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Firefly By Iris Janet

English, Education, 1 seasons, 70 episodes, 1 day 3 hours 8 minutes
Host Iris Janet will have a simple conversation where there is not preaching but sharing life experiences in a meaningful conversation with experts and inspirational guests. Iris Janet distinction voice with a Puertorican Accent and great energy will make you feel comfortable like if she is in your living room. Whether you struggle with personal, family, financial, addictions or simply want to learn how to understand and use your mind to live your best life then this show is for you. It will give you practical tips and tools to take back control of your mental, emotional, and physical health.
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Creating Your Personal Mission Statement with John Mendez

ABOUT JOHN MENDEZJohn Mendez is a Serial entrepreneur, realtor, investor, podcast host, and social media expert, John Mendez, is deeply passionate about helping other like-minded individuals achieve a life of abundance. Through the power of the mind and social media, John Mendez is empowering others to obtain financial freedom and build the lives they’ve always dreamed of living.  CONNECT WITH JOHN MENDEZWebsite: Walk2Whealth Apple Podcast: Walk2Whealth PodcastFacebook: Facebook Walk2WhealthInstagram: @Walk2Whealth Linkedin: John Mendez  CONNECT WITH US</p
24/12/202231 minutes 14 seconds
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Interview with Nathanael Garrett Novosel -The Meaning of Life

EPISODE NOTESo Meaning of Lifeo Life Purposeo Happinesso Loveo Abundanceo Life Driverso Discovering our unique powero Confidenceo You have a lot to offer to the worldo Desireso Growth RESOURCEo Podmatch ABOUT NATHANAEL GARRETT NOVOSELNathanael Garrett Novosel is a professional researcher and advisor with over 20 years of experience studying individual and group behavior. Over that time, he has researched psychology, evolutionary biology, organizational best practices, leadership decision-making, business, technology, finance, and philosophy to understand how the world as we know it works and why. Nathanael spent much of his career using the insights from this research to help the world’s leading executives solve their most pressing organizational challenges and create their strategic plans. Noticing the common drivers of success in all areas, he decide
18/12/202248 minutes 37 seconds
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Lessons Learned This Year with Iris Janet

Episode NoteWhy you should never fail youWho benefits from gratitudeCold Shower and Immune systemBe Honest on Social MediaWhat is Ego KEYWORDSEgounlock divine powerCommitmentHonestylove your selfconfidenceCold ShowerBelieve in youSocial Medialove your selfhigh powerThe DivineSourceCONNECT WITH USWebsite:  www.fireflybyirisjanet.comInstagram - @firefly_ijFacebook - @Iris Janet CoachingPodcast - Firefly by Ir
12/12/202229 minutes 35 seconds
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How To Build Trust With Yourself with Tabatha Perry

 Discovering our unique powerUnlock your Divine potentialConfidenceYou have a lot to offer to the worldGod’s gift to youInner Power RESOURCEPodmatch ABOUT TABATHA PERRYTABATHA PERRY was born and raised in Alaska, has lived in 4 different states, and has moved 22+ times while she was either working, going to school, pregnant or being a stay-at-home mom. She has had quite the journey through the years of empowering others to show up as their truest self. She helped dreamers from all walks of life: successful business owners, teen moms, those experiencing homelessness, prisoners, and my neighbors down the street.  She loves to be kept on her toes and continues to appreciate people for who they are and the unique experiences they each have. She believes everyone has a story
29/10/202225 minutes 45 seconds
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What Is Spiritual Healing with Ken Stone

Divine Presencediscovering the unique mannermystical encountersUnlock your Divine potentialSpiritual MessengerSpiritual healingHealers RESOURCEPodmatchABOUT KEN W. STONE Ken W. Stone “The Soul Archaeologist” is a spiritual messenger, author, and healer. God expresses through Ken in a unique way: when people sit with him in transmission, they have a profoundly different experience of the Divine in their body. For example, he has worked with a number of former advanced students of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who each said, unprompted, following their initial session with him, “that was the deepest spiritual experience of my life.” Ken shares his gifts with a spiritually diverse, growing international audience through various virtual and in-person programs, retreats, and one-on-o
22/10/202233 minutes 42 seconds
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How To Use Energy To Make Immediate Changes with Carolina Ayala

Everything is energyHow to get what you wantVisualize your goals and intentionsRelease negative thoughtsEnergy Law of attractionRESOURCEPodmatchABOUT CAROLINA AYALAI’m a Holistic Life Coach and Certified Pranic Healer. I help people to improve their lives through the knowledge of energy, by overcoming high self-standards and overthinking, and transforming negative self-criticism into a positive mindset that allows people to manifest their dreams. I work with individuals who want to make a bigger difference in their lives by using energy principles to support the right words and actions to fuel real change.GET 50% off until 10/3/22 & FREE Resources link on website CONNECT WITH CAROLINA AYALAWebsite: Connect with
15/10/202225 minutes 15 seconds
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Effortless Actions That Lead To Effortless Success with Dr. Vic Manzo

Episode NotesSuccessful peopleEffortless actionVisualize your goals and intentionsRelease negative thoughtsEnergy Law of vibration  RESOURCEPodmatch ABOUT DR. VIC MANZODr. Vic is a Business and Spiritual Mindset Coach, Certified Pediatric Chiropractor, Holistic Coach, 3x Author and Podcaster. Latest book Decoding the Matrix Book Decoding the Matrix CONNECT WITH DR. VIC MANZOWebsite: Empower Your Reality Facebook: <a href="
08/10/202231 minutes 42 seconds
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Never Too Late To Change with Susie Hayes

