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English, History, 1 seasons, 50 episodes, 16 hours 36 minutes
Forgotten is a brief audio journey through historic happenings of the Christian faith. Each episode recounts the acts of God's supernatural hand in the events of man or the testimony of extraordinary sacrifice of devoted followers of Jesus Christ. The effort of this broadcast is to strengthen our faith in God and resolve our hearts to trust Him no matter what. The reason for telling these stories is that we may not forget. Let us not be accused of forgetting our God: ...yet my people have forgotten me... (Jeremiah 2:32)
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Down through the annals of recorded history, tucked away within its dusty pages, are hidden gems; breathtaking accounts that put on display happenings so astonishing that their only explanation is the intervention of the Divine. In his book, “Church History in Plain Language”, author and historian Bruce Shelly states that “Christianity is a historical religion,... The post Forgotten Podcast Trailer appeared first on Forgotten.
10/03/20232 minutes 31 seconds
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Special Series – Wretched John – Episode 4 – Prone to Wander

Escaping the horrendous North Atlantic storm that nearly took his life, John emerged with a newfound faith in Christ. But the days ahead were far from smooth sailing. As with many new believers, those early first steps of following Christ are filled with faltering stumbles of spiritual immaturity and well laid snares by an unseen... The post Special Series – Wretched John – Episode 4 – Prone to Wander appeared first on Forgotten.
02/11/202126 minutes 13 seconds
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Special Series – Wretched John – Episode 3 – Rescued

Emerging from captivity, John soon ventured upon a life in Africa of growing wealth and boundless exploration of his depraved desires. That is until he was lured by prospects of inheritance onto a ship bound for England. A ship whose near floundering changed John’s life forever. The post Special Series – Wretched John – Episode 3 – Rescued appeared first on Forgotten.
21/09/202128 minutes
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Special Series – Wretched John – Episode 2 – Held Captive

Pressganged in to the Royal Navy, John’s haughty personality and infatuation turn what might have been a prestigious opportunity for John in to a disgraceful ruin. And the chance encounter with a slave ship which he thought to be his rescue, proved to be a nightmare. The post Special Series – Wretched John – Episode 2 – Held Captive appeared first on Forgotten.
10/09/202124 minutes 41 seconds
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Special Series – Wretched John – Episode 1 – Out to Sea

Over 250 years ago, wooden boats powered by canvas sails tried the seas with no assurances that they would ever set foot on solid ground again. On the high seas, sailors at the mercy of rolling waves and raging storms, do what have done since the days of Jonah, they cry out to God. Such... The post Special Series – Wretched John – Episode 1 – Out to Sea appeared first on Forgotten.
03/09/202123 minutes
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Special Series – Wretched John – Trailer

If there was ever an individual who fit the description of being a wretch, it was John. From the age of eleven he sailed the high seas, picking up every depraved behavior that an 18th century deckhand was willing to share. He was an insubordinate and disrespected member of the English Navy, twice charged with... The post Special Series – Wretched John – Trailer appeared first on Forgotten.
31/08/20212 minutes 22 seconds
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Episode 43 – Rasalama of Madagascar

The Mad Queen of Madagascar’s first draught of martyr’s blood, which without doubt brought upon her a continuous thirst for more, was from of a young woman named Rasalama; a peasant girl in the poor village of Manjakaray in Madagascar. The queen’s intent was to either cause the girl to beg for her life, casting... The post Episode 43 – Rasalama of Madagascar appeared first on Forgotten.
27/07/202140 minutes 35 seconds
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Episode 42 – Dutton Lane

Burrage Lane made sure his hunting rifle was loaded with dry shot, then he slid the weapon into his saddle. Anger boiled within him, as he looked at the gun. The man he was there to find had to be stopped at all costs because what he was spouting from behind that pulpit was poison,... The post Episode 42 – Dutton Lane appeared first on Forgotten.
09/06/202116 minutes 14 seconds
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Episode 41 – Elizabeth Payson Prentiss

