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English, Education, 1 season, 141 episodes, 2 days, 18 hours, 27 minutes
This podcast is here to help women in business, female entrepreneurs and digital content creators step into their best fierce, fit and feminine selves so that they make an outstanding first impression and feel more vibrant, confident and focused to better serve their business, brand, clients and family. From health and beauty to success mindset, presence, poise and communication..... all episodes offer keys that you can apply to your own life, right away. Christine Braneli is a Chiropractor, niche beauty salon Founder and Women's Image Consultant who is passionate about educating, encouraging and motivating women to tap into their personal power to create an extraordinary life, they love living. New episodes released every Tuesday. See you there!
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Swag for your Brand; a guide to intentional marketing

You're going to love listening in to this conversation!We're diving in about SWAG (Something We All Get)  🙂 and how to use it to show gratitude for our clients and also market our business. Whether you're an online business or a brick-and-mortar business owner, this episode has great tips for you.My guest, Brande Dils, is a distinguished Publisher and Branding/Swag Expert with over 20 years of experience in the promotional product space. Throughout her career, Brande has worked with high-profile clients such as Disney, Tupperware, and Holiday Inn Club Vacations, showcasing her ability to create impactful and memorable branding solutions. Her passion for fostering a hyper-local, community-centric approach led her to start a magazine dedicated to offering readers fresh and unique perspectives for her community. Brande's creativity and expertise are evident in her work, notably in designing limited-edition items for Disney that have become highly sought-after collectibles. Beyond her professional endeavors, Brande shares her life with three dogs, including a golden retriever who is on his way to becoming TikTok famous, adding a personal touch to her career.You can contact her here:  https://kudokits.comIf you're here to find the FREE PDF Guide to help you look and feel fabulous on camera, it's right here! the show
4/9/202435 minutes, 37 seconds
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Aligning your Image with your Personal Brand

People make a split decision of whether they might like you within 3 seconds. Crazy right?!We all do it on some level. We're not judging someone's humanity, just whether or not we vibe with them.When you're building a personal brand, your personal image is KEY because you're the face of your business.YES, your skills and expertise also matter but if your image and brand are not in alignment there's a disconnect for the "shopper" and that's something you want to avoid.In the episode, the difference between personal image and personal brand are described as well as how to bridge the gap between the two if there is one.If you need help boosting your image to match your brand or just boost it in general, you can get started with this FREE guide called Flaunt your Fabulous: the show
4/3/202426 minutes, 10 seconds
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Fitness in your 40's and Beyond

You probably know more women who don't love how their bodies look than women who do. Which club are you in?Over 85% of women say they struggle with body image and after 40 years old, that number drastically increases! It gets more challenging to feel healthy and fit.If you're a woman in business who doesn't like how you look in photos or videos, your clothes aren't fitting the way they used to and you're feeling tired all the time- you're not alone. When estrogen starts a more drastic decline in our 40s, what used to work to look and feel fabulous doesn't work anymore. You might even be saying "I haven't changed my diet or my activity level and my waistline and belly keep getting bigger. What the heck!"Yep. Welcome to the next chapter of being you....but there's good news.You have the power to do what the body needs so it stores less fat, has a better metabolism, and feels strong and toned.How we feel in our body reflects how we show up in our business. Let's get you feeling great! We dive into all of it in this episode.If you're looking to feel more confident on camera, on stage, or online and want to look amazing doing it, claim your FREE GUIDE for that here: the show
3/27/202440 minutes, 34 seconds
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More all day energy, less energy crash

The worst thing as a busy business owner is having tons to do and feeling like you need to live on caffeine to get it done. Sometimes that might be necessary but if it feels like all the time, perhaps it's how you're eating.If you're having energy crashes during the day, there's a good chance it's related to your blood sugar. Do they typically happen a few hours after breakfast or in the late afternoon, after lunch?If so,  this episode will help!The way we eat carbohydrates matters and it starts with breakfast. Let's get you feeling good all day long without the ups and downs of productivity to peeling yourself out of exhaustion. Simple changes can make a big difference and this episode provides easy ones to implement right away. Support the show
3/19/202419 minutes, 22 seconds
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Cutting seed oils from my diet

If you live in the USA and eat food from a box or bag, there's a strong possibility that most of those foods have seed oil in them.Being a lifelong physically active person who has had her share of injuries, I set out to see how my body would feel if I removed seed oils from my diet and this shortie episode covers it.Seed oils are high in omega-6 fatty acids. Our body needs omega 6's, but not to the extent we get them in the US. There's no downside to removing them to see how you feel. Bonus: if you feel better, you look better. They go hand in hand!If you're a woman in business over 40 who postpones getting headshots or a brand photoshoot because you don't like how you look on camera or you want to show up online but dread it, I have a free guide to get you started!Tap here to download "Flaunt your Fabulous; a guide for women over 40 to look fabulous on camera" the show
3/12/202421 minutes, 19 seconds
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Radiate and Attract Prosperity

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to be magnets for abundance and others struggle? Have you ever wondered why? .....or more importantly,  how to be a magnet for abundance?You're in the right place! In this episode, Natalie Clark, a renowned Intuitive Mindset Coach who has helped thousands crack open their brilliance, breaks down what prosperity means and how easy it can be to get started abiding in it!If you loved this episode and want to go deeper, check out her website and then join her free masterclass coming up on March 7, 2024, called Radiate your Brilliance.You can get all the details for that here:https://mindfreecoaching.comand join her free group here: the show
2/29/202451 minutes, 29 seconds
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Focusing on fitness over 40

If you're at the point in your 40's where you want to look and feel better than you ever have but you've been inconsistent or stuck before you begin, listen to this quick episode!The fitness goals you set need to be S.M.A.R.T goals if you want to reach them and this is broken down in easy to understand-actionable steps.Let's get focused on being more fit together now!Flaunt your FabulousIf you're a woman in business over 40 and you want to look & feel fabulous on camera, on stage and online, grab this free guide! It provides easy to understand, actionable steps you can start right way. You can grab it here: the show
1/16/202422 minutes, 36 seconds
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Identifying your personal style type

If someone were to look through your closet, would they be able to name your style, or is it a bunch of random pieces you've purchased over the years that don't fit one theme?Identifying your style helps a LOT when you shop. Building a wardrobe that works for your personality, brand, and comfort is key, and knowing your style will help you hone in on what to buy and what to avoid. It saves money and time. Bonus!If you're not sure what your style is, have a listen and you'll be able to figure it out!Need to show up on camera for your business in photos or videos but dread it because you don't like how you look?   This free guide will help ! Tap to get it now: the show
1/10/202435 minutes, 48 seconds
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5 non-surgical ways to look more youthful on camera

If you're over 45, you're starting to see the aging process show up somewhere and if you're at that age and needing to be on camera for your work, whether it's a brand photoshoot or online, an aging face might bother you.There are ALL KINDS of injectables and surgeries we can do to look more youthful but this episode doesn't go into those. This episode covers 5 the things we can do on our own starting today.After listening, go back to listen to episode 126 "5 tips for looking more youthful on camera" for even more strategies. If you're a midlife woman in business feeling old, out of shape and out of style, hit subscribe- this podcast is for you!Support the show
12/27/202316 minutes, 20 seconds
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Look thinner on camera with the Fab 5 Formula

If you dread having your picture taken or showing up on video because of your size/weight, this episode is for you!When you apply the Fab 5 Formula for looking thinner on camera, I can just about promise you will feel better about how your next photoshoot goes.Midlife women tend to struggle with weight gain and it's challenging! If you're working on getting back to a more fit version of you, but need pictures or videos for your online presence and website before you get there, listen to this and learn how to show up beautifully, now.Support the show
12/20/202326 minutes, 7 seconds
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Midlife woman considering Ozempic for weight loss?

Midlife/perimenopause/menopause weight gain is a thing...and so is inconsistent healthy eating and inconsistent exercise.So what do we do if we're given the option of an easy solution that doesn't require healthy habit consistency to knock off that extra 20-30 pounds we've acquired?Semaglutide drugs have become regularly available to women in the US for weight loss and if you're a woman considering it, it's time to lay all the cards on the table for the pros and cons.That's what we do in this episode: share facts to help you decide which is the best path for you. Support the show
12/12/202324 minutes, 43 seconds
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How to enjoy the Holidays without regret in January

It's so cliche to have New Year Resolutions that we started calling them "intentions" and it's likely that a huge percentage of people who set intentions still don't see success with them by the end of the next year.What if you didn't HAVE to set intentions due to all of the holiday madness?What if you could enjoy the Holiday season with all of its indulgences and not gain weight and look exhausted? This episode covers 3 ways you can enjoy the holidays and still button your jeans in January. It's possible! Tune in to learn how.Support the show
12/6/202320 minutes, 32 seconds
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5 Tips for midlife women in business to look more youthful on camera

If you're in the over 40 club, chances are you're noticing some things in the mirror the didn't use to be there.....and if you're over 50, well now we're talking about gravity trying to drag our face to the ground. It's no joke!And if you're also a woman in business who wants or needs to show up online for your work but you feel self-conscious about such things, you're not alone.Yes, our content is most important and yes, who we're serving doesn't notice all of the things we do BUT that doesn't eliminate our own insecurities around how we look on camera. There's nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel more youthful and in this episode, we cover 5 quick and easy tips to help you look better online, whether that's on a Zoom call or social media.Let's dive in.Support the show
11/29/202331 minutes, 51 seconds
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Beauty over 45

50 years old used to be the of the road for women but not anymore! If you're in your 40's or 50's and feeling like you lost your mojo, it's time to get it back.Beauty standards and stereotypes are out the window. You DON'T have to cut your hair short and wear orthopedic shoes once you hit 50 ...AND you don't have to feel too tired to care about your appearance. You can look and feel great and still be relevant in today's world. How do we maintain youthful vitality in our 40's 50's and beyond enough that we still want to put in the effort to look good? Have a listen to find out and if you're a reader looking for the study I referenced in the show. here's the link to check it out yourself: the show
9/28/202330 minutes, 41 seconds
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Controlling Negative Self-Talk

There's no shame in admitting you have negative thoughts and negative self talk....Everyone does at some point, but the most successful people learn how to boss them around. If you're known as a confident woman to everyone around you,  but your dirty little secret is you tell yourself words like - you're not good enough, you're fat, no good, or you're too old....#1) you're not alone and 2) listen to this episode. It's not a 20 minute rah-rah episode telling you you're worthy. You already know that. You're just stuck with this inner critic telling you otherwise.This is about strategy for becoming a master of those thoughts once and for all.Support the show
9/5/202319 minutes, 42 seconds
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Should you use profanity in your line of work?

