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English, Finance, 1 season, 9 episodes, 5 hours, 54 minutes
Welcome to Feature Not a Bug, where we talk about all things tech, unconventional career paths and the random details of life. Let's launch it!
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Dennis Park: Real Estate Investing and Building Trust

In this episode, we discuss real estate investing, building trust with clients and how a steady temperament is an often overlooked asset in business and life. We discuss these things, and many others, with Dennis Park, a veteran, former pilot and world traveler with 50 years of experience in Real Estate. Dennis manages a company with several hundred employees and shares insights on how to connect with different types of people, and what mindset one needs when riding through the constant changes in markets. Dennis' career has informed his perspective, but his knowledge has also been cultivated from decades of traveling the world, experiencing different cultures and living abroad in the Philippines, Vietnam and Japan. Dennis is also Christian's father (spoiler alert) and on this pod, he shares a ton of insights and stories that can help us all see our own lives with more perspective and clarity.  In this conversation, he'll share his insights and advice on how to make big decisions in your life...real estate or otherwise. 
6/13/202355 minutes, 19 seconds
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Seth Sundberg: From the NBA to Prison to Entrepreneur

In this episode, we talk with Seth Sundberg, a former NBA LA Laker who found himself in prison for tax fraud. Despite his struggles, Sundberg found a passion for helping others and is now working on developing re-entry programs. He shares his insights on the flaws in the criminal justice system and offers suggestions for creating a more just and equitable system. Throughout his life, Seth has always had a gene for entrepreneurship. Even while in prison, Sundberg created a protein bar business called, Inside Out Goodness, to solve for the nutritional issues the inmates faced. Seth has continued to growth that business and several others while also building his real estate portfolio. Join us to learn more about his journey and efforts to create a better future for those impacted by the criminal justice system and the stigma you face when you get out.
3/31/202353 minutes, 33 seconds
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Tech & Mentorship with Bryan LeBlanc

In this episode of the podcast, we'll be discussing career pivots and mentorship with Bryan, an executive leader and Chief Information Officer with a wealth of experience leading strategic visions in both startups and fortune 50 companies. Bryan's expertise lies in navigating complex and challenging problems, and he's now running his own advising company called 7 Stones Consulting.Bryan is Beth's mentor and has been an instrumental part in guiding her through her unconventional career path. In this conversation, he'll be sharing his insights and advice on how to successfully make a career transition. We'll discuss the key skills and mindset needed to make a pivot, the importance of networking and building relationships, and the role of mentorship in achieving your goals.Whether you're considering a career change or simply looking to build your skills and expertise, this episode is sure to provide valuable insights and inspiration. 
3/14/20231 hour, 5 minutes, 13 seconds
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Work-life balance... is it a myth?

In today's fast-paced and demanding world, achieving work-life balance can feel like an elusive goal. Many people struggle to balance the demands of their jobs with other important aspects of life, such as family, friends, hobbies, and personal interests. But is work-life balance really possible, or is it just a myth? In this week's episode we explore the concept of work-life balance and examine whether it's a realistic goal for modern workers and remote workers.  Beth and Christian also break down the impact the pandemic had on work-life balance and career pivots. Beth and Christian discuss topics such as setting boundaries, managing priorities, and finding time for self-care. Whether you're a busy professional, a stay-at-home parent, or somewhere in between, this episode is designed to help you find a healthier and more sustainable balance between work and the other important aspects of your life.Join FNB as we dive into the fascinating and complex world of work-life balance and discover whether it's a myth or a reality.
2/28/202336 minutes, 17 seconds
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Allow me to reintroduce...

On this week's episode, Beth and Christian are taking a different approach and reintroducing themselves. Listen to find out who they are and why they are telling their stories (...again!). We promise guests are coming soon!First, we have Christian Park, who went from carpentry to sustainable real estate, but has always been a jack of all trades. He'll be sharing his story of how he turned a side hustle into a business.Next, we have Beth Callan, who has had a varied career path, from working in tech startups to big corporations creating & designing digital products. She'll be discussing how her unconventional journey has helped shape her entrepreneurial mindset.  Join us as we reintroduce our hosts,  dive into their unique stories and their lessons learned along the way. We hope their stories inspire you to take risks and pursue your own unconventional career path. Let's launch it!
2/23/202334 minutes, 30 seconds
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Famous Career Pivots

Who's list will reign supreme? Beth and Christian go head-to-head for a battle on famous career pivots in this week's episode. Tune in to see who made their lists. 
2/7/202349 minutes, 30 seconds
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Lean into the Discomfort

On this week's episode, Beth discusses advice she often gives about learning to lean into the discomfort and how macro and micro moments can impact your career. She and Christian talk about social pressure, financial discomfort, imposter syndrome and the benefits of being vulnerable. 
1/31/202326 minutes, 30 seconds
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Take the Leap

In the first ever episode of Feature Not a Bug, the host, Beth Callan, takes the passenger's seat and is interviewed to share her "why" for hosting a podcast about unconventional career paths. She walks us through the Cliff's Notes version of her career and talks about the importance of taking the leap for opportunities when they arise. Beth lists some of her aspirational guests she'd love to have on the podcast and how she came up with the name, Feature Not a Bug. 
1/24/202332 minutes, 28 seconds
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Loading: Feature Not a Bug

Let's launch it! Beth Callan discusses unconventional career paths while discovering her own pursuits... all to answer the burning question: Is it a feature or is it a bug? 
1/8/20231 minute, 20 seconds