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Fed Up - The Falcon Nutrition Podcast

English, Fitness / Keep-fit, 1 season, 29 episodes, 1 day, 4 hours, 4 minutes
Jason and the team of coaches at Falcon Nutrition chat with each other as well as with clients and industry friends about all things food, mindset, body composition, and performance. Support this podcast:
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29. OTF Coach Jo - OrangeTheory Fitness and Falcon Nutrition, The Magic Combo?

Badass athlete and OrangeTheory Fitness Coach/GM, Jo Steinman, joins Jason on the show to discuss her own journey as an OTF athlete, OTF Coach, and member of Falcon Nutrition. She shares her history working in the fitness industry as well as her past diet efforts, as well as her experience working with Jason on her nutrition so far. They discuss how perfectly OTF and effective nutrition go hand in hand and Jason describes his experience getting back into OTF and how his own nutrition had to adapt. Lots of nuggets of wisdom as well as things to look out for that any OTF member can definitely learn from, so this is a can't miss episode! --- Support this podcast:
6/11/202449 minutes, 18 seconds
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28. Building Behaviors and Sustainability | Part 3 with Semaj Hunter

Episode 28 is Part 3 with Jason and Semaj. They discuss Semaj’s last 3 months of diet efforts, what stood out, and the importance of building behaviors.Our hope is that those listening, learn how Coaches do things similar in most ways, different in others, than those they work with.We discuss: Background Diet History Goals Methods Used Outcomes Next Steps Key Takeaways --- Support this podcast:
11/9/20231 hour, 23 minutes, 48 seconds
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27. A Nutrition Coach and Former Competitor’s Own Dieting Journey, Then vs. Now.Part 2 with Semaj Hunter

In Ep 27, Jason and Semaj discuss Semaj’s last 3 months of diet efforts and how this time stood out compared to previous diet phases. Our hope is that those listening learn how Coaches do things similar in most ways, different in others, than those they work with. We discuss: Background Diet History Goals Methods Used Outcomes Next Steps Key Takeaways --- Support this podcast:
10/31/20231 hour, 3 minutes, 34 seconds
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26. Taking it Back to the Basics: Nutrition Strategies for the Real World in 2023

Episode 26 of the Fed-Up Podcast: Meet Semaj Hunter Why rigidity may be counterproductive for dieters Zooming in vs zooming out, and finding the ‘sweet spot’ Macros for some, calories for others, none of the above for many more A very simple practical solution to getting results without tracking food details One of the biggest positives for preparing more food at home How to navigate eating out How to approach special days/nights Why health/nutrition industry messaging may be confusing people more than helping people --- Support this podcast:
10/24/20231 hour, 31 minutes, 20 seconds
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25. Brad’s Journey: from 450lbs and Restrictive Dieting to Living Life Full of Energy and Confidence

Brad’s journey from inflexible dieting (keto, paleo) and spending 1.5 hours in the gym to what he does now. His mental breakthroughs surrounding nutrition and fitness The big role that walking has played in his success How he’s adjusted and things he’s put into place to make sure he continues to hit his goals Brad details the difference in two trips to Disney in less than a year: From a grueling, painful trip spent out of breath vs. being full of energy, keeping up with his family and being able to ride rides His next ‘real world’ goals --- Support this podcast:
8/17/202336 minutes, 19 seconds
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24. Coach Katie and Jason Compare Notes and Discuss Strategies for Common Scenarios

How to handle vacation and determining what is enough vs too much for you as an individual Timing meals with workouts and how much it really matters Importance of being intentional and planning ahead Why you may find yourself overeating at the end of the day/on the weekends Transitioning from weight loss to maintenance and how to maintain the weight you have lost (more in-depth episode to come!) --- Support this podcast:
8/8/202329 minutes, 31 seconds
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23. Coach Katie and Member Laci: Pregnancy Nutrition, Postpartum Weight Loss and Nutrition Tips for a Working Mom

