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FRIED. The Burnout Podcast is dedicated to burnout awareness and burnout recovery. FRIED is the place to start, or continue, your burnout recovery journey. Cait Donovan, host of FRIED, believes in your ability to heal and lead a more fulfilling, more engaged life and that storytelling is one way to spark a healing journey. This podcast is designed to change lives and is committed to maintaining a standard that is deserving of its listeners. Together, we can #endburnout.
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Diann Wingert: How ADHD and Burnout Are Related - and What to Do About It

In today's episode, Diann Wingert and I will talk about the relationship between ADHD and burnout. We will discuss how they affect each other and identify what people who suffer from both can do to help themselves recover quickly.Episode Highlights:Diann and Cait talk about how ADHD and burnout relate to each other. They emphasize that people with ADHD tend to be either extremely obsessed or completely disinterested in something. They discuss how the intense curiosity and enthusiasm associated with ADHD can lead to a lack of boundaries, pacing, and self-awareness, potentially causing burnout.Diann encourages listeners to acknowledge the challenges of maintaining self-awareness and setting boundaries even when aware of the potential for burnout. Remember, intense focus can lead to burnout if unchecked. Finding a balance, setting boundaries, and maintaining self-awareness are crucial t
03/12/202350 minutes 17 seconds
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#straightfromcait: What Can Companies Do to Reduce Burnout Risk?

In today's episode, I will talk about how companies can help reduce burnout risk with their employees. I will be emphasizing the importance of individual responsibility in recovering from burnout and how a supportive work environment can help to recovery.Episode Highlights:Cait Donovan talks about the intricacies of burnout recovery, emphasizing each individual's pivotal role in the process. She highlights the limited impact of company-initiated changes and recent insights into working with companies on burnout-proofing and culture improvement. Cait stresses the importance of personal investment in their own recovery from burnout.Cait encourages listeners to take a proactive role in their burnout recovery, emphasizing personal investment and the power of expressing gratitude and appreciation in the workplace for a positive shift in dynamics. Remember, in burnout recovery, your pivotal role is crucial, so prioritize personal investment o
26/11/202323 minutes 42 seconds
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Dr. Susan Lovelle: Perimenopause, Menopause, and Burnout

Hello, wonderful listeners! I'm Cait Donovan, your host for today's episode, and I'm beyond excited to introduce our esteemed guest, Dr. Susan Lovelle. Today, we're delving deep into the fascinating realms of Perimenopause, Menopause, and Burnout, topics that resonate with every woman's well-being. Dr. Susan Lovelle, a true authority in these areas, will guide us through the intricate journey of understanding and navigating these phases. Buckle up for an enlightening conversation that can transform your life!Episode Highlights:Dr. Susan Lovelle opened up about her own journey through burnout and the profound impact it had on her health. As a former plastic surgeon and a busy mom, she learned the hard way how neglecting self-care can lead to serious health issues like deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, and severe infections. This eye-opening experience led Dr. Susan to pivot her career towards wellness and lifestyle medicine.
19/11/202343 minutes 21 seconds
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#straightfromcait: How to End Rumination, People Pleasing, and Perfectionism

A wonderful day to everyone! I’m Cait Donovan, your burnout recovery coach, helping you in your healing journey. Today, I will address the question of one user in the Facebook group about taking small, daily, simple actions to overcome rumination, people-pleasing, and perfectionism. I also highlight the ideas of other members to handle these problems effectively. Episode Highlights:To deal with rumination, there are two actions you can do. Firstly, when you notice you’re ruminating, stop it immediately. Then close your eyes, inhale and exhale, and question yourself; I wonder what I'll think of next. The second action is called Go Grok Cards, wherein you play by guessing your feelings and needs. These two suggestions focus on being mindful and curious as the key to overcoming rumination.For people pleasing, practice disappointing people in any small way. When you start to disappoint people, you will find that the things you're doing don't even disappo
12/11/202311 minutes 18 seconds
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Amelia Nagoski: Unlocking the Stress Cycle, Dealing with Privilege, and Increasing Interoception to Get Out of Burnout

Hello, lovely listeners! I'm Cait Donovan, your host for today's episode, and I am thrilled to introduce our guest, Amelia Nagoski. Today, we dive deep into her illuminating book, "Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle," a woman's sexual well-being intrinsically linked to a woman’s overall well-being and more about the stress response. Amelia Nagoski is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to understanding and navigating the complex web of emotions and stressors that we all encounter in our lives. Episode Highlights:Amelia Nagoski shares the inspiration behind her book, "Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle." She traces its origins to her sister, Emily Nagurski, whose New York Times bestselling book, "Come as You Are," delved into the science of women's sexuality. What struck a chord with many readers, however, was the section on emotions, stress management, and overall well-being. Am
05/11/202359 minutes 22 seconds
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#straightfromcait: Why Does Burnout Recovery Take So Long?