To swear or not swear....that is the question!This episode dives into your brand voice and how using profanity can effect your business.Some of us have trucker mouths and others don't have a "bad word" in our bones....but for those of us in the middle, how does using profanity OR THE IMPLICATION of it effect us at work?Listen to this episode to find out!Support the show
8/22/202320 minutes, 23 seconds
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7 Ways to Overcome Entrepreneurial Loneliness

It's the dirty little secret no one talks about.....being an entrepreneur can be downright lonely - especially if you're solo!Whether you're a woman in business, own your own business, or used to work outside of the home and moved to working from home.... and find yourself  craving connection, you're not alone.In this episode we break down 7 ways you can start to feel more connected and give yourself the opportunities to meet new people and make new friends. Life isn't supposed to be done solo. We're all in this together.Support the show
8/2/202325 minutes, 26 seconds
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Glow Up by addressing these Insecure Behaviors

Fiercely confident women put their stake in the ground for themselves, their work, their family- everything.Most confident women worked hard to overcome insecurities to help them feel that bold. We ALL struggle with various behaviors that are rooted in insecurity but the thing is,  they keep us looking dull.If you're a woman in business or leadership who wants a GLOW UP- this is where you begin; overcoming the behaviors and beliefs that are holding you back!Have a listen and see if you struggle with any of the behaviors on the list.DOORS ARE OPEN to SHINE ONLINE!Shine Online is a group coaching accelerator program to get women in business go from feeling insecure on camera to dragon slayer :) Not only will you know how to look and sound great on camera, you'll have real-time feedback and coaching on your work and finish the program with a set of photos and videos that you can use for your website and social media platforms.More details below: the show
7/24/202324 minutes, 16 seconds
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Finding your Zone of Genius

As a woman in business or leadership who enjoy personal development and is always searching for ways to be better at what you do, you have probably heard about the Zone of Genius. You may have used that term to say "this is NOT in my zone of genius!" but do you know what your zone of genius actually IS???Are you operating in it right now? Or are you in your Zone of Excellence? What's the difference anyway???There IS a difference and we explore that in this episode. You'll figure out your zone of excellenceYou'll figure out your zone of geniusANDYou'll work on figuring out why you're not working of your zone of genius right now.If you're in your zone of excellence, how can you pivot or incorporate your genius so work is more fun???Have a listen to find out!Support the show
7/20/202330 minutes, 19 seconds
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Looking good when we don't feel like it

We've all been there; something hits us unexpectedly and after crying or feeling like a worn out dish rag, we have to show up for work and our clients. How do we do it and look the part? and is that important?In this episode we dive into IMAGE and how & why it matters how we present ourselves in our work. We dive into how to get in the frame of mind to even feel like getting dressed all the way to 5 reasons why showing up when we don't feel like it is good for us.If you're looking for a private image coach to help you get consistent, polished and looking fabulous with better health, beauty and styling, tap this link to complete the form to get a free call scheduled. I would love to partner with you. the show
6/27/202326 minutes, 1 second
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Navigating Cancel Culture as an Entrepreneur

How do we share our values without crushing our bottom line? We're  living in an era where we can witness this happening first- hand to huge companies. If it can hurt an enormous publicly traded corporation to share their core values, what would it do to small business?Have you ever considered how your messaging feels to your audience? What do they know about your brand's voice?Tap to listen to what matters when it comes to this whole subject and see if your core values align with your business.Looking for the link to the makeup workshop??? It's right below!This is a live workshop but replays will be available: the show
6/12/202329 minutes, 46 seconds
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Finding your Strength and Courage

Tina Turner left a legacy for humanity but especially for women....even more-so for women of color. She's one of the ultimate role models for digging deep to find the courage to get out of a situation where we've been stuck and she attributed her ability to do that from a few things; mainly her faith, her mindset and a few good people in her life.This is a quick shot-in- the- arm episode to help you rethink your circumstances and hopefully draw from the strength of Tina's courage to get yourself Unstuck. The only reason we're stuck is by choice. That's a tough pill to swallow but deep down, we all know it's true. We choose to stay where we are out of fear of the unknown, fear of feeling pain or we're just plain frozen.I hope this episode inspires you to move forward and taste progress.If you're here looking for the registration link to the makeup workshop for women over 40, you're in the right place!Timeless Beauty is a one-hour, LIVE done-with-you workshop for women over 40 to learn makeup tips/tricks and techniques to look more youthful and radiant both on and off camera. June 14, 2023. 8am PST / 11am ESTEnroll here: the show
5/30/202318 minutes, 16 seconds
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Is Work-Life balance the right goal?

If you're striving for success as a woman in business and/or leadership AS WELL AS being a successful parent, daughter, spouse, friend, partner, do you do it? Is it possible to build your business success and be in balance every where else?Is that the right question we should even be asking?This topic is especially important for multi-passionate women who want to do to it all with excellence and in this episode, we take a look at what's possible.Whether you're a solopreneur, mompreneur, director of a charity or building your business empire while planning a wedding, we all feel the struggle of the balancing act.Maybe balance isn't what we should be seeking.  Listen to find out more.Support the show
5/22/202329 minutes, 49 seconds
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Letting go of your Smaller-Sized Clothes

Ladies, we can almost all relate to having a section of clothes in our closet that no longer fits us. Yes? For some reason, if we gain weight we think by holding onto those smaller sizes, we'll find the motivation to lose weight but 5 years episode is for you if you've been struggling with your weight and you're stuck in frumpville. Frumpville is a land where we hide our magic because we don't feel proud of how we look. We talk about purging your closet and how to move forward with the body your currently live in....because the truth is~ now is all we really have. Take care of you and listen to this quick episode. Are you a female business owner or professional woman wanting to increase your online visibility and look fabulous while doing it? Doors are open for SHINE ONLINE; a 7 week coaching program that will have you showing up confidently  online like a pro...and  looking radiant while dong it. Tap below for details: the show
5/8/202323 minutes, 34 seconds
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Getting out of your Comfort Zone

How does Finding Nemo and Comfort Zone go together? Listen to find out!We all tend to have that ONE area where we're really stuck and we're there because the change we need to make to start moving forward is scary, uncomfortable or challenging for us, in some way.If you're not moving forward, you're idle. Too long in idle is stagnant in that unique situation. Let's learn how to get out of your head and into forward motion.If you're a camera shy professional woman or female entrepreneur that knows you should be showing up online to grow your business but that's one area you're definitely stuck, join the FREE 3-Day Camera Confidence Challenge!Join here: the show
4/24/202330 minutes, 10 seconds
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Deciding on the best Social Media platform for your Business

So. many. platforms.... So little time. Right? How do we know which platform is the best for us to attract our future clients and build our business?This episode discusses the basics of getting started on social media for your business and covers how to choose the best platform for your specific business, how to make sure people know what you do and how you can help them, as well as what to post!Social media changes frequently. The content of this episode is accurate for April2023 and could be outdated by Fall 2023. Who knows! But if you need to get a jump start, this content will help you get there NOW.If you want to feel more confident on camera to show yourself on social media (not just graphics)  get into the FREE 3-Day Camera Confidence Challenge, May 1-3rd!This challenge will make being on camera feel easy for you and you'll look fabulous while doing it, too! We're going to have a blast accelerating your confidence and success in videos and photos. You can join for FREE here: the show
4/20/202334 minutes, 39 seconds
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Overcoming Dread

There are different categories of dread and the category this episode is about is dread in your work, not "impending doom" kind of dread.You'll explore what dread is, how it's keeping you stuck and then discover a method to tackle it, so. you can move forward.All in less than 20 minutes.Dread is an invitation for you. Listen to learn why.Support the show
4/11/202319 minutes, 1 second
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Tap into your feminine to overcome fear of being on video

Not everyone is a born natural on camera and THAT'S OKAY! What's not okay is playing small because you're afraid you'll make a mistake.Or...You fear you won't be taken seriously if you use social media video to connect with your audience.There are SO many different reasons women feel camera shy or social media video shy and one reason is they want to be taken seriously and the double standard of male and female in business favors the male.Women are expected to do more and do it why add one more pressure to our already full plate with social media videos?? ->> because it will grow your business, that's why.This episode is part 1 of a series to help get you started online by laying the foundation of where some of your fears come from and 4 things you need to do first, before hitting record.If you need an update profile picture for any social media profiles and don't have a professional taking your photos, grab this FREE guide to super charge your selfie to make sure your photo looks great: the show
4/4/202334 minutes, 25 seconds
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Reveal and overcome your Limiting Beliefs

We all have them! Thoughts and beliefs that keep us stuck in SOMETHING; whether it's worthiness, your beauty, your money or something else....there's bound to be a thought deep in your subconscious mind that is keeping you from making progress.In this episode, we dive into how and when limiting beliefs even happen, 2 ways to expose our own limiting beliefs and practical ways we can begin to dissolve them.If you're a woman in leadership, in business or just someone who wants more out of life, working on beliefs and thoughts that keep us stuck needs to be in your daily practice. Have a listen to learn more!If you're a woman over 40 that's ready for a head to toe makeover so that you glow from the inside out, I have opened up my calendar for a new program of private coaching to help you get there. Tap this link for more info: the show
3/29/202330 minutes, 20 seconds
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BMI and your health

Listen up ladies! If you've ever calculated your BMI and wanted to hide under a blanket and cry because it said you were obese BUT YOU'RE NOT OBESE....this episode is for you!We talk about whether or not BMI is a good indicator for your health and what other indicators might be better.If you're exploring ways to lose weight and keep it off, we discuss better indicators to keep you healthy and on track than using BMI. Ready to feel AH-mazing in your body? Have more energy? Feel more youthful and alive? If you're a woman who would LOVE to look and feel radiant, tap this link for more info about becoming a legacy client/founding member  for my program SHINE.  You'll go from feeling dull to dazzling by June! the show
3/22/202323 minutes, 8 seconds
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7 insecurities confident women carry

Do fierce, confident women struggle with insecurities? YOU BET THEY DO!Just because a woman is viewed as a strong leader, risk taker, and fierce not assume she doesn't have fears and insecurities in the back of her mind. She may have learned how to manage those fears but there is always something lingering that she needs to overcome. In this episode, we dive into 7 of the most common insecurities confident women hide or carry in the back of their minds, and also talk about things we can do to start managing and improving them.If you're ready for a head to toe transformation to look and feel fabulous on and off camera to increase your visibility and grow your business, schedule a free 60 minute discovery call with me at the link below. My program might be the perfect fit for you! the show
3/14/202333 minutes
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Health Warning Signs that should not be Ignored

Many people take better care of their cars than their own body. When the check engine light comes on, they make an appointment to have the car looked at quickly, they routinely get the oil changed and keep the tires full of air.But, these same people have trouble doing the same thing for their own health. There are several people who. live with shortness of breath and never get it checked, then feel surprised when they have a heart attack. This episode is is a rundown of most of the signs and symptoms that you should never ignore. Some of them may surprise you and others you'll be very good at. Have a listen and make sure you're doing all you can to maintain optimum health because without your health, you're less effective in everything else. Interested in private coaching? I have a few spots open for health/beauty/styling and camera confidence. Complete this form and let's see if my coaching is a good fit for you! the show
3/7/202338 minutes, 5 seconds
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Why Online Visibility Matters in your Business

Are you part of a personal brand or a business brand? Do you know the difference of how each one shows up online? Not sure which one you are? This episode will help you decide!Either way, both brands need an online presence in today's world if they want to grow and expand their business and bottom line. Whether on a website, a Youtube channel or social media platform, people are searching for you online and if you're not there, they can't find you!If you struggle with camera confidence and showing up online, subscribe to this free email membership below and get free tips/tricks so you CAN show up like the bossbabe you are: the show
2/28/202324 minutes, 16 seconds
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What does your profile picture say about you?

