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Fig & Farm at Home, Budget Decorating, Decor Tips, Decluttering, Home Styling, DIY Decor

English, Leisure/Hobby/Lifestyle, 1 seasons, 226 episodes, 3 days 18 hours 28 minutes
Create a cozy, comfortable home on a budget! * Do you spend hours on Pinterest pinning beautiful images? * Do you go over to a friend’s house and have decor envy? * Do you wonder where to start when it comes to decorating your house? * Are you frustrated every time you walk into your house because you haven’t taken any action on decor? * Do you wish you could create a cozy home on a budget? Friend, I’ve been there... This podcast inspires REAL moms with REAL homes and REAL budgets to transform their houses into homes they love. You will learn affordable and practical decorating tips, tricks, DIY tutorials, and more. I teach home owners how break through the barrier of what’s keeping them stuck in their home design, while also encouraging them to tell their home’s story from within by living a life of intention with the people they share their home with. My mission is to equip you with all the how-tos so you can decorate a home you love walking in to; a home you are confident in, that feels cozy and comfortable; a home that feels cohesive and put together. Hey, I’m Dani - a former First Grade teacher turned home decorator. Going from a dual income to a single income so I could stay home with my babies meant budget - like Ramen eating, Goodwill shopping budget and I learned a few things along the way: how to bring BIG style to your home without breaking the bank. And I’ve put it all together in this podcast so you know where to start, what to buy and where to hang it! If you’re ready to break free from the Pinterest perfect trap and decorate your home with style by making confident decisions (all without taking out a second mortgage) - this podcast is for you! So put down that sledgehammer, grab your paintbrush and let’s get started! `````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Let’s Connect: * Community: * Website: * Instagram: Let’s Learn: * How to paint furniture: * How to style a bookshelf: * How to find your style: Free Resources: * Elevate your home’s style with these 5 quick tips: * Get started decorating your home by learning the basics: * Take the quiz to see if you serve your home or your home serves you:
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229 // How to create more margin in your day using time blocks so you can have time for home decorating

 Do you ever find yourself saying, 'I have NO time?'  I have no time for working out, no time for cooking healthy meals, no time for ...fill in the blank. So no wonder when it comes to creating time in your week to transform your home into a home that you delight in - you remain stuck.  In part 2 of the conversation I had with time management expert and host of The Busy Vibrant Mama podcast, Michelle Byrd, she shares 5 MUST DO time management tips for creating more efficiency throughout your day so you have time for the things that really matter. And if the thing that really matters is FINALLY transforming your tired, un-inspirational home into a home that you get all tingly good feels from...then sit back and take some notes! Then register for Home Design 101 so you can get started today!  If you missed part 1 of the conversation, you can listen to that <a href='https://f
23/02/202440 minutes 38 seconds
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228 // LIVE home decorating coaching inside Home Design 101: how to break up matching sets

 GET A SNEAK PEEK  at coaching inside Home Design 101.  Wendy is wanting to know how to break up matching sets, how to bring more blue into a mostly white kitchen and how to have more seating available in a relatively small living room, but one that gets a lot of traffic.    We chat about ALL of it during Office Hours, a bi-weekly meeting we have when you register for Home Design 101. Home Design 101 has been created with YOU in mind - to give you design and decorating principles to learn with times of support and guidance when you're ready to take action!    And Wendy is learning and growing leaps and bounds! You'll hear her share one of her biggest take-aways from inside the course...NOT spending money on things she may appreciate, but doesn't necessarily need.  <p style="text
20/02/202417 minutes 12 seconds
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227 // Finding time to decorate your home when you have kids - is it possible?

In this two-part series, I'm chatting with time management expert and host of The Busy Vibrant Mom podcast, to unlock the belief that 'we have no time' so you can get UNSTUCK in the process of learning to love your home.  Our conversation was a long long that it's extending over two days (be sure to hit subscribe so you don't miss part two, coming out next week).  In today's episode we're talking about how to effectively, efficiently and with minimal expectations - manage your time as you balance ALL THE THINGS as a mom of know the ones - the ones who don't go to school yet and who need you ALL day long.  Not a mom of littles or a mom at all? These tips will apply to you too! We talk about 5 healthy time habits that will allow you to create more margin in your days and weeks so you can finally spend some of your energy creating a space that you can't stop gushing about!!  LOVE TO LEARN CONFERENCE:  <p style="te
16/02/202427 minutes 2 seconds
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226 // How to embrace a low-lit room to create a refined, cozy and beautifully moody room

 Do you have a room in your home with low natural light?  When you have a room in your home with little to no natural light, you have three choices for decorating:  1. Leave it as-is and do nothing 2. Try to lighten it by highlighting the contrasts 3. Embrace the dark and create an intentionally moody, refined, cozy space   If you'd like to learn more about how to combat a naturally dark room in your home, go back and listen to Episode 224.  In today's episode we are embracing the darkness and creating an intentionally refined, yet cozy, moody space. I share five design elements that will help you to achieve the look:  1. Dark walls <p
13/02/202412 minutes 12 seconds
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225 // Tired of home design trends? 10 ways to design a timeless, classic and cohesive looking home

 10 design elements to design a timeless, classic and cohesive looking home    Do you ever get tired of seeing home design trends come and go? It's the nature of trends, that's for sure, but they're so quick that by the time you're ready to embrace's gone just like that, then you're left wondering why you have the hot pink sofa with the bubble chairs and the retro lights. Why? Because Barbiecore was a trend two seconds ago but hasn't been seen since last summer.  It's time to learn the design elements that are the hallmark of a timeless, classic and cohesively designed home. In this episode I shed light on the 10 design elements that are in every home that looks timeless, classic and cohesive. Grab your notebook because you're going to want to take notes.    SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS ins
09/02/202425 minutes 39 seconds
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224 // Does your room feel too dark? 5 tips for brightening up a dark room in your home

 Do you lack natural light in your room and it feels too dark?    Listener Annie is wondering how to lighten up a dark room, so in today's episode I'm sharing 5 ways you can lighten up a dark space. Next week's quick tip will include 5 ways to intentionally make your room moody and broody.  5 ways to make your dark room feel brighter (only one of them is with paint!).  1. Contrast 2. Warm metals 3. Heaviness/ weightiness of furniture 4. Layers 5. Ambience    Do you have a question that you want answered on the show? Send your question here: [email protected] <p style="t
06/02/20248 minutes 22 seconds
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223 // Tired of seeing clutter lying around? Easy solutions for containing everyday clutter so it's aesthetically pleasing

Do you have everyday clutter that you don't know what to do with?    Everyday clutter is visual clutter that we live with day in and day out. It's useful clutter - things like cords for tech, coffee canisters on the kitchen counters, keys and mail. Every home has everyday clutter, but does every home have a way to contain the clutter in a way that looks pleasing to your design sensibilities (aka pretty)?  In this episode I'm sharing easy solutions for hiding everyday clutter that goes beyond 'put it in a basket'. I share strategies for using multi-purpose furniture, containing shoes, hiding magazines, organizing a coffee station and more.  What's your favorite way to hide everyday clutter? Share it inside the Facebook group at:   Want to e
02/02/202418 minutes 51 seconds
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222 // 3 ways you can incorporate vintage furniture into your modern design style

3 Ways you can incorporate vintage furniture into your more modern design style:    So, you LOVE modern farmhouse design aesthetic, but mom brings over your grandma's vintage hutch. It's lovely, but it was lovely in grandma's home because it was grandma's. You wouldn't mind entertaining the idea of keeping it, but you don't know how to marry such an antiquated piece of furniture with a more modern home with modern furnishings.    First thing's first...if you're receiving this as a gift from a family member who wants to 'keep it in the family' be sure you understand the rules of engagement - aka - the expectations. Know the boundaries up front before you agree to say yes to a piece that, though lovely, you may not want to keep in its current state. Ask: will you be ok if I change it (paint it, stain it, add legs to it, add w
30/01/202416 minutes 4 seconds
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221 // The ONE mistake you could be making while decorating your home is IN-ACTION

 Are you afraid of making a MISTAKE?    What if I choose the wrong color?  What if I mess it up? What if I choose the wrong size?  What if I don't like the change? What if I like it?    Raise your hand if you feel stuck in in-action because you are afraid that you'll make a mistake while decorating your home? In this episode I share my reasons why making a mistake might actually be the best thing for you! Why? Because mistakes mean ACTION. And action is opposite of being stuck.    The 5 Ps to help you take action in home decorating when you're worried about making a mistake: 1. Petite: start sm
26/01/202424 minutes 40 seconds
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220 // What's the first step in shopping like a designer? Put your credit card away!

 Have you ever wondered how to shop like a designer?    What do they do first? How do they save money? How do they make decisions with confidence? How do they know it will look good together before they bring it all home?  In this episode we're answering listener Sidney's questions - how to shop like a designer so I can stop making poor choices?  In this episode I share the five steps to shopping with confidence, staying in budget, making careful selections and it all starts with... PUTTING YOUR CREDIT CARD AWAY But what happens after that? After you commit to NOT running to the nearest home decor store or your favorite website?   You understand the needs of your room. You create a plan. You work on the foundation, creating a color palette. You make a bu
24/01/202415 minutes 27 seconds
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219 // 6 EASY and BUDGET ways to bring more Quiet Luxury into your home decorating this year

 Trend alert for 2024: Quiet Luxury Homes    The markers of a Quiet Luxury design style are design elements that:  ~ mix old/new ~ use earth tones ~ have a classic subtle design ~ are quality pieces ~ are minimalistic in nature ~ are comfortable and inviting   But HOW do you infuse Quiet Luxury into your home? In this episode I share 6 easy ways you can start infusing different elements into your home's design that feel and look like they belong inside a Quiet Luxury magazine!  Want specific help learning how to infuse Quiet Luxury into your home? Taking Home Design 101 teaches you the foundations of decorating your home so you c
19/01/202421 minutes 42 seconds
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218 // Floors, walls, ceilings: How the concept of 'shopping the perimeter' can help make decorating your home easier

 Can decorating your home be as EASY as going grocery shopping?!    In today's episode we're taking an every-day errand that you likely don't think twice about and using that concept to help make decorating your home easier!  Shopping the perimeter at the grocery store is something you might do to focus your attention on gathering healthy foods, making good choices, and staying on budget.  The same idea applies to your home. Focusing on the perimeter of your home is a strategy you can apply in order to make decorating easier.  What's on the perimeter (inside of course) of your home? The floors, the walls, the ceilings. Creating a plan that starts with the perimeter of your home can help you make the BIGGEST, most IMPACTFUL change when home decorating.  If you are ready to make BIG, IMPACTFU
16/01/202411 minutes 26 seconds
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217 // What’s new in home design in 2024?

 Have you been waiting ALL year to know what's hot in home design this coming year?    Scouring through blogs, articles, Pinterest pins, Instagram posts...all the might be surprised to know that not a lot has changed, trend-wise, going into 2024. We're still seeing sustainable materials, bringing the outdoors in, a move away from white, more color and more personality from last year.   So what's my BIG takeaway?    Be mindful, intentional consumers who aren't afraid to make decisions for your home that make it look different than the home next door! Easy right?! In the next few weeks we'll dive into HOW to bring some of these 'trends' into your home design in a way that doesn't require tearing down walls or taking out a second mortgage. If you haven't hit SUBSCRIBE yet, do so, so you don't miss out!  <
12/01/202417 minutes 24 seconds
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216 // How to simplify your home decor in 6 easy steps

 Does this new year have you itching for simplicity in your home?    "How do I simplify my decor?" This question came in from a listener and that's what we're talking about at the start of this brand new year. Simplifying your decor doesn't mean you have to become a minimalist or move into a tiny home. Simplifying your decor can start by taking a good look at what you have and being intentional about what takes up real estate in your home.   Six easy steps to simplify your decor:  1. Think about how you feel in your space with it 'full.'  2. Remove all the stuff except for the anchor pieces and let your room be quiet.  3. Declutter as you go. 4. Sit with a quiet room for a week and think about
09/01/202412 minutes 23 seconds
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215 // Is your home boring? 8 ways to beat the boredom in your home WITHOUT spending a lot of money

 Is your home BORING?  "Boredom is choice" is a phrase I often repeat to my boys when they complain of being bored. With a million and one choices of things to do, boredom is a choice - an equal player in those million options.  Boredom in your home is no different. Boredom is a choice. If you are bored with your home's design, you have a choice of doing something about it or staying stagnant. Choices, btw, don't have to cost a lot.  In this episode I'm sharing eight things you can do in your home that can help you beat the boredom and the best part is...they don't have to cost a lot and some of them are absolutely FREE!  The choice is yours...beat the boredom or stay stuck. THIS WEEK ONLY...individual Decorating S.O.S. Coaching Calls are available to book so that you can BEAT the boredom and
04/01/202420 minutes 20 seconds
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214 // Do you love SAVING money? How this client saved almost $4000 in a one hour Decorating S.O.S. call

 Do you love saving money?  If you love saving money when decorating your home you NEED to listen to today's conversation with Decorating S.O.S. client, Alissa. In the course of one hour, we saved Alissa almost $4000. When you spend time intentionally planning your space, you not only make decisions that are more aligned with your aesthetic, but you learn to spend your money wisely. Wisely doesn't always mean spending less of it, but learning when to save more on an item and when to use what you have.  The temptation for homeowners who want to make design changes is to go out and buy all new things, but planning what changes you should make and learning the order of when those changes should happen DIRECTLY affects your spending...and often times, in a good way - a way that makes your bank account smile a very puffy smile!!!  THIS WEEK ONLY...I'M OPENING UP SINGLE DECORATING S.O.S. COACHIN
02/01/202439 minutes 46 seconds
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213 // Do you dread cleaning? Learn the tips for setting up a cleaning routing that you can actually stick to!!!p y

 Do you dread cleaning? either love it or you hate it! And if you hate it, it's easy to put everything else as higher priority than the chore you dread. But cleaning your home is a necessary needs to be done. And I don't know about you, but I LOVE a clean house. I just didn't like the process of cleaning... UNTIL NOW! This episode dives into a cleaning routine that is easy to use, easy to maintain and easy to share with a friend because they'll be asking who your new housekeeper is!  As we enter this new year, give this system a try and share how it's going inside our private Facebook Group: https://www.design101group    // Links mentioned in show: // Email:
28/12/202330 minutes 18 seconds
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212 // 10 ways to make your home look expensive WITHOUT spending.a lot of money (replay)

 Do you want your home to LOOK EXPENSIVE without spending a lot of money?  In this episode, I'm sharing 10 practical ways you can make your home look expensive without the added expense! Staying on budget requires intentional design decisions, but your home can look elevated without spending a lot of money!    Enjoy this replay of one of the year's top downloaded episodes and apply what you've learned. Share what you are doing to make your home look expensive without spending a lot of money inside our private Facebook Group at: https://www.design101group   // Links mentioned in show: // Email: [email protected] Website: <a href='h
26/12/202330 minutes 57 seconds
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211 // Setting goals for the new year? Don’t forget your home

 Home Goals 2024  Do you have them?!   The beginning of a new year can be so inspiring...just think of the possibilities! As a people group we are so good at making resolutions for our health, our finances, our job, our family...but when was the last time you thought about goals for your home?  In this episode I'm sharing four things to think about as you reflect on how your home served you this past year and how those reflections can guide the action we take inside our home this near year. Setting big goals is wonderful, but supporting those goals with the first three action steps is critical in the success of seeing that goal to fruition. If creating a home environment that feels cozy, looks cohesive and DELIGHTS you is one of your goals this year...I invite you to join me inside Home De
21/12/202327 minutes
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210 // Styling a bookshelf like a designer starts with this ONE rule

RULES: you either love them or hate them!    When it comes to decorating your home, rules can be helpful but also restricting. Let's think of them as guidelines. Guidelines are meant to be shifted and change depending on the purpose of styling. Today, we're talking BOOKSHELF STYLING. Bookshelves are an opportunity for you to showcase your personal style while telling your story. Bookshelves, however, can be 100% books or 100% tchotchkes. The balance I like to create and the one we're talking about inside today's episode is bookshelves that use this ONE rule: 80/20 Bookshelves that have 80% practicality (not all books as you'll hear inside the show) and 20% accessories. Here's a challenge for you: think about displaying some practical, yet beautiful pieces on your bookshelf instead of tucking
19/12/202312 minutes 34 seconds
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208 // 4 Steps to simplify the home design process so you can apply what you’ve been laearning

 HOW DO YOU SIMPLIFY THE DESIGN PROCESS AND START?     In today's episode we're talking about FINALLY taking action and applying all of the things you've been learning about home design. But here's the hard truth...if you want an easy pill, the easy button, the fast action...hire a designer. For the rest of you who are READY to APPLY what you've been learning, follow these four steps: 1. STOP consuming inspiration 2. Think about your WHY and determine if it is STRONGER than the limiting belief that has been keeping you stuck in in-action  3. Make a plan 4. Enlist a little help   HELP can come in the form of long-term application: Google, Youtube, consumption from
12/12/202313 minutes 44 seconds
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207 // 5 ways to delight in your home this holiday season

 Do you DELIGHT in your home?  Delight means to take 'great pleasure in' or be 'pleased greatly by' something. At fig &amp; farm (at home) our goal is NOT perfection in our homes. Our goal is delight: to create homes that reflect your family's story while while being a joyful space for you to spend time with the people you love most.  In today's episode, we're taking a break from the tips for home decorating and focusing our attention on creating intentionality inside your homes so you can delight in your home this holiday season.    5 tips for delighting in your home this holiday season:  1. Identify the barriers standing in your way of delight 2. Remediate or remove those barriers 3. Surround yourself with the things you love<
07/12/202317 minutes 34 seconds
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206 // There is a FINE line between having a home decorated with sophistication and one that looks ’cheesy’

 Can your design style be too specific? In today's podcast I'm answering one listener's question who is asking if her desire to have a Coastal Cowgirl home would be too specific. She wants to know how to keep thematic decorating like that on the sophisticated, rather than cheesy side.  In today's episode I'm sharing how NO personal design style can ever be too specific - in fact, the more specific the better. I walk her through a couple of exercises to help her understand how to bring in 'coastal' and 'cowgirl' - a combination I've never heard of, into decorating-harmony inside her home. How do you learn your design style? By being specific and then more specific and even more specific. You can learn how to identify your style inside Home Design 101.    // Lin
05/12/202310 minutes 22 seconds
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205 // LIVE coaching inside Home Design 101: Unlocking your personal design style with Andrea

Do YOU know your personal design style?    Hey friend!  Inside this episode you get to be a fly on the wall as I have a conversation with Andrea about identifying her design aesthetic. At the beginning of our conversation she wasn't sure what it was, but you'll hear that she actually knew EXACTLY what it was in very nuanced terms.  Is YOUR DESIGN STYLE within reach just like Andrea's? Every two weeks inside Home Design 101 we have Office Hours where I answer questions from the students so they can have design breakthroughs just like Andrea. Ready for your design break through?   REGISTER: Home Design 101   <p style="text-align:
01/12/202325 minutes 13 seconds
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204 // Ready to try refinishing furniture: Tips to get you started

 Ready to re-finish furniture, but you don't know where to start?   How do you know if you should paint it or stain it? What do you do with water stains or deep scratches? How do you sand it? What paint do you use?   These are some of the questions you may be asking yourself and these same questions may be keeping you stuck so you end up NOT re-finishing the piece that you want to.  In this episode I'm sharing tips for how to successfully start refinishing your first piece of furniture, how to choose what to do with it and what to look out for. Is painting or staining up to you? Not's all about the furniture. I teach you what to look out for and what might make a project more difficult than it has to be.  Share YOUR furniture r
28/11/202310 minutes 8 seconds
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203 // Retreating after a long day: 5 ways to make your bedroom feel cozy and look stylish

 "How do I make my bedroom look cute?"    This question came in from one listener who is desiring to make her bedroom look and feel a bit more like a retreat after the end of a long day. Using these 5 tips inside your bedroom (even inside the rest of your home) can help you elevate the look of your home.    1. Create a color palette using three colors: one foundational color and two accent colors 2. Add layers and texture. Doing so creates depth and nuance inside your room. Nuance elevates the overall look making the design go from flat to a little more complex.   3. Repetition is key to great design...even in the bedroom. Repeating colors from the color palette throughout your room in items like textiles, curtains, decor accessories, and artwork will help unif
21/11/202310 minutes 3 seconds
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202 // Are you ready to host for the holidays? Practicing the art of hospitality begins by removing the barriers

 Are you ready to host for the holidays?    Is the idea of hosting for the holidays stressful? If you answered yes, ask yourself "WHY?" Sometimes it's the personalities of the people we're hosting. Sometimes we don't know how to encourage conversation and it's just so awkward.    BUT SOMETIMES...we are just so insecure with how our home looks, feels and functions that we don't feel confident to welcome others in.    In today's episode, I'm sharing how you can identify which barrier may be keeping you from hosting others and what to do about it!    Learn to love your home in a way that you can't stop gushing about it inside Home Design 101, a self-paced course that teaches you how to decorate yo
17/11/202334 minutes 47 seconds
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201 // 6 ways to create time to decorate your home when you think you have NONE

 Don't have TIME to decorate your home?    In this episode we determine if we lack time or we lack motivation? Sometimes our desire to make change is greater than our motivation to actually decorate and we confuse ourselves into thinking we have no time, when the reality is that we lack the motivation.    In an effort to find time when we think we have none, I teach you how to do a time audit so you can see the holes in your day when productivity can start. Then I give you five creative ideas for creating more time and/or motivating you into action.  1. Have a one week no screen time rule and see ALL the time that magically appears 2. Swapping with a friend (childcare, meal prep, or man power) 3. Have a Power Hour (at the beginn
14/11/202311 minutes 35 seconds
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Ep 200 // Starting BIG or starting small: which decluttering strategy is best for you?

