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English, Finance, 2 seasons, 139 episodes, 3 hours, 24 minutes
Join money expert Tori Dunlap as she guides you on how to make more, spend less, and feel financially confident in a world run by rich white men. Through solo episodes and special guest interviews, you’ll walk away with resources to get, save, and grow money to gain financial freedom and kick some patriarchal ass at the same time.
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124. Tackling Taboos: What Sex Ed and Financial Ed Have in Common With Danielle Bezalel

Let’s talk about sex, shall we? Buckle up your seatbelts because, in this episode of the Financial Feminist, we're getting real about two of the juiciest topics out there: sex and money. Host Tori Dunlap welcomes fellow podcast host and sex educator Danielle Bezalel to blow the lid off the societal stigmas that make us blush. From sexual education to the demonization of female pleasure, and how it connects to money…they’re not holding anything back! Together, they explore how societal norms seek to control, silence, and suppress us, and how embracing sexuality and chasing financial dreams can go hand in hand. You might want to put your earbuds in for this one.
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123. What You Really Need to Know as a Woman Business Owner with Michelle Razavi

What if our journey towards success wasn't about shrinking ourselves but embracing pleasure, self-love, and confidence? In this episode, host Tori Dunlap engages in a powerful conversation with Michelle Razavi, founder and CEO of Elavi, known for its gut-healthy nut butters and dessert spreads. They dive into topics of entrepreneurship, self-love, and the power of redefining the relationship with food and business. Michelle shares her insights on fostering a business built on trust and integrity and resisting the pressures of diet culture. They also explore the importance of nurturing women's well-being and encouraging them to show up as their full, authentic selves in all areas of life.
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122. How Tori went from Swiftie Skeptic to Superfan (featuring long-time Super Swiftie Victoria Garrick Browne)

Taylor Swift. If you read her name just now, you probably did one of two things — you either shook your head in annoyance or lit up with admiration. When it comes to Taylor Swift, either you love her or you hate her…but have you ever asked yourself why? In today’s episode, host Tori Dunlap sits down with Victoria Garrick Browne, TEDx Talk speaker, mental health advocate, and podcast host, for a candid conversation that delves deep into Tori's journey from skepticism to Swiftie obsession. Tune in for a fun but insightful conversation that just might challenge your perception of the mega music star.
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Financial Foundations #5: How to Start Investing

In this episode of Financial Foundations, brought to you by State Farm, host Tori Dunlap breaks down the basics of investing, debunks common myths, and highlights the crucial two-step process of investing. Whether you're new to investing or looking to broaden your knowledge, this episode is your perfect starting point on your financial journey.
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121. Negotiate Like a Woman with Kathryn Valentine

If you're a woman navigating the complex world of career negotiations — whether you’re gearing up for an annual review or trying to land a new job with higher pay, you're in for a treat. In this episode, host Tori Dunlap sits down with speaker, corporate trainer, and gendered negotiation expert Kathryn Valentine to uncover the secrets of successful salary negotiations. Kathryn's insights dispel the myths and provide actionable strategies for leveling the playing field in the corporate world so you can tackle your next negotiation with confidence.
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120. Building a Sustainable Online Business

In this special crossover episode, Tori and Natalie chat about how to build a mission-focused business, challenge societal narratives about money, and differentiate yourself in the crowded business landscape.
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119. How To Travel on Any Budget with Katy Nastro

If you love to travel, but the thought of spending thousands of dollars on airfare gives you anxiety — this episode is for you. In this episode of the Financial Feminist podcast, host Tori Dunlap sits down with Katy Nastro, spokesperson and travel expert at Tune in for a fun conversation about all things travel. From becoming a more ethical traveler to saving money on airfare, Katy shares her favorite tips and tricks for exploring the globe without breaking the bank.
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Financial Foundations #4: Building Credit & Utilizing Credit Cards

Credit cards have gotten a bad rap due to their easy misuse and the lack of knowledge about credit card best practices. In this fourth installment of Financial Foundations, brought to you by State Farm, Tori’s sharing how and why credit cards are one of the most important credit-building tools, and how to effectively use credit cards not just to build a healthy credit score, but how to take advantage of perks and security measures associated with credit cards.
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118. Overcoming Financial Fear with Farnoosh Torabi

Are financial fears holding you back? Have you ever felt anxious about money or career choices? In this episode of Financial Feminist, Tori engages in a candid money conversation with Farnoosh Torabi, a renowned financial expert, author, and host of the "So Money" podcast. Farnoosh shares her wisdom on overcoming fears and embracing financial empowerment. Together, they dive deep into the various fears that hold us back — whether in our careers, relationships, or personal growth and how to reframe them as a means of protection rather than restraint. Tune in as they explore the power of self-awareness, the importance of setting boundaries, and the path to finding wholeness in a world that often encourages us to play small.
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117. Questions to Ask Before Making Big Financial Decisions

In this episode of Financial Feminist, host and financial educator Tori Dunlap walks you through how to emotionally and financially prepare to make big financial decisions. She shares the questions you should ask yourself before making them and emphasizes that everyone’s personal finance journey is unique, and there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. And for a special treat, you’ll also get to hear a financial win from a member of our Financial Feminist community!
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116. Inside the Cult of Multi-Level Marketing with Emily Lynn Paulson

