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Live with Dr. Drew, The Unknown Comic, Brandin Rackey, Amber Tozer

We're live at Openspace theater and Dr. Drew helps a lot of us out. He answers questions and we're joined by Murray Langston (The unknown Comic,) Softcore porn star Brandin Rackey, Gino who runs LA Speedweed, Amber Tozer, Jann Karaem, and a woman I had a few dates with! I sold my books at the end of the event. If you'd like a signed one, I'll be at Book Soup 1/8’ll-have-you-back-life-perennial-tv-guest or get it on Amazon - Check out LA Speedweed
12/17/20151 hour, 29 minutes, 13 seconds
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Murray Langston (The Unknown Comic)

Murray Langston (The Unknown Comic) worked on The Sony & Cher Show, Laugh-in and some other shows, but was still broke, so he appeared on The Gong Show for some extra Money with a bag over his head so no one would know it was him- thus the Unknown Comic was born! He has amazing stories about Sonny and Cher, Sinatra, Elvis, Linda Blair. He's going through some pesky legal problems. Please contribute whatever you can to his Go Fund me. check out his book. a great read.
11/6/20151 hour, 16 minutes, 52 seconds
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Felipe Esparza Norm MacDonald Part Two

Part two of our fun episod. Felipe Esparza and Amber Tozer in the studio. Norm MacDonald cracking us up with crazy stories on the phone. check out Felipe's website.
10/30/20151 hour, 12 minutes, 23 seconds
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Felipe Esparza/ Norm MacDonald

Felipe Esparza (Winner of Last Comic Standing season seven) and I were having a lot of fun and then Norm MacDonald calls in for this nutty 2 parter. If you love Felipe and crazy Norm stories, I think you'll like this. check out Felipe's website for all his tours, merch, his web series "The Shop," twitter and Facebook. clip of the comic Norm liked, Bryan Kellen Amber Tozer on twitter
10/23/20151 hour, 17 minutes, 6 seconds
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Amber Tozer has been my sidekick for most of my episodes. People love her and want to know more about her. Me too! First of all she has a book coming out in May! We want to develop our chemistry more. She's funny, smart, and insults me cruelly if I compliment her. Her niece Zoey calls in who does Bob Dylan singing You Are My Sunshine. I bring back Jeff Mandell to torment her. Here's a link to VERY early pre-order her book. You MUST follower her on Twitter- Hey, how about my book too?!
10/15/20151 hour, 15 minutes, 57 seconds
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Jann Karam (Seinfeld, HBO's Young Comedian Special, Late Night With David Letterman, The Tonight Show, The Norm Show)did a joke on Letterman and was ostracized from her family for three years. We discuss if as writers, comedians, artists should we know do material that some family members may not like. There's fun backstage story about how she got on Letterman, how her material was selected, and the aftermath. Ben Solenberger returns and Jeff Mandell sort of almost pays attention. Jann On Twitter: and my book out in paperback that my mother still will not read.
10/9/20151 hour, 9 minutes, 52 seconds
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Dennis Christopher was the charming star of the hit film, "Breaking Away" I love this guy! He has great stories about randomly meeting Fellini, and then working for him while on a trip to Europe, and being conned by Robert Redford, well, sort of. Quentin Tarantino was so enamored by his body of work, he sought him out and put him in Django Unchained. He's also been in Chariots of Fire, California Dreaming, Fade To Black, and so many other films. Also joining us is Gino who owes LA Speedweed. We talk about my new discovery of weed. Interesting stuff. And Sean Sweeney who REALLY knows movies stops by. And of course Amber Tozer. Check out LA Speedweed Follow Dennis on Twitter anf here's my book, new out in paperback
10/2/20151 hour, 29 minutes, 14 seconds
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Sally Kirkland

Sally Kirkland has had an amazing career/life. Her mother was the fashion editor for Vogue and then Life Magazine. She has amazing stories being introduced to Andy Warhol, being one of the first people to be naked in a NYC play, being mentored by Shelly Winters, teaching acting to Sandra Bullock, Robin Williams, and even Quentin Tarantino over the phone. She studied with Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, so many others! She's been in The Way We Were, A Star is Born, The Sting, Bruce Almighty, oh, just too many movies and TV roles to mention. Hear which famous person gave her her first kiss. (Not me or Amber) She was nominated for lead actress in her amazing portrayal as Anna in 1987. Hear what famous actor broke her heart, who she sued, what famous podcaster she slept with. Okay, I made that last one up. She's spiritual, inspirational, creative. We even worked together and she took me aside and gave me some great notes! Marc Edward Heuck, "The Movie Geek" shows up and blows our mind with some trivia even she had forgotten about! and Amber Tozer is here and Ben Solenberger too! check out her website. oh, my paperback's out.
9/25/20151 hour, 14 minutes, 54 seconds
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The Live Episode w/ Fred Willard, Dave Koechner, Jimmy O' Yang, George Gallo, Frank Renzulli

