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Flying Casual: A Star Wars Podcast

English, TV & Video, 1 season, 102 episodes, 5 days, 21 hours, 32 minutes
Join us as we fly casually through a galaxy far, far away and discuss Star Wars movies, television, books, comics, games, and more!
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Tano, I've a Feeling We're Not in Kansas Anymore

Ahsoka Tano had a lasting impact on Star Wars since introduced to the beloved universe in 2008. It's no surprise that the debut of her own television series will likely chart a new course for the franchise for years to come.
2/22/20241 hour, 12 minutes, 33 seconds
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Hello, What Have We Here?

"Somehow Asajj returned." Well, we think so. Fam, it's been a minute. We thought we'd get the band back together and fire this podcast back up. The Bad Batch is back, and so is one of our favorite Dathomirians. What better way to kick off a comeback. Hope you enjoy. 
1/24/202452 minutes, 28 seconds
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The Jedi Master We Deserved, Yaddle Was

Time to catch up with some thoughts on Tales of the Jedi and Andor. Oh, and thanks, Dooku, for being such a @#ck. But, also, you didn't deserve that. 
2/15/20231 hour, 16 minutes, 34 seconds
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The first three episodes of the new series 'Andor' have dropped, and they did not disappoint, folks. We're getting sweaty talking about our favorite spy, and also looking forward for what's to come on the Disney+ 2023 slate. 
9/28/202259 minutes, 43 seconds
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House of Kenobi

HELLO THERE! WE'RE BACK! Like, for real. It's been a moment since the Obi-Wan Kenobi series wrapped up, but we've got a lot to say about our old friend Ben. Welcome. Let's get sweaty again. 
8/29/20221 hour, 10 minutes, 24 seconds
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HE HAS RISEN / Celebration Anticipation

We're back! Fam, thanks for being patient with us during our parental leave. With grandma watching the baby, we were able to podcast for the first time in four months! It's Celebration week, and the Obi-Wan hype is building. While we unfortunately can't make the convention this year, we're still thrilled to at least listen in on all of the panels and pretend like we're there. There's a lot to be excited about, especially the fact that we're getting the first TWO episodes of Obi-Wan Kenobi this week! It's a great time to be a fan!
5/24/20221 hour, 10 minutes, 20 seconds
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Well, hello there. Haven't seen you in a while. We're all fine here, now, thank you. How are you? With the podcast on parental leave, Brent, Jory, and Wade got together to dust off the podcasting chops and chat about a Star War. Parental discretion is advised (I'm kidding, kind of). We'll be back tomorrow with our CELEBRATION ANTICIPATION episode. May the Force be with You!
5/23/20221 hour, 31 minutes, 31 seconds
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Casual Council No. 20

Welcome to "Talking Star Wars with Brent & Michael". The Council has been lost to the dark side...
12/13/20211 hour, 12 minutes, 57 seconds
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Boba‘s Underwhelming Tease

Zzzzzzzz...Oh, sorry. Just finished watching the Book of Boba Fett Teaser Trailer...I'm kidding...but seriously, guys...was this a little blah for a Boba teaser? Is it just me? I'm a bit underwhelmed with the tease, but I'm hopeful that this series will add some great story to the larger Star Wars galaxy.
11/4/20211 hour, 30 minutes, 51 seconds
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Visions: Reimagining Star Wars | More Prequel Love for Obi & Ani

Visions felt like a breath of fresh air for the franchise. These short stories offered a reimagination of the galaxy through new characters and stories that were unique, fun, and, often times, pretty dark. But it also honored the heart of what Star Wars truly is - a story of family, love, loss, friendship, and hope. We're eager to see more stories like this in the future. 
10/13/20211 hour, 30 minutes, 51 seconds
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Casual Council No. 19

The Council is back, and boy do we have a lot to say about Star Wars Visions...
10/4/20211 hour, 32 minutes, 48 seconds
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The Force Is Strong With You, Pale One

A fan favorite Star Wars game is getting a makeover! No, it's not Empire at War - because that game is perfect. Knights of the Old Republic and all of its glory will be remade, and fans are - well, excited...but also terrified. We'll see what in-house KOTOR crazy Luke Elder has to say about all of it. Also, in Darth Vader issue #14, we learn that a certain pale administrative aide may possess abilities that some consider to be...unnatural. Relax. Stay awhile. We're flying casual. 
9/22/20211 hour, 14 minutes, 45 seconds
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We Back | Visions of the Future w/ Prof. Favreau, Etc.

Fam, Chopper Base took some damage, and we needed some time to recover. While away, a lot has happened in the world of Star Wars. Much to discuss, we have. Glad to see you, we are.
9/13/20211 hour, 7 minutes, 59 seconds
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Return to Kamino - The End of a Star Wars Era

We never expected returning to Kamino to be so emotional. But, this latest episode of The Bad Batch has us feeling like we're saying goodbye to a beloved era in Star Wars.
8/10/202135 minutes, 59 seconds
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Casual Council No. 18 | The Greatest Pitch to LucasFilm

Brent, Neddy, and Rob checked in to the Council this month, and and we very well could have made the greatest pitch for the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi series...
8/2/20211 hour, 37 minutes, 52 seconds
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Bokku The (Buff) Hutt | Vader Wants Luke Dead!?

