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English, Finance, 1 seasons, 345 episodes, 1 day 23 hours 12 minutes
The Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing podcast is about helping you achieve financial independence and control your time through apartment building investing. Michael Blank and Garrett Lynch interview experts in real estate, business, and investing. From learning how to invest in multifamily real estate to navigating entrepreneurship, you will learn the keys to success in your journey towards financial freedom. Previous guests include Grant Cardone, Robert Kiyosaki, Ken McElroy, Robert Helms, Brandon Turner, and Hal Elrod. Whether you're new to real estate investing or a seasoned investor, you'll enjoy stories from our expert guests as well as hear from people who quit their jobs and are living life on their own terms because of investing in multifamily real estate. Thanks for listening and leave a review for a chance to get a shout-out on the show.
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MB410: The Negotiator’s Edge — With Garrett Lynch

Whether you're looking to close a business deal or just improve your everyday interactions, the art of negotiation is key to getting to a YES.But what if you’re not a natural negotiator?&nbsp;How do you build a relationship with the person on the other side of the table? Or learn to navigate difficult conversations?&nbsp;On this episode of the Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Garrett is back to explain how his experience selling Cutco knives helped him become an expert negotiator.&nbsp;He describes how he prepares for a negotiation, discussing what it means to command the relationship and how to respond when emotions run high.Listen in for Garrett’s tips on gaining leverage in a negotiation and learn how to secure the negotiator’s edge in a legal dispute, contract negotiation or real estate deal.For full episode&nbsp;show&nbsp;notes&nbsp;visit: <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer"
19/02/202428 minutes 59 seconds
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MB409: Can You Fix-and-Flip Your Way to Financial Freedom? — With Michael Blank

Reading Rich Dad Poor Dad inspired me to build generational wealth. But the first few cashflow businesses I tried didn’t produce the passive income I expected.So, if you’re thinking about starting your real estate career with fix-and-flips or even a SFH portfolio, know that neither strategy leads to financial freedom.But can you really skip single family investing and jump right into apartments?On this episode of the podcast, I’m sharing my journey to financial freedom with real estate, explaining why I tried to earn passive income with restaurants first—and why that strategy didn’t work.I discuss why it’s impossible to scale a single-family portfolio to achieve financial freedom and describe the light bulb moment when I pivoted to multifamily investing.Listen in for insight on getting into multifamily without money or experience and learn how to skip SFH investing and start building wealth with apartments!For full episode&nbsp;show
16/02/202422 minutes 41 seconds
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MB408: Multifamily Market Outlook: How to Survive & Thrive in 2024 — With Michael Blank

Whether you’re already involved in multifamily syndications, or you’re interested in getting into the space in 2024, it’s crucial to understand the market outlook.Through Nighthawk Equity, we own a 2,000-unit portfolio worth $350M. And we’re always on the lookout for new deals.That means we have insight into what’s happening in the market and what’s likely to happen in 2024.So, what are our predictions for the next 12 months of multifamily real estate? How can you leverage this information to survive and thrive as an investor in 2024?On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, I’m sharing my top three headlines for the multifamily market outlook in 2024.I discuss what’s behind the ongoing operator distress in apartments and describe how the fundamentals of multifamily remain strong despite the challenges.Listen in to understand how econo
07/02/202421 minutes 5 seconds
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MB407: How to Create Wealth in 2024 — With Michael Blank

You want financial freedom, but it feels out of reach.Because you’re living paycheck to paycheck. And struggling to pay down consumer debt.So, how do you get from where you are now to building generational wealth?On this episode of the podcast, I’m walking you through the steps to achieving financial freedom in 2024.I explain how to get your financial house in order first, challenging you to track your current spending and build emergency savings over time.Listen in to understand why apartment investing is the key to financial freedom and learn how to create enough wealth to quit your job in the next six to 18 months!For full episode&nbsp;show&nbsp;notes&nbsp;visit:
29/01/202418 minutes 4 seconds
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MB406: Navigating Setbacks to Find Success in Real Estate — With Garrett Lynch

Losing is never fun, but it’s often valuable.In fact, Garrett Lynch contends that down moments force us to pick ourselves up and close the gap between who we are and who we want to be.In addition to being my podcast cohost, Garrett Lynch serves as Director of Acquisitions and Managing Member of our investing firm, Nighthawk Equity.And his story is full of setbacks. Setbacks that pushed him to grow and take the next step in becoming a successful real estate investor.On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Garrett goes solo to share his journey from troubled teen to millionaire multifamily entrepreneur.Garrett explains how he developed his #1 skill set selling Cutco knives and describes how his experience as a VIP concierge at a nightclub led him to real estate.Listen in to understand what Garrett learned from scaling a portfolio of cl
22/01/202436 minutes 2 seconds
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MB405: The Best System to Crush Your Goals in 2024

It's a new year with exciting new possibilities. Which means many of us are setting goals for 2024.But why is it that New Year's resolutions usually don't work? Why can't we seem to stick to them for more than a few weeks before we fall away?And more importantly, what can we do about it?On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, I’m sharing the Living Fully Compass system I recommend to crush your goals in 2024.I explain what causes most of us to fail to follow through on our goals and why it’s beneficial to share your vision with a small group of accountability partners.Listen in for insight on eliminating deadlines when you can’t control all the variables and learn how to achieve your goals by committing to the activities that lead to the outcome you want—for as long it takes!For full episode&nbsp;show&nbsp;notes&nbsp;visit: <a h
15/01/202420 minutes 29 seconds
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MB404: What Makes Self-Storage Recession Resistant — With Sergio Altomare

What are the three most recession-resistant asset classes in real estate?Even in challenging economic times, multifamily, mobile home parks and self-storage perform quite well.Sergio Altomare built a portfolio of small multifamily properties while working full-time in technology for the Federal Reserve.But in 2018, Sergio was having a hard time getting deals to pencil. He anticipated a market correction and pivoted to self-storage.Today, Sergio is Cofounder and CEO of Hearthfire Holdings, a real estate private equity and development firm that manages over $50M in self-storage assets.On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Sergio joins Garrett and me to discuss the benefits of investing in self-storage.Sergio describes the financing challenges he’s facing in his business right now and shares his outlook for the self-storage market moving
08/01/202441 minutes 36 seconds
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MB403: How to Raise Capital at Scale (in Any Market!) — With Bronson Hill

Passive investors are fearful in the current market environment.Many got burned by rising interest rates, and they’re skittish about putting more money into the real estate market right now.But we know that there are big opportunities coming in 2024. And Warren Buffet encourages us to ‘be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful.’So, how do you position a deal to investors who may have lost money in multifamily? Can you still raise capital at scale—even when it’s not a popular time to invest?Bronson Hill is CEO of Bronson Equity, where he has raised over $20M for real estate ventures and served as GP for a portfolio valued at more than $150M.An advocate for helping others achieve financial freedom through passive investing, Bronson educates aspiring investors through his podcast and new book, <a href="
01/01/202440 minutes 11 seconds
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MB402: Leveraging Financial Freedom into a Life of Significance Serving Uganda — With Drew Kniffin

Financial freedom opens you up to live a life of significance.To pursue passions that may or may not generate any revenue. To do volunteer work or support causes you believe in.For me, that cause is Uganda Counseling and Support Services or UCSS, a nonprofit dedicated to improving the quality of life in remote communities of Uganda.On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Drew Kniffin joins me to discuss our involvement with UCSS, describing how I met its founder, Dr. Ronald Kaluya, and what differentiates the organization from other nonprofits.&nbsp;Drew asks me why I trust Dr. Kaluya and his team, and I explain how UCSS measures the impact of donor dollars in the communities we serve.Listen in to understand the vision for UCSS moving forward and learn how you can get involved by sponsoring a student or becoming a legacy partner in t
25/12/202326 minutes 42 seconds
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MB401: How to Transition from a W-2 to Entrepreneurship — With Elaine Stageberg

Most real estate investors being their journey while they’re working a W-2.But many hesitate to step away from the perceived security of their regular job, even after they’ve replaced their living expenses.Others achieve financial freedom, leave the rat race, and then feel lost because they don’t have a sense of purpose.So, what is the best way to transition from a W-2 to full-time entrepreneurship?In addition to being a distinguished psychiatrist and mother of four, Dr. Elaine Stageberg is Cofounder and CEO of Black Swan Real Estate.Elaine is a sought-after national presenter and investment thought leader, and she owns and operates a multifamily portfolio of 1,300 units.On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Elaine joins Garrett Lynch to share her transition from psychiatry and healthcare administration to full-time real estate inves
18/12/202335 minutes 57 seconds
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MB400: The Best of 2023 on Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing

What were the top AHA moments on Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing in 2023?As the year comes to an end, it’s time for a highlight reel of our most inspiring moments on the podcast in the last 12 months.On this Best of 2023 episode, we revisit our conversation with Faisal Ensuan and Dr. Sheri Fluellan on why real estate syndicators need the right coach and reflect on Joseph Kimbrough’s advice around building relationships with high-net-worth investors.We look back at Marc Rutzen’s insight on using AI for asset management, Chris Pomerleau’s guidance on overcoming imposter syndrome and Nicole Gauthier’s suggestions for connecting with a real estate investing mentor.We also share wisdom from Rachel Richards on the value of financial independence, Ross Hamilton on successfully pivoting a real estate company, and Jon Jasniak on land flipping with no friction.Listen in for Matt King’s advice on choosing a peer group that will help you level up
11/12/202319 minutes 23 seconds
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MB399: Can You Achieve Financial Freedom with Short-Term Rentals? – With Syed Lateef

There are risks associated with running short-term rentals, especially when your Airbnb units are in a multifamily building.But Syed Lateef has found a way to scale a STR business in apartment buildings.And the landlords don’t just ALLOW Syed to rent their units, they WELCOME it.Syed stands out in the world of short-term rentals, currently managing a portfolio of 300 units with a dedicated team of 50-plus employees.Syed’s business earns over $30,000 a day, allowing him to give back by providing clean water wells to communities in need.On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Syed joins us to explain how he replaced his W-2 income with short-term rentals.Syed discusses his rental arbitrage business model, describing what he does to mitigate the risks of renting multifamily units on Airbnb and how he helps landlords solve vacancy issues. </
04/12/202351 minutes 57 seconds
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MB398: How to Earn Passive Income Through Land Flipping – With Travis King

I'm not really a big fan of flipping anything. I flipped three dozen houses early in my real estate career. But couldn't figure out how to turn that into a financial freedom business. That's why I switched to apartments. And I am convinced that apartments are the number one way to become financially free with real estate.But Travis King found a way to earn passive income with land flipping. How does that work?On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Travis joins us to discuss how he finds and finances off-market vacant land deals.Travis explains how he gets top dollar on land when he sells it, earning a nice return for investors and interest income for himself through seller financing.Listen in for insight on raising outside money to land bigger deals and learn how long it takes to replace your W-2 income with land flipping!For full episode&nbsp;show&nbsp;notes&nbsp;visit: <a href="https://themichaelblan
27/11/202340 minutes 57 seconds
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MB397: Reduce Risk & Earn Solid Returns (Even in a Recession!) – With Mark Khuri

Mark Khuri’s real estate business survived the crash of 2008. And the lessons he learned through that experience can help us take advantage of similar circumstances in the current market.But how do you find good deals in tough times? Can you reduce risk without reducing expected returns?Mark is Cofounder of SMK Capital Management, a family-owned investment firm that focuses on providing diversified offerings and attractive returns via income-producing commercial real estate.With 17 years of real estate investing experience, Mark has executed over $1 billion in deals in a variety of asset classes.On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Mark joins us to discuss how he leveraged networking to make it through the Great Recession.Mark describes his transition from sponsor and operator of a SFH portfolio to raising capital for mobile home parks, se
20/11/202342 minutes 58 seconds
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MB396: Why Your Real Estate Business Needs an Exit Strategy – With Ross Hamilton

Wherever you are in the process of building a company (real estate or otherwise), it’s important to consider your exit strategy.Because even if you don’t plan on selling your business anytime soon, that pushes you to eliminate yourself from the day-to-day and move into what we call the owner’s box.So, what does it look like to position your company to sell? And how do you benefit from building a business that runs without you?Ross Hamilton is the former CEO of Connected Investor, the real estate technology platform he scaled and sold to Fortune 100 Company First American.Today, he is planning a mountain biking trip to Peru and building Saving Homes, a nonprofit that is disrupting affordable housing.On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Ross joins us to discuss how he positioned Connected Investor to sell and why First American was the right b
13/11/202338 minutes 53 seconds
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MB395: Get Rid of Your Golden Handcuffs with Real Estate – With Brooke Ceballos-Pinero

Is your corporate job making you miserable?Are you tired of giving everything to your company for eight hours (or more) and being too exhausted to spend quality time with your family at the end of the day?What if you could get rid of those golden handcuffs with real estate?Brooke Ceballos-Pinero has not only achieved financial freedom through real estate, but she is also dedicated to empowering others on their path to prosperity.After 20 years in corporate America, Brooke left her W-2 just two weeks ago and went all-in on herself, growing the Multifamily Momentum coaching program and Real Women in Real Estate book project.On this episode of the podcast, Brooke describes her frustrations with corporate America and shares t
06/11/202337 minutes 40 seconds
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MB394: Regaining Investor Trust After a Foreclosure – With Robert Martinez

Robert Martinez has been a successful real estate investor for more than a decade. But he made headlines recently when MF1 Capital foreclosed on one of his Houston properties.So, how did it happen? What factors contributed to Robert losing the first deal of his career?Robert is the visionary syndicator behind Rockstar Capital, a multifamily investing firm with a portfolio of 21 apartment communities encompassing 3,762 rental units.In 10 years, Robert has led the underwriting, acquisition and management of 30 multifamily properties, and he is the only two-time National Apartment Association Independent Rental Owner of the Year.On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate, Robert describes the perfect storm that led to his first foreclosure, discussing how the Fed rate hikes impacted his business.Robert explains why hiring a third-party management compa
30/10/202358 minutes 12 seconds
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MB393: From US Marine to Multifamily Fund Manager – With Joseph Kimbrough

Former Marine Joseph Kimbrough was a successful wholesaler, but the work was a constant grind.Joseph realized that to achieve financial freedom, what he needed was equity. And he was already comfortable pitching investors on big-ticket wholesale dealsSo, Joseph started building a fund, raising capital from high-net-worth individuals and investing that money in multifamily deals run by the best operators in the business.Today, Joseph is Founder and Fund Manager at Apex Real Estate Investments, a privately held equity investment company that invests in multifamily in the Southeast US.To date, Joseph has built a portfolio of 592 doors worth $150M, and he is also a TEDx Speaker and esteemed member of the Forbes Real Estate Council.On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate, Joseph shares his ‘dream team’ approach to investing with top syndicators a
23/10/202330 minutes 11 seconds
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MB392: Business Boost with Michael Blank: ‘It’s Been 9 Months & I Haven’t Closed My First Deal!’ – With Mario Rapaj

Mario Rapaj has been in our mentoring program for nine months now, but he hasn’t closed his first deal.And he’s frustrated.So, what’s holding Mario back?Is he doing the right activities? Does he have any limiting beliefs? What can he do to get unstuck and finally become a GP?Mario is Founder of Tex-Alb Real Estate Investment Group, a syndication business headquartered in Dallas, Texas. He has an LP portfolio of 375 multifamily units and owns several single-family properties.Mario is driven to improve the quality of life in the communities where he invests and help passive investors build generational wealth.On this Business Boost coaching session, Mario shares his challenges in finding deals that fit his criteria and getting investors to commit in the current market.I ask Mario what he’s doing to raise capital, offering advice around how t
16/10/202339 minutes 55 seconds
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MB391: The Exception to the Law of the First Deal – With Ed Hermsen

Ed Hermsen’s first multifamily deal fell in his lap, and he got it done fast.But because that initial success came somewhat easy, Ed hadn’t taken the time to work on his mindset.He didn’t have a morning routine. He hadn’t practiced writing down his goals. And no one was holding him accountable to take the next steps.That’s why it took Ed a full two years to buy his second apartment building!Ed is a former mortgage banker turned full-time real estate investor with a portfolio of four multifamily properties and two RV parks.He is also the creator of Campground Ventures, a YouTube channel designed to educate investors on the ins and outs of RV parks.On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate, Ed explains why he’s the exception to t
09/10/202341 minutes 7 seconds
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MB390: Business Boost with Michael Blank: Fast-Track Your Path to Financial Freedom with a Mentor – With Andrew Elio

Andrew Elio is a 22-year-old recent college graduate, but he already knows that he doesn’t want to work for someone else the rest of his life.That’s what motivated him to join our Deal Maker Certification program a month ago. At the same time, he started working a full-time job.How is Andrew juggling both responsibilities? What’s he struggling with? What progress has he made so far?And what’s the most important thing Andrew can do to accelerate his success?On this edition of Business Boost with Michael Blank, Andrew shares his anxiety around talking to brokers, and we discuss the role of practice in building confidence.Andrew describes how he got into the habit of taking consistent action every day, and I discuss the benefits of networking with the Deal Maker Mastermind community.Listen in as I address Andrew’s questions about what a loan covers (and what it doesn’t) and offer advice on finding an experienced mentor to fast-track his journey
02/10/202340 minutes 12 seconds
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MB389: Business Boost with Michael Blank: How to Get Back on Track When Your Multifamily Journey Stalls – With Sudhir Jarajapu

Sudhir Jarajapu took the first steps on his multifamily investing journey and invested in our mentoring program.But then he got off track.In fact, it took Sudhir nine months to work through the first 90 days of the program!So, what got in the way? And what did Sudhir do to get back in the game?Welcome to the first of our Business Boost with Michael Blank series on Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, where I do a live coaching session with a new syndicator!On this episode of the podcast, Sudhir explains what inspired his interest in multifamily investing and why he chose to pursue mentoring with the Michael Blank organization.Sudhir describes how he struggled to make time for the mentoring program at first and shares how both his mentor and his family eventually held him accountable to take action.Listen in as I ask Sudhir what he needs support with right now, and we design an action plan to help him achieve financial freedom
25/09/202337 minutes 43 seconds
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MB338: From Simply Doing Deals to Building a Real Estate Business – With Chris Pomerleau

It took Chris Pomerleau four years to realize he didn’t have to replace toilets himself and another four years to realize he didn’t have to do his own books.That’s when Chris went from simply doing deals to building a real estate business.So, why does it take most investors so long to scale? And what can YOU do to achieve financial freedom much faster?Chris is Cofounder of LeavenWealth Capital, a real estate investment firm out of Omaha, Nebraska, with 2,700 multifamily units totaling $211M in assets under management.Chris also serves as Cofounder and VP of Investment Strategy at Rayven, a Reg A investment business committed to fighting climate change by way of net-zero apartment buildings.On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Chris joins me to discuss how he
18/09/202338 minutes 25 seconds
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MB387: Surrounding Yourself with Seasoned Real Estate Investors – With Matt Faircloth

Are you surrounding yourself with people who will get you to the next level?Five years ago, a group of seasoned multifamily investors got together and established a Mastermind to support each other as we scale our real estate businesses.And I’m proud to be part of that group with Matt Faircloth, who’s been in real estate full-time since 2005Matt serves as Owner of DeRosa Group, a multifamily investing firm with a portfolio of 1,800-plus units and $150 million in assets under management.Matt is also the author of the Amazon bestseller Raising Private Capital: Build Your Real Estate Investing Empire with Other People’s Money.On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Matt and I discuss the opportu
11/09/202342 minutes 50 seconds
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MB386: How a ‘Numbers Guy’ Learned to Raise Money for Deals – With Chad Schieler

Chad Schieler saw himself as the numbers guy, so he let partners handle the task of raising money for his first big real estate syndication.But his team was short. At closing, they had $1M of a $1.4M raise, and Chad had to take out a bridge loan to cover the rest.That experience inspired Chad to overcome his limiting beliefs around raising money and take his syndication business to the next level.Today, he is Founder and Principal at Focused Capital, a multifamily firm that helps busy professionals generate passive income and create wealth through real estate investing.After 17 years running a successful credit card processing service business, Chad became a full-time real estate investor. He is a GP on 139 units and LP on 900-plus!On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Chad explains what he struggled with early in his real estate caree
04/09/202335 minutes
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MB385: How to Turn Your Business Profits Into Personal Wealth – With Todd Polke

Does your business feel like a black hole?Are you feeding it all your time, energy and money? But it just keeps sucking away?Too many business owners get to the end of their career and don’t have much to show for it, selling for next to nothing or simply letting the business fade away.But what if you could leverage your business profits to build personal wealth?Todd Polke is an international educator and trainer in the realm of wealth creation and building strategic investment portfolios.Todd is dedicated to the mission of helping as many people as possible break free from the default and ‘live a life unlimited by income.’On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Todd explains the idea behind his Profits to Portfolio system and how it helps business owners grow their personal wealth.Todd shares how Australia’s real estate market c
28/08/202337 minutes 15 seconds
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MB384: How Real Estate Can Help You Through Challenging Life Experiences – With Rachel Richards

We all go through challenging life experiences, be it the loss of a loved one, a serious illness, or painful divorce.And the last thing we need in those circumstances is to worry about money.But what is the best way to build the kind of passive income you need to make it through tough times without stressing about finances?Rachel Richards is the creator of Money Honey, a financial education platform that helps young women manage their money effectively and achieve financial freedom.Rachel achieved her own financial independence at the age of 27 with a portfolio of 38 rental units, and she is the bestselling author of Money Honey and Passive Income, Aggre
21/08/202338 minutes 40 seconds
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MB383: Leveraging AI to Optimize Your Asset Management Strategy – With Marc Rutzen

Asset management can be a real challenge for multifamily operators, especially if you’re managing properties from a distance.If a site is not working, how do you figure out what’s wrong? Is it the staff? Are rents too high? Do you have too many work orders?The good news is, new AI tools can give GPs transparency around what’s going on—helping us set pricing, manage expenses and optimize the performance of our real estate assets.Marc Rutzen is Cofounder and CEO of, a game-changing platform that is using data science to transform the world of proptech.On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Marc joins us to explain why the HelloData team decided to take on asset management.Marc discusses the weaknesses of traditional revenue management software, describing how HelloData leverages AI to address those problems.Listen in for Marc’s
14/08/202330 minutes 31 seconds
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MB382: 9 Questions to Ask Before You Invest in Your Next Syndication

A multifamily operator in Houston recently lost 3,200 units to foreclosure.Is that a sign of calamity to come? Or can we learn from their mistakes and ask better questions before we invest in our next syndication?On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, I walk you through nine important questions to ask before you invest in your next multifamily syndication.I explain why not-so-good operators (what I like to call NSGOs) are struggling in the current multifamily market and how to differentiate an NSGO from a capable one.Listen in to understand why it’s a mistake to sit on the sidelines until the real estate market changes and learn how to find great deals right now for pennies on the dollar!For full episode&nbsp;show&nbsp;notes&nbsp;visit:
07/08/202337 minutes 30 seconds
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MB381: How to Grow a $9M Real Estate Portfolio by Age 25 – With Caleb Johnson

Caleb Johnson’s mother had just had surgery and was living off savings while she recovered.But after three months, she wasn’t healed and had to make an impossible decision: Return to work in excruciating pain or prolong retirement by several years.Inspired to help his mother financially and achieve financial freedom himself, Caleb started investing in real estate at the age of 18.Today, he is the 25-year-old Founder of Red Sea Capital Group, and Caleb has a $9 million real estate portfolio of 117 units.On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Caleb joins us to explain how he started his real estate journey with a house hack and then partnered to invest in bigger multifamily deals.Caleb discusses why it was harder to raise money than he thought and challenges newbie investors to have an experienced partner verify our underwriting early on.
31/07/202335 minutes 15 seconds
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MB380: Transition to Multifamily Faster by Investing in Yourself – With John Manfredy

So, you’ve got some money set aside to jumpstart your real estate career. What should you invest in?An apartment building? Mobile home park? Something else?The answer is no. Don't do any of those things. If you have money to invest, the first thing you should invest in YOURSELF.John Manfredy has over 30 years of real estate experience as an architect where he was responsible for design, project management and construction supervision for projects budgeted over $500 million.But when John was laid off during COVID, he transitioned to multifamily investing and development, and today, he serves as Principal at Manifest Multifamily Group.On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, John joins us to explain how our mentoring program helped him transition from a W-2 to real estate quickly and avoid mistakes ‘with a lot of zeros behind them
24/07/202344 minutes 14 seconds
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MB379: Leveraging Referrals to Scale Your Real Estate Business – With Dan Reilly and Greg Danielson

Scaling up a multifamily investing business starts with scaling up your capital raise.And one key strategy for expanding your investor network is to get referrals from friends and family who already invest with you.But how do you encourage your investors to talk about their experiences? How do you leverage referrals to build momentum in raising money for real estate deals?Dan Reilly and Greg Danielson are Managing Partners at Measured Capital, a private equity firm that sponsors value-add multifamily investment projects.Dan and Greg both walked away from lucrative careers for real estate, and since becoming partners in 2022, they have built a portfolio of 500-plus units.On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Dan and Greg join us to explain how they overcame limiting beliefs around talking to brokers and scaling up quickly to build a succes
17/07/202344 minutes 5 seconds
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MB378: Reinventing Yourself to Achieve Financial Freedom – With PJ Ghadimi

You say you want financial freedom. You want to build wealth and have money for extraordinary experiences.But if you’re doing what everyone else does, if you’re trying to save your way to wealthy, you’re never going to get results.So, what do you do if the path you’re on doesn’t lead to the outcomes you want?PJ Ghadimi is a self-made millionaire who’s taken the world of entrepreneurship by storm. He transitioned out of a lucrative but limited career in banking to build several successful businesses, including Exotic Car Hacks and Watch Trading Academy.Today, PJ is at the forefront of entrepreneurial education, helping aspiring business owners start their own venture and then grow to the next level of success.On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, PJ joins
10/07/202341 minutes 37 seconds
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MB377: Overcoming Low Market Sentiment in Multifamily – With John Casmon

The recent foreclosure on 3,200 units in Houston has investors nervous about putting their money in multifamily.But does that default mean we should all be sitting on the sidelines?John Casmon argues that investing in apartments is a business, just like any other. And if we avoid the red flags in the Houston deal, we can (and should) continue business as usual.John is Head of Acquisitions and Investor Relations at Casmon Capital Group, a multifamily investing firm committed to helping busy professionals achieve financial freedom.John has invested in over $100 million worth of apartments, and he is passionate about consulting with active multifamily investors to help them start or grow their business.On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, John joins us to discuss what mistakes the Houston operators made and how to protect yourself f
03/07/202338 minutes 5 seconds
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MB376: How to Build a Powerful Sphere of Influence – With Matt King of GoBundance

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.But what if you don’t want the same life as your current sphere of influence? How do you connect with successful people who will help you level up?Matt King is CEO of GoBundance, a high-level mastermind group for high-achieving men and women who choose to lead epic lives.On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, we revisit Matt’s talk at Deal Maker Live 2023 on the importance of building a powerful sphere of influence.Matt explains how to leverage the power of our subconscious mind, challenging us to create a five-year vision for our life and choose a peer group that holds us accountable to our goals.Listen in for Matt’s insight on auditing your current sphere of influence and learn how to
26/06/202338 minutes 54 seconds
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MB375: How to Raise Capital (Even If You’re an Introvert!) – With Camilla Jeffs & Mandy McAllister

Who is better at raising capital, extroverts or introverts?You might think extroverts have the advantage when it comes to raising money for real estate deals. But the truth is, introverts can be just as good at sourcing funds.The secret is to embrace your unique personality and approach networking with investors in a way that leverages your strengths.Mandy McAllister serves as Managing Member at Good Fortune Capital and CEO of GoBundance Women. Camilla Jeffs is Founder and CEO of Steady Stream Investments and Host of the Quiet Wealth podcast.On this episode of Financial Freed
19/06/202327 minutes 40 seconds
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MB374: A Risk Averse Investor’s Secret to Taking Action – With Nicole Gauthier

Those of us with analytical minds tend to be fairly risk averse.But entrepreneurship requires that we move forward with incomplete information.So, what can we do to overcome that fear of the unknown and get into our first real estate deal? How do we develop the confidence to figure things out as we go along?Nicole Gauthier is Founder of Wicked Holdings, a real estate investment community focused on social change and community empowerment.Nicole was an accountant in the oil and gas industry before transitioning to real estate, and she has a heart for helping busy professionals build generational wealth through multifamily syndications.On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Nicole joins us to discuss how the mantra ‘progress over perfection’ helps her overcome the uncertainty of investing in real estate.Nicole describes how her ed
12/06/202345 minutes 11 seconds
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MB373: What’s the Best Real Estate Investing Strategy for 2023? – With Hayato Hori, Kyle Stanley, Chris Clothier & Henry Washington

What is the best real estate investing strategy for 2023?Should you try wholesaling? Or invest in Airbnbs? How about fix-and-flips? Turnkey rentals? Or maybe a multifamily syndication?On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Garrett takes on the role of moderator, and we sit down with some big hitters in the industry to debate the pros and cons of each approach.Kyle Stanley of The Fearless Investor explains why he likes short-term rentals and Hayato Hori of RocketOffr shares the benefits of wholesaling.I describe the advantages of apartment building investing, Chris Clothier of REI Nation discusses why he prefers turnkeys, and Henry Washington of <a href="https://www.biggerpo
05/06/202359 minutes 12 seconds
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MB372: ADUs as a Steppingstone to Multifamily Investing – With Derek Sherrell

Are you interested in multifamily investing but overwhelmed by the prospect of buying an entire apartment building?What if you could dip your toe in the water with accessory dwelling units or ADUs?The ADU strategy involves either converting a SFH into multiple units or building standalone, detached units on a single family lot.After several years of building ADUs for clients and friends, Derek Sherrell decided to leverage those skills into developing projects that would help him gain financial independence.Two decades later, Derek is the real estate investor behind That ADU Guy. His platform teaches the strategy to help others earn passive income and address the affordable housing crisis at the same time.On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Derek joins me to discuss the different categories of accessory dwelling units you might consider, conv
29/05/202332 minutes 3 seconds
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MB371: Overcome Fear with Practice, Invest with Confidence – With Mai Duong

Most aspiring real estate investors struggle with fear.But the ones who become successful GPs work through their fears with practice.Mai Duong is Harvard-educated CPA with 25 years of experience in corporate finance and accounting.She is also on the Executive Team at Sunbelt Equity Group, where she has amassed a portfolio of more than 1,500 multifamily units.On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Mai joins me to explain what she learned as an LP that helped her become a successful active investor.Mai describes how she dealt with fears around talking to brokers and raising capital with preparation, challenging us to practice underwriting lots of deals and asking questions in a ‘throwaway market.’Listen in to understand how Mai’s team is finding deals right now and learn how to adjust your underwriting to overcome your fears and in
22/05/202341 minutes 52 seconds
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MB370: Finding Your Niche in Short-Term Rentals – With Kyle Stanley

There are so many ways to invest in real estate. And when you’re first learning about the options, it can get overwhelming.But the most successful investors niche down to a single strategy, perfect their processes and rinse, repeat to scale.Kyle Stanley, for example, focuses on short-term rentals, and he has created systems in his business that allow him to work just one or two hours a week!Kyle is the creator of The Fearless Investor, a platform that helps people learn about the real estate investing game.He tried several investing strategies before niching down to Airbnb, and nine months in, he was grossing over $25,000 a month!On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Kyle joins Garrett to explain how the short-term rental arbitrage and cohosting models work for aspiring investors who don’t own property themselves.Kyle shares the missi
15/05/202338 minutes 10 seconds
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MB369: How to Make Money Flipping Land – With Jon Jasniak

How do you make money flipping land?What are the pros and cons of investing in land deals as opposed to other kinds of real estate?Jon Jasniak started flipping land in 2016 when he was 23 years’ old and working as an engineer. After 18 months of doing both, he quit his job to go into the land game full time.In the last seven years, Jon has done 700 deals across 7,000 acres and built an eight-figure land business. And in early 2023, he bought an entire town in West Texas!On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Jon joins Garrett to explain how he buys land under value, leveraging seller financing or private money to get into deals.Jon discusses how he reduces friction in his business by subdividing land and selling it to average people without a title company, marketing on sites like Facebook Marketplace and Lands of America.Listen in for J
08/05/202339 minutes 40 seconds
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MB368: Alternative Investments in Latin America – With Cole Shepherd

In multifamily real estate, we look for opportunities in a given market and then build relationships with the bankers, brokers, and boots on the ground we need to make a deal work.But what if the business opportunity you identify is in Asia or Latin America? How do you overcome the language barrier and put together the team you need to build a successful company in a foreign country?Cole Shepherd is Founder and Partner at Legacy Group, an alternative investment firm based in Colombia that focuses on high-quality LATAM businesses that produce outsized returns for investors.He's an expert in emerging markets and understanding the capital movements of high-net-worth investors.On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Cole joins Garrett to discuss his background in international business and what he learned from working in the ‘professional leagues of capit
01/05/202331 minutes 48 seconds
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MB367: Alternative Investing in Wine & Whisky – With Maxwell Nee

