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As a church we exist to create pathways for people just like you to know God, love others and serve the world. If we can help you in this journey, in any way, it would be our great honour and privilege. Join our worship services live each week on Saturday at 6:30 PM and Sunday at 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM at
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The Pressure of Pluralism

Daniel - Daniel 3: This Sunday, we delve into the timeless tale of Daniel 3, exploring the remarkable faith of 3 young men and the pressure to conform. Explore the power of conviction, the goodness of God, and the pressure of pluralism. Join us this Sunday at 9 or 11am and bring a friend!
4/14/202446 minutes, 27 seconds
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The Trial and The Test

Daniel - Daniel 1: How do you remain faithful in a world of doubt? How do you keep your faith alive when life seems to be falling apart? How do we have our faith stand the test of deep trial? These questions have been asked by countless Christians throughout thousands of years and this week we will look into Scripture for answers. The book of Daniel is full of trial, difficulty, and fear, and gives us great models of faith in the midst of difficulty. Join us this week as we look at Daniel 1 and study how to have faith that can stand the test. Additionally, we will be celebrating many baptisms! Join us at 9 or 11am and bring a friend!
4/7/202438 minutes, 55 seconds
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The Error of Easter

Easter 2024 - Luke 24:36-49: Happy Easter! This day is the most important day in the Christian calendar. It is a day of celebration, victory, family, and feasting. And yet, many Calgarians could scarcely identify why this day is so important. Many of us make a great mistake of Easter and miss the moment. As we look at Luke 24:36-49 we will see the scandal and challenge of Easter and Jesus invitation to a whole new life. Join us this Sunday at 9 and 11am (and on Good Friday at 9 or 11am – come early as we are joining with other churches) to celebrate the high point of Christian life and the promise of new life both now and forevermore!
3/31/202441 minutes, 29 seconds
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The King on a Colt

Easter 2024 - Luke 19:28-48: This Sunday is Palm Sunday—a moment where Christians for thousands of years have paused to witness the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem. Palm Sunday commemorates the moment when Jesus enters as King into Jerusalem. But a strikingly different king than anyone expected. In this week’s text, Luke 19:28-48, we see Jesus worshipped, enthroned, and yet, sitting on the coal of a donkey—an odd mount for a great king. And yet, we will see that our hearts are designed and longing for a King on a Colt. A humble, gentle, and courageous king. Join us this Sunday, for Palm Sunday, at 9 or 11am and bring a friend!
3/24/202445 minutes, 56 seconds
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Prophet, King & Brother

All Eyes On Jesus - Matthew 12:38-50: This Sunday, prepare to journey deeper into the heart of Matthew 12:38-50, where Jesus reveals Himself as the Better Prophet, Wiser King, and Loving Brother. We'll explore how His response to the Pharisees' demand for a sign illuminates His divine wisdom and surpasses the wisdom of Solomon. Discover how Jesus, as the ultimate Prophet, unveils truths about faith, obedience, and the true essence of discipleship. Join us as we delve into the profound depths of Christ's teachings and uncover the richness of His love and authority. Don't miss this opportunity to encounter Jesus in a fresh and transformative way. See you at 9 & 11am! Bring a friend!
3/17/202441 minutes, 50 seconds
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Signs, Satan and Speech

All Eyes On Jesus - Matthew 12:22-37: What do people say about you when you are not in the room? Sometimes, people might comment to each other about how loving, kind, capable or attractive you are. Other times…we might not want to think about what they might have to say. The truth is, not many of us are comfortable with the idea that others are talking about us, without us. And yet, this is a very human reality. Jesus was no stranger to being talked about. In this text, Matthew 12:22-37, we are going to see crowds marvel at Jesus and brag about Him. We will also see His enemies claim He is satanic. We will also study the unforgiveable sin. You won’t want to miss this week. Join us at 9 or 11am! Bring a friend!
3/10/202443 minutes, 21 seconds
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Jesus and Controversy

All Eyes On Jesus - Matthew 12:15-21: Have you ever met someone truly polarizing? Someone who people adored and loved while others despised and rejected them? What is it that made them that way? This week we begin to see the polarizing nature of Jesus and the controversy that surrounded him. We also get to see how Jesus responded to controversy when it surround him. This week we get the privilege of studying Matthew 12:15-21—an odd passage that gets little air time in most churches and in it we will see the great tenderness, compassion, and beauty of Jesus. Join us in person or online at 9 or 11am and bring a friend!
3/3/202440 minutes, 42 seconds
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Lord of the Sabbath

All Eyes On Jesus - Matthew 12:1-14: Have you ever taken something really simple, but made it really complicated and difficult? Sports are a perfect example of this phenomenon. Take golf for example. The goal is to hit a little white ball into a hole in the ground with a stick. Simple, right? Not even close. Golf has 34 categories of rules, with multiple rules under each category. There’s a rule for if a fly lands on your ball. There’s a rule for playing a ball that lands next to a cactus. There’s even a rule about hitting your ball after it gets lodged in an orange! The Pharisees were good at this, making something simple into something difficult. Our passage in Matthew 12 deals with how the Pharisees had turned the Sabbath, a day of rest for God’s people, into something terribly complicated. Thankfully, Jesus comes along and helps us understand God’s original intention and restores the beauty and simplicity of God’s plan. Come hear more about why the Kingdom of Heaven is Good News for those who know and love Jesus.
2/25/202440 minutes, 11 seconds
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The Terrifying Jesus; the Tender Jesus

All Eyes On Jesus - Matthew 11:20-30: Have you ever had the wrong first impression of another person? Ever meet someone that seemed hard but was kind? Or terrifying but was tender? This week, we enter Matthew 11:20-30, a text where Jesus seems to be terrifying and yet the text transitions to a sublime tenderness that is found in Jesus. We will also deal with the issue of judgment—God’s judgment and how we understand it in light of the kindness of Christ. Join us this Sunday at 9 or 11am as we study the terrifying Jesus and the tender Jesus and see how these two realities of Christ can propel us into greater joy and freedom!
2/18/202441 minutes, 12 seconds
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Surprise, Grief, and the Cousin of Jesus

All Eyes On Jesus - Matthew 11:1-19: This week we focus in on one of the most peculiar and enigmatic figures in the Bible: John the Baptist. We see John’s reaction to Jesus—a Messiah wholly different than what John expected. This raised all kinds of questions for John about Jesus—are you the one I should expect? What does this mean for me? We all have moments where we experience a sense of surprise and disappointment with God. What do we do with those feelings and how do we find greater certainty and beauty in Christ through those moments? Join us this Sunday at 9 or 11am as we study Matthew 11:1-19. Bring a friend!
2/11/202444 minutes, 4 seconds
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Controversial Supremacy

All Eyes On Jesus - Matthew 10:32-42: Controversies have become commonplace in society at large, with something new stirring the pot of opinions multiple times a day. In fact, we've become so used to controversy that we seldom let them affect our day-to-day lives, because there's likely to be a brand new one in the media tomorrow. There is one controversy, however, that has spanned the generations like no other, divining people for centuries—the claim of Christ to uncompromising supremacy. Jesus' claims about himself are controversial because they challenge every other worldview with the total supremacy of Jesus as God. To be a disciple of Jesus is to make Him our highest allegiance, our greatest affection, and our strongest affinity—anything less is not worthy of Him. So, in spite of our complacency to controversy, this is one that should not be ignored because Jesus says His supremacy in our lives will define not only our witness here on earth, but our eternity with God to come.
2/4/202441 minutes, 30 seconds
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Symptoms of Kingdom Life

All Eyes On Jesus - Matthew 10:11-31: We’re back in Matthew this weekend! As we’ve explored this gospel thus far, simply, we’ve seen this: Jesus says the kingdom has come near, be like him, it will be hard, but you can do it because he’ll give you everything you need [when you obey]. The good news must be known to those who have not heard it yet, or who merely need the invitation into his Kingdom. This passage is a beefy section of the bible that I’m excited to explore with you. See you this weekend.
1/28/202443 minutes, 1 second
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Faith, Doubt, Reconstruction: Have you ever felt pain or disappointment or disenchantment so deep that you felt like giving up on faith? Many of us have. Tragically, there are thousands of Canadians who have gone through a painful or disappointing experience that has prompted them to leave faith altogether. And yet, the Bible gives witness to people who experience a tragic loss of faith or belief and gives us a way through. Jesus is tender with us when we doubt or disbelieve and summons us to a renewed faith. Join us this week as we conclude our series on Faith, Doubt, and Reconstruction and study John 20. We will see Thomas’ journey from unbelief back to belief once more and what we might learn from his story. Join us at 9 or 11am and bring a friend!
1/21/202443 minutes, 3 seconds
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Faith, Doubt, Reconstruction: Have you ever felt pain or disappointment or disenchantment so deep that you felt like giving up on faith? Many of us have. Tragically, there are thousands of Canadians who have gone through a painful or disappointing experience that has prompted them to leave faith altogether. And yet, the Bible gives witness to people who experience a tragic loss of faith or belief and gives us a way through. Jesus is tender with us when we doubt or disbelieve and summons us to a renewed faith. Join us this week as we conclude our series on Faith, Doubt, and Reconstruction and study John 20. We will see Thomas’ journey from unbelief back to belief once more and what we might learn from his story. Join us at 9 or 11am and bring a friend!
1/21/202443 minutes, 3 seconds
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Faith, Doubt, Reconstruction - John 14: Doubts. Many of us have them. And yet we can be scared to admit that fact. Why? The Bible speaks openly about doubts and at times portrays honest questions in a positive light and, at other moments, demonstrate that doubt can lead to sin. So what do we do with our doubts? How do we wrestle through the trying and difficult seasons of faith? Can doubt be developmental? How do we experience growth and freedom through difficult questions? Join us this week as we study John 14 and continue to look at the life of Thomas, often dubbed 'the doubter.' We will look at growing through doubt and how to experience Christ through doubt. See you this Sunday at 9 or 11am. Bring a friend!
1/14/202442 minutes, 27 seconds
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Faith, Doubt, Reconstruction - John 14: Doubts. Many of us have them. And yet we can be scared to admit that fact. Why? The Bible speaks openly about doubts and at times portrays honest questions in a positive light and, at other moments, demonstrate that doubt can lead to sin. So what do we do with our doubts? How do we wrestle through the trying and difficult seasons of faith? Can doubt be developmental? How do we experience growth and freedom through difficult questions? Join us this week as we study John 14 and continue to look at the life of Thomas, often dubbed 'the doubter.' We will look at growing through doubt and how to experience Christ through doubt. See you this Sunday at 9 or 11am. Bring a friend!
1/14/202442 minutes, 27 seconds
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Faith, Doubt, Deconstruction - John 11:1-16: It is the beginning of a new year! A time to explore new opportunities, discern a sense of purpose and set the tone for the days ahead. As we enter the new year, we want to talk about developing a robust, life-giving, and joy-filled faith. We also want to take time to talk about what happens when difficulties in faith arise. Additionally, we need to be equipped for the days where we experience a crisis of faith and how to handle that well and emerge on the other side of it with greater strength, character, virtue and faith. This week we are starting a three week series called Faith, Doubt, and Deconstruction. We will be studying the life of Thomas the apostle and what we can learn from his encounters with Jesus. Join us this Sunday at 9 or 11AM as we study John 11:1-16 and bring a friend!
1/7/202447 minutes, 20 seconds
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Faith, Doubt, Deconstruction - John 11:1-16: It is the beginning of a new year! A time to explore new opportunities, discern a sense of purpose and set the tone for the days ahead. As we enter the new year, we want to talk about developing a robust, life-giving, and joy-filled faith. We also want to take time to talk about what happens when difficulties in faith arise. Additionally, we need to be equipped for the days where we experience a crisis of faith and how to handle that well and emerge on the other side of it with greater strength, character, virtue and faith. This week we are starting a three week series called Faith, Doubt, and Deconstruction. We will be studying the life of Thomas the apostle and what we can learn from his encounters with Jesus. Join us this Sunday at 9 or 11AM as we study John 11:1-16 and bring a friend!
1/7/202447 minutes, 20 seconds
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New Year, New You!

New Year, New You! - Romans 12:1-2: Another year is in the books as we're heading into 2024! New Year's Eve is a natural time to reflect on the year and consider what we hope for in the year ahead. It can be a mixed bag of celebration and disappointment, but there's often one thing that we all share in common, and that's the hope for the next year to be better than the last. Many of us will make resolutions for the new year, but unfortunately research tells us only about 9% of us will keep or accomplish them. Why is it that so many of us can't seem to make lasting changes or achieve the transformations that we're striving for? This week we'll look at Romans 12:1-2, which shows us that true transformation isn't the result of adding one more thing to our schedule or breaking one bad habit. Instead, true transformation comes from complete surrender to Christ and a total shift in posture and mindset. So if you're like me and hope to make changes for the better this year, join us on New Year's Eve to explore what Romans 12:1-2 reveals about God's will for your life this year!
12/31/202340 minutes, 50 seconds
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Longing For Christmas

Kingdom Come - Isaiah 9:1-7: Christmas is surrounded by all kinds of taglines: ‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year!’ ‘I’ll be home for Christmas, you can count on it!’ But what are we truly longing for on Christmas? Why all the fanfare, gifts, presents, wrapping, family and tradition? This Sunday, we are going to pause and reflect on the glory and beauty of Jesus Christ and what Christmas is truly about. I’d also encourage us to pause and pray about how we might bring to our Christmas Eve services to help others experience the life changing power and grace of Jesus Christ. Join us on Sunday at 1:30, 3:00, or 4:30PM as we celebrate the coming of God into human history!
12/24/202315 minutes, 22 seconds
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The Sent Ones

Kingdom Come - Matthew 10:1-10: Have you ever been given a profound task or mission? Has a boss or parent or loved one given you a charge of utmost importance? How did you respond? Was there a sense of joy, fear or purpose? This week, we will see the ministry and mission of Jesus multiply as He calls His first followers to do the very thing He has been doing. We will also see how Jesus is still calling us to participate in His great mission today. Join us this Sunday at 9 or 11AM as we study Matthew 10:1-10 and hear the call of Jesus to become sent ones. See you soon and bring a friend!
12/17/202341 minutes, 9 seconds
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Compassion that Compels

Kingdom Come - Matthew 9:35-38: There are a million and one things calling for our time and attention. Every. Single. Day. Media and marketing are asking us to care about this initiative, that campaign, this product, that program. With the limited time, energy and resources we have, how do we determine what we care about, what we invest our lives into and about? In this passage from Matthew 9, we see that Jesus’ compassion for people compelled Him to orient His life around certain principles and priorities, which compelled Him to live in very specific and purposeful ways. Come learn more about how Jesus invites us to be compassionate people and live life with purpose wherever we find ourselves. “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest field.”
12/10/202338 minutes, 37 seconds
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Healing, Faith & Grace

Kingdom Come - Matthew 9:18-34: One of Jesus most peculiar statements was ‘Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.’ This phrase has challenged the church for centuries and has caused tragic divisions. So what do we do with faith? Is faith the end all and be all? What is the relationship between faith and grace and healing. This Sunday we get to see multiple accounts of Jesus’ healing others and learn to unpack a healthy view of faith and grow into our active trust in Christ. We will also have an opportunity to receive prayer for healing. Join us this Sunday as we study Matthew 9:18-34. See you at 9 or 11am – bring a friend!
12/3/202342 minutes, 42 seconds
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Jesus Changes Everything

Kingdom Come - Matthew 9:14-17: Change is hard. If we have a choice between what is old and known and what is new and unknown, we most often choose the good old days and the tried-and-true ways. Even though experience tells us that the new often proves to be better in time, it is hard to make the shift. In our passage this Sunday Jesus is offering something radically new. Not merely a patched-up version of the old or the new contained within the old, but something brand new. But embracing change can be hard. The religious leaders and even John’s disciples we baffled by Jesus words and his ways. Are we ready embrace Jesus’ Kingdom Come? Join us as we hear Jesus invitation to celebrate his coming and all he brings to us.
11/26/202339 minutes, 26 seconds
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Called and Chosen

Kingdom Come - Matthew 9:9-13: Do you remember the day you met Christ? For some of us, we can remember it like it was yesterday. Others of us have a different story—we came to faith at a young age and may not even recall the day. Still others may be exploring faith. What is fascinating about the day you meet Jesus is this—things change. Whether dramatically like a gale force wind or subtly, like a gentle breeze. Everyone changes when they meet Christ. Everyone. This week, as we study Matthew 9:9-13 we are going to see the origin story of the author of this book and the day he met Jesus. Join us this Sunday at 9 or 11am! Bring a friend!
11/19/202337 minutes, 36 seconds
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Here to Go

Kingdom Come - Acts 1: Generally speaking, when people stop what they’re doing to stare up at into the sky, it’s because something captivating and noteworthy is taking place—good or bad—there’s a story unfolding, and we can’t help but find ourselves a part of it. In Acts 1—Jesus’ disciples are watching in wonder as the resurrected Lord ascends into heaven after having just commissioned them to reach the world with His Good News of salvation. In some sense, this Sunday we’re having our own “staring at the sky moment”. As we, like the disciples, “pause” from our usual rhythms to marvel at the resurrected Jesus and consider what it means for the mission of the Church—our mission. What we’ll find is that, like the disciples, we’re not meant to stay staring at the sky… we are Here to Go! That is to say: By God’s design, the purpose of the Christian’s life on earth is to join Jesus in His mission of reaching the world with the Good News of salvation.
11/12/202344 minutes, 32 seconds
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Forgiveness or Healing?

Kingdom Come - Matthew 9:1-8: Have you ever asked for something you wanted, but in the end be given what you actually needed? Sometimes we think we know what we want in life, but have no idea what we really need. What if there was someone who could see what we really need in life, and not only that, they could provide an answer to our most pressing questions and most troublesome problems. This week we will hear about a man who comes face to face with the one person who can do this, Jesus. Come and learn more about Jesus, and maybe you too will find what you didn’t know you needed.
11/5/202343 minutes, 22 seconds
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Jesus and the Supernatural

Kingdom Come - Matthew 8:28-34: One of the great joys of preaching the Bible is dealing with texts that challenge our worldview and call us to a more biblical point of view. This week we are dealing with a highly controversial and incredibly important topic: spiritual warfare and the ministry of Jesus to deal with spiritual darkness. As we study Matthew 8:28-34, we will see that Jesus is Lord of the supernatural world and has more freedom than most of us bargained for. This week we will look at the supernatural side of faith, how to walk in greater freedom with Jesus and how to resist the enemy. Join us this Sunday at 9 or 11am and bring a friend!
10/29/202345 minutes, 29 seconds
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Calm in the Storm

Kingdom Come - Matthew 8:23-27: One of the oddest and most beautiful narratives in the Bible is Jesus and the calming of the storm. There He lays, fully asleep, as His closest followers and friends battle a tremendous storm. When the disciples wake Jesus, He intervenes and then asks a fascinating question about the nature of their faith. In everyday life, we can and do experience storms and at times it seems like Jesus is asleep. And yet, this portion of Scripture, found in Matthew 8:23-27, will teach us about the very nature of Jesus, how He is with us in storms, and how we can cultivate greater faith. Join us this Sunday at 9 or 11AM as we discuss storms, faith, doubt and the character of Christ. Bring a friend!
10/22/202340 minutes, 15 seconds
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The Cost of Following Jesus

Kingdom Come - Matthew 8:18-22: Over past months, the cost of living in Calgary has impacted us all. Some parents have skipped meals to put food on the table for their kids. Others have had to bunk in with friends because their rent just went up 30% and they can’t afford it anymore. This rise in ‘cost of living’ has made us stop and take stock in our ability and desire to maintain a lifestyle we have become accustomed to. Our bible passage, this weekend, Matthew 8:18-22, places before us the challenge of the cost of living in Jesus. Throughout the gospels Jesus shared some ‘hard sayings’ about following him that drastically thinned the crowds, because people weren’t willing to pay the price to fully follow Him. While the gift of salvation is freely given to us from God, the implications of following Jesus carry with them a cost we need to count in becoming fully devoted followers. Join us and bring a friend.
10/15/202341 minutes, 7 seconds
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The Marvel of Faith

Kingdom Come - Matthew 8:5-17: Have you ever been impressed beyond belief? Has anyone ever gone above and beyond to serve you, bless you, or love you? One of the odd claims of our text in Matthew 8:5-17 is this—it is possible to make the hair on the back of Christ’s neck, proverbially standup. It is possible to shock and impress Jesus with our faith. In fact, in the Bible, Jesus is amazed only twice—both surrounding the issue of faith. Jesus was amazed at the faith of an individual and shocked at the lack of faith of his hometown. This week, we will study how to develop faith and we will see the great kindness and grace of Jesus. Join us at 9 or 11am, in-person or online, and bring a friend!
10/8/202341 minutes, 57 seconds
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Arrested By Compassion

Kingdom Come - Matthew 8:1-4: One of the refrains of Scripture is this: the Lord is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love. And if we are honest, some of us struggle to see God this way. We comprehend the strength, holiness, and justice of God but tenderness seems to be far away. This week, we will see Jesus Christ move from the mountain into the mission field and begin to demonstrate the rule and reign of God. And we will see clearly, Christ’s stunning compassion as we study Matthew 8:1-4. Join us this Sunday at 9 or 11am! Bring a friend!
10/1/202341 minutes
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More of Jesus, More Like Jesus

All In: This year my tomato plants are a bit of a mess. They are big…well actually they’re huge. But they are not overflowing with tomatoes. Something went wrong and they are not flourishing. Sometimes that happens in life… we fail to flourish. We might look big and bushy but we are not living into all we were made to be. This weekend we will hear Jesus remind us that the only way to sustain a genuine life with God that flourishes is to remain intimately attached to him. How do you live deeply connected with Jesus? Join us at 9 and 11 to explore Jesus’ teaching, connect with and worship him together.
9/24/202335 minutes, 40 seconds
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Kingdom Friendship

All In - Romans 12:3-13: Friendship is a remarkable gift. It is a bond of affection, frivolity, joy, laughter, and even tears. Friends are one of the greatest gifts in life. However, more and more of us are feeling lonely, lost, and anxious. This year we are leaning into Kingdom Friendships and exploring how we might build deep connections that span across decades and build a legacy. We will be studying Romans 12:3-13 and looking at how we build a healthy community and have spiritual friends that turn into family. We will also look at the year ahead and how we will create a culture of kingdom friendship. Join us this Sunday at 9 or 11am and bring a friend!
9/17/202342 minutes, 45 seconds
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Every day Mission

All In - Jeremiah 29:4-14: It is a new season at Foothills! This Sunday we launch into the new year and are looking at the question: what does God want to do with my life? Many of us feel a gnawing sense of purposelessness and thousands in Calgary feel it too. This Sunday, we are going to look at the Everyday Mission that God has for us and how we can partner with Christ to make a radical difference in our neighbourhoods. Additionally, we are having a kickoff party and heading back to two services at 9 and 11am. Join us this Sunday as we launch into a new year. Bring a friend!
9/10/202345 minutes, 8 seconds
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All In - Extraordinary Prayer

All In - 2 Chronicles 7:1-6, 11-18: It is a new season here at Foothills and likely in your life too. How do we start this year off right? How do we welcome in all the good, beauty, challenges and growth that God has? We prepare our hearts for this new season by entering a time of extraordinary prayer. We believe that God has a new season for Foothills Alliance Church and we are trusting Christ for new believers, restored families, greater vision and a deeper sense of the presence of God. And so, we are calling for a season of prayer and increased faith to experience all that God has for us. Join us this Sunday at 10AM in person or online. Also, a reminder that on September 10, 2023, we will be returning to two Sunday services at 9AM and 11AM. See you Sunday and bring a friend!
9/3/202345 minutes, 25 seconds
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One Body, Many Parts

One Body, Many Parts - 1 Corinthians 12:12-27: What makes someone a butcher? A baker? A candlestick maker? 😊 Is the equipment they use? The uniform they wear? The words they speak? Is it the shoes?? What makes any of us anything? Be it a banker, an engineer, a teacher, an artist, a plumber? What about a Christian? The bible has something to say about who we are, how we are connected to one another, and what makes us part of a bigger picture called the Church. Come and learn more with us this Sunday as we explore “One Body, Many Parts” from three of our pastors!
8/27/202337 minutes, 29 seconds
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Turning to Blessing

Hosea - Hosea 14:1-9: When was the last time you felt truly blessed? When did you experience a surprise gift, a word of encouragement or a moment that filled your soul? One of the most beautiful aspects of the character of God is this: He loves to bless. However, God is also one who will not be mocked—He will not simply bless us if we are rebellious. As we conclude the book of Hosea and study chapter fourteen, we will see how God calls His people to return to blessing, to experience afresh the goodness and spiritual blessings of the gospel, and to walk in newness of life. Join us this Sunday at 10am as we turn to blessing, and bring a friend!
8/20/202342 minutes, 18 seconds
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Love and Correction

Hosea - Hosea 11-13: Love and judgement. These two words seem to be polar opposites. And yet, careful insight and thinking demonstrate that these concepts are intimately linked. When we think of nearly anyone or anything we care about, correction is necessary for success. If you are a business owner or manager, you need to correct your employees for their own good. If you are in a relationship, sometimes you need to correct a lover to strengthen the relationship. If you are a parent, you must correct your children. The same is true with God. This week, as we study Hosea 11-13, we are going to see the love, correction and judgement of God and how they work together to transform people. We will also see what happens when we ignore the correction of God. Join us this Sunday at 10AM and bring a friend!
8/13/202345 minutes, 19 seconds
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Spiritual Amnesia

Hosea - Hosea 8-10: How quickly we forget. I am a chronic forgetter. If it weren’t for calendars, to do lists, schedules and every other memory tool I’d be a lesser man. One of the solutions to this problem is a carabineer for my keys to wear on a belt loop. My key forgetting has been reduced by 95% in incidents. It begs the question, how are we to keep God’s face in our focus when we don’t place similar means of remembering Him? Maybe a more “day-to-day” way of asking that question is: how do we get to know God better today? This is the thrust of what we are speaking on this weekend. See you Sunday ✌️
8/6/202340 minutes, 32 seconds
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What To Do When Your Heart is Hard

Hosea - Hosea 6-7: Have you ever had a hard heart? Where your love for others, God or even self ran cold? It is a common experience. The great hymn, Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing, recalls this reality. The writer states, “prone to wander, Lord, I feel it. Prone to leave the God I love.” As we study Hosea 6-7, we will see the nation of Israel, cold and hard-hearted and in need of a reviving work of God. This week we will study what to do when your heart is hard and how to experience spiritual renewal and the blessing of God. Join us this Sunday at 10AM and bring a friend!
7/30/202351 minutes, 32 seconds
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Hope for Sellouts

Hosea - Hosea 4-5: We all have a price. Whether we like to admit it or not, all of us have a price at which we have sold ourselves to someone or something that is not The One True God. We are prone to making gods for ourselves and making gods of ourselves. In the Book of Hosea, God brings His charge against Israel, lays out the evidence of their rebellion and proclaims His sentence. But the story of Israel’s rebellion and restoration is an archetype for all of humanity - including God’s Church today. We are all a sellout people, but our hope as a sellout people is the God who paid the highest price.
7/23/202339 minutes, 1 second
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Buying Back the Broken

Hosea - Hosea 3: Are you really particular about what you buy? Do you look over everything carefully, checking things twice, to make sure that nothing is rotten, or damaged, or defective, before you make a purchase? That just seems like good common sense! But what if buying something that is broken is the better choice? What if that’s actually what we need to consider in order to truly understand God’s perspective on our world, and the predicament that we find ourselves in? Come and hear more as we continue to unpack the book of Hosea together. Join us this Sunday at 10AM, in person or online, and bring a friend!!
7/16/202338 minutes, 39 seconds
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A People Restored

Hosea - Hosea 2: 'But Me she forgot', that is where spiritual defection always ends up, living as if God doesn’t matter or even exist. In the case of Israel, they treated God as if He was irrelevant to life. And if we're honest, we can fall into the trap of doing the same thing today. We can find ourselves chasing after all kinds of things we are convinced will bring a happiness to our lives and leave God completely out of the picture. The God that was once so important to a person’s life is treated as insignificant and irrelevant. But the question we need to ask is how did these people get to that point? How did they go from being a people who were ardently committed to a relationship of love and worship of God, to a people who considered Him irrelevant? The good news is that in their pursuit of other, He didn't not walk away from them and He doesn't walk away from us. He does not abandon us. He is ready to welcome us home. There is nothing in us that can evoke the love of God, and there is nothing in us that can exhaust the love of God. He will wait for us to return. See you this Sunday at 10AM, in person or online, as we continue in our Hosea series, and don't forget to bring a friend!
7/9/202342 minutes, 19 seconds
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The Scandal of Grace

Hosea - Hosea 1: Scandal and grace. These are two words that do not seem to fit well together. And yet, as we look into Scripture, we see that they aptly describe the heart of God. As we begin a new summer series on the book of Hosea, we are going to see God’s scandalous grace towards undeserving people. In this first chapter of Hosea, we see both the tender mercy of God and His intense anger and wrath. We will also see how God calls us to participate in His great mission towards those in desperate need of His kindness. Join us this Sunday at 10AM, in person or online, and bring a friend!
7/2/202345 minutes, 31 seconds
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Jesus Our Healer

Fourfold Gospel: A great portion of Christ's time was dedicated to healing the sick. He healed all kinds of people: the blind, the paralyzed, the lame, the deaf, lepers, those who had fevers, and many with chronic illnesses. We find no record in the gospels of Jesus turning away anyone who came to him for healing, nor do we find that any disease was too difficult for him to heal. He even raised the dead. Miraculous healings still occur today—evidence that Christ is still our Healer restoring hope. Join us this Sunday at 10am and bring a friend!
6/25/202353 minutes, 19 seconds
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Jesus Our Sanctifier - Ready for a Wedding

Fourfold Gospel - Revelation 22:6-21: One of the most loaded statements in the Christian faith is this: Jesus is coming back. It stirs ups theological controversy, it stirs up hope and joy, it stirs us up questions about timing. In short, it stirs us up. As a result, many churches simply put this great teaching to the side and focus on other issues. However, as we explore the foundations of the Christian and Missionary Alliance and the Fourfold gospel, we are given the gift of looking at what it means that Jesus is our Coming King. One of the great themes of Scripture is the reality of Jesus and the wedding banquet that we are all longing for. Join us this Sunday as we study Revelation 22:6-21, Jesus our Coming King and how we might be ready for that glorious day! Join us at 9 or 11am and bring a friend
6/18/202342 minutes, 57 seconds
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Jesus Our Sanctifier - The Art of Holiness

Fourfold Gospel - 1 Thessalonians 4:1-8, 5:16-24: Have you ever had a moment where you felt dissatisfied with your Christian experience? Where you longed for a greater sense of freedom, empowerment, and life change? For many of us, if we are honest, we find ourselves longing for more. We have experienced the first few tastes of the goodness of Jesus Christ but we long for more. In this sermon, we explore the classic Christian and Missionary Alliance teaching of Jesus our Sanctifier and how God longs to transform the entirety of our lives and give us a fuller and deeper experience of Christ. Join us this Sunday as we study 1 Thessalonians 4:1-8 and 5:16-24 and learn how to embrace the art of holiness and the transforming work of Christ. See you at 9 or 11am! Bring a friend!
6/11/202339 minutes, 37 seconds
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Jesus Our Saviour - Who Were We?

