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Free Style Podcast with my iPhone

English, Personal stories, 1 season, 100 episodes, 1 day, 7 hours, 17 minutes
A personal passion project since November 2019. Interviewed over 50 strangers remotely and face to face around the globe to chat about personal journey and why you do what you do. Created over 90 episodes by my iPhone. Have listeners from 16 countries.
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莲Lotus Dining 澳洲餐饮集团创始人Michael Jiang

3/3/202441 minutes, 3 seconds
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1st recording with my daughter Kim (in Mandarin)

I was testing my mic so ended up recorded this with my daughter Kim who will be 3yo next month. I was asking her what she was eating and she was explaining to me it was bread with chocolate topping. I consider this moment was priceless and we will cherish this little audio content in our own way for the rest of our lives. This original Anchor podcast platform will reach to an end soon in 2024 which makes this moment super special personally
3/2/202440 seconds
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Allan Ball White Ribbon Australia

My chat with National Director of “why is difficult to talk about domestic violence from male perspective”. This allowing me to understand his WHY and where his raw passion came from.
7/7/202322 minutes, 53 seconds
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Dynamic Space Optimisation - WizButler CEO Peter Petroulas

Sharing innovative approach and best practice to increase restaurant revenue via new technologies
12/20/202218 minutes, 7 seconds
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WizButler CEO Peter Petroulas "apprentice" journey

Peter shared personal journey over my interview.    Why giving back, sharing his experiences as a Southern Cross University Guest Lecturer.   How and why he became the CEO of GPO Grand Group in Sydney for 18 years from a long term airline CFO and director of finance.
12/20/20229 minutes, 1 second
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What's your "Paradise"? Conrad Dean "snap-freezed" his in a bottle

Conrad Dean, Paradise Gin Creator marked "celebrate every moment" on a special bottle. What's your legacy?
6/12/20228 minutes, 34 seconds
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Paradise Gin craetor Conrad Dean - Why I created a Gin?

A random chat got recorded on my phone while having a dinner with friends I never read Our History from his website until this moment
6/12/20226 minutes, 35 seconds
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Data Farmers - THE FUTURE by Adj. Professor Warwick Powell 鲍韶山

Interview part three - THE FUTURE Data Farmers project Building a decentralised data network that rewards our community for collecting data for a healthy environment. Telegram Community:
3/27/20225 minutes, 16 seconds
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Data Farmers - HOW by Adj. Professor Warwick Powell 鲍韶山

Interview part two - HOW? Data Farmers project Building a decentralised data network that rewards our community for collecting data for a healthy environment. Telegram Community:
3/27/20229 minutes, 55 seconds
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Data Farmers - WHY by Adj. Professor Warwick Powell 鲍韶山

Interview part one - WHY? Data Farmers project Building a decentralised data network that rewards our community for collecting data for a healthy environment. Telegram Community:
3/27/20228 minutes, 3 seconds
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Young Henrys Queensland Statesman Kris "Kempy" Kempnich

You don't really need to spend much time to understand WHY Young Henrys Motto is 'serve the people' Kempy is just one of cool dudes serve the people in Queensland Australia
3/27/20222 minutes, 14 seconds
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RTC Foods by Todd Robertson

Random "ambush" at the trade show when you need some food:) Turned out Todd is a super nice guy so as Dan and Jackson who were kind to feed me some The Cookhouse tender ribs. Why a butcher by trade was so passionated about solving front line chefs' problems and generating business demand for food service wholesalers?
3/26/20223 minutes, 32 seconds
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iDumplings Sunnybank Hills Brisbane Australia - sampling rainbow dumplings served by robot

Would you try iDumplings if you live in Brisbane Australia? Let's take a vote!
3/26/202248 seconds
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iDumplings Sunnybank Hills Brisbane Australia - address staff shortage by tech

Digital technology is helping industries become more efficient, effective, and better at serving their customers. You can now enjoy dumplings in Mac's style at this place.
3/26/20222 minutes, 59 seconds
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SHOOK CAFE Waterloo Sydney Australia