Maxwell Nee was drinking an Old Fashioned at a swanky bar in Chicago when he came to appreciate the significant price difference between Macallan 18 and Macallan 12 whisky.Because it had aged an additional six years, Macallan 18 cost 500% more!That’s when the lightbulb went off. And Maxwell started looking into wine and whisky as an alternative investment.Today, Maxwell is Managing Partner at OENO Wine and Whisky Fund, a recession-proof investment fund that leverages the intrinsic value creation in the maturity of fine wine and whisky to earn double-digit returns for investors.On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Maxwell joins Garrett to explain what he looks for in a wine or whisky investment deal and how the assets are aged in a warehouse under the best conditions.Maxwell shares his strategy for maximizing returns for OENO investors
24/04/202334 minutes 39 seconds
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MB366: A Low-Risk Approach to Investing in Oil & Gas – With Eric Rice

Historically, oil and gas operators only give investors the cashflow from wells and keep the land value for themselves.But King Operating Corporation does things differently, structuring their deals very much like a multifamily syndication.So, what are the benefits of investing in oil and gas with King Operating? Why is Nighthawk Equity partnering with King to raise money for an energy fund?Eric Rice is Chief Growth Officer for King Operating, where he oversees investor communications and studies the macro-economic environment and its impact on energy.[SIGN UP FOR THE APRIL 19TH WEBINAR HERE]<a hr
17/04/202336 minutes 11 seconds
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MB365: The Making of a Successful Entrepreneur – With Chris Naugle

Are entrepreneurs born or made?If you ask Chris Naugle, they are created. But to become a successful entrepreneur, you must be willing to take risks. And you can’t conform to someone else’s failed reality.As a former pro snowboarder, Chris is good at leaping into the unknown. He applied that risk tolerance to business, building 19 companies in 29 years.Today, Chris is known as America’s #1 Money Mentor. He runs The Money School, hosts Risky Builders on HGTV, and manages tens of millions of dollars in assets in financial services and real estate transactions.On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Chris joins Garrett to explain how he became an entrepreneur at the age of 16 in spite of other people’s opinions.Chris describes how he navigated chal
10/04/202344 minutes 48 seconds
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MB364: Investing in Farmland as Part of a Diversified Portfolio – With Artem Milinchuk

Smart investors diversify their portfolios.And while multifamily real estate is our favorite asset class, we love learning about other alternatives to the stock market.Artem Milinchuk suggests investing in farmland, an asset class that does well in times of inflation and appreciates over time.Artem is Founder and Head of Strategy at FarmTogether, a platform that makes it easy for anyone to invest in farmland.He has 14 years of finance experience in food, agriculture and farmland, serving as CFO at Full Harvest Technologies before building FarmTogether five years ago.On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Artem joins Garrett to explain how FarmTogether syndicates capital online for farmland deals.Artem discusses why farmland is a relatively safe long-term investment, who manages FarmTogether’s farms and what kind of return his investors
03/04/202330 minutes
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MB363: Achieving Financial Freedom as a Passive Investor – With Spencer Hilligoss

Is your financial advisor really looking out for you?Many investors question whether their FA has their best interests at heart. But seeking out alternative investments on your own can be scary, especially if the stock market is all you’ve ever known.So, what can you do to learn more about alternative investments like self-storage, cryptocurrency, ATMs or real estate? And can you achieve financial freedom in just a few years as a passive investor?Spencer Hilligoss is a former technology executive with a 13-year track record building high performing teams across five companies. He and his wife, Jennifer, achieved financial freedom through passive investing in multifamily and other alternative asset classes.Today, Spencer serves as Cofounder and CEO of Madison Investing, a platform that helps busy professionals generate passive income through vetted real estate investm
27/03/202343 minutes 39 seconds
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MB362: How to Use Your IRA or 401(k) to Invest in Real Estate – With Henry Yoshida

When I first started raising money for real estate syndications, I had lunch with a prospective investor who was interested but didn’t have the $50,000 minimum it took to get in on the deal.But then I asked, ‘Do you have an IRA or anything?’ And it turned out he had $500,000 sitting in his retirement account. $500,000 he could use to buy real estate.So, how do we educate potential investors about the opportunity to invest through a retirement account? What steps can passive investors take to shift money from a 401(k) or IRA into real estate?Henry Yoshida, CFP, is the Founder and CEO of Rocket Dollar, a web platform that lets people invest tax advantaged retirement monies into private alternative investments.On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Henry joins Garrett and me to explain what alternative investments you can and cannot invest in using
20/03/202336 minutes 1 second
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MB361: Why Real Estate Investors Need the Right Coach – With Faisal Ensaun & Dr. Sheri Fluellen

You have all the skills you need to become a successful multifamily investor. But without the right mindset, you’re unlikely to achieve financial freedom.So, what can aspiring investors do to overcome the limiting beliefs and bad habits that are holding them back?Faisal Ensaun has coached more than 2,000 entrepreneurs, CEOs, executives and athletes, guiding them to connect with their vision and potential.Dr. Sheri Fluellen is a psychologist and coach who works exclusively with real estate investors, helping them maximize their life contribution through real estate investing.Together, Faisal and Sheri are the creators of the Coaching Mastery Community, where they te
13/03/202343 minutes 25 seconds
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MB360: Give More to the Missions You Believe In with Real Estate – With Burnie Lund

Most of us get into real estate investing because we want to quit our jobs. But Burnie Lund is different.Though he’s already achieved financial freedom, Burnie has no intention of leaving his ministry work. In fact, he got into multifamily so he could give more to the missions he believes in.Burnie is a pastor and multifamily real estate investor with a portfolio of 105 units. He focuses on the ‘common man’ as his target market, allowing people to invest as little as $5,000 in his deals.Burnie is also a former mentoring student of ours and served as the subject of our deal analysis at Deal Maker Bootcamp 2023.On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Burnie joins Garrett and me to explain how a desire to give back fueled his interest in r
06/03/202338 minutes 30 seconds
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MB359: Apply Cardone Capital’s Tactics to Scale Your Syndication Business – With Jarrod Glandt

The name Grant Cardone is synonymous with scale. Each new venture he launches quickly grows 10X bigger than anyone else in the business.So, what drives that desire to push the boundaries of what’s possible? How might you apply the same principles to scale your real estate syndication business?Jarrod Glandt is President of Grant Cardone Enterprises, where he has served as Grant’s right-hand man for the last 12 years and helped grow company revenues from $2M in annual sales to well over nine figures.Jarrod is also Cohost of Young Hustlers, a podcast that offers its millennial audience tips on sales, marketing, money and entrepreneurship.On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Jarrod joins Garrett Lynch and me to give us a look under the hood at
27/02/202334 minutes 59 seconds
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MB358: Why Numbers Are the Source of Truth in Real Estate – With Jason Baik

Words hide red flags in a real estate deal. But numbers are the source of truth.So, what numbers should you be looking at when you evaluate a multifamily deal?Jason Baik is Managing Principal at Compounding Capital Group and Founder of The Underwriting Lab, a platform that helps aspiring multifamily investors learn a data-driven approach to apartment investing.An ex-VP of Data Science, Jason left his six-figure corporate career to become a full-time investor before he owned a single property! Two years later, he has built a portfolio of 350 apartment units and seven single family homes.On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Jason joins me to explain how the data pointed him to real estate as the best vehicle for generational wealth and why he t
20/02/202335 minutes 28 seconds
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MB357: Scale Your Capital Raise from $4M to $294M in 5 Years – With Dan Handford

When Dan Handford got into multifamily syndications in 2018, he raised $4M. By 2022, he had scaled his capital raise to $294M.What’s his secret? How did Dan grow his investor database to nearly 1,700 and his portfolio to 4,000+ doors in just five years?Dan is Managing Partner of, a real estate investing firm with $1.2B in assets under management based in the Carolinas.Dan’s syndication company began with a focus on multifamily but has expanded include self-storage, carwashes and hotels.On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Dan sits down with Garrett and me to explain how he worked his way up from passive investor to co-GP to lead syndicator.Dan discusses how he finds new investors with an online authority platform and grows his team along with his real estate portfolio.Listen in to understand why Dan is di
13/02/202339 minutes 34 seconds
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MB356: Brilliant Strategies to Raise Capital for Real Estate – With Brad Blazar

When you’re raising capital for a real estate deal, it’s tempting to pitch potential investors right away.But if you try to sell a high-net-worth individual before you’ve established trust, your chances of conversion are slim to none.So, how do you make meaningful connections with HNWIs and build trust in a way that makes them want to invest with you?Brad Blazar is the creator of Capital School, one of the fastest growing communities for entrepreneurs, business owners and CEOs learning to attract, raise and close high-net-worth investors.Having raised well over $2 billion for his own businesses, Brad is a sought-after speaker on the subject of raising capital and author of <a href=";keywords=brad+blazar&amp;qid=1674244605&amp;sprefix=brad+blazar%2Caps%2C11
06/02/202336 minutes 18 seconds
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MB355: Our Multifamily Market Outlook for 2023 – With Drew Kniffin

As with most things, the economy goes through different seasons. And prior to the pandemic, it was red-hot summer in the real estate market.COVID caused a quick Arctic freeze, but things warmed up again and multifamily prices peaked in March 2022.Then we skipped fall and landed right in winter.And while it’s hard to predict how long this season might last, there are things we can do to endure the cold and put ourselves in a position to thrive in the coming spring.Drew Kniffin serves as Partner at Nighthawk Equity where he manages all aspects of our $300M portfolio, including acquisitions, asset management and raising capital.Prior to joining Nighthawk, Drew enjoyed a successful career in corporate finance and grew a portfolio of 400 of his own residential units.On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Drew sits down with Garrett and m
30/01/202335 minutes 32 seconds
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MB354: Retire in 3 Years with This Deal Analysis Tool – with Matthew Amabile

Matthew Amabile had been out of college for a year. He was making decent money at his sales job, but not enough to afford his own place. And he was tired of sleeping on his cousin’s couch.That’s when Matt started looking into real estate and analyzing deals. Three years later, he’s a 25-year-old millionaire. And he quit his 9-to-5 to travel the world.So, what gave Matt the confidence to buy his first property? Or build trust with potential investors?On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Matt joins me to explain how he leveraged an FHA loan and a little resourcefulness to house hack his first four-unit building.Matt describes how his view of networking has changed over time, discussing how he connected with a partner to buy his second and third deals.Listen in for insight around the tool that gave Matt the confidence to tal
23/01/202329 minutes 31 seconds
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MB353: The Right Insurance Coverage for Your Real Estate Portfolio – With Matthew Sutika

Are you treating insurance like a commodity?We made that same mistake early in our syndication journey. But now we look for the best combination of value and quality we can get.Matthew Sutika is Chief Insurance Officer at Obie, a company working to provide a simple, affordable and transparent insurance experience for landlords and investors.Matt is an award-winning entrepreneur and business owner in the multifamily and habitational insurance sector. He also invests in real estate and early-stage insurance and tech startups.On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Matt joins me to explore the false beliefs investors have about insurance and explain what coverage decisions to look at with your insurance broker after close.Matt offers advice on getting insurance costs right in your underwriting, sharing his list of GOTCHAS that drive up premiums f
16/01/202338 minutes 28 seconds
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MB352: Investing in Oil & Gas vs. Real Estate Syndications – With Grant Norwood

Did you know that there are many parallels between investing in oil and gas and real estate syndications?Grant Norwood is CEO of Norwood Energy Corp, an oil and gas exploration company out of Southlake, Texas.Grant’s specialty is recognizing opportunity hotspots in undiscovered areas of the country where his team can operate significantly below the costs of oil giants like Exxon or Chevron.On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Grant joins Garrett to discuss the two kinds of deals Norwood Energy does, investing in new wells or distressed assets.Grant shares what he does to find off-market deals on wells and walks us through the tax advantages of investing in oil and gas assets.Listen in for Grant’s insight on financing oil and gas deals and learn the similarities between investing in energy and multifamily syndications.For full ep
09/01/202337 minutes
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MB351: Reflecting on 2022 & Setting Goals for 2023

Mindfulness matters. The more self-aware you become, the better your relationships and the more fulfillment you get out of life.That’s why I take an entire week off at the end of every year, not to eat bonbons, but to reflect on the past 12 months, celebrate my wins and plan for the future.On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, I’m sharing my process for evaluating 2022 and looking ahead to 2023.I discuss what we achieved at the Michael Blank Brands and Nighthawk Equity in 2022 and explain our goals for the coming year, challenging you to set aims in each of the same 7 areas of your personal and professional life.Listen in for insight into the multifamily market outlook and get my advice for investors on where to look for opportunities in 2023!For full episode&nbsp;show&nbsp;notes&nbsp;visit:
02/01/202330 minutes 31 seconds
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MB350: The Best of 2022 on Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing – With Jerome Maldonado, Jilliene Helman, Dan Brisse, Lee Prosenjak, Veena Jetti, Sterling Griffin, Lili Thompson, Ryan Pineda, Liz Faircloth, Savannah Arroyo, Julie Holly & Alvin ‘Hope’ Johnson

Every week, we bring you conversations with elite investors and entrepreneurs, in hopes that you’ll learn from their experiences to accelerate your success.On this Best of 2022 edition of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, we reflect on some of our favorite episodes and share the top insights from this year’s interviews with inspiring real estate entrepreneurs.We revisit Dan Brisse’s story of transitioning from professional snowboarder to full-time real estate investor and Jilliene Helman’s mission to democratize real estate investing.Lee Prosenjak inspires us to live our purpose, Veena Jetti explains how to raise capital at scale, and Sterling Griffin shares creative ways to add value to high-profile people as you build a network.Listen in to understand how Alvin ‘Hope’ Johnson is innovating in affordable housing and learn to fast-track your success with advice from ten of our top guests of 2022!For full episode&nbsp;show&nbsp;notes&nbs
26/12/202232 minutes 45 seconds
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MB349: How to Build a Syndication Business That Runs Itself – With Mike Michalowicz

There's a lot of pundits who say that entrepreneurship is about the hustle and grind. We’re supposed to work harder and harder and sacrifice our lives for the sake of the business.But Mike Michalowicz argues that entrepreneurship is not about doing the job. It’s about creating jobs.So, how do you remove yourself from the day-to-day operation of your business? Can you get to a point where your syndication firm runs itself?Mike Michalowicz is a well-known keynote speaker and bestselling author on a mission to eradicate entrepreneurial poverty.Mike has built four multimillion-dollar companies and exited two. But he has also launched ten failed businesses and lost his fortune twice.And it is those struggles that inspired Mike to serve other entrepreneurs through books like <em
19/12/202239 minutes 50 seconds
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MB348: Building Confidence Through Community – With Julie Holly

How does a schoolteacher overcome her limiting beliefs to become a full-time syndicator?For Julie Holly, community was key in helping her shift from anxious single-family landlord to self-assured multifamily GP.Julie is Founder of Three Keys Investments, a multifamily firm committed to helping investors build passive income and legacy wealth. She also serves as Host of The Conscious Investor Podcast.Julie began her career as a schoolteacher with a portfolio of single-family homes before transitioning to syndications. Today, she’s a passive investor in 300 doors, she's partnered in 68 units and GP for another 120.On this episode of Financial Freedom
12/12/202239 minutes 35 seconds
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MB347: Why Every Syndicator Should Write a Book – With Chandler Bolt

Building a platform is an important part of raising money at scale. But you need more than a website to demonstrate your credibility with potential investors.Becoming an author gives you authority. It allows you to share your investing thesis with many, many prospects and generate leads as well as referrals.But what does the process of writing a book look like? And why would you publish yet another real estate book when there are already so many others on the market?Chandler Bolt is Founder and CEO of Self-Publishing School, a platform that has helped 7,000 entrepreneurs publish books in the last 7 years.Chandler also serves as host of the Self-Publishing School Podcast and author of six bestselling books. His latest release is called <a href="https://learn.self-publis
05/12/202240 minutes 18 seconds
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MB346: How to Own 1,000 Doors by Age 27 – With Adrian Salazar

How do you become a full-time investor who owns more than 1,000 doors by the age of 27?According to Adrian Salazar, the secret is having the guts to go out and be different.Adrian started wholesaling SFHs as a freshman in college and closed on his first apartment building as a sophomore. Today, he is Managing Member at Two Ten Management, and he controls $8.8M in multifamily assets.On this episode of the podcast, Adrian joins Garrett and me to explain how the sales skills he developed early on help him succeed as a young real estate entrepreneur.Adrian shares the wholesaling strategies he uses to find off-market deals and describes his approach to building rapport with owners.Listen in for Adrian’s advice on putting yourself in the right rooms and learn to take action on YOUR real estate investing goals—no matter how young or old you are!For full episode&nbsp
28/11/202239 minutes 4 seconds
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MB345: Growing Your Business & Family—with Vivian & Michael Blank

Running a business is never just about the business. Being a successful entrepreneur means finding balance between your personal and professional life.&nbsp;But if you want your relationship to work, you need a partner who energizes you. Someone who helps you become the best version of yourself.&nbsp;So, how does a real estate investor build a fulfilling family life? How do you successfully navigate marriage, parenthood and business?On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Garrett sits down with me and my wife Vivian to find out what makes our 25-year marriage work.Vivian and I explain why we struggled with working on the business together and how we set boundaries around work and family time.Listen in to understand why we decided to homeschool our kids and learn how we set goals as a family to live intentionally, in alignment with our values!For full episode&nbsp;show&nbsp;notes&nbsp;visit: <a href="https://themichae
21/11/202244 minutes 33 seconds
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MB344: Making the Most of IRC Section 1031 – With Dave Foster

One of the beautiful things about investing in real estate is its tax benefits. And the 1031 exchange is a common strategy we use to avoid paying capital gains.But most of us haven’t studied IRC Section 1031 enough to know ALL the ways we can use the tax code to reinvest our real estate profits—rather than handing them over to Uncle Sam.Dave Foster is the 1031 exchange expert, qualified intermediary and tax strategist behind The 1031 Investor, a platform that helps investors build and preserve real estate wealth.Dave has supported thousands of investors in achieving financial freedom by maximizing their reinvestment opportunities.On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Dave joins Garrett to discuss the rules for doing a 1031 exchange in a syndication and describe what to look for in a qualified intermediary or QI.Dave shares his top str
14/11/202237 minutes 20 seconds
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MB343: Owning Property in Chicago’s Most Dangerous Neighborhoods

Owning class D properties in neighborhoods plagued by gang violence, prostitution and drug abuse is not easy.&nbsp;But it does give an owner-operator the street smarts to keep themselves, their employees and properties safe. And it makes for some pretty crazy stories!On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Garrett follows up on his previous solo episode with more stories from his experience as an investor in Chicago’s most dangerous neighborhoods.Garrett discusses what he did to prevent theft at vacant multifamily properties and describes how firing a maintenance worker nearly caused a gang war at one of his buildings.Listen in for the story of how Garrett’s maintenance team caught a killer and find out what it’s like to collect rent at night not too far from Chicago’s infamous O Block.For full episode&nbsp;show&nbsp;n
07/11/202227 minutes 3 seconds
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MB342: What Investors Need to Know About Taxes – With Thomas Castelli

All CPAs are not created equal. And if you’re working with an accountant who doesn’t understand real estate tax strategy, you may be leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table.Thomas Castelli, CPA, CFP, is Partner at Hall CPA, an entrepreneurial accounting firm that helps real estate investors minimize tax and maximize profit.Out of college, Thomas landed a ‘dream job’ at a traditional accounting firm but soon realized he wasn’t on the path to the lifestyle he wanted. To achieve financial freedom, he built a portfolio of passive investments in apartment buildings before participating in his first deal as an active partner.On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Thomas joins Garrett and me to discuss why he chose to put his money in multifamily over other investments.Thomas offers a high-level overview of how the taxation of real estate
31/10/202238 minutes 57 seconds
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MB341: How the Supply Chain Impacts Real Estate – With Jeff Davis

In the spring of 2020, store shelves were empty. And supply chain issues have disrupted businesses of all kinds ever since—including real estate.But what, exactly, is causing these problems in the supply chain? And when will things get back to normal?Jeff Davis is both a supply chain expert and real estate investor, serving as a senior sales executive for a Fortune 100 global logistics firm and Managing Partner at Bridgestone Holdings, where he has built a portfolio of 952 units.On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Jeff joins Garrett and me to explain what is causing our ongoing supply chain issues and why things haven’t normalized since the pandemic.Jeff discusses how rising interest rates impact the supply chain and shares his take on when construction costs might return to pre-COVID levels.Listen in for Jeff’s insight on underwriting deals in the current economic environment and learn how to navigate supply chain conc
24/10/202232 minutes 42 seconds
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MB340: Upgrade Investor Relations Through Syndication Software – With Perry Zheng

When you’re a new real estate syndicator with a smaller network, you can keep track of investors with a spreadsheet and work through the process of raising money manually.But as you grow your investor database, it becomes more and more tedious to do things this way.The good news is, you can leverage investor management software to automate the process of drafting legal documents and wiring money, saving yourself and your investors a lot of time and trouble.So, how do you choose an investor portal that’s the right fit for you and your syndication business?Perry Zheng is Founder and CEO of Cash Flow Portal, a real estate syndication platform that helps syndicators streamline the process of raising equity, automate operations and attract more investors.Perry began his career as a software engineer, taking on roles at Twitter, Amazon and Lyft. He has also acte
17/10/202235 minutes 56 seconds
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MB339: Tokenizing Real Estate Deals – With Michael Flight

Michael Flight used to be a crypto-skeptic. But as he learned more about the blockchain and its potential to make real estate more accessible to a wider audience, he became a crypto-innovator.Today, Michael is CEO of Liberty Real Estate Fund LLC, the world’s first net lease security token fund. With 34 years of investing experience, he is leveraging the blockchain to tokenize ownership of high-quality commercial real estate.On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Michael joins me to explain how his beliefs around freedom drew him to blockchain technology.Michael describes the connections between real estate and the blockchain, discussing how it makes syndications more accessible and solves the liquidity problem in multifamily investing.Listen in to understand how the SE
10/10/202242 minutes 9 seconds
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MB338: Invest in Real Estate Via Creative Financing – With Christian Osgood

No matter what asset class you want to invest in, creativity is key—especially if you don’t have a rich uncle to help you get started!You just have to stop asking yourself, ‘Can I do this?’ And start asking yourself, ‘How can I do this?’Christian Osgood left his sales job with CoStar Group to become a full-time investor at age 29. And in the last 18 months, he leveraged creative financing to build a portfolio of 95 units.Today, he is Cofounder of Multifamily Strategy, a platform that helps others achieve financial freedom with real estate and take back control of their lives.On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Christian joins Garrett and me to discuss his top creative strategies for buying property, challenging us to think beyond price when we negotiate a deal.Christian walks us through the fundamentals of seller financing, expla
03/10/202239 minutes 54 seconds
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MB337: Collaborating with Your Property Management Team – With Nathan Ridgeway

When I got started in multifamily, I was much too hands-off with property managers. Yes, I reviewed the numbers, but otherwise, I stayed away and simply let them manage everything.Then I realized that experienced syndicators are much more actively involved with their property management companies, and we started to build more collaborative relationships.So, where is the sweet spot between too hands-off and too involved? What does a healthy relationship between property managers and ownership groups look like?Nathan Ridgeway is Regional Vice President at First Communities, one of the nation’s most successful property management companies.Founded in 1978, FCM has managed over 200K units in 100K communities, growing their market reach to include Washington DC, Dallas, Austin, Houston, Atlanta, Charlotte and Nashville.On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real
26/09/202245 minutes 11 seconds
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MB336: How to Launch Your Own Real Estate Fund – With Bridger Pennington

Think you need an Ivy League education or 20 years of experience on Wall Street to set up a fund? Think again! Once you've done a handful of syndications, you can easily launch a fund of your own and simplify the process of raising money for multiple real estate deals. Bridger Pennington is Cofounder and CEO of Fund Launch, an education platform that helps aspiring fund managers launch, build and scale a fund. Fund Launch has served more than 20K students with its hundreds of videos and dozens of downloadable assets. Bridger also serves as Founder of Black Bridge Holdings, where he established multiple funds and facilitated more than 326 transactions across a variety of industries. On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Bridger joins Garrett and me to discuss what differentiates a real estate syndication from a fund, describing when it's appropriate
19/09/202235 minutes 43 seconds
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MB335: Serve Investors by Solving Their Problems – With Travis Watts

Investor relations is not about selling a deal. It’s about getting to know individual investors and solving their problems. But what does that look like in practice? How do you connect with potential LPs and educate them around the benefits of investing in multifamily syndications? Travis Watts is Director of Investor Education at Ashcroft Capital. He got his start in real estate in 2009, investing in single family and short-term rentals. Travis became a passive investor with Ashcroft several years ago and was so impressed with their performance that he offered to join the Investor Relations Team in 2019. On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Travis joins Garrett and me to explain why he transitioned from active investing in single family to passive investing in syndications. Travis describes how he attracts new investors at Ashcroft and walks us
12/09/202236 minutes 59 seconds
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MB334: From Homeless to Multi-Millionaire in 2 Years – With Sterling Griffin

Proximity is power. But how do you get in front of successful people when you're struggling yourself? Sterling Griffin was homeless when he made the decision to surround himself with the people he wanted to become. Then he found creative ways to add value so they'd want to be friends. And in just two years, Sterling went from living in his Honda Accord to making $1.68M. Today, Sterling serves as Founder of Life Changer Academy and Sterling Capital, a real estate firm that provides high-net-worth individuals with access to tax-advantaged investments. On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Sterling joins cohost Garrett Lynch to share his journey to becoming a millionaire, explaining how he borrowed money and sold his car to invest in a mentor and why
05/09/202241 minutes 51 seconds
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MB333: Innovating Around Affordable Housing – With Alvin ‘Hope’ Johnson

The lack of affordable housing is a big problem in the US. And most developers shy away from these projects because it’s hard to make money. But Alvin ‘Hope’ Johnson is not most developers. He’s found a way to innovate in the affordable housing space and ‘do good while doing good.’ Alvin is President of the Hope Housing Foundation, a nonprofit positioned to be one of the country’s most effective affordable workforce housing organizations. He also serves as CEO of Multifamily Monopoly, an education platform for real estate developers interested in the process of multifamily development and ownership. On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Alvin joins Garrett and me to discuss his journey from painting houses to $225M multifamily entrepreneur and describe the tenacity
29/08/202238 minutes 56 seconds
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MB332: Avoid Lawsuits & Protect Your Real Estate Assets – With Garrett Sutton

As real estate investors, we spend years building up generational wealth. But a single lawsuit can tear it all down. So, how do we put the right asset protection measures in place? Garrett Sutton is the corporate attorney and asset protection expert behind Corporate Direct, a firm that helps entrepreneurs and investors protect their assets, maintain their privacy and achieve their financial goals. Garrett is also one of Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Advisors and the bestselling author of several books, including his new release, Veil Not Fail: Protecting Your Personal Assets from Business Attacks. On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Garrett joins cohost Garrett Lynch and me to explain why asset protection is cruc
22/08/202236 minutes 11 seconds
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MB331: 10 Years in Single Family vs. 10 Months as Multifamily Investors – With Lance Doty & Adam Mitchell

For 20 years, Adam Mitchell has been dreaming of a multifamily portfolio. But without the confidence or the know-how to invest in apartments, he started with single family. A decade ago, Adam joined forces with his friend Lance Doty, and they became the Home Buying Guys, scaling a successful single family investing business that runs on autopilot. But in 2021, Adam took action on his vision of moving into the multifamily space and invited Lance to join him in the transition. They became the Apartment Buying Guys, and within 35 days, they had 225 units under contract. In just 10 months, Adam and Lance have raised over $2M and acquired 731 units. Both have achieved financial freedom, and they are well on their way to the goal of 1,000 doors in five years. On this episode of Financial Freedom with Rea
15/08/202242 minutes 37 seconds
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MB330: The Competitive Advantage of In-House Construction – With Jorge Abreu

When we started investing in multifamily, we relied on property managers to handle construction. As the business grew, we hired GCs to run construction projects with little oversight on our part. And got very mixed results. That’s when we realized that if we wanted to scale our multifamily portfolio, we needed an in-house team. But how do you build a construction arm for your real estate business? Jorge Abreu is Cofounder and CEO of Elevate Commercial Investment Group, a multifamily firm based in Dallas, Texas, and Founder of JNT Construction, the in-house construction arm of Elevate CIG. With 15 years of experience in real estate, Jorge has acquired a portfolio of nearly 7,000 units worth more than $500M. On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Jorge explains why he started his own construction company and how JNT gives Elevate a competitive advanta
08/08/202244 minutes 35 seconds
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MB329: Applying a Sales Mindset to Multifamily Investing – With Eric Chadderdon

Not everyone who wants to be a real estate investor sticks with it long enough to be successful. But if you apply a sales mindset to multifamily investing, you will be able to take the initial rejection and keep pushing. Because as Eric Chadderdon says, ‘The only time you lose in this business is if you quit.’ Eric is Managing Partner at Gibby’s Capital Investments, a boutique firm that helps investors diversify their portfolios with commercial real estate. He got into multifamily in December of 2020 and has amassed a portfolio of 724 units in just 18 months! Prior to founding Gibby’s, Eric spent 12 years in the sales industry, and he leverages the skills he learned there to build relationships in the multifamily space. On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Eric joins Garrett and me to explain why he quit his W-2 job after his first multifamily deal and expl
01/08/202243 minutes 21 seconds
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MB328: Live from DML: The Multifamily Market Outlook – With Robert Helms

According to the mainstream media, the sky is falling in the real estate market. But is that entirely true? While no one can predict exactly what will happen in the global economy or how it might impact real estate, Robert Helms is a student of the markets. And he can tell us how to prepare for the change that’s coming our way. Robert is Founder and Host of the top-rated Real Estate Guys Radio Show. He has 18 years of experience working in a real estate brokerage with his dad, Bob ‘the Godfather of Real Estate’ Helms, and has been involved in development projects worth more than $300M. On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, we're sharing the replay of Robert’s talk at Deal Maker Live, where he explains why the mainstream media doesn’t get the real estate markets right and w
25/07/202249 minutes 37 seconds
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MB327: Work-Life Balance for Women in Real Estate – With Liz Faircloth, Savannah Arroyo, Julie Holly & Veena Jetti

There aren't a lot of women in the real estate investing business, in part because there are so few female role models. But if you can see it, you can be it. So, we brought together a panel of powerhouse women entrepreneurs this past June at Deal Maker Live to share their experiences and encourage other aspiring investors, men and women alike. Our panelists included Savannah Arroyo, Founder and CEO of Networth Nurse, Julie Holly, Founder of Three Keys Investments and Host of The Conscious Investor Podcast, Veena Jetti, Founding Partner at Vive Funds, and Liz Faircloth, Cofounder of the <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"
18/07/202237 minutes 52 seconds
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MB326: Democratizing Access to Quality Real Estate Deals – With Jilliene Helman

Real estate investing is a critical part of a diversified portfolio. And while most Americans have easy access to stocks and bonds, most don't know where to go to find private real estate deals. That’s what inspired Founder and CEO Jilliene Helman to create Realty Mogul, a crowdfunding platform committed to democratizing real estate. Jilliene’s background in banking exposed her to brokers, real estate lenders and trust officers, giving her a 360-degree view of wealth management—and a comprehensive understanding of the real estate market. On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Jilliene joins Garrett and me to discuss the challenges she faced early on in building Realty Mogul and describe what inspired her to persevere through 103 coffee meetings before she found a backer! Jilliene explains how the Realty Mogul marketplace differs from traditional syndicatio
11/07/202239 minutes 38 seconds
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MB325: The Future of Real Estate Is Digital – With Ryan Pineda

What does the future of real estate look like? If you ask Ryan Pineda, the future of real estate is digital. And he sees the potential to build multiple billion-dollar businesses that solve many of the problems we face—on the blockchain. Ryan began his real estate career in 2010, and since then, he’s flipped hundreds of single-family homes, purchased hundreds of rentals and founded six multimillion-dollar businesses in the space. In 2020, he went all-in on social media and amassed 1.5M followers teaching people how to build wealth and achieve financial freedom. Ryan is also working on a new NFT project called Tykes, a community for the pioneers of digital real estate. On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Ryan joins Garrett Lynch to discuss his SOP for starting a new business and describe what
04/07/202246 minutes 31 seconds
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MB324: How to Grow & Lead a Real Estate Investing Team – With Cameron Herold

Growing a successful real estate business means growing a solid team. But many entrepreneur-investors struggle with hiring and don’t spend enough time developing key leadership skills. So, what makes for a successful leader in the multifamily business? How do you decide what to delegate, communicate the vision for your business and help the people on your team excel? Known as the CEO Whisperer, Cameron Herold is Founder of the COO Alliance and Second in Command Podcast, a coaching practice and training platform that helps C-suite leaders double their revenue in three years or less. Cameron is well-known for engineering 1-800-GOT-JUNK?’s growth from $2M to $106M in revenue in just six years as COO. He is also the bestselling author of <a href= "
27/06/202245 minutes 59 seconds
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MB323: The Shortcut to Success in Real Estate – With Sam Kwak

Are you struggling to do your first real estate deal? Is there an aspect of the multifamily business that’s taking a long time to master on your own? What if you stopped asking HOW and started asking WHO? Who is already good at this? And can they teach me? Sam Kwak is one half of the real estate duo and YouTube sensation known as The Kwak Brothers. Based in Chicago, Sam and his brother Daniel hold a portfolio worth just over $4.5M. Beyond investing in multifamily, Sam leverages his background in marketing and technology to help property managers automate their business. On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Sam joins host Garrett Lynch to explain how volunteering to work for free with a local investor served as a shortcut to his success. Sam describes how he leverages an online platform to raise money for real estate de
20/06/202242 minutes 31 seconds
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MB322: Developing a Next-Level Due Diligence Checklist – With Jake Harris

