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English, Cookery, Food, Drink, 3 seasons, 55 episodes, 2 days, 2 hours, 16 minutes
The fortnightly show dedicated to food and drink produced and enjoyed in and around Cambridge.
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Flavour: City Centre Food Pleasures

City centre food pleasures. Enjoying quality Caribbean cuisine alongside live music. Market Square burnt Basque cheesecake with Algerian coffee. How independents and their customers are affected by new import charges. Surviving lockdown, how the Cambridge Fruit Company did it. Getting on top of weeds in Good to Grow week.
4/22/202455 minutes, 31 seconds
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Flavour: Reinventing the Scotch Egg

Kitsch Hen reinventing the Scotch Egg with flavours like kedgeree and pork with black cherry. Indian street food on Cambridge Market. April foraging ideas. Allotment tips including extreme parsnip growing and Dave Fox's century allotment history project.
4/7/202456 minutes, 5 seconds
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Flavour: Vanderlyle at 5

Alex Rushmer on Vanderlyle's first five years and what the future holds. Barry Vera of the Green Man in Grantchester on the importance of serving the local community and his ideas for it, also the full opening of the garden. Cambridges 'Cambucha'. Dave Fox on growing advice for Spring. Flavour is presented by Matt Bentman, Alan Alder and Sue Bailey.
3/26/202455 minutes, 51 seconds
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Flavour: The Spinning House

Caroline Biggs on her new book telling the shocking story of the university's imprisoning of women who were out alone at night. But what did they get to eat?? The imminent opening of the Northstowe Tap and Social which will have a permanent Steak and Honour base serving a brand new product. A visit to a new and very stylish Cambridge cafe. The ex-restaurant owner in Cambridge who's switched from owning to franchising explains why.
3/10/202454 minutes, 28 seconds
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Flavour: Loaves and Lattes

Jennifer Marshall owner of Sourdough Hub The stories of two successful local bakers, one previously an international concert pianist, the other a recent winner of multiple baking awards. Exciting new lattes on sale at a Cambridge cafe. Life on Cambridge Market. Ideas for onions from Rosie Sykes. Lots of food and drink news, jobs and where to get free food from.
2/25/202456 minutes, 53 seconds
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Flavour: New Rosie Sykes book and Spencer Drake on bees

Developing new skills. Rosie Sykes on her new book that helps you build your own recipes. Spencer Drake on keeping bees. Food workshops in and around Cambridge. Foraging tips from Steve Thompson. Also, developments at Fin Boys and the end of the Radegund rebuild.
2/13/202458 minutes, 16 seconds
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Flavour: Hot Food on Cambridge Market

Rafael who runs the Pinchito's Spanish food stall at Cambridge Market one of three small features looking at food stalls on Cambridge Market. (Photo: Matt Bentman) Hot food on Cambridge Market; Frank’s Farm in Elsworth; Rosie Sykes’ potato recipes and Grantchester’s Orchard Tea Garden. Matt Bentman and Dr Sue Bailey present.  
1/28/202455 minutes, 36 seconds
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Flavour: Rewind 2023

College chefs open their own restaurants, families open cafes, new cookbooks from Cambridge food authors, the latest happenings on beer and wine, and food foraging. The Flavour team take a look back over some of the stories they reported in 2023.  
1/15/202456 minutes, 30 seconds
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Flavour: What to Eat at Christmas with Tim Hayward and Rosie Sykes

What to eat at Christmas, Tim Hayward and others give their thoughts. Rosie Sykes cooks up some Boxing Day meals from the leftovers. And what to drink? Cong Cong Bo of Amphora advises on wines, and Crossover Blending introduces its aged oak beers. Lots of food and drink news too, free food and the jobs section.
12/17/202358 minutes, 31 seconds
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Flavour: Grape Britannia

Food and drink to look out for at the Winter Fair. Foraging news, including a rose hip syrup pour over for mince pies and Steve Thompson's foraging meal pop ups at Amphora. What's on offer at the new Grape Britannia shop. And great recipes for squash from Rosie Sykes.
12/3/202354 minutes, 5 seconds
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Flavour: Independents at Christmas

Discovering what local independents have in store for Christmas eating and drinking. Afternoon tea and Christmas specials at Kibou. Buying a coffee machine as a present? Jake Bosworth from Coffee World has a summary of what's on offer, and his recommendations. Lots of local food and drink news too. Presented by Matt Bentman and Alan Alder
11/19/202355 minutes, 15 seconds
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Flavour: Fin Boys

