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For Micronesians by Micronesians

English, Personal stories, 5 seasons, 124 episodes, 1 day, 19 hours, 47 minutes
Welcome! May is Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month and in honor of this, May will highlight 30 Micronesians in 30 days. Starting in June, the podcast will be weekly and will feature topics and guests that impact Micronesian people and culture.
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Delma and Delvin need a wheelchair!

To hear more about Delma and Delvin's personal story, you can listen to it 23 minutes into the newest episode of Self Evident. The episode is title Heartbeats. Listen to that here: Self Evident Podcast You can donate to get Delvin a new wheelchair here: Delma & Delvin Need a Wheelchair GoFundMe Thanks again, listeners!
2/7/20223 minutes, 2 seconds
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For Micronesians by Micronesians (Trailer)

9/11/202030 seconds
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Medicaid for COFA Citizens

This is a Call of Action and if you need any help with figuring out where to start, please email me at [email protected] or DM me on IG: formicronesiansbymicronesians. 
5/17/20202 minutes, 50 seconds