Fourfold Gospel - Titus 3:3-7: When was the last time you needed someone to bail you out? To save your bacon? To throw you a lifeline? It’s not something that we ever expect, and certainly not something that we ever want to experience. But what if I were to tell you that this is the exact thing that we need to understand and accept in order to truly live? This week we will kick-off a short sermon series exploring four foundational aspects of our Christian & Missionary Alliance denomination, starting with Jesus our Saviour. See you on Sunday!
6/4/202336 minutes, 11 seconds
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Counterfeit Faith

Sermon On The Mount - Matthew 7:24-29: In one of the most well known passages in the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus will deliver one of the most terrifying points about discipleship—we can construct a life that is built on counterfeit faith. We can have the appearance of walking with God, of loving the church, and when trials, storms, and even final judgment come, the foundation of our lives is revealed. This week, as we study Matthew 7:24-29, we will see Jesus call to kingdom living that draws us into Christ’s authority and security and how to avoid the pitfall of counterfeit faith. Join us at 9 or 11am as we conclude the Sermon on the Mount. Bring a friend!
5/28/202343 minutes, 4 seconds
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Sermon On The Mount - Matthew 7:15-23: I was learning to tie my shoes at the ripe age of 4. My family lived on site of a summer camp and the space was our domain. Being right on the lake provided several fun opportunities, the best being boating, of course. After one dinner at the camp, I unfortunately stepped on a shoelace of mine and undone the hours of hard work I had done to get that structurally questionable bow. My dad noticing a teaching opportunity said that IF I tied my own shoe, we’d go on a boat ride after dinner. All I heard was boat ride. I had no desire learn a lesson. I enlisted the help of a poor, unknowing camp staff to tie my shoe for me, which they were more than happy to oblige. I ensured that they did so out of view of my dad. Proudly, I strutted back unusually faster than a 4-year-old would do in the heat of learning how to tie one’s shoe. After showing I was ready for my boat ride, dad called my bluff. He investigated. Then discovered the true source of my perfectly, clearly not done by a four-year-old, tied shoe and consequentially, no boat ride. The path of least resistance is the way we want to go to get what we want but not the way we should go. That certainly is true of the kingdom of heaven. But how do we know? Because the fruit of the kingdom comes from traversing the narrow gate, the difficult way. And Jesus’ conclusion of the Sermon on the Mount makes that point very clear. Let’s dive into it this weekend. I’ll wear boots so I don’t have to tie my shoes.
5/21/202338 minutes, 19 seconds
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The Freedom of Restriction

Sermon On The Mount - Matthew 7:12-14: Life seems to be a paradox and whenever Jesus taught, He embraced mystery of life. This week, Jesus will show us that the only way to be truly free is to be completely restricted. We understand this concept intuitively—if you want to be truly free while skating on ice you must dedicate yourself to practice for hours upon hours. Or if you want to experience real freedom in cooking in the kitchen, it requires hundreds of hours and dozens of recipes to be mastered. In short, freedom requires restriction. Join us as we study Matthew 7:12-14, we will see Jesus call His followers to the highest level of moral character and walk on a narrow pathway that leads to life. See you Sunday at 9 or 11AM. Bring a friend!
5/14/202343 minutes, 38 seconds
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What's The Point of Prayer

Sermon On The Mount - Matthew 7:7-11: Regardless of your religious beliefs, background or upbringing, chances are you’ve had at least one moment in your life where you have prayed. You may not have known what to say or to whom you should say it, but the impulse to pray – to reach out to someone or something beyond ourselves in our moments of need – is virtually a universal one. This weekend we will be looking at some of Jesus’ most well-known teaching on prayer, as we talk about the purpose of our prayer, and the Person we pray to.
5/7/202340 minutes, 29 seconds
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Judge Not

Sermon On The Mount - Matthew 7:1-6: Judgment. A concept so powerful, so terrifying, that most of us do not want to think about it. And yet, so many of us find ourselves feeling judged by others. If we are honest, we often can catch ourselves judging others too. Shockingly, Jesus taught that we are not to judge others—a point that most Canadians love to agree with. But what precisely did Jesus mean when He taught us not to judge others? Did Jesus advocate for a moral relativism or for a different type of interaction with each other and the Creator? Join us this week as we study Matthew 7:1-6 and interact with one of Jesus’ most misunderstood and most helpful teachings. See you at 9 or 11am. Bring a friend!
4/30/202340 minutes, 58 seconds
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Overcoming Anxiety

Sermon On The Mount: What makes you worry? What keeps you up at night? What are the challenges that face you that make you feel like you’re losing control. According to, nearly 74% of us will face stress so profound that we feel like we have lost control. Although their problems were different, the experience of anxiety was well known in the ancient world. And Jesus made a scandalous claim—that He could teach us to live life without worry. Jesus claimed to be able to provide peace and faith to people facing desperate challenges. Join us this week at 9 or 11am as we study Matthew 6:25-34 and learn Jesus’ method to overcome anxiety! Bring a friend!
4/23/202336 minutes, 13 seconds
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The Bondage of Wealth

Sermon On The Mount - Matthew 6:19-24: We are back in the Sermon on the Mount! And this week, Jesus is going to steer us right into the topic of money, bondage, and how we get free. In Matthew 6:19-24, our text this week, Jesus sets up a repeating set of contrasts that demand our attention. We have the choice to live a life with great freedom, joy, and a deep sense of the Father’s affection or we can live in the rat-race of everyday life. Additionally, Jesus will tell us that greed is perhaps the sneakiest vice of all and therefore the most deadly. Join us this Sunday at 9 or 11am, in person or online, as we explore the bondage of wealth and how Jesus sets us free! See you Sunday, bring a friend!
4/16/202342 minutes, 22 seconds
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Easter Sunday

Easter 2023: It is Easter! The highest moment in the Christian calendar. A day of celebration, victory, family and even treats. But why? What is the big deal about Easter and the resurrection of Jesus? One of the great challenges 21st-century people face is this: what does the resurrection tell me about every day life? What is the significance? Even deeper questions also arise, how can we trust that this really happened? What is the verification that it is all true? Join us this Sunday at 9 and 11AM (and on Good Friday at 10AM – come early as we are joining with other churches) to celebrate the high point of Christian life and the promise of new life both now and forevermore!
4/9/202339 minutes, 29 seconds
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Power Under Control

Easter 2023 - Luke 19:28-40: If you are a Christian, do you trust Jesus? If you don't identify as a Christian or hold another religious belief, do you trust the idea of Jesus? Who he was? What he did? What he taught? A different take on the question: Do you trust Jesus as king? As an authority? Think about the last time you were betrayed or hurt by someone in authority or by a collective authority? Do you trust power structures? Statistically, there is a high level of distrust for institutional authority. Some of it is understandably placed. So, what does the Kingship of Jesus have to do with a 21st century Calgarian when we have trust issues? The author of the Gospel of Luke, I believe, would point to Jesus' entrance into Jerusalem on a donkey or colt. So will we. See you this weekend?
4/2/202334 minutes, 15 seconds
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On Mission - Here, There, Everywhere

On Mission - Mark 1:29-39: When you hear the word “missions” what comes to mind? For some, it evokes images of career missionaries moving to distant nations to share the gospel. For others, it looks like short-term trips given to relief work like digging wells or building a school. But what if missions was described not only as something done “over there,” but here in Canada as well? And what if I told you that missions is something that everyone, everywhere has been invited into — including you? Join us on Sunday as we discover the mission field that is Canada, and the specific role God has invited you to play in seeing everyone, everywhere encounter the good news of Jesus. Join us Sunday at 9 or 11AM and bring a friend!
3/26/202341 minutes, 3 seconds
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Stillness of Mind

Be Still: What are the most common thoughts that run through your head? What do you say to yourself, about yourself? How are your stress and anxiety levels? One of the great challenges of modern life is the level of complexity and stress that we face in day-to-day life. And much of the challenge relates to how we think. In this message, we will look at the teachings of Scripture and the promise of Jesus to transform our ways of thinking. We will also explore how we might embrace the teachings of Scripture and learn to receive peace that transcends understanding and adopt a stillness of mind that enlivens our faith, fills our hearts with joy, and prepares us to live on mission with Christ. Join us Sunday at 9 or 11am and bring a friend!
3/19/202344 minutes, 2 seconds
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The Whispers of God

Be Still: Be still. How do you feel about those words? It is one of the commands of God to learn to be still and in that stillness we begin to know who He is. In quietness, we begin to receive revelation about the very nature, character and person of God. In this series we are looking at how being still can invite us into significant freedom, life change and growth. This week in particular, we are looking at the whispers of God—the way that God speaks to us through the scriptures and by His Spirit. Join us this Sunday at 9 or 11AM and bring a friend!
3/12/202347 minutes, 27 seconds
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Non Anxious Presence

Be Still: Be still. How do you feel about those words? It is one of the commands of God to learn to be still and in that stillness we begin to know who He is. In quietness, we begin to receive revelation about the very nature, character and person of God. In this series we are looking at how being still can invite us into significant freedom, life change and growth.
3/5/202345 minutes, 38 seconds
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Hungering For God

Matthew - Upside Down Kingdom - Matthew 6:16-18: What are we having for supper? It is a question I dread, but one that is asked every day because everyone needs to eat! God created us flesh and spirit, so it should not be surprising that Jesus’ call to follow him is addressed to our whole selves. Even food has a place in helping us to become like Jesus. After hearing Jesus’ challenge regarding giving and praying over the last two weeks, this Sunday we’ll consider his teaching about when we fast. Our first response might be: “When do we fast?” As we begin our Journey to Easter on this first Sunday of Lent, it is a perfect time to hear Jesus’ invitation to allow the hunger of our bodies to aid us in meeting intimately with our God.
2/26/202337 minutes, 59 seconds
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Accessing the Transcendent

Matthew - Upside Down Kingdom - Matthew 6:5-15: One of the great critiques of the Christian faith by Calgarians is that Christians are too normal. We think differently about money, sexuality, the nature of reality and yet, we do not seem to be any different in how we live our lives. In fact, many people would say that your average church-goer does not seem to have a profound spiritual connection with God that transforms them. In this sermon, we are going to look at Jesus’ teaching on prayer, how it radically transforms us, and puts us in connection with the holy one. Jesus offers us a prayer life that transforms our lives; steadies our soul; and refreshes us in the presence of God.
2/19/202342 minutes, 48 seconds
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The Tyranny of Religion

Matthew - Upside Down Kingdom - Matthew 6:1-4: Have you ever been desperate for approval? Someone in your life that you needed to love or respect you? Maybe it was a parent, a romantic interest, or a boss. Regardless, we all have had the haunting experience of longing for approval—it is a universal reality. This same desire for approval also creeps into our interaction with God. Even our best, most charitable deeds can become toxic and tyrannical if they are used to receive the approval of God and others. In this section of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus is going to interact with our good deeds surrounding money, prayer, and fasting and will teach us how to re-orient our deeds and desires so that they become a source of blessing and life, rather than an unthankful master. Join us this Sunday at 9 and 11am!
2/12/202346 minutes, 42 seconds
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Love Your ... Enemies

Matthew - Upside Down Kingdom - Matthew 5:38-48: In the coming days, Canadians will spend over three billion dollars expressing their affection to those they love at Valentines Day. Shop early because there will be the predictable run on chocolate, flowers and reservations at local restaurants in this regard. Some will even put pen to paper and start off with ‘Roses and red, violets are blue’ (you can fill in the rest!) The text in Matthew 5 we will be digging into this weekend stops us in our tracks, however, when Jesus tells us to Love Our Enemies! I can guarantee this isn’t on our short list of intentions this Valentines Day. Something about these words seems like a foreign concept and the last thing this side of heaven we feel like doing – is this even humanly possible? Join us as we take a deep dive into God’s love for us and the implications for growing to full maturity in our faith.
2/5/202345 minutes, 28 seconds
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Nothing But the Truth

Matthew - Upside Down Kingdom - Matthew 5:33-37: Many commentators argue we are living in a “post-truth” era. Social media has amplified a tendency to select only those “facts” that confirm our own perspective. These same platforms condition us to carefully curate how people see us online and off. In these circumstances, what does it mean to be honest and authentic with our words and lives? Over the last few weeks, our sermon series has focused on the call of Jesus live in relationships graciously restored to all he intended. This week we will explore Jesus’ call to relationships built on the foundation of simple unadorned truth, where yes means yes and no means no.
1/29/202333 minutes, 44 seconds
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Forbidden Desire

Matthew - Upside Down Kingdom - Matthew 5:27-32: The Bible is the most relevant text ever written. It speaks directly to a myriad of issues: human emotion, forgiveness, the nature of reality, and even sexuality. This week, Jesus is going to speak to the issue of sexual desire, healthy articulation of it, and the cohesiveness of covenant commitment. The words of Christ are life-giving and guide us into a whole new way to treat one another. We will also see the heart of God and His desires for how human beings can treat one another. Join us as we look through the eyes of Jesus and learn to master desire and experience the good news of the gospel of Christ. See you at 9 or 11am!
1/22/202341 minutes, 56 seconds
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Anger, Rage & Grace

Matthew - Upside Down Kingdom - Matthew 5:21-26: What makes you angry? We all have pet peeves, frustrations, real pains and a longing for justice that can produce the emotion of anger in our lives. Sometimes the anger is justified, healthy and even holy. And other times it is dark and dangerous. As we travel through the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus is going to teach us that anger, and more specifically, rage, is the breeding ground for murder. Jesus’ call to those who would follow Him was to adopt a level of moral purity that seems scandalous to us today. And yet, Jesus’ promise is that we can live totally different kind of lives as we walk in His upside-down kingdom. Join us this Sunday at 9 or 11AM as we look at the new life that Jesus wants to produce in us!
1/15/202341 minutes, 40 seconds
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Fabric of Reaility

Matthew - Upside Down Kingdom - Matthew 5:17-20: It is 2023. A brand New Year! Many of us have pondered the changes we want to make. Have you ever thought about why we make New Year's resolutions? Why do we have goals? The truth is we are all looking to have a meaningful life. The challenge comes in defining what a meaningful life is. How do we define what a human life is for? Who gets to decide? And how does it influence our day-to-day reality? This week we are back in the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus' most famous teaching unit, and looking at Jesus' view of the Scriptures and how that can guide us into the pursuit of ultimate reality, truth and a transcendent experience of God. Join us this Sunday as we look at what might be the most difficult text in all of Matthew. See you at 9 or 11AM!
1/8/202340 minutes, 55 seconds
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Navigating the New Year

Advent - Matthew 2:13-23: As we turn our backs on 2022 and look ahead to a New Year, there are certain principles found in the Bible to help us on our way. We’ll look at the new year that faced Mary and Joseph, after the visit of the Wisemen, and soon find out that life didn’t become any easier for them with the arrival of Jesus. One would think it should have been smooth sailing now that God’s plan was in motion for the world – but quite the opposite was the reality they faced. As we enter 2023, the experiences of the past year will impact our steps forward – we don’t really get a fresh start by breaking open a new calendar. But here’s the good news to carry with us into a New Year… God will lead us and guide us in this great adventure of faith he has called up on, and might have a few surprises for us along the way!
1/1/202334 minutes, 41 seconds
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Jesus Has Come!

Advent - John 1:1-18: This Sunday is Christmas Day! For many the day will be filled with gifts and food, family and friends. But, no matter where or how you are celebrating, we encourage you to take time to pause and join us online for a simple service of carols and reflection. As we gather around God’s Word we will marvel at the mystery of Jesus; who is God and is with God, who took on human flesh and blood and lived among us. And we will consider together the difference His miraculous birth makes in our lives and our world.
12/25/202225 minutes, 21 seconds
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Treasuring Up Christmas

Advent - Luke 2:8-20: Why does Christmas persist? Is it a clever marketing scheme used to prop up consumerism? Is it a rock solid tradition that helps keep society intact? Or is it something deeper. This Saturday, we are going to pause and reflect on the glory and beauty of Jesus Christ and what Christmas is truly about. I’d also encourage us to pause and pray about who we might bring to our Christmas Eve services to help others experience the life changing power and grace of Jesus Christ. Join us on Saturday at 1:30, 3:00, or 4:30PM as we celebrate the coming of God into human history!
12/24/202218 minutes, 26 seconds
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The Star We Never Saw Before

Advent - Matthew 2:1-12: Are you a Star Gazer? When you think about it, from early childhood we've been taught to 'wish upon a star,' to 'count our lucky stars' and recitd 'twinkle, twinkle, little star!' What is it about the human experience that finds our heads and hearts in the heavenlies seeking some sign of luck or good fortune we hope is coming our way. This weekend we'll delve into the 'star trek' recorded in Matthew 2, as the Maji saddled their camels and sojourned to seek and find the one born king of the Jews. Along the way, we'll find principles and God's heart and the human experience brimming with meaning that are worth sitting up and paying attention to. The bottom line is that 'Wise Men (women/kids) Still Seek Him!' Join us Sunday at 9&11AM. Bring your family and friends as we celebrate faith during this season of Advent.
12/18/202234 minutes, 27 seconds
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God With Us

Advent - Matthew 1:22-25: Is Christmas comforting or scandalous? For many of us, Christmas represents the most predictable time of year—family, tradition, maybe even a fireplace. However, the Bible presents Christmas as a moment that tears a hole in the fabric of reality with the stunning news that now God is with us. This week we are going to look at the shocking news that in a small town in the Ancient Near East, God entered human reality and how that has power to reform and renew our lives. Join us this Sunday at 9 or 11am as we look at the stunning news of God with Us!
12/11/202239 minutes, 33 seconds
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The Mystery of Christmas

Advent - Matthew 1:18-21: Christmas is shrouded in mystery. The frost in the air, the snow on the trees and the incandescent lights all add to the ambience of mystery. Then you have the presents, wrapped to conceal a great gift. The biblical narrative is also cloaked in mystery. A child born in a manger. A virgin birth. God with skin on. How do we understand the mystery of Christmas and receive it deeply into our hearts in such a way that it transforms our lives. This week, join us as we continue to journey through Advent and as we investigate the mystery of the virgin birth. Join us Sunday at 9 or 11AM and bring a friend!
12/4/202240 minutes, 22 seconds
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Salt and Light

Advent - Matthew 5:13-16: As the days get shorter and physical darkness increases, Advent invites us to reflect on the darkness of our world in order to increase our longing for God to break in with divine light. In the season of Advent, we enter the story of God in a posture of waiting. We position ourselves with God’s people of old, who waited for the Messiah to shine his light in their darkness. We consider on our own needs, waiting for Jesus to break into our places of darkness. We also look to the future together, waiting for Jesus to come again and dispel all darkness forever. Join us Sunday as we consider this image of light and reflect on the wonder that Jesus names those who enter his Kingdom and follow him salt of the earth and light of the world. Come explore the call to live out this identity in a dark world that needs the kind of change only Jesus can bring.
11/27/202233 minutes, 17 seconds
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The Blessed Life

The Book of Matthew - Matthew 5:1-12: A blessed life. It’s a beautiful concept but hard to define. And yet, Jesus begins His most famous sermon by outlining what life looks like under the blessing of God. As He teaches about the kingdom, Jesus outlines the upside-down nature of reality and how the kingdom of God reveals what it means to be truly blessed. Join us this week as we looking at some of Jesus’ most iconic teachings and lean into the blessing that God offers to humanity. See you Sunday at 9 or 11am!
11/20/202240 minutes, 33 seconds
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Kingdom Ministry

The Book of Matthew - Matthew 4:23-25: Pain, suffering and misery. Confusion, alienation, despondency. These words, and dozens more like them, describe moments of human existence. And we all experience some of them. And Jesus Christ came to heal them all. This week, we are looking at the ministry of Jesus - what He did to those who were in pain, how He helped those who felt far from God and the good news He declared. We will also have a special time hearing from some of our International Workers and the ways they are partnering with Jesus to relieve sufering in the world and get to partner with Jesus in helping others. We will also hear how Jesus is inviting you and I into this same ministry. Join us on Sunday at 9 or 11AM! Bring a friend!
11/13/202248 minutes
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The Chosen

The Book of Matthew - Matthew 4:18-22: Have you ever felt the joy of being chosen? It might have been sports team, a love interest, or getting a job you truly desired. When you are chosen there is a burst of energy and joy that erupts in the soul. But being chosen also carries a weight of responsibility. When you are chosen, it means your life is about to change. And the weightier the calling the greater the life change required. This week, we are looking at the type of people Jesus chooses to partner with Him in His great mission, how it changes lives, and blesses the world. Join us this Sunday at 9 or 11am!
11/6/202230 minutes, 9 seconds
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The Kingdom Is Near

The Book of Matthew - Matthew 4:12-17: If you could improve the life of everyone in Calgary, what would you do to make it happen? What do you think the people of our wonderful city would need that would apply across the board? I don't know honestly. I have ideas and maybe a couple of solid theories but I doubt I'd be the one to be the voice on that. When Christians talk about the kingdom coming, or they pray for God's Kingdom to come, do you know what that means? My best bet is we'd have a few variants of answers even in Foothills. Why is it good news for the saints, the skeptics and everyone else across the religious, ethnic, geographical and many other demographically spectrum? The Kingdom is the thesis of Jesus' teaching, especially in Matthew's emphasis, so it's best we talk about it. See you this Sunday, invite a friend! 
10/30/202237 minutes, 44 seconds
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The Shadow Side of Desire

The Book of Matthew - Matthew 4:1-11: Security, food, wealth, reputation, honor, family, blessing. These are just a few of the beautiful aspects of life that human beings desire. We love good things. But what happens when our admiration turns into affection and our desire becomes a craving? How does this happen? And what is happening spiritually that draws us into the condition of temptation. This week, we are looking at the temptation of Jesus and how He overcame the deepest challenges that the enemy could throw at Him. We will also explore cosmic good and evil and how to overcome the shadow side of desire. Join us at 9 or 11am, this Sunday!
10/23/202241 minutes, 18 seconds
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A New Identity

The Book of Matthew - Matthew 3:13-17: Identity formation is perhaps the most profound and challenging experience of human existence. And we all go through it. Coming to understand who you are is taxing and complex. This is what makes the teenage experience so strange, interesting, and confusing. One of the peculiarities of Christian faith is this: Jesus’ offer requires the adoption of a brand-new identity. In this sermon, we are going to look at the identity that Jesus offers, the empowerment it provides, and how it can reshape what we think about God, ourselves, and our world. Join us this Sunday at 9 or 11 as we press into the life and baptism of Jesus!
10/16/202242 minutes, 9 seconds
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Thanksgiving Means Thanks Living

The Book of Matthew - Matthew 3:1-12: On Thanksgiving Sunday, we reflect with grateful hearts on all that God has blessed us with. One of the greatest responses we can make is to live our lives in light of the backdrop of his loving posture towards us and the pathway he lays before us to follow in this grand adventure of life. Matthew 3 will be the focus of our time in God’s word, following in the footsteps of John the Baptist. While many considered him a misfit in the eyes of the world, he was one who was very much in tune with God’s plan for his life. John’s example challenges us to live with the same perspective as his, in clearing a path or making straight a way for people to find Jesus. It’s what living a life with an attitude of gratitude for all God is all about. Thanksgiving truly leads us to an expression of Thanks Living!
10/9/202233 minutes, 29 seconds
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A Grand Adventure

The Book of Matthew - Matthew 1:1-17: Are you bored? Do you find yourself in a bit of a slump—emotionally, physically, even spiritually? This week, we begin a brand new series in the book of Matthew and we will look at the great story of Jesus. In this sermon, we will focus on how a clear understanding of Jesus can transform our mundane days into a partnership with God that is fueled by the Holy Spirit and partners us with the purposes of God. We will also celebrate God’s faithfulness as we move forward with two services: 9am and 11am, starting this Sunday! Join us at 9 or 11!
10/2/202240 minutes, 9 seconds
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A New Chapter

All Things New: Jesus is on the move at Foothills Alliance Church. This week we pause with a special celebration to mark a brand new season in the life of our church! We will welcome Brent Trask and Clint Mix from the Western Canadian District as they help us install our new pastor! Now what is a pastor installation? It is a moment where we pause to reflect on all that God has done, thank Him for His faithfulness and look forward and ahead to the next season that Jesus has for us. Join us this week at 10AM for this special service as God makes all things new!
9/25/202242 minutes, 35 seconds
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Welcoming the Holy Spirit

All Things New - Romans 8:1-11: Jesus never promised a boring or predictable life. In fact, Jesus promised life and life to the full. This life is meant to be marked by the living, abiding, and powerful presence of the Holy Spirit. But who is this Holy Spirit? What does it mean to be filled with the Spirit? What changes and what can we expect if we enter the deep and profound spirituality that Jesus offers? In this sermon, we are going to look at how we can welcome the Holy Spirit, walk with a deep satisfaction in our souls and experience all the fullness and life that Christ offers.
9/18/202240 minutes, 2 seconds
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God's Favourite Number

All Things New - Romans 8:1-11: They say a picture tells a thousand words. The same is true for numbers. Sometimes numbers remind us of celebrities—99, 87, 23. Or they can remind us of tragedies such as 9/11. They can represent concepts and ideas, such as 777 or its opposite, 666. Numbers can also reveal our deepest values, like 50 years of marriage, a life of 100 years. In this sermon, we are going to look at God’s favorite number and what it tells us about His heart. We will also dream about this coming year and all the ways that Jesus is calling us to partner with Him, to show and share His good news and grace with Calgary. Join us this week as we kickoff the new year together!
9/11/202235 minutes, 27 seconds
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Living for a Legacy

All Things New - John 12:23-26: Have you ever sat back and wondered what the legacy of your life is? What difference does your life make, who have you influenced, and what really is the point of it all? The question is a dramatic and important one—what is the impact of your life? No one in history has had a more influential life than Jesus Christ. In this sermon, we are going to explore the key to leaving a lasting legacy, as taught by Jesus. We will also look at the legacy of our church as well as our own individual legacies and how we can mark this world in a beautiful way. The decisions we make now can truly change the course of history and shape eternity.
9/4/202239 minutes, 16 seconds
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How Big Is Your God?

Psalms for Life - Psalm 139: As we conclude our summer message series, Psalms for Life, we will focus on Psalm 139 and the all knowing (omniscient) ever present (omni-present) nature of God.  In this psalm David uses a palate of word pictures that invite us to consider the extent of God’s being. Before a word in on our tongue, God knows it completely! We will unpack what it means to be ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’ and realize the reality of God’s closeness and awareness of our lives should draw us to Him more intimately throughout our lives.  J.I. Packer put it this way… Living becomes an awesome business when you realize that you spend every moment of your life in the sight and company and an omniscient, omnipresent Creator.  Join us in God’s timeless word this weekend as we consider the question ‘How Big is Your God?!’
8/28/202229 minutes, 35 seconds
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Joy in the Journey

Psalms for Life - Psalm 126: When was the last time you were really happy? Just bursting with joy? It’s a great feeling isn’t it? But as exhilarating and welcome as that feeling is, it is often fleeting. In the scriptures, and particularly the Psalms, we are told of a joy that is rooted, not in our circumstances, but in God’s love and care for us. The Psalm we’ll consider together this week, Psalm 126, is about joy remembered in God’s past action and joy anticipated as God guides us forward. It speaks of a deep joy that often comes only after a journey through tears and weeping. Join us as we recall God’s great works, anticipate the good things he has yet to bring, and are filled with joy as we look to our great God together.
8/21/202226 minutes, 20 seconds
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Psalms for Life - Psalm 13: Whatever your news service of choice is, tracking local, national and global events – and experiencing these events as well – has become overwhelming. Mental, emotional, physical, political trouble is hitting us on all fronts. Like no other time in our history have we been able to identify with the psalmist who said, “long enough!” It’s easy to say that we have had enough, it's another to survive and maybe even thrive in the midst of this turmoil around us today. The beauty of King David’s Psalm is that he doesn’t just leave us with the challenge, he modeled and teaches us how to live when we are in a state of “enough!” Join us this Sunday at 10AM in person and online as we continue our summer series in the Psalms by reflecting on Psalm 13.
8/14/202227 minutes, 3 seconds
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Stumbling Through Prayer

Psalms for Life - Psalm 103: Did you realize that when you read through the Psalms, you're reading through Jesus' prayer book? He would have memorized this book and his prayers, teachings and conversations are saturated with the Psalms. We're going to try something a little bit different in our time together on the weekend, I'm treating it as a prayer intensive. That's it. We're going to talk about how to pray the Psalms by praying through a Psalm. Read through Psalm 103 a few times and if you have the chance sit and think through it quietly. See you this weekend! 
8/7/202229 minutes, 20 seconds
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I Got This

Psalms for Life - Psalm 46: This weekend we’re going to be looking at a Psalm that has impacted people throughout generations. I think of Martin Luther, leader of the reformation. As he was being challenged by the Roman Emperor and threatened with imprisonment & death and standing up almost alone in the battle … discouraged, and at times depressed … feeling his world had been turned upside down (anyone been there before; anyone there now?) … he would go to to his close friend Philip and say to Philip, 'come and let us sing Psalm 46.' And from this Psalm he wrote the great the hymn, ‘A Mighty Fortress is Our God.’ Luther said of the Psalm these words, ‘We sing this Psalm to the praise of God, because God is with us and powerfully and miraculously preserves and defends His church and His word against all fanatical spirits, against the gates of hell, against the implacable hatred of the devil and against all the assaults of the world, the flesh and the sin.’ In a sense Luther is saying, this Psalm is a great antidote for all of that. If Psalm 46 will deal with all of that then Psalm 46 is a very amazing Psalm filled with truth, promise, strength, assurance, praise, comfort, peace, beauty and hope. Anyone in need of any of that this week? Looking forward to gathering with you as we continue our series in the Psalms!
7/31/202232 minutes, 14 seconds
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Sad Songs Say So Much

Psalms for Life - Psalm 22: While dying on the cross, Jesus prayed, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me” (Matthew 27:46), a quotation from Psalm 22:1. This Psalm of lament provides a pattern for how we can pray when life is hard. We can talk to God about: 1) the problems and challenges we’re facing, 2) the feelings that accompany those hardships, 3) the “why?” and “how long?” questions that often plague us when life is most difficult, 4) our attempts to figure out the extent to which our problems arise: 4a) because of our own choices, 4b) because of the actions and decisions of other people, 4c) or even God’s role in our hardships, 5) an expression of trust, showing our faith even as we might be wrestling with doubt, and 6) our requests for God to rescue us from the challenges we’re facing. These prayers are one way that God helps us work through our suffering.
7/24/202230 minutes, 36 seconds
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The Blessed Life

Psalms for Life - Psalm 1: Just as Country Western music expresses the pleasure and pain of the human experience, the book of Psalms presents us with a worship playlist written for God’s people in the Old Testament reminding them of His love for them and his repeated call to return home to Him.  Psalm One will be our focus this weekend in learning to delight in the Lord. Consider what bring you delight in your life on a daily basis… how far down the list did you have to go before finding the Lord!?  Over the years we encourage people to invite Jesus into their lives… Psalm 1 invites us into God’s life of blessings and delight. Failing to respond to that invitation finds one following along with the crowd along a road in life that ends up heading down a dead-end street! Let’s learn how to delight in the Lord together!
7/17/202234 minutes, 6 seconds
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The Power of a Preposition

Psalms for Life - Psalm 150: As we look at the last Psalm in the Psalter, we will discover a powerful lesson that will reframe your life and perspective.  Are you struggling with finding hope, joy, and peace in this season? Discover the powerful truth that is found in three prepositions.
7/10/202227 minutes, 1 second
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Help In Trouble

Psalms for Life - Psalm 124: There are 150 Psalms in the library of Scripture. They give voice to a full range of human feelings and experience. As we read and pray them, we enter these conversations that have guided the relationship between God’s people and their God, adding our voices to theirs. Over the summer, we will be reflecting on many Psalms together as a church family, enriching our understanding of God’s steadfast love. This Sunday we begin with Psalm 124, an invitation to remember and proclaim the wonder that God is on our side. As we do, come prepared to remember God’s work in your own life. What’s your story? How has God been on your side? Join us as we celebrate that “Our help is from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.” (Psalm 124:8) Pastor Carla
7/3/202234 minutes, 8 seconds
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When Jesus Heals Your Past

Heroes of Faith: If you could change any part of your past, what would you change? For some of us, we would re-write painful memories. Some would change moments of failure. Some might demonstrate the depths of our love. It is a universal reality that every person has regrets - moments that they would change or at the least redeem. In this sermon, we see what happens when a hero in the Bible fails. And how Jesus rewrites the story of his lead leader betraying him. We see Jesus give Peter a new story. God is a God of second chances. Jesus rewrites history. This season of life has been significantly challenging. Many of us have experienced loss, grief or even a sense of shame. But Jesus has a way of rewriting our stories so that they become beautiful and fulfill the ultimate purposes of our lives. Will you let Jesus rewrite your story?
6/26/202232 minutes, 53 seconds
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Emotions: Master or Servant?

