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English, News, 1 season, 91 episodes, 4 days, 2 hours, 4 minutes
Fear& is a show hosted by Will Neff & Hasan Piker. The show will occasionally contain special guests and cover pop culture events, memes, reacts, fun light hearted conversation topics and totally will not veer off down into a dark political blackpilled depressing rabbit hole. :)
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Addressing The Rumors...| Fear&

🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS 🎧 - Austin Show saves the day00:04:04 - Hasan is friends with total jerks00:07:40 - can you imagine austins ego death00:09:30 - k, all day00:11:50 - willneff the shaman (editor note, marche a great shaman too, shoutout) 00:13:20 - party sponsor by weed00:17:00 - austin is driving this episode (austin cant drive)00:19:50 - twitchcon 2019 qt was fighting demons00:23:30 - let billy rave brains live his life 00:26:10 - austin's rally at the four seasons 00:30:21 - the abbey needs to be held accountable00:35:05 - the podcast tries to finish a story00:38:11 - new tiktok trend incel men00:38:57 - snopes fact check: true00:38:58 - new tiktok trend incel men (drizzle drizzle)00:42:57 - date men, other stuff with women 00:45:20 - why do my eyes hurt (hasan photo or eclipse)00:48:55 - 700 million of lost revenue thanks to the moon00:50:52 - joker trailer dropped, what are these topics00:53:40 - hasan doesnt engage in friendship00:56:20 - the end of fear&00:58:07 - gay Kuwait is about to be a movie#hasanabi #qtcinderella #shorts
4/15/20241 hour, 1 minute, 2 seconds
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Why Hasanabi Is No Longer Allowed To Leave The Country | Fear&

✨ BONUS CONTENT ✨ PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS 🎧❤️ follow Fear&! ❤️Hasan: - Austin is being so mean, we don't deserve this00:04:15 - gifts from austraillia 00:07:50 - qtcinderella didn't have cancer00:09:42 - eating crocidiles00:13:40 - kid crushes but not bad00:17:30 - genocide products00:20:10 - why the podcast didnt happen 00:24:04 - body shots off qts mans00:25:30 - aviation austism00:27:10 - betrayel00:29:12 - studio redesign lmao 00:36:00 - qt fans stand back and stand by00:38:27 - jojo slayed too close to the sun00:47:50 - which celebrities should come on the show00:51:48 - spirit airlines austin punishment00:58:10 - podcast beef01:00:50 - will didnt get to see the gundam#hasanabi #qtcinderella  #podcast
4/8/20241 hour, 5 minutes, 53 seconds
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COLD ONES ft. HasanAbi, LazarBeam & Boy Boy | Fear&

oh fk wrong account✨ BONUS CONTENT ✨ PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS 🎧❤️ follow our guests! ❤️Chad - - -❤️ follow Fear&! ❤️Hasan: 00:00:00 - Intro 00:02:00 - skulling a vb longneck00:06:00 - lazarbeam catches an L00:10:00 -  australians are built diff00:14:27 -  boyboy is a crazy person00:18:00 -  sponsored by Stake00:22:37 - suffering from success00:24:40 - its the hardest job in the world00:26:00 - jobs before youtube00:35:45 - hi 00:36:02 -  just do meth00:38:02 - sports betting00:43:34 - american cops woo00:47:50 - aids00:50:30 - hungry jacks?00:52:55 - first impressions of hasan01:00:08 - most unhinged takes01:09:30 - outro#hasanabi #coldones #lazarbeam
4/1/20241 hour, 12 minutes, 22 seconds
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You Will NEVER Guess What This Episode Is About.. ft. Ididathing & Boyboy | Fear&

No seriously i promise you wont guess where this conversation ends upTHE FIRST OF OUR AUSSIE EPISODES! Thanks for waiting til tuesday for this release, stayed up all night to get it out for yall on these made up timezones. The following weeks will be released on our normal release day and time. Appreciate you guys enjoy love ya :)!✨ BONUS CONTENT ✨ PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS 🎧❤️ follow our guests! ❤️❤️ follow Fear&! ❤️Hasan: - intro00:01:30 - engineer psychos00:02:40 - hasans aussie opinions00:05:00 - cops visit the boys00:08:00 - hasans travel troubles00:14:00 - hasan conquers his fear of the ocean00:17:50 - aussies larp as americans00:21:00 - i will make sure they pod again with the whole gang00:21:30 - awesome sports00:25:00 -  real00:26:30 - hasan trashes the aussies home00:29:50 - boyboys art :D00:33:34 - nature is pog 00:35:40 - oh these boys are crazy00:38:30 - oh00:41:00 - oh my god00:54:00 - help01:00:00 - outro/despairge #hasanabi #ididathing  #podcast
3/26/20241 hour, 1 minute, 20 seconds
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How WillNeff Lost MILLIONS | Fear&

Hello welcome back to another episode of Fear&, probably our best episode yet tbh. We laughed, we cried, WillNeff wore a ski mask and still wasnt the craziest dressed somehow. Are we the drippiest podcast in existence? almost certainly. Anyway hope you enjoy, see ya next week love ya ♥✨ BONUS CONTENT ✨ PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS 🎧❤️ follow Fear&! ❤️Hasan: - Intro 00:02:00 - fit discussions00:06:50 - 16 games of league wins in a row00:10:30 - marathon hot takes00:15:27 - aaron rodgers for vp 00:19:34 - the amanda show reboot00:22:37 - 100k in beenie babies 00:28:40 - sentimental over material things00:31:50 - austin was roller backpack kid00:33:30 - cosplay disney day 00:35:52 - pogs00:37:02 - boeing weekend update00:44:34 - dog birthday parties 00:46:50 - street twinks and selfish tops00:49:30 - what dog would everyone be00:52:55 - name three snoop dog songs00:54:08 - hasans dog has a better life than me00:56:20 - austins weenie (dog)00:57:19 - stan chris gaytok01:05:23 - marche on camera bonus clip#hasanabi #qtcinderella  #podcast
3/18/20241 hour, 10 minutes, 19 seconds
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We got Messi a seat at the Oscars (Real) | Fear&

Women are so sick bro✨ BONUS CONTENT ✨ PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS 🎧-❤️ follow Fear&! ❤️Hasan: - Intro and grievance00:03:50 - sydney sweeney ended wokeness00:05:55 - Tubbing hard has changed Austin00:07:55 - The way streamers plan things...00:11:30 - streamers waving their numbers around00:14:40 - she was going to watch it, but she forgot 00:14:45 - we personally got this dog to the oscars00:19:02 - should we do a betting - the sand movie00:23:28 - the brooklyn bechums (never heard of them personally)00:27:45 - Benny Blanco's with Alex Russo00:29:21 - akira toriyama RIP 00:31:50 - we've all powered up let's be honest00:34:17 - what tv shows impacted your childhood00:38:15 - mojo dojo was the victim00:40:11 - austin's childhood is kind of sad ngl 00:44:44 - plane incident watch (austins personal "weekend update") 00:47:39 - qt will no longer take the train00:49:50 - love is blind watch (qts personal "weekend update")00:52:41 - pick me choose me love me00:52:42 - love is blind watch (qts personal "weekend update")00:54:50  - handing out our gold star awards00:57:50 - less than an hour podcast, shrinkflation is real#hasanabi #qtcinderella  #podcast
3/11/20241 hour, 49 seconds
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All Streamers Are Red Flags | Fear&

Filmed Wednesday Feb.28th because we felt Austin deserved some hard earned time off this weekend :)✨ BONUS CONTENT ✨ PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS 🎧-❤️ follow Fear&! ❤️Hasan: - one show equals one vacation00:03:34 - origin of fear& explained00:05:10 - getting canceled again for very real beliefs 00:08:16 - a day in the life of austin00:11:15 - farmers argue over thier crops00:14:20 - ludwig got death threats on linkedin 00:18:55 - willneff pulls a miz and destroys his ribs00:22:20 - austin came with topics00:24:00 - green flags in relationships (havent we done this)00:30:12 - this podcast is falling apart, why are they fighting00:35:40 - personally im not willing to take a step back00:39:50 - megan fox is literally on the screen00:43:30 - the crews celebrity dopplegangers00:48:27 - austin gasses us up00:50:00 - mondaymotivation springbreak 00:51:52 - the remake of the crow missed the mark00:57:30 - worst Halloween costumes, sacrilege#hasanabi #qtcinderella  #podcast
3/4/20241 hour, 2 minutes, 16 seconds
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HasanAbi Thinks He Has A Harder Job Than You | Fear&

✨ BONUS CONTENT ✨ PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS 🎧-❤️ follow Fear&! ❤️Hasan: - Intro / Group problems00:04:24 - No one wants to sleep with each other on the pod00:05:36 - literally not inviting marche to the emo stream00:08:08 - austin's tub show is out00:13:31  - qt cinderella saw a bug00:16:47 - tacobell x silicone lubricant 00:19:50 - bottom friendly foods00:22:35 - you can't judge a pug if you look like a pug00:24:46 - hasan's job is harder than a real job00:29:12 - qt cinderella wants to be a vtuber00:32:10 - one piece is hasans taylor swift00:34:04 - breakup with your therapist (because im bored)00:36:44 - mormon trad wives are in00:43:35 - delivery apps are really expensive - rich streamers00:45:40 - baby names I like but wont be using "slim easy smith"00:53:50 - scammers kinda smart for this one ngl00:55:50 - theyre selling being mormon pretty well 01:01:45 - modern day sonic#hasanabi #qtcinderella  #podcast
2/26/20241 hour, 4 minutes, 32 seconds
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The Truth Behind The Streamer Awards | Fear&

