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Freund with Benefits: Helping Bachelors

English, Health / Medicine, 1 season, 29 episodes, 2 hours, 55 minutes
A podcast designed to help bachelors transition from college and adapt to the real world where it is their first time living on their own. We'll delve into topics centering around finance, nutrition, and dating. I've also included some of my birthday raps on this medium.
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The Jared Tonder Birthday Rap (Prod. Chillingcat, Noden)

Ja-red to the Willie last name Tonder No one stronger Who can hold a plank longer Excuse me I got a few thoughts right now that I’d like to ponder so allow me the honor He was born in Colorado where the mountains grow Where they drink lemonade and speak real slow And yes that was a quote from LFO but if you weren’t a 90’s kid well i guess you don’t know Straight out of Alabama rockin southern flow With a straw hat sitting back playing banjo On his front porch rocking with a dog at his feet and a truck so-so next to the radio I really couldn’t tell you quite what is age is but he’s breaking new ground like his name’s John Smith If I had to guess though I’d say 29 cause he’ll knock you out and joke about it like a punch line (breath) Jokes all aside he’s a really cool guy who just wants to make sure that you can stay fly At the same with his fly swatter in his back pocket just to make sure that you will never try To cross his friends and we cannot pretend that it aint his birthday so l hope that you’ll spend A second right now to wish him well, cause all that he wants is some more cowbell
5/31/20213 minutes, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Walid Birthday Rap (Prod. Katapult)

Happy birthday Wally, Basraoui, Play him on the court and you’re gonna get an owie 5 hours later and he found himself in Maui with a battle wound on his arm that he wore proudly Turning 27 at the seven eleven Wears Hawaiin shirts like his first name is Kevin Kevin Joseph Bernert that is his full name But when it comes Wally’s game yeah no body is the same Don’t mind him he’s just doing his thang Celebrating living life with the rest of his gang If you’re on the court with him well i bet you couldn’t hang So go back to your room and watch Chitty Bang Bang So yeah just wanna say Happy Birthday Keep your chin up cause it’s not the worst day Here’s a random question - how much does a bird weigh Sorry out of time - that’s the end of the word play
5/19/20211 minute, 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

Christmas Card Rap Volume 3

This is my Christmas card rap for 2018 Lyrics: So ring ring ring, watch them sleighbells go Just sit right back and enjoy the show For the rap de la Christmas card volume three Megan’s rocking around the Christmas tree Every now and then yeah I like to wear a parka Along with my homies Dan and Annalynn Pilarca And if you got beef then take it up with Aseef Or if you want change ask Brian K Lagrange Alright seriously here we go Bob your head to it and enjoy the show Eryn’s Clark Kent and she’s bringing you the flow Jarred likes the carrots and the badges with the merits And Jason’s in the back battle rappin with the ferrits Tae and his wife yeah they just had a baby Alex is a pirate and it’s ships ahoy matey Scott had a tot, and Pam had a yam And Justin’s taking selfies of himself on instagram Kevin’s having fun yeah in his new home Nick Levine’s ballin cause he’s riding on the chromes Zoey loves it snowy, Chase likes to fly Way up in the air with his homie Sky Thai Brian’s in the corner and he does the stanky leg Mike got the golden goose but he didn’t get the egg Meanwhile Emily acting like a goof Santa came down the chimney and he’s raisin up the roof
12/21/20182 minutes
Episode Artwork

EP 26 Brent White on the Key to Be in CE

This is my next interview as part of the career series. My next guest is a Civil Engineer who received his degree in 2013. He’s a lively individual who’s frequently compared to individuals such as Johnny Knoxville and skater Bam Margera for his fearless attitude and disregard for his own personal safety. I’m just kidding, but he’s a very courageous guy who I’ve known for almost 10 years.
4/30/201817 minutes, 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Brack Duvall Birthday Rap (prod. DopeBoyzMuzic)

Lyrics: Can I get a Brack Duvall Let me holla back at y’all Beating up seals like Steven Segal You can find him in the class or in the bathroom stall And he learned how to use the force better than Darth Maul But that’s not all His best first line that used in the club a long time was Gimme your number...and I’ll call Yeah and he’s a young jolly green, charlie sheen, mr. clean, talk about the bean who makes a scene A jack in the beanstalk get your sunscreen It gets lonely at the top and I don’t mean to be mean But, he’s 28 years old, Or a lie’s what I’ve been told It was probably Pat Kilbane Either way it’s Brack’s birthday and I’m about to go insane
4/13/20181 minute, 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Scott Saville Birthday Rap (prod. Dreamlife)

