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So you’re not a monk, but you still want to live a spiritual life? Then Fire it UP with CJ is the place to go! Yep, no shaved heads or orange garments needed to stay grounded, expand your awareness and be inspired to live your best life. Every week CJ interviews some of the most provocative trailblazers in the fields of spirituality, environment, relationships, and parenting. Gandhi had it right when he said change comes from the inside out. Open your mind, open your heart, and make the world a better place just because you’re in it. - See more at:
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Trees, Women & People Can Save the Planet with Dr Jean Shinoda Bolen | Inspiration | Environment | Spirituality | Self-Help

A new era can began when a critical number of people change their perceptions and behavior.  Jean Shinoda Bolen and I will talk about the power of woman’s circles and how the sacred circle can bring strength and energy to feed activism and fuel change.  If you can’t make the live show this Wed then you can get the MP3 published a few days after by subscribing to the show or following the Fire it UP with CJ page on Facebook   SHOW HIGHLIGHTS Link to Segment 1 The Goddess in Everywomen: What is the inner Goddess that you most resonate with? Jean Shinoda Bolen discusses how knowing your Goddess archetype can help keep you on your life path and open up personal growth areas. <a href= "http://fireitupwithcj.mywholelife.
15/08/201658 minutes 50 seconds
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Meditation doesn’t have to be silent.  Learn how to literally tap into your inner voice and answer the questions of Who am I? What is my purpose?  For one year Will Hewett sang in a stream of consciousness way for one hour a day.  He sang on planes when travelling. He sang in Australia, South Africa, and Nigeria during business trips.  He just SANG.  As he sang he discovered many things including a new relationships to his work-life balance.  Join vocata (voh-kah-tah) and find your project that will help you develop your capacity for self-expression, creativity, leadership, conscious participation and enjoyment. SHOW HIGHLIGHTS: 1)  A simple way to inspire your Creativity: Learn how Will developed his daily singing practice and how he found a greater sense of his own creativity and spontaneity in his life. Listen to Part 1</
05/08/201659 minutes 59 seconds
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HOW TO LIVE YOUR SPIRITUAL VALUES! Your Soul Connection – Michelle Vickers | Spirituality | Inspirational | Self-Help

Are you feeling dazed and confused and in need of good advice?  Do you want people to “get you” at a soul level?  Join us as we talk about “What is a soul?” and more as our guest, Michelle Vickers, offers practical advice and shows us how you can bring back power and control in your life. Show Highlights:  Part 1: Who and where should you go for life advice?  What is the soul? Why is talking to your soul the best resource? What are your natural abilities that you came to express in your life according to your soul’s wisdom?  Listen to Part 1 Part 2:  Do you get yourself at a soul level? Michelle offers a real-life experience with what it feels like to connect to your own soul. What does your soul feel like? How can you make a soul connection with others?  Listen to Part 2</st
04/08/201658 minutes 21 seconds
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Jeffrey Marks, a spiritual medium and real-life Ghost buster, talks to 14 people of different religions, ages, and asks 52 questions to unlock the deeper possibilities inherent within people and to discover more about what it means to be a Soul.  Plus, hear his answers to really important questions about life after death.  Do you still have sex in Heaven?  Can you look like the 20 year old version of yourself?  Plus, we’ll find out all about Ghost busting. Show Highlights:  Segment 1:  How mediums do their thang?  How mediums work with clients that want to talk with those that have passed? Segment 2: What happens when you die? How did Jeffrey Marks traverse territory that few mediums have explored?  What do you need to know about the afterlife that will allow you to live more fully today? Segment 3: What are ghosts?  How do ghost explorers communicate and verify the presence of a ghost? Why don’t ghosts just cross over to the other side? Why are
08/07/201659 minutes 32 seconds
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Sustainable farming: Making Smart Food Choices (AKA Slow Food) – Missie April | Health | Nutrition | Environment | Self-Help