Women in business and leadership~listen up!Your headshot and profile picture matters. It matters because that's what people see BEFORE they read anything about your accolades, education and experience.Tune into the quick episode to determine if your photo represents you accurately and in a way that attracts clients to your business. Need help getting a better headshot or selfie that looks professional and flattering until you book a photoshoot?Grab this FREE guide on how to take your own headshot by tapping the link below: the show
2/21/202318 minutes, 52 seconds
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Feeling stuck? Ask yourself these two questions

We've all been in situations where we feel stuck...we're either stuck in a pattern of behavior that we want to change, stuck in a job we want to leave or change or stuck in a relationship.Feeling stuck feels bad. BEING stuck is keeping you away from your best life.If you need a nudge to help you move forward in any situation, listen to this episode and ask yourself the 2 questions that are great mindset hacks to help you jump, change and/or move the needle. Fierce women don't stay stuck for long. Let's be decisive and make magic happen by being our own motivator!If you listened and you're looking for the FREE DIY Headshot Guide to super charge your next profile photos, you can grab that by tapping this link: the show
2/14/202316 minutes, 6 seconds
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Becoming clear about your Genius and your Mission

Feeling stuck in a job, relationship or your health but having trouble making the pivot or finding the change to get Unstuck? Or maybe you're going through the motions of life and feeling unfulfilled?This episode is for you!Learn how to create positive change in your personal and professional life.Today's guest is Mahima from The Mahima Mindset. She's an International Mindset Coach, has written an International best selling book, has over 10k hours of meditation practice AND has helped over 19k people transform their lives.Mahima goes right into the #1 secret for helping you discover your well as action steps you can apply right away so you can begin the work of feeling more alive and and peace. Any guesses to what it is? You'll have to listen to find out!She has kindly extended a free offer for listeners to join her membership and receive 3 free gifts. Tap the link to join: the show
2/7/202349 minutes, 42 seconds
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Is AI coming for your job?

We used to think cab drivers had a secure future but then self driving taxis were invented. It's a matter of time before those are mainstream, If you're a woman in business, whether you're self employed or W2 with a company, artificial intelligence is no longer something that you can think is "way out in the future." The future is NOW and if you want to be ahead of the game, you need your head in the game, not hidden; ignoring all of the technology that's being created to replace human labor.Some of it is good and some of it is kind of creepy...but all of it is coming, whether we like it or not.Take 18 minutes to listen to this episode and decide for yourself whether or not your job is secure or if AI can replace any part of it.Support the show
1/31/202319 minutes, 13 seconds
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Why Kim K haters have unfulfilled lives

Recently, Kim Kardashian spoke at Havard Business School and she proudly posted a photo of her being there on Instagram.She had support and cheers but the critics and haters showed up with a vengeance in the comments. Regardless of how you feel about Kim K (or any celebrity or person) you THINK and SPEAK  about others is a factor in your success and whether or not you're living a fulfilling life.This quick episode discusses why a fierce woman would never make derogatory comments or even THINK them about someone who is celebrating a win or personal goal in their life.Agree or disagree? Would love to hear from you!Feel free to contact me at [email protected] the show
1/24/202317 minutes, 38 seconds
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Are your relationships stunting your growth?

You may have heard the saying "show me the 5 people you spend the most time with and I'll show you your future."  Is it true? YES!It is nearly impossible to achieve success if you're surrounded by people who have zero ambition or desire for personal growth.The same as it is nearly impossible to remain stagnant when you're surrounded by people who are crushing their goals!In this episode, we discuss how 2 of the 6 basic human needs can be differentiators in finding people who will help you level up.  Have a listen to find out what they are!Support the show
1/17/202319 minutes, 28 seconds
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How to Boost your Professional Image without makeup

If you're a woman in business that wants to polish up your appearance professionally but you're not a makeup gal, this episode is for you!6 ways to boost your professional image:3 that have nothing to do with your appearance and3 that doIf you've lost your mojo when it comes to finding the energy to get yourself "put together"....these 6 tips can be started right away!Support the show
1/10/202319 minutes, 1 second
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Dry January 2023

It's back! Last year, Dry January was offered to listeners and everyone that participated, loved it.What is dry January? It's zero alcohol consumption for the entire month.Why go dry in January? *better sleep*more energy*less mental fog- more mental clarity*weight loss***SELF AWARENESS***You'll learn a lot about yourself!This challenge is offered for FREE. Have a quick listen and tap this link to join the challenge. On Feb 1st, you'll be so glad you did! the show
1/3/202316 minutes, 37 seconds
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How to be authentic yet professional on Social Media

This episode is for you if you're a woman in business or leadership that uses social media.Like it or not, how we show up on social matters and right out of the gate, we discuss imposter syndrome; those days when we're not walking our talk...Is it okay to lose your patience with your children for 3 days straight if you're a parenting coach and use social media to attract and nurture clients?Is it okay to use profanity on socials?How do we bridge the gap between professionalism as a woman in business and being our true self, so that we show up authentically?In this episode we discuss all of that and review the main areas that contribute to not only our online image, but also our reputation.Have questions or comments? I would love to hear from you. Send me an email: [email protected] the show
12/27/202224 minutes, 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

Plan your 2023 Calendar NOW and help your health

Do your days feel long but weeks fly by??? Do you feel like the Christmas season came super fast and you're barely ready for it because you've been busy in other things.. like work and parenting? Here's another question;  how does it make you feel when you're under pressure to buy a gift because you waited until the last minute? That feeling of angst elevates your cortisol levels, it increases your heart rate and blood pressure and more...If you're a woman in business, your 2023 calendar should be done asap. Why? #1: successful businesses don't happen by accident, they're planned and #2; your health.In this episode, we'll take you from Jan-Dec using 4 calendar planning strategies and even when to do it in ink or pencil.Run don't walk..there are only 2 weeks left this year!Support the show
12/20/202230 minutes, 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

Managing Holiday Burnout

Tis the season to burn the candle at both ends and look like we're having fun doing it!Between managing your home, your career or business AND all of the holiday obligations (okay, "some" of it is fun...)'s a recipe for burnout AND getting sick. There are things you can do right now to get a handle on your to-do list and it starts with your self-imposed stress. What? Yep!Those things we do because it's" how we do it and no one does it better." Relate?Tune in to learn how to take control of your holidays so you can enjoy them instead of them running you into the ground. You'll be glad you did!Support the show
12/13/202224 minutes, 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

Styling tips for your Special Events

Today's guest, Erika Browning, is a wardrobe and image consultant and she shares ideas and tips to stay on trend for the current season and also look great while doing it! Eavesdrop on this short conversation before you head out to buy something for your December-and- beyond parties, galas, dates nights and whatever else is on your calendar. We cover everything from shape-wear to sequins!If you would like to contact Erika for more information, you can reach her by visiting her website:https://www.emblifestyle.comSupport the show
12/6/202228 minutes, 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

Improving your Brand's Image

This episode covers everything from self image and personal image (do you know the difference?) all the way to ways you can improve your BRAND image.In today's noisy online world, it's super important that you know how people are perceiving you if you're the face of your business. Tune in to learn some quick, easy ways to dial it in even more so you attract your perfect customers.Cyber Week Deal! Enrollment for my program Camera-Ready Academy is 50% OFF. When this program begins in earl 2023, it will be over 1200k but today you can enroll for only $647!Have questions about it? Email me and I will personally reply. [email protected] you wanted to get into Camera Ready Academy  but the timing or price wasn't right for you last time??? This is your chance!Tap this link to enroll and after you do, I will personally reach out to help you get a head start before the program begins: the show
11/29/202225 minutes, 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

Manage Emotional Eating during the Holidays

Stessed? EatSad? EatTriggered? EatHappy? EAT!Emotional eating is real and we dive into it today with my special guest, Jannine Hugo. Jannine is a Wellness Coach and Emotional Eating Specialist that serves women who are fed up with dieting, binging, restricting and a horrible relationship with food.She teaches from a place of her own recovery with disordered eating and not only shares her story, she also provides strategies that you can implement right now to help manage your own emotional eating, before the Holiday meals and parties begin.As promised, here is an abbreviated list she mentions:*Step away and take a walk*Go outside*Move your body*Have a playlist and listen to your fav music*Breathing*MeditationListen to the episode to learn how to apply these strategies. If you struggle with emotional eating, this is a do-not-miss podcast as we entire the holiday season!You can find Jannine on Instagram here: the show
11/22/202256 minutes, 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

How to WOW your Clients and Customers

Have you ever had a fantastic check-in experience at a resort or hotel? Did you find that hotel on a discount site but the hotel itself treated you like royalty??? That customer experience is called On-Boarding and in this episode, we break down different ways you can improve your customer or client onboarding experience so they experience a WOW factor that makes them feel proud to work with you.If you're a female course creator, coach or consultant that wants/needs a Welcome Video for your client onboarding experience, I have the workshop for you!This workshop is perfect for the course creator who has not recorded on video for their course yet. It is a done-WITH-you workshop that will have your welcome video recorded by the end of the workshop!When: Monday Nov 21, 2022 at 4pm PST Who: Female coaches, course creators and consultantsI would love to have you join me so you can improve your client onboarding experience:Tap this link for info: the show
11/15/202230 minutes, 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

Why you Should be using Video for your Business

Whether you're a white collar professional or a wellness coach, your audience wants to see you on video. That is not my opinion, that's where the world is right now and that is why huge brands are on platforms like YouTube and TikTok trying to get in front of you.Videos don't have to be perfect, they just have to be the real you. Videos don't even have to be very long; in fact, the shorter the better for today's consumer!Need some help getting started? Listen to this episode and as always, my inbox is always open if you have any questions.I have 3 spots available for 1:1 coaching for the woman in business that wants to lose a few pounds and get styled for being in photos and videos. We will condense time to accelerate your success in your health, beauty and business because I will be working privately with you, tailoring everything to your specific needs.Interested? Inquire by tapping this link! the show
11/8/202225 minutes, 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

Are you Coachable?