With this weeks episode of The Bad Batch leaving us a bit disappointed, luckily, a War of the Bounty Hunters crossover event within our Darth Vader comic series brought us quite a few laughs and some shocking revelations. 
7/26/20211 hour, 1 minute, 37 seconds
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Hera's Rescue and Howzer's Stand

We're back, Fam! And we have a few episodes of The Bad Batch to discuss! It's been awesome revisiting some familiar faces recently, allowing us to better understand the hardships people are facing as the Empire tightens its grip on the galaxy. However, the choice of one particular character, Captain Howzer, has completely elevated the series. 
7/19/202153 minutes, 22 seconds
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The Acolyte and Fresh Perspective | "Bounty Lost" Review

Some fresh perspective could be on the way with Disney's upcoming series, "The Acolyte". But not everyone is a fan. What's all the concern about? Plus, the last episode of "The Bad Batch" brought a pretty epic confrontation between gunslinger Cad Bane and the new BA in town, Fennec Shand. Were we also teased with some connections to the Sequel Trilogy and Uncle Snoke?
7/2/20211 hour, 16 minutes, 53 seconds
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Guess Who's Back? | Bad Batch Catch Up

Guess who's back? Well, yes, Crosshair. But, no one expected the return of one of the galaxy's most dangerous Bounty Hunters in this past week's episode of The Bad Batch. We're catching up on the latest three episodes, so let's nerd out over a certain animated series for a while!
6/21/20211 hour, 22 minutes, 48 seconds
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"Catalyst" Book Review | Holly's Hyperspace Happy Hour

We're back with our bi-monthly book club, and this round we've picked up James Luceno's 2016 novel, Catalyst. As a prequel to the feature film Rogue One, this story does a great job of providing more context surrounding the burgeoning Empire and a better understanding of some of our favorite characters form the film. Hope you enjoy!
6/14/20211 hour, 4 minutes, 33 seconds
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Casual Council No. 16

It's a bit late, but here's Casual Council No. 16 with our Patreon Jedi Knights and Masters! Enjoy!
6/7/20211 hour, 38 minutes, 56 seconds
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Casual Council No. 17

Let's get Star Wars sweaty with our Patreon Jedi Knights and Masters! Here's Casual Council No. 17!
6/7/20211 hour, 22 minutes, 46 seconds
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"Rampage" and Future Star Wars Storytelling

 What appeared on the surface to be a more lighthearted and fun episode of The Bad Batch, "Rampage" exposes the naivety of all of our heroes and foreshadows the upcoming moral dilemmas they're likely to face in these unpleasant corners of the galaxy. Also, is "Muchie" the Rancor from Return of The Jedi? No. But, maybe? Does it matter? The introduction to this young creature sparked an impromptu discussion of Star Wars storytelling, the effects of re-writing canon, and what it might mean for the future. 
5/31/20211 hour, 10 minutes, 28 seconds
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War-Mantle Has Begun!

Friends, we're catching up on episodes 3 & 4 of The Bad Batch, "Replacements" and "Cornered". A lot of love was shown for Rebels and Attack of The Clones in these episodes, and boy, have things gotten dark with the Empire's introduction of its new initiative! These were some great episodes!
5/24/20211 hour, 26 minutes, 1 second
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"Cut and Run" + Vader Confronts Palpatine!

This week, we're breaking down Episode 2 of The Bad Batch, "Cut and Run", and we're also checking out Darth Vader #11. Get ready for some monster on monster action...and some heartfelt moments.
5/17/20211 hour, 26 minutes, 1 second
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The Bad Batch Premiere

Friends, enjoy this discussion of The Bad Batch Premiere from our YouTube livestream on May the 4th!   Watch all of our video podcasts on YouTube - Join our community on Patreon -
5/10/20211 hour, 22 minutes, 42 seconds
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Best of Star Wars Rebels

Friends, we're talking about one of our favorite series of all time, REBELS! It's difficult to break down your favorite moments in such a fantastic story, but we did our best. Enjoy us gushing about the joy this series has brought us and the high bar it's set for the future of Star Wars. WARNING: Chills are inevitable!
4/27/20211 hour, 33 minutes, 41 seconds
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"Rebel Rising" Book Review | Holly's Hyperspace Happy Hour

We're currently enjoying some R&R on the coast of Alabama, but the podcast must go on! Our book club recently read Beth Revis' novel Rebel Rising. "Jyn is also the most "real" character in Star Wars in that she's not inherently special," Beth said in and interview for her book. "She wasn't born with the ability to feel the Force, she's (for the most part) not surrounded by important characters, she's not a princess. She was never going to be a Jedi -- or a Sith. She's just a person. And despite that, she still fought and stood up for what was right and made a difference. That's a powerful thing. Of course we want to see the Jedis fight the Sith. But we also need to see the regular people stand up in the face of the Empire -- because that's us." We couldn't agree more, Beth. Let's dig into the tragic, yet hopeful story of Jyn Erso.  
4/12/20211 hour, 29 minutes, 43 seconds
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Casual Council No. 15

The Zeffo, burning bushes, too much Qui-Gon hate..there's so much to discuss in this month's Casual Council. Come hang out with our Patreon Jedi Knights and Masters!
4/5/20211 hour, 28 minutes, 9 seconds
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New "Bad Batch" Trailer | Owen & Beru Are Back!