RADIO INTERVIEW ABOUT SUSTAINABLE FARMING Learn what sustainable farming is and the damage done by big factory farms. What are the hidden costs of factory farmers and prices you see at the grocery store?  What is the environmental impact of fertilizers and pesticides? How can you make more educated choices when you are at the grocery store?  What do labels such as cruelty free and free range really mean? MISSIE APRIL-  CO-OWNER OF LEARNING RUN GARDEN, A SUSTAINABLE FARM Missie Aprill owns and operates a small family farm in Cape May County, NJ. She and her husband also own an award-winning public flower garden and replica colonial farm, called Leaming’s Run Gardens. Located on a historic site, the gardens cover over 20 acres of native woodlands and are home to one of the oldest whaler’s homes in the state, built in 1706. The gardens have been open to the public since 1978, and are
08/07/201650 minutes 48 seconds
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Are you feeling dazed and confused and in need of good advice?  Do you want people to “get you” at a soul level?  Join us as we talk about “What is a soul?” and more as our guest, Michelle Vickers, offers practical advice and shows us how you can bring back power and control in your life. Show Highlights:  Part 1: Who and where should you go for life advice?  What is the soul? Why is talking to your soul the best resource? What are your natural abilities that you came to express in your life according to your soul’s wisdom?  Listen to Part 1 Part 2:  Do you get yourself at a soul level? Michelle offers a real-life experience with what it feels like to connect to your own soul. What does your soul feel like? How can you make a soul connection with others?  Listen to Part 2</st
07/07/201658 minutes 21 seconds
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SELF-HYPNOSIS AND SUBLIMINAL TECHNOLOGY - ELDON TAYLOR | Hypnotherapy | Self-Improvement | Motivation | Health | Self-Help

Eldon Taylor offers insight and advice for self-hypnosis and for creating your own subliminal program.    Show Highlights:  Segment 1:Introduction to Hypnosis: What is hypnosis?  How does it work? You’ll be shocked when you learn what % of our decisions are made by our unconscious.  Listen to Segment 1 Segment 2:The Power of Hypnosis: What are the root causes of our fear?  What are all the potential uses of hypnosis? Hear how Eldon Taylor used forensic hypnosis as a criminologist to reveal hidden facts in a criminal case. Listen to Segment 2 Segment 3:Subliminal Messages: What are subliminal messages? How are they different than affirmations? Listen to Segment 3 <l
06/07/201658 minutes 20 seconds
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Attention Deficit Disorder – ADHD / ADD – A Sound & Loving Approach – Dr. Edward Hallowell | As Seen on Oprah | Self-Help

It’s often a combination of feeling both scared and relived when you discover that your child or you have a learning disability.  While some see these conditions as disabiling or use it as an excuse not to live up to their full potential, Dr. Hallowell, an ADHD expert and child and adult psychiatrist, approaches the challenge in an entirely new way.  Dr. Hallowell offers a powerful approach towards learning disabilities that is positive, pragmatic and loving.  Learn the gifts of this condition and how to defend your child from teachers or work associates who could still benefit from learning the best way to create a supportive environment.  Plus, hear Dr. Hallowell’s first hand experience of how he used his gifts of ADD and dyslexia at Harvard University,  Tulane Medical School, and as a Harvard Medical Staff faculty. About our guest: Edward Hallowell, M.D., renowned ADHD expert and child and adult psychiatrist, is a graduate of Harvar
05/07/201655 minutes 58 seconds
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Sports Parent: Life Lessons Learned in Sports (Compassion & Confidence) Bruce Brown | Inspiration | Parenting | Self-Help

What does healthy parent involvement in sports look like? What is non helpful involvement for a sports parent? What are the valuable life lessons your kids get on the field? Hear what author and speaker Coach Brown says about sports and how it can develop your child’s character. SHOW HIGHLIGHTS: Why do 70% of kids age 13-14 lose their natural love of playing an organized sport? What do kids want your involvement in sports to be? Everyone wants their kids to compete effectively in the world, but sports can help your child build character too? Hear key character building lessons that sports can offer your child. Is your kid confident on the field? If not, why not? Bruce will help you find out what you can do to help your child be confident on and off the field. What do your kids want you to do before, during, and after the game?  Is the post-play analysis after the game helpful or hurtful? RESOURCES:
03/07/201656 minutes 34 seconds
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How To Have a Hot Sex Life After 50! Dr. Pepper Schwartz! Inspirational | Romance | Relationships | Health | Self-Help