 How age is not an impediment to changeWhy as we mature we gain more knowledge to make changesSelf-discovery: You're more than you believe you areTransformational steps to do in your life RESOURCEPodmatch ABOUT SUSIE HAYESWith two Master's Degrees in education and counseling, and over 40 years of experience as a psychotherapist, life and business coach, hypnotist, teacher, speaker and author, Susie Hayes helps people become and stay FREEDfrom Stuck! She is the author of the award-winning book, "FREED from Stuck! Dare to Cross the Bridge Beyond Grief, trauma, and Self-Sabotage to Discover Lasting Change Now." FREEDfromStuck  CONNECT WITH SUSIE HAYESWebsite:  <a href="
01/10/202228 minutes 44 seconds
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Why should you follow your dreams with Debby Krusz

How acknowledging that you are in the right pathPowerful steps to make your dream a realitySelf-discovery: You're more than you believe you are3 important transformational steps to do in your life RESOURCEPodmatch ABOUT DEBBY KRUSZAfter being Dream Crushed by Corporate America, she listened to the voice within her that said, "Leave this place and start writing!" Debby Krusz also known as Kruszewski. She is the published Author of Soul Meets Body. Her next novel, Abby's Ocean, is in process. All her novels are about following your heart and know that God loves you and is supporting you. She also writes programs for individuals to become the best version of themselves by following the Dreams on their heart. She is a Certified as a Life, Meditation, and Energy Healing Coach. CONNECT WITH DEBB
24/09/202234 minutes 4 seconds
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Awareness And Consciousness

Differences between awareness and consciousness Bob Proctor 3d and realityResources and tips to be a podcasterPodcastShifting your reality and emotionsCreating a new lifeResourcesPodmatchFirefly Resources
17/09/202217 minutes 6 seconds
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Empowered To Say No Using EFT With Jennifer Moore 2nd part

EFT Emotional Freedom Technique.Gary CraigHow to heal your selfTappingThe power of the word NORESOURCES FROM THIS EPISODEPodmatchEFT Tapping Connect with Jennifer MooreEmpathetic Mastery BookTest your SensitivityEFT Tapping  Get your free from Jennifer MooreFree Book(Empathic Safety E-Guide and access to monthly masterclasses for empaths in my free FB Empath Group   
29/08/202237 minutes 29 seconds
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What Is An Empath Or Empathic? With Jennifer Moore

The difference between empathic and being empath.Are you absorbing other people’s things?How to recognize what’s yours and what isn’tWhere are your boundariesAre you giving more than what you should?  RESOURCES FROM THIS EPISODEPodmatchEFT Tapping Connect with Jennifer MooreEmpathetic Mastery BookTest your SensitivityEFT Tapping  Get your free from Jennifer Moore, (Empathic Safety E-Guide and access to monthly masterclasses for empaths in my free FB Empath GroupFree Book 
22/08/202234 minutes 21 seconds
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When Everything Is Falling Apart-2nd Part

The reason of problems in lifeWhat is awakeningHow to see opportunities in difficultiesConnection to understand the messageDealing  with addictions in our family
15/08/202213 minutes 6 seconds
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Season 2 Episode 1 The Awakening

What is an awakening? The Shift by Wayne DyerLaw of Attraction synchronicities
01/08/202219 minutes 5 seconds
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Missing Steps In The Law of Attraction (Universal Powers) with Roxanne Chaput

 What is the Law of Attraction?What are we missing and how to manifest?Universal Powers Are we manifesting at all time? RESOURCESPodmatchAudible - Secret The Movie ROXANNE CHAPUTRoxanne is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Roxanne Chaput Limited, she is a Life+Love Coach, an Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Guide and Energy Healer, she guide’s individuals in transition to create lasting sustainable change in their lives.  Her purpose is to provide a safe and powerful place for her clients to discover the answers they need to move forward spiritually, energetically, personally with ab
20/06/202223 minutes 8 seconds
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Finding Your Balance Through Remote Work

o Discipline When Working At Homeo Setting Boundaries With Familyo Taking Time For Youo Best Strategies To Manage Remote Teams Effectivelyo Relationships With Remote Teams RESOURCESo Learn more about Limor Bergman Gross URL to A Consultation ABOUT LIMOR BERGMAN GROSS Limor Bergman Gross a mentor for women in tech for over five years and a former director of engineering. For over 20 years, she have worked in tech as an engineer, manager, and director of engineering.She is passionate about supporting women in tech.She knows firsthand how it is like to be a woman in a male-dominant field and all the challenges women face in the tech industry.She have helped many Women in achieving their goals and being successful in what they want to do.   CONNECT WITH LIMORWebsite: <a h
13/06/202225 minutes 57 seconds
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How To Stop Self-Sabotaging You With Carrie Schmidt

EPISODE NOTESHow To Get Personal TransformationUncover Unconscious BehaviorRelease Suppressed Emotions7 Step Life Timeline System of TransformationPowerful Ways to Stop Self-SabotagingRESOURCESLearn more about Carrie Schmidt: www.carrie-schmidt.comURL to Free Gift by ABOUT CARRIE SCHMIDT Carrie Schmidt iss the Founder and CEO of Infinite SOULutions, LLC, Carrie Schmidt puts the SOUL into SOULutions by transforming lives personally and professionally. She is a Certified Life Mastery Consult
06/06/202226 minutes 40 seconds
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Workplace Challenges: Purpose vs. Passion - Genesis Amaris Kemp