When was the last time you reviewed your due diligence process? Too many real estate investors are so eager to do a deal that they cut corners on due diligence and hope for the best. But a robust due diligence checklist is essential to your success. Jake Harris uses his superpower of methodically sorting through data to make real-world decisions on real estate, and his private equity firm has acquired more than $200M in assets in the last five years alone. Jake is extremely detail-oriented in conducting due diligence, and he shares that expertise in his new book, Catching Knives: A Guide to Investing in Distressed Commercial Real Estate. On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Jake joins cohost Garrett Lynch and me to discuss how he hit roc
13/06/202243 minutes 28 seconds
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MB321: Marketing to Scale Your Syndication Business – With Brian Wagers

Most new multifamily investors focus on deal flow. We know that capital flow is important, but we figure we can rely on friends and family to fund our first few deals. But eventually, the money runs out. So, if you want to scale a real estate business, you’ve got to grow your sphere of potential investors. And the easiest way to do that is through an online thought leadership platform. Brian Wagers raised capital for his first 361 units simply by talking to people one-on-one. And then he realized that to achieve scale, he needed to pay more attention to marketing. Brian is Founder of Wagers Capital, a real estate investing firm with $4.1M in multifamily assets. To date, Brian has built a portfolio of 447 units in his home state of Arkansas and another 125 in Texas. On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Brian joins cohost Garrett Lynch and me to share the steps he
06/06/202238 minutes 37 seconds
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MB320: How to Use Social Media to Crush It in Real Estate – With Lili Thompson

Why would a real estate investor want to share content on social media? Yes, we can build relationships with other investors and raise capital without Instagram or YouTube. But social platforms help us maintain those real-life connections and make tens of thousands of others! So, how can we use social media to crush it in real estate? Lili Thompson was playing with the Harlem Globetrotters when COVID hit. Stuck at home with nothing to do, Lili learned about wholesaling and decided to try it—and document the process on social media. Today, Lili is one of the rising stars in the real estate space, and she has 148K subscribers on YouTube. On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Lili joins cohost Garrett Lynch and me to discuss how she benefits from sharing her real estate journey on YouTube, describing the connections she’s made with other beginners and experienced investors alike. Lili offers insight into how she built
30/05/202238 minutes 26 seconds
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MB319: An Introvert’s Guide to Raising Capital – With Jonathan Wei

What’s stopping you from doing your first multifamily deal? Whatever your perceived weakness may be, you can overcome it and achieve the same kind of success in commercial real estate that you’ve had in other areas of your life. English is Jonathan Wei’s second language and he’s a quiet, introverted guy. And yet, he’s raised millions of dollars for real estate syndication deals. What’s his secret? Jonathan serves as Cofounder and CEO of Greystone Capital Group, a commercial real estate firm that focuses on multifamily and self-storage assets. He left a successful career as a CPA to become a full-time investor, quitting his job in February 2022. On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Jonathan joins cohost Garrett Lynch and me to share his fears around raising capital, explaining how he got comfortable talking to brokers and investors with the help of a mentor.
23/05/202235 minutes 10 seconds
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MB318: High-Stakes Problem-Solving as a Class D Multifamily Operator

Before you invest with a multifamily operator, it’s important to understand their track record. To know that they’ve got experience overcoming obstacles and making a deal work. Prior to joining our team at Nighthawk Equity, podcast cohost Garrett Lynch owned and operated a class D real estate portfolio on the south side of Chicago. And learned how to solve problems on a life-or-death level in the process. On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Garrett is flying solo, discussing how he acquired 300 properties in six months and describing some of the challenges he faced managing assets in crime-ridden neighborhoods. Garrett shares his experience owning and operating a 381-unit, class D apartment building in Memphis, walking us through the steps he took to end gang violence onsite and increase occupancy to 90%. Listen in for Garrett’s insight around the pro
16/05/202237 minutes 41 seconds
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MB317: Building Wealth in Minority Communities – With Duamel Vellon

A 2017 Forbes headline reads, ‘Median Wealth of Black and Latino Families Could Hit Zero by the Middle of the Century.’ That hit home for Puerto Rican-born Duamel Vellon. And he’s made it his mission to raise awareness in his community, making multifamily investors out of his friends and peers. Duamel Vellon is Cofounder of Ten15 Capital, a multifamily investment firm with assets in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas. A former engineer in the theme park industry, Duamel quit his job in December of 2021 to be a full-time investor, and he currently manages a 203-unit portfolio. On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Duamel joins cohost Garrett Lynch and me to share the ‘chess versus checkers’ mindset that helped him transition from flipping to multifamily. Duamel describes his grassroots approach to raising capital, discussing how he grows his network and e
09/05/202242 minutes 41 seconds
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MB316: Financing Multifamily Through a Credit Union – With Mark Ritter

If you finance a multifamily syndication through Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, you’re securing non-recourse debt with a fixed interest rate. But if you want to exit anytime sooner than the loan expiration date, you're going to pay a BIG penalty on the back end. So, how might we leverage credit unions to avoid these big-ticket prepayment penalties? Are there other benefits to financing real estate deals through a credit union? What’s the downside? Mark Ritter is CEO of Member Business Financial Services or MBFS, a business lending credit service organization owned by credit unions for credit unions and their members. An expert in credit unions and business lending, Mark is dedicated to helping commercial real estate investors secure the financing they need. On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Mark joins coh
02/05/202240 minutes 20 seconds
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MB315: The Transition from Pro Athlete to Multifamily Investor – With Dan Brisse

A career as a professional athlete is exciting, and if you’re among the best, you can make a lot of money in a short amount of time. But what do you do when your career is over? Dan Brisse was a professional snowboarder for over a decade, participating in the X Games four times and winning gold twice. But he noticed that older pros were suffering as their careers wound down, struggling financially and in their personal lives. And that inspired Dan to make his money work for him with multifamily real estate. Today, Dan is the cofounder of Granite Towers Equity Group, cohost of the Keeping It Real Estate Podcast and coauthor of 4 Steps to Successful Passive Investing. He and
25/04/202239 minutes 54 seconds
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MB314: Live Your Purpose Through Real Estate Investing – With Lee Prosenjak

Why do you do what you do? Articulating the WHY behind your work gives it meaning. And makes for a richer, more fulfilling life.  But how do you uncover your purpose and then apply it each day?  Lee Prosenjak is a serial entrepreneur and executive coach at LynchPyn. He's worked with thousands of entrepreneurs in 30-plus countries, cultivating cohesive work groups and facilitating conversations that truly matter.  An artist at heart, Lee is also the Cofounder of Cherry Creek Dance, former Igniter at Simon Sinek Consulting and current real estate investor on a mission to help others discover their own inspiration, love and greatness. On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Lee joins host Garrett Lynch to discuss his WHY and describe how clarity of purpose leads to better decision-making. Lee explores the relationship between purpose and identity, sharing the
18/04/202238 minutes 59 seconds
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MB313: Earn BIG Returns with a Portfolio of Commercial Assets – With Steffany Boldrini

Imagine earning cash-on-cash returns as high as 50%!  Inspired by sophisticated real estate investors in her network, Steffany Boldrini moved her money out of tech startups and into commercial properties three years ago. And while she’s faced a lot of challenges along the way, Steffany reached financial freedom in less than two years. So, what is Steffany’s approach to investing in real estate? And what does she do to earn such big-time returns? Steffany moved from Brazil to Silicon Valley 20 years ago and enjoyed a successful career in tech sales before shifting her focus to commercial real estate. As Principal at Monte Carlo Real Estate Investments, she has built a portfolio across three asset classes, achieving 36% cash-on-cash returns.  Steffany is also the host of <a href= "" targe
11/04/202235 minutes 49 seconds
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MB312: Become ‘Successfully Unemployed’ with Real Estate – With Dustin Heiner

When you work a traditional job, your ability to feed your family can be taken away from you at any moment. And your worth is determined by your employer.  But what if YOU can determine your own worth? What if you can earn enough passive income from real estate to walk away from your J-O-B and be your own boss?  Dustin Heiner is the creator of Master Passive Income, a platform and podcast where he shares insights on investing in real estate rental properties.  Getting laid off from his 9-to-5 inspired Dustin to pursue investing, and by 2016, Dustin had built a portfolio of 30 properties and quit his job in IT, becoming what he calls 'successfully unemployed.'  On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Dustin joins Garrett Lynch and me to discuss what he loves about passive income and share some of the mistakes he made with his first few investments. <
04/04/202239 minutes 2 seconds
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MB311: Wealth Creation with Crypto & Real Estate – With Matthew Diemer

Are you confused by cryptocurrency, the blockchain or NFTs?  As real estate investors, we’re all about wealth creation and owning physical assets as a hedge against inflation. But what about digital assets? Is it worth investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin? What is blockchain technology all about? And how can it change the world for the better? Matthew Diemer is a small business entrepreneur and host of the Decrypt Daily Podcast. Prior to Decrypt Daily, he founded Crypto 101 and held the titles of COO and GM in the global hospitality industry. Matthew is also a Democrat running for Congress in Northeast Ohio dedicated to supporting entrepreneurship, promoting tech innovation and reviving manufacturing in the US. On this episode of Financial
28/03/202237 minutes 25 seconds
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MB310: Understanding the Entrepreneur’s Paradox — With Curtis Morley

Most entrepreneurs believe that we are the secret sauce in our business. We think that no one else can bake the cupcakes or design the websites or analyze the real estate deals quite the way we do.  But if you’re busy building the product, who’s building the business?  This is what Curtis Morley calls the entrepreneur’s paradox: In order to scale, you've got to shift your passion from working IN the business to working ON the business. Curtis is the five-time entrepreneur, mentor and thought leader behind The Entrepreneur’s Paradox, a platform dedicated to helping startup companies achieve next-level growth. Curtis has been named Entrepreneur of the Year and made the Inc. 5000 list six times. He is also the bestselling author of <a href= "
21/03/202242 minutes 13 seconds
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MB309: How to LAUNCH a Syndication Business – With Jonathan & Paula Nichols

In aerospace engineering, ‘escape velocity’ is the amount of power a rocket needs to break free of the Earth’s gravitational field. And if you ask Jonathan and Paula Nichols, launching a real estate syndication business is no different. It takes a tremendous amount of effort up front to do your first deal. You have to commit to the outcome and do whatever it takes to persevere through setbacks and disappointment. But once you’ve picked up momentum and closed on your first apartment building, the next deals follow in quick, almost automatic succession. Jonathan and Paula are the cofounders of Apogee Capital, a multifamily firm dedicated to helping investors reach their financial potential. The Nichols closed on three deals in the last year, raising $2.7M as they built a portfolio of 200 units, and Jonathan quit his job as an aerospace engineer six weeks ago to pursue real estate full time. O
14/03/202247 minutes 17 seconds
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MB308: To Scale Fast in Multifamily, Partner Up – With Patrick Grimes

Multifamily real estate is a big game. And if you want to scale quickly, you can’t do it alone. That’s how Patrick Grimes went from 0 to 1,200-plus units in under two years.  He partnered with a senior operator to go further faster, leveraging his partner’s expertise to build a $250M portfolio in a very short time. But how did he get an experienced investor to invite him into a deal?  Patrick is the Founder and CEO of Invest on Main Street and contributor to the #1 Amazon bestseller Persistence, Pivots and Game Changers: Turning Challenges Into Opportunities. Patrick also runs Protomation Systems, a consulting business that contracts with machine design firms to conceptualize, design and build custom manufacturing automation an
07/03/202237 minutes 25 seconds
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MB307: Save Tens of Thousands on Your Taxes – With Heidi Henderson

Real estate has always had tax advantages, but in recent years, the deal got even sweeter for multifamily investors.  So, how do we write off depreciation? What is a cost segregation study and how can it save us even more?  Heidi Henderson serves as Executive Vice President at Engineered Tax Services, the nation’s leading tax credit and incentives firm. As an experienced tax consultant and real estate investor herself, Heidi specializes in the application of tax efficiencies to multifamily investments. On this episode of the podcast, Heidi joins cohost Garrett Lynch and me to share the unique tax advantages of real estate and explain why the US government incentivizes multifamily investors. Heidi describes how to take advantage of BONUS depreciation (provided for by the <a href="https
28/02/202237 minutes 52 seconds
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MB306: To Scale Your Business, Put Investors First – With Veena Jetti

When you’re doing your first multifamily deal, scaling the business is the last thing on your mind. But if you don’t think about scale early on and come up with a plan, you’ll be fighting fires as you grow. So, how do you create a vision for what your syndication business will look like in the future and then proactively put systems in place that allow you to scale up with ease?  Veena Jetti is the Founding Partner of Vive Funds, a unique multifamily firm that specializes in curating conservative opportunities for real estate investors. Veena has built a portfolio of 3,000-plus units worth $600M, and she shares her expertise as a frequent speaker, panelist and guest on various media outlets. On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Veena joins cohost Garrett Lynch and me to explain how raising capital at a high level allows her to scale and describe how every decision is
21/02/202236 minutes 59 seconds
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MB305: The Life and Times of an 18-Year-Old Syndicator – With Alex Mandaro

At the age of 18, Alex Mandaro is the youngest mentoring student we’ve ever had at the Michael Blank organization. So, we’re doing a grand experiment and asking Alex to document his journey!  In a reality-style series broadcast through our social media channels, Alex will share a behind-the-scenes look at the life and times of a new syndicator. On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Alex joins me to explain what inspired his interest in multifamily and why he believes he’ll be successful. He discusses why he used his college money to invest in mentoring, describing how he is getting the most out of our program and learning from the mistakes of others. Listen in for insight on following Alex’s journey with us to find out if you really can be a successful syndicator without experience or cash of your own! Key Takeaways  What inspired Alex’s interest in real estate Always wanted
14/02/202231 minutes 24 seconds
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MB304: Install Renewable Energy, Increase Your Profits – With John Matheson

Using renewable energy to power a multifamily property is not just for environmentalists anymore.  As the political environment shifts, going green doesn’t just make the world a better place. It’s also highly profitable. John Matheson is Managing Member and Sustainable Building Consultant at  J. Healy Development, where he has developed an expertise in helping multifamily operators increase profits through renewable energy and ecofriendly building methods.  He also serves as Cofounder and CEO of Leverage Finance Software, a platform that supports property investors in making smarter and more informed lender financing decisions. On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, John joins cohost Garrett Lynch and me to explain how he adds value to a property with rooftop or on-the-ground sol
07/02/202245 minutes 16 seconds
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MB303: How to Balance Multifamily with a Demanding W-2 – With Andrew Schutsky

Can you be successful in real estate investing and successful at a demanding job at the same time?  Andrew Schutsky serves as the CIO of a $700M medical technology company. He also happens to be the founder of multifamily syndication firm Redline Equity and host of The Crushing Cashflow Podcast.  Andrew has 14 years of real estate rental experience but didn’t enter the multifamily space until last year. Since then, he has built a portfolio of 1100 units! On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Andrew joins cohost Garrett Lynch and me to explain how he built a real estate business while working an executive level W-2 job.  He describes how he networked into his first deal and offers advice on findi
31/01/202243 minutes 5 seconds
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MB302: To Scale Fast, Think BIG from the Beginning – With Chris Roberts

It’s a common misconception in multifamily investing that you have to start small. But Chris Roberts looked beyond his first deal to envision a multimillion-dollar real estate business. He accelerated his success by thinking BIG from the beginning, acquiring nearly 1,000 units worth $69M in just three years. So, what’s the secret to scaling fast the way Chris did? Chris is the Founder and CEO of Sterling Rhino Capital, where he specializes in commercial debt, managing financials and investor relations. A full-time entrepreneur and investor since 2007, Chris started his real estate career by renovating, flipping and renting dozens of single-family properties. But after attending one of our events, Chris shifted his focus to helping people create cashflow by investing in larger apartment buildings of 100 units or more.  On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Chris joins
24/01/202248 minutes 55 seconds
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MB301: A Blueprint for Developing New Skills – With Jerome Maldonado

In a culture with an aversion to failure, learning something new is scary. So, what is the best way to build new skills? How much information do you need before you start doing? And how do you keep moving forward when it gets hard? Real Estate Investor and Developer Jerome Maldonado got his start in direct sales and built a six-figure network marketing business in his mid-20’s. He leveraged those skills in team building and sales mastery to pivot into real estate and construction. Today, Jerome runs an eight-figure empire, and he is currently focused on land development and multifamily investing. On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Jerome joins cohost Garrett Lynch and me to share his blueprint for getting into a new business and offer advice on how to stick with something when it gets hard. He explains how he developed such a strong work ethic, describing how he bui
17/01/202244 minutes 25 seconds
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MB300: The Best of 2021 on Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing

We had some inspiring guests on the podcast in 2021, all with their own particular interest or expertise around achieving financial freedom. But the one thing they all have in common is the powerful combination of hard work and passion it takes to achieve next-level success. So, what were some of the highlights from our interviews this past year? What are my top takeaways from the entrepreneurs and real estate investors who appeared on the show? On this episode, I’m sharing the Best of 2021 on Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, beginning with Jordan Harbinger’s insight on building relationships BEFORE you need them and Brandon Turner’s simple approach to developing your personal brand. We revisit John Lee Dumas’ dynamic formula for becoming a person of value, Joe Fairless’ perspective on raising capital through a fund and Chad Williams’ thoughts on applying Navy SEAL principles to your multifamily business. Listen in as we look back at Liz Fair
10/01/202221 minutes 54 seconds
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MB299: 2021 Year in Review & Market Outlook for 2022

One of the best things you can do for yourself at the end of each year is take time to reflect on what you’ve learned and achieved. Celebrate your wins and apply the lessons learned as you plan for the year to come. On this solo episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, I reflect on 2021 through the lens of our core values here at the Michael Blank brands, sharing what I’ve learned about making intentional decisions based on what’s really important to you. I discuss some of the milestones we’ve achieved in the last year, celebrating the launch of our Deal Maker Certification program and the three deals we closed through our investing arm, Nighthawk Equity. Listen in for insight into the market outlook for multifamily in 2022 and find out what we’ve got planned for the new year—and how YO
03/01/202230 minutes 21 seconds
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MB298: The 4 Levels of Financial Freedom – With Mandy McAllister

The more truth you put to any problem, the easier it is to solve. So, if you want to quit your W-2 job, start by doing the math. Because once you know how much you need to cover your living expenses, it’s just a matter of building your multifamily portfolio step by step until you achieve financial freedom. Mandy McAllister is Managing Member of Good Fortune Capital and Cofounder of the Aspiring Women Achieving More community. After years of chasing a commission, Mandy retired from her 9-to-5 in medical device sales to pursue multifamily investing full time. Today, she’s on a mission to help others define their own path to financial freedom. On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Mandy joins cohost Garret
27/12/202139 minutes 27 seconds
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MB297: What’s the Key to Happiness—Success or Significance? – With David Meltzer

What will make you happy? Yes, money gives us the freedom to retire early and spend our days on a beach somewhere. But it doesn't take long to realize that a fulfilling life requires purpose and meaning. That the end goal is not success but significance.  Bestselling author and Top 100 Business Coach David Meltzer is the cofounder of Sports 1 Marketing and former CEO of Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment, the agency that inspired the film Jerry Maguire. David is also the executive producer of the television series 2 Minute Drill and Office Hours and host of The Playbook Podcast. His life’s mission is to empower one billion people to be happy. On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, David joins cohost Garrett Lynch and me to explain what he learned f
20/12/202137 minutes
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MB296: Getting Brokers to Take You Seriously – With Savannah Arroyo

How do you get brokers to take you seriously if you’re brand new to multifamily? Savannah Arroyo and her husband Lupe talked to 50 brokers before they found one who was willing to work with them. But that relationship led to three deals in nine months, allowing Savannah to quit her full-time job as an RN! Savannah is the Founder of Networth Nurse, a platform designed to help healthcare professionals stop living paycheck to paycheck. Through the Networth Nurse blog and YouTube channel, she educates and empowers her colleagues around personal finance and multifamily investing. Savannah and her husband Lupe leveraged the Michael Blank Mentoring Pr
13/12/202144 minutes 51 seconds
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MB295: Become a Person of Value, Achieve Success – With John Lee Dumas

John Lee Dumas spent the first 32 years of his life chasing the almighty dollar—with little success. But when he took Albert Einstein’s advice and decided to become a man of value, that’s when JLD got a taste of success. JLD is the host of the award-winning podcast Entrepreneurs on Fire, which has racked up over 100M listens and 3K five-star reviews since its launch in 2012. Through EOF, he has interviewed more than 3K of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, delivering the inspiration and strategies listeners need to FIRE UP their own entrepreneurial journey. JLD is also the author of The Common Path to Uncommon Success: A Roadmap to Financial Freedom and Fulfillment. On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, JLD joins cohost Garrett Lynch and me to discuss his early struggle t
06/12/202140 minutes 53 seconds
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MB294: Build Your Confidence at Deal Maker Bootcamp – With Drew Kniffin

Robert Kiyosaki’s Cone of Learning illustrates that while we only remember 10% of what we read after two weeks, we recall a full 90% of what we say and do. And that’s why aspiring investors who work through a simulation of their first deal are so much more confident than those who don’t practice the process beforehand.  But what does it look like to simulate your first multifamily deal? Where can you go to rehearse the steps in the Deal Maker Blueprint and gain the confidence to follow through? On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Nighthawk Equity President Drew Kniffin joins me to discuss our upcoming Deal Maker
29/11/202125 minutes 28 seconds
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MB293: Scale Your Syndication Business Through Social Media – With Brandon Turner

Imagine having the ability to raise $100M for syndication deals in less than 18 months on your favorite social media platform! The fact is, you can take advantage of Facebook, Instagram and even TikTok to reach accredited investors and build connection until they trust you with their money. But how do you create a personal brand and grow an audience online? Brandon Turner is a real estate investor, entrepreneur, speaker and host of the BiggerPockets Podcast. He serves as Founder and Managing Partner at Open Door Capital, a firm that focuses on value-add multifamily properties and mobile home parks. Brandon is also the coauthor of the recently released two-volume series <a href= "
22/11/202143 minutes 37 seconds
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MB292: Find the Right Investing Partners Through Core Values

Multifamily investing is a team sport. And choosing the right partners and team members is critical. But how do you go about determining who is a good fit for your organization and who isn’t? On this solo episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, I discuss the importance of figuring out what you stand for and then using those core values to make decisions in your investing business. I walk you through the process of determining your core values, explaining how to choose your themes and translate them into easy-to-memorize headers. Listen in for insight around our core values here at the Michael Blank organization and learn how to get clear on your own values and use them to find the right partners and team members for your investing business!  Key Takeaways  The importance of identifying your core values Find quality partners and hire team <li style="font-weight: 400;" aria-level="1
15/11/202116 minutes 24 seconds
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MB291: From Homeless Addict to Successful Investor – With Rob Rowsell

While most of us resist setbacks and struggles, both are crucial to our growth. In fact, the most successful investors are those who respond to failure with resilience. Who pick themselves up, dust themselves off and take the next step of uncomfortable action toward their dreams. Rob Rowsell embodies that kind of human will. In 1999, he was a homeless crack addict living on the streets. Then, he stumbled into a rehab center, and through sheer grit, Rob turned his life around. Today, he is a real estate investor, motivational speaker, multiple business owner and bestselling author of Addicted to Life: How I Went from Homeless to Extraordinary Success and Happiness in a Short Period of Time. On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Rob joins cohost Garrett Lynch and
08/11/202139 minutes 52 seconds
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MB290: An Introvert’s Guide to Investing with Partners – With Camilla Jeffs

While single-family real estate is an individual sport, multifamily investing usually involves partners. But finding someone you trust to work with on a multi-million-dollar apartment deal can be challenging, especially for an introvert. So, how do you overcome limiting beliefs around partnering to become a successful multifamily investor? Camilla Jeffs is the Founder and CEO of Steady Stream Investments, a firm focused on providing investment opportunities in large multifamily and senior housing communities. Also known as the Introverted Investor, she has served as the GP for four deals in nine months, built a portfolio of 250 units and quit her W-2 job! Camilla has 19 years of experience in real estate, and she is passionate about educating passive investors around the opportunity to achieve financial freedom throug
01/11/202139 minutes 10 seconds
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MB289: Apply the 80/20 Rule to Scale Your Syndication Business – With Perry Marshall

You may have heard the idea that only 20% of what we do in business produces 80% of the results. And it follows that if you identify the right 20% and focus on that, you can scale a syndication business fast. But what does that look like in practice? How do you apply the 80/20 rule to make decisions around how to spend your time? Endorsed by Forbes and Inc. Magazine, Perry Marshall is one of the most expensive business strategists in the world and the creator of the world’s largest science research challenge, the $10M Evolution 2.0 Prize. Perry’s reinvention of the Pareto Principle is published in the Harvard Business Review, and he is the author of eight books, including 80/20 Sales and Marketing and <a href= "
25/10/202139 minutes 4 seconds
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MB288: Why Relationships Are Your Best Insurance Policy – With Jordan Harbinger

Most people wait until they need something to start networking. But it’s a real challenge to talk people into helping you when they haven’t heard from you in years. On the other hand, if you make networking a priority and ‘dig the well before you’re thirsty,’ those connections become true friends who fight for you when you need it. Jordan Harbinger is the host of iTunes Top 100 ranked The Jordan Harbinger Show, a podcast where he interviews the world’s top performers, including legendary actors and musicians, intelligence operatives, professional athletes, iconic writers and other visionary change-makers. Jordan is best known for creating one of the leading self-development programs in the world, with a special emphasis on social capital and relationship building. On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Jordan joins cohost Garrett Lynch and me to share his proactive
18/10/202145 minutes 24 seconds
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MB287: Investing in International Real Estate Markets – With Ronan McMahon

If I could go back in time, I’d return to 2010 and take advantage of the big buying moment in real estate at the time. But Ronan McMahon argues that if you set your sights beyond the States, there are circumstances like that at play somewhere in the world right now—if you’re willing to invest in international markets. Ronan is a contributing editor at International Living and founder of Real Estate Trend Alert, a newsletter where he explores investment opportunities from all over the world. Ronan spends six months of the year on the road, looking for the best real estate investments around the globe. He is also the author of Profit Principle: An Insider’s Guide to Doubling Your Mon
11/10/202136 minutes 52 seconds
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MB286: The Rocky Transition from Flips to Multifamily – With J Scott

You might think it would be easy for a well-known flipper to transition to multifamily. But the truth is, a successful career in single-family does NOT translate to the world of apartment building investing. So, how do you make the leap from single-family rentals and flips to multifamily investor? J Scott serves as Partner at Bar Down Investments, a multifamily investing firm with a portfolio of 1,000 units. J got his start in single-family real estate and built a reputation in the flipping business, rehabbing 500 properties and authoring four bestselling books in the BiggerPockets library. And then 18 months ago, J made the transition to multifamily investing. On this episode of the podcast, J joins cohost Garrett Lynch and me to shar
04/10/202139 minutes
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MB285: Success Starts with Purpose – With David Osborn

The most successful people are also the most purposeful. They create a vision for the future and take steps to get a little better every day. They take the time to ask: Is my life working for me? If not, how would I like it to look different? David Osborn is the principal owner of the sixth largest real estate company in the US with 4,500-plus agents and $11B in annual sales. David also runs a real estate investing private equity firm and operates 35 other profitable real estate related businesses in the US and Canada. He is well-known for being one of the cofounders of GoBundance, a community of healthy, wealthy, generous men who choose to lead EPIC lives. On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, David joins cohost Garrett Lynch and me to explain his tagline, ‘Who you become on your journey
27/09/202147 minutes 47 seconds
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MB284: How to Structure Multifamily Deals to Mitigate Risk – With Andrew Cushman

Even if you choose the right property, the wrong debt can wreck a multifamily deal. So, what can we do to manage shifts in the real estate market? How do we structure deals in a way that mitigates risk? Andrew Cushman serves as Principal at Vantage Point Acquisitions, a private equity firm focused on acquiring and repositioning multifamily properties throughout the Southeast US. He left his 9-to-5 as a chemical engineer for real estate in 2007 and built a lucrative house flipping business before finding multifamily in 2011. Since then, Andrew has successfully syndicated more than 2,100 units and launched The Multifamily Accelerator, a mastermind for active and experienced real estate investors. On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Andrew joins cohost Garrett Lynch and me to explain why he is confident about buying multifamily right now and share what he is doing to maintain
20/09/202148 minutes 40 seconds
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MB283: The State of Multifamily

Is now really a good time to get started in multifamily? COVID put real estate on a bit of a roller coaster ride. The market cooled for a bit but then came back even hotter! So, is it too hot now? What should we be thinking about as we decide whether to invest now or wait until later? On this solo episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, I explain why there will never be a PERFECT time to get into multifamily and discuss how we adjust our tactics with ups and down in the market. I offer insight on why real estate prices are going up right now and describe what soaring construction costs, ongoing demand for affordable housing and rising inflation means for multifamily. Listen in to understand the relationship between rising rents and property values—and find out why investing in REAL assets is the best thing you can do right now! Key Takeaways My insight on why now is the right time to get into multifamily There w
13/09/202124 minutes 8 seconds
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MB282: Reframe Adversity as Rocket Fuel – With Mike ‘C-Roc’ Ciorrocco

Most people see adversity as a bad thing and avoid it at all costs. But what if setbacks are simply part of the journey to success? What if we can convert adversity into rocket fuel and use it to propel us to the next level? Mike ‘C-Roc’ Ciorrocco is the CEO of People Building, Inc. and Cofounder of the emerging tech company Blooprinted. He was named one of the Top Business Leaders to Follow in 2020 by Yahoo Finance and was #1 on their list of Top Mortgage Professionals the same year. Mike is also the host of What Are You Made Of? and the bestselling author of Rocket Fuel: Convert Setbacks, Become Unstoppable. On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Mike joins cohost Garrett Lynch and me to
06/09/202152 minutes 19 seconds
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MB281: How to Scale a Portfolio of Mobile Home Parks – With Kevin Bupp

Scale is crucial to achieving financial freedom with real estate. And while multifamily is the fastest way to achieve scale, there are other commercial asset classes that will get you there, provided you understand the challenges and how to overcome them. Kevin Bupp is living the dream with mobile home parks, and he’s well-versed what it takes to grow a portfolio in this niche market. Kevin is the CEO of Sunrise Capital Investors, a firm that helps investors build legacy wealth through commercial real estate investing. Kevin and his team focus on mobile home parks and parking assets, market segments with less competition than other asset classes. He has been a real estate investor since he was 19 years old, and he has specialized in mobile home parks for the last 10 years. Kevin is also the host of the <a href= "https://w
30/08/202150 minutes 24 seconds
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MB280: Take on the Challenge to Invest Out of Area – With Edna Keep

Investing out of your area is a challenge. And investing WAY out of your area, like in a different country, adds another layer of complexity to doing a deal. But as long as you’re willing to make a decision and start moving forward, there’s nothing you can’t figure out along the way. Edna Keep is a real estate investment coach and author of Multiple Ways to Wealth: Creating Your Prosperous Lifestyle. Edna spent 15 years as a financial advisor before she was introduced to real estate, and today, her team owns a portfolio of 800 doors worth $65M in both the US and Canada. On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Edna joins cohost Garrett Lynch and
23/08/202137 minutes 47 seconds
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M279: Why Real Estate Is the Best Kind of Entrepreneurship – With Pete Schnepp

All entrepreneurial activities are not created equal. Running a service-based business is an active pursuit. You’re managing employees, making sales and then following through with high quality work. But in real estate, once you do the initial legwork, the money comes in automatically with very little effort on your part. Pete Schnepp is the successful entrepreneur behind Envision Painting and Roof Coatings, Bug Science Pest Control and PRS Properties. Pete got serious about building a real estate portfolio in 2017, and today, his rental income covers his family’s living expenses, and he is financially free. On this episode of the podcast, Pete joins cohost Garrett Lynch and me to discuss what sets real estate apart from other kinds of entrepreneurship. Pete walks us through the steps he took to build a portfolio of properties and explains why his family continues to live below thei
16/08/202139 minutes 37 seconds
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MB278: Raising Money Through a Fund vs. Single-Asset Deals – With Joe Fairless

The vast majority of multifamily syndicators don’t stop with one property. And with each new deal, we start the stressful process of raising money all over again. But it doesn’t have to be that way! So, how does it work to raise capital for multiple deals through a fund? Joe Fairless is the Cofounder and Partner at Ashcroft Capital, a multifamily firm that invests in 200-plus-unit value-add deals. The Ashcroft team has a portfolio of 38 properties, and in February of 2021, they pivoted from raising money for individual deals to raising capital through funds. On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Joe joins me (and the attendees of Deal Maker Live) to discuss the pros and cons of raising money through a fund. He explains the benefit of being able to spread out your capital raise over time, brin
09/08/202129 minutes 4 seconds
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MB277: Why Focus on Multifamily Operations? – With Ashley Wilson

In the short term, multifamily investors can have success simply playing the appreciation game. But if you want to build a multifamily portfolio that survives and thrives for the long term, you have to make operations a priority.  Ashley Wilson is the cofounder of Bar Down Investments and the bestselling author of The Only Woman in the Room: Knowledge and Inspiration from 20 Women Real Estate Investors. Ashley has been involved in $60M-plus in real estate transactions in the last 12 years, and she leads asset and construction management for her own multifamily investments.  On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Ashley joins cohost Garrett Lynch and me to explain why it’s essential for syndicators to focus on operations. Ashle
02/08/202138 minutes 29 seconds
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MB276: Add a Zero to Your Next Capital Raise – With Jonathan Barr

So, you want to go for bigger deals, but your current network is pretty much tapped out. Maybe you struggled to raise $500K for your last deal, and you’d like to add a zero for the next one. How do you attract new investors and scale your capital raise? Jonathan Barr is the Cofounder and Principal at JB2 Investments, a real estate investment firm specializing in 70-plus-unit value-add projects in high cashflow, landlord-friendly markets. Jonathan began his real estate career in 2009, facilitating the acquisition of 400 residential flips in the LA market that generated $22M in profit for his family’s business.  On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Jonathan joins me to explain what inspired him to invest outside the LA market, sharing the mental blocks he had to overcome to buy properties in the Midwest. Jonathan walks us through his first multifamily deal in Oklahoma
26/07/202134 minutes 47 seconds
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MB 275: Is This the End of the Apartment Building Investing Podcast?

