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Frank Mars Learning English*Frank低音英语

Chinese, Education, 1 season, 22 episodes, 3 hours, 38 minutes
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10/31/201410 minutes, 47 seconds
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frank低音英语-21 material life& happiness物质生活和幸福

 material life& happiness物质生活和幸福
10/30/20149 minutes, 28 seconds
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frank低音英语 20-沙发客couch surfer

couch surfing is getting popular in China
10/27/20148 minutes, 17 seconds
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frank低音英语19-will power你的意志力如何?

will power and self control
10/22/20147 minutes, 14 seconds
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10/15/201410 minutes, 9 seconds
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Frank老师给你读英文,带您进入美丽的英文世界,今天介绍丝绸之路旅行的英语表示和一些驴友旅行经历+采访 ,欢迎收听
7/18/201410 minutes, 16 seconds
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Frank老师给你读英文,带您进入美丽的英文世界,今天介绍乘火车去旅行的英语表示和一些国内外火车旅行线路介绍+采访 ,欢迎收听
7/14/201411 minutes, 49 seconds
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frank低音英语15-网络相亲靠谱吗?online dating

frank低音英语15-Frank Mars Learning English15-网络相亲靠谱吗?Online dating and daters risk nasty surprises  Frank老师给你读英文,带您进入美丽的英文世界,今天介绍网络相亲和利弊的故事,欢迎收听
7/4/201411 minutes, 42 seconds
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frank低音英语14-说唱音乐新人Iggy Azalea冲击你的耳朵

frank低音英语14-Frank Mars Learning English14-说唱音乐新人Iggy Azalea冲击你的耳朵  Frank老师给你读英文,带您进入美丽的英文世界,今天介绍说唱音乐新人Iggy Azalea的故事 ,欢迎收听
6/28/20148 minutes, 11 seconds
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frank低音英语13-FIFA到底是神马机构,举办世界杯盈利吗?FIFA’s selfish goals

6/25/201411 minutes, 23 seconds
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frank低音英语12 -玩网络游戏会神经?Online gaming industry and and its impact

frank低音英语12-Frank Mars Learning English12-玩网络游戏会神经?Online gaming industry and and its impact ---Frank老师给你读英文,带您进入美丽的英文世界,今天介绍网络游戏行业和网游对玩家的影响,欢迎收听 Playing online games can be addictive too, and some people and authorities even consider students with the addiction of online games as mentally ill.  20-year-old Xiaoyuan is a student at a top university in Beijing. While he admits that he is on the verge of dropping out due to excessive online gaming, he says he can't comprehend how he is taken on a par with people who are mentally unstable. 
6/23/20147 minutes, 48 seconds
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frank低音英语11-Raise chickens in the urban areas在城市内养鸡是否现实呢?

Frank老师给你读英文,带您进入美丽的英文世界,今天介绍中美两国居民城市内养鸡的故事,欢迎收听Words: urban area, chicken coop,irreaslistic, journalist, community, residence, apartment, disrupting, trend,lifestyle, popularity, rental business, livestock,  
6/20/20146 minutes, 47 seconds
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frank低音英语10-Frank Mars Learning English10-college我的大学怎么过?

frank低音英语10-Frank Mars Learning English10-college我的大学怎么过?Frank老师给你读英文,带您进入美丽的英文世界,今天介绍2个人他们自己的大学经历,欢迎收听
6/18/20148 minutes, 20 seconds
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frank低音英语09-Frank Mars Learning English09-talk to strangers和陌生人说英语

frank低音英语09-Frank Mars Learning English09-talk to strangers和陌生人说英语,建议戴上耳机听效果更好Pleasant conversation:Don't talk to stangers.This is social norm we stick to... 
6/16/201410 minutes, 43 seconds
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Frank低音英语08-selfie sharers or self lovers?自拍还是自恋

frank低音英语,男银的声音英语为您播报社会问题,语速稍慢,frank老师微信:frankinchina.本期讨论selfies:自拍的表达和讨论,欢迎大家反馈。词汇:selfie, burgeoning,disseminate,elicit,esteem,exhibit,filter,gauge,incredibly, massive,narcissistic,portrait,pose,scroll,ubiquitous,ultimately
6/14/20148 minutes, 39 seconds
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Frank Mars Learning English7疯子老师英语播报7-批评的艺术

Frank Mars Learning English07疯子老师英语播报07-批评的艺术,key words:constructive criticism, tee-up,适中语速播报加采访-了解批评的艺术,避免树敌 
6/12/20148 minutes, 57 seconds
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Frank Mars Learning English 6疯子老师英语播报6

6/11/20148 minutes, 55 seconds
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frank mars learning english 5疯子老师英语播音5

6/9/20146 minutes, 40 seconds
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Frank Mars Learning English 4疯子老师英语播报4

Frank Mars Learning English 4疯子老师英语播报4语速较慢,适合初级,中级英语学习者。frank老师为大学英语教师和播音爱好者
6/8/201411 minutes, 9 seconds
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frank mars learning english3疯子老师英语播报3

6/6/201411 minutes, 47 seconds
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frank mars learning english 2

6/3/201417 minutes, 19 seconds
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frank learning English1疯子老师英语播报1

5/31/201411 minutes, 55 seconds