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French RUGBY CONNECTIONS with Veronique Landew & Tom Dickson

English, Rugby, 5 seasons, 130 episodes, 3 days, 2 hours, 36 minutes
Rugby Podcast with a gallic twist (Warning: Strong French Accent from Veronique ;-) about the latest news about French Rugby; TOP 14, ProD2, the 6 Nations & European Rugby, and the world of Rugby. We also have a chat with a Rugby guest occasionally. Subscribe now to French Rugby Connections Podcast and don't miss out!
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Finally, the RWC is here!!!!

Oui!!!!!Yes, Veronique Landew and Tom Dickson try their best to communicate the excitement that has taken over France and the Rugby world as we are about to start the best World Cup ever.Looking ahead to France vs. New Zealand at their first meeting of the competition on Friday, might there be a second on 28th October?Beset by injuries in key positions, the depth of the French team will be sorely tested under the Indian summer heat on Friday.The rest of the week-end holds crackers in store, possibly the best weekend of the pool stages.  Tom will be watching 4 of the Top 8 teams in Marseille where upsets are possible, and we'll be keeping our eye on Wales vs Fiji for the same.Have a good competition, see you at the other end of the pool stages! Enjoy the French Rugby CONNECTIONS Podcast, the rugby podcast with a gallic twist!
9/7/202326 minutes, 47 seconds
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Are we there yet? Unmissable Euro Quarter final this weekend!

Can't wait for this European Rugby weekend to start? You are in good hands as Veronique and Tom preview the European Championship Quarter final and discuss the valiant game away game from Montpellier against Exeter last weekend, in which  "The best team lost" according to Philippe Saint Andre. We have more news about the Pro D2, The women's Six Nations, and the NEW French blue Jersey for the RWC!Enjoy the French rugby CONNECTIONS Podcast, the rugby podcast with the gallic flavour!
4/6/202328 minutes, 13 seconds
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Top 14 & Mystery Australian Player (for next episode;-)

Mike and I review and comment, the 3rd day of the Top 14 on this episode. Last weekend was highly charged and with ups and downs for some French teams. This weekend will be a cracker as there are lots at stake! French Rugby lesson included in this episode, but our Rugby guest was unable to be there due to work commitments but will be there and squared next week:-). Enjoy French Rugby CONNECTIONS, the Rugby podcast with the gallic twist!
9/25/202118 minutes, 24 seconds
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Episode 9 trailer: Les Bleus are fast becoming la crème de la crème

Episode 9 trailer: Les Bleus are fast becoming la crème de la crèmeYou can listen the full episode on Apple Podcast or Spotify.
10/30/202040 seconds