 Ready to DECLUTTER but you don't know where to start?    Have you tried decluttering but haven't felt very successful? Do you wonder if you should empty out an entire room or start small and go item by item?    In this episode we're talking about different strategies for decluttering. I give three examples of decluttering in a BIG you want the stuff gone and you want it gone NOW kind of way.  1. KonMari Method 2. Swedish Death Cleaning 3. Clean Sweep   I also share five ways you can declutter with a more gentle approach. These strategies are great if you are gradually building up momentum or in a phase of maintaining a big purge recently completed. <
09/11/202321 minutes 26 seconds
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199 // I don’t LOVE my home, but I want to. Embracing this ONE thing is the first step!!

Do you LOVE your home?  OR  Do you WANT to love your home?    As a home owner, you are in a unique position as the author of the story you want your home to tell. You're also the artist behind the canvas of your created home.'re in charge in a BIG way! But if you don't love your home, you could be feeling a bit stuck! Afterall, you have literally made every decision about the items inside your home - even the ones that you may not think you have.    For example: ~ You moved in to a home with gray walls. You didn't choose that color, but you chose to KEEP that color.  ~ You inherited that ugly sofa from your mom. You didn't choose that sofa, but you chose not to say NO and now
07/11/202310 minutes 11 seconds
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198 // De-Cluttering your home before the holidays - is it possible? Knowing the TYPES of clutter is a helpful first step

 Are you ready to DE-CLUTTER?  The holidays are coming and the guests will be coming your house ready?  In this episode we're diving deep into the world of clutter. It's not all the same and the different types might affect you in different ways than it does, say, your spouse. We're chatting about six common types of clutter (there are more, but we're starting here) and next week, we'll be chatting about different tips, tricks and strategies you can use to combat the different types.  Types of clutter:  1. Over abundance  2. Useful 3. Aspirational 4. Homeless 5. Sentimental 6. Price-tag dependent   <p style="text-alig
02/11/202318 minutes 56 seconds
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197 // Is your kitchen ready for a re-fresh? Here are 6 easy to moderate budget friendly DIY ideas you can do on your own

Are you ready for an EASY kitchen update?  (And how proficient of a DIYer are you?)    In this episode I'm sharing 3 EASY, ANYONE CAN DO DIY updates for your kitchen. And one of them is absolutely FREE (and if I'm being really honest...will bring the BIGGEST reward to your space). Then I share 3 MODERATE, YOU MAY NEED A LITTLE EXPERIENCE OR HAND HOLDING DIY updates that are a little pricier and require a little more bravery and/or skill to pull off.  But ALL OF THEM are do-able, teach-able/ learn-able and will make a big change in your kitchen!! Share your kitchen DIYs inside the Facebook Group so we can all ooh and ahhh at what you've accomplished.    // Links mentioned in show: /
31/10/202313 minutes 49 seconds
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196 // Don’t miss the budget home decorating deals this Black Friday because you don’t have a plan

 BLACK FRIDAY   You either LOVE it or HATE it!   If you need items for your home decorating project you won't want to miss Black Friday sales, but are you READY? And what does being ready for Black Friday even mean?    Start by creating a PLAN. A solid decorating plan does not start with making a list of things you'd like to purchase. Creating a plan for decorating involves learning your aesthetic, understanding the purpose of the room, learning the sequence of when to purchase the items that will make big impact and not spending until you've checked your plan with your calendar - so your spending will align with deeply discounted items (usually offered on or around Black Friday).  How do you learn to make this magical home decorating plan? You learn inside
26/10/202318 minutes 10 seconds
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195 // How important is choosing a color palette to create flow throughout your home? It’s THIS important!

Creating a cohesive flow throughout your home starts by choosing a color palette that can flow seamlessly room to room!   If you are wondering why your home doesn't look cohesive...check your color palette. Then, check other things too, like repetition of design elements, layers, etc (you can find ALL of that inside HOME DESIGN 101).  In this episode I am sharing the most basic way you can create a color palette to use as a foundational backdrop for creating a cohesive home. Plugging your palette into a formula and checking that formula for general accuracy, as well as items that could negate (or bully) your palette will help 'fact check' how your formula is performing for you in your home.  Want to learn more secrets of home design? Join Home Design 101, a self-paced course where you learn the process of how to create a ho
24/10/202312 minutes 32 seconds
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194 // Doing this ONE thing will kick home decorating comparison to the curb

Do you struggle with comparing your home to others?  WHY do their homes look SO, seriously, all the time? Where is their clutter? How can they afford those things?    We can choose to give in to comparison of fight back! I'm choosing to fight back and I want you to also! In this episode we're talking about the main root of comparison and how it might be keeping you stuck in inaction and then WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT!!!  Walk away feeling inspired to take action, to JUST START, even if the starting is small. Because small leads to growing confidence. Growing confidence exercises your design decision muscles and pretty soon, you're off to the races!  Share how you're kicking comparison to the curb and how you are JUST STARTING inside the Facebook Community: <a href='
19/10/202314 minutes 53 seconds
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193 // In home decorating, which comes first - functionality or style?

Which comes first: functionality or aesthetics?    "My entryway isn't functional...or cute. There are shoes everywhere and it looks so uninviting. I'd like to give it a facelift, but what things should I consider?"  This was the question posed by listener, Julie, who wanted to refresh her space and wondered what things to consider so she could make the best choices for her entryway. In today's episode we're talking about how to assess the PURPOSE of the room - what she wants her room to do for her, as well as how it is currently underperforming before choosing items that are her design style.  Learning the steps in the home decorating process is an important part of Home Design 101 where I teach you:  1. How to identify the purpose of the room 2. How to identify your individual design aesthetic or design style 3. How to create a cohesive color palette  4. How to understand the importance of sc
17/10/202312 minutes 1 second
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192 // Are you overcomplicating your fall decorating? Use these tips to simplify

When it comes to fall decorating, are you OVER: complicating theme-izing crowding buying   In today's episode I share three ways you could be overcomplicating your fall decorating and how to remediate them simply. No more merchandising your home, but styling with intentionality by assessing what you have, shopping what you already own, removing things when you start and using nature as inspiration.  Share your fall decorating inspiration with our Facebook Community at: https://design101group   // Links mentioned in show: // Email: [email protected] <p sty
13/10/202318 minutes 55 seconds
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191 // Organizing when you have too much stuff. Is it possible?

How do you organize when you have too much stuff?   Today's episode is answering a listener's question who is asking for organizing tips throughout the home, especially when you have too much stuff. Is it possible?  Short answer - yes! When you utilize your home's natural boundaries, then categorize and sub-categorize within those boundaries not only will you be able to find what it is you are looking for, but you'll be able to see when you're stuff exceeds the boundaries. THIS is a natural way to help you keep the clutter out.  For example: the natural boundary in the kitchen is the pantry with five shelves. Each shelf houses items that fit categorically (i.e. baking shelf, general cooking shelf, snack shelf, etc). On each shelf are sub categories, i.e. smaller containers to house the category of item. When that container reac
10/10/202313 minutes 25 seconds
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189 // How can I update my home without spending any money?

Is it possible to update my home without spending any money?    So glad we're having this conversation today because YES, it is POSSIBLE to update your home without spending any money. Listen in as I answer listener June's question about wanting to make change inside her home with ZERO BUDGET.   In a nutshell: 1. edit your stuff 2. rearrange your furniture 3. borrow stuff from other rooms 4. gather from the outdoors 5. restyle furniture that takes up a lot of real estate   Listen in and share your ZERO BUDGET updates inside the Facebook Group @
03/10/20239 minutes 54 seconds
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188 // 10 things that could be making your home look cheap

WARNING: you could have one or more of these things inside your home, but as you listen to this list I want you to know...   Once you KNOW BETTER you can DO BETTER    You, just in the very nature of listening to this podcast, are in the process of knowing better. Apply what you can now and when it's time to make design decisions use what you know to make better decisions than you did last time.    If you are ready to have help making those changes and are ready to learn more than one podcast episode at a time, I invite you to join me inside Home Design 101 where we are actively learning to make confident design decisions inside our homes: to create cohesive homes that reflect our unique design aesthetic and our personality!    Register for Home De
29/09/202324 minutes 20 seconds
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187 // Confessions of a home decorator: my home used to be ugly (pt. 2)

My home used to be ugly! You read that right. Until I knew better, I couldn't do better. My first home...was ugly. Every room in the open concept home was painted a different color, there was no continuity or cohesiveness - nothing to tie it all together. Until you know better, you won't be able to do better in your own home.    Pinterest will only be so helpful. HGTV shows will only be so inspiring. Hiring a fancy-pants home designer will leave you thousands in the hole (with a beautiful home, but thousands in the hole).    It's time to KNOW BETTER!   Home Design 101  is open!!!   * Learn anywhere
26/09/202321 minutes 21 seconds
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186 // PUT DOWN YOUR CREDIT CARD and do these two things when you are starting to decorate your new home!

PUT DOWN YOUR CREDIT CARD!!!   When you are moving into a new home the temptation for decorating is STRONG! When you're starting with a blank slate like listener Andi, it's even stronger! We live in a society that honors and encourages instant gratification, but the basic home design principles encourage the opposite.    Take your time, be patient, create a plan! WHY would you do that when you so badly want to make your new home delightful?    You'll SAVE MONEY, SAVE TIME and live with LESS REGRET!    If you are wanting to learn the steps it takes to do that, register for: THE COZY HOME WORKSHOP September 25th and 26th <p style="t
19/09/202313 minutes 48 seconds
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185 // Is inspiration overload keeping you from decorating your home?

Are you in inspiration overload?    Pinterest, Instagram, Tik Tok, HGTV...inspiration is everywhere. We can spend so much time in inspiration consumption mode that we don't ever move into action. How do you start decorating your home when you are constantly inspired by the latest trend, the newest shiny object or a vision that doesn't seem attainable?   You start by: ~ getting in alignment with how you feel about your home ~ creating a plan and a vision for what you want your home to look and feel like ~ you work backward to create it   Listen to the second part of the conversation with interior designer Jessica Velasquez about how she inspires her clients to work beyond
15/09/202325 minutes 3 seconds
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184 // Are these things keeping you from loving your home environment? A behind the scenes conversation with two interior designers

"We all want to jump to the sexy part...making things pretty, but first we need to:  Shift our mindset Do simple math Understand the purpose Be self-aware Fix the problems   This conversation with interior designer Jessica Velasquez was a good one...good enough to repeat from last year. We talk about limiting beliefs keeping people from investing (money or time) in their environment, why home is so important, how to have pretty things while also having kids at home and SO MUCH MORE. Part two of this conversation will air tomorrow.   Are you ready to take action creating a home you love? Register for The Cozy Home Workshop <p style="text-align:center;
14/09/202338 minutes 41 seconds
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183 // Desiring a home that feels cozy and relaxing? START here!

How do you make your home look cozy, relaxing and pretty?    Listener Katy, asked how she can make her home look cozy, relaxing and pretty. But how do you do that when it's entirely subjective? Cozy to one person is different than another.  In this episode I share the five things that will help Katy (and you) create a home that looks (and feels) cozy, relaxing and pretty!! One of those five things...registering for THE COZY HOME WORKSHOP!  THE COZY HOME WORKSHOP September 25th and 26th 9am PST   |   10am MT   |   11am CT   |   12pm EST Register here:    // Links Mentioned in Show:
12/09/202314 minutes 45 seconds
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182 // Are you embarrassed of your home? Why this is more common than ever and what you can do about it!

Are you EMBARRASSED of your home?    If being embarrassed of your home isn't obvious to you, how do you know if you are? And WHAT do you do about it? In this heart felt podcast, we're talking about why you may be feeling embarrassed to welcome others into your home and how that shame can effect even the smallest kiddos.   Dani encourages and inspires those who are feeling the weight of home embarrassment to to reflect and take action, even if that action is the tiniest of steps.    Learn to create a home that you delight in, the inspires you to welcome others in. Join the waitlist for Home Design 101:   // Links m
07/09/202327 minutes 54 seconds
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181 // Afraid of making an expensive mistake when decorating your home? Learn these 3 things before making any purchases

Have you already wasted money on home decorating?    * Are you afraid of making any design decisions because you don't want to waste any more money? * Do you look around your home and detest the decisions you've already made because you only see them as a waste of resources? * Do you wish you had the confidence to make wise, cost effective home decorating decisions that you are proud of?   We can't undo what has already been done, but we can learn from our mistakes. Learning these three things BEFORE you spend any money on home decorating will not only save you money, but will help you build your decision making confidence, create a cohesive looking home and likely get you rave reviews from hose who visit!!   <p style="text-align
05/09/202312 minutes 51 seconds
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180 // Get these 7 things organized in your home for back to school success, easier mornings and smoother after school transitions

Are you ready for back to school routines?   Transitioning from the lack of structure in the summertime to back to school routines can be a hard transition for a lot of families - whether you send your kiddos to school or they learn from home. Getting yourself and your home prepared for the new schedules and routines can be made easier with intentionality around these 7 places inside your home.  In this episode we're talking about 7 key zones in your home that deserve a little attention. Decluttering, organizing and intentionality go hand in hand to set these areas up well so your family time, early morning routines, and busy schedules all run a little more smoothly!    Are you ready to go back to school, now that your kids are in session? Home Design 101 is op
31/08/202333 minutes 8 seconds
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179 // What we can learn about home decorating from the latest home decor trend - Barbiecore

What does Barbie have to do with home decorating? This summer when the movie Barbie was released in theaters it sent a new decor trend into action: Barbiecore. And although Barbiecore is decorating using a mostly pink palette with some neons and flashy metals, it is more than that. Barbiecore in the most simplistic sense is:  playful fun whimsical bold confident AND unapologetically feminine! We can learn a lot from Barbiecore... even if we don't decorate with one single piece of pink inside our homes! I'm sharing how in today's episode!    <
17/08/202316 minutes 11 seconds
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178 // How to decorate around a room full of browns? A deep dive into decorating vacation rentals to earn more profit

Do you own a vacation rental?  (Even if you DON'T this episode is for you!)   How do you make your vacation rental appeal to a broader audience, get more views and WAY more bookings while making your guests (aka clients) feel welcome without breaking the bank? That's the question we're answering in today's episode, but these tips aren't JUST for people blessed enough to have a vacation rental. These tips are designed for you too!    We talk about: * how to neutralize a sea of browns * how to use an area rug as an inspiration piece for the rest of your home's design * smart ways to shop second hand * what do about those yucky couch pillows a
10/08/202330 minutes 36 seconds
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177 // Create a timeless, classic look in your home by decorating with this charming style that hints at coastal living (replay)

What home decorating style is classic, timeless, charming, cozy and absolutely NOT pretentious?    In this episode, I am sharing the Coastal Grandma decorating style. But don't be confused or turn off the episode after reading 'grandma.' This style is opposite of doilies and floral couches. It's timeless, classic, cozy, charming, inviting, delightful...the only thing this decorating style is missing is the wafting of chocolate chip cookies!  Coastal Grandma has been a 'style' that's been around for decades (since the 1980s), though more recently it's taken center stage because this style that renowned filmmaker Nancy Meyers has so beautifully conveyed in her iconic film sets now has a name. Any decorating style that withstands trends through three decades is a good one!   // Connect with me: //</p
03/08/202332 minutes 20 seconds
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175 // Do you LOVE a clean house, but struggle with maintaining a consistent cleaning routine? Develop a system that works for you with these 5 steps!

Do you LOVE a clean house, but struggle with maintaining a consistent cleaning routine?    This was me for years, until I learned the 5 things to help make cleaning a house not feel SO overwhelming. I wanted my home to feel company ready all the time, but getting out the duster or mopping the floors felt like such a boring waste of time.  In this episode I share the cleaning system that I use that feels sustainable, but even though I love it and it works for me, I'm not claiming that it's the best! You need to learn what's BEST for you and your family. So I guide you through 5 steps that are foundational for finding a system that works for you and is sustainable for your busy mom-life.'s my BIRTHDAY! Would you celebrate with me by leaving a review for the show?! Reviews help other women just like you find the show t
20/07/202334 minutes 22 seconds
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174 // A beautiful, cohesive looking home DOESN’T have to cost a lot: A behind the scenes look at how I saved my client $3700 in a one hour Decorating S.O.S. Coaching Call!

A beautiful, cohesive looking home DOESN'T have to cost a lot!!   It just doesn't. It can...when you mis-spend or act before making a plan. But it doesn't have to. And the best part? You CAN have a Pottery Barn style  WITH Pottery Barn pieces and STILL decorate your home on a budget...just like my client Alissa is doing as she transforms her living room.    Join us in this episode as a fly on the all as I meet with Alissa to discuss what to do with the alcoves that flank her fireplace. She shows off her brand new-to-her Room and Board glass front cabinet (that she bought on Facebook Marketplace) and we shop and plan together to design the other side of the fireplace. If you're curious how I saved her $3700 in a one hour conversation, here's the breakdown. An identical Room &amp; Board piece that w
13/07/202337 minutes 38 seconds
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173 // Are you BORED with your home? Try these 8 things to beat the boredom in your home’s design WITHOUT spending a single penny!

Are you BORED with your home? Are you wanting change, a re-fresh, new furniture maybe...but the budget is tight?    In today's episode, I'm talking about EIGHT ways you can beat the boredom in your home's design WITHOUT spending a single penny. Is it possible? ABSOLUTELY!    Your homes are meant to be a delight. They're meant to be a place you LOVE coming home to. They're meant to be spaces where you are free to play, laugh, love, enjoy. And considering we spend a large portion of our time inside our homes...we should DELIGHT in them. But we don't always have the budget that we THINK we need to make the changes that will affect our space greatly. In this episode I'm challenging you to think again.    These eight ideas are FREE ways you
07/07/202320 minutes 16 seconds
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172 // Which power tools should you start with if you’re new to DIYing? Sharing my top 5 AND my favorite supplies I always have on hand for DIY home projects!

Which POWER tools should I start with?   If there's one question I get constantly, this would be one of them. That and...where do you find all the cheap stuff? I'm going to let you in on a little secret right now. When you have Pottery Barn style, but a Target budget, sometimes you have to DO IT YOURSELF!! Hence, the power tools.   When hiring out isn't an option, but you want to make change in your home, what is stopping you? With plenty of video tutorials out there, you may just need a little guidance on how to tip-toe your way into the DIY world so your confidence can grow project by project.    In this episode, I'm sharing my top 5 power tools that have been so easy to use as I transform my home one room at a time into a home that I'm proud to call mine. From cor
29/06/202321 minutes 45 seconds
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171 // Enjoying your home this summer may have NOTHING to do with your home decor

Does the sound of "I'm BORED" have you pulling your hair out?  Being at home with the kids during the summer can be really enjoyable, but for some mamas it can be really stressful. WHAT DO YOU DO WITH THE KIDS ALL DAY? It gets extra challenging if you have a job to do at home while the kids are there eating you out of house and home, requesting screen time constantly or saying "there's nothing to do" when you know full well that your toy bin is stock full!  No matter which way we put it, summertime is a system interrupt from what you 'normally' do throughout the rest of the year. So, why NOT enjoy it?!   In this episode, I'm going back to my roots as a First Grade teacher and combining my many years of experience working with kids, my own home summer system that I developed to help ease my anxious s
22/06/202329 minutes 47 seconds
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170 // Ever wonder what it’s like behind the scenes at fig & farm at home? You asked, we answered!

