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Flipping Genius - THE Car Flipping podcast #CarFlipping #FlippingCars Cover
Flipping Genius - THE Car Flipping podcast #CarFlipping #FlippingCars Profile

Flipping Genius - THE Car Flipping podcast #CarFlipping #FlippingCars

English, Finance, 4 seasons, 177 episodes, 3 days 21 hours 26 minutes
Become a Paid Subscriber: Learn to Flip Cars for a significant profit! Hear money Making and Saving ideas from expert guests and our host, Randy Lee. Become a Flipping Team Member and benefit even more! Access it all at The Flipping Genius podcast serves as your companion to car flipping success! About Randy: He's been flipping cars for most of his life, with over 12 years as a licensed dealer. Our guests come from all areas of business. Our #1 goal is to help our listeners make more money! Team Members support the podcast and benefit from Rewards: Support this podcast:
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EP 173: Introducing New Partnering Opportunities from Flipping Genius

I know that I am speaking to a wide variety of Flippers right now. While most of you are here in the United States – I know too, that you are also spread out in nearly 100 countries around the globe. I know that some of you have actually been flipping cars longer than me and are better at it than me. I know some of you have yet to pull the trigger on your first Flip. I know some of you are licensed used car dealers, some are contemplating doing that and others of you have no intention of going that route. I know that you have varying interests and talents – yet I also know that all of you – or pretty much all of you – are here because you want to do more than just buy and sell cars. You want to make a profit doing this. You don’t want to be hobbyists. You want this to be a profitable gig. You want to make smart decisions that will better your futures. That probably looks different to each of you – but that is a universal desire of all Flippers. I be
06/09/202311 minutes 55 seconds
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EP 171: My Car Auction System - Demonstrating HOW TO Research and BUY SUCCESSFULLY

Randy Lee - the host of Flipping Genius - the no. 1 podcast about car flipping - shares his techniques and strategies - and even his computer screens and analysis documents in this, the 171st episode of Flipping Genius! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel so you can see all of the past and future episodes. The number 1 goal of Flipping Genius is to help our listeners and viewers MAKE MORE MONEY - and Randy really shows us how in this edition. PLUS - we delve into the importance of investigating open recalls, finding remedies to those issues and PROPERLY disclosing and documenting them with our buyers. If you haven't yet, be sure to join the Flipping Genius Car Flipping Forum so you can interact with other members all across the USA and around the world! It is FREE to join and experience all of the benefits. Here is the direct link
03/08/202347 minutes 26 seconds
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EP 153: Insurance Auto Auction - a deep dive into our experience with IAA over the past 12 months

In 2022, we added Insurance Auto Auction to our list of sources for vehicles. We had mixed results. In the 153rd episode of the Flipping Genius podcast, we walk through our experience. We include all of the pertinent numbers. We share wins and losses and the entire scoreboard. Full disclosure! &nbsp; If you'd like a PDF of the entire breakdown; just email Randy Lee at [email protected]. (Include IAA PDF in the title and/or body of your message) It is FREE and Randy will write you back personally.&nbsp; Be sure to check us out at and hear all of the past episodes there - or HERE. You can also watch over 100 Flipping Genius videos at our site or click on the link and subscribe to the <a href="
21/01/202327 minutes 59 seconds
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EP 150: This Conversation could be the difference between your success and your bankruptcy! We sat down with the CEO of the AIADA and learned things that could help CYA...

Randy Jones, the Chief Executive Officer of the Independent Auto Dealers Association here in Alabama sits down to chat with Flipping Genius host, Randy Lee about topics that could truly MAKE OR BREAK your financial future! &nbsp;Whether you are "5 Car A Year Flipper" of a 500 vehicle a year mover and shaker - this discussion will be worth your while - and may even get a belly laugh or two. Be sure to stay until the end and send any questions, input, suggestions, etc. to us at [email protected] --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
28/12/202238 minutes 34 seconds
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Flipping Genius - THE Car Flipping podcast #CarFlipping #FlippingCars (Trailer)

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16/01/202052 seconds