If you’ve ever found yourself on the other side of a Facebook message asking if you “keep your business options open,” we hate to break it to you, but you were the target of an MLM pitch. In today’s episode we’re talking about the inner workings of multi-level marketing and the shady tactics they use to draw and keep people in. Our guest, Emily Lynn Paulson, author of “Highlight Real: Finding Honesty and Recovery Beyond the Filtered Life, and Hey Hun: Sales, Sisterhood, Supremacy, and the Other Lies Behind Multilevel Marketing,” joins us to talk about her time spent as a top MLM leader, and the reasons behind her decision to quit even after experiencing massive success.
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Financial Foundations #3: The Debt Debrief

For many of us, the concept of debt can trigger a complex range of emotions, including feelings of shame, anxiety, and dread. In this third installment of our Financial Foundations series, presented by State Farm , we’re talking about debt and effective strategies for paying it off. Join us as Tori guides you through the process of shedding the stigma associated with having debt. We'll also explore key aspects such as debt prioritization, distinguishing between good and bad debt, and the step-by-step actions you can take to eliminate it.
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115. A Love Letter to Late Bloomers with Laura Belgray

In this episode of Financial Feminist, we explore the journey of the “late-bloomer” with Laura Belgray, founder of Talking Shrimp, co-creator of The Copy Cure, and author of National Bestseller, “Tough Titties: On Living Your Best Life When You're the F'ing Worst,” and discuss her unconventional choices and the wisdom she's gained along the way.
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114. Recession Planning 101

In this re-release episode of last year’s bonus episode on Recession planning, Tori dives into the tried and true advice for setting yourself up for success and weathering the financial storms.
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113. Impacting Families through Ethical Products with Shazi Visram

On a mission to create cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable products for families, Shazi Visram shares how her commitment to ethical products, education, and community for new families led her to build Healthy Baby. She also shares about her time raising funds for her business and why she personally only invests in ethical and sustainable companies.
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Financial Foundations #2: How to Budget (Without Hating Your Life)

Have you struggled to make a budget that both helps you get ahead but doesn’t feel like it’s ruining all your fun? We get it –– and the cold, hard truth is that restrictive budgeting that doesn’t allow for anything “fun” simply does not work. In this episode of Financial Foundations brought to you by State Farm, using her Values Based Spending practice, Tori walks you through how to create a budget that feels just as freeing as it does financially smart so you can start spending money on the things you want to AND still get ahead.
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112. Six Figure Student Loans, Prenups, and First-Gen Finances with Melissa Jean-Baptiste

Tori sits down with the Millenial in Debt herself to talk about her new book, So This is Why I’m Broke: Money Lessons on Financial Literacy, Passive Income, and Generational Wealth. We get into every one of those subtitles and more, discussing how Melissa learned about investing, saving, and building a financial future with passive income. She also shares what might be the best metaphor for why every single person needs a prenup (yes, no matter how in love you are!). 
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111. Debunking the Worst Money Advice We've Ever Heard

In today’s episode, we collected some common money myths and half-truths from our listeners and debunked the worst of them, including whether or not you actually need a credit score, why deprivation is not the way to go, and why so many people think investing is just gambling.
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110. Building Equitable Relationships with Eve Rodsky (Fair Play)

Today’s guest, Eve Rodsky, is here to help partners build more equitable relationships by helping bridge communication gaps and develop better systems in the home. In this episode, she talks through her Fair Play Doctrine, offering exercises and conversation starters for couples to help get started in eradicating the labor disparity in their homes.
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Financial Foundations #1: Building Your Money Game Plan

In this first installment of our new Financial Foundations series, brought to you by State Farm, we’re tackling the Money Game Plan and walking you through a journaling exercise to help decipher your current money habits and where you might be blocking your road to financial confidence and stability.
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109. Can Feminism Exist in Capitalism? with Rebecca Walker

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BONUS: Preparing for Student Loan Repayments

With student loan repayments starting in September, this quick hit bonus goes over what’s happening and when, what options you have for repayment, and other FAQs on student loans.
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108. Your Ultimate Guide to Bank and Investing Accounts

Do I need a Roth IRA AND a 401k? What’s the difference between an HYSA, CD, and Money Market account? What about a 529 plan? The sheer amount of numbers and letters to decode in the financial space can leave anyone’s head spinning, so we’re breaking down all the accounts you could ever possibly need and how to use them in today’s episode. 
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107. Is the Dream Job a Lie? with Simone Stolzoff

In this episode, Tori sits down with Simone Stolzoff, author of The Good Enough Job: Reclaiming Life from Work, to talk about our infatuation with our jobs and how this obsession often ultimately leads to disappointment and burnout.
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106. Is Sex Work Feminist? with Grey Renee

We sat down with Grey Renee, a professional stripper, and educator, to talk about her time working in clubs across the US. We get into why it’s so hard to find a good accountant (like, the real accountants), how she’s navigated pricing her services, what a good and bad night looks like financially, and dive into a question that’s been long debated –– is sex work feminist?
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105. Dear Tori: Do I Need a Financial Advisor?