In nearly 300 episodes of the Apartment Building Investing podcast, I’ve talked to big names in real estate like Robert Kiyosaki, Brandon Turner and Grant Cardone. I’ve also had conversations with countless men and women you may not have heard of who achieved financial freedom through multifamily syndications. And now, Apartment Building Investing is coming to an end. But only because we’re celebrating a new beginning and rebranding the show as Financial Freedom with Real Estate! On this episode, I explain how Financial Freedom with Real Estate more accurately reflects our mission here at The Michael Blank Organization. I explain what makes investing in apartments better than single family homes, sharing examples of people we’ve empowered to quit their jobs and live a life of purpose through multifamily investing. Listen in for insight on the benefits of our Deal Maker Certification
16/07/202111 minutes 10 seconds
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MB 274: Residential Assisted Living with Heart (at Scale) – With Loe Hornbuckle

Multifamily investors know the advantages of scale. But when it comes to residential assisted living or RAL, bigger isn’t always better. The big-box model often leads to poor healthcare outcomes, treating residents not as individuals but part of a process. So, how can investors scale senior living facilities without compromising care? Loe Hornbuckle is CEO of Sage Oak Assisted Living and Memory Care and Cofounder of GoodHorn Capital, a real estate investment firm focused on recession-resistant asset classes including build-to-rent and senior living. Loe has a heart for improving the residential assisted living experience, providing residents with both the quality care associated with small RAL facilities and the advantages of scale. On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Loe joins cohost Garrett Lynch and me to s
12/07/202135 minutes 47 seconds
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MB 273: A SEAL’s Take on Responding to Adversity – With Chad Williams

Adversity is not optional. Whether you’re a Navy SEAL or a multifamily investor, you’re going to face difficult circumstances. And while you don’t have control over what happens, you DO control how you respond. Are you going to let adversity knock you down? Or will you rise to the occasion?  Chad Williams the bestselling author of SEAL of God, a memoir of his grueling journey through Naval Ops training and onto the war-torn streets of Iraq. Chad is also a sought-after international speaker, drawing on his experience as Navy SEAL to share lessons around teamwork, integrity, mental toughness and overcoming adversity, and he is set to deliver the keynote address at <a href= "" target="_blank" rel
05/07/202136 minutes 20 seconds
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MB 272: Best Practices for Multifamily Asset Management – With Kyle Mitchell

Asset management may not be as sexy as raising money or chasing deals. But it’s the aspect of multifamily investing that makes a deal successful—or not. So, what’s involved in the operation of an apartment building? And how can an asset manager work with their property management team to solve problems together? Kyle Mitchell is the cofounder of Asset Management Mastery, a platform designed to help multifamily investors become best-in-class operators. Kyle owns and operates a portfolio of 400 units worth $400M in Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona. He is also the coauthor of Best in Class: How to Manage Your Multifamily Asset, Avoid Mistakes and Build Wealth Through Real Estate and serves as a <a href="" target= "_blank" rel="noopene
28/06/202141 minutes 51 seconds
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MB 271: Start with Belief & Build a Multifamily Business – With Timothy Lyons

What does a multifamily investor look like? If you grew up in a working-class family that didn’t talk about money, let alone investing, you may have a hard time seeing yourself as a successful syndicator. But you don’t have to be a Wall Street guy to build a multifamily real estate business. You can raise millions of dollars for deals no matter where you come from… But you’ve got to BELIEVE you can. Timothy Lyons is a 15-year veteran of the New York City Fire Department and Principal and Managing Partner at Cityside Capital. He invested in his first 3-family property at the end of 2019, and today, he has been involved in 5 syndications worth over $100M. Tim is also a contributor to Bringing Value, Solving Problems and Leaving a Legacy, a collection of powerful stories of transformation from thought leaders, entrepre
21/06/202137 minutes 54 seconds
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MB 270: Partner Up & Push Through Adversity – With Gary Van Bortel & John Bilinski

It’s easy to talk yourself out of your first multifamily deal. Working through obstacle after obstacle alone wears on a first-time syndicator, and you feel like giving up. But if you partner with another investor, you don’t want to let each other down. And you push through adversity, showing up with a kind of tenacity you may not have had on your own.  Gary Van Bortel and John Bilinski are the syndication team behind ROC Capital Group, a multifamily investment firm out of Rochester, New York. Gary and John have 30 years of investing experience between them, building individual portfolios of single family and small multifamily properties before partnering on their first apartment syndication in 2020, a $1M raise for 48-unit deal in Syracuse. Gary and John are also the organizers of the Upstate
14/06/202142 minutes 7 seconds
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MB 269: Repositioning Hotels as Multifamily Assets – With Serge Shukhat

COVID decimated the hotel industry, bringing property values down significantly. And savvy multifamily investors are buying distressed hotels on the cheap and converting them into apartment buildings. But what are the pros and cons of this strategy?  Serge Shukhat serves as Principal at Zona Capital, LLC, a real estate investment firm that specializes in acquiring value-add multifamily and mobile home park assets. Serge spent 13 years as a corporate warrior before leaving his W-2 in 2012 with the cashflow from 70 single family rentals. Then he shifted his focus to multifamily and now owns a portfolio of more than 1,000 units. And in the last two years, Serge has developed an innovative strategy for repositioning hotels as multifamily properties. On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Serge joins cohost Garrett Lynch and me to share his approach to converting hotels
07/06/202141 minutes 40 seconds
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MB 268: The 6 Seismic Shifts to Become a Successful Investor

I used to dismiss mindset as the key to success. But I’ve since come to understand that until you get your head straight, you won’t take action. So, what mindset shifts do you need to make to become a successful multifamily investor? On this solo episode of Apartment Building Investing, I walk you through the 6 seismic shifts it takes to quit your job with real estate, challenging you to clear on WHY you want financial freedom and develop a strong belief in yourself and the system you’re following.  I explain why you have to accept that you don’t know everything and take consistent action over time to see results. Listen in for insight on playing the long game and learn the benefits of partnering with others to scale a successful syndication business! Key Takeaways  Seismic Shift #1—Clarity  Get clear on what you want, why you want it Develop through morning r
31/05/202120 minutes 58 seconds
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MB 267: The 5 Success Principles of Top Real Estate Investors– With Steven Pesavento

After interviewing 100 of the top real estate investors, Steven Pesavento realized that mindset really is the foundation of investing success. So, how do the most successful investors and entrepreneurs think differently? And how can you apply these same principles to your investing efforts and achieve real-world success? Steven is the President and Trusted Advisor at VonFinch Capital, a real estate firm out of Denver, Colorado, that focuses on curating hassle-free passive investments. He flipped 200 houses in three years before transitioning to multifamily in 2020. Steven is also the host of The Investor Mindset Podcast and the author of Principles of Success: Lessons from Top Real Estate Investors
24/05/202149 minutes 35 seconds
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MB 266: The 10 Commandments of Lifestyle Investing – With Justin Donald

A lifestyle investor doesn’t trade time for money. They buy cashflowing assets that replace their W-2 income and go on to build a life around what matters most—focusing on their family, their passions and their purpose.  So, what steps can YOU take to become a financially independent lifestyle investor? Justin Donald is the Founder of The Lifestyle Investor, a platform designed to help people use low-risk, cashflow investing to enjoy a life of passive income NOW. He leveraged real estate to grow his net worth to eight figures in less than two years, and he shares the blueprint in The Lifestyle Investor: The 10 Commandments of Cashflow Investing for Passive Income and Financial Freedom. Justin also serves as the host of the Lifestyle
17/05/202147 minutes 8 seconds
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MB 265: Build Relationships, Build a Multifamily Business – With Philippe Schulligen

The beauty of multifamily investing is that you don’t do it alone. If you’re just getting started, you can bring a deal to an experienced operator. And once you’ve built a network of your own, you can flip the script and cosponsor deals with up-and-coming syndicators, leveraging your relationships to raise money for deals and scale your business faster! Philippe Schulligen is the Founder of Five Five Five Ventures, a firm dedicated to helping professionals navigate multifamily real estate investments. Philippe is the co-owner of 1,450 multifamily units worth $70M, and he has raised $22M in capital from investors. Philippe spent 20 years in corporate aviation before quitting his 9-to-5 for real estate, and he also serves as a mentor for The Michael Blank organization. On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Philippe joins cohost Garrett Lynch and me to explain how he got his start in mul
10/05/202148 minutes 47 seconds
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MB 264: Faith, Family & Multifamily Investing – With Lee Yoder

You take that promotion at work because you want to provide better for your family. But then you’re working MORE hours and seeing even LESS of the people you love. So, what if you could stop trading time for money?  What if you didn’t have to decide between realizing big dreams for your family and spending quality time with them? Lee Yoder is the Founder and Managing Partner of Threefold Real Estate Investing, a multifamily investing firm based in Lebanon, Ohio. Lee was working as a physical therapist when he started investing in real estate, and by December of 2020, he quit his job as a physical therapist to be a full-time investor. Lee also hosts the Threefold Real Estate Investing Podcast, a show that focuses on leveraging multifamily investing to enjoy a stronger relationship with your family and a better walk with
03/05/202155 minutes 9 seconds
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MB 263: The Curious Law of the First Deal + Why Get Certified

It’s overwhelming to think through how many doors you need to quit your job with real estate. But what if I told you that all you really have to do is get one multifamily deal under your belt? Over and over again, I’ve observed that once an investor closes on their first deal, they achieve financial freedom very quickly—and with little effort. So, how does that work? On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, I explain the curious Law of the First Deal, describing how your first deal triggers opportunities for second and third deals in rapid, automatic succession. I share my idea of a Time Freedom Clock, discussing the typical timeline for quitting your job with multifamily. Listen in to understand why the Law of the First Deal works and learn how our new Deal Maker Certification gets you ‘deal ready’ in just 90 days! Key Takeaways The phenomenon around the Law of the Fir
26/04/202116 minutes 53 seconds
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MB 262: The Deal Maker Certification for Multifamily Syndicators

What if you could run a successful multifamily syndication business with other people’s money? And what if you could do it with no prior experience and achieve financial freedom in one to three years? Here at the Michael Blank organization, we’ve helped 130-plus new investors do their first deal, using a step-by-step process we call the Deal Maker Blueprint. On this solo episode of Apartment Building Investing, I walk you through the 8-step system to achieve financial freedom with multifamily syndications, explaining why it’s crucial to map your vision and connect with a network of likeminded peers early in your journey. I describe how to get the skill set you need to speak to brokers and investors (in just 30 days!) and then work the system, analyzing deals and building your pipeline until you close your first deal. Listen in for insight on scaling a syndication busi
19/04/202133 minutes 13 seconds
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MB 261: A Community of Women Real Estate InvestHERs– With Elizabeth Faircloth

If you can see it, you can be it. And as more female multifamily investors speak up about what they are doing, it gives other women permission to pursue real estate too. To that end, Elizabeth Faircloth is creating a community where women investors can get support the way they need it. Elizabeth is the Cofounder of the DeRosa Group, a multifamily investing firm on a mission to transform lives through real estate. She and her husband Matt manage a portfolio of 1,000 units worth $60M up and down the east coast. Liz is also the Co-creator of The Real Estate InvestHER, a community that empowers women real estate investors to live a financially free and balanced life. On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Liz joins cohost Garrett Lynch and me to offer advice for couples on aligning their goals early on.
12/04/202147 minutes 58 seconds
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MB 260: Multifamily Networking from Anywhere in the World – With Suzy Sevier & Michael Barnhart

So, you want to be a multifamily investor, but… You’ve never done a deal before. You don’t feel comfortable approaching potential partners. The pandemic has shut down all of the usual networking events. And you live six time zones ahead of the market where you’d like to invest. But what if all of these challenges are really just opportunities to grow? Suzy Sevier and Michael Barnhart are the husband-and-wife team behind Adventurous Real Estate Investors, a multifamily firm dedicated to helping avid travelers and adventure seekers create passive income and time freedom through apartment building investing. Suzy and Michael got interested in real estate during the lockdown, and in nine months, they have attended 10 virtual events, booked 600 networking calls, put together an experienced team and built a portfolio of 88 units—without leaving their home in the UK! On this episode of Apartment
05/04/202146 minutes 1 second
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MB 259: Break Out of Corporate America with Multifamily – With Jenny Gou & Steven Louie

When you have a high-paying corporate job, it can be tough to walk away. But if time freedom is a priority for you, and you’re willing to take action, you absolutely CAN break out of the rat race and replace your W-2 income with multifamily real estate. Jenny Gou and Steven Louie are the Cofounders of Vertical Street Ventures, a multifamily investment firm dedicated to helping people achieve financial freedom through passive investing in real estate. Steve is an experienced multifamily investor with a portfolio of 2,500-plus units, and he recently quit his corporate job to focus on real estate full time. Jenny left the rat race early in 2020 with a portfolio of single-family homes, and since then, she has gone from zero to 800 multifamily units. On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Jenny and Steve join me to discuss how they broke out of corporate America, describing the mind
29/03/202140 minutes 33 seconds
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MB 258: The Gifting System That Generates a 10X Return – With John Ruhlin

Without the high-net-worth individuals who put money in our deals, we wouldn’t have a syndication business. And yet, most of us are terrible at showing our appreciation to the passive investors we work with. When a deal goes through, we send them a mug or hat with our logo on it and call it a day. But does that reflect what the relationship is actually worth to us? Is there a better way to do gifting? John Ruhlin is the Cofounder of Giftology Group, a strategic gifting consultancy that helps sales leaders, business owners and executives unlock loyalty and turn clients into raving fans. He founded Giftology Group in college to market Cutco Cutlery as a high-end corporate gift to companies of all sizes, and today, John is the #1 distributor in Cutco’s 60-year history. John is also a sought-after keynote speaker and author of <a href= "
22/03/202158 minutes 2 seconds
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MB 257: Achieve Financial Freedom Before You Turn 21– With Cody Davis

There’s a lot of pressure on high school grads to go to college. Without a degree, the story goes, we can’t earn good money. But Cody Davis realized he didn’t need earned income if he could make passive income with real estate. And he didn’t let little things like being 19 years old and having no money or experience get in his way. Cody is a broker with Blackwell Real Estate in Tacoma, Washington, and multifamily investor with a portfolio of 24 units. And he just turned 21. Cody dropped out of college to get his real estate license just two years ago, and since then, he’s closed on two 12-unit deals—without using any of his own money! On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Cody joins me to explain how he overcame the pressure to go to college and what inspired his mentor to take Cody on. He shares his unique approach to cold calling, discussing why
15/03/202154 minutes 53 seconds
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MB 256: Find Your WHY, Find a Way to Invest in Real Estate – With Sadhana Sabharwal

When your WHY is big enough, you find a way. It doesn’t matter that you’re brand new to real estate investing. It doesn’t matter that you don’t have a college degree. And it doesn’t matter that you don’t have any money. Sadhana Sabharwal is the real estate investor and coach behind Single Mom Millionaire and The No Money Down Academy training course. Sadhana was a recently-divorced, single mother of three boys when she got into real estate, and in four years, she built a portfolio of 46 doors. Sadhana’s focus is on buying, renovating and holding properties for positive cashflow, and she specializes in creative financing strategies that leverage other people’s money to buy real estate. On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Sadhana joins cohost Garrett Lynch and me to explain how a painful divo
08/03/202139 minutes 10 seconds
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MB 255: Opportunities in Oil for Passive Investors – With Bob Burr

As a passive investors, we understand the importance of building a diverse portfolio. And while multifamily is the best investment on the planet, it doesn’t hurt to explore our options, especially when BIG opportunities present themselves. So, what are the opportunities in oil right now? And how do we choose a project that is likely to succeed? Bob Burr is the driving force behind Burrite, an investment firm that focuses on the acquisition and consolidation of oil and gas properties. A 47-year veteran of oil and energy finance, Bob is dedicated to helping the industry bounce back from the COVID crisis by providing the bridge capital necessary to weather the current economic storm. Bob is currently raising money for the BR Dome property, a project that involves recompleting 247 existing wells with room for 200 more. On t
01/03/202136 minutes 22 seconds
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MB 254: A Hands-On Approach to Asset Management – With Daniel Simpson

In real estate school, they teach you that the money is made when you buy. But that just isn’t true for apartment buildings. Yes, you have to buy right. But in the multifamily space, the money is made in the execution of your plan to increase revenue and reduce expenses. And the asset manager is responsible for making sure that happens. Daniel Simpson serves as Asset Manager at Nighthawk Equity, the investing arm of The Michael Blank organization. He has nearly 30 years of experience in multifamily, residential and commercial property management, developing an expertise in strategic business forecasting, budget allocation, complex data analysis and property financials. Daniel has an impressive track record of acquiring, renovating and repositioning C-class value-add properties in as little as 18 months. On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Daniel joins me to share his hands-on appro
22/02/202143 minutes 40 seconds
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MB 253: Don’t Follow Money, Make Money Follow You – With Keith Weinhold

Yes, work ethic and taking action are key in becoming a successful real estate investor. But mindset is even more important. Before you can start working toward the life you want, you have to conquer middleclass thinking. You have to stop following the money and start making money follow YOU. Keith Weinhold is the real estate educator, entrepreneur and investor behind Get Rich Education, a platform designed to help people achieve financial freedom through real estate investing. An active member of the Forbes Real Estate Council, Keith is known for his expertise around buy-and-hold real estate, and he transacts 100-plus properties per year. Keith is also a bestselling author and host of the wildly popular Get Rich Education Podcast, a show with more than 3M downloads in 188 countries. On this ep
15/02/202150 minutes 58 seconds
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MB 252: Want to Raise Capital? Focus on Investor Relations! – With David Meilan

Raising capital is at the heart of multifamily syndication. But how do you build relationships with prospective investors and make them feel comfortable enough to trust you with their hard-earned money? David Meilan is the Director of Investor Relations at Nighthawk Equity, the investing arm of The Michael Blank organization. He has worked in the multifamily space since 2018, raising over $100M in investor capital for a range of commercial syndications. David excels at maintaining relationships with investors, and he is committed to helping people achieve financial freedom through passive investing in multifamily real estate. On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, David joins me to discuss the importance of building relationships with investors and explain what he is doing to turn prospects into raving fans of Nighthawk Equity. He walks us through the steps of raising capital for a de
08/02/202130 minutes 20 seconds
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MB 251: How True Success Is Built On Relationships – With Pat Hiban

They say that your network is your net worth. And Pat Hiban has proven this to be true over and over again. Making connections through networking and mastermind groups, he has established multiple business partnerships and created more than 30 passive income streams! So, how can we leverage what Pat has learned about building relationships to reach the next level of success in our own lives? Pat is the Cofounder of GoBundance, a business mastermind for healthy, wealthy, generous men who want to lead EPIC lives. A former top-performing real estate agent, Pat was the #1 RE/MAX agent in the world in 2004 and earned the same honor with Keller Williams in 2006, selling more than 4,000 homes worth over one billion dollars in the course of his career. Pat is also the former host of the Real Estate Rockstars Podcast and the author of <a href
01/02/202138 minutes 26 seconds
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MB 250: The Best of 2020 on Apartment Building Investing

We’ve always said that multifamily is recession-proof, and 2020 gave us a chance to prove it. While the stock market and other asset classes suffered in the pandemic, apartment buildings continue to provide steady cashflow and a safe place to keep our money growing for the long term. So, what can syndicators do to get this message to more people and build a successful real estate investing business? On this episode, I’m sharing the Best of 2020 on the Apartment Building Investing Podcast, beginning with last year’s biggest news—the Coronavirus pandemic. We revisit Drew Kniffin’s thoughts on the risk COVID poses for passive investors, Drew Whitson’s take on why multifamily is still the strongest asset class in real estate, and Russell Gray’s insight on how to protect your wealth in a crisis. We look back at my conversations with Pat Flynn and Amy Porterfield on marketing to investors online and my interview with Gino Wickman around what it takes to be a successful entre
25/01/202140 minutes
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MB 249: Increase Your NOI Through Cell Tower Investing – With Hugh Odom

The most successful real estate investors find creative ways to increase their NOI either by adding amenities for residents or reducing expenses. But there is a new opportunity for property owners that you may not be aware of. What if you could earn more money by leasing out a portion of your building for a 5G cell phone tower? Hugh Odom is the Founder and President of Vertical Consultants, a telecom consulting firm that has advised major corporations such as Walmart, McDonald’s and Disney, as well as government institutions like the Department of Veterans Affairs, the New York Housing Authority and the United States Postal Service. Hugh served as an attorney for AT&T for 11-plus years, and today, he leverages his expertise in the telecom industry to help real estate investors earn additional income through cell tower leases. On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Hugh joins
18/01/202140 minutes 54 seconds
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MB 248: Grow Your Investor Base & Raise Millions in Days – With Jeff Anzalone

So, you’ve done a multifamily deal or two, and your friends and family are maxed out in the money department. You’re ready to take on bigger and bigger deals, but you’re struggling to raise capital. What is the best way to grow your investor base? Dr. Jeff Anzalone is a full-time practicing periodontist and the creator of Debt-Free Doctor, a platform designed to help doctors and other high-income professionals generate passive income from real estate so they can STOP trading time for money. Jeff started his blog to share how he paid off $300K in student loan debt. But once he was debt-free, Jeff shifted his focus to investing and acquiring streams of passive income through multifamily syndications. Today, he is raising millions in days for real estate deals. On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Jeff joins cohost Patricia Sweeney and I to discuss how the Debt-Free Doctor has evolved, ex
11/01/202140 minutes
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MB 247: Achieve Your Investing Goals with Affirmations

Affirmations are a powerful tool in reaching our goals. They remind us why we do what we do, what we plan to achieve and the kind of person we want to become along the way. So, what does it look like to create an affirmation specific to real estate investing? An affirmation that will keep you on track all year long and make success inevitable? On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, I discuss the value of using affirmations to achieve financial freedom through multifamily real estate. I walk you through the process of constructing an affirmation the right way, describing the activities you can commit to as an aspiring syndicator and challenging you focus on those activities (rather than the outcome). Listen in for insight on taking tiny action toward your goals every day and learn how to build an affirmation that guarantees your success as a real estate investor! Key Takeaways Why you should use affirmations to achieve your goals Creates cl
04/01/202118 minutes
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MB 246: An Others-Focused Approach to Resort Value-Adds – With Josh McCallen

No question, the hospitality industry is among the hardest hit by COVID-19. And yet, Josh McCallen is thriving. The distressed Renault Winery Resort he bought in December 2018 is sold out for 2021, and revenues are up 200% from last year. So, why is Josh doing well while others are struggling? Are there opportunities for investors in the hospitality space right now? And what can we multifamily syndicators learn from Josh’s others-focused approach to business? Josh is the hospitality investment expert behind Accountable Equity, a firm specializing in resort value-add and turnaround projects, and VIVÂMEE Hospitality, the management company that operates those assets. In the past two decades, Josh has led over $100M in luxury residential and hospitality con
28/12/202048 minutes 57 seconds
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MB 245: Bring in 1031 Exchange Investors with the DST – With Paul Moore

As syndicators, we’d love to work with 1031 exchange investors more often. But the rules make it really, really difficult! It means taking on co-owners (rather than passive investors) and big bucks in legal fees. What if there was an EASIER way to work with 1031 exchange investors? A way that allows them to invest passively in syndication deals, defer their taxes and earn a stable return? Paul Moore is Managing Partner at Wellings Capital, a firm dedicated to helping high earners and high net worth individuals protect and grow their wealth through commercial real estate investing. A two-time Michigan Entrepreneur of the Year finalist, Paul has founded multiple investment and development companies and co-managed a successful multifamily development. He is the cohost of The Art of Investing and How to Lose Money and
21/12/202037 minutes 37 seconds
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MB 244: 2020 Year in Review & 2021 Forecast

Despite the chaos and uncertainty of 2020, we have a lot to be grateful for here at The Michael Blank organization. We have helped 113 people do 128 deals for a total value of $321M. And 22 of our mentees have quit their jobs, thanks to the financial freedom that comes with multifamily real estate investing. On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, I take the time to reflect on 2020, looking back on our key accomplishments in The Michael Blank organization and sharing our top lessons learned over the past 12 months. I discuss our theme for 2021 and explain what steps we’re taking to better serve our followers and turn them into raving fans. Listen in for insight on the multifamily market outlook for 2021 and learn how YOU can use our resources to achieve financial freedom and help us make a positive impact in the world! Key Takeaways Our key accomplishments for 2020 in The Michael Blank organization Right team in place, key hires in marketing and t
14/12/202036 minutes 33 seconds
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MB 243: Taking the Entrepreneurial Leap – With Gino Wickman

Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? If you’re in the early stages of building a multifamily syndication business, Gino Wickman wants to leverage his 30 years of experience to help you determine what kind of enterprise is right for you and accelerate your path to success. Gino is the creator of the Entrepreneurial Operating System, the practical method for helping businesses achieve greatness used by 100K companies worldwide. He is also the bestselling author of Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business and Rocket Fuel: The One Essential Combination That Will Get You More of What You Want from Your Business, among many other groundbreakin
07/12/202053 minutes 30 seconds
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MB 242: The Systems to Scale Your Syndication Business – With Jorge Abreu

What is the key to scaling a real estate investing business? Growing your investor database? Raising more and more capital for deals? Putting together and training a capable team? Yes, all of those things are absolutely necessary. And they all require that you build out systems. Systems that allow the business to run on its own. Jorge Abreu is the Cofounder and CEO of Elevate Commercial Investment Group, a Dallas real estate firm focused on the acquisition of value-add multifamily assets. In his 15-year career, Jorge has flipped 200-plus houses, wholesaled another 100 properties and done $8M in ground-up construction. Since his introduction to multifamily four years ago, Jorge has built a portfolio of 1,700 units worth $125M. On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Jorge joins cohost Garrett Lynch and I to share the challenges of scaling a single family investing business and discuss wh
30/11/202043 minutes 2 seconds
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MB 241: What to Say to Potential Multifamily Investors – With David Kamara

What is the best way to approach the conversation with potential multifamily investors? How do you communicate the benefits of investing in apartment buildings over other asset classes and assure them that their money is safe with you—even if you’re new to the space? David Kamara is the Founder and Managing Director of Cape Sierra Capital, a multifamily syndication firm out of Ann Arbor, Michigan. He has 15 years of investing experience in the real estate space, getting his start with a portfolio of residential single family and duplex units before transitioning to apartment buildings and townhome communities. Today, David owns 200-plus units and serves as a mentor on the Michael Blank team. On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, David joins cohost Drew Whitson and I to explain how he coaches his ment
23/11/202042 minutes 15 seconds
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MB 240: How to Get Unstuck & Get Into Action – With Matt Brawner

A lot of would-be multifamily syndicators get stuck, sometimes out of fear and sometimes because they want to plan every step of the process before they dive in. But that’s not how entrepreneurship works! In fact, the most successful real estate investors are the ones who are willing to put themselves out there and learn by doing—taking consistent, imperfect action.   Matt Brawner is Managing Partner at Minnesota Capital Management and Northwoods Servicing, a real estate investing firm and property management company based in Coon Rapids, Minnesota. Matt and his partners have achieved considerable success turning their $5K investments into a portfolio worth more than $20M, but his greatest passion is teaching. To that end, Matt now serves as a mentor with the Michael Blank organization.  On this episode
16/11/202041 minutes 56 seconds
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MB 239: Developing a Can-Be-Done Mindset for Multifamily – With Jeremy LeMere

So, you’ve got some experience in single family rentals. And you KNOW that multifamily investing would help you achieve financial freedom on an accelerated timeline. But you just don’t BELIEVE that you can do it. What can you do to overcome that hurdle and develop the confidence to take on your first deal? Jeremy LeMere is the Principal at Star Capital Management Group, an equity real estate investment firm based in DePere, Wisconsin. He began his investing career over a decade ago, rehabbing single family and duplex properties. Since then, he has grown his personal portfolio to include multifamily, self-storage and commercial assets. Jeremy recently quit his corporate engineering job to pursue real estate full time, and he also serves as a mentor with the Michael Blank organization. On this episode of Apartment Building I
09/11/202045 minutes 21 seconds
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MB 238: Plug into a Multifamily Network & Fast-Track Your Success – With Barry Flavin

How do you land your first syndication deal without a track record in multifamily? Well, it all starts with networking. Networking with brokers. Networking with potential investors. Networking with other multifamily operators. And if you can get plugged a real estate investing community, you can leverage the knowledge and experience of investors who’ve been where you want to go and fast-track your success! Barry Flavin is a mentor with the Michael Blank organization and Managing Partner at New Mission Capital, a multifamily investment firm out of Detroit, Michigan. He got his start in real estate eight years ago, building a portfolio of 30 single family rentals before making the shift to multifamily. Barry has a background in software sales and spent six years working as an air traffic controller be
02/11/202043 minutes 14 seconds
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MB 237: Biggest Myths about Building a Platform to Raise Capital – With Patricia Sweeney

Wish you could attract an audience of engaged, eager investors like we do at Nighthawk Equity? Have you thought about building a thought leadership platform but rejected the idea because you’re not a writer or a techie? Or because you don’t like the way you look or sound on camera? Are you ready to get over those false beliefs and scale your capital raise in a matter of months? Patricia Sweeney is the Marketing Automation Consultant behind Ideally Media Group, a firm that helps entrepreneurs and business owners implement content marketing systems to attract more of the right clients and significantly increase their revenue. With 10-plus years of experience in online marketing, Patricia has been the secret weapon behind some of the biggest names in the digital marketing space. She is also part of the Michael Blank team, working hand
26/10/202035 minutes 24 seconds
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MB 236: The Financial Freedom to Do What You Love – With Megan Lamke

Time is precious. Are you spending your days doing what you love with the people you love? What if multifamily real estate could help you do just that? What if you could achieve financial freedom fast—regardless of your current financial situation? Megan Lamke is Managing Partner at Megan Lamke Real Estate, a firm that helps driven women turn their grit into true financial growth. She built a network of real estate investors working for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, and once she and her husband, Darik, had paid off their personal debt ($535K in under 5 years!), they started investing passively in multifamily syndications. Megan quit her corporate job to pursue active investing full-time in April of 2019, and today, the Lamkes have a portfolio of 1,491 units valued at $344M.  On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Megan joins me to explain why she took a W-2 job after college (despite wanting t
19/10/202035 minutes 37 seconds
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MB 235: What Is a Platform & Why Should You Build One?

What is the secret to growing a multimillion-dollar multifamily syndication business? The strategy that has worked for my team, allowing us to raise MILLIONS in just a few days, starts with building an online thought leadership platform. On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, I’m walking you through the three pillars of platform building for multifamily syndicators. I explain WHO should consider building a platform and WHY it’s so valuable, describing how it helps us find more investors, do more deals and scale the business. I discuss how to attract your ideal investor and then serve them with valuable content, ultimately turning your audience into raving fans who want to invest with you. Listen in for insight on reinvesting a portion of your revenue to grow a multimillion-dollar syndication business and learn how a thought leadership platform can help you 10X your capital raise in just 18 to 24 months! Key Takeaways Who should consider building a plat
12/10/202021 minutes 35 seconds
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MB 234: Earn Your Master’s in Real Estate with a Mentor – With Josh Gorokhovsky

Yes, an education in business or finance is a good foundation for a real estate investor. But spending time with an experienced syndicator and watching a deal happen firsthand is more valuable than any degree. So, how do you find a mentor and convince them you’re worth their time? Josh Gorokhovsky is the Managing Principal at Telos Properties, a real estate investing firm that focuses on 2- to 4-unit new construction, build-to-rent projects in Los Angeles. After graduating from USC in 2015, he interned for LA Properties under company principal Scott Rosenfeld. Since founding Telos in 2017, Josh has placed more than $7M in equity for investors and managed $20M worth of real estate transactions. On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Josh joins cohost Drew Whitson and I to explain how he broke into real estate at the age of 21, describing the persistence it took to get an informal intern
05/10/202032 minutes 28 seconds
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MB 233: From Trading Time for Money to Financial Freedom– With Dave Seymour

Trading time for money has a ceiling. There are only so many hours in the day, and eventually, we run out. And those of us who work 80 hours a week (or more!) to make ends meet simply can’t be a good partner or parent. So, what can we do to get out of this broken system and achieve financial freedom? Dave Seymour is the Cofounder and CEO of Freedom Venture Management, a results-driven investing firm that focuses on multifamily and commercial real estate. After 16 years as a Boston firefighter and paramedic, Dave discovered real estate and quickly became one of the nation’s top investors. His passion for the business and propensity to tell it like it is landed Dave his own real estate reality series on A&E, and he has also appeared on CBS, ABC and CNBC, among many other national media outlets. On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Dave joins me to explain how he went from working 1
28/09/202037 minutes 17 seconds
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MB 232: Turbocharge Your F.I.R.E. Journey with Real Estate – With Rajneesh Jha

The F.I.R.E. movement challenges us to achieve financial independence and retire early by saving and investing aggressively. And by aggressively, I mean anywhere between 50% and 70% of your income. Rajneesh Jha was following the F.I.R.E. method, putting his money in Wall Street investments—until he realized he could fast-track his timeline with multifamily real estate! Raj spent 20 years working as an engineer for Fortune 500 companies. An avid student of the stock market and personal finance, he started investing in safe, low-cost mutual funds with the goal of achieving financial freedom in about 10 years. Then he discovered real estate and shifted his strategy, building a portfolio of small multifamily properties. Earlier this year, he quit his 9-to-5 to build Big League Capital, a multifamily syndication firm that helps other investors turbocharge their journey with real estate. On this episo
21/09/202038 minutes 35 seconds
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MB 231: Lessons of a Master Multifamily Deal Finder – With Garrett Lynch

2020 has been a tough year for finding deals—even for us. In fact, the Nighthawk Equity team is currently in the process of closing on our first and only deal of the year (so far). But that’s not for lack of trying! So, what are we looking for in a deal right now? How have we changed our underwriting criteria in the age of COVID? And how do we recover from the disappointment of losing a deal? Garrett Lynch is the Director of Acquisitions at Nighthawk Equity, the investing arm of the Michael Blank organization. Garrett has been in the multifamily space since 2011, cofounding a firm that grew from zero to 3,400 units before successfully exiting that venture. Since taking on his role with us at Nighthawk in 2018, Garrett has built a portfolio that includes at 218-unit property in Little Rock, Arkansas a 276-unit in Huntsville, Alabama, and a 130-unit deal in Atlanta, Georgia. On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Garre
14/09/202046 minutes 32 seconds
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MB 230: Don’t Wait for a Crisis to Get Your Priorities Straight!