BABE WAKE UP!! STREAMER AWARDS RECAP EPISODE ✨ BONUS CONTENT ✨ PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS 🎧-❤️ follow Fear&! ❤️Hasan: - Intro / No drama at streamer awards00:03:13 - who was the best dressed?00:05:37 - was the streamer awards too long00:08:48 - the boys winning is QTs hell00:14:01 - biggest load award 202400:18:10 - QT is way funnier on whine about it00:21:31 - LMAOOOOOOOOO00:25:14 - people don't laugh at pretty girls00:30:29 - highlights/lowlights of streamer awards00:33:40 - the boys looked HOT this year00:36:20 -  jodi best dressed00:40:30 - austin show vs the bartender 00:41:40 - jynxzi is kind as hell00:43:37 - what does the word RSVP mean?00:45:20 - "won't make it on saturday" 00:49:44 - austin paid for hasan's dinner00:52:22 - osto22nox doesn't fk with willneff00:54:56 - the boys are ready for their dates00:57:20 - homewrecker tried to join the show00:58:10 - what a great episode, we're so back#hasanabi #qtcinderella  #podcast
2/19/20241 hour, 1 minute, 15 seconds
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A Wholesome Family Reunion.. | Fear&SwiftieBowl

CALENDARS -'all ever just wonder what any of this even is, like is any of this real or not? Taylor Swift starts randomly dating 1 of like 1000 football players in the nfl and then coincidentally that player is on the team that wins the superbowl a few months later? We're all just gonna accept that and pretend like it wasnt pre determined? *hits pipe* Am i fucking crazy? I feel like im losing it man, why is no one else even remotely questioning this? The voices in my head are getting louder and louder, someone please help me. Okay hope you enjoy this weeks episode love ya :D✨ BONUS CONTENT ✨ PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS 🎧-❤️ follow Fear&! ❤️Hasan: - intro00:02:20 - hasan has a smelly car, real news00:06:30 - name your price snubbed for streamer award00:07:51 - the elephant in the room00:09:55 - austin's gym regiment 00:15:30 - the west hollywood twinks aren't strangers00:18:15 - qts tswift bowl party (girls only)00:23:20 - usher killed the super bowl performance 00:25:00 - the boyfriend stories get crazy00:32:13 - wild superbowl halftime shows (jetpacks)00:36:20 - apple vision pro is taking over00:42:21 - willneff accepted his death in his dreams00:44:52 - chickfil a gets stolen BUT00:46:43 - Actors on Actors streamer edition00:56:00 - Chickfil-a customer service call#hasanabi #qtcinderella  #podcast
2/12/20241 hour, 1 second
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Hasanabi EXPOSES AustinShow (real) | Fear&Reputation

This week we are back home with some cozy vibes, yes Will is still dead from self suck (in Texas). Convo topics today include Austin being exposed for actually being a real life straight man in real life, Taylor Swift Q anon developments, a rare feel good moment & more. Hope you enjoy thanks for watchin love ya :D✨ BONUS CONTENT ✨ PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS 🎧-❤️ follow Fear&! ❤️Hasan: - Austin is late again00:02:22 - gay for pay (fake straight)00:10:30 - speaking of slurs00:12:30 - QT to the grammys00:15:30 - tswift nfl takeover00:20:10 - biden swift 202400:24:00 - reputation didn't come out00:27:12 - a feel good moment for once00:30:50 - nbc news is a fake pole00:32:32 - transvestigation00:37:00 - austin tries to relate to the group00:45:57 - unsettling perfect face tiktok00:50:00 - targeted ED pills?00:53:10 - underwear is hot 00:57:40 - ludwig isnt a good friend#hasanabi #qtcinderella  #podcast
2/5/20241 hour, 5 seconds
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Is AI Inevitable? (Ft. Asmongold, Tectone & Emiru) | Fear&Eggs

HELLLOO!!!! This weekend we flew to the lib haven Austin, Texas to meet up with the OTK/Steak & Eggs squad. Topics for todays episode Asmongold and AI, Palworld, dune predicting the future and more. Had a ton of fun filming this, huge shoutout to the Texas crew for the hospitality :D OK BYYEEE✨ BONUS CONTENT ✨ PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS 🎧-⭐️follow our guests!⭐️- Asmongold: Emiru: Tectone:❤️ follow Fear&! ❤️Hasan: - Breaking Bad / Better Call Saul00:02:46 - asmongold has been canceled 00:05:35 - AI is innevitable and immoral00:09:25 - if its good people will buy it00:13:43 - would you sleep with this pokemon00:18:14 - they are still on this topic00:24:40 - asmongold is a threat to us00:28:40 - people hate "cringe"00:31:50 - otk are ready to fight00:37:20 - asmongolds saves the youth00:40:30 - one piece spoilers00:42:27 - who would you fight?00:45:30 - breaking bad is death note00:50:20 - the moment you fell in love with anime00:55:30 - howd dune predict the future00:59:09 - what would your button do#hasanabi #asmongold  #podcast
1/29/20241 hour, 3 minutes, 45 seconds
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I've Had It w/ Fear&.

The I've Had It collab is real, please do a wellness check on any friends or family that may be fear& doubters today.  ⚠️ A DISCLAIMER ON WHY NO BONUS EP THIS WEEK: We only had about 2 and a half hours to shoot with these two before they had to catch a flight back home. So out of respect for our guests and their content we made the executive decision to not do a patreon episode this week so that we could also shoot an episode of their podcast with them immediately after ours! Hopefully you guys understand! The Fear& episode of Ive Had It should be out in the next couple days so go check that out when it drops, its about another hour of banger content. Okay this was a long disclaimer love ya thanks for watching BYYEEEE!!!✨ BONUS CONTENT ✨ PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -⭐️follow our guests!!!!!⭐️Ive Had It Podcast:❤️ follow Fear&! ❤️Hasan: - Nicorette gum cold open00:01:30 - Marche slander (justified?!)00:03:50 - Hasan loves Okhlahoma*00:08:11 - Austin's food problems00:10:10 - ChickFila hires homeschoolers00:11:39 - why did we give austin the handheld mic00:13:40 - covering for austin show00:15:30 - hetero life mates pray away the gay00:19:40 - no rizz?00:21:30 - simplicity is bliss00:25:00 - teenie weenie = big brain00:28:19 - grinder is kinda crazy00:32:12 - what is twitch?00:34:45 - rush limbaugh rehab00:36:40 - furries on high alert (clickbait)00:41:30 - OKC 50th in education00:44:18 - karen-ism within us00:48:04 - tip-flation00:52:30 - forced philanthropy (what are the vibes of these babies)00:56:00 - no paywall sry#hasanabi #ivehadit #podcast
1/22/20241 hour, 5 seconds
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TinaKitten's Mysterious Past | Fear&QSMP

HELLO :D This week on Fear& TinaKitten is back almost a year later i think? Idk im not scrolling thru our episodes to figure out how long ago she was on with Miyoung. We asked her super last minute to be on & she pulled through & we love her for that. Topics on todays ep include, Tina's origin story, vibing animals, impulse control & more. Okay thanks for watching hope you enjoy and everyone go send some love to Tina WOOOOO!!!✨ BONUS CONTENT ✨ PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -⭐️follow our guest!!!!!⭐️Tina :❤️ follow Fear&! ❤️Hasan: - Intro / WillNeff's dance00:06:06 - Tina finally gets introduced00:09:50 - Taylor Swift a government psyop 00:15:30 - What does Tina want to talk about?00:19:30 - Tina lied for attention00:23:00 - Can Hasan vibe a bear in the wild?00:26:30 - Tina can vibe a shark00:29:45 - QT has some words for the haters00:32:30 - SALTBRUN SPOILERS GET OUT00:38:29 - 9 month $120,000 cruise00:48:26 - WillNeff explains life insurance00:52:14 - We judged the cruise too fast00:57:10 - Tina hates the little men on her hands00:59:54 - Tina and Will's impulse control#hasanabi #qsmp #podcast
1/15/20241 hour, 4 minutes, 57 seconds
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Jeremy Allen White, Stanley Cups, Streamer Awards & More | Fear&TradWives

Austin has left us, maybe only for a couple weeks, maybe forever. We'll never know. Anyway the gang is back this week to give their takes on whats going on in the world, mainly Hasan and Will simping over JAW,  and trying to convince QT to get on a plane so Austin will give Will money. Okay thanks for watching hope you enjoy see ya :D✨ BONUS CONTENT ✨ PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -❤️ follow Fear&! ❤️Hasan: - Stanley Cups00:05:01 - WWII bomber pilots 00:08:22 - QT's goal to be basic00:09:19 - Hot Wonka's willy00:14:20 - Trad wives split rent00:19:25 - Ludwig should buy QT things00:20:20 - whats happening with planes00:25:00 - planes on fire00:29:11 - $650 a week for therapy00:33:00 - #QTTOMEMPHIS00:36:00 - Bass Proshop cannonball00:40:24 - we are never recording the patreon first again00:41:32 - aghori kinda scary ngl00:44:20 - the boys whine about it00:47:40 - new streamer awards 00:53:30 - groundlings paying off00:55:20 - Streamer awards white washed00:59:00 - christmas party rotation#hasanabi #qtcinderella  #podcast
1/8/20241 hour, 6 minutes, 47 seconds
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Fear& New Years Special