Today, we’re reaching into the (voice)mail bag and pulling out some of your biggest questions about financial advisors. In this episode, Tori walks you through situations where it might be useful to have a financial advisor, what questions and qualifications to ask for, and how to field those awkward sales pitches from friends and family members. 
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104. The Hidden Cost of Alcohol with Kelsey Moreira

We’re joined by Kelsey Moreira, founder of Doughp, the cookie dough company with a mission to help women in recovery, to talk about her journey as a sober business owner. We also dive into her time on Shark Tank, including the hypocritical reason her company was passed up for funding and ultimately how she overcame the setback to build a business she loves.
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103. Becoming an Uncontrollable Woman with Hannah Berner (Berning in Hell Crossover)

On today’s episode, we’re sharing a conversation between Hannah Berner (Berning in Hell) and Tori about all the bullsh*t narratives surrounding gender when it comes to career and money, including Hannah’s experiences in the male-dominated world of stand-up comedy, negotiating her worth in her first jobs, and how they’re both dismantling spaces typically gatekept by men.
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101. What Banks Don't Want You to Know with Vrinda Gupta

Today, we welcome back Vrinda Gupta, owner and founder of Sequin –– banking for women, by women –– to talk about all the ways that banks make money off a lack of financial literacy and targeting already vulnerable communities. In the episode, we dive into banking fees, loan processes, systemic factors, and the question on everyone’s mind –– can I trust my bank?
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102. Optimizing Your LinkedIn with Hala Taha

We’re joined today by Hala Taha, who is one of the biggest influencers on LinkedIn, alongside her many accomplishments as a podcaster and business owner, to discuss how to stand out, land more gigs, and put your best foot forward on LinkedIn.
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100. The 10 Things Holding You Back From Your Financial Goals

We’re celebrating 100 episodes of Financial Feminist by going through the 10 things that are most likely standing in the way of reaching your own $100K (or really any financial goal). We’ll also hear from some of our community members along the way, who are sharing their wins, from boosting their credit scores to finding better jobs and so much more.
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99. 29 Things I Learned by 29

In this extra special birthday episode, Tori breaks down the 29 things she learned by age 29. From how to show up better in relationships to financial setbacks and the importance of building a community, Tori shares her hardest and best-learned lessons on this side of 30.
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98. Your Body is on the Ballot with Emily Tisch Sussman

We brought back one of our favorite guests, Emily Tisch Sussman, former political consultant, to share all of the ways we can get more involved in creating a government that truly works for us –– from non-partisan volunteering to making it easier for everyone to vote, to effectively wielding the power we have as citizens to get our representatives to listen to us on the issues we care about.
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97. Building a Life You Actually Want with Tara Schuster

People-pleasers unite (but only if you want to…)! In this week’s episode, we’re joined by Tara Schuster, author of Buy Yourself the F*cking Lilies and Glow in the F*cking Dark –– books exploring how to work through trauma and life’s shitstorms to create a life you’re excited to live.
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96. How to Use Your Credit Cards to Travel for Free

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95. The Economic and Social Cost of Not Supporting Women with Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg (theSkimm)

Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg (theSkimm) join host Tori Dunlap to break down their State of Women Today report and talk about the ways we can work day to day to make the lives of women in the United States better and more equitable.
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94. Taking Up Space in Male-Dominated Fields with Molly Fletcher

We’re joined by Molly Fletcher, known as the female Jerry Maguire, to talk about her time working her way up the ladder in the sports agent industry, how she’s negotiated millions of dollars of deals, and why she believes being the “only woman in the room” is her greatest secret weapon.
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93. What I Wish I Knew in My Early 20s: Career Edition

Navigating career changes and pivots in your early 20s can be difficult –– so Tori compiled the 10 things she wishes she’d known in her career that would have saved heartache, emergency job exits, and time. 
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92. Is Perfectionism a Dirty Word? With Katherine Morgan Schafler

Tori sits down with Katherine Morgan Schaffler, author of “The Perfectionist’s Guide to Losing Control,” to talk about how we’ve been viewing perfectionism all wrong, when it’s healthy and when it’s not, and how to wear our perfectionism as a badge of honor instead of shame.
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Tori Story: How to Take Your Cooking Game to the Next Level (On a Budget)

In this first installment of “Tori Story,” Tori shares her formula and hacks for making delicious meals from home, regardless of how much time you have or cooking experience under your belt. This episode is great for those who want to trim the fat on their dining-out budget but don’t feel confident in their abilities to make food at home.
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91. Understanding Hidden Financial Challenges for Military and Nomadic Families with Lauren Taylor

If you were part of a military family, or a family who moved frequently growing up, you know all too well the strain it can have on your personal relationships and your financial life. To talk more about unique factors affecting military and other nomadic families, Tori sat down with Lauren Taylor, founder of PCS Pay-It-Forward Inc, to learn about programs as they currently exist and what’s being done at the local and national levels to support military families.
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90. I'll Retire with $30M: Here's How

Tori Dunlap is sharing her basics of investing to help you get over fear and just start. In this episode, Tori breaks down how to calculate WHAT you need to save for retirement and HOW it will grow. Going through principles like the rule of 72 and dollar cost averaging, you’ll feel more confident to finally say, “Yeah, I AM saving for retirement!”
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89. Tiffany Aliche

During their conversation, Tori and Tiffany discussed how the passing of her husband impacted her life and influenced her approach to managing her business and planning for the future. They also touched on her experiences following the loss of Jerrell, reflecting on the things she was thankful to have in place and the lessons she wished she had known before.
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88. Financial Therapy with the Shrink Chicks

May is Mental Health month, and if there’s one thing we’ve learned from working with people and their money (and copious amounts of research) it’s that generally we’re stressed the f*ck out about our finances. In this episode, we invited Emalee and Jennifer of the Shrink Chicks to join us for a conversation on mental health. Tori and the Shrink Chicks dive into topics like the lack of accesible mental health care, why we carry our money traumas from previous generations, how to talk to your partner about finances, and more.
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87. Guide to Financial Spring Cleaning