From a stranger to a "brother"  How to transfering the TRUST when referring to someone in the over commoditised market? What you see is the validation of the TRUST. I really didn't do much to help but sometime showing up was just enough during a brand new concept store soft opening. Shout out to all the tech crew who were care enough to contribute their time over wechat and slack messaging. It was just nice to know that you have people to back you outside of business hours when you might feel a bit helpless under the pump. This is what you might missing out if you "shop" goods or service on price first.
3/26/20222 minutes, 59 seconds
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the coffee place by Gary Newcome - video podcast

We all love nice coffee but who you would buy from and why? This is a random chat at with the Managing Director of I thoroughly enjoyed coffee made by Katie who is Gary's daughter with a big smile on her face as always.
3/26/20226 minutes, 41 seconds
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The Grumpy Italian Video Podcast version

Fernando Riggio is loud, genuie and passionate about food, family and friendships. He is the face of his brand The Grumpy Italian He has over 42 years industry experiece, 4 kids and 3 grandsons (another one on the way) Yes Bec, we all heard about the great news, he was so proud! Customers love to go to his restaurants because his “grumpiness” Do you even need to ask about how good his food is ?
3/21/20223 minutes, 5 seconds
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The Grumpy Italian

Meet the real dude behinds who has been in the industry over 42 years with 4 kids and 3 grandsons (another one on the way) I meet him due to work meeting today. You won’t need to know his name as yet because you will know when he is in the restaurant. Customers love to go to his restaurants because his “grumpiness”
3/21/20223 minutes, 32 seconds
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Prepit by Natalie Sharpe Video Podcast version

Natalie Sharpe provides first hand insights WHAT WHY HOW Prepit was created as Production Software to solve problems in food business
3/9/20225 minutes, 55 seconds
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Sales truth revelation - buying a full price Dyson at Harvey Norman

Dyson brand ambassador Bart is a 22yo Uni kid simply doing his job on the weekend at Harvey Norman. I gave him a little surprise when I came back made a purchase on the next day. One side bonus - he had pretty good influence on soft skills from family members who working in the real estate industry. I’m not been political here, simply from my personal shopping experience, I can really see why Harvey Norman delivered superior shoppers experience over competitors. I don’t think the real reason was lazy for no engagement from others. Other retail sales may possibly can’t be bothered knowing no margin for this particular product, so no point to make effort to close a sale.
3/6/20228 minutes, 19 seconds
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Prepit by Natalie Sharpe

Prepit food production software - Simplify & Systemise Food Business
2/28/20226 minutes, 1 second
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Lantmännen Unibake by Leisa Kompe

Leisa Kompe from Lantmännen Unibake was my first new friend made in Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre Foodservice Australia trade show. What else can be a perfect match to my first coffee on Monday morning? Fine food makes people happy and creates friendship.
2/28/20223 minutes, 13 seconds
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Aux Fines Bouches

Sophie Le Deunff is an extraordinary small business owner, wife and mother of two beautiful kids. What’s more extraordinary was what her and her husband, Richard do to pivot their business to survive under the difficult circumstances (business relocation and covid 19 disruptions). They consider for others before themselves including their long term supplier partners. This is their story.
12/10/202139 minutes, 10 seconds
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Facing reality after second year university

Father and son unfiltered chat series. 2019 Facing reality after high school 2020 Facing reality after first year university
12/5/202158 minutes, 53 seconds
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WINE IN A GLASS by Michelle Anderson-Sims

A single mum of 4 running a rural business from a concept picked up from newspaper during overseas travel. The story continued on 9 years can find YouTube video produced by Kerry Anderson
11/15/202126 minutes, 3 seconds
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Mobile Tyre Shop by Travis Osborne

CEO Travis Osborne was chatting with me like a mate over the weekend. We reviewed his 10 years journey to date and where he wants to go from 2021. He describes his business is a tech company without tyres and stores , a logistics business with online marketplace. The business has transformed from 2 staff to 60 today with 40 vans on the road. Expecting 80 vans on the road to continue scale by 2023. Travis rebuild his business website 5 times and continue open to invest into new technologies and people to ensure best customer experience. The market opportunity in the next two years is between $500m to $1b. “How do you eat an elephant?” “One step of the time.”
6/26/202123 minutes, 53 seconds
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11K Consulting by Sally Maier-Yip 叶运珍

