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English, Fitness / Keep-fit, 4 seasons, 123 episodes, 2 days 8 hours 40 minutes
Fertility Friendly Food by The Dietologist brings you scientific facts about nutrition for fertility straight to your ears in snack-sized episodes to optimise your health and body for healthy conception, healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby!
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How to Navigate Multiple Diagnoses - Adenomyosis & Endometriosis with Isabella Gosling RN | Episode 69

Are you dealing with multiple diagnoses or potential multiple diagnoses? Maybe the symptoms you are experiencing don't fit your first diagnosis and you feel like you need to keep digging! Our guest today is Isabella Gosling from the Let's Talk Period Podcast. Isabella is a Registered Nurse and has been diagnosed with Endometriosis and Adenomyosis. She speaks candidly about managing her multiple diagnoses and tips you can use for working with health professionals in advocating for yourself.  Links for today's episodeConnect with Isabella  - the Let's Talk Period Facebook community page Follow Isabella on Insta -
10/08/202238 minutes 36 seconds
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How to balance social life with fertility goals | Episode 63

Are you hoping to conceive soon?  Our first-of-its-kind program,  Fertility360 will help you gain confidence, clarity and calmness with a signature 360-degree approach combining medical, nutrition, exercise & psychology inside this 4-week program! PLUS an awesome community to support and cheer you on!We start August 1st! Doors are opening really soon. Pop your name on the waitlist here: week I talk about the struggle with trying to conceive and still enjoying your life! I share my top tips on how do you find the middle ground, and how to avoid the nosy family and friends asking about why you're avoiding the champagne and how to strike some kind of balance!If you missed last week's episode on perfectionism and TTC go back! These
29/06/202215 minutes 4 seconds
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Managing Constipation During Pregnancy with Kath Baquie, Perinatal Physiotherapist | Episode 46

Did you know nearly 1 in 4 pregnant women struggle with constipation? That's a lot of people experiencing serious discomfort! And there's no need to suffer in silence any longer...Today I'm joined by Perinatal Physiotherapist Katherine Baquie, from FitNest Mama, to dive into strategies to prevent and relieve constipation before, during, and after pregnancy.We discuss how pelvic floor strength can influence constipation, at what point you should address constipation issues and begin working with a pelvic floor physio, and the importance of pelvic floor awareness in pregnancy and childbirth.We also cover effective tips and strategies for relieving constipation!You can find Kath on Instagram at @fitnestmama, or via her website here.Read more about
17/11/202137 minutes 39 seconds
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Everything Embryos, Eggs & Sperm with Embryologist Kristen Jones | Episode 45

What goes on behind the 4 walls of the embryology and sperm lab at your fertility clinic? Well, in this episode, we are getting a behind-the-scenes peek at what your embryologist is doing back there and the important role they play in your fertility journey.I am joined by experienced embryologist Kristen Jones, who discusses what you need to know about egg and sperm quality, fertilisation, embryo grading, and genetic testing of embryos and her words of wisdom to those going through fertility treatments as an embryologist!You can find Kristen on Instagram at @ilikemyeggsfertilisedWelcome to Fertility Friendly Food The Podcast! I'm Stefanie, expert fertility dietitian and nutritionist, founder of The Dietologist, here to help inspire and empower you with factual nutrition information about women's and men's health, hormones
10/11/202135 minutes 24 seconds
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Is gluten impacting your fertility? | Episode 43

Gluten... It&apos;s such a buzz word right now, yet very few people understand what gluten actually is, and how it impacts your health - both negatively and positively!Today I dive into the effects of gluten on your fertility and ability to conceive - and answer the question: should you avoid gluten entirely to optimise your health and fertility?I discuss:The difference between coeliac disease and gluten intoleranceWhether reducing gluten in your diet can improve your chances of conceiving Why you might feel better after reducing gluten in your dietThe health risks of going gluten freeAnd who should consider going gluten-free to help manage symptoms of specific health conditions and support fertility.There&apos;s a whole lot of myth-busting and useful info for anyone trying to conceive or considering going gluten-free!<a href='
27/10/202118 minutes 10 seconds
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Does weight loss surgery impact fertility? with Lara Mathers APD | Episode 42

Weight loss surgery is a huge change for your body to undergo... So how exactly does it impact your fertility and chances of conceiving in the future? Let&apos;s find out!Today I&apos;m joined by Accredited Practising Dietitian Lara Mathers, who specialises in weight loss surgery, to dive into the effects of weight loss surgery on nutrient requirements, fertility, and your chances of falling pregnant later on!We discuss the dietary changes and nutrient requirements after weight loss surgery, bust three of the most common myths around the different surgery options, and discover whether weight loss surgery makes it more difficult to conceive down the track!You can find Lara on Instagram at @weightloss_surgerydt or via her website here.Welcome to Fertility Friendly Food The Podcast! I&apos;m Stefanie, expert fertility dietitian and nutritionis
20/10/202127 minutes 39 seconds
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Choline - what is it, and why is it so important for fertility? | Episode 38

Choline... What is it, and why is it so important for fertility?If you&apos;re thinking of starting a family, pregnant or trying to conceive, I&apos;m willing to bet you&apos;ve heard about the importance of folate (or folic acid) in supporting the future health of your unborn baby. But have you heard of Choline?This nutrient is arguably just as important, yet its importance is super underestimated...Today we discuss the risks associated with not meeting your Choline requirements, food sources of Choline, whether you should be supplementing with it, and how it works alongside Folate to protect you and your baby!Welcome to Fertility Friendly Food The Podcast! I&apos;m Stefanie, expert fertility dietitian and nutritionist, founder of The Dietologist, here to help inspire and empower you through factual nutrition information about women&apos;s and men&apos;s health, hormones and fertility &amp; pre
22/09/202113 minutes 42 seconds
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Endometriosis Nutrition Q&A | Episode 36

Today I answer all your commonly-asked questions about endo! The Q&amp;A covers all things endometriosis, including: Pros and cons of certain diets for managing endometriosis The &quot;best&quot; diet for endoShould you go vegetarian or vegan if you struggle with endo?Do you need to eat regular or organic produce?Tips for post-operation recoveryBusting inflammation mythsThe different dietary needs for endo vs adenomyosisIs daily bloating normal?Read more about the best diet for endo here.Or, sign up for my FREE upcoming webinar, The Top 5 Diet Mistakes to Avoid for Endometriosis &amp; Fertility!You&apos;ve got two chances to attend live:- Tuesday
08/09/202120 minutes 23 seconds
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What's the link between Mental Health and Fertility? with Psychologist Alisha Polsen | Episode 35

Can stress and mental health struggles contribute to fertility complications? And, in turn, can fertility struggles compromise your mental health?It&apos;s a chicken-and-egg scenario, but it&apos;s clear to see: there&apos;s a strong link between mental health and fertility outcomes.  Today I&apos;m joined by psychologist Alisha Polsen, to dive into the link between physical and mental health, and the importance of developing proactive strategies to improve our mental health and fertility outcomes.You can find Alisha on Instagram at @a.p.psychology or visit her website here.TRIGGER WARNING: This episode discusses miscarriage and pregnancy loss and mental health.Welcome to Fertility Friendly Food The Podcast! I&apos;m Stefanie, expert fertility dietitian and nutritionist, founder of <a href='https://
01/09/202154 minutes 41 seconds