There are 2 types of people in the world- those who can be coached and those who can't. As a woman in business, it is on your shoulders to continue growing, but will you? If you have ever wanted to hire a coach and didn't know if you were a good candidate for coaching, whether it's life, business or relationship coaching, listen to this episode.I break down what criteria someone needs to meet to determine if they will be wasting their time and money on hiring a coach, and surprisingly, not everyone knows whether or not they're coachable!A coachable person respects, admires, learns and implements the advice and strategies of another person they ASK advice from. This is not about people who give unsolicited advice to you. This is about you seeking help from someone else and whether or not you'll experience lasting success from their coaching.If you are looking for a business coach to help define your personal brand and help get you on camera in videos and photos with confidence, I have 3 openings for private clients, beginning Nov 1st 2022. You can inquire to receive more information at this link: them to [email protected] the show
10/25/202236 minutes, 46 seconds
Episode Artwork

Why you need an elevator pitch

It never're exhausted and some random stranger wants to chat you up and asks what you do for a living. This is tough for any of us when we're tired, but it's an introvert's biggest dread!If you have an elevator pitch memorized, it will roll of your tongue as smooth as silk and you've done your job promoting yourself and your services or product.If you're a service provider or business owner, selling yourself is your job.Need help getting a pitch put together? Tap this link to grab a free Elevator Pitch Worksheet! the show
10/18/202212 minutes, 55 seconds
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Makeup Help! Differences between BB Cream, CC Cream & Tinted Moisturizer

Do you find face makeup complicated and overwhelming? You're not alone! The confusion about all of the creams and how they differ from tinted moisturizers is valid...why do we NEED so many choices of creams for our face?! hahaIn this episode, you'll learn the differences between bb cream, cc cream and tinted moisturizer AND how to use them.We also discuss how the pro makeup artists get such a beautiful flawless finish when doing makeup on themselves or their clients and the secret isn't always pigmented makeup!If you're a women in business or one in leadership and you want to look, feel and BE more confident and radiant on camera, join me in Camera Ready Academy! You'll not only learn how to show up on camera beautifully and powerfully for your business, everything you learn in this course flows into your personal life as well. It's a win/win!Tap this link for more info: the show
10/11/202223 minutes, 6 seconds
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3 Tips to help you Finish 4th Quarter, Strong

Waayyyyy back in January, you probably set some goals or a few intentions. Yes? How are you progressing through them?If you have a couple goals that you thought FOR SURE would get accomplished this year, there's still time! This episode is a quick high vibe, straight shooting reminder with tips to help you get 'r done.Whether it is business goals, relationship goals, weight loss or health goals, you have 12 weeks!it's time to move because success loves speed. You've got this.Ever wish you had a personal stylist help get you ready for your photoshoots, Instagram lives or Youtube videos? What if you could learn all of the secrets, tips and tools to look and feel fabulous on camera by American Thanksgiving?  Doors open to Camera Ready. Academy this week! Interested? Tap this link to get more info: the show
10/4/202220 minutes, 48 seconds
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7 Habits of Highly Successful Women

There are more than 7 things highly successful women all share in common but these 7 habits are definitely there.Whether you're an established business owner wanting to scale or grow your business, or a real estate agent, service provider or entrepreneur in the early stages of business growth .....this episode will point you in the direction of high level success.Have you defined success for yourself?? That's discussed too!  We each define success differently but one thing we know as women in business, a little extra cash reduces the financial pressures, so financial success is definitely part of the equation. What do highly successful women have in common? Listen to find out!Tired of seeing others with less experience than you show up on camera, teaching and business building while you're on the shy?This CAMERA SHY TO CAMERA FLY BOOTCAMP is for you!October 4-6th for only one hour/day. If you can't attend live, you'll get the replays sent to your inbox. You have nothing to lose and LOTS to gain!Tap this link to join the fun! the show
9/27/202232 minutes, 25 seconds
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Solopreneur vs Entrepreneur

Part 2 in a mini series about owning your own business. Listen to the previous episode about differences between opening and owning a brick and mortar vs an online business if you have not decided that part yet... THIS episode describes 3 key differences between a solopreneur and an entrepreneur and they will help you identify yourself and your strengths, so you know which category of business ownership will help you shine.If you're a camera-shy woman in business who knows you should be showing up on camera but you want more camera confidence, get on the WAITLIST for my course that comes this Fall! Camera Ready Academy prepares you to show up in a way that captivate you audience and will have them coming back for more.Tap this link for more information! the show
9/20/202222 minutes, 19 seconds
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Deciding between opening a Brick and Mortar or Online Business

If you find your mind spinning with business ideas and you're finally ready to jump but you're stuck deciding on whether you should open a brick and mortar business or an online business, have a listen to this episode!As someone who has done both, I speak to both business types from first- hand experience and offer some current statistical information that may help you make your decision.Either way, if you have a dream of being an entrepreneur, you should seriously explore going for it. Do your homework, have a business plan, business model AND know your future customers, but do it. It's an experience that will stretch you beyond your wildest dreams. Even if it ends up not being a financial success, it will be a personal growth success you can take into  your next business venture. If you're a female entrepreneur who feels camera shy or wants to improve your image and brand on camera, GET ON THE WAITLIST for my digital course that starts this October!Tap this link for more information: the show
9/13/202242 minutes, 9 seconds
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3 Tips to Increase Your Energy

We've all been there~ we get in a rut and before we know it, our patience for work, people and life is shot. Relate? If you're noticing that you're waking up feeling sluggish, your body aches are distracting you from being able to concentrate and you're having trouble mustering the stamina to show up for your work and life with enthusiasm, listen to this quick episode. Inside, you'll hear 3 things you can do starting NOW  (and they're all FREE) to help hit reset so that you wake up feeling more refreshed and feel more alive during the day, instead of a walking zombie!If you're a camera shy female business owner that longs to look and feel great on camera so that you can show up for your audience with confidence,  tap this link to get on the waitlist for my Fall course- -helping you go from camera-shy to camera-fly in weeks! The waitlist gives you the inside scoop on early offers, release date and information. Tap the link to be added! to be on camera NOW and can't wait for the Fall? Grab my FREE checklist for getting camera ready at the link below! the show
9/6/202223 minutes, 22 seconds
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Letting Go of Perfectionism

It's tough to allow less than perfect to exist when all you want is do a GREAT job! Perfectionism is not your friend and this is why; perfect doesn't exist. You know that! Okay, but what about excellence? YES, that exists but we have to be okay with less than excellent before we achieve excellence.  Excellent work comes from repetition and repetition creates confidence. COURAGE is what gets you started.Done is better than perfect and in this unusual episode, you'll be challenged to get yourself ON CAMERA if you're a camera-shy female business owner...OR, if you're not camera-shy, you'll be challenged to get out of your comfort zone in some other way; one that allows your imperfect, courageous action to prove to you that it will ALL be okay. Your success lives in taking the first steps. If you're a camera shy female business owner that knows you need to show up more but you don't know how, need help with lighting, hair, on camera makeup....all the things; get on the WAITLIST for my upcoming program that will help you go from CAMERA SHY to CAMERA FLY. Getting on the waitlist just means you'll receive  information about the course before anyone else and have early access to special offers and  bonuses.Tap this link to be added! the show
8/30/202220 minutes, 30 seconds
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Fall/Winter 2022 Fashion Colors and Trends

If you're a woman who has never had someone simplify fashion into styles you can actually USE without breaking the bank, you've landed at the right place.In this episode, the most important style tips for Fall/Winter 2022 are shared so that you don't have to hunt and peck through trend reports or department stores to figure it out yourself. There's a good chance you already have a lot of what is trending in your closet!We cover colors, looks and even handbags. It's short, fun and to the point so you can get planning your Fall outfits now. Enjoy!If you're a female business owner that feels camera shy, get on the WAITLIST for my course that launches this Fall! We cover everything from how to dress for your body type and skin-tone to hair, makeup and even lighting. In 6 short weeks of teaching and coaching, you'll go from unsure to unstoppable.  Tap the link below for more info! the show
8/22/202220 minutes, 43 seconds
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3 Things every Photographer wants you to know before your photoshoot

If you're ready to book a photographer for your headshots, branding photos, or family photos, this episode has some GREAT tips for you!Today's guest is Tish Hale, owner of Latisha Hale Photography  (her links below) and she shares 3 tips every photographer wants you to know; from how to choose the right photographer for you to what not to wear AND MORE.Do you have a contract with your photographer that spells out what edits they include? Do you shave your legs before a photoshoot? You should! Have to listen to find out why. Find more information about Tish and her business here:https://www.latishahalephotography.comTap this link below for a FREE checklist of Do's and Don'ts before your next photoshoot: the show
8/16/202243 minutes, 38 seconds
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Don't Say Cheese- Tips to improve your headshots and selfies.

Saying cheese doesn't improve your smile! Instead, try the tips in this short episode- smile with your eyes...but HOW?  If you're a woman in business or female business owner and you need headshots or photos for social media, it's imperative that you have good photos. Why? Because your audience wants to know who the face is behind the brand OR you might be the brand! People decide if you're trustworthy and likable in 3 seconds whether you're in person or on photos, but in photos we don't get the opportunity to speak EXCEPT with our eyes and smile. Try these tips and practice!Tap this link to download  my FREE checklist to help you get camera-ready: the show
8/9/202214 minutes, 13 seconds
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Why positive affirmations don't work

We've all heard we should write down and say a list of affirmations for whatever we want, but how many of us love our body after saying "I love my body" ten times a day??  Just speaking a sentence or two doesn't work!In this quick episode, we discuss how to pair affirmations with being in the zone (or getting in the zone) so we can FEEL the desired result. Have a listen and tell me if it works for you!Here's the link to the FREE Ultimate Checklist for getting yourself camera ready. Tap the link to download it now! the show
8/2/202217 minutes, 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

5 Steps for Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Are you stuck feeling unqualified?  Not good enough??? We've all struggled with not "feeling ready" or feeling inadequate in different areas of our lives.   How do we move from that awful worry that we'll look like a fraud to taking even a baby step forward? We explore the answers in this quick episode! If you're a camera-shy female business owner who knows that showing up on video or brand photos would help grow your business but you keep putting if off, I have something coming for you this September! Grab my free checklist for getting camera-ready at the link below and that will automatically add you to the waitlist to get information for my new program created specifically for female entrepreneurs to look and feel fabulous on camera. Here's the link to get on the list for more info! the show
7/26/202220 minutes, 32 seconds
Episode Artwork

Got Grit? You need it for Success.