Monday night walking home from work in Sydney Australia and chat to Sally in London UK just started her Monday morning. She shared with me her 20 years Public Relations career and how and why starting her own agency 6 years ago. So what has been written so far for her own “Legacy”? Family, friendships, loyalty, trust and be positive are my takeaway.
6/22/202113 minutes, 16 seconds
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Britain Unleashed by Gina Longo

Extraordinary life experience shared by Gina Longo from childhood horse loving passion to have a best office view from 28,000 feet above the ground. Her new adventures became stories of 3 years caravan life style travel with two rescued shelter dogs. Sometimes dreams come true in unexpected ways.
6/19/202115 minutes, 30 seconds
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ADHD Life Coaching by Ian Wahlert

Ian originally from a small farm town in Oregon USA and now has been live in Sydney Australia for the last 10 years. It took me for a while to understand why he can be so humble and vulnerable to share with me his personal journey, and why he is so passionate about supporting others with ADHD like himself. My newborn baby daughter, Kimmie was crying from time to time as special sound effects🤣
6/12/202130 minutes, 33 seconds
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MP Harvest Foods by Mantovani brothers

Passionate Aussie country farmers, John and Nic from Cobram Victoria Australia made to their first trade show at Naturally Good expo 2021. Their apple chips is the bomb!
5/30/20212 minutes, 47 seconds
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Calm and Stormy by Murray Raeburn

What a catch up with Murray at Naturally Good expo 2021 Sydney Australia!
5/30/20211 minute, 33 seconds
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Vince Bain - best of the bone

4 years reunion with the man Vince Bain at Naturally Good 2021 expo Sydney Australia
5/30/20211 minute, 44 seconds
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Receiliart by Martin Kolodziej

This is a back story of a Branding Agency based in Jakarta, Indonesia. A young couple started with Art prints and Culinary Lifestyle in 2015. 6 years later, a successful business with 2 beautiful kids.
5/29/202123 minutes, 24 seconds
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Digital Crew by Ophenia Liang

Insightful chat with Ophenia Liang about latest digital marketing trends towards Chinese consumers- unique key marketing events, Little Red Book social media app, influencers campaigns, livestreamingcommerce and upcoming audio only social media app
4/27/202123 minutes, 27 seconds
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Flying Tiger by Ken Freer

Insightful chat with Ken Freer about latest trends of Alipay Marketing, Wechat Marketing, Wechat Group Key Opinion opportunities in B2C cross border e-commerce and B2B in Australia and New Zealand
4/26/202120 minutes, 53 seconds
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BeefLedger by Warwick Powell

There is no shortage of video content online if you are curious what why how. This is a insightful chat with the creator of BeefLedger, Warwick Powell. You will be the judge.........Product Provenance, Fintech, Payment, supply chain innovation, cross border collaboration, blockchain, “data is the new oil”, remove Capriciousness, Consumer to Prodcucer
4/18/202131 minutes
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What do you want to do with your business by Rob Lancuba

Rob Lancuba is my new friend who I wish I could meet 13 years ago. Our chat provides so much clarity I wish I had when I started my own business back in 2008. Well, you don’t have to wait for 13 years to find out if you are open to reach out
4/14/202117 minutes, 55 seconds
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Innovation, collaboration and community with Debby Lo-Dean

Sunday afternoon layback chat with Debby Lo-Dean about her upbringing, passion and family. Her personal stories resonated with me and explained so much why she is such a well respected community leader in Gold Coast Australia
4/11/202122 minutes, 58 seconds
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Unleash your passion day by day - story telling by Moatassem Moatez

TEDx Speaker, Entrepreneur coach Moatassem Moatez shared his personal stories, startup journey in a new country without business network and families. You can learn more about him from
4/10/202120 minutes, 9 seconds
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Mentoring by Ari Galper