The day that Jay Rayner came, the behind-the-scenes story at Fin Boys. Bee Wilson's favourite Cambridge food places. Food for the Planet with Cambridge Sustainable Food and Tristan Welch. Barista training. Fish stew ideas. With Matt Bentman, Alan Alder and Dr Sue Bailey.  
11/8/202356 minutes, 14 seconds
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Flavour: Bee Wilson

Bee Wilson, in an extended interview, talks about writing her first cook book, and how her career as a food writer began. As part of National Coffee Week, advice on making the best of your coffee at home. A new Sri Lankan restaurant and take away opens. Weekly seafood popups in two local pubs and ideas for fish pie. Plus local food and drink news and jobs.
10/24/20231 hour, 4 seconds
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Flavour: Survival

How two local pubs bucked the trend of permanent closure and reopened successfully and how a local cafe adapted and prospered. Increasing your enjoyment of cheese, tips from a local cheesemonger. Getting the best from prime fish, tips from fishmonger Ben Roberts. The forthcoming Tuna Nights at Fin Boys. Also, lots of local food and drink news, chef jobs and where to get free food in Cambridge.  
10/8/202356 minutes, 18 seconds
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Flavour: Autumn Food & Craft Fair

An extraordinary dining event coming up at two Cambscuisine restaurants; our pick of the exhibitors at the Cambridge Food and Craft Fair; Cambridge's orchards and ideas for onion dishes from Rosie Sykes and Tristan Welch
9/25/202355 minutes, 58 seconds
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Flavour: The Foraging Chef

Jams, crumbles, Pontack sauce, wine and vinegar! The humble blackberry & elderberry take the spotlight as we head into the fields with Steve Thompson the Foraging Chef. And we chat to a local team captain at Olio; the phone app that details free food available in your area. There's also a pick of the latest food news and jobs! Presented by Matt Bentman.
8/27/202347 minutes, 4 seconds
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Flavour: Kibou

In this edition the team report on the opening of Kibou, the Japanese bar and restaurant on Jesus Lane, find out how restaurants choose their chefs, we hear about the new duty arrangements on alcohol and what they mean to you, meet the Vanderlyle chef who has won a place at the San Pellegrino Young Chef Awards in Milan, check out the new Chinese restaurant on King Street, and talk salmon and seabass recipes with fishmonger Ben Roberts.
8/15/202355 minutes, 47 seconds
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Flavour: Malloy’s Fish Butchery

Discovering Cambridge's contemporary style coffees, and a new cafe. Market House one year on. Developments at Orlene's Kitchen. Malloys wet fish shop opens. Quick-to-cook fish ideas. Lots of food and drinks news, and our jobs roundup.
8/1/202355 minutes, 21 seconds
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Flavour: The cost of Food

Matt Bentman and Alan Alder explore the continuing increase in food and drink prices, from pizza to patisserie with the father and son team  behind the Amélie restaurant, the difference between a medieval and a Georgian salad, and what it’s like to be a volunteer at a community farm.
7/16/202355 minutes, 31 seconds
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Flavour: Beer Quarter

Bringing you the winners of Velvet Magazine's food and drink awards; the superb masterclasses being run by Culinaris and Amphora; Cambridge Beer Quarter's beer festival and Steve Thompson's foraging tips, which include making a walnut liqueur. Plus all the local food and drink news and the jobs roundup.
7/2/202356 minutes, 25 seconds
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Velvet Food & Drink Awards 2023

The prestigious Jockey Club in Newmarket was the scene of the inaugural Velvet Food & Drink Awards. Cambridge 105 Radio's Steffi Callister was on stage to hand out the prizes to local businesses and Julian Clover was backstage to talk to some of the winners and organiser Alice Ryan. Full list of winners here.
7/2/202312 minutes, 10 seconds
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Flavour: Cambridge Market Coffee

What’s flat, red, remarkable and available at Cambridge Market? Find out in this edition of Flavour. Also, as one door closes… Mike Malloy talks opportunity for his Craft Butchery business, and the resident pastry chef at Modigliani cafe tells us why he obsessed for six months over the perfect cream filling. Presented by Alan Alder & Matt Bentman.
6/21/202355 minutes, 57 seconds
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Flavour: Daily Bread & Radmore’s Farm Shop