Scot-ty, taught me How to kick it when you’re chilling in Karate How to do the wave like you’re riding a tsunami It’s his birthday, time to serve him up some hot tea Mr. last name Saville Like a warhawk Closing in for the kill Pretended he was from Australia for a little thrill And he’s Better than Lebron when he does the windmill But it’s all chill, yeah it’s real G-doh St Patty’s Day he was green like Cee-lo Fooling all the ladies And he went a little crazy He’s the captain of the ship, and the chips ahoy mateys He likes to be nice like Forrest Gump At the same time closing deals like Donald Trump He learned about a model called T-I-P-O Brack can do the robot like C3PO The other day we learned a bit about negotiation Everyone so excited was like a celebration Especially Scott, brough his pen and his paper Like the day of the fight with Luke and Vader Here we are now down at SOS It’s his birthday and I bet you can’t guess How old he is and you better pass the test For that Big 2-9 he ain’t settling for less
4/4/20181 minute, 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 25 Megan Gaskin on How to Become a BA PA

My next guest is a Mercer University alumni (“Go Bears”) where she received her Bachelors and later graduated from their physician assistant program. This fluent Spanish speaker has been a provider for the last 2 years in Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine as well as urgent care and is also an active volunteer for the South Georgia Migrant Farmworker Project providing medical care to migrant farmworkers who otherwise would not have received proper medical attention.
4/1/201816 minutes, 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Jarred Langhals Birthday Rap (prod. Epistra)

Beginning clip taken from Weezy Wednesdays Episode 1 Lyrics: And you got Jarred, Middle Name Taylor Take your breath away better grab your inhalar Unbearable on his way to Baylor Found the key to life so he’s just like a jailor And he…swears like a sailor Fits like a tailor With Bob Marley and yes he was a wailer Magnitude so high just like a scalar All he needs is a vector She was right don’t correct her Found himself out west with not so much as a metal detector Which was tough cause he was a collector Stinky Pete named him the prospector
3/2/20181 minute, 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 24 Abbie Robinson on How to Stay Fly in the Sky

My next guest is a bulldog alumni from the University of Georgia where she ran track and cross country. She’s going back to school part time to become a nurse and for the past just over 4 years she’s been a flight attendant at both American and Southwest Airlines. Now I plan on asking her all of the regular questions I ask of my guests, but this is one of those career fields where you’re experiencing new people constantly so I of course wanna ask her what some of her best stories are. Please enjoy this episode with Abbie Robinson!
3/1/201824 minutes, 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 23 Kat Vardell On Thrift And Improving Well Being

My next guest is a college teacher of Air Force topics for incoming ROTC cadets. She got her bachelors in Operations Research in 2013 and in her free time she enjoys the outdoors and training for marathons. She’s vigilant about both her health and her finances and she’s good at what some might say “balling on a budget.”
2/1/201814 minutes, 38 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Christmas Card Rap Vol. 2 (prod. Dope Boyz Music)