If you knew you only had six months to live, what would you do differently? Who would you spend time with? Who would you reconcile with? How would you spend your days? On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, I’m describing the health crisis that landed me in the ER at the end of July. I explain how the experience forced me to rethink my priorities and reaffirmed my mission to help people to achieve financial freedom through multifamily investing! Listen in for insight on how to get clarity in your life and take on the challenge to get your affairs in order and start living your best life NOW. Key Takeaways My recent experience with a health crisis Heart attack on July 28, 2020 100% blockage in main artery How the health emergency forced me to rethink my priorities Value health and family above all else Affirmed mission (financial freedom with multifamily) My advice on gett
07/09/202015 minutes 6 seconds
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MB 229: Commit, Don’t Quit 3 Feet from Gold! – With David Acosta

We’re told that our goals have to be time-bound. That we have to give ourselves a deadline if we want to achieve. The problem with that is too many of us quit three feet from gold, as the saying goes. But how do you stay committed when a year has gone by and you still don’t have your first multifamily deal? David Acosta was a mentoring student in The Michael Blank Investor Incubator. With no money and no background in investing, David leveraged his mentor, Drew Kniffin, and our Deal Maker’s Mastermind investor network to partner on his first venture, a 220-unit deal orchestrated by Ben Risser’s team. Six months later, David closed on a 48-unit deal in Lexington, KY, this time serving as lead syndicator! On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, David joins me to discuss how he did his
31/08/202018 minutes 38 seconds
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MB 228: What’s Working Now to Get Deals Done – With Drew Whitson & the Michael Blank Mentoring Team

Despite the disruption of COVID-19, multifamily investors are still doing deals. The question is, HOW? What’s working right now to get deals done? What isn’t? What are real people doing to find success in today’s market environment? On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, I’m handing the mic over to Drew Whitson to moderate a discussion with our mentoring team, Todd Dexheimer, Brad Tacia, Phil Capron and Matt Brawner, on what’s working now to get deals done. We explain how our mentoring students are leveraging th
24/08/202028 minutes 7 seconds
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MB 227: The State of Multifamily

Our world is in upheaval. Between COVID-19 and the current riots, nothing feels normal. And this has a lot of investors asking, is now the right time to pursue multifamily? On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, I’m sharing my keynote address from Deal Maker Live 2020 on the current state of multifamily. I describe how multifamily is weathering the storm, explaining why it’s actually EASIER to raise money right now and why now IS the right time to invest in apartment buildings. Listen in for insight around how to adjust your underwriting in the current economic environment and get my advice on what you SHOULD be doing right now to achieve financial freedom! Key Takeaways How multifamily is performing right now Similar to 2008, deep quiet under storm Collections surprisingly consistent Why it’s easier to raise money in the current economic environment Investors frustrated with volatility of stock mar
18/08/202019 minutes 28 seconds
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MB 226: How to Protect Your Wealth in a Crisis – With Russell Gray

The black swan event financial pundits predicted has arrived in the form of the Coronavirus pandemic. But how, exactly, will the crisis play out in the markets? What does it mean for us as real estate investors? And what can we do to understand the changing reality, protect our wealth, and even capitalize on hidden opportunities? Russell Gray is the cohost of The Real Estate Guys Radio Show, a podcast and platform dedicated to helping investors stay focused, motivated and informed. A financial strategist with 30-plus years of experience in business, investing, mortgage lending and financial services, Russell provides unique and practical insights that support entrepreneurial investors in growing and protecting their wealth through real estate and real asset investing. He is also the coauthor of Equity Hap
10/08/202047 minutes
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MB 225: How to Stay Committed to Your Multifamily Goals – With Ed Hermsen

According to the Law of the First Deal, a multifamily investor who buys their first apartment building will do their second and third deals in rapid succession, achieving financial freedom in just a year or two. But there is an exception to every rule, and Ed Hermsen is the ONE investor I know who did his first deal—and then life got in the way. So, what can he teach us about keeping momentum and staying committed to our multifamily goals? Ed grew a portfolio of single-family rentals while working as a mortgage loan officer in Fort Collins, Colorado. Five years ago, he started studying multifamily and eventually partnered with a close friend on a 22-unit deal in Pensacola, Florida. After revisiting his goal to retire by 50, Ed realized he needed to recommit to multifamily, and in the last two years, he has leveraged the partnership model to build a portfolio of 210 units and quit his job with real estate! On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Ed joins me to
03/08/202041 minutes 31 seconds
Episode Artwork

MB 224: Why Multifamily is a Better Bet Than the Stock Market – With Bruce Fraser

Investing in the financial markets is stressful, especially in a crisis. And even if you happen to be brilliant at options trading, $100K in the equity market will still only buy $100K in assets. On the other hand, investing $100K in multifamily will buy you a $500K asset—and earn you five times the return. Not to mention the fact that it’s essentially recession-proof! Bruce Fraser is the Managing Partner at Elkhorn Capital Partners, a private equity firm that focuses on multifamily residential real estate in economically insulated submarkets. Prior to Elkhorn, Bruce ran a lucrative hedge fund, successfully navigating the financial crisis before his research led him to multifamily. In a few short years, Bruce has built a portfolio of 1,600 units, and he currently serves as a member of the Forbes Real Estate Council. On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Bruce joins me to explain what makes multifamily a better inve
27/07/202036 minutes 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

MB 223: An Insider’s Guide to Investing in Passive Real Estate Syndications – With Brian Burke

There are tons of books out there that teach you how to invest in real estate syndications with other people’s money. But what if you’re the ‘other people’? What resource teaches you how to evaluate opportunities and pick the right sponsor to trust with your money? Brian Burke is the President and CEO of Praxis Capital, a private equity investment firm that focuses on repositioning multifamily properties. An expert real estate syndicator and investor, he has acquired 3,000 multifamily units and 700 single family rentals in his 30-year career. Brian is also the author of the new book, The Hands-Off Investor: An Insider’s Guide to Investing in Passive Real Estate Syndications. On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Brian joins me to explain why p
20/07/202034 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

MB 222: Don’t Be a Syndicator, Scale a Syndication Business – With Ellie Perlman

In the world of startups, entrepreneurs take a lean approach early on with an eye to grow quickly. Ellie Perlman applied these principles to real estate, building and scaling a syndication business in a few short years. So, how do you shift from being a syndicator to managing a syndication business? Ellie is the Founder and CEO of Blue Lake Capital, a real estate investing firm that specializes in value-add multifamily acquisition and management. She also leads REady2Scale, a mentoring program for aspiring multifamily syndicators, and hosts the REady2Scale Podcast. Ellie began her career as a commercial real estate lawyer and later transitioned to
13/07/202043 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

MB 221: Achieve BIG Things with Tiny Action – With Brandon Turner

Doing something monumental like moving your family across the ocean to Hawaii or buying a 100-unit apartment complex may feel overwhelming. But Brandon Turner has done both of those things, and he contends that any process is easy IF you break it down into a series of tiny actions that take five minutes or less. Brandon is the Founder of Open Door Capital, Vice President of BiggerPockets and Cohost of The BiggerPockets Podcast. He owns more than 500 rental units totaling $20M and has dozens of rehabs under his belt. Brandon’s work has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur and Money Magazine, and he is the author of several books, including <a href= "
06/07/202047 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

MB 220: Affordable Housing by the Numbers – With Damian Bergamaschi

You may have heard the prediction that unemployment in the US could reach 30%, and that does sound scary. But what do those numbers really mean? And how would that worst-case scenario impact collections? What should we be concerned about as investors in affordable housing? Damian Bergamaschi is the cofounder of Damris Capital, a money management firm that leverages data analysis to help its investors achieve financial freedom sooner. Damian leads Damris’ optimization research for all investment models and algorithms and serves as the portfolio manager of the firm’s real estate acquisitions. On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Damian joins me to explain how his obsession with data led to investments in commercial real estate. He discusses why affordable housing has been insulated from COVID-19, breaking down what the unemployment rate really means and how government subsidies have
29/06/202047 minutes 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

MB 219: The New World Order of Multifamily Investing – With Michael Becker

No one knows exactly what will happen in the multifamily real estate market as the Coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold. But the heavy-hitters who have been in the game for a long time can predict, with relative certainty, which markets will thrive, when we’ll see new deal flow, and what the capital markets will look like over the next 12 months. Michael Becker is a Principal at SPI Advisory and Senior Director of Mortgage Origination at Old Capital Lending. A 15-year veteran of commercial real estate banking, Michael has originated and managed portfolios in all the major asset classes. In the six years since he started investing in multifamily, Michael has acquired 10K units and currently manages a portfolio of 6K doors. He also serves as the Cohost of the <a href="" target= "_blank" rel=
22/06/202036 minutes 47 seconds
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MB 218: The Most Direct Route to Financial Freedom – With Jacob Blackett

Those of us who enjoy success in the real estate business are typically introduced to a model, an investor operating at a scale we never considered, who gives us an idea for what’s possible and a vision for the future. And if we’re smart, we can learn from their mistakes and leverage their knowledge and experience as a springboard, affording us a more direct path to our own financial freedom. Jacob Blackett is the Founder and CEO of Holdfolio, a platform that connects investors with high-yield investments in the real estate industry, and Syndication Pro, a software company that helps syndicators raise capital and manage investors online. Jacob got his start doing fix-and-flips as a 19-year-old sophomore in college, and today, he has placed over $50M into income-producing real estate, building a portfolio of 600+ units (as the lead sp
15/06/202042 minutes 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

MB 217: Multifamily Developments That Thrive in a Downturn – With Scott Choppin

Some real estate investments are riskier than others, especially in an economic downturn. Class A multifamily developers, for example, are likely to lose their tenant base in a recession. So, what can developers do to forecast what the world will look like at the end of a build cycle and make decisions accordingly? And what can we ALL learn from this approach that will help us prosper through multiple market cycles?    Scott Choppin is the Founder of Urban Pacific, a real estate development company out of Long Beach, California. With 35-plus years of experience in the business, Scott has led the development of nearly 1,700 units throughout the Western United States. He is also responsible for a recent innovation known as Urban Town House, a middle-income, multigenerational housing product that serves urban families in California. Scott’s work has been featured in Forbes, The Los Angeles
08/06/202044 minutes 12 seconds
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MB 216: Financially Free at Age 21– With Kyle Marcotte

How do you become a successful multifamily syndicator when you’re not old enough to order a beer? What does it take to overcome objections around being too young and too inexperienced—and raise more than half a million dollars in capital for your very first deal? What’s it like to achieve financial freedom before you turn 21? Kyle Marcotte is an entrepreneur and multifamily real estate investor with a 119-unit portfolio valued at $5.5M. He was a pre-med student and Division I soccer player at UC Davis when Kyle learned about the potential to generate passive income with real estate. At the age of 20, he raised $600K and closed on his first deal in just four months. Now, Kyle is on a mission to help others become financially free with multifamily investing—regardless of age or experience. On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Kyle joins me to explain why he burned the boats and quit college to pursue real estate full time. He discusses how he got brokers and
01/06/202046 minutes 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

MB 215: Changing the Face of Multifamily Syndication – With Kaylee McMahon

Why are there so few women in multifamily syndication? According to a 2019 study conducted by Merrill Lynch, 61% of women polled cited a lack of knowledge about real estate investing. And the fact that it’s a male-dominated industry is also a contributing factor. So, how do we get more women interested in learning about multifamily—and the financial independence that comes with it? Kaylee McMahon is the Founder of The Apartment Queen, a platform dedicated to ending abuse and codependent relationships by helping women create wealth with real estate investing. A staple of the Dallas real estate scene, Kaylee has purchased $2M in real estate as Key Principal and currently serves as General Partner in 730 units in Texas and Arizona totaling more than $23M in assets under manage
25/05/202049 minutes 39 seconds
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MB 214: What Syndicators Can Do to Navigate COVID-19 – With Jason Pero

No good comes from making decisions out of panic or fear. So, what can multifamily syndicators do to navigate the next couple of months and cover the bills—even if our tenants can’t (or won’t) pay the rent on time? How can we reassure our investors that their money is safe and leverage the available safeguards to make it through the Coronavirus shutdown? Jason Pero is the multifamily investor and syndicator behind Pero Real Estate, one of the leading real estate firms in Erie, Pennsylvania. Jason and his wife bought their first duplex in 2001 and continued to invest in small multifamily properties while he worked full-time in medical device sales. By 2012, Jason had built a 300-unit portfolio and was able to leave his 9-to-5 to pursue real estate full-time. He started syndicating deals in 2018, and today, Jason owns and self-manages 1K units in Erie County. On this episode of the podcast, Jas
18/05/202046 minutes 6 seconds
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MB 213: Keeping Your Mindset Right in the Face of COVID-19 – With Vinney Chopra

What are you doing to keep your mindset right during the Coronavirus shutdown? Are you making the most of the extra time at home? Taking advantage of the opportunity to invest in yourself and learn something new? Taking care of yourself, your family, your team, your investors and your tenants? Vinney Chopra is a sought-after multifamily real estate expert with 12 years of experience and 28 successful syndications under his belt. To date, Vinney and his team of 67 control and self-manage a portfolio of 4,100 units worth $330M. He is also the bestselling author of Apartment Syndication Made Easy and the host of two podcasts, Syndication Made Easy and the <a href= "
11/05/202040 minutes 47 seconds
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MB 212: Simple Online Marketing to Scale Your Syndication Business – With Amy Porterfield

So, you understand the power of digital marketing to help you scale your multifamily syndication business. The question is, where do you start? What are the first steps to building an email list and attracting investors online? Amy Porterfield is the award-winning digital marketing expert behind Online Marketing Made Easy and the creator of the Digital Course Academy. After seven years serving as the Director of Content Development for Tony Robbins, Amy became an entrepreneur herself and built a multimillion-dollar business teaching other people how to grow their own platform online. An authority in the realm of social media marketing, growing an email list and promoting and selling courses online, Amy is also the coauthor of <a href= "
04/05/202041 minutes 12 seconds
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MB 211: How to Grow a List of 10K Potential Investors – With Monick Halm

What’s the #1 mistake syndicators make in building an online platform? Many put the cart before the horse and promote their business BEFORE the site is ready. They don’t provide a compelling reason to GO to their platform, and they have no way of capturing a visitor’s information once they get there. So, what can you do to score a lead’s email address and grow a substantial list of potential investors? Monick Halm is the creator of Real Estate Investor Goddesses, a platform designed to help 1M women achieve financial freedom through real estate investing. To date, she has built an audience of more than 10K potential multifamily investors! Monique has 14 years of experience as an investor, syndicator and developer, building wealth through apartment buildings, mobile home parks, vacation rentals and ground-up development. Together with her husband and community of investors, she owns 1,3
27/04/202033 minutes 59 seconds
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MB 210: Build an Online Platform & Connect with Investors – With Pat Flynn

So, you want to connect with potential investors online. But how do you go about building a thought leadership platform? What kind of content should you create? And how do you best serve your audience so that they are ready to invest when a deal comes up? Pat Flynn is the creator of Smart Passive Income, the premiere learning and development platform for online entrepreneurs. He got into online marketing out of necessity in 2008 when he was laid off from his dream job as an architect. Since then, Pat has built several successful online businesses and impacted millions of people around the world. He credits his success to serving others first, and then building systems to lean into that service even more. On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Pat joins me to explain how he got into the online marketing space and why he thinks EVERYONE should build a thought leadership platform.
20/04/202048 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

MB 209: Scale Your Capital Raise by 10X – With Kate Buck

Imagine being able to raise millions of dollars for a syndication deal in just a few days, with very little effort on your part. If you build it right, an online platform allows you to do just that, scaling your capital raise business by 10X in just 12 to 18 months! Kate Buck is the Director of Marketing for us here at The Michael Blank organization. With nearly 15 years of experience in social media management and content production, Kate has worked with some of the top names in the digital marketing space and led strategic social media campaigns for global corporations, films, entrepreneurs and nonprofits. On this episode, Kate turns the tables to ask me some questions about building an online platform to raise capital for multifamily syndications. We discuss what it takes to build an effective digital marketing platform and why you DON’T have to be a writer or a tech genius to do it. Listen in for
13/04/202033 minutes 25 seconds
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MB 208: Is the Sky Falling? – With an Expert Panel of Multifamily Operators

Beyond the risks it poses to our health, the Coronavirus is causing chaos in our economic system as well. Businesses have closed their doors and many Americans have lost their jobs or had their hours cut. And the stock market is on its way down. But what does it all mean for us as multifamily investors? Is the sky falling? Or are there things we can do to protect ourselves and serve our tenants in this challenging time?   On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, I’m sitting down with an expert panel of multifamily operators that includes Drew Kniffin, Brian Burke, John Cohen, Reed Goossens
06/04/20201 hour 24 minutes 42 seconds
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MB 207: Train Your Mind for Multifamily Investing – With Krista Wilper

Are you working a W-2 job that leaves you depleted? Even if you love what you do, it’s likely that the stress of the commute on top of the work itself means you have little left to give to your family at the end of the day, never mind making a significant impact on the world at large. Krista Wilper was tired of being too tired to engage with her husband and sons, so she leveraged multifamily investing to quit her corporate job. And she credits her success to a daily effort to keep her mind in the right place. Krista is the creator of Synergy Invested LLC, a real estate education and investing platform based in Golden, Colorado. She retired from her executive position at an adult beverage company at the age of 38, walking away from a six-figure income to pursue real estate full time. Now, Krista and her husband own $2.2M in single and multifamily investments, and she is on a mission to hel
30/03/202044 minutes 52 seconds
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MB 206: Using LinkedIn to Find New Multifamily Investors – With Yakov Smart

Once you’ve exhausted your sphere of influence, where can you go to raise capital for multifamily deals? You might be surprised to learn that LinkedIn is one of the best places to connect with high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) and introduce them to the benefits of apartment building investing. Yakov Smart is the creator of LinkedIn Lead Enterprises, a platform designed to help business owners find clients on LinkedIn. An internationally recognized LinkedIn expert, Yakov teaches top CEOs, bestselling authors and real estate syndicators how to transform their LinkedIn profiles into priceless, relationship-building assets. Yakov is also the author of Disrupting LinkedIn: The Definitive Guide to Generating Leads, Receiving Referrals and Attracting High-End Clients Through Marketi
23/03/202044 minutes 27 seconds
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MB 205: The Freedom to Pursue Your Calling – With Ellis Hammond

What is your true, God-given calling in this life? Most of us are limited by time and money, so we don’t even dare to dream about fulfilling our purpose. But what if multifamily investing could give you the freedom to pursue your calling? To live a life of significance? And to make a real impact in the world? Ellis Hammond is the founder of Kingdom Capitalists, the #1 mastermind for Christian real estate entrepreneurs. In 2018, when Ellis was serving as a full-time college pastor, he and his wife invested in a $600K duplex in San Diego. Nine months later, he added a 144-unit multifamily property in Memphis to his portfolio. Today, he manages a network of investors seeking passive income opportunities across the US with the goal of increasing their income and impact. On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Ellis joins me to discuss what inspired him to get involved in real estate, sha
16/03/202039 minutes 2 seconds
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MB 204: Marketing Multifamily Online (within SEC Rules) – With Gene Trowbridge

If you’re looking to scale your efforts at raising capital with an online platform, you may be curious what you can and cannot do to market your business. What exemptions do you need to file in order to legally advertise a multifamily offering? How do you build the ‘preexisting and substantive’ relationship with investors the SEC requires for the 506(b) when you’re connecting online? Gene Trowbridge is the managing partner of Trowbridge Sidoti LLP, a California law firm that specializes in real estate syndications and crowdfunding. Gene has extensive experience in commercial real estate investment, and in the last six years, his firm has authorized securities offering documents for more than $1.5B of equity raised. He is also the author of It’s a Whole New Business, the definitive book on securities for m
09/03/202037 minutes 53 seconds
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MB 203: The MAGIC of Bonus Depreciation – With Terry Judge

Imagine earning as much as $10K in cashflow distributions from your investment in a multifamily property in a given year—yet claiming a taxable LOSS! You CAN mitigate (and in many cases even eliminate) taxable income for years with the MAGIC of bonus depreciation. But you do need to do a cost segregation analysis to claim it. Terry Judge is the Founder and CEO of CORE Solutions Group, one of the nation’s leading cost recovery consulting firms specializing in engineering-based cost segregation studies. He is committed to educating multifamily investors on how to maximize cashflow and take full advantage of the ever-changing tax code. Terry has 14 years of experience in the cost seg space, yielding more than $1B in net tax savings for CORE clients. On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Terry joins me to discuss the benefits of doing a cost segregation analysis, explaining
02/03/202037 minutes 21 seconds
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MB 202: Quit Your W-2 in Two Years (at Age 26!) – With Will Harvey

Two years ago, Will Harvey thought that only people with millions of dollars could own apartment buildings. And then he started listening to podcasts and reaching out to other entrepreneurs and real estate investors. Their stories broke the ceiling on what he thought was possible, and by the end of 2019, Will was able to quit his W-2 job and pursue multifamily full time. At just 26 years of age, Will is the Vice President of CEO Capital Partners, a real estate acquisition firm focused on multifamily. A veteran of the residential mortgage business, Will earned National Rookie of the Year honors in 2017 and operated in the top 5% at one of the largest retail lenders in the US. Now, he controls over $1.5M of real estate in Northern Virginia. Will is also the cohost of Wealth Junkies, a podcast dedicated to sharing the storie
24/02/202041 minutes 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

MB 201: The Truth About Limiting Beliefs – With Rod Khleif

What excuse are you using to explain why you haven’t gotten started with multifamily? Too young? Too old? No money? No experience? No time? What if those limiting beliefs are nothing more than a story you’re telling yourself to justify a lack of action? What if you could overcome those beliefs TODAY and take the first steps toward financial freedom? Rod Khleif is a multifamily investor, business consultant and high-performance coach with a passion for giving back. He serves as the host of the iTunes top-ranked podcast Lifetime Cash Flow Through Real Estate Investing and author of How to Create Lifetime Cash Flow Through Multifamily Properties, a must-read for aspiring investor
17/02/202042 minutes 29 seconds
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MB 200: Best of 2019 – With Ken McElroy, Robert Helms, Kyle Wilson, Robert Kiyosaki, Hal Elrod & Grant

What do the most successful among us have in common? The biggest of the big-name real estate investors and influencers I’ve had the pleasure to interview on this podcast share one thing—a mission beyond money. Yes, financial freedom is important. But without purpose, what’s the point? On this episode, I’m celebrating our 200th show with a highlight reel of the best Apartment Building Investing podcasts from the past year. We look back at my interview with Rich Dad Advisor Ken McElroy as he shares how his thinking has evolved around financial freedom and what it means to be successful, and return to my conversation with Robert Helms of The Real Estate Guys around his mission to both educate and inspire action. We revisit legendary entrepreneur and investor Robert Kiyosaki’s insight on spiritual discipline and bestselling author Hal Elrod’s take on the REAL purpose of setting goals. Listen in for marketing icon Kyle Wilson’s advice on building a platform and get inspired
10/02/202041 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

MB 199: What’s Working Now to Get Deals Under Contract – With the Michael Blank Team

With more buyers than product on the market, finding good real estate deals can be difficult—especially for newbies. But it’s not impossible. So, what can aspiring multifamily investors do to get a deal under contract? Drew Whitson, Josh Sterling, Andrew Kuhn and Phil Capron are mentors for The Michael Blank Investor Incubator, Josh Thomas handles our mentoring program strategy calls, and Drew Kniffin and Garrett Lynch serve as President and Director of Acquisitions, respectively, at Nighthawk Equity, the investing arm of The Michael Blank organization. All seven are full-time multifamily investors themselves with a background in working with new real estate investors. On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, I’m sharing the panel discussion we had last year at <a href= "" ta
03/02/202027 minutes 40 seconds
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MB 198: The Calculated Courage to Do Your First Deal – With Craig Schumacher, MAI

Is fear stopping you from doing your first multifamily real estate deal? If you’re not the type of person to simply jump ship from the relative safety (and health insurance) that comes with a W-2 job, but you know you can’t spend the rest of your life on the hamster wheel, then NOW is the time to activate what Craig Schumacher, MAI, calls ‘calculated courage.’ Craig Schumacher, MAI is the Managing Member at IRV Capital LLC, a real estate investment firm that focuses on multifamily and student apartments. Craig spent 25 years working as a commercial appraiser and valuation specialist. Four years ago, he decided to stop helping other people make a fortune in real estate and build a portfolio of his own. Craig closed on his first syndication deal in January, bringing him to a total of 89-units (with another 28 under contract). On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Craig joins me to exp
27/01/202040 minutes 51 seconds
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MB 197: Joint Venture to Accelerate Your Multifamily Success – With Brian Briscoe

Think you need to be a Lone Wolf on your first multifamily deal? Brian Briscoe was looking at 6- and 8-unit multifamily deals until he realized he could go bigger, faster if he had help. And he was right. Brian joined the Michael Blank network, and 11 months later, he had joint ventured on a 55-unit deal and had another 33 under contract! His team is looking to add another 500 units to their portfolio in 2020. Today, Brian is the Director of Operations at Four Oaks Capital, a multifamily investment firm specializing in the acquisition, repositioning and rebranding of apartment buildings via a private equity fund structure. Since joining forces in June of 2019, his team of four has acquired 88 units and has another 80 under contract. Brian also serves as the Western Hemisphere Affairs Officer for the United States Marine Corps. On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Brian joins me
20/01/202050 minutes 23 seconds
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MB 196: How to Align with a Sponsor to Do Your First Multifamily Deal – With Anthony Metzger

So, you don’t have real estate investing experience. And you don’t have any money of your own to invest. What if I told you that in two short years, you could be closing on your first deal of 200-plus units? That you could be fielding calls from brokers at Marcus & Millichap? That you could be building your own multifamily brand? Anthony Metzger spent 10 years in the wine industry, working as a sommelier and winemaker in the US and Europe before setting his sights on multifamily real estate. After his brother introduced him to The Ultimate Guide to Apartment Building Investing at the end of 2017, Anthony got busy underwriting deals and reaching out to brokers. Two short years later (in a joint venture with Nighthawk Equity), Anthony has closed on his first deal, a 218-unit multifamily prope
13/01/202049 minutes 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

MB 195: Retire WAY Early Via Passive Investing in Multifamily – With Travis Watts

Most of us dream of retirement because we’ll FINALLY have the time freedom to do things that interest us and spend time with the people we love. But what if you didn’t have to wait until you turned 65 to live that dream? What if you could retire early? Better yet, what if you could retire in the next few years? Passive investing in multifamily syndications helped Travis Watts do just that, and you could be next! Travis is an experienced passive investor and Director of Investor Relations at Ashcroft Capital, a national multifamily investment firm with more than $820M in assets under management. Prior to pursuing real estate full-time, Travis worked a grueling job in the oil industry, spending 14-hour days outside in extreme weather while saving money to invest in single-family rentals and apartment building syndications. On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Travis joins me to discuss
06/01/202040 minutes 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

MB 194: How to Crush It in 2020: 6 Steps to Setting Goals You WILL Achieve

It’s that time of year again. Time to set goals for the year ahead and start working toward your dream of financial freedom. But what’s the best way to set goals and commit to following through? How do you avoid overwhelm and keep going no matter what? On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, I am sharing my top 6 tips for setting goals you CAN and WILL achieve in 2020. I explain why it’s crucial to find your WHY and state your goals clearly—over multiple time frames. I go on to reveal my secret to avoiding overwhelm, describing the value of consistency in working toward financial freedom. Listen in for advice around leveraging practice to develop confidence and learn to commit to doing your first multifamily deal, no matter how long it takes! Key Takeaways Tip #1—Develop your WHY Affords clarity, moment of decision Less about you = more powerful Tip #2—State your goals clearly over multiple time frames <
30/12/201925 minutes 45 seconds
Episode Artwork

MB 193: World-Class Property Management for Multifamily – With Tony LeBlanc

Should you self-manage your multifamily portfolio? Or is it better to outsource to a third-party? If you do choose to outsource, what should you look for in a property management team? Tony LeBlanc is the author of The Doorpreneur: Property Management Beyond the Rent Roll, a book that redefines the potential of property management businesses. Tony grew up inside the industry, watching his mother manage the building where he was raised. Ten years ago, he started his own property management company, and today, it is one of the largest on Canada’s East Coast and supports seven subsidiary businesses from landscaping to commercial cleaning to a real estate brokerage. On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Tony joins me to explain how he developed The Doorpreneur Way and what it meant for his property management company in terms of
23/12/201948 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

MB 192: Crush Limiting Beliefs & Be a Multifamily Syndicator – With Sterling White

Are limiting beliefs stopping you from becoming a multifamily investor? When Sterling White got his start in real estate, he was crashing in a friend’s den. He had no money in the bank and zero credit. But Sterling DID have a willingness to learn, and he understood that the best way to approach a potential mentor was to provide value. Today, Sterling is a seasoned real estate investor and philanthropist based in Indianapolis. He got his start in 2009, building a portfolio of 150 SFH before transitioning to multifamily in 2017. To date, Sterling owns a total of 587 single- and multifamily units, and he is a frequent contributor to BiggerPockets. He also serves as the host of The Real Estate Experience podcast and author of <a href= "
16/12/201941 minutes 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

MB 191: Raising Millions for Multifamily Deals—In Minutes! – With Josh Cantwell

If you want to raise money, I mean REALLY raise money, you need a thought leadership platform. Yes, at the beginning of your career, you will onboard passive investors one at a time. But once you’ve exhausted your network and you’re ready to scale, you’ll need to leverage online marketing techniques to expand your investor base and raise millions for multifamily deals—on a very short timeline. Josh Cantwell is the CEO of Strategic Real Estate Coach, a program dedicated to giving real estate investors and agents the most advanced training in the business. Josh is the top real estate investor in his community, buying and selling more than 600 properties since 2003, and he regularly partners with other investors to close deals all over the US. He is also the author of The Flip System: Your Real Estate Investing Playbook to Create Financial Freedom and Peace of Mind and the
09/12/201955 minutes 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

MB 190: From VA Loan to Multifamily Investing Career – With Phil Capron

When Phil Capron went through special ops training for the US military, he noticed that the recruits who made it to the end weren’t necessarily the strongest or the fastest or the smartest. So, what differentiated the 20 who succeeded from the thousands vying for the job? They simply refused to quit. And Phil believes that the same principle applies to making it in multifamily investing. Phil is a former Special Warfare Combatant Craft Crewman in the US Navy and current full-time multifamily real estate investor. To date, he owns a 245-unit portfolio worth $15M in Coastal Virginia and shares his understanding of the space as a Senior Mentor with the Michael Blank Organization. Phil specializes in revitalizing distressed and underperforming assets to ensure profitability for his team and change neighborhoods for
02/12/201940 minutes 45 seconds
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MB 189: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs & Real Estate Investors – With Olenka Cullinan

Real estate investing conferences are one of the few places where there is no line to the women’s restroom. And while that may be a relief to the female entrepreneurs in attendance, it can also be very discouraging. Why are there so few women playing in the multifamily space? And what can we do to encourage more women to become entrepreneurs and investors? Olenka Cullinan is the Business Coach behind #iStartFirst, a platform dedicated to inspiring women to achieve their full potential. Through her online bootcamps, #iStartFirst Bossbabes Summit and national speaking engagements, Olenka empowers women to up-level their mindset, overcome their fears and build successful careers. On this episode, Olenka joins me to explain why there are so few female entrepreneurs and what she is doing about it through #iStartFirst. She speaks to the limiting beliefs many wo
19/11/201943 minutes 15 seconds
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MB 188: STOP Saving Your Money & START Investing in Multifamily – With Grant Cardone