Episode 23 features Member Laci joining Coach Katie to discuss:  Tips on tracking while pregnant  Postpartum weight loss and your identity shift postpartum  How to balance your nutrition while going on work trips, date nights and family meals  How to pivot and adapt your plan when life throws you curveballs  --- Support this podcast:
5/2/202347 minutes, 22 seconds
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22. 100 Pounds of Progress: Jon's Story

Jon joins Jason to discuss what went into his transformative 100lb weight loss Jon’s moment Jon’s why Having time vs making time Simple starter steps The role alcohol played before, during, and at present for Jon How being a dad helped shape his journey Making change a family affair Leading from the front Tacos and working out Why Coach David is one of the best humans and coaches alive Jon’s top tips for beginners with a long ways to go --- Support this podcast:
4/25/20231 hour, 17 minutes, 42 seconds
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21. Living with Conviction

Special Guest Joshua Ortegon of PHNM Brand Fitness & Nutrition joins Jason to discuss: Obsession vs conviction Traits of successful individuals historically Zooming out Process goals vs outcome goals The things that matter vs the small things not worth fixating on Plus so much more! --- Support this podcast:
4/18/20231 hour, 17 minutes, 52 seconds
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20. “An online coach and an in-person trainer walk into a recording booth…”

Simon Hyun joins Jason to discuss: The many similarities between online nutrition clients and in-person personal training clients Their career progressions and entering the fitness industry ‘later’ The future of coaching Why the basics work for everyone Plus so much more! --- Support this podcast:
4/11/20231 hour, 20 minutes, 23 seconds
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19. Connection in Coaching, The Big Rocks of Self-Care, and Why AI is a GOOD Thing

Jason and Esther Avant of EA Coaching discuss: What makes coaching, coaching Personal connection Relationships "Going there" AI and the future of coaching The Big Rocks  Plus much much more :) --- Support this podcast:
4/4/20231 hour, 11 minutes, 3 seconds
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18. For New Moms: Changing Roles, Self Care, and Re-Claiming One’s Identity

Jason welcomes his sister, Morgan, to discuss her experience with becoming a new mom and what it meant for her own self care. Routines Routine disruption All the ‘new’ Working with an RD, Coach Katie, before during and post pregnancy, and how it helped Trying to maintain a baseline level of habits Getting over her fears Advice for new moms  --- Support this podcast:
3/28/20231 hour, 27 minutes, 20 seconds
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17. Interview with Parent of 2, Grandparent of 6, Client Amy Flood

Amy shares: An intro on who she is Background into where she was with her health and mindset prior to signing up The work she did with Coach Melissa The difference in made for her body, her health, and her life How she’s carrying those lessons learned forward now Advice for anyone considering working with Falcon Nutrition  --- Support this podcast:
3/20/202323 minutes, 24 seconds
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16. Food on the Mind, Jeb on the Mic - Pt 1- The Stuff That Actually Matters

Jeb and Jason discuss the gray area that is the psychological side of change. Before and After pictures; what they represent Scope of practice; “6 lane mega-highways, not two lane roads” The work of Dr. Lisa Lewis and her work in the fitness industry is arming fit pros to more effectively help their clients Fit-pro’s hesitation to ‘go there’ with their’ clients Jeb’s favorite color Tracking on the whole Whether or not rigidity in one’s diet is a ‘good thing’ Focusing on today forward Coaches as front-line healthcare workers Personal experiences with the psych side of things Plus so much more --- Support this podcast:
3/13/20231 hour, 23 minutes, 51 seconds
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15. Ladies Edition: Strong Beats ‘Skinny’ for All Things Longevity with Coach Kerri

In episode 15, Jason and Coach Kerri cover: What Kerri's career in Physical Therapy has taught her to focus on early Importance of resistance training for women Thoughts on everyday/real-world goals and why striving to be as strong and healthy as possible most likely beats ‘skinny’ as a goal Hormones/hormone replacement therapy --- Support this podcast:
2/27/202335 minutes, 55 seconds
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14. Mindset with Coach David