We’re almost halfway through the year –– how are your finances? Did you unearth that hidden pile of old tax papers while cleaning out your desk? Are you feeling the strain of inflation on your budget? In this episode, Tori walks you through her financial spring cleaning process, including how to manage paperwork, re-adjust your budgets and goals, and how to get back on track if your financial goal setting needs an adjustment.
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86. Anxiety, Feet Pics, and Buzzfeed Drama with Kelsey Darragh

Tori sits down with creator, filmmaker, and comedian Kelsey Darragh to discuss a wide range of topics, from selling photos of your feet online to managing anxiety and why you should never trust those “celebrity net worth” trackers you find online.
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85. How to Build Authentic Professional Relationships with Aleenah Ansari

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84. How to Choose the Best Credit Card

Tori answers listener voicemails and questions about all things credit cards –– including how to choose the right one for your lifestyle, how many credit cards you should have, how to use a credit card responsibly, and getting to know and utilize your rewards system.
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83. Managing Finance with a Disability with Xian Horn

Tori is joined by Xian Horn, a disability advocate, writer, and founder of the non-profit, Give Beauty Wings, to talk about the financial challenges facing people with disabilities. They discuss the practical ways this manifests in day-to-day life, like transportation and lower pay, but also the ways the social safety nets for people with disabilities are woefully lacking and how we can advocate for people with disabilities both in our communities, at work, and federally.
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82. Motherhood Killed My Career with Emily Tisch Sussman

Emily joins Tori to talk about her own experience becoming a mother while working on high-profile political campaigns, how she pivoted her career as a result, and what she’s learned as an advocate for progressive policies for families.
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81. What to Do if You’re Laid Off

You’ve been laid off (or think you might be)... now what? In this episode, Tori runs through a checklist of what to do when you’ve been laid off, including what to ask about compensation and benefits, how to let your network know what’s happening and hopefully open new doors with your connections, and a short pep talk to remind you that you’re so much more than your job
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80. Quitting Corporate with Amy Porterfield

Tori Dunlap is joined by Amy Porterfield, who shares how she left a blossoming corporate career to work for herself and the mistakes and wins she made along the way.
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79. I'm Afraid to Talk About My Net Worth: Tori's Interview on Other People's Pockets

Why are women afraid to talk about their finances? Even our host and financial educator, Tori Dunlap, gets anxious over sharing exactly how much she makes and recently sat down to talk about why. Join us for this special cross-release with Other People’s Pockets, where host Maya Lau and Tori chat about her career thus far, why she feels the stigma around discussing money is more predominant in women, and how she’s working to create more transparency around finances.
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78. How to Manage Inconsistent Income with Barbara Sloan

Dealing with inconsistent income, whether you’re working in a tipped profession, as a contractor, or any other position where your income varies month to month, can make budgeting and planning your financials feel all the more difficult. We sat down with Barbara Sloan, author of Tipped: The life-changing guide to financial freedom for waitresses, bartenders, strippers, and all other service industry professionals, to talk about managing finances when working with inconsistent income.
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77. Raising Financially Confident Kids with Bobbi Rebell

You don’t want to just raise financially savvy kids –– you want to raise financially savvy grown-ups. When you ask people for their advice on parenting, you’ll get a hundred different answers, most of which are probably valid but may not be right for you. Teaching kids about money is the same. In this episode, Tori sits down with financial educator and Certified Financial Planner Bobbi Rebell to talk about her new book, Launching Financial Grown-Ups.
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76. Pay Inequity in Women's Athletics with Ilona Maher

How much does an Olympic athlete REALLY make? Why are women’s athletics so grossly underpaid in comparison to their men’s team counterparts (especially when they’re outperformed at the highest levels *side eye*)? We wanted to know everything about the state of women’s athletics, so we brought in one of the biggest names in women’s sports –– Ilona Maher. You might remember Ilona from her viral TikToks taking you behind the scenes of the 2020 Olympic Games or for her “Beast, Beauty, Brains” slogan. In this episode, Tori and Ilona talk about everything from the challenges of women’s sports to the privilege of access to athletics, to what it’s like dating as an Olympian.
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Are Banks Unsafe? What the SVB Shutdown Might Mean for You

WTF is happening with SVB? Are we heading into another 2008? Is it even safe to use a bank right now? In this pep-talk episode, host and financial educator Tori Dunlap is here to give you the TLDR on what’s happening with Silicon Valley Bank, what it might mean for you, and how to continue to make sure your money is protected.
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75. Working Through Money Trauma with Shannah Game

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74. The TLDR on Life Insurance with Ladder

Unsure if life insurance is for you? Wondering if "Universal” life sounds too good to be true? In today’s episode, Tori sits down with Janette Angelini of Ladder to demystify Life Insurance.
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73. Sustaining the Fight for Women's Rights with Lina AbiRafeh

“If you aren’t present at the table, you’re on the menu” is a quote made famous by Senator Elizabeth Warren and is a summation of today’s guest, Lina AbiRafeh’s, life's work as a feminist activist. As a kick-off to women’s history month, we asked Lina to join us to share about the state of women’s rights around the world, how to recover from activist burnout, and how we can continue to fight for women’s equality and support women globally without falling into the trap of “saviorism”. 
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72. The Loneliness Epidemic: Building Meaningful Communities with Natalie Franke