Do you have your money right? Or are you handing it over to Wall Street and hoping for the best? What if I told you that the secret to true wealth is to STOP saving your money and START using it to invest in real assets—like multifamily real estate! Grant Cardone is the CEO of Cardone Capital, a multifamily real estate investment firm with more than $1.36B in assets under management. He is also an international speaker and bestselling author, well-known for creating the 10X Movement and 10X Growth Conference. Grant was named the #1 marketer to watch by Forbes, and he is a widely respected entrepreneur who owns and operates seven privately held companies. On this episode, Grant joins me to share what he’s investing in now, discussing what kind of
18/11/201940 minutes 26 seconds
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MB 187: Raise Capital for Real Estate Through Content Creation – With Hunter Thompson

Raising capital for multifamily real estate deals strikes fear in the heart of many an aspiring syndicator. But what if you didn’t have to chase leads? What if you could ATTRACT high-net-worth individuals and bring in investments of $100K (or more!) with a single phone call? It IS possible, provided you commit to consistent content creation and position yourself as a thought leader in the space. Hunter Thompson is the Managing Principal at Asym Capital, a real estate investment firm that helps clients build a diverse portfolio around low-risk cashflow production. With nearly 10 years of experience in fund management, Hunter is a prolific writer on the finance of commercial real estate and the host of Cash Flow Connections. His new book, <em
11/11/201944 minutes 23 seconds
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MB 186: The Predictability of Passive Investing in Multifamily – With Spencer Hilligoss

W-2 jobs give us a sense of security. But what happens if you lose your job or can’t work due to illness or injury? Spencer Hilligoss wanted to play financial defense and build enough passive income to keep the lights on for his family should something unexpected happen. And though real estate gets a bad rap for being a risky investment, Spencer discovered that multifamily is actually very predictable. In fact, it’s the best kind of boring!  Spencer has 13 years of experience in tech startups, building high-performing teams across five companies—three of which valued at more than $1B. He currently serves as the Senior Director of Professional Development for LendingHome, the largest residential flip lender in the country. Spencer is also the Cofounder and Principal at Madison Investing, a real estate education platform dedicated to helping busy professionals build passive income, and a contributing
04/11/201949 minutes 40 seconds
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MB 185: Creating an Uber-Like Resident Experience for Apartment Buildings – With Patrick Antrim

Technology has succeeded in disrupting several industries. Think about what Uber has done to the taxi business. Or how Airbnb has changed hotels. These innovations work because they create a frictionless experience for consumers. So, how might #proptech disrupt multifamily? And how can apartment investors leverage technology to better the resident experience and compete in the market of the future? Patrick Antrim is the Founder and CEO of Multifamily Leadership, a thought leadership platform that researches the best in innovation and leadership in the multifamily space. He has 18 years of experience managing the portfolios of some of America’s most influential real estate entrepreneurs and business titans, including Forbes billionaire George Argyros. Patrick is also the host of the Multifamily Leaders
28/10/201940 minutes 5 seconds
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MB 184: Building a Platform to Market Your Multifamily Brand – With Kyle Wilson

So, you’re getting into the business of multifamily real estate. Like it or not, you’re also getting into the business of marketing and promotions. But how do you build a platform online and attract the capital you need to grow? Kyle Wilson is a marketing icon in the personal development space, promoting the likes of Og Mandino, Les Brown, and Robin Sharma, just to name a few. For 18 years, he served as Jim Rohn’s business partner, taking Jim from 20 speaking events per year at $4K each to 110 events at $25K—and creating Jim Rohn International along the way. Today, Kyle does high-end coaching and consulting and hosts the Kyle Wilson Inner Circle Mastermind. He has helped more than 200 thought leaders become published authors with multiple bestselling books. On this episode, Kyle joins me to explain how he got into the p
21/10/201955 minutes 2 seconds
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MB 183: Pursue a Meaningful Life Through Multifamily Investing – With Drew Whitson

Most of us would really like to live a life of purpose. Problem is, working a traditional W-2 job can take all the good out of you. We come home exhausted and have little bandwidth left for our families, so the idea of serving others seems totally out of reach. But what kind of impact could you make if your living expenses were covered? What if you had the time freedom to pursue a meaningful life? What if multifamily real estate investing could get you there in three years? Drew Whitson is a full-time real estate investor with a portfolio of 1,000-plus units in five states. He also happens to run The Michael Blank Investor Incubator, serving as a mentor and coach to help aspiring multifamily investors do their first apartment building deal. Drew spent 16 years working in corporate finance before leaving his W-2 job at a boutique investment banking firm in early 2018 to focus exclusively on hi
14/10/201939 minutes 10 seconds
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MB 182: An Action-Oriented Approach to Financial Freedom with Multifamily – With David Kamara

Real estate investors come in many different shapes and sizes. Some young, some older. Some with financial resources, others without. But the one thing they ALL have in common is hustle. They balance learning with DOING, taking action to achieve their dreams of financial freedom through multifamily. David Kamara was working a demanding job in management consulting, traveling as much as 48 weeks a year. In an effort to spend more time with his family, David enlisted the help of a mentor to fast-track his real estate career and closed on his first 40-unit multifamily deal in October of 2018. Within a year, David had replaced his income, and today, he has a portfolio of 247 units. He runs his own management consulting business as well as Cape Sierra Capital, an apartment building investing firm that focuses on undervalued multifamily properties in the Midwest and Southeast US. On this episode, Da
07/10/201942 minutes 53 seconds
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MB 181: Double Your Money Through Passive Investing in Multifamily – With Jan Larson

What kind of returns can a passive multifamily real estate investor expect? What if you could double your money in just five or six years? And pay little or nothing in the way of taxes? Jan Larson spent 25 years in the high-stress world of semiconductor development, most recently working for Amazon. He had always been interested in real estate investing but did not want to deal with 3AM phone calls about clogged toilets. Five years ago, a colleague introduced him to a passive investing opportunity, and Jan was hooked. Today, he has invested in 28 multifamily deals involving 34 properties, and in January, Jan had enough passive income to quit his job. On this episode, Jan joins me to discuss how his life has changed since he quit his job through passive investing in multifamily. He explains how living through the stock market meltdowns in 2000 and 2008 inspired him to diversify with apartment buildings, describing what he loves most about multifamily and sharing the ret
30/09/201927 minutes 30 seconds
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MB 180: Adding Gold to Your Investment Portfolio – With Dana Samuelson & Brien Lundin

As multifamily investors, we’re all looking to build wealth and achieve financial freedom. The scary part is, we don’t have control over how much our money is worth. And as our government continues to print money with wild abandon and accumulate massive debt, the value of the US dollar declines. Yes, we’re smart to invest in physical assets like real estate to hedge against this kind of currency devaluation. But is there something else we could be putting our money in as an insurance policy of sorts? Something that increases in value as paper assets decline? Dana Samuelson is the President of American Gold Exchange, a leading precious metals and rare coin company. A professional numismatist since 1980, Dana has been involved in a billion dollars’ worth of precious metals transactions. Brien Lundin serves as host of the New Orlean
23/09/201932 minutes 26 seconds
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MB 179: Take the Next Step to Financial Freedom with Multifamily – With Mauricio Ramos

Too many aspiring real estate investors never take action because they’re waiting for the right time, or they’re holding off until they know EVERYTHING about multifamily. Spoiler alert: That’s never going to happen! So, what if you simply got prepared for the next few steps and moved forward? Mauricio Ramos is Managing Member at de Medici Group, a multifamily investment firm based in San Antonio. He specializes in acquiring underperforming assets that can be repositioned to improve the quality of life for tenants and build wealth for investors. Mauricio spent ten years as a Project Manager in the commercial construction industry before leaving to pursue real estate full-time in 2016. To date, he controls $2M in assets and has a portfolio of 234 units across Texas. On this episode of the podcast, Mauricio joins me to discuss how his life is different now that he’s a full-time real estate invest
28/08/201936 minutes 9 seconds
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MB 178: 10X Your Multifamily Income with an Extended-Stay STR Model – With Al Williamson

Real estate investors are cautious when it comes to implementing a short-term rental (STR) strategy because of the regulatory uncertainty in the space and the extra expense of hotel taxes. But what if we could enjoy the benefits of an Airbnb model WITHOUT the uncertainty or the extra expense? Al Williamson leverages an extended-stay strategy targeted at business travelers to 10X his net income on a small multifamily property. Al is a full-time real estate investor and Managing Partner of Easy Corporate Housing, an extended-stay STR housing solution for business travelers in Sacramento, California. He also serves as a speaker, author and mentor for investors through Leading Landlord, a platform designed to help landlords increase their income and equity. Al has developed creative strategies for growing NOI as much as 10X above a conve
28/08/201932 minutes 41 seconds
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MB 177: Tech Tools for Data-Driven Multifamily Investing – With Raj Tekchandani

Advancements in technology allow us to access and analyze an incredible amount of data. But what does this mean for multifamily investors? Can we make use of tech tools to find off-market deals, for example? What if we could automate the underwriting process? How might machine learning facilitate market analysis? Raj Tekchandani is the Founder and Managing Principal at Smart Capital Management, a real estate investment firm that focuses on the acquisition and management of value-add multifamily properties. Raj brings his significant experience in tech startups to his work as a full-time investor, leveraging data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence to identify strategic assets in emerging markets that provide high-yield returns. Today, Raj joins me to explain how he got started in real estate, buying condos in Orlando to supplement his uncertain W-2 income. He discusses what inspired his transition to multi
19/08/201930 minutes 25 seconds
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MB 176: Hit Your Growth Zone & Quit Your 9-to-5 with Multifamily – With Andrew Kuhn

Are you settling for good enough? It’s easy to get comfortable with the way life is going and let complacency set in. But if you really want to achieve greatness, you’ve got to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Whether it’s your personal development OR your multifamily portfolio, meaningful growth happens OUTSIDE your comfort zone. Andrew Kuhn is the founder and CEO of Kuhn Real Estate, a multifamily investment firm and property management company based in the Greater Detroit Area. He spent the last 14 years in a highly compensated medical device sales role before quitting his job just one month ago to pursue investing full-time! Andrew has been involved in real estate since 2006, building a robust single-family portfolio of 76 rentals. He transitioned to multifamily two years ago and has already closed six deals totaling 281 units. Andrew also serves as a mentor with us through <a href="
08/08/201939 minutes 37 seconds
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MB 175: Leveraging Hustle & Heart to Find Off-Market Deals – With Logan Freeman

Good deals are so hard to find right now! That’s become a common complaint among real estate investors in recent months, but I’m not convinced it’s true. In fact, if you’re willing to hustle and approach brokers with a service-first mindset, it’s fairly easy to find off-market multifamily deals. Logan Freeman is a commercial real estate agent, investor, developer and capital raiser. He is also the founder of LiveFree Investments, a Kansas City firm specializing in joint ventures and equity partnerships that provides strong returns on capital from secure investments. Logan got his start in real estate doing a live-in flip back in 2013, and since then, he has completed 80-plus transactions and earns $13M for his investors annually. Today, Logan joins me to explain why he was dreaming about real estate—even as he was being drafted for the NFL! He discusses the niche he has develop
08/08/201941 minutes 45 seconds
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MB 174: Put Your Money in Motion with Passive Investing – With Ryan McKenna

If you make good money, and you want to make it work for you, passive investing in multifamily syndications may be a perfect fit. But what are the benefits of apartment investing compared to the stock market? How do you choose an operator you can trust? What happens if there’s an economic downturn? Can you really achieve financial freedom with passive investing? Ryan McKenna is the founder of McKenna Capital, a private equity firm that helps investors build long-term wealth through value-add multifamily, self-storage and manufactured home park investments. Ryan has invested in 30-plus real estate and business syndications worth more than $600M, and his current portfolio includes 7,800 units in markets across the country. Ryan’s role at McKenna Capital involves overseeing acquisitions, capital raising efforts, investor relations and asse
29/07/201937 minutes 41 seconds
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MB 173: Real Estate Investing Across Asset Classes – With Adam the Brit

A jack of all trades is the master of none, right? We’ve been taught that it’s best to drill down on investment strategy and beware of shiny objects. But Adam the Brit has a slightly different philosophy. He believes that it’s important to establish multiple income streams across several different asset classes, taking advantage of opportunities to trade real estate and generate lump sums of cash quickly—that he can then use to expand his buy-and-hold portfolio and increase his flow of passive income. Adam the Brit is a season real estate investor with experience in nearly every asset class, including single- and multifamily flips, value-add multifamily syndications, multifamily buy-and-holds, ground-up construction, and triple net lease retail deals. He has invested all over the world, from Asia to Europe to the US, and his current focus in on syndicating shopping centers and doing multifamily flips in low cap markets. Today, Adam the Brit jo
26/07/201944 minutes 18 seconds
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MB 172: Building an Investor Pipeline for Multifamily Syndications – With Kyle Mitchell

Once you get a multifamily deal under contract, the clock starts ticking. You have limited time to raise capital, so it’s super-important that you’ve already built relationships with potential investors and have a database to call on. But how do you transition from simply talking to people about the opportunity to invest with you to building a formal pipeline of truly interested investors? Kyle Mitchell is Managing Partner at Limitless Estates, a multifamily firm investing in the Phoenix and Tucson markets. He started investing in single-family in 2015, building a $1M portfolio of nine properties in Illinois, Ohio and Arkansas, before quitting his W-2 job to pursue multifamily in 2018. Within two months of going all-in on apartment buildings, Kyle landed a 42-unit deal, and he is currently negotiating a $15M 128-unit deal. Kyle is also the host of the Passi
17/07/201935 minutes 51 seconds
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MB 171: Passive Investing in Today’s Market – With Bronson Hill

If you’ve got money to invest, you’ve got a lot of options. So, what are the pros and cons of the stock market? Single family homes? Multifamily syndications? What’s the difference between active and passive investing? And how will the predicted market correction impact each of these opportunities? Bronson Hill is the Director of Investor Relations at Nighthawk Equity, the investing arm of the Michael Blank organization. Bronson started investing in real estate 13 years ago, building a strong single-family portfolio before he transitioned to multifamily. Now, Bronson is the General Partner for 225 units, and he is passionate about sharing the benefits of passive investing in multifamily syndications. Today, we switch things up and Bronson interviews me about the options available to passive investors. I weigh in on the downside of investing in the stock market, explaining why the actual return i
15/07/201926 minutes 58 seconds
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MB 170: Maximizing ROI in Value-Add Multifamily Deals – With Ira Singer & Marc Rutzen

Adding value to a multifamily property is what allows us to raise rents and earn a solid ROI. But how do we choose a contractor? As owners, how active should we be in managing the construction itself? What is the property manager’s role in a construction project? How do we know what amenities work in a particular market—and what they’re worth to renters? Ira Singer is the Principal at Mosaic Construction, a design-build industry leader based in Northbrook, Illinois. Mosaic provides best-in-class renovation, remodeling and building services for multifamily, residential and commercial property owners and managers. Marc Rutzen is the CEO of Enodo, a machine learning platform that analyzes multifamily investments and calculates the ROI on value-add amenities. Today, Ira and Marc join me to discuss the ins and outs of doing a val
10/07/201935 minutes 46 seconds
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MB 169: Burning the Boats to Go All-In on Multifamily – With Jerome Myers

A lot of aspiring investors hesitate to leave the security of a high-paying job to pursue real estate. And very few are brave enough to quit their 9-to-5 and go all-in on multifamily investing without a few deals to their credit and the cashflow to cover their living expenses. Burning the boats is not for everyone, but Jerome Myers had a financial runway, and he’d had it with corporate America. So, he walked away from a six-figure engineering position to make his dreams real. Jerome is the Managing Director of The Myers Development Group, a real estate investment firm on a mission to build a portfolio of 1,000 units and free 100 people from work they aren’t passionate about. Jerome quit his corporate job to pursue real estate in 2017, and since then, he has joint ventured on several multifamily deals and is in the process of syndicating a 112-unit development deal in Greensboro, North Carolina, known as Tech
02/07/201941 minutes 53 seconds
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MB 168: MAKE the Time for Multifamily & Quit Your W-2 Job – With Anna Kelley

Don’t think you have the time to start investing in multifamily? Anna Kelley is a wife and mother of 4 who worked a demanding full-time job AND built a real estate portfolio on the side, working 82 hours a week for nearly 5 years. She argues that sacrificing your time for a couple of years to buy yourself decades of financial freedom is well worth it. But you’ve got to be willing to take consistent action—even when it’s hard. Anna is a seasoned real estate investor with a rental portfolio valued at $12.5M. She is also an Amazon bestselling author and sought-after speaker in the realm of buy-and-hold investing, creative financing, vacation rentals, women in real estate, and multifamily investing. Anna has coached several new investors through their first deal, and she is dedicated to educating others on the benefits of multifamily real estate investing. Today, Anna joins me to discuss how she executed on a
28/06/201942 minutes 41 seconds
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MB 167: The Financial Freedom to Pursue a Greater Purpose – With Reed Goossens

The beautiful thing about achieving financial freedom is that it gives you the means to give back. Of all the investors I know, the majority who quit their jobs with multifamily go on to pursue a greater purpose, using real estate as a vehicle to make other’s lives better. Reed Goossens is a real estate entrepreneur and Managing Partner of Wildhorn Capital. He moved to the New York from his native Australia in 2012, and since then, Reed has grown a portfolio of 1,100 multifamily units. He has been involved with $500M-worth of large-scale commercial construction and development projects in Australia, the UK and the US. Reed is also the host of the Investing in the US podcast and author of <a href= "https://www.a
21/06/201933 minutes 50 seconds
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MB 166: Leveraging the Deferred Sales Trust to Defer Capital Gains – With Brett Swarts

The 1031 Exchange is the best-known way to defer capital gains on the sale of a property. The problem for syndicators is getting ALL of your limited partners on board—which is next to impossible. So, what do you do if several LPs want to cash out but the rest are looking for an option to defer? The Deferred Sales Trust may just be the perfect solution. Brett Swarts is the CEO of Capital Gains Tax Solutions, a firm dedicated to helping clients leverage the Deferred Sales Trust as a tool to overcome capital gains tax deferral limitations. He is also an experienced commercial real estate broker and investor, boasting $85M in closed transactions and a portfolio of multifamily, senior housing, retail, medical office and mixed-use properties. With more than 12 years of experience in the brokerage industry, Brett is committed to helping people create and preserve wealth and educating HNWI around cap
31/05/201941 minutes 24 seconds
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MB 165: The BE-DO-HAVE Model for Achieving Your Big Dreams – With Hal Elrod

We all want to be the best version of ourselves for the people we love and lead. But most of us don’t think we can BE happy or fulfilled until we HAVE the things we want. What if we’ve got it backwards? What if we start with daily dedication to BEING a Level 10 person? What if self-development is the prerequisite for DOING what it takes to achieve our big dreams and HAVING the success we’ve always wanted? Hal Elrod is the world-renowned author of The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM), one of the highest-rated bestsellers in the world. The book has been translated into 27 languages, and Hal’s method is practiced daily by 500,000-plus people in more than 70 countries. He is also one of the top keynote speakers in the US
31/05/201948 minutes 48 seconds
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MB 164: The Doability of Real Estate Investing – With Bob Helms

‘Don’t be afraid. This is totally doable.’ Of all the people who are exposed to real estate on a regular basis, very few take action to become investors themselves. If awareness is not the problem, then what is? Why do so few real estate agents, for example, seek out opportunities to work with investors or partner to buy properties of their own? Why do so many of us attend REIA meetings month after month—without taking the next step? Known as The Godfather of Real Estate, Bob Helms has been investing since 1957. He became a practicing broker in 1980 and spent 18 years working as a father-son team with his son, Robert, of Real Estate Guys fame. In his long and storied career, Bob has owned, managed, bought and sold hundreds of properties. He has been a top-producing agent, respected managing bro
29/05/201939 minutes 2 seconds
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MB 163: Discover Your Real Estate Sales Dog – With Blair Singer

Most of us don’t see ourselves as salespeople. We believe you have to be an attack dog to do well in sales, and that’s just not us. But according to Blair Singer, we can make a lot of money just being ourselves. In fact, there are several different kinds of Sales Dogs, and we can all learn to sell—and do it well—by managing that little voice in our heads and playing to our strengths. And frankly, sales is a fundamental part of any business, including real estate investing. Blair is the Rich Dad Sales Advisor and Chief Leadership Engineer at Blair Singer Companies. An expert in sales and leadership mastery, Blair has helped tens of thousands of people significantly increase their sales and income in just six weeks. He is a sought-after keynote speaker, presenting to corporate and public audiences in 35 countries on the topics of personal and professional development. Blair is also the bestselling author
15/05/201931 minutes 19 seconds
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MB 162: Quit Your Job & Control Your Own Destiny with Multifamily – With Danny Randazzo

Close your eyes and imagine for a moment how it would feel to quit your W-2 job. Imagine having the freedom to control your own time—and financial destiny. Imagine having the passive income to cover your expenses and provide for your family long-term, without being stuck in those golden handcuffs. If you’re dreaming of handing in a letter of resignation, then multifamily real estate investing may offer the ideal solution. Danny Randazzo is an author, entrepreneur and full-time real estate investor. He has a background as a financial consultant, advising multibillion-dollar companies in improving revenue performance, but Danny’s ambition to achieve financial freedom led him to move from the Bay Area to Charleston, South Carolina, and build an impressive real estate portfolio with his wife, Caitlin. Now, Danny and his team control $130M in multifamily properties across the country, and he is focused on helping others invest passively in apartment buildings. Today, Danny
15/05/201934 minutes 53 seconds
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MB 161: Break into the Multifamily Business with Joint Ventures – With Jens Nielsen

There are a number of different ways to get your multifamily investing career off the ground. You might choose to buy a small property with your own money or learn the business as a passive investor in a syndication. You could take on the role of syndicator and partner with an experienced team or get in the game as a capital raiser. So, what are the benefits to each of these strategies? Which approach provides the quickest route to financial freedom? And how can you leverage the power of joint ventures to invest in bigger deals early on? Jens Nielsen is the principal at Open Doors Capital, a private equity firm out of Durango, Colorado, that helps people passively invest in real estate. In just three years, he has raised nearly $1M for multifamily deals and invested in 800-plus apartment units. Jens has a talent for assessing risk and assembling the right team to renovate and operate multifamily prope
14/05/201933 minutes 3 seconds
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MB 160: What’s Spirituality Got to Do with Real Estate Investing? – With Robert Kiyosaki

Three years ago, I met the legend Robert Kiyosaki on The Real Estate Guys Summit at Sea. Of course, I knew him from his bestselling books about investing and personal finance, so I was taken aback by the spiritual language he used in his presentation. When I asked him about it, Robert said, “Of course. I’m a Marine.” Why does Robert credit the military for his spiritual discipline? And how has spirituality become a priority in his life and work? Robert Kiyosaki is an entrepreneur, investor, educator and bestselling author of the #1 finance book of all time, Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not. His perspectives around money and investing run contrary to conventional wisdom, earning Robert a reputatio
03/05/201919 minutes 48 seconds
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MB 159: Work Less & Make More as a Passive Investor in Multifamily – With Paul Moore

The real world is not HGTV. If you are a high-earner looking to get into the real estate game, it is important to understand just how much work is involved in being an active investor. There is a lot of competition in the space, and good deals are hard to find. Add to that the complexities of managing a rental portfolio, for example, and the headache may seem like more than it’s worth. But why work harder than necessary to make less than you could? You can take advantage of all the benefits of commercial real estate investing as a passive investor, letting an expert handle the minutiae while you reap the rewards. Paul Moore is the Founder and Managing Director at Wellings Capital, a commercial real estate investment firm that focuses on self-storage, mobile home parks, and multifamily property. Paul has 18 years of experience in real estate: He has flipped 50-plus homes and 25 high-end waterfront
30/04/201929 minutes 40 seconds
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MB 158: The Danger in Using Your IRA to Invest in Multifamily – With Damion Lupo

Are you using your IRA to invest in a multifamily syndication? Then brace yourself for an unexpected tax bill when the asset sells. If, on the other hand, you’d prefer not to owe the IRS for Unrelated Business Income Tax (or UBIT), it’s time to consider a Qualified Retirement Plan (or QRP) that gives you more control over your money and makes it much easier to invest in real estate! Damion Lupo is a real estate investor, serial entrepreneur, and high-profile financial consultant. He founded Total Control Financial in 2010 to help people achieve financial freedom. He is committed disrupting Wall Street and empowering Main Street with the tools and teachings of financial transformation. In the last 25 years, Damion has launched and owned 40-plus companies, including a venture capital firm, an insurance agency, and more than a dozen real estate investment and development operations. He is also the author of <a
23/04/201928 minutes 19 seconds
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MB 157: Achieving Financial Freedom as a Passive Investor in Multifamily – With Doug Marshall

So, you want to achieve financial freedom with real estate investing, but you’re a busy person with a demanding job and a lot of responsibility. You don’t have time to learn the ins and outs of putting together an advisory team, finding a good deal, or making decisions about the financing and management of a property. The fact is, you can STILL enjoy the benefits of real estate investing by becoming a passive investor in a multifamily syndication! Doug Marshall is the founder and president of Marshall Commercial Funding, a firm dedicated to helping clients get the best possible financing for their rental properties. Doug has 36 years of experience as a mortgage broker, and he received his CCIM designation in 1999. His journey into passive investing began 10 years ago, and to date, he has invested in 11 properties—8 of which were apartment buildings. Doug is also the author of <a href= "
12/04/201931 minutes 34 seconds
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MB 156: How the Broader Economy Impacts Your Multifamily Investments – With Robert Helms

The vast majority of real estate investors were blindsided by the crash in 2008. And with many economists warning that we’re headed toward another downturn, it is prudent to take off our rose-colored glasses and move forward with an eye to the broader economic picture. It is crucial for multifamily investors to study the markets, identify trends and consider the economy’s impact on our investments—and the people who rent from us. Robert Helms is the founder and host of Real Estate Guys Radio, a media platform dedicated to helping investors stay focused, motivated and informed. He has a wealth of experience teaching Landlord Boot Camp for newbie residential investors as well as college-level real estate courses. Robert also spent 18 years working in a real estate brokerage where he became a top producer and refined his skills in marketing, negotiating and relationship management. Now, Robert is a p
02/04/201928 minutes 27 seconds
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MB 155: Apply Real Estate Strategy to Generate Cashflow with Stocks – With Andy Tanner

Real estate investors have a tendency to look down on paper assets, arguing that the stock market is an ill-advised place to keep your money. We talk about the volatility of stocks and avoid paper assets like the plague, assuming that there is no way to mitigate the associated risk. But what if investing in the stock market is not so different after all? What if we could apply real estate investing strategies to stocks and generate additional cashflow? What if we could leverage paper assets to complement a multifamily portfolio and even hedge against a decline in the real estate market? Andy Tanner is the founder of The Cash Flow Academy, a platform designed to empower and inspire investors and entrepreneurs to generate their own income. An expert in the realm of paper assets, Andy has served as a Rich Dad Advisor for the last 11 years, and he is passionate about teaching in a way that is fun, simp
26/03/201949 minutes 11 seconds
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MB 154: Leveraging Content Creation to Connect with Passive Investors – With Annie Dickerson

Raising capital is crucial in making a real estate syndication happen. But how do you connect with high-net-worth individuals who are interested in multifamily? And then, how do you build trust with those prospective investors? One strategy is to create quality content and design a platform around those resources, attracting passive investors by giving them access to the information they need. Annie Dickerson is the Cofounder and Managing Partner at Goodegg Investments, a firm dedicated to helping clients achieve financial freedom through passive investing in multifamily real estate. Goodegg has built a reputation for helping its investors gain access to great deals, connecting them with cashflowing real estate syndications. Annie’s strength lies in content creation, and the Goodegg platform features educational r
25/03/201930 minutes 43 seconds
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MB 153: The Now-or-Never Approach to Living an Intentional Life – With Paul Nagaoka

Too many of us get to the end of our lives and ask, “Why didn’t I follow my passion?” But what if you didn’t wait? What if you asked yourself the tough questions NOW? What if you put your energy and resources into the thing that really makes you come alive? What if you took a now-or-never approach to pursuing an intentional life? Paul Nagaoka is Managing Partner at Syndicate, a commercial and multifamily real estate investing firm based in Kansas City. He draws on his background as a mortgage broker, realtor and investor to identify high-yield investment opportunities and manage risk through careful analysis and creative problem-solving. Prior to Syndicate, Paul ran his own solo real estate investing company, growing the team to 30 employees and subs with ownership in 350-plus units. Today, Paul joins me to share his approach to living an intentional life. He discusses his hiatus from real
18/03/201937 minutes 19 seconds
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MB 152: 4 Steps to Protect Your Personal & Real Estate Assets – With Garrett Sutton

In a perfect world, honest real estate investors would never have to deal with frivolous lawsuits. But we live in the real world where being sued is a very real possibility. So, how do you protect yourself so that an angry tenant cannot get to your personal assets? What kinds of insurance do you need to protect your real estate assets from an ‘outside attack’? And where should you set up a holding company to take advantage of the strongest possible asset protection laws? Garrett Sutton is a corporate attorney, asset protection expert and bestselling author with 30-plus years of experience supporting entrepreneurs and real estate investors. He serves as Rich Dad Advisor and asset protection attorney for Robert Kiyosaki and founder of Corporate Direct, a firm dedicated to supporting clients in protecting their assets, maintaining their privacy and advancing their financial goals. He has sold more tha
26/02/201930 minutes 59 seconds
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MB 151: Uncovering Off-Market Multifamily Opportunities for Unlimited Deal Flow – With Cory Boatright & Sean Terry

In a climate where good deals are hard to find, off-market opportunities are key for multifamily investors. But how do you find property owners who might be willing to sell? And once you’ve tracked them down, how do you leverage marketing strategies to get their attention—and inspire them to pick up the phone and call YOU? Cory Boatright and Sean Terry are experienced single-family wholesalers in the Oklahoma City and Phoenix markets, respectively. Together, the pair stumbled into a multifamily flip that proved challenging. And though they would never do it again, Cory and Sean earned a multiple six-figure profit on the deal. Now, they are pursuing multifamily buy-and-hold as a strategy through Investing Capital Group, a firm focused on finding off-market properties for its capital partners. Today, Cory and Sean join me to explain how they got involved in a multifamily wholesale deal,
26/02/201940 minutes
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MB 150: From Starving Artist to Financially-Free Multifamily Investor – With Mark Hentemann

Imagine having the financial security to do what you love, to pursue work that brings you joy—even if that work happens to be in an unpredictable industry. Mark Hentemann began his career in entertainment as a starving artist in New York City, often wondering how he would cover rent. Now, he leverages the cashflow from real estate investments to spend his days coming up with jokes in the writer’s room, without the stress of financial instability should his show get cancelled. Mark Hentemann is a writer, voice actor and producer, working on shows like Family Guy, Bordertown and The Late Show with David Letterman. He is a two-time Primetime Emmy award-nominee for Outstanding Animated Program and Outstanding Comedy Series. In addition, Mark is an avid real estate investor, cofounding the multifamily investment company Quantum Capital, a firm focused on value-add assets in cen
26/02/201930 minutes 34 seconds
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MB 149: How Real Estate Investing Can Save Your (Financial) Life – With AJ Osborne

“I want to see the world. I want to experience life because I almost lost mine.” What if something happened and you could no longer work? How would you and your family survive? AJ Osborne found himself in that precarious position 18 months ago, but because he had sustainable passive income from real estate investing, he was able to focus on healing and continue to support his family as he recovered. Real estate saved his financial life. AJ had been leading a busy life, running his state’s largest brokerage firm as well as a real estate company when he fell ill with a disease called Guillain-Barré. It left AJ completely paralyzed and comatose, and he spent several months on life support. Since then, he has had to relearn how to walk, use his arms and communicate. Fortunately, his 1M ft2 self-storage portfolio allowed AJ to focus on healing while his passive income continued to grow. The experience inspired him to create <a href="" target="_bl
13/02/201932 minutes 46 seconds
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MB 148: Automating Investor Relations as You Scale Your Multifamily Business – With Josiah Mann

As a multifamily syndicator, one of your most important responsibilities lies in building long-term trust with investors. And when you are dealing with a handful of high-net-worth individuals, it is fairly easy to keep track of who has committed to a deal, signed the appropriate documents and wired their money. As you scale your real estate business, however, it becomes increasingly challenging to communicate consistently and manage larger and larger numbers of investors. But it can be done by automating your workflow process. Josiah Mann is the founder and CEO of Investor Deal Room, a modern, white-label investor management platform that supports real estate syndicators in raising capital and streamlining their back office through automation. Businesses using the Investor Deal Room software have raised over $40M in private capital and represent nearly $500M in assets under management. Today,
06/02/201925 minutes 44 seconds
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MB 147: The Unique Perspective of a Financial Planner Turned Multifamily Investor – With Jason Harris

As a financial planner, Jason Harris helped clients prepare for retirement. At the same time, he was building a real estate portfolio to replace his W-2 income. And last Thursday, he retired from financial planning (in his early 30’s!) to pursue investing full-time. What did that journey look like? What strategies did Jason and his wife, Carrie, use to generate passive income with multifamily? Jason and Carrie started investing in real estate in 2010. Nine years later, they have a portfolio of 75-plus units and the couple is building a consulting business known as Creative Gains. With his background in financial planning, Jason offers clients a unique perspective on diversifying their portfolio with real estate. Jason and Carrie also run a successful property management company. Today, Jason joins me to discuss his last day of work as a financial planner and explain how his friends and family r
06/02/201935 minutes 11 seconds
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MB 146: What You Need to Know About Multifamily Financing – With John Brickson