The past 48 hours have been amazing for Star Wars fans. A new trailer for The Bad Batch shares a little more insight into Clone Force 99's experience around the time of the new Empire. We're also introduced to a new character, Omega. Who is this individual and what will her role be in this adventure with our heroes? So. Many. Questions. Lucasfilm also released much of the cast for the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi series, and Joel Edgerton and Bonnie Piesse are reprising their role as Owen and Beru Lars. How much involvement can we expect from them in the series? We turn to the comics to better understand what their interactions may be like with our dear Obi-Wan in this limited series. 
3/31/20211 hour, 24 minutes, 22 seconds
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Most Memorable Clone Wars | Teek & Co. Are Coming To Disney+

The Clone Wars has gifted us all with so many amazing moments. Too many to list, actually. But what are some of our most memorable? In this episode we're chatting about some of Clone Wars most impactful story arcs that have stuck with us over the years. But, before that, it's important to acknowledge that the The Caravan of Courage and The Battle for Endor are coming to Disney+! Fans of Ewoks and Teek rejoice!
3/22/20211 hour, 18 minutes, 34 seconds
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Casual Council No. 14

Check out our 14th installment of Casual Council with our Patreon Jedi Knights and Masters! Head on over to our Patreon page and see if there's a tier right for you!
3/15/20211 hour, 27 minutes, 58 seconds
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What If Asajj Returns? | Speculation and Mindfulness

Speculation. It's an important part of the Star Wars fanbase. It's an important part of this show. Heck, we're going to speculate right now with a "What if Asajj Ventress returns from the dead" discussion. But, as we learned from Master Qui-Gon Jinn, be mindful of the future, "but not at the expense of the present moment." Speculation can be fun, and having expectations for a property you love can be great. But don’t get so wrapped up in the “what if” that you forget to live in the now and miss what is going on right in front of you.
3/8/20211 hour, 27 minutes, 38 seconds
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Leia The Balancer | The Bad Batch | A Future Rian Johnson Star War

The Bad Batch in May and potentially more Rian Johnson Star Wars?? Yes, please. An epic e-mail from Neddy prompts a lengthy discussion of Leia, balance, and the chosen one prophecy. Oh, and we might be starting a Lord of The Rings podcast (or an Ents-only broadcast of some sort). Join us!
3/1/20211 hour, 13 minutes, 54 seconds
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"The Rise of Skywalker" Book Review | Holly's Hyperspace Happy Hour

Rae Carson's novelization for The Rise of Skywalker adds so much context to the film that closed out the Skywalker saga. This was a book that our readers really enjoyed, and we couldn't stop talking about it! Join us!
2/22/20211 hour, 48 minutes, 28 seconds
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The Future of Cara Dune | Vader Finds Exegol!

There's an important discussion to be had following Gina Carano's recent social media controversy. And the news of her termination at Lucasfilm has left Star Wars fans wondering, "What will happen to Cara Dune?" Also, Vader finds Exegol in his attempt to uncover the Emperor's secrets in Darth Vader (2020) #10!
2/15/20211 hour, 17 minutes, 30 seconds
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Casual Council No. 13

With so many gamers in our Council, Lucasfilm's recent reveal of Lucasfilm Games has everyone very excited. What would we like to see added to Lucasfilm's rich catalog of gaming titles? For starters, a revamped Empire at War better be in the mix. We also dip into some classic "what if" speculation in the latter half of our discussion. What if Obi-Wan left the order for Satine? What if Anakin was sent to defeat Maul in the last season of Clone Wars? 
2/1/20211 hour, 33 minutes, 5 seconds
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Live-Action Grand Inquisitor | "Andor" Without K-2S0?

Could "Andor" really not include our beloved K-2S0? Well, not yet. Also, if "Obi-Wan Kenobi" does not cast Jason Isaacs for a live-action debut of the Grand Inquisitor, they're making a HUGE mistake. Let's talk some Star Wars news. 
1/25/20211 hour, 11 minutes, 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

Will Qui-Gon Return In The Kenobi Series?

Could Liam Neeson reprise his role as Qui-Gon Jinn in the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi series? In this episode, we turn to some existing Star Wars material to speculate on what we could see from the returning Master and what sorts of conversations he and his former Apprentice may have while isolated on Tatooine. 
1/18/20211 hour, 12 minutes, 8 seconds
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We Have Hope.