Happy 2 Year Birthday  fig & farm (at home) Podcast!!   It's time to celebrate and what better way to celebrate than sharing with all of you. So in today's episode, I'm taking you behind the scenes - unveiling the curtain that is podcasting and home decorating. You asked, we answered. There were too many questions to answer, but I'm saving more for next time. ;)   And no party is complete without PARTY FAVORS!!!   Enter for your chance to win:  $50 Target gift card (giving away 1) or Decorating S.O.S Coaching Call ($77 value)(giving away 2)    <p style="text-
15/06/202347 minutes 34 seconds
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169 // Create a cohesive, timeless and sophisticated home with the Quiet Luxury design style

What is Quiet Luxury design style?    There's a 'new' classic design style hitting the home design's called Quiet Luxury. But Quiet Luxury is nothing new. It's timeless, classic, well curated, refined, cohesive and subtle. Simply put...Quiet Luxury is opposite of trendy, showy and definitely doesn't chase the shiny object!   In today's episode I'm sharing what exactly the Quiet Luxury design style is, how to incorporate it into your home and where to find the pieces to create your own Quiet Luxury curated look!   BIG NEWS!!! Next week marks the 2 year anniversary of the podcast and I'm revealing it all. If there's a question you have about how podcasting works, who I am, anything...submit it <a href='mailto:hello@figandfarm
08/06/202329 minutes 40 seconds
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168 // How to make your home look expensive on a budget: 10 ideas to get you started this weekend

Do you want your home to look EXPENSIVE... but don't have the budget?   In today's episode I'm sharing 10 ways to help you create a home that looks expensive, but SHHHHHH... it's not. In fact, some of these are free or on an Amazon - IKEA sized budget! You'll want to get out your notepad for this one, Friend, cause there are tips within the 10 tips that will help you elevate the look of your home that leaves your friends wondering...'where'd you get all the cash?' This one's juicy!!    Have you left a 5 star rating and review for the show yet?  Leaving a review for the show not only tells me how you like it (which, btw...I LOVE reading) but allows others to find the show too. And I bet you know one or two people who have a home they'd love to re-fresh but are
02/06/202330 minutes 29 seconds
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166 // Are home design shows your main source of inspiration? Learn how to go from inspiration to action

Do you have a favorite HGTV show?   I'd venture to guess that if you listen to this podcast, chances are you may enjoy watching an HGTV home design show...or two! You're in good company - after all they're wonderful sources of inspiration when you're wanting to make small or big changes to your home.    But what happens in the space between the inspiration and action?    In today's episode, we're talking about how to navigate the often exciting, yet sometimes frustrating road of re-freshing your home based off of common sources of inspiration found on HGTV shows.  You'll learn the questions to ask yourself BEFORE jumping into action to assess if you're ready and if the change your making is right for your home! After listeni
25/05/202319 minutes 38 seconds
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BONUS // The VAULT is open!

The VAULT is open! What is it?: The VAULT is my collection of mini home decorating DIY courses that you can take independently according to your interest?  Learn how to: Sew pillows Paint furniture Set a beautiful holiday table Style a bookshelf Identify your design style   The VAULT is open May 19 - 26 and won't re-open until November.    Want access to The VAULT? 1. Email me: [email protected] 2. DM me on Instagram:
19/05/20232 minutes 28 seconds
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165 // Paying attention to this DETAIL when decorating your home will make it SO much easier!!

Do you ever wonder...where do you START when you want to decorate your home or re-fresh a single room?   Starting BIG with a purchase could possibly be the worst thing you could do as you begin re-designing your home. So, put away your credit card and grab a notebook and a pen because you'll want to pay attention to the DETAILS.  Learning your design style is not just an important step. It's THE MOST IMPORTANT first step, so what details do you pay attention to? All of them!  Your style is more nuanced than the global terms that are tossed around left and right. Your style is more YOU than it is Farmhouse. It's more YOU than it is Boho. It's more YOU than it is Traditional. Cottage. Country. Industrial. Fill in the BIG global design style. Once you understand what your style is, you have the freedom to mix and match. <p sty
18/05/202324 minutes 2 seconds
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164 // Want to know one of my BIGGEST home decorating secrets? Learn to style your flat surfaces with my simple formula

Have you ever wondered how to decorate a mantle, a bookshelf, an entryway table WITHOUT it looking wonky?    The good news? Learning to decorate your flat surfaces is EASIER than you might think. Understanding, however, that we are decorating intentionally and not merchandising like we would with a retail store is a different story.    The goal with flat surface styling is to intentionally dress your room to make it look good, feel fresh and to be both BEAUTIFUL and LIVE-ABLE.    In this episode I share my simple formula for creating beautiful, intentional mantles, coffee tables, credenzas, entryway tables, bookshelves...anything with a flat surface.    If you want a more comprehensive guide to learn ho
11/05/202328 minutes 12 seconds
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163 // Living in a home with limited space? 5 tips for maximizing your square footage so you can live LARGE with less

Do you WISH you had more room in your home and WONDER how to make the most of your limited space?    You may NOT have a tiny home, but your home may feel tiny! What do you do when you wish you had more square footage to play with, but you're not in the market for buying a new home?    How do you MAXIMIZE your minimal square footage?   In this episode I'm sharing 5 tips for making the most of a small space - whether it's a tiny home or a tiny living room, these tips will work for making the most out of a small space.  What are your favorite tips for maximizing limited space? Share them in our Facebook Community:   <p style="
04/05/202318 minutes 6 seconds
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162 // Learn the formula for styling flat surfaces with intention: a behind the scenes conversation with Susan (pt. 2)

Styling flat surfaces isn't overly complicated when you have a formula to style with! In this episode, I teach Susan my formula for learning to style her flat surfaces: mantles, coffee tables, consoles, etc. We also debunk the decorating idea that matchy-matchy is best, that mixing metals really can be easy and light fixtures don't have to be identical twins, but rather distant cousins! Decorating S.O.S. calls are designed to flow with the client - it's an easy back and forth conversation surrounding the questions you have within your own space.  Topics are specific to what you, as the client, want for your home and if you don't know...we figure it out together! You walk away with fresh ideas, actionable homework steps with tips for success and sometimes even a new furniture arrangement!  Decorating S.O.S. calls are low commitment, high reward! Book your call t
27/04/202335 minutes 32 seconds
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161 // Behind the scenes of fig & farm at home: LIVE Decorating S.O.S. call with Susan

Can you really learn your aesthetic in an hour?    When you are as motivated to learn and make change in your home as my client Susan, yes - YES you can! In this behind the scenes coaching call Susan and I dive deep into learning and identifying her aesthetic. She asks so many great questions and each question asked is one step closer to her creating a home that feels the way she wants it to feel: warm, cozy, inviting, not stuffy and interesting!   This is part 1 of the conversation. A lot happens in an hour. Subscribe to the show so you can learn next week how to identify a console table that is styled with an A+ and how one is styled with a C.    Are YOU ready to get unstuck in your home? Feeling inspired to have the initial conversation to make a plan to refresh
20/04/202338 minutes 18 seconds
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160 // Decorating your home for spring doesn’t HAVE to mean using florals and pastels.

Decorating your home for spring?    You've waited ALL year for this, so where do you put your mossy green balls, your ceramic bunnies and your signs that say "Hello Spring?" This year you can leave them in the box (if you want) and start fresh!    Changing your seasonal home decorating starts with curiosity, exploration and a microscopic view of your observations. Simply put...use your five senses with a spring filter in order to covertly or overtly bring spring into your home decorating.    // Wondering where to start? // Back to Basics: a FREE five day mini course that gets you started on the right track: Decorating S.O.S. Call: book an hour Zoom call to unlock the thing(s) k
13/04/202320 minutes 27 seconds
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159 // Want to spend ZERO dollars, but have a whole new look in your home? Learn to shop your home with confidence!

Has your couch been sitting in the exact same position for years?    Getting a new couch may not be the solution to your 'my room feels stuck' woes (though in some cases it most definitely is). Using what you already have, but in new ways, is the cheapest, most budget friendly way to re-decorate your home. Think about've already vetted everything that is in your home. It's already passed the 'I like it, I want to have it test.' But just because you placed it on a specific shelf or in a tucked away corner doesn't mean it needs to live there until it dies.    In this episode I teach you four ways you can confidently shop your home, using what you've already purchased and love. Start small or go big. Move pillows or move the couch. The choice is up to you. But whatever choice you make, know this: you have permission to play.
06/04/202320 minutes 51 seconds
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158 // Don’t have enough time to decorate? Use these simple tools to create more time for creating a home you love

I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH TIME!!! No one has enough time, unless the thing they're carving time out for is important. And if creating a home that delights you and your family is important - this episode will help inspire you to find EVEN MORE TIME! This episode dives into the importance of creating a plan and how doing so is the ULTIMATE TIME SAVER.  But when it's time to put that plan into action and you literally need physical hours to install and transform the room - how do you manufacture more time in an already full twenty four hour day? I share four of my favorite tips with you!!   Share YOUR favorite time saving tip in our FREE Facebook Community:   // Links mentioned in show: // Email: <a href='ma
04/04/202322 minutes 47 seconds
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157 // Saving money series: 5 tips for confidently buying used furniture

Buying USED furniture? What the WHAT?!   There's no doubt about it...buying used furniture or other decor items for your home is a great way to save money. Not only that, but these used items often times are the ones that pack the biggest punch in your home's curated look! But HOW do you shop for used furniture? WHERE do you go? WHAT do you look for? And what if the condition isn't brand new...then what? In this episode I'm sharing my favorite places to shop for used furniture and the process I use to determine if it's worth bringing home.  Do you have other tips for shopping for used furniture? We want to hear them...share them in our FREE Facebook Community:   <p style="text-align:center;
30/03/202327 minutes
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156 // You CAN mix stripes and florals! 5 tips for pattern mixing like a pro

Do these patterns go together? Successfully mixing patterns can make your space feel magnificent - a step above and tastefully put together...when it's done well! When not, well, it can bring your room down in a hurry.  In this episode I'm sharing 5 tips for how you can successfully mix patterns for your sofa or your bed. Be sure to visit the blog article that supports this episode so you can see visual examples of pattern mixing in action. Visit the blog post here:   Are you ready to book a Decorating S.O.S. call so you can learn what steps you should take in your home to make it look and feel more cohesive and cozy? Book your call here: <a href='
28/03/202317 minutes 15 seconds
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155 // Don’t let money hold you back from creating a home you LOVE: 7 tips for saving money when decorating your home

My top 7 tips for saving money when I want to re-decorate my home or re-fresh a space:  "But it costs too much" "I don't have enough money" "Maybe someday when I'm a bit more settled"   I've heard them all....and some. These excuses hold so many home owners back from creating homes that delight them, but that's all they are...EXCUSES. Often times those same home owners are spending $100+ every time they go in to Target when they meant to stop for Kleenex. Or they don't have enough money to replace the couch they can't stand but their the first in line each morning to buy the $7 Frappucino. Sometimes it's a matter of priorities - and in the description above, that's definitely what it is.    But what about for the rest of us? T
23/03/202320 minutes 8 seconds
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154 // ”Why would you spend $700 on a home decorating course when you can buy a book for $20?”One listener’s question answered.

"Why would you spend $700 on a course when you can buy a $20 book?"    A comment came in recently from a listener asking this question. It's a valid question and one that needs a valid answer because maybe you DON'T need an expensive course. Maybe for you, buying a $20 book is as good of a resource as you'll need in your effort to transform your home into a home that you love. But how do you know? 3 questions to ask yourself before making this Home Design 101 investment.    // Links mentioned in show:// Email: [email protected] Facebook Group: Website: www.figand
21/03/202315 minutes 27 seconds
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153 //Is understanding your design style REALLY that important? LIVE workshop replay part 2

Is understanding your design style REALLY that important?   Short answer...YES! Long much time do we have? Here are the benefits of learning your unique design style (or aesthetic): * Reduces overwhelm * Reduces confusion * Reduces frustration * Reduces decision fatigue * Helps grow your confidence as a decision maker * Helps you save money * Helps you truly LOVE your home!   I could go on...the benefits are outstanding! But, why don't you come and learn for yourself in my 10 week Home Design 101 program! <p style="text-align:lef
17/03/202330 minutes 2 seconds
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152 // 4 Steps to creating a home that you can’t stop gushing about: LIVE workshop training, pt. 1

4 Steps to creating a home you can't stop gushing about!!!   Spoiler Alert: These four steps are so intertwined you can't possibly do one without the other! Creating a home you ABSOLUTELY love, that tells YOUR story, that doesn't COST a fortune, that FEELS cohesive and put together takes... INTENTIONALITY Listen in on today's LIVE workshop, but fair warning - you'll definitely need a notebook and pen because there was A LOT stuffed into one hour. After listening in, do you want more or are you ready to take the next brave step toward creating a home that reflects you, feels like a respite and has your friends gushing too?    Join the Spring Session of Home Design 101:
16/03/202348 minutes 19 seconds
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151 // These 5 things could be sabotaging your home design: what are they and how to fix them!

It's hard enough to try to choose the right new product that makes your space beautiful, but how do you get rid of the ones you already have that DON'T make your space beautiful?    In this episode I'm identifying: 5 things that could be bringing your home down AND how to fix them!    Before you head to Home Goods or go to the paint store, listen in to see if you have any of these culprits hanging out in your home. And if you do, and want help fixing them... Register for the workshop: 4 Steps to creating a home you can't stop gushing about!   // Links mentioned in show://  </
14/03/202313 minutes 33 seconds
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150 // Creating a cozy spring home with author Liz Marie Galvan

Are you ready to decorate for spring?  No matter what the season, creating a cozy home throughout the year is my guest's specialty. Known as the Queen of Cozy, Liz Marie Galvan has taken the blogging, Instagram, and now book world by storm. In our conversation (repeated from last June) Liz Marie shares practical tips for creating cozy spaces throughout your home - both indoors and out, and shares her philosophy on why it's so important.    We hope you are inspired by today's repeat conversation and if you're ready to create a cozy home YOU CAN'T STOP GUSHING ABOUT, register for my : FREE live home decorating workshop on March 16th at 9:00am PST. Register here: OR...get on the waitlist for the spring session of Home Design 101,
09/03/202337 minutes 45 seconds
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149 // Are you sitting on the fence with making home design decisions? 5 steps to taking confident, BOLD action in your home

Are you wanting to take BOLD action in your home, but feel stuck, unsure or just a bit scared?    Hey friend...I've been there and just recently I took BOLD, BRAVE, CONFIDENT action in my home and I'm sharing the 5 steps I walked through before FINALLY deciding now was the time. What did I do? I painted my living room wall BLACK! Like, black-black. But before I took action, I stayed STUCK, like 4140 days stuck in a room I DIDN'T LOVE.   Listen in as I share the 5 steps you can take so you can decide if taking bold action is right for you!!   // Links mentioned in show: // Join the waitlist for Home Design 101 (starts March 30):<
08/03/202329 minutes 2 seconds
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148 // My favorite budget home decor shopping: 5 must-haves at IKEA

IKEA...yay or nay?! The next time you head to your local (or not so local) IKEA...look for these things. Here are my top FIVE, always in my cart, go-to, tried and true, absolute FAVORITE things at IKEA (other than the meatballs and the Swedish fish).  1. 20 x 20 down pillow forms (Fjadrar) 2. Curtains (Ritva) 3. Plants (8" pothos) 4. Picture frames (Ribba) 5. Baskets (Fladis) Bonus: Glass bottle with stopper (Korken) These items are always in my cart and the prices can't be beat.    And these items? These, though not always in my cart, are always the sections or items I'm carefully looking at to add to my home or a client's home: <p style
28/02/202324 minutes 5 seconds
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147 // Sometimes MORE is better! A deep dive into the Cluttercore Decorating Style

Cluttercore What is that? Cluttercore is a decorating style that is not quite Cottagecore (go back and listen to Episode 15) and not quite Maximalism, but it most definitely isn't minimalism.  Cluttercore "revels in the idea of keeping things you love within reach and keeping your eyes full of the jumble it creates." Clutter sounds like the right descriptor.  But what if clutter isn't your thing? That's OK...the idea behind Cluttercore is that you are surrounding yourself with the things that you love...aka your story. And THAT I couldn't agree more with.    // Links mentioned in show: // Email: [email protected] Website: www.figandfarma
21/02/202319 minutes 34 seconds
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146 // Creating a cohesive design that flows seamlessly room to room: LIVE behind the scenes coaching call with Jen continued

Everyone loves a good before and after and for one client, this before and after belongs to HER!    Join the behind the scenes look at the conversation with my home design client Jen as I share the rationale behind the custom vision boards I created for her dining room. I share the inspiration pieces for the entire design, how to remediate a bully and how to create a cohesive design that will make her open concept home flow seamlessly from room to room!  This is part two of a two part conversation. If you missed the part one, listen to episode 145:    Are YOU ready for transformation in your home? Have you said one of these things to yourself lately: * How do I even start decorating my home? * I wish I knew someone who could help me decorate my home. <p sty
16/02/202324 minutes 33 seconds
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145 // LIVE behind the scenes home design coaching with Jen as she transforms her living room

Everyone loves a good before and after and for one client, this before and after belongs to HER!    Join the behind the scenes look at the conversation with my home design client Jen as I share the rationale behind the custom vision boards I created for her living room. I share the inspiration pieces for the entire design, how to remediate a bully and how to create a cohesive design that will make her open concept home flow seamlessly from room to room!  This is part one of a two part conversation. Subscribe and listen in on part two airing Thursday.   Are YOU ready for transformation in your home? Have you said one of these things to yourself lately: * How do I even start decorating my home? * I wish I knew someone who could help me decorate my home. <p st
14/02/202320 minutes 41 seconds
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144 // Are your laundry piles overflowing? 3 ways to develop a laundry system that works

Are your laundry piles overflowing?! If you said yes, join the thousands of women who complain daily about their laundry. It's the never-ending chore. Once you think you're done, you see another load that needs to be washed. But what do you DO about it?  Searching on Pinterest is only part of the solution and will often yield a lot of ideas - so many ideas that you may leave feeling even more overhwelmed and confused at how to systemize it than you started. Develop your own system that works for your home, your family, your laundry. In this episode I share the system that works for me, but I don't expect it to be your solution. Instead, I'm breaking down the process I took to create my own in the hopes that you can do the same three things to navigate the problem, the solution and then creating a habit in order to be successful. 
09/02/202332 minutes 33 seconds
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143 // Do designers ever have designer-block? 5 ways to gather inspiration when you’re feeling stuck in home design

Do you ever wonder if designers ever have designer-block?   The short answer...YES. The long's absolutely no fun. But what do you do about it? You seek sources of inspiration, surrounding yourself with ideas that seem to be oozing beauty, creativity, and resourcefulness and you take it all in. You absorb, you take notes, you even lounge on the couches then go reflect over what you saw and your plate of Swedish meatballs. In this episode I share five easy ways I immerse myself with inspiration.   Are you ready for some inspiration - some ideas to refresh your own space this spring? Book a Decorating S.O.S. (Step Out of Overwhelm and Start) call - where we talk about the room, what's keeping you stuck and ideas for taking your first few steps toward creating a home that is as inspiring to you as those images you see. 
07/02/202321 minutes 45 seconds
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142 // Treat your home to a little TLC in less time than it takes to take out the trash

Do these things ever fall through the cracks in your home cleaning routine?   As we count down to Valentine's Day, spending ten minutes or less each day on these things will get your home the attention it deserves AND set us up for success as we dive into fig & farm (at home)'s home cleaning system later this week. Be sure to subscribe to the show so you don't miss this mini series about taking care of our homes. you like listening to the show? Has it inspired you to make change in your home? Have you shared it with a friend or learned something new? If you answered yes to any of those're my 'design bestie' and I'd be honored if you left a review of the show so other mamas just like you can find the show and be inspired too.  Go to: Apple Podcasts >> find fig & farm (at home) Scroll half way down until you see 5 ***** Click on the 5 (Thank you!) and Write a review.  NOW...ta
31/01/202313 minutes 15 seconds
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141 // Do you know what yuck is lurking in your home? Toxins exposed in my conversation with Elyse Rooney from Wholesome Mumma

Have you ever wondered what toxins are lurking in our homes? I've wondered for years and a few years ago I started removing what was easy: candles, perfumes, fabric sheets, cleaners. My journey has just begun and I have a lot yet to learn. That's why I was so excited to have this conversation with Elyse Rooney from the Wholesome Mumma podcast. She teaches her mamas how to live a life of intention with more simplicity and way less toxins. As we conclude our three part series: New Year, New You I hope you are inspired to not only nurture your home, but the people you share your home with.  // Connect with Elyse: // Website: Say hi: Instagram: @wholesomemumma Register for The Home
26/01/202340 minutes 56 seconds
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140 // STOP!! Before you buy home decor items for your spring decorating, try shopping the house: 4 steps to creating your own capsule decor for your home!