We're live at The Open Space in Los Angles with great fun, behind the scenes stories, plus the first installment of Fred's Mob Tales. How did I get the amazing Fred Willard, Dave Koechner and Jimmy O' Yang from Silicon Valley?! Well, Jimmy thought there'd be chicks. Speaking of chicks, Amber Tozer was there, keeping us guys in line! George Gallo, writer of Midnight Run, Wise Guys, and 29th Street evaluates the grittiness of the scene, and talks about what it was like to work with DeNiro and Charles Grodin. Frank Renzulli was a writer/producer for The Sopranos and has great stories about his experience. Music by Andy Paley, and Michael Uhler. Jilanda Palmer did sound design. Here's the film of the Mob Scene oh, my paperbacks coming out next week! Enjoy this. We hope to do it more!
9/18/20151 hour, 35 minutes, 5 seconds
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Anna Maria Horsford

Anna Maria Horsford is such a delight. She has amazing stories working with Meryl Streep, Lucille Ball, Jack Nicholson, and on so many films and TV shows. She should have her on talk show or podcast. She brought along Brent who is her accountant, computer guy, something. It's kind of demented how they met, and why she likes having him around. Anna has not had one drop of alcohol in her life, but after this podcast, she went straight to the liquor store. I apologize again to Amber Tozer for not officially introducing her. This is my book coming out in paperback this month.
9/4/20151 hour, 10 minutes, 24 seconds
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William Katt (Carrie, Greatest American Hero)

William Katt (Carrie, The Greatest American Hero, Big Wednesday, First Love) grew up in a showbiz home. His mother was Della Street in Perry Mason. His father was Kit Carson. His parents sure did a great job raising such a cool, fun, great, humble guy. William has great stories working with Gary Busey, and Jan Michael Vincent on Big Wednesday, getting along with Robert Culp on Greatest American Hero, and tormenting Ryan O Neal by making out with Farah Fawcett. William's done a lot of cool independent movies lately. Here's the sci-fi link for The Man From Earth- and his new thriller, Subterranea
8/28/20151 hour, 23 minutes, 42 seconds
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Madylin Sweeten (Everybody Loves Raymond) Ellen Latzen (Fatal Attraction)

Former child actors Madylin Sweeten and Ellen Latzen are so compelling describing how they got their big breaks, what it was like trying to be a normal kid, and what it's like trying to be a normal adult if there is such a thing. Madylin portrayed Allie, the daughter on Everybody Loves Raymond for 9 seasons. She has great stories what it was like being on that set, taking a break from the biz after it was over, and then trying to reinvent herself, and dealing with the nonsense of show business again while keeping her humanity. She talks candidly about losing her brother Sawyer in a tragic event this year. Ellen Latzen was Michael Douglass' daughter in Fatal Attraction, and then was on Broadway, and then portrayed Ruby Sue in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and Family Ties. This was an amazing conversation. Add to the mix, another amazing lady, Amber Tozer! Check out Madylin's sketch group TMI Check out Ellen's Event coming up, A Minor Consideration, a fundraiser brining awareness to former child stars
8/21/20151 hour, 27 minutes, 30 seconds
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Jim Turner (Randy of The Redwoods, Arliss, Meet Dave)

Jim Turner is a journeyman character actor you've seen in scores of films and TV guest parts who has great stories about being picked by MTV to be their spokesperson, Randy of The Redwoods. He also has war stories about being replaced on his first big break, terrorizing a nervous guest star actor on Arliss, and great insight for any actor maneuvering in this crazy business. He boasts about being in Will Ferrell and Eddie Murphy's least successful movies. Also, learn though he is a great guy, why I have to leave any party he and Mark Fite are at. Also great inside showbiz scoop about what Tom key (Spongebob) demanded on his last contract negotiation. And Andy Paley joins us who did the theme song for my podcast, and has done the music for Spongebob, Handy Manny, Dick Tracy, and some famous song from Ren and Stimpy Ben Solenberger who sits in seemed to know.
8/14/20151 hour, 17 minutes, 6 seconds
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RONNIE SCHELL & The Farmer's Market Table