"We have hope. Hope that things can get better. And they will." - Hera Syndulla
1/11/20211 hour, 13 minutes, 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

Casual Council No. 12

This month, the Council convened to talk about the epic ending to The Mandalorian Season 2 and all of the upcoming Star Wars projects that we're most excited to see. 
1/4/20211 hour, 18 minutes, 17 seconds
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"Lost Stars" Book Review | Holly's Hyperspace Happy Hour

Two childhood friends, now star-crossed lovers, find themselves on opposite ends of the war. Will they set aside their differences to come together, or will duty keep them apart. This novel from Claudia Gray has been a big hit with many readers of the Star Wars new canon era since it released in 2015. So what did the book club think?
12/28/20201 hour, 56 minutes, 29 seconds
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The Mandalorian | Chapter 16 - REVIEW

The season (series?) finale of The Mandalorian has arrived, and the ending of what has been a crazy ride did not disappoint. Here's our live YouTube discussion of an emotional Chapter 16, "The Rescue".
12/21/20201 hour, 51 minutes, 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Mandalorian | Chapter 15 - LIVE Discussion

Call us crazy, Fam, but this episode may have been one of the best of the series...let's talk about it! Here's our live discussion from Friday night on YouTube.
12/14/20201 hour, 33 minutes, 35 seconds
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That's A Lot of Star Wars! | Disney Investor Day 2020

Folks, it's a lot of Star Wars, and we're here for it. Thursday's announcements at Disney's Investor Day 2020 left us all stunned. But, once we got over our speechlessness, we formulated some thoughts on what's to come. Hayden, Ahsoka, Patty Jenkins, ... !
12/11/20201 hour, 11 minutes, 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Oracle Returns! | Darth Vader (2020) #7

Darth Vader (2020) #7 sees the dark Lord of The Sith at his lowest point. After being left for dead by the Emperor and hunted by an assassin, Vader stumbles across a creature whom fans thought would never see the light of day ...
12/10/20201 hour, 1 minute, 46 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Mandalorian | Chapter 14 - LIVE Review

The original bad boy bounty hunter is back (albeit with some substantial scarring due to a minor Sarlacc incident). If you weren't able to check out the livestream on YouTube this past Friday, here's our discussion of The Mandalorian Chapter 14, "The Tragedy".
12/7/20201 hour, 34 minutes, 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

Casual Council No. 11

The Council has gathered to discuss an important matter - the sweatiness of The Mandalorian Chapter 13! We're also welcoming our newest Council member, Scotty! Join us!
12/2/20201 hour, 33 minutes, 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Mandalorian | Chapter 13 - LIVE Review

It's finally happened. Ahsoka Tano has made her live-action debut, and we have A LOT to say about it. If you couldn't make the livestream, here's our discussion of Chapter 13, "The Jedi", from this past Friday. Enjoy!
11/30/20201 hour, 36 minutes, 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Mandalorian | Chapter 12 - LIVE Discussion

The Mandalorian just continues to get sweatier and sweatier. Check out our live YouTube discussion on Chapter 12, "The Siege".
11/23/20201 hour, 11 minutes, 50 seconds
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The Mandalorian | Chapter 11 - LIVE SPOILER Discussion

Hands down one of the BEST episodes of The Mandalorian! Mon Cal wearing cable knits, live-action Bo-Katan, Ahsoka name drop...this episode had everything! Check out our live discussion of Chapter 11 "The Heiress" from this past Friday!
11/16/20201 hour, 47 minutes, 42 seconds
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The Mandalorian Chapter 10 | LIVE SPOILER Discussion

This past Friday night, we chatted about The Mandalorian Chapter 10 live on YouTube. What did we learn from this episode? THAT NO PLANET IS SAFE FROM SPIDERS IN THE STAR WARS UNIVERSE!
11/9/202058 minutes, 24 seconds
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The Emperor's Wrath! | Darth Vader (2020) #6

What a brutal issue! Vader has failed to turn his son to the dark side. Personal expeditions to find answers regarding his sons upbringing and Padme's death have left Sidious angry. In the eyes of his master, Vader has become weak. Only punishment could restore Vader's strength...
11/2/20201 hour, 56 seconds
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Casual Council No. 10

What a great conversation with the Council! We led off this month's meeting with a deep discussion on droids in Star Wars, their impact on younger generations of fans, and their overall importance to the franchise. We also spent some time sharing our expectations for the upcoming season of The Mandalorian. If we're following last season's playbook, episode one of this season could start off with a HUGE reveal. What could it be?
10/26/20201 hour, 40 minutes, 10 seconds
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Holly's Hyperspace Happy Hour: "Revenge of The Sith" Book Discussion

This month, the book club picked up the Revenge of the Sith novelization. It may be Legends, but this book adds so much depth to the ending of the prequel trilogy. It quickly became one of the group's favorites!
10/19/20202 hours, 1 minute, 16 seconds
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Star Wars Trivia Trials: Solo - Nate vs Wes

In this match, Nate and Wes go head-to-head in an all-Solo: A Star Wars Story trivia battle! Who ya got?
10/12/202047 minutes, 56 seconds
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Casual Council No. 9

The Mandalorian Trailer, Rey Kenobi, Hayden Christensen in future Star Wars, The Child is actually Yoda...There's so much to discuss in this Council meeting, and not enough time to discuss it all. Like, literally. We're going to have to continue this discussion in our next session. Enjoy!
10/5/20201 hour, 26 minutes
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Vader Sees Padme's Final Moments, The Grand Inquisitor Returns, and Luke Gets a Yellow Lazersword!