How do you keep love and affection alive? What does a healthy and renewed sex life look like when you are middle aged? Learn how you can keep sex a after 50 alive and thriving.  About our Guests: Dr. Pepper Schwartz is Professor of Sociology at the University of Washington in Seattle. She holds a B.A. and an M.A. from Washington University in St. Louis, where she was a Woodrow Wilson Fellow, and an M.A. and Ph.D in Sociology from Yale University. As the industry’s leading relationship expert, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Ph.D, has created the Personality Profiler, similar to the Myers Briggs Type Indicator®, exclusively for the committed adults seeking long-term relationships on As the most effective and sophisticated leading-edge romantic matching tool on or off the internet, the Personality Profiler significantly helps Perfectmatch’s members to identify their significant other’s “Similarity Factors” and “Complimentary Factors,” which
27/06/201654 minutes 58 seconds
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How to Find a Date – Dating Expert Neil Ward Shares How! Inspirational | Self-Improvement | Relationships | Self-Help

Did you ever wonder how some people can get a date anywhere, even at the supermarket? Neil Ward will share with you how a 5’4″ man with an average build and average looks managed to talk to 15,000 women in 5 years. All for the sake of research of course:) How can you read someones body language and know that there not into you before asking them out? How does the law of attraction play in dating? Tune in to hear all the juicy secrets on how to find a date. EXPERT ADVICE ON HOW TO FIND A DATE Did you ever wonder how some people can get dates while standing in line at the supermarket? You won’t believe the ease in which Neal uses his pick-up artists skills to get s a date after a yoga class. How do approach the beauty who has a hands off approach? Neal shares his story on how you can read body language, and how you too can approach the hot girl or guy in the bar and get away with it. How do you play the field effectively? New social media can be a god send wh
26/06/201653 minutes 16 seconds
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Finding your TRUE love online with Whitney Casey, Relationship Insider to | Relationships | Romance | Self-Help

Looking for true love in all the wrong places? Online dating is one of the fastest and easiest ways to screen for your match. Get tips on creating just the right online profile, picture, and your first ice-breaker email. Whitney Casey,an Emmy Award-winning journalist, former CNN Correspondent/Anchor, Newspaper Columnist, Author and Relationship Insider for gives you the inside scoop to online dating. ONLINE DATING TIPS FROM RELATIONSHIP INSIDER FOR MATCH.COM What 3 prong approach does Whitney recommend to get back into dating? Whitney offers pragmatic advice and helps you get a realistic expectation in the numbers game you must play with online dating. Do you have some issues with  putting yourself out there on an online dating site? How to develop a tough skin and get over any excuse you have for why you shouldn’t go online. How can you hit the jackpot with your online listing? Whitney off
25/06/201653 minutes 4 seconds
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Clear Your Clutter, Free Your Mind - Robin Stephens | Self-Improvement | Spirituality | Home | Organization | Self-Help

Do you think that changes from your home environment can help you change on the inside?  What does the clutter around you say about your mind’s state?  Robin Stephens, Chief Energy Officer, Shares how to change your home environment to change you on the inside. Learn what the clutter around you says about your mind’s state and how to change it! Self-Improvement | Self-Help | Spiritual | Spirituality Do you think that changes from your home environment can help you change on the inside?  What does the clutter around you say about your mind’s state?  Call us or leave us a message with your most vexing organizational issues and clutter problems.  Start 2011 with a sense of clarity, direction, and purpose. About our Guest: Robin Stephens is the CEO (Chief Energy Officer) of, Life Design Systems for Soul-Inspired Women.  She is a wellness coach and professional organizer and combines the best of both to help today’s woman –
23/06/201656 minutes 45 seconds
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Transformation with Taoism – Derek Lin | Inspirational | Spiritual | Spirituality | Meditation | Religion | Self-Help

Learn how Taoist philosophies can bring success. This best selling and award-winning author will share beautiful and captivating stories that make the Tao accessible to beginners, while still being powerful to practitioners. Spark your creativity, channel your negative energy into motivation, create tranquility, and reveal your True Self. About our Guest: Derek Lin is an award-winning, bestselling author in the Tao genre. With native fluency in both Chinese and English, he offers Tao Te Ching: Annotated & Explained, an original translation that sets a new standard for accuracy and captures the lyrical beauty of the original. His The Tao of Daily Life, a breakout Eastern wisdom bestseller, integrates Taoist stories with dharmic lessons for life in the modern world. His The Tao of Success reveals the secrets of the ancients to transform the self in order to live life to the utmost.  Lin serves as the Director of Tao Studies at the Great Tao Foundation of
22/06/201656 minutes 16 seconds
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Peaceful Holiday: Create Connection and Peace During the Holidays – Ragini Michaels | Inspiration | Spirituality | Self-Help

