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FREYJA - Safety is Sexy

English, Fitness / Keep-fit, 2 seasons, 31 episodes, 21 hours, 14 minutes
Did you have a bad sex education? Join the club! This podcast focuses on trying to improve sex education, and breaking down the barriers in our society around sex, porn and all things taboo. Join the Freyja team bi-weekly, as they meet with a variety of guests from porn stars, influencers and more.
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Safety or harm? with Dr Val Webber

In this weeks episode Maria is joined by Dr Val Webber. They discuss the new regulations in the adult industry brought forward by payment processors such as Mastercard. They evaluate whether or not these new regulations are making the industry safer, or if they are causing more harm. Dr. Val Webber [they/them] is a community health and sexuality researcher with a focus on health & safety in porn production and the need for policy development to be led by porn workers. Dr. Webber is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Sexual Health and Gender (SHaG) Lab at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, Canada; Board Chair of PASS, a non-profit dedicated to the health and safety of adult industry workers; and an advisor to Ethical Capital Partners, the equity firm that recently acquired MindGeek. Val worked in the adult industry for 15+ years as a cam and fetish performer, voice actor, film crew member, and studio managerYou can find out more about Dr Webber's work here: @publicpubics and 
5/30/202334 minutes, 57 seconds
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What is gay for pay porn?

In this weeks episode Maria-Bettina meet with Artem, a human rights activist to discuss what gay for pay porn is, why it happens, and what impact this may have on young gay men at the early stages of their sexuality.
3/27/202339 minutes, 6 seconds
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Working in porn, behind the camera

In this weeks episode Maria is joined by Freyja's head of marketing; Sofiia. They discuss what their biggest misconceptions were about the porn industry prior to working in it, and what it is actually like running an adult business.
3/13/202336 minutes, 17 seconds
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How dating apps have changed our attitude towards dating

In this weeks episode Maria and Rina are joined by Taly, the founder of Blink dating. They discuss how dating apps have changed dating and relationships
2/28/202335 minutes, 42 seconds
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Sex after trauma

In this weeks episode Rina meets with Alisha Fisher is an Internationally Awarded Speaker, PhD Human Sexuality Student, and Relationship Coach, who has been involved with the fields of Sexology and Anti-Sexual Violence for over a decade. She works with individuals and people in relationships to enhance their intimate lifestyles, as well as speaking on numerous panels and to communities about her role in creating more fulfilling relationships to ourselves and others. Her enthusiasm for combining research and trauma informed practices into sexual connection has been the driving force for her presentations, workshops and coaching sessions. *Trigger warning* some viewers might find this podcast triggering due to references to sexual trauma.
2/14/202351 minutes, 57 seconds
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How female pleasure is different from men's

In this weeks episode, Maria meets with Freya Graft a Holistic Sex Educator & Coach and Yoni Mapping Therapist with a passion for holistic health and personal development. They discuss issues with mainstream porn, and how female pleasure is different from men's.
1/31/202347 minutes, 20 seconds
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Fighting Image Based Sexual Abuse

In this weeks episode Maria speaks with Georgie, who is a campaigner to stop image based sexual abuse. Georgie speaks about her own experience which led her to become an activist around this important topic.
1/17/202339 minutes, 59 seconds
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Becoming a male performer with Alec Hardy

This week, Maria and Rina are joined by Alec Hardy. They discuss Alec's journey into the adult industry, the misconceptions of working in the adult industry as a male, and what it is really like.
12/20/202244 minutes, 44 seconds
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Trans experience in the industry with Cam Damage and Wicked Wren

In this weeks episode Maria and Rina are joined by Cam Damage and Wicked Wren, trans content creators, and creators of the corn corner. They discuss Cam and Wren's journey into the adult industry and their experience as trans creators.
12/6/202245 minutes, 12 seconds
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Moderation: safety or censorship?

In this weeks episode Maria and Rina discuss the topic of moderation. They debunk the myths around moderation and how it is commonly misconceived as censorship. They also discuss what do moderators do? Who makes the moderation rules? Who decides what porn is okay, and what is not?
11/22/202238 minutes, 38 seconds