Employees' most common workplace issues3 things to survive in the business worldPowerful ways to empower oneself when working in the corporate environment3 Tips for overcoming workplace challenges RESOURCESHealth Product: Kyani SunriseHealth Product Website: KyaniPodmatchABOUT GENESIS AMARIS KEMPGenesis is a Creative Content Writer, Author, Self-Development Advocate, Visionary, Inclusion and Diversity enthusiast, and a Firecracker a force to be reckoned with. Genesis is a woman of color who said, “Enough is enough,” and is now bolder than ever. She tried to remain quiet, but that didn’t work because no change occurred. Today, she is readapting to the current times and making some life-changing decisions. Sh
30/05/202228 minutes 5 seconds
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Why To Stop Worrying About Weight - Joanne Edinberg

How stress and eating behaviors affect your wellbeingWhy is it important to be aware of our food choices?Food and culture: Impacts and valueHelpful tips for practicing mindful eatingReasons why women are concerned about their weight RESOURCEPodmatchFree gift to Audience: Sign up for a free consultation: JOANNE EDINBERGJoanne is certified through the Institute for the Psychology of Eating as an Eating Psychology Coach with Body Wisdom Nutrition, LLC, and has a B.S. in Psychology from Tufts University and a Master’s in Social Work from Boston University. She provides one-on-one coaching to support health-conscious women in developing a positive and relaxed relationship with food and the body. She coaches clients to fin
23/05/202239 minutes 32 seconds
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How I Saved My Marriage Through My Own Midlife Design Process - Michelle Woods

What is midlife misery and how does it manifest?3 things to remember to avoid midlife misery Top solution to escape your miseryHow does the midlife coach program work? RESOURCESPodmatchFree Gift to Audience: Free Self Discovery Journal PromptsABOUT MICHELLE WOODSMichelle Woods is a Transformational Life Coach, educator, and instructional designer who will assist you through the process of designing the life you want. Her midlife misery had let her go on a path of self-discovery, renewal, and fulfillment. She teaches post-40 women who are trapped in midlife misery to stop fantasizing about who they wanted to be in the past and begin living their lives right now. CONNECT WITH MICHELLE WOODSWebsi
16/05/202220 minutes 24 seconds
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Chakra Balancing - Laura Haehl

The 7 major chakras and their associated themesOut of balanced chakra: Signs, symptoms, and causesPractical ways to balance your chakraHow do you know if your chakra is balancedUnblocking the upper and lower chakras RESOURCES/LINKS MENTIONEDYour Body's Telling You: Love Yourself!HealPodmatchChakra Quiz ABOUT LAURA HAEHLFor the last 20 years, She has been exploring how to effectively rely on her intuition to help her make clear decisions with confidence and ease. ​She knows what it's like to overcome that frozen fear of making the wrong decision and yucky stomach feeling. She can help you make that nervous, gnawing 'indecision' pit in y
09/05/202230 minutes 9 seconds
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How To Stop Procrastinating And Finish What You Start - Jessica Libor

What triggers procrastination?Steps to overcome procrastinationCommon limiting beliefs an artist could have 3 things to become a great artist  RESOURCESLuminary Artist AcademyLunar CodexEra Contemporary | Jessica LiborPodmatch ABOUT JESSICA LIBORJessica Libor is an American artist who received her Master of Fine Arts from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in 2014.  She works in her studio in Philadelphia and also serves as an art professor at Harcum College.  She is also the host of the Inspired Painter Podcast, teaches at the Visionary Artist’s Salon, and curates at Era Contemporary Gallery. <p
02/05/202226 minutes 8 seconds
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How Intuition Can Help You In Times Of Crisis - Susan Jane

How to become aware of your intuitionIntuition: The connection between mind, body, and soulIntuition vs. Fear How to recognize when your intuition is telling you somethingBest way to stay in tune with our intuitionRESOURCES FROM THIS EPISODEIntuitive Flowers | PaperbackFree resources by Intuitive NaturePodmatchABOUT SUSAN JANESusan Jane, The Intuitist, is a published author, inspirational speaker, life/business mentor, and Event Director of the Personal Growth Expo. Susan has spent over 40 years encouraging people to connect, develop and trust their intuition to enable them to make confident decisions in line with their true core values. With three young children, Susan set about connecting with her
25/04/202236 minutes 35 seconds
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Four-Step Process To Access Meaningful Changes - Mary Welp

Meditation vs. hypnosisHow to intentionally make changes4 steps to achieve the desired changePractical ways to have a positive mindsetImpactful effects of hypnotic meditation RESOURCESRISE Hypnotic Meditation | Paperback and KindlePodmatch ABOUT MARY WELP Mary Welp, CH is a craniosacral therapist and a hypnotherapist living in Louisville, Kentucky. She has been in private practice for over 20 years. She has worked with a nonprofit involving returning soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan as well as served on the board of LinkUp, offering assistance to those who have dealt with clergy abuse and related traumas. Mary developed RISE Hypnotic Meditation to give everyone a simple, direct, and adaptable practice to address meaningfu
18/04/202223 minutes 43 seconds
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The Roadmap To Financial Freedom And Success - John Lee Dumas

