I dig into home costs and how I have reduced them way down. These techniques may seem atypical for many, but the results are outstanding.
4/26/20201 hour, 25 minutes, 2 seconds
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EP033 - The Frugal Millionaire Part 1

This is the first in a small series I've been wanting to do on the podcast for a while. I thought it was timely since people are living in a world where they are losing their jobs, reduced income, small business closures, etc. and the natural path is to find ways to get by with less. This typically means cutting expenses. However the reality for the unconstrained is that frugality is just a way of life, so they are the best prepared for the ups and downs of the economy.
4/19/20201 hour, 18 minutes, 14 seconds
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EP033 - Strategy and The End Game

In this episode I revisit why the quest to be unconstrained matters more during times of instability and crisis, and how mental clarity is the only hope of keeping you on the right path towards your freedom. Although we are in very interesting times, this is when those that can see what is going on with clarity are able to find the opportunities before others.
4/12/202052 minutes, 4 seconds
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EP032 - Landlording in times of crisis

One major part of my Smart Income stream is rental real estate. Although it is not all of our income, it represents at least 50% of it, so when all of my tenants were forced to Shelter in Place and a large percentage lost their jobs, it brought back memories of 2008. Let me explain the strategies that we are doing so that it might help you determine yours.
4/5/202057 minutes, 40 seconds
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EP031 - The Five Stages of Grief

Those with clarity of mind will see opportunities when all others see disaster. So how do you find mental peace and get that clarity? Simple. Get through the grief process faster than everyone else.
3/29/20201 hour, 2 minutes, 9 seconds
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EP030 - Financial Sustainability in times of crisis

As we navigate through these uncertain times, we take the opportunity to test the methods of Financial Sustainability against crisis and show it to be the best strategy to secure your future and your wealth going forward.
3/22/20201 hour, 18 minutes, 7 seconds
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EP029 - The Covid19 Show

This is a impromptu show that i recorded to get timely information out as people are grappling with the effects of a pandemic and the facts that the mainstream media probably are not telling you.
3/20/202042 minutes, 9 seconds
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EP028 - Talking strategy with Lynette Zang

On today's show I am joined by the legendary economic analyst Lynette Zang on the big picture of why things are how they are, where they are going and what is likely to be the best investment and security option for the future.
3/15/20201 hour, 4 minutes, 39 seconds
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EP027 - Decentralize all the things

Decentralization is the key to survival both from a human population perspective, but also and probably more importantly from a financial perspective. In this episode we talk about why decentralization is critical, we celebrate crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin and how decentralization survives the greatest human challenges.
3/8/202055 minutes, 52 seconds
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EP026 - Interview with Will

On this weeks episode, I speak with Will - a journeyman on the mission to financial sustainability. Will is far further ahead on this journey than most, having already begun his acquisition of rental properties and already proven the power of smart income when faced with work interruptions. However like all journeys, he needs to optimization and improvement so we deep dive with him on how he can meet his goals and objectives faster.
3/1/20201 hour, 14 minutes, 13 seconds
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EP025 - The recession is coming

Ive heard for many years about the end of the boom times. This is nothing more than natural cycles in the universe coming into balance. So yeh, I agree. But when you artificially inflate a stock market to record highs for so long, the fall is coming from much higher points and you can imagine how that will feel for those falling off that cliff. Best you be prepared for this, so well go into details on what you can do now to avoid destruction now and find opportunities.
2/23/20201 hour, 5 minutes, 34 seconds
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EP024 - Interview with Brian

Brian has an interesting story. He works in the financial services industry, has a regular 9-5 job, has a great family, etc. The perfect representation of Americana and middle class success. But he lacks hope and wants to be unconstrained. Are you Brian too? Take a listen and find out.
2/16/20201 hour, 8 minutes, 24 seconds
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EP023 - Why Gold matters

In this episode, Im going to take you on a little journey with me as you watch how a contrarian sees the future, and acts in order to position for what could be the best ride of the 21st century so far. Strap in and enjoy the ride.
2/9/202038 minutes, 16 seconds
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EP022 - Interview with Alex

This is the first recorded listener interview in which Myles sits down with listener Alex and talks about his journey and challenges to be unconstrained. We hope you enjoy hearing his tale and how he has committed to the unconstrained journey.
2/1/20201 hour, 7 minutes, 29 seconds
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EP021 - The pursuit of "Why"

I speak to a lot of people who are trying to attain financial independence and the reasoning goes something like this - I dont like my job, so I want to make a lot of money, save it and quit.. I also speak to those that have done that, and they are not necessarily happy either. Lets put this all into perspective, and talk about Why we do this.
1/26/202042 minutes, 18 seconds
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EP020 - What I learned from my 20s

I was recently asked by a listener who is in his 20s, what my life looked like back then, and what did I do in my career, and what I learned from it. Let me venture down my memory lane, tell you what I learned and you might get to know me a bit better by the end of this episode. Strange thing is that I think I know myself better from recording this now.
1/19/202041 minutes, 13 seconds
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EP019 - Is your opportunity a smart income opportunity?

