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English, Fitness / Keep-fit, 1 season, 82 episodes, 1 day, 1 hour, 23 minutes
Explore fitness of the body, mind and soul.
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Sheli McCoy: Sabre The Gladiator

Sheli McCoy AKA Sabre from The Gladiators joins us on the show! How Sheli came from a successful businesswoman to TV’s biggest personality as Sabre! Secrets revealed, guilty pleasures and strong messages for powerful women.
3/18/202422 minutes, 7 seconds
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Horse Racing: ‘It’s physically impossible to win every race’

We focus on different elements in the world of horse racing! Champion jockey’s, the voice of horse racing and the fans give us a fascinating insight into the sport!
3/11/202417 minutes, 18 seconds
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Brittany Carter: 'I had a lot of self doubt'

Positive, powerful words on this podcast from Apprentice star, personal trainer and business entrepreneur Brittany Carter. She shares some insight into her new fitness drink ‘OOMPH!’ and explains how your life can change through hard work, perseverance and using your passion for success. Listen and get fit with Brit!
3/4/202426 minutes, 42 seconds
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Pressures of being a Popstar

Flo Gallop shares her experiences of the pressures of being a popstar, keeping up with trends, staying fit on stage ALL whilst living with a personal trainer!
2/26/202418 minutes, 24 seconds
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Breathing for a better life with Greg Meehan

Greg Meehan works with some of the world’s top athletes and joins us for this insightful podcast episode! Listen for Greg’s perfect analysis, guidance and help for everyone’s breathing, mindset, health and performance!
2/19/202438 minutes, 6 seconds
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Nina Hughes: Is age just a number?

We find out why age should never stop you! Nina Hughes is a Mum of two and a boxing World Champion in her 40’s! Absolutely incredible to speak with Nina who gives great advice and tips for us all!
2/12/202417 minutes, 6 seconds
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Andy Johnson: ‘Keep believing in your pathways’

Crystal Palace, Birmingham, Everton, Fulham, QPR and England footballer Andy Johnson is on the FFS podcast! Discussing his career whilst on a charity marathon walk, AJ opens up on his journey and tells some untold stories. Find out more about his hard-working mentality and that feeling being nominated in the PFA team of the season upfront with Thierry Henry.
2/5/202424 minutes, 32 seconds
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Joshua Buatsi & Dan Azeez: Can friends compete against each other?

Olympian Joshua Buatsi and Dan Azeez have trained with each other for years, forming a fantastic friendship! How does that work when you then have to compete against each other? Fascinating insight into the South London world contenders.
1/29/202419 minutes, 48 seconds
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Flag Football: ‘Mental health is related to physical health’

American Football is huge globally and to help grow the game in the UK, we touchdown with Flag Football club the Kent Phoenix. We speak to players, parents and the organisers!
1/22/202420 minutes, 39 seconds
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Walking Football: ‘Helps keep fit, have fun and have some joy!’

Walking football is an ever growing sport and is perfect for all ages! We speak with a couple of England internationals and Crystal Palace Women’s team about the sport! Find out the benefits and what it’s done to change their lives!
1/15/202419 minutes, 10 seconds
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Tom Stoltman: ‘Autism is my superpower’

Two time World's Strongest Man winner Tom Stoltman discusses how he uses his platform to spread awareness of autism and opens up about his struggles with mental health.Image: Getty Images
1/8/202412 minutes, 6 seconds
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What’s more important, winning or taking part?

The FFS team debate what is more important, winning or taking part! Have your say! [email protected]
1/1/202411 minutes, 53 seconds
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Emma Paton: ‘What does an athlete look like?’

Emma works in a variety of roles digitally and on-screen in the sporting world! A huge role model for shaping the future of sports news. Emma will be the host of the PDC World Darts Championships!
12/25/202320 minutes, 52 seconds
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Deontay Wilder: ‘Nothing but excitement!'

One of the top heavyweight boxers in history with the most impressive knockout power Deontay Wilder shared what fitness, boxing and fighting in Saudi Arabia means to him! Three giants of the sport Fury, Joshua and now Wilder join us on For Fitness Sake!
12/18/202310 minutes, 23 seconds
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Mark Wright: ‘I don’t love training, I love the feeling after!’

