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Financial ? Literacy

English, Education, 1 seasons, 17 episodes, 11 hours 39 minutes
Financial Knowledge on real estate, stock market, crypto market, investments, banking, business, economics, mortgage, personal/business credit.
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Investment Properties

Learn what an investment property is, how to finance it, the reasons for getting one, loan programs, and more in this episode. 
22/11/202354 minutes 50 seconds
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Guest Speaker: Licensed Financial Consultant Stephany Gutierrez

Special Guest episode with Licensed Financial Consultant Stephany Gutierrez. This episode covers topics such as women in the financial industry, financial education, networking and women's relationship with money. 
29/07/20231 hour 7 minutes 49 seconds
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Alternate Docs Mortgage Programs

Learn more about the Alternate document mortgage programs: ITIN, P&L, Bank Stmts, Community, No Doc and more!
15/04/202345 minutes 25 seconds
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Reverse Mortgage 101

Learn the basics of a reverse mortgage, along with the myths and facts regarding this unique mortgage. 
25/02/202323 minutes 18 seconds
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Financial Advisor Guest Speaker Lino Perez

Check out this latest episode with guest speaker Lino Perez who is a Financial Advisor from Team Elevate! Find out about his background, what a Financial Advisor does, his goals, listen to him answer some questions from listeners and so much more!
04/02/202339 minutes 59 seconds
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Conventional Loan

This episode will cover the conventional loan program offered by most banks and mortgage companies! The basics and a few insights! Enjoy 
15/01/202316 minutes 18 seconds
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Starting a business and Business credit

How to start your business, documentation needed, business plan, fees and acquiring business credit.
21/07/20221 hour 21 minutes 27 seconds