The path to success and fulfillment  What do successful people do differently?How to bring value to your audienceGreat habits of a successful person RESOURCESThe Common Path to Uncommon Success | Hardcover | PaperbackPodmatch ABOUT JOHN LEE DUMAS John Lee Dumas was born and raised in Maine, United States. He went to Massabesic High School and then went to Providence College on an ROTC scholarship to get his Bachelor of Arts degree in 2002. After graduating, he was commissioned in the US Army as an officer. During his four years of active duty, he served 18 months in Iraq. After that, he served four years in the Army Reserves and became a civilian at the age of 26. After serving in the army, John Lee Dumas struggled to find his next goal.
11/04/202214 minutes 16 seconds
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Singleness A Good Season - Regina Smithwick

Why should you love yourself more?Is singleness the best season?How to accept and embrace singlenessThe stigma attached to being single3 essential things to find joy in being single RESOURCEPodmatch ABOUT REGINA SMITHWICKRegina Smithwick was born in Harlem, NY, raised in Mount Vernon, NY, and Teaneck, NJ. She now resides in Winterville, NC with her three children. She is the founder of ReGina Smithwick Enterprises LLC, providing Certified Life Coaching. She is also the creator and producer of Talk Show & Podcast, Let's Talk 1943. In Addition, she is a Motivational Speaker and Author of "Adoption: The Unknown Blessing." She also publishes many self-help journals available for purchase on Amazon She attended Virginia State University and received her Master's of Science degree in Organizational Leadership from Natio
04/04/202225 minutes 18 seconds
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Unlocking Your Magic - Sharon Coleman

How acknowledging imperfection leads to love and serenityPowerful steps to make your dream a realitySelf-discovery: You're more than you believe you are3 important transformational steps to do in your life RESOURCEPodmatch ABOUT SHARON COLEMANSharon is no stranger to failure and difficulty. At 26, she was living in poverty, divorced, and alcoholic. From the depths of despair, Sharon began searching for a path out of failure and into success. She found her way through the storm with faith and a deepening connection with the Divine. She embarked on an incredible journey that turned her life around producing amazing wealth, a wildly successful career as a leader, a loving family, and most importantly, an EASY system that anyone can use to create great results! CONNECT WITH SHARONWeb
28/03/202229 minutes 18 seconds
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How To Empower Yourself After A Trauma - Charlene Madden

Struggles and the need for validation from othersUnderstanding that trauma is a personal experience and there's something you can do about itHow can we tell if we've dealt with trauma?Tips to overcome and empower yourselfHow long does it take to recover from trauma? RESOURCE/LINK MENTIONEDPodmatch ABOUT CHARLENE MADDENAs a Mental Health Speaker, Charlene Madden speaks and teaches on the importance of Purpose as a life tool.  She connects with a variety of audiences and candidly speaks on her lifelong struggle with Mental Illness and Depression after almost a decade of childhood sexual abuse.  She strives to make every event a memorable experience, placing a large emphasis on delivering actionable content.  CONNECT WITH CHARLENEWebsite: <a href="https://www.ascensionwellness
21/03/202225 minutes 53 seconds
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How To Create Passive Income For Your Coaching Business - Kim Dang

Figuring out how to create an online businessA great client’s success storyThe importance of having the passion to work online3 traits you need to be successful on your goalsBenefits of having a Facebook group for your coaching business RESOURCES/LINKS MENTIONEDJoin Group Convert and Group Convert IgnitePodmatch ABOUT KIM DANGKim is an entrepreneur that has made her first 2 million on sales with her app. She helps entrepreneurs start small with a simple software in order to make it big. She teaches a #chromeboss masterclass as well as a #simpletoolsbigprofits class to help entrepreneurs make monthly recurring income through their own simple software WITHOUT learning how to code without having an audien
14/03/202226 minutes 58 seconds
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Discovering Your Divine Wisdom - Andrea Petrut

The process of discovering and hearing our inner voiceHow the divine power communicatesWays to perceive the message from your ownselfExamples of understanding the right questionsComing into an alignment with your divine self ABOUT ANDREA PETRUTAndrea is a Heart Imagery Teacher at The School of The Heart, entrepreneur, trauma-informed writer, speaker, storyteller, leader, home educator, host of Healing Through Oneness podcast, and advocate for love. Originally from Romania, Andrea currently lives with her husband and three children in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She loves to create, invent, inspire, build and see the world with all its beauty. CONNECT WITH ANDREAWebsite: Andrea Petrut CONNECT WITH USWebsite:  www.fireflybyirisjanet.c
07/03/202236 minutes 45 seconds
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How To Protect Our Youth From Human Trafficking - Stephanie Olson

 What is human trafficking and who are the victims?Human trafficking misconceptions4 characteristics that distinguish a trustworthy person from a dishonest personWays to protect our youth from human traffickingTips and Safety measures to do on social media RESOURCES/LINKS MENTIONEDLink to donate: ABOUT STEPHANIE OLSONStephanie Olson is a speaker, an author, and the CEO of The Set Me Free Project. She holds a degree in Psychology. She has had extensive training, research, and study of human trafficking prevention education and social media safety. She is a sought-after speaker on women, youth, h
28/02/202225 minutes 43 seconds
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Trusting HIM: A Spiritual Connection - Margaret Agard