YES I had one on one mentoring session with Ari Galper after binged over 12 hours of audio content from every podcast episode I could find on Spotify. Trust is the new currency. Would you be open mind to discover the contrarian mindset to Unlock The Game?
3/31/202126 minutes, 46 seconds
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Crypto mainstream adoption discussion with Jerome Faury

Jerome shared valuable insights about Coca-Cola and Centrapay joint venture to deployed 2,000 Crypto-ready vending machines in ANZ last year and what’s the future of digital currency looks like. I love his original episode at We chat about what has happened in the recent years and exploring crazy concept such as “Playing poker machines with Crypto digital wallet at the local clubs and pubs in Australia” We covered VISA story, data monetisation by major player such as Apple, local players such as travelbybit, Qoin, Cryptospend are working on build up ecosystem for small businesses / merchants accepting Crypto within ANZ region. PayPal moving into instant conversion from Crypto to Fiat currency via Venmo, starting pilot in US in this year. ForumPay launched in last year. General public can now buying Crypto from local retailers and Australian Post Office. Building TRUST with public and Decentralisation to be FAIR for all within the ecosystem are still the up hill challenges. Everyone need to make contribution to support local businesses.
3/16/202127 minutes, 24 seconds
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What do you think of Clubhouse?

Open chat with Jason Greenwood from Auckland New Zealand and Antonina Grunska-Gokdeniz from Dubai United Arab Emirates Clubhouse Style via Anchor app. Our remote recording local time Dubai 11am, Sydney 6pm, Auckland 8pm. Poor Jason joined us with very an unstable internet service during local Covid lockdown.
3/6/202136 minutes, 33 seconds
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Clubhouse app on iPhone

Sharing my personal experience of first 4 days in Clubhouse (Feb 2021)
2/27/202116 minutes, 9 seconds
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Creative Mindset - Bae Juice Tim

7 months later follow up interview with Bae Juice Tim O’Sullivan. It captured his creative thinking and journey of launching a life style brand. Started from e-commerce to off-premise (retail) and later to on-premise. What is the meaning of stay cool and niche. For example, place a pink bathtub with full of Bae Juice at live event to be cheeky. My first chat with him was captured here
1/29/202120 minutes, 22 seconds
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carted - Universal Commerce API for the future

Chat with Founder, Mike Angell about future e-commerce and what he is building right now to enable instant access to millions merchants, sell any product anywhere online. This potentially can assist WeChat Pay to go global or a leg up to a 19 yo drop shopper in the future. You can apply for Beta Access via
12/24/202035 minutes, 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

What to do when someone hits your parked car

Sharing my personal experience and contribute content to thanking wonderful witnesses who helped me to making claim with my car insurance
12/23/20209 minutes, 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

Facing reality after first year University

Father and son chat to continue a conversation started a year ago which you can find at
11/27/202032 minutes, 28 seconds
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Quad Bike King by Giles Donovan

Giles bought a successful business, Quad Bike King and he was kind enough to share some great insights and his strategic mindset when come to buying a business. His daily Facebook ad spending is $700 and business is doing very well after survived Covid lockdown. Highly recommend you to listen his previous podcast recording at
11/15/202032 minutes, 15 seconds
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Bring back the passion to what you do via Livestreaming and social media by Chocolate Johnny

Chocolate Johnny is social media legend with more practical livestreaming experiences than anyone I know in Australia. Enjoy this episode and find out more and consume his content via this link
11/1/202021 minutes, 58 seconds
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Product development journey by Mark Curry,founder of Savvy Beverage

There was no holding back from Mark in this episode to share his journey of developing a new product over 18 months. You can reaching out to him via Instagram to try an upcoming new product
10/24/202021 minutes, 32 seconds
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Be Genuine and Humble by Hala Taha

This was edited from remote recording with Hala Taha and Andy Mai back in August 2020. One of my favourite pieces to help me to stay true to myself.
10/12/20206 minutes, 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

Nootropics journey by Mark Curry

Founder of Savvy Beverage, Mark Curry shares his journey of Nootropics discovery WHY WHAT HOW and the back story is important if you are keen to listen his chat with Toby Yo
9/21/202012 minutes, 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