What separates the good from the great? A lot actually!....but the greats in life all persevered when they could have easily given up. They didn't quit. They had GRIT. Grit is something you dig deep for. It focuses on your end goals and dreams and it's what keeps you driven to show up when life beats you up.In this power dose short episode, you're given a quick shot in arm to remind you to KEEP MOVING FORWARD, even when life gets in the way and you feel like quietly shrinking away from that big goal you wanted. Listen to this episode and DON'T QUIT. You've got this!Support the show
7/19/202214 minutes, 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

Paralysis by Analysis

We've ALL been there! There is a decision that we need to make and instead of making it, we get stuck in allllllll of the analysis of what if's; we get stuck in overthink.Whether you're over-studying to launch a business that you know should have started months ago or you can't bring yourself to have a conversation that is going to feel uncomfortable, this short episode tackles 3 common reasons WHY we get stuck, overthink and over-analyze and HOW to overcome them. Support the show
7/12/202221 minutes, 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

Finding your Purpose

It's been talked about thousands of times, but every time we hear it from a new perspective it helps us get more dialed in. Knowing why you're on earth helps create your vision. Ever hear "without vision people perish?" Vision helps shape your future! If you're not operating your business from a vision statement, the odds are against you because your vision statement is directly linked to your PURPOSE; your why.In this episode we explore the difference between mission and vision and how to leave a legacy that aligns with your truth. How do you want to make the world a better place, even if it's your immediate circle of people? How do you want to be remembered?Take 20 minutes and listen. This will get your wheels turning and help you unlock your purpose!Interested in being more confident on camera? Be a beta tester for my new program starting on Monday, July 11, 2022! Email me at [email protected] for info.GRAB THIS FREEBIE; THE ULTIMATE CHECKLIST OF DO'S AND DON'TS FOR BEING ON CAMERA: the show
7/5/202221 minutes, 52 seconds
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How your Signature Style can Improve your Business

What's your style or aesthetic? Are you classic, modern, boho, sporty spice? What colors are part of your aesthetic? Does your personal style align with your brand or business vibe? It should! In this episode we explore WHY and HOW to create our signature look/style in a way that brands us in a positively memorable way. This is important for female entrepreneurs, women of influence, women in leadership and women who are just getting out there with a new side hustle. Creating a Signature Look will not only help your work but it will also save you money and make it easier to get ready in the morning.  Listen and find out how!If you're a camera-shy woman who gets photos/headshots or shows her face online as the face of her brand but feels anything but confident and put together doing it,  this free Ultimate Checklist is for you! Tap or copy/paste the link to grab it now: the show
6/28/202228 minutes, 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

Developing your Personal Brand

Do you know the difference between your personal brand and your business brand? In this episode we explore the how and WHY your personal image/brand matters and one reason is if it is solid, having a great personal image allows you to pivot in your business. and who you serve! This message matters most for female entrepreneurs, digital course creators, online business owners and other professional women. Here's the link for the FREE Ultimate Checklist for On-Camera Confidence.  It's chock full of info for your next photo or video shoot covering everything from health/beauty tips so you show up glowing to practical tips to improve your speaking voice if you're on video. Tap or copy/paste and get it now! the show
6/21/202226 minutes, 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

Harnessing the Power of Self-Love

You know how nothing rocks you when you're falling in love? The world could be crashing down but that 'in love' high has you floating in the clouds. What IF you could capture that same feeling by falling in love with YOURSELF?  You read that right. That feeling can be caught and felt the exact same way as falling in love with another person except THIS kind of love is not dependent on someone else! In this episode we unpack how to love self and some areas of self care that will nurture that energy. Women who figure this out are better bosses, partners, coworkers, business owners and more. Listen to the episode to learn how!As promised, here is the free Ultimate Checklist for being Confident on Camera. Tap or copy/paste the link to grab it! the show
6/14/202227 minutes, 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

Mid-Year Check-Up

Hey Glow-Getters! Did you set any intentions,  New Year resolutions, or goals in January? How are they going? Have you considered what you need to change, shift or delete from your goal list? This episode is all about helping you RESET for the year! You have 7 months before the end of this year to reach your goals and there is some real talk here about how and WHY your goals matter. For an extra kick, accountability is even in the mix.... with Christine directly! You can reach her with your goals and 3 things you'll do to move the needle toward them at this email address: [email protected] can also send a DM to her on Facebook or Instagram. The accounts are under her name: Christine Braneli.If you're shopping for new shade/sunglasses for Summer: grab this FREE guide to help you choose the best shaped-framed for your face. Tap or copy/paste this link: the show
6/7/202222 minutes, 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

How to achieve Confident Beauty

Most of us have areas of our physical body where we feel less than confident, from crooked teeth all the way to struggling with postpartum baby belly. How do we go from feeling insecure to feeling truly confident from the inside-out? In this episode, we discuss what confidence is and offer an explanation and solutions on how to achieve CONFIDENT BEAUTY, because if you have inner confidence, that's your golden ticket to showing up more effectively for your clients and audience..Support the show
5/31/202223 minutes, 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

How to look 'hot' in your Shades

Can you believe it's almost Summer?! Just in time for you to pull out your seasonal clothes for sunny weather, we're talking SUNGLASSES. How do you choose the best frames for your face when shopping for sunglasses? Based on fashion and styling rules, this shorty episode has you covered and the same styling guidelines apply to prescriptive eyewear, as well. As promised, here is the link to get the FREE style guide so you can shop for your new sunglasses with confidence. Tap or copy/paste the link to grab your free guide! the show
5/24/202213 minutes, 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

Dressing for your Body Type

A sequel to the previous episode where we discussed enhancing personal image mostly through hair and makeup, in this episode, we take on body shape, facial shape and finding the best neckline for a top or jacket, to suit you. If you want to add some pizazz to. your appearance for Zoom or a new headshot or maybe you've been hiding in baggy clothes since the beginning of the pandemic, it is time to tap into the REAL you and start putting your best foot forward again. This episode is best for those who feel stuck or have no idea how to choose fashion for their body shape, regardless of size. Support the show
5/17/202227 minutes, 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

Enhance your Personal Image

We talk a lot about first impressions around here and this episode breaks down HOW to improve your first impression through better beauty and styling tips. Do you know how to dress for. your body shape? How to accessorize for your face shape? What about how to prep your skin to apply makeup so that it looks flawless? We tackle all of this and more so that. you can begin applying small fun changes as soon as you're done listening to this episode. Have fun!As promised, here is the link to help you find the best lip color for your skin tone: Support the show
5/10/202233 minutes, 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

Your Speaking Voice

We've all heard voices that bored us to sleep and we've also heard voices that held our attention for an entire narrated film. What is it about voices that hold our attention? How do they do it? Is it possible for YOU to use your voice in a way that influences others toward better work performance, better behavior or maybe even purchase your products? Using your voice properly in addition to having great body language is your secret weapon to successful communication. This episode simplifies the voice components and offers easy ways for you to begin improving right away.Support the show
5/3/202223 minutes, 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

Body Language Do's and Don'ts

Do you tip your head when listening to someone speak? Do you know what that implies? SO much of our communication is non-verbal; 65-93%! In this episode, everything is lightly covered from eye contact to how to sit in a way that displays you're engaged. If you're a woman who speaks before a group of people, whether in person on video, this episode gives a lot of tips to help you use ideal non verbal cues to build the like, know and trust factor with your audience. Support the show
4/26/202228 minutes, 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

Getting Camera Ready

Whether you're going to be getting professional photos done for headshots, family photos, a website or wedding or you'll be recording video for your job,  you want to look your best! This episode gives you an 8 week countdown of everything you need to do to get your GLOW on including but not limited to shedding some pounds, hair, makeup, and dietary changes that will help your skin radiate beauty. Grab a pen and paper for this one to take notes, because it's all broken down from 8 weeks all the way to 2 weeks before you're behind the lens. One last thing to mention- have fun with it! Support the show
4/19/202223 minutes, 45 seconds
Episode Artwork

Tips for healthy, gorgeous hair

This is part 2 of a beauty routine series.Gorgeous, healthy hair starts with diet but requires good hair-care as well! Has anyone ever actually taught you how to properly wash and condition your hair? Seems like a no-brainer right?! ...but many hairstylists agree that women are not washing and caring for their hair properly and if they made a few small changes, their hair would be healthier, happier and have more shine. Experiencing hair loss and you can't figure it out? That's covered, too! Tune in to learn more.Support the show
4/14/202227 minutes, 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

Getting that Youthful Facial Glow

Part 1 of a two-part beauty routine series: It's time to talk skincare! This episode covers everything from facial cleansing to botox, fillers and face lifts. Do you have a routine for your skin care regimen? Do you know the order of applying serums, creams and oils to get the best results? How often do you change your pillowcase??? If you want to glow, you have to treat your skin like the organ it is and if your current routine isn't doing it for you, some extra zhuzh might be your next step! Support the show
4/12/202231 minutes, 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

Success Mindset: How to stop jumping to conclusions

We all do it! We experience something that triggers us into a downward spiral of worst case scenarios; someone you're dating doesn't text back right away or your boss calls a meeting with you and before you know it, your mind has you in a tizzy of he's breaking up with me or I'm getting fired. Relate?In this episode we explore WHY we do this and how to better manage our mindset so that we can prevent self-induced stress. From having anxiety and fear to handling ambiguity, this short episode will help you remember who you are and hopefully leave you feeling more like the strong empowered woman you are.Support the show
4/5/202221 minutes, 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

Fertility struggles, Near death experience and Miracles

Today's guest shares her story about struggling to get pregnant with a 2nd child, including multiple miscarriages, failed IVF treatment and feelings of frustration combined with  sadness and devastation. Her 2nd child arrived after she'd given up trying, due to a near death experience.Dr. Booseh Jafari, DDS has a story that offers hope mixed with small dose of reality, because she understands that not all fertility struggles end happy, like hers. She highly recommends all women read the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by Toni Weschler and believes the more educated women are about how their body functions, the better they will understand when things go wrong.  Support the show
3/29/202253 minutes, 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

Why you should be wearing LIPSTICK

Did you know that women who wear makeup to work, on  average, earn 20% more than women who don't? Don't shoot the messenger, just reporting statistics here!Surveys show that wearing lipstick helps women feel more confident and it also  helps your overall look seem more put together. It's a finishing touch of putting your best self out there!Lipstick has a checkered past and in this short episode we dive into how it was made for ancient women and how one ingredient from bugs is still an ingredient in cosmetics today! Any idea which bug it might be? You have to listen to find out!As promised in the episode, I've put together a free guide to help you find the best lip color for your skin tone. You can get that guide by clicking this link: the show
3/22/202219 minutes, 41 seconds
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Alpha Female, Beta Female, Omega Female

Do you know if you're an Alpha or Beta female? How about Omega?  Understanding your natural gifts as well as being able to recognize these hierarchies in groups, whether in work or social situations, can make your world a more successful and peaceful place! Groups of females don't find their pecking order quite as fast as male groups do, but they arrive at similar levels of dominance. Whether you're leading a team, building a team or part of a team, it will always go more smoothly when social hierarchy is allowed to land naturally. Have a listen to see which one you are!Support the show
3/15/202224 minutes
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Got soft skills?