The best way to communicate with GodWhat can we do to feel confident that everything will be fine?Learning to trust the AlmightyHow do we let go of the things that are a burden to us?Encountering God communicating with you RESOURCE/LINK MENTIONEDFree Gift from Margaret Agard ABOUT MARGARET AGARDMargaret Agard is the award-winning author of the In His Footsteps memoirs based on her experiences of giving her life to God by giving her daily to-do list to God.She is currently writing her third In His footsteps memoir, Love: Becoming One with Parker, from their house next to a lake in Florida– viewing lake, not swimming lake because, well, alligators. She’s a wife, mother of eight, step-mother of seven, and former executive in the high-tech industry – an indu
21/02/202223 minutes 15 seconds
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Ladies How to Negotiate With Your Man To Get The Kind Of Intimacy Both Want - Debbie Marielle Elzea

What do most men and women want in sex?Steps to consider for partners to get satisfiedWhy you should schedule intimate time with your partnerTantric technique: Soul GazingOne way to avoid relationship issues Free gift to the audience Take the Quiz: What's Blocking Your Bliss? ABOUT DEBBIE MARIELLE ELZEADebbie is a Sex Intimacy Specialist who has helped many women create a loving and sexy relationship with their beloved…and themselves. She's a former attorney and a Colorado registered Psychotherapist who has also studied life and couples coaching as well as sacred and embodied sex coaching methodologies. CONNECT WITH DEBBIEWebsite: www.moreintimacy.netWomen are invited to join my lively FB community: <a
14/02/202223 minutes 46 seconds
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Facing Divorce And Relationship Issues - Sonia Frontera

Advice for couples that are on the verge of getting a divorceHow to alleviate from suffering and bitterness during your divorceActionable steps to detach from a relationship Is dating after divorce a good idea?Knowing the boundaries that you need from your ex-spouse RESOURCES/LINKS MENTIONEDAuthor of Solve the Divorce Dilemma: Do You Keep Your Husband or Do You Post Him on Craigslist?Relationship Solutions: Effective Strategies to Heal Your Heart and Create the Happiness You Deserve First 5 listeners to contact Iris Janet or Sonia Frontera will receive a free gift. ABOUT SONIA FRONTERASonia is a d
07/02/202222 minutes 9 seconds
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We Just Turned One! - Anniversary Special of Firefly by Iris Janet

The impact of positive affirmation on the subconscious mindLinking Intuition into our heartsWhy is it hard to accept the loss of a loved one and how to move onHow “Dream-Plan-Do” coaching model take your life to the next levelWhat is a mindful strategy?  RESOURCES/LINKS MENTIONEDFloreciendo en otras tierras, sin perder tu acento by Iris JanetEp08 How To Shift From Thriving With Mental Illness -Stormi LewisEp16 Empowering Women: The Right Mindset To Build A 6-Figure Income - Dr. Amanda Barrientez<a href="https://podcasts.a
31/01/202213 minutes 58 seconds
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Transformational Healing Through Energy - Kelle Sparta

What is a shaman and how can they help with healing?Why people don't heal and how can you?Picking up a spiritual teacherSigns of transformationChannelling energy and recognizing energy vampires RESOURCES/LINKS MENTIONEDThe Sacred Power and Purpose Mystery School Tree Meditation - Connecting with the UniverseBoundaries for EmpathsInner Peace 101 | Kelle SpartaEvolve with Sacred Energetics
24/01/202232 minutes 48 seconds
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Using EFT And Tapping To Improve The Quality Of Your Life - Ann Hince

Understanding the role of EFT  How can EFT help us heal from any illnessSteps to learn and use EFT and TappingAdvice to get through life’s problem using EFTDifference between EFT and Meditation RESOURCE/LINK MENTIONEDA Pathway To Insight  ABOUT ANN HINCEAnn is a spiritual teacher, public speaker, and author. She has developed the ability to sense inside her body and release physical tension stored in her connective tissue, using solely the focus of her mind. She has x-rays to show the physical changes resulting from this inner work - including changing the alignment of her eye sockets, the straightening of her neck, the centering of her lower jaw, and the growth of her tooth roots.Ann wants us all to know that we have this incredible power within u
17/01/202232 minutes 59 seconds
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The Mindful Strategy - Subena Colligan

What is a mindful strategy?How mindfulness helps reduce stress and clear your thoughts Practical ways to manage your energyImportant steps to manage your energy for optimum productivityHow does your body react  to negative energy RESOURCES/LINKS MENTIONEDDeepak Chopra To get a FREE copy of the mindful strategy, visit at ABOUT SUBENA COLLIGANSubena Colligan is an executive Coach to health and safety professionals. She’s obsessed with witnessing health and safety professionals achieve intentional leadership, thriving mindsets, and extraordinary results. In addition to coaching health and safety pros, she’s (Chair-Elect) Board of Directors for Board for Global EHS Credentialing, a DEI advocate (w
11/01/202219 minutes 16 seconds
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The Importance Of Self Leadership - Inger Nordin

What is the science of the mind?Why is it important to create your own economy?Ways to build self-leadershipBenefits of mastering self-leadershipHow to preserve femininity? RESOURCES/LINKS MENTIONEDThe Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D Wattles The Magic by Rhonda BryneThe Power of You2: Create a Power Path of Success (Personally & Professionally) by Inger Nordin (Kindle version)The Power of You2: Create a Power Path of Success (Personally & Professionally) by Inger Nordin (Paper back version)Global Woman Book Club: Inger Nordin wrote the Chapter: “The Hidden Strength of Vulnerability:  “Tap into
03/01/202226 minutes 8 seconds
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How To Create A Clear Vision Of Your Future - Maggie Perotin