Fam, Star Wars comics have some of the best storytelling! The Star Wars 2020 main line and 2020 Darth Vader line have been killing it! We picked up Star Wars #6 and Darth Vader #5, and they did not disappoint. Vader is devastated by Padme's final moments, a tormented Grand Inquisitor is back from the dead, and our favorite farm boy finds a yellow lazersword, and boy does it looks good on him! Pick up these issues and have a listen!
9/28/20201 hour, 20 minutes, 46 seconds
Episode Artwork

Squadrons CG Short "Hunted" and Mandalorian Season 2 Trailer Discussion

It's not everyday that you sympathize with an Imperial, but that's exactly what happened after we checked out the stunningly beautiful Star Wars CG short Hunted. Needless to say, we're anxiously awaiting for the release of the upcoming game Star Wars: Squadrons this October. The highly anticipated trailer for The Mandalorian Season 2 has also arrived, and, as you would expect, it has us speculating like crazy. What's the chances of Mando and The Child running into Luke Skywalker or Yoda this season? Well, let's talk about it!
9/21/20201 hour, 23 minutes, 17 seconds
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Holly's Hyperspace Happy Hour: "Ahsoka" Book Discussion

September's Happy Hour is upon us and we've picked up E.K. Johnston's 2016 Star Wars novel Ahsoka. If you're anything like us, you're still suffering from a post-Clone Wars hangover and missing the galaxy's most fierce Togruta. And that's ok! Just pick up a copy of this quick read and join us on some adventures with our favorite heroine.
9/14/20201 hour, 47 minutes, 22 seconds
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Casual Council No. 8

In our 8th installment of Casual Council, we continue our vast discussion of the Force in Star Wars and add to our list of questions for George Lucas. What is Palpatine's involvement in the birth of Anakin Skywalker? What is balance? How are young force sensitives discovered? Send us an e-mail to [email protected], or leave us a voicemail at 614-398-2119.
8/31/20201 hour, 36 minutes, 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

Ezra and The Portal in Chaos Rising? | Vader Visits Padme's Tomb

We're taking a look at Darth Vader (2020) Issue #4, following the Dark Lord down his path of, what one would assume is, his eventual acceptance of the true cause of Padme's death. In his search for answers, Padme's former protectors seek vengeance for their Queen, and honor the memory of the young Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker.   We also checked out the latest excerpts released for the upcoming novel, Thrawn: Chaos Rising. While reading the stories of Thrawn's past will certainly be interesting, would Lucasfilm ever consider incorporating our beloved Ezra Bridger and The Portal into this Ascendancy trilogy to throw one heck of an epic, time-traveling curve ball?
8/24/20201 hour, 25 minutes, 1 second
Episode Artwork

Bad Batch in a Half-Shell | Luke learns about The Purge

The more we talk about the return of The Bad Batch, the more excited we get for their Disney+ series! And it sure sounds like Disney is going to capitalize off their very own "ninja turtles-like" heroes - minus the half shells. We also checked out the latest issue of the Star Wars main comic line, #5. A naive Luke is about to learn a dark lesson that his teachers glossed over in his training...
8/17/20201 hour, 25 minutes, 21 seconds
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Holly's Hyperspace Happy Hour: "Dark Disciple" Book Discussion

This month, we're discussing Dark Disciple, by Christie Golden. A little romance, a lot of dark side, awesome characters, this story has it all. A Star Wars fan favorite!
8/10/20201 hour, 47 minutes, 12 seconds
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Vader Deceived!

The 2020 Darth Vader comic line is finally back with issue #3! Vader continues to seek the truth behind the death of his beloved Padme. He's teamed up with an unexpected ally who wants the same answers, Padme's former handmaiden, Sabe. But Vader's anger and quest for vengeance may leave him vulnerable to those that master the art of deception. 
8/3/20201 hour, 1 minute, 18 seconds
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Casual Council No. 7

This month, we met with our Patreon Jedi Knights and Jedi Masters to discuss the Force, its past, present, and future in Star Wars. It's amazing how much you learn when you just sit down and have a conversation with friends. 
7/27/20201 hour, 45 minutes, 33 seconds
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Obi-Wan's Final Moments and Why They're a Blueprint for The Kenobi Series