Feeling a bit overwhelmed about the big push before and after Thanksgiving? How can you stay calm  during all the planning and preparations? How can stay true to the real meaning of Thanksgiving- giving thanks to your family, friends and good fortune? Is being with family a blessing and challenge?  Learn how to negotiate various agendas at play during the holidays.  INTERVIEW: HOW TO CREATE A PEACEFUL HOLIDAY WITH FAMILY? There are many valuable insights that Ragini offers in this show.  A caller asked what to do when you run into a relative that you know hates you and you can never converse with.Listen to hear Raginis advice. With each holiday I experience the insight that Ragini shares in this show.   There are a lot of things happening during holidays.  There are various traditions and a tug of war on which tradition is right.  Each holiday is full of family dynamics and in some cases dysfunction. There are usually unresolved family dynamics and relationships
20/06/201653 minutes 42 seconds
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Presence, the Antidote to Suffering | Dr Richard Moss | Alternative Healing | Inspirational | Spiritual | Health | Self-Help

Have you tried every pain medication and still in pain?  Richard Moss, a former Emergency room doctor, shares the process he’s developed over the last 37 years that have helped many of those suffering from pain.  His simple and profound program may surprise you.  It’s natural, free, and you don’t have to travel anywhere to get it. SHOW SUMMARY Segment 1:Being Present- Why bother?  What does it mean to be present and why it’s different than just being focused on one thing? Segment 2:Presence – Better than Aspirin – Richard Moss used to run marathons, back pack, and more.  Now, his back pain has left him in a wheel chair.  He explains why this is the happiest time in his
19/06/201648 minutes 37 seconds
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How to Regain a Positive Outlook & Move Forward in Life! Ragini Michaels | Faith & Courage | Spirituality | Self-Help

Do you have Faith and courage in yourself and others? Explore the true meaning of faith at a spiritual and psychological level.  How do you regain your faith in yourself and others? How do you overcome the fear of the unknown? Learn how to bring Faith and courage back into your life. Show Highlights:  Understanding Faith and Courage:  What is the difference between our beliefs and our faith?  How we sometimes mistake beliefs as faith?  How do we limit our true potential to live in faith through this limited understanding? Cultivating Faith and Courage: Our fear of the unknown and insecurity about our self-worth keep us from fully experiencing the upsides of faith and courage.  Learn how we can be at peace with being in doubt and cowardice and use these signals to move toward courage and faith.  How can we escape the downsides of blind faith? Regaining your Faith and Courage in Relationships:  How would you approach having a heal
18/06/201658 minutes 36 seconds
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How to Start Dating Again? Katherin Scott| Coach Cupid | Inspiration | Relationships | Romance | Self-Improvement | Self-Help

Do you want some tips on how to start dating again? Learn how to conquer your worst dating fears. Are you expectations of dating realistic? Get an update from Dating Coach, Katherin Scott, on what’s new on the dating scene and how to make dating easy, fast, and painless. KATHERIN SCOTT- AUTHOR AND INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED DATING EXPERT Katherin Scott is an internationally recognized authority on dating and attracting love. The author of “ABC’s of Dating: Simple Strategies for Dating Success” and “Date2Mate Secrets: Discover Secrets Most Singles Will Never Know About Dating & Attracting Love”, Katherin is affectionately named “Coach Cupid” by the media and many of her now happily married clients. The Wall Street Journal, Cosmopolitan Magazine,, The Discovery Channel and Precious Magazine of Japan are among the prestigious media outlets that routinely seek out the sassy, studied and provocative commentary of America’s Premier Date2MateTM Coach. Katherin coa
17/06/201654 minutes 4 seconds
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The Secret Life of Teenagers! Lauren Kessler | My Teenage Werewolf | Parenting | Teens | Spirituality | A Mother | Self-Help