In Episode 14, Coach David and Jason discuss Mindset. Importance of mindset while striving toward our goals Reframes Perspective shifts Firsthand personal anecdotes in their own lives as well as words of encouragement for those they work with How and why ‘good enough’ usually beats perfect, long term --- Support this podcast:
2/13/202347 minutes, 13 seconds
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13. Why Walking is THE Thing, with Jason Falcon and Dean Guedo, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, Elite Powerlifter and Former Collegiate Football Athlete, of Compound Performance and Stronger U

*NSFW Warning, Language NSFW* Jason and Dean discuss all things WALKING in context of both fat loss and ongoing weight management. Why it's hugely underrated Why it’s the one area that they both believe is the single most important area to improve radically to ensure long term success Why some view it as “crazy” How the ‘same old things’ clearly don’t work and why messaging from fitness professionals needs to shift Step count recommendations for various groups Amish populations; step counts, BMI, disease Methods for increasing steps Why “Is walking or true exercise better?” Is asked so often, and how that highlights the need for more education and messaging from professionals to their clients The impact of walking and various step count ranges and the studies showing reduction or near elimination of susceptibility to certain diseases Q&A reviewing various member questions Many other things involving walking and long term success Webpage referenced: Rebel Performance: Eat More to Crush PRs and Get Jacked Visual referenced with caloric expenditure breakdowns that gives solid visual of exercise expenditure (10%) vs NEAT expenditure (25%) in context of daily calorie expenditures: NEAT --- Support this podcast:
1/30/20231 hour, 42 minutes, 41 seconds
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12. Dining Out While Working Toward Fat Loss with Jason and Bonnie

Jason and Bonnie discuss their own personal approach as well as what they see in their clients on things such as: Frequency of dining out Different mindsets while dining out How dining out ‘recreationally’ can be a slippery slope Ideas and strategies for eating out without sacrificing progress Sundae bars Plus a whole lot more --- Support this podcast:
11/4/202240 minutes, 36 seconds
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11. Balance, Boundaries, and Knowing When We've Done Enough for Today with Coach Katie and Jason

Episode 11 features Coach Katie joining Jason to discuss: -Balance and how we define balance differently during different seasons in our lives -How to pivot and think when we find ourselves way too busy to get it all done -The mantra she uses now to remind herself we cannot do everything to completion literally every day -Plus lots of other nuggets of wisdom for being able to keep moving forward, no matter how overwhelmed we may feel --- Support this podcast:
10/17/202248 minutes, 41 seconds
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10. Bonnie Campbell, RD and Owner of The Nourished Path, Joins Jason to Discuss Nutrition Coaching Philosophies

Episode 10 Show Notes Bonnie Campbell, RD and Owner of The Nourished Path, Joins Jason to Discuss Nutrition Coaching Philosophies Bonnie, Owner and RD/Coach at The Nourished Path, joins Jason to discuss: - Nutrition coaching philosophies - What each sees most often in folks new to working with a coach - Business similarities and differences - Most important yet most overlooked phase of dieting, especially whilst working with a coach - Alcohol in post COVID-life BONNIE CAMPBELL Registered Dietitian Founder of The Nourished Path Bonnie is a Registered Dietitian (RD), with a masters in nutrition from Bastyr University, residency at St Luke’s hospital in Duluth, MN, and an inpatient RD at Virginia Mason Medical Center in downtown Seattle. She started working as an online nutrition coach for Stronger U Nutrition in 2017, and in early 2020 decided to spread her wings as an entrepreneur. She has a variety of workout interests, including F45, Orangetheory, yoga, peloton and weightlifting. --- Support this podcast:
10/10/202257 minutes, 17 seconds
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09. Former College Athlete and College Coach, Coach Kirsten, Walks Us Through Rediscovering the Fire Within

Former College Athlete and College Coach, Coach Kirsten, Walks Us Through Rediscovering the Fire Within - Growing up as sister of two brothers - High school with mom as Principal of her school - College basketball with every choice and hour of her day being planned for her - Post college body struggles, what worked, and what didn't - Coaching at the college level and how her experience there makes her amazing at those she coaches on nutrition now - Finding her 'way' and never looking back --- Support this podcast:
8/1/202232 minutes, 29 seconds
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08. Coach Tom Shares His Personal Journey from 340 College Football Player to Living 100 Lbs Lighter Plus Shares Some Mighty Helpful Habits Hacks