Happy Holidays! For: Jarred Langhals, Justin Hillstrom, Brian Lagrange, Aseef Raihan, Taeyoung Lee, Jason Butler, Emily/Scott Lagarile, Sky Thai, Nick Levine, Andre Ball, Chase Eriksen, Kevin Crawford, Katie Hansen, Kramer Young, Kat Vardell, Ben Hubers, Lance Dudkowski, Mike Kljucaric, Nick Clayton, Pam Zhang, Alexa Gingras, Eryn Avjian, Sean Mitchell, Tamara Racic, Megan Rutherford, Steven Chon, Alex Jessop, Dan Whitehead, Zoe Krzywda, Ryan Sinclair, Natalie Williams, Brian/Julia Kroeger Lyrics: 1st verse: And so it all began in the West with Jarred Langhals Justin Hillstrom says you’re killing me smalls You got Brian K Lagrange with a little bit of change And Aseef Raihan goin on about the stock exchange Taeyoung is cool and so is Jason Marquis Along with Emily and scott lagaril-ee Sky Thai to the gulf coast said see ya Nick Levine way out in South Korea Chase and Andre yeah they just had a kid Kevin had his second, Katie went to Madrid Pamela’s in the pool, Kramer acted a fool But it’s all cool, cause dogs drool and Kat rules Ben’s pickin apples out in California Lance became a knight I just had to warn ya Mike rides a bike and he also likes to hike Nick Clayton spitting bars guess he didn’t like the Klondike Chorus: Happy holidays all the way around the globe From Alexa down to Eryn, and Sean Michael Job From the east coast west coast and the ones who I love most I’d like to propose a toast Happy holidays to the folks around the way Just a few words now that I would like to say Happy Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and Christmas too To everyone I’ve ever known and my whole crew 2nd verse: Now to the rest of the folks way down in Georgia Tamara every now and then likes to wear a fedora, She’ll adore ya with Megan on their way to Atlanta while they’re jamming out to Pandora And Daddy Chon’s holding it down That’s what he likes to be called with Alex around Dan said to Zoe, yo salutations She’s in Beavercreek now congratulations Ryan and Natalie had a good bond Their love of Rhinegeist is above and beyond Julia and Brian didn’t raise no fool Except the dog in the sweater and her name is Joule So I think that’s it all I wanted to cover Cheers to the holiday we’re bout to discover A whole nother year and we’ll probably hear About how grandma got runover by a reindeer
12/23/20175 minutes, 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 22 A Brief Chat on Travel with Aseef Raihan

A Bonus Episode I did with my well-traveled friend, Aseef Raihan. He comes onto the show to share some of his experiences.
12/15/201724 minutes, 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 21 John Kim on Succeeding in Comedy in New York City

Born in Maryland, raised in New Jersey, and eventually made his way to NYC. Korean American standup comedian John Kim uses his experience and observations to give audience members a new perspective on everyday life. John regularly performs at the world famous Comic Strip Live in New York. He has accepted and performed at various comedy festivals across the nation and continues to gain traction as one of the rising stars in NYC for stand up comedy. You can find John on social media @johnkimcomedy on Facebook and Instagram.
11/22/201727 minutes, 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Sky Thai Birthday Rap Vol. 3 feat. Fat Joe, Shakira, & DJ Khaled (prod. The Passion HiFi)

Instrumental produced by The Passion HiFi ( Lyrics: Another one already? Well could it really be? The Sky Thai rap now we’re on volume 3 Raise your hands up all the way to the Sky For the man in the blue topped off with a tie Can’t believe really just how long that it’s been Since the days of the Florida gulf down at Eglin Hope it’s been swell, now that you’re on the East Coast Likes to cook a lot not that one that will eat most Surviving all the mojitos and hurricanes He’s an optimistic guy doesn’t like to complain 27 years old, got his whole life ahead of him Listens to shakira so you best not forget it when The time comes around in the song to say que? There’s a reason for this rap, the occasion of the day For us to say Sky you’re a guy that’s okay Time to max and relax, have a happy birthday
10/20/20172 minutes, 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Georgette Eva Birthday Rap (prod. The Passion HiFi)

Instrumental produced by The Passion HiFi ( Lyrics: This for the one for the only, kind of like a ceremony Little birthday testimony time to get the macaroni For that Georgette Eva, or do you say it Eeva Now she’s in New York and she’s living like a diva Less than a month away from turning out a libra Smash Mouth saw her face and now he’s a Believa (break) Georgia State summa cum laude on the boulevard Standup is her space jam she grew up on the toon squad Birth mark on her arm looking like America Her main man Washington is right there with ya (break) Pretty soon she’ll be swimming round in circles near the bay But, she can’t swim, so that is not this day This rap coming to you now a little bit late, And I hope I didn’t frustrate, for the lack of calculate-ing The impact that this blessed day would have 56th birthday you can cut that in halve
10/15/20171 minute, 45 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Morgan Mosby Birthday Rap (prod. Jee Juh)