Milk Road Podcast concept by Adam Gregory Goern

Meru Miso investor, Adam Gregory Goern shared valuable insights from his perspective and why he started Milk Road Podcast and
9/17/202012 minutes, 21 seconds
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Genuine insights of why you do what do by Hala Taha and Andy Mai

My Podcast new milestone - did 3 ways remote recording with podcast celebrity, Hala Taha and 7 figure online entrepreneur, Andy Mai
9/8/20208 minutes, 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

Finance And Coffee - Private Facebook Group by Dien Le

Dien shared valuable insights of managing a private Facebook group with 8300+ members and ongoing challenges faced each day
9/1/20206 minutes, 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

Humans of Finance by Dien Le

Checking in with a mate during VIC lockdown this month and learn about the story of Humans of Finance
8/23/20206 minutes, 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

Finance & Coffee Talk with Dien

This is the story of how this podcast came about. This podcast channel gives voice of a community and tones of values
8/17/20204 minutes, 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

iRise Drink startup story by Steven Devlin

iRise Drink’s humble beginning from 2 years ago I highly recommend you to listen a longer version episode produced by Ben Whyatt
8/9/20206 minutes, 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

Meditation to build mental resilience by Steven Devlin

Steven Devlin, funder of iRise Drink shares his personal experience as 130km Mountain Race runner. It was fascinating to learn how physical training / extreme sports such as ultra marathon built the mental resilience required to startup business, to do whatever it takes to conceptualise an idea.
8/8/20203 minutes, 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

Socially Enhance (SEN) by Steven Devlin

My good mate, Steven Devlin, funder of iRise Drink came up a new concept to support his local community during covid quarantine period This is part one of mini series of our podcast recording
8/7/20206 minutes, 23 seconds
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Masta Marx - there is no End Game for Passion

A raw interview with Marx, an artist who I remember as a teenager 12 years ago and now who I have tremendous respect for his music creation. This interview inspired me to making more effort on my Podcast editing. YouTube Spotify
8/2/202034 minutes, 37 seconds
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A quick chat with Olga Oleinikova, CEO of Persollo about a latest product release to solve problems for 216,000 Persollo customers for FREE. I recorded this in the car remotely during a heavy rainstorm 😄
7/26/202010 minutes, 5 seconds
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18 YO BJJ specialist Varun Mehrotra loves to solving problems via his sport and passion

Varun is such a cool kid - sharing his 6 yrs Instagram journey What Why How We didn’t have chance to chat about YouTube, his channel is actually pretty impressive I found his view is very refreshing and 12 years BJJ training made him calm and relax during our chat.
7/19/202020 minutes, 40 seconds
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Are you Digital Enabled or Not? Chat with Jason Greenwood from NZ

Jason Greenwood, a digital specialist of 20 years was kind enough to share business digital enablement trends, insights and give advice relate to small businesses in Australia. You really need to watch to understand why you should consume his content and save your time if you wish to acquire more customers and improve their experiences via digital enhancement. This episode also gives me tremendous encouragement and validation of why I do what I do for passion. Hope this might resonate with enjoy!
7/11/20201 hour, 15 minutes, 31 seconds
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Andy Mai - 7 Figure Online Entrepreneur and E-commerce Influencer

Andy has been consistently producing video content via his YouTube channel over the past 2 years to share his Dropshipping proven success. You can simply look him up by Google. His YouTube channel has a playlist like free online video courses by categories which covers a good range of topics like Facebook ads, Google Shopping, Google AdWords, real case studies and step by step guide for targeted ads campaigns. It’s great FREE value that should not be missed if you like learning step by step and following his journey to pickup new trends. This was what he said back in 2018 via a Podcast episode and check out what he has been doing since via his YouTube channel. I like him because he is practitioner and very much still in the game with tremendous patience and persistence.
7/1/202058 minutes, 54 seconds
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Navine Eldesouki - coffee with an expat