Isolation and loneliness are on the rise worldwide, and the rise in women feeling more disconnected than ever is an alarming trend. But how can you intentionally grow your community when you’re already burnt out and overwhelmed? We asked the creator of the Rising Tide Society and #communityovercompetition movement, Natalie Franke, to join us for this episode on building intentional communities, re-evaluating our relationship with social media as a tool for connection, and how to be better advocates for other women in our lives.
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71. Ask Tori: My Emotions are Ruining my Finances

Have you ever faced imposter syndrome with a job? Felt guilty for a small splurge when things are tight? Tried to talk to friends about money and gotten blank stares? In today’s episode, Tori goes through our recent voicemails and answers questions from our community on topics like not feeling qualified enough when applying for a new job, talking to your friends about finances, finding joy in spending when you’re facing a scarcity mindset, and more.
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70. Is It Time to Fire My Boss? with Kahlil Dumas

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69. I Don't Have a Debit Card

Tori Dunlap talks about the benefits of using a credit card over a debit card and how you can make money while spending money without going into debt.
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68. Managing Money in Your 30s with The Dow Janes

Host Tori Dunlap is joined by Britt and Laurie-Anne of the Dow Janes to talk about managing your money in your 30s and beyond, including how to handle finances with a partner, emergency funds, investing, and more.
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67. How Cults Prey on Women and Their Finances with Dr. Janja Lalich

Tori sits down with cult expert Dr. Janja Lalich to understand the psychology of cults and how they use manipulation to extort and financially abuse women.
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66. Healing Your Relationship with Your Body with Sadie Lincoln

Tori Dunlap sits down with Sadie Lincoln, the founder of Barre3, to talk about getting comfortable taking up space in all aspects of our lives (but especially physically), why she rebuffs the idea that anyone needs a guru, and how she used the same resilience she teaches in class to keep Barre3 alive even when the pandemic threatened to close its doors.
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65. How ADHD Affects Finances with Dr. Sasha Hamdani

Tori is joined by Dr. Sasha Hamdani to talk about the way ADHD affects women and their finances.
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64. Finding Your Purpose with Ashley Stahl

Tori is joined by Ashley Stahl, author of You Turn: Get Unstuck, Discover Your Direction, Design Your Dream Career, to talk about the ten skillsets she believes are the most valuable in the current market, how to know which one is yours, and how she utilized her skills working for the Department of Defense to trust her instincts and build a career she loves.
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63. Why We Need Financial Feminism

Tori Dunlap is joined by the host of the UNSTUCKKD podcast and Chief Product Officer of Her First $100K, Kahlil Dumas, to talk about her recently released book, Financial Feminist: Overcome the Patriarchy's Bullsh*t to Master Your Money and Build a Life You Love. In this episode, Tori breaks down the why behind writing the book, what she learned while researching topics like systemic oppression in finance, and what her hopes are for readers. 
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62. Setting Financial Goals for the New Year

In this episode, Tori Dunlap guides you through a goal-setting exercise to help you gain clarity and specificity on your financial goals for the new year.
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Exclusive First Look at Financial Feminist Book

Join author and money educator Tori Dunlap as she reads an excerpt from her debut book, Financial Feminist: Overcome the Patriarchy's Bullsh*t to Master Your Money and Build a Life You Love.
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61. Money, Gender Roles, and Dating: Tori's Interview on Man Enough

In this special episode of Financial Feminist, we’re sharing a conversation with host Tori Dunlap and the Man Enough Podcast. In it, Tori and the Man Enough team chat about how gender roles and traditional views of masculinity and feminity are perpetuated in dating culture, and the ongoing harm that happens because of it. They also touch on how to have better conversations about money with your partner and in your workplace relationships.
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60. Building Black Wealth with Rich and Regular

Building wealth in a capitalist society can feel like a double-edged sword, and the effect of mass wealth inequality is felt even more by marginalized communities. Today, Tori is joined by Kiersten and Julien of Rich and Regular to talk about their work helping the Black community build wealth, how they left the constraining boxes of Corporate America, and how they’re continuing to provide education for other marginalized communities on building wealth and building a better society.
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59. What You Need to Know About Mortgages with NerdWallet's Kate Wood

With the housing market in flux and a looming recession on the horizon, there’s never been a better time to learn about the home buying process. Today, we’re joined by NerdWallet’s Kate Wood to talk all things mortgages –– including what kinds of mortgages might be available to you, what other factors you need to consider aside from the monthly payments, and whether or not right now is a good time to buy or if you should wait it out.
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58. Ask Tori: How Can I Start Investing?

In this episode, host and financial educator Tori Dunlap answers questions from our community, including how to start investing, the perks of credit cards, and whether or not you should pay off those student loans before investing.
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57. How Much Does a Dominatrix Make? with Mistress Justine Cross

We invited Mistress Justine Cross to join us for an episode on her business as one of LA’s most famous dominatrixes. In this episode, Tori and Justine discuss everything from the logistics of financial domination, running a dungeon, education on the BDSM community, managing irregular income, and the stigma of sex work.
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56. Redefining Your Personal Brand with Corporate Natalie

Can building a personal brand help you in your job hunt? Just ask our guest, Corporate Natalie. You might recognize Natalie from her viral TikToks, where she pokes fun at corporate life –– she joins us today to chat building a personal brand and how to use that brand to either build your own thriving creator career or land your dream job. Tori and Natalie also chat about how the creator economy is changing the game for pay transparency and the joys and challenges that come alongside being the face of an internet brand.
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55. Step-By-Step Guide to Nailing Your Job Interview