As multifamily syndicators, we are focused on finding quality deals and raising money. But securing the financing you need can make or break a real estate deal and reaching out to your lender early in the process will save you a great deal of time—and keep you on track to close as planned. So, what do you need to know about multifamily financing? John Brickson serves as Director at Old Capital, a Dallas firm that specializes in arranging financing for commercial real estate investors across the country. John’s team focuses on $1M to $30M loans on multifamily properties, and in 2017, Old Capital closed more than $750M in loans. John’s market insight and established lender and equity relationships afford his clients a tailored, best-in-class financing solution. Today, John joins me to offer insight on interest rates in 2019. He explains the difference between working with directly with a len
31/01/201932 minutes 47 seconds
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MB 145: Luring Passive Investors to Raise Money for Multifamily – With Tim Bratz

When you hunt, the prey runs away. But when you fish, you simply put a lure in the water and let the fish come to you. Tim Bratz likens raising private money to fishing: You provide value through education and intentional conversation—and then wait for the investors to come to you. Tim is the owner of CLE Turnkey, a real estate investment firm focused on apartment buildings, vacation rentals and other commercial properties in Ohio, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Texas. His current portfolio consists of 2K units with a value of over $100M. Tim also offers coaching and mentoring through Commercial Empire. Today, Tim joins me to explain how working as a commercial broker sparked his interest in investing and share the story of buying his first property—with a credit card! He discusses his transition from flip
24/01/201934 minutes 22 seconds
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MB 144: Building Multifamily Credibility with a Quality Website – With Todd Heitner

So, you’re on the phone with a real estate broker or a potential investor. Chances are, they’re Googling you to see if you’re the real deal. If they don’t find a website, it’s unlikely they’ll take you seriously. And if they find a poorly designed site, that’s even worse! A quality website affords you instant credibility as a syndicator. But is there an easy way to build a good one without investing a lot of time or money in the process? Todd Heitner is the founder of Apartment Investor Pro and Done Deal Websites. He supports real estate investors in building professional-quality websites. Todd’s service includes beautiful design, well-written content and quick setup, giving you the credibility and systems you need to connect with brokers and investors at a fraction of the cost. Today, Todd joins me to explai
16/01/201930 minutes 12 seconds
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MB 143: Awakening to Your True Purpose & Potential – With Keith Elias

Who are you? Is your identity tied up in money? Another person? What you do for a living? If so, you are treading on dangerous ground, as these externalities can go away at any time. So, how do you define your WHY and create a culture in alignment with your core values? How do you awaken to your true purpose and potential? How do you live a life of significance and build a legacy you can be proud of? Keith Elias is a former NFL running back who played for the New York Giants and Indianapolis Colts from 1994 through 1999. He earned All-American honors playing college ball at Princeton, where he established school, conference, and national records. Today, he supports NFL players in making the transition to retirement, helping them awaken to their purpose and navigate life after football. Keith joins me on the podcast today to share his experience as an NFL player and his realization that there was more to life than football. He discusses why people struggle with life tra
11/01/201932 minutes 28 seconds
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MB 142: 3 Tips to Help You Crush It in 2019 – With Michael Blank

Is 2019 the year you finally get on the road to financial freedom with multifamily real estate? If that’s your goal, there are a few simple things you can do to totally crush it this year. Today on the podcast, I’m sharing my top 3 tips for achieving success in 2019. I start with goal-setting, explaining how to get clear on what you want to achieve and narrow down your objectives to no more than 5 measurable aims with specified time frames. I go on to discuss making time to work toward your goals, describing the strategies I use to batch like activities and schedule intentional blocks to advance my top priorities for that week. Listen in for insight on taking tiny action and learn how to track, recognize and celebrate the small WINS that put you on the road to financial freedom with multifamily real estate! Key Takeaways Tip #1—Get clear on your goals Identify 1 to 3 things that make others easier Define daily, weekly, 90-day and yearly goa
28/12/201822 minutes 32 seconds
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MB 141: Under the Hood of Asset Management for Multifamily Syndicators – With Drew Kniffin

In a perfect world, we could syndicate a multifamily property and then sit back and wait for the checks to roll in. But in the real world, we must oversee the apartment buildings we’ve purchased and make sure they perform according to plan. What all is involved in asset management? What is the best way to communicate with investors? And how does your property manager’s competence impact the amount of work that falls to you? Drew Kniffin is the President of Nighthawk Equity, a firm committed to helping real estate investors achieve financial freedom through practical education and high-quality multifamily investment opportunities. Drew became an ‘accidental landlord’ in 2008 when he was unable to sell his condo and rented it instead. But it wasn’t until 2015 that Drew shifted his focus to small apartment buildings. Eight months and three deals later, he was able to quit his job and pursue real estate fu
28/12/201838 minutes 13 seconds
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MB 140: Building ‘Wealth Unbroken’ Through Multifamily Real Estate – With Rebecca Walser

If you follow the advice of a traditional financial planner, you are likely counting on a 401(k) and investments in the stock market to sustain you through retirement. Yet those vehicles are both subject to market volatility and assume that the tax rate will remain the same for the foreseeable future. Rebecca Walser is NOT your traditional financial advisor, and she has designed a better strategy for building long-term wealth—a strategy that includes investing in multifamily real estate. Rebecca is a tax attorney, wealth strategist, Certified Financial Planner, and one of Investopedia’s 2018 Top 100 Most Influential Financial Advisors. She has combined her expertise in law and finance to design a unique approach to building and sustaining wealth that conventional advisors won’t consider. Rebecca has been featured in Bloomberg Business, The Boston Globe, and The Miami Herald, among many other media outlets, and she is the author of the groundbreaking
12/12/201827 minutes 57 seconds
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MB 139: Financial Independence Through Multifamily (One Rental at a Time) – With Michael Zuber

Let’s say you have a single-family rental that makes you $100 a month. What if you took advantage of a 1031 exchange to purchase a 5-unit building that generates a dramatically higher monthly income of $1K? When Michael Zuber realized the potential cashflow of multifamily investing and the lack of competition in the market for small apartment buildings, his mindset shifted. He went from seeing real estate as a smart place to keep his money to an opportunity to achieve financial independence. Michael is a full-time real estate investor who specializes in 5- to 20-unit apartment buildings. After 15 years of real estate investing, Michael quit his W-2 job to start One Rental at a Time, a company focused on helping busy professionals begin their own journey to financial freedom. Michael’s goal is to help 1K people learn the fundamentals of real estate investing through his educ
06/12/201833 minutes 8 seconds
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MB 138: Syndication vs. Creative Financing for Multifamily Capital – With Jake Stenziano & Gino Barbaro

While syndication is the most popular way to raise money to fund a multifamily deal, it is not the only option. A resourceful real estate investor can leverage a number of other creative possibilities. Jake Stenziano and Gino Barbaro have built an impressive portfolio without syndicating a single deal, but now they are adding the strategy to their repertoire. What drove them to add ‘investor relations’ to their skill set? In what situation might a different approach, like owner financing, be appropriate? What are the pros and cons of syndication? Jake and Gino are the co-founders of Jake & Gino, LLC, an educational platform that leverages their expertise in multifamily real estate to help others attain financial freedom by way of apartment building investing. A few short years ago, Jake and Gino were a pizza guy and a drug rep; today, they own 900-plus multifamily units. They share their creative approach on the <a href= "
28/11/201835 minutes 25 seconds
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MB 137: Attracting Real Estate Business with a Meaningful Mission – With Kent Clothier

“When you chase money, money runs. When you’re focused on mission, you attract money.” To reach the highest levels of success in real estate, it’s important to have your mind—and heart—in the right place. If your WHY is about more than just you, if your mission has meaning, business will come to you. So, what’s driving you? Kent Clothier is the founder and CEO of Real Estate Worldwide, a real estate software and education platform that offers aspiring investors a curriculum of proven systems and technology as well as national data on real estate cash buyers and private lenders. A serial entrepreneur and digital marketing expert, he also owns and operates the multimillion-dollar brands Real Market Experts, 1-800-SELL-NOW FREE, <a href= "" target="_blank" rel="noop
14/11/201836 minutes 21 seconds
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MB 136: From Splitting Firewood to Full-Time Multifamily Investor in Under 2 Years – With Michael Beeman

Once upon a time, Michael Beeman was struggling. He had a blended family of seven kids, and his corporate salary of $60K was not making ends meet. Michael started a side business splitting firewood, and he was bringing in an additional $15K—but he wanted to do more than just survive. Michael wanted his family to thrive. So, he started listening to multifamily podcasts and real estate audiobooks while he was cutting and delivering firewood. By May of 2017, Michael had saved up $12K. His best friend and his mom contributed $20K each, and with $52K, he started looking for his first deal. Today, Michael has a 64-unit portfolio, and he is about to close on a 61-unit deal. The best part? Michael recently put in his two weeks’ notice so that he can pursue real estate investing full-time. On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Michael sits down with me to share the details of his current 61-unit deal, discussing the value of building broker relationships for introduc
14/10/201837 minutes 19 seconds
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MB 135: How to Lead a Popular Multifamily Meetup & Raise $4.4M – With Adam Adams

So, you want to scale your multifamily business. What are your options? One strategy involves leading your own real estate investing meetup. But how do you get a significant number of people to attend that first meeting? Are there hacks to help you become popular FAST? And how do you follow up with the group when the time comes to raise money for a new opportunity? Adam Adams is a syndicator with BlueSpruce Holdings, a multifamily real estate investment firm focused on purchasing apartment buildings in emerging markets. He repositioned his first apartment community as a property manager in 2007 and went on to purchase his first multifamily property the same year. Adam has managed a number of single-family fix and flips, and today, he holds 100-plus multifamily rental doors. He is also the host of the Creative Real Estate Podc
14/10/201838 minutes 22 seconds
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MB 131: Improve Your Memory & Grow Your Multifamily Business – With Ron White

Do you struggle to remember names at networking events? Do you rely on notes when introducing a speaker or giving a presentation? Do you invest in conferences—and promptly forget what you learned? It’s not that you have a ‘bad memory.’ You simply haven’t learned the simple techniques that would allow you to improve your recall, enhance your relationships, and ultimately grow your business! Ron White is one of the top authorities on memory in the world. He won the USA Memory Championship in 2009 and 2010, and his YouTube Channel, Brain Athlete Ron White, is number 1 among memory experts. Ron speaks to audiences of all sizes all over the world, from Singapore to Ireland to Zimbabwe. He has appeared on Good Morning America, Martha Stewart Living Radio, and the Dr. Oz Show, among many other media outlets. Today, Ron joins me to explain how he became the
04/10/201823 minutes 51 seconds
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MB 134: From Zero to 112 Multifamily Units in 9 Months – With Kyle Collins

When you know, you know. Once Kyle Collins fell in love with multifamily as an asset class, he didn’t waste any time. In 9 months, he went from zero to 112 units and quit his job to pursue real estate investing full time. Kyle is the Principal at Beechwood Holdings, a multifamily acquisition firm focused on stabilized, income-producing properties. Prior to founding Beechwood, he served as a sales rep for Martech Medical and the Director of Business Development for his family’s business, Five Rivers Conservation Group. Kyle earned a bachelor’s in finance from Georgia Southern and an MBA from Emory University. Today, Kyle sits down with me to discuss his transition to full-time real estate investor, sharing the challenges he faced finding deals early on. He explains how to build a network of brokers and potential investors as well as what questions to ask to be taken seriously. Kyle also
04/10/201830 minutes 47 seconds
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MB 133: Designing a Life of Balance – With Ken McElroy

If you ask people at the end of their lives to reflect on their regrets, no one ever mentions money or work. Instead, their focus tends toward the relationships they neglected. So, when Ken McElroy realized he only had one shot at having a great rapport with his kids, he got serious about designing a life of balance that allows him to grow a successful real estate business AND be fully present with his family.  Ken has 20-plus years of experience in real estate investment analysis, property management, acquisitions and property development. Ken serves as an advisor to Robert Kiyosaki of The Rich Dad Company, and he is the author of the bestselling books The ABCs of Real Estate Investing, The ABCs of Property Management, and <a href= "
02/10/201829 minutes 11 seconds
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MB 132: Leveraging a Multifamily Mentor for Wisdom Without the Wait – With Larry Goins

“When you pay somebody that’s been where you want to go, you’re buying WISDOM without the WAIT.” If you want to succeed as a multifamily real estate investor, your best bet is to take advantage of free resources for a basic education and then find someone you know, like and trust who is willing to mentor you—even if you have to pay for their time. Larry Goins is a veteran real estate investor with 20-plus years of experience in the space. He travels the US speaking at conventions and expos, sharing his strategies for buying a dozen properties every month—without leaving his office! Larry is also the president of both Investors Rehab and The Goins Group, and he hosts the popular real estate podcasts BRAG Radio and <a href= "http
02/10/201829 minutes 19 seconds
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MB 126: The BEST EVER Advanced Multifamily Strategies for Raising Money at Scale – With Joe Fairless

If you’re early in your career as a multifamily syndicator, a qualified team is essential in overcoming your lack of experience to go after larger, more lucrative deals. But how do you attract and align your interests with those prospective team members? And once you’ve established a track record of your own, how do you stay in front of your investors and continue to scale your money raising efforts? Joe Fairless is Managing Partner with Ashcroft Capital, a national multifamily investment firm focused on major metropolitan areas. Joe has been investing in real estate since 2008, and to date, he controls more than $400M of real estate in the Houston and DFW regions. Joe is also the host of the popular daily podcast, Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever, and the author of several books on real estate investing,
13/09/201828 minutes 28 seconds
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MB 130: Raising Private Capital to Grow Your Multifamily Portfolio – With Matt Faircloth

Are you still skeptical of the idea that you can build a real estate business using other people’s money? Or, maybe you don’t think that your network has access to the kind of capital you would need for a multifamily investment. Matt Faircloth argues that you simply don’t know where to look, and he is living proof that with the right approach, you can develop a robust real estate portfolio by raising private capital. Matt is the co-founder of The DeRosa Group, a real estate investment firm headquartered in Trenton, New Jersey. Matt and his wife, Liz, have been investing in real estate since 2004, and they have vast experience with single family, multifamily, office and retail properties. Matt’s firm has completed more than $30M in real estate transactions involving private capital, and he is the author of <a href= "" target=
04/09/201830 minutes 12 seconds
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MB 129: Mitigate Your Risk with the Right Multifamily Insurance – With Bryan Shimeall

What could possibly go wrong? If you are the proud owner of a multifamily property, the answers range from minor falls to catastrophic weather events. How can you mitigate the risk and reduce your total number of claims? And what kind of multifamily insurance coverage do you need to manage the circumstances outside your control? Bryan Shimeall is the Vice President of Multifamily Risk Advisors, a division of Tanner, Ballew and Maloof formed to leverage the firm’s 20-plus years of experience handling insurance for the multifamily industry. Bryan is dedicated to delivering customized solutions that mitigate risk for apartment building investors, and he is an expert in the realm of risk assessment and exposure to loss. Today, Bryan sits down with me to share his definition of and approach to risk assessment. He discusses the most common gaps in multifamily coverage, the most common proper
31/08/201828 minutes 13 seconds
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MB 128: Leveraging the Perpetual Wealth Strategy to Be Your Own Bank – With Patrick Donohoe

As an aspiring real estate investor, you possess a spirit of independence as well as a desire for financial freedom. What if you could take that self-determination to the next level and essentially become your own bank? Patrick Donohoe is on a mission to teach you how to take control of your money with the Perpetual Wealth Strategy, taking advantage of a particular kind of life insurance policy to facilitate real estate investment, secure retirement funds, and build a legacy that you can pass on to your children. Patrick is the president and CEO of Paradigm Life, a financial services firm committed to changing the way their clients look at life and wealth. The Paradigm team supports thousands of individuals and businesses in creating income for life and leaving a meaningful legacy. Patrick is a sought-after speaker in the realm of wealth management and investment, and he serves as the host of <a href="htt
30/08/201838 minutes 50 seconds
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MB 127: How Multifamily Real Estate Investors WIN Under the New Tax Law – With Tom Wheelwright

Real estate was a big winner in the tax reform bill passed in December 2017. So, how exactly do the new laws impact us as passive multifamily investors and syndicators? And how can we take advantage of the new regulations and use the available incentives to reduce the amount of money we owe the government? Tom Wheelwright, CPA is the CEO of WealthAbility, a community of CPAs dedicated to reducing taxes and creating wealth for their clients. As a Rich Dad Advisor for Robert Kiyosaki, Tom is a well-known keynote speaker in the realm of wealth building and tax strategy. He is a regular contributor to publications including Forbes, The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine and Inman News, and Tom is the author of <a href= "
17/08/201841 minutes 17 seconds
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MB 125: The 5 Pillars of Elevated Wealth – With Brian Fouts

If the extent of your financial education involved learning how to be a good employee, trading your time for money, then you’re probably beginning to realize that you simply can’t save yourself into wealth. But how do the multimillionaires and billionaires among us grow their assets? What strategies do they implement to generate passive income—from multiple sources? Brian Fouts has identified the shared patterns among high-net-worth individuals, what he calls the 5 Pillars of Elevated Wealth, and he is on a mission to share this information with you and me. Brian is the co-owner and CEO of The Elevation Group, an online membership platform that seeks to teach the world how to invest like the rich. Brian and his brother Jake are passionate about empowering people to create and grow wealth by way of financial literacy, and The Elevation Group affords access to a network of true expert advisors who can
17/08/201831 minutes 29 seconds
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MB 124: The Shortest Distance Between You + Financial Freedom = Multifamily – With Josh Eitingon

What is the quickest route to financial freedom through real estate? Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. Go directly to… Multifamily. But how do you overcome a lack of experience and capital to accelerate the timeline and jump straight into apartment building investing? Josh Eitingon is the founder and manager of JAE Property Group, a real estate investment company specializing in 50- to 150-unit value-add multifamily properties outside the New York metro area. With the guidance of a coach, Josh made his first multifamily investment in 2012, and now he is up to eight deals. He began his real estate career while working as a software developer, eventually joining a Long Island investment group where he led the acquisitions team in securing $100M in real estate. Today, Josh is a full-time investor in his own right. Josh joins me to discuss the early investment in a coach that facilitated hi
15/08/201830 minutes 1 second
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MB 123: Fostering an Abundance Mentality for Multifamily Success – With Jack Petrick

‘The cost of my self-education was six figures in mistakes and seven [or] eight figures in lost opportunity.’ If you have a poverty mindset, investing money in a mentor or spending more for a qualified contractor seems like a burden. But if you have an abundance mentality, it becomes obvious that spending a little more up front for coaching and devoting your time to the activities that will grow your multifamily business result in higher revenue long-term. Jack Petrick is the owner of Petrick Property Group, a real estate firm that specializes in multifamily acquisitions and improvements. He spent 15 years working as a firefighter in the Cleveland suburb of Strongsville, Ohio, before leaving to pursue real estate full-time.  Jack’s team focuses on on- and off-market multifamily assets, and to date, he has 100-plus rental units in Ohio and Florida. Today, Jack joins me to discuss
14/08/201851 minutes 19 seconds
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MB 122: Becoming a Time-Wealthy Multifamily Investor – With Mark Dolfini

The vast majority of us get into multifamily investing because we are hungry for time freedom. We want the flexibility to spend time with our families or travel or go to the gym in the middle of the day if we so choose. But many of us lose sight of that original goal in the pursuit of financial freedom. Our focus on earning money translates to doing ALL of the work ourselves, and before long, we are caught in an unsustainable cycle—doing tasks like bookkeeping and writing investor reports that undervalue our time and pull us away from the work only we can do: finding deals and raising money. So, how do we calculate the value of our time and make informed decisions about what to delegate? How do we hit the reset button and return our focus to the time wealth that inspired us to pursue apartment building investing in the first place? Mark Dolfini is the founder of Landlord Coach, a mentoring program and b
01/08/201832 minutes 42 seconds
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MB 121: Proactive Property Management in the 5 Phases of Multifamily – With Bryan Chavis

There are five key phases in the multifamily investing process, and the property manager you hire plays a key role in nearly every stage. So, what should you look for in a property management company? And what KPIs can you use to assess the property manager’s performance? Bryan Chavis is a thought-leader in the realm of multifamily property management and the bestselling author of Buy It, Rent It, Profit and The Landlord Entrepreneur. He is also the founder of The Landlord Property Management Academy, an online platform for real estate professionals and property management certification. Bryan was
01/08/201840 minutes 56 seconds
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MB 120: 20 Units to Financial Freedom with Multifamily – With Aaron Howell

You don’t necessarily need an enormous multifamily portfolio to achieve financial freedom. It is possible to start small and replace your income with modest holdings of just 20 units! Aaron Howell is a small multifamily investor with Black Lick Holdings, a real estate firm based in Crozet, Virginia. With a portfolio of 22 rental units, Aaron has replaced his income as a pharmacist and now works part-time because he WANTS to, not because he HAS to. Today, Aaron joins me to share his accidental introduction to real estate and when he was finally inspired to develop a strategic plan. He describes the light bulb moment when he realized the income potential of a duplex versus a single-family property and how he fostered the confidence to pursue multifamily despite a lack of experience. Aaron walks us through his first several deals, explaining how he financed the most recent 6-unit through a partnership. Listen in for Aaron’s insight around building in daily habits to stay
13/07/201826 minutes 29 seconds
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MB 119: Building Your Multifamily Resume Through Partnerships – With Danny Woodford

Whether you are looking to become a multifamily syndicator or money raiser, it is difficult to get your foot in the door if you’ve never been involved in a deal. So, how do you build a resume without any experience or capital to speak of? The answer lies in partnerships with someone who’s done it before! Danny Woodford is a Managing Partner at Mission Bay Investments, a multifamily investment firm with properties in the Mid-Atlantic, Southeast and Texas markets. Mission Bay is focused on value-add opportunities of 100-plus units, and the firm has closed on five deals of nearly 1K units to date. Prior to real estate, Danny served in the military, working to develop the space capabilities of the United States. He holds a master’s in real estate development from George Mason University. Today, Danny joins me to explain what inspired him to retire from the military and pursue real estate. He w
09/07/201828 minutes 22 seconds
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MB 118: Investing in the Growing Cannabis Industry Through Real Estate – With Leslie Plettner

The attitude toward cannabis has shifted: 64% of Americans support the legalization of marijuana, 93% support medical consumption, and the drug is legal in nine states plus Washington, DC. By 2028, the cannabis space is projected to be a $60B industry. So, what does that mean for us as real estate investors? How can we take advantage of the need for property to grow, manufacture and sell cannabis products? Leslie Plettner is the director of BaseCanna, a team of cannabis, legal, finance and real estate experts who provide the funding, infrastructure and property for cannabis entrepreneurs. Leslie is a long-time entrepreneur with extensive experience in real estate. She has developed and managed more than 500 units, including a mix of warehouse, multifamily and retail properties. Three years ago, Leslie anticipated the emergence of the cannabis industry and recognized its need for cannabis-friendly landlords, and the idea for BaseCanna was born. Today, Leslie joins me to
02/07/201829 minutes 36 seconds
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MB 117: Pushing Your Limits to Strike Multifamily Gold – With Anna Simpson

Anna Simpson’s philosophy is that you don’t make money in your comfort zone. Once she has achieved a goal, Anna finds a way to push her limits and look forward to the next. And when things start to get difficult, that’s when Ana knows she needs to keep digging: She’s getting closer to the gold. Anna is a full-time accredited multifamily investor and deal sponsor with experience in property valuation, acquisition, rehabilitation, leasing and asset management. She got her start investing in single family buy and holds before making the decision to transition to multifamily as a passive investor. Anna personally invested in 1,300 multifamily units as an equity partner and key principal before she was ready for the next challenge of becoming a managing partner. Today, Anna has completed two multifamily deals: a 70-unit syndication and a 76-unit 1031 exchange. Today, Anna sits down with me to share her decision to work ON the business rather than IN it by making the shift t
02/07/201835 minutes 36 seconds
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MB 116: Reawakening, Reinvention & Opportunities in Commercial Real Estate – With Alan Schnur

Alan Schnur was away on a business trip when a plane struck his office building, killing 40 of his 44 team members. In the aftermath of 9/11, Alan spent a lot of time questioning what he wanted out of life and the experience informed his drive for continuous growth. Because you never know when another plane is coming, Alan doesn’t believe in complacency. In fact, he makes it a point to reinvent himself every few years and take on new challenges in residential and commercial real estate. Alan is a wildly successful real estate investor based in Houston, Texas. He began his real estate career rehabbing single family homes, owning a portfolio of 120 before making the transition to apartment buildings. Alan’s go-big-or-go-home mindset translated to multifamily, and he invested in 2K units across 18 complexes—AND founded a property management company that handled 7K units across 40 properties. Now he is taking on a new challenge in commercial real estate, investing in shopping cen
15/06/201848 minutes 6 seconds
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MB 115: Enlisting an SEC Attorney to Protect Yourself & Ensure Compliance – With Mauricio Rauld

If you are new to the idea of raising money to invest in apartment buildings, the particulars of complying with SEC regulations may have you spooked. No one wants to inadvertently break the law and face restitution, sanctions, or worse—fines and jail time! The good news is, with an assist from an SEC attorney, it is not as difficult to comply with securities laws as you might think. Mauricio Rauld is the founder and CEO of Premier Law Group, a boutique securities firm specializing in asset protection and SEC compliance. Mauricio has 18-plus years of experience helping multifamily investors increase and safeguard their wealth through syndications. He is a regular contributor to The Real Estate Guys Radio show and a faculty member of the Summit at Sea, a week-long conference for elite real estate entrepreneurs. In addition, Mauricio serves as legal advisor to <a href="
15/06/201831 minutes 39 seconds
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MB 114: The Ten Commandments of Negotation - With Stefan Aarnio

Every human interaction is a negotiation. Whether you are communicating with employees, investors, friends or family, the language of give-and-take is at play. And the fact of the matter is, if you don’t ask, you don’t get. So, how can we leverage the ten commandments of negotiation to get more of what we want in the realm of multifamily real estate—and life in general? Stefan Aarnio is an award-winning real estate investor, entrepreneur and author. He was named one of the Top 10 Real Estate Influencers to Follow by Entrepreneur magazine in 2017 and inducted into the Rich Dad International Hall of Fame in 2014. Stefan is the author of four books on real estate investment and negotiation, including X: The Ten Commandments of Negotiation
13/06/201840 minutes 46 seconds
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MB 113: From Auto Mechanic to Self-Made Millionaire Through Multifamily – With Peter Conti

Courage isn’t about being fearless. Courage is about feeling the fear but ‘saddling up anyway.’ When Peter Conti bought his first duplex, he admits that he was shaking. But Peter knew that he had to make a change to life the life he wanted, to be free from the humiliation of a boss who reprimanded him for drinking coffee meant for ‘customers only.’ Peter was highly motivated to leave his job as a mechanic and become a multifamily real estate investor, and that deep desire for financial freedom propelled him to take action. Peter went from auto mechanic to self-made millionaire in just over three years, using creative financing to invest in both residential and commercial real estate. He started small, buying a duplex, a couple of 4-units, and a 12- and 24-unit before working his way up to shopping centers and 300-unit complexes. He has mentored thousands of investors all over the world and supported many more through <a href= "
08/06/201845 minutes 31 seconds
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MB 112: Scaling Up from a Duplex to 2,700 Multifamily Units – With Ivan Barratt

“It’s these little things that we do every day that get us closer. I remember climbing a mountain in high school, and the guide told us, ‘Don’t look at the summit. Focus on putting one foot in front of the other, and the summit will take care of itself.’ That’s exactly how I treat business. As long as I know I’m on the right mountain—which I firmly believe is multifamily—I come in here every day and focus on putting one foot in front of the other.” Ivan Barratt is the founder and CEO of Barratt Asset Management, a real estate investment and management company out of Indianapolis that specializes in the acquisition, redevelopment and management of multifamily apartment communities. Since forming the firm in 2010, Ivan has raised tens of millions in equity, acquired 2,700 units, and grown BAM to a best-in-class management company, boasting $100M in assets under management. Ivan joins me
05/06/201827 minutes 20 seconds
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MB 111: AirBnB for Apartments with Tim Hubbard

Before Tim Hubbard purchased and renovated his small multifamily property in Memphis, Tennessee, the long-term rents ranged from $350/month for the studios to $700/month for the two-bedroom unit. After the renovations, complete with furnishings and Airbnb-ready locks and amenities, Tim began earning revenue of $2,500/month—PER UNIT! How did he do it? What made this particular property perfect for the short-term rental market? Is the Airbnb model right for you? Tim Hubbard began his career in the hospitality industry before making the transition to real estate. He is passionate about travel, and the Airbnb model allows Tim to visit dozens of countries around the world—while providing the opportunity for others to do the same. Tim serves as the Director of Operations for Midtown Stays, a vacation rental company with properties in both Memphis and Sacramento, California. Tim sits down with me to explain how he got involved in the worlds of real estate and Airbnb. He descr
01/06/201822 minutes 46 seconds
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MB 110: Conservative Underwriting & Risk-Management in Multifamily Investing – With Omar Khan

No one wants to lose their shirt—or anything else for that matter—in multifamily investing. But it’s easy for inexperienced syndicators develop an emotional bias and conflate the numbers in order to make a deal look good to potential investors. And passive investors new to the game typically focus on returns, when their first question ought to be about the risks involved. Conservative underwriting is the key to risk management for syndicators and investors alike… But how do you ensure that the numbers are reasonable? What questions should investors be asking? And how can you tell when a syndicator is too aggressive? Omar Khan is a Chartered Financial Analyst with Boardwalk Wealth, a private equity firm based in Dallas, Texas, that connects international investors with multifamily opportunities in the southern US. Omar is responsible for raising capital, strategic planning, the development of under
26/05/201842 minutes 39 seconds
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MB 109: The Law of the First Deal - with Michael Blank

‘It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.’ --Tony Robbins In my experience, once you truly decide to pursue multifamily investing, it will take 3 to 18 months to do your first deal. In 3 to 5 years, you will have replaced your income and quit your job. And the entire process is set in motion via the Law of the First Deal. Today, I’m unpacking the powerful Law of the First Deal. I start with its basic principles, offering case studies of podcast guests who were able to replace their income within 3 years and quit their jobs via multifamily investing. I explain why the Law of the First Deal works, describing how investors become deal (and money!) magnets soon after their first closing. Finally, I walk you through the steps necessary to develop a concrete plan, calculating how long it will take to quit your job—based on your individual Rat Race Number. Listen in for insight on how to leverage the Law of the First Deal to replace your in
18/05/201816 minutes 39 seconds
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MB 108: Analyzing 100 Multifamily Deals to Find the ONE – With Andrew Cushman

Would you be willing to make 4,500 agonizing phone calls to land your first property? How about going to the trouble of analyzing 100 deals to find one good one? It goes without saying that we have unparalleled opportunities here in the US, but success is unlikely to fall into your lap. So, if you are looking to become a successful multifamily investor, you have to START: Learn to analyze deals properly and get one done. Andrew Cushman is the principal of Vantage Point Acquisitions, a multifamily investment firm out of Southern California. Andrew has a BS in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University, and he worked for a Cargill Foods for seven years before leaving the corporate world for real estate investment. He completed 24 profitable single family flips before making the transition to apartment building acquisitions in 2010. Since then, Andrew has successfully syndicated 1,800 units that continue to provide investors with strong returns. Today, Andrew joins me
12/05/201835 minutes 33 seconds
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MB 107: The 3 Spiritual Lessons That Changed My Life - With Michael Blank

At the heart of every successful entrepreneur is a deep sense of spirituality. There is strength in developing a relationship with the higher power, and you must get your ‘being’ right before you can do something truly meaningful. I recently saw Robert Kiyosaki speak on The Real Estate Guys cruise, and his talk reminded me of the connection between my success as an entrepreneur and my faith. Today, I’m sharing the three spiritual lessons that changed my life and brought me to the work I do now, teaching others to raise money and achieve financial freedom through apartment building investing. I start by sharing my early success with the software startup webMETHODS, explaining how that experience created the illusion that I was in control of my own destiny. Then I describe the challenges I have faced as an entrepreneur and the three lessons I learned around giving up control, finding peace re
04/05/201823 minutes 38 seconds
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MB 106: Getting in the Multifamily Game, With or Without Syndication – With Mario Ortiz

Mario Ortiz’s first multifamily deal wasn’t a homerun. Would he do things differently, knowing what he knows now? Maybe wait for a better deal to come along? Mario says no, arguing that ‘getting in the game’ is more important than the size or quality of the first deal. In fact, he lives by the adage that the ‘opportunity of a lifetime’ comes about once a month. The thing is, you have to be looking for it. Mario is a mechanical engineer from El Paso, Texas. He has managed to build a thriving real estate business while working full-time in the oil industry—without employing syndication. A self-made, resourceful entrepreneur, Mario finds a creative way to finance each new multifamily property, and he made a cool $4M on the refi of his most recent investment! Mario sits down with me to explain how the unpredictable nature of the oil and gas industry inspired him to pursue real estate. He shares his initial plan to invest in single-family properties and the overwhelm he exp
24/04/201846 minutes 49 seconds
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MB 105: How a Willingness to Fail Breeds Multifamily Success – With Todd Fox

