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English, Religion, 1 season, 5 episodes, 2 hours, 51 minutes
Cohosts discuss their spirituality, self improvement, life lessons and experiences, healing journey, older sister advice, and learning how to become the best version of self possible tiktok: @samthatwitch insta: @samthatwitch777
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Episode 5: Manifestation becoming annoying and confusing?? + how to declutter & uncomplicate your life!

In this episode, Samantha discusses ways we commonly overly complicate our day to day life and how we can make things simpler when we feel overwhelmed. Next, the topic of "Manifestation", the Law of Attraction is brought up in a different perspective. With everyone having different rules, dos/dont's, and rituals around manifestation things get real complicated and confusing fast. Its time to unpack and navigate that! Follow the Pod on TikTok @femininedivinepodcastMake sure to leave a 5-Star rating if you like the podcast! Love all of you, manifesting that your manifestations come true hehe.
9/5/202230 minutes, 34 seconds
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Episode 4: Protecting your energy & chaotic story times

In this episode, the host Samantha, joined with Lani list off ways to protect your energy and keep your cool against crazies. Such as protection magick, advice and tools needed to keep your energy untouched. They talk about crashing into a Porsche in someone else's car, screaming at a litterbug in traffic, Tiktok mutual drama, the full moon chaos, and other little story times. Follow us on Tiktok: @femininedivinepodcastSamantha: @samthatwitchLani: @lanibuuggThank you for listening! If you like the show please give us a 5 star rating.
8/15/202230 minutes, 31 seconds
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Episode 3: How to be hard on yourself in a productive manner + Embarrassing story time

In this episode, Samantha discusses how to turn harsh inner thoughts into productivity. She also gives a hilarious story time and insight on how to get over embarrassing moments. Thank you for more than 1,000 listeners!Follow us on Tik Tok: @Femininedivinepodcast @samthatwitch
8/8/202216 minutes, 45 seconds
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Episode 2: Astrocartography, Randomly ending up in Scotland

In this episode, Samantha the host, along with her bestie Lani, discuss and explain Astrocartography. Astrocartography is astrology on a globe, used for travel matters. Samantha then shares her experience of how she ended up in the UK for a while because of Astrocartography and how the trip was life changing for her. If you have been thinking of leaving the area you live for a much needed change in energy with a vacation or a move, this episode is for you!Follow us on Tik Tok: @femininedivinepodcastSamantha's account: @samthatwitchLani's account: @lanibugg
7/31/202242 minutes, 11 seconds
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Episode 1: Growing & strengthening intuition, Helga copycat drama, tacky makeup filters

In the first episode of Feminine Divine podcast, Samantha the host, joined with her friend Allyson discuss methods of strengthening and growing intuition. Samantha gives a story time about using her intuition to find one of her followers stealing her content and putting it into another language, pretending as if it was her own. To end the cohosts put into perspective how damaging/weird makeup and face altering photo filters are and why they should be denormalized.@femininedivinepodcast on tiktokSamantha's socials: @samthatwitch on tiktokAllyson's socials:@vllys0nn on tiktok
7/24/202251 minutes, 51 seconds