HAPPY NEW YEAR :D!!!!!!!!!!✨ BONUS CONTENT ✨ PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -❤️ follow Fear&! ❤️Hasan: - One big happy family00:02:20 - hasan's 9 minute connection00:04:10 - qt burries the hatchet00:07:17 - imagine a toystory with sex toys00:10:11 - past new years resolutions00:14:30 - hasan crushed his resolutions00:17:27 - QT wants to marry an austraillian00:19:50 - Austin's 2024 resolution00:23:13 - fear& disney is back00:25:30 - D.A.R.E lied?!00:28:30 - no shroom policy00:30:20 - austin didn't want to get wet00:32:50 - austin sat coach (which is fine)00:36:03 - Hasan's gift to QT 00:39:46 - hasan's semester at sea00:44:00 - converting QT 00:47:10 - i am a child of god00:49:19 - italians are the most turkish people00:51:30 - Hasan's a roman empire guy00:54:14 - Do wizards use their wands?00:56:30 - Will wakes up nude00:59:00 - Florance has dog bread#hasanabi #qtcinderella  #podcast
1/1/20241 hour, 3 minutes, 40 seconds
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A Very Special Fear& Christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! ✨ BONUS CONTENT ✨ PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -❤️ follow Fear&! ❤️Hasan: - intro // Merry Christmas 00:03:25 - fear&'s financial upbringing 00:06:00 - public school in Turkey 00:09:21 - hasan's handler 00:11:10 - austin Show a southwest Pilot 00:14:05 - migrant crisis in America 00:16:57 - how much money do you have? 00:19:10 - Fear& Cencorship 00:21:09 - money buys happiness 00:23:45 - food stamps are based 00:29:00 - qt cinderella switched up 00:31:11 - airing of grievances 00:34:50 - the boys and their icks 00:37:30 - austin show "a" problem or "the" problem 00:39:20 - d*ck jar 00:41:30 - kaya piker's puberty  00:42:50 - #3 wiki feet for free 00:45:34 - austin's lying era is over 00:46:50 - the boys keep cutting off qt cind 00:48:30 - ludwig is a known misogynist 00:49:30 - mom's love washing your clothes 00:50:50 - qt brings the vibes down 00:54:00 - hasan mansplains the female organism 00:55:40 - the real housewives of fear& 00:57:30 - loving each other's parents 01:00:30 - how the rich give gifts 01:03:20 - samsung steamers are great ad  01:05:00 - the girlies want tennis bracelets 01:07:52 - outro / happy holidays #hasanabi #qtcinderella  #podcast
12/25/20231 hour, 10 minutes, 18 seconds
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ExtraEmily Is The GOAT of IRL Streaming | Fear&Gyat

We hotfixed the set and the new patch is now live: FEAR& PATCH 1.2.131 - - Fixed a bug that was causing the audio to echo and sound like dog- Fixed a bug that was causing camera angles to be too low and show too much leg in line of sight- Added support for Ray Tracing- Fixed a bug that made lighting and shaders appear colder and harsh than intended- Fixed a bug that made my bitch too bad and my money too long- Replaced Will Neff model with Extra Emily model to make our game more diverseAs always thank you for playing and your continued support.✨ BONUS CONTENT ✨ PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -⭐️follow our guest!!!!!⭐️Emily :❤️ follow Fear&! ❤️Hasan: - intro00:01:00 - austin runs into the camera00:03:45 - WillNeff in memoriam 00:04:44 - would emily eat her own...00:06:07 - tight pants austin on the patreon00:09:10 - working out is for the gays00:10:30 - extra emily is racist00:15:30- hasan's best practices to talk to girls00:16:20- uwu00:18:05 - extra emily goat of irl streaming? [death wish?]00:24:20 - nick told this story on the yard00:27:30- QTCinderella hates the Christmas concert venue00:30:42 - finally talking about dodgeball00:33:20 - jschlatt attacks austin00:38:16 - extra emily "full pie"00:43:10 - Nyat = negative + gyat00:43:50 - Financial Engineering????00:45:35 - hasan's the dumb one00:47:30 - qt grew up on a potato farm00:49:40 - gay pron on the paywall00:50:09 - Tswift Time00:53:20 - Taylor Swift Man of the Year01:02:35 - "the trash always takes itself out" 01:03:26 - Остин — новый ведущий подкаста01:07:20 - austin out flanked by straight people01:09:14 - Outro#hasanabi #extraemily  #podcast
12/18/20231 hour, 10 minutes, 46 seconds
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Stavros Finds The New Twitch Meta Groundbreaking | Fear&Stavvy'sWorld

73 Episodes in feels like a good a time as any for a little switch up. The new set is here, it's real, it exists, it's not just a fairytale. Thank you so much to every one of you who has supported and watched us up until this point. I never could have imagined what this show would grow into when I first started producing it over a year ago with the Amsterdam episode. This show means so much to all of us and it would be nothing without our community.  A few words on the thought behind the new set and what you can expect moving forward: This set is meant to symbolize a little bit of the personality from each of our hosts. Stuff they loved growing up or that directly ties into their interests. Imagine what a room would look like if they all shared a bedroom growing up. We'll continue to add things and change things in it as we grow into the room. Dont worry, I know new things can be a little scary but this is very much still the same Fear&. It'll still be scuffed af from time to time, itll still be chaotic and make no sense, it'll still probably break every now and then. I hope yall fuck with it as much as we do. Also the old set is still there, this is likely not the last youve seen of it. Love ya enjoy the episode ok bye ♥✨ BONUS CONTENT ✨ PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -❤️ follow Fear&! ❤️Hasan: - New set, same Fear&00:04:34 - Twitch made the depressed famous00:05:42 - New Twitch meta just dropped00:06:28 - "I had a dream" - AustinShow00:07:57 - Hasan ran downhill after a schoolbus00:09:16 - Austin dissapoint's Hasan's mom00:10:23 - Morgpie (biggus wombus)00:12:55 - Male's breakdown what matters00:14:15 - We need to hear the claps00:15:30 - Asianbunnyx the Rosa Parks of twitch00:16:50 - Is no one allowed to be riledup on twitch?00:18:30 - Innovation finds a way00:19:35 - AustinShow speaks on an unknown subject00:22:01 - Is the shaft of the d okay? 00:23:30 - Hasan has seen some nice roosters00:24:20 - Austin's weekends at Applebees00:26:32 - Chickfil-a is full of pride00:27:10 - Shohei Ohtani signs with Dodgers00:28:20 - "Who cares about 200 million dollars" - AustinShow00:29:46 - Ronnie joins the podcast00:31:30 - "Japan is the capital of China"00:33:07 - China agrees to become a colony of Bultimore00:35:30 - WillNeff needs a robot hotdog00:38:20 - Hotdog eating moneyshot 00:41:10 - Robot steak is the next big thing00:43:11 - We weren't at an hour...00:44:10 - Austin sets the flaking groundwork00:46:20 - Heartfelt message from a deeply caring fan00:48:00 - BONUS PATREON CONTENT YOU'RE WELCOME00:51:10 - Working it to a CRT TV is different00:54:00 - Stavros names a woman00:56:36 - Elon musk doesn't hurt cops
12/11/202348 minutes, 38 seconds
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The Return Of WillNeff, Cybertruck Death Trap & More | Fear&JurassicPark

Willneff is back. Your 3 gay fathers just wanna sit and talk to you for an hour, please have a seat. ✨ BONUS CONTENT ✨ PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -❤️ follow Fear&! ❤️Hasan: - Intro00:01:48 - Cybertruck vs Cool EVS00:07:55 - Austin crashes his car like a 00:10:35 - cmon man..00:12:00 - Austin is unathletic 00:14:45 - Austin is a daddy00:23:30 - please just change the subject00:25:35 - im reporting hasan to hr00:28:00 - hasan has no self control00:30:30 - Austin tries to larp as a fat kid again00:33:55 - dogs will live forever pog00:36:00 - what if we didnt do that00:38:15 - cybertruck death machine00:41:00 - Austin's spotify wrapped (lmao)00:49:09 - Austin is a murderer00:52:06 - Austin wants to do Jurassic Park without realizing it00:54:00 - The Dinosaur Segment?01:00:00 - Outro / Lingling off a bean fr
12/4/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 51 seconds
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Ending Homophobia (Again) w/ Ludwig & Aiden | Fear&TheYard

This week we have Hasan (LGBTQ Foe) & Austin (Gay) joined by Ludwig (HEAVILY questioning) & Aiden (Bisexual). Topics for this episode include confronting Ludwig for his gaybaiting, hitting the 1000lb club, me being a broke boy apparently (kinda messed up) and more. Okay enjoy love you pls sub to the patreon✨ BONUS CONTENT ✨ PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -⭐️follow our guests!!!!!⭐️Ludwig:❤️ follow Fear&! ❤️Hasan: - The guys and the gays00:03:28 - Always with the phone00:04:50 - We're still the most jacked podcast00:05:20 - Austin farms more tiktoks00:08:44 - Ludwig's break up (real)00:11:00 - A personal trainer is the strongest in the room00:14:37 - Dream gets called a 00:16:02 - Can pansexual people say it00:18:00 - I'm a broke boy.. help00:19:30 - finally 00:19:44 - Dream clip continued00:23:00 - The Yard name origin00:25:08 - Hasan attempts to gaslight Austin00:29:20 - Aiden pulls up receipts 00:30:30 - Hasans biggest flaw00:33:40 - I wish i could kill Aiden with my bare hands00:35:09 - Sexism test (IT WORKS!!!!!!!!)00:36:06 - Austin vs Nick Saga Continues00:41:30 - Show's redemption arc / real talk00:49:10 - America sleeps France00:49:54 - why does he speak to me like this00:50:10 - we run France tho00:56:27 - What happened in italy? 01:02:30 - Outro / Patreon
11/27/20231 hour, 5 minutes, 3 seconds
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A Chat w/ Pokimane | Fear&Drama

✨ BONUS CONTENT ✨ PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -⭐️follow our guest!!!!!⭐️Poki:❤️ follow Fear&! ❤️Hasan: - Intro3:00 - Austin didn't need to bring this up05:10 - QT Cinderella is hot07:45 - Austin loves Hasan's bathroom lighting10:13 - Drama time!17:40 - BREAKING: POKI ADDRESSES CONTROVERSY 25:12 - Travis Kelsey's past tweets (himbo)31:03 - Streamer Awards 202436:30 - George Santos is for the girls43:00 - Only fans + Austin Show48:38 - Osama Been ladin tiktok51:00 - Tswift themed cruise56:00 - Nude Photoshoot1:01:24 - Wow we made it over an hour / Baby Fever#hasanabi #pokimane #podcast
11/20/20231 hour, 8 minutes, 43 seconds
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Troye Sivan, Sexiest Men Alive, Hot Ugly vs Ugly Hot | Fear&People