It was incredible to have a remote recording chat with Navine who is so passionate about helping others and building a network of community. She started Coffee with an expat social group more than 2 years ago. This episode captured some highlights of her journey as an expat, wife and mum in the past 19 years and why she was so passionated about active networking, stepping out of her comfort zone to support others. She has moved to 8 different countries with 4 beautiful kids, each was born from a different country.
6/29/202050 minutes, 2 seconds
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Bae Juice Tim O’Sullivan shares insights on LinkedIn networking, NPD and digital marketing

Tim made many mistakes just like every other startup founders. His milestone achievements are evident of his endless raw passion and be persistent. Tim is genuine and a natural story teller, sometimes not afraid to be vulnerable. He shared some great insights of LinkedIn networking strategies and recent content creation successes. One of best stories was what and how to range his product into Dan Murphy in Australia
6/17/202041 minutes, 56 seconds
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Do you or can you “shop TikTok” ?

This is follow up chat with Mike Angell from since end of April. He is building bridges to connect e-commerce websites with social media platforms such as TikTok. Average 5 to 10 online merchants / brands are on-boarding getvop each day. It usually takes a few minutes and a few clicks to complete. This episode provides the latest insights why and what’s “shop TikTok”. Here are some pain points were addressed via getvop - Content creation, SEO, Social proof to increase sales conversion. Of course, more to come in the next few months.....
6/13/202027 minutes, 51 seconds
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Arnold Ma, founder of Qumin - a China focused digital creative agency - such a laid back cool dude

Interesting chat with Arnold in freestyle Podcast. It was fascinating that he was able to re- gain his Chinese culture roots after adapt UK lifestyle from age of 9. Qumin is a China-focused digital creative agency, first and largest in its kind in Europe.You can learn more by listening and Arnold shared his view of social commerce trends from China to western world and some social media marketing tips for Australia SMEs. Drinking song from my cousin’s band wraps up this episode
6/9/202039 minutes, 17 seconds
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Remove friction between social media and e-commerce - Persollo Co-Founder Olga Oleinikova

This episode uncovered some latest development by Persollo, a young, innovative Fin Tech startup. Please listen Olga’s interviews podcast before dive into this one for better insights even the one from 2018 Asia Tech Podcast Instant Checkout, social media analytics, influencers discovery, sampling / lead generation
5/29/202034 minutes
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Scott Tulloch - Farmer Jo - sales and marketing tips and market expansion experiences

I listened his podcast episode with Mark Bouris twice before this recording as I was really able to resonate with his resilience in life, constantly seeking why from others to self improve and not afraid to have a go! Scott drove half hour today to get 4G mobile reception, so we can do remote recording. He was kind enough to share some of his route trade in store sales techniques - be genuine with a passion. Sometimes, simply push the boundaries without seeking permission to fostering relationships to expand his trade network. Amazingly, he was able to secure so much great advices and support in his journey because he was so genuine. I personally found he has such great ability to listen and learn from others, implement changes quickly to continue make refinement in his business. In his own summary - he is an Accidental Guru ( yes he made a high quality podcast / video channel under this name:) Please listen to this episode if you haven’t
5/14/202052 minutes, 44 seconds
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Troy O’Brien - my local master jeweller and a close mate at Neutral Bay Sydney Australia

This episode tells stories of Troy and why he loves what he does for over 30 years. There are a lot more going on psychologically for anyone to make a buying decision for a custom made jewellery. However, it not hard to get attracted to a genuine intention for a meaningful emotional sentiment.
5/3/202030 minutes, 53 seconds
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Monetise social media made easier - Mike Angell @Vop

Ad revenue, sponsored posts, Affiliate programs are some solutions for influencers to monetise their passion. What’s 7 weeks new from Vop ( Mike Angell shares the latest development and some cool features now in BETA and for FREE
4/29/202027 minutes, 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

Australian Cowboy - Navarone Salerno

A real Aussie Cowboy living in the outback Australia sharing his experiences and insights about social media WHY, WHAT and HOW I found his intentions are truly genuine. You can Google his name to learn more about him including a podcast done previously
4/28/202021 minutes, 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

antonina_gg (Antonina Grunska-Gokdeniz 安金)