When it comes to finding a job, getting in the door is half the battle, but what do you do after you finally get that interview you’ve been dreaming of? In this episode, Tori Dunlap shares how she coaches women through a successful interview to help applicants put their best foot forward. You’ll learn everything from how to prep beforehand to how to follow up after your interview.
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54. We Read Dave Ramsey so You Don't Have To with Gabe Dunn

Get in, feminists –– we’re reading Dave Ramsey (so you don’t have to). In this very special episode, Tori is joined by Bad with Money’s Gabe Dunn for their review of D*ve’s most recent book, Baby Step Millionaires. With their powers combined, Tori and Gabe tackle everything from the cult-y vibes to the outright bad advice and the not-so-subtle racism and classism in this particular edition of D*ve’s curriculum. You’ll learn something new and get some good laughs while doing so.
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53. Why Women are Overworked and Underpaid with Linda Babcock

Tori is joined by Linda Babcock, a professor of economics at Carnegie Mellon and author of “Women Don’t Ask” and “Ask for It” to talk about the deeper reasons why women are paid less than men, and how we can better advocate for ourselves and other women in our lives through small changes in how we approach our work and discussions around our compensation.
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52. Recognizing Financial Red Flags in Relationships

Money is complicated –– and it’s made even more complicated by relationship dynamics. As a nod to spooky season, in today’s episode, Tori guides you through some common “financial red flags” in both romantic, friend, and family relationships and how to navigate conversations with said friends and family around finances when your boundaries aren’t being respected.
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51. How to Live a Regret-Free Life with Doc G

Tori Dunlap is joined by Doc G to talk about his time as a hospice doctor and the unique lessons he learned from his patients on finances and living a life free of regrets.
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50. How the Government Actually Works with Sharon McMahon

During this lively conversation, Tori and guest Sharon McMahon (of Sharon Says So) dive into the nuances of the American government, from Citizens United to who’s actually in charge of your school district's curriculum. We also learn A LOT of shocking details about Aaron Burr.
Episode Artwork

49. How to Negotiate Workplace Benefits

Host Tori Dunlap breaks down some of the most common types of benefits and how you can negotiate them, including health care, stock options, PTO, flex work, and more.
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48. Signs of Financial and Domestic Abuse with Jan Edgar Langbein

Domestic violence is an equal opportunity epidemic, and today’s guest, Jan Edgar Langbein, is here to dispel the myths around domestic violence and share the common red flags in relationships and how we can help women around us who are experiencing various forms of partner violence.
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47. The Cost of (Breast) Cancer

Tori sits down with Dr. Stephanie Graff, who shares about her time and research as an oncologist specializing in Breast Cancer –– answering some of the biggest questions we had about risks, treatment, financial implications, and how Breast Cancer affects women specifically. We also hear stories from three women –– Marissa Thomas, Paige More, and DeeDee Gilchrist, who share their journeys, and the organizations they’ve been a part of or co-founded to help support women facing a Breast Cancer diagnosis.
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46. What I Learned as a 9-Year-Old Entrepreneur

Tori Duinlap shares what she learned from owning a small business as a tween, and the lessons she brought to her corporate jobs and into her global brand today that she cultivated by filling candy machines.
Episode Artwork

45. Side Hustle 101 with Jannese Torres (Yo Quiero Dinero)

Two financial educators are better than one, so we’re thrilled to be joined by Jannese Torres, the host of the Yo Quiero Dinero Podcast and Latina financial educator. In this episode, Jannese and Tori answer questions from both the Her First $100K and Yo Quiero Dinero communities on everything side hustle and building a small business.
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44. Unlearning Self-Sacrifice as Women with Tiffany Dufu

Today’s guest is inviting us to let go of some of the gendered expectations we place on women and find freedom in dropping the ball. Tiffany Dufu is the author of Drop the Ball: Achieving More by Doing Less and the founder of The Cru, an organization dedicated to helping women reach their professional goals.
Episode Artwork

43. Sneaky Ways Companies Keep You in Debt

Join host Tori Dunlap as she guides you through a simple process to help pay down your debt faster with a simple script to use when you're talking to your loan companies.
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42. Managing Family Finances with Andy Hill

This week, Tori is joined by Andy Hill, the founder of Marriage, Kids, and Money, to chat about how he and his wife manage their finances together and teach their children important financial lessons to help set them up for success with money.
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41. Real Estate and Reality TV with Selling Sunset's Maya Vander

Tori is joined by Selling Sunset’s Maya Vander, who helps break down the home buying process and shares her thoughts on the current and upcoming markets and what to keep in mind as a buyer besides just the financials.
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40. Buying A Home Was My Biggest Financial Mistake (Almost)

In this episode, Tori shares about the time she almost bought a home and walked away the day before closing from what could have been one of the biggest financial mistakes of her life.
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39. How to Live Your Rich Life with Ramit Sethi

Tori is joined by financial educator, Ramit Sethi, to talk about his work centering on creating a unique rich life for yourself, his work with couples, and how his background in psychology influences how he teaches people about money.
Episode Artwork

BONUS: Student Loan Forgiveness FAQ

Looking for the TLDR on the new debt forgiveness plan from the White House? Not sure what to do next to prepare for repayment to begin again in January? This episode is for you!
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38. Debunking the Starving Artist Myth with Comedian Chelsea Devantez