Hard skills are skills you were trained in. Soft skills are a set of abilities that make you a candidate for a job promotion and better relationships.  Combine great soft skills with a high EQ and you're ripe for leadership or a position of influence. This episode reviews the basic soft skill set and will help you evaluate yourself to see where. you may need to level up.Support the show
3/8/202226 minutes, 51 seconds
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What's Your EQ?

Do you know if you have high EQ?  Does it matter if it's high or low? Emotional Intelligence is not something new but it's getting more attention in the workplace in the last few years. Those with a higher EQ are shown to have better mental health, better job performance, better relationships and better leadership skills than those with lower EQ.  So WHAT IS emotional intelligence and can we improve it? Tune in to find out!Support the show
3/1/202222 minutes, 17 seconds
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Getting Unstuck

Are you in a rut? Maybe you're feeling stuck in a relationship, your job or even your health/body/weight/size. This episode is all about helping the woman who is a goal setter, reach her goals. It's a nudge to help you consider where you are, where you want to be and taking that first step into the unknown, toward your goal. Being stuck for a minute is okay. Being stuck for years is a waste of your time.  This quick pep talk may be just the motivation you need to remind yourself that you're a woman with solutions (not excuses) and help you you design a life you enjoy living.Support the show
2/22/202222 minutes, 14 seconds
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Kids Anxiety Solutions

Anxiety in children is REAL and has skyrocketed since the pandemic began, but how do we recognize it and once we recognize it, how can we help them?? Today's guest is Niki Brosnan, founder of Kids Anxiety Solutions and she shares a powerful message all mothers, teachers and anyone else who works with children on a regular basis  should hear.  Whether it's anxiety caused from the pandemic, a family situation or the child's response to their surroundings, Niki's expertise helps identify the anxiety, validate the child and provides parents management tools that the children will be able to rely on for the rest of their life. You can find Niki on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok by the name Kids Anxiety Solutions. Her inbox is always open for messages and questions.Niki's recommended reading for more information about children's anxiety are below:‘The Deepest Well’ by Dr. Nadine BurkeFor Children’s Anxiety Information:‘Anxious Kids’ by Micheal Grose & Dr Jodi Richardson‘The Opposite of Worry’ by Lawrence J. Cohen PhD‘Freeing Your Child from Anxiety’ by Tamar’s E. Chansky PhDKids’ picture books:‘Alpha breaths’ by Christopher Willard & Daniel Rechtschaffen‘The Invisible String’ by Patrice Karst‘The Anxious Avocado’ by Kris Taft Miller‘Breathe Like a Bear’ by Kira Willey ‘A Little Spot of Anxiety’ by Diane AlberFor tweens/teens: ‘Superpowered’ by Renee Jain & Dr Shefali Tsabary ‘Anxiety Relief for Teens’ by Regine Galanti PhDSupport the show
2/15/202249 minutes, 23 seconds
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Healing from Dream-Body Dysmorphia

Have you ever been around someone who makes a negative comment about the shape or size of someone else? Of course you have. What you may not realize is that those comments are directly linked to negative body image in children, and that's exactly what today's guest, Taylor Squeglia, shares in her story. Taylor struggled with body image and disordered eating for nearly 10 years before her healing process began.  Her healing  began while serving victims of sex trafficking and convincing them of their beauty. This episode is her story and today, she's on the other side,  as a professional chef and teaching people how to prepare and enjoy food! Taylor can be found on Instagram by her name: Taylor Squeglia where she offers free guidance, a blog and even a digital course,  to help people enjoy stress free cooking.Support the show
2/8/202236 minutes, 9 seconds
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Fake it until You Make it

Have you ever heard or used the phrase "Fake it until you make it?"  Of course you have! But CAN you do that? Does it work? In this episode, we unpack the situations where you may need to find more confidence; such as a job interview, a new job, public speaking, being on camera, social settings and even dating...and we learn what happens in our brain chemistry when we "fake" our confidence. Here's a little CAN fake it until you make it, all while showing up authentically, as the new version of you! Tune in to learn how. Support the show
2/1/202228 minutes, 6 seconds
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Making a great First Impression

We get less than 3 seconds to make a first impression. Less than 3 seconds! Whether you're in the dating world,  scheduling interviews for a new job, in a position of leadership or just making new friends, the way you present yourself MATTERS.In this episode, the 12 factors researchers found that we make judgement on during first  impressions are covered, followed by what you can do to begin improving your first impression, right away.Support the show
1/25/202239 minutes, 48 seconds
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Recovering from Bulimia

If you have a love/hate relationship with food because it was used as reward/punishment growing up,  or you ever felt ashamed for how much food you eat OR... if you ever forced yourself to purge after eating, this episode is for you.Today's guest is Doriliz Perez, a college-educated mom, entrepreneur and survivor of bulimia.   She shares her story around the guilt and shame for struggling with an eating disorder and how challenging recovery can be;  because unlike other addictions where you learn to live without the substances, you cannot live without food.  Doriliz found her footing and has landed on the side of victory but it didn't happen overnight.Her story is real, raw and inspiring and as a result, today Doriliz is coaching women on how to be at their healthiest best, self.  If you would like to connect with her, you can find her on Instagram here: Support the show
1/18/202245 minutes, 40 seconds
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How is alcohol effecting YOUR body?

Whether or not you're doing a sobriety challenge like Dry January, if you enjoy an alcoholic drink every now and then or MORE than once in a while, do you know what it does to your body? Do you know how alcohol effects your health?  In the USA, alcohol consumption has increased 40% in women since 2020 and many are finding it difficult to break the habit. This episode arms you with understanding and knowledge to help you make better decisions when it comes to drinking, and hopefully will set you up for a successful sobriety challenge should you try one. This link offers non alcoholic options if pure water or hot tea don't satisfy you: the show
1/11/202233 minutes, 56 seconds
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Staying on Track

If you're working on new habits that have the potential of being derailed by something that triggers you, this episode offers a quick tip that will help! You've heard the saying a failure to plan is a plan to fail, and having a plan to manage all potential derailing stressors, is a plan to succeed.  Make this year your best yet!Support the show
1/6/20225 minutes, 47 seconds
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Dry January

Ready for a challenge that will leave you with better health, better immunity, better skin, better sleep and maybe even a few pounds lighter? This episode is for you! Excited to offer this FREE challenge for the month of January. No alcohol and no added sugar for the month. What? .... sugar too??!  Yes, but you can join if you only want booze free. We're grace based around here! Tune in to hear the what, why and how do I get started? I hope you join us!Support the show
1/4/20229 minutes, 58 seconds
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Reach your 2022 goals

Are you a frustrated goal setter? You set goals for yourself and don't reach them, or seem to have  one same New Year's resolution on the list, year after year?  There might be one trick to help you move the needle forward! You may be stuck in scarcity thinking and this episode reveals what that looks like and provides simple tools to help you move from scarcity thinking into letting your mind hang out in abundance.   There's no progress when we focus on lack and deprivation. Progress comes with enthusiasm and believing you already have enough. If you're not sure what scarcity thinking looks like, tune in to see if you recognize it in yourself and also learn how to change it.Support the show
12/28/202133 minutes, 9 seconds
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Binge Eating recovery through meditation and hypnosis

 Do you struggle with binge eating, followed by guilt and shame? You want to tune in to this! Today's guest, Sharon Svenson shares her story of how teenage over-eating eventually turned into binge eating and now years later, she's recovered and helping others.  Sharon's journey is shared to offer hope and encouragement for anyone suffering with this condition and not meant to replace professional medical advice.  You can learn more about her work with  hypnosis on her Youtube channel, Svenson Hypnosis, or her website: the show
12/21/202135 minutes, 20 seconds
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Sugar and your Immune System

Tis the season of sweets! How do we stay healthy during the holidays and cold/flu season? Watching your sugar and alcohol consumption may be the ticket. In this episode we discuss a clinical study that demonstrated what sugar does to our immune system and what practical things we can do to keep our immune systems operating at their best.  Can you have holiday cookies or glasses of wine and be healthy? You'll have to listen to find out.Support the show
12/14/202126 minutes, 15 seconds
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Healthy Holidays

Holidays are such a great time to celebrate and be merry but they also usher in cold and flu season. Is there anything you can do to stay healthy? Yes! Today's episode reveals aspects of your total health using the Health Wheel assessment tool. We dive into two specific areas and challenge you to spend this month being mindful of how much attention you're giving to your physical and spiritual health. Why those two areas? You have to listen to find out!Support the show
12/7/202126 minutes, 21 seconds
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Fierce, FIT, Feminine Announcement

Excited to finally be able to share my news! This podcast is changing ever so slightly to focus on women's health, self-worth, body image and everything in-between. Hear my story about how my body insecurities were unknowingly passed on to my daughter and how I found out about it. And hear how this podcast will be a place for anyone who struggles in those areas to find encouragement to move forward. New episodes will now be released every Tuesday to give you that beginning of the week  motivation. Exciting things ahead!Support the show
11/30/202120 minutes, 3 seconds
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Feeling Fortunate

Have you ever considered how fortunate you are? If you're someone who thinks being fortunate is only for the financially wealthy, this episode will help you understand the real definition of fortunate and what it actually means.  Take a quick ten minutes to listen, reflect and find gratitude for where you've been fortunate and blessed in your life so far. Gratitude is the anchor for allowing more blessings to flow in your direction and isn't that something all of us would enjoy? Bless up!Support the show
11/22/20219 minutes, 17 seconds
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Raising a child with mental health challenges

Think your child may have a mental health challenge but you're not sure?? This episode is a mom's story and perspective. Kristi Gates; a professional equestrian,  rider and trainer and mother of one daughter, started noticing unusual behavior in her daughter when she was 11 years old. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, sent out the door with a cocktail of medications and continued to suffer with suicidal thoughts, sometimes requiring physical restraint. Today, her daughter Cassie is a married adult in a successful career and has a daughter of her own. (She shared her story here in Episode 14, so make sure you hear it. She's fantastic!) This episode is for the Moms who feel tired, confused, and maybe scared. Kristi offers her insight and some great tips to help you navigate your parenting journey.Support the show
11/15/202147 minutes, 22 seconds
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Fashion for beginners

F is for fashion! If fashion is something that feels foreign to you, this episode is for you. We break down the difference between fashion and style and help you discover your personal style as well as HOW you can keep your style fresh and fashionable! Every fierce, fun, feminine woman should know how to use fashion to enhance her personal style, and this episode helps you get started.Support the show
11/8/202129 minutes, 37 seconds
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F is for Feminine