Heroes of Faith: My dad once told me that if I tied my shoes myself that we could go on a boat ride. I was 5. Or however old one is when learning to tie their shoes. I missed my velcro's. Stylish and functional. Now I had to learn how to do it myself or I missed out on the wonderful Alberta lake mist in my face on a summer evening. Worth the risk. I went and found someone else to tie my shoe because I didn't feel like doing it myself. Then I proudly went to my dad and said that I had done the task myself. But the handiwork gave me away and I lost my boat ride. How many decisions have you made based on how you felt? Did you stop at a drive thru the last time you were driving around and hungry because of the convenience? What determines the decisions you make? Our feelings and emotions are gifts. Yet they, as Dallas Willard says, make horrible masters. They can cost you boat rides if you let them. So are your emotions and feelings your master or do they serve their proper place in your life, and you are a peaceful presence to the world? See you this weekend as we look at Moses and what his feelings and emotions cost him in a single moment. Pastor Andrew Berg
6/19/202233 minutes, 1 second
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Faithful Under Pressure

Heroes of Faith - Daniel 1 & 2: For many of us, when we think of the book of Daniel, our minds immediately go to images of Daniel in the lion’s den or his three friends in a fiery furnace. The first six chapters of Daniel are filled with dramatic stories of courage and deliverance. When we look deeper, we also discover rich examples of God’s people wrestling with how to live faithfully in a world whose values and systems have no place for their faith in the one true God. We see exiles, taken from Israel to live in a foreign land, who both fit in and stand out, who are at risk for their faithfulness to God and faithfully contribute to the wellbeing of the society that holds them captive. We can learn a lot from Daniel. While we don’t face lions or a fiery furnace, we too need to discern how to live with faith and integrity in a secular world, trusting that God is always at work accomplishing his purposes no matter what.
6/12/202233 minutes, 6 seconds
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How Can I Trust God?

Heroes of Faith - Genesis 22:1-18: I’ve never started a conversation about faith with this story: “Hey have you read the story about when God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son?!” Child sacrifice doesn’t seem to be high on the appropriate on ramp for those sorts of conversations. How do you trust a God who askes a man to do that? Let alone the son that was promised by the same God? Once you are able to sit in this story for a bit, there are some even more difficult things to wrestle with than the first impression of it. Can you say that God is a good God in the same sentence as describing this story? Or how can a guy who almost (spoiler alert) sacrificed his son be a “hero of faith”? There’s so much here. I’m excited to wrestle through this passage with you. See you this weekend.
6/5/202233 minutes, 13 seconds
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Living With Rejection

Heroes of Faith - Isaiah 53: Rejection is an unavoidable aspect of being human. Proverbs 18:14 asks: “The spirit of a person can endure sickness, but a wounded spirit, who can bear?” The implication is—no one can. Rejection has many painful faces that leave us feeling alone, defeated and outcast. So, the question burns, “How can I go on living with rejection?” This will not be a magical bullet service and complete healing will not come overnight. But the Word of God provides profound truths and simple steps that we can begin to take to rise and live above rejection. Isaiah 53 holds many of those keys to help the wounded journey from rejection to acceptance, bitterness to love, anger to forgiveness and from self-pity to praise. Appropriately, we will share Communion together. Already, in anticipation of your arrival the Table of Remembrance is shouting: “Jesus Christ was rejected so that we could be accepted!” Yes. There is hope and healing at the foot of the cross. Let’s meet there together this Sunday.
5/29/202236 minutes, 12 seconds
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If I Had A $1,000,000

Heroes of Faith - Malachi 3: If I were to offer you $1,000,000 in 10 - $100,000 bundles of large bills and ask you, with cash in hand, if you would be willing to give one of them back to the Lord as a tithe (which means a tenth) would anyone walk away from that invitation? Why is it however over the course of our lives, if you were to work 40 years earning a minimum wage of $15 an hour, you would find over a million dollars passing through your hands, many renege on their desire to honour God with a regular tithe? Primarily, the act of tithing isn’t about money, it is about trust. This weekend we look at the words of Malachi who called out his people for robbing God of His desire to bless them in an overwhelming manner by withholding their tithe.
5/22/202238 minutes, 18 seconds
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A Man on the Run

Heroes of Faith - Jonah 1-4: We’ve all heard the story of Jonah, or at least parts of it. We’ve definitely heard about a stubborn prophet being swallowed by and spit out of a big fish.  This small book, found in our library of Scripture, has had an impact that is out of proportion to its size. It’s four chapters have captured the imagination of artists, authors, poets, theologians, and musicians. This Sunday we invite Jonah to capture our imagination and speak to our lives as we consider his encounter with God and subsequent journey from the depths of the sea to the desserts of Nineveh.  We’ll ask the Spirit of God to teach us the lesson this book has for us today, as we consider the question, “Who’s the hero here?”
5/15/202241 minutes, 32 seconds
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Spring of Hope

Heroes of Faith: We all have one thing in common—each of us has or had a mother. At the same time, there is a wide variety of feelings about our mothers. For some Mother’s Day is a time of joy, for others it is painful, and even for others it reminds them of people they lost. To that end, as we gather this weekend, we will respect the tension between celebration and sorrow, darkness and light, despair, and hope. And the best way to address the kaleidoscope of emotions, the unexpected fluctuations of not only motherhood, but life in general … is with a story. The Old Testament book of Ruth gives us answers and insights and clarity and healing around these disparities through the experience of a mother named Naomi. It is a story that begins with a winter of hopelessness and despair, but it ends with a wonderful spring of hope. Wherever your journey finds you today, there is and always will be a SPRING of HOPE.
5/8/202242 minutes, 54 seconds
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What On Earth is the Spirit Doing?

Holy Spirit: We need to consider a question – “what on earth is the Spirit doing?” and consider the implications of this question for ourselves – as individuals and for the congregation or church of which we are part.Rightly we ask: how and in what ways am I being called to be part of what God is doing in the world? And how are we, together as a congregation, called to participate in the mission of God in the world? To this end, consider the church in Antioch and how they provide us with an example of precisely this: an intentional response to the calling and guidance of the Spirit. We can and must speak to the changing character of God’s work in the world and the implications that this has for us, individually and as a congregation: thus the question, what on earth is the Spirit doing in our time? And what might this mean for us as we see to participate in what God is doing.
5/1/202234 minutes, 1 second
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Holy Spirit - Alive In Us

Holy Spirit - Ephesians 5:8-20: Before returning to His Father, Jesus promised his followers  he would not leave them alone, but rather send the Holy Spirit in His place to carry on the story of God in our Lives.  Too many believers, however, after receiving the gift of God’s salvation in Jesus seem to take the posture of waiting for the return of Jesus, or our arrival in heaven (whichever one comes first!).  Unfortunately, we fail to realize that God has so much more for us than ‘putting in time’ this side of heaven. Join us as we look into the book of Ephesians and focus on the gift of the Holy Spirit given to us when we cross the line of faith in following Jesus.  We will learn about the Spirit’s incoming, His indwelling, and His infilling in our lives
4/24/202234 minutes
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He Is Risen

Gospel of Mark: He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed! This Sunday we will gather to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus! On Good Friday we experience the pain and sorrow and wonder of self-sacrificing love. And then we wait. We wait for what is yet to come. We wait for God to do more than we could ask or imagine. And he does! Jesus journeys through death to life. We are not left in sorrow. We are not left wondering “What next?” Instead, we can receive all Jesus died and rose to make available for us. We can receive new life in Christ! Come celebrate with us and discover how following Jesus, who died and rose again, shapes the way we live. 
4/17/202239 minutes, 1 second
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Gospel of Mark - Mark 11:1-11: In the Christian calendar, this weekend we enter the Passion week of Jesus, his last on earth before his death and resurrection. This week of his life comprises a quarter of the Gospel accounts and it does so for a reason. This Sunday, we will sink our roots into Mark 11 and 14 and enter into the experience of Jesus as he walked towards the Cross of Calvary.  On the way we will take a long hard look at the emotions He expressed as he rode into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday… cursed a fruitless fig tree… turned tables in the Temple… and turned ‘upside down’ his disciples’ understand of life and leadership through getting down on his knees and washing their feet.  Linger long enough with Jesus during this week and I guarantee Jesus might want to turn over a few tables, or rearrange the furniture in our own spiritual lives.
4/10/202231 minutes, 30 seconds
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All In

Gospel of Mark - Mark 12:41-44: As Easter approaches, we recall Jesus being arrested, unfairly tried, beaten, nailed to a cross and then placed in a sealed tomb. But on the third day, Jesus rose from the dead and exited the tomb alive! You might say, Jesus went “all in” … for you and for me.  When Jesus asks people to follow him, his invitation has a similar ring: “Deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow me”.  Jesus asks us to go “all in” too, inviting us to “die” while at the same time promising life abundant and everlasting.  Well done, son, daughter! You witnessed the price paid by my son for your freedom. You voluntarily enlisted in his way of living, counted the cost, left everything, boldly paid the price, and stayed faithful in a world that lost its way. You took a stand. You went all in. Well done!” Foothills is a safe place to hear a dangerous message. Join us this weekend, open to the life-altering challenge to go “all in” for the Master!
4/3/202240 minutes, 41 seconds
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All Welcome

Gospel of Mark - Mark 2:13-17: It’s when we are sick that we truly appreciate a doctor who takes time to notice, care and attend to our needs. But a doctor who avoids the sick is useless. The same is true with the spiritually sick. What good is the healing grace of Jesus unless it is shared with the broken? Watching Jesus in the Gospel of Mark reminds us that there are no barriers that will ever stop Jesus from lovingly inviting people to follow him. And it challenges us to live like Jesus. What does it mean for all to be welcome at our table? Who might Jesus be calling us to see with love? Join us as we reflect on Jesus’ invitation to all and gather at the Lord’s table with all who have chosen to follow. Pastor Carla
3/27/202232 minutes, 50 seconds
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The Power of a Promise Kept

Joshua - Joshua 1:1-9: The wellbeing of our lives, home, church, city often hinges on the power of promises kept or broken. The impact of making, keeping, receiving promises is enormous. God has been famously faithful to us over Foothills' history, and will yet be as we move into new territory in the next era. God promises, ‘As I have been with Moses (your last leader), so I will also be with you (your new leader)’. Leadership change has never been an issue when it comes to the faithfulness of God. He is always advancing his will and his purposes through his people and makes divine provision to that end – no matter the challenging contexts we find ourselves in. Be encouraged friends, God is a promise making and promise keeping God. You are deeply loved. You are not forgotten. God is with you in this pandemic and transition storm. He is full of promises. But you must step out in faith, consume the Word, choose to diligently obey. Will you do this?!?
3/20/202237 minutes, 42 seconds
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Gospel of Mark - Mark 1:16-20: There are two main "calls" within the human experience: self-indulgence and self-denial. The former being impulsive and the latter being an investment. The first an easy sell, the second a tremendously difficult thing to do. Jesus' call to his followers is an invitation. Humanity can say, "no thank you". But what is the cost of both of those options? It's worth a look.
3/13/202234 minutes, 1 second
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Gospel of Mark - Mark 1:1-11: Lent, popularly understood as a season of joyless custom and duty, carries almost too much religious baggage for some people. How then do we keep the gospel front and center in this season of shadows? The cross keeps our gospel focus clear. Lent is a season to journey with Jesus in his passion, to survey the cross, taking the measure of Christ's love in his suffering and death" (From Seeking God's Face). So as we begin a new series in the Gospel of Mark, that's our goal, to follow Jesus. See you this weekend.
3/6/202229 minutes, 1 second
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Life in the Potter's Hand

Identity in Christ: God sent the prophet Jeremiah to the potter’s house for a lesson on living a life submitted to a purposeful Potter’s hands.  The clay cries, “I have been slammed on to a hard spinning wheel. I’m flying out of control. I am being squashed and squeezed and I know a fire lies ahead”. And Potter (God) says, “Carefully I threw you on to just the right spot. Your imperfections are being smoothed as you spin by the loving pressure of my hands. I am holding you and molding you, proud and pleased with my creation. And the fire that lies ahead will only enhance your beauty”.  When life doesn’t make sense, as it often doesn’t these days, can we trust it all to the Potter’s hands? Note: A table of remembrance (Communion) will also be part of our service this weekend.
2/27/202242 minutes, 49 seconds
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Why Would A Big God Love A Little Me?

Identity in Christ: Henri Nouwen (beloved theologian & writer) wrote: “One of the tragedies of our lives [as Christians] is that we keep forgetting who we are”. He is probably more right than wrong … which is a main reason we have spent the last several weeks in Colossians teaching and reminding ourselves about the overwhelming, life-changing treasure of the believer’s “Identity in Christ”. We have enjoyed unpacking, as Paul describes “this mystery that has been kept hidden for the ages”. Join us this weekend as we put a bow on our series, by taking a final run at a simple question with a profound, even cosmic answer - why would a big God love a little me? p.s. so that you will never forget who you really are!
2/20/202242 minutes, 13 seconds
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Where The Rubber Hits The Road

Identity in Christ: Is it hard to sift through the crowd of voices speaking or yelling their own convictions these days? Now what about those in the church? Theology aside today, what about political allegiances? Beliefs on how Christians should act and navigate these times? Feel weary? This week we're going to put in our best efforts to sift through some of the competing voices and get to the root of the issue. Paul's letter is as relevant for us today as it was for the Colossians (though we're not necessarily arguing about circumcision). See you this weekend!
2/13/202230 minutes, 30 seconds
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Rooted In Christ

Identity in Christ: Did you know that an oak tree’s roots spread out beneath it four to seven times the width of it’s crown? These roots provide nourishment that transforms a tiny acorn into a towering tree and create an anchor that holds against the fiercest storm. The apostle Paul tells us that we are rooted in Christ. What does being rooted in Christ look like in your life? As we continue on our transforming journey with Jesus, this image reminds us of an essential way God shapes us to be more like him. We both walk and are rooted in Christ. Let’s discover together what it looks like for us. Pastor Carla
2/6/202232 minutes, 7 seconds
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Who He Calls Us To Be

Identity in Christ - Colossians 1:24-2:5: What if for twenty-four hours Jesus wakes up in your bed, walks in your shoes, lives in your house, assumes your schedule. Your boss becomes his boss, your mother becomes his mother, your pains become his pains? With one exception, nothing about your life changes. Your health doesn’t change. Your circumstances don’t change. Your schedule isn’t altered. Your problems aren’t solved… Only one change occurs… What if for one day and one night, Jesus lives your life with His heart? Your heart gets the day off, and your life is led by the heart of Christ. His priorities govern your actions. His passions drive your decisions, His love directs your behaviour? With Jesus living your life, What would you be like? Join us this weekend online or in person as we continue our series in the letter to the Colossians. Can’t wait to see you!
1/30/202237 minutes, 41 seconds
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Jesus' Church

Identity in Christ: This week we focus on the Identity of Jesus as the ‘Head of His Church’ and the implications for us as his followers. It is interesting to note that Jesus never asked US to build HIS church, nor did he suggest he was intending to build OURS! Jesus was adamant that He would build His Church… so what is the part we are to play related to our identity in Christ? While Jesus is described as the ‘head of the church’… and we are his ‘body’… have you ever considered if Jesus is pleased to place his ‘head’ over the ‘body’ of our church? If so … why? If not… why not?  Join us as we dig into the commission Jesus has entrusted with us in spreading His gospel and in making disciples that make disciples. Let’s discern together what Jesus has in store for His church at Foothills in 2022!
1/23/202239 minutes, 46 seconds
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God's Son Revealed

Identity in Christ - Colossians 1:15-23: Years ago I visited Grand Canyon in Arizona. I will never forget the overwhelming experience. As I walked to the edge of the canyon my jaw dropped in the enormity and magnitude of what my senses were trying to absorb. I get this sme sensation and response when I read Paul's description of God's Son in Colossians 1:15-23. Too often we limit our understanding and appreciation of God's Son tot he life H elived upon the earth and the sacrifice He made for our salvation, but my friends, this is just the tip of the iceberg as it were in fully appreciating the full revelation of God's Son. Join us this weekend as we continue our focus in God's Word in determining our Identity in Christ. As we dive into this passage I assure you it will be an awe inspiring, jaw dropping experience.
1/16/202239 minutes, 37 seconds
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Learn To Discern

Identity in Christ - Colossians 1:9-14: Carl Jung once said, 'The World will ask you who are you, and if you don't know, the World will tell you.' The search for identity is at the core of our being. Our message series, 'Identity in Christ', invites us to dig deeper in owning our identity from the very heart of God. Paul desired the Colossian church would learn to discern God's will be desiring hunger for spiritual wisdom and understanding.  Would you surprised to learn God wants the same response from us? Learning and yearning to discern the heart of God will us define and refine our personal identity in Jesus. The principles found in Colossians 1:9-14 will also prepare us, as a church family, for a season of discernment as we look to this new year and discern what God has in store for us.
1/9/202236 minutes, 51 seconds
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The Gospel

Identity in Christ - Colossians 1v1-8: Have you ever looked at an old photo of yourself and wondered why you were wearing what you did? If you were to go look at yourself in the mirror now who would you see? Who are you? What are you about? Why do you do what you do? As Charles Taylor (1992, 25) influentially put it, “A person or group of people can suffer real damage, real distortion, if the people or society around them mirror back to them a conflicting or demeaning or contemptible picture of themselves.” This is why our identity needs to mirror Christ. We’re jumping into the book of Colossians to learn that. Can’t wait to get into it with you.
1/2/202236 minutes, 17 seconds
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Expectant: As the well-loved carol declares, Joy to the world, the Lord is come. Let earth receive their King.  Jesus, the One we have been waiting for, has finally come!  The gifts are unwrapped, the turkey is eaten, the stockings are empty, and the One who prompted the whole thing is now waiting on us. How will we receive this newborn King? The wise men travelled far to worship him, Herod schemed and sought to kill him, Mary and Joseph heeded the angel’s warning and whisked him away to safety.  This Sunday we will receive our King in song, through the Word and around the Communion Table. Join us as we celebrate the coming of the Promised One who not only was born but also died for us, and one day will come again in glory.    
12/26/202151 minutes, 38 seconds
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Expectant: It seems to me that shepherds don’t get much “press” in the Christmas narrative. It's interesting, because there is only one invitation given to come and see the Christ child and only one request to go and tell everybody what they found. And it is given to the shepherds. If you know anything about shepherds, they were probably thinking, “Of all the people God could single out for such an extreme blessing, why us?” As Christmas is almost here, this is a fair question for us to ask as well: What does God see in me that would make him want to single me out for the special divine privilege of being first in line to be recognized, known and love by God? Join us this weekend as we ask that very question and then celebrate the answer!  
12/19/202128 minutes, 18 seconds
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Christmas Wonder

Expectant - Matthew 1:18-24, Luke 1:39-56: Mary and Joseph are often portrayed with the baby Jesus on the front of Hallmark Christmas cards or emblazoned in stain glass windows around the world. Many of us like keeping them in that setting because they seem to represent a reality in which, as the Christmas carol sings, ‘all is calm, all is bright.’  If truth be known, their real life experiences were anything but! Oh the questions that must have dominated their hearts and minds amidst being visited of angels, trying to explain a mysterious pregnancy, and fleeing to another country… all the while being entrusted in raising the very Son of God. The complexity of the lives of Mary and Joseph invite us to consider our own reality in living God honouring lives in a world that seemingly has little time or interest in the story of Jesus. He is Emmanuel – God with us!
12/12/202126 minutes, 24 seconds
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Expectant - Luke 1:5-24: It’s been said that ‘hope springs eternal.’ But sometimes it is hard to hope, isn’t it? Sometimes the things we hope for can feel impossible. Zachariah and Elizabeth know what that feels like. Yet they also know what it is feels like to see God do the impossible, to stir up new things, to fulfill old promises. In this Advent season, this old couple remind us how human it is to doubt and how gracious and faithful God remains no matter what we think or how we respond.   In this is a season of watching and waiting, we too call out to God to stir up new things, to do the impossible. As you prayerfully look at your life, where do you see God present and working? This weekend let’s come together to worship our God who comes and encourage one another to continue to hope in Him. Pastor Carla
12/5/202140 minutes, 11 seconds
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Expectant - Isaiah 64:1-9; Jeremiah 33:14,15: Have you noticed how dark it is these days?  At supper time it feels like midnight, and I can’t say I like it. It makes me long for those long summer evenings of sunshine and blue skies. But we’ll have to wait another 6 months for those to return!  I love how, in our northern hemisphere, our physical and spiritual worlds cooperate, stirring up longing for light as we wait in the darkness. For Advent begins in the dark. In these 4 weeks of Advent leading up to Christmas, we consider the darkness of a world in need and long for God’s light to beak in. We wait with intention and expectation! Instead of being carried along by the hustle, bustle and frenzy that can so easily overwhelm us, we take time to look and listen for God’s presence. We engage in expectant practices of lighting candles, hearing God’s promises, singing our longing and praise, and waiting on God in prayer. Join as this season and we wait for the One who comes! 
11/28/202128 minutes, 50 seconds
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Faith Under Fire

#blessed: From persecution to partnership in the Gospel. “Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness' sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Matt 5:10 What does persecution look like in the world today? What should our response be? In 2018, the C&MA Canada decided together to re-engage in a large country in South Asia with a population that will outnumber China by 2025. A place where Christianity is the target of intense discrimination and persecution. Home to almost 40% of the least reached people groups of the world. It is the most diverse and complex nation in the world with over 2,000 ethnic groups, 1,700 languages and 40% of the world’s poorest people. But what does it mean for us as a denomination – a family of churches – to partner together in the gospel? What should missions look like now. We are still called to “Go” – but what does “Going” look like in these days? In Philippians, Paul refers to the church as being “partners in spreading the good news”. How can we live that out together in the 21st century? Paul Brooks  
11/21/202134 minutes, 10 seconds
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The Gift of Touch

#blessed - Matt 5:7: “Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy.” (Matthew 5:7) Jesus had a unique way of challenging people’s thinking and giving them new perspectives as they looked at the world. To those who looked at themselves and were proud of the fact that they had never murdered anyone, Jesus told them to look a little closer. He wanted them to see the anger in their hearts and to recognize that their words could be like an arrow aimed at another person. To those who were persecuted and hurting, he helped them see there could be blessing amid pain. He told them to look deeper and to see the other side of pain and realize that God could use it to bring blessings into their lives. The religious leaders looked across the landscape and saw it littered with undesirables such as tax collectors, prostitutes, lepers and sinners. Jesus saw these people and invited them as honoured guests to the banquet his Father was preparing for all who would follow the Son of God. Since starting his public ministry, Jesus has been about the business of opening closed eyes and changing the way people see the world. This was true two thousand years ago, and it is just as true today! And so may our eyes be open to see afresh, anew the way of Jesus, the way of mercy! See you this weekend! Pastor Tim  
11/14/202133 minutes, 21 seconds
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#blessed - Matt 5:9: There's a famous story of George Bush Sr. making a trip to Australia and greeting the onlookers with making a "V" for Victory with his fingers. I'm sure he meant it in a good way, unfortunately for him, that's not what that sign means in Australia. Interesting how humanity interprets words and meaning differently. I would argue that peace is another one of those multi-faceted concepts. In Matthew, Jesus says blessed are the peacemakers. What is peace? Does it mean the same for me as it does for you? How are we supposed to do that if it has different meanings across the board? This week we'll look to God's kingdom to give us some insight on what it means for apprentices of Jesus and how it affects the day to day.
11/7/202132 minutes, 3 seconds
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Good Grief

#blessed - Matt. 5:5: “Everybody hurts sometimes” (REM). We all suffer and will suffer loss. Add the ongoing woes of a global pandemic to the ordinary losses of life and no one is a stranger to grief these days. This weekend we land on the 2nd  beatitude from Matthew 5; the one which pairs “good” and “grief” in the same sentence. “Blessed are the those who mourn, for you shall be comforted in ways you would never dream of.” If you find yourself fighting back tears of sorrow over personal loss, loneliness, Covid nightmares, alienation, isolation, or you name it, Jesus says, “I have good news for you today—you are going to find comfort and consolation and healing in My Kingdom. Mourners, come on in and I will give you rest and reprieve. My kingdom doors are swung wide open for you”. Please join us in person or livestream as we combine the comfort and hope of this Beatitude with the Table of the Lord’s suffering (Communion) that brought us our hope. You will leave #blessed.  
10/31/202140 minutes, 17 seconds
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Amazing Grace

#blessed: Jesus begins his first-ever talk by announcing a great surprise — that the people who have nothing but empty hands and a broken heart, are precisely the ones who receive the honour to be first called into the Kingdom of God. By culture’s standards, it makes no sense. But Jesus is adamant: “O the bliss of the person who has realized her own utter helplessness, and through her brokenness, has put her whole trust in God, for hers is the kingdom of heaven.” Join us as in person or livestream this weekend as we continue our series #blessed by rehearsing and celebrating the forever truth and beauty of “Amazing Grace!"  
10/24/202141 minutes, 56 seconds
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Heartbreak Gospel

#blessed: A browser search for #blessed looks a lot different today than it would have 2000 years ago! Jesus, in his first sermon (Mathew 5), shocked everyone with eight uncommon, mind-bending #blessings that sent huge ripples through the crowd, ripples of an unsuspecting and unusual road to happiness. Jesus caught everyone off guard, contradicting everything culture was saying about how to achieve happiness and connect meaningfully with God. Like today, many people had given up on religion, thinking they could never qualify or measure up. But here he was, throwing the doors of his eternal Kingdom wide open to the spiritually bankrupt, the sorrowing, the fragile, the hungry, rejected, neglected and persecuted. And the message remains the same today — everyone can find forgiveness, consolation, hope, joy and strength. And all Jesus asks is for you to come. This Sunday, join us in person or livestream as we begin our series in the Beatitudes with a “Heartbreak Gospel.”  
10/17/202135 minutes, 8 seconds
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Blessed Beyond Belief

Blessed Beyond Belief - Matthew 25:14-29: This is the weekend we historically pause and give thanks to God for his goodness to us personally and nationally. As believers, we talk about living with an ‘attitude of gratitude’ and insist that thanksgiving means ‘thanks living.’ This weekend, as we look into God’s Word, we will dig deep into the heart of God and find a source of endless blessing of which we are the recipients -- his dearly loved children. From the opening pages of Genesis to the book of the Revelation, over 500 times God is described as one who blessing. Here’s the biblical impact of receiving a blessing from God: we are expected to pass it on to others in the manner we have received it. Matthew’s parable will provide practical application for what it means to live a life that is ‘blessed beyond belief!’
10/10/202135 minutes, 15 seconds
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God Has A Gift For You

Belonging: Do you ever consider yourself as being ‘gifted’ by God? It’s true! When we come to faith in Jesus, our sinful past is wiped clean and God’s Spirit comes to take up permanent residence within us. Like any celebration of ‘new birth,’ the Spirit brings a spiritual gift from God that he chose specifically for you! Like any gift, there is the expectation it will not only be received, but it will also be put to use. With spiritual gifts, they are to be used within his body, the church. This week we will understand how to discover, develop and deploy the spiritual gift(s) God has entrusted us for the building up of his body and for the unity of our faith community. Understanding spiritual gifts is central to our understanding of what it means to belong to God and his church, the faith community at Foothills.
10/3/202133 minutes, 32 seconds
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The Power of Togetherness

Belonging - Ephesians 4:11-16: There is something unique and special that occurs when believers in Jesus connect and lean together in the same direction. There is a sense of belonging that isn’t found anywhere else this side of heaven. The common thread in our connection is found in the person of Jesus. Paul describes Jesus as the ‘head’ of the church which gets one to thinking … what does our ‘church body’ look when Jesus is seen as the head over our church? Are we a body that is fit to serve our Master, or do we limp along because we have never learned how to walk in step with him and with each other. Our study in God’s word this weekend will find us exploring another dimension of what it means to belong to Jesus and each other.
9/26/202134 minutes, 56 seconds
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God In The Dark

Belonging - 1 Kings 19: Do frantic thoughts keep you awake at night? Overwhelming emotions that consume you and leave you feeling powerless and all alone? Has the pandemic taken a toll on your sanity? Has it ever gotten so bad you weren’t sure you even wanted to live anymore, wondering — Why isn’t my faith strong enough to handle life right now? Where is God in the dark? Elijah was a man of deep faith, beloved by God, yet in 2 Kings we find him so down, so filled with despair, that he prayed for God to take his life. The Bible is a book about real people and real people hurt. And even when we are walking closely with God, we can still get lost in a wilderness of tangled emotions and hopelessness. But in the darkness of our depression, God can meet us still.  
9/19/202136 minutes, 42 seconds
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How To Make Friends

Belonging - Luke19 v 1-10: Okay, admittedly this sermon title is a bit of click bait. But now that I have your attention, what is the first few words that come to mind when you hear the words: “the church?” Were they positive? Negative? Why? Now I want you to do the same only with the word: “belonging.” Were any of the words that came to mind the same as what you thought with “the church?” There are few characteristics of a compelling community (aka, communities that people want to be a part of and are accessible). Is the church functioning how it should? Do we live out some of those characteristics? I think this is worth talking about. See you this weekend!  
9/12/202135 minutes, 48 seconds
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Better Together

Belonging: If you’ve been around Foothills, you’ve likely seen the sign on the wall or heard us say, “We’re better together.” And if we ever doubted that, these last 18 months confirmed it. In the face of worldwide disconnection and seasons of unwanted isolation, we’ve discovered how essential relationship is. Our God has known this all along. So, it’s not surprising his restoration plan for broken people and a broken world is knitting us together in loving relationship with himself and each other, as his church.  This relationship isn’t easy, and church can be complicated and messy; even more so amidst COVID-19. So how do we live into all God calls us to as his church? Join us this weekend as we explore God’s Word and ask for his grace to answer that call.  
9/5/202135 minutes, 15 seconds
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The Fork In The Road

If Jesus Was Serious - Mat 7:24-29: Have you ever considered the ‘scariest’ verse in the Bible? Well, this week we will learn of those who appeal to Jesus as having done great things for him in His name, only to learn that Jesus says he never knew them!! How can this be? Was Jesus serious in this? Apparently, somewhere along the way they made a poor choice when they came to, what I call, the Fork in the Road. Throughout God’s Word we are confronted continuously with the need to make wise choices concerning the path we will travel. Jesus challenges us at these ‘fork in the road’ experiences to ensure we make decisions that lead to a hope and a future found only through a faith relationship with him, rather than travelling towards a dead-end experience trying to earn Jesus’ love and favour by ‘doing’ good things for him.  
8/29/202145 minutes, 55 seconds
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You Be The Judge

If Jesus Was Serious - Matthew 7:1-5: This week Jesus confronts us with the practice of judging others. It’s a timely word, because from time to time we all find ourselves falling into this harmful practice that can lead to prejudice against others for no reason other than they are different from us. Our time in God’s Word will find us learning the difference between discernment and judgement and how to learn to practice self-awareness rather than self-righteousness.   The bottom line is this … if Jesus was serious in this matter, we learn that we cannot judge and love people at the same time. With the apostle Paul, we need to align ourselves with his conviction that from now on  we regard no one from a worldly point of view.  What a timely lesson as judgement of  others has become a far too common practice in our culture, and in our relationships with others.  
8/22/202151 minutes, 10 seconds
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Specks and Planks

If Jesus Was Serious - Matt 7:1-5: One of the grandest privileges on my life has been being your pastor at Foothills Alliance Church over the last 20 years. I can hardly believe this will be my last Sunday at church preaching as your lead pastor. You have been so kind, so encouraging, so honest, so gracious and I am beyond grateful for your influence in my life. This weekend we will look at Paul’s prayer for the church in Ephesus, and I will share my prayer for you. We will have a great time in worship that will make us all smile and remember the goodness of God. I so look forward to being with you in church or online. Have a blessed weekend Be safe, be kind and be well. Pastor Ian
8/15/202137 minutes, 18 seconds
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Primary Concern

If Jesus Was Serious - Matt 6:25-33: J.I. Packer defines the kingdom of God as the place "wherever the lordship of Jesus is acknowledged in repentance, faith and new obedience." The whole of the sermon on the mount is not just talk for Jesus, nor should it be for us. If Jesus is serious, and he is who he says he is, then what we've been looking at should shake us to our core. As we look at Matthew 6v25-33, there are a few things that we'll hit. One, there are a lot of things that take us "out of sway of the kingdom." And two, that needs to change. But how? Jesus being the good teacher he is, shows us that the key lies in our priorities. The kingdom cannot be buried in ours. See you this weekend!  
8/8/202129 minutes, 41 seconds
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Thin Places

If Jesus Was Serious - Matt 6:5-14: There are moments in life when God feels so close that I am overwhelmed with his presence. Last week, floating on a northern Saskatchewan lake surrounded by blue sky and water, green forest and bright sunshine I had one of those moments. I turned my heart towards God in peaceful praise and felt the embrace of his love. But what about those other moments when life is full, demands are pressing, and stress is rising? How do we meet God then? In this week’s teaching, Jesus calls us to the secret place to meet with God and gives us a guide to follow as we come away to pray. And you know what, I think he was serious. He said, “pray this way” because he wants us to “pray this way.” And as we do, we receive the reward of his intimate transforming presence amidst everyday life. This Sunday, come hear and answer his call.  
8/1/202142 minutes, 34 seconds
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The Great Impossibility

If Jesus Was Serious - Matt. 5:45: Storms.  They happen. Right now, British Columbia is praying that they’ll happen! But, sadly, any hope of rain appears to be accompanied by lightning.   It’s how we feel at times. We know rain has value, but sometimes that rain seems to be excessive and sometimes appears to bring other unwanted realities with it.  Jesus, speaking to those listeners on the mountain, reminded them and us in Matthew 5:45 that it rains on both the righteous and the unrighteous. Just because we have Jesus in our lives doesn’t mean that we get a “free pass” on unexpected storms. So, how, do we cope when life goes sideways or when unwelcomed storms surge in our souls?  From some beautiful words from Jesus, we will remember the heart of the Father and find comfort, courage, peace and hope! I so hope you will be able to join us this weekend as we gather around the best table in the world and consider the love of the Father for each of us.   I’m looking forward to finding God’s grace and peace in the midst of the storm this weekend! With love and expectation and buckets of gratitude, Pastor Ian  
7/25/202142 minutes, 53 seconds
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Counterintuitive Living

If Jesus Was Serious - Matt. 5:38-48: A dear friend sent me a note after last weekend’s message and said something to this effect: “Didn’t the text for this weekend include verses 31 and 32 where Jesus talked about divorce?  Does that mean we get a whole weekend on it next weekend? Lord knows enough of us are curious about it!”  Essentially, reading between the lines of the text, she might have been calling me a coward! So, this weekend I will anchor the rest of Matthew 5 on Jesus’ teaching on divorce. As is often the case, I can hardly wait to hear what I have to say about the whole subject! I so look forward to connecting with you this weekend. Be blessed, be well and be connected. Pastor Ian  
7/18/202134 minutes, 26 seconds
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Dangerous Territory

If Jesus Was Serious - Matt 5:21-30: Demographic surveys indicate an increasing number of people who rarely attend a faith-based service. The fastest growing religious group appears to be a group called “nones” – those who have no religious affiliation. Some cry “persecution” and assume the posture of victim. I’ve studied the life of Jesus pretty closely, I see no victim mindset within him. Others are hunkering down for a political battle Some accuse us of losing our influence in culture because we’ve taken Jesus and his Word too seriously.   But what if we have it backwards?  What if our problem isn’t that “we’ve taken Jesus too seriously” and what if our problem is, as Skye Jethani writes, that “we haven’t taken Jesus seriously enough?”  What if our culture’s judgement on Christianity isn’t the result of obeying Jesus, but the result of ignoring him? Join me this weekend as we continue our sermon series, “If Jesus was serious.” I so look forward to connecting with you in person or online this weekend.  
7/11/202131 minutes, 9 seconds
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Get Used To Different

If Jesus Was Serious - Matt. 5:1-16: How many of you have had someone offer to pay for a coffee or a meal for you and you responded awkwardly with: “are you sure?” Has the person ever changed their mind after you asking that?   I’m not sure if we say that because we’re polite or we have trouble receiving a gift. Either way, when we consider it, it’s an odd response to a generous offer.   I find the Sermon on the Mount to be part of the bible where I read through it, feel somewhat like I miss the mark and want to ask Jesus: “are you sure?” For those who want to take Jesus seriously, this is a tough few chapters to work through practically. So here we are asking the question: what if Jesus was serious? Would something have to change? The Church? Us? Me?   Let’s get into it this weekend. See you online or in person!  
7/4/202131 minutes, 45 seconds
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Do You Like Your Neighbour?