Coach Tom's Story and Habit Hacking - Tom shares his background as an overweight child progressing into a college football athlete - His state of health through high school, into college, then after - Things he tried that worked, with some others that didn't work - Where he is now, how he's made the changes - Tom shares his expertise on Tiny Habits and how the smallest steps can lead to bigger actions and ultimately lasting habit change - 3 key focus areas for long term body change, outside of nutrition --- Support this podcast:
7/25/202242 minutes, 27 seconds
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07. Coach Katie: 38 Weeks Pregnant; Expectations Going Into the Pregnancy vs How Things Have Gone

Coach Katie returns to Fed Up to chat with Jason about: - How she's feeling 38 weeks into her first pregnancy - What she thought she'd focus on nutrition and fitness-wise throughout her pregnancy - What she learned early-on - How she pivoted - How her own pregnancy has given her insight and excited her to help even more pregnant moms in the future - Her main takeaways and words of advice --- Support this podcast:
3/20/202244 minutes, 57 seconds
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06. Routine, Balance, Going to Extremes and Non-Negotiables w/ Coach Kerri

Coach Kerri and Jason dive into a list of topics to include: -Importance of routine -How periods spent living out of balance help to develop proper balance -Apples to apples comparisons and why we're not so good at them -Non-negotiables -Self-acceptance -Doggos --- Support this podcast:
12/12/20211 hour, 9 minutes, 3 seconds
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05. Coach Damon's Story and Why Good Enough Is Always Good Enough

On Episode 5, Coach Damon gives us insight into: - His background and where he started - What worked and didn't worked, through his 20's, 30's, and so far  into his 40's - Why his current recovery is in a good place even with having to alter his routine - Top tips for newcomers to play the long game with success --- Support this podcast:
11/5/202156 minutes, 45 seconds
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04. Coach Patty Shares Her Story and Her Thoughts on Why Mindset Matters Most

Coach Patty Blancaflor is our guest today and Episode 4 includes: - A bit of Coach Patty's background - How she spends her time and how she forever smashes thru that which she believes is her limit - Where she "started" - Where she is now - Why mindset work should always be the first step, or at least get equal attention whenever we're doing physical work - Her favorite tips for both newcomers and veterans to tracking --- Support this podcast:
10/22/202156 minutes, 24 seconds
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03. Meet Coach Katie Condon, Falcon Nutrition's RD Extraordinaire

Fed Up - The Falcon Nutrition Podcast Episode 3 Show Notes Coach Katie Condon, RD, is our guest today and her and Coach Jason discuss: - Katie's background - Her unconventional route toward achieving her RD and breaking into the field - Her own personal journey with nutrition and how it's evolved over time - Her experience working in the clinical setting and how that helps her work online with remote clients in even better ways - How not to slide into home plate - Her top 3 tips for all newcomers to tracking --- Support this podcast:
10/16/202158 minutes, 14 seconds
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02. A Veteran's Perspective w/ Guest David Pfeffer

Fed Up - The Falcon Nutrition Podcast Episode 2 Show Notes Today's episode features Coach Jason's client, David Pfeffer. David shares his perspective, wisdom, lessons learned, and advice to newcomers, now almost 5 years into working with Jason. They discuss things like:         - His physical and mental changes, start vs present time         - How he approaches each day now, with tips on planning ahead         - Finding success in the program while keeping family life thriving         - His background and what led him to hiring a nutrition coach         - How he did things food-wise, then vs now --- Support this podcast:
10/8/20211 hour, 42 seconds
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01. Jason's Story

In this first episode, Jason discusses his own personal story. His early life, what he went through that meant gaining over 80 lbs thru a period of 4 years, the moment he knew it was time to take his life back, what he looks at as “his why”, his struggles and how he overcame them, where he is now, and his background that led to founding Falcon Nutrition. --- Support this podcast:
10/2/202128 minutes, 26 seconds