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English, Visual Arts, 1 season, 28 episodes, 16 hours, 45 minutes
Film Club is exactly that, each week we select a different film to watch over the next seven days. We then break it down and discuss, did we love it, did we hate it? Film Club is a podcast that breaks the fourth wall and has you, the listener involved in the entire process.
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Film Club - Episode 28: This Is Spinal Tap

In this episode of Film Club we turn up the level of ridiculous to 11 as we probe Rob Reiner's cult classic comedy This Is Spinal Tap. Poking its sharp, satirical stick in the eye of Rock n Roll, does it still remain as fresh nearly 30 years on and is there still non more black?
9/25/201327 minutes, 52 seconds
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Film Club - Episode 27: A Single Man

The 26th entry into Film Club's catalogue is the ninth pick from Mal. The only film thus far to come from Tom Ford is a beautifully pieced together mix of emotion as English professor George comes to terms with the death of his partner Jim in 1960's Los Angeles. Displaying both style and substance Ford's only feature and passion project delivers a lot but how much of it agrees with you?
8/23/201332 minutes, 6 seconds
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Film Club - Episode 26: City Lights

This episode of Film Club see's us discussing Dan's latest pick, the Charlie Chaplin vehicle City Lights. Our first foray into silent cinema provides plenty to admire and like. From the wonderful combination of humour and tenderness, the full body performance of Chaplin and the films ability to spin both commentary on class and personal relationships from somewhat dark source material.
8/1/201332 minutes, 47 seconds
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Film Club - Episode 25: Funny Games

In this episode, Michael Haneke's original version of Funny Games (the latest public pick) shatters the fourth wall and divides its audience firmly down the middle. But which side of the fence does his home invasion thriller come cinematic lecture leave you standing on?
6/26/201328 minutes, 55 seconds
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Film Club - Episode 24: Full Metal Jacket

After a slight delay Film Club returns and throws you grunts deep beyond enemy lines as we crawl across Stanley Kubrick's political war/anti-war classic, Full Metal Jacket. An unflinching look at the dehumanisation of marines during the vietnam war, Kubrick's 87 view of conflict raises more than its fair share of eyebrows and makes one lasting impact.
6/5/201332 minutes, 34 seconds
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Film Club - Episode 23: Hoop Dreams

Episode 23 see's us introduce our first documentary and what a doc to break us in. Hoop Dreams is widely considered a bonafide classic in the genre and an example of how encompassing natural, real world story telling can be. It follows two hopeful prospects from the inner city of Chicago pursuing their dreams of playing basketball. But you dont have to know or even remotely like the sport to get something from Hoop Dreams. A multi functional story that takes on board so much and delivers twice as much as it unravels.
5/1/201338 minutes, 13 seconds
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Film Club - Episode 22: Suck

The 22nd instalment of Film Club see's us sink our teeth into 2009's rock n roll vampire comedy Suck. Does the film live up to its namesake? Or does it have more bite than than you would perhaps expect? Only one way to find...
4/17/201322 minutes, 41 seconds
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Film Club - Episode 21: Pans Labyrinth

In this episode we merge the very real problems of the Spanish civil war with the mysterious fantasy that lies beneath. Young Ofelia is our protagonist and veil between both worlds in Guillermo Del Toro's epic fairy tale for Adults. Pans Labyrinth is a layered and enchanting forest of intrigue and a might fine film to boot.
4/3/201334 minutes, 7 seconds
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Film Club: Episode 20 - Chinatown

In this our 20th episode we discuss Dan's latest pick, the noir bending thriller and all round classic Chinatown. Smart, layered and complex script, not to mention detailed and multi-dimensional characters Roman Polanski murky juxtaposition of golden Hollywood and the dirty undergrowth of corruption it hides is a tale that lingers in the memory and twists you up in the moment.
3/14/201338 minutes, 35 seconds
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Film Club - Episode 19: Breathless

In this episode we dial back the clock and delve into the critically adored spark of French New Wave, Breathless. Over 50 years on whether, you hate it, love it or find it perplexing. Your more than likely to find its disregard of the cinematic rule book, interesting in the least.
3/1/201335 minutes, 13 seconds
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Film Club - Episode 18: Beauty and the Beast

In a somewhat left field turn Mal picked a disney classic for his latest entry into the film club catalogue. But how does its animation and its storytelling hold up against a much glossier, contemporary world of animation. Only one way to find out, put on your most prestigious outfit and slip into the enchanted ballroom of cinematic chatter.
2/9/201327 minutes, 32 seconds
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Film Club - Episode 17: THE SOCIAL NETWORK

This episode see's us kickstart the new year with Dans number six pick The Social Network. David Fincher's film about Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is one thats crisp, cutting and expertly crafted. From the arrogance of youth to broken friendships and personal longing, a film based on the birth of a website should be boring but The Social Network is anything but.
1/24/201341 minutes, 5 seconds
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Film Club - Episode 16: THE HOST

This episode see's something dark, powerful and utterly symbolic emerge from the Han River. Joon-Ho Bong's creature feature The Host is much more than just a roaring, rampage of CGI destruction. With dysfunctional families, social commentary and political satire hung underneath dark humour theres more to this monster than what resides beneath the water.
12/20/201231 minutes, 53 seconds
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Film Club - Episode 15: POSSESSION