What is Capsule Decor?    Think of capsule decor as the building blocks of your home that support the foundation of your personal style. Start by investing in timeless, classic pieces that set your current design aesthetic (style) - then add trends, color, prints and patterns for each season.  Creating Capsule Decor in the same way you might create a capsule wardrobe can help you save money, time and decision fatigue when you get the itch to re-fresh your home for a new season.  In this episode, learn the four steps it takes to creating capsule decor.   Learn to identify your design aesthetic: // Links mentioned in show: // Website: Facebook Group: <a href='
24/01/202315 minutes 38 seconds
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139 // What’s the WORST that can happen? Taking strategic action when following your dreams with Stefanie Gass

What's the WORST that can happen?  This is a common question I ask my clients. It's become SO common, I find myself asking it in everyday situations when I feel a bit uncomfortable doing something new or trying something different. But what happens when you hear a little whisper on your heart - a dream in the making - will that question be enough to encourage ACTION?  In today's podcast I'm having a conversation with my business coach and mentor, Stefanie Gass. She's the host of the .5% globally ranked podcast, The Stefanie Gass Show where she teaches Christian women how to get clear on their niche, start a podcast, and grow a successful online business, God's way.  She gives four steps you can take when you hear that little nudge - four steps that encourage taking the brave first step! After you've heard the conversation you may be ready to pursue that nudge, w
19/01/202330 minutes 11 seconds
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138 // ”Designer” sounds expensive, but it doesn’t have to be: 5 tips for hiring the right designer when you’re ready

"Designer"...sounds pricey doesn't it? Is the potential cost of the designer holding you back from getting the help that you want and need in your home? Are you READY to hire someone who can guide you through the process? Before you open the yellow pages or scroll Google, think about these 5 things so you'll be ready to interview the prospective designer when you chat.  T.R.U.S.T.  T: Time (they should take time to get to know YOU so they can appropriately design a space that serves you!) R: Respect (they should respect your budget, no matter how small, your time and your style.) U: Understand (silly, but...they should understand that they DON'T live there and their design should reflect YOU.) S: Show (they should be able to show you product or a plan before you pur
17/01/202323 minutes 28 seconds
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137 // Are you a STUFF manager? How to simplify, start and sustain de-cluttering with expert tips from Emily McDermott - host of the Moms Overcoming Overwhelm Podcast

Are you a Stuff Manager?  Or maybe a Stuff Shuffler? Whatever you call it, managing stuff is a problem so many of us mamas face daily. Moving piles of stuff to sit down for dinner, putting kids' stuff away to make space for a family movie night, picking stuff off the floor of your closet that doesn't have a proper home anymore. What if, instead of ignoring the elephant in the room, we actually kicked it out? What if, we gathered together enough time, tips, support, encouragement, and accountability to make headway in this problem area that so many of us have had for years.  What if...instead of spending our time moving piles of stuff we were able to play games with our kiddos each night? What if...instead of letting the stuff on the table win, we were able to sit at the dinner table as a family and share a meal and conversation together? <p style="text-align
12/01/202345 minutes 31 seconds
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136 // The color we’ve been waiting all year for: 10 ways to decorate with Pantone’s Color of the year

Everyone has one...if it's not a WORD of the year it's a COLOR of the year!  Trends, by their very nature are made up of things of INFLUENCE, and that includes color. So, what COLOR is influencing home design trends, fashion, trends, make-up trends...THIS YEAR?   Introducing Pantone's COLOR OF THE YEAR: viva magenta! But what even is Pantone and why does it get a say in all the trends? Learn about that, as well as other players in the color industry and their colors of the year in today's episode. what? Now that we know what the color of the year is, what do we do with it in our homes if we don't want to paint the walls just to paint themagain next year's color of the year. In this episode I share TEN ways you can experiment with the color of the year
10/01/202313 minutes 40 seconds
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135 //Drum roll please...the 2023 home design trend forecast is here!!! What is IN and what is OUT in home design in 2023

Hear ye, hear ye...   The 2023 home design predictions are here!!! Design experts from all the places came together (but not really since there are some seriously contradicting ideas) to forecast their home design and decor predictions of the year. So...what's staying and what's going? Some are repeats from last year, some were complete shockers that they're still a 'trend' and others are absolutely no surprise. And some friends...are things fig & farm (at home) has been saying since day 1!!! Listen in, then weigh in inside our Facebook Group on which trend are you happy to see leaving and which one you're happy to see coming.    // Links mentioned in show: // Email: [email protected] Website: <a href='
05/01/202326 minutes 50 seconds
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134 // Are you ready for a fresh start in your home this year? 3 things you should do BEFORE making any changes!

You've put the Christmas decorations away, it's a new year and now you're ready for a fresh start in your home's decorations? Is this you?    Before you go to your favorite home decor store or get your credit card out to make the big purchase, I encourage you to Pause. Reflect on what your home has done for you this past year - the way it's served you and your family well. Explore the Purpose you have for your home (or more specifically, the room you want to refresh) and ask yourself what you want that room to do for you and how it can serve you and your family a little better than it did last year. Then, before making any changes or purchases, make a Plan. How does that plan reflect the purpose you have for the room, your unique design style, your feeling word you want for the room and your color palette? Not sure how all of those things go together or why they even matter?  * Get on the waitlist for Home Design
03/01/202319 minutes 10 seconds
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133 // Are you paralyzed by visual chaos or tripping over things because you have TOO MUCH STUFF? (episode repeat)

Are you drowning in STUFF?   Is there stuff everywhere you look? Are you tripping over things that you know should have a resting place in your home? Are you constantly moving one pile in order to make space for another pile - thinking that what you're doing is called organizing?  Friend, I hear you! It's overwhelming, frustrating and disappointing all wrapped into one. Do you want the good news? The good news is you CAN declutter, edit, remove, get rid of (whatever you want to call it) the excess so you can stop living for your stuff, and start living!    In today's episode, I share three ways you can SUCCESSFULLY start decluttering your space to make room for more living - more time to interact with your kids, more time to chat with your husband, more room to have your friends over. More life, l
30/12/202233 minutes 14 seconds
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132// Home Design 101 Winter Session Closes TODAY!

Registration for Home Design 101 Winter Session closes TODAY!!!   Register Here:   Winter Session runs January 5 - March 9th. See you in class! xo, dani
30/12/202213 minutes 44 seconds
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131 // Does something feel ’OFF’ when you walk into your home? 5 ways to make your home feel more cohesive

Does your home look "put together?" Creating a cohesive look to your home can make your home look AND FEEL more cozy. These five steps will help you to create a look of cohesiveness as you decorate your home.   1. Create a color palette: Using the formula 60 (foundation color) + 30 (primary accent color) + 10 (secondary accent color) will help you navigate the color flow of an open concept space. Play around with the ratios of your accent colors. Do you want three? Great - your formula could be 70 + 10 + 10 + 10.  2. Use those colors from your palette as accents in decorating: pillows, rugs, frames, books, artwork...the colors you chose for your color palette should be represented throughout your room's design. 3. Look for the outlier (a.k.a. BULLY): standing in one vantage point look around to all
27/12/202222 minutes 16 seconds
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130 // LIVE Room Edit: How do you transform a little boy’s bedroom into a room appropriate for a soccer loving teenager?

"How do you transform a kid's bedroom into one that looks a little more grown up?"   That was the question my client Amy had about her growing son. They were both ready to paint over the mural on the wall and replace the poster of Cristiano Ronaldo, but the boy is still a sports loving boy.   Enter the ROOM EDIT! A Room Edit is my entry level design service where I help the client formulate a plan to create the room they aspire to have. It all starts with a questionnaire so I have an idea of what they want, a hint of what their style is and colors or products thy may need (or want to avoid). The Room Edit is created with A LOT of information - visuals for the client to follow, ideas of color palettes, and sometimes even recommendations for where to purchase products. Th Room Edit is recorded and delivered for watching, re-watchi
23/12/202236 minutes 51 seconds
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129 // STOP asking all your friends (and Facebook ’friends’) what color you should paint your room! 3 tips for using Pinterest as a tool when decorating your house

STOP asking all your friends, your Facebook friends, the people on the street corner, anyone who's breathing for decorating advice. Would you ask a complete stranger what you should wear for a TV interview? NO? How about how to discipline your child? NO? What to eat on Tuesday for dinner? NO, NO, NO! But when it comes to choosing a paint color for your wall, you seem to think you need a million and one DIFFERENT opinions! WHY...when you are already overwhelmed, frustrated, confused, discouraged would you ask a complete stranger for decorating advice - especially when you have a visual resource at your fingertips that can be so informative and less abrasive.   Pinterest Using Pinterest to your advantage in home decorating is a powerful way to understand your aesth
21/12/202231 minutes 43 seconds
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128 // Does your home lack personality? Bring more of your story into your home decorating with these 3 tips

BORING! If that's the word you are using to describe your home you may be missing something.  In today's podcast we're continuing our conversation of bringing more Christmas time cozy into your home when the last pine needle has been swept up and the ornaments have been put away. If we love the feeling of Christmas - can we truly get it the rest of the year? The simple answer...YES! Just look at your Christmas is covered with your family's story, history, legacy. Creating a home that honors your family's story is more than hanging a few photos on the wall (though that's a good start).    Creating a home you love should reflect YOU...not your neighbor! Are you ready to learn how create a home you love? Home Design 101 is open for registration, but it's CLOSING SOON. Reserve your spot today at: <p style="text-align:lef
16/12/202228 minutes 51 seconds
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127 //Tired of your home looking like everyone else’s? Tips to help create a curated look on a budget

2nd Hand Stores When I say that, what's your reaction? If you're ready to tune me out and turn me off...I want you to give today's episode one chance. Here are three reasons you might want to consider shopping 2nd hand. 1. Saves the environment from excessive waste in landfills 2. Saves YOU money 3. Helps you create a CURATED look in your home - setting your home apart from everyone else's.    2nd hand shopping doesn't always mean going to thrift stores. Here are several alternative places to buy second hand. 1. Consignment stores 2. Antique stores 3. Facebook Marketplace 4. Craig's List 5. Etsy <p style="
13/12/202223 minutes 42 seconds
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126 // Do you want that cozy Christmas feeling in your home ALL year? 4 tips for having that Christmas feeling, without the tree, even in July

Do you love the feeling of Christmas in your home?   What is it about the holiday season that makes our homes feel so incredibly cozy? Is it the longer evenings? Possibly. Is it the nostalgia of the ornaments hanging on our tree? Possibly. Is it the decorations that you see from every vantage point? Possibly.   In today's conversation we're talking about that FEELING you get in your home around Christmas. You know the one...the one that makes you say, 'It feels like Christmas.' That one. What is it that makes our homes feel like Christmas and how can we have that feeling even in the heat of the summer? Is it possible? DEFINITELY. I share four things you can do in your home to make it feel as cozy as Christmas, even when the calendar says April.    // Links mention
08/12/202229 minutes 14 seconds
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125 // What’s on YOUR Christmas list this year?

"What's on YOUR Christmas list this year?"  My husband asked this question of me the other day...and I paused. When did the idea of spending money on myself become taboo? And it made me wonder if YOU feel the same way too - like somehow you're undeserving, like investing in a beautiful home that feels cozy and looks beautiful is vanity rather than service. Let me tell you this, sister...the hard truth. Your homes are a canvas for story telling and whether you know it or not, your home RIGHT NOW...TODAY...THIS VERY MOMENT is saying something. Home Design 101 teaches you what YOU WANT IT TO SAY!   Creating a home that delights you ISN'T FRIVOLOUS! Creating a home that feels like a respite ISN'T UNNECESSARY! Loving coming h
06/12/202220 minutes 3 seconds
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124 // Does the busyness of the holiday season always leave you stressed? 5 systems you can implement this holiday to enjoy MORE and be busy LESS with guest Kim Montgomery

Does the BUSYNESS of the holidays always leave you feeling STRESSED?    In today's episode, I'm chatting with Kim Montgomery, host of the High Five Motherhood Podcast. She's on a mission to equip busy mamas of today how to ditch the hot-mess mom culture and embrace the time they have with their babies. As a mom of five, Kim knows BUSY. And as a mom of five, Kim has spent years developing systems for her home and family life in order to lessen the stress and enjoy more - more time with the kids, more date nights with hubby, more holiday traditions. All the good stuff.    Today, Kim is sharing FIVE HOLIDAY SYSTEMS she uses to make the time leading up to the holidays truly enjoyable. We invite you to listen in, borrow the ideas and post your own in our Faceb
01/12/202238 minutes 33 seconds
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123 // Wallpaper isn’t like it used to be, but maybe it should be! How to know which wallpaper is best for you and your home!

Wallpaper...yay or nay?! It's a big fat YAY in my opinion! But before you choose wallpaper for your home, there are some things you need to know. Not all wallpaper is created equal. In today's conversation, I'm equipping you will all the Must-Knows about buying wallpaper in general and which type of wallpaper might be best for you, more specifically. You hear the pros and cons of each of the three types of wallpaper: peel and stick, pre-adhesive and traditional. learn which one is my favorite to apply!  If you have a favorite type of wallpaper, we want to see it over in our Facebook Community!   Are you READY to take your home from 'meh' to AMAZING?! Home Design 101 is open for registration. Class runs January 5th - Ma
29/11/202218 minutes 53 seconds
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BONUS // Do you LOVE a good deal?! Early Bird Registration for Home Design 101ends TONIGHT at midnight!

Who loves a good DEAL?   I'm quietly raising my hand over here. I love a good deal. Deals, in fact, are how I have created a home that looks curated over time rather than the spring collection at Target. Deals are the backbone to how fig & farm (at home) was born. And deals are meant for you too, friend! BUT...the DEALS end tonight at midnight. Tomorrow the price of Home Design 101 goes back up to normal, the two FREE 1:1 design coaching sessions go away and poof goes the FREE access to my Holiday Table-scape Workshop.   Here's the real DEAL, sis: I know you're on the fence about registering. Do you know how I know? Because you keep asking questions, keep watching HGTV shows, keep listening to the podcast, keep gaining inspiration and ideas. If you're ready to put
28/11/20226 minutes 1 second
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121 // ”My outdoor living space is an oasis and everyone thinks I decorated it myself!” A behind the scenes look at Deb’s outdoor living space that was transformed by Home Design 101

Deb had just finished building an outdoor living area when she joined Home Design 101.   She wanted to learn how to decorate on her own and admittedly lacked confidence in her decision making. She would buy something she liked, bring it home, then realize it didn't quite work but she had NO IDEA WHY. Deb enjoyed being outside in her new outdoor living area, loved having guests over to share the space with, but she wanted it look and feel better - more cohesive - more her.    During the course of our ten weeks together, Deb had major breakthroughs! She learned to recognize her unique design style so she could make decisions (and future decisions) with confidence. She learned to create a vision board so she could see her product choices all together before spending a single dime. She learned how to create a color palette and which products it was important to spend more money on and which she could spend less on. And Deb walked aw
22/11/202230 minutes 33 seconds
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120 // Confessions of a home decorator - my home used to be UGLY! 4 things I learned that changed my confidence in home decorating!

If I tell you that not too long ago I used to have boogery colored walls, would you believe me?    Unlocking the secrets of home decorating didn't come inside a classroom with "Interior Designer" labeled on the front door, though it could. For most of us, we won't go back to school to become a certified Interior Designer. Most of us will do the very best we can with what we have. My very best, 12 years ago, was boogery green walls. I did the best that I could with what I knew THEN, but now I'm sharing my BEST with you!    Listen in on today's conversation where I share the 4 THINGS I DID ON MY OWN TO LEARN HOME DECORATING. I believe design is teachable - that you can LEARN it. Start here...with these four things to get you on the path to creating a home you love!  
17/11/202231 minutes 10 seconds
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119 // Does this coffee table make my couch look small? 4 tips for choosing a coffee table that’s just right for your home

Black Friday is quickly approaching and if you are on the hunt for a new coffee table for your living room, you'll be happy to know what you should be looking for as you prepare to purchase!  Know Before You Go: Coffee Tables Knowing the measurements is one thing, but what measurements are important? I'm spilling the beans on that and giving you three other things to consider. How do you choose shape, how do you make it cohesive, how do decide between functional or just a beautiful piece of furniture?    We're talking about ALL that and more so you are EQUIPPED to choose the right coffee table for you and your home!   // Links mentioned in show: // * Join the NEWSLETTER so you can get a sneak peek at fig & farm (at home's) Black Friday SALE: [email protected] * Join the fig & farm (at home) COMMUNITY: ht
15/11/202218 minutes 27 seconds
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118 // Are you drowning in stuff? 3 tips for decluttering so you can make space for living!

Are you drowning in STUFF?   Is there stuff everywhere you look? Are you tripping over things that you know should have a resting place in your home? Are you constantly moving one pile in order to make space for another pile - thinking that what you're doing is called organizing?  Friend, I hear you! It's overwhelming, frustrating and disappointing all wrapped into one. Do you want the good news? The good news is you CAN declutter, edit, remove, get rid of (whatever you want to call it) the excess so you can stop living for your stuff, and start living!    In today's episode, I share three ways you can SUCCESSFULLY start decluttering your space to make room for more living - more time to interact with your kids, more time to chat with your husband, more room to have your friends over. More life, l
10/11/202233 minutes 20 seconds
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117 // Planning a gallery wall? 3 things you should know before you put single hole in your wall

Hey friend! Have you been wanting to take advantage of the big wall you have by hanging a gallery wall?   Did you know that there are at least TWO types of gallery walls?   Do you know which type you like best? No?...good thing you're listening in on today's episode. We talk about the two main types of gallery walls, how to identify each one so you know which one is more your style and two other important tips for creating a gallery wall successfully.    After you're done creating your gallery wall, come share it with us over in our Facebook Community:   // Links mentioned in show: // Email: [email protected] Website: Instagram: Tablescape Workshop:   H
08/11/202218 minutes 52 seconds
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116 // Does hosting for the holidays have you stressed? 3 things you can do NOW to prepare your home so you are guest ready

Hey friend! With the holidays right around the corner, our calendars seem to explode with ALL the things to do in preparation of receiving guests into our homes: * clean the house * make the house festive * buy the groceries * make the meal * keep everyone happy And although we know that this date is coming the (almost) same date each year, we sometimes enter into it flustered, overwhelmed, tired and without enough grace left over for those tricky conversations that inevitably arise at the dinner table.  In today's episode I'm sharing with you three things you can do to prep for the holidays NOW that will alleviate the burden the week of the holiday. 1. Get your house ready 2. Get your table ready 3. Get your heart ready   * Join the one hour LIVE workshop on November 13th to learn how to create a holiday tablescape that WOWS! Reserve your spot here: <a href='
03/11/202224 minutes 58 seconds
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115 // LIVE Coaching - Decorating S.O.S. with Tiffany: taking her master bedroom from just ’fine’ to a peaceful, calming retreat

You're a fly on the wall in today's episode as I'm talking with Tiffany in our Decorating S.O.S. coaching call. Tiffany's job keeps her BUSY and she wants a calm, peaceful, relaxing retreat at the end of a long, busy day. She described her master bedroom as just 'meh,' but when you're working as hard as Tiffany, 'meh' isn't good enough.    Our conversation walks through actionable steps that Tiffany can take as she starts taking action to create a room that feeds her soul the way she wants it to.    If, after listening in on today's show, you'd like to book your own call - I encourage you to do that as space each month is limited to five calls. Once they're full, there won't be any others available until the following month.  Book your Decorating S.O.S. call here:   // Links mentioned in show: // Email:</
27/10/202238 minutes 36 seconds
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114 // Choosing an area rug - how do you know if it’s too small? Arm yourself with knowledge so you can choose confidently and with less overwhelm

Know BEFORE You Go A new Quick Tip Tuesday series that addresses ALL the things you need to know about a product before you pull out your credit card.  This week's Know BEFORE You Go...Area Rugs!   1. MEASURE:  This should go without saying, but measuring before selecting an area rug is critical. Not only should you measure the size of rug you're anticipating purchasing, go a step further - place a marker where those measurements will be: socks, scarves, jumprope, blue tape. It doesn't matter what it is, so long as you do it. Laying it down will give you a visual for how big the rug will actually be. 2. ANCHOR:  An area rug serves as an anchor for the furniture that sits atop it, keeping it from floating. The anchor will help define the sitting area and elevate the lo
25/10/202217 minutes 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

113 // Is there something in your home keeping it from looking cohesive? 3 barriers you may be living with and what to do about them

Did you know there are barriers keeping your home design feeling flat and not cohesive? You may have one or all three in your own home. What are they and what do you do if you have one?   1. Bullies: Like any bully, a bully within your home wants to bring everything else around it down. Bullies can stick out like sore thumbs or be as subtle as ca be. The good news: there are ways to Recognize, Remove or Remediate the bully to your home's advantage.  2. Bondage: Being stuck in home design is no fun, but this stuck isn't from lack of budget, an uncompromising partner or even a lack of ideas. Being stuck because of an anchor piece that is too costly to replace or is built in to your home can sometimes mean the THING that's keeping you stuck is the same thing that is DEMANDING you make all design decisions to appease it. No good. The good news: managing Expectations, Engaging with the thing keeping you stuck and spending Energy toward creating a plan will help you g
20/10/202240 minutes 23 seconds
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112 // Can you REALLY bring pumpkin spice into your fall decorating? How decorating your fall home with your five senses makes everything feel more cozy!