Love Where You Live - 1 Peter 3:15: I was thinking that I should name this message, "How Do You Like Your Neighbour?" as focus on engaging  with  the  people God brings into our lives. This made me think of the one and only – Mr. Rogers! Don't we all miss him, at least a little? Mr. Rogers taught us so many things in life. He taught us to be kind, that were special, that we’re to accept  people  as they  are.  He taught  us that haircuts don't  hurt, though  I don't  think he  ever saw my father's handiwork with an electric razor! This weekend I’m going to ask you a very important question: How do you like your neighbours? On your street?  In your biology class? At your gym? At church? Do you like them enough to start a conversation? Do you like  them enough to pray for them? Join us this weekend as we conclude our series, Love Where You Live. You can join us either online or in person, either way you don’t want to miss it! I so look forward to connecting with you this week. Be kind, be blessed and be thankful. Pastor Ian  
6/27/202136 minutes, 25 seconds
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The Prodigal God

Love Where You Live - Luke 15:11-31: This weekend we continue our Love Where You Live emphasis. We will take time to honour Fathers for their influence in our lives realizing. Sadly, we also recognize some people can’t join in such a celebration due to an absent father, or one who failed to offer care and nurture along the way.   Our time in God’s word will find us focusing on the Father Heart of God in a story Jesus told to challenge the status quo of his day. The Lord has challenging words for us as we consider what it means to be embraced by our heavenly Father’s love and blessed by his endless grace. We will also pause to consider his unrelenting desire to draw to himself, those who are lost to the experience of his unconditional love.  
6/20/202135 minutes, 57 seconds
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Take it to the Streets

Love Where You Live - Luke 10:25-37: This pandemic has been long, and for many, incredibly difficult. But, there have also been blessings with COVID-19. I’m healthier today than I’ve been in years — I weigh what I weighed when I got married! And I’ve met remarkable people along the way. I’ve got to know a man who’s fairly new to Foothills who taught for years at the Medical School at the U of C. He’s bright, brilliant, kind and thoughtful. As we talked, he told  me about the primary thing he tried to teach his emerging proteges. Two words he said every physician needs to embrace, which is the central message of todays teaching: Kindness and diligence. Join us this weekend and together we’ll dive into Luke 10:25-37. If you haven’t heard yet, we’re resuming our in-person worship services, and I would love to see you! You can register by going to, or by clicking your preferred time below. If you’re not ready to join in person, we would love to connect with you online. However you tune in, this message is incredibly important and you don’t want to miss it! Be well, be kind and be diligent, Pastor Ian
6/13/202133 minutes, 18 seconds
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Love Where You Live

Love Where You Live - Matt. 22:37-40: In everything you do, God is present. Everywhere you go, you are a child of God, a servant to Jesus, and sent by the Spirit. Everything counts. Christ plays a role in the everyday stuff of life. As Jesus saturates our lives, they change. Often the change is not what we do, but how we do them. The focus of our lives shifts from ourselves to God and his mission. Instead of serving ourselves and building our own kingdoms, we bless others and seek Jesus’ kingdom. In other words, we live the rhythms of everyday life with gospel intentionality. Gospel intentionality is doing the ordinary activities of life under the rule and reign of Jesus, for Jesus, and with the power of the Holy Spirit. This weekend my good friend Jerry and I will share our love for where we live and take a look at five practices that help us reorient the everyday moments of life around Jesus and his mission and bring us opportunities to B.L.E.S.S. the people around us – our neighbours. Even in a pandemic, the mission of Jesus is simply unstoppable when every one of his followers recognizes the opportunities around them and the responsibility before them to help neighbour experience the love of Jesus.
6/6/202135 minutes, 44 seconds
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Sex, Singleness and Surrender

All You Need Is Love - Hebrews 13:4-6: This weekend, I'll be teaching a topic I rarely preach about: sex, singleness and surrender. Human life and sexuality aren't just behaviours –  it's about beliefs, and ultimately, about the way we view the world and determine how we will respond to it. The language centers around the concept of a worldview.  Everyone has one. It comes from  a Germanic word:  Weltenshauung, which means our comprehensive conception or image of the world around us and how we relate to it. In every decision we make or opinion we hold on to, we are not just deciding what we will do,  we are revealing what we believe, what we value and who we trust most in life. Our moral choices in life cannot be viewed as a single action, but rather as an expression of what we believe about life itself about God himself. 
5/30/202151 minutes, 58 seconds
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The Friendship Factor

All You Need Is Love - Romans 12:9-21: How have your relationships been this last year and a half? Have you felt tensions because of the circumstances in Alberta and the rest of the world? When was the last time you had a conversation with a friend where you disagreed on vaccinations, restrictions, politics, ethics etc.? How did it go? What did it make you feel? We’ve seen polarization cause relational tension in close friend circles in the past few years that I personally have never experienced. It’s affected all of us. And to be honest, I’ve seen this tension handled really terribly. As the church, we are called to an ethic of love that counters society’s ethic. Where personalities are cancelled over old tweets and pro mask or anti-vax stances and voices are muted in the comment section because they disagree with us, we are called to sit in these places of tension and love those who disagree with us. Romans gives us a great road map to that. This weekend we’re engaging in this heavier subject matter with the hope of seeing our community become increasingly more compelling by the love of Christ that a broken world and in places, a broken church, desperately needs. Pastor Andrew
5/23/202134 minutes, 19 seconds
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The Fifth Commandment

All You Need Is Love - Exodus 20:12: “Children, obey your parents in the Lord for this is right.”  Words that easily make any teenager cringe! What about when they don’t understand?  Or they’re being unreasonable? Or they are just plain wrong? I said last weekend that “parents are not always right but they’re always necessary.”  We’ll talk about that this weekend. We’ll also talk about the shift from obeying our parents to honouring our parents. This, too, is fraught with complexity. For many of us, it is an honour and a privilege to honour our parents. They make this very easy. But in some cases, our parents haven’t been quite as “honourable.”  What are we to do then? It will be a weekend to figure out how to parent our parents! Having two of them myself, I can hardly wait to hear what I’ll have to say! I hope it will be a weekend that encourages the heart and strengthens the home.  I hope you’ll be able to join with us! Be blessed, be safe and be well. Pastor Ian  
5/16/202143 minutes, 48 seconds
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He's In The Waiting

All You Need Is Love - 1 Thess. 5: Mother’s Day – one of the more terrifying days for many husbands and children. How do we find a way to honour the woman who birthed us or our children? How do we find a card to express the measure of gratitude we feel? But we remember that Mom’s can also feel angst on a day like this. Am I being that parent who obsesses on secondary issues and neglects primary things? Am I going to parent the way my parents parented?! We all talk (jokingly mostly) about how our parents scarred us for life! How are we damaging our children?! This weekend we’ll visit a very non-parental text from 1 Thess. 5 and consider what God might want to say to us about our role in our families. We’ll honour our Moms and we’ll embrace God’s truth for building healthier and happier homes. Parenting is certainly a journey – always has been and always will be. It takes courage. It takes hope. It takes Jesus to get it right. This will be a weekend filled with hope. I so look forward to being online with you! Be blessed, be safe and be well.    
5/9/202135 minutes, 53 seconds
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Till Death Do Us Part?

All You Need Is Love - Ruth 1: This weekend we commence a new series on ‘Relationships,’ and rightly so! Covid has placed incredible pressure on our households over the past year and, to some extent, our relationships have borne the brunt of the disruption around us.  It is fitting to be reminded that  through our relationships with each other,  we can experience God’s presence practically and powerfully. Specifically, we will be focusing on the uniqueness of marriage, unpacking foundational principles that allow us to look afresh and anew at a union that reflects Jesus relationship to his bride, the church!   Twelve church couples were surveyed related to their marital experience and their feedback is reflected in our message. Through digging into Eph. 5:21-33 and Eccl 4:8-12, we will see how the principles of submission, synergy, support, security and strength emerge in God’s design for a healthy marriage.    
5/2/202131 minutes, 31 seconds
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Navigating the Mystery

How to Pray - 2 Corinthians 12:1-10: Most of us would easily agree that prayer is a beautiful, sacred and comforting reality in our lives. But we would also just as quickly acknowledge that it is also a complicated, confusing and mysterious reality. Those latter emotions especially arise when our prayers seem to go unanswered, when God seems eerily silent or when life becomes unthinkably unmanageable.   What do we do with the reality of unanswered prayer? Intellectually, we know that God is not a divine vending machine that spits out blessings when we insert a token prayer. But that knowledge can feel shallow and hollow when our prayers come from a desperate place and silence seems to be the overwhelming response to our requests. This weekend, we’ll take a dive into the mystery of prayer once again and try to honestly talk about our conversations with God -- even when it's  frustrating at times. I’m praying that we will find hope, faith, courage and peace to deal with the disappointment of unanswered prayer (from our perspective!), and that we will find that ability to trust the Father even when we don’t fully understand what is happening. I so look forward to being with you this weekend! Be blessed, be safe and be well! Ian  
4/25/202140 minutes, 33 seconds
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The Real Lord's Prayer

How to Pray - Matthew 26:36-46; Luke 23:46, John 4:24-37: Prayer.  The very word so easily evokes a sense of guilt, inadequacy and disappointment.  But it also reflects a struggle we desperately know we need to understand.  As one writer says, “there’s no one on a plane that’s going down who isn’t praying.”  Is prayer intended only for moments of utter desperation and despair?   Last weekend, we were wonderfully reminded that everyone prays  some of the time and some of us are learning to pray all the time.  This weekend, I want us to look at the prayer that I believe defined Jesus’ life more than any other prayer.  I call it “the real Lord’s prayer.”  It’s the prayer that gives life and purpose and clarity to every other prayer we might pray.  It’s the prayer that gives hope and courage and strength and peace.   I pray you’ll find time to join us this weekend to consider the most authentic prayer we could ever pray.  We’ll be encouraged.  We’ll be informed.  We’ll be strengthened.  And our amazing God will be honoured in our midst! Be blessed, be safe, be well and be prayerful! Can’t wait to be together this weekend! Pastor Ian
4/18/202137 minutes, 44 seconds
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Prayer 101

How to Pray - Luke 11:1-9: How’s your prayer life? What did you feel when you read that? Did you feel guilt? Did you feel indifference? Did you feel encouraged because you remembered to pray today? It’s a weighty question. It’s like being asked how your workouts are going when you haven’t been working out. Prayer is an incredibly universal act. Everyone prays – even atheists pray! It might look different depending on someone’s culture or belief system, but everyone prays. Some see it as a way to change themselves for the better (mindfulness) and some see it as using it to make the world better. Let’s reframe the question. No manipulation and no coercion. If you were to pray, what would you pray? Do you know why you would pray? What would you hope happened because you prayed? Do you know how to pray? Luke 11 is about Jesus’ answer on how to pray. There’s a lot in it, but God has invited us to know him and respond to his love for us. Join us this weekend to learn more about this. See you then! Pastor Andrew and Student Ministries Intern Jason    
4/11/202135 minutes, 57 seconds
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Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday: If you spend  any time  in  a  corporate  world,  you'll  be familiar  with  the concept  of annual evaluations where we are often graded with “fails to meet expectations"  or "meets expectations" or “exceeds expectations.” As a student, I remember being evaluated with letter grades,  and,  as  I remember  it,  the  only  A's" I  got  on  my report cards read something like, " A much better effort  is  required  if  Ian  wants to pass  this course." Join us this weekend as we celebrate the risen Christ. We’ll dive into why pursuing Jesus allows us to live a life marked by peace, hope, purpose and passion. I so look forward to seeing you online or in person. Be safe, be well and be blessed. Pastor Ian
4/4/202122 minutes, 31 seconds
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The Grace

Disrupted - John 12:12-19: Our world is full of stories of super heroes who face overwhelming odds, diabolical enemies and come out victorious. I remember the classic Batman movies with tacky captions like WHAM and KAPOW inserted over Batman, as he overpowers one more bad guy. Our lives don’t look much like those stories, but we all want to be saved from an enemy or two. We all need to be saved. But what kind of hero do we really need? This weekend the greatest hero of all time rides into town, but he looks nothing like what we’ve been told a hero should look like. Join us weekend as we encounter and worship Jesus, and begin our journey with him though Holy Week Pastor Carla
3/28/202136 minutes
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The Gift

Disrupted - Phil 4:14: Dallas Willard writes in his newest book, “Life Without Lack,” that the phrase “the Lord is my Shepherd” is a sentiment that is “sadly carved on tombstones more than it is a reality written in daily lives.” Can we really say, “I shall not want” any more in life? A life free of insatiable desire, a life marked by inner peace, a life where we want for nothing or lack nothing, a life marked by contentment and hope, no matter what happens – no matter what comes our way? Join us this weekend as we dive into “The Gift,” and together we’ll examine Phil 4:14. We’ll see how grace received always results in grace extended. I so look forward to connecting with you online or in person this weekend. Be kind, be well and be gracious Pastor Ian
3/21/202137 minutes, 16 seconds
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The Secret

Disrupted - Phil 4:13: One year ago today we postponed our in-person services. It’s been a year like no other.  Pandemic. Online church. Zoom meetings and our new most common phrase:  “You’re on mute!” For some, it’s been incredibly challenging to experience any form of happiness. But what would it look like if we stopped focusing on what’s happening around us, and instead lived a life of contentment – not dependant on external circumstances? Robert Hughes wrote scathing critique of our culture a few years ago called, “The Culture of Complaint.”  His thesis was that: We live in a society where people perceive themselves to be entitled to having all desires fulfilled.  We take this to be part of our birthright.  We accord ourselves victim status when it doesn’t happen.  We live in the culture of complaint.  It forms our hearts and minds This is going to be an incredibly important weekend, you don’t want to miss it. Whether we connect online or in person this weekend, I am so excited for what we’ll learn together. Be safe, be healthy, be content.  
3/14/202131 minutes, 48 seconds
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The Discovery

Disrupted - Phil. 4:8-9: Hey Foothills family, You’re on my mind.  I’ve been wondering how you’re doing.  It won’t be long before I’ll see some of your faces again as we reengage with in-person worship services next week Sunday.  I think of you often.  We miss you all. You know, our ability to feel and reason, to dream and create, to analyze and decide is a fascinating and holy part of our humanity. Having a thought life separates us from other parts of God’s creation. Though we cannot touch it, we all know, that what happens in our heads is real.  So, does what and how we think matter to God?  The Apostles Paul seemed to think that what we allow in our minds matters a lot.  Join me and the team this weekend as we explore Phil 4:8-9 and the importance of navigating the preoccupation of our thoughts in a way that honours our calling as Jesus followers.
3/7/202134 minutes, 21 seconds
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The Promise

Disrupted - Phil 4:6,7: If there was a condition that describes us all during this global pandemic, it would be one of anxiousness. Sociologists claim that a breakdown in social connectedness and the presence of external environmental threats only intensifies our feelings - go figure!   But in such a time as this, God’s word speaks volumes into our lives in such a dynamic and practical manner. Our message focuses on Phil 4:6-7 where Paul contends that we should “not be anxious in anything.”  But how can he say this, when being anxious seems to be part and parcel with the experience of simply being human!? As we dig into this text we will consider ‘was Jesus ever anxious?’ If so, how did he deal with his feelings? We will also unpack the provision of God’s peace to help us find calm in our chaotic world.
2/28/202138 minutes, 24 seconds
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The Destiny

Disrupted - Phil. 3:15-21: Thirty years ago City Slickers arrived on our big screen. The movie follows a group of guys from New York who were disillusioned with life, career, kids and marriage. Mitch, a guy who has never left the city, has this profound moment with Curly – the poster child for a cool, rugged, rough cowboy. As Mitch tries to make sense of his disappointing life, Curly asks him “Do you know what the secret of life is?” Mitch shrugs “no” and Curly holds up one finger.  He says only one thing matters in life. When Mitch asks what that one thing is, Curly responds “That’s what you have to find out!” This weekend we will examine Phil. 3:15-21. We will be challenged to define what our one thing is, and what it ultimately should be. I can’t wait to “see” you online this weekend. Be safe, be well and be focused on the One who loves us most! Pastor Ian    
2/21/202138 minutes, 3 seconds
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The Passion

Disrupted - Phil 3:11: John Maxwell defines success as “when those who know you best love you most” and while that’s a good start, is success only about being loved by others? Isn’t there a higher standard to strive for? A greater legacy to leave? A higher purpose to give our lives to? Many of us use the image or metaphor of climbing the ladder of success … but I wonder if some of our ladders are leaning up against the wrong wall? This weekend, we will continue through the book of Philippians, looking at Phil. 3:11. We'll look at a very powerful expression from Paul's life, a page from his journal where he talks about what success in life looks like. I'm so excited to "see" you online this weekend. Be blessed, be well, be safe!
2/14/202140 minutes, 41 seconds
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The Concern

Disrupted - Phil. 2:19-30: Have you ever considered how many different people there are in the world? Morning and night people, those who believe camping includes tents and people who believe it involves five-star hotels. There are dog people and cat people, people who love coffee and those who trust Jesus for motivation. There’s even people who love sweater vests, and people with poor fashion sense. Humans are immensely diverse with a plethora of interests, aptitudes, temperaments and passions. And yet, there is one interest we all share: self-interest. This week we’ll examine what it means to be “all in” for Jesus. Please join us for an incredibly important message that will challenge us to live a life marked by having a servant heart. Together, journey through Philippians 2:19-30 and hear from Foothills Family International Workers. You can join us at Be blessed, be well and be kind!  
2/7/202138 minutes, 59 seconds
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The Challenge

Disrupted - Phil. 2:13: How many of you have a love/hate relationship with exercise? We know it’s good for us, but it’ so hard to be motivated and disciplined to stay the course! Well, in our text in Phil. 2:12-18, Paul uses an athletic metaphor when he challenges us to “work out our salvation with fear and trembling.” What does that mean? Are we to work for our salvation? Obviously no, we’re saved by grace and grace alone. But we are to “work out” our salvation and this weekend, we’ll talk about what it means. Just a heads up to free you from unnecessary guilt … try not to complain or grumble this weekend. It will be better for you when you engage in church! It really is going to be an awesome and inspiring weekend! I so look forward to being together online. Great things are happening! Be safe! Be well! Be connected! Pastor Ian
1/31/202134 minutes, 38 seconds
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The Example

Disrupted - Phil. 2:1-11: Disruptions impact us deeply in almost every area of our lives. But few match the emotional complexity of a disruption at home. It seems we can navigate bumps in life with courage and grace, but when they happen at home, they leave a much deeper mark.  This week's message from Phil. 2:1-11 teaches us how to treat the people God brings across our paths. It also addresses our fundamental need in life, to learn to care for others over self. This weekend, we’ll talk about what an other’s first orientation looks like, and how to find that in a "me first" world. It will be encouraging and challenging, and I so look forward to visiting with you in your home as we gather for church!   Be safe, be blessed, be connected!   Pastor Ian
1/24/202133 minutes, 49 seconds
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The Calling

Disrupted - Phil 1:27: Decision Making 101. There ought to be a course taught at every post-secondary institution on how to make great decisions that result in great legacies. I don’t know too much about Maya Angelou (other than the fact that she wrote seven autobiographies, which seems slightly narcissistic to me!) but I love her thought that, “We may not control all the events that happen to us, but we can decide not to be reduced by them.” We are not the sum of our circumstances, but we are deeply shaped by the kinds of choices we make in life.  Paul’s words to the Philippians in chapter 1, verse 27 begin with “whatever happens.” It’s not a fatalistic statement of resignation but rather a strong statement of resolve to trust God no matter what comes our way. Out of that resolve come three fantastic truths that will serve as a great foundation for our lives. We get to look at them this weekend! I look forward to joining you in your living room as we worship Jesus together and follow the prompts of the blessed Holy Spirit! It may not feel like “Decision Making 101” but we will be encouraged! Have a great weekend. Stay safe. Stay well. Stay connected. Pastor Ian
1/17/202139 minutes, 7 seconds
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The Legacy

Disrupted - Phil. 1:12-26: How are you doing with these restrictions? If the word “restrictions” triggered an emotional reaction in you, I want you to recognize it. Why does it make you feel that way? What’s at play in your soul? Why do these restrictions have the effect they do? My best guess is because they have disrupted the way we live. Our comfortable lives that we’ve grown to love and depend on have been changed. So, here’s what we’re going to do in our time this weekend: anchor ourselves in the Bible and change our focus. I’m going to give you tools to help you flourish in restrictions and outside restrictions. Not so everything goes away. Not so that emotions stop being felt. But, so we are fixated on the One who needs to be focused on. Here’s why: the restrictions placed on us do not restrict God of the universe. He will not stop moving because we have. It is possible to flourish amidst restrictions because of the One who cannot be restricted. See you this weekend! Pastor Andrew
1/10/202137 minutes, 59 seconds
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A Prayer, A Plan, A Partnership

Disrupted - Philippians 1:1-11: With 2020 behind us, we look forward with great expectation to a New Year. Not only is it a new year, it brings hope to an end of the devastating impact the COVID-19 virus has had on our world. There is no better place in God’s Word to commence our New Year, than in the first chapter of Paul’s letter to the church in Philippi… and a new series of messages entitled ‘Disrupted.’ Paul writes these words, socially isolated from his dear friends, in very much the same manner we have had to experience this holiday season. Our lives, traditions and rhythms of everyday life have been disrupted. It is within this experience however, Paul offers hope that through the love of God we can ‘discern what is best’ for the coming year. God has a plan and a partnership for us to embrace in 2021! Join me this weekend, as we dive into Philippians. I can’t wait to “see” you online! Pastor Tim
1/3/202127 minutes, 34 seconds
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More Than Enough

For Unto Us - 2 Peter 1:1-11: We'll also gather online for Church on Sunday. I'll get to teach one of the greatest passages of the Bible, which I’ve sadly never taught here before: 2 Peter 1:1-11. Here, we will discover that God is more than enough for whatever we face in life! Be blessed. Be safe. Be grateful. Be amazed! Pastor Ian
12/27/202031 minutes, 54 seconds
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For Hope

For Unto Hope - Isaiah 53: I love celebrating communion at Christmas! It builds such a remarkable bridge between the wonder of Christmas and the sacred hope of Easter. Hope is a bit of an endangered species for us all these days. We're all struggling with Christmas plans, how to care for loved ones, what we can do and what we cannot do. I've fallen in love with the line from "O Holy Night" that because of Jesus, even this "weary world rejoices!" There still is reason for joy - there still is cause for hope - there still is the gift of peace. I hope you'll be able to join us for online church this weekend and for our Christmas Eve services on Thursday. We will do our best to sing the carols, read the scriptures and remember why Jesus came and how he still comes to us today. Have a blessed week of Christmas! May whatever ends up under our tree remind us of the greatest gift of all, the One who hung on a tree so we could truly find joy - even in a weary world! Be safe. Be blessed. Be well. Be joyful! Pastor Ian
12/20/202028 minutes, 53 seconds
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For Shepherds

For Unto Shepherds - Overview: There are few things I enjoy more than a Foothills Worship Arts Production at Christmas! Despite all the chaos and restrictions of our current pandemic, our staff and volunteers have once again, magically and creatively, put together an original presentation. This production offers us a view on Christmas from the perspective of four shepherds. It is creatively called "For Shepherds" and portrays four potential options in navigating the realities of life. Spoiler alert: one is better than the others! Using another Adam Schnell masterpiece of writing, Rebecca Schnell and Mark Holmes have put together a powerful Christmas drama that will draw us into the heart of the story, and specifically, to our response to the story. The gift of Christmas is intended for all people - even marginalized shepherds. The play will, obviously, be presented online. But the impact will not be compromised. I encourage you to join with us this weekend to reflect upon this critical story and message. It will be available for your viewing Friday and Saturday night at 7pm and Sunday at 9 and 11 am. I know you'll be grateful you tuned in. Bless you and invite someone you care for to watch as well! Stay safe, be encouraged and take care of others! Pastor Ian
12/13/202011 minutes, 7 seconds
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For Us

For Unto Us - Isaiah 9:6-7: Today the sun will set at 4:30pm, and by 5:30pm it will look like it's midnight outside. These dark days reinforce the practices of the Advent season. Reflecting on the darkness around and within us, allow what we discover stir our longing for God to break in with his light. The people of Israel understood that deep longing. In their season of darkness, Isaiah spoke words of hope, the promise of a child to come go them, and for us. I'm excited for our Foothills Kids to join us this weekend. They will help us to answer the questions, "Who is this child given for us?" and "How will he deliver us?" Come, let's gather together to wait for his coming. Pastor Carla
12/6/202039 minutes, 23 seconds
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The Myth of Self-Control

The Garden Path - Eph. 5:8-20: Every day, we face a divided reality. We live with Paul's confession in Romans 7:15, "I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate, I do." It's our personal "civil war" - the "every person challenge." Have you ever struggled with this? I know I have. Elie Wiesel brilliantly wrote, "Ultimately, the only power to which man should aspire is that which he exercises over himself." Is there an area in our life right now where you are most profoundly aware of your lack of self-control? Is there a dimension of your journey where you long for God to give you more discipline and direction? It is my prayer that this week we will better learn how to make great choices in life, embracing every opportunity and pursuing God above everything else. We will examine Ephesians 5:8-20 and what it means to have self-control. This is the last sermon of our series "The Garden Path," and I deeply look forward to what we will learn together. Be blessed, be safe and take care of each other.
11/29/202031 minutes, 36 seconds
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The Strength of Gentleness

The Garden Path - Matthew 11: This weekend, our Garden Path leads us to the eighth of nine fruits of the Spirit - gentleness. This is something all of us need in these challenging times. Whenever you think or need gentleness, think Jesus. If you feel broken or bruised, God will not step on you or toss you aside. Rather, he is always there, arms outstretched, saying, "Come to me, all who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. I am humble and gentle and you will find rest for your soul." (Matt:11) Jesus is our rest, and we find hope in the everlasting arms of a gentle Saviour. Join us with expectancy, to not only receive a gentle touch, but be motivated to extend gentleness ourselves to those around us who are in need of the Saviour. Pastor Jerry
11/22/202040 minutes, 54 seconds
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The Gift of Faithfulness

The Garden Joy - Romans 12:9-21: Have you ever allowed doubt and cynicism to dominate your mindset? You may have found yourself saying or thinking, "I'll believe it when I see it." Our world is complicated - our COVID world even more. For many, the government's decision on Thursday was welcome news. For others, it was devastating. It's so easy to lose our sense of trust. It's so easy to wonder or question whether God is truly attentive to the little details in our lives. This weekend, we'll dive into the seventh fruit of the Spirit - faithfulness. We'll examine what it looks like to live a faithful life that honours God. I'm so looking forward to seeing you online for Saturday's service, or in person on Sunday morning at 9 & 11am. Be glad, be well and be faithful. Pastor Ian
11/15/202039 minutes, 25 seconds
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The Grace of Goodness

The Garden Joy - Matthew 6:10: There's been no shortage of definitions or descriptions about the concept of "the good life." We've written books on it, made movies about it, we even named an entire fitness franchise after it. But what does it truly mean to live well? We're in the sixth week of our Garden Path series, and this weekend we'll be looking at Matthew 6:10. It is my prayer that we would come out of this weekend desiring to see the world as God sees it. That we will be compelled to embrace the priorities and passions he calls us to embrace. Come learn what happens when we fully hand over all our dreams, hopes and desires to the One who gave his life for us. I so look forward to seeing you either online for our Saturday service, or in person at our Sunday services. Be blessed, be safe and be good. Pastor Ian
11/8/202037 minutes, 20 seconds
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A Measure of Kindness