The series of personal tragedy and suffering that Elizabeth Payson Prentiss encountered is hard to fathom. Stories of lesser personal loss that caused individuals to completely shut out even the idea of a loving, personal almighty God are numerous and easy to find. So what would become of Elizabeth, this heart-broken mother, wife of a... The post Episode 41 – Elizabeth Payson Prentiss appeared first on Forgotten.
17/05/202155 minutes 46 seconds
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Episode 40 – John Harper

John quickly kissed the forehead of his daughter and handed her to the crewman, who then handed her to Jesse. When Nana saw that her daddy was not following, she began to cry and scream, “Daddy! Daddy! No! Don’t leave me!” Through the blur of tears in her eyes, she saw her daddy, turn and... The post Episode 40 – John Harper appeared first on Forgotten.
23/04/201827 minutes 49 seconds
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Episode 39 – Jim Elliot’s Last Christmas

With his heart filled by the joy of the Christmas story, and the gift of a Saviour, Jim Elliot (as well as his four friends) had no idea that a few days hence they would pay the ultimate price for their desperate attempt to make the good news known to all people. Sound track list:... The post Episode 39 – Jim Elliot’s Last Christmas appeared first on Forgotten.
08/01/201816 minutes 53 seconds
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Episode 38 – The Deaths of DL Moody

There are some for whom the Christmas season only magnifies more their sorrow than their joy. The stringing of lights, the gifts under the tree, and the arrangement of the Christmas dinner table are only stinging reminders that someone who was once there is gone. The great evangelist D.L. Moody was no stranger to such... The post Episode 38 – The Deaths of DL Moody appeared first on Forgotten.
21/12/201725 minutes 32 seconds
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Episode 37 – John Craig and the Black Dog

The LORD ruleth over all. He is able to control the seas, the storms and the sparrows of life; its rains, its rivers, and its routes. He is even able to guide the steps of a condemned servant running for his life and the paws a wilderness dog to intersect into an encounter of astounding... The post Episode 37 – John Craig and the Black Dog appeared first on Forgotten.
14/11/201730 minutes 58 seconds
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Episode 36 – David Marks

Even though David Marks was not much more than a child, he knew that what was to be prized above all, was not to be found in this life but in the life to come. So on January 1, 1821, with a single one dollar bill in his pocket and the promise of God to... The post Episode 36 – David Marks appeared first on Forgotten.
27/10/201739 minutes 9 seconds
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Episode 35 – Charlotte Elliott

Sickness and suffering, pain and plague seem to be question that many default to: If there is a God, then why is there so much suffering in the world? But we can be assured that our wounds are not wasted; that our suffering is never senseless. And as in the case of Charlotte Elliott, we... The post Episode 35 – Charlotte Elliott appeared first on Forgotten.
09/10/201718 minutes 17 seconds
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Episode 34 – James Abbes

Not much is known about James Abbes. He is described as young man, with a zeal to share to the story that the monarchy desperately longed to stamp out: the plain teaching of salvation by grace through faith alone. This teaching was considered heresy and punishable by death and in 1555 the list was long... The post Episode 34 – James Abbes appeared first on Forgotten.
23/09/201710 minutes 14 seconds
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Episode 33 – Genesius of Rome

In AD 303, God confronted a most vile and blasphemous young man who had strayed far from the instruction of family and He did so at not a more inconvenient time. Sound track list: Liam Higgo – Forgotten Liam Higgo – Journey The post Episode 33 – Genesius of Rome appeared first on Forgotten.
04/09/201715 minutes 55 seconds
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Episode 32 – Stuart Hamblen

Stuart had been up all night. He had tossed and turned unable to sleep. All he could hear in the back of his mind were the words of that country preacher about standing before God and giving an account for his life. And his life was a mess. His drinking had taken over. If he... The post Episode 32 – Stuart Hamblen appeared first on Forgotten.
23/08/20179 minutes 3 seconds
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Episode 31 – William Tyndale

The thing that got me was that they scraped his hands. They took a piece of glass or a knife and with the edge, scraped the heel and palm of his hand down to his finger tips. They were trying to remove something, something that they had applied to his hands years ago. But scrape... The post Episode 31 – William Tyndale appeared first on Forgotten.
07/08/201714 minutes 46 seconds
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Episode 30 – Maeyken Wens

