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English, Sports, 9 seasons, 243 episodes, 5 days, 7 hours, 53 minutes
FNRad Snowboarding Podcast brings you interviews with Snowboarders. New episodes drop every Wednesday from November until April with a special Elmer episode every April 1!
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Jussi Oksanen - FNRad SE09E07

Jussi Oksanen is a Finnish retired professional snowboarder who went to the olympics, won the x games, and secured15 years of International Pro Team status at Burton Snowboards including 9 pro models. Jussi's son is completing the circle moving from their comfortable home in Southern California back to Scandinavia to play competitive soccer. Please support our patreon for ad free episodes!The Ninth Season of the FnRad Podcast is Presented by Skyview CampersSocial: https://www.skyviewcampers.comSponsored by:Wired Snowboards Social: Website: https://wiredsnowboards.comThe Boardroom Snowboard Shop Social: Website:                 Fix Snowboard BindingsSocial: Website: https://fixbindingco.comRipcurl Outerwear  Social: Website: NewGreens Social: Website: https://newgreens.comSupport also comes from:Tribute Board Shop in Nelson BC. Social: Website: https://tributeboardshop.caGrouse Mountain Social: Website: https://www.grousemountain.comMt Seymour Social: Website: https://mtseymour.caPro Standard Social: Website: https://www.prostandard.comBN3TH Social: Website:                1910Social: Website: Special Thanks To:       The HavenSocial: Website: https://haven.caSupport the show
12/20/20231 hour, 44 minutes, 57 seconds
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FNRad Foundation Fundraiser

Mini stickers have arrived!!Sending $20 to [email protected] gets you one sticker sheet and one entry into a draw for 1) A wired Snowboard 2) A Salmon Arms Prize Pack  or 3) A signed artist's proof of Mark Kowalchuk's art for Russell Winfield's Korua Shapes Pro ModelEnter as many times as you like. All money raised will go to a charity chosen by The FNRad Foundatiojn Board of Directors!Link in instagram Bio for pay by credit card! Support the show
8/9/20223 minutes, 49 seconds
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Manboys's Umami, Ride's Sicky, and Mt. Mtn's Sincerely.. Devastated Movie Screening Promo

Come watch 3 awesome snowboard flicks, Sincerely.. Devastated, Ride's Sicky, And The Manboy's Umami. This Wednesday October 30th at Fortune Soundclub (147 East Pender in Vancouver) Cover $10 including 2 drinks. Doors at 8pmWe'll be selling tickets to win a Slash Snowboard, Flux Bindings, and Cypress Night Passes.Join the raffle for a Wired custom built Snowboard on our Insta page, tickets $20 max 50 tickets sold...Love ErikSupport the show
10/25/20193 minutes, 54 seconds
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Mental Wealth Promo

Sean Kearns is speaking at Fortune Soundclub on Saturday September 28th from Noon to 3pm. If you're interested in attending, go quickly to and RSVP. The event is FREE for listeners of this show!!Support the show
9/18/20191 minute, 29 seconds
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Sherman Poppen

The first interview I ever did. Sherman Poppen gave us Snurfing. He passed away yesterday at age 89. Big love for Sherman.ErikSupport the show
8/2/20196 minutes, 9 seconds
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The Huffman Brothers

Lukas and Jesse Huffman are twins. The both rip at snowboarding. This is a bonus episode where we talk to both of them.Support the show
5/15/20181 hour, 13 minutes, 6 seconds
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Craig Kelly's Birthday!

We are working on a full Craig episode but it's taking more time than we thought it would. So here, in the meantime, is a little teaser put together with new clips from Peter Line, Jamie Lynn, Jeffrey Fulton, and Sean Sullivan. Plus never before heard footage from Kelly Jo Legaz, Judge Farris, Ken Wylie, and Jeff Krueger. If you've heard every episode of the podcast you will recognize clips from Brian Iguchi, Shaun Palmer, and Dave Downing. I even read a story from Craig's mom thanks to facebook messaging with Gillian, Craig's sister!! Enjoy the rest of your spring snowboarding!! FNRad Snowboarding Podcast will be back in December for our third season!! Thank you everyone!!!Support the show
4/1/201711 minutes, 39 seconds
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Jamie Lynn