This week we objectify men. P.S. Everyone wish Austin a Happy Birthday in the comments :)✨ BONUS CONTENT ✨ PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -❤️ follow Fear&! ❤️Hasan: Hasan is weirdly in the best mood ever/Will jumps through a table05:35 Austin Show Bingo11:20 Eating on the podcast12:34 Will this cake get us demonetized?15:30 bro this cake is way too realistic wtf20:10 Troy Sivan Gay Icon24:18 Raiders (4-5) Convert on 4th and Inches with 8:28 to play against the Jetts (4-4)28:45 Ugly hot vs Hot ugly33:55 Lets judge men off their physical appearance45:00 Sexiest Men Alive 52:50 GIGACHAD???56:45 Who is the real "White Hat Karen" / Outro
11/13/20231 hour, 3 minutes, 20 seconds
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This Is A Podcast About Nothing. | Fear&SelfSuck

Name Your Price Tickets! - week the gang has an existential crisis. Are we out of content? Did we fall off? Do we need to come more prepared? Do people even like us anymore? Is Ludwig gay?✨ BONUS CONTENT ✨ PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -❤️ follow Fear&! ❤️Hasan: Intro09:21 Is ludwig gay?12:50 QT is running around town15:30 - "My dog wont listen to me after he saw me bottoming"20:00 - Do your dogs watch you have sex?26:00 Mormon loopholes 34:02 Swifty apology arc40:36 Mr Beast builds wells in Africa45:26 Hasan's chest streams51:47 Willneff has a different best friend, podcast over54:41 Fear& Catalina wine mixer01:01:30 Outro/Patreon#hasanabi #qtcinderella  #podcast
11/6/20231 hour, 5 minutes, 3 seconds
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QTCinderella Turned Hasanabi Into A Monster.. | Fear&Barbie

The Halloween special, featuring cvnty Hasan, cvnty WillNeff, straight Austin & QT.✨ BONUS CONTENT ✨ PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -❤️ follow Fear&! ❤️Hasan: Something is different about the pod03:43 Dick timer personal best09:44 The swifties turned on QT cinderella 14:20 Fear& is acquiring wineaboutit29:22 Austin "stole his washer and dryer"31:25 QT saw I-carly live 39:40 What if you had a female friend who didn't respect your boundaries?47:47 Willneff saw Dane Cook's breakdown51:50 Austinshow reveals you all made him cry, you assholes(200k on patreon we release it)56:00: will sex ever carry less weight?
10/28/20231 hour, 3 minutes, 57 seconds
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Hasanabi, QTCinderella, WillNeff & AustinShow Go To TwitchCon Las Vegas | Fear&

This weekend the entire Fear& crew went to Vegas for TwitchCon. The gang recounts their con experiences, me and Will almost dying, QT being traumatized by elevators, Hasan being unable to take a day off and more. Also Austin calls the manager on Vegas on this weeks patreon episode for a very special edition of white hat Karen, might be the best piece of content we've ever shot ngl. Name Your Price -✨ BONUS CONTENT ✨ PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -❤️ follow Fear&! ❤️Hasan: - Intro00:01:02 - Austin's m&ms00:02:50  - QT hates us still00:08:50 - Hasan had fun for once00:11:30 - we almost died00:17:20 - We need a Karen00:24:00 - fear&gaslighting00:28:00 - Hasan is in shambles00:34:50 - Hasan kms moment00:35:45 - These gamers dont deserve Madeon man.. 00:38:00 - QT is too busy 00:42:56 - WillNeff wholesome moment00:50:20 - the sauce00:53:00 - kicking me while im down kinda messed up00:56:45 - Is Austin eccentric?01:01:02 - Outro
10/23/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 20 seconds
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What really happened to QTCinderella.. 😦 | Fear&Survival

QT is unfortunately no longer with us.. The boys mourn the loss of their dear friend as well as react to other topics such as the Dillon Dannis nonsense, twitchcon vegas, who would survive in the wilderness and more. Okay see ya next week love you ♥✨ BONUS CONTENT ✨ PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -❤️ follow Fear&! ❤️Hasan: - Intro, RIP QT6:01 - The world has found out Austin's biggest secret11:30 - Austin's shipping economics16:08 - Fear&NameYourPrice Long Beach / Vegas22:36 - Israel Palestine (light conversation)24:20 - Thank god Dillion Dannis will finally stfu 30:50 - Austin Show the gay Larry David35:20 - Boys trip in Vegas40:50 - Kaya bootcamp / Austin's cat has standards46:00 - Fear&Camping Trip / Survival skills51:00 - Austin..58:00 Outro / Patreon
10/16/20231 hour, 10 seconds
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The Yard's Official Apology to AustinShow | Fear&Aiden-less World 2027

This week we are joined by The Yard's A team, to replace our ginger and token gay man with another ginger and a slightly less gay man. It's basically a regular episode of fear& if you watch from over 10 feet away and squint. (Or i guess the last part of this description doesnt apply if ur reading this because youre on an audio platform but thanks for stopping by regardless and reading the things i write)🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -♥ follow our guests! ♥Nick:✰ follow Fear&! ✰Hasan: - The pod gets even more ginger06:04 - KC Chiefs were always QTs favorite football team09:50 - Poliques invade the Fear& podcast12:19 - Nicks incredibly serious Apology19:30 - Aidens incredibly serious Apology24:30 - Slime is dating a Heinz sister26:45 - Girl Economy / Ludwig Hair Guy32:50 - Real Homie Check up time (Is Hasan okay?)36:00 - Do the hosts have Podcast Guilt41:07 - More pranks between the yard45:24 - Podcast talking about podcasts50:01 - John Mayor's best friend Hasan55:00 - QT Cinderella gets to sniff Taylor Swift1:00:00 - Can a brother slide?
10/9/20231 hour, 4 minutes, 56 seconds
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QTCinderella's Gala For Good Prelude (ft. Nmplol & Malena) | Fear&OTK

This week we filmed our episode a day sooner than usual because QT's gala to raise money to save the rainforest was happening on our usual sunday slot, which also means theres some friends in town we can trick out on our show for content. This week we have Nick and Malena joining us while we completely ignore our guest whos wrapped up in a blanket and giving huge im just happy to be here energy. Okay hope you enjoy love ya thanks for watching ♥🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -♥ follow our guests! ♥Nick:✰ follow Fear&! ✰Hasan: Intro03:20 Austin Show is uninvited from staying with Hasan04:40 Nick is banned from Enterprise rental car over $3010:40 What everyone is wearing to QTs Gala (even though you know because it happened)14:00 Selling your friends22:30 WillNeff's beef with Ludwig25:16 Let's talk about buttholes for a minute30:40 Austin gets hit on by women, HE HATES IT34:30 Travis Kelcey and Taylor Swift comes up naturally37:37 Taylor Swift the Andrew Tate for white women 49:00 Ludwig farted on QTs first date (1 minute break from talking about penises)56:07 We are on the verge of hating Taylor Swift59:30 What does Nick want to talk about?1:08:00 Outro
10/2/20231 hour, 12 minutes, 39 seconds
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The Boys Episode (Ft. Eddy Burback, Hasanabi, WillNeff & AustinShow) | Fear&Margaritaville

This week we interrogate alleged killer Eddy Burback. Spoiler: he did that shit. .Rest in Paradise Jimmy.In loving memory of Jimmy Buffett (1922 - 2023)🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -♥ follow our guest! ♥Eddy:✰ follow Fear&! ✰Hasan: BOYS ONLY INTRO1:56 Hasan kicks the giant 3:20 WILLNEFF SURPRISE HOTSAUCE DROP7:07 SOMEONE KEEP A SPREADSHEET OF HOW FAST AUSTIN MENTIONS SEX EACH EPISODE OF THE PODCAST08:40 HOW YOUTUBERS KILLED AN ICON NOT CLICKBAIT13:00 WHAT IS EDDIE WORKING ON (BESIDES KIND MURDER)15:29 KICK IS TRASH22:50 Would you kill your brother?24:33 GRIZZLY MEN TALK GRIZZLY HABITS30:30 AUSTIN SHOW URGENT CARE REGULAR35:45 "Skip this part" - Austin Show (32)42:06 The gays the bars and the gyms48:00 THE BOYS GET ROUDY53:05 Would you suck d*ck in a pool / outro
9/25/202357 minutes, 3 seconds
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The Girls & The Gays Finally Outnumber Hasanabi ft. Tana Mongeau | Fear&IceSpice

This week we have Tana Mongeau on the show to finally take over and outnumber Hasan. This is no longer a straight white male dominated broadcast, this is the face of progress. In all seriousness tho huge thanks to Tana for coming on and beings such a dope guest :) Some of todays topics are, Logan paul/Dillon Danis drama, Austin feeling validated beautiful natural and seen, the ice spice dunkin donuts latte and more. 🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -♥ follow our guest! ♥Tana:  @cancelledwithtanamongeau739  ✰ follow Fear&! ✰Hasan: - Origin of Tana's last name05:25 - Austin Show gay deceptive liar08:00 - Crossing the sex talk threshold11:11 - QT Cinderella into Cutie Cinderella13:04 - Rapid fire Tana answers20:35 - Raya and normie dating app talk28:33 - Taylor Swift Weekly34:09 - Sexual Do's and Don't44:44 - What's your favorite airport47:30 - What does Austin Show do? 50:30 - Dillion Dannis drama57:20 - Cookie Kicks1:00:00 - Ice Spice Dunkin Donuts Latte
9/18/20231 hour, 6 minutes, 45 seconds
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Hasan & Will Get SCAMMED Out Of $100,000 | Fear&TowMater

Sup gamers we're back with another week of podcasting featuring all of your favorite hosts, the whole gang is here! :) The first 15mins of the podcast was lost into the void because our setup is so scuffed and makes me want to [redacted] every single week but dw improvements and a set are on the way eventually. Regardless we still filmed a banger for your and a juicer of a bonus ep as well so make sure to go check that out. Topics for today are, airing out scammers who will not be named in this description, QT almost dying at disneyland (real) and more. Okay thanks for watching love you guys see ya next week 🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -✰ follow Fear&! ✰Hasan: - Scuffed intro, the lost tapes03:05 - Willneff and Hasan got scammed 07:45 - QTCinderella wanted to see Taylor's outfit11:45 - Willneff looks to stop Home Invasions14:52 - QB Cinderella is fragile17:13 - Back to the scam story after 15 min17:55 - Just kidding, Mommy Vlogger abuser24:00 - Mormon soft swinger parties27:10 - Sideman soccer game, .3 XQC, Turkish Oil Wrestling31:46 - QT almost dies at Disneyland39:44 - Hasan finally contributes to the podcast50:39 - Hasan conqueres his fear of the ocean51:45 - Wait what? QT was Britney on a cruise ship55:30 - The devil is in the ocean58:45 - Gala dates / Outro
9/11/20231 hour, 1 minute, 19 seconds
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Will Neff is a HERO, Mr Beast vs Jacksepticeye Drama & More | Fear&Austin'sQTs