What’s differentiates a successful multifamily real estate investor from someone who dreams of financial freedom but doesn’t take action? Todd Fox contends that a willingness to fail is what sets him apart and that his failures have helped him learn, grow and gain the confidence to go out and create the next big opportunity. Todd is the CEO of Visum Development Group. In the last 15 years, Todd has developed $35M in projects in the Ithaca metro area, and he oversees all aspects of the firm’s projects from concept formation to long-term stabilization. Visum specializes in new construction and the redevelopment of residential properties, working to maximize returns while mitigating risk for investors. The company offers a range of luxury student housing, residential and commercial investments, and they are currently working on a 207-bedroom student housing project for Cornell University worth $37M. Todd joins me share his journey from bankruptcy to successful developer,
11/04/201843 minutes 34 seconds
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MB 104: Building Community is Good for the Soul AND the Bottom Line – With Pete Kelly

The two biggest issues multifamily owners face are turnover and resident satisfaction. If a property is not at full occupancy, your bottom line takes a significant hit. How can you address both of these issues and create a community in your apartments that makes residents want to stay, even if the rents go up? Pete Kelly is the CEO of Apartment Life, a faith-based nonprofit motivated by a commitment to building relationships and community. Apartment Life serves the multifamily industry, redefining the resident experience in order to increase retention, improve tenant satisfaction, and enhance the community’s online reputation. Pete sits down with me to share his background in the nonprofit world, explaining the basics of Apartment Life as an organization. He discusses the research around loneliness and public health, customer engagement and brand loyalty, and the economic impact of the CARES Progra
11/04/201827 minutes 25 seconds
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MB 103: Accelerate Your Real Estate Success with a High-Level Network – With Mike Hambright

When Mike Hambright first got into real estate investing ten years ago, he was hesitant to meet his competition. But Mike is an extrovert by nature, and after having coffee with a fellow investor, his perspective shifted. Now he advocates an abundance mentality, and Mike firmly believes that meaningful conversations with high-level players can take your game to the next level. So how do you build a network of investors you respect who can help you learn and grow? Mike is the Chief Nerd at FlipNerd, a leading resource and social platform for real estate investors with more than 100K subscribers and 1500-plus video shows published to date. He is also the Owner and President of Evolution Properties, a multimillion-dollar firm focused on residential real estate in the Dallas market. Mike has an abundance mentality and a knack for networking, serving as a mentor to aspiring investors and founding the <a href="http:
02/04/201825 minutes 18 seconds
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MB 102: Curing Entrepreneurial ADD with a Focus on Multifamily – With Ben Risser

Ben Risser had a bad case of entrepreneurial ADD. He knew that the corporate environment was not a good fit for his personality, and he knew that real estate was the route he wanted to take. But Ben couldn’t get focused on a single strategy. He looked into several different single-family alternatives and even pursued lease options for awhile, but he couldn’t seem to stick with one strategy long enough to see it through… And then he landed on multifamily. Ben enrolled in the Ultimate Guide to Buying Apartment Buildings with Private Money course and started networking at local REIA meetings. Through a random series of events, he ran into his partner, Matt Faircloth, and started underwriting deals. Matt’s broker connections led the team to a 198-unit deal in Fayetteville, NC—a D property in a B
02/04/201826 minutes 31 seconds
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MB 101: Living the ‘Sunsets and Palm Trees’ Lifestyle with Multifamily – With Corey Peterson

Would you like to save ten years or so and get right to the financial freedom part of real estate investing? Corey Peterson is finally living what he calls the ‘Sunsets and Palm Trees’ lifestyle, but his path was not an easy one. Like many a real estate investor before him, Corey got into the fix and flip business, and while he looked successful on the outside, he was a wreck on the inside. Running rehabs was running him ragged, and he was spending his Saturdays with contractors—instead of his family. Corey knew he had to do something differently, and that’s when he made the transition from single- to multifamily real estate. Today, Corey is the owner of Kahuna Investments, a multifamily firm that provides its investors with stable cashflow and long-term capital appreciation. Since 2011, Corey has been involved in the ownership and management of commercial properties worth a total of $31M, and he
28/03/201823 minutes 10 seconds
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MB 100: Reflection Inspires Action in Multifamily Investing – With Scott Price

If you take the time to sit down and get clear on the direction of your life, you may find that growing a business for yourself and your family will afford you the flexibility and time to pursue hobbies, to travel, to spend time with the people you love—and build wealth in the process. More often than not, time invested in reflection is what ultimately inspires action among aspiring multifamily investors. Scott Price and his wife Karen run Bonvolo Real Estate Investments. They have been investors since 2003, owning and managing multifamily, office, retail and land properties across multiple markets in Washington state. From 2003 through 2007, Scott worked as a broker and earned Seattle Magazine’s Best in Client Satisfaction Award three times before returning to his career in project management. He has steadily grown his real estate portfolio while working full-time at Microsoft, but now he is quitting his W-2 job to focus on Bonvolo full time! Scott sits down with me t
16/03/201834 minutes 26 seconds
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MB 099: Control Your Own Destiny Through Real Estate Investing – With Clayton Morris

We’ve been conditioned to believe that a steady paycheck is a safety net. That if we pay our dues, the company we have been loyal to will return the favor, and we will ultimately be rewarded with a hefty 401(k). But Clayton Morris contends that the opposite is true: As long as you for someone else (no matter how prestigious your job may be) consider yourself a line item on a spreadsheet with zero control of your own destiny—who could lose your livelihood at any time, through no fault of your own. Clayton left a lucrative position as the weekend anchor for Fox & Friends to become the Founder and President of Morris Invest, a firm dedicated to helping people build financial freedom through real estate, and the host of the Investing in Real Estate Podcast. No matter how prominent his work in broadcasting, Clayton knew that
12/03/201846 minutes 16 seconds
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MB 098: Do Well By Doing Good - With Eddie Lorin

As multifamily investors, it is easy to get caught up in making as much money as possible. Problem is, we sometimes forget that real people live in those apartment buildings. And regardless of their socioeconomic level, our tenants deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Eddie Lorin is a multifamily real estate investor with 20 years of value-add experience and 40K units under his belt. Eddie’s company, Impact Housing, is on a mission to breathe new life into neglected multifamily properties, generating positive returns for investors and improving the quality of life for residents and surrounding communities. Eddie sits down with me today to share his vision for Impact Housing and the critical need for clean, affordable housing for the working class. He explains the concept of impact investing, discussing how he takes care of people ‘where they live’ by way of Class A amenities and on-site programming. Eddie speaks to his expectations for third-party property m
07/03/201817 minutes 48 seconds
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MB 097: Marketing, Lead Generation, and Requiring Your Own Success - Michael Quarles

‘The guy or the gal that wants to quit their job and doesn’t is quitting themselves.’ What is the secret sauce that makes a person successful? Michael Quarles says that it’s not about hoping, wanting or even needing to reach your goals. You have to REQUIRE yourself to take action every day in order to achieve. And even that’s not enough if you don’t have self-respect. Michael is a serial entrepreneur and accomplished real estate broker and investor who purchased his first property at the tender age of 18. He has completed thousands of real estate deals, and Michael has vast experience with fix and flips, assignments, and wholesale deals. In addition, he designed a systematized business model that his team uses to purchase houses across the country through 1800Sell4Cash. Michael also developed Yellow
07/03/201851 minutes 56 seconds
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MB 096: Multifamily Investment Outlook for 2018 and Beyond - with Neal Bawa

With 3,600 members, Neal Bawa’s multifamily meetup is the largest in the US. Would you believe that when he started the group, Neal had zero multifamily experience? Neal’s background is in technology education. He spent 15 years running a traditional company—and paying massive taxes—when his boss turned him on to the tax benefits of multifamily. Neal invested in a handful of single family homes, triplexes and fourplexes to learn the game, and he was ready to take the next step when he learned about a 12-plex deal that he couldn’t afford on his own. By then, Neal had established his multifamily meetup, where he was candid about the fact that he didn’t have experience. Rather, he shared what he DID know—his research and knowledge of the numbers. And on the night that Neal shared the story of the 12-plex deal, he discovered that he had a knack for raising money as well. Today, Neal and his partner have 1,000 units, with plans to hit 1,700 by the end of the y
22/02/201843 minutes 47 seconds
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MB 095 : What Doesnt Kill You Makes You a Better Multifamily Investor With Nathan Tabor

Wouldn’t it be great if your first multifamily deal just fell into your lap? If someone would just walk into your office and offer you an 18-unit property? If a bank would provide you with 100% financing and 100% renovation? Sounds great, right? But the problem with things being too easy is that you don’t learn. Just ask Nathan Tabor. He got lucky on his first multifamily deal—and that led to a lot of misery, stress, and unanticipated setbacks with his second and third investments. Nathan is an entrepreneur, business consultant, executive coach and speaker. In the last 18 years, he has successfully founded and operated dozens of businesses, grossing over $150M in sales. His experience spans the areas of real estate, auto sales, web-based marketing and direct product sales. Nathan has been a featured guest on Fox News, Laura Ingraham and C-Span, among others, and his parent company was ranked as one of the fastest-growing small businesses in the US by Inc.</e
14/02/201841 minutes 4 seconds
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MB 094: Life by Design with Andrew Campbell

Andrew Campbell was 27-years-old, working a good corporate job when he got the call that his father had suffered a massive brain hemorrhage. So he moved back home to Austin and reconsidered what he wanted out of life. Flexibility and freedom became priorities for Andrew, and when an experienced friend invited him to partner up on the purchase of a duplex, he agreed. Very quickly, Andrew was ‘addicted to real estate,’ and he began to envision a long-term plan that would allow him to quit his job and pursue real estate full-time. Now Andrew is a managing partner with Wildhorn Capital, a real estate investment firm focused on multifamily properties in major Texas markets. Today he joins me to share how he made the transition from duplexes and fourplexes to his first multifamily deal, a 192-unit building in San Antonio. Andrew walks us through his first experience with raising money, explaining how being a real estate junkie helped him build a network organically. Listen i
08/02/201837 minutes
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MB 093: Top 10 Ways to Protect Your Real Estate Investments - With Scott Smith

You’ve been served. Those are scary words for a real estate investor, but the truth is that you are likely to face a lawsuit at some point in your career—take it from me. So how do you keep your assets safe and protect yourself from frivolous litigation? Scott Smith is an attorney as well as a real estate investor. His firm, Royal Legal Solutions, provides business, tax and legal solutions geared exclusively for real estate investors. Scott has eight years of experience deconstructing the industry, and asset protection is his specialty. Today Scott covers the statistics around lawsuits in the real estate investing space, explaining his ‘if, not when’ approach to protecting yourself as a real estate investor. He shares case studies of investors who were not protected and walks us through the benefits of hiding and isolating your assets. Scott offers his best strategies, including separating operations from ownership, removing equity from your properties, and doin
03/02/201823 minutes 4 seconds
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MB 092: From Teacher to Fulltime Multifamily Investor – with Todd Dexheimer

Todd Dexheimer always wanted to be a multifamily investor, but he got distracted by single-family rentals and fix and flips. When he stopped to take a hard look at his portfolio, Todd realized that when it came to return on investment, the rentals were destroying the flips. Worse yet, he was still in a holding pattern—waiting to ‘graduate’ to multifamily. What would his cashflow look like if he stopped wasting time and shifted his focus to apartment buildings? Todd began his career as a high school teacher, but the meager pay and lack of job satisfaction had him looking for other opportunities. In 2008, he and his wife used their savings to purchase a rental property as well as a live-in flip, and before long he had a significant rental portfolio and 150 flips under his belt. But Todd never stopped dreaming about multifamily, and in 2016 he got back on track and purchased a 22-unit building in Cincinnati. Now he has a total of 106-units and the ambition to grow by another 800
23/01/201835 minutes 43 seconds
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MB 091: The Fast Track to Multifamily – With Josh Sterling

‘Don’t worry about everything you don’t know today.’ Josh Sterling’s advice for aspiring real estate investors? Jump in head first and take massive action. In fact, if Josh could go back and offer some advice to his 17-year-old self, he would recommend skipping college and getting on the fast track to multifamily as soon as possible! But Josh didn’t know that then, and he pursued a degree in aeronautical science from Embry-Riddle University. He got a job as a commercial airline pilot and had worked his way up to captain when the recession hit, and his hard work was rewarded with a demotion and a pay cut. Josh decided then and there that he needed a side hustle that he could control, and he landed on real estate. Josh was eventually able to quit his job and pursue real estate full-time, growing his portfolio to a cool 250 units. Josh has also grown his business, building out his own property management team. Today he walks us through his first deals in the single
18/01/201838 minutes 35 seconds
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MB 090: 3 Ways To Retire With Multifamily - Michael Blank

If 2018 is YOUR year, the year you plan to do your first multifamily deal and get on the road to retirement, then the next step is to determine the route you will take to get there. There are four different roles you can play in a general partnership: syndicator, passive investor, balance sheet guarantor, or money raiser. Today I’m getting into the nitty gritty of each of those four paths to financial freedom, exploring what’s important to each member of the team and how to get started. I begin with syndication, discussing the importance of analyzing deals, meeting with investors and building a team. If you want to be in the driver’s seat, then the role of the syndicator may be perfect for you. I go on to cover passive investing, outlining how to ask the right questions and find a partner you can trust. If you see yourself as more of a passenger on this road trip to retirement, then passive investing might be the part you play in a general partnership. Another lesser-k
12/01/201821 minutes 47 seconds
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MB 089: Increasing Your Productivity Through Purpose – With David Sweeney

When I went along on my real estate journey and—all of a sudden—apartments became the thing that I wanted, there was a level of excitement that I had not experienced before... I imagine myself owning many apartment buildings, and that’s the vision I’ve set for myself.’ In December of 2016, veteran Seattle police officer David Sweeney turned 53. After a 30-year career, he had reached the minimum retirement age, but David knew he could not stop working if he wanted his family to have a comfortable life. Looking for new options for himself and his family, he started exploring real estate. David liked the ring of ‘multi-family investor,’ so he started looking for duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes. By April, he had secured his real estate license to gain access to the MLS, and he spent the next five months evaluating 400-plus deals. Though a few deals fell through, David was motivated by his goal. He refinanced his own home and pulled $380K—and waited for the right opportu
30/12/201734 minutes 32 seconds
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MB 088: Overcoming Challenges - With Rod Khleif

Analysis paralysis? A fear of failure? Too many other responsibilities? Procrastination? The idea that you’re not good enough? What’s holding you back from FINALLY making the decision to live the life of your dreams? What if you could overcome these limiting belief systems, otherwise known as BS, and take action on your goals? What if you could totally crush it in 2018? Rod Khlief is an authority in real estate, business and peak performance. He has personally owned and managed 2,000-plus apartments and homes, building more than 22 businesses in his 40-year career. But it wasn’t until he lost his shirt in the recession that Rod learned how to build a successful life that had richness and meaning—with a focus beyond himself. Now he combines his passion for real estate investing with his understanding of ‘the psychology of success’ to serve as one of the country’s top real estate investment and high-performance life coaches. Today Rod shares how he came back from
23/12/201736 minutes 40 seconds
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MB 087: Self Storage - With Hunter Thompson

It’s important for each of us to find our niche in the real estate investing space. Maybe you’re confident that commercial real estate is where you want to be, but multi-family just doesn’t feel like the right fit. There are other asset classes to consider, and one of the most recession-resistant is that of self-storage. Hunter Thompson is the Managing Principal of Cash Flow Connections, a private equity group out of Los Angeles that connects passive real estate investors with opportunities in the commercial space, with a specific focus on mobile home parks and self-storage properties. Hunter has done 100-plus deals valued in excess of $350M. Hunter got his start investing in stocks, but the lack of predictability in the market led him to focus on simpler investments with mitigated risk. After connecting with a network of like-minded individuals, he began investing in mortgage notes before branching out into other real estate asset classes. Today he shares what inspire
09/12/201726 minutes 54 seconds
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MB 086: Become a Money Raiser to Quit the Rate Race – With Lane Kawaoka

‘At the end, you’re trying to find your highest and best use. How can you effectively create value based on your limited time?’ Perhaps you’re interested in getting into multifamily, but syndication is not for you. If your strengths lie in networking and raising money, you can get into apartment building investing as a general partner who specializes in soliciting capital. Based in Hawaii, Lane Kawaoka still works his day job as an engineer, but he is quickly growing passive income streams via multi-family investing. After graduating from college with a degree in engineering, he got a job in construction management that required a lot of travel. In 2009, Lane bought a primary residence in Seattle—but he was never there. He decided to rent out his A-class property, and the cashflow generated from that enterprise inspired him to purchase more. From there, Lane expanded his single-family portfolio, eventually discovering turnkey rentals. Today he is pursuing multi-
28/11/201726 minutes 58 seconds
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MB 085: How to “Borrow Credibility” To Quit Your Job With Apartments – With Devin Elder

So you want to get into multi-family investing, but you don’t have the money or the track record. Maybe you think that baby steps is the way to go, learning the game through single-family rentals or managing a small complex on your own. But if you have the right team, you don’t need to have $5M in the bank or 15 years of property management experience. You can serve as the quarterback and focus your energy on putting together deals, while your mortgage broker, property management company, and general contractor execute the playbook. Devin Elder was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. After graduating from UT-San Antonio with a degree in business, he went the corporate route, working in sales and operations for several area companies. But with each promotion, Devin lost a little more time and a little more autonomy. Then he got fired. In that moment, Devin vowed to find an alternative. At about the same time, Devin bought, renovated and refinanced his first single-family re
28/11/201730 minutes 23 seconds
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MB 084: Be The CEO of Your Own Dreams – with Tamar Mar

“I had this moment where I realized, ‘No, I’m not going to be the CEO of somebody else’s dreams. I’m going to be the CEO of my own dreams.’ I declared that day that I was never going to be an employee again.” Tamar Mar is an adventurer at heart. She spent 20 years in the startup and small business arena, working as COO for prominent companies in the FinTech and real estate brokerage space. After making that decision to be the CEO of her own dreams, Tamar became what she calls a ‘business opportunist,’ building out her real estate portfolio and investing in small businesses like The Fitness Shop, a high-end specialty fitness equipment retailer. Tamar invested in her first property at the age of 19, and she has owned rental properties for 15-plus years. From purchasing homes on auction to fix-and-flips to large-scale renovations projects, she has a keen eye for evaluating deals. This year, Tamar has shifted her focus to the acquisition of underperforming commercial and m
16/11/201729 minutes 32 seconds
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MB 083: The Best Investments to Build Wealth – With The Cashflow Ninja M.C. Laubscher

What is your Stupid Human Trick? We all have a unique ability that seems incredible to others. The trick is figuring out what it is that you are particularly good at and using those strengths to craft the processes and systems that capture wealth. Cashflow Ninja M.C. Laubscher came to the US from South Africa in 2001 with a backpack and $500. He played competitive rugby and learned the real estate business via experience, buying his first property at the age of 21. M.C. befriended a wealthy multifamily investor who became his ‘accidental mentor,’ asking M.C. to serve in several different capacities from maintenance to leasing to property management to acquisitions. This education served him well, giving M.C. invaluable insight into the world of the wealthy and an understanding of all the moving parts of real estate. Now he is the President and Chief Wealth Strategist of Valhalla Wealth, a wealth management firm that leverages the Infinite Banking Concept to help client
02/11/201742 minutes 15 seconds
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MB 082: Wealth Can’t Wait – With Paul Morris

Wealth is code for freedom. If you want to be a millionaire, it’s probably because you want control over your time. You want the autonomy to make your days your own and spend them with the people you love. Today’s guest chose real estate as his path to freedom, spending less than he earned and investing the excess in apartment buildings. Maybe you are interested in doing following a similar path, but something is holding you back…  Paul Morris is the co-author of Wealth Can’t Wait, a <a href= "
31/10/201739 minutes 42 seconds
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MB 081 - The Passive Income Investor - With Tim & Tom Black

There’s more than one way to skin a cat, and though we spend a lot of time on the podcast addressing aspiring syndicators, there are other routes to financial freedom via real estate investing. High net worth individuals who are interested in getting a little skin in the multifamily game should consider the benefits of passive investing. Regardless of approach, the end game of apartment building investing remains the same: Permanently replace your income and get out of the rat race for good! Dr. Tom Black (also known as The Passive Income Physician) was working as a busy emergency doctor in a high-volume trauma center. Yes, he was making good money, but he was working insane hours and he rarely saw his family. Tom was financially secure, but far from financially free—and he was fed up with sacrificing his time for money. Already enamored by the cashflow potential of real estate, Tom purchased several single-family homes and even tried his hand at commercial real estate before
04/10/201735 minutes 33 seconds
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MB 080: Nighthawk Equity: You Find the Deal, We Do The Rest – With Mark Kenney

Your chances of doing even a 60-unit multifamily deal on your own—with no track record—are very slim. Even with the capital and the knowledge, if you are lacking in the reputation department, brokers will have no confidence in your ability to close. Enter Nighthawk Equity, my partnership with Mark Kenney. You bring the deals, and Nighthawk does the rest.   Mark has been investing in real estate since he graduated from Michigan State 23 years ago, partnering with his twin brother to buy and rehab a $36K duplex. He continued to pursue small deals and flips during his career as a CPA and consultant for KPMD. Eventually, he started his own IT company. The business thrived, but 80-hour weeks and extensive travel translated to suffering in his personal life. With his marriage in trouble, Mark made the decision to take a huge pay cut, hand off the big projects to someone else, and pursue real estate investing full-time. With the support of his family, Mark spent nearly a year
04/10/201728 minutes 42 seconds
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MB 079: How I Lost $2M in Multifamily and Lessons Learned – With Damion Lupo

One of the big real estate rookie mistakes is to turn into a Walmart shopper as you build your team. It is easy to see a coach, lawyer, or property manager as an expense and choose to go with someone less experienced—or even elect to do the job yourself. But today’s guest can attest to the fact that a quality team is an investment that can save you millions in the long run. Damion Lupo is a serial entrepreneur with a ‘think big’ mentality. In the last 25 years, he’s founded more than 30 companies in a number of industries including insurance, precious metals, venture capital, financial consulting and real estate. Damion is also a black belt in three different disciplines and the architect of Yokido, his very own martial art. Damion’s personal philosophy centers around self-responsibility and a conviction that candor, growth and a big vision provide the only path to freedom. His commitment to these values led to the creation of <a href= "http://www.totalcontrolfinancial
21/09/201740 minutes 7 seconds
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MB 078: Never Give Up to Quit Your Job with Real Estate – With Joseph Gozlan

‘That’s just the way I’m built: Nothing’s going to stop me.’ Joseph Gozlan’s story defines the word GRIT. Once he decided that multi-family was the route he wanted to take, Joseph continued to drive through every challenge, getting creative and doing whatever it took to secure his first deal despite the roadblocks and frustrations. Three years later, he is the proud owner of two apartment buildings, and he has five properties in the pipeline. Joseph’s living expenses are covered, and he is considering a transition into full-time real estate in the very near future. Joseph got his start in real estate back in 2005 when he and his new wife realized that their new five-bedroom home was too big for just the two of them, so they chose to stay in an apartment and rent the property. Two years later, they moved to the United States from Israel and recognized the opportunity provided by the market collapse. The Gozlans secured their real estate licenses and began actively hunti
09/09/201735 minutes 32 seconds
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MB 077: How We Took Down Our First Multifamily Deal (94-units!) – With Pili & Jason Yarusi

Most of the time, careful planning is a good thing. It is smart to develop a strategy first, and then take action on your goals. But the one situation in which it might be better to just put the blinders on and jump in? Multi-family real estate investment. Pili and Jason Yarusi have a background in running restaurants and bars as well as experience in the family construction business. So when they were starting a family of their own and wanted to get out of the grind, real estate investment seemed like the perfect fit. They started doing capital-intensive flips and had success with out-of-state duplexes, but soon realized that flipping was a job that would have to be repeated time and time again. If the Yarusis wanted to achieve cashflow, apartment building investing was the way to go. After doing a lot of reading and reaching out to mentors with multi-family experience, Pili and Jason found a quality property management company in Kentucky, and made use of the firm’s
05/09/201736 minutes 9 seconds
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MB 076: Multifamily … Forever Cash Flow? – With Jack Bosch

All roads lead to multi-family. It seems that no matter how you get your start in real estate, the vast majority of investors come to the same conclusion: For passive, everlasting cashflow, multi-family is the way to go. Jack Bosch came to the United States from Germany in 1997 to finish his college degree. He worked in the corporate world for several years, but soon found that it did not afford the life he wanted. His visa was dependent upon keeping his job, yet the company that was struggling, so Jack was inspired to start a company of his own. Attracted to real estate because of its cashflow potential, Jack got his start flipping land. Over the course of three years, he developed a system that allowed him to do 3,800-plus deals, and he achieved financial freedom in a short time. Jack eventually moved into the single-family space, developing a portfolio of rental properties, and he finally graduated to multi-family in the last year. Today he shares the specifics of h
24/08/201735 minutes 2 seconds
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MB 075: How to Harness the Power of Crowdfunding Even If You're a Newbie - With Jilliene Helman, CEO of RealtyMogul

Yes, crowdfunding is out of reach for the average newbie syndicator. But if you’ve got a great deal and a willingness to hustle, it is possible to partner with a larger real estate company and take advantage of the capital available through crowdfunding. Platforms like Realty Mogul are looking for sponsors with a track record, so if you don’t have one—find someone who does. Jilliene Helman is the CEO of Realty Mogul, the premiere online marketplace for real estate investing. The platform employs cutting-edge technology to connect its network of 130,000 registered investors looking for passive investments in commercial real estate with established real estate companies looking to acquire and operate commercial properties. Realty Mogul is a marriage of Jilliene’s affinities for financial services and technology. She founded the company in 2013 to take advantage of the opportunities around crowdfunding afforded by the JOBS Act. Today she discusses why Realty Mogul chose t
23/08/201721 minutes 38 seconds
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MB 074: How I Did My First (69-Unit) Deal Without Experience or My Own Money – With Patrick Duffy

What gives a 27-year-old with no experience in apartment building investing the audacity to swing for the fence? Patrick Duffy grew up in Southern California before heading east for college. After graduating from Harvard in 2013, he returned to SoCal to work as a commercial real estate banker and later for a hedge fund, buying non-performing mortgages. He grew up around real estate, his family owning a multi-family property since the 1950’s, and he had always intended to invest in apartments—as soon as he had the money to do so. Before long, Patrick was unhappy at his job, so he started reaching out to investors he had lent to in order to get clarity on how to analyze deals. Despite his lack of experience on the principal side of real estate, Patrick started studying LoopNet and set the goal of securing 100 units in two years. Eventually, he discovered Michael’s Deal Desk resource, and used the Syndicated Deal Analyzer to get feedback on a 69-unit property in Memphis.
23/08/201726 minutes 26 seconds
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MB 073: The Secret to Quitting Your Job With Real Estate - With Brad Tacia

Landing your first multi-family deal is much like pushing over the first in a series of dominoes: The second and third deals fall in rapid succession. In most cases, it is possible to replace your income one to three years from the moment you decide to change your life. Brad Tacia’s story adheres to this Law of the First Deal. He was an engineer by trade, working for an auto parts manufacturer in Detroit. Though he survived the recession, Brad knew that he needed a backup plan. He began his foray into real estate with single-family homes, using a portion of his 401(k) to facilitate the investment. Brad reached a turning point when he realized just how much of his daughter’s life he was missing. To speed up the process of achieving financial freedom, Brad and his wife used the Dave Ramsey program to cut their expenses and pay off their house—which allowed them to fund their first multi-family deal with a home equity loan. Brad’s second and third deals followed quickly o
18/08/201729 minutes 58 seconds
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MB 072: How to Overcome the Most Crippling Limiting Beliefs – With Tyler Sheff

What is stopping you from achieving financial freedom through apartment building investing? Is it because you don’t have single-family experience? Are you intimidated by the perceived complexity of the multi-family space? Or maybe you think you don’t have enough money to consider pursuing multi-family deals? Today’s guest has encountered and overcome all of these limiting beliefs, and today he reveals how to get out of your own way and get on the road to financial freedom. Tyler Sheff is the founder of and the host of the Cash Flow Guys Podcast. He was making six figures as a merchant mariner when he and his wife took a hard look at their future. Tyler didn’t want to wait until he was 65 to enjoy life, so he took compensatory time and gave himself six months see if real estate investing would prove viable and provide the cashflow necessary to attain financial freedom. In just 11 months, Tyler had replaced his income. At that point, he had invested in 2
04/08/201733 minutes 44 seconds
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MB 071: Why it’s Patriotic to NOT Pay Taxes – with David Zook

More money, more problems. One of the major pain points for high net worth individuals involves taxes. Today’s guest was hit hard with a $497K bill in 2010, and that’s when he decided stop giving his money away to the IRS and start investing in multi-family properties! David Zook is a wildly successful entrepreneur and experienced investor in the multi-family space who has syndicated over $50M worth of real estate in his career. His portfolio includes 3,000 apartment units in several states as well as Ambergris Caye, the largest resort in Belize. David has entered the ATM market as well, capitalizing on another investment that offers tax-advantage cashflow. David is also a sought-after speaker and published author who has presented at venues such as the International Business Conference, The Jason Hartman Real Estate Mastermind, and The Cash Flow Wealth Summit. He credits his success to working with world-class teams, and today he discusses why it’s patriotic to
25/07/201737 minutes 28 seconds
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MB 070: How to Remotely Self-Manage Your Real Estate Portfolio – With Dana Dunford

Real estate is no longer a local game, and smart apartment building investors have properties all over the country. The tricky part is finding a way to consolidate the data so that you can manage and analyze your portfolio all in one place. Is it possible to streamline the important property management processes when your investments are operated by different property managers using different software in different states? Today’s guest says, ‘Yes, you can,’ as she reveals how to remotely self-manage your real estate portfolio. Dana Dunford is a real estate management specialist, licensed agent, and technology guru out of San Francisco. After earning her MBA from Harvard Business School in 2015, Dana co-founded Hemlane, a technology-enabled property management solution designed to support real estate investors in the remote management of their rentals. As CEO of the company, Dana understands that the best investments may not be in your backyard, and she is on a mission to prov
25/07/201732 minutes 6 seconds
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MB 068: Why Bigger is Better with Multi-Family Investing – With Kira Golden

‘When others are fearful, be greedy. When others are greedy, be fearful.’ Today’s guest took Warren Buffet’s advice to heart, moving past her fear and reaching out to investors at the top of their game to ask for guidance as she shifted from single-family fix and flips to 300-plus unit multi-family properties. Her bigger-is-better philosophy has led to a love of investing in sizable unloved properties and performing a full-gut rehab to revitalize the property – and the community. Kira Golden is the CEO of Direct Source Wealth, a real estate development company out of Denver that does direct deals and serves as a platform for new and experienced investors. By the time she was 18, Kira had holdings in both the real estate and stock market. After graduating Magna Cum Laude from George Washington University with a master’s in public administration, Kira worked as a financial advisor at Edward Jones until she was in a position to live off her investment income. She currently owns
19/07/201746 minutes 53 seconds
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MB 069: Why Women Need a Real Estate Portfolio – With Whitney Nicely

The vast majority of women perform a number of unpaid jobs every day, from childcare to housekeeping to food preparation. There is simply no time to pick up another job! But today’s guest argues that there is a way for women to generate substantial income that doesn’t require a lot of time and energy – apartment building investing. Whitney Nicely believes that every woman should control her own destiny by investing in real estate as soon and as much as possible. Born into a family of entrepreneurs, Whitney was inspired to invest in real estate as a creative outlet that would allow her the freedom to be her own boss. She flipped her first house in 2009, and has since grown her portfolio to include 17 residential houses, 19 apartment units and seven chunks of vacant land across east Tennessee.   Whitney’s philosophy is to take action first and figure it out as she goes. Her bold, ‘throw spaghetti at the wall’ strategy has proven successful, and now she teaches women how
14/07/201737 minutes 20 seconds
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MB 067: The 5 Key Elements of Raising Capital - With Victor Menasce

Most of us feel uncomfortable asking people for money, yet as apartment building investors we must raise capital to operate a successful business. Today’s guest argues that he doesn’t ask people for money, but offers opportunities to collaborate on projects that are a good fit for individual investors. Victor Menasce is managing partner of US Real Estate Partners LP and author of the book Magnetic Capital: How to Raise All the Money You Need for ANY Worthy Venture. He spent the first 25 years of his career in high tech, achieving success as a microprocessor designer. But the frequent travel was a strain, and Victor realized that the days of building wealth in that industry were over. In search of a career that would have a meaningful impact, in an industry known for creating wealth, he started investing in real estate as a side hustle. His first projects involved medium-term executive rentals for parliamentary and embassy staff in Ottawa as well as local rent-to-own
17/06/201743 minutes 53 seconds
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MB 066: Find Off-Market Multifamily Deals – With Jason Lucchesi

As apartment building investors, we realize that off-market deals are the holy grail of our business. But we also know that you have to build relationships with industry insiders in order to access those deals on multifamily properties, and it can be difficult to cold call asset managers, hedge fund operators and associates at private equity firms. If only there was a social media platform that afforded access to a database of professionals and their contact information… Hey, wait a minute! That platform does exist, and today’s guest is here to share how you can use LinkedIn to find off-market properties and earn massive profits. Jason Lucchesi is known in real estate as the #1 off-market property strategist. He got his start in the industry with Countrywide Home Loans in 2002, serving in the mortgage origination space. In his five years there, he worked his way from account executive to branch manager, but Jason had the good sense to jump ship at the end of 2007 and shift in
16/05/201731 minutes 21 seconds