Jamie Lynn is one of the most recognized pro snowboarders in the snowboarding industry. His method has its own facebook page. His low key powerful style is a part of snowboarding's integrity. This is the final episode of season two, listen to the end to participate in our new segment "Are You A Snowboarder?"Support the show
3/22/201739 minutes, 28 seconds
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Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones has been called the first snowboarding superpro by ESPN. He's won the Transworld Reader's Poll Rider Of The Year 3 times. He's filmed parts in Alaska with Standard Films. There's no denying that Kevin Jones has a supernatural talent on a snowboard. But at his core he identifies simply as a snowboarder. Recorded during the epic 2017 snow season, this interview with Kevin Jones is one we are proud of.Support the show
3/15/201749 minutes, 55 seconds
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Johan Olofsson

The second wave of Scandinavian snowboarders included Johan Olofsson, a Swede who would turn technical freestyle on its head by taking big tricks to Alaska. If you've listened to our Tom Burt, Dave Hatchet, or Dave Downing episodes then you already know how much of an impact Johan's riding had on the world of professional snowboarding. He runs Svanstein ski resort in Northern Sweden now and has a baby on the way, due any day now!Support the show
3/8/201732 minutes, 5 seconds
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Jeffrey Fulton

We revisit Jeff Fulton at his home near Mt Baker in WA. Jeff's placed 3rd at the Legendary Banked Slalom at Baker and has had a long lucrative snowboarding career as a Pro Rider, Contest Judge, and Coach. He's one of the most important people who's ever taken up snowboarding. And he still rides better than the majority of snowboarders.Support the show
3/1/201744 minutes, 2 seconds
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Tara Dakides

Tara Dakides is from Southern California and she dominated X-Games Slopestyle and Big Air from 1999 - 2002 and worked as a professional snowboarder filming video parts with Mack Dawg and others until she retired in 2011. She's married now and is a mother of two. We talk about her life as a professional snowboarder, mother, punk rocker, skateboarder, not necessarily in that order. Support the show
2/22/201738 minutes, 9 seconds
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Todd Schlosser

Todd Schlosser embodies what it means to be a snowboarder from the Pacific Northwest. He helped raise the level of technical freestyle in the 90's and was proficient at everything. He's the lead singer and base guitarist for the band Model Snake who you'll hear featured in this episode. Support the show
2/15/201720 minutes, 14 seconds
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Sean Sullivan

Iconic photographer Sean Sullivan (@sulliphotoz) met up with us in Seattle WA for this conversation about being an action sports photographer, the changing role of the still photographer as filming became more lucrative, and the difficulty with making a living after the big switch to digital swept through the industry.Support the show
2/9/201729 minutes, 17 seconds
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Peter Line

Peter Line is one of snowboarding's most beloved pro riders. His defining style included some of the first off-axis spins the world had ever seen. His passion and dedication to progression landed him on the podium at many of the high profile Big Air contests around the world in the mid nineties. He took on an ownership role at Forum Snowboards in '96 and continued to produce video parts up into the late 2000's. Peter is the lead designer of men's outerwear at Dakine.Support the show
2/1/201723 minutes, 22 seconds
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Dave Downing

Dave Downing was a pro rider for Burton Snowboards in the early and mid nineties. Check out his part in Mack Dawg's The Stomping Grounds and you'll see why he was one of the most well rounded pros of that time. It contains Japan pow shredding, park, pipe, and back country cliff shots and even some surfing. Dave's early ambition to become a pro surfer lead him to become an influential professional snowboarder. He still works for Burton and has been described to me as Jake's right hand man. and he's married to Shannon Downing (formerly Dunn) who was just inducted into the snowboarding hall of fame.  Support the show
1/25/201724 minutes, 42 seconds
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Tarquin Robbins