The Garden Joy - Luke 10:25-37: This weekend on "The Garden Path," we will encounter the fifth fruit of the Spirit-led life - the fruit of kindness. We will be introduced to an old friend we all know of, the Good Samaritan, and an Old Testament hero none of us know about, "Ebed-Melek, the Cushite." We will learn about the power of a kind life from both of them. There are myriads of studies that prove that acts of kindness dramatically increase the quality of life for both the giver and the receiver. It's my prayer that we will be inspired to more deeply depend upon the Spirit, who pours out kindness in our lives, and that this gift will flow more frequently and intentionally out of our lives. Random acts of kindness are good. Intentional acts of kindness are even better! It will be a blessing to worship and reflect on God's presence and purpose in our lives together this weekend, either online or in person at 9am and 11am Sunday morning. Be blessed, be safe and be kind!
11/1/202041 minutes, 45 seconds
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The Virue of Patience

The Garden Joy - The Book of Genesis: Lord, give me patience, and give it to me NOW!" It's a prayer that we've probably thought of, and maybe have said. Patience is a commodity that we desperately need, but at times find it so difficult to discover. This weekend, we will dive into the fourth fruit of the spirit, the Spirit of Patience - sometimes called Forbearance. Our journey will be anchored in the story of Joseph from the book of Genesis. We'll talk about what happens when patience is lacking, and what happens when patience is discovered. We will do so in the shadow of the communion table, as we remember the One who embodied patience and trust - more than anyone else ever has. It will be great to see you in person if you can come to our service on Sunday, or to visit you in your living room online. Be blessed, be safe and be well. Pastor Ian
10/25/202039 minutes, 26 seconds
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The Picture of Peace

The Garden Joy - John 14:25-27: Peace in chaos. How have the last six to seven months been for you? One thing after another? Is disruption creating chaos in your home, your workplace, your neighbourhood? Let me ask you a question: if you could, what would you rather have? External peace or internal peace? It's a loaded question - because neither creates the other. But, internal peace can withstand external chaos. This week we're talking about peace as a fruit of the Spirit. I invite you to listen in. Jesus never promised external peace. What we're navigating now is a disruption of our normal. But no matter the chaos, Jesus promised peace accessible in him. We're going to look at that this weekend. Pastor Andrew
10/18/202031 minutes, 14 seconds
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The Power of Joy

The Garden Joy - Philippians 4: One of Aesop's fables, the story of Androcles and the Lion, ends with the moral "gratitude is the sign of a noble soul." There is something powerfully attractive and soul-enhancing in being grateful and being around grateful people. This weekend from Phil. 4, we will examine the second manifestation of the Spirit's work in our lives - the fruit of joy. Whether you join us online this weekend or live in our Sunday 9 and 11am services (please pre-register!), we will give thanks to God for all his goodness, and we will explore a pathway to deeper joy together. Have a blessed Thanksgiving, and may our hearts be filled with the goodness of God in our lives. Be safe. Be blessed, be grateful.
10/11/202037 minutes, 23 seconds
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The Power of Love

The Garden Path - Galatians 5:22-23: Theologians say one of the critical capacities that reveals us being created in the image of God is the ability to make choices in life. Many of the choices are mundane and trivial, such as, what will I have for breakfast? Can I wear socks with sandles? (the answer is no). But others have much longer lasting implications. A good friend of mine constantly reminded his kids: "Show me your friends and I'll show you your future." These kinds of choices truly shape our destinies in significant ways. But there is one choice that matters more than any other in life: "What will we do with Jesus?" This choice has both eternal and temporal consequences. In many ways, this choice ultimately shapes every choice we will make in life. We are beginning a new teaching series that will take us through the next nine weekends. It is called "The Garden Path," and in it, we will dive deeper into the nine fruits of the Spirit mentioned in Galatians 5. This weekend we will touch on "love." Together, we'll set the context for how these fruit can become increasingly evident in our daily lives, as we'll consider the second most important decision in life - what we will do with the Holy Spirit, and will we allow him to direct our paths? It will be a great weekend, and you may want to read our text before church: Galatians 5:16-25. Whether you are able to join us in person at 9 or 11 am Sunday, or tune in online, I so look forward to worshipping our great God with you, and allowing him to speak into our stories. Regarding the in-person worship experience, please know we are doing everything we can to create the safest environment for you. It would help us if you pre-register and it is a remarkable joy for us to be together! Be safe. Be blessed and let's learn more about love this weekend! Pastor Ian
10/4/202036 minutes, 17 seconds
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Dreams and Visions - Eph. 3:1-21: I'm old enough to remember the days before "self-service" gas stations emerged. We called them "Gas Jockeys" (or when they wanted to appear to be important: "Petroleum Transfer Engineers"). At the time, self-serve stations began to emerge, and people weren't sure they liked the idea. It seemed like a way to eliminate jobs and for gas companies to make more money. Yet what happened at the gas station took off in our culture. Other industries started adapting and cutting positions. Personal Banking arrived, which largely eliminated the need for tellers. Drive-through restaurants eliminated the need for servers. Automatic car washes emerged. When I was young, I woke up at 6am and ran milk to houses for the local milkman during summer. At the end of the day, he would pay me 50 cents and a pint of chocolate milk for my efforts. (I haven't thought about that for decades!) In so many ways, the self-serve industry has become the defining metaphor of our culture. We so often focus on serving ourselves and our agendas. Jesus taught a very different life approach in Matthew 20, and we will consider it this weekend. Whether you pre-register and join us at church this weekend or watch online, may our hearts be open to the transformational message that the truly great life is one invested in God's plan to change the world. I love gathering together!
9/27/202038 minutes, 22 seconds
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Dreams and Visions - Galatians 5:13-15: No one would be surprised to learn we live in a "me first" world. Looking out for number one is a common mantra, and we all know how to count! This weekend we dive into the third pillar of our mission statement - the call to "reach neighbours." Jesus clearly, consistently and compellingly taught that the greatest life is one that serves others. We are truly called to be a "for others" church. In a world that mandates physical distancing, we'll spend some time from Galatians 5 focusing on what it means to love our neighbours. I do look forward to seeing you in church or online. If you plan to join us in service, remember to register to speed up the welcome process! Be safe, be blessed and be a blessing! Pastor Ian
9/20/202038 minutes, 18 seconds
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Dreams and Visions - 1 Corinthians 12:12-27: Over the past six months, we've lost a lot of famous people who made an impact in this world. In March of this year, Bill Withers died of heart failure. Most of us don't know who Bill was, but we know some of his music. Songs like "Ain't no sunshine" and "Just the two of us" easily are memorable, but his best and most enduring work is the classic "Lean on me." The song has been recorded dozens of times by some of the music industry's greatest artists. Why? I think it's the message. For, "Sometimes in our lives, we all have pain, we all have sorrow," we need to be able to say: "Lean on me, when you're not strong, and I'll be your friend, I'll help you carry on." The song ends with the admonition "Call Me" that is repeated 24 times! Do you have someone in your life to call? Are you someone others know they can call? We're going to focus on being connected in a physically-distant culture, and why it matters. Be blessed, and good luck getting this little song out of your mind! Sing it with joy! Bless you and I can't wait to see you in church on a Sunday (when the time is right for you!) Pastor Ian
9/13/202033 minutes, 39 seconds
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Dreams and Visions - 2 Corinthians 5:11-21 Isaiah 6: I don't know if you've ever seen one of the Western Canada Lottery Corporation's brilliant advertising campaigns for their Lotto Max called, "Dream to the max." In the commercial, one lucky woman who had won the lottery was asked what she planned to do with all the money. When she suggests going on a vacation, she's told her dream isn't nearly grandiose enough. In the end, she ends up settling on buying a villa in Italy she names after herself, with a block of cheese that will last her village an entire year. "Why dream little when you can dream to the max?!" What kind of dreams do you have? What do you find yourself pursuing in life? This weekend, we will consider our greatest pursuit in life - to know God. This weekend we'll be reading from 2 Corinthians 5:11-12 and Isaiah 6. Join us as we start our new series "Dreams and Visions." I so look forward to seeing you online! Be blessed, be safe and be well.
9/6/202037 minutes, 3 seconds
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My Story with Self Reliance

My Story - Season Three - 2 Chron. 20: Have you noticed lately that life is hard sometimes?! Overwhelmingly hard, actually. Sometimes my own strength and my own wisdom seems so ridiculously insufficient. This weekend, we will hear a couple stories of the inadequacies of self-reliance. We'll also hear a powerful story of a God-dependent life that will bless and inspire is. I truly hope you will be able to join with us as we end Season Three of our series, My Story. Be blessed - be safe - be hopeful and take care if each other! See you online!
8/30/202037 minutes, 15 seconds
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My Story with Temptation

My Story - Season Three - 1 Cor. 10:13-2 2 Chron. 7:14: There's lots of humour around the subject of temptation, "I can resist just about everything - except temptation." My secret to dealing with temptation is to just give in. We can laugh about it, but it is a daily struggle for all of us. Many of our temptations are minor and seemingly inconsequential. "Will I have two cookies, or three? Do I watch one more episode of my favourite Netflix show, or go to bed on time?" But sometimes the consequences of giving into temptation are much more severe. This weekend, we'll consider how to navigate a world full of temptations that draw us from God, rather than to him. We'll consider how Jesus himself navigated temptation. And we'll think through some strategies on staying strong in the journey. This is week 24 of online church, and while we're all a little weary, I'm still so grateful for those who make these services happen. Have a blessed weekend, and we'll see you online. Pastor Ian
8/23/202033 minutes, 46 seconds
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My Story with Loss

My Story - Season Three - Eccl. 2:1-11: Dear Foothills family, If you're anything like me, you've probably experienced some disappointment, suffering or unexpected negative impact on your life in the last five months; maybe on more than one front. I actually believe we're living in a season of collective grief. For most of us, habits, routines and opportunities we took for granted are just gone. And some have been more intensely affected than others. Relationally, we may be under strain or feeling alone - or a confusing combination of both. So, how do we make sense of our losses? The book of Ecclesiastes is all about the search for meaning. And, you might be surprised how connected loss is with the search for meaning. Join me this week as we hear Donna Elford's story. She'll dive into how the disappointments in life can be a catalyst for learning how long, high, wide and deep Jesus loves us. As we gather, even though apart, let's remember that he is for us! Rebecca Schnell
8/16/202033 minutes, 49 seconds
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My Story with Spiritual Indifference

My Story - Season Three - 1 Cor. 3:1-9: When it comes to the high calling we have in Christ Jesus, the calling never changes - but sometimes we do. Often, INDIFFERENCE is the culprit. We become disconnected, ineffective, inactive, uninvolved and unsympathetic. INDIFFERENCE is a menace to all areas of life, and we always pay the price for it. It robs you of joy, accomplishment, fulfillment and growth. It is a thief. But when it is spiritual indifference, which will be our focus this weekend (and my 20 years of living with it), the price is much higher and robs you of so much more - kingdom production and victorious living, and all God intended you to be. Join us this weekend and be challenged to move beyond average, lethargy, complacency, inertia, procrastination and ineffective living. In God's eyes, you were meant to soar like an eagle, not a barnyard duck - blanks on those metaphors to be filled in this weekend! Hope to "see" you there! Pastor Jerry
8/9/202028 minutes, 20 seconds
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My Story with Isolation

My Story - Season Three - Romans 12:1-10: Six months ago, I bet you’d never have imagined that you’d have a story to tell about isolation. But today, each of us have a version of this story to tell. As COVID-19 entered our world, so did experiences that left us feeling separated from each other in new and uncomfortable ways. And it has been challenging to say the least! Yet, as Jesus’ followers, who we are is rooted in being united in Christ. How does our identity in Christ and our current reality fit together? As we hear God’s word and Theresa and Ryan Reed’s story with isolation, we are reminded that, by God’s grace, nothing this world throws at us can hinder God’s work in and through us. And as we celebrate communion together, we will receive and give thanks for Jesus, the One who makes us one. Pastor Carla
8/2/202028 minutes, 11 seconds
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My Story with Abandonment

My Story - Season Three - Hosea 1: How can we live our lives in such a way that our "past" doesn't threaten or ruin our "present" or "future" as God intends them to be embraced? So often, the wounds and struggles of childhood linger with us into our adult years. They rob us of the peace and courage and confidence God wants us to live with. This weekend, we will consider a story of abandonment from Hosea's life and from the life of Susan Hastie from our church family. Susan will share from her story and encourage us in our stories! It will be a weekend filled with hope and blessing, and I trust you will be able to join us, either online for one of the three livestream weekend services, or via the sermon archives later in the week. Be blessed – be safe – be strong in Jesus! I'm still missing you, and looking forward to gathering together when the time is right! Pastor Ian
7/26/202030 minutes, 17 seconds
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My Story with Purity

My Story - Season Three - Romans 1:18-32 Psalm 86: Grade 7 was the first time I sought out pornography. This is my story with purity. It's a story of pain; it's a story of redemption; it's a story that speaks the truth of Jesus into the mess of my life. Come join and listen as I share a story that has everything from secrets and shame to truth and redemption. Thanks for joining me! See you this weekend. Pastor Andrew
7/19/202029 minutes, 9 seconds
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My Story with Injustice

My Story - Season Three - 2 Kings 18: Injustice. We've known about it for years, but perhaps never as deeply as over the last five or six weeks. How do we respond? Is racism just an "American issue," or is it real in Canada? Is it a part of Foothills Alliance Church's story? This weekend may be one of the most important weekends we've had in years. We will hear from five individuals who have experienced injustice, racism and prejudice in their lives and in their families. We will be reminded that this is a very real issue in our midst and that we can be part of the solution and not perpetuate stereotypes. Come, be prepared to be moved, inspired, encouraged and challenged to be part of the solution for what is wrong in our world. I look forward to joining together online this weekend. Be blessed, be well and be safe. Pastor Ian
7/12/202041 minutes, 12 seconds
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My Story with Influence

My Story with Influence - Psalm 78:71,72: My Story: Season 3 begins this weekend, and it begins with a bang! Dan Gaynor is the former publisher of the Calgary Herald, who weaves together a remarkable story of adventure, success, loss and an encounter with Jesus that changed the entire trajectory of his life. He'll share from his life verses on leadership from Psalm 78:70-72 and will talk about life, leadership and legacy. He'll do this by sharing his story and thoughts on influence and how to find God's path along the way. This will be a weekend you will not want to miss as we launch this much-loved and anticipated season of transforming stories. May your story be blessed by the ultimate storyteller! Pastor Ian
7/5/202034 minutes, 27 seconds
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The Artisan's Whisper

Mettle Maker - 1 Kings 18-19: Even amidst a pandemic, God is still sovereign and in control. Out greatest passion is intended to be to hear his voice and follow his path. To hear God's whispers, we require an attentive soul and inner/outer life balance where we learn to be still and when to be active. My prayer is that we'll learn to be more attuned to the Artisan's voice in all the seasons of our lives. Join us this weekend as we learn from Elijah's struggle after the battle on Mt. Carmel. Be blessed, be well and be safe.
6/28/202043 minutes, 52 seconds
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Iron Sharpens Iron

Mettle Maker - 2 Samuel 23 1 Kings 3: Do you ever feel like you fall short of pleasing God? You look at the heroes of faith in the bible and feel like you have fallen short in terms of faithfulness and fruit. You think: God must love them more than me. In your faith, you see other people seemingly thriving and walking in the Spirit. You said at the beginning of quarantine how much you were going to be in God's word, and 14 weeks later, you've finished Netflix. You measure yourself and ask, what could God do with me, or how could God use me? I'm going to show you that if you are a follower of Jesus, you have what it takes to live like the heroes of faith did. But I'm also going to show you that you don't have what it takes. Mostly, because you haven't asked yet. So whoever you are, this is for you. You and I are going to look at what real wisdom is. We'll jump into the story of Solomon and his request for wisdom; there is so much good stuff in this story. See you this weekend. Happy Father's Day weekend!
6/21/202038 minutes, 40 seconds
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True as Steel

Mettle Maker - Acts 5:1-11: Few stories in the Bible are as troubling as the story of Ananias and Sapphira in Acts 5. Their sudden deaths for their partial, insincere gift to the church seems a little harsh and a bit of an overreaction. Just how does the Lord want us to live? What does it mean to pursue integrity in life? What is the life Jesus is calling us to? Join us online this weekend as we reflect on this complicated story from the early church. It will be great to worship and grow together! Be blessed, be safe, be well!
6/14/202042 minutes, 17 seconds
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Common Bond

Mettle Maker - Acts 2:42-47: Welcome to week 12 of! Obviously, so much continues to happen in the life of the church, but I still miss the weekend experience of community and worship. But this is what we've got, so we'll make the best of it. This weekend we'll talk about the church and how we're to respond to the complexities of the world around us. It seems like we can't watch the news without a box of Kleenex around. How would Jesus have us respond to the Black Lives Matter movement? This is an important weekend for us to remember what it means to be part of the church that Jesus gave his life to build. I look forward to being with you and celebrating the wonder of the church. Have a blessed weekend. Be safe, and take care of each other. Pastor Ian
6/7/202039 minutes, 4 seconds
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The Greatest Promise

Promises, Promises - John 14:15-21: This is a great weekend for the church. Not because we're able to meet together via our online services, but because it's Pentecost weekend! It's a weekend we celebrate the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the church and the dramatic transformation that occurred in people's lives. We may not have another Pentecost event, but we can have the Pentecost effect in our lives as we seek him and surrender to him. We'll also gather around the Lord's Table, which is always a fantastic privilege. So I'll see you on the weekend. Be safe, be blessed and find some time outside — if you can! Blessings, Ian
5/31/202038 minutes, 17 seconds
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Ready to Listen

Promises, Promises - 1 Samuel 3:1-5: Have you ever heard the lament of comedienne Lily Tomlin who wrote, "Why is it that if we say we are talking with God, then we're said that we are praying. But if we say God speaks to us, we are said to be schizophrenic?" I desperately believe that God still speaks to us! By his Word and through his people, via his Holy Spirit! The promise we will consider this weekend relates to how he speaks and how we listen. We'll also examine what happens in and through our lives when we listen. Life is a series of choices that shapes us and our legacies. Nothing matters more than allowing God's prompts to shape our choices! It will be great to be together, and as much as I miss the in-person connection, I'm so grateful for the chance to connect online. Have a blessed weekend, I look forward to seeing you on TV! Bless you all! Pastor Ian
5/24/202042 minutes, 17 seconds
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Slow Your Roll

Promises, Promises - John 8:1-11: Do the stories of Jesus draw you in? I find the stories about Jesus life and ministry compelling. In my experience as a stage director and actor, I've found that if we choose to actively step into the Gospel stories and explore them, they can show us transformational and timeless truths about our world, our relationships and ourselves. This weekend, I invite you to step into a story with me that we've put onstage a couple of times (both in Woven and The Fixer). You'll find it in the first 11 verses of John 8. It's a story of reprehensible exploitation, shameful brokenness, and of course, Jesus' astonishing grace. I hope you'll join us! Rebecca Schnell
5/17/202046 minutes, 3 seconds
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I Choose You

Promises, Promises - Joshua 24:1-15: What will Mother's Day look like in a COVID-19 world!? I guess we are all about to find out, let's get creative people! We're not going to a restaurant, and most stores are still closed, so it will be different — but perhaps it can become even more meaningful. I look forward to hearing stories of how we are honouring the remarkable women in our lives. In church, we will celebrate Moms in different ways and we will remember the amazing gift that they are to us all. We've received permission to have live (though still recorded worship), and I'll be teaching from Joshua's classic mission statement for his family: "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" in Joshua 24. I truly hope you will be able to join us as we worship, pray and connect with each other online! Be blessed, be safe, be well and honor the women in your life in the most creative way you know how! Happy Mother's Day Weekend! I love being your pastor! Pastor Ian
5/10/202038 minutes, 6 seconds
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Better with Age?

Promises, Promises - Joshua 14:6-15: Well, here we are, week seven of the online church experience! I'm not sure we knew what we were getting ourselves into when the government said we could no longer meet in our churches. We still have no idea how long these restrictions will be in place, but we do know the Lord is not surprised and is still committed to building his church! You have been so kind, patient and committed, and I am so grateful for that. This weekend, we carry on with our 2020 reading plan, diving deeper into Caleb's amazing example of faith and courage from Joshua 14. We'll consider what his "wholehearted commitment" to God looked like, and how this reality can impact our lives today. There will be a cameo appearance by Gordon Fowler and Jake Hiebert that will encourage us all to consider what it means to truly become "better with age!" The Greiner guys are leading in worship — and speaking of old guys — Pastor Jerry is hosting!! It will be a great weekend, so please be sure to join us at Thanks for your prayers and your encouragement. I'm so grateful for each of you! God and good and kind, let us continue to trust in him in this unique season of life! Pastor Ian
5/3/202045 minutes, 39 seconds
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Liminal Living

Promises, Promises - Joshua 1:1-9: It's one of the greatest stories of the Bible. The story of Joshua taking over leadership and the children of Israel, leading them into the promised land. Joshua 1:1-9 are some of the most beloved verses, as we reflect on the commission that God gave to Joshua and the promises that he gave him. This weekend, Pastor Clint Mix is back to teach us from this incredible passage. He will also introduce us to the word "liminality," which refers to the in-between spaces and places in our lives. We will learn to hear and discern the voice of God amidst uncertainty. It'll be a great weekend to gather together. I hope you can join us Saturday at 6:30pm, Sunday at 9 or 11am, or sometime during the week. Be blessed. Be safe. Continue to care for those God brings across your path. I'm looking forward to worshipping with you this weekend!
4/26/202029 minutes, 59 seconds
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Listen Well

Promises, Promises - Luke 18:18-43: My dear wife told me about something she heard the other day from a man from China who had endured months of social isolation and physical distancing. He said he asked himself, "Do I want to emerge from COVID-19 being an overweight alcoholic, or having read ten books and learned another language?" Those may not be potential options, but let me ask it in a more Calgary-friendly way: "Do we want to emerge from this season of quarantine having gained 15 pounds and having watched hundreds of hours of mindless television, or is there something greater and grander we could do to redeem this time of pandemic?" How we will respond, in many ways, will reflect what we believe about God and his sovereign purpose in our lives. I am so excited to invite you to church this weekend! We are beginning a new series called "Promises, Promises." We easily become cynical about the capacity of people to keep their promises. But this weekend, let's remember and recommit ourselves to knowing and allowing the ultimate Promise Keeper to transform our lives. It is as we remember and live out of his promises, that our lives become even more valuable and impactful. God's promises are not compromised or minimized by any virus — they become even more remarkable, true and powerful! While I can't physically see you, I will be with you and treasure your invitation into your home! Be blessed. Be Safe. Be connected! Pastor Ian
4/19/202043 minutes, 41 seconds
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He is Risen: I know Christmas claims exclusive ownership of the “it’s the most wonderful time of year” mantra, but my vote still lies with Easter. There is the hope that one day snow might melt, that things will begin to turn green, that golfing season is coming soon! Despite lacking evidence for any of these realities, it is the season of new life and resurrection. As followers of Jesus, it is the best time of year! We get to remember the darkness of Good Friday that created the wonder of Easter morning. This weekend we’ll remember both – albeit online. I hope you can join us Friday at 10:30AM for our Good Friday service, where we will remember the cost of forgiveness that our Saviour paid for us. Join us for Easter services on Saturday at 6:30PM, and Sunday at 9 and 11AM. Together, we will celebrate the wonder of Easter and resurrection. If you can’t make it, you can go into our archived services on the website and join in at your convenience. This is a great weekend to be a Jesus follower! May we remember and celebrate deeply the hope of our Saviour and all he has done for us! Be blessed! Be safe! Be kind! Be faithful. So grateful for you all! Pastor Ian
4/12/202039 minutes, 44 seconds
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No Wonder - Luke 19:28-44: Palm Sunday (or Pam Sunday as the Rev. Paton used to say it!) is one of those weekends we're sometimes unsure of. We expect kids to wave branches in church and we sing, "Hosanna," though we really don't know what that means. Was it truly the beginning of the end of Jesus' life on earth? Was it all part of a grander redemptive plan? In a world with COVID-19, we are tempted to wonder if God really is in control. Does he really have a plan? Is he truly sovereign? But over and over, Scriptures reiterate that God is in control, even when it is hard to trace his fingerprints on what is happening. We can either choose to extend an open hand of invitation and trust, or we can make a fist and question his integrity and capacity. I've made more than a few fists in my day. But eventually, those clenched hands relax, and I return to a posture of trust. Nothing prompts me to trust Jesus more than Passion Week. On our calendar, it marks the time that forever answers the question of whether God sees, knows and cares. As we enter this week, beginning with our online service focusing on "the triumphal entry" of Jesus into Jerusalem, may we have a spirit of expectation. May we long to hear from, and respond to, the wonder of all Jesus did for us. Services are happening at 6:30PM on Saturday, and 9AM and 11AM Sunday on For those watching outside our regular service times, it will be archived right after the 11AM service. I love gathering together! Looking ahead to next week, be sure to watch our Good Friday service at 10:30AM on Friday, April 10, where we will again celebrate the Lord's Supper. Have a blessed week. Seek to creatively connect with others in a world that cries out for isolation! Be safe and guard your heart. Take great care of all God brings across your path. You are dearly loved and deeply missed!
4/5/202034 minutes, 55 seconds
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Stop, Look and Listen

No Wonder - Luke 4:14-30: A.W. Tozer was famous for saying, "It is what we believe about Jesus that is the most important thing about us!" It is often in moments of crisis or loss that our faith is best revealed. In the heart of the COVID-19 reality, which is changing all the rules, we see all kinds of coping strategies. Some are beautiful and inspiring, while others are truly cringe-worthy! (Apparently, ammunition is up there with toilet paper as super hard things to find in Calgary right now.) I want to remind us that turning to Jesus is a much better way to cope with crisis. We will see the earliest days in his public ministry when he announced his purpose in coming, and we will see how this mission impacts us today. There will be a heart-warming story of a lady from our church who's brother is terribly ill with what is likely the virus. We will also hear the response of another woman seeking to live on the solution side of this challenge. It will be inspiring and encouraging. I so look forward to stepping into your living room this weekend! You will find all this, and more, at Stay safe. Stay kind. Stay hopeful. Stay connected! So grateful for each of you! Praying for us all. Pastor Ian
3/29/202046 minutes, 3 seconds
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Anxious No More

No Wonder - Luke 2:41-52 Luke 3:21, 22: Welcome Church to our second weekend of online only services! We are trying a few different things to enhance the experience, let us know how it works for you! We are trying to connect with you through all kinds of ways. We are most excited about our weekend services, but also hoping our new COVID-19 website,, will be helpful for you. We dearly want to stay connected in this "socially distant" society we are currently living in. This weekend's message is entitled, "Anxious No More." We all are concerned, and should be, about the social, spiritual and economic realities of this new season of life. But we also know how easily concern can slide into anxious thinking. So we'll spend some time in Philippians and reflect on Paul's advice on managing anxious thoughts. There will be creative pieces added, including a special visitor! I so look forward to being together with you all. If you're watching live, which we recommend so you can chat, is the best place to find us. Of course, you'll always be able to access the service on our regular website. Thanks for your prayers as we navigate this health crisis together. God is at work and his work is always amazing! Bless you! Love you! Pastor Ian
3/22/202038 minutes, 41 seconds
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Overwhelmed with Sorrow

No Wonder - Mark 14:32-42: What does Jesus' sorrow have anything do with us? When I would go to funerals with my dad as a kid (I went to many because I am a pastor's kid), I would usually never have a relationship with the family who had experienced loss. But as a kid, I could see the pain on their faces, and for some, it overwhelmed their entire bodies. What did I learn from other people's sorrow? Death stings. What do we learn from Jesus' sorrow in the Garden of Gethsemane? That he felt the pain and pressure of his upcoming crucifixion. This is a big deal for everyone. Why? Because it means Jesus felt pain. Jesus felt enormous strain leading up to his death. And he went through with it all the same. And he didn't deserve it. He did it because he loves us. This weekend, please join me online as we figure out what that means.
3/16/202032 minutes, 20 seconds
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Upside Down

No Wonder - Mark 11:15-17: I love passages like the one we will study this weekend because they present a picture of Jesus that we desperately need to see! So often we settle for the "Sunday School Jesus," who loves, blesses and is nice. But we miss the powerful Jesus who transforms, battles and purifies! Yes he is the Lamb, but he is also the Lion. This weekend we'll focus on this side of his character as we see him clearing out all that was wrong and lost in his Father's temple. I hope you will be able to join us this weekend, either at church or on Livestream if you can't be here. We will celebrate his power and his passion for all things good and eternal in our lives. We will invite him to step into our stories and reclaim our "houses" for his purposes. It will be a sacred experience, and it is such a gift to share these moments together! It might be one of the most important weekends of the year, and you'll learn why I desperately wished we had entitled this message: "Not in my house!" Thanks for your prayers. I'm praying for you! Ian
3/8/202031 minutes, 3 seconds
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Persistent Faith

No Wonder… - Mark 7:24-30: If you are following the 2020 Project and reading through the Bible with us, this past week, Mark 7 may have been one of those passages that jumped out at and made you wonder, "What Jesus was thinking?" It has been said that if you think you have God all figured out and want to stay that way, you might need to stop reading the Bible. While we can be certain of Godss character, we are often surprised by the way he works with his people. This weekend we will examine an unusual encounter between Jesus and a Gentile woman and invite her gutsy example lead us to reach out to Jesus with persistent faith. We will discover that while at first glance, this encounter feels limiting, it is actually the opposite, pointing to the expansion of Godss gracious blessing to all. Blessings! Carla
3/1/202037 minutes, 36 seconds
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With or Without You

Desperate Times - Exodus 33:1-11: You've likely heard the story of the lady who left her lifeboat on the Titanic to retrieve something from her stateroom. Allegedly, she bypassed her expensive jewelry to grab a bag of oranges from her room, which she brought back to the soon-to-be descending lifeboat. Circumstances have a way of redefining the things we value and treasure. Circumstances also have a way of defining what it means to be successful in life. In an instant, everything that matters to us can be transformed with a phone call, a decision at work or a conversation. Our passage this week from Exodus is all about redefining our version of what it means to live a "successful life." We will talk about those who embrace where they are "successful" but lack a real sense of God's presence in their lives. We will remember what matters most as we gather around the Lord's Table and celebrate his remarkable gift of "presence." I look forward to hearing God's voice together with you! Have a blessed weekend. Pastor Ian
2/23/202031 minutes, 25 seconds
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Call of Duty

Desperate Times - Exodus 17:8-16: Come this weekend and find out! And discover the life-changing answer to the longings of our hearts to be at peace, happy and whole. I have never been much of a "gamer", especially if those games involve violence. I just don't see the joy in killing other people, even if it's just a game! But apparently millions of people disagree with me, as over 250 million copies of "Call of Duty" have been sold over the past 20 years. While I'm convinced that the call of God upon our lives is not to shoot each other, I'm quite convinced it does involve learning to pray for each other. I can't think of five more meaningful words anyone could say to me than, "I am praying for you." Many parts of life are profoundly mysterious, but perhaps none as much as the call to prayer. We will visit this "call of duty" that I believe God has extended to each of us — specifically the call to pray for each other — this weekend. We will seek to unravel the mystery and discover the gift of intercessory prayer. This might be one of the most important weekends this year for our church. Together, we'll deepen our commitment and resolve to the ultimate call of duty God has entrusted to us — the call to pray for one another. I'm looking forward to being together! Thank you for your prayers, I'm beyond grateful! Pastor Ian Trigg w/ Pastor Tim Gibbons
2/16/202049 minutes, 41 seconds
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Game Changer

Desperate Times - Job 42:1-6: Many years ago, when Bill Clinton was the president of the United States, Mother Theresa was invited to Washington as the guest speaker at the President's Prayer Breakfast. In her message, she spoke passionately and powerfully about the damage abortion was creating in so many lives around the world. She also said how we needed to do more to protect our most vulnerable citizens. A reporter asked Clinton after the event what he thought of her comments. His answer? "It is very hard to argue against a life so well lived." This weekend, we again consider the life of Job and how he navigated unthinkable losses, challenges and disappointments. We'll explore the fatal flaw of his closest "friends," and his own counter-arguments defending his integrity. But we will mostly focus upon the "game-changing encounter" he had with God that transformed his life. It will be a service filled with hope to help us navigate life's unexpected curveballs. It might even foster a pathway towards personal transformation as we approach life's most challenging moments and questions. Job starts with so much uncertainty and ends with profound peace and hope. It serves as a great reminder of what God wants to do in all our journeys and will inspire us towards a "life well lived." I look forward to worshipping and encountering Jesus together with you! Have a blessed weekend! Pastor Ian
2/9/202044 minutes, 21 seconds
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Anchoring Point