What are the factors contribute to low self confidenceHelpful ways to find your confidenceHow “Dream-Plan-Do” coaching model take your life to the next levelThe powerful concept of SMART goal  RESOURCES/LINKS MENTIONEDIf you want a FREE guide to creating 10 hrs Weekly in 10 mins, please visit, Plan, Do: High- Productivity Journal by Maggie Perotin ABOUT MAGGIE PEROTIN Maggie Perotin is a business and leadership coach, helping entrepreneurs to attract paying clients consistently and without overwhelming.  Her DREAM – PLAN- DO coaching model helps clients grow their businesses while maintaining balance in life. She has over 13 years of coaching and leadership experience in the corporate world in various domains. She
27/12/202125 minutes 13 seconds
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Embracing Your Inner Genius

What is talent?Why you need to discover your genius zoneThings that can hold you back from finding your passion RESOURCES/LINKS MENTIONEDFloreciendo en otras tierras, sin perder tu acento by Iris JanetThe big leap by Gay Hendricks CONNECT WITH USWebsite: - @firefly_ijFacebook - @Iris Janet CoachingClubhouse @fireflyiris“Emit your light and attract your desire”
20/12/202118 minutes 3 seconds
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The Need To Take A Pause

Spending time with your children and supporting individualityHow to take a break?What happens when you raise your vibration?Simple habit to help you take control of your lifeHow to find the path of least resistance RESOURCES/LINKS MENTIONEDLaw of Attraction by Abraham HicksThe High 5 Habits by Mel Robbins CONNECT WITH USWebsite: - @firefly_ijFacebook - @Iris Janet CoachingClubh
13/12/202120 minutes 18 seconds
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How To Find Hope After Grief - Jennifer Alemany

Grieving: Death and other lossesWhat can you do to help others in the face of a pandemicWhy is it hard to accept the loss of a loved oneHow self-love is an important aspect of healing.things to help you embrace your loss and begin to heal  RESOURCE/LINK MENTIONEDMark My Love by Jennifer Alemany ABOUT JENNIFER ALEMANY Jennifer M. Alemany was born in Brooklyn, New York, she is Latin American with a background from Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Cuba. She was the first to graduate from college in her family with an Associate degree in Early Childhood Education from SUNY Cobleskill and a Bachelor degree in Psychology from Brooklyn College. She lives in New York, New York with her dog Leo Luna. Mark My Love is her first book. CONNECT WITH JENNIFER<
08/11/202114 minutes 29 seconds
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Discovering The Hidden Power Of Intuition - Ulrika Sullivan

How to discover your intuitionCreating positive balance of heart energy and body wisdomFinding the inner connection for unique solutionsHow is energy connected to intuitionSimple exercises to manage your energy RESOURCES/LINKS MENTIONEDGet a copy of the 7 Step Guide to Protect Your Energy here! To download the free PDF positive affirmations, go to and enter your email address ABOUT ULRIKA SULLIVANUlrika Sullivan is an intuitive, spiritual life coach or yoga instructor, energy healer, and writer who believes that corporate professional pressures will break her. She discovers she has no idea who she was. The realization triggered a complete inner transformation, propelling her to a point of no return an
01/11/202123 minutes 28 seconds
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From Tragedy To Triumph: Relationships, Growth And Learning Experiences - Maria Carrion

How people with difficult backgrounds manage to achieve successThe power of putting your knowledge into actionThe 3 guiding principles to break freeWhy perseverance is an important factor for success RESOURCE/LINK MENTIONEDTo download the free PDF positive affirmations, go to and enter your email address ABOUT MARIA CARRIONMaria Carrion moved to New York from Puerto Rico when she was ten years old. She was attending a school where the language was difficult for her. She was forced by her mother to marry a 21-year-old man who was abusive, and she is now in the midst of finishing her book to resonate with all women who have been victims of abusive relationships. CONNECT WITH USWebsite:  http://fireflybyi
25/10/202116 minutes 40 seconds
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The Laws Of The Universe (Part 2 of 2)

What is the true key to the law of attraction?How to harmonize energy and vibration?Understanding that one cannot exist without the otherHow do we respond to rhythms?Balancing masculine and feminine energies to live authentically RESOURCE/LINK MENTIONEDThink Rich and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill CONNECT WITH USWebsite: - @firefly_ijFacebook - @Iris Janet CoachingClubhouse @fireflyiris“Emit your light and attract your desire”
11/10/202114 minutes 30 seconds
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The Laws Of The Universe (Part 1 of 2)

Learning the fundamental laws of the universe How these laws become the the key to shifting life Familiarizing the law of inspired actionCONNECT WITH USWebsite: - @firefly_ijFacebook - @Iris Janet CoachingClubhouse @fireflyiris“Emit your light and attract your desire”
04/10/202111 minutes 31 seconds
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What You Need to Know About Energy Healing - Angel Rangel

Energy healing: What it is and how is it usedHow to unlock the body's internal energyUnderstanding the energetic healing modalitiesWays for balancing your energies The significance of holistic healersABOUT ANGEL RANGER Angel Ranger is a certified Energy healer that helps people who are stressed, suffering, or otherwise struggling feel better by restoring their physical, emotional, and mental energy to its natural state of harmony and balance. After just one Reiki session you'll feel profoundly relaxed, lighter, clear-headed, and better equipped to handle life's challenges.CONNECT WITH ANGEL Youtube: touchbyanangelFacebook: <a href="[0]=68.ARCJRUCXcP
27/09/202119 minutes 45 seconds
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The Roadmap Of My Success

The new formula: Empowering woman with an accentUnderstanding IntuitionThe 3 fundamental focus in your life’s transformation to successCONNECT WITH USWebsite: - @firefly_ijFacebook - @Iris Janet CoachingClubhouse @fireflyiris“Emit your light and attract your desire”
20/09/202114 minutes 33 seconds
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Self Development Adventure - Essential or Not?