TOWIE Star Mark Wright helps us how to live a balanced life with this relatable and helpful podcast episode.
12/11/202311 minutes, 55 seconds
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Street Soccer: The Power of Football

The Street Soccer Foundation hosted an event at West Ham’s London Stadium for young, vulnerable and homeless people around the country. We discuss the work they are doing and how football and fitness has changed so many lives. Featuring Keith Mabbutt, Brentford FC and West Ham FC foundations.
12/4/202325 minutes, 56 seconds
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Marathon March: The Power of Walking

Walking can bring people together and help physically, mentally and socially. Listen to this fantastic perspective on walking and keeping fit - featuring Andy Johnson, Kevin Day and more incredible people who discuss their unique fitness stories!
11/27/202326 minutes, 49 seconds
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Lucy Hadaway: ‘The Olympics are my aim’

Long Jump star Lucy Hadaway dreams of being at the Olympic games in 2024 - we find out how she aims to get there in this podcast episode!
11/20/202319 minutes, 31 seconds
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Children in Need Special

Five Kent schools take on this special challenge set by Pudsey! How many ‘Bearpees’ can the FFS team get Kent school kids to do in one school day?
11/13/202319 minutes, 59 seconds
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Kieran Ekeledo: ‘Taking lessons from the losses’

Inspire, motivate, empower. Three words that Kieran Ekeledo lives by – helping others as a life coach. He wrote the book ’12 Boxing Principles of Success’ that you can use in every day life. Kieran offers some advice for everyone physically and mentally in this episode.
11/6/202319 minutes, 20 seconds
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Eddie Hearn: ‘I want to look good in a pair of shorts’

Find out why Eddie Hearn is feeling the best he has ever felt at 44, advice on being comfortable in your own skin, his fitness journey and why it’s improved his life! Plus much more from the chairman of Matchroom Sport.
10/30/202322 minutes, 28 seconds
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Sophie Etheridge - ‘It’s causing me pain, but wasn't doing me damage.’

Sophie Etheridge used her solo Channel swim to fundraise to offer free training for teachers to be disabled swimming specialists, and for teachers with disabilities to get into open water coaching.
10/23/202313 minutes, 21 seconds
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If you could re-live any sporting event in history, what would it be?

‘Rematch’ take us back to 1974 Zaire for the iconic Ali v Foreman fight, in their immersive theatre show. We discover what it’s like to stay fit and act as the greatest boxers ever from the cast and creatives of ‘Rumble in the Jungle’. Visit for more information!
10/16/202320 minutes, 27 seconds
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Head first down a frozen track, what is it like competing in ‘Skeleton’?

The world’s best Skeleton athlete Matt Weston talks about the sport, his motivation, aspirations and what it takes to be on top at the Winter Olympics.
10/9/202320 minutes, 12 seconds
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‘People say it's not a sport and I don’t understand why.’

The ‘Ice-Man’ Gerwyn Price talks winning, his love of Rugby, Wales and his rapid rise to become world number 1. He says that ‘Darts is one of the biggest in the world.’
10/2/202313 minutes, 10 seconds
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How to stay healthy with a hectic schedule?

Busy lives, busy schedules is something we all have to deal with in life. It can affect us physically and mentally! Viddal discuses balancing all the roles he has! He offers brilliant advice in this open and honest podcast episode.
9/25/202321 minutes, 40 seconds
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Mental and physical health in the public eye

TV star Charlie talks about mental health, reality shows (The Only Way is Essex/The House of Sims) his family, the boxing world AND missing a classic English kebab!
9/18/202316 minutes, 29 seconds
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Topsy's not a fan of cold, wet matches either

Rugby winger star Topsy Ojo joins the team for a different perspective on the ‘gentleman's’ game.
9/11/202318 minutes, 55 seconds
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How to trampoline to Olympic standard!