Daily Bread in danger of closing, Radmore's Farm Shop already gone, we speak with both. Niki Segnit on her superb new book The Flavour Thesaurus More Flavours. A visit to Amphora for a meal from the Foraging Chef with matched wines from Cong Cong Bo. Presented by Matt Bentman and Alan Alder
5/21/202356 minutes, 20 seconds
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Flavour: Taj Tandoori chef wins International Bangladesh Master Chef award

Cambridge's Taj Tandoori chef has won the International Bangladesh Master Chef award and speaks to Flavour about it and about the fact that the first tandoori oven in Cambridge was brought here by his father. Also, Ramadan has ended, and the festival of Eid is underway. Shahida Rahman talks about the foods that are eaten. As the barbecue season gets underway, Tim Hayward provides some advice on charcoal. We've all the latest Cambridge area food and drinks news and a roundup of jobs too.
4/23/202353 minutes, 41 seconds
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Flavour: Easter

What the foods we eat to celebrate Easter and Passover mean. A new Turkish cafe has just opened in Mill Road. Courses at the White Cottage Bakery and an Easter forage. Lots of food and drink news too. Presented by Matt Bentman, Alan Alder and Sue Bailey.
4/9/202354 minutes, 19 seconds
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Flavour: Cambridge Organic

As Cambridge Organic celebrates its 25th birthday, founder Duncan Catchpole talks about the far-reaching developments that are on the way and what has been achieved so far. Several other independent producers also have anniversaries now, we look back to how they began. Dr Emelyn Rude talks about food security including how chicken farming in the United States led to the demise of the sardine population. There's lots of food and drink news too, and our jobs roundup.
3/26/202356 minutes, 8 seconds
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Flavour: Mill Road changes

The Mill Road Bridge traffic restrictions, what traders think of them. Tim Hayward talks about his new book The Big Green Egg Feasts. Martin Jones on his forthcoming Cambridge Festival talk with Professor Ha Joon Chang about Edible Economics. A new Hungarian food shop opens and there's a live tasting of some of the products. Lots of local food news and jobs too.  
3/13/202351 minutes, 48 seconds
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Flavour: Fruit & Veg Shortages

Local farmer Simon Steel on the difficulties caused by the weather and how it, and other issues, are causing some big fruit and vegetable growers to give up. David Rose, Professor of Sustainable Agricultural Systems at Cranfield University, explains his concerns about Britain's food security.  Dave Fox talks about how allotmenteers can cope with extreme weather. Food news includes a fish-free venture at Fin Boys and changes at Aromi. Suzannah Watson, whose shop Meadows opens this week in Mill Road, talks about winter cheeses.
2/26/202356 minutes, 1 second
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Flavour: Radmore Farm Shop

Freshly ground coffee comes to the Radmore Farm Shop, we go foraging for garlic and leeks amongst the February frost with chef Steve Thompson, and explore the Mediterranean meats and cheeses of an Italian Deli on Chesterton Road with La Dispensa, as well as all the local food news and jobs for the city. Presented by Matt Bentman and Sue Bailey.
2/12/202355 minutes, 34 seconds
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Flavour: Orlene’s Kitchen

In this edition, reasons to be cheerful: a new branch of Meadows in February; Little Petra gets bigger; Green Man in Grantchester about to reopen; Orlene's Kitchen brings the taste of Jamaica to a wintry Cambridge along with Niki Segnit, Rosie Sykes and up-to-the-minute food news. 
1/29/202355 minutes, 17 seconds
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Flavour Review of the Year 2022

Flavour takes a look back at 2022 with tips for good eating in Cambridge, new eateries, reducing food costs at home, cookery classes and local growers protecting the environment. Presented by Matt Bentman, Alan Alder and Dr Sue Bailey.
1/16/202355 minutes, 28 seconds
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Flavour: Best Christmas Cheese and Wine

Hear from the experts on the best cheeses to have at Christmas, and the best wines. How to make the cooking of Christmas dinner less stressful. Great ideas for cooking the leftovers on Boxing Day. What local Cambridge food and drink providers will be eating. And do people in other countries have turkey on the day too? The work of the Salvation Army at Christmas.
12/21/202259 minutes, 29 seconds
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Flavour: Chinchin Bakery