The importance of personal developmentBe smart spending on resourcesMaking the right decision and implementing good habitsThe power of eliminating negative thoughtsCONNECT WITH USWebsite: - @firefly_ijFacebook - @Iris Janet CoachingClubhouse @fireflyiris“Emit your light and attract your desire”
06/09/202114 minutes 37 seconds
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Firefly 20th Episode: A Life To Embrace And A Strength To Cultivate

Energy and spiritualityMeditation and mindfulnessLearning new ways and philosophies in life to growThe BIGGEST AHA moment of FireflyRESOURCES/LINKS MENTIONEDHow to Shift from Thriving with Mental Illness with Stormi D. LewisHow to Overcome Fears and Become Your Own Boss with Lynda Sunshine WestHow to Find Your Purpose In Parenting with Marcela Huertas-HenaoE
30/08/202130 minutes 6 seconds
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The Power Of Exercising Positive Thinking - Gregg Patten

Embedding positive affirmationThe impact of positive affirmation to subconscious mindUnderstanding mental performance through “hertz”Information rate: visual versus auditory stimuliHow subconscious mind process informationBenefits of subliminal messagesABOUT GREGG PATTENGregg Patten is an engineer and a successful real estate agent. His journey to explore his creative side led him interested in neuro-linguistic programming and self development. He currently has numerous videos to help people modify their behaviors and get moving, doing newer and more exciting things. RESOURCE/LINK MENTIONEDYouTube: AMETA Subliminals  FREE GIFT: To those who heard it at Firefly by Iris Janet, you will get a free personalized video with own pictures and frequencies.CONNECT W
23/08/202120 minutes 31 seconds
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How To Plan Your Time And Manage Your Finances - Jordan Ilderton

Reshaping your money mindsetMethods to maintain yourself aligned with day-to-day costsOvercoming financial mistakes and planning out goals clearlyMetrics to focus on  Determining your client  Time blocking system RESOURCE/LINK MENTIONEDTimeblock Freebie ABOUT JORDAN ILDERTONJordan is a CPA and Growth & Profitability Coach. She loves keeping notebooks of income and expenses for whatever business she had ‘started’ that day.  She loves the idea of business owners giving their talents to the community, and so Ilderton Bookkeeping, LLC was born. She developed services to add profit and take away overwhelm through better bookkeeping and strategy. She wanted to partner with business owners to grow into a more profitable and sustainable business through understanding financial reports. CONN
16/08/202119 minutes 57 seconds
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The Connection Between Your Body And Spirit

The importance of the body and spiritHow they build our overall well-beingBenefits of meditationWays to improve and maintain health and well-being RESOURCE/LINK MENTIONEDActivating The Law of Attraction by Victoria GallagherCONNECT WITH USWebsite: - @firefly_ijFacebook - @Iris Janet CoachingClubhouse @fireflyiris“Emit your light and attract your desire”
09/08/202117 minutes 13 seconds
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Empowering Women: The Right Mindset To Build A 6-Figure Income - Dr. Amanda Barrientez

Moving from food stamps to making 6-figure incomeMaking that mindset shiftHow to move forward and not blame others?3 Easy steps to pivot in a new directionEmpowering womenFinding out and overcoming the limiting beliefs and money blocksABOUT DR. AMANDA BARRIENTEZ Dr. Amanda Barrientez is an NFA Business Consultant who uses her proprietary NFA Money Maker™ Methods to help coaches and online entrepreneurs align their energy, mindset, and habits to attract easier money. She's been on a mission to teach business owners how to make more money doing exactly what they love since she went from food stamps to building a 6-figure business in record time.CONNECT WITH DR. AMANDAWebsite: NFA MoneyFacebook Group: NFA Money Maker ™ Lab for Coaches & Online Entrepreneurs</
26/07/202121 minutes 15 seconds
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Finding Your Voice

How to find your voice and communicate betterBenefits of meditationHow to gain confidenceWhy you need to focus on your strengthsThe importance of listening before speakingCONNECT WITH USWebsite: - @firefly_ijFacebook - @Iris Janet CoachingClubhouse @fireflyiris“Emit your light and attract your desire”
19/07/202115 minutes 32 seconds
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How To Find Your Purpose In Parenting - Marcela Huertas-Henao

Why are parenting skills important?How does parenting change your life?Stigma of an abused motherFinding help from a support groupWhat goals do you have for your child?RESOURCES/LINKS MENTIONEDRutgers|CAWP New Leadership National Network zYWCA Union County The Aspen InstituteABOUT MARCELA HUERTAS-HENAO Marcella is a great woman who has used her voice to advocate for domestic violence and assault victims. Her survival story is played by WCA in a short story called Empty Place at the table. She also advocates for children, women, and family and is now part of an initiative for pairing impulse secondary Ascend at the Aspen Institute in Washington, DC. She also graduated with a social scienc
12/07/202118 minutes 7 seconds
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Firefly Lights End Of The Month