Instrumental discovered on Jee Juh Beats Soundcloud. Lyrics: It’s 2017… It’s been a long time since the days of, Best of to be seen, and the big bad and mean from 2013 And I think it’s bout time that we all reconvene Wouldn’t you agree Maybe we can do what they do in England and have a cup of tea? Why not right? Was it Cosby, nah, it must have been Cosby Today’s the birthday of Morgan D Mosby So sit back, relax, it’s time to get cozy And it’s smelling like success, so feel free to get nosy You can find her in the Rockies, hanging on the teeter totter Shout out Dasani, where you get your bottled water Expecting some patronum all the way from Harry Potter From the School of Hard Knocks, was to be her alma mater With the traits of Morgan Freeman minus last name and the gender Just a little fair warning to the wannabe contenders You’re much better off if you go and befriend her cause They call her Brave Heart, and they know she won’t surrender She’s like a real thriller, no filler Today a butterfly, once was a caterpillar She’s better than aspirin when it comes to painkillers She’s a fan of budweiser and she likes to drink Miller She’s out of Colorado and she likes to run track While she’s listening to Drake each day back to back And say a lot about her but you can’t say she’s wack Don’t believe me? Go test it. While you’re at it grab an ice pack.
8/19/20171 minute, 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

Sarah Godish Birthday Rap (Prod. Air-Kalo)

Instrumental belongs to @Air-kalo Lyrics: I was always to told to be careful when I eat a blowfish Later in life had to be-ware of Godish She’s silent but deadly like you would not even notice And a master of the yoga, doing poses like the lotus She’s one with the nature cause she’s always outside Biking up and down hills sporting war-hawk pride Make you laugh more than a dose of nitrous oxide But she can get a little salty so they call her iodide Did I mention that,... her first name’s Sarah K, Eating special K like she’s all the way from Paraguay She’s a young rebel so she never goes to matinee Like Kelly Clarkson it was time for her to breakaway But not quite fadeaway, she likes to use layaway Coming full force like the hulk no gamma ray And I apologize I went astray Oh yeah Happy birthday
8/15/20171 minute, 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Ryan Dukes Birthday Rap (prod. Air Kalo)

Instrumental belongs to @Air-Kalo Lyrics: Just a little birthday rap for that Ryan B Dukes Going downtown someone rally up the troops Turn down for what yeah you’ll find it on loop He’s like hey, there it is, but he forgot to say whoop! He’s turning 28, now let me translate He just hit a grand slam now he’s off to home plate The eighth month of the year and he’s wrestling a steer And he’s fishing off a pier, now he’s grabbing all the beer He comes from a little city known as Orlando You’ll burn to a crisp but at least you get tan though Sunshine state of mind, everybody’s feeling fine Hit the front nine, hit the back nine, hit the middle nine Nah wait, I’m just kidding bout the middle On a good day, yeah you’ll find him playin fiddle Singing of the times with his dog named lassie Reminding everyone that they better stay classy
8/14/20171 minute, 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Ray-Ban Rap feat. Brian Lagrange (prod. Tone Jonez)

Ray-Ban rap feat. Brian Lagrange Instrumental prod. by Tone Jonez Lyrics: Well I didn’t like how my black shades looked So I went right ahead and I picked up a book It was more like a catalogue with all these great styles With Good looking people, pearly whites in their smiles Sporting sunglasses fresh like the clubmaster Perfect for the optimistic weather forecaster Ran into the waiter he was wearing aviators Ray Ban’s an indicator of a smooth operator I was also considering the black wayfarers Couldn’t decide if I want-ed a pair or Maybe the Erica’s, shading the area They look real retro like 80’s America It took me awhile yeah before I would find. Clubrounds were the pick and I made up my mind They gave me the most desired expression Ray Ban, genuine since 1937 Chorus: Got my Ray Ban’s on, and I’m feeling A-Ok Sun shining down like every day They have 95 lenses and 19 styles 300 colors rainbows for miles They got lens performance and frame innovation is my citation Got mine today, perfect compensation You know what this means, Time for celebration 2nd verse: They say the windows to your soul are your eyes Throw them Ray Bans so I can see your aura magnified Or slightly slide them down, so I can see the people’s eyebrow you got the wayfarers on, my favorite Don’t forget the blazed ones Futuristic look, throwback tasteness Come check my colorful collection of ocular lenses Select any one to make you feel stupendous. And Corey Hart was right, you gotta rock em at night Cuz when your future lookin this bright, you might lose ya sight Lookin cool, Top Gun Tom Cruise in M.I. 2 Shout out to my AF Aviators who rock real Aviators Keep killin it whether you in platforms or trainers When you see that shade bein thrown, Just say a smart remark and throw your shades on, Caine Horatio Everybody wears Bobby Rays, from Cali to New York down to FLA Don’t matter if they fake or real Only thing that matters is how they make you feel
5/9/20172 minutes, 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Lululemon Rap (feat. Brian Kevin Lagrange) prod. Jee Juh Beats