Hey there, curious minds, and welcome to today's episode. I'm Cait Donovan, your trusted companion on this exciting journey. We're about to unravel why burnout recovery can be a lengthier process than you might think. From the physical aspects of healing to understanding the web of causation, we'll explore the nuances of this transformative path. Discover why it's okay to bump into your growth edges and how post-burnout growth can be beautiful. Let's dive in and uncover the fascinating layers of burnout recovery.Episode Highlights:Cait reveals that recovering from burnout is like a carefully crafted masterpiece, taking time and patience. This transformative journey involves addressing the physical and emotional exhaustion that burnout brings, which requires gradually nurturing your body with essential nutrients.She also delves into prioritizing quality sleep and time in nature to rejuvenate your energy. Slow movement practices
29/10/202319 minutes 51 seconds
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Hailey McGee: Boundaries for Burnt Out People Pleasers

In today's episode, we're diving deep into a topic that's near and dear to many of our hearts - breaking free from the insidious grip of people-pleasing and embarking on a journey to discover your true self-worth. Joining us is none other than Hailey MaGee, a certified coach, dedicated teacher, and accomplished author, whose life's mission is to help individuals bid adieu to people-pleasing for good and unleash their inner power. She is going to share her insights about people-pleasing behavior, its effects on mental health, the art of setting boundaries, and much more! Episode Highlights:Hailey Magee talks about her journey of breaking free from the people-pleasing pattern, which led her to a place of burnout and exhaustion. She describes how she played the role of caretaker, giver, and therapist in her relationships, always putting others' needs and emotions before her own. It wasn’t until a pivo
22/10/202347 minutes 54 seconds
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#straightfromcait: 3 Core Components of Burnout Recovery

Hello, lovely souls, and welcome to today's episode. I'm Cait Donovan, and I'm truly honored to be your guide as we dive into the essential tools for recovering from burnout. We'll talk about the healing power of yoga, the importance of foundational self-care, the creation of an upgraded boundary system, and the immense value of community in your burnout recovery process. Stay tuned as we unpack these essential tools, share practical insights, and embark on a journey toward a life filled with more balance, joy, and purpose.Episode Highlights:Cait emphasizes the critical importance of foundational self-care, urging listeners to heed their body's basic needs, enhance interoception, and embrace practices like Yoga Nidra. She also delves into the significance of cultivating an upgraded boundary system, underlining the role of improved interoception in setting flexible, healthy b
15/10/20237 minutes 56 seconds
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Henna Pryor: Embracing Awkward and Using AI to Reduce Burnout

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is one of the latest trends in the world of technology. People use it in various ways, and constant research is done to maximize its potential. But have you heard of using AI as a tool to reduce stress? In today's episode, I invited Henna Pryor, performance expert, award-winning 2x TEDx, global keynote speaker, virtual presenter, team facilitator, and a professional certified coach. She is also the author of the upcoming book Good Awkard: How to Embrace the Embarrassing and Celebrate the Cringe to Become The Bravest You. Henna will discuss how we can utilize the power of AI to reduce burnout and why embracing awkwardness can make our lives easier. Stay tuned to learn more! Episode Highlights:Henna Pryor shares her insight about the connection of AI in reducing burnout. As a mother and an entrepreneur, her time is always occupied with what she needs to do. Thus, she started to find a way to make her life easier. And th
08/10/202348 minutes 23 seconds
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#straightfromcait: Bad Advice for Burnout (and what to do instead)

In today's episode, I will talk about the bad advice you can get regarding burnout and how those pieces of advice came to be due to certain misconceptions. I will be emphasizing how burnout is not solely a mental or thought issue but a systemic one involving various aspects of life. Episode Highlights:Cait Donovan talks about burnout advice she wrote about two years ago and still agree with. She talks about how many people perceive burnout as solely a mental or thought-related issue, which affects the how they distinguish between burnout prevention and recovery, and that most advice falls into prevention. Cait stresses the importance of life pruning, rebuilding emotional filters, and moving intentionally during recovery.Cait encourages listeners to trust their inner guidance when choosing which advice to follow.Remember, trust your inner guidance. In a sea of advice, your intuition knows what resonates with your soul. When choosing which path t
01/10/202315 minutes 41 seconds
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Kristen Holmes: Stay Ahead of Your Health with Whoop