Are you a pumpkin spice fan? The good news don't have to be OR you can order to decorate your fall home. Using your five senses is one of the easiest ways to bring layers, depth and texture into your home decorating. But don't just stop with your five senses, think about MOOD too.  1. Smell: What smells make you think of fall? Bringing scents of apple, pear, spices, even tobacco can elicit the smell of fall.  2. Sight: What do you see outdoors that you can transfer in to your fall decorating? Think of colors, foliage, textures.  3. Sound: What sounds do you hear that remind you of fall? Falling rain, rustling leaves in the wind? How about sound tracks? Replacing upbeat music for more soothing instrumentals may elicit feelings of coziness as the days get longer. 4. Touch: When fall a
13/10/202223 minutes 42 seconds
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111 // How do you decorate with house plants if you don’t have a green thumb? You shop THESE five places so you can shop for your house plants on a budget

Do you have a BLACK thumb and kill every houseplant that you bring into the house?    Decorating with house plants is one of my top 5 secrets for elevating the look of your home in a weekend. Want to know the other four?   But if you kill every house plant you bring in to the house would it be better to buy fake plants? NO! Start small with your pocket book so you can take risks and grow in confidence as a plant parent. Starting small means shopping smart.  Here are FIVE places you can shop for house plants on a budget: 1. IKEA: Skip the fake plants and head straight toward the LARGE plants. These are beautiful, thrive for long period
11/10/202221 minutes 9 seconds
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110 // Mission POSSIBLE...a $400 laundry room makeover is finished!! 5 tips for making your next home decorating project a success!

Is it possible to makeover a laundry room from floor to ceiling with only a $400 budget?  YES!!! The laundry room is COMPLETE and I have one important it possible to love a laundry room? I think so.    5 tips for making your next home decorating project a success: 1. Have a starting budget, but keep it flexible: Can you boost your starting budget by skipping the coffee line or the daily take out at lunch? Or can you adjust your timeline so you can save a bit more to get the product you're wanting for your room? 2. Measure twice, cut once: Slow down, adjust your pace, take your time before cutting, nailing, stenciling. Make sure you read the directions BEFORE you start.  <p style="text-
09/10/202234 minutes 56 seconds
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109 // ”I’ll decorate my house when the kids leave home!” Is THIS keeping you stuck in home design?

"I'll decorate my house when the kids leave home!" I don't know how many times I've heard 'the kids' used as the barrier to creating a home that is cohesive, clutter-free and a place the parent's can take pride in. The kids...(sigh)... The their parents you already do so much for them.  * You make nourishing meals. * You make sure they're clothed appropriately. * You drive them all over Timbuktu and back so they can play sports, dance, create, hang out with friends... * You provide learning opportunities and experiences for them that broaden their knowledge and world view. Not to LOVE those guys more than anything!   Investing in your kids' physical
06/10/202218 minutes 37 seconds
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108 // ”My home doesn’t feel put together!” 5 ways to create a cohesive look in your home.

Does your home look "put together?" Creating a cohesive look to your home can make your home look AND FEEL more cozy. These five steps will help you to create a look of cohesiveness as you decorate your home.   1. Create a color palette: Using the formula 60 (foundation color) + 30 (primary accent color) + 10 (secondary accent color) will help you navigate the color flow of an open concept space. Play around with the ratios of your accent colors. Do you want three? Great - your formula could be 70 + 10 + 10 + 10.  2. Use those colors from your palette as accents in decorating: pillows, rugs, frames, books, artwork...the colors you chose for your color palette should be represented throughout your room's design. 3. Look for the outlier (a.k.a. BULLY): standing in one vantage point look around to all
30/09/202221 minutes 18 seconds
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107 // There are a million shades of white. How do you choose just ONE when painting your home? Thinking about these four things will help you choose with confidence.

Going to a paint store can be:  overwhelming, exhausting and just plain frustrating! Picking a paint color isn't as easy as eeny-meeny-miney-mo, but it CAN be when you know what to think about. Listener, Erica, asked what my favorite shades of white are, but not all whites are created equal and the ones I choose for my home and clients might not work for you. But here's what can...knowing these FOUR things: 1. Each color has an UNDERTONE - either warm or cool. Know which undertone is popping up in the white swatches you selected by testing them against a sheet of paper. Is it a warm or cool white? 2. Know how you tend do DECORATE - do you choose warm colors or cool colors to decorate with? Have any adjacent walls - are they warm or cool colors. Choosing a white with the same undertone can compliment what is already happening in your home. 3. Colors can present themselves lighter or darker with
27/09/202213 minutes 25 seconds
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106 // 3 ways shopping small for affordable home decor can make a BIG impact

We've all heard about the campaign to shop small. It lands nicely the day after the biggest shopping day in the US almost as an after thought to not forget the little give a crumb or two to the small businesses so they don't feel left out.  BUT...what if we shopped small all year?!    There's a web of interconnectivity that happens when we shop small:  * we help the environment * we help our pocket books * we help a small business * we find unique home decor pieces   Here are 4 ways shopping small can make a BIG impact:   1. Keeps things out of the landfills: shopping at thrift stores, garage sales, consignment stores, a
22/09/202220 minutes 8 seconds
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105 // Have a Target sized budget for home decorating? Try these 5 affordable ways to add personality to your home!

Have a Target sized budget, but want to add personality to your home? Try these 5 things!  .........................................................................   1. Add a touch of whimsy Whimsical touches add personality to your home's design, but what is whimsy? Whimsy is the un-expected, the conversational pieces, the eye candy.  2. Uplevel the way you style your decor It doesn't matter if you have a $0.77 vase or a $77 vase, it matters how you style it. Grab the Bookshelf Style Guide so you can up level the way you style bookshelves, mantles, tables capes, coffee tables, etc. 3. Change out the builder-grades Builder grade design elements that come with your home c
15/09/202221 minutes 25 seconds
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104 // Budget = DIY, right? But what if I’m terrible at doing projects on my own? 6 tips for growing your DIY confidence and your skillset!

When people think of creating a home on a budget, their minds automatically go to DIY. But what if the only thing you can DIY is a Popsicle stick frame? There's no denying doing things yourself can save you money, but not if you're wasting money by: buying the supplies and never finishing a project  OR  starting a project that's outside your wheelhouse    6 ways to build your DIY confidence and skillset: 1. Start small Choose a DIY project that is where your skillset is currently, not where you want it to be. 2. Choose a deadline  Make that deadline a REALISTIC deadline. If you work all day and tote kids all over tarnation at night, choose a deadline that respects the obligations you have
08/09/202220 minutes 58 seconds
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103 // Is there ONE thing you can do to re-fresh your kitchen on a budget? Quick Tip Tuesday is answering that question and the short answer...YES!!!

Everyone needs a summer break, including Quick Tip Tuesdays, but today they are back!   In today's episode I am answering Erica's question... Do you have any quick, inexpensive ideas for a kitchen re-fresh?   Re-freshing a space, any space, in your home can be as easy as FREE if you focus on reducing the visual chaos (aka clutter) that takes up precious real estate in your home. In your kitchen alone, there are three clutter hotspots: * refrigerators * above kitchen cabinets * countertops   How do you eliminate clutter when you know SOMEDAY you may just use that bread machine that has been wedged so far in the corner that yo
06/09/202224 minutes 38 seconds
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102 // When functional isn’t functional enough: behind the scenes of a $400 laundry room makeover (pt. 2)

When functional is janky, broken and just down right inefficient designing a space that meets the purpose you NEED the room to meet is a no brainer. Doing it on a $400 budget is down right absurd, right? WRONG!  Join me on the journey of re-designing my laundry room so it's not only more efficient for me and my family, but beautiful too!  Subscribe to my email so you can watch the transformation happen real-time: [email protected]   Learn if your home is serving you or you are serving it by taking the quiz:   Take Pinterest 101: Pinning with a Purpose so you can learn your design aesthetic:   Happy styling! xo, dani
19/08/202228 minutes 16 seconds
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101 // Behind the scenes of a $400 laundry room makeover: What REALLY can be done with such a small budget?

Join the journey as this laundry room transforms from janky and underserving to beautiful and hard working...all with $400! This transformation is happening real-time, August 2022. Stay up-to-date with all the changes and every-other-day updates by joining my newsletter.  Email Dani at: [email protected] to see the transformation happen real-time.  What will you learn in this mini video design series: * how to design a room that meets your purpose * how to prioritize spending * how to replace moulding * how to build board and batten * how to push past 'plain' into daring * how to upgrade builder grade flush mount lighting the DIY way * how to paint laminate flooring * how to create your own stencil * how to create whimsical art from a tired canvas painting * how to build shelving * how to stretch a $400 budget by thrifting, using what yo
11/08/202212 minutes 36 seconds
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100 // Asking for help is NOT for weenies (no matter what Biff said during middle school). Three signs you should stop moving forward on your own in home design and reach out for HELP!

Before you get any more frustrated about not making forward progress in home design, take a minute and remind yourself how far you've come. SO WHAT, if you have to pause to re-learn a skill, refine your aesthetic, or press SOS for that designer. Taking a bit of time now will reap big benefits later.   3 signs you may be ready to reach out for design reinforcements: ......................................................................................................................... 1. You started your design project with confidence, but as the decisions get BIGGER and the price point gets HIGHER, your confidence is waning.  2. You are in tune with your unique design aesthetic (THANK YOU Pinterest 101: Pinning with a Purpose) and can make design decisions and shopping decisions quickly, but once you bring home the item you HAVE NO CLUE what to do
04/08/202232 minutes 9 seconds
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99 // DON’T PURCHASE ANYTHING and 5 more steps you can take when you’re asking yourself ”Where Do I Start” in home design

BUT WHERE DO I START? One of the most common questions I get is exactly this! Welcome to part 2 of the design series, Where Do I Start!  Last week we addressed how to start by staring your limiting belief square in the face and working past it into action. You can listen to that episode here:   This week we are talking to the girl who is READY FOR ACTION. You KNOW you want to start, you're ready to make change, you're not afraid of doing the hard just don't know what to do first. You may be asking these questions: * Do I paint the walls first? * Do I buy the couch first? <p style="text-align
28/07/202226 minutes 56 seconds
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98 // Is being stuck in indecision and overwhelm keeping you STUCK in home design? Knowing WHERE to start begins with this ONE question...

In this three part mini series you will be able to identify where you are on the continuum of STARTING in home design.  Are you...STUCK in constant indecision, overwhelm and limiting beliefs while living in a home that you know doesn't inspire you, but you believe you don't have the tools, knowledge or money to do anything about it? (part 1) Are you...READY to start telling your family's story with your style, but you don't know what the first step is? Do you paint the walls, move the furniture or buy the art first? And WHY do you constantly go shopping, find the cute thing, bring it home cause you know it will be perfect in your home, then once it's there you hate it? (part 2) Are you...well on your way crafting and CREATING a home that serves you and your family with a space that you know is a reflection of you, but would like a little more understanding and guidance knowing how to pull it all together? (part 3) Make sure you hit SUBSCRIBE so you don't
22/07/202227 minutes 43 seconds
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97 // Does your home look like Grandma’s house? If not, you may be missing something! A look at why the Coastal Grandma decorating style is all the rage!

COASTAL GRANDMA  The decorating style that has been taking center stage on Pinterest, Instagram, and blogs this spring. But did you know...Coastal Grandma was a STYLE long before there was a name for it.  What is Coastal Grandma? * It's a lifestyle * It's a clothing fashion * It's a home decor style ............................................................................................................................ What does it look like in home decor?   * It looks relaxed and casual * It looks timeless and classy * It looks cozy and inviting * It looks bright and ai
14/07/202229 minutes 25 seconds
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96 // Quick Tip - What happens when ALL your plans go awry? 4 tips for navigating next steps when things don’t quite go as planned!

What happens when ALL the plans you have in place go awry? Haywire? Wonky? What ever you want to call it - it goes sideways and it goes there fast?! Do we throw in the towel and give up? NO!!! Do we push harder? NO!!! Do we start over? NO!!!   4 tips for navigating next steps when things don't quite go as planned: 1. Re-evaluate your goals: What were the original goals you had in mind before the plans went awry? Do those goals still apply or do you need to set new ones? 2. Assess and adjust your priorities: Are your goals in alignment with your priorities? If not, something needs to be adjusted. 3. Manage your expectations: What you expected to happen before your plans went awry isn't what's happening, so manage those expectations so you don't get frustrated, annoyed, disappointed, discouraged... 4. Give yourself some GRACE! Who are you letting down with the awry plans? You? Your kids? Your spouse? Your boss? Your
12/07/202221 minutes 32 seconds
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95 // Does your home have to smell like pie to feel cozy? A conversation with author and the Queen of Cozy, Liz Marie Galvan.

On today's podcast I'm joined by special guest Liz Marie Galvan, author of and bestselling author of Cozy White Cottage and Cozy White Cottage: Seasons. She's also the co-owner of The Found Cottage, her home decor boutique. She blogs daily about life on her farm, their 1800s fixer-upper farmhouse, her latest DIY project, even about their adoption journey.  In our conversation today, we talk about what cozy means to Liz Marie and how cozy can be translated and re-created in any home, any space, any corner. Liz Marie shares tips on creating intentional cozy spaces for kids and how to create cozy spaces outdoors. You can connect with Liz Marie on her blog at: follow her daily stories on Instagram @lizmariegalvan or read her book, anywhere books are sold.  I hope you are inspired by today's conversation! xo, dani
30/06/202237 minutes 40 seconds
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94 // Is it time to rent a storage unit?! Shopping the house to decorate your home doesn’t mean you should be drowning in excess!

BEFORE you rent a storage unit... to hold all of the textiles, pillows, artwork, lamps, etc. you use when you shop the house for decorating- take stock of what you already have!  When decorating your home, shopping the house doesn't mean you should be drowning in excess! Storing simply, using the space and furniture you already have, and rotating items often can help you successfully shop your home using the items you've already vetted! Utilizing furniture that can pull its weight by serving both FORM and FUNCTION is the easiest way to minimize STUFF and to store any excess with ease!   // Links mentioned in show: // Email: [email protected] Facebook Community:    
28/06/202220 minutes 50 seconds
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93 // Tired of hearing ”MOM, I’m bored?” 5 tips for cultivating creativity for the kids while creating space for moms to get some work done this summer!

Are you tired of:   hearing..."MOM, I'm bored!" or seeing...your kids plugged in to screens all day?   Me too! That's why I developed this simple summer time system that keeps the kiddos engaged throughout the day WITHOUT me needing to entertain them! This same structure allows me the freedom to work independently: whether that work is working from home or working around the house. The TRUTH of the matter? Sometimes kiddos need a little bit of structure to help them thrive and sometimes this structure ACTUALLY helps them to play longer and more independently. I learned this lesson while teaching my student Marshawn all those years ago. He taught me that structure, even in summer, isn't necessarily a bad thing.  <p style="tex
23/06/202228 minutes 17 seconds
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92 // Celebration Week - Design questions asked and answered...with a twist, featuring special guest and good sport, Greg!

Questions! Questions! Questions!  You know you have a 'keeper' when you can play a public game of Stump Greg to see what he knows about home design! Before the podcast went live a year ago, we played on Instagram and it was a fan favorite! Bringing it back today - Podcast style.    The questions I'm asking Greg are questions I received from listeners and have already answered either on a Quick Tip Tuesday or on the blog at Today...I'm asking Greg some of these same questions to see what he would advise! He's been taking great notes throughout the year and has some wonderful answers! Enjoy today's silly version of having FUN while celebrating a year of podcasting! Next week we're bringing back the regularly scheduled content. Do you have questions you want featured on
17/06/202214 minutes 57 seconds
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91 // Celebration Week - 5 tips for engaging in dinnertime kid-centered conversation with kiddo conversation expert, Owen!

Dinnertime habits and you have them? Do you eat on the go? Do you engage in conversation around the dinner table?    Today's conversation is with my oldest son Owen who has fifteen years of experience engaging in dinnertime conversation with his family! He's sharing 4 tips to help busy mamas slow down and really connect with kid-centered topics. The last's for the kids.    5 tips for engaging in kid-centered dinnertime conversation: 1. Star Wars: keep a picture dictionary handy so you know who's who 2. Soccer (or any sport): keep a general rule book handy so you can fact check rules that don't sound like rules 3. Marvel: back to the picture dictionary or, better yet, get out the figurines so you can identify who's who 4. Video games: keep eye contact with the kids when they're sharing ALL the details because it's important to them 5. sure to compliment your mamas for the delicious meal. A
16/06/202210 minutes 31 seconds
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90 // Celebration Week - A year in review! Behind the scenes in podcasting - the good, the not so good and goals for the next year!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY fig & farm (at home)!   In today's episode I'm sharing the five things that have been difficult with podcasting this past year, as well as five things that have made it all worth while. Would I do it again...say yes to the fear, the uncertainty of a job I knew nothing about? Without a doubt...YES! Saying yes in pursuit of a dream, so my boys could watch front and center is the main reason I said yes to podcasting. But spreading the message that our homes are canvases for story telling and that we, as home dwellers are the authors of that story is my main mission! I am happy to be walking this journey with so many of you who have been with me from the start! Thank you for a wonderful year!   // Links mentioned in show: // Website: https://w
15/06/202233 minutes 46 seconds
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89 // Bonus: Celebration Week - 5 tips for planning a kiddo birthday party that your kids will remember for years to come, with kiddo expert and party connoisseur, Charlie!

Everyone loves a good party...even the smallest among us!  Hosting a child's birthday party at home doesn't have to be intimidating, overwhelming or avoided. Use these 5 tips so you can plan a party that your kiddo will remember for years to come! Party planning tips provided by 11 year old Charlie, kiddo expert and party connoisseur! 5 Party Planning Tips:  1. Invite guests your kids love spending time with 2. Choose a party theme that your kiddo will LOVE 3. Plan thematic party activities 4. Plan thematic party food Bonus: Plan and wear thematic costumes 5. Don't skimp on the party favors (make those thematic too!) Bonus: Pre-planning and structuring your activities will help center the excited kiddo energy that naturally comes along with parties, while also keeping the kiddos engaged so their energy is focused and productive.    // Links mentioned in show: // * Subscribe to newsletter for y
14/06/202216 minutes 46 seconds
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88 // BONUS: Celebration Week! - 6 tips for designing a kid centered room with special guest and kid expert, Henry!

It's a week of celebration here on the podcast! We're celebrating one year of podcasting! Today's special guest, Henry - a Master Lego builder, kitty enthusiast and voracious reader!   Henry shares his six tips for designing a kid centered room.  1. Choose a theme 2. Make sure you are including things that the kids like (i.e. colors) 3. Create cozy corners 4. Include lots of storage 5. Make space for pets 6. Include storage for special books   Give-aways are happening all week long in celebration of the podcast anniversary! Are YOU: * subscribed to the newsletter? Email are at: [email protected] * subscribed to the show? * part of our Facebook Community?   Let the
13/06/202220 minutes 18 seconds
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87 // The NUMBER ONE lie most people believe about decorating their homes: ”I don’t have a big enough budget.” The truth revealed with special guest Jessica Velasquez of Interiors by Jessica.

Today's conversation is with interior designer Jessica Velasquez from Interiors By Jessica. Her combined experience in real estate and interior design are the foundation behind her mission: serving first time home owners! Jessica believes that first time home owners are an under-served demographic who often times get stuck believing that their homes aren't good enough to invest in and that their budgets are too small to make any reasonable change.  We talk candidly about: * imposter syndrome as designers working in the industry * understanding your aesthetic and unique design code * identifying your intention and any limiting beliefs keeping you stuck * the importance of creating a road map that leads toward design * how critical communication is when hiring an interior designer AND MOST IMPORTANTLY * the philosophy behind creating, respecting and utilizing a budget no
09/06/20221 hour 5 minutes 33 seconds
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86 // Scale REALLY does matter: guidelines to consider when choosing a chandelier for your home.

Scale matters! In so many facets of home design, having the appropriate scale will help your room feel 'just right' or sometimes not right at all. So what scale should we be thinking when it's time to choose a chandelier for a room? How about choosing a chandelier for hanging over a dining room or kitchen table?  If you're in the market for a chandelier, you may want to take some notes, grab your calculator and be ready to do some serious math. Not hard math, but seriously, yes, you'll need to do some math.  General guidelines:      * For a room:       1. Add the width of the room + the length of the room       2. Take that number, remove the ft. label and instead place inches.       3. That number in inches should be the diameter of the chandelier for            your room. (ex. 12' + 12' = 24' / 24" diameter chandelier)      * For hanging above a dining room or kitchen table:       1. M
07/06/202210 minutes 31 seconds
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85 // Imposter syndrome keeping you stuck?? How about Pinterest Paralysis? Instagram Comparison-itis? These 6 things can help you move out of stuck-ness and in to action!