The famed pastor RG Lee said, “…Some of the most beautiful and spiritually fragrant flowers that blossom in God’s Kingdom gardens, some of the most luscious spiritual fruit that ripens in God’s Kingdom orchards and some of the most potent streams that flow out to make gardens out of desert spots of the world are... The post Episode 30 – Maeyken Wens appeared first on Forgotten.
28/07/201718 minutes 15 seconds
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Episode 29 – The King of Chattanooga

In 1932, men like Al Capone, crime bosses that had a stranglehold of power through criminal activity, were in cities all over America. Chattanooga, Tennessee was no exception. It had its own crime boss that kept his finger on the pulse of a dark underworld in this sleepy southern town. Chattanooga had its king of... The post Episode 29 – The King of Chattanooga appeared first on Forgotten.
11/07/201711 minutes 15 seconds
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Episode 28 – Andy Meakins and Ethiopian Airlines Flight 961

As Ethiopian Airlines Flight 961 was falling from the sky about to crashing into the Indian Ocean in the worst terrorist strike before 9/11, Andy Meakins risked his own temporal safety so that others might have eternal safety. Below is a photo of Andy Meakins serving the people of Ethiopia that he loved so much. The post Episode 28 – Andy Meakins and Ethiopian Airlines Flight 961 appeared first on Forgotten.
20/06/201721 minutes 35 seconds
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Episode 27 – Andres of the Muinane Tribe

Is God big enough to bring the name of Jesus to the heart of a man that has responded in thirst to the witness of creation and conscience even when he lives in the secluded isolation of a South American rain forest? The answer to this question is a resounding, “Yes!” Sound track list: Kai... The post Episode 27 – Andres of the Muinane Tribe appeared first on Forgotten.
05/06/201717 minutes 22 seconds
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Episode 26 – The Godly Woman of Chipping Sodbury

The term poetic justice is a literary construct that is defined as the moment in the plot where virtue is ultimately rewarded and vice punished. Although we rarely see such scenes of poetic justice in life, we know that in the end God will make every wrong right in the day of judgment. Yet there... The post Episode 26 – The Godly Woman of Chipping Sodbury appeared first on Forgotten.
22/05/201711 minutes 6 seconds
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Episode 25 – John Brown of Priesthill

Rare is the pastor who had just performed a wedding and then tell the bride on her wedding day that she has married a great man. Be sure to keep a death shroud close by because, for when you least expect it, you husband is going to be killed.” Even rarer still is the bride... The post Episode 25 – John Brown of Priesthill appeared first on Forgotten.
08/05/201718 minutes 31 seconds
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Episode 24 – Marinus of Caesarea

Down through the centuries, many people have made this difficult choice to forsake all and follow Jesus, but few so brilliantly reveal the cost of that following like that of a young Roman soldier named Marinus of Caesarea. Sound track list: So I’m An Islander – Bræuw fra æ Bjæuw (Letters From the Mountains) So... The post Episode 24 – Marinus of Caesarea appeared first on Forgotten.
24/04/201712 minutes 36 seconds
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Episode 23 – Dudley Tyng

The words of Jesus were clear: In order to be included as his disciple, one must take up their cross and follow him. He calls us to take up our own personal death, death to ourselves, our will, our desires, and be identified with Christ. To endure shame and ridicule as one of his own.... The post Episode 23 – Dudley Tyng appeared first on Forgotten.
11/04/201711 minutes 24 seconds
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Episode 22 – Mel Trotter

In the shadowy dim light of room, Mel reached a trembling hand down, down into the coffin, and slipped the tiny shoes from the body of his two-year old son. With shoes in hand, he quickly made his way out of the parlor, down to the nearest saloon, and slapped the little shoes down on... The post Episode 22 – Mel Trotter appeared first on Forgotten.
21/03/201721 minutes 34 seconds
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Episode 21 – The Bible on the Bounty

Jack desperately rummaged through all that was taken off of the ship. It seemed like he had done this a thousand times; and each time he did, in his mind he could see the flames of the ship rising higher and higher. It seemed like such a good idea at the time. He along with... The post Episode 21 – The Bible on the Bounty appeared first on Forgotten.
11/03/201722 minutes 45 seconds
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Episode 20 – Lott Carey