This may be one of our favorite episodes to date. If you haven't read Cavan Scott's short story "Time of Death" from the Star Wars: From A Certain Point of View anthology, do yourself a favor, and go check it out. We dig deep into Obi-Wan's final moments and the flashbacks and visions he experiences before his death. There is so much packed into this short story, and it could very well act as a blueprint for the upcoming Kenobi series on Disney+. Join us!
7/21/20201 hour, 7 minutes, 34 seconds
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Bottom-Up: A Thrawn, Qi'ra, and Enfys Story

We'll soon discover Thrawn's origins in Timothy Zahn's Chaos Rising, and the recently released prologue for the upcoming book leads us to believe that the "recruit born of no title" may have something to prove to the Nine Ruling Families of the Chiss. Disney+'s recent addition of Solo also has us begging for standalone stories for Qi'ra and Enfys Nest, two characters whose experiences are unparalleled to Star Wars favorites. Join us!
7/13/20201 hour, 5 minutes, 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

Power Of The Force...And Many, Many Sausage Quotes

In this episode, we're discussing the power of the Force and how such fantastic abilities manifest in the sequel trilogy. We also take a look at the first chapter of Charles Soule's upcoming High Republic novel, Light of the Jedi. Oh, and we're sharing our favorite Star Wars sausage quotes, compliments of the Casual Fam Facebook Group.
7/6/20201 hour, 25 minutes, 38 seconds
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Casual Council No. 6

In this Council session with our Patreon Jedi Knights, we're discussing every Star Wars movie climax and where it ranks. We also welcome our newest Jedi Knight, Rob!
6/29/20201 hour, 57 minutes, 9 seconds
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"Ugnaughts, Tauntauns, and Wampas, Oh My!" From A Certain Point of View - Empire | Star Wars Dads

Star Wars has revealed details on some of its upcoming stories for The Empire Strikes Back's edition of "From A Certain Point of View", and we couldn't be more excited. Tales of Ugnaughts, Tauntauns, and Wampas may be pulling at our heart strings. We're also talking about dads in Star Wars, and, while they may not always be the best father figures, there's definitely something to learn from their experiences. Check it out!
6/22/20201 hour, 24 minutes, 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

Holly's Hyperspace Happy Hour: "Bloodline" Book Discussion

Flying Casual's Book Club assembles to discuss a Star Wars community favorite from bestselling author Claudia Gray, Bloodline. This book took us into deep discussion of family, loss, love, and even crazy theories! Join our book discussion and take a listen!
6/15/20202 hours, 6 minutes, 12 seconds
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Thrawn and Ezra Live-Action | Expanding the Universe | Rey's Grandmother

After another fun round of Star Wars Mad Libs, we settle down to discuss the rumored live-action castings for Thrawn and Ezra. We're also talking about how Star Wars can expand the galaxy that we love. And then, we have some fun with a Grandma Palpatine theory. Join us!
6/8/20201 hour, 21 minutes, 14 seconds
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Casual Council No. 5

In this installment of Casual Council, Patreon Masters Brent, Jory, and Nate join us to discuss 'Empire' and all of its glory, celebrating its 40th Anniversary. We're also chatting about Season 2 of The Mandalorian and what we expect from the hit series' return. Join us!
6/1/20201 hour, 26 minutes
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Star Wars Trivia Trials: Rogue One - Brent vs Jory

In our first Intergalactic League match of the Trivia Trials, we've got Brent facing off with Jory in some Rogue One trivia. You do not want to miss this!
5/25/20201 hour, 4 minutes, 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

Family, Loss & Isolation - Mortis and The Son of Dathomir

It's amazing how powerful and relatable Star Wars stories can be. The Son of Dathomir comic line and the Mortis arc of The Clone Wars are no exception. Join us as we dig into these two stories and highlight how we all connect to their narratives of family, loss, and isolation.
5/18/20201 hour, 18 minutes, 53 seconds
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Casual Council No. 4

This is the 4th installment of our monthly hangout cast, Casual Council. We had such and awesome time talking Star Wars with our friends Andy, Jory, and Nate. Check it out!
5/13/20201 hour, 31 minutes, 41 seconds
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Boba Fett's Return in Mando Season 2? | The Ghost of Padme | Star Wars, Family, & Hope

Star Wars Fam, in this episode we dig back into the new Darth Vader 2020 comic line with issue #2, finding Vader stunned when he's confronted by a character who bears a striking resemblance to his beloved Padme. We're also discussing Boba Fett's supposed return in The Mandalorian Season 2, are we excited by the news, and what could his role be. Finally, we admire Dave Filoni's take on Family, Hope, and why it makes Star Wars. Check it out!
5/11/20201 hour, 33 minutes, 37 seconds
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Star Wars: The Clone Wars - "Shattered" Review

Order 66 has hit, and there's a whole lot of emotion with this one. We dig deep into Ahsoka and Rex's relationship, some "what if" moments, Maul's admiration of Palpatine's plan, and so much more. Check it out!
5/4/20201 hour, 28 minutes, 40 seconds
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Star Wars: The Clone Wars - "The Phantom Apprentice" Review