This episode see's us enter the dark, twisted vision of Andrej Zulawksi. His 1981 cult favourite Possession is a very open ended affair which looks at faith, relationships and sexuality to name just a few. Its unorthodox manner provides many questions but it's packed full of symbolism and punctuated with some truly turbulent and traumatic performances.
11/29/201237 minutes, 14 seconds
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Film Club - Episode 14: BICYCLE THIEVES

This episode gives us a realistic vision of post world war 2 Rome as we delve into Vittorio De Sica's inspirational and aspirational film Bicycle Thieves. With its wonderfully effective subtleties and symbolism, it's easy to see how much of an influence this grounded drama has become.
11/9/201240 minutes, 26 seconds
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Film Club - Episode 13: Black Rain

This episode see's us once again fly over to the land of the rising sun, as we delve into the 1989 crime centered action film Black Rain. Our second offering from Ridley Scott is somewhat of a mixed bag as it has us looking at moody settings, over powering soundtracks, good performances and the not so good performances that feature throughout.
10/26/201229 minutes, 28 seconds
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Film Club - Episode 12: FISH TANK

This episode see's us dig into Andrea Arnold's 2009 indie drama Fish Tank. With it's grotty and honest depiction of council estate Britain, subtle symbolism, ambiguous characters and understated performance . Fish Tank is a film with many depths too it, some of which are quietly concealed.
10/12/201243 minutes, 1 second
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Film Club - Episode 11: BREAKING THE WAVES

This episode sees the grandmaster of controversy Lars Von Trier break opinions with his 96' film Breaking The Waves. From its confused intentions, misogynistic connotations, dogme film style and dividing statements on sex, love and organised religion. It certainly packs enough theoretical and cinematic gun powder to make plenty of noise. But is that a good thing or is Breaking The Waves simply a case of Von Trier playing god with with his audience?
9/27/201250 minutes
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Film Club - Episode 10: THE GOONIES

This episode see's us set on the trail of adventure and fortune, as we head back to 1985 and delve into Richard Donners cult hit The Goonies. From its timeless core of childhood friendship, to its distinct 80's flavour the films duality is just one thing thats made it as beloved as it is today.
9/14/201239 minutes, 16 seconds
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Film Club - Episode 9: SLACKER

This episode sees us take a stroll down the streets of Richard Linklater's Austin, Texas. We look at what makes Slacker a definitive reflection of generation x whilst being a timeless staple-mark for Indie film making.
8/30/201232 minutes, 42 seconds
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Film Club - Episode 8: UNFORGIVEN

This episode see's us ride out to the far reaches of 1992, where we saddle up with Clint Eastwood's Western/Anti Western classic Unforgiven. The way it turns conventions upside down and blurs the lines of good, bad, man and myth, makes Unforgiven pretty unforgettable.
8/16/201253 minutes, 51 seconds
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Film Club - Episode 7: THE OUTSIDERS

This episode see's us open up our second listener pick and dissect the ever prolific Francis Ford Coppola's 1983 film The Outsiders. We look at it's split narratives, the performances from it's young ensemble cast along it's ideas on class divides and youthful friendship.
8/2/201232 minutes, 32 seconds
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Film Club - Episode 6: SEVEN SAMURAI

This episode see's us take a trip back in time to the Japan of old. Here we bow our heads to the late, great Akira Kurosawa and his highly significant and inspirational SEVEN SAMURAI. From the conflicted personalities that inhabit the film, to the movies incredibly poignant metaphors and symbolism. There is so much to dissect and enjoy here that really is no wonder that this film is considered a masterpiece by so many.
7/18/201240 minutes, 10 seconds
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Film Club - Episode 5: PUNCH DRUNK LOVE

This week we enter Paul Thomas Andersons skewed vision of love, fate and romance by digging into the pudding and harmonium fuelled world of PUNCH DRUNK LOVE. From unconventional casting to symbolic colour schemes and underlying theories, this left field look at one man's expanding world is a definite treat to watch, whether you actually like the film or not.
7/6/201247 minutes, 41 seconds
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Film Club - Episode 4: THE EVIL DEAD

This week we venture out to the creepiest cabin in the woods and open up the nasty innards of Sam Raimi's cult classic horror THE EVIL DEAD. From it's tongue in cheek humour, gross out shocks and eerie, creepy atmosphere we look at what's made this beloved genre piece such an influential and popular property for the last 30 years.
6/28/201231 minutes, 49 seconds
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Film Club - Episode 3: REQUIEM FOR A DREAM

This week see's us take a trip into the dark, murky world of addiction as we break down the key compounds of Darren Aronofsky's REQUIEM FOR A DREAM. From it's experimental, sensory editing and hyper stylized presentation to it's standout performance from Ellen Burstyn. Hate it or love theres no denying Aronofsky's sophomore packs one hell of a punch.
6/14/201246 minutes, 8 seconds
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Film Club - Episode 2: ALIEN

Welcome one and all to Film Club, where the first rule of Film Club is you DO talk about Film Club! This week see's us chop up our first entry into the project, Ridley Scott's 1979 classic Alien. We tackle all aspects of the Sci Fi chiller from it's remarkable set design to the themes of creation and isolation.
6/5/201243 minutes, 7 seconds
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Film Club Episode 1: Origin Story

In this our inaugural episode of Film Club, we explain who we are, what Film Club is and how it will work. Dan also gets the ball rolling by announcing the first film on our cinematic journey, Alien the Sci Fi classic from director Ridley Scott.
5/31/201214 minutes, 39 seconds