Tarquin has been credited with starting the fat stance and big pants phase of snowboarding but he'll tell you others did it first. A dedicated skater turned pro snowboarder, he thumbed his nose to the mainstream and carved his own path through the chaos of the industry at that time. We don't discuss the tradeshow gun incident that lead him to have a shotgun on the base graphic of his Aggression pro model but we do talk about his motivations and what snowboarding has meant and still means to him.Support the show
1/18/201722 minutes, 14 seconds
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Tim Windell

  Tim Windell was a world class competitor for the Sims snowboarding team. He's the guy behind Windell"s Camp at Mt Hood and an original Sims pro rider. We caught up with Tim at camp headquarters and chatted about snowboarding. It's what we do.Support the show
1/11/201713 minutes, 58 seconds
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Bryan Iguchi

  Bryan Iguchi was essential in bringing freestyle snowboarding to resorts around the world. As a pro rider for Burton in the early 90's he helped develop twin tip snowboards as well as snowboard parks for resorts. Bryan moved to Jackson Hole WY to learn about the mountains he was riding and has emerged as one of the seminal voices in snowboarding about avalanche safety and awareness. His expertise caught the attention of a young Travis Rice who befriended and later featured Bryan in his Brainfarm movies. What a rad individual to interview, stoked we had the chance to do it.      Support the show
1/4/201713 minutes, 51 seconds
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Dale Rehberg

Dale Rehberg had a major influence on the growing freestyle movement in the early 90's. From Burton, to Joyride, to Ride, to Silence, his riding represented the leading edge of the progression of the sport. Dale continues to work in the industry for Flow down in California. It was rad to interview this icon of snowboarding.Support the show
12/28/201617 minutes, 12 seconds
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Keith Wallace grew up in Idaho and as a young snowboarder in the 80's his father drove him to snowboarding competitions all over the US and Canada. Keith was picked up by the Burton team  and joined the likes of Brushie, Jacoby, and Craig at the beginning of what would evolve into Olympic halfpipe snowboarding.Support the show
12/21/201621 minutes, 24 seconds
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Shaun Palmer, one of the most successful competitive professional snowboarders to ever live. He's like snowboarding's MJ or Gretzky. He's won X-Games and the Banked Slalom and World Cups and so much more. But before he was the world's greatest athlete he was snowboarding's signature bad ass. If you do a Google search for "snowboarders" his image comes up pretty quickly down the list and he's the only first generation snowboarder in with the Olympians and Travis Rice. American flag outfits and bright red clown hair were his trademarks in the early 90's. He qualified for the Olympic boardercross team in 2010 but tore his achilles and couldn't go. Today, Palmer still lives in Tahoe and has rejoined the Sims team and put out a pro model based on the original clown board. He's going to the Legendary Banked Slalom at Mt Baker this year, and FNRad is betting he's going to win.Support the show
12/14/201612 minutes, 55 seconds
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Russell Winfield

Originally from the eastern USA, Russell Winfield was a prominent pro snowboarder in the early 90's and a pro for Burton. Russell was one of the first three pro riders for the newly formed Ride Snowboard company in 1992 and helped develop the Ride brand (as well as Cappel Clothing which lead the industry in style-influenced technical outerwear) during his two years at Ride. Russell makes his home in Washington State and still shreds Steven's Pass and Baker regularly. If you listen closely, you'll catch some Mike Leblanc in there as he was staying with Russell the weekend we recorded.Support the show
12/7/201621 minutes, 38 seconds
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Wildcats and Manboys

October 6, 2016. Bryan Iguchi is making turns in the Jackson Hole backcountry. Meanwhile in Vancouver BC snowboarding's prominent industry people and pro riders are gathering to witness The Wildcat's first snowboard movie in 10 years. The Fortune Sound Club hosted the event and snowboarding fans packed the venue to capacity. We interviewed several pro snowboarders and put together a bonus episode to get ready for season 2.Support the show
10/12/201613 minutes, 3 seconds
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Shawn Famer (remix)

Shawn Farmer was the first pro snowboarder we interviewed for season 1.  I'd been messaging him on facebook (which he doesn't really use) and I hadn't heard back. So when I saw him in the Mt. Baker parking lot I asked if we could record on the chairlift. It ended up being one of the only powder days of the 2014/2015 season. Mt Baker would eventually close early and cancel the banked slalom for the first time in 30 years. This remix is our first attempt at improving an existing episode. Hopefully its more enjoyable than the original. If its your first episode, welcome.Support the show
7/13/201615 minutes, 9 seconds
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Damian Sanders

