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For Shits and Giggles

English, Social, 1 season, 4 episodes, 3 hours, 34 minutes
This pod is about me (Noe) and my good pal Julian and we are here to talk about anything and everything that we want and things you probably want to here
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Welcome to WrestleMania... So you can leave now

Me and my old pal Julio just talking smack about the wrestling world and how we both got into this great wonderful entertainment 
8/10/20201 hour, 2 minutes, 44 seconds
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This is Our Opinion, Just so you know

This episode we are talking about what is going on with the world and our city and why is this happening the way it is.
6/1/202041 minutes, 31 seconds
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Blue Berry or Double Cheese Burger No CHEESE!!!

Luda vs Nelly, Did the stripper struggle? F-ing Karen
5/26/202052 minutes, 33 seconds
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Hate Us Cause They Aint Us

Get to know us before you judge us haha
5/17/202057 minutes, 40 seconds