"The Table" is where for over 30 years various comics, writers, actors, and others gather every morning in Hollywood's Farmers Market to joke around, argue, commiserate. Some notables that have hung out have been Quentin Tarentino, Paul Mazursky, Sharon Stone, so many others. Ronnie Schell is a regular at the table. He starred in the 60's hit Gomer Pyle, USMC as Duke Slater. He was also in so many Disney movies including Gus, The Strongest Man In The World, The Shaggy DA, and the TV shows, Mork & Mindy, Adam 12, Emergency, and on and on. Hanging out helping interview him is comic/ actors Allan Havey from Mad Men, director-writer Greg Pritikin (Dummy) and writer Ron Clark (The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, The Danny Kaye Show, Norman is That You?, High Anxiety) Ben Solenberger helped with the audio. Hope you like it! I almost didn't put a link for a plug, but maybe someone will buy my kindle single!
8/7/201539 minutes, 47 seconds
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Writing on Seinfeld with Sam Kass

How Sam Kass landed a gig as a staff writer on Seinfeld was even more out of the blue than it was for me. He's a hysterical loose canon and has crazy stories about dealing with Larry and the other higher ups. We talk about what it was like to get a story approved, and what we did with our time till we could get a hold of Jerry or Larry to pitch it and other behind the scenes stuff. Sam wrote and directed the cult favorite film, The Search for One-Eyed Jimmy, and created the hit series Starving for Crackle. Sitting in is my buddy Charles Zucker, and Amber Tozer is the voice of reason. My Kindle Single about writing on Seinfeld (Now available with me doing the audio) The Search For One Eyed Jimmy
7/31/20151 hour, 6 minutes, 6 seconds
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John Kapelos has an amazing career appearing in so many film and shows (The Breakfast Club, Justified, Tootsie, Internal Affairs, Seinfeld) and has amazing stories how he got the gig as the janitor in The Breakfast Club, auditions, John Candy, what stars were jerk to him, and who were cool. Angelo Tsarouchas talks about working on a swingers cruise. Angelo also co-starred in my movie Fred & Vinnie. Steve Skrovan produced and wrote for Everybody Loves Raymond all nine season and knows what producers look for in auditions, and gives great tips. He also directed Fred & Vinnie. Check out Fred and Vinnie My books coming out in paperback
7/24/20151 hour, 27 minutes, 35 seconds
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Robert Forster (Jackie Brown, Alligator, The Descendants, Mulholland Drive, Breaking Bad, Heroes)has one of my favorite inspirational stories about never giving up. His story should be heard by any actor, writer, or anyone trying to be in the human race. Amazing stories about being a contract player, Tarentino, working with Brando, going into a slide and then getting it back in the late innings. I talk about him in my book, so if you need more Forster- Amber Tozer couldn't make it, but Ben Solenberger did a great job helping out asking some questions. Also check out my audio book.
7/17/20151 hour, 18 minutes, 9 seconds
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In Conversation with Mitzi Mccall & Charlie Brill

Mitzi Mccall & Charlie Brill have been a comedy team and couple for the last 55 years. They are infamous for having to go before and then follow The Beatles on their USA debut on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964. As a kid I'd see them on some of my favorite game shows, Tattletales, Match Game, and so many sitcoms. They have stories about The Beatles, being in the Tribbles episode of Star Trek, and Silk Stallings among others. Though always working, they have amazing stories or being replaced on sets, working with Jerry Lewis, old Hollywood. My book's coming out in paperback soon. My Kindle Single (My Seinfeld Year) Amber on Twitter
7/10/20151 hour, 27 minutes, 16 seconds
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Episode 1: In conversation with Larry Hankin

Larry Hankin (Breaking Bad, Seinfeld, Friends) has been in a million shows and has just as many stories behind the scenes, trying to memorize lines, getting his hopes dashed too many times. Amber Tozer helps me ask some questions. some books I wrote with more stories, etc. My twitter Amber Tozer twitter- Please subscribe, rate and review on iTunes.
7/3/20151 hour, 5 minutes, 24 seconds