Desperate Times - Job 1: How many of you, when going through some level of suffering, confide in a close friend or acquaintance and receive this wonderful piece of advice: just trust God more? If you’ve ever said this to someone, please don’t ever do it again. At least, not until you know what you’re saying. I know where you’re coming from and your heart behind it, but let’s be real. How do you do that, and why doesn’t it seem to fix any problems? Jesus entrusted himself to the Father when he suffered, when he was insulted and when he was threatened. Why? Because he knew the Father. His anchor was his relationship with the Father. Let me ask you a question: what is your initial response to suffering? Want to know mine? My inclination is to numb whatever pain I am feeling. Let me ask you something else: what is your past or current situation that seems saturated with pain? Do you want to learn what Jesus meant when he said: “my yoke is easy and my burden is light” (Matt. 11:30)? Do you want to learn how to pray prayers like Psalm 13 amid the most painful days of your life? Maybe you’re not “suffering” right now, but following Jesus means that it’s almost assured. Come learn, no matter where you are. See you this weekend! Pastor Andrew Berg
2/2/202033 minutes, 26 seconds
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The Persistent Love of God

The Father Heart of God - Proverbs 3:1-10: Trust issues. Who doesn't have them?! Whether it's with a boss, teacher, child or parent, we all occasionally find ourselves in a place where it seems terribly hard to trust someone. Somehow, we usually find ways to navigate those concerns. But how do we respond when the one we are struggling to trust is God himself? Does he really see, know, care or intervene? Or does he sometimes appear strangely silent, unconcerned or unable to step into our stories? Does trusting him really make a difference or is that just church-speak kind of language? Brennan Manning wrote this about trust: "Unbounded trust in the merciful love of the redeeming God deals a mortal blow to skepticism, cynicism, self-condemnation and despair." If you're familiar with any of those unpleasant realities, or if you want to avoid them in your life, join us this weekend. Together, we'll explore what it means to trust God in the journey of life with all its complexities. From some of Solomon's most beloved words in Proverbs 3, we will delve into the realm of trust and it will be good for our souls! See you on the weekend! Be blessed! Ian
1/26/202030 minutes, 53 seconds
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The Power of a Blessing

The Father Heart of God - Genesis 27:1-40: Family tensions. Probably all of us know what this feels like. Joyce and I just survived a vacation with her four siblings and their spouses. Being on a big boat in the Caribbean helped! It was actually a great trip and we were all profoundly grateful for the opportunity — and desire — to travel together. (And I repeat, being on a boat in the Caribbean helped!) Scripture is filled with accounts that clearly remind us family life is not always easy. I often say it's great having three kids, because you at least like one of them at any given moment. One day, one is the apple of your eye, and the next, they might be the bad apple! The early stories of the Patriarchs in Genesis reveal no small amount of sibling rivalry. The story of the stolen blessing by Jacob from Esau is particularly troubling. Lies, manipulation, and deception abound but somehow God's will still prevails. I want us to see the hope of God's sovereignty this weekend, but I especially want us to see the power of a blessing. Esau's lament after discovering Jacob had stolen the blessing: "Do you only have one blessing my Father? Bless me too" rings in our ears like a line from a horror movie. Every child longs for a blessing and every child deserves a blessing. We will focus on this over the weekend and I'm so excited to teach on the power of living a life of blessing others. It might be cold outside but the warmth of being together and worshiping our God will be a great blessing to all of us! Thank you for being such an amazing blessing to me! Pastor Ian
1/19/202040 minutes, 1 second
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Facing the Storms in Life

The Father Heart of God - Matthew 7:24-29: Have you heard people ask the question, "Isn't the Bible just a big rule book?" I know I have, and typically I want to disprove that claim. But what about embracing it — could that be an option as well? How does the nature of rules and obedience affect the way we view relationships and friendships? I look forward to seeing you all this weekend to share with you what God has placed on my heart. I am praying that God would speak powerfully to you. Blessings to you, Foothills family, Nick, Student Ministries Pastor
1/12/202029 minutes, 49 seconds
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It all Begins with God

The Father Heart of God - Psalm 1: My favourite tree is the weeping willow. They're mysterious and other worldly to me. Those sinewy vines with abundant leaves that drape a canopy long enough to touch the ground are enchanting. Weeping willows grow incredibly fast. Their root systems are aggressive, seeking out the nearest and largest source of water. Water provides moisture and carries nutrients the tree needs to be sustained. Like these trees, if we'll tap into it, there's a sustaining source for us. It strengthens, nourishes and helps us grow; God's words. This weekend we'll dive into Psalm 1, where people who delight in God's Law are compared to trees that grow along a riverbank. The 2020 Project that launched on January 1st is one way that together, as God's people, we can grow in our delight and appetite for God's written and living word. I hope you start the year right and be here this weekend!
1/5/202036 minutes, 42 seconds
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You'll Find Your Way

Unfamiliar Roads - Jeremiah 6:16: Last month, Joyce and I had the chance to visit with our daughter who is going to school in Toronto. Never have I experienced traffic like I did there. How in the world did anyone find their way anywhere before GPS?! Even with the wonder of that technology … I felt like I was on the verge of being lost every time I drove. There's the 401, the 403, the 407 and the 409, which pretty much adds up to a "4-0 Nightmare", and I haven't even touched on the insane number of vehicles on these crazy roads! It's like the entire city just lives in their cars and drives all day long. Pray of the city of Toronto — it desperately needs help! Finding our way in life is not without its challenges either. How do we make sense of the journey? How do we find our way through all the voices and expectations and opportunities? I am beyond excited about the potential and gift of The 2020 Project that will begin in couple of days. This Sunday, we will consider an invitation from Jeremiah to embrace the "ancient paths" that gives us profound wisdom, direction and hope in our very modern world. We will also help you get set up to join our Bible reading project for 2020 … it's going to be an epic journey. So come join us for this last Sunday in 2019. It will be a fantastic service! Much love and grace to you! Pastor Ian Trigg PS — for our Saturday Night attenders, just a reminder this is the one Saturday night a year we don't hold an evening service — come and remember what Sunday morning church feels like! We'll be back though on January 4!
12/29/201936 minutes, 9 seconds
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You Are Not Alone

Unfamiliar Roads - John 1:12-16: What are you looking for? This question stems from the heart, and it's one we'll keep asking until we find an answer. It's part of being human. The answer to what you are looking for, what we all are looking for, begins with the Christmas story. And not so much the story that is most familiar (from Matthew, Luke and the manger scenes) but from another account, perhaps a bit more obscure because there are no camels, sheep and stars. You may wonder if the Christmas story could even be told without a stable; with no manger, no Joseph, no Mary, no Bethlehem, no shepherds, angels, and wisemen? What would the Christmas story be without these familiar features and personalities that make the story charming and sentimental? Come this weekend and find out! And discover the life-changing answer to the longings of our hearts to be at peace, happy and whole. Blessings! Pastor Jerry
12/22/201930 minutes, 25 seconds
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Wandering Stars

Unfamiliar Roads - Christmas Production: Have you ever thought about what prompted the risk the Magi took to travel 700 miles to Bethlehem? It must have been a truly magnificent wonder in the sky! What would it take to get you to travel 700 miles on the back of a camel? I'd like to hope if offered the chance, my faith would accept the risk. And, we know the Magi weren't disappointed. I'm not sure what they expected to find, but encountering Jesus the child king must have been much more than they ever hoped for. Imagine encountering the living God wrap up in a toddler. This is the story we'll experience this weekend as Foothills Worship Arts presents Wandering Stars on Dec 13 & 14 @ 7pm and Dec 14 @ 9 & 11am. We hope you'll take the risk to venture out, maybe more than once. We've been praying and preparing for you, and the guests we hope you'll bring. Come encounter the mystery and majesty of the One who calls us all to belong.
12/15/20197 minutes, 23 seconds
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Room at the Table

Unfamiliar Roads - 2 Samuel 9: We hear about David all the time in the Bible. His battle with Goliath, his failure with Bathsheba, his victories as a beloved King. We don't often hear about his unique commitment to a man named Mephibosheth. It's a beautiful story of grace, second chances, love and loyalty. It's a reminder that there is always room at the Father's table, even when we are feeling broken and forgotten. It points to the wonder of advent, and how Jesus came to extend an invitation for us to come to the table of grace. I've never taught this story before, and I can't wait to see how this act of kindness connects to the miracle of Christmas! Have a blessed weekend. May our hearts continually be brought to Jesus. May we also be filled with the joy Jesus came to bring to the world, and the wonders of his love! Bless you all! Pastor Ian
12/8/201942 minutes, 44 seconds
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Why is this Breaking News?

Unfamiliar Roads - Philippians 2: This weekend, we have the privilege of watching our Foothills Kids put on a production called Breaking News in Bethlehem. In the play, angel news anchors report on the birth of Jesus. It's fun, artistic and beautiful — you don't want to miss it! We'll also be starting our Christmas advent series, Unfamiliar Roads. There's a lot to be excited for when talking about the Christmas season. It's worth our celebration! Not only do we receive gifts and spend time with family, this is a time to reflect on what Jesus means to us. So going into this weekend, I want you to think about this: why is the birth of Jesus good news? Why would it be such breaking news for those involved? Jesus' arrival is infinitely important, not because we get a day off, but because he came to fix a broken relationship between humanity and himself. Through him, we're no longer isolated but adopted into his family. Our sins are no longer filthy rags, we have been made clean. We are loved, we are accepted. In our mess, he entered so that we could be free from sin, shame and guilt. His love is unconditional, he took the initiative in this beautiful gospel story. That's good news. It's breaking news. Consider this your invitation! See you this weekend!
12/1/20196 minutes, 42 seconds
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Global Impact Weekend

Global Impact Weekend - Acts 1:8: For three years, the disciples walked with Jesus witnessing his ministry of physical and spiritual healings firsthand. And then there he was, walking with them in his resurrected state. Just before Jesus ascended into heaven, he left them with a final message in Acts 1:8 — "You will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be my witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth." After the Holy Spirit was received at Pentecost, the message of salvation spread across the ancient world through the work of the early church. Two thousand years later, Jesus' message has not changed for his church. The good news is that Foothills continues to share the witness of Jesus across the globe, starting right here in our own "Jerusalem" (Calgary). Over the past three weekends, we have focused on the Bible's influence and relevance for our daily lives. This weekend we're going to focus on how we reach neighbours and serve the word through our Global Impact ministry. We'll hear firsthand accounts of how the Bible's message of hope and redemption has changed lives, and ask God what role we should play in spreading the good news from Calgary to the "remotest parts of the earth".
11/24/201951 minutes, 8 seconds
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How to Read the Bible

20/20 Vision - Psalm 119: I love these words from N.T. Wright: "It's a big book, full of big stories with big characters. They have big ideas and make big mistakes. It's about God and greed and grace; about life, lust, laughter and loneliness. It's about birth, beginnings and betrayal; about siblings, squabbles and sex; about power, prayer and prison and passion — and that's only Genesis." We're often left with this question, though: how do we read this great and grand book that's filled with mystery, wonder, intrigue and truth? Anchoring ourselves in the majestic Psalm 119, we'll find some practical truths to help us both read the book and hear from God. It will be an inspiring weekend, and I can't wait to be together! Have a blessed weekend! Pastor Ian
11/17/201940 minutes, 20 seconds
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I Can See Clearly Now

20/20 Vision - Hebrews 4:12,13 2 Peter 1:20,21: Here at Foothills, we often describe ourselves as "people of the book". But what does that mean? Our answer to that question must be rooted in a careful understanding of what this book — the Bible — is. This compilation of 66 books contains writings unlike any other text, finding its origin in God's breath and human hands. Scripted long ago and far away, the Bible still speaks to us here and now. The Bible is a sacred gift. Its deepest value lies beyond the written text, in the one from whom it came, and the one to whom it leads. This week let's explore the Bible together, and invite God to give us eyes to see how he reveals himself through his word.
11/10/201931 minutes, 50 seconds
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Check the Owner's Manual First

20/20 Vision - 2 Tim. 3:10-17: I’m excited about this weekend, and not just for the obvious reason that we get an extra hour of sleep! We’re introducing “The 2020 Project”, which we believe can change our lives if embraced. I don’t want to give it away now, but here’s a hint! It’s based on the truth of Psalm 119:105 – a verse those of us who grew up in Sunday School would have memorized. You will hear us unpack this project over the next three weekends, answering the questions: why, what and how? This weekend we’ll look at the “why”, which is the pivotal question behind the entire project. Once we know why we ought to do something, the “how we do it” becomes less daunting. So, enjoy the extra hour of sleep (if you come on Sunday), and let’s gather to worship the King and connect with his people and embrace his truth. This friends, is the recipe for an awesome weekend! Be blessed! Pastor Ian Trigg
11/3/201941 minutes, 28 seconds
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Catch Your Breath

Breathing Room - 1 Cor. 6:19-20: Over the past three weekends we’ve focused on finding margin or capacity in our spiritual, emotional and relational lives, and this weekend we will conclude this series as we focus on physical wellness. Rarely do we examine how we take care of our bodies — or “temples” if we use Paul’s language. This weekend Stan Wiens, a longtime friend and Alliance Pastor, will teach us how to honour God by taking better care of ourselves. It will be intensely practical and motivational in nature, and will end with an invite to an upcoming seminar in November. Stan will be coming back, where we’ll gather more information and encouragement on taking care of our bodies. We know neglecting our relationship with God or with others negatively impacts every dimension of our lives. But ignoring our health has just as big an effect. We want to be well in every sense of the word, and this weekend will help us in that pursuit. Bless you and see you on the weekend! Pastor Ian Trigg
10/27/201939 minutes, 21 seconds
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Breath of Fresh Air

Breathing Room - Romans 12:3-21: A few weeks ago I had the privilege of speaking to our senior adults at their luncheon, and what a remarkable group of people they are! We are so blessed to learn with and from them all. During the event, one thing I highlighted was the kind of old guy I wanted to grow into. I made a list ⁠— which was really helpful, you might want to try it! ⁠— that included things like: I want to bless my kids and grandkids. I want to be extravagantly generous with my time, money and words. I want to read my bible daily and expectantly. I want to care for the poor and marginalized. I want to share meals with good friends. I want to still never drink coffee! A friend shared a similar list with me, and discussed wanting to be a guy surrounded by good friends in his later years. But while it’s worthwhile reflecting on such lists, an obvious implication starts to emerge: in order to obtain the values and traits we want in the future, we need to start embodying them now. This weekend we’ll look at relational margin and capacity from Romans 12. It’s a beautiful description of the kind of friend and person God wants us to become. We’ll dive into what relational margin looks like, how to cultivate it and how it blesses others in our lives. It will be a special weekend and I look forward to celebrating Jesus with you! Pastor Ian Trigg
10/20/201943 minutes, 7 seconds
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A Cleansing Breath

Breathing Room - Romans 12:1-2 / Phil 4:8-9: As John Mark Comer has said, “Our emotions are not a good barometer of the presence of God.” Emotions are part of the human experience. Whether you’re an “F” or “T” personality type on Myers Briggs, or an Enneagram type two or type eight, these emotions are a very real part of your life. For some, it seems like your emotions are in the driver’s seat. For others, your feelings might even be the unhealthiest part of you. But I believe emotional renewal is possible through the work and person of Jesus. The result would be, as Pete Scazzero puts it, “emotionally-healthy spirituality”. I want what Paul teaches in Romans 12: transformation by the renewal of our minds, so that we might know what the will of God is. We’re going to look at practical steps to discover how we can experience this type of renewal. Happy Thanksgiving! Pastor Andrew Berg
10/13/201924 minutes, 25 seconds
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Don't Forget to Breathe

Breathing Room - Matthew 6:33-34: Winston Churchill has been acknowledged for saying, “The world is run by tired people.” Whether he said it or not, it certainly appears to be true. So often, we feel we lack margin or capacity in life. We’re tired of being tired. One person phrased it this way: “My brain says, ‘Let’s do something awesome today,’ while my body responds with, ‘Don’t listen to that fool!’” This weekend, we’re starting a four-week series called “Breathing Room.” We’ll consider what it means to have spiritual, emotional, relational and physical margins in our lives, helping us navigate the journey. It will be a series filled with honest reflection and authentic hope for those of us threatened by living in a seemingly perpetual weary state. We will discover the simplicity and availability of the centered life Jesus offers us. We’ll begin with some of the most powerful truths Jesus gave us about escaping the paralyzing power of fear and duplicity in our lives. I truly hope you’ll be able to join us for worship this weekend. “Don’t forget to breathe!” Be blessed! Pastor Ian Trigg
10/6/201939 minutes, 1 second
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Made to Serve

By Design - Acts 1:1-8: In many ways, the true measure of a person's character is reflected best in how they respond to the needs of others. A Jesus-centered heart not only notices the needs of others, it seeks to respond any way it can. In a world filled with indifference and intolerance, we need to be a people who see and act. This fourth part of our church's vision statement – to serve the world – is really a reflection of the final words of Jesus before he ascended to Heaven and said, “Go into this crazy world and tell others about my love for them. Make disciples. Teach them about my love. Help them be baptized and this is my promise: I will be with you.” Those passionate about serving the world are those who experience the life-transforming presence of Jesus. We live best when we live with a “for others” orientation in life. Just as Jesus came to serve others (and not be served himself), we as his followers discover greatness in life when we serve those who God brings across our paths. We'll consider the ultimate example of servanthood as we gather around the Lord's Table and remember his commitment to us. From this act, we'll respond to his invitation to go and serve the world we live and breathe in. It will be an inspiring weekend, and with snow in the forecast, we will all need a little inspiration!
9/29/201932 minutes, 7 seconds
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Made to Reach

By Design - Gal 5:13-15: No one told me that a common responsibility of being a pastor is being requested to write letters of reference for individuals. I'm sure I must average two a week! Most of you make it very easy for me and I thank you for that - for those of you who don't make it easy … get your act together!! (just kidding – mostly!) I wrote a note this morning for someone and was able to say: “so and so is a remarkable person who loves to serve and does so from a Christ-centered place. She has a wonderfully good and kind heart.” It made me ponder how often others could say something like this about us? Paul admonished the church to use Jesus' remarkable gift of freedom not to serve ourselves but to serve those God brings across our paths. Paul adds that all the law is summarized in the truth that we are to love others as Jesus loves us. This weekend, we'll think about our neighbours and how we can best love them for Jesus' sake. We'll celebrate our freedom and discover how we can best use it to make an eternal difference in the lives of others. I so look forward to gathering together and celebrating the wonder of God's love and how it changes everything about, well, about everything! Have a great weekend!
9/22/201939 minutes, 50 seconds
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Made to Love

By Design - Gal 6:1-10: We've launched a new design; a new image (logo) to remind us that we are on a Transforming Journey of Knowing God, Loving Others, Reaching Neighbors and Serving the World. Scripture reminds us that when we Know God we are given the gift of Loving Others. This weekend we will consider some practical ways from Galatians 6:1-11 that can help us move beyond the concept of Loving Others to living this out through community in our day-to-day lives. Foothills is all about Loving Others by living in community together, and a big part of community is food! A Taste of Foothills is our Fall kickoff event where you can get a taste of what happens at Foothills and find out how you can participate in Loving Others together with us. Join us in Rundle Hall after any of the three services this weekend. We can't wait to join you on your transforming journey and enjoy some food together too! See you this weekend!
9/15/201924 minutes, 49 seconds
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Made to Know

By Design - Gal 5:16-25: I'm old enough to remember Calgary's skyline before the Calgary Tower was built. At the time, the tallest building was a round Sheraton Hotel that was 8 floors high. When the tower arrived it literally “towered” over the entire downtown! Today, unless you have the perfect sightline, you can barely see the thing. I love the design of many of our downtown towers. They display creativity, ingenuity and thoughtful architecture. One of the metaphors I love most about God is referring to Him as the Master Designer of our lives: we are “made by design” and what a beautiful design we are! This weekend, we'll consider the heart of the design, the truth that we are made to know God and in knowing Him we find truth, purpose, hope and grace. It will be great to celebrate being together as everything relaunches this weekend! For the Sunday services, we have a special team called “Tim and the Glory Boys” leading us in worship. These guys are unbelievably gifted and it will be awesome! They are unfortunately not available for Saturday night as they are performing at the CCMA Awards so you guys will get Ethan and Nicole (whom I'm renaming “Ethan and the Hallelujah Girl!”) for the weekend. Whatever service you are a part of it will be fantastic to see you and to encounter Jesus together! Bless you all! Ian
9/8/201925 minutes, 17 seconds
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My Story with Addiction

Our Stories Pt. 2: My Story with Addiction One thing I keep learning about life is that although past circumstances shape us, often for the worse, it doesn’t mean you can’t change, find victory and hope with God’s help. I have struggled with addiction / alcoholism for over half my life and it almost robbed me of life itself. Through a lot of hard work, honesty, support groups and divine intervention I found sobriety and hope. C. S. Lewis said, “You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending”. This weekend, join me and my husband, Jerry, as we walk through my story from emptiness to wholeness and new beginnings. Karen Orthner
9/1/201947 minutes, 57 seconds
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My Story with Taking Risks

Our Stories Pt. 2: My Story with Taking Risks Are you the type of person who would jump out of an airplane (with a parachute!)? Or are airplanes strictly designed to enter and exit when the wheels are firmly on the tarmac? Each of us has a unique capacity for acceptable risk and necessary security. As we all know, life doesn’t happen the way we imagined, rather we all face twists and turns, uncertainties and risks, that challenge our comfort and security. My story with taking risks is one of entering, often voluntarily, into seasons of change and uncertainty not with unbridled enthusiasm but with (sometimes tentative!) faith that Jesus will take care of the outcome. I invite you to join us this weekend as we explore what risk taking really means! Cam Loewen
8/25/201952 minutes, 36 seconds
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My Story with a New Country

Our Stories Pt. 2: My Story with a New Country Many of us have moved at least once in our lifetime. But while some of us have moved houses within the same city, others have made huge transitions to new countries, cultures, and languages. These transitions, both big and small, can have a huge impact on our lives. This weekend we will hear Tony and June’s story about making the transition to Canada and hurtling over challenges like language learning, adjusting to Canadian weather, and navigating a new city. Maybe their story is your story – or maybe you have friends who have immigrated to Canada. Either way we hope you will be encouraged by our stories and find new ways to be welcoming to newcomers to Canada. The world is coming to our city, let’s be ready to welcome them! Rick and Patricia Love
8/18/201938 minutes, 7 seconds
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My Story with Alzheimer's

Our Stories Pt. 2: My Story with Alzheimer's It’s a question that I’ve heard asked multiple times amongst my generation: “If I had to lose my physical abilities or my mental capacity as I age, which would I choose?” Obviously, we’d all like to keep both (to whatever degree we currently have them!) but reality shows us that this isn’t always the case. Almost universally, the answer to the question is, “if I had to lose one, I pray it won’t be my ability to think, respond, pray and reflect.” We deeply value our ability to navigate the journey of life from a place of cognitive wellness. But it simply isn’t always the case. This weekend, we will delve into the realm of dementia and consider two stories of people whose loved ones have battled or are battling with Alzheimer’s Disease. My wife, Joyce will share about her mother’s journey and Carol Jansen will talk about her husband’s current battle. Marilyn Parsons will also join in and share how we as families and as a church family can best come alongside those we love who are facing cognitive decline. It will be a weekend to offer hope to us all when life doesn’t unfold exactly as we would like it to and how we find courage and peace in God in the midst of it. I look forward to worshiping together! Have a blessed weekend! Pastor Ian Trigg
8/11/201941 minutes, 9 seconds
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My Story with Loneliness

Our Stories Pt. 2: My Story with Loneliness Have you ever felt indescribably alone? That seems like a rhetorical question. No matter what age, gender, race, or occupation, loneliness is a part of the human experience. Whether you have been able to identify it or not, something is off. There was a time when humanity shared perfect community with God and with others. Sin enters the picture and all of a sudden there’s something broken. Finding or creating community feels impossible or improbable due to innumerable factors. This weekend I will share my personal experience with loneliness both on the experiential end and, admittedly, the roles I played in others’ experience with loneliness. Even though it may seem an impossibility considering what you might be experiencing today, I believe that Jesus can be the hero of our story, together. Let’s talk about it this weekend. See you at church.  Pastor Andrew Berg
8/4/201930 minutes, 27 seconds
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My Story with Anxiety

Our Stories Pt. 2: My Story with Anxiety Anxiety. Without having to think too hard, we can all recount numerous examples of when we’ve experienced this kind of inner turmoil that causes our hearts to race, our palms to sweat and our minds to obsess. Regardless of your age or social status, anxiety can affect us all – in fact, Dr. Gary Collins (a Christian psychologist) calls it “the most pervasive psychological phenomenon of our time.” And while most anxiety is caused by the ordinary stresses and pressures of life, many today suffer from anxiety disorders that require the assistance of medical professionals in order to thrive. Join us this weekend as our own Bekah Hagan Ahenda shares her story and we unpack what the bible has to say about one of the most prevalent issues facing our culture today. Scott & Bekah  Pastor Scott Wiesner
7/28/201937 minutes
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My Story with Burnout

Our Stories Pt. 2 - Matthew 11:28-30: Burnout. Tragically this relatively recent health concern is not a stranger to many of us. Maybe not the “paralyzing can't go to work” expression, but the sense of being overwhelmed and under-resourced is far too familiar. A recent study a friend shared with me reveals that 76% of men experience burnout and, shockingly, 88% of women acknowledge struggling with this. Is there a better way to live?! This weekend, Brent Trask will join me in sharing his story with burnout. We'll talk about warning signs and creating margin and pathways on our journey to wellness. It will be profoundly insightful and filled with hope. I do look forward to being together as we encounter Jesus! Have a blessed weekend!!
7/21/20191 hour, 2 minutes, 37 seconds
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My Story with Divorce

Our Stories Pt. 2 - Lamentations 3:19-24: My Story with Divorce Our Stories Part II Sequels seldom match the original. This summer looks to be an exception! Over the next couple of months, we will be venturing into Our Stories Part Two. Much of Scripture is given to us in a narrative (story) format. Jesus' go–to teaching method was stories. This is for good reason because stories capture and intrigue us. They allow us to experience and learn God’s truth in ways that resonate with heart and head. My Story With Divorce To kick off our sequel series we will be looking at My Story With Divorce. This is actually… my story with divorce. Beyond sharing appropriate aspects of my journey, we will look at how to survive this painful experience, some Scriptures that sustain, ways to support others and ultimately how "...God works all things together for the good of those who love him, who are called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28) Virtually all of our lives are impacted by divorce. My hope and prayer is that as I share my story, it will encourage you in yours. Pastor Clint Mix
7/7/201950 minutes, 44 seconds
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Never Alone

Thy Kingdom Come - Matthew 28:16-20: Kids are out of school… the sun is shining… Canada Day is on the horizon… artists are busy painting storefronts to look stampede-ish… it must be summer! I'm a big fan of summer and all that potential that it carries for rest, renewal and personal growth. This is the last weekend of our Thy Kingdom Come teaching series and I will end focusing on our mission and mandate as Kingdom people. I'm going to introduce you to a new word: “anamchara.” I'm praying that by the end of the weekend, you'll desperately want one! It's my prayer because all of us desperately need an “anamchara.” We'll focus on some other things too but I so look forward to celebrating summer's arrival together this weekend. We'll also get to gather around the Lord's table too, which always makes church even more impactful. Bless you and if you are travelling at all this weekend, have a safe journey and maybe catch the service on Livestream! Grateful, Pastor Ian Trigg
6/30/201939 minutes, 57 seconds
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Identity Crisis Solved

Thy Kingdom Come - Matthew 3:13-17: This weekend we get to visit the initial moment that launched Jesus' public ministry – his baptism. The circumstances around it are incredibly interesting, and we'll take a little time to consider them, but the real impact of the account are connected to the words the Father spoke to Him: they are words of confirmation, words of consolation, and words that we all need to hear, know, understand and embrace. We'll consider the Father's amazing love for us as well this weekend; we'll seek to embrace his remarkable purpose for our lives; and we'll allow His truth to shape our identity. We'll be blessed and challenged and encouraged! And there might even be a few of us that will want to be baptized ourselves! I so looking forward to being together at church and again at Bowness Park Sunday afternoon for an old fashioned church picnic! I deeply hope you'll be able to join us and pray that the weather might be willing to cooperate! Blessings of peace and joy to you! p.s. If you haven't already, will you help us to know how many to prepare food for by purchasing your Picnic tickets online?
6/23/201934 minutes, 38 seconds
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Best Invitation Ever

Thy Kingdom Come - Matthew 11:25-30: The pace of life is faster and getting faster. Stress, fatigue and burnout are common ailments with devastating results. Work, life and yes – sometimes even the church – compound together to leave us tired, worn out and living with the sad reality that we need more than a fourth cup of (freshly roasted and ground!) coffee to make it through the day. Jesus spoke perpetually about a different type of life; His Kingdom life. Despite the pressures within and without squeezed into the frenetic lifestyle of our culture, Jesus gives us the best invitation ever: a life-giving and restorative invitation. I invite you to join us this weekend to hear what it is!
6/16/201930 minutes, 28 seconds
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Mission Possible

Thy Kingdom Come - Matthew 10:1-20: The Avengers. This record-breaking movie franchise is about a special group of individuals who have all acquired some kind of super-human ability in order to save the world. What if I told you that you too are meant to be an Avenger? That power from another dimension is available for you to access? That God is inviting you to partner with Him in extending His Kingdom by offering freedom and salvation to every person on the planet? In fact, that is what Pentecost – the event we celebrate this Sunday – is all about. Join us this weekend as we discover that just as Ironman is helpless without his suit, we too need to be clothed with power. Not the power of a weaponized titanium exoskeleton, mind you – but power from on high; the power of the Holy Spirit! See you soon!
6/9/201946 minutes, 7 seconds
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Thy Kingdom Come - Matthew 24:14-30: Truth or Consequences". It was a really bad television show I remember watching as a kid. But even bad TV can resemble real life. In life, we either embrace truth or face the consequences. Our Kingdom parable this weekend is all about the choices we make in life in regard to what we love and how we serve. It's a simple story with a powerful legacy. It will serve to inspire us to live “consequential lives”, and the Kingdom advances when we do! I hope you survive the smoke and remember to pray for those with tender lungs! And, we will use our lungs to worship our remarkable God and consider his life-changing truths for our lives. Hope to see you on the weekend! Bless you!
6/2/201947 minutes, 17 seconds
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All In

Thy Kingdom Come - Matthew 13:44-46: “All In” is a phrase more often associated with gambling than with Kingdom living, but there is much we can learn from it! My Dad always taught me to do nothing half-hearted in life because you will always be disappointed with the result. What is true in virtually every arena of life is equally true in the spiritual realm. Too often, we lean into God only a little and then wonder why life seems, well, disappointing. Jesus gave His all for us, and He calls us to do the same for Him. It's when we understand the wonder of His love and grace towards us that we truly lean “all in” to Him and to His will for our lives. This weekend, we'll consider the wonder of the gift He makes available to us and the best way to respond. It will be encouraging and challenging, and I hope you will be able to join us in worship. Church is so much grander when you are here! Have a blessed weekend, and I so look forward to being together!
5/26/201936 minutes, 29 seconds
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Listen Well - Live Better

Thy Kingdom Come - Matthew 13:1-23: When was the last time you asked yourself the question “How's my soul”? You have a soul. You might feel broken, you might feel full, or maybe you feel completely empty. Jesus has something to say about you and to you. The Parable of the Sower (Matthew 13… go and read it!) is like a biblical “personality-soul” test. We're going to take a good look at our souls and, by the grace of God, respond. We all have deep places that we're scared of looking at and acknowledging - but Jesus won't let us ignore them. If we surrender to Him, He will take us to these places that are uncomfortable and maybe even to places we've never wanted to go. This journey is hard work but also results in new heights of freedom and healing and love. Are you ready to listen to Him? Because this journey will change your life. So I've got a question for you: how's your soul? See you at church this weekend!
5/19/201937 minutes, 2 seconds
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Beautiful Attitudes