Today, we’re joined by actor, comedian, and Emmy-nominated writer Chelsea Devantez. You’ve laughed at Chelsea’s wit on The Problem with Jon Stewart, Girls 5Eva, and Bless This Mess. You might also know her from her podcast, Celebrity Book Club, where she recaps famous celebrity memoirs. In this episode, Tori and Chelsea dive into the mythology of the starving artist, breaking into male-dominated industries, and how Chelsea is working to build a more inclusive space in comedy and media.
Episode Artwork

37. How I Saved $100K at 25

For the first time ever (on the podcast), Tori Dunlap breaks down the infamous story of how she saved her first $100,000 at the age of 25, and gives practical tips on how you can use the same steps to reach your own financial goals.
Episode Artwork

36. Job-Hopping to Increase Your Income with Cinneah El-Amin

Learn how to job-hop without guilt to increase your income and help you reach your financial goals faster with our ew HFK creator, Cinneah El-Amin.
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35. Tampon Tax, Taboos, and Traditional Gender Roles with Nadya Okamoto

In this episode, Tori and our guest, Nadya Okamoto dig into why period products are taxed as “non-essential,” how marginalized communities have less access to property hygiene products, and discuss how they both navigate traditional gender roles in work and relationships.
Episode Artwork

34. Best Bank Accounts for Savings Goals

Tori walks you through common savings goals and how to know which account is right for your money. You’ll learn about traditional savings accounts, HYSAs, Roth IRAs, CDs, and more, as well as a few tips and tricks to help you achieve your savings goals faster.
Episode Artwork

33. Is Math Anxiety Making You Bad with Money? Black Girl MATHgic

Whether you’re a parent or guardian to a child in this age range or have experienced math and money-related anxiety, this episode is for you. You’ll learn more about why math anxiety exists, how young girls are often more likely to experience it, and what we can do to help ease this anxiety as adults to become more math-confident in all areas of our lives.
Episode Artwork

32. The Cost of Childhood Fame with Christy Carlson Romano

Today, Tori is joined by Christy Carlson Romano, who you may remember as the voice behind feminist icon Kim Possible or big sister to all, Ren Stevens on Even Stevens. Christy breaks down the real cost of rising to fame as a young adult, her infamous story of making and spending a million dollars in a year, her run-in with scammers, and how she’s masterfully using a blend of nostalgia and a knack for content creation to build a career as a creator outside of Hollywood.
Episode Artwork

31. I Wrote a Book!

We have some exciting news to share with our entire Financial Feminist and Her First $100K family… Tori’s book, Financial Feminist is now available on pre-sale! In this episode, Tori details how writing a book went from a childhood dream to reality, and why it was the hardest thing she’s ever had to do. Learn more about the Financial Feminist, hitting shelves on December 27th, 2022!
Episode Artwork

30. Enneagram Guide to Money

Join Tori and Enneagram and Coffee's Sarajane Case as they discuss different money struggles and tools for each Enneagram type.
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BONUS: Investing Q+A

Is now the best time to start investing? How do I make sure the money in my 401K is actually invested in the market? Your biggest investing questions answered in this special bonus episode!
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29. Turn Your Passion into Your Career with Pentatonix's Scott Hoying

Tori is joined by Grammy-Award-winning artist Scott Hoying (Pentatonix, Superfruit) for an episode breaking down the ins and outs of the touring industry, what it’s really like competing on reality shows like The Voice, American Idol, and The Sing-Off, and the nuance of creating art with friends while also running a business together.
Episode Artwork

28. Money-Saving Travel Tips

If you love to travel, but stress about overspending or thinking the vacation of your dreams might be out of your reach, this episode is for you. In today’s episode, Tori guides you through the money-saving travel hacks she uses to help stay on a budget while still seeing the world.
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27. How to Save Our Democracy with Amanda Litman

Tori sit's down with Amanda Litman of Run for Something for one of the most important conversations we've ever shared to talk about how we can save our democracy, fight for progressive candidates, and change our communities for the better
Episode Artwork

BONUS: Guide to Canadian Finance with Mallory Rowan

What's the Roth IRA equivalent in Canada? Does Canada have an HYSA? Mallory Rowan joins us to break down investing and banking account equivalents for Canadians.
Episode Artwork

26. Anti-Racism and Allyship with Alyssa Hall

A part of being a good ally is making your anti-racism work sustainable. But how? Tori is joined by Anti-Racism coach Alyssa Hall to talk about how we as allies can continue to fight against systemic racism without burning out.
Episode Artwork

25. How to Stop Emotional Spending

We’ve all been guilty of the late-night amazon binges, the TJMaxx hauls or raiding that section at target with seasonal goodies. Emotional spending is nothing to be ashamed of, but it is something you can be more aware of. If your spending feels in service to your emotions, this episode is for you.
Episode Artwork

24. Exposing the Entertainment Industry with Model Ella Halikas

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Ella Halikas shares how she’s learned to navigate the modeling, influencer, and content creator industries. Ella talks candidly about her journey to becoming a model, just how much it can cost to be “pretty” and about her run-ins with an industry that commoditizes talent.
Episode Artwork

23. LGBTQ+ Finances with the Debt Free Guys

Struggling with credit card debt and overspending? Not sure how to best tackle your overwhelming credit card bills and make a dent in the interested mountain? Looking for a queer voice in finance? Good news, we’ve got the experts in the house –– the Debt Free Guys.
Episode Artwork