In this world full of stress and a toxic environment, getting a hold of your health and staying physically and mentally fit is challenging. But worry not, as there are ways to stay ahead of your health. In this episode, I have an exciting discussion with Kristen Holmes, the vice president and principal scientist at Whoop. Kristen shares how Whoop, a physiological monitoring device, can help you track your body’s data, take action accordingly, and ultimately have control over your health. She also talks about why heart rate variability matters, workplace resilience, sleep consistency, real burnout prevention, difference of stress and anxiety, and more! Episode Highlights:Kristen focuses on aligning your mind and body– in other words, having extreme awareness of your body is crucial to taking control of your health. She also explains the usage of technology and how we can utilize it to get optimal data to work and take the needed actions for our b
24/09/202349 minutes 44 seconds
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Burnout Metaphors

Burnout is the feeling of exhaustion physically and mentally from the problems you have in everyday life. Similar to wildfires, where everything is burned out to ash. However, life is a cycle of death and rebirth, which is critical in keeping the balance in the world. With the right resources, we can return to life beautiful and stronger. Our speaker today, Sarah Vosen, a burnout recovery coach at FRIED, explains the relation of wildfires to being burned out, why you should honor the cycle in life, and how Sarah can help in your burnout recovery journey. Tune in to learn more!Episode Highlights:Sarah discusses the similarities between burnout and wildfires. Just like wildfires, where everything is burned, fall, decay, and turn into ash, being burned out will feel like our life is falling apart. However, a burned forest will go through a rebirth cycle, and everything will return beautifully. Similarly, experiencing burnout will allow us to be reborn, an
17/09/202321 minutes 35 seconds
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Ruth Rathblott: The Liberating Path of Unhiding

Do you ever feel like you have to hide something about yourself from the world? In this episode, you will hear an honest and heartfelt conversation with Ruth Rathblott, a speaker, coach, and author of the book Singlehandedly: Learning to Unhide and Embrace Connection. Ruth shares her story of living with a limb difference and how she used it as a tool to start conversations and create safe spaces for others to share their stories. She also reveals the secrets of unhiding, which is the process of releasing shame, overcoming fear, and embracing your true self, without worrying about what others think.Episode Highlights:Ruth Rathblott opens up about the common phenomenon of hiding, which affects many people who feel like they are the only ones who have a visible or invisible difference, such as a disability, a mental health issue, a family background, or a personal struggle. She explains how hiding can make us feel isolated, exhausted, and limited, and ho
10/09/202348 minutes 21 seconds
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#straightfromcait: Behind the Scenes of Burnout Recovery

In today's episode, I will discuss my own experiences with burnout recovery and talk about all the misconceptions that often surround it. I will give emphasize the importance of seeking support, learning from setbacks, and acknowledging that progress may not always follow a linear path. Episode Highlights:Cait Donovan talks about experiences and mistakes during her burnout recovery journey and the challenges of progress recognition, the need for ongoing effort, the dangers of prematurely ending recovery efforts, the importance of allowing others to come to their own realizations, and the pitfalls of overexertion and comparing one's experiences to others. She highlights the complexity of the recovery process and the personal growth it entails.Cait advises listeners about the challenges of self-trust, the need to overcome the desire to prove oneself, and the importance of embracing failure as part of the recovery process. She realizes the impact of
02/09/202320 minutes 51 seconds
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Mandy Lehto: The 7 Realistic Phases of Burnout

Dr. Mandy Lehto was a people pleaser for such a long period of time that she ended up completely disconnected from herself. She found herself snappy and irritable, consistently pushing herself harder and farther beyond the limits of what she could handle. After a scary moment collapsing while boxing, Dr. Lehto realized something was wrong that even the world’s strongest coffee would not be able to fix. Through her burnout recovery journey, Dr. Lehto identified 7 realistic phases of burnout which she uses to guide others through their own burnout recoveries.  As a perfectionist and people-pleaser, it is common to be so focused on external validation that you lose sight of what you actually want and need. Like most people, Dr. Lehto started off her burnout journey in phase 1, denial. It took fully collapsing and then developing an unfortunate face rash to finally admit to herself that there was a problem. She went into the triaging phase with the same pe
30/07/20231 hour 3 minutes 37 seconds
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BONUS: FRIED Burnout Recovery Group Coaching with Sarah Vosen starts Feb 19th!