The adhd podcast is back with a labor day special (its just a regular episodes, streamers dont know what the fk a holiday is they dont actually work lets be real) and we talk juicy topics like, will neff being an actual hero, jimmy buffets death, mr beast vs jackspeticeye and more. Okayge goodbye love ya thanks for watching :)🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -✰ follow Fear&! ✰Hasan: - Intro / Hasan's lack of hospitality2:09 - QT Cinderella Duck Tazer05:05 - WillNeff saves the day!13:30 - BINGO AUSTIN MENTIONS D*CKS (FEAR&Boobs)19:40 - I feel sorry for QT Cinderella 23:30 - RIP Jimmy Buffet25:12 - Hasan's Pop-up shop29:30 - Willneff / QT Cinderella Body Off38:20 - Hasan's parents want him to do more41:50 - QT Cinderella house designer48:40 - Sorry audio listeners, house reviews50:59 - TSTD - TALK SHIT TALK DRAMA53:00 - Jack's septic eye VS Mr. Beast Drama57:30 - Fast food vs Quality dining (Content creation)1:00:20 - The Streamy's SUCKED1:03:30 - Austin's Quties at 30,000 patreon subs
9/4/20231 hour, 10 minutes, 15 seconds
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Hasanabi, QTCinderella & WillNeff Boycott The Streamys | Fear&Cobra

This week the gang is all here with a lot to catch up on and air out, every week we stray further and further from God's light. Okay goodbye love you thanks for watchin ♥🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -✰ follow Fear&! ✰Hasan: - Cryptic Intro1:05 - Welcome to the Fear& podcast, Austin is feeling great03:30 - Ludwig makes out with Aiden06:46 - Most expensive injury in sports history10:56 - Hasan shares his take on baseball, but doesn't watch13:40 - Austin Show D*ck Expert20:17 - Aritzia gives off Skinny Girl vibes28:50 - Hasan's list of what he wants to talk about31:55 - Taylor Swift is summoning demons 38:36 #TaylorIsOverParty - TayLORE Swift44:00 You don't need to sin to have fun48:10 Marche spends 20 minutes looking for random things55:00 Still can't find that one Scottish guy58:32 ADHD podcast, adderall shortage is hitting hard1:00:00 Which Fear& host would sell for the most at auction?1:07:10 Outro`
8/28/20231 hour, 9 minutes, 13 seconds
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Down The Conspiracy Rabbit Hole w/ Jarvis Johnson & Jordan Adika | Fear&SadBoyz

This week we're joined by the Sad Boyz Jarvis & Jordan in the middle of a hurricane (underwhelming) to go on a journey down the conspiracy rabbit holes that no one asked for.  Seriously i dunno why this episode turned out the way it did or why this is the direction it took but tbh it ended up being a banger so im not complaining. Also the patreon episode was fantastic as well, QT goes into detail about her first standup show among other things check it out!!  Hope you guys enjoy love ya :)!🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -♥ follow our guests! ♥Jarvis:✰ follow Fear&! ✰Hasan:
8/21/20231 hour, 6 minutes, 3 seconds
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The Return Of QTCinderella | Fear&RoadRage

Every week gets more and more unhinged i dont even know what to say anymore man, it's 4:30am im fkn tired thank you for watching love you guys ♥🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -✰ follow Fear&! ✰Hasan: Intro - Brunch Problems05:57 - Gay Bashing08:00 - The commenters HATE women / Taylor Swift Rundown09:11 - QT Calls Her Stepdad11:00 - QTs probably done with this podcast12:35 - HUHH??13:00 - Austin is a slut15:50 Insane Sesame Street Tangent20:45 - How did QT almost die? 27:28 - Why is Austin Show under the influence? Abbey Sunday for the Patreon?!30:22 - F's in chat for Will Neff,36:12 -QT has some drama to talk about!39:20 - Hasan misses QT 40:20 - Ludwig glazing and slander43:36 - QTs tragic ring story45:40 - Fear& AustinShow Retreat48:30 - Raiding the Yard's set49:30 - Hasan is going to die during one of these podcasts53:00 - shoutout to the gay hasanabi heads that watch this podcast58:00 - keep harassing them to do more patreon bonus content it's working?59:09 - outro // patreon
8/14/202359 minutes, 12 seconds
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Taylor Swift Controversy, Exposing Fuslie's LaundryGate & More | Fear&Eras

This week  @fuslie joins the boys to clear her name of her newest hygiene allegations(LAUNDRYGATE), other topics include Austin recapping his Taylor Swift Eras Tour experience, Austin breaking Hasans house again and more. Side note: QT unfortunately was unable to join us this week because she's dealing with some personal stuff and we obviously wanna respect her space and support her however we can so that's why she's not here. Please go send her your love for us ♥ Hope you enjoy this episode ok goodbye 🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -♥ follow our guest! ♥Leslie:✰ follow Fear&! ✰Hasan: Intro / Fuslie new permanent host of the podcast!05:10 Taylor Swift stole Austin's hotel so he breaks into Hasan's house10:40 Austin's prepared defense of the situation15:30 Fuslie addresses her lies and reveals everything21:10 Will and Hasan are responsible for the water crisis in California22:50 Why Austin was chosen for QTs box out of everyone else26:40 SoFi is a terrible building, it took me 2 hours once to leave from a MCR concert28:40 Austin's transition to being a swiftie // Willneff and Hasan speak their truth33:33 The gang has very different break up songs 40:00 Aliens?44:11 Would you change your life is there is indisputable evidence of Aliens?48:00 Austin broke Hasan's door50:00 Fuslie stuck in the worst conversation I've ever listened to / Outro
8/8/202358 minutes, 13 seconds
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Ariana Grande Hates Women, Hasanabi REACTS To XQC ReactGATE 2023 | Fear&

🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -✰ follow Fear&! ✰Hasan: - Intro, Hasan moved his table 2:00 - Timothy look up last name spelling is a bad willy wonka07:30 - Austin's PR birthday message to Hasan08:30 - Hasan and QT went to see the Barbie movie15:00 - Britney Spears, maybe we were wrong16:40 - Austin's Overalls and QTs Taylor Swift requirements 25:45 - QT doesn't reply to Austin 31:50 - They forget they are doing a podcast34:30 - Ariana Grande is a serial cheater41:00 - Ariana Grande is dating her brother who is also Spongebob who is also a munchkin47:00 - Who would you blow up your relationship for?52:40 - ReactGATE 2023, actual current events discussion on a podcast AND they stay on topic for more than 2 minutes1:06:00 outro/patreon
7/31/20231 hour, 7 minutes, 27 seconds
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This week is the one year anniversary of us relaunching the fear&malding podcast, dropping the malding, adding me as the lead producer and immediately making it a way better product than an entire production team was able to ever do over the existence of it's predecessor. Yes im talking shit because i worked me dick off the get this podcast off the ground after adopting it and getting it to where it is today and im proud af of what we've built so far. So thank you to everyone who has watched and supported us this past year, it's truly changed my life and i am eternally grateful for you guys. Anyway enough cringe shit this week the yard invited us onto their set to record this special episode, they welcomed us in with open arms absolutely nothing weird transpired to make this episode happen. Enjoy ok goodbye love ya🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -✰ follow Fear&! ✰Hasan:
7/24/20231 hour, 3 minutes, 46 seconds
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This Is NOT Our One Year Anniversary | Fear&Healing Hasanabi

Idk how time works but according to people smarter than us this episode isnt technically our 1 year anniversary episode next weeks is. This week we learn the truth about how QTCinderella feels about us and how we’re just her gross useless side hoe slop pigs who she hates, also America me up is back! Okay enjoy goodbye!!🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -✰ follow Fear&! ✰Hasan: - Intro / Austinshow is missing9:00 - QT gets vaccine at wills / cheats on Fear&18:07 - Recap of how Austin injured Hasan26:07 - QT gets denied to the Barbie Premiere30:30 - Willneff story of the week / Assembling an "art" doll34:35 - Dream podcast guests // Swiftie theory 42:25 - Breaking DougDougs world record, QT is in?52:20 - America Me Up! (Not the 1 year anniversary)59:10 - Names for their pieces / Outro
7/17/20231 hour, 4 minutes, 6 seconds
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Squeezie Saves Our Paris Trip, AustinShow Breaks Hasanabi's Ribs & More.. | Fear&TwitchCon EU

Hasan broke his rib, irl streams were a bust, twitchcon was kinda mid, just when we thought all hope was lost for the Paris trip a hero emerged. This week we have French Youtube legend Squeezie who invited us into his home so we'd have a place to film this episode, showed us around Paris and took us to eat amazing food and basically saved the whole trip. Just an all around amazing dude and creator, we hope you enjoy this crossover as much as we enjoyed filming it. I pulled an all nighter as im writing this right before my flight to get this episode out so im gonna log off now and go to the airport goodbye love ya🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -✰ follow our guest! ✰Squeezie:✰ follow Fear&! ✰Hasan:
7/10/20231 hour, 4 minutes, 56 seconds
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Hasanabi & Will Neff Give QTCinderella An INSANE Gift.. | Fear&Tokyo Disney Sea

We're back from Japan, we dont miss it at all not even a little bit. Everyone came home and is adjusting super well to being back in america and we all got QT her gifts from overseas and it all went super well and we dont miss japan at all we dont wannt go back we love being back home america is so sick i feel so free im not projecting ok hope u like the episode goodnight love you im not jetlagged at all im not writing this at 4am wide awake ok bye.🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -✰ follow Fear&! ✰Hasan:
7/3/20231 hour, 9 minutes, 57 seconds
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An Evening In Tokyo With Kaho Shibuya & Scarra | Fear&Japan