What is femininity? Is it skirts, high heels and lipstick? Or is it more? What is a feminine woman and can she be both feminine AND a feminist? The episode scratches the surface of what it means to be feminine and also challenges some "old school" thinking that made being feminine less appealing to younger generations, and how the feminist movement influences femininity. All women are feminine at times, and this episode dives into where it surfaces. Support the show
11/1/202127 minutes, 47 seconds
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F is for Fabulous

Are you stuck feeling frumpy? Are you wondering how to break out of it? What IS fabulous and how do you get there? Fabulous women are not threatened by other women; they inspire other women to be their best selves.  Fabulous women also leave clues on how to BE more confident, empowered and poised and this episode breaks down the components of all of that,  providing areas you can begin to improve, right away. Support the show
10/25/202137 minutes, 49 seconds
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That dreaded word and feeling- failure! This episode takes a look at how we can frame failure in our mind so that we learn from it to become better versions of ourselves.  We also look at how we define success, which is a key factor for getting unstuck.  Too many times we give up after a few tries but if some of the most successful people in the world quit after failing, we would not have light bulbs, books, movies, world reknowned surgeons, Olympic athletes and more.  Have a listen and learn how to stop labeling yourself as a failure and instead become a fighter. You can do this!Support the show
10/18/202121 minutes, 47 seconds
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Friendships of Women

This episode is part 2 in a series about friendship. There is something powerful about female friendships and it's more than meets the eye. Did you know that it boosts your immune system if you have a solid circle of friends? One study shows women with breast cancer have a 4% better survival rate if they have friends! Our social skills and ability to manage stress are directly related to the types and depth of our female friendships and if you're a Mom, your kids' friends have a profound influence on their future. This quick episode will help you reflect and hopefully make any changes to your own friendship circle, so you can enjoy all the health benefits our girl gang brings. Enjoy!Support the show
10/11/202133 minutes, 53 seconds
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Friendship (with yourself)

The first episode in a two part series about friendship, and perhaps the most important one you'll ever have.  We all struggle with negative self talk and the  self-inflicted verbal beat-down, but that habit keeps us stuck. If we can't be friendly toward ourselves, we won't attract friends who can be there for us in  healthy ways. This quick episode is a brief exercise in things you can do immediately after listening, that will help form new habits and patterns and will lead to an improved self image. Being your own best friend does not come easy. We grow up searching for kind words and validation outside of us. It's time to change that and start shifting our beliefs so kindess starts within.. It's time to be your own best friend.  Are you in? Support the show
10/4/202125 minutes, 26 seconds
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Frustration (how to manage and grow from it)

SO FRUSTRATING! Can you relate to feeling so frustrated about something, you could crack? Being frustrated is rooted in something we can't change or control, that annoys us...... so what do we do with it? That's what this episode is all about. Listen to learn tools to manage stress,  and watch your tolerance for annoying people and things expand, which will lead to you  managing frustrating situations in healthier, more productive ways.Support the show
9/27/202128 minutes, 54 seconds
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Feeling Fat

FAT! The dreadful F word when it comes to the female body. How many of us grew up with a mother who was at war with her body to lose fat and look thinner? MOST of us! How many of YOU struggle with feeling fat???? A LOT. In fact, over 85% of women in the USA admit to struggling with body image and feeling fat. Using the word fat to describe ourselves especially in front our our children, is partly why we have body image issues. In this episode, how the word "fat" is used and affects our body image is unpacked, and if you're a Mom who is trying to lose fat, you definitely want to tune in! For a more in depth discussion and teaching on this topic, attend Christine's FREE one hour workshop  "Healthy Mom - Healthy Kids" that is happening on Wed, Sept 22, 10am PST. Send her an email to save your spot at [email protected]. You don't want to miss it!  It could be one of the best gifts you can give yourself AND your kids.Support the show
9/19/202124 minutes, 1 second
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Finding your Fierce

If you're feeling stuck in ANY area of your life right now and it's because you haven't tapped into the bravery to make the change you KNOW you need to make to get unstuck, this short episode is for you! This episode breaks down what a fierce woman is and what she's not. It covers  mean girl behavior and self-confident, mature behavior and it also leaves a small assignment to help you find your fierce, brave self. This episode is for every woman on the planet, wherever she is in life. Rise above the others who operate out of fear and insecurities, and move through YOUR life as a beautifully brave, fierce woman.Support the show
9/13/202119 minutes, 45 seconds
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Married to a Substance Abuser

{FOUL LANGUAGE WARNING AT 30 MIN MARK}If you are in a marriage or relationship with someone you love who is addicted to drugs or alcohol, this episode is for you. Cindy Glovsky, occupational therapist and wonderful mother of two girls married her best friend, but he got addicted to smoking crack. Their marriage became full of deceit, lies, and child neglect (on his part) and she shares how she went from wanting to honor her marital vows "for better for worse" to finally breaking free. Today Cindy lives a healthy, happy peaceful life and she shares her story in hope that it will help another woman in a similar situation find the bravery to step into her best, fierce self and get away.Support the show
9/6/202142 minutes, 1 second
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Domestic Abuse/Violence Escape Plan

This episode is the 4th in a series bringing awareness around domestic abuse, domestic violence and narcissistic abuse. This particular episode describes what potential abuse may look like for those who are not sure if they are in emotionally abusive relationships and also the strategic steps a victim of domestic violence needs to take to get out of the abusive home and into somewhere safe. This is not an exclusive list of things that should be done, but it's a beginning and it's shared from a place of wanting to help women help themselves. Always consult professional help when abuse is involved with you and/or your children. Support the show
8/30/202126 minutes, 21 seconds
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Healing childhood wounds from domestic abuse

TRIGGER WARNING: Due to some of the graphic descriptions of abuse, this episode is not  recommended for children, teens or anyone who is easily triggered when hearing stories of physical abuse.  Were you raised in a home with domestic violence? Did you see your mother beaten or did you experience physical abuse as a child? Have you hit road blocks in your adult relationships or marriage and wonder WHY is this STILL happening? Do you feel like you escaped that life and should be on solid ground, but something still is not working? The answer could be that you've made a better life for yourself,  but have not healed that inner child.This episode is the 3rd in a series bringing awareness around domestic abuse, and offering hope to land in health, on the other side. In this segment, we discuss children experiencing abusive home situations, how  attachment styles form in those early years and follow the child into adulthood and often times, their adult relationships suffer due to lack of awareness of what makes all of us tick. The way we experience love is grounded in how your early caregivers cared provided safety and security. Your host, Christine Elizabeth shares her own story for the first time in a public forum, of how her childhood wounds from domestic violence effected her adult relationships and how today, she's finally thriving on the other side. Support the show
8/23/202142 minutes, 31 seconds
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Escaping an abusive marriage

Today's episode is the 2nd in a series, bringing awareness to domestic and narcissistic abuse and women who have escaped those situations and are now thriving on the other side. In this episode, Katey Kautz tells her story of being married at 19 years old to a man who became filled with rage, verbally, emotionally and physically abused her and then began abusing her children as babies. She took action and got herself out and shares a story of bravery and hope for any woman who many find herself in a similar situation. Today, Katey is a health coach who helps women find their passion and purpose so they can live a life of joy.  You can find her information at Support the show
8/16/202131 minutes, 28 seconds
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Narcissistic Abuse in a Christian Marriage.

The 1st interview in a series of bringing awareness around domestic abuse, domestic violence and narcissistic abuse,  this episode pulls back the curtain  on what it looks like being married to a narcissist;  in this case, a pastor. If you experience frequent lies, a husband who craves the spotlight, makes you feel like it's always your fault, plays the victim/blame game, has issues with money, porn and infidelity, you are possibly married to a narcissist. Today's guest is Megan Goldstein-Davis. She left her husband after 10 years of trying everything she could to hang on including fervent prayer;  hoping God would heal and restore her narcissistic husband and marriage.  Megan went from emotional abuse to divorced and  thriving as a happy, independent woman who now helps other women as a Christian Divorce and Abuse Recovery Coach. You can find her website at Support the show
8/9/20211 hour, 3 minutes, 37 seconds
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Domestic Violence and Abusive Relationship Awareness

This episode is an introduction to launching a series of episodes on women who have escaped domestic violence, narcissistic abuse and emotionally abusive, toxic relationships, and are now thriving on the other side. This episode is about awareness; sharing statistics that many of us are completely blind to, because it's not something we deal with on a personal level.......BUT statistics say you most likely have a woman in your circle who is suffering in an abusive relationship. The topic of abuse and domestic violence  is crucial to be aware of and to help women OUT of, even if it's just shining light on those who have gone before her and got away,  to give her hope.Support the show
8/2/202115 minutes, 21 seconds
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Fences (aka Boundaries)

Every woman needs some fences in her life! Whether it's protecting your mental health from a family member, setting some boundaries around your body and physical being with your partner,  creating space away from things that trigger your anxiety or to help you heal from something like narcissist abuse; learning how to set boundaries is KEY for your success as a HEALTHY fierce, fun, feminine woman. Boundaries are a form of self-care and give your self esteem a boost once you stick to them. This episode explores what boundaries are, what they're not and how to use them.Support the show
7/26/202148 minutes, 19 seconds
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FUN! (you need more)

On a scale of 1-10 where ten means you lost track of time and couldn't stop smiling. where does your life fall on the FUN scale?  Having fun is HEALTHY and it should be a consistent in your life! Need some inspiration for having more fun? Listen to this quick episode as the benefits of fun are explored; from lowering cortisol to improving stress management and connection with others and  what fun can look like in YOUR life. It's time to schedule times of enjoyment, amusement and light-heartedness back into your routine!Support the show
7/19/202134 minutes, 16 seconds
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Family (it matters)

The family structure in the USA  has been changing for 40 plus years. It effects everything from inner city crime to adults who don't know how to be in healthy relationships because of their unhealed mother or father wounds.  Have you considered how your family shaped you as an adult? What did you bring forward into adulthood?  Have you considered what generational cycle you want to break as you raise your own family? We explore all of this and more, in this episode. Support the show
7/12/202139 minutes, 46 seconds
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Freedom (from your own mind)

It's Independence Day in the USA and the perfect day to release an episode about FREEDOM! We get to celebrate the United States signing the Declaration of Independence and becoming its own nation in 1776, free from the rule of Britain. But that's not what this episode is about. We've heard arguments for the last 16 months about freedoms being taken away in the US due to imposed restrictions from covid19...but that's not what this is about, either. This episode is about freedom from the prison of your mind. What do you replay on loop in your head, that isn't serving you? What negative or limiting beliefs about yourself are keeping you stuck? How do you get out of victimhood and into surviving and thriving? This episode is about THAT and we dive into a little of the book "The Choice" by Dr. Edith Eger to help you get there. All of us struggle with negative and limiting beliefs at times and this will help you identify and change them, so you can move the needle forward in your life.Support the show
7/4/202130 minutes, 46 seconds
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Facebook (for the fierce, fun, feminine woman)

Facebook can drag you into the mud and keep you stuck, it can ruin your marriage or relationship OR it can help you move forward in your life. It all hinges on how you use it and who you follow. In today's world, where we're on screens most of the day, it's crucial that we learn how to make that time worthwhile and also how to monitor our kids on social media platforms. If you find yourself stuck living behind a screen and not out living REAL LIFE, this episode is for you.  Don't allow addiction to social media cause life to pass you by!Support the show
6/28/202133 minutes, 29 seconds
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Fathers (and how they influence their daughters)

In honor of Fathers Day, this episode unpacks the influence a father has on his daughter's academics, body image, self confidence and future relationships. This is not to say a mother does not has impact on these areas, but the father daughter relationship is one that has direct impact on how a little girl relates with men when she grows up. Great dads deserve to be celebrated and if you did not experience a healthy relationship with your dad, you deserve to heal and grow from it. This episode is not exhaustive of everything to cover for fathers, but it's a great start. Support the show
6/21/202130 minutes, 59 seconds
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Flawless (yes, you!)