"When I have my forever home, I'll..." "I hate that piece, but I can't ..." "But it won't look like that picture I saw..." "If I paint my room this color, so and so won't like it..." "I'll just wait to buy nice furniture when the kids are out of the house..."   Have you ever said one (or more) of these things? If you have, you may have Imposter Syndrome, Pinterest Paralysis, Instagram Comparison-itis or a combination of all three.  In today's episode I share a little more about my own journey into podcasting and how I overcame the Imposter Syndrome that was keeping me stuck and out of action. I share the 6 questions I ask myself when I want to move in action, whether it's toward a dream I have, a scary goal or when it comes to making change in home decorating.  1. Will it bring value and joy to your life (and that of your family or the people you share your life with)? 2. Are you making this choice for you or for them?</
02/06/202237 minutes 14 seconds
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84 // BEFORE you buy curtains for your home, you need to do this ONE thing! A practical guide for picking curtains, rods and finials.

Today's Quick Tip comes from Tammie who wants to know what general guidelines she should follow when it comes to hanging curtains in her home. But BEFORE you buy curtains you need to choose a ROD and while you're choosing a rod you need to choose your FINIALS.  THEN it's time to choose your curtains.  Guidelines to follow: * Choose your rod * Finials have a lot of personality so choose wisely * Hanging your curtain rod should start at 6" (out and up) from the corner edge of your window and can go up to 12" * If you are going to choose hang them higher or lower, hang them higher * Curtain rods should be hung at the same height even if the windows are at different heights * Use the same curtain and rod if you're in the same room * Curtains can brush the floor, pool on the floor or hang part way along the baseboard * Curtains hanging too short instantly date your room * SO much more... watch my video series on
31/05/202215 minutes 10 seconds
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83 // The number ONE thing that is holding your home’s design back from being cohesive could be hiding in plain view! Do you have one? Learn how to identify the BULLY in the room and remediate it!

The number ONE thing that could be holding your home's design back from looking and feeling cohesive could be hiding in plain view! Do you know what it is or how to spot it? Or even what to look for? In today's episode we're talking about BULLIES in home design. If REPETITION is the key to having a cohesive looking home, BULLIES are the antithesis to that. They sneak in, hiding in plain sight and can bring your home's aesthetics down. So, how do you identify them? * Look at your room through the sense of a camera * Sit and scan, noticing at least three of a similar design element   How do you remediate a bully WHEN YOU FIND ONE? * Remove the object * Replace the object * Remediate the object by repeating the design elements elsewhere in the room   // Links mentioned in show: // Email: [email protected]
26/05/202223 minutes 58 seconds
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82 // So, you have a small budget?! What can $300 get you if you want a living room refresh? You’d be SURPRISED! (part 3)//

Today's episode is Part 3 of our three part series of doing a living room re-fresh on a small budget. If you missed the first two episodes, go back and listen. Part 1: What you can do with $100. Listen here! Part 2: What you can do with $200. Listen here!    In today's episode we conclude our mini-series, So, you have a small budget?! What can $xxx get you if you want a living room re-fresh?  It turns out...quite a lot. Knowing which changes should be made and where they appear on your timeline is a critical part of making home decorating decisions on a budget. Understanding the impact that is made to your home's design can sav
24/05/202220 minutes 56 seconds
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81 // Pinterest - do you love it or hate it? Learn how to pin with purpose so you can turn the home you’re dreaming of into reality!

Pinterest can be: * fun * a nice distraction * a source for inspiration * a waste of time Yes...I said it. Pinterest can be all of those things, but did you know... Pinterest can be purposeful! When used with purpose, Pinterest can be: * resourceful * inspirational * educational * the key to finally unlocking your design aesthetic SO YOU CAN... * get unstuck * remove the overwhelm * stop buying and returning * finally invite your friends over because you're proud of your home!   In today's episode, I share five ways you can use Pinteres
19/05/202225 minutes 35 seconds
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80 // Working with a $200 budget to refresh your living room? Where to spend your money when you have a small budget (part 2)!

Continuing last week's conversation: if I only have $100 but want to do a living room re-fresh, is it better to save and wait or are there things I can change now within this budget? Part 2...what if my budget was $200? $200...not much more than last week's $100, but definitely an improvement! But when you're wanting BIG CHANGE in your living room and you have a tiny budget to start with, even with an extra $100 to spend it's not going to bring about big change...right? WRONG! In today's episode I share two options for re-freshing your living room with a $200 budget. Option 1: a continuation of what we did for Sarah, last week. If you missed that episode, listen here:  Option 2: spending $200 at once. What are good options for a living room re-fresh when you're
17/05/202218 minutes 7 seconds
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79 // Have a limited budget? Try these 5 money saving tips!

What happens when you are wanting to re-fresh a room in your house, but you are starting with a smaller than small budget?   * Do you wait and save? * Do you throw in the towel because you think it's not worth it? OR * Do you start with these 5 things because they are bound to start you off on the right foot?   In today's episode we're talking about how you can make significant change in re-freshing a room in your home even when you budget is small. Start with these 5 things: 1. Setting the intention for the room and identifying why you want a re-fresh is a critical first step.  2. Choosing an inspiration piece for your room will help you choose a color palette for your room. 3. Using what you have is critical for keeping costs low. Be creative, think outside the box and try to see a different use for the items you want to bring into the design. 4. Pick up the paintbrush and don'
12/05/202234 minutes 7 seconds
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78 // If I only had $100 to spend in my living room, what would I do?! A specific guide to shopping for BIG impact change when you have a small budget!

"I only have $100 to spend on my living room upgrade. Is it worth it? Should I make any changes at all or save it for later?" Those were the questions I received from Sara when she approached me with questions about using her small budget. Sara was in for a BIG surprise when I mentioned how I would spend every penny in order to make mighty change in her living room.            Step 1: ditch the pillows that came with the couch           Step 2: purchase new pillows           Step 3: use left over money to buy plants because plants go with              everything   When listening to this episode, you may want to grab a notebook and pen because I not only tell Sara how I would make BIG impact change in her living room, I tell her where I would source the products in order to honor her $100 budget.   
10/05/202215 minutes 1 second
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77 // Want to make a great FIRST IMPRESSION in your home’s design? Don’t forget the front porch! 5 ways you can refresh your front porch this weekend!

Your front porch is the first impression someone gets when they visit your home and we learned waaaaaay back in middle school that first impressions matter...a lot! Often times your front porch acts as a preview for what your guests will find inside and now that winter's over, it's time to pay a little more attention to the first impression.  When you design outside with the same attention to detail and intention as you do inside, you can create the atmosphere that you want. Playful, cozy, inviting, whimsical. Whatever you want your home's design to say, you can allude to it by giving your guests a peek-a-boo as to what's to come once they open the front door.  5 ways to refresh your front porch this weekend: 1. Start with a blank slate: clearing everything off the front porch so you can start with a blank slate allows you to do two things - deep clean and think creatively. 2. Choose a color formula: YES, even outside - choose a color formula you want to
05/05/202228 minutes 25 seconds
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76 // Before you ask ALL your friends on social media for advice on how to decorate your home, you need to consider these three things!

Cousin Larry will say he has the same problem decorating his house. Susan down the street will give you advice about using traditional design elements like Tiffany lamps and doilies. Rhonda across town will tell you everything looks better in purple and lime green.    Asking your 500 friends on social media for design advice is basically inviting: * a headache * confusion * indecision * frustration * overwhelm   Not only that, making a public declaration that you are accepting the opinion of 500 people will likely mean that you'll be receiving the opinion of 500 people! If you don't already have a grasp of your design aesthetic before placing your all-call, imagine the work you'll need to do to comb through 500 opinions just to try to BEGIN to see your own.  IT'S JUST NOT WORTH IT!  In today's episode I share three reasons why casting a wide
03/05/202216 minutes 56 seconds
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75 // Spring into home series (pt. 3) - Cleaning // Is it REALLY possible to clean your home in one hour a week? This four part system teaches you how!

Cleaning...LOVE it or HATE it?    Before I started using this FOUR part system for home cleaning, I only believed a clean house could happen one of these four ways (I always fell into category 1): 1. Company's coming...ALL the frenzied cleaning action needs to happen NOW! 2. Hire out...not worth your time or effort! 3. Cleaning...what's that and why bother? 4. Whistle while you mop because you LOVE cleaning!   THIS FOUR PART SYSTEM is a game changer!  Cleaning in:      * Manageable steps      * An hour or less each week      * Partnership wi
28/04/202238 minutes 17 seconds
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74 // Is it time to get off the hamster wheel of indecision and step into home design action?! What to tell your partner you want this year for Mother’s Day!

When it comes to Mother's Day, do you have traditions? Does your day look the same year to year? The same gift? The same activity? The same take out dinner?   Your husbands can thank me later for doing their shopping for them this Mother's Day! Send them this link: and have them scroll all the way to the bottom. It's right there ready for them, like the gift wrapping station at the mall!    If you are constantly stuck in indecision, design overwhelm or comparison-itis, you don't know where to start you just know you want a change...Happy Mother's Day! These packages were put together to help get you out of design overwhelm and into action so you can finally have a home that you love coming home to!   <p style="text-a
26/04/202212 minutes 51 seconds
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73 // Spring into home series (pt.2): Organizing - Creating a home that serves you starts with these three simple steps. either love it or you hate it. Why is so important when really what you want is a beautiful home? No matter how pretty your home is, if your home isn't working FOR you, it will be making you work for it which ultimately robs you of the time and energy to enjoy this beautiful space you just created!    7 other reasons why organizing is important: 1. Creates efficiency in your home 2. Makes spaces easier to use 3. Makes enlisting help from small hands (or hubby hands) easier because they know where to find things 4. Saves you money because you don't go out and buy the thing that you 'just know you have' but can't find anywhere 5. Allows you the space to see your things which means - continual editing (or decluttering) 6. Sets the stage for keeping things tidy in the future 7. It can be pretty   HOW do you organize? Following these three steps makes it easier than you think: 1. Edit you
21/04/202241 minutes 26 seconds
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72 // It wasn’t always roses...or maybe it decorator’s journey started long before the nap time stripes on the walls.

Full disclosure: this episode is teary. As today marks the fourth anniversary of my mom's passing, I share a bit more history about her role in helping to shape me into a creative, and ultimately, a decorator. The story, however, is not all roses and could be triggering for some to listen to. The story is also honoring as I share some of the creative talents that I was witness to and learned first hand from.  You'll hear that one of my mom's many talents was as a seamstress and in honor of her today, and in light of today being a quick tip Tuesday, I'm sharing a tutorial for how to sew pillow covers. It's easier than you think and if you can sew a straight line, you'll be brilliant in creating a pillow cover! How to sew a pillow cover:  
19/04/202215 minutes 55 seconds
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71 // Spring into home series (pt. 1) Did you know that decorating your home actually doesn’t start with the pretty things? We’re going back to basics so you know where to start decorating your home.

The progression to good home design doesn't actually start with decorating your home.  NOPE! Good design starts waaaaaaaay back in the spring cleaning phase when you're tired of looking at and stepping over boxes and bags and crud that take up wasted space in your home. CLUTTER...that's what we're talking about. The C word. THE C word. The word that I know you'd rather just gloss on over to get to the pretty stuff. But the truth of the matter is this... IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW PRETTY YOU MAKE YOUR HOME... If you still have clutter lying around, creeping into open spaces, your home will ALWAYS feel off - no matter how pretty the walls and the pillows are!   Tips & encouragement for editing your home: 1. Start small so you can feel successful <p style="text-ali
14/04/202228 minutes 31 seconds
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70 // NAKED hallways? When is it a good idea to add an area rug to a hallway?

Do you have NAKED hallways? What are some things to consider when adding an area rug (aka runner) to a hallway?    Definite NO: if you want to layer a hallway runner on top of carpet ............................................................................................................................ Definite YES - consider these things:      * standard runners are 2' x 7' : do you have enough hallway to support      that length, leaving it looking centered?      * anytime you can add layers, warmth, depth and texture in your home's      design (even if it's in the form of a hallway runner) is a     GOOD THING!     * how washable is it really? (psst...MOST hallway runners are washable!)      * does the design of it play nicely and coordinate (not necessarily match-      match) with its adjacent neighbor? ....................................................................................
12/04/202213 minutes 5 seconds
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69 // Taking these five small RISKS in home design can pay off in BIG ways!! And the best part? They won’t break your budget, waste your time or make you work too hard!

Ever heard the phrase small risks, BIG reward? That's what we're talking about in today's episode. Taking these five small risks don't require tearing down walls or painting anything and if you don't like them, what's the worst that can happen? You put everything back exactly how you had it.   But the very best part? These risks are directly tied to your personality. These are all opportunities for telling YOUR STORY with YOUR STYLE - which is what fig & farm (at home) is all about.    Take these five risks this weekend: 1. Re-arrange your furniture, borrow furniture and shop the house 2. Style your bookshelf and other large items that take up a lot of real estate in your home * Need a little help styling bookshelves: 3. Replace your artwork, add art to unsuspecting areas and hang the cutest of kiddo art 4. Swap out textiles like pillows, throw bla
07/04/202233 minutes 54 seconds
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68 // FAQs about Design 101: Ten weeks to home design transformation. Is Design 101 right for me?

Design 101: Ten weeks to home design transformation   FAQs: What is Design 101: A ten week immersive course teaching you the steps in the design process, with weekly lessons and homework with actionable steps so you can make a confident plan to transforming one room in your home.   Why is it 10 weeks?: Design takes time and we are all busy. Each week I will teach a live lesson and give you homework to complete actionable steps within one room in your home so you can begin to see transformation.   Why do you only offer it two times a year? fig & farm (at home) is a multi-faceted operation. From podcast, teaching in the Facebook group (, running my brick and mortar shop, having independent design clients to raising my family, I keep pretty busy. Also...I want to give you the attention you deserve within those ten weeks and that attention requi
05/04/202212 minutes 53 seconds
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67 // Home decorating making you feel STUCK and INDECISIVE? Use these ABCS of home design to guide you on the journey!

Home decorating can feel: * DAUNTING * FRUSTRATING * OVERWHELMING * TIRING when you don't know where to start or which steps to take IF you do start.    What should you FOCUS on? What should your PRIORITIES be? Where should you START?   START at the beginning with the ABCs of home design. Using these ABCs as a guide will help guide your focus, steps and priorities.   A: Anatomy of a room & Aesthetics B: Budget C: Cohesive color palette D: Design E: Execution   DOING it on your own is one option.  WAITING for the time to be right is another option. JOINING Design 101, my ten week immersive design class with support, accountability, live weekly trainings with homework guiding you into action is another option. REGISTER here:   Design 10
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66 // When should art be centered? How big or small is TOO big or small? And what do I do if I have stripes on my walls? Three quick tips for hanging art the right way!

Art is a wonderful way to tell your family's story with your personality, but how do you:   * Choose the right size * Know where to hang it * Hang it if there are stripes on the walls   Today's quick tip is designed to help you be successful when it comes to choosing art and knowing where to place it. Keep this ratio in mind when making your selection or choosing your location: 2/3 - 3/4   The measurement of your art should be between 2/3 and 3/4 the width of whatever furniture item is underneath it.  * Have an 80" couch? Your art should measure ~54" - 60" * Have a 100" console? Your art should measure ~66" - 75"   Not sure if the art you chose is right for you and your home? Book a call: Website: Ask YOUR question:       *  <a href='mailto:figandfa
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65 // LIVE design coaching call with Tammie and Doug: What changes should be made first when you want to re-design everything from floors and walls to countertops, vanities and cabinets

Making design decisions can be fun for some people, but leave others overwhelmed and stressed. When there are thousands of choices to choose from how do you know where to start? Knowing that you want to make change is one thing, but knowing which change should be made first is entirely different. My conversation with Tammie and Doug was focused on making design decisions that would help create a home that feels warm and welcoming.  In our conversation we talked about: *Making the BIGGEST IMPACT changes first (floors and walls) *Ways to create a cohesive feel by creating a color palette *Allowing yourself to sit with change for a little while so you can make the best decision moving forward *How to save money by using what you already have   >> Links mentioned in show:
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64 // Flooring costs A LOT, so how important to home design is it anyway? The good news and the bad news delivered!

Flooring is an anchor to your home's design. It's one of two foundational pieces that everything else in your home's design plays off of. That's both good and bad news.  The good news:  * Changing ONE or the other...or BOTH, will drastically and dramatically change the look and feel of your home's interior environment. * If it's purely a matter of form over function, changing the wall color could save you THOUSANDS!   The bad news: * Changing the flooring costs A LOT - like... A LOT, A LOT! * Though those changes will dramatically and drastically change the way your home looks and feels, it most often requires more labor, more expense, more time to see change come to fruition.    >> Links mentioned in show:
22/03/202210 minutes 29 seconds
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63 // Four EASY ways to bring spring into your home decorating WITHOUT it looking like you emptied out your Easter baskets!

There's nothing better than a good spring cleaning in your home than a good Spring Re-fresh!   But how do you make your home look and feel spring-y on the inside without it looking all cutesy for Easter? And what on earth do I do with all of my ceramic bunnies or paper mache eggs?   Four Easy Ways to Bring Spring into your Home Decorating:   1. Choose a color palette to stick to. The color palette will help:      * your decorations stay cohesive      * your budget stay in check if you are searching for new pieces 2. Throughout your house, your garage, your closets, your garden shed     gather items using that color palette. 3. Think outside the box by including whimsical elements that      remind you of spring, but that you may not typically decorate with (i.e.        birdcage, beehive, mossy branches, rain boots, umbrellas, etc.). 4.  Bring the outside in: forcing branches to bloom ahe
17/03/202234 minutes 17 seconds
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62 // Should I paint my antique dresser? I don’t like it the way that it is, but it’s nice wood and I don’t want to ruin it! HELP!!

I had this conversation with a client recently...this is a similar question to ones I've received before. The question, though familiar, reveals several unspoken fears... 1. There's familial attachment somehow and I could be letting that person (or the closest living relative down) if I paint it. 2. It's nice WOOD - and it's pretty much against all rules over the entire history of time to PAINT it.  3. It'll bring down the value if I paint it.  3. What if I suck at painting and I ruin it? The word suck isn't generally used, but the sentiment is there. What if I ruin it?! To which I ask... 1. Are you taking a hammer to it? 2. Are you taking a chainsaw to it?  3. Are you creating gauges, dents and irreparable damage? NO! You're just PAINTING it.  What's the WORST that can happen if you don't like it? You sand it down and stain it. End of story. In today's episode I dive into the questions you should as
15/03/202215 minutes 40 seconds
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61 // Are you OVER decorating?! 5 Signs that you could be over decorating your home.

Where do you land in the Goldilocks of home decorating? Are you: * an UNDER decorator  [go here to grab my FREE Back to Basics Mini Course: * an OVER decorator [listen to today's episode for 5 Signs that you could be an over decorator] OR * just RIGHT [go here to join the Facebook Group:   In today's episode we are exploring the idea of OVER decorating - 5 signs that you could be over decorating your home and what you can do to FIX it! 1. You have too much furniture 2. Things are too catchy-matchy 3. You have too many layers 4. You have too much clutter 5. Your decorating is too heavy   Listen in on today's episode, then join the conversation over in the Facebook Group to tell us which decorator YOU are: <a href='
10/03/202231 minutes 25 seconds
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60 // Quick Tip: HELP! I have too much dark furniture (grays, blacks, dark wood). How do I make it all flow together?

HELP!! I live in a home with DARK FURNITURE. There are grays, blacks, and dark wood tones, too. What should I NOT put together and how do I make it all FLOW together in a way that makes sense without it feeling so dark?    Grays, blacks and wood are not a bad foundation to start with when decorating your home, but sometimes if they're all hanging out together in one space, it can feel TOO DARK! Thankfully, remediating the dark is as easy as bringing in the contrast...LIGHT! What are some opportunities for creating a contrast? Textiles, pillows, area rugs, trays, small accessories, even lighting are opportunities for creating a contrast to all the dark.    Do YOU have a question you want answered on the show? Don't forget to send a picture. Use any of these links to ask your question and be featured on the show! Instagram: Email: <a href='mailto:figandfa
08/03/20229 minutes 12 seconds
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59 // Why home matters: a look at how nurturing the heart of the home can be more important than making things look pretty!