Lyrics: Woke up in the morning rocking lemon like lulu In central park yogi bear and the bubu Try to speak with the cows all you get is a moo moo Lady Gaga met the man Mr. goo goo But that’s besides the topic Strap and flow, go a-head and drop it For the metal vent tech, the pace breaker, city-slate Once you walk through the doors, now it’s time to take the bait If you’re feeling kinda fast and you feel a little free You might find a little joy, strap happy, therapy You get high quality with very little stink Time to try the wunder under and don’t even blink Next time you feel like heading on down to Yemen Maybe instead try lululemon And let me tell ya young there’s no need to be afraid When life gives you lemons make lululemonade Drink that lululemonade, stop that sweet tea haterade Get to doin that Yoga like Ms. Monae In them pants by lululemón, Saludos a mi madre, I love you the most If your girl get Mad & Moody, take her to lulu to get bad & boujee Pants never rip when you overstretchin, so you never stressin Got you saying Daaaaaamn like Kendrick Lamar She do crossfit? Cuz she done raised up the bar You do anythin in em Like Jog Squat Pop Drop it like its hot Or wear em as you listen to the podcast that gives you “friendly”attention Dimelo Russ uhh next question You the real MVP!, Only pants you should be in goin HARDEN and flexin Im tellin you the truth
5/3/20173 minutes, 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Christmas Card Rap (prod. The Legion)

Exclusive Raps for the homies this holiday season. This will be kept private until everyone who received card hears it first.
1/8/20173 minutes, 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Official Adriagny Russomano Birthday Rap (prod. Jee Juh)

Instrumental discovered on Jee Juh Soundcloud Lyrics: Adriag-ny Adriag-ny She’s so funny Fun-ny Fun-y Like my homie Bon-nie Bon-nie Bon-nie And she’s gettin money Money money Dedicated to the days on the Florida Gulf Coast I present to you the rap, or no better yet the roast Of the meanest person that I’ve ever met, she’s a threat And she likes to do the macarena yeah no don’t forget wanna wish a little Happy Happy happy birthtday to ya ( no rest ) Go and Ask her what she played in band and she will say the tuba But you know I kid, for a roast I went easy She goes hard in the paint like her homie Young Jeezy Born and raised in that Caracas Venezuela, But She parties and she chills like she would be from Jamaica Her favorite sport is Nascar, spent her nights in Talladega With her sisters from another mister in the delta Zeta
12/25/20161 minute, 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Official Ben Hubers Birthday Rap (prod. ToneJonez)

Instrumental belongs to @tone-jonez; discovered on Jee Juh
12/22/20161 minute, 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Melody Botha Birthday Rap feat. Nikki (prod. The Legion)

Lyrics: This is straight outta Capetown Where her stomping grounds were She was a Harry Potter, young connoisseur I wanna sing a Melody, a Melody Happy birthday Melody yeah Hey Melody, Like the sheriff’s deputy Everybody’s telling me From all around the world Even China like the yellow sea From winning competitions in her schools like the spelling bees Travelled From Africa to the Bay And she graduated from UGA Only two words that I’d like to say Hey happy birthday! Yeah
12/19/20161 minute, 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Official Abbie Robinson Birthday Rap (prod. Jee Juh)

Lyrics: We’ve got a snapchat all star yeah in the room No beans about it not even a legume Spends most of her time at 30,000 feet Used to be UGA’s number one athlete But that don’t stop her from dancing in the street On fire with a board and she brings a lot of heat Trix are for kids, but with her you get a treat It’s her birthday today so she’s in the hot seat Flight attendant turned nurse So she’s got lot of goals, Number one in the race said the guy at the polls It’s the end of the semester so it’s time to drill holes Like the bottom of the feet, yeah she’s got a lotta soul It’s the day of the month, 7, 8 , 9, 10 Ballin so hard and she’s back at it again Providing you the news, she’s a young CNN Gonna make it to the top, only question is when?
12/10/20162 minutes, 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Jason Butler Birthday Rap prod. Jee Juh Beats