One name, for the most part lost to our collective consciousness, is a thrilling example of the unbounded potential that lies not only in the human will and intellect, but in the divine strength supplied to the human heart. The story of Lott Carey is the story of when a black Virginia slave met a... The post Episode 20 – Lott Carey appeared first on Forgotten.
24/02/201729 minutes 21 seconds
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Episode 19 – Uncle John Vassar and the Infidel

Although his name is largely forgotten more than 200 years after his birth, if your had been living in rural America in the mid to late 1800’s chances are you would have recognized his name. John Ellison Vassar was one of the most widely known evangelists in the United States. As we encounter him on... The post Episode 19 – Uncle John Vassar and the Infidel appeared first on Forgotten.
06/02/201727 minutes 11 seconds
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Episode 18 – Johann Leonhard Dober

As the sails filled with the ocean breeze, and the boards creaked with troubling of the waters below him, it was time to go. Whatever lay ahead, whatever the cost, whatever indignities and want that he may experience in trying to reach the impoverished and oppressed African slaves on St. Thomas, Johann Leonhard Dober was... The post Episode 18 – Johann Leonhard Dober appeared first on Forgotten.
16/01/201718 minutes 13 seconds
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Episode 17 – Anthony Ashley Cooper 7th Earl of Shaftesbury

It is impossible to estimate the impact that one godly Christian can have on another individual’s life. One cannot look through time and see to what degree the course of a life has been changed by the kind and Christ-like influence one person can have on another. In many respects, the world as we know... The post Episode 17 – Anthony Ashley Cooper 7th Earl of Shaftesbury appeared first on Forgotten.
06/01/201716 minutes 26 seconds
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Episode 16 – Joseph Mohr

What Joseph Mohr didn’t know is that the lyrics to the little poem he had penned two years earlier would forever become part of the Christmas celebrations, not only in his small Austrian alpine village, but around the world. This gentle song would become the centerpiece of reflection and worship for the Saviour-King, born in... The post Episode 16 – Joseph Mohr appeared first on Forgotten.
20/12/201611 minutes 38 seconds
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Episode 15 – Ira Sankey and the Confederate Soldier

Most people never even realize how near they come to the experience of death. But there is at least one instance in history where, on a clear moonlit night, the life of a relatively unknown Union soldier was spared only to find out a decade and a half later, that the Great Shepherd had rescued... The post Episode 15 – Ira Sankey and the Confederate Soldier appeared first on Forgotten.
08/12/201620 minutes 53 seconds
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Episode 14 – Jerry McAuley

Jerry was one of those back alley homeless and nameless people that shop owners and townspeople wish would vanish into thin air. He was a misfit, a thief and all around menace to society. He thought that somehow he had outstretched the bounds of the love of God. This episode is dedicated to Travis Sharpe... The post Episode 14 – Jerry McAuley appeared first on Forgotten.
22/11/201630 minutes 15 seconds
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Episode 13 – Sampson Occom

Sampson Occom, a prolific pastor, educator, and author was betrayed, maligned, and exploited most of his life and largely by people who claimed to worship and believe the same God as he. They were to be thought of and considered his brethren, men of the same family of God. Yet truthfully, in their eyes, he... The post Episode 13 – Sampson Occom appeared first on Forgotten.
07/11/201616 minutes 57 seconds
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Bonus Episode – The Old Epworth Rectory

Satan knows the curiosity of man; and uses it to distract the human mind from occupying itself with the truth of God, by leading it down a path of lies and deceptions. That could have easily been the case with the Wesley family while living at the Epworth Rectory. The unusual events that took place... The post Bonus Episode – The Old Epworth Rectory appeared first on Forgotten.
31/10/201612 minutes 14 seconds
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Episode 12 – Kiyoshi ‘Uncle John’ Watanabe

He was scared, the kind of scared that makes you feel as though you are going to vomit at any moment. But yet he could not show it. That’s the hardest thing in the world to do: Be terrified and not show it… The post Episode 12 – Kiyoshi ‘Uncle John’ Watanabe appeared first on Forgotten.
27/10/201634 minutes 38 seconds
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Episode 11 – AJ