Discovering why Tawa is so special. A visit to two new independent taprooms just opened in Cambridge. A new bakery opening next week. Tastings at Amphora. Lots of food and drink news, including what's on offer at the Mill Road Winter Fair.
12/5/202259 minutes, 20 seconds
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Flavour: The Crystal Hotel and Savour restaurant

Matt Bentman and Sue Bailey visit a 1930s-style Shanghai restaurant on Hills Road, go picking fruit, herbs and spices in time for Christmas and explore alternatives to champagne. Plus the latest food news from the City and South Cambs.
11/20/202257 minutes, 13 seconds
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Flavour: Extraordinary Foods

The stories behind the extraordinary foods available in Vanderlyle’s Festive Feast Box, including vegan fois gras and vegan caviar! Fin Boys’ Fish Club has three courses and a cooking demonstration every fortnight, and the launch of their online shop; congratulations corner features Bread and Meat and Amelie, both runners-up in the Observer’s recent food awards. Plus, Laura Donohue’s Bonfire night essay which includes a look back at the night’s literally riotous Cambridge history.
11/7/202256 minutes, 33 seconds
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Flavour: Flourish Farm

Flourish farm in Hildersham is opening its own shop selling lots of seasonal produce, as well as unusual varieties of crops in terms of flavour, size and colour. Meanwhile, are you aware of the different fruit, herbs and veg that may be growing in your local Church garden? We visit one in the centre of Cambridge. And Steve Thompson goes foraging once more (yes, even in this weather!).
10/26/202255 minutes, 9 seconds
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Flavour: Restaurant Twenty-Two and Steak & Honour

Restaurant News. Celebrating Restaurant Twenty-Two's top award; the changes underway at Steak & Honour’s shop in Wheeler Street; how the new Market House is getting on and what events it has lined up. Also, a visit to Dulcis and How Do We Feed the World: a talk coming up in Cambridge next week. There’s also a huge helping of Cambridge food and drink news and a roundup of job vacancies.
10/11/202256 minutes, 3 seconds
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Flavour: Limoncello

Meet the new boss: Limoncello's new owner talks food and family. With a little help from my friends: Cambridge residents Susan & Steve take a fruity stand to help out their local food bank. Go wild in the country as Foraging chef Steve Thompson reveals the best places in town to pick mushrooms and elderberries. Presented by Matt Bentman & Sue Bailey.
9/25/202256 minutes, 19 seconds
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Flavour: Cost of Living

Heather Yeadon, Operations Manager at Cambridge Food Bank How's the cost of living affecting our local restaurants, breweries, butchers, fish suppliers and vegetable stalls? What are their worries? How is Cambridge food bank coping? Also, what cheap fish, meat and vegetables are available? Plus some recipes and money saving ideas from Rosie Sykes.
8/28/202254 minutes, 51 seconds
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Flavour: How the drought is hurting Cambridgeshire farmers

How are the drought and heat affecting local food growers, and why are they so concerned about the coming winter? Also, if you grow your own food, we have some advice on how to make do with less watering. Plus lots of local food and drink news, and our job vacancies list, presented by Matt Bentman and Alan Alder. Sponsored by The Swoop.
8/15/202253 minutes, 20 seconds
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Flavour: Sweetpeas Market Garden

Adrienne of the Sweetpeas Market Garden stall at Cambridge Market, the lead feature in this episode: Sweet Meet a new producer of salads and vegetables with varieties chosen for flavour and colourfulness, and growing methods designed to protect the soil and the environment. Also, offering your services to organic famers throughout the world for free accommodation and meals. Lots of food and drink news too. Sponsored by The Swoop – Cambridge's Exciting new retail taproom
8/1/202256 minutes, 12 seconds
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Flavour: Northstowe

How the drainage of land for the Northstowe development is threatening a market gardener's livelihood. A visit to The Lab in Regent Street and the Carpenters Arms in Great Wilbraham. Enjoying summer fruits, Laura Donohue talks about the pleasure of apricots and Rosie Sykes has ideas for jams using peaches and blackcurrants. Presented with The Swoop – Cambridge's Exciting New Retail Taproom.
7/17/202255 minutes, 50 seconds
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Flavour: The Swoop