22. How to Plan for a Recession

The news lately has been, in a word, a little anxiety-inducing. Between articles calling this the stock market “summer from hell,” conversations about inflation, and of course, recession, it’s no wonder our anxiety around money is at an all-time high. In today’s episode, Tori guides you through practical steps to plan for times of financial instability, as well as a gentle pep-talk to help you get perspective on our current financial situation.
Episode Artwork

21. How to be the Most Interesting Person in the Room with Danielle Robay

Episode Artwork

BONUS: Burnout Almost Killed Me with Mallory Rowan

Today’s guest, Mallory Rowan has found a better way to build a business without falling into the relentless pace of hustle culture. In this first bonus episode of the season, we’re introducing you to Mallory, who is joining us over at Her First $100K as our newest (and first!) HFK Creator to talk about all things marketing, real estate, and Canadian finance.
Episode Artwork

20. The Myth of "Making It" with Qveen Herby

Episode Artwork

19. How to Negotiate with Confidence

One of the best ways to take your finances to the next level? Earn more or spend less –– and today’s episode walks you through exactly how to make sure you’re negotiating your salary like a pro.
Episode Artwork

18. What Credit Card Companies Don't Want You to Know with Former Visa Credit Expert Vrinda Gupta

The Credit Card Industry is built on sexism (surprise, another industry that benefits the patriarchy) –– and not understanding how credit cards, credit scores, and things like reward points continue to benefit men more than women is how it continues to go unchecked. Today’s guest is lifting the veil and taking us on a deep dive into the credit card industry –– how it works, why you might not be getting approved for that credit card even though you have a great salary, and how women are losing out when it comes to rewards.
Episode Artwork

17. The Dark Truth of Diet Culture with Victoria Garrick

Tori is joined by former Division I athlete, TED Talk speaker, and mental health advocate Victoria Garrick to discuss the ways the billion-dollar diet industry profits off shame around our bodies.
Episode Artwork

16. Roth IRA or 401K – Which Retirement Account is Right for Me?

In this episode, host Tori Dunlap walks you through the different retirement account options and perks, including Roth IRAs, 401Ks, self-eployed retirement options, and more.
Episode Artwork

15. Can Men Be Feminists? with actor Justin Baldoni

Tori Dunlap sits down with actor, producer, director, and author, Justin Baldoni to talk about life purpose, the patriarchy, and how undefining masculinity.
Episode Artwork

14. How to Travel (Ethically) on a Budget with Netflix's Jo Franco

Wanderlusters unite! This week’s episode of Financial Feminist is for all travelers, whether your favorite getaway is a weekend escape or a month-long European adventure. We’re joined by the incredible Jo Franco –– creator, traveler, polyglot, and host of the Netflix show, World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals.
Episode Artwork

13. The 3 Sneaky Patriarchal Money Myths Keeping Women from Building Wealth

Join host Tori Dunlap for the kick-off to season two of Financial Feminist and she breaks down the patriarchal narratives that affect our relationship with money.
Episode Artwork

11. Practicing Financial Self-Care

In the final installment of this season’s Money Mondays, I’m talking financial self-care –– what it is, what it isn’t, and how we can practice it to build a better relationship with our finances. In this episode, I’ll guide you through my favorite financial self-care activity –– the Money Date.
Episode Artwork

10. How to Live More Sustainably (For the Planet and Your Money) with Moji Igun

In this episode, I chat with friend, client, and zero waste consultant Moji Igun of Blue Daisi Consulting about the impacts of climate change, both ecologically and financially, and how we can create a more sustainable world.
Episode Artwork

9. Beginner's Guide to Investing

The #1 reason women don't invest is fear. Fear of getting started. Fear of “doing it wrong.” The implications of these fears are massive. So, this Money Monday, I’m walking you through the biggest questions I get about investing and sharing a few tools I have personally used to save my first $100K in the hopes that more women will push fear aside, and start taking control over their financial life.
Episode Artwork

8. Closing the Wealth & Investing Gap for Women, with Sallie Krawcheck

You’ve heard of the pay gap, but there’s an even bigger and more terrifying stat you should be worried about -- the wealth gap. I chat with this week’s guest, Sallie Krawcheck (Ellevest), about the wealth and investment gap between men and women, why women are not investing at the same rate as their male counterparts, and the tangible ways we can begin to close the gap.
Episode Artwork

7. Increase Your Credit Score

If you’ve heard that credit cards are evil or credit scores aren’t necessary, I need you to stop what you’re doing and listen to this episode. On this week’s Money Monday episode of Financial Feminist, I’m doing my best to demystify the credit score and give you practical ways to increase yours for a better financial future.
Episode Artwork

6. How America’s Racist Roots Fueled a Predatory Bail Bond Industry, with Tricia Cleppe

DO NOT MISS THIS EPISODE. Today’s guest, my friend and coaching client Tricia Cleppe, grew up sitting on the counters of cash and bail bonds stores -- and WHEW does she have some stories to share. I sat down with Tricia to take a deep dive into the history of racism in America, how the predatory cash and bail bonds industry targets and harms minorities, and how these industries can have a more ethical future.
Episode Artwork

4. Breaking Down the Racial Wealth Gap + Minority Appraisal Crisis, with Tiffany Aliche aka The Budgetnista

How does money affect BIPOC differently? What does the pay gap mean for women of color? In my conversation with Tiffany Aliche (you might know her as “The Budgetnista”), we talk about the racial wealth gap, the appraisal crisis, how to overcome money shame as a person of color, and the tangible ways white allies can support the BIPOC community and individuals.