Despite 6 hours time difference, had a great opportunity to chat with Antonina who based in Dubai, speaks fluently in 4 languages and alway willing to learn new ways to collaborate and build personal branding across new social media platforms. The sharing about her passion, experiences and attitude in life was so genuine and authentic. Please enjoy this episode and feel free to Google her or following her for more inspiration.
4/19/202033 minutes, 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

Wagyu Whiskey - Customer service / asking for help / genuine passion

Tan and Dan are two good mates love Japanese animation, wagyu and whisky. A few years ago, they took risk quit their banking jobs of 15 years and started their own business of selling the products they enjoy themselves. They didn’t have much ideas what to do and barely able to break even in their first year’s operations. Fast forward to April 2020, they are now struggling to keep up with demands. What’s their secret of success? Here is their story.
4/13/202024 minutes, 27 seconds
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Catching up with Amir Fazeli, Funder of Adonis Athletics

Here is a story of an extraordinary athlete started his own gym 11 years ago for a very different reason - to create an environment for anyone to be the best they can be through strength and conditioning training
4/13/202059 minutes, 13 seconds
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Howard Telford from Chicago - new beverage trend - plant-based organic isotonic / sports drinks

Growing trend of natural sports drinks from USA to Australia - coconut water and fruit juice based with sea salt and honey with reduced sugar - good examples are USA based product like and current imported to Australia and a new product to be launched please watch this category
3/26/202023 minutes, 27 seconds
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Miss Right Beauty Studio Milsons Point Sydney Australia

Learn about WHAT, WHY, HOW about this small business. Chat to clinic staff to understand business pain points, identify new opportunities to improve lead generation and sales conversion.
3/21/202016 minutes, 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

Alexx Hermann

Chat with street artist
3/15/202017 minutes, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

Chinese hot pot version two - Sydney CBD

Visiting another cool southern Chinese hotpot restaurant In Sydney CBD. Taking advantage of 50% off discount via Groupon digital platform.
3/7/20202 minutes, 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

Mojo Kombucha and Emina

This is as random as you can get - walking through mid city Sydney CBD and been given a promotional sample product. The interesting bit is to see first hand how Emina, the promo girl free style the elevated product sales pitch and feel her passion towards Podcast and her acting career. You can not FAKE the true passion and mojo beverage is definitely get a great value from her to be a great product ambassador today
3/7/20204 minutes, 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

Tan Viet Fried Chicken Darling Square Sydney

4th visit to this place to eat this week, taking me to my happy place for so many reasons.....
3/1/20206 minutes, 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

Haidilao spicy hotpot Chatswood

Exploring Chinese culture and learn about spicy hot pot trend and why this brand has been so successful with a humble beginning 25 years ago
2/29/20207 minutes, 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

Chatting to Grindhouse in Sydney CBD

Did social experiment by my self ended with 20% conversion rate to secure a Podcast episode. I randomly walking into retail shops aiming to connect , introduce, qualify and maybe to pitch a CVP. I have gained some great insights of human behaviours and psychology, most importantly learn a lot more about Grindhouse 59 Expresso & Sandwich
2/22/202017 minutes, 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

Social media and content marketing with Sunny Singh

Chat about social media and content marketing trending and why and how to engage audiences via digital platforms
2/14/202014 minutes, 45 seconds
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Chat with store manager, Sesanno at Nicholas Seafood, Sydney Fish Market

Discovered Chinese Digital Groupon 48hrs promotion 50% off Fresh Lobster by requesting a Podcast interview at Sydney Fish Market. Very interesting consumer engagement strategy deployed in Wechat
2/8/20206 minutes, 33 seconds
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Have a chat with Beijing Impression restaurant Market City Sydney

Chat with Beijing Impression restaurant Market City Sydney. How this restaurant came about? Meaning of restaurant name “CI QI”. How they facing the challenge of losing business as result of Coronavirus panic caused by digital social media “fake news and rumours”
2/2/202018 minutes, 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

Wechat Red Envelope - digital currency - consumer engagement

Wechat red envelope - chat about how physical red envelope (with $ inside) transformed into the digital era within Asian culture. How digital currency like Wechat red envelope has been used as consumer engagement tool. This Podcast recording location is so cool! Please check out on insta “meditela” 172 St Johns Rd, Glebe, Sydney Australia
1/26/202017 minutes, 13 seconds
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What’s your thoughts on Plant based diet???

