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English, History, 1 seasons, 207 episodes, 4 days 20 hours 5 minutes
The potted history & comedy podcast dedicated to discussing every cultural reference in Billy Joel's 'We Didn't Start The Fire'. We release fortnightly on Tuesdays
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Extra Bit 9 - Log Lady Origins

In this instalment; Henry tells us about The Erotic Adventures of Pinocchio Trailer: Dan's Pick; Marvelous Mrs Maisel Henry' Pick: Castlevania anime
12/05/202014 minutes 45 seconds
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Extra Bit 8 - Fair Play to Adolf

In this extra bit Dan tells us about Bill Hitler. The Larry Burns to a tyrant   Henry's Pick - Divinity Original Sin 2 Dan's Pick - Hitchhikers to the galaxy radio plays
28/04/202014 minutes 20 seconds
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Extra bit 4 - Just Because The Horse Is Psychic Doesnt Mean It'll Have Answers

In this episode we discuss; Lady Wonder- The Psychic Horse   Henry's Pick - Weathering With You Dan's Pick - Saint Young Men
03/03/202015 minutes 51 seconds
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Extra Bit 3 - Preparing for Role Playing Games Not The Sex Kind

In this episode we discuss; slang involving one of our favourite past characters. Dan's Pick: The Parapod Henry's Pick: Food Wars
18/02/202013 minutes 34 seconds
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Extra Bit 2 - Why Should We Both Suffer ?

In this episode we discuss Evita's legacy. Dan's Pick: Simpsons marathon Henry's Pick:
04/02/202016 minutes 54 seconds
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2019 Halloween Spooktacular

In this episode Spooky Dan and Horrid Henry discuss; Korean Cooling Systems, The Ohio Postal Service, and a nightmare
31/10/201922 minutes 44 seconds
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The Great Chicago Fire

October 8th 1871. On the south side of Chicago flames are seen. But how were they started ? In this episode Dan & Henry deep dive on what exactly cause The Great Chicago Fire.
01/04/201910 minutes 56 seconds