Closing out Season 1 we bring you an interview with Damian Sanders. Damian rode for Avalanche Snowboards, a company his brother Chris owned. From the first Avalanche board ever made to the Damian Dagger, Chris and Damian made it up as they went, a lot like we are doing with this podcast. Damian's go big or go bigger attitude eventually blew out his knee, several times. But not before he put down some of the biggest jumps and cliffs of the era. Damian was voted Transworld Snowboarding readers poll's Most Extreme Rider. This was back when I read Transworld cover to cover every issue. Damian Sanders embodied what snowboarding was back then, a lifestyle.Support the show
3/21/201644 minutes, 44 seconds
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Mike Ranquet

We interview Mike Ranquet at Milano's in Glacier Washington Mike's been a loud voice in snowboarding for almost 30 years, calling bullshit, ruffling feathers, and kicking ass on his snowboard. He's the first guy I saw do a trick fakie (riding backwards) in a video. He's the first guy to butter. And he was among the first snowboarders to visit and tear up Alaska. As a member of the legendary Mount Baker Hardcores (MBHC) Mike Ranquet spent his snowboard career in the company of several world class snowboarders. After riding with him I'm convinced, he's still got it. And now, as an owner of D-Day Snowboards, Mike is back out on the snow enjoying himself and promoting the brand.Support the show
3/9/201633 minutes, 31 seconds
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Dan Donnelly and Rob Morrow

A quick parking lot interview with two snowboarders that had a huge impact on the sport. Dan Donnelly (Dano) was raised at Baker. A member of the legendary MBHC. Dano's smooth style is still his signature today, and he's still getting after it in-bounds and out-of-bounds. Rob Morrow brought us Morrow snowboards in 1989. 3 years later he graced the cover of Transworld Snowboarding twice in one year. It's safe to say he's one of the first guys to listen to tunes while riding.  Support the show
3/2/201614 minutes, 40 seconds
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Terje Hakonsen

Norwegian snowboarding legend Terje Hakonsen visit's the FNRad Snowboarding Podcast live show at Chair 9 Pub in Glacier Washington during the Mount Baker Legendary Banked Slalom. If you're new to the show, welcome. We are nearing the end of our first season and it's been a lot of fun. We still have a few more episodes of some of snowboarding's raddest pioneers so enjoy this episode and join us for the remainder of season one. Special thanks to Evan Camm and Mike from the band Drag The River for engineering the audio for this show. Also, it's Evan's music that plays under the credits... He's awesome.Support the show
2/24/201616 minutes, 4 seconds
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Steve Graham

Steve Graham kicked ass in all the early FLF feature snowboarding films. Riding for Look in their heyday and launching his own company are two of the topics we covered during a phone conversation with Steve at his home on Kauai in Hawaii We've got a live show coming up. Listen for details at the end of the episode. Oh yeah, Full Sail Brewing from Hood River Oregon is bringing free beer to the live show.Support the show
2/10/201620 minutes, 29 seconds
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Dave Hatchett

I used to suffer through the big mountain parts in early snowboarding videos. I wanted to see jumps and jibs. But now I find myself watching the classics and appreciating how gnarly the back country freeriders were getting while we were all busy cutting our noses down. Dave Hatchett and his twin brother Mike revolutionized snowboarding videos forever with the Totally Board series which put out a new video every year for 20 years! Dave's unique perspective as a professional snowboarder turned filmer turned author is a great addition to our first season, This episode is a little longer than what we've done so far... Enjoy! Oh and subscribe on itunes and leave us a review... ThanksSupport the show
2/3/201629 minutes, 46 seconds
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Regis Rolland

In Les Arcs France in 1982 the opening of Les Arcs 2000 would usher in the first wave of snowboarding's freeriders with Regis Rolland shredding the steeps with a helicopter, a film crew, and a million dollar budget.   Steve Graham gave us the contact information for Regis, citing him as one of the rad pioneers that helped start everything.   The Apocalypse Snow movies brought snowboarding to the world.   We reached Regis at his house in France.Support the show
1/27/201613 minutes, 45 seconds
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Tina Basich