Imagine if you could take 18 months of your life and follow your seventh and eighth grader to the mall, summer camp, and in school and get a first-hand experience of the life of a 21st-century teen.   Join award-winning author Lauren Kessler  and unravel the mysteries of being a teenager today.   Lauren’s recent book  My Teenage out now in paperback, My Teenage Werewolf her story with the eye of a reporter, the curiosity of an anthropologist and the open—sometimes wounded—heart of a mother.    SHOW HIGHLIGHTS: Why would a mom spend 18 mos following her daughter around every class at school? Learn about her anthropological study. Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll- What did Lauren learn about what are kids know, don’t know, and are doing? Connecting with your Teen- Laura offers her advice on simple ways to to con
16/06/201654 minutes 39 seconds
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The Case to Use Less Air Conditioning, Protecting the Environment | Stan Cox | Inspirational | Environmental | Self-Help

Staying cool and comfortable during the summer can be a challenge.  Explore all the ways to beat the heat waves this summer and keep both the planet and you happy and healthy.  Join CJ as she talks to Stan Cox about his book “Losing Out Cool” and get some tips on how to use less air conditioning, save money, and why it’s so important. Discover why Stan was named in The Atlantic magazine 2012 Reader’s Choice for being a Brave Thinker. SHOW SUMMARY Segment 1:  What are the environmental and societal costs of AC?  Segment 2:  How could using less AC result in losing weight? What are the health benefits of using less AC? How much heat can we tolerate without a huge impact to our comfort? <a href= "http://fireitupwit
15/06/201646 minutes 32 seconds
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A new era can began when a critical number of people change their perceptions and behavior.  Jean Shinoda Bolen and I will talk about the power of woman’s circles and how the sacred circle can bring strength and energy to feed activism and fuel change.  If you can’t make the live show this Wed then you can get the MP3 published a few days after by subscribing to the show or following the Fire it UP with CJ page on Facebook   SHOW HIGHLIGHTS The Goddess in Everywomen: What is the inner Goddess that you most resonate with? Jean Shinoda Bolen discusses how knowing your Goddess archetype can help keep you on your life path and open up personal growth areas. Energizing the Women movement: Is the women’s movement dead?  What are the successes we’ve had to-date? How could women circles energize the women’s movement?  About our Guest Jean Shinoda Bolen, M. D, is a psychiatrist, Jungian
14/06/201645 minutes 15 seconds
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Color Psychology – What Color Is My Psyche? Dougall Fraser | Spirituality | Spiritual | Psychic | Self-Help | Improvement

How do women and men’s psyches differ? What is color psychology at a deeper level? Dougall Frasier, a Cosmic coach and Psychic, offers his unique perspective as a gifted clairvoyant.  Plus, we’ll discuss YOUR colors and what they mean.  Our exploration goes beyond the superficial of what look good on you, and we’ll figure out how colors effect you at the soul level. SHOW SUMMARY Link to Segment 1:  Psychology Research: A Psychic Perspective- How does a women and man’s psyche differ?  You will be amazed how much information is revealed through the energy field that surrounds each of us.  Find out what a clairvoyant sees when they look at your psyche and what it means.  Dougall Frasier offers his perspective on dark and light energy and a more neutral way of looking at one’s d
13/06/201627 minutes 16 seconds
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Core Competencies of Women | Business & Career Skills | Motivational | Inspirational | Self-Improvement | Health | Self-Help

What are the core competencies that women offer in the workplace?  How can women use this information to better market their skills during promotions and finding a job?  Bonita Banducci, a Gender Expert who teaches at Santa Clara University, helps companies find ways to retain women and bring more innovation and competitive advantage to their companies.   SHOW SUMMARY Link to Segment 1: Most companies lean toward evaluating their workforce based on male-oriented competencies.  What are female-oriented competencies that companies should consider if they want to tap the full potential of their women employees?  Find out about a whole category of thinking and skills that women bring that can be used to generate innovation and better solutions to problems. <a hr
12/06/201620 minutes 50 seconds
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Are you sick and tired of waking up worried about your kids, your husband, and all your action items?  What ever happened to your life? Where did “YOU” go?   Join us as we talk to Mal Duane, author of Alpha Chick: Five Steps to Passion, Purpose & Personal Power is about “becoming” the person you were meant to be—living the life filled with love, honesty, and self-worth that you are meant to experience. SHOW HIGHLIGHTS Link to Segment 1:  Women start giving their power away at a very early age.  Mal Duane explains how we give our power away with each passing day and how you can regain your passion and power in your life.  Mal offers her 5 step program on how to regain your life back. <a href= "
11/06/201626 minutes 45 seconds
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What do you imagine one of the best captains on the entire east coast to look like?  The first image that pops into my mind is a burly gray bearded gristly old man.  How about if I told you the captain was an attractive brunette women? Everything about Linda Greenlaw, a best selling author and television celebrity, defies tradition in the very best possible way.  She is a women who empowers other women and helps us challenge what it is to be a woman, what it means to be a mother, and how to live life to its fullest.  Join us as we talk to her about her book Lifesaving Lessons- Notes from an Accidental Mother, when she shares her adventures as a mother of an adopted teenage girl, who had been sexually abused.   SHOW SUMMARY Link to Segment 1: Linda Greenlaw
10/06/201626 minutes 59 seconds
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Chanting: Finding Ourselves - Krishna Das | Alternative Healing | Meditation | Spiritual | Spirituality | Self-Help