Team GB trampolinist Laura Gallagher suffered a loss in her family whilst competing at the Olympic games...hear how she overcame adversity and trained hard to get herself to the top level of the sport!
9/4/202320 minutes, 54 seconds
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We go 12 rounds with both fighters ahead of their rematch on the 2nd September in Manchester. Who has the better mindset? Will they share a drink together in 10 years time? Who will win the fight? All answered on FOR FITNESS SAKE.
8/28/202316 minutes, 45 seconds
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Courtney Black: Fitness Influencer

Owner of the most successful UK Fitness app - Courtney opens up about her past struggles with health and offers advice to get fitter, healthier and happier.
8/21/202315 minutes, 8 seconds
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Anthony Joshua

EXCLUSIVE chat with AJ, Eddie Hearn, David Haye, George Groves and Frank Smith...focusing on Anthony Joshua’s legacy in Boxing across the world.
8/14/202333 minutes, 53 seconds
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Marnie Swindells: ‘The Apprentice’ Winner

Boxing’s new boss talks business, promoting the next generation of fighters through her ‘Bronx’ gym and the boardroom with Lord Alan Sugar.
8/7/202319 minutes, 5 seconds
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Richard Whitehead MBE: Paralympian

Double gold medalist Richard Whitehead discusses winning gold, teamwork and how to overcome adversity.
7/31/202312 minutes, 48 seconds
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Women's World Cup Special: Karen Carney, Mary Earps, Sue Smith and Fara Williams

England winning the European Championships in 2022 had the biggest impact on women's football ever. We look at the positive future of the game with four Lioness legends.
7/24/202328 minutes, 57 seconds
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UFC: Tom Aspinall

Heavyweight star of the UFC Tom Aspinall says he'll be champion of the world...we find out how he'll get there.
7/17/202319 minutes, 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

Tennis: Wimbledon Special

Featuring a former champion, the incredible work that the LTA do, coaches and of course the fantastic fans!
7/12/202324 minutes, 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

Wimbledon: Tennis Ace - Ali Collins

Competing at the world famous tournament...and from the same town as Andy Murray...can Ali Collins emulate his triumphs?
7/10/202316 minutes, 10 seconds
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Rudimental: Locksmith

It takes a lot to be in a world successful band...we look at the importance of keeping your mind and body fit, behind the music.
7/3/202319 minutes, 20 seconds
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Crystal Palace FC: Palace for Life

How does sport change lives? Find out in this special episode as we go behind the scenes with Premier League football club Crystal Palace’s ‘Palace for Life Foundation’ and discover how they’re inspiring people with the work they do in their community.
6/26/202326 minutes, 8 seconds
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Niels ‘The Terminator’ Feijen - World Champion Pool Player

Take a look into the world of pool and what it takes to be a winner! Matt and Stephen speak to World Champion Niels Feijen to discover the fitness side of pool and how he chased his dream!
6/19/202319 minutes, 15 seconds
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Love Island Star - Liam Reardon

Love Island winner Liam Reardon talks body image, boxing and winning the show!
6/12/202315 minutes, 11 seconds
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Premier League Season Review: 22/23

The FFS boys Stephen & Matt review the Premier League 22/23 football season! Who makes their BEST XI?
6/5/202329 minutes, 16 seconds
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Freestyle Football: Liv Cooke

World Champion Freestyle footballer Liv Cooke talks about breaking records, her pro career AND discusses if her viral videos are all ‘true’.
5/29/202323 minutes, 31 seconds
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Running: Lillie Bleasdale

Lillie joins the FFS podcast to inspire those about running. She opens up about her experiences with illness and how sport has helped her recovery and mental health!
5/22/202325 minutes, 2 seconds
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Boxing: The ‘Gentleman’ - Chris Billam-Smith

Bournemouth boxer Chris Billam-Smith is on the FFS podcast, discussing his fight at the Vitality stadium against his friend...Lawrence Okolie!
5/15/202318 minutes, 14 seconds
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Sue Smith: Football

Former England star Sue Smith joins FFS! Discussing the growth of the women's game, training methods AND the fittest, fastest and strongest players she's played with and against.
5/8/202317 minutes, 37 seconds
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Kat Merchant: Rugby World Cup Winner