We've all heard the famous quotes about home: "Home is where the heart is!" "Home is a feeling!" "There's no place like home!" All of these are true, but WHY? Why does home matter and why should we care so much about nurturing the heart of the home?  "A home can be beautiful, but if it lacks heart - it's nothing more than an empty shell."  Home is: * a RESPITE from the heaviness of the world around us * a REFLECTION of you, telling your story and sharing your family's history * a place for nurturing RELATIONSHIPS most dear to you * RELIABLE where there's safety in predictability, consistency and stability * a place for RE-IMAGINING how we want to shape and share our futures   //Links mentioned in show:// Email: [email protected] Instagram:
03/03/202230 minutes 48 seconds
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58 // Quick Tip: I want to bring plants into my home, but what plant do I start with if I don’t have a green thumb?

Do you have more of a Black Thumb than a Green Thumb when it comes to raising plants inside your home? Do you kill every plant that you bring home and think that there's no hope for you ever becoming a plant mama?    If that's you, I have great news for you!! There's a plant for you and it's called: Sanseveria or Snake Plant or Mother In-Law's Tongue or St. George's Sword. Whatever you call it, it's harder to kill than keep alive!   The Sanseveria comes from the West African desert and is hearty, drought tolerant and pretty much thrives on neglect. It enjoys: in-direct light (but will do OK in low light or full sun)  not too much water (water from the top or bottom), but it doesn't like...wet feet (hanging out for long periods of time in standing water). Take a picture of your new plant baby and tag me on Instagram @figandfarm    Ask your question using any of these links:  Instagram: <a href='https://www.i
01/03/202213 minutes 32 seconds
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57 // Can you REALLY get BIG transformation in your home’s design WITHOUT spending all the money? A post Room Edit and Shop the House interview with Telisa.

When I first started working with Telisa to transform her home, she was feeling stuck. Quite literally being stuck at home during the pandemic gave her extra time to feel all the feels about her home...and she didn't like it. She felt 'overwhelmed, irritated, stressed' like she 'had too much stuff' and she 'didn't know where to begin' to make the changes to her home that would even begin to make a difference.   We started with a Room Edit (a designer's eye on your room, giving you simple recommendations for how you can transform that room into a room you LOVE!) and over the course of a year, as her budget and time allowed, Telisa began making changes. Once those changes started happening, she began seeing more and more POSITIVE results in her home and her home became a CALMING SPACE where she is proud to invite others in.    In today's episode Telisa and I recount our experience working together - from Room Edit (she especially loved the virtual recorded
24/02/202229 minutes 25 seconds
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56 // Quick Tip: How do I style the top of my kitchen cabinets?

Today we're tackling one of the hardest places to style in your home: the top of the kitchen cabinets. I mean...what DO you do with that space? Fill it? Leave it empty? In today's episode I share four ideas for how to style it with things you may already own, by keeping the styling sweet and simple. I also share three ideas for doing an easy to moderate DIY project in order to create a more custom-build look. It's a choose your own adventure, cabinet style! Share how YOU styled above your kitchen cabinets over in our Facebook Group:   Other links mentioned in show: Email: [email protected] Instagram: Bookshelf Style Guide (teaching you the LDTHR /ladder/ principles of styling flat surfaces, including: mantels, bookshelves, entryway
22/02/202215 minutes 54 seconds
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55 // How you can shop the house to inspire your home design while saving money!

Just "SHOP THE HOUSE" has become an easy catch-all action point when reading about or listening to design advice. Sure, but what does that even mean? How do I do it, what do I look for and REALLY, where am I finding these things anyway? If you're new to shopping your house, these are all things you may be asking yourself. So...grab a notebook, a pen and a cup of tea because I'm teaching you: * WHY you should shop the house (OTHER THAN saving money) * 6 STEPS for refreshing a room that you are 'shopping the house for' * WHAT you might want to try to gather while you're shopping the house  AND * WHERE you might find these 'shoppable' items within your home   Links mentioned in show: Facebook Group: Instagram: Email: <a href='mailto:figandfarmathome@gmail.
17/02/202227 minutes 14 seconds
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54 // Quick Tip: How many wood tones can you have in one space?

How many wood tones are too many in one space? That's the question on the table in today's Quick Tip Tuesday, and honestly, the answer may be something you're not quite ready to hear. There's a fine line between having too much of a good thing and too many different things that you end up lacking cohesiveness in home design. do you walk that delicate balance? And, more importantly, how do you know if you've fallen into the trap? Book a call and we can always figure it out together, so you can get unstuck in home design and start loving the house you come home to.    Links mentioned in show: Book a call: Instagram: Email: [email protected] Facebook Community: <a href='
15/02/20228 minutes 29 seconds
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53 // 15 Ways you can love your home in less time than it takes to get ready for date night!

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and as we dream of getting ready and going out with the one we love, I want you to think about this:  15 Ways you can love your home in less time than it took to get ready for that date!  Showing our home a little TLC can be as easy and quick as 28 minutes! In today's episode I'm sharing 15 ways we can show our home a little love with not much time at all. 15 ways we can pamper our home in ways we may, quite honestly, forget about when we're doing our regular cleaning. From dusting high to dusting low, vacuuming vents or crevices, our homes deserve the same time of care as it's taking you to get ready for date night!    Links mentioned in show: Facebook Group: Email: [email protected] Instagram: https://www.instagram
10/02/202222 minutes 21 seconds
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52 // Quick Tip: Decorating for a Galentine’s Party without it looking cheesy

Valentine's Day is fast YOU decorate for it?  Today's question comes from Jessica - she's hosting a Galentine's party and wants to decorate subtly without her home looking like it has exploded in hearts and sprinkles! She is wondering how she can bring in Valentine's Day decor in an age-appropriate way? Approaching any holiday or season through the senses, shopping the house and using food are some of the tips I give Jessica. Creating vignettes, styling  flat surfaces using LDHTR (layers, depth, height, texture and repetition) and setting a beautiful table will help make her Galentine's party come together seamlessly.    Do YOU want to learn how to style vignettes like mantels, tables, credenzas, entry tables, bookshelves? Access my Bookshelf Style Guide that teaches the foundations of styling through (LDHTR) here:   Other links mentioned in show:
08/02/202220 minutes 41 seconds
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51 // 6 Ways to save money when decorating your home

One of the biggest obstacles holding people back from creating a home they love, is MONEY. "It costs too much" is the assumption that stops home owners in their tracks and keeps them from starting. But what if it didn't have to? What if there were solutions to decorating your home in a meaningful way without spending much at all? And when the time came to spend the money...what if the choices were more thoughtful and meaningful, allowing your hard earned dollars to go even further? In today's episode, I'm sharing 6 ways to save money when decorating your home, and one of them is...FREE!   Links mentioned in show:  >> Back 2 Basics (a FREE five day guide to getting started in home decorating): >> Facebook Community: >> Join the waitlist for Design 101, a 10 week home transformation journey: <a href='mailto:fi
03/02/202221 minutes 13 seconds
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50 // Quick Tip: How do I choose a scent for a guest room that most people will enjoy?

Olfactory nerves are just as unique to you as your fingerprints, so choosing just ONE scent that has mass appeal may be more challenging than you think, but welcoming overnight guests into your home and creating a cozy environment so they feel welcome is a must! So, how do you choose a scent that most people will like?   In today's episode I offer two suggestions for creating a cozy guest room environment that encourages relaxation through the sense of smell. Setting out these few items, along with clean towels, extra blankets and some bottled water will surely help your guests feel the warmth of your welcome. And...don't forget the WIFI password!   DON'T FORGET: Today is the last day to receive 25% off your Room Edit. Go to to register today!   Other links mentioned in show: >> Facebook Community: <a href='
01/02/20225 minutes 50 seconds
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49 // Do you have the motivation for home projects, but lack vision? A behind the scenes look at Aimee’s Room Edit

"My house looks stupid!" No one should ever say that or feel that way about their home, but that's exactly what Aimee said when she contacted me.  A Room Edit is a designer's eye on your space identifying the parts of the room that don't quite feel right, as well as the parts that do - and steering you in the direction that you, the homeowner, want to go. You don't mind doing the work, in fact you WANT to do the just don't know what to do.  This episode is for you, a fly on the wall, as I walk Aimee through two rooms of her home instructing her on changes that she could make in order to achieve the look that she'd like. I share tips, tricks, product sources, general rules of thumb, and SO much more that you'll WANT to get out a notebook, a pen and a tub of popcorn as you listen to this room re-shaping take place.    Book YOUR Room Edit here:  
27/01/202246 minutes 59 seconds
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48 // Quick Tip: I need a new couch and I DON’T want to buy one on-line without sitting on it first. HELP!

In 2022, shopping on-line for things has become the status-quo, but when it comes time to shop for a couch, Michelle didn't want to buy her couch without testing it out in person. In today's Quick Tip, we chat about tips for making her in-store couch shopping experience efficient, productive and successful, but we do it starting with a little on-line homework! I teach Michelle the steps I would use to first identify the purpose of the room she's placing the couch in, navigating its size using materials she has around her home and using Pinterest to understand her aesthetic.  Helpful resources and links mentioned in the show: >>Episode 6: Understanding the purpose of your room >>Back to Basics (a 5 day guide to getting started in the design process): >>Email: <a href='mai
25/01/202211 minutes 43 seconds
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47 // 10 Things that are ALWAYS on my list when I’m shopping at thrift stores and what to do with them once you get them home

So...we decided to follow the trend of DITCHING the cheap replicas and bringing in the GOOD OLD STUFF! We know we can find it thrifting, but how do you actually find the good stuff?    It starts with identifying and understanding your aesthetic (you can listen to the episode about that here: Once you have your home style identified keeping an eye out for home decor items with your aesthetic will help you be most successful so you can bring home the treasures!    In today's episode I share with you my top 10 items that are always on my list when I go thrifting. Use these as a guide for the next time you go and be sure to tag me on Instagram @figandfarm or post in the Facebook Group (   And...what DO you do with the second hand furniture you brought home? You loved it whe
21/01/202241 minutes 15 seconds
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46 // Quick Tip: Should I replace the bathroom vanity or will it be ok to paint it?

"Will it look ok if I paint the bathroom vanity?"   That's the question on the table from Tammie in today's Quick Tip Tuesday and my short depends on how experienced of a painter you are! The answer, like most things in home design, is more nuanced than a simple yes or no. In today's episode, we talk about how important it is to know the end goal of the bathroom in order to make a decision to paint or replace. We also talk about how important research, correct tools and talking to the right people is in the journey of DIY projects like painting bathroom vanities.    Do you love painting or just the idea of a fresh new look? How do you know if you should use enamel, latex or chalk paint for the project? We talk about all of these things, but mostly the thing that should NOT be skipped is PRACTICE. Practice, by its very nature, builds skill and confidence...both things you need if you're ready to paint a bathroom vanity!   
18/01/202217 minutes 57 seconds
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45 // Quick Tip, part 2: But where do I start in home decorating if I want to redecorate my entire house? you love them?! Today's Quick Tip is a sequel to last week's question from Susan. The question was something like this: I HATE my home...but where do I start in home decorating if I want to redecorate my entire house?! If you haven't listened to part one of that answer, I encourage you to go back and listen. You can hear it here:    Why do you hate your home and what is keeping you stuck? Does your home serve you or do you serve your home? Those concepts were the focus of last week's answer, but Susan (and I believe that many of you can be 'Susan') needs more than that. Susan needs direction, actionable steps that help her move her design needle forward.    So, as I sat and thought about Susan (and ALL OF YOU) I created a FREE five day mini-guide that includes resources and five minute power packed videos to help you get started! Each video steers you in the design direction that you could be headed as you begin your home decorating jo
14/01/20226 minutes 45 seconds
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44 // Is shopping at a thrift store a waste of time? Learn my top 5 tips for shopping second hand efficiently.

It's in...the home decor/design trends of 2022...and the one we're talking about today: Ditching the cheap replicas and bringing in the good ol' pieces!  But how do you even begin to find them? Thrifting, second hand shopping, shopping Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, even hand-me-downs are all considered thrifting. The trend setters are saying that's where the home decor gold is this year, so that's why I should do it? Nope (and maybe)...four reasons why shopping second hand for home decor items is a good thing:  1. Saves you money 2. You can find some pretty unique pieces 3. Reduces your carbon footprint 4. Treasure hunting is FUN!   But HOW do you do it in a way that is efficient? That's what we're talking about today and you're going to want to take some notes!   Links mentioned in show (and important places to check out!): Facebook Group so you can share YOUR favorite finds: <a href='
13/01/202238 minutes 33 seconds
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43 // What’s hot and what’s not? A look at home design trends in 2022.

The beginning of a new year always brings about CHANGE and that's no different in the home design world. With the welcoming of 2022, we are seeing some TRENDS exit while others enter. What are they and should you be getting out your sledge hammer to make all the changes? Home design trend forecasters are chatting about shiplap, gray interiors, Boho home style, greenery, home offices, cheap replicas and so much more!   One trend, ditching the cheap replicas, is leading to a mini-series for how to spot treasures while junking, thrifting, antiquing and more...tune back in next week to hear the details!    Annnddd...THANKS SO MUCH for listening to the show - it lights up my day when I hear from you. If you haven't stopped and left a review, would you pretty please with sugar on top do that for's one way you can thank me for showing up for you! :)   Links mentioned in show: Class for how to paint furniture: <a href='
06/01/202234 minutes 25 seconds
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42 // Quick Tip: I HATE the way my home looks...but, where do I start in home decorating if I want to redecorate my entire house?

"Where do I start when I want to (or need to) redecorate my entire home?" This is one of THE MOST ASKED QUESTIONS I receive and it's generally followed by overwhelm which leads to inaction. Not this year! This year, we are starting with reflections - asking ourselves why we hate out homes in the first place. What do we envision our homes to look and feel like and WHAT ARE THE BARRIERS to achieving that TODAY?   I'm hedging my bets and guessing that one of the most common barriers to TRULY loving your home is TOO MUCH that's what today's conversation is centered around.  HOW DO YOU KNOW IF STUFF IS GETTING IN THE WAY: * of joy * of living a life of intention with the people you share your home with * truly loving the house you call home   Action steps and links mentioned in show: Take my QUIZ here to find out: Join the wait list for the sp
05/01/202221 minutes 37 seconds
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41 // Are there limiting beliefs holding you back from creating a home you love?

If I were to ask you this question, what would your answer be?  What is the ONE thing holding you back from creating a home you truly love? A home that tells your family's story with your style? A home that is a reflection of you? What is it?    Would you say - money? Would you say - time? Would you say -  I don't know where to start? Would you say - I don't know what my style is? Would you say - I have kids and the kids are messy? Would you say - my husband and I can never agree on style? Would you say - I can't have nice things because they'll get ruined?   These are just a few of the most common limiting beliefs I hear about the reasons people don't invest in their homes, why their homes still look like they did the day they moved in ten years ago, why they aren't investing in the way their homes look and feel.   In today's episode, I address the most common limiting beliefs I've heard thro
23/12/202129 minutes 40 seconds
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40 // Six Month Podcast Review - What‘s been going great, what‘s been hard and where the podcast is going

This podcast, born from a calling on my heart, is six month's old! Making a decision to start a podcast was vulnerable, uncomfortable and has stretched me in ways that I didn't know were possible. Now at the six month mark, I'm sharing with you some of the growing pains, some of the successes and the projection for where I think the podcast is going in the new year, as well as questions I've received along the way! A quick recap: The Good: *Knowing that I'm providing useful, practical, tactical information that has led to change within homes. *Meeting peers in the on-line business, podcasting world and forming new relationships. *Pushing myself to get outside of my comfort zone and learning new things.   The Hard:  *Not always knowing who I'm talking to and how best to serve you. *I'm my own boss...and sometimes I don't want to work. Pushing through for consistency has been my motivator. *Working at home in a quie
16/12/202141 minutes 1 second
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39 // Quick Tip - What color scheme should I focus on if I have gray walls and a brown carpet? Melinda‘s question as she prepares to move cross country to a new home.

Moving across the country can be stressful...and exciting! Top that with a move within weeks of a busy holiday season and you can amplify the stress and excitement by two! That's what is happening with listener Melinda, who is moving into a beautiful home with gray painted walls and brown carpeting. She asks what color scheme she should keep in mind as she tries to navigate decorating her new home with a gray and brown foundation.    This question is a familiar one as many of us transitioned out of the beige trend into gray and didn't have a budget big enough to accommodate new flooring as well.    In this episode I'm able to answer Melinda's question and more because she sent photos along with her question. Not only am I able to answer the question about marrying brown and gray, but I'm able to specifically address a few other elements within her room that could be outliers and need addressing in order to create a cohesive home environment as she settles
14/12/202119 minutes 12 seconds
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38 // Ditching this ONE thing in your home can make a MIGHTY impact in your home‘s design

Creating a home design that you love doesn't always mean making ALL the changes and spending ALL the money. Sometimes it means making one SMALL change that has a MIGHTY impact on the room you're redecorating.  Over the years spent as a home stager and home decorator, I've discovered five small changes you can make in your home that create BIG CHANGE in your home's design. Today, we're talking about one of them. It's time to DITCH the PILLOW that came with the COUCH! Your couch, and its pillows, is an opportunity for infusing personality into your home. When you infuse your personality, you're telling your family's STORY and a GOOD THING!   Links mentioned in show: 5 Home Secrets: Facebook Group: Couch Pillow Formula: <a href='
09/12/202131 minutes 10 seconds
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37 // Quick Tip Tuesday: How do I lighten up a dark entryway?

It may be dramatic to say that your entryway says a lot about the family living within the home, but considering it's the first room your guests walk through when they come over, it should feel inviting. Your entryway should be sending the're welcome here.  So what happens when your entryway feels more like a cave than a portal to comfort and invitation? How do you bring light to an otherwise dark area of your home? And most importantly, how do you create the illusion of light when there are no windows in the area?  Remediating a dark area of your home (in the case of this question, your entryway) starts by identifying why it's dark in the first place. Other than having no windows, what are the things that are making that corner of your home dark in the first place? Once we identify those things, we can begin remediating.  Listen in to today's episode to find out what questions you should be asking as you begin remediating your dark entryway. <
07/12/202112 minutes 42 seconds
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36 // 6 Things I wish I would have known about home decorating when I decorated my first home

If I could go back and talk to my younger self as I eagerly anticipated decorating my first home do you know what I would say? "Take a deep breath and slow down." I would remind myself that decorating my home is the long game and that it doesn't have to be done in a month, nor does it have to cost all the money.  In today's episode I'm sharing the six things I wish I would have known about home decorating when I decorated my first home. Seven, if you count slowing down and taking a breather. Even if you aren't decorating your first home, these six ideas could help you as you continue to sit in decorating paralysis and indecision.  And, the best news...someone sweet talked me into extending my Cyber Monday deal and I said a BIG FAT YES cause I'm here for the changes you want to make in your home. I'm literally removing one of the barriers you've placed in the way of having a home you love coming home to. Now have until December 5th to buy the course or start t
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35 // Quick Tip Tuesday: Where do home decorators source Christmas decorations?

Chances are you may have already decorated for Christmas. Others however, are just getting started. So...where do home decorators shop for their Christmas decorations? That's the question on the table today, but the answer is a bit more nuanced than giving a big box store name and sending you on your merry way.  Holiday decorating, but especially Christmas decorating, is an opportunity for telling your family's story. Just think of all those ornaments on your Christmas tree...where they came from and what they remind you of are just two obvious connections to a sense of story. But digging a little deeper and I'm sure you may think of more.  In this episode I'm breaking it all down: my go-to places where I shop for ornaments, garland, sprigs of berries and more. And, spoiler alert...some of the sources are so inexpensive that saving money means you might finally be able to splurge for that personal Christmas gift you've been spying for ages!   Links mentio
30/11/202112 minutes 49 seconds
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34 // Is gratitude a buzz word?

On this day of thanks, Thanksgiving 2021, we're chatting about gratitude. What does it mean, truly, and why is it such a buzz word? Can you increase the amount of gratitude in your life and why would you?   Gratitude is the practice of being thankful. Gratitude, when given and received, increases dopamine - makes you feel happy. Gratitude begets gratitude. Simply put, the more you give, the happier you feel. I give you three easy ways to start practicing gratitude today: 1. Start observing the little things that you are grateful for 2. Name those little things - and name them for someone else: your kids, your spouse, yourself in a journal 3. Be mindful of the company you keep, the conversations you have, the media you consume        Links mentioned in show: Instagram: Email: <a href='mailto:figand
25/11/202120 minutes 55 seconds
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33 // The BIGGEST sale of the year at fig & farm (at home)

It only happens once a year...a sale this BIG! Everything in my design suite, EVERYTHING, is 50% off now until Monday, November 29th. Why? Here's why...I know some of you have been sitting on the fence, wondering if working with me is a good idea and wondering if investing in yourself and your home is worth it. That decision is up to you, but the barrier has been removed - the ominous 'it costs too much' barrier that stands in the way of investing on ourselves, our loved ones, our home. So now...the choice is entirely up to you. Are you ready to make that investment? Are you ready to finally commit to creating a home that you love coming home to? The code for my courses: shopsmall because all small shops around the world, not just mine, appreciate every sale, every word of mouth recommendation, every positive review!   Website (where you can find it all, including gift guides curated for you and the cuties you're shopping for this season): <a href='http:/
24/11/20217 minutes 43 seconds
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32 // Quick Tip Tuesday: Mixing metals in home design. Can you do it and HOW?