A powerful interview with yoga’s rock star, Krishna Das.  Join CJ as she talks to Grammy-nominated artist, Krishna Das, about why we are here on earth, love, death, the power of chanting, and an experience that completely changed Krishna Das’s life.  Part 1: Krishna Das has been on a spiritual path most of his adult Life.  He shares his current thoughts on why we are here?? And the meaning of life? Part 2: What is Love and what escapes us? Part 3: Why chanting helps alleviate darkness and suffering? Part 4:  What does Krishna Das think about death? Part 5:  Is figuring out who YOU are self-indulgent? Part 6:  How Krishna Das was able to let go of his desires, and finally be free to play his music from a totally different place.   About our Guest  <img src= "" alt=""
05/06/201646 minutes 55 seconds
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How to Do an Astral Projection? William Bulhman | Spiritual | Spirituality | Consciousness | Awakening | Self-Help

Do you want to feel more alive? Do you want to awaken your spiritual identity? Astral projection is one way for you to experience a deeper connection to your life energy, and life itself. Join CJ as she talks to William Buhlman about his 40 years of experience with astral travelling as we discuss topics in his book, “Adventures Beyond the Body”. We’ll cover what astral travelling is, unravel some myths about astral travelling, and talk about how to start if you want to go on your own adventure.  Blog Post by William Bulhman Today millions of people are discovering the exciting techniques used to achieve out-of-body exploration. The variety of methods available is diverse. Throughout history, practically every religious group and mystic order has developed a system or method to explore beyond the limits of matter. To complicate this situation, many methods have b
01/06/201648 minutes 21 seconds
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What happens when you die? James Van Praagh | Medium | Spiritual | Spirituality

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE? (JAMES VAN PRAAGH)   This is THE show for anyone who ever wondered where they go after they die, who goes where within the Spirit World, and how to prepare for an easy transition to the next life.  Join CJ as James Van Praagh shares his experiences of communicating with the Spirit World for the past 30 years as a medium and reveals findings from his newest book “Adventures of the Soul” on what happens when you die. TRANSCRIPT OF INTERVIEW: WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE? – JAMES VAN PRAAGH   Transcript Edited and condensed  Q:What happens when we die?  A: At the end of our lives we look at our lives in a life revi
01/06/201624 minutes 46 seconds
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Pluralism: A Religion of One’s Own (Thomas Moore spiritual writer) - Spiritual | Personal Spirituality | Religion | Self-Help

What if no particular religion speaks to you, or if all religions have some relevance for you (pluralism)?   How could you honor and embrace the merits of following a religion, but have the freedom to pursue your own spirituality by yourself?  Join CJ Liu as she interviews Thomas Moore-spiritual writer and NY Times best-selling author of the spiritual classic “Care of the Soul” about his newest book,  A Religion of One’s Own: A Guide to Creating a Personal Spirituality in a Secular World.” Blog Post By Our Guest: A RELIGION OF ONE’S OWN A number of years ago Marianne Williamson asked me to write a chapter on the future of religion for a book she was editing. I tried, but at that time I wasn’t ready to tackle the question. Now I am. I see the world heading for a completely secular approach to life, which is to say soulless, which is to say disaster. We need a new way to be reli
01/06/201647 minutes
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How to train your brain to be happy? Dr. Rick Hanson | Happiness | Positivity | Spiritual | Spirituality | Self-Help