AJ stood firmly planted in rational thinking. If there was a God, he wound up the universe eons ago, and simply walked away. No was personal God, no life after death, no final judgment, no heaven, or no hell. To believe any other way was foolish superstition. That is until one fateful sleepless night, where... The post Episode 11 – AJ appeared first on Forgotten.
11/10/201625 minutes 20 seconds
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Episode 10 – Margaret Wilson

The 18 year old Scottish girl by the name of Margaret Wilson had taken a lonely road for most of her formative years. Living in wilderness caves, trying simply to survive when she was only in her teen age years. And all that time, she never lost sight of to whom she belonged. Even in... The post Episode 10 – Margaret Wilson appeared first on Forgotten.
30/09/201617 minutes 33 seconds
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Episode 09 – Eric Liddell

Eric Liddell was an Olympic sprinter that gave his all in every race. But this characteristic not only followed him on to the fields of competition, but on the fields of commission. Although the fleeting spark of fame would show to the world an Olympic champion, what very few realize is that his ultimate surrender... The post Episode 09 – Eric Liddell appeared first on Forgotten.
12/09/201624 minutes 4 seconds
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Episode 08 – Robert Jermain Thomas

Success is defined as a person or thing that achieves desired aims. One way or another we all want to be successful. But what if we have it all wrong when it comes to the measure of success? What if success or failure as a child of God is not left in our hands or... The post Episode 08 – Robert Jermain Thomas appeared first on Forgotten.
26/08/201615 minutes 23 seconds
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Episode 07 – Dr. Rowland Taylor

History has given us many examples of what it means to be a servant of God. Great men that have led dynamic, spoken to large crowds, written great books, and took memorable stands. But there are a select few that have paid for the privilege of leading their flock with their life’s blood. Shepherds who... The post Episode 07 – Dr. Rowland Taylor appeared first on Forgotten.
19/08/201620 minutes 35 seconds
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Episode 06 – Daniel Nash

His prayer ministry was so isolated and so discreet, that he is all but forgotten in Christian history. He was a man who was considered by the evangelist that he worked with, the indispensable element of an effective crusade to reach lost souls. As his small grave stone reads, in understated words: Daniel Nash, Mighty in... The post Episode 06 – Daniel Nash appeared first on Forgotten.
05/08/201619 minutes 3 seconds
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Episode 05 – Watchman Nee

There are those times when we as believers long for God to come and show His power for all to see. We want the equivalent of a high noon, center of town, in the middle of the street showdown. There are moments when we want the great God of heaven to enter the scene of... The post Episode 05 – Watchman Nee appeared first on Forgotten.
29/07/201613 minutes 30 seconds
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Episode 04 – The Red River Meeting House

An event took at this log cabin out in the middle of nowhere, on the far edge of fledgling nation, in a region of the country filled with criminals and fugitives that defies the imagination. An event that not only had a profound effect on the local area of Logan County Kentucky, or the frontier... The post Episode 04 – The Red River Meeting House appeared first on Forgotten.
22/07/201617 minutes 39 seconds
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Episode 03 – Frowning Providence

There is Someone behind the scenes working circumstance to His infinite wisdom. God is doing this in your life, right now. Every detail, every instance, every crossed path, and every dead end. But that is not so easy to see. One must look from the distance of history in order to see the finger-print of... The post Episode 03 – Frowning Providence appeared first on Forgotten.
16/07/201614 minutes 6 seconds
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Episode 02 – William Hunter

When the curtain of time lifted on young 19 year old William Hunter’s path in the spring of 1555, his parents were watching as their son was walked to the center of Brentwood England, they were watching as he was chained to a wooden post, and they were watching as he was set ablaze. They... The post Episode 02 – William Hunter appeared first on Forgotten.
08/07/201611 minutes 48 seconds
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Episode 01 – Gladys Aylward

Some times we don’t attempt things for God, we don’t boldly stand for God because we are just not sure that His hand will be there to protect us. Sure, God did that in the Bible, but would he protect me? Would he protect me in a car driving down the high way. Would he... The post Episode 01 – Gladys Aylward appeared first on Forgotten.
01/07/20165 minutes 13 seconds