Find out what life is like after ‘forced’ retirement due to concussion - with Rugby World Cup winning star, Kat Merchant. She continues to spread positivity and remain within the sport, helping people with their fitness journey! Featuring grassroots players who enjoy the sport.
5/1/202321 minutes, 23 seconds
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Mental Muscle: Adrenaline & Stress

Julia Ravey from BBC Podcast ‘Mental Muscle’ joins the FFS team. Matt and Stephen tested England's longest zipwire and Europe's BIGGEST swing, Julia breaks down the science behind what stress, pressure and adrenaline does to our bodies.
4/24/202319 minutes, 3 seconds
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Snooker: Joe O’Connor

The FFS team look into the intricate world of snooker, finding out how other sports help your skills in the game!
4/17/202312 minutes, 57 seconds
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Joe Joyce: Boxing

Get to know Heavyweight boxer Joe Joyce as the FFS team take him on for 6 rounds of questions!
4/10/20238 minutes, 27 seconds
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Dancing: Ola and James Jordan

Strictly Come Dancing stars Ola and James Jordan talk about weight loss, dancing drills AND what it’s like on the ballroom floor!
4/3/202310 minutes, 40 seconds
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Rowing: Alex Gregory

Double Olympic gold medallist in rowing Alex Gregory joins the pod...discussing his fitness business, what it takes to win gold and MORE!
3/27/202318 minutes, 51 seconds
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Mixed Martial Arts: Dakota Ditcheva

Meet one of the UK’s best MMA Dakota Ditcheva tells us how she got into the sport, what her plans are AND how to train to be the best!
3/20/202312 minutes, 30 seconds
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Mental Health: Walking

Faye Smith has used walking as a coping method for loss and tragedy in her life. Discover her story and how walking can be beneficial for all.
3/13/202313 minutes, 15 seconds
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Netball: England’s National Team

Stephen and Matt get exclusive behind the scenes access at London’s Copper Box Arena to speak with the England national teams!
3/6/202315 minutes, 48 seconds
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Floyd Mayweather: Hard Work, Dedication

Floyd Mayweather's first fight in the UK and the FFS team had the unique chance to ask him questions! Featuring trainer, Adam Booth & Money Team Shi!
2/27/202312 minutes, 23 seconds
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Mr Motivator

Get motivated with the man himself, Mr Motivator.. a.k.a Derrick Evans MBE. We talk about his inspiration, offer advice for all AND take on a challenge! Need motivation? There’s only one podcast to listen to!
2/20/202311 minutes, 24 seconds
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Heart Health

Discover former footballer Fabrice Muamba’s harrowing story and the man who saved him - we hear how YOU can keep a healthy heart with Doctors and specialists offering their advice.
2/13/202310 minutes, 28 seconds
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NFL: Super Bowl Special - Jason Bell and Osi Umenyiora

Touchdown! Two-time Super Bowl winner Osi Umenyiora and former NFL star Jason Bell discuss American Football, their careers, the Super Bowl and the G.O.A.T...Tom Brady!
2/6/202315 minutes, 12 seconds
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Skydiving: World Champions

Skydiving is a sport that requires physical and mental we find out with the world champion female team!
1/30/202319 minutes, 42 seconds
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Sean + Sam Noakes: Boxing Brothers

Kent boxing brothers Sean and Sam Noakes are on their way to the top of the sport - with impressive records and more fights to come. Find out how they plan to take over the world of Boxing.
1/23/202321 minutes, 35 seconds
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Lauren Jumps: Skipping

Social media star Lauren Flymen gives an introduction to jump rope fitness...after catching the attention of millions of people around the world with her WOW videos! Picking up the rope in lockdown, she’s never skipped a beat since, and now we can all learn how good it is to jump rope.
1/16/202314 minutes, 23 seconds
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Anthony Yarde - ‘Lions in the Camp’

British professional Anthony Yarde and his trainer Tunde Ajayi discuss their training, success and determination to be top of the boxing world.
1/9/202327 minutes, 46 seconds
Episode Artwork