Ultimately, aren’t we all just looking for happiness?  It may be expressed as peace, contentment, or a sense of love.  Sadly, our brain that is a velcro for the BAD works against us.  How can retrain our brain to be happy?  Join CJ as she talks to NY Times best-selling author, Dr. Rick Hanson, about his book “Hardwiring Happiness” to learn how to train your brain to more contentment, calm, and confidence. Show Highlights: Segment 1: How does our experiences shape our brain?  What are the 3 operating systems in the brain and what is it looking for? What is the HEAL method? Segment 2:  A real-life scenario- How to turn around an awful day to a happy experience? Segment 3: Listener questions Blog post by our guest by Rick Hanson at Down deep, do you feel at ease? The Practice: Pet the lizard. Why? I’ve always liked lizards. Gr
01/06/201625 minutes 54 seconds
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How to Shapeshift - Llyn Roberts | Spiritual | Spirituality | New Age

Learn about shapeshifting from prominent expert and Shamanism teacher, Llyn Roberts. What is it?  Why do it? How to do it? Join CJ as she interviews Llyn Roberts about her book “Shapeshifting into Higher Consciousness”.  What is Shapeshifting? Shapeshifting is a technique of changing from one energetic state to another. It’s based on the belief that everything is made of energy and that we are all connected to each other through this force. Most of us have been introduced to shapeshifting through fantasy movies like Twilight, where hunky Jacob shapeshifts from a human into a werewolf.  Despite these modern day takes on shapeshifting, it is a spiritual technique that shows up in many ancient forms of Shamanism. Although the fantastical idea of shapeshifting into an animal may be more exciting, the truth is we actually shapeshift every day. Think of the last sporting event you went to. Most likely, your energy shapeshifted the moment you entered the stadi
01/06/201638 minutes
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Birds and Bee Talk (Dr. Rob Lehman/Julie Metzger) – Communication Skills | Self-Help | Adolescent / Teen Advice

Get ready for the birds and bee talk with your teen. Are you dreading the sex,drugs, and STD’s talk with your teen?  What kind of conversation would you have to have with your son/daughter to convince him to wear a rubber? Get expert advice on how to have a great productive conversation with your child. Show Highlights: Learn how your everyday your actions and behaviors teach your sex, friends and partners. What are the top 3 conversations you should be having with your teen about sex? Looking for some guidance on what kind of rules you should be setting with  your teen about sex and natural consequences when they don’t meet your expectation? Want to hear Julie role model how to talk to your child about a difficult topic (e.g.- getting her teen to wear a condom)? Listen in to hear how experts talk to children. About Our Authors:
01/06/201651 minutes 3 seconds
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Women’s Health Tips: Goddesses Never Age – Dr. Christiane Northrup | Aging | Spiritual | Spirituality | Sex-Life | Self-Help

Get inspired to look and feel radiant, healthy, and beautiful. Dr. Christiane Northrup, M.D., board-certified OB/GYN and New York Times best-selling author, shares women’s health tips on how to make growing older an experience you can look forward to. Find out how menopause can be a rebirth and how to make it a time of creativity, sensuality, and fun. Get the principles of ageless living and shift your perceptions about getting.   Know the power of PLEASURE Oftentimes, we get so wrapped up in our daily lives that we forget to revel in life’s simple pleasures. Dr. Christiane Northrup finds the enjoyment of life to be of great importance. In her latest book, “Goddess Never Age”, Dr. Northrup devotes an entire chapter called “Know The Power of Pleasure” to express just how important joy is to our health and overall well-being. So, what’s the best thing about pleasure? It costs nothing! And, it practically takes no time to fully plunge into all the w
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Change Your Thought = Change Your Destiny – Dr. Joe Dispenza

What if changing your thoughts could change your destiny?  Total transformation is possible, but it first starts in your mind.  CJ talks to Dr. Joe Dispenza, one of the researchers in the award-winning film What the BLEEP Do We Know? !, about his new book “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” and his upcoming Seattle Event “Getting Your Shift Together”. - See more at:   SHOW SUMMARY   Segment 1: How can you track transformation scientifically?: Dr. Joe shares the transformations he’s witnessed during his workshop and how he is tracking these changes scientifically.  Learn the types of brain changes scientists have been able to track before and after attending Dr. Joe’s  workshop.  Segment 2: Total Transformation: Dr. Joe shares the miraculous health changes that have most astounded him over the last 12 mos. Segment 3: Be the Creator of Your Own Reality:  W
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