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English, Technology, 1 season, 43 episodes, 3 hours, 5 minutes
Ann Thompson reports on the latest trends in technology and their effects on medicine, safety, the environment or entertainment.
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Does AI have a place in church?

A German church even enabled an avatar to deliver the message. Other churches have utilized ChatGPT to write sermons.
10/9/20234 minutes, 56 seconds
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Sustainability is taking off with NASA and GE Aerospace partnership

Hybrid electric and sustainable fuel are just a few programs the partnership has taken on.
10/2/20234 minutes, 53 seconds
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A device the size of a cell phone could help make a sky full of flying cars, drones and planes safer

As the skies become more crowded, a device developed by a Cincinnati-based company could eventually keep the people flying in them safer.
9/25/20235 minutes, 9 seconds
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Suburban Dayton police are using a network of public and private cameras to solve crimes

The ACLU of Ohio has concerns about how the program works.
9/18/20235 minutes, 14 seconds
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Dayton doctors successfully separated conjoined twins. A local tissue bank played a key role

Solvita, formerly the Community Blood Center, harvested donated skull and hip bones and made it flexible to cover the boys heads.
9/11/20235 minutes, 1 second
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'This will be among the coolest summers for anyone born this year,' climate expert says

Could places like Cincinnati be refuge?
8/28/20234 minutes, 59 seconds
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A Newport lab can determine which vitamins and minerals can help chronic pain sufferers

The Foundation Pain Index, developed by Ethos Labs, uncovers the biochemical origins of pain.
8/21/20234 minutes, 16 seconds
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The Republic of Georgia wants to fight cybercrime. It's partnered with NKU to do it

The Georgian government has sanctioned a cybersecurity master's degree program between St. Andrews Georgian University and Northern Kentucky University
8/14/20234 minutes, 33 seconds
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Bees make some very smart decisions. Their brains are now a model for AI

Their fast and accurate decisions, like deciding which flowers to visit for nectar, could aid robots and self-driving vehicles.
8/7/20234 minutes, 16 seconds
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Ohio looks to increase the number of self-driving trucks on the roads. Next up: I-70

The state is already testing self-driving vans in Southeast Ohio and partnering with East Logistics to deliver goods with automated trucks on interstates.
7/31/20234 minutes, 35 seconds
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These Cincinnati State graduates may soon develop the next food craze

The chef-scientists are among the first to graduate with Cincinnati State's new Bachelor of Applied Science in Culinary and Food Science.
7/24/20234 minutes, 58 seconds
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Issa Rae is the keynote for this year's Black Tech Week. Here's what else to expect

Beginning Tuesday, 3,000 entrepreneurs and investors will be in Cincinnati with hopes of increasing the number of African Americans in the tech sector.
7/17/20234 minutes, 9 seconds
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Journalism in the age of AI: How media companies are putting computers to use

AI can sort through information quickly, translate and personalize data, but it can also cause news stories to be rife with errors.
7/10/20234 minutes, 56 seconds
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NASA Mars Habitat latest to use P&G's special space detergent

Tide Infinity has already been tested in bottle form and as a stain removal pen on the International Space Station.
7/3/20234 minutes, 7 seconds
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The wristbands on Taylor Swift's Eras tour is just the start of how tech is changing the concert-going experience

Concertgoers have gone from passive to active as the performers they've come to see engage them with all kinds of technology.
6/26/20233 minutes, 57 seconds
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After head trauma, heart attack or stroke, brain cells can continue dying for weeks. UC researchers have a possible prevention plan

A trial with traumatic brain injury patients will more closely monitor blood pressure, blood sugar and body temperature and if necessary, administer ketamine to prevent "brain tsunamis."
6/12/20234 minutes, 15 seconds
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Researchers look to variations of psychedelic drugs as the future of mental health treatment

The University of Cincinnati will test derivatives of the psilocybin Miami University's Dr. Andrew Jones is developing in his lab. These don't have the "trip."
6/5/20234 minutes, 14 seconds
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'The future of flight is more electric.' GE Aerospace, NASA and Boeing announce next steps in developing a hybrid electric engine

GE is investing another $20 million at the EPISCenter in Dayton to build its seventh test cell for hybrid electric aircraft engine testing
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Ukraine's use of technology on the battlefield might be setting the stage for the rest of the world

Countries around the world are watching Ukraine's innovation and assessing their own innovation power, or "ability to invent, adopt and adapt new technologies."
5/15/20234 minutes, 54 seconds
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In the midst of mass shootings, touchless security screening systems gain traction

You may have already walked through this technology without even knowing it was there.
5/8/20234 minutes, 22 seconds
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Scientists are in demand. This woman is helping to train them in her Newport lab

Wood Hudson President Julia Carter, Ph.D., has partnered with the EPA and five pharmaceutical companies as students do research in her lab.
5/1/20234 minutes, 18 seconds
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A Cincinnati company has created a 'Roomba for coastal waterways'

The autonomous cleaning robot for salt or freshwater weighs 400 pounds and can fit into the back of a pickup truck.
4/24/20234 minutes, 13 seconds
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Scientists are tracing how materials from other places ended up in Hopewell Culture artifacts

Ball State Professor of Anthropology Mark Hill thinks it comes down to social networks, not trade.
4/17/20234 minutes, 41 seconds
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Agriculture drones are getting more popular. Are they accurate enough to spray crops?