Instrumental belongs to Jee Juh or related Lyrics: Onto another rhyme Let the road meet the rubber And the train’s about to leave Someone call the conductor For a young man who could’ve been a juggler Jason, Marquis, last name Butler His nickname is Bear like his buddy Jay Cutler He’s out of Allen Texas, it’s the world’s tenth wonder He used to play that football Americana Flowing up and down the field like a river Susquehanna When he’d tackle you, more explosive than a grenade message was conveyed, to the birthday brigade When life gives you lemons, make lulu lemonade He sings Lady Marmalade During karaoke, Prefers to play the villain so the people call him Loki It’s the 5th of December, so give a shout out to Your brother from another mother That’s Jason Marquis last Name Butler
12/5/20161 minute, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Brian Lagrange Birthday Rap feat. Jessica Elizondo (prod. The Legion)

The Official Brian Lagrange Birthday Rap Instrumental belongs to The Legion ( Lyrics: Miami heat what I’m bringing A little reason why I’m singing Here’s a little toast As we go Up and down the coast And I pay some respect of the utmost, so Happy birthday to youooo Happy birthday to youoo Happy birthday to youooo Here’s a little toast As we go up and down the coast And I pay a little re-spect of the utmost To a young man named Brian Lagrange City of Miami, call it home on lagrange But now he’s up north and it’s more than he can panhandle Took away his sun and the bronze like a tan vandal Fort Walton Beach is where he’s at, if you ever wanna chat About comics and mortal combat He’s started up a frat called Delta Sigma G Amma’s where it’s at, no doubt the place to be Always lived by the sea, in his white tee, while he’s Practicing tai chi, beneath the palm tree Try to muster up a lit-tle ATP Stop by his place on the way to sightsee It’s a big day, I think we all agree Feliz Cumpleanos, can i get an a ti
12/4/20162 minutes, 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Nick Clayton And Evan Birthday Rap prod. Tone Jonez

Instrumental produced by Tone Jonez ( and retrieved from Jee Juh Beats Lyrics: He prefers his drinks stirred not shaken I’m talking bout a guy named Nicholas A. Clayton I thought that’s a little weird, was like are you sure mate? He’s like yeah I’m sure, grab the scotch and the stir plate. Straight outta Opelika No sign of Ice cube Except for in his lemonade While he’s watching YouTube Crazy cat videos and a bit of comedy He has to be the one who puts the star on the tree He likes chemistry, which you can’t spell without the try Mention carbons and the hydrogens, he lets out a sigh He’s in heaven inside so he really can’t reply And honestly, I don’t really need to ask why He likes to drive trucks Cause he’s built Ford tough Shoutout from our sponsors, No need to call the bluff It’s a special day of the month, vente siete, His spirit animal is a cow and her name is Betty And here we have another verse For the homie Evan Glowiak No bones about it Just go and ask a Marowak He likes to play Pokemon I hope it doesn’t scare you that He’s from Michigan And he likes to make an impact Get up, and on the saddle does a little ride With a group of other lions so he’s got a lot of pride He uses Nationwide, that’s because he’s on your side Frequently compared to proteins making bonds like a peptide He is an engineer but no he’s not a nerd When it comes to the amendments yeah he likes to plead the third, The judge is are you sure? I believe you meant the fifth Evan smiles and he nods Says it’s you I’m playing with Oh he got em good, he just wants to have some fun 27th rolls around, it’s not the birthday of just anyone For Nicholas and Evan, everybody say hey Go and give a shoutout, because it’s their birthday
11/27/20163 minutes, 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Sandi Mihaylova Birthday Rap (prod. Jee Juh Beats)

Instrumental belongs to Jee Juh Beats. Lyrics: Here we go again, For, you know, another rap Dedicated to a young gal An old chap From Bul-garia Where they make Cognac She likes hip hop music And her coffee black Popped a bottle of...Brandy In celebration of… Sandy It’s times like this when I feel quite handy Spoke another language, and they can’t understand me But, it’s time for another birthday Only two words I can think to say One, you’ve already heard Happy is the other word Put both together, it’s the party password
11/18/20161 minute, 44 seconds