Wow! Another epic installment in the final episodes of The Clone Wars! There is so much to dissect in this episode with Maul and his vision...Ahhh! It's so amazing! Check out our conversation!
4/27/20201 hour, 26 minutes, 6 seconds
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Star Wars: The Clone Wars - "Old Friends Not Forgotten" Review

Wow. What an epic beginning to what will likely be one of the greatest endings in all of Star Wars. "Old Friends Not Forgotten" was action packed, yet also brought a lot of emotion. It sets up what is sure to be an epic showdown between Ahsoka and Maul, and leaves you wanting more. Let's dig into it!
4/20/20201 hour, 9 minutes, 57 seconds
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Darth Vader #1 (2020) | Clone Wars - "Together Again"

This week, we're breaking into the first installment of the new Darth Vader comic line. Just from the first issue, it seems another successful Vader series is on its way. We're also discussing the latest episode of Clone Wars, "Together Again". We would be honored if you would join us.
4/13/20201 hour, 20 minutes, 40 seconds
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Kenobi - What Do We Want To See? | Clone Wars - "Dangerous Debt" | STAR WARS #4

The "Kenobi" hype is kicking in, and we can't stop talking about what we hope to see in the upcoming series! We're also discussing the new Clone Wars episode, "Dangerous Debt", and the most recent drop in the Star Wars comic main line, #4. Take a listen!
4/6/20201 hour, 22 minutes, 23 seconds
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Wade Strikes Back! | Clone Wars Catch Up | TROS Continued

Wade's back to join us in our Clone Wars catch up, continued The Rise of Skywalker discussion, and a new installment of Hyperspace Inquiries. Take a listen!
4/1/20201 hour, 13 minutes, 11 seconds
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Casual Council No. 3

We've got a packed Council this month! Jory, Nate, Brent, and David are all here to chat about what we love on our exclusive Patreon hangout. Kenobi, The Rise of Skywalker, Cassian, Clone Wars, Force Dyads, where's talking about it all. Join us!
3/30/20201 hour, 50 minutes, 5 seconds
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Holly's Hyperspace Happy Hour - "Leia: Princess of Alderaan" Book Discussion

Social distancing kept the book club apart, but the Force brought us together through Skype in order to discuss Leia: Princess of Alderaan. Claudia Gray is one of our favorite Star Wars authors, and Leia did not disappoint. Take a listen!
3/23/20201 hour, 35 minutes, 29 seconds
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Favorite Star Wars Characters | The Rise of Kylo Ren #4 | Is Love Blind?

Folks, this was a fun episode. A lot was discussed, including the Flying Casual Fam's favorite Star Wars characters, the Rise of Kylo Ren #4, boy bands, Love is Blind, disaster planning, and more. Check it out!
3/16/20201 hour, 19 minutes, 37 seconds
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Ben Solo Walks Into A Bar... | Leia Frozen In Carbonite?

Holly and Michael read the latest issues from The Rise of Kylo Ren (No.3) and the Star Wars main line (No.3) comic book series. Ben Solo meets up with the Knights of Ren at a bar? Leia is frozen in carbonite? Some interesting things are taking place in these issues, so let's take a look. 
3/9/20201 hour, 4 minutes, 49 seconds
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Casual Council No. 2

We're back with our second installment of Casual Council, the monthly podcast where we chat about the galaxy that we love with our Jedi Master Patreon fam! While we're getting sweaty in Star Wars talk with Neddy and Jory, David and Brent are out saving the Republic. May the Force be with you both. Take a listen!
3/4/20201 hour, 40 minutes, 21 seconds
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Project Luminous - The High Republic | Palpatine Was A Clone In TROS | Flying Casual's Favorite Soundtracks

This week, Project Luminous was finally revealed, and boy it didn't disappoint. We could not be more excited for this new era of Star Wars, The High Republic. What do we expect from these stories to come? We also learned this week that Palpatine was a clone in TROS. Are we surprised? We wrap up this week's cast with a discussion of our favorite Star Wars soundtracks, some of the finest music composed in recent history. Join us!
3/2/20201 hour, 29 minutes, 39 seconds
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The Clone Wars - "The Bad Batch" Discussion | Cassian's Return on Disney+ | Chewie, We're Home

We're back after a week of moving, and boy does it feel good to be home! We're excited to discuss the first episode of the last season of The Clone Wars, "The Bad Batch". We also delve into our thoughts on Cassian's return in the upcoming Disney+ series which is set to begin filming soon. The conversation may have taken place in the dining room of the new base, but it sure was a good time. Take a listen!
2/24/20201 hour, 8 minutes, 59 seconds
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Holly's Hyperspace Happy Hour - "Phasma" Book Discussion