Tina Basich and her iconic red ponytail ruled women's snowboarding competitions for more than a decade. Her career highlights include X-Games gold in the big air and having the first women's pro model. Tina is a founding member of the Boarding For Breast Cancer (B4BC) event series, one of snowboarding's most iconic events. We talked to Tina a few weeks ago from her home in California.Support the show
1/21/201611 minutes, 40 seconds
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Mike Jacoby

Two time snowboarding giant slalom world champion and 1996 overall world champion Mike Jacoby talks to us in Hood River Oregon. Mike's passion for snowboarding helped legitimize competitive snowboarding in the 90's and 2000's. We talk to him about his early days on Burton, the Olympics in 1998, his earliest memories of snowboarding, and his signature move, the J-Tear. Mike is an amazing human being about to embark on a sailboating excursion around the world. FNRad Podcast couldn't be more stoked!! The Joker RulesSupport the show
1/13/201615 minutes, 54 seconds
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Ken Achenbach

The Canadian Godfather of snowboarding, Ken Achenbach runs a Catboarding and Heli operation, a summer snowboard camp, and a GoPro accessory company. How did he become so successful? Listen to the episode! We interview Ken at his home overlooking Whistler and Blackcomb resorts in amazing British Columbia Canada to find out more about Ken's contributions to snowboarding's history. Episode 6 of Season 1  Support the show
1/6/201611 minutes, 19 seconds
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Jeff Fulton

While cruisin' Mt. Baker looking for Ranquet we bumped into Jeff Fulton! Jeff's OG MBHC and we talk about how that whole group came to be. Now in his mid 50's his smooth style is indicative of the years he's spent at Baker riding the best in bounds terrain in the Pacific Northwest. Recorded on the chairlift, you can hear the happy skiers and boarders in the background.  Support the show
12/30/201511 minutes, 7 seconds
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Tom Burt

Tom Burt is one of the most important snowboarders of all times. He's been a team rider, a brand ambassador, a company owner, a judge, a designer, and an adventurer. His early 90's footage showed snowboarding as it had never been seen before, big, scary, gnarly, and beautiful all at once. Tom Burt paved the way for riders like Johan, Jeremy, and Travis. He and his good friend Jim Zellers had a bucket list of mountains they rode that has gone unchallenged until now. We caught up with Tom at his home in California. Happy Holidays FNRadSupport the show
12/23/201517 minutes, 39 seconds
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Chuck Barfoot

Chuck Barfoot talks about his early roots in snowboarding, his snowboard collection, and his days working with Tom Sims.  Support the show
12/16/201525 minutes, 12 seconds
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Shawn Farmer

We interview Farmer on the chairlift at Mt Baker Washington He talks about his first board, tons of pro riders, and his board design preferences. Listen closely for the hoots of powder day bliss and the avalanche control bombs.    Support the show
12/9/201515 minutes, 50 seconds
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Sherman & Demitrije

This is the first episode of our first season. It is comprised of two short phone interviews with the two earliest pioneers of snowboarding. Sherman Poppen invented the snurfer in 1965 for is daughters. He talks about how he began snowboarding almost 20 years later after being harassed by a group of his fans for skiing at an event that honoured him for inventing the earliest version of a snowboard. Dimitrije Milovich started building surprisingly modern snowboards under his brand "Winterstick" in 1972. And although he received publicity in high profile magazines like Playboy, Winterstick did not establish itself as a major brand in the snowboarding boom of the late 8u0's and early 90's. Milovich walked away from snowboarding decades ago and is known for his stance on not giving interviews. He gives advice on what listeners may find more interesting than hearing a bunch of old guys talk about snowboarding and asks the question "how deep is too deep?"   Fucking Rad Snowboarding is a seasonal (winter) weekly podcast produced out of Vancouver BC by ShredJesus a Canadian snowboarding mailman dad.  Support the show
12/2/201512 minutes, 30 seconds