How would you respond if someone told you that you looked flawless? Would you accept the compliment or minimize yourself and diminish it?  Women have a list of perceived flaws that make them feel self conscious, not pretty or embarrassed and this episode is all about how your individuality makes you flawless! It' s time to tackle insecurities and limiting beliefs and step into your best self, so you can accept compliments with confident grace. You deserve to be praised!Support the show
6/14/202122 minutes, 38 seconds
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F is for Flowers...(that you can eat!)

Edible flowers in salads and other foods and drinks are making a comeback, and this episode is here to help you - up -your- entertainment game! Did you know you can eat the flowers from the roses or marigolds in your yard? If they're not covered in dangerous sprays, all you have to do is wash them and start experimenting.  From Bridal shower to Birthday party ideas or your Summer Soiree, edible flowers might be the next thing to get you out of a food and drink rut.Support the show
6/7/202118 minutes, 4 seconds
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(the) Fallen

Honoring the men and women of the  US Armed Forces who died while serving our country. It seems appropriate to hit pause on personal development episodes and instead take a few minutes to honor our fallen, on this Memorial Day 2021.Support the show
5/31/20216 minutes, 33 seconds
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Facades (we put on)

The biggest "facade" we can all probably relate to is the Royal Family. They appear to have it all together when seen in public but what's really going on behind closed doors? This episode is not about the Royal Family, it's about YOU! You may call it being fake, wearing a mask, putting on a face, putting up a facade.....but where are you doing it? and WHY?  Is there every a time a facade is a GOOD thing??? We put on facades at different times in our life and it's almost ALWAYS rooted in fear; fear of rejection, judgement, loss of respect, etc... Where did you learn how to "put on a face" and how is it effecting your relationships? How does it effect your children? What's the worst that could happen if you chose courage over comfort and showed your true self?   How do we find authentic connection? Through being vulnerable and authentic!  We explore all of this in todays' episode. Support the show
5/23/202136 minutes, 6 seconds
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Bipolar disorder and Anxiety as Superpowers

Today's guest was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at 16 years old and shares her story of how she learned how to manage life's curveballs; from having severe anxiety attacks, to giving birth to a baby with a traumatic birth injury to postpartum depression and weighing 350 pounds...Cassidy decided to find alternative ways to succeed using hypnosis, meditation, visualization, affirmations and understanding the power of a thought.  Today, she is 150 pounds lighter, has a thriving photography business and a healthy, happy daughter. Her story is one of hope and resilience for the woman who feels like she's broken and labeled. Support the show
5/16/202150 minutes, 22 seconds
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FEAR: Face Everything And Rise

Fear is a natural human emotion but most of the things we're afraid of are not the types of things protecting our life, they're the types of things keeping us stuck and stagnant...from moving out of a toxic relationship to changing jobs or starting a new business,  or having that sticky conversation we've been putting off.  We get STUCK. What IS it we're so afraid of? In this episode we put fear under a microscope to understand how chronic fear leads to worry and anxiety and it's time we view our fears as feedback so we can create action steps to overcome them. It's time to move the needle in your life, by being brave. You've got this!Support the show
5/9/202140 minutes, 13 seconds
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Fragrance (for women)

One of the most fun F words! When all material things pass away, we may not remember them, but we always remember fragrance. Scents are timeless and transient. Are there scents that take you back to a childhood memory? Something you smell that reminds you of a late loved one? Of course there are! Fragrance (perfume, oils, etc...)  is an accessory every fierce and feminine woman should wear, and in this episode we break down how to find the ideal fragrance and how to wear it;  from luxurious French perfume houses to being a Gucci-like girl on a Target budget. Enjoy!Support the show
5/3/202146 minutes, 1 second
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Married to a Pathological Narcissist

Today's guest is sharing her story in a public forum for the very first time. Elizabeth was married to a narcissist man for 23 years and tells a story of romance, gaslighting,  financial mayhem, control of her time & money,  as well as emotional abuse. Coming from a Catholic background, Elizabeth wanted to avoid divorce but when she finally realized that her husband didn't care about her and only wanted her to rescue him from his chaos, she began to take control of her life. Today she is free from the abuse,  and hopes her story will help someone that may need to know there's hope. Support the show
4/26/202150 minutes, 9 seconds
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Fidelity (in GIRL CODE)

We often don't think of the word fidelity when it comes to our friendships with other women but after hearing story after story about the lack of loyalty and support among women, it's time to set some boundaries and bring back GIRL CODE. There is such a thing and it matters! It matters among our female friendships and it matters with women we don't even know.. eh in, don't mess with another woman's man, no matter what he tells you!  This shorter episode is meant to be fun with a twist of tough love. Enjoy!Support the show
4/19/202123 minutes, 31 seconds
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Infidelity in Christian marriage

Imagine being happily married,  active in church, hitting pause on your career to raise and homeschool your 5  children, and learn your husband had a weekend affair out of state. Crushed but rebuilding back toward trust,  he had yet ANOTHER affair that lasted months...this time with a friend.  The double betrayal was nearly crippling. He loved his family but had sex addiction.  A woman has to make the decision to stay or walk away, and in this episode we hear from Lisa Devine, who shares her story and how she managed through it all.  She's a social worker turned licensed counselor, who found herself sobbing on her bathroom floor in grief, shame and angry at God, all while battling suicidal thoughts. Today, she's on the other side, sharing how she forgave, learned self-love, found her strength, stepped into her personal power and enjoys a healed husband she adores.Support the show
4/11/20211 hour, 2 minutes, 47 seconds
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Focus part 2

We're digitally hijacked every day with all of our devices luring us away from tasks at hand.  We give 3 seconds for anything online to grab our attention before we decide whether we'll stick with it longer. 3 seconds! How do we combat this attention deficit?  In this episode, we explore ways to improve our ability to focus and understand why improved focus leads us to more happiness.  From home projects to job performance and relationships, whatever you put your mind to 100% is where you will move the needle most in your life. Where focus goes, energy flows!Support the show
4/5/202138 minutes, 16 seconds
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Focus Challenge, Mini Episode

I'm a coach at heart, so this is your weekly check-in, to remind you that we're in the middle of a Focus Challenge! In the last episode,  I challenged you to get that one pesky thing off your to-do list that keeps getting pushed back and procrastinated.  You have 7 more days my friends! Let's going and knock that thing off your list once and for all, and in our next episode, we'll discuss how focus magically takes us forward in progress and success.Support the show
3/29/20211 minute, 1 second
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FOCUS- Episode 1

This episode is for you if you've been stuck in ANYTHING from fitness to toxic relationships. Where focus goes, energy flows! This is the first in a two- part series to help move the needle in your life using FOCUS.  Self-mastery comes down to how well we control our thought life, and our thought life can be shifted by what we're choosing to place our energy toward aka our focus.   I have a simple focus challenge for you to show you that you CAN get unstuck,  and I'm doing it along with you!  Support the show
3/22/20218 minutes, 34 seconds
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Moving through loss and grief relying on Faith, Family and Gratitude.

Today's guest found herself with an unplanned pregnancy at 22 years old, that quickly turned into a premature birth and her one pound baby living in NICU for the first 6 months of his life.  2 years later she became a widow. Taylor Perry thought she was the poster chid for grief, pain and loss but she didn't let that become her story.  She  tapped into her Faith, her Family, used  visualization, affirmations and practiced Gratitude to land victoriously on the other side.  Now at 28 years old, she can tell her story from a place of empowerment, in hope that it will help  anyone who hears it.Support the show
3/14/202144 minutes, 14 seconds
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Food feelings

Is your relationship with food a rocky one?  Do you feel guilty when you eat "bad" food or "junk" food?  Do you feel happy when you've successfully restricted an entire food group? Have you ever considered how complicated our relationship with food really is? It's madness! and if food were a person, we could call how we treat it, toxic. haha. From keto to paleo to bone broth and intermittent fasting, most women have dabbled in a little of everything. We've made eating so complicated that we don't even know what to eat when. This episode is a brief chat about getting back to basics. Support the show
3/8/202126 minutes, 36 seconds
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Thriving with MS using Fitness & Food

Elaine Gebhardt is an active mother of 4 who had bilateral hip surgery and diagnosed with MS,  all within one year! In this inspiring interview, she shares the story of HOW she overcame the mental and physical exhaustion from being in a wheelchair for hip surgery recovery to being on stage in a bodybuilding bikini competition. Today, Elaine is a professional trainer, coach and speaker for women with the message that they're not sick and broken and they TOO can overcome their obstacles, so they can thrive and love their life.Support the show
3/2/202148 minutes, 1 second
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Fitness! Episode 2

A sequel to Fitness Part 1, this short episode covers the final components of fitness.  The episode does not stand well on its own. It will make more sense to listen to Fitness Part 1 first.  These Fitness episodes are done with the gal in mind who needs inspiration to stay on track or wants to get started.  Everything from food and exercise  to stress & immunity is covered, along with keys that you can take and apply to your life, right away.  Support the show
3/2/202115 minutes, 28 seconds
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Episode Zero

Get to know your host and what this podcast is all about!Support the show
3/2/20212 minutes, 59 seconds
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Fitness! Episode 1

How has gym and diet culture distorted the true definition of fitness? How do you get fit and STAY fit? Ladies, fitness is not what you may think it is! You've been sold an "ideal" image of what fitness looks like and in this episode, a different perspective is presented. This episode is perfect for someone who struggles with staying on track with exercise or someone who needs some inspiration to get started! Support the show
3/2/202132 minutes, 26 seconds