Hi All! Last minute episode to be sure that you know what's possible and what you'll get when you decide to join FRIED's group coaching program! You can find the full details on this PDF handout If you're ready to sign up, you can do that HERE. If you'd like to chat with Sarah this week to be sure you're a good fit - feel free to book that call HERE.   Questions? Come hang in the FB group and post your questions on the LIVE version of this podcast that aired on Valentines Day! :)
14/02/202339 minutes 56 seconds
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RE-RELEASE: Elizabeth Collins: The Burnout Witch Talks Leaky Gut, Tarot, and Optimal Blood Work

“Just keep going, it will change.” This is Elizabeth Collins’s burnout story, simplified into six words. The Cait-proclaimed Burnout Witch, Elizabeth now specializes in helping others recover from burnout. However, she was only able to truly thrive in this role after confronting her own feelings of not-enough-ness and developing the boundaries and coping skills she needed to regain a sense of balance in both body and brain.    Elizabeth is the owner and director of The East West Company, an integrative wellness practice specializing in burnout recovery coaching, functional medicine, acupuncture and more. Elizabeth explains that functional medicine is a crossover between biomedicine and Eastern medicine; it uses a wide range of testing to identify and address the root cause of a presenting issue. Because the incredible breadth of functional medicine testing can seem overwhelming to someone who is bur
30/10/202254 minutes 39 seconds
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The 12 Days Of Boundary Season (a song)

It's BOUNDARY SEASON! Yep, that's right. The season that all your boundaries get pushed and 2020 has already pushed them enough, so they might be feeling like electric fences this year! ;) I wrote you a song all to tell you that we start transforming you into a Boundary Building Badass in just 12 short days. Sign ups are open now for The Build Better Boundaries course, it WAS a DIY course but on popular demand, I'm doing a LIVE version with a FB Group and Live Q&A's with yours truly to help you along. After the year we've all had, it's the least I could do. Sign ups are here: Join us. It's gonna be a blast. Like this song. :) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit <a href= "
02/11/20206 minutes 45 seconds
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#straightfromcait: Sitting In the Muck with Your Emotions (an excerpt from The Bouncebackability Factor)

I've been told in the past week that I'm: overreacting, posting anxious posts, a sea of calm - all from different people. But, I, like the rest of you am a very average human who just found out that life is on lockdown. I have flip-flopped between emotions and spent many anxious days before I found some calm in the new current reality. After an IG live where I read to you from my new book: The Bouncebackability Factor to share an exercise that I thought might be helpful right now, a bunch of you reached out asking me to put it in a format that would be easily accessible all the time, so, I recorded it for you :) Campaign donations to get The Bouncebackability Factor published are being accepted and if you found this episode helpful, please consider supporting the campaign. You can find it here:
20/03/202015 minutes 12 seconds
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#straightfromcait Burnout Signs and Symptoms

In this special #straightfromcait mini-episode of FRIED, I, your host, take you through the most common burnout symptoms and tell you exactly what they sound and look like in YOUR life. Burnout Researcher (and my personal hero) Christina Maslach, PhD, tells us that the criteria for recognizing burnout are: 1. physical and emotional exhaustion 2. cynicism and detachment 3. not feeling accomplished or impactful But what does that LOOK and FEEL like? It's right here in these 15 minutes. See you on the other side! Almost forgot! If you'd like to book a free coffee/tea/adaptogen chat with me - you can do that here: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
15/03/202017 minutes 20 seconds
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#straightfromcait: Chinese Medicine for Healing Burnout

In this mini-episode, a listener asked me to talk about Chinese Medicine and Burnout, which I LOVED, so I did right away :). If you've been around for a while, you know that I have a Master's degree in Chinese Medicine - and if you're new - you just found out! :) Chinese medicine is an umbrella term that includes what is referred to as the 5 pillars. Acupuncture & Massage, Herbology, Nutrition & Lifestyle, Moxibustion, and Qigong. In different places, you will see these labeled differently. The fact is that Chinese medicine has a varied history within China and it's even messier when it starts moving to the West. The point I want to make here is that Chinese medicine is more than just acupuncture but in this quick episode, I speak mostly about acupuncture because it's so common. Acupuncture has the ability to calm our nervous systems, allow our brains to heal, improve gut bacteri
08/03/20209 minutes 33 seconds
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#straightfromcait Burnout Prevention vs. Burnout RECOVERY

A special edition of FRIED: The Burnout Podcast brought to you #straightfromcait based on feedback that you provided! This is the very first thing I need you to know when you're learning about burnout. There are loads of stress management tips out there - but they are useless if you're ALREADY burnt out. And because I know that you wait until things are bad until you reach out for help, I know that the information that's out there isn't getting you where you need to go. Here's where you start - by differentiating burnout prevention from burnout recovery and understanding that burnout isn't just a MINDSET issue. It's a physiological set of changes in your body, gut, and brain that need to be addressed! There are no shortcuts in Burnout Recovery - and the journey starts here. LISTEN. LEAVE A REVIEW. SHARE WITH A FRIEND WHO COULD USE SOME BU
02/03/202012 minutes 3 seconds