Staying connected and mindful of the conversation Having an intentionWays to keep away from tiredness and stay energizedHow to control your thoughts How to know if it is a good idea for you or notCONNECT WITH USWebsite: - @firefly_ijFacebook - @Iris Janet Coaching“Emit your light and attract your desire”
05/07/202120 minutes 15 seconds
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When We Fear Our Own Thoughts

Mechanism of fearEffects of overthinkingUnderstanding your body impulsesCauses that triggers stressWays to overcome fears and anxietyCONNECT WITH USWebsite: - @firefly_ijFacebook - @Iris Janet Coaching“Emit your light and attract your desire”
21/06/202123 minutes 51 seconds
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Laughter: The Infallible Remedy

Benefits of laughingIntroducing silliness and humor to your lifeHow to improve your sense of humorLaughing at yourselfTeaching with humorRESOURCES/LINKS MENTIONEDFunny - Cartoons, Pictures, Jokes, Puns & More | Reader's DigestPatch Adams | NetflixCONNECT WITH USWebsite: - @firefly_ijFacebook - @Iris Janet Coaching“Emit your light and attract your desire”
14/06/202111 minutes 54 seconds
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What Is A Mantra And How Do You Use It?

Understanding the word MantraWhy Mantras have repeating pattern and vibrationsDifferent kinds of mantrasOne concept about MantrasLimited beliefsRESOURCES/LINKS MENTIONEDUnderstanding Energy To Understand LifeYoutube: Mantra by Dr. Wayne Dyer from the book: Three Magic WordsCONNECT WITH USWebsite: - @firefly_ijFacebook - @Iris Janet Coaching“Emit your light and attract your desire”
07/06/202112 minutes 26 seconds
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How To Overcome Fear And Become Your Own Boss - Lynda Sunshine West

Transitioning from being an employee to entrepreneurWomen of the corporate world vs. Women as entrepreneursFear of judgmentSteps to overcome fearRESOURCE/LINK MENTIONEDThe Year of Fears: The 7 Most Important Lessons I Learned That Will Save You Time and Money.ABOUT LYNDA SUNSHINE WESTLynda Sunshine West, known as The Queen of Collaboration, is the Founder of Women Action Takers. She’s a Speaker, 6 times Bestselling Author, Event Producer, Executive Film Producer, and Red Carpet Interviewer. At the age of 51, she faced one fear every day for an entire year. In doing so, she gained an exorbitant amount of confidence and uses that confidence to make a positive impact on the planet. Her mission is to inspire and motivate 5 million women entrepreneurs to take action and live the rest of their life with no
31/05/202121 minutes 40 seconds
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How To Shift From Thriving With Mental Illness - Stormi D. Lewis

Stigmas of mental illnessesDealing with bipolar disorder, ADHD & chronic anxietyPros and cons of medication and coping mechanismsImportant ways to get away from toxic relationshipsThe importance of strong support systemsPeople as ‘’storm chasers’’RESOURCES/LINKS MENTIONEDThe Key: A Plot Twisting Thriller Mystery (Book One of the Sophie Lee Trilogy)The Protector: A Plot Twisting Thriller Mystery: Book Two of the Sophie Lee TrilogySurviving the Storm: Stories of Perso
24/05/202143 minutes 25 seconds
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How To Get Your Dream Job

How important is silencing your inner criticEmbracing your skills and talentHow to communicate with an interviewerHow to stand out from other job applicantsAsking questionsRESOURCE/LINK MENTIONEDPower Manifesting: Unlock Your Full Potential as a Leading Edge CreatorCONNECT WITH USWebsite: - @firefly_ijFacebook - @Iris Janet Coaching“Emit your light and attract your desire”
17/05/202118 minutes 19 seconds
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Understanding Energy To Understand Life

The type of energy you want to produce in your lifeConsciousness to see and appreciate lifeThe proper way of using energyThe importance of creating habits of positive energyLevels and frequencies of energy around youEnergy quality of places and peopleBOOK MENTIONEDLevels of energyCONNECT WITH USWebsite: - @firefly_ijFacebook - @Iris Janet Coaching“Emit your light and attract your desire”
17/05/202111 minutes 40 seconds
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Dealing With Injustice

The story of a person who was wrongfully imprisonedLiving with a society of unfair treatmentWhat approach to do when dealing with injustice in societyMethods in turning a negative situation into a positive oneThe impact of having a mind of gratitudeRESOURCE/LINK MENTIONEDArchie Williams in Joining America’s Got TalentCONNECT WITH USWebsite: - @firefly_ijFacebook - @Iris Janet Coaching“Emit your light and attract your desire”
17/05/202115 minutes 46 seconds
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How To Stop Thinking Too Much

"You are not your mind" and "watch the thinker" are the first two chapters of this great book that can alleviate our mind from the habit of thinking too much.
01/03/20219 minutes 3 seconds
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"The How" ..of my life.

In this episode I'll share some of my experiences of life that created my relationship with money and how I shifted my mindset about money with the law of attraction. If you are Puertorican and know what are "mantengo shoes" you'll love this episode.
09/02/202112 minutes 43 seconds
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2. Getting What You want

Getting what you want is easy if we gain confidence, faith and trust our energy. 
01/02/202111 minutes 5 seconds
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Introduction To Firefly and Expanding Our Focus

26/01/202111 minutes 41 seconds