A visit to The Swoop: a cafe, taproom, shop and tastings venue in Green Street which sells only local products. Also, what next for The Radegund, after Covid hit the renovation work at this abandoned pub? Jenny Jefferies on winning the top award at the Guild of Foodwriters. Dave Fox explores the history of Cambridge's allotments.
7/3/202255 minutes, 58 seconds
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Flavour: Mill Cafe & Fin Boys

The Fin Boys on Mill Road launch a new delicatessen offer, and with temperatures soaring across Cambridge we investigate barbecuing advice and the choicest, and unusual cuts to pick up from your butcher. In addition, there’ll be a visit to Hawthorn Farm, as well as the latest local food and jobs news.
6/19/202255 minutes, 53 seconds
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Flavour: Market House

A new restaurant, Market House, is coming to the very centre of Cambridge, we speak with manager Bill Brogan. Level up your baking with a course on heritage grains run by Helen Holmes. Experience smash-patty burgers US style courtesy of Gorilla & Lamb. Cambridge Sustainable Food goes for a gold medal for Cambridge, and the Foraging Chef rounds off his wild food tour. Presented by Matt Bentman and Alan Alder.
6/6/202255 minutes, 18 seconds
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Flavour: Sage & Saffron

When life gives you lemons, make sure they’re as large & juicy as the ones at new deli Sage & Saffron on Mill Road. Fishmonger Ben Roberts reveals the exceptionally good parts of fish people don't know about, what gender of fish is the best & how the same fish from different fishing grounds can taste different. The Foraging Chef Steve Thompson continues his wild food tour, and there’s all the local news and food jobs. Presented by Matt Bentman.
5/9/202256 minutes, 22 seconds
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Flavour: The Tea Apothecary

Everything stops for tea at Cambridge Market as two stalls tackle opposite sides of the tea spectrum. Baking minus the sugar and carbs? We pay a visit to Dan Greef’s Deliciously Guilt Free Bakery in Oakington, and the foraging chef Steve Thompson continues his wild walk for free food.
4/26/202255 minutes, 50 seconds
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Flavour: Price rises hit Cambridge independents

What price rises are our local retailers trying to absorb and how is inflation affecting buying habits? Free food from foraging: out and about with the foraging chef. Growing your own: advice for beginners from Dave Fox. Also, to take your mind off it all, gin.
3/29/202256 minutes, 17 seconds
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Flavour: Modern Pressure Cooking

Catherine Phipps talks about her new cookery book which also has ideas on how to cut your energy costs by up to 70% and use much less water too. A new food shop in Haslingfield that very much serves the community. A new wine emporium off Mill Road in Cambridge with a novel and exciting approach to selling wine. And bubble tea on Cambridge Market.
3/16/202257 minutes, 32 seconds
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Flavour: Apply Within

Flavour reports on why young chefs are leaving the profession. A visit to the Food Museum, which opens next month. How the Karim Foundation is supporting struggling families from different communities with culturally appropriate food. The Foraging Chef's salad leaf challenge, and making birch bark caramel.
2/27/202255 minutes, 10 seconds
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Flavour: Cheeses and Wines

How to enhance your enjoyment of cheeses and wines by getting the match right, Camilla from Cambridge Cheese Company has some tips; new courses at Cambridge Cookery School and a visit to the community allotment, presented by Matt Bentman, Alan Alder and Sue Bailey.
2/13/202254 minutes, 8 seconds
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Flavour: British Artisan Cheese

Flavour finds out about the fall and rise of British artisanal cheeses, and the role of the supermarkets, Suzannah Watson of Meadows explains; we hear about the upcoming Cambridge Chocolate Festival; Alex Rushmer on his forthcoming Darwin College lecture; and what you need to know about bread making.
1/31/202255 minutes, 41 seconds
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Flavour: 2021 review

A look back to 2021. The new openings, including Fin Boys and Fancett's, the reopenings, the new cookery books and a look back at some Cambridge food history. Presented by Matt Bentman, Alan Alder and Sue Bailey.
1/16/202256 minutes, 31 seconds
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Flavour: Trumpington Meadows Christmas Market

Cooking something tasty and exciting from Christmas leftovers. What local food people will be eating at Christmas. The Trumpington Meadows Christmas Market. Foraging ideas for Christmas food and drinks, and how Omicron is affecting Cambridge chefs and restaurants.
12/20/202155 minutes, 40 seconds