Chat with Brandon about Plant based diet post watching The Game Changer at Sydney Vegan Market
1/18/202010 minutes, 1 second
Episode Artwork

Uber Eats - my first Uber Eats experience

Chat about Uber Eats with Brandon and examine online acquisition strategies, affiliate marketing and nurture consumers. Episode bonus - random stranger asked me to give up my parking spot during our recording 😎
1/12/202015 minutes, 43 seconds
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Gerritt Wilson - G&B Patios

Remote interview with G&B Patios project manager, Gerritt Wilson who started as Concreter 10 years ago still have great passions to be hands on, build great Patios for his clients. Technology advancement such as 3D drawing enables him to give more values to clients nowadays
12/19/201917 minutes, 58 seconds
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Mark Stone real estate agent shared best practice interview

Mark is a childhood friend worked with me at Royal Hotel Randwick 20 years ago. I was able to reconnect with him recently due to a random search via LinkedIn. I found him very genuine and helpful over our chat. It validated so much why he was successful and well regarded in his local market. Most importantly, he was a mate named my son Brandon 18 years ago.
12/19/201929 minutes, 43 seconds
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Sharing LinkedIn first hand experience as fresh user (45 yo dad vs. 17 yo son)

Remote recording with my new microphone plug to iPhone in the car. Chat about first few days impressions about using LinkedIn. Our last episode was ranked 5th when searching “LinkedIn tips” in Spotify.
12/8/201919 minutes, 28 seconds
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10 job seeking tips for high School leavers

1. Clean social media profile, Fact check 2. Any work is good work! It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what you want to do at that age, You can always pivot as you learn more about yourself and what you want to do. 3. Don’t be afraid to get a shit job to start, opportunity to thrive is far more important than landing a fancy job 4. Nobody has all the answers. Listen, absorb and find your own level, but know only activity breeds results. 5. Do grades really matter? Or what can I do if they are not great. 6. Experience matters more than pay (considering unpaid opportunities such as Internships and volunteering) 7. “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” 8. Who knows you. LinkedIn Profile (Profile picture, About section – where you going?, 500+ connection, regular posts to market yourself and give values) 9. Apply, apply, apply!! The more applications you do, the more interviews you’ll get, the more chance you have of getting that job. You won’t able to learn How To job seeking without practice. 10. ok to ask people for advice, be vulnerable, best way to build relationships with people whom you’d like to with (or for)
11/30/201930 minutes, 46 seconds
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Visiting Manoosh Enmore

Having some decent rolls and pizza for lunch at Manoosh Enmore was such a great cultural experience. Meet some random first time visitors from out west just gave an instant validation because it was the same food from the neighbor hood. How about it?
11/24/20194 minutes, 50 seconds
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Facing reality after High School

Father and son chat about facing reality one week after HSC.
11/16/201920 minutes
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Northside Bunker Cafe North Sydney (walker st) owner, Dong shared his story this morning

I never knew the dude name until today, but Dong remembers my coffee for almost 5 years. I respect him a lot more now because knowing his 15+ years of coffee roasting experience. He loves long distance running because his childhood bonding experience with his dad since he was 5 years old. He loves his wife so much and works with her in the cafe. 5% annual rent increase makes tough for the business. Local commercial landlord don’t give shit about the local construction impact to his business. Dong simply tough it out and still put a smile on his face to all his customers. I seriously don’t know how he manage that and had no price increase to his customers for all these years.
11/16/20198 minutes, 55 seconds
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Chat about HSC chemistry with a student

Sharing insights between dad and son about HSC chemistry
11/9/201913 minutes, 43 seconds
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Experimenting podcast: Chat about vaping with my 17 yo son at public gym during our bench press session
11/3/20194 minutes, 14 seconds