This week the boys are in Tokyo (QT refused to come because she hates us) with two prolific sex workers. People have been asking for this collaboration forever so we made it happen, Kaho and Scarra join us for another juicer episode full of laughs love and friendship. In all seriousness we had an absolute blast with this episode so we hope you enjoy this crossover as much as we enjoyed making it happen. Everyone went home to Los Angeles already but i decided to stay back in tokyo because I'm taking some me time. Doesnt matter where I am in the world tho I will always get these episodes out to you okay? Love ya good bye🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -✰ follow our guests! ✰Kaho : :✰ follow Fear&! ✰Hasan: Intro / Austin requests tap water3:45 Meet our guests, two sex workers6:30 Kaho had an interview after the stream 9:30 It only took 9 minutes to be an adult content podcast24:04 Scarra will die for Japanese food28:51 Kaho's favorite place to eat / Austin's first sushi in Japan34:02 Not enough Japanese people in Japan - the whites40:00 Hasan watched "old enough" / Crime in Japan45:39 Japan Nightlife / Clubs53:49 Will tries to throw it to the paywall episode too early / Hosts59:30 The gang went to a gaybar1:06:10 Will repents for his behavior toward Scarra / Outro
6/26/20231 hour, 11 minutes, 54 seconds
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This week we're all traveling to Japan so this episode was actually filmed a few days ago before we left, things are spiraling out of control. Will is half naked, Austin wont stop turning this into a sex podcast, qt is completely unstable and Hasan has just left entirely. Topics today include hasan's life potentially ending soon, kamasutra, the yard, and insane story by will about his dog almost getting killed by a wild fox and more. Also the patreon episode for this one is just complete insanity, thats all im gonna say.🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS - - Intro // Hasan Allergic to his dog4:45 Hasan's parents are allies08:04 Wine about The Yard^12:07 Austin's Night Out20:08 Fear&'s First ever medical procedure 22:53 Japan Trip, Austin's D26:00 The Gang are scosiopaths (kills animals)32:00 QT bachelorette party34:30 Sex positions and live demonstrations43:43 Hasan's ear issue continues48:00 Hasan pulls more at the Abbey than Austin1:00:00 Outro✰ follow Fear&! ✰Hasan:
6/19/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 16 seconds
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Hasanabi, QTCinderella & AustinShow REACT To Nick Mercs Pride Controversy & More | Fear&CoD

Today we are joined by Nick Mercs, because he's in the thumbnail which means he is here with us in person this is not clickbait Nick Mercs is actually here. I would never just bait you guys for impressions, you know me, you can trust me I wouldnt do that to you. Anyways, topics today include anti-straight bigotry, nick mercs and timthetatman being capital G Gamers, shipping Haustinabi and more. Hope you enjoy! Also this weeks bonus episode is a 1:1 Hasan Austin power hour for all the Haustinabi fans in chat so go check it out.🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS - Intro 4:40 Anti-Straight Bigotry 6:50 Austin is conventionally attractive11:15 Who is going to be in Taylor's box?16:05 Austin teaches Hasan about being a muslim20:00 Nickmercs controversy // Streaming drama of the week37:40 The community reaction and backlash42:26 Austin vs Elon Musk47:40 Education on male anuses51:10 The status of Japan's Onsen trip56:00 Hasan and Austin's romantic relationship1:01:08 Watching straight + gay porn1:08:05 Joe Biden 20241:10:20 Outro✰ follow Fear&! ✰Hasan:
6/12/20231 hour, 11 minutes, 14 seconds
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Hasanabi & AustinShow Celebrate Pride, QTCinderella WILL Go To Japan & More.. | Fear&Diablo

If last week was our best episode this might be our worst, everyone is a shell of themselves. Hasan is a shell of the man he was because of the toll that fatherhood has taken on him, Will is addicted to crack (diablo), Austin is Austin and QT is full blown disassociating. I dont know how much longer we can keep doing this, if anyone out there has any leads on a producer job or potential opportunities please let me know because i might be out of a job soon. Also sub to our patreon I'm just trying to keep the wheels on this thing okay thank you love you hope u enjoy it bye ♥🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS - Intro/The gang is in shambles02:40 The boys degen on Diablo05:45 Fear& is going to Japan! Austin is the victim07:30 Hasan's biggest demon isn't in Diablo it's Kaya13:30 Austin sucks up to QT and his Pride month in Japan24:00 QT's Pride month NOT in Japan, will she ever fly27:20 Twitchcon Paris, and Japan again, they can't focus36:00 Pet Peeves43:10 Austin is Gay (because he hates women?)49:20 QT and Will side with union busters53:27 In Pride month fashion we talk about Austin's body for the 3rd time55:30 The boys will get Slime tattoos58:43 please hold QT accountable for this59:18 Outro/Patreon✰ follow Fear&! ✰Hasan:
6/5/20231 hour, 10 seconds
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Hasanabi, QTCinderella & WillNeff Do A Reverse Queer-Eye | Fear&MISBHV

The whole gang is finally reunited after such a long last few weeks apart, theres so much to catch up on I dont even know where to begin, just look at the thumbnail man. Huge Taylor Swift updates, Austin gets the makeover of a lifetime, Will and I survived EDC in the desert and so so much more. Also the patreon episode for this one spirals into probably our most psychotic and unhinged episode yet. Okay I sleep now have fun watching bye bye i love you ♥🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -✰ follow Fear&! ✰Hasan:
5/29/20231 hour, 49 seconds
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Aaron Rodgers HATES Hasan Piker..? (Ft. Wahlid Mohammad & Trey Richards)

This week Trey and Wahlid join the boys to talk about things like Will Neff converting to Islam, why the boys hate london, making me pull up and react to some of the most uncomfortable videos on the internet and more. I'm writing this description in my hotel room in vegas at 4am after a full weekend of EDC so please have mercy on me. Hope you guys like this episode, i'll be back next week with a juicer description ok i promise alright gn.🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -♥ follow our guest! ♥Wahlid - -✰ follow Fear&! ✰Hasan:
5/23/20231 hour, 51 seconds
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AustinShow & Hasanabi Followed Valkyrae To The UK.. | Fear&London

We went to the UK with a goal and a plan and a mission. Hasan overslept and none of those things were accomplished. The one good thing we were able to do was have Rae on our podcast, she was super happy and willing to do it and definitely didnt bail us out because she felt sorry for us. In all seriousness, even though this wasnt the original plan for our UK podcast it was sortve a blessing in disguise because we got a banger episode out of it. Thanks to Rae (my boss) for coming on and helping fear& not miss a week. Hope yall enjoy this one! Cheers ♥ ..God damnit Will was right about the UK, please dont tell him he was right I dont want to live in a world where he was always right🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -♥ follow our guest! ♥Rae -✰ follow Fear&! ✰Hasan:
5/16/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 37 seconds
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Hasanabi & Will Neff Spent A Morning With A Chess Master.. ft. GothamChess

We got the goat of chess content creators in the modern day with us this week. We’re branching out ok? Sure Hasan and Will probably dont know anything about chess or the chess world but we like to reach out and expand our horizons. Hope yall enjoy this one im writing this from a plane otw to the UK rn i hope we dont die i have flight anxiety okay see ya :)🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -✰ follow Fear&! ✰Hasan:
5/9/20231 hour, 5 minutes, 23 seconds
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We're Going BACK To The UK, Hasanabi Confronted For Gay Baiting, QTs Insane Murder Story | Fear&

Good morning gamers, Will is holding a gun in the thumbnail but i refused to remove it because it looked too badass I dont care if they demonetize us I won't sacrifice art for money. Topic for this episode include mormon funerals, insane true crime, streamers that are probably serial killers, QTCinderella announcing her next event and more. Also not to sound like a shill but the patreon episode for this one is probably the funniest one we've done yet so if u were on the fence about subbing this is a juicer to sub for. Hope you guys are enjoying the longer episodes, let us know down below if u fk with it, okay goodbye enjoy :D🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -✰ follow Fear&! ✰Hasan:
5/2/20231 hour, 20 minutes, 49 seconds
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Hasanabi's A Dog Dad, Austin Runs A Train On The Yard, QTCinderella Hates Us & More | Fear&Kaya

New puppy just dropped. Topics for todays episode include Hasan being an exhausted father, AustinShow involved in another corporate scandal this time it’s international, QT almost witnessing a murder, robot dolphins and more. Im so tired but we got the episode out i sleep now love u goodbye🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -✰ follow Fear&! ✰Hasan: Intro2:40 Hasan Got a Puppy5:17 Exposing Austin13:35 Austin Loses His Luggage15:39 Will's Sports Segment18:09 Puppy menace18:38 QT Arrives21:38 How Kaya Got Her Name23:12 Hire A Dog Nanny25:57 Robot Dolphin29:18 Hi31:20 Sci Fi Power Hour38:38 Hasan Rizz's A Robot42:03 Austin's Mom Is A Fan Of The Show43:20 Running A Train On The Yard47:50 Swiftie Pandering Begins50:25 QT Almost Was A Witness52:30 Austin Brought A Gift57:39 Speaking Of Italy1:01:00 Austin's Pasta Scandal 1:06:00 Free Stuff1:07:30 The Bet1:11:30 Austins Not Paying1:13:08 Will Gets Lost In Italy1:16:33 PUPPY TIME1:21:12 Outro
4/25/20231 hour, 22 minutes, 7 seconds
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MoistCritikal & Hasanabi Discuss Creator Clash, Guns, Responding To Trolls & More | Fear&Penguinz0

This week boys hit the road and flew to Tampa, Florida for Creator Clash and to pay Charlie a visit at the moisture compound. This was filmed an hour before Charlie had to go and host creator clash. Now that we live in the future times we know how all the fights went but this episode has all of their predictions as well as other topics such as, Charlie's gun collection, Austin trying to convince Charlie to fly, confronting trolls and so so much more. Okay goodbye hope ya like the episode leave a like even if ya didnt ok love you :) 🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -♥ follow our guest! ♥Charlie -✰ follow Fear&! ✰Hasan:
4/18/20231 hour, 8 minutes, 31 seconds
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GeorgeNotFound's Real Name EXPOSED | Fear&Chewsday