It has taken me decades of mistakes to come to the realization of all the time wasting business endeavors that Ive pursued and how stupid they were. Not because they didnt make money, but because they became an albatross around my neck due to misunderstanding the entire point of Smart Income. In this episode Im going to tell you the secrets, so you can avoid my mistakes and fast track yourself to financial freedom.
1/12/202040 minutes, 49 seconds
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EP018 - The Retirement Myth

We've been programmed into thinking about saving for retirement like it is a ceremonial event throughout our working lives, and that if we dont do this we are doomed to live on the street, in a cardboard box, or die early. Im going to dispel some of these myths and explain some alternative thinking you might want to entertain in this episode.
1/5/202036 minutes, 58 seconds
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EP017 - Responsibility

When I speak with people that are working a 9-5 job, investing in their 401K, etc. they ask me why they are not getting ahead. It is hard to tell them this, but Ill tell you - it is because they are not taking any responsibility for their lives and deferred it to a third party. The unconstrained know the buck stops on their desks so lets have a chat about responsibility.
12/15/201931 minutes, 47 seconds
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EP016 - Risk Management

There is no progress without risk. Investment returns are tied to risk. You get up in the morning and live your life - thats a risk. There are risks everywhere. The key is knowing your tolerance for risk, how to manage and live with them, and seek out enormous returns with proper risk management.
12/8/201947 minutes, 48 seconds
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EP015 - The fallacies of FIRE and The Stock Market

The traditional thinking of Financial Independence is to amass a large amount of cash by savings, then invest it at interest rates that return more than a draw rate, and eventually you can retire. In this episode we are going to burst that bubble by focusing on the falacies of this approach and how Financial Sustainability offers a contrarian position that you might want to entertain.
12/1/201934 minutes, 1 second
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EP014 - College... Red Pill or Blue Pill

This episode shines a light on the choice of going to college. Parents and students are trying to make the right decisions for this important choice. I am going to give you some ideas you may not be yet considering... The Red Pill approach.
11/25/201930 minutes, 20 seconds
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EP013 - The Real Estate Show

I am 100% financially sustainable because of my rental real estate investments. But it didnt start out that easily, so Im going to share what worked and what didnt work in my real estate portfolio and how, once you discover what works for you, you can scale it to the moon and live 100% financially independent and sustainable.
11/17/201950 minutes, 47 seconds
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EP012 - The future of labor

History teaches us that the path to immense wealth involves punting on the future. Today Im going to focus on what I see as innevitable changes coming to the world in the next five or ten year horizon, how this impacts those pursing financial independence and early retirement and how that may underscore the importance of being unconstrained.
11/10/20191 hour, 9 minutes, 7 seconds
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EP011 - The Unconstrained Mindset

After a recent discussion with someone on Twitter, I tried to explain how simple it is to achieve financial sustainability. All I received back after offering this information were excuses... But I cant do that? or How can I get enough money to make a downpayment on a rental property?. It seemed that every answer to how to live unconstrained was rebutted with a perception on why that person couldnt do it. I was confused. I didnt understand how to every solution offered, the recipient countered with some reason why they couldnt do it. Then I realized why... They dont have the mindset for this yet.
11/2/201946 minutes, 3 seconds
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EP010 - Constrained by China

I've seen with my own eyes how Australia sold itself out to China and may as well now be a province of Beijing. But this happens at the ground floor with individual decisions so lets expose some of the danger here and what you can do to avoid becoming constrained by yet another rising empire regardless of where you live on this planet.
10/28/201933 minutes, 53 seconds
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EP009 - What is Money?

Spoiler Alert: I dont know the answer to this question. But in my quest to understand it, and the art of using it to acquire what we need, Ive discovered many stories and hacks along the way. In this episode Im going to tell a few of them, including an overview of my adventures with Bitcoin.
10/22/201933 minutes, 37 seconds
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EP008 - Internationalization and Travel

What is the #1 thing that new retirees do? Travel. By reclaiming their right to their time, travel becomes the best use of it. But if you consider yourself to be a free spirit and a citizen of the planet, you will already know that travel comes with huge benefits and many are not obvious until you get out there and see the world. Lets talk about why internationalization and travel are critical activities for the unconstrained.
10/13/20191 hour, 47 seconds
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EP007 - Protect Yourself

On this episode we discuss the methods of protecting yourself, your assets and your businesses in the 21st century, and how most of the time you are your own worst enemy when it comes to asset protection.
10/6/201955 minutes, 13 seconds
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EP006 - Smart Healthcare

On this episode we delve into the dysfunction and constraints of the US healthcare system and how I recently got better outcomes for 1/10th of the cost, by having major surgery in a foreign country.
9/28/201958 minutes, 35 seconds
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EP005 - Smart Income

In this episode we will talk about how to make your income with Smart money, how to focus your brain and habits to find opportunities that no one else finds, and Ill give you a real world example one investment strategy, not the only one, but one that has worked for me before.
8/29/201933 minutes, 56 seconds
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EP004 - Feel the Burn Rate

In this episode we look at the first stage in setting up a life for financial sustainability - getting your expenses under control and your BURN RATE.BURN RATE is critical to having the flexibility to move towards a life based on passive income generation (or financial sustainability as we call it) and we show you the truth behind the concept that $1 saved = $3 earned.
8/19/201926 minutes, 50 seconds
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EP003 - The Magic Formula

We discuss the secret to living an unconstrained life by disclosing the secret of how one must use Financial Sustainability and focus on their burn rate. We introduce the math of the process and how the current FIRE followers are basing their efforts on a flawed paradigm.
8/3/201929 minutes, 43 seconds
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EP002-In Capitalism You are a business

This is the philosophy of Financial Sustainability. In this first FS episode, we talk about the concepts and methodologies of FS, introducing the concept of how capitalism works and the expectations it has for any participant. We explain about accounting and record keeping, so give you the tools you will need to measure and optimize your finances to keep you unconstrained.
7/27/201934 minutes, 29 seconds
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Introducing the Unconstrained Podcast and the concept of being unconstrained through the art of Financial Sustainability.Similar to the concept of Financial Independence and the FIRE movement, being unconstrained focuses on the mistakes of most people in the 21st century that results in a life of debt, enslavement and lack of freedom. We provide solutions to these problems, so spend some time with us to find out more about how to be truly unconstrained
7/20/201933 minutes, 55 seconds