In this week's Quick Tip Tuesday, we're talking about mixing metals. How do you know which metals pair nicely together in home design? Can you mix metals or is it a no-no?   Ask your question to be featured on the show: Instagram: Facebook group: Email: [email protected]
23/11/20217 minutes 51 seconds
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31 // Using Pinterest for home design inspiration? 5 reasons why you SHOULDN‘T copy a Pinterest image to use in your own home design

Pinterest is a mighty tool in home design! It's easy to navigate, easy to save ideas for later and WOW is it full of inspiration! Sometimes though, Pinterest can be used in a way that is less than helpful. Copying an inspiring image you found on Pinterest and replicating it in your home's design is one of those.    Today I'm giving you 5 reasons why you SHOULDN'T just copy an image you see on Pinterest. Yes, it may be beautiful. But you may be missing the mark and we're talking about why and what to do instead (in case you've already done just that!) And...stick around to the very end. You're not going to want to miss the announcement. Hint, hint...if you're not already on my email list you're going to want to do that before Monday.  Email me here at: [email protected] (say - join the list please!) Send me a DM on Instagram: https://www.instagra
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30 // Quick Tip Tuesday: Hosting Thanksgiving and you want your home to look as festive as the food?

Thanksgiving decorating often times gets missed because we go from Halloween and pumpkins to Christmas and trees. But there's opportunity for creating a warm, welcoming environment just for Thanksgiving. And this year...I'm craving that warm, cozy environment!   Today's question comes from Jamie and she asks for quick, easy tips to decorate her home for Thanksgiving because she's done with Halloween but not quite ready to put out all the Christmas. Are you in the same boat? Listen in and dive deep into what you feel this time of year to help you navigate your Thanksgiving home.   Do you have a question you'd like answered on the show? Ask away: Email:>> [email protected] Instagram DMs:>> Facebook Group:>>  Mom'
16/11/202112 minutes 11 seconds
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29 // Are you stuck in home design overwhelm? 4 QuickTips for getting started this weekend

Are you stuck in home design in-decision? So stuck that you don't know where to start? Moving from in-action to action can be a challenge when you've been stuck, immobile in home design for as long as you can remember.  Here are 4 quick tips you can try this weekend to move you out of paralysis and into action in your home. And the best part...these 4 tips don't cost a thing and can actually end up saving you money in the long run.   Like always...if you need help, reach out: Email:>> [email protected] Website:>> Facebook Community:>> <p
11/11/202125 minutes 48 seconds
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28 // Quick Tip Tuesday - Layering area rugs on top of carpet

We've all seen it...area rugs layered on top of wall to wall carpeting. Are there rules to this design decision? Is it something that designers encourage or avoid and how do you pull the look off if you want to try it in your own home?    Like most home design decisions it comes down to personal opinion and preference, but designer Dani, definitely gives her own opinion about the look and some suggestions for how to make the right choice if you're wanting to give it a try.    Contrasting + complimenting, and a little texture work together to create the look you're going for.    Links mentioned in show: Email:>> [email protected] IG:>> @figandfarm Facebook Group:>>  
09/11/20217 minutes 26 seconds
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27 // Are you stuck in indecision, but have all the motivation? A behind the scenes look at working with a client doing a Living Room Edit

What happens when you have ALL the motivation to make changes to your home, but you're stuck in indecision? You don't know what color to paint the wall, where to move the couch or which art to remove from the wall?    You listen to today's Room Edit, a behind the scenes look at me helping a client who was in the EXACT SAME PLACE AS YOU, and you take some notes so you can make the changes to your home that reflect your style.    A Room Edit is a designer's eye on your room. We start with an interview and some pictures so I can gauge where we're starting and where we're going. Then I create a road map for you of suggestions to help you get there. With a road map and a navigational guide, you can do anything...including changing the look and feel of your home.    You're motivated, you just don't know what to do. Book a Room Edit or email me to get started:   Links mentioned in show: Room Edit:>> https://www.figandfarmathome
04/11/202124 minutes 58 seconds
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26 // Quick Tip Tuesday: What type of wallpaper is best and how durable is it really?

Wallpaper - it can be both lovely and extremely intimidating! With so many choices to choose from, how do you know which one is best? Where do you start and how durable is it really? The question we're answering about wallpaper comes in from a listener who wants to know how easy it is to work with these days and if it's ok to put in a kitchen. I answer all of that AND give a quick breakdown of the three different types of wallpaper, things to look out for and quick tips if you're considering using wallpaper in your home.     Ask YOUR question to be answered on the show: Email:>> [email protected] Instagram:>> Facebook Group:>>      
02/11/20219 minutes 9 seconds
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25 // What happens when too much STUFF causes anxiety: a conversation with Jessica Hayes, host of the Love Your People Well Podcast

STUFF...we all have it, but did you know that too much stuff can cause anxiety? Today I'm having a conversation with Jessica Hayes, host of the Love Your People Well Podcast and a licensed family and marriage therapist. We talk candidly about the role stuff plays in our homes, the triggers it may be causing some people while leaving others well enough alone. We chat about busyness, community, self-love and SO MUCH more. Jessica provides practical actionable steps we can take to reduce the amount of stress and overwhelm that stems from all these things. Grab a notepad and a pen because you're going to want to remember these tips she shares so you can apply them to your own life.    Links mentioned in show: Jessica's website:>> Jessica's podcast:>> Jessica's FREEBIE - 51 Self-Care Idea
28/10/202148 minutes 3 seconds
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24 // The holidays are right around the corner: The importance of creating and being intentional with your family traditions

The holidays are right around the corner and we're kicking off this holiday season with a reminder of the important role traditions play in the lives of families.   Why do traditions matter so much and how can we be more intentional when creating them for our own families? We're exploring that through the lense of the nearest holiday, Halloween.  Traditions are an important part of your family culture. They nurture family connections, bridge the gap between generations, provide meaning to our celebrations, provide structure that kids thrive on and, most simply, can be a lot of fun! Traditions by their very nature are repetitive, something to look forward to. Understanding them a little better can help you understand why they're worth repeating year after year. get my top 5 favorite family Halloween traditions. You might be surprised that this home decorator doesn't include decorating for Halloween in those top 5! Enjoy! Links mentioned i
21/10/202129 minutes 33 seconds
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23 // The truth about curtains: 5 things you need to consider before adding curtains to your home

Choosing curtains isn't as easy as heading to the nearest store and picking the ones that are on sale. Where do you hang them? How high? How low? What rod is the best fit for your window and why should I even put curtains up in the first place? In today's episode we break it all down: 1. How to choose the right rod. 2. What is a finial and why it's so important.  3. How do I know which style of curtain to choose? 4. The length of the curtain really does matter and tips for extending the length without breaking the bank. 5. How to make sure your curtains are helping to create a cohesive look in your home and not acting like bullies. It's a lot...this episode. So, grab a notebook, a pen and a beverage. Get comfy and let's dive in!   Links mentioned in show: Website:>> Free Gift (5 home secrets):>>  
14/10/202133 minutes 31 seconds
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22 // How to complete the look of your room with finishing touches that WOW!

FAQs I get ALL THE TIME: * How do I make the room come together? * How do I make my room's design feel complete? * How do I add the finishing touches to make my room look intentional? * I have all the stuff, now what? Though different in semantics, all these questions are basically asking the same thing: how do I top it all off? Where do I put the exclamation point to my home design's sentence?    In today's episode, I'm sharing my system for creating a look that WOWS! You'll definitely want to take notes. AND...if you're looking to get started using this're not going to want to miss the launch of my new course inside my online design school. The course, Bookshelf Styling Guide, is available for ONE week at this introductory offer of $17 (offer expires Oct. 13). Use coupon code: GET-STYLING at checkout.    Website:>> NEW course:>>    Use code: GET-STYLING unt
07/10/202135 minutes 42 seconds
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21 // Wondering why your home doesn’t look cohesive? There could be a BULLY in your home: how to recognize and remediate design elements that could be bringing your room down.

When you walk into your room does something feel a bit off? Or when it comes time to decorate you are stuck in indecision? Or when you look around your room it doesn't feel cohesive? Sometimes the culprit is sitting right in front of you masquerading as a BULLY. Bullies in home design are a real thing. They're elements within your room that take over in a dominating way. Identifying them and remediating them though, is easier than you might think.    In today's episode we're chatting about what bullies in home design are, how to recognize them and how to take steps toward working them cohesively into your existing home design.    Links mentioned in show: Website:>> Community:>> Room Edit:>> Instagram: @figa
30/09/202132 minutes 12 seconds
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20 // Fall Home Series - 5 Tips for fall decorating without using all the pumpkins

It's Pumpkin Season and pumpkins are showing up EVERYWHERE: mantels, porches, soups and lattes. But when it comes to decorating your home for fall...what if pumpkins aren't your thing? Or what if you want to decorate for fall a different way? In this episode we dive into practical tips that show you how you can add depth, character and a cozy factor to your fall home using your five senses.    Links mentioned in show: Community: >> Website: >> Best Ever Apple Pie: >>      
23/09/202128 minutes 53 seconds
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19 // Fall Home Series: 5 Ways to ‘fall‘ in love with your home when you‘re stuck in a rut

Does your home feel like it's stuck in a rut? Like the thought of moving to a new home so you can start over again would be better than sprucing up what you already have? In this Fall Home Series we're talking about 5 easy ways you can spruce up your home to see BIG change. Did I mention these ideas are easy? No tearing down walls, no ripping out carpet, no painting walls. 5 easy things you can do to fall in love with your home again!    Ready to sell your home or not...these are the top 5 things I would tell my staging clients to work on as they prepared to put their homes on the market. The good don't have to move to do them. You don't have to sell your home in order to reap the benefits!   Community: >> Website:>> figa
21/09/202123 minutes 16 seconds
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18 // How to mix old an new part 2 - How to marry vintage or antique furniture with a more modern aesthetic so your home doesn‘t feel so traditional

Part 2 of how to mix old and new! What happens when you have a pristine vintage or antique piece of furniture? Does it mean you have to have a traditional style?  NO WAY! You just need to know how to marry old and new.    In today's episode I teach you how you can begin seeing potential in the way you incorporate vintage or antique furniture into a more modern aesthetic/style and why this style is actually my preferred way of decorating. It creates a storied, curated look and done well, can be absolutely fabulous.    Links mentioned in show:  Community: Instagram: @figandfarm Website:  Booking a Room Edit: https://www.figa
16/09/202123 minutes 33 seconds
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17 // How to mix old and new part 1- The art of marrying vintage or antique furniture with a twenty-first century design aesthetic

Can you mix old furniture with the style of today in a way that doesn't mimic the look of Grandma's house from back in the day?   The cliff notes answer: YES. Yes you can. You just need to know all the secrets.    Before we can learn how to style or incorporate vintage or antique furniture into a modern home, we first need to identify if it's a piece worth working with. What is it's potential? Is it perfect the way it is or is having it in your home bringing you down? Do you feel attachment to it in an unhealthy way and how can we break that attachment? What happens if the piece isn't perfect? Can it be saved or modified?   So many questions. So many answers. And this is only PART ONE!    Links: Community: Painting 101 course: Website:    
14/09/202126 minutes 4 seconds
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16 // Daily 5 summer recap and inspiration for being the best version of you

Kids are back in school which means their summertime Daily 5 has come to an end. Today I'm chatting about what my Daily 5 summertime system is for my boys that allows me some freedom to get work done without hearing the dreaded, "MOOOOOM...can I have screen time? Now? What about now?"    I chat about what worked well and what needed to be modified to run more efficiently. Then, I have a realization... I have a Daily 5 too. It may look a little like self-care or self-love, but it's been in my life before those buzz words were. My Daily 5 leads into a Weekly 5 - these things, when done as a habit help me be the best possible version of myself that I can be. Do you have a Daily 5?    Links:  IG @figandfarm Facebook community: Email: [email protected]
09/09/202139 minutes 28 seconds
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15 // Does living a more simplified life mean I have to move to a farm? Introducing a ‘new‘ home decor style: Cottagecore

 Cottagecore  Have you heard that term? It's relatively new to the home design community, but it's not a new concept. And if truth be told, it's not a home decorating style the way farmhouse is a style.'s a lifestyle.  In this episode I share what elements define the cottagecore movement and chances are, you may already be living it. This is a teaching that I did within my Facebook community where I do a teaching weekly. I serve this community in a similar capacity as I would a paid community, but it's FREE! Join the community and other women like you who want to learn more about decorating their homes at:   Connect with me! To register for my 10 week Design 101 course: [email protected] To see behind the scenes and get to know me: IG @figandfarm To work together:</
02/09/202123 minutes 43 seconds
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14 // BONUS Design 101: A ten week home transformation journey

My on-line design school is expanding and I want YOU to be a part of it! I'm hosting a 10 week Design 101 transformation where I will guide a small group of women through the design process from beginning to end. Is this for you?! Maybe. It's for you if: You know you want change and don't know where to start. You have a willingness to learn and are eager to do things yourself. You can't truly identify your home like a little of this and a little of that. You buy something you like at the store but bring it home and don't know what to do with it. You are waiting until kiddos are grown and gone before you have a home you actually love. You think you don't have the money to create a home you love. Watch the video to get the course outline, get some of your questions answered and to see if this might be right for you. Not sure...ask!   To register: email me at [email protected]   Doors close for registration September 3rd.
27/08/202125 minutes 9 seconds
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13 // Room Edit: The power of paint and creating a cohesive color palette as a surprise makeover!

Everyone loves a good home before and after and this one does not disappoint! As we've been chatting about the transformative power of paint, I take it next level in this episode to show you how that can happen all while planning a SURPRISE MAKEOVER! The only thing missing is the reaction from the parents when they first saw it.   Creating a cohesive look in your home is as simple as a first grade math formula. You don't want to miss this so you can start making your own transformation today!   Work with me: Painting Furniture 101: Room Edit: Instagram: @figandfarm Before and after:
26/08/202127 minutes 45 seconds
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12 // Does this doily go with my afghan? 5 things that could be making your home feel tired and look outdated

Hey hey! Today we're identifying five things that could be making your room feel tired, outdated, boring, bland...I just threw those last two in. But, in all honesty, these five things COULD be making your home feel boring and bland. What are they? And more importantly, what DO I DO if I have one or more of these things going on in my home? You take action. Or not. But if you do, I direct you on the path you can go.  I mention three ways you can work with me: 1. Book a 45 minute call...all via zoom so you could literally be in Luxembourg while we chat. 2. Book a Room Edit...self-paced and implemented, but highly guided by me. Think of a Room Edit as a design hand-holding. 3. Join the 10 week Design 101 course! Yes! I'm guiding a small group of ladies through the journey of home design beginning to end in 10 weeks. Reserve your spot now by emailing me at: [email protected]    Links:
19/08/202134 minutes 6 seconds
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11 // Is home a feeling? Why it’s important to choose a feeling word in home design

Quotes like "Home isn't a place, it's a feeling" or "There's no place like home" have become blasé quotes, but there's real meaning and truth to them if you dive a bit deeper. That's just what we're doing today - diving deep into why it's important to choose a feeling word as you move forward in home design. In truth, the feeling part is really what fig & farm (at home) is about. The pretty walls and knowing how to style a bookshelf is just icing on top of the proverbial cake. But the heart...there lies the real beauty. 
12/08/202121 minutes 44 seconds
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9 // Design Breakthrough with Kelly - Bringing bold color and fun into a room with a neutral palette

Limiting beliefs in home design can hold you back from creating a home you love. For Kelly, it was the idea that she should have a sophisticated grown up design - which in her mind meant designing with a neutral palette. That's problematic when you love color as much as Kelly does! In today's episode we're chatting about the breakthrough she had that finally enabled her to bring color into her living room in a big way. We chat about the design process, compromising with hubby and even bringing her kiddo into the design decision making. If you're wondering how (or if you should) bring color into your home design, you won't want to miss her insight and encouragement.  
05/08/202133 minutes 58 seconds
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8 // But Where Do I Start? - Is money holding you back from creating a home you love? Let’s rethink the way we view budget.

Money, or the lack there of, is one of the biggest limitations for creating a home you love. But what if we re-thought the way we view budget? What if changes were accessible we started thinking of the impact of change rather than the cost for that change? What if we knew the secret to making the biggest impact of change to your home and it didn't cost a lot? Would you want to know what that impact is? If you do, you'll want to listen to today's show where I not only reveal what that change is, but tell you my format for creating biggest impact change in sequence to smallest impact change so you can make the changes to your home on your timeline, with your budget. You won't want to miss this!
29/07/202129 minutes 23 seconds
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7 // But Where Do I Start? - 7 Tips for Using Pinterest as a Tool in Home Design

Understanding your aesthetic is essential before designing a room you love, but naming your aesthetic can be tricky if you don't know what it is or even where to start. In today's show I'm teaching you how to use Pinterest as a student of design so you can finally unlock the idea of your home's style. Before we dive into using Pinterest as a tool, I teach you what Pinterest is and what it isn't. Is it just another social media platform demanding your time and clicks for likes. Spoiler it isn't. 
22/07/202135 minutes 13 seconds
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6 // But Where Do I Start - Understanding the purpose of your room

In home design, when you're doing it yourself, knowing where and how to start can feel overwhelming. So overwhelming that it might become a hinderance for starting in the first place. Today's episode is the beginning of a three part series walking you, the home dweller, along the path of starting. We work together to identify the room that might be best to start in, learn the anatomy of a room and set a purpose for the room you'll be designing. Then, we put it all together to understand how the items within your room will help meet the purpose you have for it...or not. Take notes...and don't lose them. You'll need them for parts two and three of this series, But Where Do I Start?   
15/07/202133 minutes 11 seconds
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5 // 7 Rules to Follow in Home Design

Designing a home you love can be as simple as following these simple rules. But they might not be what you're expecting. In today's episode I'm challenging you to replace the word 'rules' with the word 'guidelines' so you can be free to create a home you love with the things that bring you joy...whether those things are dated or brand new.    Show links: website: >> community: >> IG: >> @figandfarm
08/07/202124 minutes 45 seconds
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4 // Does Your Home Serve You or Are You Serving Your Home?

Stuff. We all have it, but having too much can be a barrier to not only creating a home that you love, but to creating a home that serves you. Understanding what questions to ask so you can determine if stuff is getting in the way of your home happiness, is at the heart of this episode.    Show links: website: >> IG: >> @figandfarm Community: >>
01/07/202124 minutes 55 seconds
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3 // Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back From Creating A Home You Love

Excuse. Limiting Belief. Whatever you call it...something might be holding you back from creating a home you love, that's a true reflection of you and that tells your story with your style. In today's episode I'm talking about eight common ones that I hear and why I'm just not buying them.    Show notes and links mentioned: >> Instagram: >> @figandfarm Community: >>
24/06/202128 minutes 55 seconds
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// BONUS EPISODE: Transitioning From School Routines to Summer Freedom

Teaching First Grade taught me many things and one lesson in particular was taught by a little boy Marshawn. Unbeknownst to him, my year teaching Marshawn has dramatically shaped the way I transition from the routines of a school year seamlessly into summertime freedom. If you have a child who struggles with change or self-managing their independent summer time, these systems and frameworks might be helpful for you. 
21/06/202124 minutes 30 seconds
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2 // What’s the Worst That Can Happen?

In home design and in life, asking yourself what's the worst that can happen can help you gauge the risk you're taking. Like in the airing of this podcast and the start of this new adventure. In today's episode I share the story that finally got me unstuck and free to ask the question "What's the worst that can happen?"   Show notes & links mentioned: >> Instagram: >> @figandfarm Community: >>  
13/06/202118 minutes 59 seconds
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1 // How I Went From Teaching First Grade to Home Decorating

Home Decorating as a career was an evolution for me that started when I left my job as a First Grade Teacher to stay home with my infant son. Going from a dual income to a single income meant budget everything while at the same time going from working full time to staying home all day meant lots of down time and lots of time for noticing the four walls that had become all too familiar. Those walls needed a change and naptime was the time for changing them, but there wasn't much room for purchasing new things. This was when I learned the power of transformation through paint and how I started my journey of discovering that home decorating does not have to break the bank.    Show notes and links mentioned: >> Community: >> Instagram: >> @figandfarm
13/06/202116 minutes 31 seconds