Thy Kingdom Come - Matthew 5:1-10: Francis Schaeffer was a brilliant theologian with a missional heart who shaped much of my emerging faith foundation. One of his great books was called, How Then Shall We Live? It essentially talks about all that Jesus has done for us and then causes reflection on our response to that. One of my favorite Schaeffer quotes is: “Our relationships with each other are the criterion the world uses to judge whether our message is truthful – Christian Community is our final apologetic.” Kingdom people reflect Kingdom values. We become increasingly like Jesus and in many ways, it all needs to start at home. This Mother's Day weekend, we'll consider how God wants us to live and the values and attitudes that truly reflect this. It will be filled with gratitude and hope for all our Mothers! Can't wait to be together with you all!
5/12/201943 minutes, 53 seconds
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The Best Prayer Ever

Thy Kingdom Come - Matthew 6:10: The Prince's Bride is happening this weekend at Foothills. It is all about a kingdom. It includes the story of a grand narrator, a prince of everything, a commoner who is us, and an evil presence seeking to compromise the kingdom. But it's a love story with a happily ever after in it. The story of God's kingdom is the most remarkable love story ever, and we get to start a series of messages that will teach us what it means to be kingdom people with kingdom hearts and kingdom passions. I so hope you'll join us for both the play and services this weekend as we consider the greatest prayer ever prayed - thy kingdom come. Ian Trigg P.S. We're also launching REALM this weekend – a brilliant ministry tool that will help us connect better!
5/5/201934 minutes, 17 seconds
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A Story of a Redeemed Life

Encountering Jesus - John 21:1-25: According to a historian named Michael Grant, Jesus is a pretty important and influential man. He writes: “The most potent figure, not only in the history of religion, but in world history as a whole, is Jesus Christ, the maker of one of the few revolutions which have lasted. Millions of men and women for century after century have found his life and teaching overwhelmingly significant and moving.” Think of how His life has transformed the world of the Arts. Imagine a world without “Handel's Messiah,” or Michelangelo's “Sistine Chapel,” or Rembrandt's “The Prodigal,” or DaVinci's “Last Supper,” or Hugo's “Les Miserables?” But His influence goes far beyond the world of music and art and literature. Imagine your life without Jesus and His grace, forgiveness and hope! Peter, perhaps the most famous disciple, certainly had to consider that for a season between his denials and restoration. We'll study that restoration this weekend and we'll be amazed again by the kindness of God and the purposes of God. There's one grand theme woven into every Jesus encounter and we will spend time discovering it together. Be blessed and don't let a little snow keep you from worshipping Jesus! So looking forward to being together and encountering Jesus together!
4/28/201940 minutes, 55 seconds
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The First Christian

Encountering Jesus - John 20:1-18: It’s the greatest weekend of the year! For the follower of Jesus, nothing begins to compare to the wonder, the hope, the peace and the grace of Easter. Everything about who we are and what we believe was established in one moment on the day Jesus defeated the power of sin and death. A Sunday school class was asked “what was the first thing Jesus said when He rose from the dead” and one little girl answered: “Ta da!” It’s not the worst translation I’ve read of that morning! This weekend we will consider that moment through the eyes of Mary of Magdalene, the first eye witness of the Risen Christ through worship, drama and teaching. It will be a weekend filled with hope for whatever we are facing in life. It’s because the tomb is empty that the promises of God are full. Come and remember. Come and reflect. Come and find hope. Come and encounter Jesus. Have a blessed Easter weekend!
4/21/201950 minutes, 2 seconds
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Devastating Denials

Encountering Jesus - John 18:15-18, 25-2, Mark 16:7, Acts 2: The words we blurt out and the impulsive decisions we make so often shape our destiny. The disciple of Jesus, Peter, infamously denied Jesus; he said and did things that resulted in devastating outcomes. Like Peter, our own choices and sometimes the decisions of others end up causing devastation in our lives. This can take the form of regret, despair and a loss of hope for the future. Our “denials” can hurt us, but should they define who we are and the destinations of our lives? After Peter's denial his life didn't turn out like you might expect; it took a surprising twist after an encounter with Jesus! Devastation doesn't have to be our destination! See you soon.
4/14/201924 minutes, 53 seconds
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Never Alone

Encountering Jesus - John 14:15-18: As we've followed Jesus' footsteps through the gospel of John, we've come across all kinds of different people in all kinds of different life situations. But they all had one thing in common: when they encountered Jesus, their lives were profoundly impacted. Do you ever feel envious of those people? Do you ever wish that you'd had the chance to see, hear and touch Jesus as a living, breathing, skin-and-bone human being? It's only natural to. But if you think you'd be able to know Jesus better back then than you're able to now, you're mistaken. On the night prior to his arrest, Jesus told the disciples that in the coming days they would be able to know him far more intimately, even though they would no longer be with him physically. How? Through the presence and power of the coming Holy Spirit. Join us this weekend to discover why Jesus said it was “better” that he was going away, and how we can encounter him more profoundly than we ever thought possible through the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit. See you soon.
4/7/201929 minutes, 19 seconds
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A Critical Question

Encountering Jesus - John 14:1-6: Sometimes the only way we can successfully navigate the complexities of life is by determining the right question to ask. This week, in our series Encountering Jesus we find a group of people in John 13 & 14 who were wrestling with betrayal, denial, abandonment and the resulting stress and confusion. Thankfully, they landed on the right question… even better, they found the perfect answer! The struggles of betrayal, denial, and abandonment still challenge us today. Our need for the right question and the quintessential answer remain too! While not one of us will remain untouched in some way by these human challenges, my hope is that we can find encouragement on our own journeys through this encounter with Jesus. See you soon.
3/31/201921 minutes, 42 seconds
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Clean Feet and a Pure Heart

Encountering Jesus - John 13:1-17: Servanthood. Not too difficult to spell but much more complicated to live out. Our journey through John's gospels and the encounters with Jesus that follow brings us to what we call “The Upper Room Discourse.” It's a teaching time between Jesus and his disciples: his final words to them and prayer for them. As significant and impactful as the words must have been (and still are for us) – I'm prepared to guess it was the encounter with the towel and basin that made the greatest immediate impact upon the disciples. This is one of the most powerful and poignant moment between Saviour and disciple that both instructs and inspires us in the life Jesus is calling us to embrace today. It will be such a special time in God's word, along with worship and child dedications. Looking forward to being together! Grace and peace to you!
3/24/201934 minutes, 5 seconds
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She Did What She Could

Encountering Jesus - John 12:1-11 / Mark 14:3-9: I believe it was Voltaire who first said: “In the beginning God created man in His own image, and man has been trying to repay the favour ever since.” Despite the cynicism that likely caused him to write such a line, he is not as far from truth as many judge him to be. We easily create an image or understanding of God based more on our personal experiences, desires or phobias more than on who the Scriptures reveal Him to be. Our series on Encounters with Jesus from John's gospel is opening our hearts and minds to the truth of who Jesus is and why He came. This weekend, we'll enter into the story of Mary of Bethany, when she anointed Jesus' feet with very expensive perfume. We'll consider her understanding of Jesus and contrast it with others (like Judas and the religious elite). Perhaps we'll see a little bit of ourselves, a lot more of Jesus and, even better, discover just who He longs to be in our stories. Have a great weekend - I look forward to being in worship with you!
3/17/201940 minutes, 42 seconds
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God, Are You Out There?

Encountering Jesus: Do you have to take a blind leap of faith to believe in God? Or, is there compelling evidence that God is real? This weekend I’ll explain arguments for God’s existence in a way that is understandable and shows that atheism is false. You will also find out the real reason many intelligent people don’t believe in God, and it has little to do with the facts. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be with you this weekend as we wrap up this years’ Be Ready Conference! Brett Kunkle. Brett is the founder and president of MAVEN (, a movement to equip the next generation to know truth, pursue goodness and create beauty. He has more than 25 years of experience working with youth and parents, and holds a Master’s degree in philosophy of religion and ethics from Talbot School of Theology. Brett lives with his wife and kids in Southern California.
3/10/201951 minutes, 30 seconds
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The Grieving Sisters

Encountering Jesus: The story of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus is beautiful, poignant, and impactful. It presents to us three aspects of Jesus’ life and ministry which are amazingly hopeful and inspiring for us today. We’ll see how Jesus responds to Martha (the activist), Mary (the contemplative) and Lazarus (the dead guy!). More than that, we’ll discover what Jesus wants to do in and through our lives. This weekend’s service(s) will end with an opportunity for us to encounter Jesus at the exact places and spaces where we most need Him. I believe it will be an extraordinary weekend, a life-changing weekend, and it will be so much more meaningful if you are here with us. Who knows, it might not even be -26 degrees Celsius!! Bless you all and I look forward to being together with you!  Pastor Ian Trigg P.S. After this weekend we are closing our survey on how we can serve you better – would you take a moment right now and share your voice with us?
3/3/201935 minutes, 31 seconds
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One Thing I Know...

Encountering Jesus - John 9:1-34: Vision. It truly is one of the most remarkable gifts God has given us. The ability to see, to discern shapes and colours, to recognize beauty … it's all quite amazing! Ray Stevens classic song from the 70's “Everything is Beautiful” reminds us that there are none so blind as those who choose not to see. Our encounter with Jesus takes us to John 9 this weekend and the miraculous intervention and explanation of the healing of the man born blind whose life Jesus transformed. “I once was blind but now I see” was his testimony. Perhaps ours will be strengthened as we remember and discover the fact that He who healed still heals, He who came still comes, He who saw a blind man who couldn't see Him still reveals Himself to us in our stories. Have a blessed weekend and it will be great to worship together this weekend in the shadow of the Lord's table!
2/24/201933 minutes, 26 seconds
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The Truth Shall Set You Free

Encountering Jesus - John 8:31-47: Have you ever seen a picture of an elephant held in place by a small rope tied to its leg? It makes no sense. This enormous creature could break free with an easy tug, yet there it stands. I'm told that as a young animal the elephant is conditioned to "know" that this rope has the ability to restrain it. Later in life, it is a lie alone that holds the elephant captive. This weekend as we hear Jesus confront the lies his listeners believed, we'll consider how the Devil seeks to deceive us as well. In the midst of the real challenges in life, our prayer is that we will encounter Jesus and learn how to live as his true disciples, set free indeed.
2/17/201937 minutes, 7 seconds
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No Turning Back

Encountering Jesus - John 6:60-69: I remember a conversation from years ago where a pilot friend of mine talked about the “point of no return.” Apparently, in the world of avionics, there is a point in a flight path where turning back to where you began the flight is no longer a feasible or viable option. The early followers of Jesus were not versed in this train of thought! At a critical juncture, many of them felt very comfortable turning back, away from Jesus. Jesus' question to the remaining disciples (“Do you want to leave too?”) is very “to the point” and their response is so insightful and authentic. We'll visit that question and response and evaluate the depth of our commitment to Jesus and His Kingdom this weekend. We'll end with a reminder of what our commitment to Jesus ought to look like and how we express such a commitment in many ways, including water baptism. Who knows? Something remarkably “spontaneous” might just happen! This might be my favorite weekend of the year after Easter! I so hope you'll be able to join us!!
2/10/201929 minutes, 43 seconds
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More Than Enough

Encountering Jesus - John 6:1-15: Throughout his gospel, the apostle John was very specific about which events of Jesus' life he included, calling each one a “sign” of Jesus' true identity. And at the very end of his book, he concludes by saying, “these (signs) are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in His name.” (John 20:31) The question is, how on earth does the massive picnic that Jesus put on (i.e. the feeding of the 5000) communicate that He is both the Messiah and the Son of God? How does it encourage us to put our faith in Him and assure us that there is life in his name? It turns out that in this well-known, yet often overlooked miracle of Jesus, there are incredibly rich layers of meaning that provide profound insights into who Jesus truly is and how He wants us to encounter Him. Join us this weekend as we take a fresh look at one of the most famous accounts in the whole Bible. I have no doubt that it'll make you fall in love with Jesus all over again. I know I have as I've prepared this message! See you soon!
2/3/201937 minutes, 8 seconds
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Discovering our Humanity

Encountering Jesus - John 5:1-15: As I write this, I'm about to enter our worship center for Ruth Barkey's memorial service. If ever there was a motivation for an encounter with Jesus, this serves as one. Life is a remarkable gift – but it is also a remarkably fragile gift. Ruth was so ready for Jesus when death came because of her life of encountering Christ in a beautiful, joyful, inspiring way. We usually focus on how we encounter Jesus when we seek him out, but this weekend we'll look at an encounter that had no human search involved: it's the story of a man who suffered from a 38-year-long disability and how Jesus came along and decided to do something amazing. It's just what He does in our lives! If you need something amazing from Jesus this weekend, this is the place to be! I'm pretty excited to share the platform with my oldest son, Kyle, as we will teach together about how Jesus comes to us and changes us. I so look forward to worshipping with you this weekend!
1/27/201939 minutes, 38 seconds
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The Many Faces of Brokenness

Encountering Jesus - John 3 & 4: I was vividly reminded again this week of the reality that there simply isn't a life story that gets a free pass on experiencing pain. Pain and brokenness invites itself into all of our journeys and while some of our pain is self-inflicted and some comes from the sinful choices of others, some literally comes from “out of the blue.” It just happens. What do we do with our brokenness? I think the best answer is to simply bring it to Jesus. Let Him into your story. Discover His remarkable presence and gracious healing. Acknowledge the pain. Invite the Saviour to heal and restore. He comes to us all and we'll see just how that happens through two extremely different stories from John 3 and 4 this weekend. There are many faces of brokenness but just one source of healing and grace. Come discover all that God has for us this weekend!
1/20/201942 minutes, 5 seconds
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A Miracle in Cana

Encountering Jesus - John 2:1-12: Every single time we say yes to something, we are also indirectly saying no to something else! Choose to stay later at work? You're saying no to your family. Choose to say yes to Big Macs with any degree of frequency, you're saying no to a healthy heart! Choose to say yes to your iPhone instead of doing your Math homework, you might just be saying no to post-secondary education! Every choice carries a consequence and the choices we make around our relationship with Jesus especially impact our lives. This weekend, we'll dive into the encounter between Jesus and some servants at a wedding in Cana and the myriad of implications that followed. We'll look at the wonder of this first miracle and how it came to be and what it all meant. If you want to be amazed at the wonder of who Jesus is and why He came - say yes to joining us in church this weekend! If you can't physically be here, join us online via livestream! Have a blessed weekend!
1/13/201932 minutes, 22 seconds
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The Skeptical Student

Encountering Jesus - John 1:43-51: Happy New Year! The new year is a time for us to reflect and refocus on what our priorities should be. As a church it reminds us that we are on a Transforming Journey of Knowing God, Loving Others, Reaching Neighbors and Serving the World! Transformation, be it physical or spiritual, remains an allusive goal for so many of us. There are no simple or easy answers, however one of ways that we observe positive life change is when we see people have encounters with Jesus. This week we begin a new series from the gospel of John entitled Encountering Jesus. We will discover how a diverse group of individuals were irrevocably changed because of their encounters with Jesus. You and I can also have our lives positively altered because of the encounters we will have as we journey together through the book of John. We begin this week by looking at The Skeptical Student in chapter one, Nathaniel. Come anticipating an encounter with Jesus! Clint Mix
1/6/201930 minutes, 5 seconds
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You Need to Know This Stuff

Make Room - Romans 8:12-17: Happy New Year's and Happy Youth Pastor Sunday (if you don't know what that means, I'll explain it on Sunday). I am glad that God is more faithful to his promises than I am to my New Year resolutions. How guilty do you feel when your New Year's resolution flops? How do you deal with failure? Do you feel worthless? Do you feel like you have to earn God's love with your credentials? Go read Romans 8:12-17. I have a promise for you: God is faithful, and even if you flop he doesn't. Jesus has some stuff that you need to know. If you follow Jesus or not, bring yourself and bring a friend. Come hear this good news. See you Sunday!
12/30/201831 minutes, 2 seconds
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Best News Ever

Make Room: T’was the Sunday before Christmas. And all through the church, Not a creature was resting in December’s grand desperate search. Peace seemed so elusive. Joy was a long lost friend. Hope was a missing reality Would the stress ever end?! Then came the reminder, Of what Christmas was all about. Peace on earth was still possible; There’s no reason to pout! So join us this weekend, As we worship and remember, The Christ of our Christmas The hope of December! We’ll sing carols and pray prayers; We’ll remember the story; We’ll reflect on the shepherds And the angels who sang glory! It will be great to be with you! We will celebrate the Saviour! Well remember why He came! We’ll experience His favor! So looking forward to the weekend.  Ian Trigg
12/23/201832 minutes, 16 seconds
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The Choice

Make Room: Louie Giglio has a book title that I simply love. I haven’t read the book (I’m sure it’s great!) but the title is compelling: I Know I Am Not but I Know I Am. Jesus described Himself as the “Great I Am,” not the “I once was” or the “I might be again one day.” He is “I Am.” He is the God of the present who sets us free from what’s in our past and prepares us best for what is still to come. The question is, what have we done with His invitation to share life together? Have we made room for Him? Are we allowing Him to guide our paths and direct our steps? The Innkeeper in Luke’s gospel appeared to be somewhat less than interested in making room for the One to be born and it seems that not much has changed over the years. This weekend, I hope you will be able to join us as we reflect upon our response to the greatest invitation ever extended. Joining us in worship will be a wonderful way to invite the fullness of Jesus to transform our Christmases! Bless you all!  Ian Trigg
12/9/201837 minutes, 50 seconds
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The Living Nativity

Make Room: There are so many amazing things about Christmas, but have you ever just felt just a little bit… awkward about it? Even when we have the best of intentions, sometime the very things we do to celebrate Christmas can become uncomfortable distractions from what we know to be the marvelous story of Christ’s arrival. Maybe it was even a little bit awkward for Jesus, himself, to go from striding effortlessly across galaxies to being born in a simple stable. This weekend we hope that you’ll join us as our own Extreme Kids and Pastor Jerry lead us into this season of anticipation and worship. It’s our prayer that we will both laugh about the awkward moments and be reminded of the miracle of incarnation; what it must have been like for Him, and what it means for us today! Steve Klukas
12/2/201820 minutes, 52 seconds
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A Generous Legacy

A Generous Life - Mt 25:31-40: In case you are feeling some “generosity fatigue” you'll be pleased to know that this will be our last weekend dedicated to this theme! But I have deeply valued and enjoyed our time reflecting on what a generous life looks like, and I trust you have as well!! I was blessed to have a wonderful breakfast with our former lead pastor, Steve Elliott, this morning and he reminded me of a quote from Simone Weil who said: “giving someone your attention is the highest form of generosity.” We talked about becoming world-class “noticers” of others a few weekends ago and we'll revisit that theme a little this weekend as we move from noticing family to noticing the most vulnerable in our world. Darren and Minako Polischuk will share a little from their Cambodian journey and together we will reflect on what it means to care for the “least of these” as we think about our legacy in life. I hope you will be able to join one of our services as we reflect one last time this year on what a generous life looks like. Spoiler alert: it's looks really beautiful and sacred. Be blessed this weekend!
11/18/201836 minutes, 34 seconds
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Generosity 401 - Finding the Good Life

A Generous Life - 1 Tim 6:17-19: Generosity. At one time in history, it was the hallmark of Christianity. Although Jesus-followers in the first days of the church had little in the way of status or resources, because they were willing to share what little they had with those in need, Christianity began to spread like wildfire. But if the Apostle Paul were able to time travel here to Northwest Calgary in 2018, what would he have to say about our current level of generosity? As he points out in 1 Timothy 6, as our standard of living goes up, our hope tends to migrate from God over to our wealth. And when that happens, it leads to all kinds of destructive patterns of behaviour. Join us this weekend as we look at embracing a simple plan for generosity. Because if we could get this one teaching of Jesus right, it would impact our world unlike anything else.
11/11/201838 minutes, 47 seconds
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Generosity 301 - The Ultimate Bottom Line

A Generous Life: Are you tired of hearing about what a generous life looks like yet?!? My guess is that most of you are not because you love living generously and anything that blows wind into your sails in this area of life is welcomed. We’re nearing the end of this focus and this weekend we’ll will look at 2 Corinthians 9 and talk about the very real and very biblical connection between reaping and sowing. We’ll see again that generosity is a critical pathway to abundant living. God blesses us that we might, in response, bless others. We’ll end the service with one of the great encounters between Jesus and a “me-first” man and how his life was turned upside down. It will be a great weekend of worship and reflection and I so look forward to being with you all! Much grace and hope to you!  Ian Trigg
11/4/201840 minutes, 25 seconds
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Generosity 201 - The Pursuit of Excellence

A Generous Life - 2 Cor 8:1-12: Priorities. We all have them. They shape how we live and determine what we love. The discerning person learns to invite God to shape their priorities in life. I am not always a discerning person! In a world filled with voices demanding our allegiance and our loyalty it takes courage, wisdom, prayer and a deliberate decision to slow down and allow God to speak to us about the things that matter most in life. With a compelling yet troubling paraphrase of a compelling (yet troubling) parable from Jesus, we will reflect further on what a generous life looks like; we'll take a look at our priorities in life, where faith, family, and friendships fit in, and how the generous grace of Jesus is intended to change everything about us; and we will do it all in the shadow of the greatest table of grace that could ever be set: the Lord's Table. I so look forward to remembering Jesus together when we gather this weekend! I can't wait to reflect with you on how He wants us to live until He comes again. Be blessed and see you soon!
10/28/201834 minutes, 56 seconds
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Generosity 101 - It All Starts at Home

A Generous Life - Proverbs 24:30-34: We probably could all use a “generosity infusion” in many areas of our lives, but perhaps nowhere more desperately than at home! Just imagine if our homes were filled with laughter, grace, gratitude, mutual submission, support? What if every family member was focused on others over themselves? This weekend we want to focus on the gift of generosity at home and what that might look like. Our time will be filled with hope and practical teaching on how to make coming home the best part of any great day. So looking forward to worshipping with you!
10/21/201837 minutes, 54 seconds
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Embrace the Moment

A Generous Life - Ephesians 5:14-20: Embrace the Moment! Our pace of life seems to have accelerated from busy to frenetic. In the midst of the overwhelming speed of our day to day existence Scripture reminds us to “make the most of every opportunity” or “embrace the moment.” While we all like the notion that we would have sensitivity and margin to do this, the reality is that life continually gets in the way. God calls us to live counter-cultural lives where we are as generous with others as God is with us - including our use of time. As challenging as it sounds, we can embrace the moments God gives us and slow our pace of life at the same time! Join us as we go deeper into The Foothills Way with the our next series Extravagant Generosity. Let's follow God's wisdom and choose to Embrace the Moment!
10/14/201828 minutes, 44 seconds
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Be the One

A Generous Life - James 1:16-18: Thanksgiving. Ever wonder why we decided to set aside a day to be grateful? Maybe it's because Thanksgiving isn't always a natural response to life. Self-pity comes naturally; we all have a healthy dose of the mumbling, grumbling gene. But gratitude? Apparently we need a day to make sure it happens! I'm really not against Thanksgiving. I think it's a fantastic idea and I will look forward to great food and special times with family. (Especially the shortest member of our clan!) But what I'm mostly looking forward to this weekend is gathering around the Lord's Table as we celebrate the kindness and goodness of God to each of us individually and to all of us corporately. This is going to be such a special weekend and the only thing that will add to it is seeing you around that table with us! Be blessed and have a fantastic weekend. I am so thankful to be your pastor!
10/7/201831 minutes, 57 seconds
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People of the Book

The Foothills Way - Matt 4:1-11: People of the Book. That's how our Muslim friends describe us. I love this description! God has not left us to our own resources to make sense of this crazy journey called life. He's given us a remarkable book that informs our decisions, transforms our perspectives, encourages our weary hearts, comforts our sorrows and adds joy to the wonder of life! One writer I know says that while the bible might not tell us what shirt to wear to work or school, it speaks into about 95% of the daily decisions we make in life. This weekend, we'll study together an account in the life of Jesus where He modeled combatting the lies of the enemy with the truth of God. It will be a wonderful weekend made even better by your presence here! Be safe – stay warm – see you in church or on Livestream!
9/30/201838 minutes, 32 seconds
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Intentional Diversity

The Foothills Way - Acts 2:1-13: We all look forward to exciting events with anticipation. Jesus told his first followers to look forward to the coming of the Holy Spirit, but when the Spirit came things happened in a way that no one could have anticipated. Why the dramatics? Why wind, fire and multiple languages spoken? Could it be that from its inception the church was (and is!) called to move beyond the comfort zone of being with people who are like us? This weekend as we continue to explore The Foothills Way together we'll look at our practice and value of Intentional Diversity. We'll see how we're already practicing this as a church family and we'll ask ourselves: how can we lean even further into being the people that God has called us to be? What does Intentional Diversity have to do with the things that God wants his church to do? See you soon!
9/23/201830 minutes, 6 seconds
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People Matter

The Foothills Way - 2 Cor 5:11-21: It doesn't take too much insight to discover the reality that Jesus truly loved people. Whether young or old, Jew or Gentile, sinful or sweet, Jesus constantly responded to people with remarkable compassion and concern. He taught that the most important thing in the world was to love God, and he followed that teaching with a call to love neighbours passionately and intentionally. In a world fascinated with The Self, to care for others requires a deliberate decision. We must constantly work to change how we see others in the light of Jesus' teaching. That's what this weekend's Taste of Foothills is all about. The Foothills Way is that people matter to Jesus more than we could ever begin to imagine. How we can allow that value to shape the way we live, the way we treat others, the way we view the world? There will be good food to enjoy and even better opportunities to connect with ministries that are changing lives and destinies. It will be a great weekend! Can't wait to see you all here! Stay warm!
9/17/201833 minutes, 21 seconds
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Pray First

The Foothills Way - Col 4:2-6: Here's something I've never said before: I'm kind of hoping that preaching is like riding a bike - that it just comes back naturally, even if you haven't done it for a while! I'm pretty excited to be back in the saddle this weekend and way beyond excited to be a part of our Commissioning service for Glacier Ridge Church as we prepare to launch this brand new community on Sep 16! As we pray for Glacier Ridge and for Foothills, I am excited to talk about the value of Pray First: not as a prayer service we hold monthly but as a core value that needs to govern every dimension of our lives. When we work, we work but when we pray, God works and when God works, lives are transformed! I am so looking forward to being together this weekend! Bless you all!
9/9/201845 minutes, 57 seconds
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What's Your Story?

Our Stories: What’s one of your favourite parts of the Biblical narrative? Why does it resonate with you? These questions were an ongoing assignment while I mentored our Children’s Ministry staff at Foothills earlier this year. How would you answer? What story from scripture speaks most to you? Why? This weekend, you’ll hear 3 Foothills staffers give their answers! How are our life events, yours and mine, a part of the ongoing redemptive story that God’s authoring in the world today? Captivating and potent? We each have a part to play by inviting others into a better story: the God-story. By sharing our lives, our challenges, our learnings we can become an enticing introduction to the grace filled life of journeying with Jesus. Not sure your life could inspire? As we come to the end of Our Stories, let’s think about what it might take to live a better story. Rebecca Schnell
9/2/201840 minutes, 5 seconds
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My Story with Insecurity

Our Stories: Hi, my name is Karen and I’ve struggled with insecurity. For years I believed the lies Satan planted in my heart – lies that convinced me I was less-than, inadequate, not good enough. Maybe you’ve believed some of the same lies. If you have, I have good news for you. The truth of Scripture counters every lie and heals every wound planted in us. Jesus loves us more than we can even imagine and his immense love for us, and the truth of God’s word, can change insecurity into confidence. I hope you’ll join us this weekend as I tell you my story of the transformative power of our loving God. Karen Vine Karen has been attending Foothills since 1994 and serves on the Board of Elders. She also volunteers at the Mustard Seed running a cooking program for long term Seed residents.
8/26/201837 minutes, 20 seconds
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My Story with Grief

Our Stories: My name is Matt and it’s a privilege to share my story of grief at Foothills this weekend. Pretty much all of us have a grief history – a Book of Grief, if you will - because we all, in a variety of ways, have experienced the pain and power of grief in our lives. Often we think of grief as the loss of a beloved family member or friend, but grief comes in many forms. A separation or divorce, a loss of mobility due to injury, retirement, release from employment, infertility, change in finances, leaving home, empty nesting, a move or transfer to another city. In truth, any change can bring grief. This weekend I invite you to listen as I open up five chapters from my book of grief to encourage you on your journey with Christ. Matt Boda Matt serves as Lead Pastor at RockPointe Church in Calgary. He and Jamie have five daughters, four son-in-laws, three granddaughters and three grandsons. Matt has served in pastoral and denominational leadership roles in Canada and the US, including here at Foothills from 1991-96. He loves hanging with family and friends, giving talks about the most important stuff in life and seeing leaders increase their influence. His life’s mission is to honour and influence others in company with those he loves.
8/19/201842 minutes, 7 seconds
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My Story with Abandonment

Our Stories: My name is Irish (yes, that is my first name) and I have a question for you. Who or what do you turn to when absolutely everyone who’s supposed to be there for you has forsaken you? Where do you go when the choices you make cause those dear to you to pack up on you? For me, the only answer to these questions is Jesus. (Trust me, I’ve tried everything else!) Join me this weekend as I share my healing journey out of parental abandonment to finding the parent heart of God. Irish Beth Maddock Irish is a business owner and an award winning Christian children’s author. She lives in Calgary, AB with her husband and daughter, along with their three cats and dog (who thinks she is a cat too). Irish has a heart for Jesus and also a passion for serving those who cannot speak for themselves. She volunteers her time with Freedom Session Ministries, here at Foothills, and with animal rescue efforts.
8/12/201840 minutes, 34 seconds
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My Story with Mental Illness

Our Stories - Matthew 18:12-14: My name is Ben Elliott, and this is my story. Is it ok to have a mental illness and to still be a part of the church? What does God think about it? What is his plan? Those of us who have experienced mental illness, personally or among friends or family, know what it’s like. So, are there helpful – or even specifically Christian – ways for us to think about or live with mental illness? And for the rest of us, how can we help? This week at Foothills Alliance, I’ll be sharing a little bit about my own story of experiencing mental illness as a Christian. The Bible gives us a picture of a God who is incredibly filled with kindness and compassion towards those experiencing mental illness and their families, and a model for how we in the church can be too. This week, let’s be reminded together of the goodness of our Good Shepherd. Ben Elliott Rev. Ben Elliott (PhD Systematic Theology, University of Aberdeen) grew up at Foothills Alliance in the 80s and 90s and is currently the Lead Pastor at Deer Park Alliance Church in Red Deer. Ben has previously served in a number roles at Foothills including youth ministry, weekly study guide preparation, and playing the role of one of the lesser known of the twelve disciples in an Easter production. The Elliotts and their two children enjoy an active lifestyle and the outdoors; Ben especially enjoys cycling.
8/5/201848 minutes, 26 seconds
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My Story with Redemption

Our Stories: My name is Bernie Van De Walle, and this is my story. He and I grew up together. We were inseparable. We did everything together. Everything! Our trajectories were identical. These trajectories, however, had no good end. His trajectory ended dreadfully in a police holding cell. He was only 33! How is it that my trajectory took such a radical turn? Why am I here when he is there? Why am I now not with him, in a cemetery, in our home town? Why am I not now buried alongside him, inseparable, as we had been growing up? Or, am I? Bernie is Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology at Ambrose University where he has been on faculty for almost two decades. In addition, he is entering his second term as Chair of the Board of Directors of The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada and is the Chair of the International Commission for Theological Education for the Alliance World Fellowship. Bernie, his wife Colleen, and his sons David (Hannah) and Ken have been part of Foothills for 15 years.
7/29/201834 minutes, 30 seconds
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My Story with Rebellion