The University of Dayton is holding a seminar May 24-25 for farmers, chemical manufacturers, drone applicators, and government officials to determine the best nozzle and its placement to cut down on spray drift.
4/10/20234 minutes, 15 seconds
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UC scholar helped shape new US Cybersecurity Strategy

UC Political Science Professor and Chair of the Center for Cyber Strategy Richard Harknett played a key role in the new more aggressive US strategy
4/3/20234 minutes, 1 second
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The role robots play in getting your online orders to you

The question is not, "Do companies like Amazon and DHL use robots?" it's how many robots do they use?
3/27/20234 minutes, 35 seconds
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The Cincinnati Zoo is creating a massive behavioral database to better understand its animals

Observations include: elephants putting little pine trees on their heads, hippos honking and the Komodo dragon waking up to dig for his newly hidden food.
3/20/20233 minutes, 54 seconds
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ChatGPT can help businesses with mundane tasks. Just don't put any trade secrets into the AI bot

Once employees and corporate executives understand the risks, there are advantages to using ChatGPT and other programs.
3/13/20234 minutes, 23 seconds
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This supercomputer is helping Cincinnati Children's predict which kids might be at risk for anxiety

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center researchers are entering anonymous data from thousands of former patients to see if they can predict who might be predisposed to anxiety.
3/6/20234 minutes, 13 seconds
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A tool catches ghostwriting and ChatGPT so students can't cheat. NKU is testing it

Auth+ quizzes students to verify they wrote what they're turning in.
2/27/20234 minutes, 10 seconds
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Ohio starts to make its mark on the hydrogen market

Dayton's Millennium Reign Energy designs, manufactures and distributes hydrogen generators to fuel hydrogen fuel cell cars, forklifts, home and more.
2/20/20234 minutes, 4 seconds
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Technology for indoor vertical farms is growing almost as fast as the plants they produce

80 Acres' new Boone County farm is more advanced than its flagship site in Hamilton, which Communications Manager Jed Portman says "is (now) the least sophisticated and least ambitious farm we'll ever build again."
2/13/20234 minutes, 40 seconds
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These 'smart socks' help determine treatment for back pain

Cincinnati's Mayfield Brain & Spine is collaborating with Lebanon, Ohio, technology company Palarum to determine if a person's gait can be a predictor of whether spinal cord stimulation will help relieve back pain
2/6/20234 minutes, 28 seconds
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A sweater that fools facial recognition cameras, and more ways designers are getting creative with tech

Fashion designers are doing some pretty cool things with clothes, including an Italian startup which has designed knitted garments to shield facial recognition technology.
1/30/20234 minutes, 45 seconds
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How 'self-healing' technology is shortening power outages

Self-healing reroutes electricity around a problem, kind of like a traffic app reroutes you around a car wreck.
1/25/20233 minutes, 37 seconds
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Yes, the football has a chip in it. Plus other sports technology you may not know about

The chip is only accurate to six inches so ball measurement decisions are left up to the chain gang. There are a lot of other analytics coaches can get from the chipped ball and players who wear RFID tags.
1/23/20234 minutes, 42 seconds
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These are the cosmic events an astronomer looks forward to in 2023, and recommends you check out, too

The green comet may be a bit of a bust, but planet pairings, shooting stars, a super Blue Moon and partial eclipse are all on the calendar for this year and next.
1/16/20233 minutes, 46 seconds
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Will the projected growth of the metaverse become a reality, and who will police it?

A recent report from Pew Research Center, The Metaverse in 2040, finds there is both enthusiasm and concern.
1/9/20234 minutes, 23 seconds
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VR headsets put caregivers in the shoes of those they are assisting

The Council on Aging is better equipping caregivers for things like medication management, incontinence, hallucinations, and end of life conversations.
1/2/20234 minutes, 17 seconds
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Ohio National Guard unit selected for nation's first cyberspace wing

The 179th Airlift wing in Mansfield will now be part of the emerging cyberspace national defense mission.
12/19/20224 minutes, 8 seconds
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A UD class is using math to help solve homelessness in Montgomery County

"Engineering Systems for the Common Good" is a new class taught by Professor Rául Ordóñez. He was inspired to help people while growing up in Ecuador where poverty was all around him.
12/12/20224 minutes, 10 seconds
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This bobwhite quail 'recording studio' may help increase the bird's declining population

University of Cincinnati researchers are incorporating such technology as recording equipment and QR codes as they study the social behavior and preservation of bobwhite quails.
12/5/20223 minutes, 55 seconds
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Kids' information is more valuable than adults'. That's one reason schools are getting hacked

Not all school superintendents and school boards understand the risk and don't take the precautions they should, one expert says.
11/21/20224 minutes, 18 seconds