This is the first installment of Holly's Hyperspace Happy Hour, Flying Casual's official book club, and what a fun discussion it was! Luke, Ashleigh, and Paige join Holly to discuss Phasma, Delilah Dawson's first Star Wars novel. Take a listen!
2/10/20201 hour, 36 minutes, 27 seconds
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Ep. 23 - Star Wars #2 - The Destiny Path, Part 2 | Obi-Wan & The Desert Son

What a fun episode! This week we're discussing what we'd like to see in the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi series, we break down issue #2 of the main Star Wars comic line, "The Destiny Path, Part 2", plus we share our thoughts on one of the most emotional moments from Pierce Brown's "Desert Son", a short story from the anthology From a Certain Point of View. Take a listen!
2/3/20201 hour, 11 minutes, 24 seconds
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Ep. 22 - Casual Council No.1

Welcome to Casual Council! In this special podcast, we have our first monthly Star Wars roundtable discussion with the Casual Patreon Fam! Get to know Nate and Jory and join in on the chat!
1/29/20201 hour, 38 minutes, 43 seconds
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Ep. 21 - The Skywalker Saga - Ranked

Fam, we have meditated on this topic for some time, and we're finally ready to reveal our rankings of the Skywalker saga installments. It wasn't easy at all, but we did it. Uncertainty. Regret. Will these rankings stand in the coming months, or years? Only time will tell. How do our lists compare to yours?
1/27/20201 hour, 26 minutes, 43 seconds
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Ep. 20 - Tor Valum? Is That You?

Tor Valum, the supposed new villain of Collin Trevorrow's Episode 9 script. But was this spider creature the almost final big bad of the Star Wars saga? If this leak is real, we may have a whole new appreciation for Palpatine's return. 
1/20/202048 minutes, 41 seconds
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Ep. 19 - The Rise of Kylo Ren #2 | Collin Trevorrow's Leaked Episode 9 Script

Join us for Week 19 of Flying Casual! We continue to follow Ben Solo's fall to the dark side in The Rise of Kylo Ren #2. We're also discussing the leaked script for Collin Trevorrow's Episode 9. 
1/16/20201 hour, 12 minutes, 13 seconds
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Ep. 18 - Marvel Comics Star Wars #1: The Destiny Path, Part 1 - Discussion

Marvel Comics is off to a really strong start with its 2020 main STAR WARS line, issue #1, The Destiny Path, Part 1. We enjoyed it so much, that it dominated the entire episode! This series has the opportunity to expand upon some of the greatest story elements that Star Wars has to offer, and we couldn't be more excited! Pick up your issue and join us!
1/6/20201 hour, 12 minutes, 13 seconds
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Ep. 17 - The Mandalorian Season Finale | Episode IX Discussion - Continued

Holy smokes! The Season One Finale of The Mandalorian was glorious! In this episode, we're talking about how rewarding Chapter 8, "Redemption" is for Star Wars fans and its potential to bring some fans even deeper into the lore. We're also continuing our ongoing discussion of The Rise of Skywalker. Did Rey need to be a Palpatine? Would the story have been better if she wasn't? Let the discussion begin...but not until we delve into our first-ever round of Star Wars Mad Libs! Check us out on Facebook and join the group! Watch the video podcast on Youtube Send an e-mail to: [email protected] Leave us a voicemail: (614) 398-2119
12/30/20191 hour, 42 minutes, 1 second
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Ep. 16 - LIVE SPOILER Discussion of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Mike, Holly, and Luke have their first SPOILER discussion of The Rise of Skywalker! What did you think of the final Skywalker installment? Send an e-mail: [email protected] Check us out on Facebook and join the group! Send a voicemail: (614) 398-2119 Watch the video podcast on YouTube
12/23/20191 hour, 44 minutes, 45 seconds
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Ep. 15 - LIVE Podcast! Final Discussion Before Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker | The Rise of Kylo Ren Comic Discussion

We're LIVE on YouTube and Flying Casual in our last discussion before the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker! Here, we share our anticipation, predictions, and overall excitement for the film. We also have a deep discussion of issue #1 of the new Star Wars: The Rise of Kylo Ren comic book and it's implications for the final Skywalker installment! Did Ben know all along that Palpatine had returned and sacrificed himself to bring down evil? What happened when Luke confronted Snoke? Is Ben Solo the hero that we need? We will find out soon enough! May The Force Be With You!
12/19/20191 hour, 32 minutes, 45 seconds
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Ep. 14 - The Mandalorian, Chapter 6 "The Prisoner" Discussion | Is Rey A Host For Palpatine's Essence?

Chapter 6 of The Mandalorian, "The Prisoner", had a heist story and horror elements all in one episode! What a ride! We're talking about what we enjoyed, and what we didn't enjoy, in the latest of the Mando's installments. We're also preparing ourselves for an upcoming all-out Episode 9 discussion with some chat about Rey and the possibility of her being a host for Palpatine's essence or a clone created by Palpatine. What seem to be the facts that lead us there? Would such a story cheapen Rey for the fans? We will find out soon!
12/16/20191 hour, 25 minutes, 4 seconds