Jermaine Jenas: Pitch to Punditry

Former Premier League star JJ chats training drills, England call-ups & MORE!
1/2/202324 minutes, 24 seconds
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Sport Review 2022: Top 10 Moments

What are the top 10 sporting moments of 2022? The FFS team take a look back on a fascinating year of sport! 2022 brought us moments which will sit in the history books forever.
12/26/202212 minutes, 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

Charlie Stemp: West End Wonder

Theatre star Charlie Stemp steps into the podcast! Discussing ‘Mary Poppins’, acting, mindset, diet and the fitness it takes to be on stage! A real supercalifragilisticexpialidocious episode!
12/19/202213 minutes, 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

Mary Earps: Lioness Legend

The Lionesses goalkeeper talks winning the Euro’s, her favourite training methods & MORE!
12/12/202214 minutes, 53 seconds
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Boxing: Tyson Fury - Fight Week Fitness!

'Anything is possible if you have faith..' Says Tyson Fury! Go behind the scenes at Fury v Chisora '3'...from press conference to the final bell! Hear from legends of Boxing such as: Bob Arum, Carl Frampton and Anthony Crolla. AND exclusive interviews with the champ himself, Tyson Fury!
12/5/202222 minutes, 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

David Seaman: Shot Stopper!

The gloves are OFF as the guys chat to former Arsenal & England goalkeeper, David Seaman!
11/28/202216 minutes, 14 seconds
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Andrea Spendolini-Sirieix: Diving Deep

Two time Commonwealth Games and national champion diver Andrea Spendolini-Sirieix dives deep about the training, mental challenge and fun of her sport!
11/21/202216 minutes, 43 seconds
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Gardiner Brothers: Irish Dancing Duo

The guys are joined by World Champion dancers Michael and Matthew Gardiner - the brothers famous on TikTok!
11/14/202222 minutes, 40 seconds
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Ugo Monye: Strictly Come Rugby

The guys learn about how rugby legend Ugo Monye went from heavy tackles and tries to the dance floor! What does it take to play at the elite level AND who is the toughest coach?
11/7/202218 minutes, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

Tom Bosworth: World Record Racewalker

The guys learn about the art of racewalking – can they beat the ‘one mile’ world record time held by Tonbridge Racewalker, Olympian Tom Bosworth.
10/31/202225 minutes
Episode Artwork

Scott Minto: Winning Mentality

The guys dive into the fitness of FA Cup winner and former Premier League star, Scott Minto. Find out what it takes to become victorious in sport!
10/24/202217 minutes, 27 seconds
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Watersports: Paddleboarding

The guys head to St. Andrews Lakes in Kent and try long until they fall in? Find out about the water sport phenomenon that’s taking over social media!
10/17/202220 minutes, 1 second
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Rozalla: Music and Mental Health

Everybody’s free to feel good! The guys chat to international pop-sensation Rozalla about mental health and exercise!
10/10/202221 minutes, 11 seconds
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Freezer Therapy!

The guys head to Sevenoaks where they undergo freezer therapy...where they go into a cryotherapy chamber. How do they get on?
10/3/202216 minutes, 49 seconds
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Climbing Kilimanjaro!

Could you climb a mountain? Kent student Lia Gillett reveals all about her journey up Kilimanjaro and the guys do a workout alongside a ‘step counting’ challenge!
9/26/202215 minutes
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John Barnes: Liverpool Legend

Football legend John Barnes talks training and the drills he recommends to focus on speed and endurance! WARNING: The guys also sing!
9/19/202215 minutes, 56 seconds
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Dudley Stokes: Bobsleigh Boss

Ever seen the film Cool Runnings? Dudley Stokes is the inspiration behind the story. The guys chat to the Jamaican bobsledding legend about training, mental health and more!
9/5/202214 minutes, 16 seconds
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Welcome to For Fitness Sake

Join Stephen Brown, Matt Thacker and our extraordinary guests as we explore fitness of the body, mind and soul. We’ll help you on your journey, through exercise, better health and mindfulness, with advice, guidance and a large amount of fun.
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