Our Stories - Luke 15: My Story of Rebellion (and Redemption) We all have a story to tell but sometimes it's not “fun” to rehearse some of the events of our lives that we would rather forget. I was sharing this angst about drumming up my sordid past for this weekend's message with a friend who replied with a smirk: “Ah, but the truth shall set you free, Jerry; but first it will make you mad!” He was right—there are uncomfortable things I wish I could change and forget. But I can't. Neither can you. But one thing we are learning in this summer series is—we are healed by our stories. And there is a freedom that comes when we become vulnerable and honestly share our experiences—good or bad—especially if they help someone else. So perhaps, through good timing, luck, coincidence or even grace, my story of three decades worth of living in rebellion and estrangement from God before “coming home” might help bring some clarity, freedom and hope to your own story or someone else's that you love. Jerry has been a pastor at Foothills for the past 11 years. He's a PK (pastor's kid) who grew up throughout Saskatchewan and has lived in Calgary with his wife Karen and (now adult) daughters Kate & Sophia since 2007.
7/22/201844 minutes, 7 seconds
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My Story with Reconciliation

Our Stories - 2 Corinthians 5:11-21, Matthew 18:15-35: Our names are Conrad and Shelagh, and this is our story. On Sunday June 19th, 2016, Father's Day, I (Shelagh) and our two girls went into Conrad's phone and discovered evidence of an affair. Over the course of the next few days, the rest of the unfathomable truth about Conrad's horrific sexual addiction was revealed and we separated on June 22nd, the day before our 26th wedding anniversary. Conrad, who had always feared being caught, was now fearful that this was the end of our marriage and family. Me and my girls were devastated. There seemed to be no way back for us as a family, given the depth and scope of Conrad's sin. But, as we know now, God had other plans. We hope you can join us this weekend to hear the story of what God did in our lives. Shelagh is an elementary school teacher who works with special needs children. Conrad, who worked with a Christian parachurch organization for 26 years, gave up his job because it had ties to his past behaviour. His focus and priority is now maintaining an environment of healing for his family and developing a ministry where they can share their story of reconciliation and hope with others. They are good friends of Foothills family members, and shared parts of their story earlier this year at a ManUp Breakfast. NOTE: We recognize that this weekend's topic can be painful and difficult. We know that not everyone's journey of reconciliation has reached a happy conclusion, and we want you to know that we're here for you no matter where you are on the journey. At the end of each service we will be providing resources for anyone struggling in their marriage or with sexual addictions/struggles of any kind.
7/15/201853 minutes, 28 seconds
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My Story with Cancer

Our Stories - Romans 8:38-39: In November 2016 I heard the three words no one ever wants to hear… You Have Cancer. Over the past 18 months it has been quite a journey for me and my family in navigating through the diagnosis and subsequent reality of living with a terminal disease. Through the experience however, God has met me in a profound manner and impressed upon my heart principles for living out my faith in Him amidst a condition for which there is no medical cure. It is my hope and prayer that in the telling of my story, others who face challenges in life will find the same assurance of God’s presence and peace throughout their journey as well. See you on the weekend! Tim Beadle Tim is a Church Effectiveness Coach at the C&MA Western Canadian District. When he’s not visiting the 40+ churches he coaches he attends Foothills with his family.
7/8/201853 minutes, 41 seconds
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We've All Got a Story

Our Stories - Phil 3:1-14: From the dawn of time, one of the most powerful forms of communication has been sharing our stories with one another. Stories can warn us of danger, teach us right from wrong, inspire us to take action, and help us make sense of our experiences. Stories bind us together in a way that nothing else can, and they can provide hope that the chapter we're currently living in might not be the end of our story after all. This summer we're going to get the chance to hear a number of remarkable, inspirational stories from some amazing people. To kick things off, this weekend I'll be giving you a bit of a peek behind the curtain of my life. My hope is that there will be things about my story that connect with yours, and that we'll discover in a fresh way that, with God's help, we can find a way through even the darkest chapters of life. See you soon!
7/1/201842 minutes, 52 seconds
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Connect, Commit, Celebrate

My Church - Luke 9:57-62: Imagine a couple on their wedding day. The church is decorated beautifully, the ceremony is proceeding wonderfully. But when the Groom states his vows to his Bride, he concludes by saying: “I promise to be faithful to you 75% of the time – which you have to admit, is a pretty decent percentage.” How would you respond if you were that Bride? You'd probably want to deck him, right? Why? Because when a Bride and Groom are pledging themselves to one another, the expectation is that they would each be 100% committed to one another. Even a 95% commitment is 5% short. The same is true when it comes to our commitment to Christ. And yet, our culture seems to have an aversion to commitment. We like to keep our options open. We prefer to sign in pencil rather than in ink. Join us this weekend as we take a look at what it means to be all in for Jesus – the One who went all in for us.
6/24/201830 minutes, 33 seconds
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Faith, Family, Friends

My Church - Proverbs 3:1-10: This weekend we are going to talk about the meaning of life. Many of you, including myself, have been obsessed with questions of meaning and existence: Why am I here? What is my purpose? What makes for a meaningful and rich life? Several years ago I decided to stop guessing and ask around. I sought out some older, wiser people who confided priceless insights with me about what they had discovered. I can hardly wait to share their ideas this weekend as well as three guiding principles for all who want to live with intention, purpose and meaning. This is Father's Day weekend – no better time to get our bearings and set our sights on things that really matter.
6/17/201839 minutes, 9 seconds
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Invest, Invite, Inspire

My Church - Romans 12:1-8: My Church! JFK boldly challenged the American people with the proclamation: “Ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country.” Romans 12 reminds us not to buy into the patterns of our culture but, rather, to be continually transformed by renewing how we think and act. Let us align our thoughts and actions with Christ and his Kingdom values! I pray for a transformation in our hearts and minds so that we can can ask what we can do for our church family, not what our church family can do for us. This requires stepping out of a culture that puts the words "church" and "shopping" together and stepping into a journey that Transforms how we invest, invite, and inspire those around us to be more like Jesus. This is My (our!) Church! Together we can Invest in it, Invite others to it and Inspire others to participate in our Transforming Journey. I can't wait for you to join us in worship this weekend!
6/10/201831 minutes, 12 seconds
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Surrender, Serve, Share

My Church - Phil 2:5-11: My Church! It's often easy for us to think what makes My Church so great is what My Church does for me. We praise and pursue churches that will fulfill us with their sermons, worship, programs, etc. Jesus reminded us of the emptiness of this pursuit when he taught that we actually lose our life when we hang on to it. In fact, instead, if we are willing to let go and lose our lives for the sake of Jesus and his mission we discover the fulfillment we're seeking! My Church is so great because of what we contribute to it, not because of what we take from it! So many of you already serve so generously, and we're so happy you've found your place to be a Somebody here. On this “Everybody's a Somebody” weekend we're so excited to provide opportunities for the rest of you to learn more about our ministries and how you could best make Foothills an even better church – because you're a somebody to us and we can't do this without you! Come join us and make My (your) Church an even better place as you Surrender to Christ, Serve like Christ and Share the Attitude of Christ!
6/3/201832 minutes, 32 seconds
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Give, Gather, Grow

My Church - 2 Cor 8:1-7: It's finally spring in earnest! Many of us have, or will, invest time and resources into our lawns and gardens with hopes and expectations of green grass, beautiful flowers, and trees and shrubs to enjoy for the summer. It's normal to expect a return when we make an investment and we hope the gain we receive will exceed our expectations – be it transformed lawns and gardens, education and careers, or even financial investments. But what investments matter the most? Join us this weekend as we “invest”igate pathways that Jesus uses to generate returns for eternity in our lives and His Church. I look forward to worshiping with you this Weekend!
5/27/201831 minutes, 34 seconds
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Believe, Belong, Become

My Church - Acts 2:38-47: Some days I know I am not being my best self. That's code for I'm grouchy and irritable. Maybe you've had days like that? Often those moments inspire me to recall who I want to become. But how do I get there? I know I can't do it on my own. In God's Word we see many pictures of men and women making the journey through believing and belonging to becoming all God calls them to be. We want to be a church on that journey becoming such a reflection of Jesus that others want to join in. This weekend, come find a place to belong and believe as we move forward together on this transforming journey.
5/20/201836 minutes, 27 seconds
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Live, Laugh, Love

My Church - Romans 12:9-13: Friends! Happy Mom's day! (Side note: for those of you who forgot, you're welcome for the reminder.) To everyone who doesn't have a mom, who wishes they were a mom but are unable to be, who has a mom who is anything but a mom, or who is anywhere between, I want to remind you that God is love and His love is sincere. Cliché as it may feel, it's truth and I pray our hearts are never far from this truth, especially as we celebrate a weekend that is complicated for many of us. This weekend we're diving into a new sermon series and talking about Romans 12:9-13; I encourage you to read it before you come to church! Look over the words and come prepared to dive into worship and God's word together. I'm excited! See you soon!
5/13/201829 minutes, 4 seconds
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To Boldly Go...

Launch - Romans 15:15-21: When I was in junior high, my after school routine always included watching Star Trek. (The original version of course!) As a result, now 40 years later, the opening sound track is still etched in my mind along with the familiar credo: "Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.” There is something very Biblical about 'boldly going where no one has gone before.' The Apostle Paul put it this way: " My ambition has always been to preach the Good News where the name of Christ has never been heard, rather than where a church has already been started by someone else.” (Romans 15:20) This courageous spirit to step out to new places to proclaim the Gospel is deep in the DNA of Christianity and in the Alliance Church. This weekend I will be speaking to this matter in the final instalment of our LAUNCH series. I am excited to tell the story of the early history of Alliance mission work here in Alberta and the courageous pioneers God used to bless the poor and broken, raise up servant leaders, saturate the Prairies with the Gospel, plant new churches, form the Western Canadian District and reach the nations. Just like the steps of bold courage we are focused on today in our joint mission as we launch a new church called Glacier Ridge.
5/6/201846 minutes
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Houston, We Have A...

Launch - John 14:12-27: “Houston, we have a problem!” has become an iconic phrase in North American culture and is often exclaimed when an unexpected obstacle is encountered. Yet, in spite of this, every problem we encounter presents an opportunity for solutions to be found and for the outcomes to be even better than before! This weekend we continue our LAUNCH series. We will look at the opportunity that Jesus Christ offers to us to do even greater things (John 14:12) and what that might look like at Glacier Ridge and at Foothills as we launch this September. Looking forward to having you with us at one of our services or on livestream this weekend!
4/29/201835 minutes, 30 seconds
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One Small Step for Man...

Launch - Acts 16:1-15: “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” With those words Neil Armstrong launched humanity into a whole new world of space exploration. A small step in the right direction can have an exponential impact on the world around us! The first followers of Jesus were told to LAUNCH out to people and places that were unfamiliar to them. It turned out that taking this small step was a bit more challenging than it seemed. Thankfully, there were a few every day followers of Jesus that decided to take a small step in the right direction. This small step created a giant leap forward for the fledgling church. I can't wait for you to join us as we follow the movement of the early church in the book of Acts this weekend. When we take small steps in the right direction, God opens (and shuts) doors. He guides us individually and collectively to participate with him in the expansion of his Kingdom! We can all take the small step. When we do, we are able to discern the doors that God is calling us to go through.
4/22/201839 minutes, 25 seconds
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We Choose to Go to the Moon

Launch - Joshua 1:1-9: In 1962 President John F. Kennedy challenged a nation to do the unimaginable. Many millennia ago, God challenged Joshua to do what seemed impossible: lead the people of God into the Promised Land. The inspiration and instruction from God's words to Joshua give us confidence as we LAUNCH Glacier Ridge Church. Join us for the first of four messages in our LAUNCH series as we listen to the voice of God. May he direct us as we discover how we can best participate in what he is doing at Glacier Ridge, and here at Foothills! See you soon!
4/15/201831 minutes, 5 seconds
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Surprised by Jesus: Join us this weekend as Josh McDowell shares the unforgettable story of his personal encounter with Jesus Christ. A dysfunctional family life, an alcoholic and violent father, and a sexually abusive worker on the family farm left Josh with a lifetime of scars and shame. Eager to rail against the existence of a loving God, he set out to intellectually disprove Christianity. You'll find encouragement, hope and redemption in Josh's story of how God's passionate love and grace, along with the evidences for the truth of Christianity, forever changed the life of this former agnostic.
4/8/201856 minutes, 24 seconds
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Easter Weekend: The Best Day

Surprised by Jesus: The day I stop getting excited about preaching at Easter is the day I pray I’ll have the courage to go and sell shoes!! There just isn’t a better weekend than Easter for the follower of Jesus (and for the preacher!). This weekend I get to share the service with our Worship Arts team and a one act play called The Last Day. It’s a reflection on the confusion, the fear and the doubts that must have lingered in Peter and John’s souls that last day of the week between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Then I have the privilege of reminding us all why resurrection is at the very heart and soul of everything we believe - and why it matters so very much. It will be a great weekend filled with hope and joy and grace and courage. I always look forward to being together, and I will especially treasure that gift this weekend! Be blessed and have a very happy and fulfilling Easter Weekend!
4/1/201826 minutes, 10 seconds
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The Beginning of the End

Surprised by Jesus - Luke 19:28-44: Triumphal entries. Usually, we think of a military battle or conquest where victory is discovered! In Jesus' case, the entry was certainly the highlight of the week in terms of public adulation. Things went significantly downhill after that first Palm Sunday. A week that began with shouts of “Hosanna!” ended with cries of “Crucify Him!” We'll look at Jesus' remarkable, purposeful entry into Jerusalem and reflect on the ways we allow or expect Him to enter our stories. This will be an encouraging weekend with great stories of great entry points into a great life with Jesus! Bless you all and I look forward to being together as we enter Passion Week!
3/25/201836 minutes, 47 seconds
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I am a Warrior

Identity Crisis - Ephesians 6:10-24: Sometimes we say, “Things are not always as they appear to be,” or, “there is more to it than meets the eye.” While we may find that we live much of our lives in the here and now, it is vital that we use the occasions that come our way to probe below the surface of our lives. We have that opportunity this weekend as we explore what it means to be a warrior in a struggle that exists not in the physical dimension, but in the spiritual realms. The great news is that in our struggle we are far from being powerless, and we have all the resources of the God of the universe at our disposal. I look forward to joining you this weekend as we conclude our Identity Crisis series in Ephesians! See you soon!
3/18/201833 minutes, 1 second
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I am Committed

Identity Crisis - Ephesians 5:21-6:4: Family: few things in life bring us greater joy and greater frustration … sometimes in the same day! Family is so sacred to our God that He uses it to describe the relationship we are invited to have with Him. This weekend, we get to dive into some very specific teaching about how family life is intended to be lived and explored. We'll look at a few passages from Ephesians 5 and 6 that are beautiful, complicated, and controversial but, once understood and embraced, serve as a pathway to life abundant. Come with an open and expectant heart; I believe some families might just be transformed this weekend! Praying for you and our time together!
3/11/201848 minutes, 13 seconds
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I am Determined

Identity Crisis - Ephesians 5:10-20: A friend of mine asked me a question the other day: “Is there enough joy in your life?” I initially answered him: “I guess that depends on how one defines enough!” How would you answer the question? Is there enough joy in your life? Enough peace? Passion? Hope? What motivated you to get out of bed this morning? Was there a sense of anticipation that God had given you another day to live and love and learn and serve? At the heart of Christianity is an invitation to a life with Jesus at the center. We're going to delve deeper into these questions and engage with some incredibly helpful and hopeful challenges from Ephesians 5. Have a great weekend – stay warm, stay safe, and I'll see you here!
3/4/201828 minutes, 48 seconds
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I am Set Apart

Identity Crisis - Ephesians 4:17-5:9: This is going to be an amazing weekend! We'll take a few minutes to remember and celebrate the incredibly impactful life and ministry of Billy Graham and consider his core message (God loves you) - how does our response to that message ultimately shape our lives? We'll also reflect on what a committed life looks like for us and we might even talk a little about baptism... and just... "wait and see what happens!" I'm so excited to worship Jesus together with you! Have a blessed weekend and I look forward to being with you at one of our services.
2/25/201836 minutes, 1 second
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I am Connected

Identity Crisis - Ephesians 4:1-16: Have you been watching the Winter Olympics taking place in PyeongChang? Obviously, one of the big stories is how the rival nations of North and South Korea have been able to set political tensions aside, even marching into the opening ceremonies under a single unification flag. And while this symbolic gesture provides a measure of hope, we all realize that the pathway to true reconciliation between these two nations – who are still technically at war – is unbelievably complicated. As it turns out, unity is not only complicated between nations, but also within the church. Thankfully in Ephesians 4, the apostle Paul shows us a way forward. Join us this weekend as we discover some essential ways that we can make real the kind of connectedness that Christ has made possible. Can't wait to see you!
2/18/201839 minutes, 11 seconds
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I am Beloved

Identity Crisis - Ephesians 3:4-21: I always feel a certain “weight” each time I teach at Foothills … but this weekend, I sense it even more deeply! The prayer we will study in Ephesians 3 is centered on the truth that in Jesus we are dearly loved, and it's our understanding of that love that truly transforms our stories. We will begin the message with a powerful monologue about the lies we easily believe: the labels we allow to shape our conclusions about who we are, and how others view us. I hope you will be able to join us as we work to contrast these lies with the truth of how God views us: we are a beloved people! Loved more than we could even dare to dream! Please be praying for God to move in our midst and for truth to be embraced and celebrated. Pray that this will be a transforming weekend for many. I so look forward to being with you all!
2/11/201853 minutes, 34 seconds
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I am Called

Identity Crisis - Ephesians 3:1-13: There was a really popular little booklet published when I was a student called The Tyranny of the Urgent. It begins with this question: “Have you ever wished for a thirty hour day?” Surely this extra time would relieve the tremendous pressure under which we live. Our lives leave a trail of unfinished tasks: unanswered letters, unvisited friends, and unread books haunt our quiet moments when we stop to evaluate. We desperately need relief. But would a thirty hour day really solve the problem? This weekend, from Paul's letter to the Ephesians, we'll spend some time remembering that God has an amazing plan and purpose for our lives - to settle for anything less would be a failure of epic proportions! One of the great tragedies of life is failing to understand the wonder of what God wants to do in and through our lives. Hopefully this weekend will propel us deeper into God's heart for us and the calling of God upon our lives. (And we will discover that a thirty hour day is not the solution we need most in life!) Looking forward to worshipping with you!
2/4/201846 minutes, 8 seconds
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I am Included

Identity Crisis - Ephesians 2:11-22: During this cold snap of weather we are thankful for the walls in our houses that keep us safe and warm. However, throughout history we have also used walls to keep others out, and we have been people who have been kept out. This exclusion can cause a crisis in our identity. What do we do with the walls that people put up around us? The book of Ephesians reminds us of our true identity and that Jesus broke down all the walls! I hope that you'll join us this weekend!
1/28/201831 minutes, 13 seconds
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I am Forgiven

Identity Crisis - Ephesians 2:1-10: Treadmills. Many of us have one in our basements. Some are used as an exercise aide. More often they become entities that we hang our clothing upon. It’s been said that treadmills, when used for their intended purpose, give us something to do but don’t take us anywhere. Sometimes we find ourselves on a treadmill in life… always having something to do but not really getting anywhere. Our passage this weekend from Ephesians 2 reminds us that we are all in desperate need of salvation and presents the danger of our unredeemed condition: the not-really-getting-anywhere condition. It also presents for us an answer that looks nothing like a “treadmill life.” Come and be amazed and inspired and transformed by the wondrous gift of God’s grace in our lives. It’s a gift that keeps on giving and we will celebrate it this weekend! Be safe … be amazed … be joyful … be grateful! Ian Trigg - Lead Pastor
1/21/201842 minutes, 12 seconds
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I am Blessed

Identity Crisis - Ephesians 1:15-23: Prayer. It's a bit of a complicated reality for many of us at times in our lives. What is prayer? Why pray? What do we pray for? Does it even matter if we do pray? Paul gives us an incredible template in the later part of Ephesians 1 that gives us both pattern and passion for this dimension of our spiritual journey. I hope to be able to both alleviate some confusion and elevate the wonders related to this core practice in our walk with God. At least, I hope the Holy Spirit will do that for each of us this weekend! Much grace to you as we gather to thank Jesus for slightly warmer temperatures this weekend! Bless you!
1/14/201836 minutes, 34 seconds
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I am Chosen

Identity Crisis - Ephesians 1:3-14: Identity Crisis … or as my dictionary pronounces it: [īˈden(t)ədē ˌkrīsis]. Sociologists tell us it's a phrase that describes what commonly happens in young adults as they move from adolescence into adulthood. I wish it was just that simple and something we all grow out of, like the changes in our voices or unwelcomed facial blemishes. It appears to me that all of us struggle to figure out who we are and why we're here. I'm so excited about our new sermon series Identity Crisis, which will take us through the book of Ephesians over the next few months. We'll discover who we are (or can be) in Jesus, and how that identity is intended to transform and shape how we live. It will be a remarkably encouraging journey that will take us deeper into the heart of God and His purpose for our lives. I hope to see you either Saturday night or Sunday morning as we reflect on the reality that God has chosen each of us for a remarkable life with Him at the center. Can't wait to be together again!
1/7/201836 minutes, 35 seconds
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Anxious for Nothing

Fear Not - Philippians 4:4-7: “Don't Worry, Be Happy!” exclaim the words of a catchy 1980's pop tune. If only it were that easy! Psychologist Dr. Robert Leahy said that today's average high school student has as much anxiety as a 1950's psychiatric patient. It seems that for all the impressive technological innovations and the significant social and institutional changes that the last 60 years has brought, not only are we NOT calmer, but the train of anxiety and worry is picking up speed and we often feel powerless to stop it! We are bombarded with pressures, deadlines, bad news and all manner of other perceived threats that wage war in our hearts and minds against the peace on earth promised by Jesus' birth we just celebrated. On this last day of 2017, as we stand on the ridge of reflection upon the year that has past and anticipation (anxiety!?) of what 2018 holds, we will examine the words that God speaks to us, “Do not be anxious for anything,” and how Jesus leads us to peace. I hope you will join us this New Year's Eve morning as we celebrate and worship our Lord and His incredible gift to us. See you then!
12/31/201733 minutes, 6 seconds
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Christmas Eve Services: What Child is This?

Fear Not - Matthew 2:1-12: Since its announcement in late November, the world has had its eyes on the most recent royal engagement in England. People are enamored by Prince Harry and his fiancé Meghan. Now, imagine a royal fanfare arriving at your house, trumpets and all, announcing a private invitation to visit the royal family – just for you! I don’t know about you, but I think that would be both terrifying, exciting and kind of crazy, all at the same time. I imagine the shepherds felt that mix of terror and excitement when they were visited by angels in the fields around Bethlehem – probably ten times over! It continues to amaze me that God chose these people – those whom society considered low life, dirty, undesirable – to share the most amazing news with first. I hope you will join us in the morning for a beautiful service to reflect on how we are continually chosen by a God who cares about us all… no matter our background or place in life. And I hope you’ll return in the evening with a neighbour or two in tow! I can’t wait to spend this Christmas Eve with you. Ian Trigg - Lead Pastor
12/25/201713 minutes, 8 seconds
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Fear Not - Luke 2:8-20: Since its announcement in late November, the world has had its eyes on the most recent royal engagement in England. People are enamored by Prince Harry and his fiancé Meghan. Now, imagine a royal fanfare arriving at your house, trumpets and all, announcing a private invitation to visit the royal family – just for you! I don’t know about you, but I think that would be both terrifying, exciting and kind of crazy, all at the same time. I imagine the shepherds felt that mix of terror and excitement when they were visited by angels in the fields around Bethlehem – probably ten times over! It continues to amaze me that God chose these people – those whom society considered low life, dirty, undesirable – to share the most amazing news with first. I hope you will join us in the morning for a beautiful service to reflect on how we are continually chosen by a God who cares about us all… no matter our background or place in life. And I hope you’ll return in the evening with a neighbour or two in tow! I can’t wait to spend this Christmas Eve with you. Ian Trigg - Lead Pastor
12/24/201727 minutes, 22 seconds
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The Missing Peace

Fear Not: I had the opportunity to watch our team perform last night at the dress rehearsal for The Missing Peace. It was absolutely brilliant and I am so excited to share this weekend with you and - hopefully - your neighbours! (The 11 AM production is available for viewing here: It made me think about how so often Christmas means busy: running around, getting the last few details in order for family and friends and presents and turkey... when what we really need is Christmas peace: a season to stop, to pause, and to focus on the One who is the true Bringer of Peace. And, perhaps most importantly, we need to reach out and share that peace with those around us. Church, let us be intentional about inviting our friends and neighbours to this weekend's production - it may be the only Christmas peace they encounter this busy season. Would you join me in praying for our neighbours who will be joining us this Christmas? I am so looking forward to this weekend with you, Ian Trigg - Lead Pastor
12/17/20176 minutes, 27 seconds
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Overshadowed or Overwhelmed?

Fear Not - Luke 1:26-38: There's just something about Mary! I once used that phrase for a sermon title and felt pretty good about it till I saw part of the movie. I highly recommend to you that you never watch the movie… but there really is something about Mary, the beloved Mother of Jesus. This weekend we'll look at the first Christmas through her eyes and consider her amazing response to all that God was doing in and through her life. We'll be reminded by the wonder of that event, and all that it means for us today. It will be a beautiful weekend filled with hope and grace, much like Mary! I look forward to worshiping with you this weekend!
12/10/201732 minutes, 7 seconds
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Do You Believe? - Matthew 1

Fear Not: Extreme Kids Christmas Production: Do You Believe? Extreme Kids is very excited to welcome everyone to their annual Christmas production this weekend! The kids have worked very hard to put together this production, and can't wait to share it with you all. Our presentation titled, "Do you Believe?' follows the journey of a young boy as he hears the Christmas story told in narration and song, and comes to some revelations about what he REALLY believes. There will even be a snack after, so invite your neighbours, friends, and grandma and grandpa to share in this special weekend! It's going to be GREAT! See you soon! Jamie Hogg - Children's Pastor
12/3/201710 minutes, 9 seconds
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How Do You Like Your Neighbour?

How Do You Like Your Neighbour? - John 1:35-51: As I walked through Rundle Hall today, it became pretty obvious that Christmas is right around the corner! The Hall looked like a banquet room as 180 place settings were set for our Seniors who will kick off our Christmas season with a celebration dinner and program tonight. Christmas means many things to all of us, but this weekend we want to remember the opportunity it carries to invite others to special services here at Foothills. We'll consider the power of an invitation and remember the principle of investing in others so that this Christmas at Foothills is full of neighbours. We'll hear about a story of a 30 plus year friendship that resulted in the coldest baptism experience I've ever had in the Bow River last month! We'll also get a quick Daughter Church update from Cam and end the service around the Lord's Table. It will be a great weekend! Can't wait to be together!!
11/26/201740 minutes, 35 seconds
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Where in the World?

Global Impact Weekend - Luke 10: 1-2: We serve a God who has a remarkable heart for our world. Scripture's most famous verse reminds us of this truth: “For God so loved the world…” He doesn't just love us – He so loves us! The best thing after discovering His life-altering love is finding His purpose for our lives. Not surprisingly, this has a lot to do with helping our world discover this love that changes everything. This weekend we'll hear from several of our church family who are finding their purpose in sharing this love, including an extended time with Darren and Minako Polischuk who will speak of their ministry in Cambodia. It will be encouraging and it might even be life-changing! I so look forward to being with you all! Much grace and peace to you from Jesus.
11/19/201734 minutes, 21 seconds
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Forgetting to Remember

How'd We Get Here? - Deuteronomy 8:10-18: Do you ever forget to remember? Considering that were told in the Bible somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 times to either “remember” or “not forget,” we must have a bit of a memory problem! When we forget to remember the sacrifice and suffering that others have made – or are currently making – on our behalf, or for the cause of Jesus, it can have devastating effects. We can become entitled, ungrateful, uncompassionate, and keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Come join us for a special weekend of remembrance, as we turn our attention to those brave men and women of our Armed Forces who fought on the battlefield to secure our freedom as a nation, the courageous Reformers who helped the Church get back on track when it had lost its way, and our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world who have to endure unimaginable suffering for the sake of Christ. May we never forget to remember!
11/12/201739 minutes, 24 seconds
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Direct Access

How'd We Get Here? - Hebrews 4:14-16: What does it mean to be a priest? There are so many legacies from the Reformation that shape us, but few are as important (and often misunderstood) as the concept of 'the priesthood of the believer.' This weekend we will focus on the wonder of God's gift to us in Jesus and how we have direct access to the Father through Him. But we'll also see how this access changes our approach to our daily lives: we will talk about how we are called to be priests to those God brings across our path, and what that means post-reformation. I'm praying that this weekend will lead us to a deeper experience with God and a deeper understanding of how that “experience” is to be extended to others. I so look forward to worshipping our amazing God together with you!
11/5/201742 minutes, 2 seconds
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(w)Here I Stand

How'd We Get Here?: It has been 500 years since the Reformation truly took root in Christendom, but its consequences, intended and unintended, continue to shape us to this day. This turbulent, and at times bloody and complicated event, carries on its mission of transforming churches and lives today when we remember its purpose and origin. I'm thrilled that Bernie Van De Walle is going to share his insights and passions from this transformative event, focusing on the theological implications of the movement. So much of what we believe (and sometimes take for granted) was radically shaped by this chapter in God's grand plan of building a people to bear his name and mission. You will become aware of the five “solas” of the Reformation and how they can continue to shape us today. It will be a great weekend, especially because we will gather ourselves around the sacred table once again. Have a blessed weekend and I so look forward to worshipping God together with you! Ian Trigg- Lead Pastor
10/29/201741 minutes, 56 seconds
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95 Theses

How'd We Get Here?: Understanding where we came from is critical to understanding where we are going in life. This is a remarkably important month in the history of Christianity. It was 500 years ago this month that a young priest in Germany found an extraordinary amount of courage to lead a protest movement against the rulers the of church in the day. This protest movement became the seeds of a larger movement we today call the Reformation. Kyle Jantzen from Ambrose University will help us better understand Martin Luther and what happened in Germany and how it continues to shape us today. It will be an amazingly insightful weekend and I so look forward to being together! Ian Trigg - Lead Pastor
10/22/201738 minutes, 56 seconds
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We're Expecting!

This Is Us - Acts 14:21-28: “We're expecting.” Few words have the power to change your life more than these two! The three times Joyce said those words to me have left an indelible memory on my heart. There is just something really fantastic about new life. We're pretty excited to announce this weekend that we as a church are expecting! A brand new daughter church is on the way and we get to tell you a little bit about her this weekend. Even more importantly, we get to tell you why this is so important to us all, whether you'll be a part of this new venture or not. This might well be the most exciting and impactful thing we do this decade and we want to consider why we believe this to be true. I hope you'll be able to join with us this weekend as we begin to unpack a life changing journey for us and our neighbours! Have a blessed weekend!
10/15/201737 minutes, 25 seconds
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Thanksgiving Weekend: 10 000 Reasons

This Is Us - Luke 17:11-19: In one of Aesop's grand fables, he tells the story of Androcles and the Lion (look it up!) and the moral to that story is that “gratitude is the sign of a noble soul.” We are rarely better than when we are living life with a deep sense of gratitude to God and the people God brings across our lives. This Thanksgiving weekend, we will gather around the Eucharist table, a table of thanksgiving, and take time to remember all we have to be grateful for. There will be some beautiful and compelling aspects of our service that will reach deep into your soul and will evoke a response of gratitude. So if you're looking to add a little nobility to your life … this is the place to be this weekend! Be blessed and please know how grateful I am for you! Happy Thanksgiving!
10/8/201718 minutes, 16 seconds
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Serving the World

This Is Us - Luke 9:23-26: This is Us! We are a people who Know God, Love Others, Reach Neighbors and Serve the World. This weekend we come to the end of our biblical reflection on who we have discerned God wants us to be and what we understand God wants us to do. 'Serving the World' sounds good, but sometimes we get caught up in our culture's value of consumerism; we want to know what's in it for us. Jesus reminds us that our ultimate life comes not from self-service but from “taking up our cross daily” and joining him who has Called us to Serve the World! Join us this weekend, you'll be glad that you came!