The very first Fear& Chewsday is here and who better to kick it off with than our friend of the show from across the pond GeorgeNotFound? George might be the most commonly reoccurring guest on this show at this point idk I’m not gonna go back and count how long everyones been on but I’m pretty sure that’s right. Anyway topics today include, George’s first online names, tswift, Austin’s lateness, what is rizz and more. Hope you enjoy the episode, let us know below if Tuesdays are good or if u hate them and if u do maybe we’ll switch back to mondays or maybe we wont ok love ya goodbye 🖤 🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -♥ follow our guest! ♥George -✰ follow Fear&! ✰Hasan: by community hero y0roy00:00 Intro - Waiting for Austin Again2:25 Israel Adesanya Emotes on a Child3:55 QT Needs an Ally5:25 Anti-heroes Are Dope6:39 Austin Is a Fake Gay7:35 QT Needs a Vacation9:39 Austin Calls In11:31 Austin Fired From Fear&12:06 QT’s Sleep Apnea & Taylor Swift 15:39 GeorgeNotFound Slander16:50 “Men” Interpret Taylor Swift Lyrics 19:12  Austin Joins22:30 Crazy Austin Airport Story29:55  GeorgeNotFound Joins30:40 Best & Worst Cuisine (British)36:45 GeorgeNotFound Name Origin40:15 Will’s Username Origin41:42 QT Is Blaire White43:25 Austinshow Name Origin44:10 Rizz Debate54:44 Outro / Patreon Teaser
4/11/202358 minutes, 12 seconds
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JSchlatt & Ted Nivison Willingly Came On Our Show (Wholesome) | Fear&ChuckleSandwich

This week we have the whole lineup + the chuckle sandwich boys for a stacked crossover. They definitely came on our show willingly because they like what we do over here, there was no hostage negotiation type backroom meetings that resulted in this episode. All allusion to any type of blackmail or anything of the sort is completely satyrical and for comedic purposes only, everyone in this room is here willingly and happily. :) Okay goodbye love ya🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -♥ follow our guest! ♥Ted - - -✰ follow Fear&! ✰Hasan:
4/3/20231 hour, 14 minutes, 29 seconds
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Hasan Piker, AustinShow & QTCinderella Give Relationship Advice | Fear&

3/27/20231 hour, 12 minutes, 40 seconds
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Hasan, Will & QTCinderella Have Become Prisoners On Their Own Podcast | Fear&AustinShow

Austin flew in for this and is now running the show, this is now his podcast, there were no negotiations. He is the 100% sole owner of the podcast but has agreed to pay me a very generous salary so i'm not complaining. Complete rename and rebrand incoming, dont be worried though the podcast will be still be pretty much the same with only a few changes. He is not making me write this. Okay goodbye now enjoy love you.🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -✰ follow Fear&! ✰Hasan:
3/20/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 19 seconds
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QTCinderella Recaps The Streamer Awards, Valkyrae Interrupts Hasan (Deserved) & So Much More | Fear&

MEGA TURBO MASSIVE EPISODE Today with the full lineup, Rae & QT recap their experience hosting the streamer awards, Austin is a messy bitch, Will & Hasan confront QT for cheating on us and so much more juicy content is covered. Thanks for watching ok goodbye love you ♥🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -♥ follow our guests! ♥Valkyrae - -✰ follow Fear&! ✰Hasan:
3/13/20231 hour, 21 minutes, 6 seconds
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AustinShow Confronts Hasan & Valkyrae (Emotional) | Fear&Nihon

DISCLAIMER  - The power outages caused by the storms in LA fucked up the audio interface I use to record the the podcast at Hasan's house. The audio files were basically corrupt and sounded like garbage. Spent the last 24 hours after landing back in LA from Japan trying to salvage it and get it to a point that sounds listenable still, so that's why it's late and that's why it sounds a little weird at times. Super unlucky and super stressful, hopefully you all still enjoy this episode :( Sorry team. We're back from Japan! Valkyrae & Austin join us this week to recap the japan trip, talk about austins successful love or host, rae's experience presenting at the crunchyroll anime awards and more. Love yall ♥ 🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -♥ follow our guests! ♥Valkyrae - -✰ follow Fear&! ✰Hasan:
3/7/20231 hour, 6 minutes, 32 seconds
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This week we are in Japan hanging out with our good pal Connor, Sykkuno fills in as guest/cohost. fights got delayed so the setup is a bit scuffed but hey we got it out on time and it looks alright and sounds good so fk it hope you guys enjoy this one ok love u bye bye now🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -♥ follow our guest! ♥Connor - -✰ follow Fear&! ✰Hasan:
2/27/20231 hour, 4 minutes, 39 seconds
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Hasan Piker Gaslights Will Neff & QTCinderella..

🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -✰ follow Fear&! ✰Hasan: -
2/20/20231 hour, 1 minute, 45 seconds
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Will Neff & QTCinderella Move In With Hasan.. | Fear&Sleepovers (Valentine's Day Edition)

QT IS BACK! We do our very first guestless episode this week, just the gang talking about whatever they got going on in their lives and wherever the conversation naturally takes them. If you want more of these casual fun laid back episodes that arent as interview focused, sound off in the comments below and let us know! Okay bye now love you ♥🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -✰ follow Fear&! ✰Hasan: -
2/13/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 47 seconds
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Mike Majlak, QTCinderella, Hasan & Will Have A Serious Conversation.. (Deepfakes, CryptoZoo & More)

This week we got Big Mike on the podcast to discuss everything from politics, cryptozoo, logan paul, the legality of deepfakes and much more. We decided not to paywall any of the conversation since the topics got pretty heavy and we felt it was important to have this conversation be available to as many people as possible. So enjoy this over 2hr long banger and see what sort of content you can typically find in our premium episodes over on Patreon. Cheers, love you guys 🖤 🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -♥ follow our guests! ♥Mike - -✰ follow the boys! ✰Hasan:
2/6/20232 hours, 14 minutes, 29 seconds
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Bradley Martyn, Hasan Piker & Will Neff Get Raw 😡🥩 | Fear& x Raw Talk

This week Bradley Martyn is here to talk all things gym, nutrition, manosphere, fit tok and more. Just a real solid free flowing conversation on this one tbh not really much else to say about it, hope yall enjoy it!! 🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -♥ follow our guest! ♥Bradley -✰ follow the boys! ✰Hasan:
1/30/20231 hour, 14 minutes, 48 seconds
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Anthony Fantano Reviewed Our Podcast.. | Fear&Melon 🍈

Hasan famously does not like music so naturally we brought the internets busiest music nerd on to berate him for 2 hours straight. 🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -♥ follow our guest! ♥Anthony:✰ follow the boys! ✰Hasan:
1/23/202359 minutes, 39 seconds
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We Spent a Day With Anthony Padilla.. | Fear& A Day

This week one of the first viral youtube content creators, Anthony Padilla, joins us. Damn we’re really just getting every og youtube legend on the show these days arent we? Comment below which 2005 internet celebrity we should have on next, must 30 or older to enter. Terms and conditions apply. Idk what im saying anymore man we filmed this one less than 24hrs ago and im writing this on my phone in bed at 3:13am im sleepy as hell just watch the episode. Also not to shill but the patreon episode on this one is a banger its like 30 minutes longer than the main episode and wholesome af. 🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -♥ follow our guest! ♥Anthony:✰ follow the boys! ✰Hasan:
1/16/202350 minutes, 53 seconds
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Ethan Klein of H3H3Productions REACTS to Adin Ross, Andrew Tate & More.. | Fear&Leftovers

Youtube legend and podcaster overlord Ethan Klein pulled up to rate our production and talk about Adin Ross, Andrew Tate, Logan Paul crypto scams and more.🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -♥ follow our guest! ♥Ethan:✰ follow the boys! ✰Hasan:
1/9/202355 minutes, 27 seconds
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Andrew Callaghan Opens Up About His New Documentary ‘This Place Rules’ | Fear&Channel5

Friend of the show and returning guest Andrew Callaghan pulled up to go more indepth about some of the key moments in his new documentary in his first interview since the film dropped last weekend.🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -♥ follow our guest! ♥✰ follow the boys! ✰Hasan:
1/2/20231 hour, 4 minutes, 58 seconds
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This Streamer Accomplished Something Most Men Only Dream Of.. | Fear&Myth

This week the holidays messed with our scheduling a bit, luckily Myth is a real one and came in and bailed us out so we wouldnt miss our weekly upload. Will and QT are gone for the holidays visiting family so we get an intimate 1-on-1 between Hasan and Myth. Topics include like 30 minutes of talking about dicks, some chessboxing and then Myth shitting on Hasan's valo skills. Alright see ya next week goodbye :)🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -♥ follow our guests! ♥Myth:✰ follow the boys! ✰Hasan:
12/27/202252 minutes, 18 seconds
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Hasan and Will try couples counseling.. | Fear&ChessBoxing ft. Andrea Botez

Today we brought the peoples chessboxing champ Andrea to talk about her experience. Slime stuck around after Hasans stream and Qt is here because shes in denial about being a permanent host even though we all know shes on board shes just lying to herself at this point. Anyway we had 5 people on the podcast and it actually sounds good this time so i think i get to keep my job. Topics include where Will has been, mending Hasan and Will’s broken relationship, chessboxing and more. Okay thanks for watchin see ya next week love you merry christmas 🎄🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -♥ follow our guests! ♥Slime:✰ follow the boys! ✰Hasan:
12/19/202254 minutes, 35 seconds
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We Tried Podcasting With YouTube Video Essayists.. | Fear& w/ Kurtis Connor & Danny Gonzalez

This week we have Kurtis Connor and Danny Gonzalez joining us, along with our 7th host AustinShow. 🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -♥ follow our guests! ♥Kurtis:✰ follow the boys! ✰Hasan:
12/12/202257 minutes, 7 seconds
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Daily Dose Of Internet Makes His First Ever Podcast Appearance.. | Fear&DDOI

🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -♥ follow our guests! ♥Daily :✰ follow the boys! ✰Hasan:
12/5/202254 minutes, 28 seconds
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Hasan, Slime, QTCinderella & Atrioc Get It Twisted | Fear&TakingBackWhat'sOurs

Today we have the nightmare blunt rotation as our cast with the all-star lineup that is Hasan(Host and Bald Chaser), QT(Host?), Atrioc(Capitalist) & Slime(Bald). Not really sure why I thought to tweet out this group but I realize now I can tweet podcasts into existence from the official account so that's kinda lit. Anyway topics today include, taking back what's ours, tricking out Ludwig, gambling and why you should do it, QT's questionable relationships and more.🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -♥ follow our guests! ♥Slime :✰ follow the boys! ✰Hasan:
11/29/20221 hour, 4 minutes, 4 seconds
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Sapnap & Georgenotfound Give Hasan a Holiday Surprise | Fear&EthnicSanta

This week we got freshly immigrated US resident Georgenotfound and Sapnap. It’s 1am as im writing this so i cant really think of much else. Thanks for watching and supporting. They do viewer questions in the patreon episode if you care about that sortve thing. Will will be back next episode hopefully i miss him i need him back badly dont show this to him tho pls my ego cant handle it.🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -♥ follow our guest! ♥Sapnap : :✰ follow the boys! ✰Hasan:
11/21/202256 minutes, 31 seconds
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I just be lyin' in these titles for literally no reason. CouRage joins us for this episode, Hasan is getting to live out his Joe Rogan fantasy by solo podcasting because Will is still gone. We have no clue where Will is and we're really worried about him, seriously if you have any information about his whereabouts or have heard from him at all please PLEASE PLEASE dm us over at we still have hope that he's out there. He's probably all alone lost cold and scared, help us find Will and bring him home.🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -♥ follow our guest! ♥Jack:✰ follow the boys! ✰Hasan:
11/14/202255 minutes, 5 seconds
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Kkatamina's First Podcast Ever & TinaKitten's Last Time On Ours Probably.. | Fear&BookClub

This week we called in Tina and Miyoung to bail us out because we never book guests more than a day in advance and my life is a nightmare hellscape with tight turnarounds and high stress levels. But we do it all to provide you with this show so thank you for watching it every week. Also Will isnt here because he's at a wedding. Topics include some actually insightful stuff for once like, the girls' experience navigating the online space as women, stan culture and backlash over commentators chosen for League worlds. Alright bye love you ♥🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -🐥follow our guests!🐤Tina: 🐤follow the boys!🐥Hasan:
11/7/202253 minutes, 35 seconds
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bbno$ Bares All For Hasan Piker & Will Neff 😳 | Fear&nomula

bbno$ is here to speak an entirely different language (music) while Hasan pretends to understand a single word he's saying or show even the slightest  bit of interest in the wonderful joy of sound that is music.🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -🐥follow our guest!🐤bbno$:🐤follow the boys!🐥Fear&:
10/31/20221 hour, 2 minutes, 4 seconds
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QTCinderella & AustinShow Officially Join The Podcast (Not Clickbait) | Fear&Wine

HR said we needed to make some diversity hires so we brought a woman and a gay man on to host the podcast alongside Will and Hasan. 🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -🐥follow our guest!🐤QT:🐤follow the boys!🐥Fear&:
10/24/20221 hour, 22 seconds
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Jack Manifold and JHB join us this week. Topics include, fetishes, fast foods, terrible accents and more. Also the audio is fixed now🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -🐥follow our guest!🐤Jack:🐤follow the boys!🐥Fear&:
10/17/202254 minutes, 13 seconds
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Bryce Hall & Josh Richards Try Desperately To Help Hasan & Will Remain Relevant (Gone Wrong)

This week we had content creator tiktok overlords Bryce Hall and Josh Richards on the podcast to basically bully Hasan and Will and make them feel old for 2 hours.🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -🐥follow our guest!🐤Bryce:🐤follow the boys!🐥Fear&:
10/11/202249 minutes, 33 seconds
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This week we brought xQc and Hasan to the table to break bread and get to the source of the drama. Ludwig is back as a permanent host of the podcast, Karl is there to instigate and Will is here to make sure we dont derail every topic. Disclaimer: Sorry about the scuffed audio on the front end of the video, we had an audio engineer and editor minimize the damage. Hopefully you all still enjoy todays episode!🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -🐥follow our guest!🐤Ludwig:🐤follow the boys!🐥Fear&:
10/4/202254 minutes, 34 seconds
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Ludwig & CDawgVA Host An Intervention For Hasan's Fashion Sense | Fear& x TheYard x TrashTaste

This week we assembled every white male podcast host we could find to see what would happen in this crossover episode of the century🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🌟TIKTOK -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -🐥follow our guest!🐤Ludwig:🐤follow the boys!🐥Fear&:
9/26/20221 hour, 1 minute, 28 seconds
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Youtubers Fuslie & Sykkuno Get A Crash Course On Twitch Drama (Controversial) | Fear&Bodywash

After extensive focus group research and market testing we arrived at the sobering reality that Hasan and Will were not resonating w/ anyone under the age of 45. So Leslie and Sykkuno have joined the Fear& podcast as permanent co-hosts to appeal to a broader audience. Topics today include, defeating Leslie's no showering allegations, Sliker/Twitch Drama, why Hasan is so forgettable and more.🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🌟TIKTOK -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -🐥follow our guest!🐤Leslie:🐤follow the boys!🐥Fear&:
9/19/20221 hour, 4 minutes, 56 seconds
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Hasan Piker And Tarik Do A Mukbang (Turkish Food) | Fear&Valarante Baby Gaem

This week we flew out to NYC to meet up with Turkish brother and content creator powerhouse Tarik, no Will because this all happened super last minute hence the delayed release. Pretty chill one this week where the boys do a Turkish food Mukbang and talk about life, content creation, predatory esports orgs and a crumb of politics.🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🌟TIKTOK -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -🐥follow our guest!🐤Tarik:🐤follow the boys!🐥Fear&:
9/14/202253 minutes
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Hasan Piker, Will Neff & Ted Nivison Plan A Road Trip.. | Fear&Hispanic Heritage Month

This week we have America's sweetheart Theodore Jedidiah Nivison on the show to plan his next cross country road trip with Hasan and Will. Topics for today include, DC's amazing totally inoffensive Hispanic heritage month marketing, medieval times, Ted looking like a young conservative and Waterworld (1995)🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🌟TIKTOK -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -🐥follow our guest!🐤Ted:🐤follow the boys!🐥Fear&:
9/5/20221 hour, 10 minutes, 28 seconds
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Hasan & SuperMega Expose Karl Jacobs (CANCELLED) | Fear&SuperMega

Hasan and SuperMega come for the GOAT (Karl Jacobs) for dethroning them as the biggest youtubers out of South Carolina. No Will on this episode cause he was in Austin for Camp Knut getting shredded. Topics for today's episode include Jan.6 alibis, Seal Team 6, Keemstar Cringe Comps and more.🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🌟TIKTOK -🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -🐥follow our guest!🐤Ryan:🐤follow the boys!🐥Hasan:
8/29/202252 minutes, 3 seconds
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We locked Will in a room and forced him to listen to politics.. (gone wrong) | Fear&Chapo Trap House

We put Will in a room with 4 politics frogs and locked the doors for two hours as a prank. 🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -🎉BONUS CONTENT🍾 🌟PATREON -🌟TIKTOK -🐥follow our guest!🐤Will:🐤follow the boys!🐥Hasan:
8/22/20221 hour, 4 minutes, 1 second
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Hasan, Will & Jeff Wittek figure out who's the new Top G (not clickbait).. | Fear&Extra Fades

The boys are back for another week of podcasting, this time we have Jeff Wittek on to make Hasan and Will feel emasculated. This is the first time we filmed an extra premium episode with our guest so check that out on our Patreon as well if you enjoyed the freemium ep. Topics for today include, prison life, pranks gone wrong, admiring shirtless men, bullying Marche when he's just trying his best.🌟PATREON🌟-🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -🐥follow our guest!🐤Jeff:🐤follow the boys!🐥Fear&:
8/15/20221 hour, 6 minutes, 3 seconds
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Ending Homophobia w/ Hasan, Ludwig and AustinShow (Warning: Emotional).. | Fear&Queer Baiting

Hasan Piker (Outspoken LGBTQIA+ Foe) sits down with Austin Show (Gay) and Ludwig Ahgren (Questioning) to squash the beef and get to the root of what's really going on here. No Will this week unfortunately. Hasan got insecure about how hard Will's tiktok is blowing up and cut him from the podcast. I'm worried I might be next..  Anyway topics for today's episode include, irl streaming, lying to the federal government, c&bt, youtube pranksters.🎧 AUDIO PLATFORMS -🐥follow our guests!🐤Ludwig:🐤follow the boys!🐥Fear&:
8/8/20221 hour, 31 minutes, 58 seconds
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Hasan Piker and Will Neff meat size exposed (real) .. | Fear&Arms Trafficking

We have range here at Fear& incorporated. One week it's the entire minecraft extended universe. The next week it's Russian political acivists, musicians and sex workers. Topics for today's episode include Hasan and Will's d*ck sizes, butt stuff, p*rn industry secrets, h*ntai.. yeah this video is definitely not getting monetized.🐥follow our guests!🐤Nadya:🐤follow the boys!🐥Fear&:
8/1/20221 hour, 19 minutes, 43 seconds
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The boys are back. The podcast is back. They're on a boat in Amsterdam. There are so so many guests. Way too many guests. So many guests we cant even fit them all in the frame. Topics include everyones' favorite and least favorite parts of being in Europe and TwitchCon, everyone doing their best Austin impression, spiders, George getting detained and more.🐥follow our guests!🐤Karl:🐤follow the boys!🐥Fear&:
7/24/20221 hour, 5 minutes, 15 seconds